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Twitter Power Marketing


									Twitter Power Marketing

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to make this E-Book is as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes both typographical and in content. Therefore, the texts should be used only as general guides and not as the ultimate source of all Twitter information. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information covered in this eBook. Written by Barack Obama-YoMama In Partnership With

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Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

Twitter is fast becoming a hot, hot website, with many of the world’s leading personalities actively using it. To most people, it is a silly website where you can post whatever you are doing, in a little text box of only 140 characters. But savvy people don’t write useless stuff about everything they do; instead, they post the stuff that is useful to others, and good for building a following – people who are interested in hearing what you twitter about. Now, you don’t need to lead a fascinating life to make this work for you. Instead, you only need to find cool stuff relating to something specific, and then twitter only this stuff. Twitter has also become a sort of instant messenger that doesn’t need an instant reply. Instead, you can get the messages from other users, and reply to them when you see the message. It’s all saved and archived so you can get it when you need it. So, how can twitter be used for power marketing? It’s simple! Let’s get down to the details:

Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

Twitter Power Tools is the website where you get a free account and start your twittering…simply sign up and post your 140 characters or less. Once you get going with twitter, you’ll find some cool things – like messages being sent to you from other users. They do this by putting an ‘@’ symbol, followed by your username, and this makes it go to your twitter page.

so, for example, if you want to talk to one of the Internet Marketing gurus who are evangelizing twitter, Ed Dale, you’d find his twitter name, and write @Ed_Dale at the start of your message to him. How cool is THAT? You have a direct line to a power marketer! Don’t abuse this power. At the time of this writing, another huge power marketer has publicly announced his twitter endorsement – John Reese. If you don’t know John Reese, go to now and get up to speed – he’s someone you need to know. Read what John Reese has to say by going to And reply to John by twittering your message starting with @john_reese. He’ll see it, along with thousands of other people, so it’s like going on television when you respond in this way. Don’t go off and twitter replies like “I have a new launch, can you mail out for 50% commissions?” because you will be one of a million other people who have this dream, and you will be ignored with one click.

Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

What you need to do when replying to people is BE USEFUL and ADD VALUE. If you have something that will help them, then offer it to them, send useful links, and add value to the discussion. Discussing with others and adding value is what will create followers for you, and followers are the ones that see all your twitters, so remember, you will be getting an audience, who doesn’t want to hear about your breakfast. Once you are using twitter daily, you will want something more than the website to interact with twitter. Right now, one of the best desktop tools is twhirl – an application that lets you track many users and conversations with a very intuitive interface. Download twhirl at Here’s what it looks like:

The super-slick TWHIRL application Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

If you are a Firefox user, you may also like an addon called Twitterfox. It works like twhirl, but integrates directly into the firefox browser.

The twitterfox addon for Firefox.

Tracking a Group
The next thing you need to do is create a page where you can see the status of everyone you want to track. The website to do this is - just sign up, and start adding the twitter names of folks you want to follow, then bookmark the public view of this page, and use this link to see what they all just posted all in one convenient page. Visit to see an example of a group in action and what it looks like. Click any of the “follow” links to go that user’s home page.

What’s Hot
Twitter is a very active place to share information, and seeing what is shared most is a great way to see what to focus on and perhaps to develop a product or service around. Go over to to see what is the most linked items in the past 24 hours, and see what you can learn from it. There are a ton of ideas in the listing each day.

Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

For example, I found great deals on a wide selection of consumer goods at just by looking at what everyone was twittering.

Follow The Conversation
One of the most powerful tools for following conversations on twitter is the website - there, you register, and provide your twitter login info (not stored), and you can then look up people, and see what they have been involved with lately – the people, conversations, and more. By clicking on any of the names in the conversation, you can see what THEY have been involved with. Using this technique, you can quickly find the people who are actively sharing valuable information, and bookmark them to watch what they are doing each day.

Track and Follow Anything and Anyone
Yes, that’s what twitter can do. Simply enter a twitter entry starting with “track” (without the quotes) and the term you want to track. Then, anytime a twitter comes in with that term, you are notified. Powerful stuff. Example: track john reese This tracks any twitter than includes the name john reese. Be sure to track yourself! Twitter Vision This is a cool tool, but only for when you are bored. Go to and watch posts coming into twitter in near real-time. I think if you login, it will track everyone you follow, and a great tool to have is to open a separate twitter account and add the hundreds of marketers online who use twitter, and what what they say in realtime. That makes Twitter Vision powerful.

Get It Instantly
Now, if you are not the type of person to be on the computer all day, pay attention. Twitter lets you set up devices – cell phones, instant messengers, skype, almost anything twitterized so you can get it through that device the moment something fits your criteria. If you can accept SMS messages cheap, add the important stuff to your cell phone, and watch how it instantly notifies you the moment anyone writes to you or about you on twitter. Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

Integrate Facebook is fast becoming the most visited and most used site on the Internet, and if you are not a member yet, go join now. It’s one of the most powerful networking tools online, and let’s you build a great contact list and relationship with this list in surprisingly little time. Once you have a facebook account, enter “twitter” in the search box, and add the twitter application. This will put your twitter message on your home profile at facebook. Go a step further, and click the twitter application after you install it, and it will ask if you want to update your facebook status with your twitter status. This lets you post in one place, and get twitter and facebook updating automatically. I hope you can envision how you can get 1,000 followers on twitter, and 5,000 on facebook, and then with a single twitter, send a recommendation out, and have sales almost instantly. Super, super powerful.

Useful Bots
Bots are automated “users” on twitter that perform functions, like publishing blog postings into twitter, or sending BBC headlines into Twitter. Here are my favorite bots, and their uses: - the BBC news feed - the CNN news feed - claims to be able to answer any question.

Other Powerful Tools a power search tool – use it to find anything discussed on twitter (even better than the built-in search at the twitter site). - lets you set up twitter groups and broadcast to that group, just like an autoresponder would do via email. Can be set to private or public. - this tool lets you find new friends, or people you might want to follow, based on the people you are currently following. Be sure to remove crazybob in your following list if he gets on your nerves.

Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order. - this site claims to be able to answer any question. While I don’t believe it, you may find it helps with some questions you have.

Sites to Bookmark
Here are some twitter web pages you need to visit and bookmark: Great stuff to learn who’s extending twitter and making it more powerful. Monitor Veronica for the latest updates. Carolyn is someone to watch when it comes to all things Twitter. Check out her blog and learn more about twitter. - Ed Dale’s site; he’s a huge twitter fan. Follow this guy.

As I teach at Referral Camp, immersion in a subject is the best way to come up with money making ideas, products and services. Take what you have learned in this guide and apply it, and you can easily immerse yourself in any topic you can think of, and make a lot of money in the process. Best of luck!

Barack Obama-YoMama

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Twitter Power Marketing is part of the Referral Camp system. Use the coupon code ‘twitterpower’ to receive $10 off your order.

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