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									                        The Tar Heel Van                                     Fourth Quarter

          The Blue Ridge Experience                                           In This Issue

              Convention 2010                                          Convention

                                                                       From the                            3
                                                    Tripp Moore,       President
                                                    2009 Mover of
                                                    the Year, with     Eat Smart,                          8
                                                                       Move More
                                                    the 2010 Mover     Community Garden
                                                    of the Year—       City Transfer
                                                    Horace Gilbert     Rings the Bell                      9
                                                    of Patterson
                                                    Storage            A M Haire                           10
                                                                       Manufacturing &
                                                    Warehouse in       Service Corp
                                                    Fayetteville.      Hilldrup Participates               11
                                                                       In Operation Coming

                                                                       Moving to Make                      14
John Potts of All                                                      Difference Campaign
American Relocation
in Raleigh being                                                                                           23
                                                                       Frank Watson, Jr.
presented with the
2010 James T.
                                                                        Members on the Move                 25
Service Award by                                                          North Carolina Movers
Anne Horne, the                                                             Association, Inc.

1988 Recipient.
                                                                                 P O Box 61210
                                                                           Raleigh, NC 27661-1210
                                                                             Phone 919/554-8920
                                                                            Toll Free 800/325-2114

     NCMA Mission Statement                                                    Fax 919/556-8520
  The mission of the North Carolina Movers Association is to provide     Internet:
guidance to our members concerning rates, tariffs, rules and regula-
tions as prescribed by the NC Utilities Commission. Most importantly          Pam Stanley, Executive Director
we provide support for our members and sponsors so they can supply
quality service to the moving and consuming public.
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   Each year, I think that our annual convention
and trade show can’t get any better. And each
year, I am mistaken.
   The 57th Annual Convention and Trade Show
for the NC Movers Association was held
November 3-7 at the Crowne Plaze Resort in
Asheville. It was a cold winter-like weekend,
complete with blowing snow. However, there
were enough activities to keep everyone warm.
   Leslye Plummer brought everything together
with the theme “The Blue Ridge Experience”.
Enough thanks cannot be given to Leslye for all
her hard work on this year’s convention. She
has more creativity and great ideas than anyone
I know! She was helped by her husband Brett
Plummer, Kathy Cox and Tom Hunnicutt to
make all her ideas come to life. Thanks
   President Tom Hunnicutt presided over all
the activities – and boy did he ever plan a lot of
activities! Friday morning speakers were
Coach Eddie Biedenbach of UNC-Asheville and          Fayetteville; Tony Harris of Modern Moving & Storage
Lt. Douglas Shackelford of the NC Highway            in Jacksonville, Bryan Jones of Excel Moving & Storage
Patrol. Coach Biedenbach entertained                 in Greensboro and Scott Lassiter of City Transfer &
everyone with tales of NC State Basketball and       Storage in High Point. Vicky is beginning her second
his own experiences at UNC-A. Lt.                    term; Tony is coming back on the board after a break;
Shackelford illustrated how CSA 2010 will            Scott is fulfilling a vacated one-year term (after
affect both drivers and companies (the buckets       holding every position possible in the NCMA) and
made it all seem very real).                         Bryan is a brand new board member. The 2011
   Saturday morning had a bevy of speakers –         budget was also approved by the membership. The
first, Mike Sowinski of CFO Consultants              budget is available for viewing on the Member’s Only
explained how to value your moving company.          Page of our website.
Then Bill Early of BillEarly Speaks and PlumDog        The golfers braved the elements on Friday. It was
Financials gave a most informative speech about      COLD!! However, those who chose to finish their
strategies companies can use to stay ahead in        rounds enjoyed themselves. The Reems Creek Golf
these challenging business times. Finally, Terry     Club had breathtaking views. Thanks to Victory
Shinn “Talks with Hands” told old stories and        Packaging for sponsoring the golf tournament and for
legends of this Turtle Island.                       the giveaways that Charlie Cook provided. Also,
   Elected to the Board of Directors were Vicky      thanks to Frank Watson IV for his help with the
Filley of Fidelity Moving and Storage in             tournament.
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 From the President

       President Tom Hunnicutt

Greetings to each of you!

As the end of 2010 draws near and the Holidays are upon us, I can’t help but think of some of the
positives from this past year. The NCMA Membership has maintained its numbers and is
financially sound, we added three new Board Members to our ranks and we have just celebrated
our 56th NCMA Convention in Asheville. The NCMA continues to have meaningful dialog with the
NC Utilities Commission I am thankful that the uncertainty surrounding background checks for
certificated movers is drawing to a close. I know that Pam has worked diligently to keep our
members informed about those proceedings. Also of note, the NCMA Board is currently working
with several legislators toward introducing legislation to the NC House of Representatives that will
prohibit illegal movers from advertising in the Yellow Pages and other media. We will keep the
membership posted as to the status and progress that we’re making in that regard.

I would like to add to my list that each of your businesses are doing well and I truly hope they are!
I’m optimistic that this coming new year will show renewed activity in our businesses and that we’ll
start seeing some improvement in the economy!

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas Season and a Happy New Year. I look forward to
working with each of you in the upcoming year!

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   One of the unique things about our convention is the Hospitality Suite that we have. It is open while
no official events are taking place and is a place where only our members can hang out together. United
Brokerage sponsored the suite again this year. Adam Burdette, Aaron Wagner and Chase Garvey
handled their duties in the suite superbly! While Dan Garvey wasn’t able to be there due to a family
emergency, he didn’t have anything to worry about. His capable staff did a wonderful job! It is so much
fun having everyone together. It’s a great way for our members to get to know each other better. I have
seen it happen over and over again – the social aspects of our convention help our members with their
businesses! The connections you make at our convention help you out in so many ways!
   The banquet Saturday night was amazing! First, I have to thank our sponsor Gateways International.
Rick Curry was very generous in his contribution and allowed us to have a spectacular night. During the
cocktail hour, members were entertained by The Buncombe Turnpike, a local bluegrass band that Tom
Hunnicutt found. They also played after the banquet was over and were great. We kept The Blue Ridge
Experience theme going and everyone was dressed in their best western wear for the banquet. It was
quite a change from the usual dressed-up attire, but everyone enjoyed it! (Look for future casual themes
for Saturday night since this one went over so well!)
   Scholarship Chairman Todd Lamar presented our annual scholarship to Trey Vestal. Trey is a most
deserving young man and we are all looking forward to following his college career.
   Our annual awards are always a highlight of our convention. Since I always know the winner (one of
the perks of my job), it is always so much fun to look at the recipient’s face when they realize that he is
the person being talked about.
   Tripp Moore, the 2009 Mover of the Year, presented the award to this year’s winner Horace Gilbert of
Patterson Storage Warehouse in Fayetteville. Horace was noted to be one of those movers who hides
their light under a barrel, rather than shining brightly. However, he has served our association and our
industry faithfully. Horace started out as a helper, then moved to driver, warehouseman, dispatcher and
general manager in 1997. He was recognized for his extraordinary work ethic. Horace has lived in
Fayetteville all his life and is married to Donna.
   Anne Horne, 1998 James T. Dorman Distinguished Service Award winner, presented this award to this
year’s recipient John Potts of All American Relocation. Anne recognized the previous winners of the
award in attendance: Darrell Horne, Scott Lassiter, Jo Sells and Danny Wilson. John started out as a
part-time worker during high school and college, becoming an assistant manager after graduation. He
then moved to NC and became a general manager. John and his partner, Brett Plummer, took a big leap
of faith and opened their own business in 1998 – building a warehouse in Raleigh in 2001 and opening
branches in Charlotte and Fayetteville. John has held every office that NCMA offers. His company has
also won countless awards from Mayflower Transit, most recently the Joyce Derrick Award (their highest
honor). John is married to his “bride” Paula and they have two children Jason and Lindsay (and Jason’s
wife Rachel). I don’t know who was more touched – Anne or John, but since they have great affection
for each other, it was a very special moment.
   The Thunder Mountain Cloggers entertained our membership with a wonderful show! This group of
all ages was wonderful. Then, the fun began – they recruited volunteers from the audience to dance with
them. As one who participated in that (one of my many duties – make a fool out of myself in front of my
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members), it was so much fun! Everyone who danced with the cloggers enjoyed themselves! We hope
we put on a good show for you.
   Finally to close out the night, we give away our member only prizes – and boy did we have prizes!
Over $2,000 worth given away – and all the money for the prizes came from donations from member
companies! We had everything from IPods, Bob Timberlake paintings, chairs and two 42” inch flat screen
TVs. The association thanks those who contributed to this most enjoyable part of the night.
   One of the greatest things about our convention is the family aspect of it – so many of our companies
are family-owned businesses. Colt Burgin, son of Alan & Dru Burgin and grandson of Jo Sells of Sells
Moving in Statesville – has attended a convention every year of his life. He’s now a senior in high school!
Colt’s brother Ryder has also never missed a convention! Mason Chambers, son of Felicia Lunsford and
Micah Chambers of The Open Box Moving Solutions in Asheville, promises to do the same – Mason was
born October 16 and has already attended his first convention! Amazing!!
   If all this sounds like fun to you, SAVE THE DATE! Planning has already begun for next year’s
convention. It will be October 20-24 and we are in negotiations for it to be held at Wrightsville Beach
(you will receive details when they become available). Next year’s convention will also be a family-
friendly event!

   The NC Utilities Commission has just issued a bunch of orders for those movers who are not in compliance
with the provisions of having to obtain a background check for the ownership of their companies; did not certify
that they are US citizens or have valid working papers; or did not certify that only licensed drivers will operate
their trucks (any of the three provisions).
    The order reads:
Your certificate is suspended, but the suspension is stayed until December 31, 2010.
You are fined $1,000.
The fine is broken into two payments; the first payment is due December 31, 2010. If you pay this initial
installment, your certificate suspension is continued until February 28, 2011. If you do not pay the first payment,
your suspension of your certificate becomes permanent, without further notification. (In other words, your
certificate will be taken away from you on January 1, 2011, without them telling you)
If you comply with the requirements by February 28, the second payment is waived and the suspension is lifted.
If you pay the initial payment, but are still not in compliance on February 28, your certificate is taken away from
you on March 1, without further notification.
   They have stated that the first payment will NOT be waived and that those carriers who do not pay the fine will
be taken to Wake County Superior Court. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT BY DECEMBER
    If you want to read the whole order, go to Docket Search
The Docket # is T-100, Sub 69.
   Contact the Association office for the procedures for obtaining a background check, if you need them. If you
are not sure which of three provisions you need to complete, call Bruce Ramaekers at 919-733-4036. If you have
completed the background check provision and just need to certify the other two provisions, let me know and I’ll
give you the instructions.
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                         NCMA Board of Directors

President—Tom Hunnicutt, Jr., Gasperson Transfer & Storage, Asheville, NC
Vice-President—Dean Barrett, Ray Moving, Greensboro, NC
Secretary/Treasurer—Tripp Moore, Two Men and Truck of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

2011 Directors: Kathy Cox, Horne Moving Systems, Goldsboro, NC; Todd Lamar,
Armstrong Relocation, Raleigh, NC; Scott Lassiter, City Transfer & Storage, High
Point, NC; Neal Matthews, Steele and Vaughn Moving, Greensboro, NC

2012 Directors: Dru Burgin, Sells Service, Statesville, NC; Brett Plummer, All
American Relocation, Raleigh, NC; Wayne Ray, Coastal Carriers Moving & Storage,
Wilmington, NC; Frank Watson IV, Charlotte Van & Storage, Charlotte

2013 Directors: Vicky Filley, Fidelity Moving & Storage, Fayetteville, NC; Tony Harris,
Modern Moving & Storage, Jacksonville, NC; Bryan Jones, Excel Moving & Storage,
Greensboro, NC
Ex-Officio—Mark Fincher, City Transfer & Storage, Fayetteville, NC
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            Trey Vestal is 2010 NCMA Scholarship Winner
                                                Trey Vestal was awarded the 2010 NCMA Scholarship at
                                            this year’s convention. He is the son of Dwight and Cindy
                                            Vest. Dwight is a vice-president at Ray Moving and Storage in
                                               Trey graduated in 2010 from West Forsyth High School
                                            with a 4.48 GPA. While at West Forsyth, Trey was an honors
                                            graduate. He played JV and Varsity Baseball. Trey received an
                                            AP Scholar Award for Exemplary College Level Achievement
                                            on AP Exams. He was also awarded a scholarship by the
                                            Moving & Storage Institute, the foundation arm of the
                                            American Moving & Storage Association.
                                               He worked summers at Ray Moving. Trey also volunteered
  Trey Vestal, 2010 NCMA Scholarship        at the Samaritan Soup Kitchen and the Food Bank, both in
 Winner, with Todd Lamar, Scholarship       Winston-Salem.         Trey is presently enrolled at North
         Committee Chairman                 Carolina State University where he is studying Electrical and
                                            Computer Engineering.
 The North Carolina Movers Association began awarding its scholarship in 1985. Since that time, 30
scholarships with a value of over $75,000 have been awarded. Employees, spouses, children and
grandchildren affiliated with member companies are eligible for the scholarship. Information about the
2011 scholarship will be posted on the Association website in January.

                                                                  Eat Smart, Move More
                                                               Community Garden Donated
                                                                By Two Men And A Truck of
                                                                        Rock Hill
  October 30, 2010 marked the first work day for the Rock Hill "Eat Smart, Move More" Community Garden that is
located at the Two Men And A Truck office in Rock Hill, SC. The land was donated by Franchisee Tripp Moore to
the City of Rock Hill to be used as a source of mentoring to youth and community pride. All of the food harvested
from the garden will be used by people in need! Hopefully, this pilot program will stimulate other surrounding
communities to do the same.
  The program is going to be overseen by Mike Kropp, Community Empowerment Director for the City of Rock Hill.
Each of the garden plots with be maintained by service organizations such as Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta
Sigma Theta, Boy Scouts of America, Family Promise, Winthop University Honors Association, SOAR, and Rhoer
Club, to name a few!
  This link will take you to our Facebook page so that you can follow our progress!!/photo.php?f
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           City Transfer Employees                                   DING DING DING…on
                                                                     December 8, 2010, employees
                                                                     from City Transfer and Storage
                 Ring the Bell                                       Company’s High Point and
                                                                     Winston Salem offices braved
                                                                     the bitter cold temperatures and
                                                                     volunteered their time to “ring
                                                                     the bell” for the Salvation
                                                                     Army’s Annual Christmas
                                                                     Campaign at Walmart on South
                                                                     Main Street in High Point, NC.
                                                                     Those volunteering were:
                                                                     Malinda Spencer, Pat Swartz,
                                                                     Judy Allen, Penny Chapman
                                                                     and daughter Megan Chapman,
                                                                     Alan Caviness, Brenda
                                                                     Ledezma-Solis, Brittany Parrish
                                                                     (daughter of City Transfer
                                                                     driver, Bruce Fox), Richard
                                                                     Williams & wife, Jo Ann
                                                                     Williams and Bart Lassiter &
                                                                     wife, Barbara Lassiter from the
                                                                     High Point office and Scott
                                                                     Lassiter, Lisa Paschal and
                                                                     Karen Rankin from the Winston
                                                                     Salem office.

                        Year End Company Tax and Financial Planning
As a timely reminder I wanted to provide some general company tips to get your company house in
order for year end. If you have a profit this year, purchasing business assets before year end will
allow you to take advantage of the (up to) $250,000 section 179 deduction. Even if the business
purchases do not qualify for section 179, there is a 50% depreciation bonus for 2010 that you can
take advantage of. Expense things this year-expenses on a credit card are deductible in the year
charged (not paid), and if you are on the cash basis, paying your bills with cash early will get you a
better deduction. Write off your client accounts that are uncollectible-you get no tax benefit from
waiting. If you are on the cash basis, pay out employee bonuses before year end. If you are on the
accrual basis, you will get the deduction even if you don’t actually pay them until next year. Issue
1099 forms to your contractors-if you paid anyone more than $600 for services, you will need to
follow the instructions for issuing those forms. Have the company contribute to your 401k plan if
you have one. If your company is going to have a loss as an S-Corp, LLC or Partnership, review
your basis in the company with your CPA so that you can take advantage of the loss personally,
and carry back the loss to prior years to get a refund. Clean up your books for year end-Hire a
bookkeeper to clean it up, they are much less expensive than the tax accountant/CPA. Lastly, put
your plan together for 2011 and plan for expansion. There is nothing wrong with optimism when
planning, particularly if you set goals and attain them!
Michael Sowinski, CPA is the owner of CFO Consultants, a financial management planning firm. 828-712-2913
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     A M Haire Manufacturing & Service Corporation
 AM Haire Manufacturing and Service Corporation, a new company formed by the management
and owners of the former A. M. Haire Body Co., Inc. started operations on August 25, 2010. The
new AM Haire Corp. has acquired the 65,000 square foot main manufacturing plant of the former
company with the equipment and inventory and is producing van bodies for the local and national

 The president of the new company, Darrell Haire, says that customers will be able to get the
same products, quality and service that they were accustomed to getting from the former
company. “All the products are built on the same production lines using the same processes and
parts and materials as the former products. Our company is managed by the senior management
of the former company, and we have been able to rehire our best technicians,” Haire says.

 The company is producing the following products: Moving Vans, Pack Vans, Mobile Storage
Units, Dry Freight Vans, Refrigerated Vans, Platform and Flatbeds at the facility in Thomasville,
North Carolina. Full-line Repair, Paint and Refurbish Services are offered. The new Parts
Department is providing parts for both old and new products.

 “We have the most experienced people in straight truck moving van business with thirty years of
providing quality products and service to the industry. There are a lot of products out there that we
will now be able to support with parts and service and there are a lot of former customers who
can, once again, buy the products they have come to know and trust,” added Haire.

 The company has been in production for a little over ninety days. Haire says it has been well-
received in the marketplace. “People are glad to hear about the new company and seem eager to
want to do business. We have good orders through February and are taking new orders every
week,” he says.

  The future looks good for the company with hundreds of customers from coast-to-coast, both
small and large businesses. Although the economy is still in a down market, Haire sees a silver
lining. “These economic times are difficult, but the new company is positioned well for the ‘new
economy.’ We have the same capacity as the old company with a fraction of the overhead costs.
We will be able to do our customers an excellent job and be very competitive. I am very thankful
to be back in business and to be able to rebuild relationships and serve the needs of all of our
former stakeholders – employees, suppliers, and customers.”

Contact information: Phone 336-472-4444, Fax 336-476-8855, Cell 336-202-2350, Email
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 Hilldrup Companies Raleigh-Durham, NC office participating
  in “Operation: Coming Home” moving an Iraq war veteran
             and his family into their new home.

 Stafford, VA. Hilldrup Companies Raleigh-Durham, NC office is honored to be participating in
Operation: Coming Home on Thursday, November 4, 2010. Hilldrup is partnering with the Triangle
Real Estate and Construction Veterans (TREACV) and the Home Builders of Raleigh/Wake
County (HBA/RWC). TREACV is a group of military veterans with representatives of all five
military branches working in the real estate and construction profession in the Triangle area of
North Carolina while HBA/RWC is the local home builders association in the area. Hilldrup will be
donating moving trucks, crews and all the moving resources needed to move an Iraq war veteran
and his family into their new home.

  Operation: Coming Home began in 2007 as a joint volunteer project led by the Home Builders Association
of Raleigh-Wake County (HBA) and the Triangle Real Estate and Construction Veterans (TREACV). One of
the main goals is to give back to returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This year’s
recipient is USMC Sgt. Stan Roberts and his wife, Crissy Roberts. They were selected in June to receive
the 2010 Hero Home on behalf of Operation: Coming Home. This Hero Home is built with features and
options specifically designed for the needs of Sgt. Roberts. This is the second installment for Operation:
Coming Home.

  For over 14 years, the Hilldrup Raleigh-Durham office has been serving the moving and
relocation needs of the Triangle area’s families, corporations, and universities. Hilldrup provides
moving and storage solutions to meet the needs of both domestic and international residential
relocations. Hilldrup also provides high-quality moving services to major corporate accounts and
government agencies. Hilldrup is the leading United Van Lines agent in the Raleigh-Durham area.
In addition to moving, they have a 40,000 sq. ft. storage facility to accommodate household goods,
vehicles and commercial storage needs. Hilldrup volunteers in many different community
programs throughout the Triangle area working with the North Carolina Food Bank, the Triangle
Relocation council and other programs that focus on giving back to the community.

 “We are excited to be part of the second Operation: Coming Home program. Our men and
women in the military give so much to our country every day. We are honored to do a small part in
helping the Roberts family move into their new home.” said Joe Coffman, General Manager of
Hilldrup Raleigh-Durham.

Log onto for more information.
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                                                  Local Quilted Protective Supply
                                                           Servicing NC Movers Since 1998

                                          Offer Premium, Eco, warehouse, rental pad, dolly pad,
                                          door jamb protectors, door covers, banister covers,
                                          picture frame bag, customized quilted protective
                                          shipping covers and bags.

                                          Call toll free 1-888-779-7996 or

                                          Ask About Our Free Door Jamb Protector Special!

Pick up, delivery location and business

Two Men and A Truck of Charlotte
3653 Trailer Drive
Charlotte, 28269
Tel: 704/525-0555

Business hour:
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am -1:30 pm
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                                                                                “Moving You to
                                                                                Make a
                                                                                Donates to
                                                                                Local Shelter

Jack Holt, Relocation Consultant, Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage; G. Wayne Ray,
President, Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage; Renee McGill-Cox, Residential Services
Director, Domestic Violence Shelter; Linda Root, Century 21 Sweyer & Associates.

WILMINGTON, NC – Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage, Co. President G. Wayne Ray, Jr. today
presented a donation to the Domestic Violence Shelter on behalf of local real estate agents who
participated in the company’s “Moving You to Make a Difference” campaign. Linda Root of
Century 21 Sweyer & Associates, who emerged as the campaign’s top referral agent, also
received an incentive package for her clients.

The “Moving You to Make a Difference” campaign donated $50 to the Domestic Violence Shelter
for every referral that participating real estate agents provided that resulted in a move job for
Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage. The campaign raised $1,000 dollars and the participating agent
with the most referrals also received a $500 voucher towards a move by the company.

“At Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage we frequently see firsthand the results of domestic violence,”
said Ray. “Whether it is the victim or family friend calling us to move them out while the abuser is
away; or, it is the Domestic Violence Shelter calling to assist with another family that is seeking
safety, the nature of our business invites us into these volatile situations.”

The company estimates that, over the past ten years, they have moved an average one family per
month that is trying to move away from life threatening situations. According to a recent study, 28
percent of women in the United States reported at least one episode of physical violence from their

“This donation is greatly appreciated and each $50 raised can sponsor a woman for a week in the
shelter, buy a bus ticket, help with utility deposits or help with child care,” said Renee McGill-Cox,
Residential Services Director for the Domestic Violence Shelter. “Coastal Carrier has assisted the
shelter many times with moves and is always sensitive to the issues we face. Whether it is a
battered woman or a client in a prominent neighborhood, every customer is treated with respect.”
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          Remember to support
        Our Associate Members!
 For a full list, go to
Click on Members and then on Sponsors.
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                                     Bill Early, PlumDog Financial
President Tom Hunnicutt
                                                                                      Terry Shinn
                                                                             Keeper of Ancient Stories


     Mike Sowinski
                                                                     Tripp Moore, Secretary/Treasurer

                                         Scott Lassiter (above)
                                         Frank Watson IV (left)
                                                                              Wayne Ray
   Page 18                                                            The Tar Heel Van

                                                     Some of Our
                                                    A Complete List on Page 22

                                                                                                              Richard Rosselli

Neil Cox & Tommy Hodge, Arthur P. Gallagher                                                                   Milburn Printing

                                                         Rick Curry, Gateways International
   Adam Burdette, United Brokerage (above)                            (above)

 Braxton Burney, B R Burney Equipment (below)                      Eric Hooks, NC Pass (right)

                                                                                Bill Trimble & Larry Scott, Kentucky Trailer (above)

                                                                                Jeremy Ross, IGC Software (left)

                                                Charlie Cook, Victory Packaging (left)
                                                   With President Tom Hunnicutt                  Tony Pagrabs, Wells Insurance (above)
                            The Tar Heel Van                                    Page 19

      Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
                                  Roberts & Roberts Division

Our merger with Arthur J. Gallagher will provide us with more insurance companies so we can be sure our
insureds have the most competitive price, the broadest protection and outstanding customer service!

                                           Our Strengths…
                                                o 81 Years in Business
                                                o 250 Offices
                                                o 8,500 Employees
                                                o 3 Largest US Insurance Broker

                                                o 4 Largest Insurance Broker in the World

                                                o Hundreds of Insurance Companies
Are You Paying Too much?
                               A Sample of Our Coverages
1. Vehicle Liability & Physical Damage            6.     Building & Contents
2. Warehouse Legal Liability                      7.     Motor Truck Cargo
3. Inland Marine                                  8.     General Liability
4. Crime                                          9.     Excess/Umbrella
5. Workers’ Compensation

                                       901 Battleground Avenue
                                            P O Box 29368
                                         Greensboro, NC 27429
                                         Phone: (336)217-5480
                                       WATS: 1-800-849-1871
                                          Fax: (336)275-1776
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                       Austin Hooks,
                      Handsome Son of
                     Eric & Sheri Hooks

                      Neil Brandon’s Lovely
                     Hannah, Rachel and Abby
                              (right)                                                               Diane & Ike Gaskins

                                                              Bennie Cameron, Jr.                    Janet & Toney Senator

          Danny and Hilda Wilson

                                                                                                      Mary and Jerry Hare

                                                  Connie Conner with David & Mary

                                          Only because it’s my
                                          favorite skirt and
                                          those are some killer
      Darrell and Anne Horne              boots (right)

                                                                                         Kathy Cox, Bill Trimble and Anne Horne

                                                                                                                            Darrell Horne
                                                                                                                            and Susan Sain

Tom Hunnicutt, Brett and Leslye Plummer, Christine Elliott
                              The Tar Heel Van                                          Page 21

                 The Buncombe Turnpike

                                                                 Rachel Clogging

                                                                                      Mason Chambers, Future Owner of
                                                                                       The Open Box Moving Solutions
                                                                                       Son of Felicia Lunsford & Micah
                                                                                         Chambers (first convention!)

                                                                                    Aaron Wagner, United Brokerage

                                                 Wilson, Keith
                                                 Thompson of
                                                 Packaging and
                                                 Hilda Wilson

Bringing Back an NCMA Tradition—the Poker Game

                                                                  Davis Adams—Winner of 42” inch TV, presented by
                                                                         Kindergarten Teacher Sandra Fincher
    Page 22                                                              The Tar Heel Van

                                                                                                         Don Reid, Outgoing Board
                                                                                                         Member, Being Honored for
                                                                                                             his Service (left)

Bill Trimble, Paula Potts, Christine Elliott, Tom Hunnicutt

                                                                                                         Joel Gillespie and Frank Watson IV

   Conrad Swanson of Arpin Van Lines and John Potts

                                                                         Incoming Board Members: Vicky Filley of Fidelity Moving, Tony Harris
                                                                          of Modern Moving, Bryan Jones of Excel Moving and Scott Lassiter of
                                                                                               City Transfer & Storage
         Kathy Cox (above)
       Brett Plummer (below)

                                                                                                     Patti Thomas and Dean Barrett
                                                      Dr. Johnson Wu of LookChina
                                                              and Wayne Ray
                                  The Tar Heel Van                                        Page 23

                                         NCMA News
Make sure you regularly check our website out—
You can find out the latest news all the time.

Fuel Surcharge History is kept on front page ( You can find
out when the fuel surcharge is going up in advance of the state notification. If you want to be notified
immediately, send an e-mail to and we will add you to our fuel surcharge database.

You can also be on our membership e-mail database. There is no limit to how many employees you
can have receive NCMA notifications. Just send an e-mail and ask to be added.

Check out our Members Only page, There is always
useful information—we have posted information on getting background checks, how to conduct a
warehouse sale, and there are items for sale by our members. You can also send submissions to be
included. If you don’t remember the log in information, just send an e-mail to either
or and we will get you set up.

Need help on completing your quarterly regulatory fee reports for the Commission or the annual report?
Contact the Association office for a spread sheet that makes it easy.

We are now on Facebook. Check out our site and become a fan! We would welcome submissions to
the site.

                               In Memoriam – Frank Watson, Jr.

                            On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, Charlotte Van & Storage Co., Inc. lost a friend, father,
and family member – Frank Watson, Jr. Throughout his 93 years, Frank brought life, joy and humor into the lives of
those he touched and made the world around him a better place in all accounts. He will be sadly missed, but
remembered for the generosity and kind demeanor he showed to all around him. Though he is gone on to the arms of
his heavenly father, he is remembered in stories and loving memories by his surviving children Frank Watson, III and
Donna Hearne as well as their families, children, and grandchildren. At this time we respect Frank Watson, Jr.’s
wishes and ask that you not grieve – but remember him fondly for the full life and career that he had in the
Charlotte region. It was through his hard work and dedication to the moving industry that he carved a niche for
Charlotte Van & Storage Co., Inc. and we thank him for his efforts. A graveside memorial was held at Sharon
Memorial Park. And in true nature Frank Watson, Jr’s, his request for a barb-que was honored and held at his
former residence in Waxhaw, NC for friends and family.
       Page 24                                  The Tar Heel Van

                            Thanks to Our Sponsors!
The North Carolina Movers Association realizes that we would not be able to hold our
annual convention and trade show without the support of our generous sponsors. We
cannot thank you enough for your contributions!

Gateways International – Sponsor of the Saturday Night Banquet
Custom Movers Services – Sponsor of the President’s Reception
Kentucky Trailer & Vanliner Insurance – Sponsors of the Welcoming Reception
Gran Alley – Sponsor of the Friday Morning Breakfast
LookChina – Sponsor of the Saturday Morning Breakfast
Victory Packaging – Sponsor of the Golf Tournament
United Brokerage – Sponsor of the Hospitality Suite

Alliance Relocation                                     Kentucky Trailer
Arpin Van Lines                                         Milburn Printing
Arthur P. Gallagher Risk Management                     NCPass
Braxton Burney Equipment Company                        PlumDog Financial
Compusource                                             United Brokerage
Custom Movers Services                                  Victory Packaging
Gateways International                                  Wells Insurance
IGC Software

Financial Partners
Starck Van Lines
The Quarles Group
       The Tar Heel Van                             Page 25

          Members on the Move

    Movin’ On Movers of Apex would like to
    introduce the two newest members of their
    team: Jessica Wilson, daughter of Mr. and
    Mrs. Andy Wilson (left with pumpkin) and
    Colson Goldstein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron
    Goldstein. They are looking forward to hiring
    them in about 18 years!

          NC Movers Association
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           P O Box 61210
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