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					                            The Willow
                                       Connelly School of the Holy Child 9029 Bradley Blvd. Potomac, MD 20854                    2nd Quarter 2010

In This Issue...
                            The 2009 Mayfield Market:
Community News              Our Most Successful Yet!
Faculty Spotlight: Mrs.     By Catherine Overly ‘12
Ring Rok                            The joyous spirit of Christmas was in the
YourTunes                   air as Holy Child hosted its 5th annual Mayfield
Drive To Stay Alive!        Market on November 20-21, 2009. Mayfield
Mayfield Market             Market is a Christmas bazaar named after the Holy
Grandparents Go Back        Child convent, which is located in the town of
To School                   Mayfield in Sussex, England. Here at Holy Child,
Stress Busters              Mayfield Market was advertised locally for weeks
                            and in response, the entire community excitedly
                            prepared to do some holiday shopping.
                                    As visitors entered the Holy Child
                            campus, they were dazzled by adorable
                            decorations, including festive Christmas trees and
                            candy canes, which generated a contagious holiday
National News               spirit. The gymnasium, hallways, and classrooms
Crisis In Haiti: How To     had been conquered by more than seventy-five
Help                        vendors, each of whom contributed their unique
                            pieces to the exceptional range of items showcased        Bird’s eye: The Holy Child gym was filled with dazzling items
An Ocean of Snow
                            at Mayfield Market. These items included
                            everything from monogrammed clothing and
                            accessories to unique jewelry and handmade
                                                                                                   Visitors enjoyed the holiday
                            ceramic pieces.
                                                                                          atmosphere and fantastic shopping, while
                                                                                          chatting with friends or enjoying a delicious
                                                                                          treat from the Tiger Bakery. Though these are
                                                                                          challenging economic times, the 2009
                                                                                          Mayfield Market was Holy Child’s most
Hold Your Horses!
                                                                                          successful so far. The popularity of Mayfield
Holy Child Basketball
                                                                                          Market grows, year by year.Holy Child
Program Reaching New
                                                                                          students could be seen browsing the halls,
                                                                                          volunteering, selling poinsettias to raise funds
                                                                                          for prom, or even offering their own collection
                                                                                          of items for sale. Shannen Quinn ‘11,
                                                                                          showcased her “Shoes by Shannen” designs.
                                                                                          Her (continued on page 2)
                                Student volunteers worked in the Tiger
                                          Cafe and Bakery

Arts &
                            Drive to stay alive! A Memorable sadd assembly
Entertainment               By Mary Jeanne Coyle ‘10
Staff Writer’s Pick: Dear
John by Nicholas Sparks             On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009, WJLA          his experiences when dealing with accidents
Mimi Leiter ‘11 wins        anchorman Leon Harris commanded the Holy Child          involving teen drivers. The officer brought along his
Poetry Contest              stage and the full attention of the community when      “intoxication goggles,” and the entire school got to
Country Music Awards        he delivered his powerful “Drive to Stay Alive”         watch as I took the stage and made a fool of
                            presentation, by invitation of our own chapter of the   myself while trying to perform simple actions such
                            Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)           as catching a tennis ball. (continued on page 3)
                                    Harris, an award-winning newsman for the
                            local ABC station, is widely recognized for his
                            nightly appearance on the 5:00 p.m. broadcast. Mr.
                            Harris frequently travels to various high schools
The Back Page               around the Washington DC area to warn teens about
Senior Profiles             the severe consequences that are possible as a result
The Willow Staff            of daily choices and actions. Typically, SADD
                            invites an annual guest speaker who explains the
                            negative effects of alcohol use by adolescents. This
                            year, however, we decided that it was important to
                            convey to the Holy Child Community just how
                            lethal the effects of reckless driving, texting while
                            driving and driving under the influence can be.
                                    Leon Harris began his presentation by
                            speaking to the Holy Child students about the                      Local ABC newsman Leon Harris takes
                            severe consequences of reckless driving. A                          the stage to conquer unsafe driving
                            Montgomery county police officer shared with girls
                                   COMMUNITY NEWS
 Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Weidenfeld
 By Olivia Hussey ‘12
        One day during one of my free periods, I went to visit Mrs.       Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I like [Charles] Dickens a lot as well as Tony
 Weidenfeld and interviewed her about her life. Mrs. Weidenfeld is        Morrison. I like a lot of authors, so I do not have a favorite. My
 an Upper School English teacher, moderator of the yearbook staff,        eight-year-old daughter is a big reader and likes the author Rick
 and a college counselor. I learned interesting things about her and      Riordan who writes about Greek Mythology. She is reading the lat-
 her family and what she loves most about our school. The interview       est book in the series called The Last of the Titans.”
 follows below.
                                                                          Question: Do you have a favorite movie?
 Question: What is your favorite vacation spot?                           Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I really like The Age of Innocence. That is one of
 Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I like to go to the beach in North Carolina be-        my favorites.”
 cause I grew up there. My husband grew up in New Jersey so he
 likes to go to the Jersey Shore.”                                        Question: Do you have a favorite quotation?
                                                                          Mrs. Weidenfeld: No I do not have a favorite quotation; I like to
 Question: What high school did you go to?                                change them. I put a different quotation on my bulletin board in my
 Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I went to Saint Mary’s in Raleigh, North Caro-         office every week.”
 lina. It was an all-girl’s boarding school but we did not have to wear
 uniforms.”                                                               Mrs. Weidenfeld is a wonderful member of the Holy Child faculty.
                                                                          Look for her in the halls and be sure and say hello!
 Question: Where did you go to college?
 Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I went to the University of North Carolina at
 Chapel Hill.”

 Question: What do you love most about Holy Child?
 Mrs. Weidenfeld: “I like the students and feel like we have an easy                                           Mayfield Market
 Question: When did you first realize you had such an interest in                                              By Catherine Overly ‘12
 English and Literature?
                                                                                                           unique styles attracted the eyes of many prospective
 Mrs. Weidenfeld: “In grade school we had a day when we would go
                                                                                                           customers. Shannen was hardly the only vendor at
 to the library and I really looked forward to picking out my books.”
                                                                                                           Mayfield Market with some pizzazz to her
                                                                                                           collection. When asked about the vendor selection
 Question: Who is your favorite author?
                                                                                                           process, Mayfield Market director Mrs. Jennifer
                                                                                                           Kress (a Holy Child alumnae, and mother of Katie
                                                                                                           Kress ’12 ) said, “We try to choose vendors who
                                                                                                           carry unique items that we think will appeal to the
                                                                                                           Holy Child community and all customers.”
                                                                                                           All are thankful to the many students, parents,
                                                                                                           faculty, and alumni who volunteered to help make
Ring Rok (A Ring Day Parody of Tik Tok by Kesha)                                                           Mayfield Market a success. Without them this
By Luesha (A.K.A. Luciana Giorgio ‘11)                                                                     fabulous event could not happen each year. Their
                                                                                                           continued support of the Holy Child community is
I wake up in the morning, feeling like a zombie                             Time just flies out, out       much appreciated. We look forward to many more
Grab my backpack, I’m out the door, I say goodbye to Tobby                  Curfew shut us down            years of Mayfield Market and all the success this
Before I leave, for the camera a pose I strike                                                             event brings to Holy Child.
‘Cause when I come back from school, who knows what I will look like        Don’t fret, no regrets
                                                                            Ring sister, told me to speak up
I’m talking bout’ biting off my nails, nails                                Tonight, I’mma sing
Trying to not look scared, scared                                           Till we see Mr. Claus
Thoughts running through my brain, brain                                    Ring on, sing a song
Mom’s asking, what should I be expecting                                    But Ring day don’t stop, no
Saying nothing but a ring
Trying to see the fun in this thing                                         With my Christmas dress on
                                                                            You got me with make-up, now
Don’t stress, wear this dress                                               You got me looking silly
Ring Sister, told me to speak up                                            Yeah, you got me
Tonight, I’mma sing
Till we see Mr. Claus                                                       With my ring on,
Ring on, sing a song                                                        Put your ring on
But ring day don’t stop, no                                                 Put your ring on

I’ve got no choice in this plot, but I go with a smile                      Class of 2011 put your ring on!
I’ve got no say in the place, but just don’t make me run a mile
And now, the people at the mall are looking up ‘cause they hear my          Don’t stop, memories rock
sisters laughing                                                            Ring sisters, you’re the best
But I shrug off their stares ‘cause all the fun I’m                         That night, I had much fun            Daniela DeLucio ‘11 receives her class
having                                                                      Till we had to go home                ring from her ring sister Joy Phifer ‘10
                                                                            Ring on, sing a song                  (photo by M. Mayo)
I’m talking about frolicking down the hall, hall                            But Ring day spirit don’t stop, no
Singing all through the mall, mall
Wishing my shoes weren’t so tall, tall

Now, now, we go until our parents call us in, in
Or time just runs out, out
                                  COMMUNITY NEWS                                                                                                           3

 YourTunes                                                                        Student’s Top Ten List:
 By Alex Guntle            ‘11
                                                                                  1) “Stay or Leave”- Dave Matthews Band
         Every person in the world is      Students could see a side of teach-    2) “Better Together”- Jack Johnson
 surrounded by all different genres        ers that they don’t normally get to    3) “Bubble Toes”- Jack Johnson
 of music, including Alternative,          see. Students might actually like      4) “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance”- Vampire Weekend
 Hip-Hop, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Pop,          the music, but would not think of      5) “Under Control”- Parachute
 and many more. We listen to               classifying those songs in our own”    6) “Free Fallin’ (Live Version)”- John Mayer
 music from the first day that we are      top ten” lists. Just out of curios-    7) “Belief”- John Mayer
 born because it is part of our nature     ity, do you have any guesses as to     8) “Buffalo Soldier”- Bob Marley
 to respond to the pleasures of sound      whose lists these might be???          9) “Fearless”- Taylor Swift
 and rhythm. We are drawn to the                                                  10) “Jump then Fall”- Taylor Swif
 words, the beat, the singer, and            Teacher‘s Top Ten List:
 other aspects of music which form                                                                                                                       (Apple)
 our opinion of the song.                    1) “Stairway to Heaven”- Led Zeppelin
         I thought it might be               2) ”Father and Daughter”- Paul Simon
 interesting to everyone if two              3) “Sounds of Silence”- Simon and Garfunkel
 members of the Holy Child com-              4) “I Loved Her First”- Heartland
 munity were selected at random and          5) “Something”- Beatles
 asked for the titles of their “top ten”     6) “It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me”- Billy Joel
 songs out of all of the music on            7) ”Like a Rolling Stone”- Bob Dylan
 their iPods or MP3 players. Look-           8) “Tiny Dancer” - Elton John
 ing at the two lists of favorite songs      9) “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” – Elton John
 might have something to teach us.           10) “Beautiful Day”- U2

Drive to stay alive!                                                                                                                (Billboard)
By Mary Jeanne Coyle ‘10

        The most powerful part of the “Drive To Stay Alive” presentation         though the assembly truly touched the Holy Child community. I can
followed my humorous fumbling and a series of taped video segments               personally say that the members of the SADD club feel satisfaction that
which further illustrated the risks of driving with excessive speed, as          we were able to provide a moving and interesting assembly.
well as driving while sending and/or reading text messages on cell                       We need to maintain this momentum, so if any students are now
phones. A young man named Danny shared his personal and very                     interested in joining SADD, please see myself, Katherine Heinssen,
moving story about how his choices led to the tragic death of a female           Kaela Jeffers or Mrs. Connor. SADD is a fun and informative club that
passenger in his car.                                                            provides our community with information that supports the making of
        The combination of the different narratives by Leon Harris, the          educated decisions when faced with destructive options. If you were
police officer, and Danny made the SADD assembly extremely                       moved and intrigued by the assembly, SADD is the club for you. We
memorable. Holy Child reciprocated Leon Harris’ efforts to draw                  would like to offer special thanks to Mrs. Appel, Ms. Boragno, Mrs.
attention to these issues by spreading the word about his presentation           Connors and Erin Norcross - because of your help, the assembly was a
with a brief appearance on the local ABC evening news.                           great success.
        After the assembly, faculty and students shared their praises
of the great presentation with SADD members. It certainly seems as

Grandparents Go Back To School
By Kelly Omotade ‘13

        On November 24, 2009 the
grandparents of our fellow students,
visited Holy Child. The grandparents
had a great breakfast in Billingsley
Hall sharing time with others and
enjoying their company. Following
breakfast, they joined the students
for a joyous mass. Many said that the
choir also sang beautifully. After the                                                  Senior Mary Jeanne Coyle attempts to throw a tennis
opening prayer, spiritual bible                                                            ball while wearing the intoxication goggles
readings followed read by various                                                                      (photo by J. Gordon)
students. Throughout the day the
grandparents were invited to
everyday classes and activities.
The grandparents enjoyed the courses
from Foreign Language, PE, Reli-
gion, Science, Art, Math, English,
and History. Many enjoyed
specifically my Bio class. Lastly, they
ended the afternoon by buying
souvenirs at the Tiger Shop to remind
them of their amazing day.

                                                  Caroline Guidera‘10 with her                    Back to class: Jessie Ely ‘11 takes her grandparents
                                                  grandparents following mass                          to a Science class (photo by K. Omotade)
                                                    (photo by K. Omotade)
                                 COMMUNITY NEWS
Stress Busters
By Olivia Hussey ‘12
                                                                                    chronically sleep-deprived. How many of these students are at Holy Child, I
         Stress can be explained as physical, mental, or emotional strain or        wonder? Sleep is just as vital to health and well-being for teenagers as when
tension. Stress is what you experience when you have to handle more than            they were younger. Many teens over the age of fifteen actually need more
you are accustomed to handling.                                                     sleep than in previous years. Lack of sleep contributes to mood changes.
         Some stress is normal and even useful. When you experience stress,         Say that, in your own words (and nicely!) when a parent or sibling tries to
your body makes hormones that speed up your heart, make you breathe                 shake you awake too early on a Saturday morning.
faster, and give you a burst of energy. Stress can be helpful if you need to                Stress can sometimes be overwhelming, and more than you can
react quickly or run away from something dangerous.                                 handle. There are many resources available to you. A friend or family
         Too much stress, over a long period of time, however, can be bad.          member may be able to help, but you can also see a counselor. Overall,
Stress can cause ailments such as headaches, an upset stomach, back pain,           accept that there are events that are beyond your control, that you never have
and it can lead to difficulty in sleeping. Excess tension can weaken your           to deal with stress by yourself, and try to keep a positive attitude.
immune system, making it harder to fight off disease. Stress can make
different health problems you may already have even worse. It can also
make you moody, or even depressed. Consequences can include negative
impact on your relationships with others, and you may struggle to do well at
school and work.
         Stress relief techniques focus on relaxing your mind and body. To
relax your mind, certain activities can be helpful, such as: writing about the
stressful events you are experiencing, trying meditation, laughing or crying
in order to release your feelings, or simply doing something you usually
enjoy doing. If you have a hobby, such as painting or drawing, those
activities may help you relieve mental stress. Playing cards or playing with
a pet may also help.
         Exercise is one of the best ways to relax your body. Exercise can
include running, walking, dancing, or stretching. Breathing exercises,
muscle relation, and yoga can all relieve body stress. Did you know that
exercise can actually help prevent a recurrence of stress? It’s true – the more
fit you are, the better able your body is to fight off stress.
         Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep are other helpful ways
to fight stress. One study of U.S. high school students found that 13% were                   The incorrect way of dealing with stress! (Twolia)

                                   National News
  Crisis in Haiti: How the United
                                                                                  support. A partial list of organizations is available from campus ministry
  States Can Help                                                                 office, and donations always be given there.
  By Ms. Jean Plummer, Campus Minister                                                     Two more special notes: Sophomore Julianne Pearson’s cousin
          Following the earthquake that devastated the Port-au-Prince area        and his family are in Haiti awaiting an adoption from an orphanage; they
 on January 12, 2010, our hearts and minds naturally turn to questions of         will be in touch with any first-hand observations they have about places
 how to help the Haitian people who were and are so profoundly affected           that need our help. Finally, we should continue to pray for the people of
 by this disaster. In these early days of rescue and recovery efforts, when       Haiti. Mrs. Willging invites anyone to join her in a daily rosary in the
 survivors who have lost everything are literally fighting to stay alive,         chapel (see posted signs for times), and your campus ministers and
 our donations are needed to provide water, food, medical and other basic         religion teachers are available to individuals or groups who would like
 living supplies so that more lives are not lost. The most effective way          guidance in prayer or help organizing a service or prayer group. The
 to help Haiti is to give money to a reputable organization that already          chapel is always available to any individual to use for a few moments
 provided services in Haiti before the earthquake.                                of quiet prayer, and we can always remember our Haitian brothers and
          One such organization is Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Present        sisters whenever and wherever we pray.
 in Haiti for the past fifty-five years, CRS ranks among the highest-rated                 Witnessing the aftermath of the earthquake, we may well recall
 charities in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. CRS immediately              these words by Cornelia Connelly: “Dear Lord, do not let me fail in
 distributed emergency survival kits from their Port-au-Prince warehouse          generosity in any way.”
 to earthquake victims and delivered additional supplies from CRS                          May we continue to give generously to and pray generously for
 headquarters in the neighboring Dominican Republic. Organizations                the people of Haiti.
 such as CRS can only be prepared for quick action and ongoing aid with
 financial support from donors, which is where we find our place in the           Catholic Relief Services
 response efforts.                                                      
          The situation in Haiti and our common humanity and our faith            (webpage displays
 call upon us to give generously and repeatedly to what will surely be            information on how to
 years of recovery efforts. Many Holy Child students responded in the             donate with a credit card
 first week by donating whatever cash they had available, and the SADD            or using your mobile phone)
 club redirected their tag day proceeds to give to earthquake relief efforts.
 This amounted to an initial donation of over $270 to CRS. Others have            To donate by snail mail:
 likely responded to pleas from the American Red Cross to donate $10 by           Catholic Relief Services
 texting the word “Haiti” to 90999 (the $10 donation shows up on your             228 W. Lexington St.
                                                                                                                   Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue
 next cell phone bill).                                                           Baltimore, MD 21201-3413
                                                                                                                   Officer searches for survivors in the rubble
          The Holy Child community will continue to raise funds for relief
 efforts in the coming weeks, but we need not wait for a bake sale or a tag
 day to give. You can text a donation to CRS (see below) or the American          Associated with orphanage from which Julianne Pearson’s cousin Tim
 Red Cross or research the many other excellent organizations that need           and his family are adopting a child.
  An Ocean of Snow
                           National News                                   Overall, children seemed to enjoy the snow because, with the

                                                                           snow outside like a big white ocean, all the major school systems were
  By Kelly Whelan ‘10
                                                                           forced to close for an average of three consecutive days after the snow
          A record snow storm hit the East Coast on December 19th, 2009.   stopped falling. The snow was actually too deep to spend the unexpected
 The snow began falling, fell some more, and then fell some more.          free day sledding, at first. Instead, kids built giant snowmen with the
          Even parts of the southeastern United States, in cities like     plethora of snow.
 Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi - which rarely ever get                The snowstorm almost seemed a deliberate effort by nature to
 snow - were slammed with inches of the fluffy white stuff. Think about    make up for the snow drought in place since 2003. Whether you felt in-
 it, why else would Elvis have flown daughter Lisa Marie from Memphis      convenienced by the ocean of snow or you were able to revel in the snow,
 to Colorado to see snow? Answer: because there’s no snow in Memphis!      at least we finally had a “white Christmas!”
 Well, now there is. Many of these typically temperate cities, like
 Memphis and Jackson, average sixty degrees Fahrenheit in the winter
 months. Poor Graceland and Jackson did not even have even a single
 snow plow on hand to get their cities back up and running!                                                                     Snow falls in
          However, the South’s five inches of anomalous snow in                                                                 Memphis at
 December was no match for the snow totals of the mid-Atlantic seaboard,                                                        Rhodes College
 which averaged twenty-four inches of snow. Here in Washington, D.C.,                                                           (Sou’wester)
 accumulation from a single snow event broke the previous record of
 eleven and a half inches of snow from a winter storm in 1932. For once,
 it seemed the always bustling capital city would have to stop and take a
 restful pause. Not even the largest of trucks could ford the snow. People
 turned to wading through the sometimes thigh-deep snow to get where
 they needed to go. Many D.C. residents appreciated the unusual stand-      A D.C. cop pulls a gun
 still and the accompanying silence. And yet, not all residents enjoyed the on some snowball
 quiet brought on by the snow. The snow actually unnerved many citi-        throwers
 zens, including a District cop named Detective Baylor, who pulled a gun (Washington City)
 on some teens who threw a few snowballs at his unmarked vehicle.

Hold Your Horses!
By Maggie Dees ‘10

        The Holy Child Equestrian Team has been in the spotlight this     Morgan Schmidt ‘13 plays polo, which could be compared to field
year, thanks to our enthusiastic members and our mascot Surrey, whose     hockey on horseback, only a bit more dangerous. Just kidding! Yet, a
voice sounds remarkably like Mr. Cummings. But what might not be          twelve thousand pound animal that can run up to thirty miles per hour is
known is that our Holy Child riders do a lot more with their equine       involved, so it would be wise not to fall off. Morgan has demonstrated
friends than just the monthly Interschool Horse Shows.                    quite a talent for this sport. She won the Most Improved Youth Award for
                                                                          her skills and has played in Argentina.
                                                                                   Vaulting is another sport that requires our equine friends. Maggie
                                                                          Dees ’10 participates in regular vaulting classes, which include shoulder
                                                                          stands, handsprings, dance moves, and gymnastics on the back of a
                                                                          moving horse. The horses most commonly used are the draft horse,
                                                                          known for its giant size and gentle personality. They are built so that
                                                                          riders can stand on their stage-like backs. Getting up on the horse is the
                                                                          real trick. Maggie learned how to run alongside the horse while it was
                                                                          trotting and swing one leg up and over while the other foot pushed off.
                                                                          Needless to say, getting on is half the fun.
                                                                                   Kelly Whelan ’10 covers the Western side of things. She works
                                                                          at and competes in rodeos, which include several different events, such
                                                                          as Barrel Racing and Goat Tying. Don’t forget those bucking broncos,
                                                                          either. Kelly competed at the East Coast Rodeo and made it to the first
   Mrs. Bolen and equestrian team member Maggie                           round of National Finals last summer. She travels and works long hours
   Dees ‘10 at the Potomac Hunt (photo by A. Bolen)                       but to the equestrian girls at Holy Child, those long hours are worth it.
                                                                          Kelly also rides Hunter Jumper like the Equestrian Team, which she
                                                                          would be on if only she would stop injuring herself!
                                                                                   All the girls on the Equestrian Team practice outside of school in
                                                                          addition to doing school work and various other sports. Emily
                                                                          Durham ’10, Ingrid Langer ’13, and Erin Kale ’10 all ride and jump
                                                                          outside of school. Katie Schwartz ‘11, Catherine MacCormack ’13, and
                                                                          Caitlin Grant ‘10 all own their own horses. Aoife Magner ’15 holds her
                                                                          own in the Middle School competitions and Lizzy Cornfeld ’16 is our
                                                                          manager. Loyal Lizzie really sticks by us, even on the especially long,
                                                                          cold days. Team Moderator Mrs. Bolen always supports us and makes
                                                                          sure we are on track. We, dedicated riders on the Equestrian Team, are
                                                                          quietly and definitely holding our own within our competitions. And
                                                                          when Surrey gets bored and starts wandering the halls, I’m sure everyone
                                                                          will be thinking about the Equestrian Team and wondering: what on earth
                                                                          is Maggie Dees planning to do with the stuffed pony this time?
    Kelly Whelan ‘10 competes in Barrel Racing on
  Twister at the East Coast Rodeo (photo by M. Dees)
Holy Child Basketball Program Reaching New Heights
By Clare DeLaurentis ‘10

         While most Holy Child students were enjoying a break from
school over the holidays, the varsity basketball players continued to spend
their days hard at work, practicing and playing. Rather than skiing or
sleeping, the team was running plays, practicing press breaks, and
perfecting its offense – all under the watchful gaze of new Head Coach
Jamie Ready and Mr. Wicker, who has taken on a new role as Varsity
Assistant Coach. Coaches Ready and Wicker have already provided
transformational guidance and instruction that have truly inspired the
         Such leadership and the renewed hard work of the players have
combined to produce results. Holy Child Varsity Basketball currently
holds a winning record, has won four ISL challenges, three within their
division, and has played hard in all games. Most importantly, every player
is enjoying herself, making personal improvements, and all are playing
together as a true team. Indeed, this season so far has necessitated team
effort, to compensate for unfortunate injuries to two starting
teammates, players have had to really “step it up.”
         Such success on many levels this year has not been limited just to                 Mr. Wicker, usually a fixture both in the
the Varsity team. Junior Varsity Basketball, under the leadership of the                    classroom and the sideline, now coaches
new Coach Guthrie, has also been playing very well, with several strong                     Holy Child’s basketball team with great
victories. Both teams have additional upcoming home games. We would                         success (photo by M. Mayo)
love to see more students in the stands during games, so please come out
and support the basketball program.

      Arts and Entertainment
“Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Kanye”
By Kelly Whelan ‘10
        The biggest night in country music - the 43rd Annual Coun-
try Music Awards were held on November 11, 2009 in Nashville
Tennessee, as is the custom. In a departure from the usual, however,
the majority of awards were conferred on a single artist: Taylor
        The nineteen-year-old country-pop bombshell walked away
with a stunning four awards. This has not happened since 1986,
when vocalist Reba McEntire won every award for which she was
nominated. Perhaps most shocking of all was the result of the
competition for the award for Female Vocalist of the Year, where
Swift beat out superstars Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride and
Reba McEntire…all of whom have won this honor at least three
times apiece. Award Ceremony hosts Brad Paisley and
Carrie Underwood opened the festivities by razzing Kanye West
with a parody of the tune “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up           She’s back! Reba McEntire
to Be Cowboys,” which the singers changed to “Mamas Don’t Let             performs her #1 single                A little suprise: Little Jimmy
Your Babies Grow Up to Kanye.” Similar parodies enlivened the             “Consider Me Gone” from               Dickens drops in on hosts Carrie
broadcast throughout the evening, including a rendition of Tammy          her first album in six years          Underwood and Brad Paisley (CMT)
Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E,” in response to the recent split of             (CMT)
famous country duo Brooks and Dunn.
        Overall, the night reflected the current charged atmosphere
of country music, with risqué performances like Carrie
Underwood’s rendering of “Cowboy Cassanova.” The CMA’s also
incorporated the past. George Strait and Martina McBride
performed recently inducted Hall of Fame-er Barbara Mandrell’s
1981 hit “I Was Country, When Country Wasn’t Cool.” Also remi-
niscent was a performance by the Zac Brown Band of the classic
“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and Reba McEntire’s perfor-
mance of her new, no-nonsense song “Consider Me Gone.” There
was even an appearance by 4’11’’ diminutive Hall of Fame mem-
ber Little Jimmy Dickens. Yet, the night was tinged with sadness.
Brooks and Dunn, the duo that has ruled for twenty years, sang for a
CMA audience for the last time. Absent from the evening of awards                       “I Was Country, When Country Wasn’t Cool”
was an old favorite. Though he recently emerged from retirement,                           Ballad Queen Martina McBride and
Garth Brooks was surprisingly not present. Perhaps next year more                           King of Twang George Strait (CMT)
legends will return. But, most definitely, country music has entered
a new decade.
        Arts and Entertainment                      Staff Writer’s Pick:

                                                                                                                             “Sparks’ novel brims with longing”
                                                    Dear John by Nicholas Sparks                                             (Publisher’s Weekly)
                                                    By Catherine Overly ‘12
                                                             Sparks’ romantic novel Dear John, set        terrorist attacks of 2001. The two slowly
                                                     in North Carolina, unfolds the story of the         grow apart and when Savannah acknowledges
                                                     relationship between John Tyree and Savannah        their changed circumstances in a final letter
                                                     Lynn Curtis. John is a surfer from                  beginning, “Dear John,” both are heartbroken
                                                     Wilmington who is on leave from the army.           that a love that was once so strong has faded
                                                     He was a rebellious teenager who was never          away.
                                                     disciplined by his soft-spoken father. At the                Years pass and both Savannah’s and
                                                     age of twenty, uncertain of what to do with his     John’s lives change and they each endure
                                                     life next, John joins the army. Savannah is a       hardships. When John finally re-enters
                                                     kind and religious girl who grew up on a ranch      Savannah’s life, will he and Savannah be able
                                                     in Lenoir, a mountainous region of North            to fall in love again, or will it be too late?
                                                     Carolina. She is a college student                  Read Dear John to find out for yourself! If the
                                                     volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in            story of John and Savannah interests you, be
                                                     Wilmington when she meets John.                     sure to check out the movie version of Dear
                                                             Savannah and John fall in love within       John starring Channing Tatum and Amanda
                                                     the two weeks of John’s leave and just know         Seyfried hitting theatres February 5, 2010.
                                                     that they are perfect for each other. Both are
                                                     confident that their love can survive the
                                                     separation and at first they are correct.
                                                     Things get complicated, however, when John
                                                     reenlists in the army, feeling a renewed sense
                                                     of duty because of the September 11th
“Sparks ends the book on an emotional positive.
His message is that, though harsh and complex,
love transforms us forever” (The Book Reporter)

Mimi Leiter ’11 Wins Holy Child Poetry Contest                                                                                    (IMDB)
By the English Department
         Two important aspects of the joyful philosophy of Holy Child         “I’ll give you your legs,” the sea witch cackled, “and you will give me the
Foundress Cornelia Connelly are: sharing the unique gifts within us and       voice of your heart.
fostering a special love of the fine arts as part of a complete education.    But be warned if you do not win his love in three days, you will become part of
         Certain that there are secret poets and playwrights and authors      the sea.”
walking among us in plaid kilts, just waiting to publish a masterpiece,       The mermaid agreed. Swimming towards the surface, eager to see her prince,
                                                                              she drank a vial from the witch. She gasped for air as her lungs filled with
the Holy Child English Department is sponsoring a series of four
creative writing contests in 2009-2010.                                       Her body burned as her fins became legs. She was no longer a mermaid.
         The first contest challenge, to compose a sonnet (English or
Italian), a sestina, or a villanelle, concluded in November. Mimi Leiter      Reaching the surface world, the sharp air went down her throat like a dagger.
’11 submitted the following impressive sestina. A sestina is a fixed          But still came a thumping from her heart.
poetic form that originated in Western Europe in the sixteenth century.       With human legs she kicked to shore, lacking the fins of a mermaid.
The word sestina comes from the Italian, meaning “song of sixes.”             With one last longing gaze back at her home, the sea,
Accordingly, these poems consist of six six-line stanzas (sestets), with a    She took a shaky step out of the water, shrouded in a dress of foam,
concluding tercet at the end.                                                 and ambled on to find her prince.
         The thirty-nine lines of a sestina must also include a series of
six words that repeat in a specific sequence. When you read Mimi’s            Three days gone, the sun quickly going down on the mermaid and her prince,
                                                                              She stood looking into the ocean when her sisters arose, one grasping a dagger.
poem, you will notice that the six words she chose are shuffled artfully
                                                                              “Our dear sister, your love loves another, and when the sun sets you will turn
into their prescribed positions. Mimi’s words are: “foam,” “mermaid,”         into sea foam…
“heart,” “prince,” “dagger,” and “sea.” American poet John Ashberry           unless you kill him!” “Listen to us!” “Listen to your heart!”
describes the process of satisfying all of the rules of the sestina form in   “You don’t love him!” “Come back to us, little mermaid!”
this way: “It’s like riding downhill on a bicycle and having the pedals
push your feet.” Despite the strictness of the form, sestinas are capable     She took the dagger from her sisters and, as they left, she knew she could never
of telling an incredible range of stories.                                    again be a mermaid.
         The English Department awarded a complete volume of                  She could not kill her sleeping prince.
Shakespeare’s works to Mimi for submitting the winning poem. We               She gazed sadly at his face one last time; in moments she would return to the
are very proud to congratulate Mimi Leiter for writing the remarkable         sea.
sestina below.                                                                She took the point upon herself, the dagger
                                                                              gleaming with the last rays of sun, tearing in two her heart.
                                                                              And her body and love disappeared forever with the sun as she became sea
                “A Form Rises Out of the Sea Foam”                            foam.
A form rises out of the seam foam.
Glistening fins in the moonlight, a mermaid                                   A sad tale of a mermaid and her unrequited heart-
collapses on the shore, a desperate feeling in her heart.                     All for a prince who loved another,
In her arms, a breathless figure, a sleeping prince.                          she became a possession of the sea.*
The night receding, her time to leave, her chest stabbing like a dagger.
His breath returned as she slipped back into the sea.

She descended into the sea.
So far below, she couldn’t see the surface foam,
until she reached a cave with rocks pointing at her like a dagger.
Deep in the darkness lurked a sea witch, no longer a mermaid.
The true mermaid begged the witch from deep in her heart.
“Give me legs so I can love my prince!”                                       * For spacing reasons, line breaks needed to
                                                                                be changed.                                                         (Allstates)
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                                                    Senior Profiles
              1) Favorite musician/TV show                         2) Favorite food                  3) Aspiration

     Abby Sanders                 Kerry Bellino                    Charlie Benziger              Erin Kale                    Jenna Kane
     Sex And the City             Justin Bieber                    Keeping Up With The           House                        True Blood
     Chocolate-covered pretzels   Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels      Kardashians                   Tori’s mom’s chicken salad   Grilled cheese
     A wedding planner            To become besties with           Italian food                  To one day play piano at     To marry a guy from Jersey
                                  Barack Obama                     To travel                     Nordstrom                    Shore

     Joan Hadeed                  Johanna Hernandez                 Karen Hill                   Alex Patterson               Kelsey O’Marra
     Teen Mom                     Trey Songz                        Lady Gaga or Tay Swift on    Entourage                    Jersey Shore
     Chipotle                     B&J’s Cookie Dough Ice            a rainy day                  Chocolate Strawberries       McDonald’s
     To fist pump my way          Cream                             Fried Chicken                To lay down fresh fist-      Be Mary Goelzer
     through life                 To live next to L.G., C.G.,       To host SNL                  pumping tracks with DJ
                                  C.W., J.P. and K.W. in a small                                 Pauly D.
                                  neighborhood in D-Mas

     Karlyn Laux                  Mary Goelzer                     Meredith Lunde
     Jersey Shore                 Jersey Shore                     Lady Gaga
                                                                                                              Writers in This Issue
     Honeybuns                    Anything from Rio Grande         McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
                                                                                                              Clare DeLaurentis ‘10
     To one day fist pump         Be Kaela Jeffers                 To conquer the 5th layer in
                                                                                                               Catherine Overly ‘12
     at Karma with Snookie                                         Dungeons and Dragons
                                                                                                                Olivia Hussey ‘12
     and The Situation                                                                                        Mary Jeanne Coyle ‘10
                                                                                                               Kelly Omotade ‘13
                                                                                                                Luci Giorgio ‘11
                                                                                                                Maggie Dees ‘10
                                                                                                              The English Department
                                                                                                                 Ms. Jean Plummer

     Megan Radner                 Michelle Block                   Natalia Porro
     It’s Always Sunny In         Jersey Shore                     Friends
     Philadelphia                 Sushi                            Pasta
     Chipotle                     To tag team in a                 To take Jeff Radner to prom
     Be Casey W.                  krumping battle with
                                  Brynn Mayo

Editors of the Willow: Kelly Whelan ‘10, Alex Guntle ‘11
Moderator: Ms. Stefanon
Special Thanks to: Mrs. Tobey, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Ramirez, Mr. DaCosta “The ripples- So small at first, then look how they grow.
                                                                    But someone has to start them.” ~ Grandmother Willow

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