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Blogging Teens


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									Every day, blogs are created by people of all ages and all walks of life, but when
it comes to blogging, teen writers are truly at the forefront of the movement.
Because today's teenagers are the first generation of people who have grown up
using the Internet at all stages of their development, many adolescents have a
seemingly innate sense of how to use Internet technology to express their innermost
thoughts and ideas . The older writers often experience a kind of learning curve
when starting a blog, but many young people find that using a word processor and
blogging software feels more natural and direct mode of communication to write in a
journal might do .

One of the reasons why blogs have undergone a kind of explosion in the community of
teenagers and are growing by leaps and bounds is the fact that they offer a unique
blend of visibility and anonymity. A teenager can invite friends and colleagues to
read your blog with a simple email, gaining the attention or praise. Of course,
with visibility usually comes the possibility of pregnancy, but the fact that it is
possible to blog anonymously with a handle or nickname negates much invented the
possibility of humiliation. Many teenage lives on blogs fears that a parent or
guardian to discover your blog, published under a pseudonym but a teenager can
spill their secrets without fear of being traced.

Outside the world of blogging, teen writers often have very little chance of being
published. Magazines and journals are often reticent to publish young writers who
have no credibility as much as older writers with experience and extensive credits
to their names. This can discourage adolescents from writing or seeking
opportunities to publish their work. Blogs, youth can begin to gain followers
readers without having to gain the attention and support of an editor or publisher
can not be very interested in young writers.

Between the fact that blogs provide young people the opportunity to exercise their
impressive technical skills, to gain visibility without compromising privacy and
building a readership for his writings without having to jump through hoops to
traditional publishing industry, it is no wonder that so many teenagers with blogs.
For some teenagers, blogging is still a social task that will get people with
similar interests around the world. Many blogs that a teen has discovered that
having a weblog on the Internet is a great way to explore personal expression and,
often, to win positive feedback from new friends.

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