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									How to use the EXCEL Budget form
How to use the compulsory EXCEL Budget form1 The form is protected: it is possible to write in the required boxes, but it is impossible for you to modify the structure of the form, to modify the headings and categories, etc. The nomenclature for the main budget headings (each one represented by a different tab) is compulsory and may not be changed; all your specific needs must fall within the nomenclature set out in the form. The form has been designed in such a way that it allows you to present your budget in detail. The „explanation‟ column can contain a brief comment for each line. In addition the „memo‟ box on each sheet can contain all the useful additional explanations. When a table contains sub-titles (example: sheet „B‟), these sub-titles can be moved into any line of the table. If however some sheets do not have enough lines, it is not possible to add lines; in this case you should group all the amounts in the lines supplied and you can, if necessary, use the „memo‟ box at the bottom of the page to give any necessary details regarding the calculation. In the “Budget” tab, only the amounts “F: Unforeseen” and “T: Contribution requested from EC” should be filled in. All the other amounts will be inserted automatically from the „total‟ box of the other tabs (A Staff, B Travel, etc.). The information listed outside the box to the right indicates either the percentage, or an explicit error message. This arrangement allows you to ensure that your budget corresponds to the conditions for eligibility. A proposal is therefore potentially ineligible if there are one or more error messages on this sheet. Full details must be given under each heading, for example: Personnel Use the formula: number of people according to qualification x number of days x employer's costs per day (salary plus social security contributions). Use actual present salary costs and specify the person's status (employee, self-employed etc.). State in each case whether the person is specifically recruited for the project or is a member of your staff allocated to the project on a full-time or part-time basis. Translation or interpretation costs Specify the price per page/language State the number of languages and the likely number of pages etc.


An EXCEL form is made up of several sheets accessible by using tabs concerning respectively the name of each of the sheets and aligned horizontally at the bottom of the screen. To pass from the sheet visible on the screen when the file is opened to a different sheet not visible on the screen, one simply clicks on the tab of the desired sheet.

Travel and accommodation costs State the average cost between the place of departure and the destination, means of transport used, duration of stay, etc. For air travel use Apex, Pex, excursion or similar fares wherever possible. Expenditure estimates must be in euros. If your application is approved, the budget estimate will be annexed to your contract and cannot be altered without the Commission's prior authorisation. Budgets submitted that do not comply with the general rules given above will be automatically rejected. Financial identification The EXCEL file containing the „Financial identification‟ (name of the file: Financial Identification Form.xls) can also be downloaded from the web page of the programme; this file contains one page (“sheet”) per country; it is advisable to carry out the following operations: - In this file, select the sheet corresponding to the country of the applicant - fill out and sign this sheet in 1 copy; in the first box „account holder‟ the name of an organisation or institution must appear, as an individual account is not admissible; take care to keep the printing of the form filled out to a single page; - attach it to the annexes of the grant application form. Diskette to be supplied with grant application form The diskette must contain exclusively two documents:  grant application form (WORD or RTF file), with a name that MUST be in English and structured as follows: xxx yyyy zzz appliformd01.doc (or …..d01.rtf), where xxx yyy zzz represents two or three words clearly identifying the name of the applicant organisation (coordinator);  budget, a single EXCEL file (containing sheets A, B, C, D, E, H, L, P, R, S, Budget, Timetable), with a name that MUST be structured as follows: xxx yyyy zzz budget+calendd01.xls , where xxx yyy zzz represents exactly the same words as the other document. Name of files on diskette: to help the Commission handle your diskettes and files, mark the file names on the diskette in exactly the same way: xxx yyy zzz appliformd01.doc xxx yyy zzz budget+calendd01.xls

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