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					                                                          Raindrop Technique

     1) Raindrop Treatment helps reduce pain:

Massage is a significant component of a Raindrop treatment, with a particular focus on the spinal
muscles. In a study published in the August 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse
practitioners, 60 fibromyalgia patients were surveyed about the effectiveness of complementary
treatments for reducing their pain. The conclusion? “Aromatherapy… heat and massage were rated
most effective.” [Barbour C. Use of complementary and alternative treatments by individuals with fibromyalgia syndrome. J Am Acad
Nurse Pract. 200 Aug;12(8):311-6]

A 2001 study at the University of Miami School of Medicine compared massage therapy to relaxation
therapy and concluded: “Participants receiving massage therapy reported experiencing less pain,
depression, anxiety and their sleep had improved. They also showed improved trunk and pain flexion
performance and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher.” [Hernandez-Reif M, Field T, Krasnegor J,
Theakston H. Lower back pain is reduced and range of motion increased after massage therapy. Int J. Neurosci, 2001;106(3-4):131-45]
The reference to serotonin and dopamine suggests that massage improved feelings of well-being and
brain function.

And a July, 2005 study at Edith Cowan University in Australia tested for the effects of massage on muscle
soreness and found that “massage was effective in alleviating…. Muscle soreness by approximately 30%
and reduced swelling.” [Ainuddin Z, Newton M, Sacco P, Nosaka K. Effects of massage on delayed-onselt muscle soreness, swelling
and recovery of muscle function. J Athl Train, 2005 Jul;40(3):174-80]

     2) Raindrop treatment helps reduce inflammation:

Dozens of studies all over the world have identified several essential oils as being powerful anti-
inflammatory agents. These include wintergreen, thyme and peppermint, all used in the Raindrop

For example, wintergreen essential oil is acknowledged to have a very high content of natural methyl
salicylate (80-90%). This is basically the active ingredient in aspirin. Over 15 years ago this substance
was shown to inhibit inflammation in lab animals.

Thyme essential oil was shown to inhibit inflammation through absorption of nitric oxide free radicals in
a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacology in February of 2004.

A European study in November of 2003 demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effects of menthol, the
primary ingredient in peppermint oil.

These are just a sampling of many studies that could be cited on the anti-inflammatory properties of
essential oils.

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    3) Raindrop treatment helps improve circulation:

A 2004 Russian study tested 100 patients with known brain circulation problems and found that
massaging the back of the neck with essential oils… “...resulted in a significant improvement of cerebral
circulation and functional state of the brain.”

In 2005, Japanese scientists presented research at the 4th Congress of the International Society of
Autonomic Neuroscience confirming that moist heat – another key element in Raindrop treatment –
helps to improve overall blood circulation. Secondarily, this improved blood circulation leads to a
balancing of the autonomic nervous system and better regulation of gastrointestinal functions.

    4) Raindrop technique can help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment,
       including scoliosis and kyphosis:

The idea that deadly microbes can lie dormant along the spine and create inflammation, which in turn
contorts the spinal column, was initially met with skepticism. But repeated studies now confirm that
bacteria and viruses in the spinal column are a cause of serious spinal diseases.

Researches in Germany at the University of Bonn, and also at the Western General Hospital in Edinburg,
Scotland, have found that virus-like particles can lodge in the spinal ganglia throughout life and when
activated, can lead to idiopathic scoliosis. A study at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birmingham,
England found the 53 percent of patients with severe sciatica tested positive for chronic, low-grade
infection by gram-negative bacteria in or near the spine. And research at the Pasteur Institute in France
documented increasing numbers of patients showing evidence of spinal disease caused by tuberculosis
with the spine.

“As a chiropractor, the dramatic results available from Raindrop Therapy are enough for me to rewrite
the books regarding our understanding of clearing scoliosis. As we continue unraveling the science of
how essential oils influence the body and the spine, we will rewrite the present mechanical science of
neurology. In its place will be a blending of the nervous system, immune system, the emotions and the
structure of the body.” Dr. Ken Krueger, DC

    5) Raindrop Technique helps to relieve stress:

“Of the 416 people we surveyed who had received Raindrop treatments, the overwhelming majority
reported their experience was positive (97%), pleasant (98%), made them feel better afterward (98%),
and resulted in improved health (89%). 99.9% said they would choose to receive Raindrop again.” –
David Stewart, PhD, in “A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique”

Jackie McLaughlin, LMT, MTI        bodyworker@earthlink.net          www.youngliving.com/489107
In repeated studies, massage therapy has been shown to promote both a conscious and a subconscious
“letting go” so that normal body function could be restored. But the effects of Raindrop treatments go
even farther in two important ways.

Japanese studies show that alpha pinene, a primary active ingredient in cypress essential oils, also used
in Raindrop technique, was effective in reducing stress in lab rats.

Massage itself has been shown to bolster immune health. In 2005, researchers at the Touch Research
Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that massage caused a measurable
decrease (31%) in cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and significant increases in both serotonin (28%)
and dopamine (31%). Since serotonin and dopamine are both activating neurotransmitters, this
research suggests the potential for massage to bolster emotional health and alleviate symptoms of

    6) Raindrop technique helps improve immune function:

A major study published in 1995 at the University of Miami School of Medicine evaluated the effects of
massage on the immune systems of 40 men, both HIV-positive and HIV-negative, and concluded at the
end of one month, that “massage was associated with improvement in several measures of immune
function relevant to cytotoxic capacity.”

A more recent study, also at the University of Miami School of Medicine, examined the effects of
massage therapy on women with breast cancer over a 5-week period and found that those who received
massage “reported being less depressed and less angry and having more vigor. Dopamine levels,
Natural Killer cells, and lymphocytes also increased from the first to the last day of the study for the
massage therapy group.”

    7) Raindrop technique can facilitate the release of pent-up negative emotions:

In a paper on the psychobiology of post traumatic stress, Bessal A. van der Kolk, MD, of the Harvard
Medical School points out that severe emotional stresses can produce subconscious neuroses which are
essentially “physioneurosis,” meaning that they are indelibly stored in the subconscious parts of the
brain through the limbic system, specifically the amygdale. Stimulation of these parts of the brain –
which occurs through the inhaling of essential oil aromas through the nasal cavity – can help activate
and release subconscious emotional stress.

It is a complex biochemical process, but even the most informed biochemists are now beginning to
recognize the importance of this process in achieving emotional release and a return to normal
emotional response. Dr. Candace Pert, PhD, best-selling author and former biochemist at the National
Institutes of Health, in her book “The Molecules of Emotion”, says about her treatment with energy
medicine techniques, “I have had some profound experiences while being treated with this method,
involving the release of traumatic stored memories from the autonomic ganglia on either side of the

Jackie McLaughlin, LMT, MTI        bodyworker@earthlink.net          www.youngliving.com/489107
spinal cord. Often visual images related to the trauma have surfaced in my consciousness as part of the
emotional release, which I can then talk about with the practitioner.”

In short, the benefits of Raindrop technique go beyond the physical benefits of massage. Indeed, they
can help improve every aspect of life, physically, mentally and emotionally, often relieving a variety of
issues in a single treatment. Raindrop technique can not only help relieve pain and restore immediate
physical well-being, but it can set in motion healing processes that will last for weeks or even months.

Jackie McLaughlin, LMT, MTI         bodyworker@earthlink.net          www.youngliving.com/489107