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					WISWRP Story Challenge 1: Back to School

                             “Maternity Stay” by Zephr Zerih

         Labor Day had come and gone, and the blissful cries of children playing in the
park, at the beach, and in the home all fell into silence. Instead, the sounds coming from
every young and adolescent muzzle were whines against the dark truth of summer: that it
would end with the first day of school. Parents and children shopped, all with weights
resting at their ankles. Some children showed some level of content to learn, while others
simply chose to hate life for the next few days, at least. Sleep schedules were cut short for
the bus, and breakfast was hastily prepared by most of the older students. Some chose to
skip class in favor of sleep, only to get verbally assaulted by their parents to carry
themselves to class. At the old penitentiaries of forced public (and for some few, private)
learning, they would be forced to carry books, hear boring lectures, and take exams. They
knew what was going to happen shortly after that day. For the students, aged eight to
eighteen, the first day of school could be seen as the worst day of the year.
         But what about the teachers?
         It was a half hour before the school doors would open, and familiar faces shuffled
into the teacher‟s lounge. Communication was dull, expected at first: how was summer,
where did you go, when was her birthday, how is your mother. Once small talk was
completed, most of the faculty moseyed to their respective classrooms, awaiting the
onslaught of students to destroy their re-obtained sanity, all over again. However, a
number of close friends remained in the lounge, waiting anxiously for one of their own to
arrive, one who usually came earlier than the rest. Was something wrong?
         “She‟s usually here before I am, and that‟s saying something,” mused an old cocker
spaniel, Mr. Farish, or Joe in the Lounge. He sipped his cup of coffee, detesting the
horrible brew but needing it for existence. He was lucky that the foul liquid did not touch
his suit, or else his wife would force him to sleep out of the bedroom once again.
         “Well, I called her house and got a message from Jake. She‟s on her way, he tells
me.” The lioness sitting opposite Joe responded with a light smile.
         “How long ago was that call, Karen?” a coke-bottle-glasses-wearing chameleon
glanced over to her from the coffee machine. “She doesn‟t live that far away, does she?”
         “She‟s a good twenty minutes from here. She‟ll be here any moment.”
         “Good. I need her to brew us a new batch of coffee. Ol‟ Goggles frankly sucks at
         Laughter came from the two at the table, but their colleague only gave a shake of
the head. The laughter was cut short when a middle-aged panda came through the door,
panting a bit while holding onto her pink, gaudy purse and gold-rimmed reading glasses.
         “Whoa whoa…what‟s the problem, Nania,” Goggles turned to her with a look of
concern in one eye, the other glancing at the seemingly incompatible Mr. Coffee,
wondering how he could have screwed up the coffee brew so many times in the past.
         “I…I wanted to tell you who I saw come from the parking lot…it‟s Layla…”
         “Oh? Layla‟s here? Well, what‟s the problem, then?”
         “Well, it seems to be that she-“ her voice was cut off by the sound of the door
opening, the face of a young, energetic bunny appearing before the others.
         “Hey guys! What‟s up?”
         The four in the room prior to her arrival remained quiet and reluctant to answer her
question. The grey-furred bunny tilted her head, letting some of her brown headfur shift to
the side. However, their eyes were not at her shifted headfur or the pair of new sandals she
had purchased for work. It was a shame, too, as she would later recall this day being its
only purpose to her husband, and yet they went in and out of the school unnoticed.
Instead, their eyes glazed over a red dress and the curves it not so much cascaded down but
gripped onto for deal life. Her new dress pressed outward from her body a good two feet
from her previously trim form. Her hips clung to the matching skirt, thighs having filled
out what space the skirt would have provided. A paw rested on top of the full, rounded
belly, moving in a slow circle while the other pressed at her back. Seeing their silent stares
for a moment, the bunny let off a soft giggle.
        “I‟m pregnant!”
        “…so we see.”

        It took a good minute for Layla to get settled into a comfortable sitting position
once she was offered a chair. Her first comment was in regards to her hips, joking that she
could barely fit in her car anymore and would have to get her husband to drive her over
from then on. Sitting on the cheaply designed chair was not doing her any favors, either,
and the metal frame creaked as the heavy weight of her pregnant form pushed down upon
it. The chair did not break, much to their relief, but they would never sit in it again, just to
be on the safe side.
        “Layla…h…how? You were nearly as thin as a board when we saw you at the
teacher picnic in May. Well, save for the usual parts.” Soft chuckles erupt.
        “Karen…it‟s complicated, but it is certainly a nice turnout. You remember that me
and my fuzzy had our wedding back in April, right?”
        All heads nodded, save Goggles, who was now fiddling with the coffee machine,
destined to fight if off and win back the taste of the morning, with or without the help of
the now heavily gravid bunny.
        “Well, Jake and I really wanted to start a family as soon as we could, and so we
started as soon as we were alone in our honeymoon. Then came the teacher picnic…then
came my nephew‟s fifth birthday…and by June we had no results. We were afraid that we
couldn‟t be compati-“
        “Compatible? You and Jake not compatible? How is a bunny, let alone any
species, not compatible with a six-foot-five panther?” Joe‟s outburst was gently dismissed
by the mother-to-be, as represented by the lioness‟s sharp shhh.
        “Anyways, we decided to be a little risky. Jake knows a guy in the fertility
business, and he let me take a couple pills a few nights before we...” she blushed “…let‟s
just say we had a good few hours of fun. I cannot really remember that night, it was that
intense. When all was said and done, apparently we were compatible with each
other…and the pills worked…a lot.”
        The sounds of voices, younger and older, ran through the cracks of the Lounge
door. While Layla had everyone‟s attention, class and, for them, work, would not be
denied. Joe stood up and shook his head, still in disbelief. He started to yammer on about
the large families he witnessed in the early sixties and how it was better back then, but he
was shuffled out by Karen and a disgruntled Goggles, who would once again leave the
Lounge without knowledge of Layla‟s skills with the Mr. Coffee. Nania had no classes
until third period, so she offered to stay with Layla before she would head to her class.
There were still a number of things to discuss.
         “So you are three months along? You…you‟re massive for that long!”
         “I thought so, too! The doctor says the babies are at an accelerated gestation for
some reason, but he says it won‟t hurt me or them at all. I‟m technically about six months
         “That‟s still huge!”
         She blushed and smiled. “I know. I can feel them all inside me now, too. They all
seem to like playing inside mommy,” The bunny‟s paw rubbed where a couple of her
unborn children pressed against her womb walls. “It gets a little distracting, though.”
         Her panda friend leaned forward toward the belly, gently bringing a paw to it
without so much of a request. Layla would have immediately detested it, but Nania was an
experienced mother, herself, and her touch was somewhat welcome, considering her
unique situation.
         “Do you know how ma-“
         “The doctor says close to fifteen. I think it is seventeen. He is not very good when
it comes to counting them. Took about an hour to get the „fifteen‟ out of him.” Giggles
erupt. A few seconds later, however, Nania decided to bring up a much more concerned
set of questions.
         “You…you and Jake can‟t take care of „em all, can you?”
         “We‟ll have to see…we want a big family, so this is great for me, but very
stressful. I wake up some mornings and my belly is a good few inches larger. It feels like
I‟m inflating like a heavy balloon, sometimes, and I fear I might wake up the next morning
with a belly about to pop…I‟ve had some nightmares…but whenever I wake up, I find
Jake against me, petting my little ones…he calms me down so well, even when he‟s
         The conversation stopped a moment as Layla looked down at her covered belly.
Nania wanted to ask another question, but she, too, was focused on her distended middle.
Layla‟s paw brushed slowly down her dress, gasping as a few hard kicks bumped up
against the taut dress. She wrapped her arms around either side, unable to meet at the other
end as she felt movement all within her full womb. Her eyes closed and her breathing
slowed. To her, it felt like each inhale never dissipated, the belly always growing outward
with each intake of breath, and yet, barely any change was to be seen by either woman in
the Lounge.
         “Is something wrong?”
         “…n-no, just the babies having a little growth spurt. It feels real odd, but also real
nice when they squirm all at once like that.”
         Nania nodded gently and stood up to help her friend get up. Unfortunately, it was
at this point in time that she realized that lifting the overly pregnant bun from the chair
would be impossible from the front; their bellies would meet before her feet could be
righted. So, from the side, she started to shift her hips sideways, bringing the pregnant
bunny‟s body forward enough that she could stand. Layla gasped and grunted a bit,
blushing to herself as she looked at herself once more, always surprised at her form.
         “Th-thanks…” her voice was broken from her regaining of balance. There was
going to be a continued discussion about Jake and the litter, but the sound of first period‟s
beginning stopped the two immediately. Layla whimpered to herself, paw on her rotund
stomach as it squirmed with a playful cub.
       She was teaching first period…and was late.

         Furndale High School was a large facility, more than one might expect from a
single high school. For some, it might be considered a pretty decent-sized building; for a
heavily pregnant bunny, it felt like a labyrinth of endless hallways. For the first day of
class, the hallways were eerily empty, save her swollen form and her panda friend. Nania
wanted to know so much more about the growing litter inside, but Layla was focused on
the next step, then the next. Her legs wobbled gently with each step, the weight causing
some muscles to clamp up every few steps, threatening to cramp and send their owner to
fall over onto the ground. Thankfully, being a bunny as well-built as Layla was, she was
capable of making the walk herself. The room lay just a few long steps away, but Nania
decided to end the conversation with a final question.
         “Why are you not on maternity leave?”
         The maternal teacher sighed and responded, “My husband and I tried to get the
school to get me on special maternity leave, but our contract states that maternity leave is
for mothers entering the last month of pregnancy. I don‟t know when that is…and they
feel I should still be here teaching. It‟s a real shame, but…I have no choice.”
         Before Nania could get a word in, edgewise, the bunny padded slowly into the first
class, while her friend scurried off angrily toward the main office…
         She wanted to teach children, not adolescents, but when Layla got the job at
Furndale, she relinquished that dream for a career in high school. The classroom was
longer than it was wide, and it was lined with a number of posters and pointless fact-papers
and whatnot that she herself put up early summer. As she padded in, thirty pairs of eyes
immediately locked onto her maternal swells. She huffed gently to herself, stepping ever
closer to the next seat she could put herself on. In a normal setting, the room would be
filled with discussions, mundane like that of her peers, save the addition of much more
taboo conversational topics. However, it was the quiet that unnerved her much more than
any boom of student discussion. She swore she could hear the faint breathing from some
of the students in the first row, each one waiting for her to say or do something. She pulled
back her chair, sighed heavily to herself, and ever-so-gingerly sat back on it. A loud creak
could be heard, but she persevered for a second time that morning.
         “Good Morning, class! I am Mrs. Rivers and I will be your teacher on Calculus
this semester. Now, I know I look pregnant, but I assure you that I will not be replaced
very quickly. Now, how about I read some roll-call before we begin?”
         A soft voice from the back of the room mentioned to another student that Mrs.
Rivers had quite the good features on her, despite being “quite preggers.” She did not
acknowledge it. She would not let her good hearing get the better of her. What did get the
better of her, however, was the need to write on the board. She had a lecture to make, and
with forty minutes a period, it was hard for her to even get a few problems done.
         In first period, her belly found itself to be a better wall than a window. Her full
rounded stomach blocked a good portion of the whiteboard, and while she attempted to
keep herself facing the class, every so often, she would turn, forcing her weight to shift and
belly to block the view of note-copying pupils. She kept the class active, however, with
her sense of humor and cheerful attitude.
        Second period was not as fortunate. After all her writing was completed, her legs
ached and her belly shook inside. The cubs wanted attention, and they were doing a good
job kicking at whatever they could find. Sitting herself back down, Layla had to ask that
the class write notes on what she said. She figured the class would be given a copy of her
notes later. Homework was not assigned, but she wished it had been. She could hear
giggles from everyone in the room as her antics proved helpful, but there was a girl who
looked perplexed at her teacher‟s condition. A short Chihuahua remained quiet in class,
but she seemed quite intrigued by the class, despite herself. As the quiet student left, Layla
could see a soft bulge pushing from her abdomen.
        By third period, she was tired for so many reasons. Her children shifted slowly
within, her body feeling tighter as they went through a small growth spurt. She whimpered
to herself, bringing her paws to her belly protectively as it swelled ever so larger. She was
lucky for her desk; had the students watched her hold her belly as it pushed just a little bit
further from her body, they might find her to be in distress when she clearly was not.
        Before that class began, the familiar chameleon Goggles walked in and handed
Layla a laser pen. “You can use this to point at notes…I can get your notes on a projector
if you want.”
        “Why, thanks! I was worried I would pass out if I had to get up all class.”
        “Then maybe you should talk to the supervisor.”
        “I would, but…class awaits.”
        He shrugged and stepped out of the room to prepare projector sheets. Until then,
Layla kept the class as entertained as she could provide, but the period ended before she
could get the papers set up right. So many classes to teach, so little energy, so many little

         Layla‟s day moved more smoothly after the first few classes, as she developed a
regiment on the fly. With Goggles‟ pointer and the assistance of students, she was more
than capable of letting class move along without any noticeable problems. This allowed
her to survey her surroundings a bit more, to examine the classes she would be teaching
until her progeny decided to vacate her overstuffed womb. She figured it would be best to
at least acknowledge the student body‟s existence to being more than a wall with ears
attached to it. It was this scanning over the course of classes up to lunch that she spotted a
factor that was very worrisome to her: in each class, at least one girl was sporting some
sign of pregnancy.
         In fourth period, Layla spied a duo of vixens walk slowly into the class and sit in
the back of the room, leaving a desk between them. One bore a red T-shirt, presumably
before she was pregnant, as it rode up her belly slightly. The words “If you can read this,
get away, perv!” were ironically stretched out by her grown assets, clearly legible by
everyone who could see her straight-on. The other vixen wore a plain green shirt, one that
was big enough to cover her early-second-semester swell, but she had chosen that morning
to wear a skirt-short that was apparently purchased before her hips filled out with the
rushing hormones of pregnancy. The reasoning for their choice of clothing became
apparent when they both squealed to a raccoon boy who walked into the room shortly after
they did. Blushing heavily, he padded up between them and would endure their quiet
whispers and teases during class. Their teacher would not ask who the father was, for his
sake more than theirs.
        Fifth period came along with another pair of pregnancies. In front and center, a
croc girl shifted in her seat continually. Unlike most of the others, she wore a pink
maternity dress which draped down her belly quite capably. A wolf student walked in
shortly after she sat down and kissed her cheek before sitting a seat behind her; it was at
this time that Layla noticed rings on each hand. It seemed the two did not want to wait
until after graduation to have kids, high school be damned. The other spotted pregnancy
came from a not-so-spotted mouse in the middle right of the room. She seemed
completely unaware of the activities going on, instead writing and doodling nonsense in
her notebook. While goth was not a good term used to describe a girl, Layla considered, it
was a good way to describe her. Black eyeliner and dyed hair mixed with some spiked
bands here and there completed the look. The only difference was the pudge that pushed
her stomach outward enough to indirectly cause every nearby student to shift every desk
away from her.
        As class ended, the majority of the class rushed out to get to their lockers in time to
get in the lunchroom for none other than that for which the room was named. The croc
waddled up to Layla and gave a gentle squeal of belonging. Questions eroded her ears
regarding pregnancy, but Layla lifted her paws up and said that she would answer them
another time. She wanted to escape to lunch, herself, the litter kicking and squirming
about with a level of anger for missing their next meal. Layla would remind herself to get
a small snack between those periods so as not to face the wrath of her unborn children once
        As she made her way toward the doorway, Layla reminded herself of the movement
of adolescents outside. They were like a herd of cattle, sent rapidly to their next class and
trampling anything or anyone that would fall into their path. Waiting for the massive wave
of young furs to move onward, she felt a light poke on her side; turning to her immediate
right, she saw the goth mouse with a light smile on her face.
        “E-excuse me, Mrs. Rivers, but I-erm…wanted to know. How does it feel?
Being…um…being pregnant, I mean.” There was hesitance in her question, unlike that of
the excitable gravid croc. That alone made Layla more prone to answer.
        “It feels…good,” she mustered out, letting a paw brush down what part of her
swollen expanse she could reach. Little movement in her belly made her give off a soft
sigh, one cub in particular kicking out at the far end of her womb walls affectionately.
        “Then…why don‟t I feel good?” she asked, her voice ebbing into a soft whimper.
Before her teacher could give another question, the girl had been spotted by some
classmates and was asked to have lunch with them. She immediately left, giving a glance
to Layla before vanished amid the crowd.
        The heavily pregnant bunny would start to waddle her way to the teacher‟s lounge
shortly thereafter.

       As she stepped into the teacher‟s lounge once more, she saw a number of peers,
some immediately staring at her like her students, some still in heavy discussion with other
teachers. What she was surprised to see, however, was a cake sitting on the table, hastily
decorated to say “Goodbye, Mamma Layla!” Her eyes found those of her friend Nania,
who gave her an affectionate hug and an explanation, once sitting arrangements had been
        “What is all this?”
        “Well, you see,” the older panda responded amid the now quieted lounge, “after
you went off to class, I went to the office to have a few words with Principal Tale, and he
was more than willing to go through the contracts and provide you some maternity leave as
soon as possible. So, we have a cake and a little party for you before you get going.”
        There was the sound of delight from a variety of other teachers, mostly the females.
The guys remained to the side, chatting up about the good times they had with Layla and,
for one particular wolf teacher, how they almost hooked up. Layla was more than
flattered, and from the constant moving of her growing offspring, she found herself more
than content to stay put in her seat and let the others come to her with congratulations.
        Principal Tale stepped into the lounge with a soft grunt. At seven foot three, the
bull was more than capable of running a lot of things, but he had chosen a high school to
influence. He sported a well-fitted business suit, red tie and white shirt. His fur was neatly
combed, and his horns were shined daily to prevent the signs of aging that could otherwise
only be noticed by the aged look in his eyes. Stepping his hooves over to the massively
pregnant lapine, he extended his hand and gave her arm a firm and, yet, comfortable shake.
He was, without many words, a politician stuck in the school system.
        “Mrs. Rivers. I am so sorry to have heard of your predicament. We had not known
that your pregnancy was so severe. We would have asked that you remain home for
maternity leave, if I had seen you before. However, I assure you that you may spend the
rest of your pregnancy at home with your husband and carry the children to term as
necessary. And we‟ll pay you off with some extra benefits for the trouble.”
        Standing herself up, with the help of the others around, she placed a paw on her
belly, quite at a loss for words. “Oh my…this is too much, Mr. Tale. I had no idea you
would go this far out of your way to help me out…”
        Silence filled the room, mostly because Layla‟s voice stopped prematurely. She
wanted to continue her praises and waddle herself to her car, drive home, and snuggle up in
bed with her many unborn children. She really did. But…there was something aching in
the back of her mind. She immediately shook her head and placed one paw on her hip.
        “…I‟m sorry, but I can‟t. I mean, I‟d love to accept your proposal, but…just today,
I‟ve seen so many students who need me.”
        A gasp filled the crowd, but Tale remained otherwise unchanged in emotion. “Mrs.
Rivers, we can fill your classes with teachers who might be able to teach them more
effectively. While it is great to see you starting a family, we cannot have you here if it will
be too much of a distraction to the student body‟s learning.”
        “No, I don‟t mean my math students…” she gave a soft sigh. “…I‟ve seen today
alone a number of pregnant students, and they don‟t have many means to talk to adults
about these things. I think some of them don‟t want to talk to anyone about it, but some
seemed to be interested to talk to me. They see me as a way to talk about their problems
ahead and current. I…I want to help teach them.”
        Principal Tale gave a soft huff, his tail gently flicking behind him. Nania gave a
surprised stare at her co-worker; this was the best time to get time off from her job and she
was passing off on it. Goggles gently nodded to himself in the back corner. Tale wanted
to give an answer that would have caused a commotion in the lounge, but Joe stepped up
and whispered something into his ear. The bull gave another grunt to himself and then
looked down at the massively swollen bunny.
        “I…I think we can make a deal.”

         Three months following that day, the bells called to the end of the school day, to
much joy. Students ran outside the school walls and discussed the homework for the night.
Some immediately went to the parking lot to drive to work, and some went to their
boyfriend or girlfriend to snuggle up and discuss nothing in particular. Parents picked up
their less-than-independent children, while others remained at home to wait for their
“babies” to return home in time for dinner. However, for a number of students, there was
one more class to take.
         One by one, students shuffled and waddled into the classroom, and each one gave a
soft nod and a giggle to their teacher, a massively swollen bunny who rested in a
specialized mobile chair for her ever-growing progeny. Her clothes could not fit her, but
she tried her best to get the largest maternity dresses she could afford. Her belly stretched
outward any fabric around its expanse, but a large portion of her off-white belly was
viewable to those in the class room. She had to keep herself sitting upward to see over her
engorged bosom, despite the fact that she had continually milked them each day to keep
their size down. Her paws remained constantly rubbing her belly as her children, all now
quite large in size, squirmed and nuzzled from within their mother‟s belly. And yet, she
was completely content with the situation, watching her students walk in, consisting of
every pregnant teen in the school and, where applicable, the fathers.
         “Okay class…I‟d like to start off the class by announcing that Nancy had her clutch
this past weekend. Eight eggs. She‟ll be out for the next few weeks to hatch them and
care for the little ones for a while. So that means Melissa is next in our birth line.”
         A soft cheer from the class erupted as eyes turned to a fennec fox whose ears
flushed with embarrassment as she rubbed over her swollen belly. Such was the case for a
large number of the students, whenever they were called out for their upcoming due dates.
However, as time progressed, the students became closer and were able to ask their teacher
or any other class member anything they wanted. There was no obligation to come, but it
was greatly encouraged, especially when the teacher was, herself, very much pregnant.
Apparently, her pregnancy had slowed to a crawl, as the fertility drug reacted in a number
of ways that were quite unexpected. Even so, Layla decided to stay the teacher, even after
birth, whenever that was going to be.
         Another class began with that positive note, and it ended with hugs to “Mamma
Rivers.” She got a good look at the young goth mouse, her dress somewhat modified to fit
the now more swollen abdomen in front of her. She still had a bit of emotions to work out,
but Layla knew that she would understand the pleasure of pregnancy and motherhood soon
enough. Everyone had left the room, leaving Layla to herself and her brood. A light kiss
between her breasts to her belly, and the children calmed down for the moment. She had
to wait for her husband to come pick her up, but by all means, she loved the moments to
reflect on the day with her unborn family.
         That was until a familiar face entered the classroom.
         “Joe! My goodness, how are you?”
        “I was just looking to see how you‟ve been doing. Goggles almost got the coffee
machine working, but then it broke. He‟ll never catch a break.”
        Chuckles all around.
        “But…I‟m doing fine, Joe. We‟re all doing fine. The doctors say I have another
few months before the big day. They keep getting bigger, though. I bet they‟ll be able to
go to kindergarten, they‟re so big.” She hesitated. “I…I wanted to know…what did you
whisper to Principal Tale that got him to change his mind?”
        The old dog gave a wide smirk. “Oh, nothing. I just told him that if we did not try
something like this, newspapers would probably catch wind of pregnancy fever at Furndale
and end up getting all types of bad press. He hates bad press.”
        Layla giggled a while, and with what strength she had, hugged her co-worker
before she landed back onto the modified chair with a soft creak.
        “I‟ll take that as a thank you.” He chuckled and padded out with a wagging tail.
He turned around a moment and asked, “Now that you‟ve been doing this for a while…do
you like it?”
        “Of course I do!” she squealed, feeling her children move around once more. “It‟s
like Maternity Leave, but I‟ve never left.”

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