Qi Gong for Gallbladder Problems

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					Qi Gong for Gallbladder Problems
By Lisa B. O’Shea
Published in New Health Digest, July/August 2006 Issue

                       Gallstones           your diet and many people continue to Liver/Gall Bladder
                      affect                have digestive problems, sometimes Sound Exercise:
                      approximately         worse than before the surgery.
                                                                                               Sit on the
                      one in ten
                                            To help resolve gall bladder problems edge of a chair or
                      Americans and
                                            before surgery is absolutely required, your bed. Feet flat on the floor,
                      over 500,000
                                            try the following diet suggestions from knees at a 90 degree angle. Place
                      people undergo
                                            Paul Pitchford in his book, Healing your palms facing up on your lap,
                      surgery for
                                            with Whole Foods.                         elbows out slightly and away from
                                                                                      your body. Keep your back straight
                      annually              Gall Bladder Flush (for sediment
                                                                                      and relaxed and your chin in slightly.
( Common signs of a gall         and small gall stones only):
                                                                                               Begin the posture by
bladder attack are steady, severe pain      For five consecutive days, ingest on an
                                                                                      bringing your hands out from the
in the upper abdomen that increases         empty stomach two tablespoons of
                                                                                      sides of the body. Stretch them out
rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to        olive oil followed by two tablespoons
                                                                                      as far as they will go while keeping
several hours, pain in the back             of lemon juice
                                                                                      the elbows bent slightly and the
between the shoulder blades, pain
under the right shoulder, nausea or         If there are large stones in the gall shoulders relaxed. Continue to raise
vomiting. Recurrence of these               bladder, the gradual Gall Bladder the hands up until they meet over the
                                            cleanse below is safer.                   head. Interlock the fingers and turn
symptoms usually indicates gallstones
                                                                                      the palms over to face the ceiling.
or sediment are clogging your gall          Gradual Gall Bladder Cleanse -            Stretch slightly up with your right
bladder. Sometimes this can lead to a       Avoid foods rich is saturated fats and shoulder and lean to the left side.
serious infection and you should seek       cholesterol: heavy meats, dairy, eggs. This should allow you to feel a
immediate medical attention if you          Avoid peanuts, eat other seeds and nuts gently pulling on the right side of
experience sweating, chills, fever,         sparingly, if at all. Eat primarily your body where your liver and gall
yellowish color of the skin or whites       unrefined grains, vegetables, fruits, and bladder is located. Look up and
of the eyes, or whitish, clay-colored       legumes. Pears, parsnips, seaweeds, open your eyes wide.
stools.                                     lemons, limes, and turmeric speed up
                                            gallstone removal.                                 Exhale and make the
Many people have gallstones or
sediment and never know it. But if          Radish also helps with stones and following sound. “Tshhh” like water
you experience the following                sediment. For 21 days, eat just one or hitting a very hot frying pan. As you
problems you may be heading for gall        two radishes a day between meals, breathe out and make the sound,
bladder        trouble:      indigestion    drink three cups of cleavers tea or five picture the negative emotion of
(especially intolerance of fatty foods),    cups of chamomile tea each day and anger coming out of your liver and
abdominal        bloating,    flatulence,   pour four or five teaspoons of cold- gall bladder.           When you have
periodic pain below the right front of      pressed flax oil over food at one meal finished the sound, relax and inhale.
the rib cage, tension in back of            of the day or use half this amount at Release your hands, turn them palm
shoulders near the neck, bitter taste in    two daily meals. Take flax oil six days down and lower them slowly in front
                                            a week for two months.                    of your body down to your lap and
mouth, and chest pain. Also, obesity
                                                                                      place them palm up on your lap.
is a strong risk factor for gallstones as   The following Qi Gong exercise helps Relax and feel the positive emotion
is rapid weight loss, chronic illness,      to clear out gall bladder congestion and of kindness growing in your liver
and stress.                                 prevent future attacks. If you find, and gall bladder. Also, imagine the
Removing the gall bladder is a              even after surgery that you have fresh green color of spring filling
common medical solution for gall            continuing symptoms as listed above, this area. Relax as long as you want
bladder problems but is not the only        then this exercise will still be very with the eyes open or closed. Repeat
solution.    In fact, once the gall         helpful for you.                          the exercise as many times in a row
bladder is removed, it is even more                                                   as feels good and do the exercise at
difficult to properly digests fats in                                                 least three times per day.
                          Lisa B. O’Shea Certified Qi Gong Therapist and Instructor
                        Qi Gong Institute of Rochester 595 Blossom Rd. Ste. 307 Rochester, NY 14610
                            (585) 377-2044 Toll Free: (877) 346-4017

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