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					Expert Twitter Internet Marketing
Affiliate Twitter marketing is a very useful network marketing tool, and should be part of every affiliate marketers promotions.

Let's skip the amateur advice being tossed around and focus on professional affiliate marketing strategies that really work and are being used today by the top affiliate marketers to make hefty affiliate marketing commissions in the world right now.

We've talked about the need for every online marketing affiliate, from new to veteran affiliate, needing videos and articles for each niche they operate in. There's no doubt about this - from free traffic from the search engines to effective pre-selling videos to list-building capture pages and opt-in forms, blogs and especially articles are the most important tool for power affiliate marketing right now.

So we know Twitter is the fastest growing social network platform right now and has many different uses and users, the largest value expert Twitter marketing has for affiliate marketing is targeted traffic and the ability to drive this target audience to your affiliate marketing videos and articles.

Think of it like this - your videos and articles have links to your affiliate promotions, general information for people interested in your niche, an opt-in form on each page, and probably links to one or more products, offers etc. right? So if you've built a targeted audience on Twitter or any social network for that matter, this targeted audience would want access to all of that too, right?

And even though we're affiliate marketers, our own behavior on Twitter gives us a strong idea in how to integrate the site into our own marketing When you look through the Tweets of the people you follow, which are you most likely to click on or re-tweet? A tweet that says 'Buy, buy, buy' or one that says 'New Article Post: Why' Of course, it's the second one, right? And your followers will behave just like you do in most cases

So while there's nothng wrong with sending the occasional straight pitch to your Twitter followers, your most effective tweets will be announcing new articles and video posts and pointing people to info already on your blog or in an article. Video and articles posts can be tweeted every few days for many months and re-sending tweets to your followers is fine because your followers usually don't see every tweet you send, and you gain new followers there every day.

Do you have article or video posts that offer something of value to people who join your opt-in lists? Smart professional affiliates give away value-packed tips or training that include their affiliate links to related products, like those you view for free on the below mentioned links.

Create an e-book with your affiliate link, put up the accompanying list-building squeeze page, then do an article or vblog post offering your free download to your readers.

Then go back to Twitter and post a tweet like 'FREE DOWNLOAD: Get your free report today from www..... This gets people to your articles and videos, and gets more people onto your opt-in list, and c) gives your followers great content while also putting your affiliate links in front of them.

But don't just hit up your followers with your tweets no matter how funny, clever, or entertaining you think you are, no one can have all the answers for our target markets. Just as your tweets help your followers, those you follow will post info helpful to you and others. Pass those tweets along to your followers as well. Just be sure to do them as retweets - never steal another marketer's tweets.

One final tip - don't get addicted to Twitter. Twitter is a powerful affiliate marketing tool - but it's just one of many. Just as you wouldn't use a drill to drive a nail or a wrench to drive a screw, each tool has it's own usage. Give Twitter 10-15 minutes of your time every 3 or 4 hours, but then shut it back down and go on with your list-building, article marketing, video marketing and the rest of the activities involved in professional affiliate marketing. Twitter deserves to be added to your strategies, but not at the expense of your other equally-effective marketing components.

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