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How to Customize Twitter Background


Customizing a Twitter Background

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									A Steve Wiideman White Paper

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                                                Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

                               Customizing a Twitter Background

                                      By Steve Wiideman, SEO Expert

  December 24, 2008
               Contents               Introduction
                                      Undoubtedly Social Networking is the
Introduction                     2    newest tool used by Internet Marketers
Twitter Profile Enhancement      3    to generate web traffic and “buzz”
                                      instantaneously. The fast-growing
Implementation                   3 
                                      social network at the moment is
Play with the Design as Needed   4
Upload the Twitter Image         5 
Summary                          6    By optimizing the user profile page at
                            , an Internet Marketer has
                                      the ability to sustain a static message
                                      within a dynamic micro-blogging

                                      This paper covers how to create a
                                      custom Twitter background to
                                      improve the marketing potential of
                                      one’s Twitter profile page.

                                      Implementing these changes may result
                                      in an increase in visibility and web
                                      traffic generated from the Twitter
                                      social networking website.

December 24, 2008
Twitter Profile Enhancement
Many Social Network Marketers don’t realize that they can use a custom
Twitter background to hold additional information about their website and/or
product. By following the simple steps below, anyone can create an enhanced
Twitter profile page.

Some Twitter profiles such as, already implemented
a smart tactic for using Twitter's custom background feature by adding a box
with vital information about their service/site/product.

An image-editing program, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint is required for
this step. You can start with a blank image, or use the template provided in the
web address below:

If you are creating a new image, it needs to be at last 2100px wide and 1900px
high. This is to help insure consistency in the resolution for widescreen
Play with the Design as Needed
Create a sketch on paper or mentally of the ideal layout, and then bring that
image to life in Photoshop or any preferred image-editing tool.

Choose the ideal colors to use for the Twitter profile, however for those
without good color combining skills, the website can be used
to choose a preferred color combination.

Use a paint bucket tool to apply base background color, and then draw a
horizontal rectangle about 20px high, all the way from 0 to the end of the
image, using an additional color.

If an info box is desired that is the same height as Twitter's main content div,
the selection should start at exactly 83 pixels from the top, and it should not
go beyond 240th pixel from the left of the image.

Write any information in the white box as the social campaign mandates. At, the message is clearly “Visit Our Website to Play
Battle Sudoku”.
Upload the Twitter Image
To upload the new background image to Twitter, simply login to a profile at and select Settings from the top-right menu. Then click the
Design tab and click the link to Upload a Background Image.

Here is a quick video on how to do the upload:

When finished, the Twitter profile page should look similar to the one below,
but with whatever customizations were done:
By using a custom Twitter background, Internet Marketers, such as Social
Network Marketers, can improve product and website visibility through the
Twitter social network.

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