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					                                                        Vol. 1 – Fall 2009

                    THE MANIFEST
                            DPE at NYU – Official Newsletter

Beta Chapter


• Beta Chapter
  after 42 years
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• Letter from the
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                    DPE Beta Returns to NYU with
• Spotlight on
  Beta alum
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• Letter to
                    Induction of 79th, 80th Lines
  Page 3            After 42 years of dormancy, the DPE        passion for foreign service and global
                    Beta chapter has returned to NYU.          affairs.
• Students
  Traveling the
                    The 79th line, inducted in late
  World             January, was the first DPE line to be      Founding president Brad Powell, a
  Page 4            sworn in since 1967.                       leader in the effort to bring DPE back
                                                               to NYU, expressed pride in seeing the
• Contact Info      Adding to the historic occasion of the     chapter sworn in. “We’re happy to
  Page 5            night was the presence of Frederick        be able to be part of a new stage in
                    Ohrn, a member of the last inducted        Beta and DPE’s long and treasured
                    Beta class in the late 60s (Ohrn is        history at NYU,” he said. “Here in New
                    featured later in this newsletter). Also   York, a hub for international activity, I
                    in attendance was Terrence Boyle,          think our DPE chapter will be able to
                    who led the ceremony.                      thrive.”

                    The thirteen members present for the       Following the event, a dinner was
                    swearing-in ceremony represent a           hosted at Rocco’s in the Village,
                    diverse cross section of NYU's             where newly inducted brothers met
                    community, united by a strong              with two-dozen current Alpha                                                 students and alumni. (CONT. PG 4.)
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Letter from DPE BETA President 09-10 Nicholas Brennan
Delta Phi Epsilon at New York          DPE at NYU, I believe we must
University is back. It couldn't        push ourselves to begin testing
come at a better time. The             our philosophies and acting
importance of a proactive              upon our beliefs not just from the
foreign service has become             comforts of our classrooms, but
increasingly apparent over the         from the challenges of the field.
past decade. The first two lines of
undergrads have come of age in         As a journalist and filmmaker, I've
a new international landscape,         most recently returned from a
one dominated by two overseas          three-month trip to Cuba, where
wars, the challenges of an             I produced a series of short
increasingly connected and             documentaries and non-fiction
globalized society, a shifting         stories. Other DPE members have
geopolitical climate—not to            worked throughout the Middle
mention various world-wide             East, navigated the court rooms
environmental and health               of East Africa, and done the
challenges on the horizon. It's a      legwork on development
demanding time, but also one           projects in places like Haiti -- all    Brennan on a film shoot in
our generation must meet with          while still undergrads at NYU. The      Havana, Cuba
vigor and excellence. Having a         membership DPE Beta will recruit
welcoming place for the top            at NYU must represent a broad          Beta this year is connecting with
professionally minded foreign          political spectrum of experiences      DPE alumni in and around New
policy students in the university to   and beliefs. A wealth of ideas         York City. There is much to learn
gather, share ideas, and make          about building our collective          from those who have taken
life-long friendships is a much        future is a necessity for the          these steps before us. Please,
needed establishment for NYU.          successful reintroduction of DPE       drop us a line, send us an email,
                                       at NYU.                                let us know when you're around
Much has changed at NYU since                                                 the city.
the last Beta class was inducted       Our major event for the semester
in 1967. We've sold the Bronx          will be a film festival co-hosted      Here’s to a strong reintroduction
campus and taken over                  by the United Nations Association      for DPE at NYU and to many
Greenwich Village. The student         where, using the unique medium         years of continued success.
population has shifted from            of film, we will introduce new
commuter-focused to globally           concepts and challenge the
focused. As the 2009-2010 Beta         community's perceptions about
chapter president, I will work to      the world. We've also connected
reestablish DPE's place within         with the Political Union & Review
both the university community          at NYU, with whom we co-host
and the global community that is       biweekly debates on different
New York City.                         domestic and international
                                                                                              Nicholas Brennan
                                       issues. Next week's topic: "To be
                                                                                     President, Delta Phi Epsilon
As a foreign service fraternity in     Resolved: Afghanistan cannot
                                                                                                  Beta Chapter
New York, we have an                   be saved without an
opportunity to live our ideas, to      overwhelming addition of
practice them in a dynamic             American troops." It should be a
environment. We don't have a           lively debate.
gated campus, we have a
thriving city. As the reinstituted     The other major priority of DPE
 Page 3 of 5                                                 DPE at NYU
ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Frederick Ohrn ‘67
Our choice for the ‘Alumni Spotlight’      purification, and create affordable
in this issue has a special significance   solutions to help communities meet
in Beta Chapter’s revival. Frederic        the basic needs of human life.” His
Ohrn is not just an accomplished and       boat yard in Bridgeport, where he
deserving Brother in our fraternity, but   has been renovating and repairing
he was also inducted into the last         abandoned or discarded boats, is
chapter line at NYU before it became       the location of what he hopes will
inactive in 1967. He bridged this gap      one day be a hands-on learning
by serving as Line Captain at our first    center for environmentally-
induction this past year.                  responsible living.

Brother Ohrn graduated from NYU’s          Frederic Ohrn lives in New Canaan,
then School of Commerce - currently        CT, is married with a family of four,
the Stern School of Business - in 1967     and enjoys singing, sports, and
after transferring first from BYU and      boating. For him, the resurgence of
then Syracuse University in 1964. A        our chapter means an opportunity
man dedicated to be of service to          for him to renew his original interest in
others, he enlisted in the Marine Corps    international service and to play an
after graduating even though his           active role in helping to introduce
grades placed him well above the           those motivations to our growing
                                                                                        Ohrn in his boatyard in
required cutoff for exemption.                                                          Connecticut

After working for a number of years in
advertising at New York’s Benton and
                                           LETTER TO ALUMNI: New York Contacts
Bowles, Frederic began what would           at NYU
                                           DPE Beta's return is reason alone to        Beta Chapter would like to
turn into an extremely successful
                                           celebrate, to retreat to the warmth         extend to all alumni of DPE in
career in real estate. This is perhaps
                                           of Manhattan's finest pubs and              the tri-state area an open
the field he is best known for.
                                           consider all of the experiences, the        invitation to strengthen what is
Currently the Managing Director of
                                           memories, and the bonds this                already a well-established
Lynne Leonard Realty, LLC and its
                                           brotherhood will no doubt bring             community. While we are still
commercial affiliate, Ohrn &
                                           forth. But our work is not yet finished.    developing an interface, please
Company, LLC, he has been active in
                                                                                       send me an email with your
all phases of real estate since 1970
                                           While we have worked tirelessly to          contact info at:
and has held numerous senior
                                           bring this chapter out of dormancy,
positions with national and
                                           we would be remiss to overlook the
international property firms. Since 1986
                                           tremendous support we’ve received           If you are, or know of any
Frederic has built over 30 homes as
                                           from alumni in the area, many from          alumni in the Greater New York
well as a 20 unit complex for the City
                                           other chapters. As we continue to           area, we'd love to buy you a
of Bridgeport, CT.
                                           grow as a fraternity, we recognize          drink, catch up, and learn from
                                           the importance of having a network          you.
Still, with a lucrative professional
                                           available for our Brothers in the
career to look back on, Fred is quick
                                           greater New York area. Not only can         Our warmest thanks,
to expand, rather, on the work he has
                                           we benefit from your guidance and
yet to do. He is a man that is
                                           support, but an up-to-date alumni           Constantino Rago
passionately dedicated to community
                                           network benefits everyone as a    
service and to finding innovative
                                           source of communication,                    Alumni Coordinator
solutions to some of the developing
                                           assistance, and collaboration. We           Delta Phi Epsilon
world’s most crippling problems. “My
                                           are developing an online alumni             Beta Chapter
goal is to take the knowledge I’ve
                                           database for DPE brothers in the
acquired in housing, agriculture,
                                           area. To that end, we here at the
waste disposal, and water
                                           end, we here at the Beta Chapter
                                           would like to extend to all alumni of
                                           DPE in New York, Connecticut, and
                                           New Jersey an open invitation to
                                           strengthen what is already a well-
                          Page 4 of 5                                             DPE at NYU
                               STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Beta Members
                               Traveling the World this Year
                               Constantino Rago (80th), the            Ed Cadmus (80th) spent this past
                               current Alumni Outreach                 summer working for the Supreme
                               Coordinator recently returned from      Court of Ghana, where he
                               his second trip to Haiti, where he      served under the one of the most
                               was the project manager for a           respected jurists in the country.
                               program aimed at educating rural
                               poor in Haiti. Trekking through the
                               mud in the beautiful mountains in
                               the interior of Haiti, Rago found his
                               passion for what he's hoping to
                               pursue now that he has earned his
                               masters degree: rural economic
Rago doing research in Haiti   development.

                               Steven Jean (79th), current
                               Programming Director and VP, was
                               invited as a select member of
                               NYU's student leadership to tour
                               NYU's future satellite campus in
                               Abu Dhabi. While there, he met
                               with local leaders and spent time
                               working with educators and
                               politicians in the country.              Cadmus on a trip during his time
                                                                        working in Accra, Ghana

Jean in Abu Dhabi, UAE

                                                                       DPE-BETA RETURNS (cont.)
                                                                       Several New York-based alumni
                                                                       were present to help usher in a
                                                                       new era in DPE’s presence in New
                                                                       York City.

                                                                       Later in the spring, the 80th line
                                                                       was sworn in after another
                                                                       successful recruitment campaign.
                                                                       The event was followed by a
                                                                       reception at a Village pub.

                                                                       The DPE Beta chapter, now up and
                                                                       running for nine months is currently
                                                                       in the process of recruiting for its
                                                                       81st line. With strong momentum
                                                                       moving forward, a swearing-in
                                                                       ceremony is planned for January
DPE-Alpha alumni and current students chat with DPE
Beta brothers at Rocco’s in Greenwich Village
                                         Nicholas Brennan (79th)

                                         Vice President:
                                         Steven Jean (80th)

                                         Constantino Rago (80th)

                                         Kurt Fields (79th)

                                         DPE Beta:



The 80th Line at their swearing-in ceremony in New York City.

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