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									How to Earn $100 ++ each month by just spending an hour each day using PTC sites
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for Extreme Dummies

Introduction One of the easiest and fastest ways in earning money in the internet is probably using PTC sites (Paid to Click). It takes no other skills other than knowing to using the mouse, you would be making money in no time, no investment and no pressure or what so ever. Today, PTC sites have become hotter than ever, so you’d better be doing your move or you missing a big money making opportunity. What are PTC sites? PTC sites are sites where advertisers and webearners meet. Advertisers pay for promotion of their sites, and PTC users are paid for viewing their sites, it’s just that simple. Commonly, each PTC users are paid for about $0.001 to $0.05 click ads from advertisers. But what makes it bigger is its affiliate program, where in you will earn a percentage of your referrals income, which could dramatically double or triple your earnings with the same work load daily, well, that’s about 1 hour a day of clicking the mouse. This is a step by step instructional page that will help you how to make the best out of PTC sites, and make small earnings from it, into big serious incomes. First, there are things you need to have before joining a PTC site. o You have to have daily internet access, to ensure your daily earnings o You have to have a PayPal account or an E-gold account, or Alert Pay, but you can have all of them. If your country does has no PayPal support, you cannot use these sites. o Check legitimacy of the PTC site whether is it really paying or another scam. o Check its potentials, how much it pays for every click ads, and how many click ads does it serves and how much is referral commissions and how many levels deep o It is recommended to join PTC sites that offers regular $0.01 click ads for about 6-8 every day and has 100% direct referral commissions or a multilevel referral incentive is much better. To check optimum earnings, try to compute your earning in a day, if a PTC site with these features, and gives you $0.1 earnings or higher, this is a highly profitable PTC. o Be aware that using PTC will NOT IMMEDIATELY give you BIG results. Consistency and gaining referrals will give effective results. Plus, PTC sites have delays of payment ranging from 7 days to 30 days, so your income will most probably get rolling after a month or so. Ok let’s start earning!!!

Step ONE! Here are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, LEGIT PTC site’s to join. If you have joined them already, that’s GOOD! If not yet, JOIN ALL OF THEM NOW. Signing up is a breeze, wouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. You must have a valid e-mail, and a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal Account, create one now HERE Now are you ready? Just click on each link, enter the needed information. Preferably you should use only one username for all your PTC accounts, but if you can afford to remember different username for each, you are AMAZING! Adbux Adverbux AdverCash Clix4Coins ClixnCash – lots of ads $0.001 each, low minimum payout of $0.50 Clixmania Clixsense – few ads but, $0.1 incentive for referral signup EasyPTC JustClick TitanClicks Wordlinx – few ads but with bonus of referral commissions

If you joined all of them, you would calculate your total earnings to be more than $1, for a days work, and would only take you less than an hour if you multitask, say 3 to 4 sites at a time. Later I will show you how to make, $100 or more using this sites for FREE.

Remember: Multitask in clicking ads, do 3 to 4 sites at a time, any which way you are comfortable, this way you can maximize profit and minimize your time and energy consumption.

Here you can see 4 PTC’s opened in tabs. It’s preferable to use browsers that has TAB feature, so you can easily see everything. In this manners, start clicking ads. After finishing one group, you can now proceed to the next.

You can do 3 to 4, but if you can do more, about 5 to 6, much better, and much time saved. Be sure to review the sites first. Find where you can see the CLICK ADS, where you can see your STATS, your PROFILE, and other vital parts, so you can be working easily.

Step TWO! Now that you have joined a list of PTC sites, you can now start clicking. You can do daily AD CLICKING AT YOUR OWN COMFORTABLE TIME. Let’s say your free time is after office hours, or midnight, or early in the morning. Make it constant, and a daily routine, BUT, be sure to MONITOR YOUR EARNINGS, to overview progress and calculate REAL earnings. Remember, you are still using your time and energy, every step you make must compensate your spending. If you are not earning more than your expenses, you are just wasting your time. You can either use a spreadsheet to automate calculation and fast inputs. Here’s a sample spreadsheet:

You can customize your own but I have a ready made just like what you see in the illustration. You can download it here. Do your work in routine, same time, same place, same mood, with every thing logged. This way you will not be mixed up and keep motivated everyday.

Step THREE! Now you have learned your part of earning in the PTC world, it’s time to MULTIPLY YOURSELF. Remember: Earning more money in PTC sites requires a lot of help from your referrals. If you do it yourself, you will be making a mess out of your life. Most of those site listed offers 100% direct referral earnings, meaning you earn THE SAME as your referrals, that is, if you have 10 referrals, each earning $0.1 a day, you will receive $0.1 from each of them, for a total of $1 a day with out much effort on your side. Now others, don’t offer 100% direct referral earnings and ads are less than $0.01 but still are recommendable, because to some profitable additional features. Now here’s your secret weapon on DUPLICATING YOURSELF… Take note of that, DUPLICATING YOURSELF. If you are a lazy-ass, you would duplicate another lazy-ass. If you want to earn more, you must duplicate a MONEY MAKING MONSTER in you. Your target is to have 30 active referrals THE SAME AS YOU, making $1 a day. That would sum up to more than $30 a day, and an approximate, $100 a month. Remember: 30 active referrals under all of these PTC sites, would give you more or less $100, more than this may give you far more than a hundred bucks a month.

Now here’s YOUR SECRET WEAPON I will be allowing you to USE THIS E-BOOK, YOU CAN EDIT IT, and give it to anyone, PROVIDING, YOU RETAIN ME AS AUTHOR, and the LINKS TO MY BLOG. So how will you do this? Read the instructions below, CAREFULLY   Download an editable version of this instructional page and other materials from OnlineBusiness105 , it’s FREE. EDIT ALL REFERRAL LINKS AND REPLACE IT WITH YOURS. You can add more PTC sites your that you recommend.

Here’s how to edit referral links. Open the document on MS Word, and follow these easy steps.

Go to the page where the PTC links are, place your cursor on a link to be change. With your cursor still on the text, move your mouse to the Edit toolbar, and PRESS EDIT HYPERLINK, it looks like a globe with a chain link, you can see it in the image below.

After clicking the EDIT HYPERLINK ICON, a window will pop out, REPLACE THE ADDRESS with your referral link to that PTC. That’s it, do the same for each link, and if you want to add some, it’s ok, JUST DON’T PUT A SCAM PTC, remember, I am STILL the author of this e-book, I would not like to promote a SCAM SITE. o After editing convert it into PDF to retain professional look. You can use any DOC to PDF converter, whether your own software or website. Here’s one o You can distribute it personally in any manner you like.  To your friends  Social networks  Personal Blogs  PTC forums – Be sure to register to each PTC site forum, you can get referrals there for all your other PTC sites.  Traffic exchanges, using splash pages. o You can upload your EDITED PDF to a HOSTING SITE, for easy download, but I prefer you to give it PERSONALLY. Anyway, you don’t have to explain anything, I take responsibility as the author, just lead them to my blog and I will do the explaining.

o Here are free hosting sites,,, just create your free account, upload it, give the link to every one that’s it.

This works as a down line builder, promote e-book to everyone, familiar or not to PTC sites and you will be making money for free, just spending an hour everyday. Proper compliance to instructions may result to unlimited income, but no efforts or negligence will definitely fall into failure. Wish you all the luck and may your have decent earning in your online ventures. PTC sites are for Dummies, take advantage. It only takes a few minutes in your time every day

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