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                EYES CREAM SOCIAL                                                                      IDEAS ING
                                                                                                            !! !

It is the season to excite and delight your hostesses with a COOL NEW IDEA!! Guests will love
coming to an “Eyes Cream” Social/Girl’s Night Out! Call your best customers, past hostesses and
you can also use this idea to introduce brand new warm chatter prospects to the Mary Kay
Products. It’s a great technique to use as a tool to establish a customer and schedule follow-up
classes for Skin Care and Nail Care.

“Hi _________, this is __________. Have you got a quick minute? I couldn’t wait to call you and
catch you up on one of the Coolest Ideas for the Spring season! You aren’t going to believe this...,
but I am now doing “Eyes Cream” socials! You know, the first place we begin to notice “Father
Time” taking a toll is in the delicate tissue around our eyes… plus, we also recognize that our eye
area is the focal point displaying our personality. By now you are catching on to my “Eyes Cream”
Social meaning!.. It’s a really fun event with four or five women who love to look gorgeous while
fighting Father Time! Busy women look for opportunities to socialize, but also learn and benefit
from the time they spend, don’t you agree?

____________, I called you because, (I know how you strive to look great, or because you are one
of my best customers, or because you are such a sparkler, etc,) Is there any reason why we can’t
select a date for you to share this FUN and KNOWLEDGE with your special friends? I KNOW
YOU’D LOVE IT and your friends would truly appreciate you including them. Which would be better
for you, the first or last of the week? (Choices of day and time, etc.)

                                                                          Ask Ho stess to S
                                                                              ICE CRE
1.   Welcome guests. Thank Hostess. (Gift idea...Ice
    Cream Cone with samples, wrapped in clear cello &
2. Use Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover to clean eye area.          FUN
3. Apply Instant Action Eye Cream. (Horseshoe area                                          TIPS!!
    around eye)                                                Package
                                                                         each set
                                                               Single S             in
4. Apply Triple Action Eye Enhancer (Eyelid to eyebrow,
                                                                        coop...S ICE CREAM DIS
                                                                                   mall Gla
    outside corner & below eye)                                 Double S
                                                                          coop...S          ss Ice Cr HES!!
5. Apply eye colors, brush eyebrows and discuss—pencil           Sundae…             unda              eam Dis
    if needed.                                                               Sundae e Dish
                                                                 Banana                Dish
6. Apply eye defining pencil.                                              Split...Ba
                                                                                      nana Sp
7. Apply mascara - mink look (brown tipped with black       Use shre                           lit Dish
                                                                     dded pin                                     Buy at
                                                            Draw up           kp
                                                                    & tie in a aper & clear cell
    for longer look)
8. Use facial highlighter around eye (see diagram) (apply                      big bow!               o wrap.     Dollar
    small dots and stipple to blend)                                                                              Store
9. Go over the 4 sets you are offering.
10. Have Hostess serve ice cream.
11. Hold individual consultations.                          NOTE: Booking Gift is given at her “Eyes
                                                            Cream” Social ON THE DAY SHE HOLDS IT.
                                                            (In lieu of hostess credit or points.)
EYES CREAM SOCIAL                                                                  ‘FLAVO
                                                                                  SPECIA R

           SINGLE SCOOP - $32                       BANANA SPLIT
              (Basic Eye Set)                          With All
                                                     The Toppings
Instant Action Eye Cream       $15.00                   $130
Triple Action Eye Enhancer     $15.00
BOOKING GIFT                    FREE
                                        Instant Action Eye Cream           $15.00
                                        Triple Action Eye Enhancer         $15.00
                                        Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover       $14.00
                                        Custom Compact                     $15.00
                 DOUBLE SCOOP -         Three Eye Colors                   $16.50
                        $46             Two Sponge Tips                    $ 2.00
                                        Mascara                            $ 8.50
                  (Basic Plus Set)
                                        Eye Defining Pencil                $ 9.50
                                        Eyebrow Pencil                     $ 9.50
                                        One Powder Perfect Cheek Color     $ 8.00
Instant Action Eye Cream       $15.00
                                        One Blending Brush                 $ 2.00
Triple Action Eye Enhancer     $15.00
                                        One Moisturizing Lipcolor          $11.00
Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover   $14.00
                                        BOOKING GIFT                        FREE
BOOKING GIFT                    FREE

                                                    BOOKING GIFTS

     “EYES CREAM”                       Single Scoop              Sponge Tip, Blending
                                                                  and Blusher Brush
                                                                  ($5.00 Value)
                                        Double Scoop              Color Compact
                                                                  ($7.00 Value)
Instant Action Eye Cream       $15.00
Triple Action Eye Enhancer     $15.00   Eyes Cream Sundae         Custom Compact
Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover   $14.00                             ($15.00 Value)
Two Eye Colors                 $11.00
Color Compact                  $ 7.00   Banana Split              Color Pallette
One Blending Brush             $ 2.00                             ($35.00 Value)
One Sponge Tip                 $ 1.00
One Eyebrow Pencil             $ 9.50    Take advantage of the FREE BOOKING GIFTS!
One Eye Defining Pencil        $ 9.50    Book your “EYES CREAM SOCIAL” appointment
One Mascara                    $ 8.50   now! Share it with a minimum of FOUR guests (18
BOOKING GIFT                    FREE        or older) and your Hostess Gift will be the
                                                   BOOKING GIFT listed above!

                                                 Prices include gift packaging.

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