The Blues by pptfiles



What it the function of swing?
To dance to it.

What is the swing beat?
The swing beat is an uneven division of the beat.           /3\
                                                    =       

Chick Webb- Song Harlem Congo. He was a drummer whose orchestra was
the first great swing band. They played nightly at the Savoy Ballroom in

Benny Goodman- Song Sing, Sing, Sing (with a Swing). He was known as
King of Swing. He was a white clarinetist who, in addition to his large
ensemble, led several combos. One, the Benny Goodman Trio, played the
first integrated public jazz concert.

Duke Ellington- Take the “A” Train. He was a pianist who is considered
America’s greatest composer. He composed over 2,000 pieces in almost
every American genre. His songs were some of the first that used the new
LP format to go beyond the three-minute song.

Glenn Miller- Song In the Mood. He was a white trombonist who played
very accessible swing. He died in a military plane crash during WWII.

Count Basie- Song Jumpin’ at the Woodside. He was a Kansas City pianist
who played a style called stomp. This was based on the 12-bar blues and
played in a head arrangement. His band provided swing music with a
greatly needed fresh sound. His sax player was Lester Young.
Coleman Hawkins- Song Body and Soul. He was a sax player who modeled
his soloing style after Louis Armstrong. He is largely responsible for the
modern popularity of the saxophone.

Charlie Christian- Song Topsy. He was the first player to use the electric
guitar as a soloing instrument instead of a rhythm instrument.

Billie Holliday- Song Embraceable You. She was a vocalist who sang with
nearly every important band in the 30’s and 40’s. She had a very limited
range and sang slightly behind the beat.

Ella Fitzgerald- Song Misty. She started as a singer in Chick Webb’s
Orchestra. She sang scat solos that were amazingly instrumental and

Sarah Vaughan- Song My Funny Valentine. She had a huge range and
perfect pitch. Her performances of certain standards are highly interpretive.

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