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					                                   Grosse Pointe Crisis Club
                                   Celebrating 55 Years of Helping Those in Need
    Volume 45                                        May/June, 2011                                     Number 3

                                                    Detroit Attorney
                                                    James C. Thomas
                                                       Speaks at
                                             The May 12th General Membership Dinner
                                             The Crisis Club is pleased to host Detroit attorney
                                             James C. Thomas at the Thursday, May 12th General Membership dinner at
                                             the Barrister Garden Banquet Center.

                                             Jim Thomas is a well-respected criminal defense attorney who is Of
    From The President                       Counsel at the Detroit firm Plunkett Cooney. During his more than 30
                                             years practicing criminal defense in complex federal and state matters, Mr.
                                             Thomas has successfully defended clients in some of Michigan’s highest
Greetings,                                   profile criminal cases, including Young Boy’s Inc., healthcare professionals,
                                             politicians, corporate executives and professional athletes.
I want to express my thanks to Co-
Chairmen Steve Graus and Ted Eikhoff,        In addition to an interactive discussion with Jim Thomas, the all inclusive
and their dedicated committee, for           evening includes cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres and dinner, all for $25 per
coordinating the successful 18th             person.
Annual Spring Sports Night. Special
recognition goes to Trustee Bob Borowy       Reservations are requested and may be made by contacting Ted Eikhoff at
for his tireless effort before, during and   [313] 407-9132 or via email at, or see the enclosed
after the event. The selection of raffle     flyer for more details.
and silent auction items was again
outstanding. I’m pleased to tell you
that, for the first time in several years,      Infinity-Ovation Dinner Cruise
our attendance increased as did the
event proceeds. Over $20,000 was                                         June 22, 2011
raised to fund our crisis case work.
                                                                                The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club is pleased
To those Sports Night attendees who                                             to again present, on Wednesday, June 22,
are members, thank you for your                                                 2011, a sunset dinner cruise aboard the
support. I hope if you brought a non-                                           Infinity-Ovation Yacht Charters. The three
member, their experience will pique                                             hour cruise, in Lake St Clair and down into
interest in Crisis Club membership. A                                           the Detroit River, will include a strolling
                                                                                dinner, premium beverage service and
special thank you to Trustee Jim Ellis,
Larry Smith and his son Steve, Lee
Stemple and Gerrit DeMeulenaere              We hope you, your significant other and friends will join us for what has
whose groups accounted for over 25%          proved to be an outstanding dinner cruise.
of the attendance.
                                             For more details see the flyer enclosed in this issue. Please contact Gill
                  Continued on Page 3        Mannella at (586) 596-7373 for reservations.
                                                                KRUEGER                                                              Michael C. Krueger
                                                                                                                                       Crisis Club Member
                                                                HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, INC.
                      Grosse Pointe Crisis Club
                      Giving People Care and Consideration                                Sales & Service Since 1930
                                                                          28010 Harper • St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
                                                                      586.443.4328 • Fax: 586.443.4430 • 888.477.7559
                    OFFICERS — 2011

                          President                                                      Expect More. We Deliver!
                      James M. Flannery                                             1-696 & Van Dyke • 586-758-1800
         James P. Ellis
                                    Crisis Case Director
                                    Donald H. Vormelker
                                                                                       Life LIBERTY. AND THE PURSUIT.
                                                                                                           A.B.C. Boring Co.
                             Treasurer                                                                                DAVID DUHAIME, President
                          Michael P. Arnett                                                                             JIM DUHAIME, Retired
                                                                                                                         Crisis Club Members
                           Resident Agent                                  30600 Ryan Road • Warren, Michigan 48092
                          Michael P. Arnett                                 Tel: (586) 751-2580 • Fax: (586) 751-2601

                                                                                           INDUSTRIAL                                   CONSULTING
                           TRUSTEES                                                                                                       INVESTMENTS
                                                                                            SOURCES                                        INSURANCES
                                                                                                                                           REAL ESTATE
    Term Ending Dec. 31, 2011       Term Ending Dec. 31, 2012                                         JAMES L. MANIERE - CHAIRMAN
          John J. Blake                 Robert J. Borowy                                         51607 Kachina Lane • Macomb Twp. 48042
                                                                                              (586) 232-3994 • Email:
          James P. Ellis               Robert E. Fleming
        Gilbert Mannella              Douglas C. Wozniak
      Michael A. Szmigiel

    Term Ending Dec. 31, 2013       Term Ending Dec. 31, 2014                17060 MASONIC BLVD., SUITE 101 • FRASER, MI 48026
      Richard Grosfield, Sr.          John A. Bogdziewicz                    (586) 296-1312 • Fax: (586) 296-0352 •
        James L. Maniere             Robert F. Hellrung, Jr.
                                                                                                Jason Hill - Crisis Club Member
       Richard E. Molitor               John H. Kotcher
         Jerry A. Oreson               Nicholas D. Shanku        MEDICAL WELLNESS CENTER/ARMADA CHIROPRACTIC
                                                                                  Whole Hearted Health Care                                           S
                                                                                                                                                    PH POR
                                                                                       Dr. Maqbulur R. Khan - Chiropractic                            Y     T
          ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES                                                    Dr. Fransisco L. Buen - Medical                            $1 SICA S
                                                                                                                                                         00 LS
                                                                                       Physical Therapy / Massage Therapy
Assistant Crisis Case Director            Newsletter                 23111 E. Main St. • Armada, MI 48005 • (586) 784-9127
     Robert H. Balcerzak                 Ted E. Eikhoff
                                                                                                                                       Distributed by
                                       James M. Flannery
                                                                                                                                   Young Supply Company
                                                                                                                                      Anthony R. Vallan
          Legal Counsel              Nominations/Elections      HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING
                                                                                                                                   Vice President of Operations
          F. Peter Blake                F. Peter Blake                                           Crisis Club Member
                                       Walter Heck, Jr.           (586) 421-2400 • Fax: (586) 421-0630                               52000 Sierra Drive
                                                                                                     Chesterfield Twp., MI 48047
     Membership Chairman               Donald G. Dungan
     Gerrit C. DeMeulenaere                                                                             586-463-2671
                                        Event Facilitator                                            36470 Jefferson
                                         Ted E. Eikhoff                                         Harrison Township, MI 48045
          Service Officer             Advertising Chairman
                                                                                                      Nicholas M. Ritts - Member
         John H. Kotcher                                           by the lake
                                       James L. Maniere                                          good drinks! great food!
                                                                                                                  Sam Ventimiglia, Financial Consultant
                                                                                                                              Crisis Club Member
        HOT LINE PHONE NUMBER (810) 334-6078                                                                    26107 Harper Ave. • St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
         P.O. Box 36243 • Grosse Pointe, MI 48236                                                                       877-SAM-VENT (toll free)
                 Web:                          W E A L T H   P L A N N I N G ,   I N C .
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                                                                                                                               Member FINRA/SIPC

                                                                     From the President (continued from page 1)
             Crisis Case Corner                                      Speaking of membership, the Board of Trustees approved
    By Robert H. Balcerzak – Assistant Crisis Case Director
                                                                     a membership incentive program for 2011 which is
                                                                     described in an article by Gerrit DeMeulenaere on page 7.
Case     1426                                                        This incentive offers a great opportunity to introduce new
Investigators: J. Oreson - D. Vormelker                              members to the Club at an attractive initiation fee of $50.
A recently divorced mother fell behind with rent and utilities.      I’m pleased to tell you that nine applications were received at
She will be getting more hours at work and her oldest teenage        Sports Night.
son started a part-time job. The Crisis Club brought the utilities
up to date and paid one month’s rent.                                During the next several months, we have scheduled a
                                                                     number of events which I believe will be of interest to
Case     1427                                                        members and non-members alike.
Investigators:      B. Balcerzak - D. Vormelker
                                                                     First, our May 12th General Membership Meeting will feature
This case was referred to the Club by Children’s Hospital of
                                                                     noted local criminal defense attorney James Thomas, who has
MI. The couple’s six year old daughter was diagnosed with
                                                                     represented numerous defendants in some of Detroit’s most
cancer and is currently going through treatment at several
                                                                     high profile cased over the past thirty years.
medical facilities. The daughter will not be able to return to
school or participate in any activities for six to seven months.     On June 22nd we will again host a dinner cruise aboard the
The couple also has a twelve-week old daughter. Due to               Infinity-Ovation Yacht Charter. This is another opportunity
the treatments, medicine costs and having to miss work, the          to host your significant other and friends and show them the
couple is behind on their bills. The Crisis Club made two            camaraderie and efforts of the Crisis Club. Please see the
month’s mortgage payments, and brought them up to date on            article on front page and the enclosed flyer.
their Consumer’s Energy and DTE bills.
                                                                     Lastly, the annual Kotcher’s Kapers Golf Outing will be held
Case     1428                                                        on Monday, August 1st at Sycamore Hills. Besides golfer
Investigators: J. Oreson - D. Vormelker                              participation, Title Sponsor and Tee/Green sponsorship are
A 60 year old widow, who works as a care giver, fell behind          again solicited. A flyer for this event is also included in this
on bills due to illness and received a shut-off notice from DTE.     edition of your newsletter.
The Crisis Club paid her DTE bill and one month’s rent.
                                                                     Two continuing projects offer an opportunity for members
                                                                     and non-members to support your Club. In May and August
Case      1429                                                       the Club will again sponsor a charity poker event. Walter
Investigators: B. Balcerzak - J. Oreson                              Heck’s article on page 10 provides information on the dates
This case was referred by the VanElslander Cancer Center. A          as well as sign-up instructions.
thirty-eight year old St. Clair Shores woman was diagnosed
with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.         Finally, enrollees in Kroger Community Rewards must
Her husband is laid off from his job and will not return to work     reenroll, and designate the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club as the
for four weeks. One month’s mortgage was paid by the Club.           beneficiary of spending at Kroger’s. This is a Kroger required
                                                                     annual reenrollment so please see the instructions on page
Case     1430                                                        9. This program costs participants nothing and provides
                                                                     quarterly revenue to the Club by simply shopping at Kroger’s.
Investigator: D. Vormelker – J. Flannery
A forty-one year old woman with breast cancer was $1900
                                                                     I look forward to seeing you and your friends at our
behind on her DTE bill. During preliminary investigation, it
                                                                     upcoming events.
was determined that the bill was excessive and would only
temporarily help the situation. She would be behind in bills         Regards,
again next month. The case was rejected and a social worker
will work on getting the bill waived. The Club could be
contacted at a future date for possible assistance.

Case      1431                                                        PLEASE NOTE!
Investigators: B. Balcerzak - D. Vormelker                            We encourage our members to refer people or
The VanElslander Cancer Center referred a thirty-nine year old        families in a possible crisis or emergency, but we
single mother in crisis. She had been fired from her job due          ask our members to contact the Crisis Director
to illness and has filed for Social Security Disability. She has      or any Trustee in person. Please do not give
cashed out her 401K and will return to work in one month.             anyone the hot-line number, or the telephone
The Crisis Club paid two mortgage payments.
                                                                      number of case investigators or any other Crisis
                                                                      Club member.
                              Thank You Notes Received
Case 1425                                                     affected the world. Everyone I talked to seemed to have
Our warmest thanks to the GPCC. We just can’t thank           a friend or family member or they, themselves, touched
you enough!                                                   by this dreaded disease. It affects everyone around you.
                                                              It has also raised awareness of people – stories I’ve been
Case 1428                                                     told of how that “put-off mammogram” and breast self-
Jerry Oreson and everybody at the Grosse Pointe Crisis        exam were now scheduled because of my diagnosis. If
Club have blessed me. All of you have blessed me with         one life besides my own gets spared, then this nightmare
blessings that I haven’t even verbally asked for. Thank you   I am experiencing will be worth it. I wish no one else
all for helping, blessing me and giving me favors. I love     ever would have to endure the trauma of this disease
you all, and I have much to praise you for today. God         – it tries to take away so much – your strength, your
can see every time you do an act of kindness and he           happiness, your self-image, and causes sadness, worry,
plans a reward to give you openly. Knowing that God will      financial hardship, and pain on so many levels. It has
prosper what you do for Him. Gifts of thoughtfulness and      tested me to my core. But I resolved that I would fight,
caring are kept forever in the memory of the heart. I will    by having surgeries, receiving chemo, and not giving
remember your thoughtfulness and all the joy it brought.      up – and that has been my challenge. I have too much
Thank you all so very, very, very much.                       to live for. The support of my wonderful husband and
                                                              daughter, my family, and every single one of you is proof
Case 1429                                                     that it’s worth this fight!
Dear Mr. James Flannery, President, Mr. Donald
Vormelker, Crisis Case Director, and the Members of the       I was told from day one by my nurse navigator at the
Grosse Point Crisis Club,                                     VECC that I was a survivor from the moment I found my
                                                              tumor, and those words have helped me embark on the
How do I express these overwhelming feelings of gratitude     fight of my life. I sustain each day by the prayers and
and humbleness? We are in receipt of the check you have       support of people like you – you need to know that your
provided us to pay our April 1st mortgage with, and we        act of kindness is acknowledged and has resonated deep
are extremely grateful.                                       within me and my family.

I am 38 years old, and was diagnosed with breast cancer       I will continue to “fight like a girl”, and cannot wait to be
on November 1, 2010. I underwent bilateral mastectomy         on the other side of this, but you all have to know it’s
and reconstruction initiation surgery, and just received      because of you that we will make it successfully there
my last round of chemotherapy yesterday. I have been          because you were there to see us through.
off of work since December 7th, and won’t be able to          With deepest gratitude
return until May after I recover from the second half of my
                                                              P.S. If you could, please share this letter with all of the
reconstruction surgery. As you know, a second wave of
                                                              members of the GP Crisis Club.
tribulation barreled us over with the loss of my husband’s
job the day after I started chemo in January. Our funds       Case 1431
drained, with me receiving only a partial disability check    Dear Grosse Pointe Crisis Club,
from my work (I am an 18 year employee this May with St.      I just wanted to take time out to say thank you for your
John Hospital in Physical Therapy).                           kind and generous gift. I suddenly found myself out of
                                                              work due to medical leave and side effects of cancer
As you can imagine, this has been a very scary and            treatments. I have a fourteen year old son. a small dog
uncertain time for us. But when I approached the              and a large mortgage payment and ,now, no healthcare
Social Workers at the Van Elslander Cancer Center, they       and employment.
told us of your group, and of the support you may be
able to provide to help see us through this challenging       I was able to seek help through our Local Dept. of
time. You need to know that you have impacted our             Human Services for food assistance and medical
lives profoundly. Your generous donation has sent us a        coverage, but I was still unable to work or seek work.
message loud and clear that you were not willing to let       Your donation was used to pay my back owed house
us walk this road alone. We will be forever grateful – my     payment and this month’s payment. I am so thankful for
heart overflows with thanks to each and every one of you      giving people that care and have compassion for others.
for your consideration and donation. I am happy to report     I would like to thank you again for helping me during my
that my husband has finally found employment again!           most stressful time in my life.

When I was diagnosed, I realized how vastly cancer            God Bless

Sports Night 18,
Another Success
This year's Sports Night didn’t hold many in suspense as
UCONN shotdown Butler and won the Championship Game.
The real winner, on this night, was the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club
and those in need who rely on the Club for support throughout
the year.

Over 375 men were in attendance at Barrister Gardens and
were treated to a great evening, put on flawlessly, by the Sports
Night Committee. If you attended the 18th Annual Sports Night we thank you for coming and supporting
the Club and its mission. The event takes a tremendous amount of work from the committee and I want to
thank each and every committee member for their continued support of this event and our efforts to provide
a great value to the attendees.

The raffles and prize drawings exceeded projections and the iPad2 secured by the committee was a hit with
the attendees as was the Silent Auction and 50/50 raffle. This trend bodes well for the Crisis Club and we’re
                                                              hoping next year’s sports night will exceed this
                                                              years. Mark your calendars, and iPad touch
                                                              screens, now for Monday, April 3, 2012.
                                                              Also, keep networking to increase the atten-
                                                              dance at the event. We have a great event,
                                                              and with your support, Sports Night can con-
                                                              tinue to flourish and inject needed funds into
                                                              the Club.

                                             Grosse Pointe Crisis Cl
 . Krueger
b Member

                                             Celebrating 55 Years of Helping Those in
                 Volume 45                                   January/February, 2011                            Nu

g Co.

 . 48042

                From The President
MI 48026      Greetings and Happy New Year. I wish MOTTO                      18th Annual    you and your family a healthy and suc-
                                                                     Spring Sports Night
                    The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club is pledged to act fast in an emergency or
              cessful 2011.

OPRACTIC                                                                 Monday April 4th
                   “CRISIS” not covered by the policies of other charitable organizations.
              Congratulations to the re-elected and
                          Cases requiring continuing aid are best handled by others.
              new Trustees of your Club. Welcome
 PH POR       back to re-elected Trustees Robert
   YS TS
 $1 ICA
                                            Round up Since 1956
                             Serving the Community your family, circle of friends and business associate
              Hellrung, a member since ‘93, John
      00 LS                                           put Monday, April 4, 2011 on your calendar as the Crisis Clu
              Kotcher, a member since ‘77 and Nick
9127    6                                             ents its 18th Annual Spring Sports Night.
              Shanku, a member since ’02. Wel-
               Membership Drive                                     New Member Applications
         Gerrit DeMeulenaere – Membership Chairman                   By Gerrit DeMeulenaere - Membership Chairman

In recent years, the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club has seen          Michael Muer is the owner of the Harvard Grill restaurant,
a decline in membership due to many factors including            located in Grosse Pointe Park. Mike resides in St. Clair
retirements, the economy, and the many opportunities in          Shores and his sponsors are Richard Grosfield and John Ken-
other charitable organizations. In an effort to address our      nedy.
declining membership, the Board of Trustees authorized
a 2011 membership incentive program to attract new               Jeff Bogen is a broker/underwriter for Burns and Wilcox Ltd.,
                                                                 an insurance specialty firm located in Farmington Hills. Jeff
members. We know that new members come with fresh
                                                                 resides in Grosse Pointe Woods and his sponsors are John A.
ideas, enthusiasm and support for our cause.                     Bogdziewicz and Robert J. Godard.

The following are the new member incentives 2011:                Clint Bogen is the owner of Sweats’ and Stuff, a silk screen
                                                                 and embroidery company, located in Grosse Pointe Woods.
The dues donation, including initiation fee, has been            Clint resides in Grosse Pointe Woods and his sponsors are
reduced to $50.                                                  John A. Bogdziewicz and Robert J. Godard.

A Junior Membership category has been established for            John A. Dunwoody is the President of ACP Compensation
those under age thirty (30). The membership fee for these        Planning, a consulting firm, located in Grosse Pointe Park.
applicants will also be $50 and will remain the same for five    He resides in Grosse Pointe Park and his sponsors are F. Peter
(5) years or until the member attains the age of thirty (30),    Blake and Gerrit DeMeulenaere.
whichever occurs earlier.
                                                                 John J. Cunningham is employed at Wyandotte Welding
                                                                 Supply Inc. John resides in Grosse Pointe Woods and spon-
We believe that these incentives offer a significant
                                                                 sors are F. Peter Blake and Gerrit DeMeulenaere.
opportunity to increase our membership, not only in 2011
but in the future.                                               Mark S. Hayduk is an attorney at Hayduk, Andrews and
                                                                 Brucker, PC., located in Detroit. He resides in Grosse Pointe
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at (586)   Farms and his sponsors are F. Peter Blake and Gerrit DeMeu-
786-5712 or contact me at grossepointecrisisclub@comcast.        lenaere.
net. Membership applications are available online at                               Dr. Tim DeMeulenaere, is a dentist and partner at Preferred
                                                                 Dental Practice, located in Eastpointe. Tim resides in Ma-
                                                                 comb, MI and his sponsors are Gerrit DeMeulenaere and Jim

                                                                 Jeffrey Allen Yanssens is a mechanical engineer for the
                                                                 General Motors Company in Warren, MI. He resides in
                                                                 Macomb, MI and his sponsors are Gerrit DeMeulenaere and
     Kotcher’s Kapers Golf Outing                                Jim Maniere.
                  Monday, August 1, 2011                         Robert James Bendzinski is the President of Bendzinski and
                                                                 Co., a consulting firm for local governments, located in De-
    The date is quickly approaching so mark your calendar        troit. Robert resides in Grosse Pointe Park and his sponsors
    and put your foursome together for the Kotcher’s Kapers      are F. Peter Blake and Gerrit DeMeulenaere.
    Golf Outing at Sycamore Hills on Monday August 1.

    The Club has maintained both the cost for your day of               Service Officers Report
    golf as well as sponsorship opportunities. Please review                  By Jay Kotcher - Service Officer
    the flyer contained in this edition of your newsletter        I am pleased to report that John Kennedy underwent a
    for all the details. FYI….reservations are now being          successful liver and kidney transplant. John has made a
    acccepted online at          remarkable recovery and I’m sure many members heard his
    gpcc_golf                                                     heartfelt letter read at Sports Night. “Torch” is slowly getting
                                                                  into his “new normal” routine and wants to acknowledge
    Contact Co-Chairmen Steve Graus (586) 764-2484                the prayers and well wishes from all his friends in the Club. or Ted Eikhoff (313) 407-9132          On a sad note, Janet Wortman, sister of member Tom Blake, for reservation or sponsorship           lost her yearlong battle with cancer. Please remember her
    information.                                                  and the Blake family in your prayers.

                        An Audition For Detroit 187?
                                Adapted from a Detroit News article
Even Crisis Club member, Donn                                        After being tackled by a helpful
Fresard , was surprised by the help he                               citizen, a Detroit Police Officer
got when someone swiped his wallet                                   handcuffed the youth, and Fresard
from a downtown restaurant table.                                    said the police asked him:
"It was just a dumb, young kid. I was                                "What's wrong with you? Don't you
yelling that he stole my wallet and I                                know there's probably more police
was running, and people kept joining                                 in Greektown than at Somerset (the
me," said Donn Fresard, Chief of Staff                               fashionable shopping center in Troy)?"
for Prosecutor Kym Worthy.
                                                                     The suspect denied taking the wallet.
"The whole chase only lasted like 17
seconds, but it became a universal                                   Fishbones employees found it
community effort."                                                   discarded nearby, contents intact.

Fresard was paying his lunch tab at                               Bernie Youngblood, who lost 10
Fishbones in Greektown when he saw                                lbs. in the brief chase, had finally
a hand slide his wallet from the restaurant table     recovered his breath.
and a tall figure bolt for the door.

Jumping from his chair to give chase wasn't                      Advertise In the
exactly the lawyerly thing to do, but Fresard, was
quickly joined by other unlikely pursuers.                       GPCC Newsletter
Fellow Crisis Club member, Bernard Youngblood,       Your newsletter continues to provide valuable
the Wayne County Registrar of Deeds, jumped up       Crisis Club information, fund raising opportunities,
from a table nearby. The saxophone player on the     membership news and Crisis Case updates. Advertising
corner of Beaubien and Monroe, David "Bosco"         support is critical. We appreciate the members who
Willis, tucked the horn underarm and also joined     advertise in our bi-monthly newsletter, for their support
the chase.                                           helps us offset our ever-increasing costs.

Employees of Fishbones and a cadre of Detroit        We are asking you, our members who do not currently
police and Wayne County Sheriff's deputies ended     advertise in the newsletter, to consider promoting your
the pursuit.                                         company or service in an advertisement.

Youngblood said "I ran after them because I didn't   The rate schedule, for your support, is an excellent
want Donn to be out there alone, but it turns out    advertising buy: six (6) ads per year for a total cost of
Greektown is not the place to commit a crime".       $240. Non-members are welcome at a slightly higher
The entertainment district is almost surrounded
by law enforcement facilities, including the         Please contact me with your interest or any questions.
headquarters of the Detroit Police Department,       We will prepare your ad at no cost.
the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, the Wayne
County Jail and juvenile facilities, and multiple    Many thanks to our continuing advertisers, and we look
government offices including the Frank Murphy        forward to hearing from many more members.
Hall of Justice.
"I kept thinking my hunting license is in there,"    James (Jim) Maniere
said Fresard who was preparing for a trip to a       Advertising Chairman
snow goose hunt in South Dakota.                     (586) 731-5820 • Email:

                 Cremation Society of              Michael A. Szmigiel

                   Michigan                           Crisis Club Member

                  15251 Harper Avenue • Detroit, Michigan 48224
              (313) 839-4100 • 1-800-241-3131 • FAX (313) 521-3711
    15451 Farmington Road     31551 Ford Road     email:
           Livonia              Garden City
                                                                              Kroger Community Rewards
                                                                              Continues To Pay Dividends
                                                                                   Have you enrolled? Please help us out!

                                                                             Kroger's Community Rewards Program makes
                                                                             fundraising for The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club automatic
                                                                             every time you use your Kroger Plus Card. Our latest
         JAMES (JIM) MANIERE - Consultant                                    dividend payment, received in February, totaled
                      Servicing You is My PRIORITY                           $263.43! With your participation, we will continue
                                                                             to reap the benefits of this great program. Please ask
          Office: (586) 532-0500 • Cell: (586) 850-5390                      your family members and friends to put their Kroger
                   Email:                              Plus Card to work for the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club by
                                                                             following the instructions below.
                                                                             PLEASE NOTE: As of April 1, 2011, everyone who had
                                                                             had previously registered their Kroger Card to donate
                                                                             to The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club must go online and re-
                                                                             assign The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club (#82394) as their
                                                                             preferred charity. This can only be done through the
                                                                             Kroger Community Rewards website. You will need to
                                                                             re-enroll online to continue contributions to The Grosse
                                                                             Pointe Crisis Club, so we encourage all our members to
                                                                             do so as soon as possible.
                                                                             In order to do this, go to:
    May 7–9         Charity Poker               Sunnybrook Golf/Bowl
                                                                             login.aspx. If you already have a sign-in, enter your
                                                                             login info; if you don't have a username and password,
    May 12          General Membership          Barrister Gardens
                                                                             please go to the following website, https://customer.
                                                                    Once you get
                                                                             to "My Kroger" page, scroll down to the "Community
    May 24          Trustee Meeting             Barrister Gardens
                                                                             Rewards Information" and click the Edit link. You'll
    June 22         Infinity - Ovation Cruise Jefferson Beach Marina         need to enter our program number: 82394 - to search
                                                                             for and approve The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club. It's easy
    July 19         Trustee Meeting             Barrister Garden             to do, but don't hesitate to contact Drew Dungan at
                                                                    if you need help doing this.
    Aug. 1          Kotcher’s Kapers            Sycamore Hills
                    Golf Outing                                              Your participation in the Kroger Community Rewards
                                                                             program will not affect your Kroger Fuel Plus Program
    Aug. 2–5        Charity Poker               Sunnybrook Golf/Bowl         or Kroger Plus Savings.

    Sept 20         Trustee Meeting             Barrister Gardens            Please share this opportunity with your family, friends
                                                                             & colleagues and encourage them to participate. The
    Oct.-Nov.       Comedy Night                Barrister Gardens            more people that we register to participate, the more
                                                                             funds we will earn!
    Nov. 3          Election and                Barrister Gardens
                    Membership Meeting                                       Through the Kroger Community Rewards Program, we
                                                                             can make great things
    Nov. 8-11       Charity Poker               TBD                          happen together for
                                                                             The Grosse Pointe
    2012                                                                     Crisis Club!

    April 2         Spring Sports Night         Barrister Gardens            Thank you!

                                                                                                          Best Bar Burger In Town
                                                                                                           Grill open til 1 am Daily
                                                                                                             Your Host: John Kennedy
                                                                                                               Crisis Club Member
                                                                                                            18666 Mack Avenue
MAY BIRTHDAYS                   JUNE BIRTHDAYS               (313) 881-5675                            Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236
 1 Gary W. Hughes                2 F. Peter Blake
                                                                                                     MANUFACTURERS OF
 3 Donald Kenneth Reid           3 Gerry Finazzo                                            BOLTS • SCREWS • STUDS • RODS • NUTS
 6 David B. Ferris               4 Camillo Ditrapani           ISO 9002 CERTIFIED QS 9000       Lawrence W. Ray - Crisis Club Member
19 Vincent E. Butterly, Jr.      5 Bert T. Ross                    FORD Q1 CERTIFIED             Home: (313) 884-7982 • Cell: (313) 303-5097
19 Timothy R. Flanagan           8 Hank C. Kinzey                           FAX:
20 Robert F. Hellrung, Jr.       9 David A. Lucas                       313-884-0206
                                                                                                 WAYNE BOLT & NUT CO.
                                                           SINCE 1959                    14471 LIVERNOIS AVE. • DETROIT, MI 48238 • (313) 862-0300
20 Richard E. Molitor           10 Richard Albrecht
20 William C. Schaefer          10 Rick Arnold                                                                              Paul Quasarano
                                                                                            DISTRIBUTORS OF:
21 David Kurty                  10 Ronald J. Fecteau                                                                       Crisis Club Member
                                                                            SINCE 1933
30 James E. Duhaime             10 Michael C. Krueger                                                                       14400 Oakland Ave.
30 Joseph F. Hallman            12 F. Phil Saverino                                                                       Highland Park, MI 48203
                                                                                                                              (313) 867-6900
30 Jason M. Hill                13 John (Jack) Blum                                                                         (313) 867-6020 Fax
                                15 Roger A. Renaud               AND OTHER FINE PRODUCTS                           
                                19 Maurice W. Bureau
                                20 Jeffery J. Vaughn
                                21 John H. Kotcher, Jr.
                                24 David G. Duhaime
                                26 John T. Wolff, Sr.                                                    Fax (586) 774-1960

                                                                                                                 COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL
          Charity Poker Update                                THOMAS M. BLAKE
                                                                                                             HEATING AND VENTILATION SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                RESIDENTIAL GARAGE HEATERS
                       By Walter Heck                                  President
                                                                 Crisis Club Member               959 E. Whitcomb • Madison Heights, MI 48071
  Members/volunteers are needed for our Charity                       (800) 334-6865 • Phone: (248) 589-8150
  Poker venues in 2011. The card games/tournament                      Fax: (248) 589-8155 • Cell (248) 521-4717
  opportunities are as follows:                            Daniel J. Aitken, CPCU, CIC                      John L. Konechne, CPCU, ARM
                                                           Crisis Club Member
  • May 7 – 9*     • August 2 – 5*   • November TBD
                  * Sunnybrook Golf & Bowl                  Aitken-Ormond, Shores & Neesley
                                                                          Insurance Agents & Consultants
  Please contact me and sign-up with a fellow member
                                                                             710 Notre Dame • Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
  or friend to help your Club take advantage of this                            (313) 881-5322 • Fax: (313) 881-5775
  fundraising opportunity. Thanks to all of you who
  have volunteered and supported this effort that            HALPIN & ASSOCIATES
  provides funding for our crisis cases.                       • TAX PLANNING                        • BUSINESS START-UPS
                                                                 • INDIVIDUAL, BUSINESS, ESTATE & FIDUCIARY TAX RETURNS
  Contact Walter at (313) 582-1100 or (313) 505-1215.                            NEW CLIENTS — 10% OFF
                                                                                    TOM HALPIN - Crisis Club Member

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 If you would like an additional copy of our Newsletter    Duker - reilly - McPherson & AssociAtes, inc.
 for family, friends or business associates, please stop                Manufacturers representatives since 1973
                                                                             Ray McPherson, Crisis Club Member
 by the following establishment:                                Specializing in the application of Heating and Cooling Products
       Irish Coffee Bar & Grill, Grosse Pointe Farms                          that Increase Comfort and Save Energy.
                                                            9439 Marine City Hwy. • Ira, MI 48023 • (586) 725-2552 • Fax: (586) 725-2945
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