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					        The Lord’s Day                         ANNOUNCEMENTS                        Mali Linens Project Completed!

              May 15, 2011                Sunday School Hour                        Through your generosity and Grace’s
                                                                                    wise shopping, our church was able to
          Worship Service                                                           supply the bedspreads, sheets, and
                                          We are in the midst of a study of the
Call to Worship                           Pastoral Epistles (1 &2 Timothy, Titus)   towels for six visitors to the BHM
                                          in the adult Sunday school. Currently     Guest House in Bamako, Mali. There
Opening Scripture: Genesis 47             we are looking at 2 Timothy 2.            were also provisions of the towles,
                                                                                    shower curtains, and bath rugs for two
Invocation                                                                          bathrooms, plus greatly needed kitchen
                                          Olmsted Manor                             linens in the shipment that went to the
Hymn 2, God, My King, Thy Might                                                     container in NY last week. Marsha
                 Confessing               Please note that we will be having our    Haynes, who will soon be the hostess
Announcements                             monthly service and Olmsted Manor         there, expressed abundant gratitude to
                                          next Sunday, May 22nd rather than on      all that helped in this purchase.
Hymn 269, Glorious Things of Thee Are     the last Sunday of the month, since
                      Spoken              many will be gone for Memorial Day
Offering                                  weekend. Our service begins at 2:00       A New Opportunity to Help
Hymn 80, How Firm a Foundation                                                       It is rainy season in Haiti’s mountains,
                                                                                    and the children whose Christian
Scripture Reading: Matthew 10:32-39       Spring Tea                                educations are sponsored through
                                                                                    Baptist Haiti Mission spend many a
Message ~ Pastor Dean Good                The ladies of GCNO are invited to a       chilly night on their mats. We can easily
      The Great Divide (Matt. 10:32-33)   Spring tea at the home of Mona            provide fleece knotted blankets for
                                          Giesbrecht on Saturday May 21st from      them, for just $10 per. The girls and
Closing Hymn 491, Jesus Calls Us          2-4 PM. There is a sign-up sheet on the   women will be invited to gather to make
                                          bulletin board.                           them on a date to be announced. Please
                                                                                    tell Grace or Barb if you are interested
Benediction                                                                         in participating in this project.
                                          Work Day

                                          We will have our Spring work day on
                                          June 4th. Please mark your calendars.
Please join us for our evening service    Details will follow as we get closer to
at 6:30. This evening we will             the date.
continue our study of Romans:
Romans 5:1-11, The Benefits of
SERMON OUTLINE & NOTES           Schedule of Services
Text: Matthew 10:32-33
Title: The Great Divide        Sunday School ~ 9:30AM               Welcome to . . .
                              Morning Worship ~ 10:45AM
                              Evening Worship ~ 6:30PM*
I. THE PROMISE (v. 32)       Weds. Bible Study and Prayer ~
                          7:00PM Weds. Kid’s Bible Club ~ 7:00
A. The Condition

                              Nursery services are provided.

                          * No evening service on the last Sunday
                                     of each month

B. The Promise

                                   Dean Good (pastor)
                                     David Howard
                                        Ron Pierre
                                      Chris Pierre                     Grace Church
                                        Deacons                                 of
                                   Ken Ellis (chairman)                North Olmsted
                                    Scott Giesbrecht
                                       Mark Lauer                           May 15, 2011
                                     Felice Maiorca
                                      Daniel Pierre
                                   David vanWingerden                  4816 Dover Center Road
                                                                      North Olmsted, OH 44070
                                                                           (440) 777-5110

                          Hymns for the Evening Service

                          #533, What a Friend We Have in Jesus
                          #551, Hiding in Thee