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									                                                    Sorted by Song

                 Artist                                           Song
1979                                       Smashing Pumpkins                       PCDG45
                                           Smashing Pumpkins                       SC2057
1985                                       Bowling For Soup                        PHM0410
1999                                       Prince (Duet)                           SC7546
#1 Crush                                   Garbage                                 SC8448
(Beautiful) All That You Be                Kenny Rogers                            CB105
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You          Bryan Adams                             MMHP1
                                           Bryan Adams                             SC7514
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction              Rolling Stones                          BS9217
(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight             Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard (Duet)   SD20
(If I Could See The World Through)
                                           Patsy Cline                             MM6084
The Eyes Of A Child
(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta
                                           Shania Twain                            SC7596
(I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo         Various                                      PCDG303
(Love Is) The Tender Trap             Frank Sinatra                                MM6075
(She's Got) Skillz                    All-4-One                                    SD13
(Taking My) Life Away                 Default                                      SD4404
(Who Discovered) America              Ozomatli                                     PHR0410
100 Years                             Five For Fighting                            THM403
100% Pure Love                        Crystal Waters                               NT2050
10th Ave Freeze Out                   Bruce Springsteen                            SGB5
1999 (Dance Remix)                    Prince                                       SYB1041
20th Century Fox                      Doors                                        UKK3102
42nd Street                           42nd Street                                  SC8127
455 Rocket                            Kathy Mattea                                 CBEP460- 3
                                      Kathy Mattea                                 SD37
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover           Simon & Garfunkel                            DM101
                                      Simon & Garfunkel                            H5
50-50                                 Lemar                                        SF213
59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) Simon & Garfunkel                            DM101
                                      Simon & Garfunkel                            H5
6 Underground                         Sneaker Pimps                                SC8448
6, 8, 12                              Brian McKnight                               SGB45
7 Days                                Craig David                                  TTM6
7 Whole Days                          Toni Braxton                                 PCDG45
8th World Wonder                      Kimberley Locke                              SD4404
                                      Kimberly Locke                               THP404
9 To 5                                Dolly Parton                                 CB6
                                      Dolly Parton                                 SC7516
A Bad Goodbye                         Clint Black                                  SO201
A Better Man                          Warren Brothers                              THM9903
A Bicycle Built For Two               Children's                                   SC7005
A Bitter End                          Deryl Dodd                                   CB20052
A Broken Wing                         Martina McBride                              CBEP460- 4
A Child Is Born                       Various                                      SGB2

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                                                 Sorted by Song

A Few Questions                         Clay Walker                          TT205
A Girl Like You                         Hal Ketchum                          CB20052
A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta
                                        Mindy McCready                       CBEP460- 4
A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side        Tracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt           PRID9075
                                        Tracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt (Duet)    CB20282
                                        Tracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt (Duet)    CB60218
A Good Year For The Roses               George Jones & Alan Jackson          SD8
A Groovy Kind Of Love                   Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders      SF64
A Headache Tomorrow (Or A
                                        Mickey Gilley                        CBEP452- 4
Heartache Tonight)
A House With No Curtains                Alan Jackson                         CHM498
A Kiss To Build A Dream On              Louis Armstrong                      MM6037
                                        Louis Armstrong                      MMHP3
A Lesson In Leavin'                     Dottie West                          CBEP452- 3
A Little Bit                            Jessica Simpson                      PRID9076
A Little Bluer Than That                Irene Kelley                         TT64
A Little Less Talk And A Little More
                                        Toby Keith                           CB45012
A Little More Love                      Vince Gill                           SD37
A Long December                         Counting Crows                       H2
A Love Bizarre                          Sheila E                             AH8021
A Man I'll Never Be                     Boston                               AH8004
A Man This Lonely                       Brooks & Dunn                        CBEP460- 3
A Matter Of Trust                       Billy Joel                           AH8006
A Million To One                        Jimmy Charles                        MM6279
A Moment Like This                      Kelly Clarkson                       SC8796
A Natural Woman                         Aretha Franklin                      SGB58
A New Day Has Come                      Celine Dion                          SC8796
A Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track        Children's                           SC7002
A Picture Of Me Without You             Lorrie Morgan                        DK89
                                        Lorrie Morgan                        MM6017
A Poor Man's Roses                      Patsy Cline                          MM6084
A Random Act Of Senseless
                                        South 65                             THM9902
A Room Full Of Roses                    Mickey Gilley                        CB60077
A Satisfied Mind                        Jean Shepard                         CB60077
                                        Jean Shepard                         CBEP451- 2
A Soldiers Wife                         Roxie Dean                           CB60327
A Teenager In Love                      Dion & The Belmonts                  SC7521
A Thousand Miles                        Vanessa Carlton                      SC8796
A Thousand Oceans                       Tori Amos                            SGB30
A Tisket, A Tasket                      Children's                           SC7003
A Very Special Love Song                Rich Charlie                         CBEP452- 1
A Whole New World                       Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle (Duet)   SO209
A Woman Gets Lonely                     Lisa Angelle                         CB20197
Abilene                                 George Hamilton IV                   CBEP451- 4
Abracadabra                             Steve Miller Band                    N107

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                                                Sorted by Song

Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)            Nine Days                  MTV8102
Absolutely Everybody                    Vanessa Amorosi            PRID9076
Achy Breaky Heart                       Billy Ray Cyrus            CB9
                                        Billy Ray Cyrus            SC7515
Achy Breaky Song                        Weird Al Yankovic          SC2267
Across The Universe                     Fiona Apple                SGB8
Act Naturally                           Buck Owens                 CB1
                                        Buck Owens                 SYB1048
Adalida                                 George Strait              SD12
Addam's Family, The                     TV Theme                   MM6031
Addicted                                Enrique Iglesias           SF213
Adia                                    Sarah McLachlan            SGB8
Adrienne                                Calling                    SF198
Aerials                                 System Of A Down           CB30028
After All                               Al Jureau                  H9
After The Lovin'                        Engelbert Humperdinck      MM6037
                                        Engelbert Humperdinck      SC7518
Afternoon And Coffee Spoon              Crash Test Dummies         MM6057
Again                                   Janet Jackson              SC8113
                                        Lenny Kravitz              SGB53
Against All Odds                        Mariah Carey               SGB45
                                        Mariah Carey               TT3
                                        Phil Collins               SC7506
Against The Grain                       Garth Brooks               MM6019
Against The Wind                        Bob Seger                  AH8020
                                        Bob Seger                  UKK3121
Ain't Goin' Down (Till The Sun Comes
                                        Garth Brooks               CB453
Ain't Got Nothin' On Us                 John Michael Montgomery    CBEP460- 5
Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues         Robin Ford                 H9
Ain't Got Nothing If I Ain't Got Love   Michael Bolton             MM6057
Ain't Had No Lovin                      Connie Smith               CBEP451- 6
Ain't Misbehavin'                       Hank Williams, Jr.         CB9064
Ain't No Mountain High Enough           Diana Ross                 SC7511
Ain't No Pussy When She's Gone          Adult Karaoke              ADULT
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady            Helen Reddy                PCDG43
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love                Van Halen                  SC7565
Ain't That A Bitch                      Johnny ''Guitar'' Watson   SGB66
Ain't That A Shame                      Fats Domino                SC7502
Ain't That Just The Way                 Lutricia McNeal            SF116
Ain't Wastin' Time No More              Allman Brothers            US1
Air That I Breathe, The                 Hollies                    SD15
Alabam                                  Cowboy Copas               CBEP451- 3
Alabama Song                            Doors                      SGB34
Alibis                                  Tracy Lawrence             CB453
Alison (My Aim Is True)                 Elvis Costello             AH8010
Alive                                   Pearl Jam                  RSZ601

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                                          Sorted by Song

                                   S Club 7                    SF198
All By Myself                      Celine Dion                 BS9317
                                   Celine Dion                 PCDG52
All For Love                       Rod Stewart                 SO204
All For You                        Janet Jackson               SF178
All I Do Is Love Her               James Bonamy                CBEP460- 5
All I Ever Need                    Cher (Duet)                 SGB10
All I Have To Do Is Dream          Everly Brothers             CB9
                                   Everly Brothers             SC7526
All I Have To Give                 Backstreet Boys             ET7
                                   Backstreet Boys             MMHP10
                                   Backstreet Boys             THM9904
All I Know                         Simon & Garfunkel           DM101
All I Need Is A Miracle            Mike & The Mechanics        SC8305
All I Need To Know                 Kenny Chesney               CBEP460- 1
All I Wanna Do                     Sheryl Crow                 CB6
                                   Sheryl Crow                 MM6069
                                   Sheryl Crow                 SC7514
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You Heart                       MM6021
                                   Heart                       SC7577
All I Want Is A Life               Tim McGraw                  CBEP460- 2
All In The Family                  TV Theme                    MM6031
All In Your Mind                   Mariah Carey                SO200
All Mixed Up                                               311 SC8448
All My Ex's Live In Texas          George Strait               SC7510
All My Life                        KC & JoJo                   SYB1012
All My Loving                      Beatles                     SC7521
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming
                                   Hank Williams, Jr.         CB3
Over Tonight
                                   Hank Williams, Jr.         SC7510
All Night, All Day                 Children's                 SC7004
All Or Nothing                     Cher                       SGB30
                                   Cher                       TT3
All Shook Up                       Elvis Presley              CB1
                                   Elvis Presley              MM6014
                                   Elvis Presley              SC7501
                                   Elvis Presley              SC8154
All Star                           Smash Mouth                SGB30
                                   Smash Mouth                THM9909
                                   Smash Mouth                TT3
All That She Wants                 Ace Of Base                MM6030
                                   Ace Of Base                PCDG44
All The Gold In California         Gatlin Brothers            PCDG201
All The Man I Need                 Whitney Houston            MM6001
All The Pretty Little Horses       Children's                 SC7004
All The Small Things               Blink 182                  MTV8101
                                   Blink 182                  TT3

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                                             Sorted by Song

All The Things She Said (Radio
                                  T.A.T.U.                        SC8852
All Through The Night             Children's                      SC7004
All You Good People               Embrace                         SF116
All You Wanted                    Michelle Branch                 SC8796
Allentown                         Billy Joel                      SC8397
Alley Oop                         Hollywood Argyles               SC7504
Allison Road                      Gin Blossoms                    CB40210
                                  Gin Blossoms                    MM6078
                                  Gin Blossoms                    SD7
Almost Cut My Hair                Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
Almost Doesn't Count              Brandy                          THM9907
                                  Mark Wills                      CB20181
Almost Home                       Craig Morgan                    TT205
                                  Mary Chapin Carpenter           SGB17
                                  Mary Chapin Carpenter           THM9907
Almost Persuaded                  David Houston                   CBEP451- 6
Alone                             Bee Gees                        PCDG50
                                  Heart                           CBEP475- 4
Alone In The Universe             David Usher                     TTM6
Alone With You                    Faron Young                     CBEP451- 2
Along Came Jones                  Coasters                        MM6074
Alphabet Song                     Children's                      SC7001
Always                            Bon Jovi                        MM6078
                                  Bon Jovi                        SD7
                                  Erasure                         SD1
                                  Erasure                         SO208
                                  Patsy Cline                     MM6084
Always Be My Baby                 Mariah Carey                    CB7
Always Come Back To You           Samantha Mumba                  TT34
Always In My Heart                Tevin Campbell                  MM6078
                                  Tevin Campbell                  SD1
Always Late (With Your Kisses)    Lefty Frizzell                  CBEP451- 1
Always On My Mind                 Willie Nelson                   SC7512
                                  Willie Nelson                   SYB1049
Am I Losing You                   Jim Reeves                      CBEP451- 2
Am I The Only Thing You've Done
                                  Lee Ann Womack                  CB20292
AM To PM                          Christina Milian                SC8720
Amanda                            Boston                          CBEP475- 2
                                  Don Williams                    CBEP452- 1
Amarillo By Morning               George Strait                   CBEP452- 5
                                  George Strait                   SC7524
Amazed                            Lonestar                        CB463
                                  Lonestar                        SGB17
                                  Lonestar                        THM9907
Amazing Grace                     Gospel                          CB1

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                                              Sorted by Song

                                    Various                    SC7528
Amen Kind Of Love                   Daryl Singletary           CBEP460- 3
                                    Daryle Singletary          MM6179
America                             Neil Diamond               BCI186
                                    Neil Diamond               BS9417
America The Beautiful               Various                    BCI186
                                    Various                    SC7528
America The Beautiful-Battle Hymn
                                    Various                    BCI186
Of The Republic
American Bandstand                  TV Theme                   MM6031
American Pie                        Don McLean                 CB5
                                    Don McLean                 SC7529
                                    Madonna                    MM6297
                                    Madonna                    TT3
American Soldier                    Toby Keith                 SC8862
American Trilogy                    Elvis Presley              SC7501
                                    Elvis Presley              SC8154
American Woman                      Guess Who                  SC7517
Amie                                Pure Prairie League        AH8010
                                    Pure Prairie League        CBEP452- 2
                                    Pure Prairie League        SC7517
Amy's Back In Austin                Little Texas               SD9
An American Trilogy                 Elvis Presley              BCI186
And I Love You So                   Perry Como                 SC7505
And Still                           Reba McEntire              MM6101
                                    Reba McEntire              SD16
Angel                               Aerosmith                  AH8004
                                    Aerosmith                  SGB5
                                    Jimi Hendrix               US1
                                    Lionel Richie              SGB53
                                    Sarah McLachlan            CB5
                                    Sarah McLachlan            SGB11
                                    Shaggy                     SGB53
Angel Baby                          Rosie & The Originals      MM6006
Angel Eyes                          Various                    SGB1
Angel Flying Too Close To The
                                    Willie Nelson              CBEP452- 4
Angel In Disguise                   Brandy                     THM9904
Angel Of Harlem                     U2                         CB40050
                                    U2                         MM6030
                                    U2                         SC8397
Angel Of The Morning                Juice Newton               SC7517
Angels                              Robbie Williams            ET7
                                    Robbie Williams            SF116
                                    Robbie Williams            SF178
Angels In Waiting                   Tammy Cochran              CB20281
                                    Tammy Cochran              TT64
Angels Listen In, The               Crests                     MM6074

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                                            Sorted by Song

Angels Working Overtime             Deana Carter             THM9907
Angels Would Fall                   Melissa Etheridge        SGB30
                                    Melissa Etheridge        TT3
Angie                               Rolling Stones           UKK3102
Angry All The Time                  Tim McGraw               CB105
Animal                              Def Leppard              SGB60
                                    Pearl Jam                RSZ601
Animal Song                         Savage Garden            SGB11
Annie's Song                        John Denver              DK2030
Anniversary Song, The               Freestyle Jazz           SGB3
Another Brick In The Wall           Pink Floyd               SO208
Another Day In Paradise             Phil Collins             CBEP475- 3
Another Dumb Blonde                 Hoku                     MM6297
Another One Bites The Dust          Queen                    CB4
                                    Queen                    MM6066
Another Rainy Night (Without You)   Queensryche              SC7565
Another Sad Love Song               Toni Braxton             MM6030
                                    Toni Braxton             PCDG44
Anthem Of Our Dying Day             Story Of The Year        PHR0410
Ants Go Marching, The               Children's               SC7001
Any Man Of Mine                     Shania Twain             AH8016
                                    Shania Twain             BS9517
                                    Shania Twain             CB1
                                    Shania Twain             CB90035
                                    Shania Twain             MM6101
                                    Shania Twain             SGB19
Any Time Any Place                  Janet Jackson            SD1
Anything                            SWV                      MM6078
Anything For Your Love              Eric Clapton             SGB20
                                    Eric Clapton             SYB1043
Anytime                             Patsy Cline              CB45104
                                    Patsy Cline              CBEP451- 4
Anytime You Need A Friend           Mariah Carey             MM6057
                                    Mariah Carey             SO200
Are You Gonna Go My Way             Lenny Kravitz            AH8007
                                    Lenny Kravitz            SO207
Are You Lonesome Tonight            Elvis Presley            MMHP8
                                    Elvis Presley            SC7521
Arthur's Theme (The Best That You
                                    Chistopher Cross         DK3087
Can Do)
As Any Fool Can See                 Tracy Lawrence           SD9
As I Lay Me Down                    Sophie B. Hawkins        SYB1043
As Long As You Love Me              Backstreet Boys          ET7
                                    Backstreet Boys          MMHP8
As Tears Go By                      Rolling Stones           BS9217
At Seventeen                        Janis Ian                SC7526
At The Hop                          Danny & The Juniors      SC7502

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                                            Sorted by Song

At This Moment                     Billy Vera & The Beaters             CBEP475- 3
                                   Billy Vera & The Beaters             DK52
                                   Billy Vera & The Beaters             SC7529
At Your Best (You Are Love)        Aaliyah                              NT2050
Auctioneer                         Leroy Van Dyke                       CBEP451- 2
Auld Lang Syne                     Children's                           SC7005
                                   Freestyle Jazz                       SGB3
Austin                             Blake Shelton                        SC8705
Authority Song                     John Mellencamp                      UKK3126
Autumn Leaves                      Various                              SGB2
Away From The Sun                  3 Doors Down                         THP404
Baa Baa Black Sheep                Children's                           SC7001
Baby Baby                          Amy Grant                            MM6001
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight        Boyzone                              SF116
Baby Come Over                     Samantha Mumba                       PRID9076
                                   Samantha Mumba                       TT34
Baby Come To Me                    Patty Austin & James Ingram (Duet)   SO209
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me        Mac Davis                            CB60077
Baby Don't Go                      Cher                                 SGB10
Baby Got Back                      Sir Mix-A-Lot                        SC7514
                                   Sir Mix-A-Lot                        SC8117
Baby Likes To Rock It              Tractors                             MM6077
                                   Tractors                             SD6
Baby Love                          Supremes                             SC7508
Baby One More Time                 Britney Spears                       CB1
                                   Britney Spears                       SGB11
                                   Britney Spears                       SYB1060
                                   Britney Spears                       TT3
Baby, I Love Your Way & Freebird
                                   Will To Power                        CBEP475- 6
Baby, Now That I've Found You      Alison Krauss & Union Station        MM6101
Baby, You Got What It Takes        Brook Benton                         MM6074
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On       Mel McDaniel                         CBEP452- 6
Back At One                        Brian McKnight                       SYB1012
                                   Mark Wills                           CB463
Back For Good                      Take That                            DK99
                                   Take That                            SD20
Back For More                      Ratt                                 SC7565
Back In Baby's Arms                Patsy Cline                          CBEP451- 4
Back In Black                      AC-DC                                SGB14
Back In My Baby's Arms             Patsy Cline                          MM6084
Back In The High Life              Steve Winwood                        SD3
Back In The USSR                   Beatles                              MM6059
Back Of The Bottom Drawer          Chely Wright                         SD118
Back Stabbers                      The O'Jays                           SAVP31
Back Street Affair                 Webb Pierce                          CBEP451- 1
Bad                                Michael Jackson                      CBEP475- 4

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                                            Sorted by Song

Bad Bad Leroy Brown                Jim Croce                       CB9
                                   Jim Croce                       SC7509
Bad Blood                          Neil Sedaka                     SO202
Bad Case Of Loving You             Robert Palmer                   SF840
Bad Dog No Biscuit                 Daron Norwood                   SD12
Bad Man                            R. Kelly                        TT3
Bad Medicine                       Bon Jovi                        CB10
Bad Moon Rising                    Creedence Clearwater Revival    CB1
Bad To Me                          Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas   SF38
Bad Touch (With Lead Vocals), The The Bloodhound Gang              MTV8106
Bad Touch, The                     The Bloodhound Gang             MTV8106
                                   The Bloodhound Gang             TT3
Badge                              Cream                           US1
                                   Eric Clapton                    SGB20
Badlands                           Bruce Springsteen               UKK3103
Bailamos                           Enrique Iglesias                THM9910
Ballad Of Dwight Fry               Alice Cooper                    SGB9
Bandages                           Hot Hot Heat                    PHMR309
Bang And Blame                     R.E.M.                          PCDG45
                                   R.E.M.                          SD7
                                   R.E.M.                          SO207
Bang Bang                          Cher                            SGB10
Barbara Ann                        Beach Boys                      MM6341
                                   Beach Boys                      SC7517
Barely Breathing                   Duncan Sheik                    H2
                                   Duncan Sheik                    PCDG49
Basket Case                        Green Day                       AH8004
Bat Out Of Hell                    Meatloaf                        MM6033
Bats In The Belfry                 Children's                      SC7005
Battle Hymn Of Love, The           Kathy Mattea & Tim O'Brien      SC8128
Battle Hymn Of The Republic        Children's                      SC7007
Be Careful (Cuidado Con Me
                                   Ricky Martin                    SGB13
Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends Children's                      SC7007
Be My Baby Tonight                 John Michael Montgomery         PCDG217
                                   John Michael Montgomery         SC7522
Be My Lover                        Alice Cooper                    SGB9
Be My Lover (Dance Remix)          La Bouche                       SYB1072
Be With You                        Atomic Kitten                   SF200
                                   Enrique Iglesias                TT3
Beast Of Burden                    Rolling Stones                  UKK3102
Beat Goes On, The                  Cher (Duet)                     SGB10
Beau's All Night Radio Love Line   Joshua Kadison                  SD13
Beautiful                          Christina Aguilera              TU206
Beautiful In My Eyes               Joshua Kadison                  MMHP3
Beautiful Life                     Ace Of Base                     PCDG52
                                   Ace Of Base                     SYB1051
Beautiful Loser                    Bob Seger                       US1

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                                            Sorted by Song

Beautiful Stranger                  Madonna                              THM9909
Beautiful Sunday                    Daniel Boone                         MH16
Beauty And The Beast                Celine Dion                          BS9317
                                    Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson (Duet)    SO209
Be-Bop-A-Lula                       Gene Vincent                         SC7517
Because I Got High                  Afroman                              SC8720
                                    Afroman                              SF184
                                    Afroman                              SGB65
Because Of Love                     Janet Jackson                        SC8113
Because Of You                      98 Degrees                           SYB1012
                                    98 Degrees                           SYB1060
Because The Night                   10,000 Maniacs                       SC8113
Because You Love Me                 Celine Dion                          BS9317
Bedrock Anthem                      Weird Al Yankovic                    SC2267
Been Down So Long                   Doors                                SGB4
Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers      ZZ Top                               AH8009
Beer For My Horses                  Toby Keith & Willie Nelson (Duet)    THM307
                                    Toby Keith & Willie Nelson (Duet)    TT205
Beer Run                            Garth Brooks & George Jones          SGB66
                                    Garth Brooks & George Jones (Duet)   CB105
Beer Thirty                         Brooks & Dunn                        CB20161
Before The Next Teardrop Falls      Freddie Fender                       CBEP452- 2
                                    Freddie Fender                       SC7524
Before You Walk Out Of My Life      Monica                               PCDG44
Begin The Beguine                   Ella Fitzgerald                      PCDG303
Behind Blue Eyes                    Limp Bizkit                          SF213
                                    The Who                              AH8004
Behind Closed Doors                 Charlie Rich                         CB7
                                    Charlie Rich                         SC7507
Believe                             Cher                                 CB3
                                    Cher                                 SGB8
                                    Cher                                 SYB1060
                                    Elton John                           SD13
Believe (Dance Remix)               Cher                                 SYB1041
Believe Me Baby I Lied              Trisha Yearwood                      AH8016
Bella (She's All I Ever Had)        Ricky Martin                         SGB13
Bend It Until It Breaks             John Anderson                        SD11
Bennie & The Jets                   Elton John                           SC8427
Bent                                Matchbox 20                          TT3
Best Day, The                       George Strait                        PRID9044
Best Friend                         Brandy                               PCDG50
Best Of Intentions                  Travis Tritt                         CB20196
Best Of Me, The                     Bryan Adams                          TT3
Best Of My Love                     Eagles                               MM6032
Best Of Times, The                  Styx                                 SC8477
Best Things In Life Are Free, The   Luther Vandross                      PCDG51
Betcha By Golly Wow                 The Stylistics                       PCDG51

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                                           Sorted by Song

Beth                              Kiss                           AH8002
Bette Davis Eyes                  Kim Carnes                     MM6066
Better Day                        Ocean Colour Scene             SF116
Better Days                       Citizen King                   MMHP10
                                  Citizen King                   THM9910
Better Man                        Clint Black                    SO201
Better Man, A                     Pearl Jam                      RSZ601
Better The Devil You Know         Kylie Minogue                  SF7
Better Things To Do               Terri Clark                    CBEP460- 1
                                  Terri Clark                    MM6101
Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight   Bob Seger                      AH8020
                                  Bob Seger                      UKK3121
Between An Old Memory And Me      Travis Tritt                   SD11
Between You And Me                DC Talk                        H2
Beulah Land                       Gospel                         CB3
Beverly Hillbillies, The          TV Theme                       MM6031
BFD                               Kathy Mattea                   CB20194
B-I-B-L-E, The                    Children's                     SC7006
Big Bad John                      Jimmy Dean                     CBEP451- 3
                                  Jimmy Dean                     SGB41
Big Black Man                     The Full Monty                 SGB66
                                  The Full Monty (With Vocals)   SGB66
Big City                          Merle Haggard                  CBEP452- 4
Big Deal                          LeAnn Rimes                    SC8570
Big Heart                         Rodney Crowell                 MM6077
Big Love                          Tracy Byrd                     CBEP460- 4
Big Me                            Foo Fighters                   THM9606
Big Ol' Truck                     Toby Keith                     MM6101
                                  Toby Keith                     SC8186
Big One, The                      George Strait                  SD6
Big Ten Inch Record               Aerosmith                      SC8117
Biggest Part Of Me                Ambrosia                       PRIDLC2
Billion Dollar Babies             Alice Cooper                   SGB9
Bills, Bills, Bills               Destiny's Child                SGB18
                                  Destiny's Child                THM9909
                                  Destiny's Child                TT3
Billy Boy                         Children's                     SC7007
Bingo                             Children's                     SC7001
Bird Song, The                    Meridith Edwards               TT64
Bitch                             Meredith Brooks                SGB8
Bitch (Dance Remix)               Meredith Brooks                SYB1041
Bitter Sweet Symphony             Verve                          ET7
Bittersweet Me                    R.E.M.                         PCDG49
BJ The DJ                         Stonewall Jackson              CBEP451- 5
Black                             Pearl Jam                      RSZ601
Black Black Heart                 David Usher                    TTM6
Black Coffee In Bed               Squeeze                        MM6063

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                                  Sorted by Song

Black Cow                 Steely Dan                   H9
Black Velvet              Alannah Miles                SC7514
Black Water               Doobie Brothers              SC7509
Blame It On My Youth      Various                      SGB2
Blessed                   Elton John                   PCDG45
                          Elton John                   SD20
Blessed (Radio Version)   Martina McBride              SC8838
Blinded By The Light      Manfred Mann                 PRIDLC2
Blink                     Rosie Ribbons                SF197
Blister In The Sun        Violent Femmes               SC8477
Blow Me                   Adult Karaoke (Red Peters)   ADULT
Blowin' In The Wind       Peter, Paul, & Mary          SC7504
Blue                      Eiffel 65                    TT3
                          LeAnn Rimes                  AH8016
                          LeAnn Rimes                  CB45012
                          LeAnn Rimes                  CB5
                          LeAnn Rimes                  SGB15
                          LeAnn Rimes                  SYB1017
Blue (Remix)              A Perfect Circle             PHR0410
Blue Angel                Roy Orbison                  SO205
Blue Bayou                Linda Ronstadt               SC7523
                          Roy Orbison                  SO205
Blue Christmas            Elvis Presley                CB1
                          Elvis Presley                SD5
Blue Eyes Blue            Eric Clapton                 SGB30
Blue Monday               Fats Domino                  SC7508
Blue Moon                 Marcels                      MM6007
Blue Moon Of Kentucky     Patsy Cline                  CBEP451- 3
                          Patsy Cline                  MM6084
Blue Suede Shoes          Carl Perkins                 SC7513
                          Elvis Presley                MM6014
Blueberry Hill            Fats Domino                  SC7521
Blurry                    Puddle Of Mudd               TTM6
Bo Diddly                 Bo Diddly                    MM6074
Bobbie Ann Mason          Rick Trevino                 SD16
Bodies                    Drowning Pool                SC8720
Body And Soul             Anita Baker                  PCDG45
                          Various                      SGB2
Body To Body              Samantha Mumba               TT34
Bohemian Rhapsody         Queen                        SC7506
Boiler                    Limp Bizkit                  SC8720
Bollweevil                Children's                   SC7007
Bony Maronie              Larry Williams               MM6074
Boo                       Bless'd                      SF198
Boogie Child              Bee Gees                     BS8717
Boogie Wonderland         Earth, Wind, & Fire          SC8284
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy   Andrews Sisters              SC7505

                                      Page 12
                                             Sorted by Song

Book Of Love                         Monotones                      SC7513
Boot Scootin' Boogie                 Brooks & Dunn                  MM6017
                                     Brooks & Dunn                  SC7515
Bootylicious                         Destiny's Child                TT34
Bop                                  Dan Seals                      SC7552
Borderline                           Madonna                        SGB58
Born Country                         Alabama                        BS8317
Born In The U.S.A.                   Bruce Springsteen              UKK3103
Born On The Bayou                    Creedence Clearwater Revival   MM6058
Born To Be Alive                     Patrick Hernandez              SYB1040
Born To Be Wild                      Steppenwolf                    CB7
                                     Steppenwolf                    MM6006
                                     Steppenwolf                    SC8106
Born To Fly                          Sara Evans                     CB20196
Born To Run                          Bruce Springsteen              UKK3102
Born Under A Bad Sign                Cream                          DK1112
Both Sides Now                       Judy Collins                   DK51
Bouquet Of Roses                     Eddy Arnold                    CBEP451- 1
Box, The                             Randy Travis                   SD11
Boxer, The                           Simon & Garfunkel              DM101
Boy From New York City               The Ad Libs                    SC7525
Boy Is Mine, The                     Monica & Brandy                SGB6
Boys And Girls                       Good Charlotte                 PHM0309
Boys Are Back In Town, The           Bus Boys                       SGB5
Boys In The Hood                     Dynamite Hack                  SGB45
Brady Bunch, The                     TV Theme                       MM6031
Brahm's Lullaby                      Children's                     SC7004
Brand New Man                        Brooks & Dunn                  MM6077
Branded Man                          Merle Haggard                  SC8365
Brandy You're A Fine Girl            Looking Glass                  SC7513
Brazil                               Frank Sinatra                  DK99
Break Down Here                      Julie Roberts                  SD118
Break My Stride                      Matthew Wilder                 CBEP475- 1
Breakaway                            Kelly Clarkson                 PHM0410
Breakdown                            Tantric                        TT59
Breakfast At Tiffany's               Deep Blue Something            SC2057
Breakfast At Tiffany's (Dance Remix) Deep Blue Something            SYB1072
Breakfast In Birmingham              David Lee Murphy               SD37
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do            Neil Sedaka                    AH8004
                                     Neil Sedaka                    SO202
Breath                               Pearl Jam                      RSZ601
Breathe                              Faith Hill                     TT3
                                     Kylie Minogue                  SF7
                                     Melissa Etheridge              THP404
Breathless                           Corrs                          TT34
Brick House                          Commodores                     AH8021
Bridge Over Troubled Water           Simon & Garfunkel              DM101

                                                Page 13
                                         Sorted by Song

                                 Simon & Garfunkel        H5
Bridge Washed Out, The           Warner Mack              CBEP451- 6
Brilliant Disguise               Bruce Springsteen        UKK3102
Brimful Of Asha                  Cornershop               ET7
Bring Me Some Water              Melissa Etheridge        SD17
Bring Me Sunshine                Morcambe & Wise          SF842
Broadway                         Goo Goo Dolls            TT4
Broken Wings                     Mr. Mister               CBEP475- 1
Brown Eyed Girl                  Van Morrison             MM6033
                                 Van Morrison             MMHP2
                                 Van Morrison             SC7527
Brown Eyes                       Destiny's Child          PRID9076
Brown Sugar                      Rolling Stones           UKK3103
Bubblegoose                      Wyclef                   SGB12
Buffalo Stance                   Neneh Cherry             SC8477
Bug-A-Boo                        Destiny's Child          SGB30
                                 Destiny's Child          TT4
Building A Mystery               Sarah McLachlan          PCDG51
                                 Sarah McLachlan          SC8389
Bullet With Butterfly Wings      Smashing Pumpkins        PCDG51
Bungle In The Jungle             Jethro Tull              AH8002
Burn One Down                    Clint Black              SO201
Burning Down The House           Talking Heads            DK51
Burning Love                     Elvis Presley            SC7501
                                 Elvis Presley            SC8154
Bust A Move                      Young MC                 SC7523
But For The Grace Of God         Keith Urban              PRID9044
But I Do Love You                LeAnn Rimes              SC8705
                                 LeAnn Rimes              THMC106
But It's All Right               Huey Lewis & The News    MM6069
Butterfly                        Crazy Town               SF178
                                 Crazy Town               SGB53
Butterfly Kisses                 Bob Carlisle             MMHP8
                                 Bob Carlisle             PCDG52
By The Time I Get To Phoenix     Glen Campbell            CB60077
                                 Glen Campbell            SYB1049
By The Time This Night Is Over   Peabo Bryson & Kenny G   SO209
Bye Bye Bye                      N'Sync                   MM6297
                                 N'Sync                   TT4
Bye Bye Love                     Everly Brothers          CB6
                                 Everly Brothers          SC7508
Bye, Baby Bunting                Children's               SC7004
C. O. U. N. T. R. Y.             Joe Diffie               CBEP460- 1
Cab Driver (Quartet)             Mills Brothers (Duet)    AH8012
Cab Driver (Solo)                Mills Brothers           AH8012
Cabaret                          Liza Minelli             SC7505
Cactus In A Coffee Can           Jerry Kilgore            CB20193

                                            Page 14
                                               Sorted by Song

Calendar Girl                         Neil Sedaka                       SO202
California Dreamin'                   Mamas & The Papas                 MM6007
                                      Mamas & The Papas (Duet)          SC7508
California Girls                      Beach Boys                        SC7508
Californication                       Red Hot Chili Peppers             TT4
Call Me                               Le Click                          SYB1051
Call The Man                          Celine Dion                       BS9317
Calling                               Geri Halliwell                    SF184
Can I Stay With You                   Karyn White                       NT2050
                                      Karyn White                       SD7
Can I Trust You With My Heart         Travis Tritt                      CB453
Candle In The Wind                    Elton John                        MMHP5
                                      Elton John                        SC7530
Candy Kisses                          George Morgan                     CBEP451- 1
Candy Man                             Roy Orbison                       SO205
Can't Be Really Gone                  Tim McGraw                        CBEP460- 1
Can't Even Get The Blues              Reba McEntire                     CBEP452- 5
Can't Explain                         The Who                           PRIDLC2
Can't Fight The Moonlight             LeAnn Rimes                       KB220
Can't Fight This Feeling              REO Speedwagon                    MM6033
                                      REO Speedwagon                    MMHP2
Can't Get Enough                      DeBarge                           NT33
                                      Patty Loveless                    THM9903
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love         Barry White                       MM6055
                                      Taylor Dayne                      SAVP38
Can't Get Used To Losing You          Andy Williams                     SC7518
Can't Get You Out Of My Head          Kylie Minogue                     SC8796
                                      Kylie Minogue                     SF183
                                      Kylie Minogue                     SF7
Can't Help Falling In Love With You   Elvis Presley                     SC7521
                                      UB40                              MM6021
Can't Let Go                          Mariah Carey                      SO200
Can't Smile Without You               Barry Manilow                     MMHP4
Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You
                                      Aaron Neville                     SD15
(The Rain Song)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You            Lauryn Hill                       SGB6
Can't Tame The Lion                   Journey                           H2
Can't We Try                          Vonda Shepard & Dan Hill (Duet)   CBEP475- 4
Can't You See                         Marshall Tucker Band              AH8010
Can't You Tell                        Diamond Rio                       CB60327
Captain Of Her Heart                  Double                            SD20
Careful                               Guster                            SD4404
Caribbean Queen                       Billy Ocean                       MM6058
Carnival                              Natalie Merchant                  SYB1043
Carolina In My Mind                   James Taylor                      DK99
Carrie                                Europe                            CBEP475- 4
Carried Away                          George Strait                     CBEP460- 2

                                                  Page 15
                                            Sorted by Song

Carry On                           Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
Carry On My Wayward Son            Kansas                          PCDG43
Carrying Your Love With Me         George Strait                   CBEP460- 3
Case Of The Ex                     Mya                             SGB47
                                   Mya                             TT4
Cat Scratch Fever                  Ted Nugent                      AH8002
Catch A Falling Star               Perry Como                      SC7518
Catch The Sun                      Doves                           TT59
Cathy's Clown                      Everly Brothers                 SC7508
Cat's In The Cradle                Harry Chapin                    MM6037
                                   Harry Chapin                    SC7511
Cecilia                            Simon & Garfunkel               DM101
Celebration                        Kool & The Gang                 BL1
                                   Kool & The Gang                 CB1
                                   Kool & The Gang                 MM6016
                                   Kool & The Gang                 SC7511
C'est La Vie                       B'witched                       THM9905
Chain Of Fools                     Aretha Franklin                 SC7508
Chain Reaction                     Steps                           SF184
Chains                             Tina Arena                      THM9605
Champagne Supernova                Oasis                           THM9605
Chances Are                        Johnny Mathis                   AH8012
Change                             Sons Of The Desert              CB20181
Change Of Heart                    Judds                           NT1053
Change The World                   Eric Clapton                    H2
                                   Eric Clapton                    PCDG49
                                   Eric Clapton                    SGB20
Changes In Lattitude, Changes In
                                   Jimmy Buffett                   MM6032
Chantilly Lace                     Big Bopper                      CB3
                                   Big Bopper                      MM6006
                                   Big Bopper                      SC7527
Charlie Brown                      Coasters                        SC7504
Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy         Red Foley                       CBEP451- 1
Chattahoochee                      Alan Jackson                    CB3
                                   Alan Jackson                    SC7515
Chattanooga Choo Choo              Glenn Miller                    SC7528
Ch-check It Out                    Beastie Boys                    SC8883
Cheap Whiskey                      Martina McBride                 SC8838
Cheek To Cheek                     Ella Fitzgerald                 MM6005
Cheers                             TV Theme                        MM6031
                                   TV Theme                        SC8116
Cheeseburger In Paradise           Jimmy Buffett                   MM6032
Cherish                            Association                     DK51
                                   Association                     PCDG43
Cherokee Boogie                    BR5-49                          MM6179
Cherry Bomb                        John Mellencamp                 UKK3126

                                               Page 16
                                             Sorted by Song

Cherry Cherry                        Neil Diamond                                   BS9417
Chevy Van                            Sammy Johns                                    AH8002
Chicago (We Can Change The World) Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young                     LEG43
Childhood                            Michael Jackson                                SD15
China Girl                           David Bowie                                    SC8477
Chocolate Salty Balls                Chef                                           SGB12
Chop Suey                            System Of A Down                               SC8765
Christmas In Dixie                   Alabama                                        BS8317
Christmas Shoes, The                 Bob Carlisle                                   PHMC203
Christmas Song, The                  Christmas                                      MM6020
Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells
                                     Darkness                                       SF213
Church On Cumberland Road            Shenandoah                                     SC7552
City Lights                          Ray Price                                      CBEP451- 2
City Of Love                         Martina McBride                                SC8862
City Of New Orleans                  Arlo Guthrie                                   MH16
City Put The Country Back In Me, The Neal McCoy                                     SD8
Clarity                              John Mayer                                     THP404
Clementine                           Children's                                     SC7007
                                     Various                                        SC7528
Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial           Pam Tillis                                     CB453
Cleopatra's Cat                      Spin Doctors                                   MM6057
Click Click Boom                     Saliva                                         SC8720
Climb That Mountain High             Reba McEntire                                  MM6101
Clint Eastwood                       Gorillaz                                       SF178
Clocks                               Coldplay                                       SF36
Close My Eyes Forever                Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourn (Duet)                SC1027
Close To You                         Carpenters                                     CB8
                                     Maxi Priest                                    SC8486
Closer                               Nine Inch Nails                                AH8009
                                     Nine Inch Nails                                SGB12
Clown In Your Rodeo                  Kathy Mattea                                   SD14
C'mon C'mon                          Sheryl Crow                                    PHM302
C'mon 'N Ride It                     Quad City DJs                                  AH8006
Coal Miner's Daughter                Loretta Lynn                                   CB90073
                                     Loretta Lynn                                   SC7512
Coast Is Clear, The                  Scotty Emerick                                 SD118
Coat Of Many Colors                  Shania Twain & Alison Krauss & Union Station   SC8862
Cocaine                              Eric Clapton                                   CB45023
Cockles And Mussels                  Children's                                     SC7005
Cold And Empty                       Kid Rock                                       SD4404
Cold As Ice                          Foreigner                                      BS7517
Cold Gin                             Kiss                                           US1
Colour Of My Love, The               Celine Dion                                    BS9317
Come A Little Bit Closer             Jay & The Americans                            DK51
                                     Jay & The Americans                            MM6007
Come A Little Closer                 Lila McCann                                    SC8705

                                                 Page 17
                                            Sorted by Song

                                     Lila McCann                     TT64
Come And Get Your Love               Real McCoy                      SD15
                                     Redbone                         SC8427
Come As You Are                      Nirvana                         SO207
Come Clean                           Hilary Duff                     THP404
Come Dancing                         Kinks                           AH8013
Come Down                            Toad The Wet Sprocket           PCDG50
Come Go With Me                      Del Vikings                     SC7521
                                     Del Vikings                     SGB44
Come Into My World                   Kylie Minogue                   SF197
Come Monday                          Jimmy Buffett                   MM6024
                                     Jimmy Buffett                   MM6032
Come On                              Barry White                     NT1049
Come On Come On                      Mary Chapin Carpenter           PCDG217
Come On Over                         Christina Aguilera              TT4
                                     Shania Twain                    SC8570
                                     Shania Twain                    SGB19
Come Over                            Ailyah                          PHM0309
Come Rain Or Come Shine              Various                         PCDG303
Come Sail Away                       Eric Cartman                    SGB12
Come To My Window                    Melissa Etheridge               MM6069
Come To Poppa                        Bob Seger                       H5
Coming Up Short Again                Perfect Stranger                CB20181
Completely                           Michael Bolton                  SC8113
Complicated                          Avril Lavigne                   SF197
                                     Carolyn Dawn Johnson            PRID9075
                                     Carolyn Dawn Johnson            SC8705
Complicated (Radio Version)          Avril Lavigne                   SC8796
Concrete Angel                       Martina McBride                 SC8838
Confide In Me                        Kylie Minogue                   SF7
Constant Craving                     K.D. Lang                       SC7514
Constantly                           Immature                        NT1049
Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill,
                                     Beatles                         MM6059
Control                              Puddle Of Mudd                  SC8720
Convoy                               C.W. McCall                     CBEP452- 1
Cool To Be A Fool                    Joe Nichols                     SD112
Copacabana                           Barry Manilow                   MMHP7
                                     Barry Manilow                   SC7509
Cornflake Girl                       Tori Amos                       SC8486
Cotton Fields                        The Highwaymen                  SC7528
Could I Have This Dance              Anne Murray                     SC7512
Could It Be Forever                  David Cassidy                   ZK4
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love      Detroit Spinners                SAVP31
Couldn't Last A Moment               Collin Raye                     CB463
Could've Been                        Tiffany                         CBEP475- 5
Count Me In                          Deana Carter                    SD37
Count On Me                          Whitney Houston & CeCe Wynans   THM9605

                                               Page 18
                                          Sorted by Song

Count Your Blessings             Bing Crosby                     SGB37
Counting Blue Cars               Dishwalla                       PCDG49
Country In My Genes              Loretta Lynn                    CB20197
Country Sunshine                 Dottie West                     CBEP452- 1
Country Til I Die                John Anderson                   SD6
Cover Me                         Bruce Springsteen               UKK3103
Cowboy                           Kid Rock                        SGB66
Cowboy In Me, The                Tim McGraw                      CB60229
                                 Tim McGraw                      PHMC203
                                 Tim McGraw                      SC8798
Cowboy Take Me Away              Dixie Chicks                    SC7596
Cowboys Don't Cry                Eddy Raven                      CB20281
Cowgirl In The Sand              Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
Cracklin' Rose                   Neil Diamond                    BS9417
Crash And Burn                   Savage Garden                   TT4
Crash Boom Bang                  Roxette                         SD10
Crash Into Me                    Dave Matthews Band              H2
Crawlin'                         Linkin Park                     SGB65
                                 Linkin Park                     TT59
Crazy                            Britney Spears                  TT4
                                 Patsy Cline                     CB7
                                 Patsy Cline                     MM6084
                                 Patsy Cline                     SC7515
                                 Patsy Cline                     SYB1048
Crazy About Her                  Rod Stewart                     SO204
Crazy Arms                       Ray Price                       CBEP451- 2
Crazy Little Thing Called Love   Queen                           DK51
                                 Queen                           SC7511
Crazy Train                      Ozzy Osbourne                   SGB14
Creep                            Radiohead                       SO207
                                 TLC                             NT1049
                                 TLC                             PCDG44
Criminal                         Fiona Apple                     BCI204
                                 Fiona Apple                     SC8448
Crocodile Rock                   Elton John                      SC7509
Cruel To Be Kind                 Nick Lowe                       SC8427
Cruisin'                         Smokey Robinson                 DK99
Crumblin' Down                   John Mellencamp                 UKK3126
Crush                            Mansy Moore                     SC8720
Cry Like A Baby                  Kasey Chambers                  CB20272
Crying                           Roy Orbison                     SO205
Crystal Chandeliers              Charley Pride                   CBEP451- 5
Crystal Gayle                    Crystal Gayle                   SYB1049
Crystal Ship                     Doors                           UKK3101
Cut The Cake                     Average White Band              MM6279
Da' Butt                         E.U.                            SC8117
Da Doo Ron Ron                   Crystals                        SC7513

                                             Page 19
                                            Sorted by Song

Daddy's Hands                      Holly Dunn                             SC7512
Daddy's Money                      Ricochet                               AH8016
                                   Ricochet                               CBEP460- 4
                                   Ricochet                               PRID9044
Dammit Janet                       Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)       SC8472
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover       Sophie B. Hawkins                      MM6057
Dance The Night Away               Van Halen                              AH8009
Dance With Me                                                         112 SC8726
                                   Orleans                                PCDG43
Dance, Dance, Dance                Steve Miller Band                      N107
Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah,
                                   Chic                                  SAVP31
Yowsah, Yowsah)
                                   Chic                                  SYB1040
Dance, The                         Garth Brooks                          MM6019
                                   Garth Brooks                          PCDG201
                                   Garth Brooks                          SC7510
Dancin' In The Moonlight           King Harvest                          MH16
Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard Alabama                                CBEP460- 3
Dancing In The Dark                Bruce Springsteen                     UKK3101
Dancing In The Street              Martha & The Vandellas                CB9
Dancing Queen                      ABBA                                  BCI182
                                   ABBA                                  PRID1350
                                   ABBA                                  PRID9013
                                   ABBA                                  SGB58
Dang Me                            Roger Miller                          CBEP451- 5
Daniel                             Elton John                            SC7530
Danny Boy                          Various                               SC7528
Danny's Song                       Anne Murray                           SC7524
                                   Kenny Loggins                         AH8010
Dare To Be Stupid                  Weird Al Yankovic                     SC2267
Dark Lady                          Cher                                  DK52
                                   Cher                                  SGB10
Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do) Shenandoah                            SD16
Daughter                           Pearl Jam                             RSZ601
Day (That You Gave Me A Son), The Babyface                               PCDG52
Day Dream Believer                 Monkees                               SC7517
Daydreamin'                        Tatyana Ali                           SYB1051
Day-O (Banana Boat Song)           Harry Belafonte                       SC7506
Days Of Our Lives                  James Otto                            SC8862
Days Of Wine And Roses, The        Andy Williams                         PCDG303
                                   Various                               SGB1
Dazed And Confused                 Led Zeppelin                          US1
Dead Babies                        Alice Cooper                          SGB9
Dead Beat Club                     B-52's                                DK49
Dear Lie                           TLC                                   MM6297
Dear Prudence                      Beatles                               MM6059
December                           Collective Soul                       SC2057

                                               Page 20
                                            Sorted by Song

December '63 (Oh! What A Night)   Four Seasons                           MM6058
                                  Four Seasons                           MMHP4
Deck The Halls                    Christmas                              CK1
Deep And Wide                     Children's                             SC7006
Deeper Than The Holler            Randy Travis                           CBEP452- 6
                                  Randy Travis                           PCDG201
                                  Randy Travis                           SC7552
Déjà Vu                           Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young          LEG43
Delilah                           Tom Jones                              SC7517
                                  Tom Jones                              SF16
Delta Dawn                        Tanya Tucker                           SC7507
                                  Tanya Tucker                           SYB1049
Denis Denis                       Blondie                                LEG84
Dentist                           Little Shop Of Horrors                 MAG6175
Dentist!                          Little Shop Of Horrors                 SC2231
Desert Rose                       Sting                                  MM6297
Designated Drinkers               Alan Jackson & George Strait (Duet)    CB60229
Desire                            U2                                     CB40050
Desperado                         Alice Cooper                           SGB9
                                  Clint Black                            SO201
                                  Eagles                                 BS9017
Desperately Wanting               Better Than Ezra                       PCDG49
                                  Better Than Ezra                       PCDG50
                                  Better Than Ezra                       SC8448
Detachable Penis                  Adult Karaoke (King Missile)           ADULT
Detroit Breakdown                 J. Geils Band                          SC8397
Detroit City                      Bobby Bare                             CBEP451- 4
Devil In Disguise                 Elvis Presley                          SC7501
                                  Elvis Presley                          SC8154
Devil Went Down To Georgia, The   Charlie Daniels                        CB9
                                  Charlie Daniels                        SC7516
Devil Woman                       Marty Robbins                          CBEP451- 3
Diamonds And Rust                 Joan Baez                              SC8477
Diana                             Paul Anka                              SO202
Diary                             Alicia Keys                            SC8883
Did I Shave My Legs For This      Deana Carter                           SYB1017
Didn't We Almost Have It All      Whitney Houston                        CBEP475- 4
Die Another Day                   Madonna                                SF198
Difficult Kind, The               Sheryl Crow                            SGB30
                                  Sheryl Crow                            TT4
Diggin' On You                    TLC                                    PCDG44
Dilema                            Nelly Featuring Kelly Rowland (Duet)   CB30028
Dilemma                           Nelly                                  SF197
Dinah-Moe Humm                    Frank Zappa                            SC8169
Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Car Line Cherry Poppin' Daddys                  SGB7
Dip It Low                        Christina Milian & Fabolous (Duet)     SC8883
Dirty Diana                       Michael Jackson                        CBEP475- 5

                                               Page 21
                                            Sorted by Song

Dirty Laundry                       Don Henley                           BCI190
Dirty White Boy                     Foreigner                            SGB14
Disco Nights                        GQ                                   SYB1040
Discoteque                          U2                                   H9
Dissident                           Pearl Jam                            RSZ601
Distance, The                       Cake                                 SC8448
Distant Sun                         Crowded House                        NT32
D-I-V-O-R-C-E                       Tammy Wynette                        SC7507
Dixie                               Various                              SC7528
Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk      Trent Willmon                        CB60327
Dixieland Delight                   Alabama                              BS8317
                                    Alabama                              CBEP452- 5
Do Lord                             Children's                           SC7006
Do Wah Diddy                        DJ Otzi                              SF184
Do Ya                               K.T. Oslin                           CB60028
                                    K.T. Oslin                           CBEP452- 6
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy                Rod Stewart                          SC7503
                                    Rod Stewart                          SO204
Do You Know                         Robyn                                PCDG50
Do You Know What I Mean             Lee Michaels                         SD17
Do You Love Me                      Brian Poole & The Tremeloes          SF38
                                    Contours                             MM6036
Do You Sleep                        Lisa Loeb                            SYB1043
Do You Want To Get Funky            C+C Music Factory                    NT2050
Do You Want To Know A Secret        Beatles                              MM6059
Do Your Ears Hang Low               Children's                           SC7001
Dock Of The Bay                     Otis Redding                         SC7527
Doctor Doctor                       Thompson Twins                       MM6063
Doctor Time                         Rick Trevino                         SD9
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your
                                    George Strait                        SC7552
Does He Love You                    Reba McEntire & Linda Davis (Duet)   CB453
                                    Reba McEntire & Linda Davis (Duet)   SC7524
Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On
                                    Toby Keith                           CBEP460- 2
Doesn't Really Matter               Janet Jackson                        TT4
Don't Be Angry                      Stonewall Jackson                    CBEP451- 5
Don't Be Cruel                      Elvis Presley                        MM6014
                                    Elvis Presley                        SC7501
                                    Elvis Presley                        SC8154
Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love
                                    Shania Twain                         BS9517
                                    Shania Twain                         CB90035
                                    Shania Twain                         CBEP460- 5
                                    Shania Twain                         SGB19
Don't Close Your Eyes               Keith Whitley                        SC7524
Don't Come Cryin' To Me             Vince Gill                           THM9903
Don't Come Home A Drinkin           Loretta Lynn                         CBEP451- 6
Don't Cry Daddy                     Elvis Presley                        MM6014

                                                 Page 22
                                               Sorted by Song

                                       Elvis Presley                           SC7521
Don't Cry For Me Argentina             Madonna                                 SC8127
Don't Cry Out Loud                     Melissa Manchester                      SC7523
Don't Disturb This Groove              System                                  SYB1012
Don't Dream It's Over                  Crowded House                           AH8013
Don't Ever Touch Me (Again)            Dionne Farris                           SD17
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer      Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes               SC8128
                                       Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes (Duet)        SC8128
Don't Fence Me In                      Bing Crosby (Duet)                      AH8012
Don't Forget To Remember               Bee Bees                                BS8717
Don't Get Around Much Anymore          Frank Sinatra                           MM6075
                                       Various                                 PCDG303
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue       Crystal Gayle                           CB3
                                       Crystal Gayle                           SC7507
Don't Keep Me Hangin' On               Sonny James                             CBEP452- 1
Don't Know Much                        Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt (Duet)   MON1018
Don't Know Why                         Norah Jones                             CB30028
                                       Norah Jones                             SC8796
Don't Leave Home                       Dido                                    SD4404
Don't Leave Me This Way                Thelma Houston                          SYB1040
Don't Let Go (Love)                    En Vogue                                H2
Don't Let Me Cross Over                Carl & Pearl Butler                     CBEP451- 4
Don't Let Me Down                      Will Young                              SF200
Don't Let Me Get Me                    Pink                                    SC8796
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away Vince Gill                              CB453
Don't Make It Easy For Me              Earl Thomas Conley                      PCDG217
Don't Make It So Hard On Me            Sam & Dave                              SAVP31
Don't Make Me Beg                      Steve Holy                              SC8570
Don't Mess With My Man                 Nivea                                   CB30028
Don't Rock The Jukebox                 Alan Jackson                            PCDG201
                                       Alan Jackson                            SC7524
Don't Say Goodbye Girl                 Tevin Campbell                          SD10
Don't Speak                            No Doubt                                BL08
Don't Stop                             Fleetwood Mac                           MM6024
                                       Fleetwood Mac                           SC7525
                                       Wade Hayes                              MM6101
                                       Wade Hayes                              SC8186
Don't Take It Away                     Conway Twitty                           CBEP452- 3
Don't Take The Girl                    Tim McGraw                              SC7522
Don't Tell Me                          Avril Lavigne                           PHM406
                                       Lee Ann Womack                          CB20161
Don't Tell Me What To Do               Pam Tillis                              MM6080
Don't Tell Me You're Sorry             S Club 8                                SF213
Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At
                                       Mickey Gilley                           CBEP452- 2
Closing Time
Don't Think Twice It's Alright         Eric Clapton & Bob Dylan                AH8006
Don't Touch Me                         Jeannie Seely                           CBEP451- 6

                                                   Page 23
                                               Sorted by Song

Don't Turn Around                     Ace Of Base                  MM6069
                                      Ace Of Base                  SD1
Don't Wanna Lose You                  Lionel Richie                THM9605
Don't Worry Baby                      Beach Boys                   DK52
Don't Worry Be Happy                  Bobby McFerrin               SC7503
Don't Worry 'Bout Me                  Marty Robbins                CBEP451- 3
Don't You (Forget About Me)           Simple Minds                 CBEP475- 1
Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting
                                      Ronnie Milsap                MM6088
Don't You Know What I Can Do          Steve Winwood                SD3
Don't You Want Me                     Human League (Duet)          SC8427
Doo Wah Diddy                         Manfred Mann                 LEG5
                                      Manfred Mann                 SC7513
Doo Wop                               Lauryn Hill                  SGB6
Down At The Twist And Shout           Mary Chapin Carpenter        SC7516
Down Came A Blackbird                 Lila McCann                  CBEP460- 4
Down Home                             Alabama                      BS8317
Down In Flames                        Blackhawk                    SD9
Down In Tennessee                     Mark Chesnutt                SC8186
Down So Long                          Jewel                        CB40001
Down With The Sickness                Disturbed                    SC8720
Downfall                              Matchbox 20                  SD4404
Downtime                              Jo Dee Messina               SC8705
Downtown                              Petula Clark                 SC7517
Downtown Train                        Rod Stewart                  BS6717
                                      Rod Stewart                  SO204
Dr. Feelgood                          Motley Crue                  LG114
Dream Away                            Babyface & Lisa Stansfield   SD7
Dream Baby                            Roy Orbison                  SO205
Dream Lover                           Bobby Darin                  DK2005
                                      Bobby Darin                  DK51
Dream On                              Depeche Mode                 TT59
Dream On Dreamer                      Brand New Heavies            PCDG52
Dreamgirls                            Dreamgirls                   SC8127
Dreaming Of You                       Selena                       PCDG44
Dreamlover                            Mariah Carey                 MM6030
                                      Mariah Carey                 SO200
Dreams                                Cranberries                  MM6078
                                      Cranberries                  SO208
Dreydl, The                           Children's                   SC7005
Drift Away                            Dobie Gray                   SC7519
Drift Off To Dream                    Travis Tritt                 MM6080
Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie             Michael Peterson             CBEP460- 6
Drinkin' Bone                         Tracy Byrd                   SC8862
Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye              Charlie Daniels              SC8455
Drinking My Baby Off My Mind          Eddie Rabbitt                CBEP452- 2
Drive                                 Incubus                      SGB65
                                      Incubus                      TT59

                                                  Page 24
                                          Sorted by Song

                                 Steve Wariner                           MM6080
Drive Me Wild                    Sawyer Brown                            THM9902
Drive My Car                     Beatles                                 MM6059
Drops Of Jupiter                 Train                                   SGB65
Dry Bones                        Children's                              SC7002
Drying                           Roy Orbison                             SC7502
Dude                             Beenie Man & Ms Thing (Duet)            PHM0410
Duke Of Earl                     Gene Chandler                           SC7502
Dukes Of Hazzard Theme           Waylon Jennings                         SC8365
Dumas Walker                     Kentucky Headhunters                    SC7522
Duncan                           Simon & Garfunkel                       DM101
Dust In The Wind                 Kansas                                  SC7526
                                 Sara Brightman                          SYB1043
Earth, The Sun, The Rain, The    Color Me Badd                           THM9606
Ease My Mind                     Arrested Development                    NT1049
Easier Said Than Done            Essex                                   MM6006
Eastbound And Down               Jerry Reed                              CBEP452- 2
Easy                             Commodores                              MMHP6
Easy Loving                      Freddie Hart                            CBEP452- 1
Eddie                            Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)        SC8472
Edge Of A Broken Heart           Vixen                                   SC1027
Eentsy Weentsy Spider            Children's                              SC7002
Eighteen Wheels An A Dozen Roses Kathy Mattea                            SC7516
El Paso                          Marty Robbins                           SC7522
El Paso City                     Marty Robbins                           CB45202
                                 Marty Robbins                           CBEP452- 2
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter Pearl Jam                               RSZ601
Electric Boogie                  Marcia Griffiths                        SC7514
Electric Slide                   Various                                 MM6016
Electrolite                      R.E.M.                                  PCDG51
Elemental                        Tears For Fears                         PCDG50
Elvira                           Oak Ridge Boys                          SC7507
                                 Oak Ridge Boys                          SYB1049
Emotion                          Destiny's Child                         PRID9076
                                 Destiny's Child                         SC8726
Emotional Girl                   Terri Clark                             CBEP460- 5
Emotions                         Mariah Carey                            SO200
End Of The Road                  Boyz II Men                             CB5
                                 Boyz II Men                             MM6030
                                 Boyz II Men                             SC7514
                                 Boyz II Men                             SYB1012
End Of The World                 Allison Paige                           CB20188
                                 Skeeter Davis                           MM6007
                                 Skeeter Davis                           SC7510
Endless Love                     Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (Duet)       SC7519
                                 Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross (Duet)   SO200
Enjoy Yourself                   The Jacksons                            SAVP38

                                              Page 25
                                            Sorted by Song

Enough Of Me                         Melissa Etheridge                      MM6297
Erotic City                          Prince (Duet)                          AH8021
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)        Rupert Holmes                          PCDG51
Especially For You                   Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan (Duet)   SF7
Eternal Flame                        Bangles                                CBEP475- 6
                                     Bangles                                SGB58
Eve Of Destruction                   Barry McGuire                          DK99
Even Flow                            Pearl Jam                              RSZ601
Everbody Wants You                   Josh Kelley                            SD4404
Evergreen                            Barbra Streisand                       SC7506
Everlasting Love                     Gloria Estefan                         SD10
Every Breath I Take                  Gene Pitney                            SO202
Every Breath You Take                Police                                 MM6063
Every Light In The House Is On       Trace Adkins                           CBEP460- 2
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Police                                 MM6063
Every Morning                        Sugar Ray                              SYB1060
                                     Sugar Ray                              THM9904
Every Other Time                     LFO                                    SC8726
Every Rose Has Its Thorn             Poison                                 SGB14
Every Time Two Fools Collide         Kenny Rogers & Dottie West             SC8128
Every Which Way But Loose            Eddie Rabbitt                          CBEP452- 3
Everybody Cries                      Liberty X                              SF213
Everybody Knows                      Trisha Yearwood                        CBEP460- 6
Everybody Loves Somebody             Dean Martin                            CB4
                                     Dean Martin                            MM6075
                                     Dean Martin                            SC7518
Everybody Plays The Fool             Main Ingredient                        MM6279
Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears For Fears                           MM6063
Everybody's Gotta Grow Up
                                     Sons Of The Desert                     CB20194
Everyday                             Bon Jovi                               CB30028
                                     Bon Jovi                               SF197
                                     Dave Matthews Band                     SGB66
                                     Phil Collins                           SC8113
Everyday Is A Winding Road           Sheryl Crow                            H2
Everyday Is A Winding Road (Dance
                                     Sheryl Crow                            SYB1072
Everything                           Alanis Morissette                      PHM406
                                     FeFe Dobson                            SD4404
                                     Jody Watley                            MM6030
Everything About You                 Ugly Kid Joe                           AH8009
                                     Ugly Kid Joe                           SGB14
Everything Falls Apart               Dog's Eye View                         THM9605
Everything Happens To Me             Various                                SGB2
Everything Is Everything             Lauryn Hill                            SGB30
                                     Lauryn Hill                            THM9910
                                     Lauryn Hill                            TT4
Everything You Want                  Vertical Horizon                       TT4

                                                Page 26
                                         Sorted by Song

Everything's Changed             Lonestar                           THM9811
Everytime I Close My Eyes        Babyface                           SYB1012
Everywhere                       Michelle Branch                    PRID9076
                                 Michelle Branch                    SC8726
Evil On Your Mind                Jan Howard                         CBEP451- 6
Ex-Factor                        Lauryn Hill                        SGB6
                                 Lauryn Hill                        THM9904
Exhale                           Whitney Houston                    PCDG44
Expressway To Your Heart         Blues Brothers                     MM6058
F.U.R.B.                         Frankee                            PHM406
Faded Love                       Patsy Cline                        CBEP451- 4
                                 Patsy Cline                        MM6084
                                 Patsy Cline                        SC7524
Failure's Not Flattering         New Found Glory                    PHR0410
Faith                            George Michael                     CBEP475- 4
                                 George Michael                     MMHP6
                                 George Michael                     MMHP9
Faith In Me, Faith In You        Doug Stone                         NT1053
                                 Doug Stone                         SD16
Faithfully                       Journey                            MMHP6
Fall Down                        Toad The Wet Sprocket              MM6057
Fall In Love                     Kenny Chesney                      CBEP460- 4
Fallin'                          Alicia Keys                        PRID9076
                                 Alicia Keys                        SGB65
Fame                             Irene Cara                         SC7523
Family Affair                    Mary J. Blige                      SC8720
                                 Shabba Ranks                       SO208
                                 Sly & The Family Stone             SAVP31
Family Man                       Hall & Oates                       SO209
Family Portrait                  Pink                               CB30028
                                 Pink                               SF200
Family Tradition                 Hank Williams, Jr.                 PCDG201
                                 Hank Williams, Jr.                 SC7522
Famous Final Scene, The          Bob Seger                          AH8020
                                 Bob Seger                          UKK3121
Fancy                            Reba McEntire                      MM6017
                                 Reba McEntire                      SC7522
Fanfare Don't Dream It           Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)   SC8472
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)   Bee Gees                           PCDG43
Far Behind                       Candlebox                          SO207
Farewell Party                   Gene Watson                        CBEP452- 3
Fast Car                         Tracy Chapman                      AH8010
Fast Love                        George Michael                     SYB1043
                                 George Michael                     THM9606
Fat Bottomed Girls               Queen                              SC8169
Fat Lip                          Sum 41                             SGB65
Father Figure                    George Michael                     CBEP475- 4

                                             Page 27
                                         Sorted by Song

Feed Me                         Little Shop Of Horrors (Duet)   SC2231
Feed My Frankenstein            Alice Cooper                    SGB9
Feel Like Makin' Love           Ned Gerblansky                  SGB12
                                Roberta Flack                   DK51
                                Roberta Flack                   SC7546
Feel Your Love Tonight          Van Halen                       SGB4
Feelin'                         Jodeci                          NT1049
Feelin' On Yo Booty             R. Kelly                        SC8726
Feelin' So Good                 Jennifer Lopez                  TT4
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good       Nickelback                      SC8883
Feelings                        Morris Albert                   SC7518
Feels So Right                  Alabama                         SC7510
Feliz Navidad                   Christmas                       MM6020
Female Bonding                  Brett James                     MM6101
Femininity                      Eric Benet                      PCDG51
Fever                           Elvis Presley                   MM6014
Fields Of Gray                  Bruce Hornsby                   MM6021
Fight For Your Right To Party   Beastie Boys                    AH8006
Fightin' Side Of Me, The        Merle Haggard                   CBEP452- 1
Finish What We Started          Diamond Rio                     MM6101
Fire                            Ohio                            MM6279
Fire And Rain                   James Taylor                    MM6032
Fire Down Below, The            Bob Seger                       AH8006
                                Bob Seger                       H5
Fire In The Night               Alabama                         BS8317
Fire Lake                       Bob Seger                       AH8020
                                Bob Seger                       UKK3121
Fireman, The                    George Strait                   H9
First Noel, The                 Christmas                       MM6020
First Step, The                 Tracy Byrd                      MM6080
                                Tracy Byrd                      SD11
Fish Ain't Bitin'               David Lee Murphy                MM6080
Fishin' In The Dark             Nitty Gritty Dirt Band          CBEP452- 5
Fist City                       Loretta Lynn                    CB90073
Five Minutes                    Lorrie Morgan                   SGB15
Five O'Clock Somewhere          Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett    TT205
Flame, The                      Cheap Trick                     CBEP475- 5
Flap Your Wings                 Nelly                           SC8883
Flashdance                      Irene Cara                      SC7503
Flavor Of The Weak              American Hi-Fi                  SGB53
                                American Hi-Fi                  TT59
Flintstones, The                TV Theme                        MM6031
Flowers                         Sweet Female Attitude           SGB47
                                Sweet Female Attitude           TT4
Flowers On The Wall             Eric Heatherly                  CB20181
                                Statler Brothers                PCDG217
Fly Away                        Lenny Kravitz                   MMHP10

                                            Page 28
                                       Sorted by Song

                              Lenny Kravitz                   SGB11
Fly Away From Here            Aerosmith                       TT59
Fly By Night & In The Mood    Rush                            US1
Fly Like An Eagle             Steve Miller Band               N107
                              Steve Miller Band               SGB34
Follow Me                     Uncle Cracker                   SGB53
Follow You Down               Gin Blossoms                    CB40210
                              Gin Blossoms                    PCDG49
Fool I'm A Woman              Sara Evans                      THM9907
Fool To Cry                   Rolling Stones                  UKK3102
Fool, The                     Lee Ann Womack                  CBEP460- 5
Foolish Beat                  Debbie Gibson                   CBEP475- 5
Foolish Games                 Jewel                           CB40001
Fools Shine On                Brother Cane                    PCDG50
Footloose                     Kenny Loggins                   SC7506
For A Change                  Neal McCoy                      CBEP460- 1
                              Neal McCoy                      SD9
For Herself                   Reba McEntire                   NT1053
For My Broken Heart           Reba McEntire                   MM6017
For Once In My Life           Vikki Carr                      MM6005
                              Vikki Carr                      MM6037
For Once In Our Lives         Paul Carrack                    SC8389
For The Cool In You           Babyface                        PCDG45
For The First Time            Kenny Loggins                   H2
                              Kenny Loggins                   PCDG51
For The Good Times            Ray Price                       SC7524
For The Love Of Money         The O'Jays                      SAVP31
For What It's Worth           Buffalo Springfield             SC7506
                              Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
For You I Will                Aaron Tippin                    THM9811
Forever And Ever Amen         Randy Travis                    SC7510
Forever In Blue Jeans         Neil Diamond                    AH7051
                              Neil Diamond                    BS9417
Forever In My Heart           Jump 5                          TU206
Forever Love                  Kenny Loggins                   SC8477
Forever Loving You            John Rich                       CB20282
                              John Rich                       CB60218
Forever Works For Me          Neal McCoy                      CB20181
Forever Young                 Rod Stewart                     SO204
Forever's As Far As I'll Go   Alabama                         BS8317
Forgivin'                     Alanis Morissette               SGB8
Fortunate                     Maxwell                         THM9908
Forty Hour Week               Alabama                         BS8317
                              Alabama                         MM6088
Found A Peanut                Children's                      SC7007
Found Out About You           Gin Blossoms                    CB40210
                              Gin Blossoms                    MM6057

                                          Page 29
                                           Sorted by Song

                                   Gin Blossoms                PCDG44
Framed                             Coasters                    MM6074
Free At Last                       DC Talk                     NT2050
                                   DC Talk                     NT50
Free Bird                          Lynyrd Skynyrd              SC7530
Free Ride                          Edgar Winter                PCDG43
Freedom                            Wham                        DK52
Friend Of The Devil                Grateful Dead               AH8010
Friends                            John Michael Montgomery     MM6179
Friends Don't Drive Friends To
                                   Deryl Dodd                  MM6179
Friends In Low Places              Garth Brooks                CB2
                                   Garth Brooks                MM6019
Froggie Went A-Courtin'            Children's                  SC7003
From A Distance                    Bette Midler                SC7514
From Here To Eternity              Michael Peterson            CBEP460- 6
From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Britney Spears              SGB30
                                   Britney Spears              TT4
From This Moment On                Shania Twain                BS9517
                                   Shania Twain                CB90035
                                   Shania Twain                CHM798
                                   Shania Twain                SGB17
                                   Shania Twain                SGB19
                                   Shania Twain                SYB1017
Frozen (Dance Remix)               Madonna                     SYB1041
F-Troop                            TV Theme                    MM6031
Fugitive, The                      Merle Haggard               SC8365
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy           Sarah McLachlan             PCDG51
Fun Of Your Love, The              Jennifer Day                SC8590
Fun, Fun, Fun                      Beach Boys                  DK51
Funkdafied                         Da Brat                     NT2050
Funky Cold Medina                  Tone Loc                    SC8117
Funkytown                          Lipps, Inc.                 SYB1040
Funny Face                         Donna Fargo                 CBEP452- 1
Galveston                          Glen Campbell               CBEP451- 6
Gambler, The                       Kenny Rogers                SC7512
                                   Kenny Rogers                SYB1049
Game Of Love                       Santana & Michelle Branch   SC8813
                                   Santana & Michelle Branch   SF200
Gang Bang                          Black Lace                  SF834
Gansta's Paradise                  Coolio                      AH8006
Garden Party                       Ricky Nelson                SC7509
Generation Landslide               Alice Cooper                SGB9
Genie In A Bottle                  Christina Aguilera          CB8
                                   Christina Aguilera          SGB18
                                   Christina Aguilera          THM9910
Georgia On My Mind                 Ray Charles                 PCDG49
                                   Ray Charles                 SC7505

                                              Page 30
                                              Sorted by Song

German Lullaby                        Children's                               SC7004
Get Busy                              Sean Paul                                SF206
Get Down On It                        Kool & The Gang                          SF32
Get It On Tonight                     Montell Jordan                           MM6297
Get Me To The Church On Time          My Fair Lady                             SC8127
Get Off Of My Cloud                   Rolling Stones                           BS9217
                                      Rolling Stones                           UKK3103
Get Over It                           Eagles                                   BS9017
Get Ready                             Rare Earth                               DK52
Get Rythm                             Johnny Cash                              PCDG217
Get The Party Started (Radio Version) Pink                                     SC8796
Get Up On It                          Keith Sweat Featuring Kut Klose (Duet)   MM6078
Getawy Car                            Jenkins                                  CB60327
Gettin' Jiggy With It                 Will Smith                               SGB6
Gettin' Jiggy With It (Dance Remix)   Will Smith                               SYB1072
Getting To Know You                   King & I                                 SC8127
Gilligan's Island                     TV Theme                                 MM6031
                                      TV Theme                                 PCDG49
Gimme All Your Lovin'                 ZZ Top                                   SF16
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'               Crazy Elephant                           MH16
Gimme Some Lovin'                     Spencer Davis Group                      MM6058
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon          Urge Overkill                            SO207
Girls Girls Girls                     Motley Crue                              LG114
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun             Cyndi Lauper                             CB3
Girls Night Out                       Judds                                    PCDG201
Give                                  Dishwalla                                H9
Give A Little Love                    The Judds                                CBEP452- 6
Give It Away                          Red Hot Chili Peppers                    SO207
Give It Up                            KC & The Sunshine Band                   AH8021
Give Me Forever (I Do)                John Tesh & James Ingram                 MMHP9
Give Me Just A Little More Time       Chairman Of The Board                    MM6279
Give Me Oil In My Lamp                Children's                               SC7006
Give Me One More Shot                 Alabama                                  SD12
Give Me One Reason                    Tracy Chapman                            SC7587
                                      Tracy Chapman                            THM9605
Give Me The Night                     Randy Crawford                           SF116
Give My Heart To You                  Billy Ray Cyrus                          THM9907
Glorified G                           Pearl Jam                                RSZ601
Glory Days                            Bruce Springsteen                        UKK3101
Glory Of Love, The                    Peter Cetera                             CBEP475- 2
Gloryland                             Daryll Hall                              SO209
Go                                    Pearl Jam                                RSZ601
Go All The Way                        Raspberries                              SC8169
Go Away                               Lorrie Morgan                            CBEP460- 4
                                      Lorrie Morgan                            SYB1017
Go Rest High On That Mountain         Vince Gill                               CBEP460- 1
God Bless America                     Various                                  BCI186

                                                  Page 31
                                                Sorted by Song

                                     Various                                  SC7528
God Bless America, We Will Rock
                                     Standard                                 SGB58
You, & We Are The Champions
God Bless The Child                  Billie Holiday                           MM6055
                                     Shania Twain                             CB90035
                                     Shania Twain                             SGB19
God Bless The USA                    American Idol                            TU206
                                     Jump 5                                   TU206
                                     Lee Greenwood                            BCI186
God Blessed Texas                    Little Texas                             SC7522
God Gave Me You                      Bryan White                              CB20161
God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You         Kiss                                     SGB4
God Must Have Spent (A Little More
                                     Alabama                                  SGB17
Time On You)
                                     N'Sync                                   CB10
                                     N'Sync                                   SGB18
                                     N'Sync                                   SYB1012
God Must Have Spent (A Little More
                                     N'Sync                                   MMHP1
Time You)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face       Coldplay                                 SF207
                                     Coldplay                                 SF36
God's Will                           Martina McBride                          SC8862
Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)              Dixie Chicks                             TT205
Goes Good With Beer                  John Michael Montgomery                  CB60327
Goin' Home                           Buddy Guy                                NT1049
Going Out Of My Head Over You        Little Anthony & The Imperials           MM6074
Going Under                          Evanescence                              TT217
Gone                                 Ferlin Husky                             CBEP451- 2
Gone Away                            Offspring                                SC8448
Gone Country                         Alan Jackson                             SC7596
                                     Alan Jackson                             SD8
Gone Crazy                           Alan Jackson                             SGB17
Gonna Be Some Changes Made           Bruce Hornsby                            PHR0410
Gonna Get A Life                     Mark Chesnutt                            CBEP460- 5
                                     Mark Chesnutt                            NT1053
Gonna Make You Sweat                 C+C Music Factory                        MM6058
Good As I Was To You                 Lorrie Morgan                            CBEP460- 6
Good Enough                          Sarah McLachlan                          SD7
Good For Me                          Bob Seger                                AH8020
                                     Bob Seger                                UKK3121
Good Golly Miss Molly                Little Richard                           MM6007
Good Hearted Woman                   Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings (Duet)   SC7510
Good Life, The                       Tony Bennett                             MM6075
Good Luck Charm                      Elvis Presley                            SC7521
Good Morning Heartache               Various                                  SGB1
Good Night Sweetheart                The Spaniels                             SC7526

                                                   Page 32
                                          Sorted by Song

Good Ol' Boys (Theme From The
                                  Waylon Jennings                CBEP452- 4
Dukes Of Hazzard)
Good Thing                        Fine Young Cannibals           AH8002
Good Times                        Anita Cochran                  CB20188
                                  Chic                           SAVP31
                                  Edie Brickell                  SD3
Good Vibration                    Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch   SC7546
Goodbye Earl                      Dixie Chicks                   SC8570
Goodbye To Romance                Ozzy Osbourne                  AH8009
                                  Ozzy Osbourne                  SGB14
Goodnight My Love                 Jesse Belvin                   AH8012
Goodnight Sweetheart              David Kersh                    CBEP460- 3
Goody Goody                       Frankie Lymon                  MM6006
Got Id                            Pearl Jam                      RSZ601
Got Me Waiting                    Heavy D And The Boys           NT1049
Got My Mind Set On You            George Harrison                AH8002
                                  George Harrison                CBEP475- 4
Grace Is Gone                     Dave Matthews Band             CB30028
Graduation (Friends Forever)      Vitamin C                      SGB45
Grandma Got Run Over By A
                                  Christmas                      MM6020
Grandpa (Tell Us About The Good
                                  Judds                          SC7512
Old Days)
Grease                            Frankie Vali                   MM6033
Great Balls Of Fire               Jerry Lee Lewis                CB10
Greatest American Hero, The       TV Theme                       MM6031
Greatest Gift Of All              Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton    SD5
Greatest Love Of All, The         Whitney Houston                CB10
                                  Whitney Houston                SC7503
Greatest Man I Never Knew, The    Reba McEntire                  NT1053
Greatest, The                     Kenny Rogers                   THM9907
Greed                             Godsmack                       SGB65
                                  Godsmack                       TT59
Green Dolphin Street              Various                        SGB2
Green Eyed Lady                   Sugarloaf                      MH16
Green Green Grass Of Home         Tom Jones                      SC7505
Groove Is In The Heart            Deee-Lite                      SC8486
Groovy Kind Of Love               Phil Collins                   CBEP475- 6
Grow For Me                       Little Shop Of Horrors         SC2231
Grow Old With Me                  Mary Chapin Carpenter          CB20057
Grown Men Don't Cry               Tim McGraw                     CB20282
                                  Tim McGraw                     CB60218
Gump                              Weird Al Yankovic              SC2267
Guys Do It All The Time           Mindy McCready                 AH8016
Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves      Cher                           SGB10
Hail Hail                         Pearl Jam                      RSZ601
Half Breed                        Cher                           SGB10
Half The Way                      Crystal Gayle                  CBEP452- 3

                                             Page 33
                                         Sorted by Song

Halfway To Paradise              Billy Fury               SF38
Hand In My Pocket                Alanis Morissette        SYB1051
Hand On Your Heart               Kylie Minogue            SF7
Hand To Hold On To               John Mellencamp          UKK3126
Handbag And Glad Rags            Stereophonics            SF184
Hands                            Jewel                    CB40001
                                 Jewel                    SGB6
                                 Jewel                    SYB1043
                                 Jewel                    SYB1060
Hands Of A Working Man           Ty Herndon               THM9903
Handyman                         James Taylor             MM6032
Hang On Sloopy                   McCoys                   MM6006
Hangin' In                       Tanya Tucker             SD2
Hanging By A Moment              Lifehouse                SGB53
Hanky Panky                      Shondells                MM6006
Hannah Jane                      Hootie & The Blowfish    PCDG45
Happiest Girl In The Whole USA   Donna Fargo              SC7524
Happily Ever After               Case                     THM9909
Happy                            Ashanti                  SF198
Happy Birthday                   Various                  SC7528
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen     Neil Sedaka              SO202
Happy Days                       TV Theme                 MM6031
Happy Face                       Destiny's Child          PRID9076
Happy Girl                       Martina McBride          CHM798
Happy Just To Dance With You     Beatles                  MM6059
Happy Now                        No Doubt                 PCDG49
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)         Idols                    SF213
Hard Habit To Break              Chicago                  BS7817
Hard Headed Woman                Elvis Presley            MM6014
Hard Lovin' Woman                Mark Collie              SD9
Hard Luck Woman                  Garth Brooks             SD2
Hard To Handle                   Black Crowes             AH8004
                                 Black Crowes             SC8486
Hard To Say                      Sawyer Brown             MM6080
Harden My Heart                  Quarterflash             MM6033
Hardest Thing, The               98 Degrees               SGB18
                                 98 Degrees               THM9907
Harlem Shuffle, The              Rolling Stones           BS9217
Harper Valley P.T.A.             Jeannie C. Riley         SC7515
                                 Jeannie C. Riley         SYB1049
Hash Pipe                        Weezer                   SGB65
                                 Weezer                   TT59
Have A Heart                     Bonnie Raitt             DK52
Have I Told You Lately           Rod Stewart              MM6021
                                 Rod Stewart              MMHP1
Have Mercy                       Judds                    PCDG217
Have You Ever                    Brandy                   SYB1060

                                             Page 34
                                           Sorted by Song

                                   S Club 7                                        SF184
Have You Ever Been Lonely          Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline                        SC8128
Have You Ever Loved A Woman        Derek & The Dominos                             SGB27
                                   Eric Clapton                                    SGB20
Have You Seen Her                  Chi-Lites                                       MM6279
Havin' A Party                     Rod Stewart                                     SC7526
                                   Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes                 AH8009
Having My Baby                     Paul Anka                                       SO202
Hawaiian Wedding Song              Don Ho                                          MM6016
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother    Neil Diamond                                    LEG66
He Called Me Baby                  Patsy Cline                                     MM6084
He Didn't Have To Be               Brad Paisley                                    CB46105
He Is                              Brandy                                          CB30028
He Stopped Loving Her Today        George Jones                                    CB3
                                   George Jones                                    MM6088
                                   George Jones                                    SC7507
He Wasn't Enough                   Toni Braxton                                    TT34
He Will, She Knows                 Kenny Rogers                                    CB20195
Head Over Heels                    Tears For Fears                                 SD17
Head To Toe                        Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam                        CBEP475- 3
Headed For A Heartbreak            Winger                                          SC7565
Heads Carolina, Tails California   Jo Dee Messina                                  AH8016
                                   Jo Dee Messina                                  CBEP460- 1
Heal It Up                         Concrete Blonde                                 SC8122
Healing Hands Of Time              Willie Nelson                                   SD7
Heard It Through The Grapevine     Marvin Gaye                                     MM6036
Heart Break Town                   Dixie Chicks                                    TT64
Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, The      Reba McEntire                                   CB453
                                   Reba McEntire                                   NT1053
                                   Reba McEntire                                   SD12
Heart Like A Hurrican              Larry Stewart                                   MM6077
Heart Of Glass                     Blondie                                         MM6033
Heart Of Rock & Roll, The          Huey Lewis & The News                           SC7511
Heart Of Stone                     Cher                                            SGB10
Heart Over Mind                    Lorrie Morgan                                   NT1053
                                   Lorrie Morgan                                   SGB15
Heart Trouble                      Martina McBride                                 MM6080
                                   Martina McBride                                 SD6
Heart Won't Lie, The               Reba McEntire & Vince Gill                      SC8128
Heartache Tonight                  Eagles                                          MM6032
Heartaches By The Number           Ray Price                                       CBEP451- 3
                                   Ray Price                                       MM6088
Heartbreak Hotel                   Elvis Presley                                   SC7521
                                   Whitney Houston                                 SGB6
                                   Whitney Houston                                 SYB1060
                                   Whitney Houston Featuring Faith Evans & Kelly
Heartbreak USA                     Kitty Wells                                     CBEP451- 3

                                               Page 35
                                            Sorted by Song

Heartbreaker                        Dionne Warwick            DK51
                                    Dolly Parton              CBEP452- 2
                                    Pat Benatar               SC1027
Heartbroke                          Ricky Skaggs              MM6088
Heather's Wall                      Ty Herndon                CB60229
Heaven                              DJ Sammy & Yanou          SF198
Heaven Help My Heart                Wynonna                   CBEP460- 1
Heaven Is A Place On Earth          Belinda Carlisle          CBEP475- 4
Heaven Must Have Sent You           Bonnie Pointer            SYB1040
Heavenly Sunshine                   Children's                SC7006
Heaven's Just A Sin Away            The Kendalls              CBEP452- 2
Heavy                               Collective Soul           SC8639
Hell                                Squirrel Nut Zippers      SGB7
He'll Have To Go                    Jim Reeves                CBEP451- 3
                                    Jim Reeves                SYB1048
Hello                               Lionel Richie             SC7523
Hello Again                         Neil Diamond              BS9417
Hello Darlin'                       Conway Twitty             CB5
                                    Conway Twitty             SC7512
Hello Dolly                         Louis Armstrong           SC7505
Hello Hooray                        Alice Cooper              SGB9
Hello Love                          John Michael Montgomery   CB46105
                                    John Michael Montgomery   SGB17
Hello, I Love You                   Doors                     UKK3102
Hells Bells                         AC-DC                     SGB14
Help Me                             Joni Mitchell             AH8010
                                    Nick Carter               SF197
Help Me Hold On                     Travis Tritt              CB45012
Help Me Make It Through The Night   Sammi Smith               SC7507
                                    Sammi Smith               SYB1049
Help Me Rhonda                      Beach Boys                SC7525
Help Pour Out The Rain              Buddy Jewel               TT205
Help The Aged                       Pulp                      SF116
Help Yourself                       Tom Jones                 MM6075
                                    Tom Jones                 SFTJ1
Helplessly Hopelessly               Jessica Andrews           PRID9075
                                    Jessica Andrews           TT64
Helter Skelter                      Beatles                   MM6059
Hemorrage In My Hands               Fuel                      SGB53
Her Royal Majesty                   James Darren              SC8615
Her Strut                           Bob Seger                 AH8020
                                    Bob Seger                 H5
Here And Now                        Luther Vandross           MM6037
                                    Luther Vandross           MMHP3
Here Comes My Baby                  Mavericks                 CB20161
Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail        Children's                SC7005
Here Comes The Hotstepper           Ini Kamoze                MM6078

                                               Page 36
                                             Sorted by Song

                                    Ini Kamoze                       SC8169
Here Comes The Rain                 Mavericks                        AH8016
Here Comes The Sun                  Beatles                          MM6059
                                    Beatles                          SC7517
Here For You                        Firehouse                        SD17
Here I Am                           Patty Loveless                   SD8
Here I Go Again                     Whitesnake                       CBEP475- 4
Here We Are                         Alabama                          BS8317
                                    Alabama                          PCDG217
Here We Go Loopty Loo               Children's                       SC7007
Here You Come Again                 Dolly Parton                     CBEP452- 2
Here's A Quarter                    Travis Tritt                     SC7516
Here's That Rainy Day               Various                          SGB2
Here's Your Sign                    Doug Engvall & Travis Tritt      H9
Hero                                Enrique Iglesias                 SGB66
                                    Mariah Carey                     MM6030
                                    Mariah Carey                     SC7514
                                    Mariah Carey                     SO200
Hero Of The Day                     Metallica                        H2
He's A Heartache                    Janie Fricke                     MM6088
He's A Rebel                        Crystals                         DK2004
He's Got The Whole World In His
                                    Children's                       SC7006
He's Got You                       Brooks & Dunn                     CBEP460- 4
He's So Shy                        Pointer Sisters                   SD15
Hey Baby                           Bruce Channel                     MM6007
                                   DJ Otzi                           SF184
                                   No Doubt & Bounty Killer (Duet)   SC8796
Hey Bartender                      Blues Brothers                    AH8009
Hey Bobby                          K.T. Oslin                        CBEP452- 6
Hey Diddle Diddle                  Children's                        SC7003
Hey Good Lookin'                   Hank Williams                     CB1
                                   Hank Williams                     SYB1048
Hey Jealousy                       Gin Blossoms                      CB40210
Hey Joe                            Jimi Hendrix                      SC7525
Hey Jude                           Beatles                           MM6059
                                   Beatles                           SC7525
Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) Blessid Union Of Souls            THM9909
Hey Pachuco                        Royal Crown Revue                 SGB7
Hey Sexy Lady                      Shaggy                            SF197
Hickory Dickory Dock               Children's                        SC7003
High                               Lighthouse Family                 ET7
High Cotton                        Alabama                           SC7552
High Enough                        Damn Yankees                      SC1027
High Hopes                         Frank Sinatra                     MM6075
High Low And In Between            Mark Wills                        MM6179
Higher                             Creed                             SGB47

                                                 Page 37
                                        Sorted by Song

Higher Ground                   UB40                     SO208
Higher Love                     Steve Winwood            CBEP475- 2
                                Steve Winwood            SD3
Highway To Hell                 AC-DC                    SC7565
Hillbilly Shoes                 Montgomery Gentry        CB46105
                                Montgomery Gentry        THM9505
                                Montgomery Gentry        THM9905
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)        Blu Cantrell             PRID9076
                                Blu Cantrell             SGB65
Hit Me With Your Best Shot      Pat Benatar              CB1
                                Pat Benatar              SC7519
Hokey Pokey                     Various                  MM6016
                                Various                  SC7526
Hold Me Now                     Thompson Twins           MM6063
Hold My Hand                    Hootie & The Blowfish    NT1049
                                Hootie & The Blowfish    PCDG41
                                Hootie & The Blowfish    SD10
Hold On                         Sarah McLachlan          SD10
Hold On To The Night            Richard Marx             MMHP6
Hold On To The Nights           Richard Marx             CBEP475- 5
Hold Your Head Up               Argent                   PRIDLC2
Holdin'                         Diamond Rio              CBEP460- 6
Holding Back The Years          Simply Red               CBEP475- 2
Holding On For You              Liberty X                SF200
Holding Out For A Hero          Bonnie Tyler             SC8477
Hole In My Soul                 Aerosmith                SC8448
Hole In The Head                Sugababes                SF210
Holiday                         Mad'House                SF198
Holly Holy                      Neil Diamond             BS9417
Holly Jolly Christmas           Christmas                MM6020
Hollywood                       Rufus & Chaka Khan       SC8397
Hollywood Nights                Bob Seger                AH8020
                                Bob Seger                UKK3121
Home Ain't Where His Heart Is
                                Shania Twain             CB90035
Home Improvement                George Strait            CB20292
Home On The Range               Children's               SC7007
Home Sweet Home                 Motley Crue              LG114
Homeward Bound                  Simon & Garfunkel        DM101
Honesty                         Billy Joel               SC7509
Honey Do                        Mike Walker              CB20291
Honey I'm Home                  Shania Twain             CB90035
                                Shania Twain             SGB19
Honky Tonk Angels               Kitty Wells              SYB1048
Honky Tonk Attitude             Joe Diffie               SC7524
Honky Tonk Blues                Hank Williams            CBEP451- 1
Honky Tonk Truth                Brooks & Dunn            CBEP460- 2

                                            Page 38
                                             Sorted by Song

Honky Tonk Woman                    Rolling Stones                       BS9217
                                    Rolling Stones                       UKK3102
Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best       Marty Stuart & Travis Tritt          CBEP460- 5
Hooked On A Feeling                 B.J. Thomas                          DK19
Hopelessly Devoted To You           Olivia Newton-John                   SC7503
Hopelessly Yours                    Lee Greenwood & Suzy Bogguss         SC8128
Horizontal Bop, The                 Bob Seger                            SC8169
Hot Cross Buns                      Children's                           SC7005
Hot Fun In The Summertime           Sly & The Family Stone               PCDG45
Hot Girls In Love                   Loverboy                             SGB34
Hot Hot Hot                         Buster Poindexter                    SC7523
Hot Legs                            Rod Stewart                          SO204
Hot Mama                            Trace Adkins                         SD112
Hot Patootie Bless My Soul          Rocky Horror Picture Show            SC8472
Hotel California                    Eagles                               MM6032
Hound Dog                           Elvis Presley                        CB9
                                    Elvis Presley                        SC7521
House Of Love                       Amy Grant & Vince Gill               SD7
House Of The Rising Sun             Animals                              SC7504
                                    Animals                              SF46
Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer
                                    Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers   CBEP452- 4
To You)
How Am I Supposed To Live Without
                                    Laura Branigan                       PCDG52
How Blue                            Reba McEntire                        CBEP452- 5
How Can I Help You Say Goodbye      Patty Loveless                       CB453
How Can I Unlove You                Lynn Anderson                        CB60077
How Can We Be Lovers                Michael Bolton                       MM6001
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart     Bee Gees                             BS8717
How Cool Is That                    Andy Griggs                          SC8705
How Could An Angel Break My Heart   Toni Braxton                         PCDG51
How Deep Is Your Love               Bee Gees                             BS8717
How Do I Live                       LeAnn Rimes                          KB220
                                    LeAnn Rimes                          SGB15
                                    LeAnn Rimes                          SGB8
                                    LeAnn Rimes                          SYB1051
                                    Trisha Yearwood                      SYB1017
How Do I Live (Dance Remix)         LeAnn Rimes                          SYB1041
How Do You Like Me Now              Toby Keith                           CB10
                                    Toby Keith                           CB46105
                                    Toby Keith                           SC7596
How Forever Feels                   Kenny Chesney                        PRID9075
                                    Kenny Chesney                        THM9902
How High The Moon                   Ella Fitzgerald                      PCDG303
How Insensitive                     Freestyle Jazz                       SGB3
How Many Ways                       Toni Braxton                         MM6078
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By
                                    James Taylor                         MM6032

                                                Page 39
                                            Sorted by Song

                                    James Taylor                   SC7511
How Was I To Know                   John Michael Montgomery        CBEP460- 4
                                    Reba McEntire                  CBEP460- 3
How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica          Tracy Byrd                     SD118
How's The Radio Know                Aaron Tippin                   MM6179
How's The World Treating You        Alison Krauss & James Taylor   SC8862
How's Your Whole Family             Adult Karaoke (Red Peters)     ADULT
Human                               Human League                   CBEP475- 2
Hummers In Heaven                   Adult Karaoke (Barry Martin)   ADULT
Humpty Dance                        Digital Underground            SC8486
Humpty Dumpty                       Children's                     SC7003
Hunger Strike                       Pearl Jam (Duet)               RSZ601
Hungry (For The Good Things)        Paul Revere & The Raiders      SD15
Hungry Heart                        Bruce Springsteen              UKK3101
Hungry Like The Wolf                Duran Duran                    MM6063
Hunter                              Dido                           TT34
Hurt Me                             LeAnn Rimes                    AH8016
                                    LeAnn Rimes                    SGB15
Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way)    Patty Loveless                 PCDG201
Hurt So Good                        John Mellencamp                MM6058
                                    John Mellencamp                UKK3126
Hurtin's All Over, The              Connie Smith                   CBEP451- 6
Hush                                Deep Purple                    DK3052
Hush Little Baby                    Children's                     SC7004
Hush-A-Bye                          Children's                     SC7004
Hypnotized                          Fleetwood Mac                  SGB4
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow       Soggy Bottom Boys              PRID9075
I Am A Rock                         Simon & Garfunkel              DM101
I Am I Said                         Neil Diamond                   BS9417
I Am Made Of You                    Ricky Martin                   SGB13
I Am Not Hiding                     Kenny Loggins                  SC8389
I Am That Man                       Brooks & Dunn                  CBEP460- 3
I Am The Walrus                     Beatles                        MM6059
                                    Beatles                        PCDG43
I Am Woman                          Helen Reddy                    SC7530
I Am, I Feel                        Alisha's Attic                 SC8448
I Apologize                         Anita Baker                    SD10
I Believe                           Blessid Union Of Souls         PCDG44
                                    Blessid Union Of Souls         SD13
I Believe I Can Fly                 R. Kelly                       MMHP8
                                    R. Kelly                       SYB1012
I Believe I Can Fly (Dance Remix)   R. Kelly                       SYB1072
I Believe In You                    Don Williams                   CBEP452- 3
I Brake For Brunettes               Rhett Atkins                   SD11
I Breathe In, I Breathe Out         Chris Cagle                    PHMC203
I Call Your Name                    Beatles                        PCDG43
I Can                               Nas                            TU206

                                                Page 40
                                                 Sorted by Song

I Can Bring Her Back                   Ken Mellons                 SD9
I Can Love You Better                  Dixie Chicks                CBEP460- 2
                                       Dixie Chicks                CHM498
                                       Dixie Chicks                SGB15
I Can Love You Like That               All-4-One                   MMHP7
I Can Make You A Man                   Rocky Horror Picture Show   SC8472
I Can Make You A Man - Reprise         Rocky Horror Picture Show   SC8472
I Can See For Miles                    The Who                     PRIDLC2
I Can Still Feel You                   Collin Raye                 CHM798
I Can Still Make Cheyenne              George Strait               CBEP460- 3
I Can't Dance                          Genesis                     AH8007
I Can't Do That Anymore                Faith Hill                  CBEP460- 1
                                       Faith Hill                  MM6179
I Can't Get Over You                   Brooks & Dunn               THM9903
I Can't Hear The Music                 Loretta Lynn                CB20282
                                       Loretta Lynn                CB60218
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With
                                           Hank Williams           CBEP451- 1
I Can't Make You Love Me                   Bonnie Raitt            MM6021
                                           Bonnie Raitt            PCDG52
                                           Bonnie Raitt            SC7519
I Can't Sleep                              R. Kelly                SYB1012
I Can't Stop Loving You                    Kitty Wells             SYB1048
                                           Ray Charles             SC7518
I Can't Tell You Why                       Eagles                  BS9017
I Can't Wait                               Nu Shooz                SC8477
I Could Fall In Love                       Selena                  SD17
I Could Have Danced All Night              My Fair Lady            SC8127
                                           Various                 PCDG303
I Could Never Love You                     Chely Wright            TT64
I Could Not Ask For More                   Edwin McCain            THM9909
I Could Write Book                         Freestyle Jazz          SGB3
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried            Rodney Crowell          DK3042
I Count The Minutes                        Ricky Martin            SGB13
I Cry                                      Ja Rule & Lil Mo        SC8720
                                           Tammy Cochran           PHMC203
I Did It                                   Dave Matthews Band      TT59
I Didn't Know My Own Strength              Lorrie Morgan           SGB15
I Dig Rock And Roll Music                  Peter, Paul, & Mary     SD20
I Do (Cherish You)                         98 Degrees              SGB18
                                           98 Degrees              THM9911
I Don't Believe In Goodbye                 Sawyer Brown            SD14
I Don't Care                               Webb Pierce             CBEP451- 2
I Don't Even Know Your Name                Alan Jackson            CBEP460- 1
                                           Alan Jackson            SD16
I Don't Have The Heart                     James Ingram            MM6001
                                           James Ingram            MMHP1

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                                            Sorted by Song

I Don't Like To Sleep Alone         Paul Anka                                 SO202
I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners   Rebecca Lynn Howard                       CB20195
I Don't Wanna Cry                   Mariah Carey                              MM6021
                                    Mariah Carey                              SO200
I Don't Wanna Know                  Mario Winans & P. Diddy                   PHM406
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing        Aerosmith                                 MTV8102
                                    Aerosmith                                 SGB8
I Drive Myself Crazy                N'Sync                                    THM9907
I Drove All Night                   Celine Dion                               TU206
I Fall To Pieces                    Patsy Cline                               MM6084
                                    Patsy Cline                               SC7516
                                    Patsy Cline                               SYB1048
I Feel For You                      Chaka Khan                                PCDG43
I Feel Lucky                        Mary Chapin Carpenter                     SC7522
I Finally Found Someone             Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams (Duet)     PCDG49
I Fought The Law                    Bobby Fuller Four                         SC7521
I Found Someone                     Cher                                      SGB10
I Got A Woman                       Ray Charles                               SAVP38
I Got My Mind Made Up               Instant Funk                              SYB1040
I Got You (I Feel Good)             James Brown                               AH8002
                                    James Brown                               SC7527
                                    James Brown                               SC8106
I Got You Babe                      Cher (Duet)                               SGB10
                                    Sonny & Cher (Duet)                       CB9
                                    Sonny & Cher (Duet)                       SC7513
I Hate Myself For Loving You        Joan Jett & The Blackhearts               SC1027
I Hate U                            Prince                                    SD20
I Have A Dream                      Westlife                                  SF155
I Have Nothing                      Whitney Houston                           MM6021
I Heard It Through The Grapevine    Marvin Gaye                               CB7
                                    Marvin Gaye                               SC7527
I Honestly Love You                 Olivia Newton-John                        SGB58
I Hope You Dance                    Lee Ann Womack                            CB463
                                    Lee Ann Womack                            SGB53
I Just Called To Say I Love You     Stevie Wonder                             DK52
I Just Can't Stop Loving You        Michael Jackson                           CBEP475- 3
I Just Died In Your Arms            Cutting Crew                              CBEP475- 3
                                    Cutting Crew                              MM6066
                                    Cutting Crew                              NT57
I Just Fall In Love Again           Anne Murray                               CBEP452- 3
I Just Wanted You To Know           Mark Chesnutt                             MM6077
I Knew I Loved You                  Savage Garden                             SGB30
I Knew The Bride                    Nick Lowe                                 SGB4
                                    Nick Lowe                                 SGB5
I Knew You Were Waiting             Aretha Franklin & George Michael (Duet)   CBEP475- 3
I Know                              Barbara George                            MM6006
                                    Dionne Farris                             SD10

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                                           Sorted by Song

I Know Where I'm Going             The Judds                 CBEP452- 6
I Left My Heart In San Francisco   Tony Bennett              SC7518
I Let Her Lie                      Daryl Singletary          CBEP460- 1
I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes     Goldie Hill               CBEP451- 2
I Like It                          Gerry & The Pacemakers    SF38
I Like It, I Love It               Tim McGraw                CB45012
                                   Tim McGraw                CB8
I Live My Life For You             Firehouse                 SD13
I Lost It                          Kenny Chesney             PRID9044
I Love Music                       The O'Jays                SAVP31
I Love Rock & Roll                 Britney Spears            SF198
I Love The Dead                    Alice Cooper              SGB9
I Love The Night Life              Alicia Bridges            MM6036
I Love The Way You Love Me         John Michael Montgomery   SC7596
I Love This Bar                    Toby Keith                TU228
I Love To Boogie                   T Rex                     AH8007
I Love You                         Martina McBride           CB46105
                                   Martina McBride           CB463
                                   Martina McBride           CB7
                                   Martina McBride           SC8838
I Love You Always Forever          Donna Lewis               SYB1043
I Love You Always Forever (Dance
                                   Donna Lewis               SYB1072
I Love You Truly                   Al Martino                AH8012
I Love Your Smile                  Shanice                   PCDG45
I Melt With You                    Modern English            MM6058
I Might Just Make It               Paul Jefferson            MM6179
I Miss You A Little                John Michael Montgomery   CBEP460- 6
I Must Not Chase The Boys          Play                      TU206
I Need A Lover                     John Mellencamp           UKK3126
I Need To Know                     Marc Anthony              SGB30
I Need You                         LeAnn Rimes               CB463
                                   LeAnn Rimes               KB220
I Need Your Lovin' Tonight         Elvis Presley             MM6014
I Never Cry                        Alice Cooper              SGB9
I Only Get This Way With You       Rick Trevino              SD37
I Only Have Eyes For You           Simon & Garfunkel         DM101
                                   The Flamingos             SC7521
I Only Wanna Be With You           Hootie & The Blowfish     CB8
I Pray For You                     John Rich                 CB20194
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus    Christmas                 MM6020
I Saw The Light                    Wynonna Judd              MM6017
I See It Now                       Tracy Lawrence            SD4
I See You Baby                     Amanda Groove             SGB47
I Shot The Sheriff                 Eric Clapton              CB1
                                   Eric Clapton              MM6024
I Should Be So Lucky               Kylie Minogue             SF7

                                              Page 43
                                               Sorted by Song

I Should Have Been True               Mavericks                    SD11
I Started A Joke                      Bee Gees                     BS8717
I Still Believe                       Mariah Carey                 THM9905
I Still Believe In You                Vince Gill                   PCDG217
                                      Vince Gill                   PRID9044
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking
                                       U2                          CB40050
                                       U2                          CB7
                                       U2                          CBEP475- 3
I Sure Can Smell The Rain              Blackhawk                   SD4
I Surrender                            Rosie Gaines                SF116
I Swear                                All-4-One                   MMHP3
                                       John Michael Montgomery     CB45012
                                       John Michael Montgomery     SC7515
I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am     Merle Haggard               SC8365
I Think I'm In Love With You           Jessica Simpson             SGB45
I Think We're Alone Now                Tiffany                     CBEP475- 4
I Think You're Beautiful               Shane Minor                 CB463
I Told You So                          Randy Travis                CBEP452- 6
I Touch Myself                         Divinyls                    SC8117
I Try                                  Macy Gray                   EK28
                                       Macy Gray                   MM6297
I Try To Think About Elvis             Patty Loveless              SD4
I Walk The Line                        Johnny Cash                 CBEP451- 2
                                       Johnny Cash                 SC7507
                                       Johnny Cash                 SYB1048
I Wanna Be Down                        Brandy                      PCDG51
I Wanna Be Loved By You                Helen Kane                  PCDG303
I Wanna Dance With Somebody            Whitney Houston             CBEP475- 4
I Wanna Fall In Love                   Lila McCann                 CBEP460- 5
I Wanna Sex You Up                     Color Me Badd               SC8169
I Wanna Talk About Me                  Toby Keith                  CB105
I Want It That Way                     Backstreet Boys             CB3
                                       Backstreet Boys             SGB18
                                       Backstreet Boys             THM9907
I Want Love                            Elton John                  SF184
I Want To Come Over                    Melissa Etheridge           PCDG44
I Want To Come Over (Dance Remix) Melissa Etheridge                SYB1072
I Want To Hold Your Hand               Beatles                     CB9
I Want To Know What Love Is            Foreigner                   BS7517
                                       Foreigner                   SO209
I Want To Live                         Josh Gracin                 SD118
I Want You                             Mexico 70                   SC8389
                                       Savage Garden               H9
                                       Thalia And Fat Joe (Duet)   PHM0309
I Want You To Want Me                  Cheap Trick                 SGB34
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You Elvis Presley                   SC7521

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                                             Sorted by Song

I Was                               Neil McCoy                                THM9505
                                    Neil McCoy                                THM9905
I Was Blown Away                    Pam Tillis                                SD12
I Was Country (When Country Wasn't
                                       Barbara Mandrell                       SC7516
I Will Always Love You                 Dolly Parton                           CB9
                                       Dolly Parton                           CBEP452- 1
                                       Whitney Houston                        SC7514
I Will Carry You                       Clay Aiken                             PHM0410
I Will Come To You                     Hanson                                 SF116
I Will Get There                       Boyz II Men                            THM9904
I Will Love You                        Lisa Angelle                           THMC106
I Will Remember You                    Sarah McLachlan                        SGB18
                                       Sarah McLachlan                        THM9908
I WIll Stand                           Kenny Chesney                          THM9811
I Will Survive                         Gloria Gaynor                          MM6033
                                       Gloria Gaynor                          PRID1350
                                       Gloria Gaynor                          SC7519
                                       Gloria Gaynor                          SYB1040
I Will...But                           SheDaisy                               CB46105
                                       SheDaisy                               SC8590
I Wont Go On                           Colt Prather                           SD118
I Would've Loved You Anyway            Trisha Yearwood                        CB20282
                                       Trisha Yearwood                        CB60218
I Write The Songs                      Barry Manilow                          SC7511
I.O.U.                                 Lee Greenwood                          SC7524
I-95 Song                              August & The Spur Of The Moment Band   SC8117
Ice Cream                              Sarah McLachlan                        SGB30
Ice Ice Baby                           Vanilla Ice                            SC8486
I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't
                                       Meatloaf                               MM6030
Do That)
I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) Meatloaf                               SD20
I'd Rather Miss You                    Little Texas                           MM6077
I'd Rather Ride Around With You        Reba McEntire                          CBEP460- 5
Idiot Boyfriend                        Jimmy Falon                            CB30028
If                                     Bread                                  PCDG52
If A Man Answers                       Toby Keith                             THM9505
                                       Toby Keith                             THM9905
If Ever You're In My Arms Again        Peabo Bryson                           MMHP5
If I Ain't Got You                     Trisha Yearwood                        MM6077
If I Can Dream                         Elvis Presley                          SC7521
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You         Sting                                  MM6021
If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Dixie Chicks                              THMC106
If I Had A $1000000                    Barenaked Ladies                       SC8486
If I Had A $1000000 (Duet)             Barenaked Ladies                       SC8486
If I Had You                           Alabama                                BS8317
If I Lost You                          Travis Tritt                           CB20052

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                                              Sorted by Song

If I Never Stop Loving You           David Kersh                  CHM498
If I Only Had A Brain                Wizard Of Oz                 NT36
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
                                     The Bellamy Brothers         CBEP452- 3
(Would You Hold It Against Me)
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
                                     Bellamy Brothers             PCDG201
Would You Hold It Against Me
If I Told You That                   Whitney Houston              SGB45
If I Wanted To                       Melissa Etheridge            SD13
If I Were You                        Collin Raye                  SD14
If I'm Not In Love                   Kathy Troccoli               MM6078
                                     Kathy Troccoli               SD7
If It Don't Come Easy                Tanya Tucker                 CBEP452- 6
If It Makes You Happy                Sheryl Crow                  SC7587
If My Heart Had Wings                Faith Hill                   SC8590
                                     Faith Hill                   THMC104
If Nobody Believed In You            Joe Nichols                  SD118
If The Devil Danced (In Empty
                                     Joe Diffie                   CB20133
                                     Joe Diffie                   MM6077
If Tomorrow Never Comes              Garth Brooks                 MM6019
                                     Garth Brooks                 SC7510
If You Can Do Anything Else          George Strait                THMC106
If You Can't Give Me Love            Suzi Quatro                  SF822
If You Come Back                     Blue                         SF184
If You Could Read My Mind            Gordon Lightfoot             MH16
If You Do Me Right                   After 7                      SD17
If You Gotta Make A Fool Out Of
                                     Freddie & The Dreamers       SF38
If You Had My Love                   Jennifer Lopez               SGB18
                                     Jennifer Lopez               THM9908
If You Leave Me Now                  Chicago                      MMHP5
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)         Olivia Newton-John           PCDG43
If You Love Somebody                 Kevin Sharp                  CBEP460- 6
If You Want To Be Happy              Jimmy Soul                   MM6016
If Your Happy And You Know It        Children's                   SC7001
If You're Gone                       Matchbox 20                  SGB53
If You're Gonna Play In Texas        Alabama                      CBEP452- 5
If You're Gonna Walk I'm Gonna
                                     Sammy Kershaw                SD14
If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Outta
                                        Shania Twain              AH8016
                                        Shania Twain              BS9517
                                        Shania Twain              CB90035
                                        Shania Twain              SGB19
If You're Not The One                   Daniel Bedingfield        TU206
If You've Got Love                      John Michael Montgomery   SD4
If You've Got The Money                 Lefty Frizzell            SYB1048
Iko Iko (12'' Remix Edit)               Belle Stars               AH8021
I'll Be                                 Edwin McCain              MMHP9

                                                 Page 46
                                               Sorted by Song

I'll Be Around                         The Spinners                        SAVP38
I'll Be Right Here Loving You          Randy Travis                        CB20197
I'll Be Seeing You                     Frank Sinatra                       MM6075
I'll Be There                          Mariah Carey                        SO200
                                       Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz (Duet)   SC7514
I'll Be There For You                  Bon Jovi                            CBEP475- 6
                                       Rembrants                           SD17
I'll Be Your Everything                Youngstown                          THM9911
I'll Cry Instead                       Beatles                             SD20
I'll Fly Away                          Gospel                              CB5
I'll Fly Away (High Harmony)           Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch       TT64
I'll Fly Away (Low Harmony)            Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch       TT64
I'll Get Over You                      Crystal Gayle                       CBEP452- 2
I'll Leave This World Loving You       Ricky Van Shelton                   CBEP452- 6
I'll Make Love To You                  Boyz II Men                         MM6069
                                       Boyz II Men                         MMHP1
                                       Boyz II Men                         SD1
I'll Never Break Your Heart            Backstreet Boys                     MMHP9
                                       Backstreet Boys                     SYB1012
                                       Backstreet Boys                     SYB1060
I'll Never Forgive My Heart            Brooks & Dunn                       SD6
I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over
                                       Exposé                              SC7546
I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)     Steelheart                          SC1027
I'll See Him Through                   Tammy Wynette                       CB60077
I'll Stand By You                      Pretenders                          SO208
I'll Still Be Loving You               Restless Heart                      CBEP452- 6
I'll Still Love You More               Trisha Yearwood                     SGB17
I'll Think Of A Reason Later           Lee Ann Womack                      THM9902
                                       Lee Ann Womack                      TT64
I'll Try                               Alan Jackson                        CBEP460- 1
I'll Wait For You                      Vikki Carr                          MM6005
I'm 18                                 Alice Cooper                        SGB5
I'm A Believer                         Smash Mouth                         SC8720
                                       Smash Mouth                         SGB65
I'm A King Bee & Back Door Man
                                       Frank Marino & Mahogany             AH8006
I'm A Little Teapot                    Children's                          SC7001
I'm A Rambling Man                     Waylon Jennings                     MM6088
I'm A Slave 4 U                        Britney Spears                      SC8726
I'm A Slave For You                    Britney Spears                      SF184
I'm A Thug                             Trick Daddy                         SC8726
I'm Already Taken                      Steve Wariner                       CB46105
I'm Already There                      Lonestar                            CB105
I'm Alright                            Jo Dee Messina                      CB8
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide                ZZ Top                              AH8006
I'm Coming Out                         Diana Ross                          SAVP31
I'm Diggin' It                         Alecia Elliot                       SC8570

                                                   Page 47
                                               Sorted by Song

I'm Eighteen                           Alice Cooper                SGB4
I'm Every Woman                        Whitney Houston             MM6021
I'm Goin' Down                         Bruce Springsteen           UKK3102
I'm Going Home                         Rocky Horror Picture Show   SC8472
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)               The Proclaimers             MM6030
                                       The Proclaimers             SAVP38
I'm Gonna Getcha Good                  Shania Twain                SF200
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit
                                       Barry White                 MM6279
More, Baby
                                       Barry White                 SAVP31
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me             Supremes                    SAVP31
I'm Gonna Miss Her                     Brad Paisley                CB60229
I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My
                                       Shania Twain                CB20194
                                       Shania Twain                SGB47
I'm Horny                              Hot N' Juicy                SGB12
I'm In Love                            Aretha Franklin             SAVP38
I'm In Love With A Capital ''U''       Joe Diffie                  SD16
I'm Into Something Good                Herman's Hermits            SF46
I'm Just Talkin' 'Bout Tonight         Toby Keith                  CB20291
I'm Leaving It All Up To You           Dale & Grace (Duet)         CBEP451- 4
I'm Like A Bird                        Nelly Furtado               SF178
                                       Nelly Furtado               SGB53
                                       Nelly Furtado               TT34
I'm Lovin It                           Justin Timberlake           SF213
I'm Missing You                        Kenny Rogers                TT205
I'm Movin On                           Hank Snow                   CBEP451- 1
I'm Movin' On                          Rascal Flatts               PHMC203
I'm No Stranger To The Rain            Keith Whitley               CBEP452- 6
I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman        Britney Spears              SC8796
I'm Not Lisa                           Jessi Colter                CBEP452- 2
I'm Not Running Anymore                John Mellencamp             MMHP10
I'm Not Supposed To Love You
                                       Bryan White                 CBEP460- 5
I'm Old Fashioned                      Various                     SGB1
I'm On Fire                            Bruce Springsteen           UKK3103
I'm Real                               Jennifer Lopez              PRID9076
                                       Jennifer Lopez              SGB65
I'm Shakin'                            Rooney                      SD4404
I'm So Excited                         Pointer Sisters             CB5
                                       Pointer Sisters             SC7523
I'm So Into You                        SWV                         MM6030
                                       SWV                         SAVP38
I'm Sorry                              Brenda Lee                  CB1
I'm Still Dancin' With You             Wade Hayes                  SD14
I'm Stoned In Love With You            The Stylistics              SAVP38
I'm The Only One                       Melissa Etheridge           SD7

                                                      Page 48
                                           Sorted by Song

I'm Your Man                       George Michael            BS8117
                                   Shane Richie              SF213
I'm Yours                          Linda Davis               THM9903
Imagine                            John Lennon               MM6007
                                   John Lennon               SC7509
Imitation Of Life                  R.E.M.                    TT59
Impossible Dream, The              Man Of La Mancha          SC8127
Impression That I Get, The         Mighty Mighty Bosstones   SC8448
In A Big Country                   Big Country               DK99
In Between Dances                  Pam Tillis                SD16
In Dreams                          Roy Orbison               SO205
In My Pocket                       Mandy Moore               TT34
In The End                         Linkin Park               SC8720
                                   Linkin Park               SGB66
In The Garden                      Gospel                    CB7
In The Ghetto                      Elvis Presley             SC7501
                                   Elvis Presley             SC8154
In The Heat Of The Night           Ray Charles               PCDG303
In The House Of Stone And Light    Martin Page               SD13
In The Jailhouse Now               Jimmie Rodgers            CBEP451- 2
                                   Soggy Bottom Boys         PRID9075
In The Middle Of An Island         Tony Bennett              MM6075
In The Still Of The Night          Five Satins               SC7513
In The Summertime                  Mungo Jerry               SF23
In The Wee Small Hours             Carly Simon               MM6037
In These Last Few Day              Vince Gill                SD118
In This Life                       Collin Raye               MM6017
In Too Deep                        Belinda Carlisle          SC8389
In Your Eyes                       Peter Gabriel             MMHP6
Independant Woman                  Destiny's Child           SGB47
Independence Day                   Martina McBride           SC7596
Indigo Swing, The                  Indigo Swing              SGB7
Infatuation                        Rod Stewart               PRIDLC2
Inside Out                         Eve 6                     MTV8101
                                   Trisha Yearwood           PHMC203
Interstate Love Song               Stone Temple Pilots       SGB14
Into The Great Wide Open           Tom Petty                 SGB34
Into The Groove                    Madonna                   SC8106
Intuition                          Jewel                     TU206
Invisible Man                      98 Degrees                SC8389
Invisible Touch                    Genesis                   CBEP475- 2
Ironic                             Alanis Morissette         SYB1051
Irresistible                       Jessica Simpson           PRID9076
                                   Jessica Simpson           TT34
Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone     Charley Pride             MM6088
Is It My Body                      Alice Cooper              AH8009
Is She Really Going Out With Him   Joe Jackson               DK52

                                              Page 49
                                                   Sorted by Song

Is There Something I Should Know         Duran Duran                          MM6063
Is This Love                             Whitesnake                           SC1027
Islands In The Stream                    Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton          SC8128
                                         Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (Duet)   CBEP452- 4
                                         Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (Duet)   SC7516
It Ain't Me                              Warren Brothers                      CB20292
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over             Lenny Kravitz                        MM6001
It Came Upon A Midnigt Clear             Christmas                            CK1
It Could Happen To You                   Various                              SGB2
It Don't Matter To Me                    Bread                                PCDG43
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got
                                         Various                              PCDG303
That Swing)
It Had To Be You                         Harry Connick, Jr.                   MM6005
                                         Harry Connick, Jr.                   MMHP1
                                         Harry Connick, Jr.                   SC7506
It Matters To Me                         Faith Hill                           AH8016
It Must Be Him                           Vicki Carr                           DK51
                                         Vikki Carr                           MM6005
It Must Be Love                          Ty Herndon                           THM9811
It Must've Been Love                     Roxette                              SGB58
It Started With A Kiss                   Hot Chocolate                        ET7
It Sure Is Monday                        Mark Chesnutt                        CB453
It Was                                   Chely Wright                         SC8570
It Was Almost Like A Song                Ronnie Milsap                        CBEP452- 2
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk
                                         Kitty Wells                          SC7524
It Won't Be Long                         Beatles                              MM6059
It Would Be You                          Gary Allan                           CHM798
It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings           Mark Chesnutt                        CBEP460- 1
It's A Beautiful Thing                   Paul Brandt                          SC8570
It's A Great Day To Be Alive             Travis Tritt                         CB105
It's A Kind Of Magic                     Queen                                BS8017
It's A Little Too Late                   Tanya Tucker                         NT1053
                                         Tanya Tucker                         PCDG217
It's All About The Pentiums              Weird Al Yankovic                    SC2267
It's All About You (Not About Me)        Tracie Spencer                       THM9911
It's All Coming Back To Me Now           Celine Dion                          BS9317
It's All In The Game                     Tommy Edwards                        MM6037
It's All In Your Head                    Diamond Rio                          CBEP460- 2
It's Alright To Be A Redneck             Alan Jackson                         CB105
It's Been Awhile                         Staind                               SGB65
                                         Staind                               TT59
It's Been So Long Darlin                 Ernest Tubb                          CBEP451- 1
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like
                                         Christmas                            CK3
                                         Christmas                            MM6020
It's Four In The Morning                 Faron Young                          CBEP452- 1

                                                       Page 50
                                               Sorted by Song

It's Good To Be King                  Tom Petty                                     PCDG45
                                      Notorious Cherry Bombs, Rodney Crowell, And
It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night                                                 CB60327
                                      Vince Gill
It's Just A Matter Of Time            Randy Travis                                  CBEP452- 6
It's My Life                          Bon Jovi                                      SGB45
It's My Party                         Leslie Gore                                   SC7502
It's My Time                          Martina McBride                               THMC104
It's My Turn                          Diana Ross                                    MM6055
It's Not For Me To Say                Johnny Mathis                                 AH8012
It's Not Right But It's Okay          Whitney Houston                               SGB6
                                      Whitney Houston                               THM9908
It's Not Unusual                      Tom Jones                                     MMHP5
It's Now Or Never                     Elvis Presley                                 SC7501
                                      Elvis Presley                                 SC8154
It's Only Make Believe                Conway Twitty                                 SC7507
It's Only Rock N' Roll                Rolling Stones                                BS9217
                                      Rolling Stones                                UKK3101
It's Over                             Roy Orbison                                   SO205
It's Raining Men                      Geri Halliwell                                SF178
                                      Weather Girls                                 PRID1350
It's So Easy                          Linda Ronstadt                                SC7525
It's Still Rock N' Roll To Me         Billy Joel                                    MMHP1
It's The End Of The World As We
                                      R.E.M.                                        PCDG45
Know It
It's Too Late                         Carole King                                   SC7503
It's Your Song                        Garth Brooks                                  PRID9044
I've Been Everywhere                  Hank Snow                                     CBEP451- 3
I've Been Loving You So Long          Otis Redding                                  MM6006
I've Been Working On The Railroad     Children's                                    SC7001
I've Forgotten How You Feel           Sonya Isaacs                                  SC8590
I've Got A Rock 'N Roll Heart         Eric Clapton                                  PCDG43
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail          Buck Owens                                    CBEP451- 5
I've Got Love On My Mind              Natalie Cole                                  SC8427
I've Got The Music In Me              Kiki Dee                                      DK2023
                                      Kiki Dee                                      MM6033
                                      Kiki Dee                                      SGB58
I've Got You Under My Skin            Frank Sinatra                                 SC7505
I've Gotta Get A Message To You       Bee Gees                                      BS8717
I've Had The Time Of My Life          Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley (Duet)          SC7530
Jack And Diane                        John Mellencamp                               UKK3126
Jack And Jill                         Children's                                    SC7001
Jacob's Ladder                        Huey Lewis & The News                         CBEP475- 3
Jaded                                 Aerosmith                                     SGB53
Jailhouse Rock                        Elvis Presley                                 SC7521
James Dean                            Eagles                                        SGB4
                                      Eagles                                        SGB66
Jamie's Cryin'                        Van Halen                                     AH8004

                                                  Page 51
                                          Sorted by Song

Jammin'                           Bob Marley                SC7546
Janie's Got A Gun                 Aerosmith                 SC7565
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi           Kylie Minogue             SF7
Jealous Again                     Black Crowes              AH8009
Jealous Bone                      Patty Loveless            MM6017
Jeffersons, The                   TV Theme                  MM6031
Jeopardy                          Greg Kihn                 AH8021
Jeremy                            Pearl Jam                 RSZ601
Jesus Loves Me                    Children's                SC7006
Jesus Loves The Little Children   Children's                SC7006
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam      Children's                SC7006
Jet                               Paul McCartney & Wings    SC8668
Jet Airliner                      Steve Miller Band         N107
Jezebel                           Chely Wright              CB60229
                                  Chely Wright              PHMC203
                                  Chely Wright              SC8736
Jingle Bell Rock                  Christmas                 MM6020
                                  Christmas (Bobby Helms)   CB1
                                  Randy Travis              SD5
Jingle Bells                      Children's                SC7005
                                  Christmas                 CK3
                                  Christmas (B.J. Thomas)   CB5
Jive Talkin'                      Bee Gees                  BS8717
John Brown's Baby                 Children's                SC7002
John Deere Green                  Joe Diffie                CB20133
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt   Children's                SC7007
Johnny Angel                      Shelly Farbares           SC7513
Johnny B. Goode                   Chuck Berry               MM6036
                                  Chuck Berry               SC7525
Johnny Remember Me                John Leyton               SF38
Joker, The                        K.D. Lang                 SC8389
                                  Steve Miller Band         N107
Jolene                            Dolly Parton              SC7552
Joy To The World                  Christmas                 CK1
                                  Three Dog Night           SC7503
Jukebox In My Mind                Alabama                   BS8317
Jukebox Junkie                    Ken Mellons               SD6
Jump                              Kris Kross                MM6016
                                  Van Halen                 SC8106
Jump (For My Love)                Pointer Sisters           MM6066
Jump, Jive, And Wail              Brian Setzer              SGB7
Jumper                            Third Eye Blind           SGB6
Jumpin' Jack Flash                Rolling Stones            BS9217
                                  Rolling Stones            UKK3101
Jungle Love                       Steve Miller Band         N107
Just A Gigolo                     David Lee Roth            MMHP10
                                  David Lee Roth            SC7519

                                             Page 52
                                            Sorted by Song

Just A Girl                        No Doubt                                     SYB1051
Just A Little While                Janet Jackson                                SD4404
Just A Song Before I Go            Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young                LEG43
Just Another Day                   Jon Secada                                   MM6001
Just Because                       Janes Addiction                              PHMR309
Just Between You And Me            Kinleys                                      CHM498
Just Don't Wait Around Til She's
                                   David Lee Murphy                             CBEP460- 4
Just Like Jesse James              Cher                                         SGB10
Just Like You                      Three Days Grace                             SC8883
Just Once                          James Ingram                                 DK99
                                   James Ingram                                 MM6055
                                   James Ingram                                 MMHP4
                                   James Ingram                                 SC7509
                                   James Ingram                                 SO209
Just One Look                      Linda Ronstadt                               MM6033
Just One Of Those Things           Freestyle Jazz                               SGB3
Just The Way You Are               Billy Joel                                   MM6037
                                   Billy Joel                                   SC7509
                                   Billy Joel                                   SF90
Just To Hear You Say               Faith Hill                                   CHM798
Just To See You Smile              Tim McGraw                                   PRID9075
Just What I Do                     Trick Pony                                   CB60229
Just What The Doctor Ordered       Ted Nugent                                   AH8009
Just When I Neeed You Most         Dolly Parton                                 MM6179
Kansas City                        Wilbert Harrison                             MM6007
                                   Wilbert Harrison                             SC7517
Karma                              Jessica Andrews                              CB60229
                                   Jessica Andrews                              PRID9075
Kashmir                            Led Zeppelin                                 AH8004
Katie Wants A Fast One             Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks (Duet)          CB20197
Katmandu                           Bob Seger                                    SGB4
Kaw-Liga                           Hank Williams                                SC7512
Keep Mom & Dad In Love             Billy Dean, Suzy Bogguss, & Jillian (Duet)   CB20291
                                   Billy Dean, Suzy Bogguss, & Jillian (Duet)   PHM110
Keep On Loving You                 R.E.O. Speedwagon                            CBEP475- 1
                                   REO Speedwagon                               DK52
Keep Your Hands To Yourself        Georgia Satellites                           SC7509
Keeper Of The Flame                Martin Page                                  SD17
Keeper Of The Stars                Tracy Byrd                                   AH8016
                                   Tracy Byrd                                   CB45012
                                   Tracy Byrd                                   SD12
Keepin' Up                         Alabama                                      THM9902
Kenny's Dead                       Master P                                     SGB12
Kentucky Rain                      Elvis Presley                                SC7521
Kentucky Woman                     Neil Diamond                                 BS9417
                                   Neil Diamond                                 SC7525

                                                Page 53
                                          Sorted by Song

Ketchup Song, The                 Las Ketchup                                  SF197
Key Largo                         Bertie Higgins                               SC7517
                                  Bertie Higgins                               SYB1043
Kick A Little                     Little Texas                                 SD4
Kick It Up                        John Michael Montgomery                      MM6077
Kids                              Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams (Duet)       SF7
Kids Aren't Alright, The          Offspring                                    TT59
Killer Queen                      Queen                                        BS8017
Killin' Time                      Clint Black                                  SO201
Killing Me Softly                 Fugees                                       SYB1051
                                  Fugees                                       THM9606
                                  Roberta Flack                                SC7530
Killing Me Softly (Dance Remix)   Fugees                                       SYB1041
King Creole                       Elvis Presley                                LEG25-13
King Of Pain                      Police                                       MM6063
King Of The Blues                 Gary Moore                                   SGB66
King Of The Mountain              George Strait                                CBEP460- 4
King Of The Road                  Roger Miller                                 SC7513
                                  Roger Miller                                 SYB1048
Kiss                              Prince                                       CBEP475- 1
                                  Prince                                       DK51
                                  Prince                                       SC7529
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'        Charley Pride                                SYB1049
Kiss Me                           Sixpence None The Richer                     BCI204
                                  Sixpence None The Richer                     MMHP9
                                  Sixpence None The Richer                     SGB11
                                  Sixpence None The Richer                     SYB1060
                                  Sixpence None The Richer                     THM9905
Kiss Me Deadly                    Lita Ford                                    SC1027
Kiss Me In The Car                John Berry                                   MM6080
Kiss On My List                   Hall & Oates                                 SC8427
Kiss You All Over                 Clarence Carter                              SC8117
Kissing A Fool                    George Michael                               DK3086-15
                                  George Michael                               DK51
                                  George Michael                               SC7546
Kitty                             Presidents Of The United States Of America   SC8486
Knock On Wood                     Eddie Floyd                                  SC7525
Knockin' On Heavens Door          Guns 'N Roses                                LG114
Knockin' On Heaven's Door         Bob Dylan                                    SC7529
                                  Guns 'N Roses                                AH8007
Knowing Me, Knowing You           ABBA                                         BCI182
Kodachrome                        Paul Simon                                   AH8010
                                  Simon & Garfunkel                            DM101
                                  Simon & Garfunkel                            H5
Kokomo                            Beach Boys                                   CB3
Kryptonite                        3 Doors Down                                 MTV8101
                                  3 Doors Down                                 SGB47

                                              Page 54
                                            Sorted by Song

Kum Ba Yah                         Children's                                         SC7007
Kyle's Mom's A Bitch               Eric Cartman                                       SGB12
Kyrie                              Mr. Mister                                         CBEP475- 1
La Bamba                           Los Lobos                                          BL1
                                   Los Lobos                                          CBEP475- 3
                                   Los Lobos                                          SC7506
                                   Richie Valens                                      MM6036
La Copa De La Vida                 Ricky Martin                                       SGB13
Ladies                             Sarai                                              PHM0309
Ladies Night                       Atomic Kitten                                      SF213
                                   Kool & The Gang                                    MM6036
                                   Kool & The Gang                                    SAVP31
Ladies' Night                      Kool & The Gang                                    SC7546
Lady                               Kenny Rogers                                       MM6075
                                   Kenny Rogers                                       MMHP5
                                   Kenny Rogers                                       SC7503
Lady In Red                        Chris De Burgh                                     KH16
                                   Chris De Burgh                                     MMHP2
                                   Chris De Burgh                                     SC7506
Lady Is A Tramp, The               Various                                            SGB1
Lady Love                          Lou Rawls                                          SAVP31
                                   Rob Trower                                         SGB4
Lady Marmalade                     Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, & Lil' Kim          PRID9076
                                   Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, & Lil' Kim (Duet)   TT34
                                   Labelle                                            SGB58
Lady Picture Show                  Stone Temple Pilots                                H2
Land Of 1000 Dances                Cannibal & The Headhunters                         MM6016
Landslide                          Smashing Pumpkins                                  SD10
Last Dance                         Donna Summer                                       PRID1350
                                   Donna Summer                                       SC7523
Last Dance, The Hustle, & On The
                                   Selena                                             H9
Last Kiss                          Pearl Jam                                          RSZ601
                                   Pearl Jam                                          SGB18
                                   Pearl Jam                                          THM9908
Last Thing On My Mind, The         Patty Loveless                                     CB20272
                                   Patty Loveless                                     THMC104
Last Waltz, The                    Engelbert Humperdinck                              AH8012
Lately                             Stevie Wonder                                      SYB1012
Laughter In The Rain               Neil Sedaka                                        SO202
Laverne & Shirley                  TV Theme                                           MM6031
Lay Down Sally                     Eric Clapton                                       SC7509
Lay It On The Line                 Triumph                                            AH8004
                                   Triumph                                            SGB5
Layla                              Derek & The Dominos                                AH8017
Layla (Electric Version)           Eric Clapton                                       SGB20
Lazy River                         Bobby Darin                                        MM6184

                                                Page 55
                                      Sorted by Song

Le Freak                     Chic                      DK51
Lead On                      George Strait             SC8186
Leader Of Men                Nickelback                SC8659
Leader Of The Pack           Shangri-Las               MM6007
                             Shangri-Las               PCDG52
                             Shangri-Las               SC7504
Lean On Me                   Bill Withers              SC7529
                             Club Nouveau              CBEP475- 3
Leavin' On Your Mind         Patsy Cline               DK99
                             Patsy Cline               MM6084
                             Patsy Cline               SC7522
Leaving Las Vegas            Sheryl Crow               DM102
                             Sheryl Crow               SC8397
Lesson In Leaving            Jo Dee Messina            SGB17
Let 'Er Rip                  Dixie Chicks              CB4
                             Dixie Chicks              SC7596
                             Dixie Chicks              SGB15
Let Her Cry                  Hootie & The Blowfish     SD13
Let It Be                    Beatles                   SC7513
Let It Be Me                 Everly Brothers           DK54
Let It Flow                  Toni Braxton              PCDG50
Let It Go                    Prince                    SD3
Let It Grow                  Eric Clapton              SGB20
Let It Rain                  Mark Chesnutt             SD37
Let It Snow                  Boyz II Men               SD5
                             Christmas                 MM6020
Let Me Be There              Olivia Newton-John        SC7529
Let Me Call You Sweetheart   Various                   SC7528
Let Me Let Go                Faith Hill                THM9811
                             Faith Hill & Vince Gill   SYB1017
Let The Good Times Roll      Shirley & Lee (Duet)      MM6006
Let The Music Play           Shannon                   AH8021
Let Your Love Flow           The Bellamy Brothers      CBEP452- 2
Letitgo                      Prince                    MM6078
Let's Dance                  David Bowie               PCDG52
                             Sara Evans                CB20292
Let's Get It Started         Black Eyed Peas           SC8883
Let's Get Rocked             Def Leppard               SGB31
Let's Go Crazy               Prince                    CBEP475- 1
Let's Meet By The River      Spencers                  CB2
Let's Stay Together          Al Green                  MMHP8
Let's Talk About Sex         Salt-N-Pepa               SC8117
Let's Twist Again            Chubby Checker            MM6016
Letter, The                  Box Tops                  SC7521
Liberate                     Disturbed                 PHMR309
Lickin'                      Black Crowes              TT59
Lido Shuffle                 Boz Skaggs                MM6058

                                          Page 56
                                           Sorted by Song

Life Goes On                       LeAnn Rimes                      SF197
Life In The Fast Lane              Eagles                           BS9017
Life Is A Highway                  Tom Cochrane                     PCDG44
Lifetime                           Maxwell                          SC8726
Light In Your Eyes, The            LeAnn Rimes                      SD37
Light My Fire                      Doors                            UKK3101
Lightning Crashes                  Live                             SGB14
                                   Live                             SGB5
Lights Out                         Lisa Marie Presley               TU206
Like A Rock                        Bob Seger                        AH8020
                                   Bob Seger                        H5
Like A Surgeon                     Weird Al Yankovic                SC2267
Like I Love You                    Justin Timberlake                CB30028
Like Someone In Love               Various                          SGB1
Like The Rain                      Clint Black                      CBEP460- 2
Like The Weather                   10,000 Maniacs                   MM6066
Like We Never Had A Broken Heart   Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks   SC8128
Limp                               Fiona Apple                      MM6297
Lipstick Promises                  George Ducas                     SD11
Listen To Your Heart               Roxette                          CBEP475- 6
Lit Up                             Buckcherry                       MTV8106
Lit Up (With Lead Vocals)          Buckcherry                       MTV8106
Lithium                            Nirvana                          SO207
Little Bird                        Sherrie Austin                   CB20161
Little Bitty                       Alan Jackson                     CBEP460- 2
Little Bo Peep                     Children's                       SC7001
Little Boy Blue                    Children's                       SC7003
Little Bunny Foo Foo               Children's                       SC7001
Little By Little                   James House                      SD9
Little Darling                     Diamonds                         MM6006
Little Deuce Coupe                 Beach Boys                       DK52
Little Drummer Boy, The            Christmas                        MM6020
Little Girl Gone                   Donna Fargo                      CB60077
Little Good-Byes                   SheDaisy                         THM9505
                                   SheDaisy                         THM9905
Little Green Apples                O.C. Smith                       AH8012
                                   O.C. Smith                       DK99
Little Houses                      Doug Stone                       SD8
Little Jack Horner                 Children's                       SC7003
Little Miss Honky Tonk             Brooks & Dunn                    SD12
Little Miss Muffet                 Children's                       SC7003
Little Old Lady From Pasadena      Jan & Dean                       DK51
Little Rock                        Collin Raye                      SD2
                                   Reba McEntire                    CBEP452- 5
Little Saint Nick                  Beach Boys                       SD5
Little Sister                      Elvis Presley                    MM6014
                                   Elvis Presley                    SC7521

                                              Page 57
                                       Sorted by Song

Little Things                   Tanya Tucker                     SD37
Little White Lies               Sammy Hagar                      SC8448
Live It Up                      Marshall Dyllon                  PRID9044
Live To Tell                    Madonna                          CBEP475- 2
Live Until I Die                Clay Walker                      CB453
Live, Laugh, Love               Clay Walker                      CB46105
Livin' Inside Myself            Gino Vanelli                     H9
Livin' It Up (Friday Night)     Bell & James                     SAVP31
Livin' La Vida Loca             Ricky Martin                     CB2
                                Ricky Martin                     MMHP5
                                Ricky Martin                     SYB1060
                                Ricky Martin                     THM9907
Livin' La Vida Loca (English)   Ricky Martin                     SGB13
Livin' La Vida Loca (Spanish)   Ricky Martin                     SGB13
Livin' On A Prayer              Bon Jovi                         CBEP475- 3
Living In America               James Brown                      BCI186
Living In Danger                Ace Of Base                      SD3
                                Ace Of Base                      SO208
Living Years, The               Mike & The Mechanics             CBEP475- 6
Liza Jane                       Vince Gill                       MM6077
Locked Out                      Crowded House                    NT57
Loco-Motion, The                Grand Funk Railroad              SC8106
                                Kylie Minogue                    SF7
                                Little Eva                       SC7502
Logical Song, The               Supertramp                       ZK6
Lola                            Kinks                            MM6058
Lola's Love                     Ricky Van Shelton                SD11
Lollipop                        Chordettes                       SC7504
London Bridge                   Children's                       SC7001
Lonely And Gone                 Montgomery Gentry                CB46105
Lonely Days                     Bee Gees                         BS8717
Lonely Nights                   Mickey Gilley                    CBEP452- 4
Lonely Ol' Night                John Mellencamp                  UKK3126
Lonely Road Of Faith            Kid Rock                         TTM6
Lonely Strangers                Eric Clapton                     SGB20
Lonely Too Long                 Patty Loveless                   CBEP460- 2
Lonesome 7-7203                 Hawkshaw Hawkins                 CBEP451- 4
Long Black Train                Josh Turner                      TT205
Long Cool Woman                 Hollies                          SGB34
Long Neck Bottle                Garth Brooks                     CBEP460- 6
Long Tall Texan                 Doug Supernaw & The Beach Boys   MM6179
Long Time Gone                  Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young    LEG43
Long Way Around                 Eagle Eye Cherry                 SGB45
Longer                          Dan Fogelberg                    SC7526
                                Dan Fogelberg                    SO209
Long-Haired Country Boy         Charlie Daniels                  AH8006
Look At Little Sister           Stevie Ray Vaughn                AH8009

                                          Page 58
                                         Sorted by Song

Look At Us                       Vince Gill                                 CB45012
Look Away                        Chicago                                    CBEP475- 6
Look What Followed Me Home       David Ball                                 SD11
Look, The                        Roxette                                    CBEP475- 6
Lookin' For Love                 Sawyer Brown                               THMC104
Looking Back To See              Browns (Duet)                              CBEP451- 2
Looking For The Light            Rick Trevino                               SD12
Looking Through Your Eyes        LeAnn Rimes                                SGB15
                                 Shania Twain                               BS9517
Looks Like We Made It            Barry Manilow                              DK51
Looks That Kill                  Motley Crue                                LG114
                                 Motley Crue                                SC7565
Lord Have Mercy On The Working
                                 Travis Tritt                               CB45012
                                 Travis Tritt                               SC7596
Lord Is My Shepherd, The         Children's                                 SC7006
Lose Yourself                    Eminem                                     SF200
Losing My Religion               R.E.M.                                     MMHP7
Losing Your Love                 Larry Stewart                              SD11
Lost In Emotion                  Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam                   CBEP475- 4
Lost In The Fifties              Ronnie Milsap                              CBEP452- 5
Lost In The Fifties Tonight      Ronnie Milsap                              SC7516
Lost In Your Eyes                Debbie Gibson                              CBEP475- 6
Louie Louie                      Kingsmen                                   MM6036
                                 Kingsmen                                   SC7527
Louisiana Saturday Night         Mel McDaniel                               CBEP452- 3
Love Ain't Like That             Faith Hill                                 THM9903
Love And Understanding           Cher                                       SGB10
Love Bites                       Def Leppard                                CBEP475- 5
Love Bug (Bite Me)               South 65                                   CB20193
Love Can Build A Bridge          Judds                                      NT1053
                                 Judds                                      SC7510
Love Can Move Mountains          Celine Dion                                MM6021
Love Gets Me Every Time          Shania Twain                               CB90035
                                 Shania Twain                               SGB19
Love Gravy                       Chef                                       SGB12
Love Her Madly                   Doors                                      UKK3103
Love Hurts                       Cher                                       SGB10
Love In An Elevator              Aerosmith                                  SC8169
Love In Me                       Sheena Easton                              MM6066
Love In The First Degree         Alabama                                    CBEP452- 3
Love Is                          Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight (Duet)   SAVP38
Love Is A Battlefield            Pat Benatar                                PCDG44
                                 Pat Benatar                                SGB34
Love Is A Losing Game            Kirk Whalum & Javetta Steele               SAVP38
Love Is All Around               Wet Wet Wet                                MM6057
                                 Wet Wet Wet                                SD1
Love Is Enough                   3 Of Hearts                                SC8705

                                             Page 59
                                            Sorted by Song

Love Is The Right Place             Bryan White              CBEP460- 4
Love Lies Bleeding                  Elton John               SGB5
Love Like This                      Faith Evans              SGB8
Love Machine                        Miracles                 SYB1040
Love Me                             Elvis Presley            SC7501
                                    Elvis Presley            SC8154
Love Me Like You Used To            Tanya Tucker             CBEP452- 6
Love Me Tender                      Elvis Presley            SC7501
                                    Elvis Presley            SC8154
Love Me Tonight                     Tom Jones                MM6075
Love Me Two Times                   Doors                    UKK3101
Love Of A Woman                     Travis Tritt             PRID9075
Love Of My Life                     Santana                  SGB47
Love On The Line                    Blazin' Squad            SF198
Love On The Rocks                   Neil Diamond             BS9417
Love Potion #9                      Searchers                SC7513
Love Shack                          B-52's (Duet)            BL1
                                    B-52's (Duet)            SC7503
                                    B-52's (Duet)            SC8106
Love Sneakin' Up On You             Bonnie Raitt             SC8113
Love So Right                       Bee Gees                 BS8717
Love Stinks                         J. Geils Band            AH8009
Love Takes Time                     Mariah Carey             SO200
Love Train                          The O'Jays               SAVP31
Love Will Keep Us Alive             Eagles                   SD15
Love Will Keep Us Together          Captain & Tenille        CB7
Love Won't Let Me Wait              Major Harris             SAVP38
Love You For A Day                  Ricky Martin             SGB13
Loveboat, The                       TV Theme                 MM6031
Lovebug                             George Jones             CBEP451- 5
Loved To Much                       Ty Herndon               SD37
Lovefool                            Cardigans                SYB1043
Lover Man                           Billie Holiday           NT1049
Love's Gonna LIve Here Again        Buck Owens               CBEP451- 4
Loves Me Like A Rock                Simon & Garfunkel        DM101
Love's The Only House               Martina McBride          CB46105
Lovin' All Night                    Rodney Crowell           SC8130
Lovin' Every Minute Of It           Loverboy                 SC7565
Loving Arms                         Dixie Chicks             SGB15
Loving Blind                        Clint Black              SO201
Loving Every Minute                 Mark Wills               SC8705
Loving You Makes Me A Better Man    Vince Gill               SC8570
Low Down                            Boz Skaggs               MM6279
Lowspark Of High Heeled Boys, The   Traffic                  SGB4
Lucille                             Kenny Rogers             SC7507
                                    Kenny Rogers             SYB1049
                                    Waylon Jennings          SC8365

                                               Page 60
                                            Sorted by Song

Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)   SheDaisy                                     CB20272
Lucky Man                           Verve                                        ET7
Lucky One                           Amy Grant                                    MM6069
                                    Amy Grant                                    SD1
Luka                                Suzanne Vega                                 AH8010
Lullaby                             Shawn Mullin                                 SGB11
Lullaby In Blue                     Bette Midler                                 SGB11
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)      Billy Joel                                   SC8113
Lump                                Presidents Of The United States Of America   SC2057
Luv Lies                            Aerosmith                                    SGB53
Lyin' Eyes                          Eagles                                       BS9017
                                    Eagles                                       MM6032
M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless)      TV Theme                                     PCDG50
Macarena                            Los Del Mar (Featuring The Bayside Boys)     PCDG45
                                    Los Del Rio                                  PRID9076
Mack The Knife                      Bobby Darin                                  CB1
                                    Bobby Darin                                  MMHP4
                                    Bobby Darin                                  SC7513
Mad World                           Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules             SF213
Made In England                     Elton John                                   SD17
Maggie Mae                          Rod Stewart                                  SO204
Magic Man                           Heart                                        SGB34
Magic Stick                         50 Cent & Lil' Kim                           TU206
Magnet And Steel                    Walter Egan                                  SD15
Mainstreet                          Bob Seger                                    AH8020
                                    Bob Seger                                    UKK3121
Make It Happen                      Mariah Carey                                 SO200
Make Me Love You                    Jessica Andrews                              CB20281
Make The World Go Away              Eddy Arnold                                  SC7518
                                    Eddy Arnold                                  SYB1048
Make Up In Love                     Doug Stone                                   CB46105
Makin' Whopee                       Frank Sinatra                                MM6005
Making Memories                     Frankie Laine                                AH8012
Mama He's Crazy                     Judds                                        CB9
                                    Judds                                        SC7512
Mama Tried                          Merle Haggard                                CBEP451- 6
Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes        Forrester Sisters                            PCDG217
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow
                                  Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings (Duet)         SC7507
Up To Be Cowboys
Mambo #5                          Lou Bega                                       MMHP6
                                  Lou Bega                                       SGB30
Man He Was, The                   George Jones                                   CB105
Man I Feel Like A Woman!          Shania Twain                                   CBEP460- 3
Man In Black                      Johnny Cash                                    CB60077
Man In Love With You, The         George Strait                                  SD2
Man In The Mirror                 Michael Jackson                                CBEP475- 5
Man Of Me                         Gary Allan                                     CB105

                                                Page 61
                                             Sorted by Song

Man Of My World                     Collin Raye                            SD6
Man On The Moon                     R.E.M.                                 SGB34
Man That Turned My Mama On, The     Tanya Tucker                           PCDG201
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The   Gene Pitney                            SO202
Man! I Feel Like A Woman            Shania Twain                           BS9517
                                    Shania Twain                           SGB19
Mandy                               Westlife                               SF211
Maneater                            Hall & Oates                           SO209
Margaritaville                      Jimmy Buffett                          CB9
                                    Jimmy Buffett                          MM6032
                                    Jimmy Buffett                          SC8106
                                    Jimmy Buffett                          SGB1001
Maria                               Blondie                                SGB18
                                    Blondie                                THM9907
Marie's The Name His Latest Flame   Elvis Presley                          SC7521
Mary Had A Little Lamb              Children's                             SC7001
Mary Jane                           Alanis Morissette                      H2
Mary Jane's Last Dance              Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers          SC8486
Massachusetts                       Bee Gees                               BS8717
Material Girl                       Madonna                                SC7511
Matters Of The Heart                Michael McDonald                       PCDG45
Matthew Mark Luke And Earnhardt     Shane Sellers                          SC8705
May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up
                                    Little Jimmy Dickens                   CBEP451- 5
Your Nose
Maybe                               Alison Krauss                          CB20272
                                    Enrique Iglesias                       SF200
Maybe He'll Notice Her Now          Mindy McCready                         MM6179
Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind    Stevie Nicks                           MM6057
Maybe Not Tonight                   Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan (Duet)   THM9505
                                    Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan (Duet)   THM9905
Maybe She's Human                   Kathy Mattea                           MM6080
                                    Kathy Mattea                           SD9
Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It    Tim McGraw                             MM6179
Maybe, Maybe Not                    Mindy McCready                         CB60229
Me & Emily                          Rachel Proctor                         SD118
Me And Bobby McGee                  Janis Joplin                           CB5
                                    Janis Joplin                           SC7513
Me And Julio Down By The
                                    Simon & Garfunkel                      DM101
                                    Simon & Garfunkel                      H5
Me And Mrs. Jones                   Billy Paul                             MMHP7
                                    Billy Paul                             SC7523
Me And The Moon                     Bryan White                            H9
Me And You                          Kenny Chesney                          CBEP460- 4
Me Neither                          Brad Paisley                           CB46105
Meanwhile                           George Strait                          THM9903
Meanwhile Back At The Ranch         Clark Family Experience                PRID9044
Meat And Potato Man                 Alan Jackson                           CB20292

                                                Page 62
                                      Sorted by Song

Mecca                         Gene Pitney                      SC8397
Meet In The Middle            Diamond Rio                      PCDG201
Meet Me In Montana            Dan Seals & Marie Osmond         SC8128
Melissa                       Allman Brothers                  AH8010
Memory                        Sugarcult                        PHR0410
Men                           Forrester Sisters                SC7522
Merry Christmas Baby          Bruce Springsteen                SD5
Merry Christmas Darling       Carpenters                       SD5
Mexican Blackbird             ZZ Top                           SGB4
Mickey's Monkey               Miracles                         MM6016
Middle, The                   Jimmy Eat World                  TTM6
Midnight In Chelsea           Jon Bon Jovi                     SC8448
Midnight Rambler              Rolling Stones                   AH8004
Midnight Train To Georgia     Gladys Knight & The Pips         SC7519
Military Madness              Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young    LEG43
Minnie The Moocher            Cab Calloway                     SC7505
Mirror Man                    Human League                     AH8007
Misery Loves Company          Porter Wagoner                   CBEP451- 4
Misled                        Celine Dion                      PCDG51
Miss Independent              Kelly Clarkson                   TU206
Miss You                      Eric Clapton                     SGB20
                              Rolling Stones                   UKK3103
Miss You Much                 Janet Jackson                    CBEP475- 6
Mistletoe And Holly           Christmas                        MM6020
Misunderstood                 Bon Jovi                         SF200
MMM Bop                       Hanson                           PCDG50
Mmm Bop (Dance Remix)         Hanson                           SYB1072
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm               Crash Test Dummies               MM6057
                              Crash Test Dummies               PCDG44
                              Crash Test Dummies               SO207
Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde   Travis Tritt                     CB60229
Modern Love                   David Bowie                      PCDG51
Money                         Pink Floyd                       SO208
Money For Nothing             Dire Straits                     CBEP475- 1
Money In The Bank             John Anderson                    CB453
Monkey                        George Michael                   CBEP475- 5
Monster In My Pants           Adult Karaoke (Fred Schneider)   ADULT
Monster Mash, The             Bobby ''Boris'' Pickett          SC7526
                              Bobby Pickett                    MM6016
Moody Blue                    Elvis Presley                    LEG27
                              Elvis Presley                    SC7521
Moon River                    Andy Williams                    CB5
                              Andy Williams                    SC7518
Moonglow                      Tony Bennett & K.D. Lang         SD10
Moonlight Serenade            Glenn Miller                     AH8012
More                          Bobby Darin                      MM6184
                              Frank Sinatra                    SGB4

                                          Page 63
                                              Sorted by Song

                                      Various                               SGB1
More Than A Woman                     Aaliyah                               SF184
More Than You'll Ever Know            Travis Tritt                          CBEP460- 5
More Today Than Yesterday             Spiral Staircase                      MH16
Morning Train                         Sheena Easton                         SGB58
Morning Wood                          Adult Karaoke (Rodney Carrington)     ADULT
Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The Prince                                PCDG43
                                      Prince                                SC8113
Most Beautiful Girl, The              Charlie Rich                          CB60077
Mother And Child Reunion              Simon & Garfunkel                     DM101
Motown Song, The                      Rod Stewart                           SO204
Mountain Dew                          Grandpa Jones                         CBEP451- 3
Mountain Music                        Alabama                               CBEP452- 5
                                      Alabama                               SC7516
Mountain Of Love                      Charley Pride                         CBEP452- 4
Mouth                                 Merril Bainbridge                     PCDG49
                                      Merril Bainbridge                     SYB1043
Move It On Over                       Hank Williams                         CBEP451- 1
Move On                               Warren Brothers                       THMC104
Movin' On                             Merle Haggard                         PCDG201
Movin' Out                            Billy Joel                            MM6024
Mozart's Lullaby                      Children's                            SC7004
Mr. Mom                               Lonestar                              CB60327
Mr. Roboto                            Styx                                  SC7565
Mr. Tambourine Man                    Byrds                                 SF46
Mr. Wendel                            Arrested Development                  MM6021
Mrs. Robinson                         Simon & Garfunkel                     DM101
Mrs. Steven Rudy                      Mark McGuinn                          THMC106
Much Too Young To Feel This Damn
                                      Garth Brooks                          MM6019
Mulberry Bush, The                    Children's                            SC7002
Murder By Numbers                     Police                                US1
Murder On Music Row                   George Strait & Alan Jackson (Duet)   CB7
Murder She Wrote                      Chaka Demus                           KC4
Mustang Burn                          Jack Ingram                           CB20193
Mustang Sally                         Wilson Pickett                        CB2
                                      Wilson Pickett                        SC7521
My All                                Mariah Carey                          SYB1051
My All (Dance Remix)                  Mariah Carey                          SYB1041
My Angel Is Here                      Wynonna                               CBEP460- 2
My Baby Loves Me                      Martina McBride                       SC8838
My Baby Thinks He's A Train           Rosanne Cash                          CBEP452- 4
My Band                               D12 F. Eminem                         PHM406
My Best Friend                        Tim McGraw                            CB46105
                                      Tim McGraw                            SC8570
My Best Friend's Girl                 Cars                                  SGB4
                                      Cars                                  SGB5

                                                  Page 64
                                             Sorted by Song

My Blue Angel                       Aaron Tippin                         SC8144
My Boyfriend's Back                 Angels                               MM6007
                                    Angels                               SC7504
My Ding-A-Ling                      Chuck Berry                          SC8117
My Father's Eyes                    Eric Clapton                         MMHP9
My Favorite Mistake                 Sheryl Crow                          SGB8
My First Night With You             Mya                                  SGB18
My Funny Valentine                  Frank Sinatra                        MM6005
                                    Various                              PCDG303
My Generation                       The Who                              PRIDLC2
My Girl                             Temptations                          CB9
                                    Temptations                          SC7527
My Guy                              Mary Wells                           MM6007
                                    Mary Wells                           SC7521
My Hand On My Head                  Children's                           SC7002
My Happy Ending                     Avril Lavigne                        SC8883
My Hat Has Three Corners            Children's                           SC7002
My Heart Can't Tell You No          Rod Stewart                          SO204
My Heart Cries For You              Guy Mitchell                         AH8012
My Heart Has A History              Paul Brandt                          CBEP460- 2
My Heart Is Calling                 Whitney Houston                      PCDG49
My Heart Will Go On                 Celine Dion                          BS9317
                                    Celine Dion                          SGB8
                                    Celine Dion                          SYB1051
My Heart Will Go On (Dance Remix)   Celine Dion                          SYB1041
My Heart Will Never Know            Clay Walker                          SD16
My Home's In Alabama                Alabama                              BS8317
My Hometown                         Bruce Springsteen                    UKK3101
My Kind Of Girl                     Collin Raye                          SD9
My Kind Of Town                     Frank Sinatra                        SC7505
My Kind Of Woman                    Vince Gill & Patty Loveless (Duet)   SGB17
My Last Name                        Dierks Bentley                       SC8862
My List                             Toby Keith                           CB60229
My Little Town                      Simon & Garfunkel                    DM101
My Love                             Sonny James                          CBEP452- 1
My Maria                            Brooks & Dunn                        AH8016
                                    Brooks & Dunn                        CBEP460- 1
My My My                            Johnny Gill                          SYB1012
My Next Thirty Years                Tim McGraw                           PRID9044
My One And Only Love                Various                              SGB1
My Prerogative                      Bobby Brown                          CBEP475- 6
My Romance                          Various                              SGB1
My Sacrifice                        Creed                                SGB66
My Sharona                          Knack                                PI010
My Strongest Weakness               Wynonna Judd                         NT1053
                                    Wynonna Judd                         SC7524
My Way                              Frank Sinatra                        SC7518

                                                Page 65
                                          Sorted by Song

                                   Limp Bizkit                       TT59
My Woman, My Woman, My Wife        Marty Robbins                     CBEP452- 1
                                   Marty Robbins                     MM6088
My Worst Fear                      Rascal Flatts                     CB60327
Mysterious Girl                    Peter Andre                       SF61
Mysterious Ways                    U2                                SO208
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye     Steam                             SAVP31
Naked Without You                  Taylor Dayne                      SGB11
Name                               Goo Goo Dolls                     SYB1043
Name Game, The                     Shirley Ellis                     MM6016
Name Of The Game, The              ABBA                              BCI182
Nasty Girl                         Vanity 6                          AH8021
Native New Yorker                  Odyssey                           SYB1040
Naughty Girl                       Beyonce                           PHM406
                                   Holly Valance                     SF200
Near You Always                    Jewel                             CB40001
Need You Tonight                   INXS                              CBEP475- 4
Neon Moon                          Brooks & Dunn                     SC8103
Never Again, Again                 Lee Ann Womack                    CBEP460- 3
Never Been Kissed                  Sherrie Austin                    CB46105
Never Ending Song Of Love          Delaney & Bonnie & Sister         MH16
Never Ever                         All Saints                        SF116
Never Gonna Give You Up            Rick Astley                       CBEP475- 4
Never Had A Dream Come True        S Club 7                          TT34
Never Leave You                    Lumidee                           PHM0309
Never Never Gonna Give You Up      Barry White                       MM6055
Never Saw A Miracle                Curtis Styger                     H9
Never Say Goodbye                  Bon Jovi                          AH8002
Never Too Far                      Mariah Carey                      SC8726
New Age Girl                       Deadeye Dick                      SC8169
                                   Deadeye Dick                      SO207
New Kid In Town                    Eagles                            BS9017
New Money                          Trent Summar & The New Row Mob    CB20196
New Way (To Light Up An Old Flame) Joe Diffie                        CB20133
New York Groove                    Ace Frehley                       SC8397
New York Mining Disaster 1941      Bee Gees                          BS8717
New York, New York                 Frank Sinatra                     CB3
                                   Frank Sinatra                     MMHP2
                                   Frank Sinatra                     SC7518
Next Thing Smokin'                 Joe Diffie                        MM6017
Next Time I Fall In Love           Amy Grant & Peter Cetera (Duet)   SO209
                                   Peter Cetera & Amy Grant (Duet)   CBEP475- 2
Nice To Be With You                Gallery                           MH16
Night Fever                        Bee Gees                          BS8717
Night Is Fallin' In My Heart       Diamond Rio                       SD8
Night Moves                        Bob Seger                         AH8020
                                   Bob Seger                         UKK3121

                                             Page 66
                                        Sorted by Song

Nights On Broadway             Bee Gees                                   BS8717
No Alibis                      Eric Clapton                               SGB20
No End In Sight                Katrine Elam                               CB60327
No Gettin' Over Me             Ronnie Milsap                              CBEP452- 4
No Love (I'm Not Used To)      Kevin Edmonds                              SGB45
No Matter What                 Badfinger                                  PRIDLC2
No Mistakes                    Patty Smyth                                MM6021
No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)   3LW                                        TT34
No More Cryin'                 McBride & The Ride                         MM6077
No More ''I Love You's''       Annie Lennox                               SD13
No More Tears                  Ozzy Osbourne                              SC7565
No More To Kill                Clint Black                                SO201
No News                        Lonestar                                   CBEP460- 5
No One Needs To Know           Shania Twain                               CB90035
                               Shania Twain                               SGB19
No Ordinary Love               Sade                                       MM6030
No Place Like Home             Georgia Middleman                          CB20195
No Place That Far              Sara Evans                                 CB20057
                               Sara Evans                                 SYB1017
No Rain                        Blind Melon                                MM6030
No Scrubs                      TLC                                        SGB11
                               TLC                                        THM9908
No Substitute-Oh! Kathy Lee    Chef                                       SGB12
Nobody                         Sylvia                                     SC7507
Nobody But Me                  Human Beings                               MH16
Nobody Does It Better          Carly Simon                                SC7506
Nobody Knows                   Kevin Sharp                                CBEP460- 3
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do    Anne Murray & Dave Loggins (Duet)          CBEP452- 5
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely      Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera (Duet)   SGB53
Nobody's Home                  Clint Black                                SO201
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here   Deborah Cox                                SYB1060
                               Deborah Cox                                THM9905
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here
                               Deborah Cox                                SYB1041
(Dance Remix)
Nookie                         Limp Bizkit                                MTV8106
Nookie (With Lead Vocals)      Limp Bizkit                                MTV8106
Norma Jean Riley               Diamond Rio                                NT1053
North To Alaska                Johnny Horton                              CBEP451- 3
Not A Moment Too Soon          Tim McGraw                                 SD9
Not Counting You               Garth Brooks                               MM6019
Not Enough Love In The World   Don Henley                                 AH8004
Not For You                    Pearl Jam                                  RSZ601
Not Gon' Cry (Dance Remix)     Mary J. Blige                              SYB1072
Not On Your Love               Jeff Carson                                MM6101
                               Jeff Carson                                SC8186
Note, The                      Daryl Singletary                           CBEP460- 6
Nothin' But The Taillights     Clint Black                                CBEP460- 3

                                            Page 67
                                            Sorted by Song

Nothing Broken But My Heart        Celine Dion                     MM6001
Nothing Even Matters               Lauryn Hill                     SGB11
Nothing Left Behind Us             Richard Marx                    SD7
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now        Starship                        CBEP475- 3
Nothing's News                     Clint Black                     SO201
November                           Emerson Drive                   CB60327
November Rain                      Guns 'N Roses                   LG114
Now (It's Just The Gas)            Little Shop Of Horrors (Duet)   SC2231
Now I Know                         Lari White                      SD4
Nowhere To Go                      Melissa Etheridge               PCDG52
O Come All Ye Faithful             Christmas                       CK1
O Holy Night                       Christmas                       CK1
                                   Tevin Campbell                  SD5
O Little Town Of Bethlehem         Christmas                       CK1
O What A Thrill                    Mavericks                       SD2
Object Of My Desire                Starpoint                       AH8021
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da                  Beatles                         PCDG43
Ocean Spray                        Manic Street Preachers          SF178
Ode To My Car                      Adam Sandler                    SGB12
Ode To My Family                   Cranberries                     SD15
Oh Atlanta                         Little Feat                     SC8397
Oh Boy                             Buddy Holly                     MM6074
Oh Carol                           Neil Sedaka                     SO202
Oh Carolina                        Shaggy                          GRED405
Oh Girl                            Paul Young                      MM6001
Oh Lonesome Me                     Don Gibson                      CBEP451- 2
Oh Look At Me Now                  Various                         SGB2
Oh What A Beautiful Morning        Oklahoma                        SC8127
Oh! Darlin!                        Beatles                         SC7525
Oh, Pretty Woman                   Roy Orbison                     CB8
                                   Roy Orbison                     SC7502
                                   Roy Orbison                     SF43
                                   Roy Orbison                     SO205
Oh, Susanna                        Children's                      SC7001
Oh, What A Night                   Dells                           MM6160
Ohio                               Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
Oklahoma                           Oklahoma                        SC8127
Old Cape Cod                       Patti Page                      AH8012
Old Dogs, Children, And Watermelon
                                   Tom T. Hall                     CB60077
Old Enough To Know Better          Wade Hayes                      CBEP460- 2
                                   Wade Hayes                      SD8
Old Fashioned Love Song            Three Dog Night                 DK51
Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To
                                   Dolly Parton                    CBEP452- 3
Old Friend                         Phyllis Hyman                   SAVP38
Old King Cole                      Children's                      SC7003

                                               Page 68
                                           Sorted by Song

Old MacDonald                     Children's                SC7001
Old Man And Me                    Hootie & The Blowfish     PCDG44
                                  Hootie & The Blowfish     THM9605
Old Time Rock & Roll              Bob Seger                 CB6
                                  Bob Seger                 SC7519
                                  Bob Seger                 SC8106
Older Than My Years               Cherie                    PHM0410
On A Clear Day (You Can See
                                  Frank Sinatra             PCDG303
On A Good Night                   Wade Hayes                CBEP460- 3
On A Night Like This              Kylie Minogue             SF7
                                  Trick Pony                SC8705
On A Slow Boat To China           Various                   SGB1
On Bended Knee                    Boyz II Men               MMHP5
                                  Boyz II Men               SD10
On Broadway                       George Benson             MMHP7
On The Beach                      Chris Rea                 AH8007
On The Down Low                   Brian McKnight            SD20
On The Road Again                 Willie Nelson             SC7510
                                  Willie Nelson             SYB1049
On The Side Of Angels             LeAnn Rimes               CBEP460- 6
On The Street Where You Live      Harry Connick, Jr.        MM6005
On The Way Down                   Ryan Cabrera              PHM0410
On The Wings Of Love              Jeffrey Osborne           MM6055
                                  Jeffrey Osborne           MMHP4
                                  Jeffrey Osborne           SC7530
Once A Day                        Connie Smith              CB5
                                  Connie Smith              CBEP451- 5
Once An Austrian Went Yodeling    Children's                SC7002
Once In A Lifetime                Michael Bolton            SD7
Once In A Lifetime Love           Clay Walker               CB20196
                                  Clay Walker               CB463
Once Upon A Time                  Montell Jordan            MM6297
Once You Loved Somebody           Dixie Chicks              SGB15
One                               A Chorus Line             HSK202
                                  Faith Hill                PHM0309
                                  Faith Hill                TU206
                                  U2                        SO208
One Bottle Of Pop                 Children's                SC7002
One Boy, One Girl                 Collin Raye               AH8016
                                  Collin Raye               CBEP460- 5
                                  Collin Raye               SC8186
One Bright Star                   Vince Gill                SD5
One Fine Day                      Chiffons                  MM6007
One For My Baby (And One More For
                                  Frank Sinatra             AH8004
The Road)
One Has My Name, The Other Has
                                  Jimmy Waker               CBEP451- 1
My Heart

                                              Page 69
                                              Sorted by Song

One Headlight                        Wallflowers                                        H2
                                     Wallflowers                                        MTV8102
One Honest Heart                     Reba McEntire                                      CB46105
                                     Reba McEntire                                      SGB17
One I Love, The                      R.E.M.                                             PCDG50
                                     R.E.M.                                             SD20
One In A Million                     Johnny Lee                                         CBEP452- 3
One In A Million You                 Larry Graham                                       MM6055
                                     Larry Graham                                       MMHP4
                                     Larry Graham                                       SC7530
One Love                             Blue                                               SF197
One Love At A Time                   Tanya Tucker                                       NT1053
One Minute Man                       Missy ''Misdemeanor'' Elliott, Ludacris, & Trina   SC8720
One Moment In Time                   Whitney Houston                                    SC7523
One More Day                         Diamond Rio                                        PRID9044
One More Minute                      Weird Al Yankovic                                  SC2267
One More Payment                     Clint Black                                        SO201
One More Try                         Divine                                             THM9907
                                     George Michael                                     CBEP475- 5
One Night                            Corrs                                              SF178
One Night A Day                      Garth Brooks                                       PCDG217
One Night At A Time                  George Strait                                      CBEP460- 4
                                     George Strait                                      SD37
One Night In Bankok                  Murray Head                                        SC8397
One Of A Kind, Pair Of Fools         Barbara Mandrell                                   CBEP452- 4
One Of The Guys                      Terri Clark                                        CB60327
One Of These Nights                  Eagles                                             BS9017
One Of Us                            Joan Osbourne                                      PCDG44
One Step Closer                      Linkin Park                                        MTV8106
One Step Closer (With Lead Vocals)   Linkin Park                                        MTV8106
One Thing                            Finger Eleven                                      SC8883
One Thing Leads To Another           Fixx                                               SC8696
                                     The Fixx                                           PRIDLC2
One Tin Soldier                      Coven                                              MH16
One Way Or Another                   Blondie                                            SGB58
One Way Ticket To The Blues          Neil Sedaka                                        SO202
One Week                             Barenaked Ladies                                   MTV8102
One Who Really Loves You, The        Mary Wells                                         MM6055
One You Love, The                    Glen Frey                                          AH8004
One's On The Way                     Loretta Lynn                                       CBEP452- 1
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line     Waylon Jennings                                    SC8365
Only God Knows Why                   Kid Rock                                           MM6297
Only Love                            Wynonna Judd                                       PCDG217
Only Love Can Break A Heart          Gene Pitney                                        SO202
Only One Road                        Celine Dion                                        BS9317
                                     Celine Dion                                        SD17
Only The Lonely                      Roy Orbison                                        SC7504

                                                  Page 70
                                            Sorted by Song

                                   Roy Orbison                            SO205
Only The Wind                      Billy Dean                             MM6017
Only Wanna Be With You             Hootie & The Blowfish                  SD15
Only Women Bleed                   Alice Cooper                           AH8002
Only You                           Platters                               SC7513
Only You Know And I Know           Eric Clapton                           SGB20
Ooh Aah (Dance Remix)              Gina G.                                SYB1072
Oooby Dooby                        Roy Orbison                            SO205
Open Road                          Gary Barlow                            SF116
Open Your Eyes                     Alter Bridge                           PHR0410
Open Your Heart                    Madonna                                CBEP475- 3
Opposites Attract                  Paula Abdul                            PCDG43
Ordinary Day                       Vanessa Carlton                        SF200
Ordinary Life                      Chad Brock                             THM9903
Ordinary World                     Duran Duran                            MM6001
Orinoco Flow                       Enya                                   SYB1043
Our House                          Madness                                DK99
Out Of Here Tonight                Great Divide                           CB20281
Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed Loretta Lynn                            CB60077
Out Of My Heart                    BB Mac                                 CB30028
Out Of The Blue Clear Sky          George Strait                          CBEP460- 1
Outside                            Staind                                 TT59
Outside Woman Blues                Eric Clapton                           SGB20
Over At The Frankenstein Place     Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)       SC8472
Over The Rainbow                   Isreal Kamakwiwo'ole                   PHM406
                                   Judy Garland                           SC7505
Over The River And Thro' The Woods Children's                             SC7005
Overdrive                          Katy Rose                              THP404
Overjoyed                          Stevie Wonder                          SYB1012
Paint It Black                     Rolling Stones                         BS9217
                                   Rolling Stones                         UKK3102
Painted On My Heart                Cult                                   PHM12
Pancho And Lefty                   Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard (Duet)   SC7522
Papa Don't Preach                  Kelly Osborne                          SC8796
Papa Loves Mama                    Garth Brooks                           MM6019
Paper In Fire                      John Mellencamp                        UKK3126
Paper Roses                        Marie Osmond                           CBEP452- 1
                                   Marie Osmond                           SYB1049
Paradise                           Craig Morgan                           CB20193
                                   Sade                                   MM6021
Paradise By The Dashboard Light    Meatloaf                               MM6033
                                   Meatloaf                               SC7530
                                   Meatloaf                               SC8106
Paradise City                      Guns 'N Roses                          LG114
Paranoid                           Black Sabbath                          AH8006
Paranoid-War Pigs (Live)           Black Sabbath                          SGB4
Party All The Time                 Eddie Murphy                           CBEP475- 1

                                                Page 71
                                       Sorted by Song

Party On The Patio             Jolie And The Wanted                             CB60229
Party Time                     T.G. Sheppard                                    CBEP452- 4
Pat-A-Cake                     Children's                                       SC7003
Patience                       Guns 'N Roses                                    LG114
Peace Like A River             Children's                                       SC7006
Peaceful, Easy Feeling         Eagles                                           BS9017
Peaches                        Presidents Of The United States Of America       PCDG45
Peaches And Cream                                                           112 SGB65
Peas Porridge Hot              Children's                                       SC7003
Peggy Sue                      Buddy Holly                                      SC7513
Pennies From Heaven            Various                                          PCDG303
People Get Ready               Rod Stewart                                      SAVP38
People Like Us                 Aaron Tippin                                     PRID9075
                               Aaron Tippin                                     THMC106
Peppermint Twist               Joey Dee & The Starliters                        DK2029
Perfect Love                   Trisha Yearwood                                  CHM498
Perfect World                  Indigo Girls                                     THP404
                               Sawyer Brown                                     CB20193
Perfect Year, The              Dinah Carroll                                    BL14
Philadelphia Freedom           Elton John                                       SC8397
Photograph                     Def Leppard                                      SC7578
Piano Man                      Billy Joel                                       SC7530
Pick A Bale Of Cotton          Children's                                       SC7007
Pickup Man                     Joe Diffie                                       CB20133
                               Joe Diffie                                       SD9
Picture                        Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow (Duet)                    TTM6
Picture Post Cards From L.A.   Joshua Kadison                                   NT1053
Picture Postcards From L.A.    Joshua Kadison                                   SD7
Pieces Of Me                   Ashlee Simpson                                   SC8883
Pinball Wizard                 The Who                                          PRIDLC2
Pink                           Aerosmith                                        SC8448
Pink Caddillac                 Bruce Springsteen                                UKK3102
Pink Houses                    John Mellencamp                                  UKK3126
Pistol Packin Mama             Al Dexter & His Troopers                         CBEP451- 1
Place Where You Belong, The    Shai                                             NT1049
Planet Sachmanet Janet         Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)                 SC8472
Play                           Jennifer Lopez                                   PRID9076
                               Jennifer Lopez                                   SGB53
Play Me                        Neil Diamond                                     BS9417
Play My Funk                   Simple E                                         NT1049
Play That Funky Music          Wild Cherry                                      SC7509
Please                         Pam Tillis                                       CB20272
Please Come To Boston          Dave Loggins                                     AH8010
                               Dave Loggins                                     SC7530
Please Don't Go                No Mercy                                         PCDG50
Please Don't Tell Her          Big Head Todd & The Monsters                     SC8389
Please Forgive Me              Bryan Adams                                      MMHP3

                                           Page 72
                                            Sorted by Song

                                   Bryan Adams                     SC8113
Please Remember Me                 Tim McGraw                      CB46105
                                   Tim McGraw                      SGB17
Please Stay                        Kylie Minogue                   SF7
Pleasure                           Soup Dragons                    SO207
Plush                              Stone Temple Pilots             SGB14
Poison Ivy                         Coasters                        MM6007
Polka Dots And Moonbeams           Freestyle Jazz                  SGB3
Poor Poor Pitiful Me               Terri Clark                     CBEP460- 2
                                   Terri Clark                     SYB1017
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me              Terri Clark                     MM6179
Pop A Top                          Alan Jackson                    SC8570
                                   Jim Ed Brown                    CBEP451- 6
Pop! Goes The Weasel               Children's                      SC7002
Portrait Of My Love                Steve Lawrence                  MM6005
Possession                         Sarah McLachlan                 PCDG49
Pour Me                            Trick Pony                      THMC104
Pour Some Sugar On Me              Def Leppard                     SGB14
                                   Def Leppard                     US1
Power Of Love, The                 Celine Dion                     BS9317
                                   Celine Dion                     SC7514
                                   Lee Roy Parnell                 MM6077
                                   Lee Roy Parnell                 SD4
Power Windows                      John Berry                      SC8570
Pray                               Lasgo                           SF200
Prayer For The Dying               Seal                            MM6069
Prayer, The                        Celine Dion                     BS9317
                                   Celine Dion                     SYB1043
Precious & Few                     Climax                          DK99
Pretty Fly For A White Guy         Offspring                       SYB1060
Pretty Girl                        Jon B                           SD20
                                   Jon B                           SYB1012
Pretty Little Angel Eyes           Curtis Lee                      MM6074
Pretty Paper                       Roy Orbison                     SO205
Private Emotion                    Ricky Martin                    SGB13
                                   Ricky Martin Featuring Meja     MM6297
Prologue                           Little Shop Of Horrors          SC2231
Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I
                                    Joe Diffie                     CB20133
                                    Joe Diffie                     SC7516
Proud Mary                          Creedence Clearwater Revival   SGB34
                                    Ike & Tina Turner              SC7521
Puff The Magic Dragon               Peter, Paul, & Mary            DK1103
                                    Peter, Paul, & Mary            SC7508
Puppy Love                          Paul Anka                      SO202
                                    S Club Juniors                 SF200
Pure Love                           Ronnie Milsap                  CB60077

                                               Page 73
                                          Sorted by Song

Purple People Eater               Sheb Wooley                  MM6016
Purple Rain                       Prince                       DK52
Push                              Matchbox 20                  SC8448
Push It                           Salt-N-Pepa                  SC8169
Put A Lid On It                   Squirrel Nut Zippers         SGB7
Put A Little Love In Your Heart   Jackie DeShannon             DK3075
Put Him Out                       Ms Dynamite                  SF198
Put Some Drive In Your Country    Travis Tritt                 MM6080
Put The Needle On It              Danni Minogue                SF197
Put Your Arms Around Me           Texas                        SF116
Put Your Hands Together           The O'Jays                   SAVP38
Put Your Head On My Shoulder      Paul Anka                    SC7518
                                  Paul Anka                    SO202
Put Your Lights On                Santana Featuring Everlast   SGB45
Put Yourself In My Place          Kylie Minogue                SF7
Put Yourself In My Shoes          Clint Black                  SO201
Puttin' On The Ritz               Taco                         AH8012
Questions 67 & 68                 Chicago                      AH8004
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.            John Mellencamp              BCI190
                                  John Mellencamp              UKK3126
Race Is On, The                   George Jones                 CBEP451- 5
                                  Sawyer Brown                 MM6088
Radar Love                        Golden Earring               NT2050
Rain, Rain Go Away                Children's                   SC7003
Rainbow In The Dark               Dio                          SC7565
Raindrops                         Dee Clark                    MM6074
Rainy Day Woman                   Waylon Jennings              SC8365
Rainy Day Women #12 And 35        Bob Dylan                    MMHP4
                                  Bob Dylan                    SC7502
Raise Up                          Petey Pablo                  SC8726
                                  Saliva                       PHMR309
Ramblin' Rose                     Nat King Cole                SC7518
Raped And Freezing                Alice Cooper                 SGB9
Rapper's Delight                  Sugarhill Gang               AH8021
Ravishing Ruby                    Tom T. Hall                  CB9107
Rawhide                           TV Theme                     MM6031
Ray Of Light                      Madonna                      SYB1060
Reach                             Gloria Estefan               THM9606
Ready To Run                      Dixie Chicks                 SGB15
Real Good Man                     Tim McGraw                   TT205
Real Slim Shady, The              Eminem                       SGB45
Real World                        D Side                       SF213
Reason To Believe                 Rod Stewart                  MMHP2
Reason, The                       Hoobastank                   SD4404
Rebel Yell                        Billy Idol                   SC8477
Recover Your Soul                 Elton John                   ET7
Red Dirt Road                     Brooks & Dunn                TT205

                                              Page 74
                                      Sorted by Song

Red Light Special             TLC                      SD13
Red Red Wine                  Neil Diamond             BS9417
                              UB 40                    CBEP475- 5
                              UB40                     SC7529
Red, White, & Blue            Lynyrd Skynyrd           TU206
Redneck Woman                 Gretchen Wilson          SD118
Reflex, The                   Duran Duran              CBEP475- 1
Refried Dreams                Tim McGraw               SD12
Refuge                        Tom Petty                MM6066
Release Me                    Engelbert Humperdinck    MM6005
                              Engelbert Humperdinck    SC7518
                              Ray Price                SYB1048
Relight My Fire               Dan Hartman              SYB1040
Remember Me                   Journey                  SGB11
Remember When It Rained       Josh Groban              PHM0410
Rescue Me                     Fontella Bass            MM6055
Respect                       Aretha Franklin          CB4
                              Aretha Franklin          MM6036
                              Aretha Franklin          SC7504
Return To Innocence           Enigma                   NT2050
Return To Sender              Elvis Presley            MM6014
                              Elvis Presley            SC7501
                              Elvis Presley            SC8154
Reunited                      Peaches & Herb (Duet)    SC7503
Rhythm Is A Dancer            Snap                     MM6030
Rhythm Of The Rain            The Cascades             SC7526
Ride Away                     Roy Orbison              SO205
Ride Captain Ride             Blues Image              MH16
Ride Like The Wind            Chistopher Cross         DK3087
                              Christopher Cross        PCDG50
Ride, The                     David Allan Coe          CBEP452- 4
Riders On The Storm           Doors                    UKK3103
Riding With Private Malone    David Ball               CB105
Right Here                    SWV                      MM6057
Right Here Waiting            Richard Marx             CBEP475- 6
                              Richard Marx             MMHP2
Right Here, Right Now         Jesus Jones              SC8486
Right Or Wrong                Wanda Jackson            CBEP451- 3
Right Thurr (Radio Version)   Chingy                   SC8844
                              Chingy                   SC8853
Right Time Of The Night       Jennifer Warnes          SGB58
Right To Remain Silent        Doug Stone               MM6101
Right Where I Need To Be      Gary Allan               THMC104
Righteously                   Lucinda Williams         TU206
Ring Around A Rosy            Children's               SC7002
Ring OF Fire                  Johnny Cash              CBEP451- 4
Ring On Her Finger            Lee Greenwood            MM6088

                                         Page 75
                                             Sorted by Song

Rio                                 Duran Duran                        MM6063
                                    Duran Duran                        SC8397
River, The                          Garth Brooks                       CB453
                                    Garth Brooks                       MM6019
Roadhouse Blues                     Doors                              UKK3103
Roam                                B-52's                             SGB58
Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo            Rick Derringer                     DK53
Rock And Roll                       Led Zeppelin                       SC7546
                                    Led Zeppelin                       SC8427
Rock And Roll All Night             Kiss                               SGB34
Rock And Roll Dreams Come
                                    Meatloaf                           NT2050
                                    Meatloaf                           SC8113
Rock And Roll Never Forgets         Bob Seger                          AH8020
                                    Bob Seger                          H5
Rock Around The Clock               Bill Haley & His Comets            CB1
                                    Bill Haley & His Comets            MM6036
                                    Bill Haley & His Comets            SC7508
Rock Candy                          Montrose                           AH8006
Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Brooks & Dunn                      CB5
                                    Brooks & Dunn                      SC7596
Rock N' Me                          Steve Miller Band                  N107
Rock On                             Michael Damion                     CBEP475- 6
Rock Show, The                      Blink 182                          SGB65
                                    Blink 182                          TT59
Rock Steady                         Whispers                           AH8021
Rock The Boat                       Aaliyah                            SC8726
Rock This Country                   Shania Twain                       SC8590
Rock This Town                      Stray Cats                         MM6058
                                    Stray Cats                         SGB7
Rock Wit' Cha                       Bobby Brown                        SYB1012
Rock-A-Bye Baby                     Children's                         SC7004
Rock-A-My Soul                      Children's                         SC7006
Rockefeller Skank                   Fatboy Slim                        SGB47
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Christmas                            MM6020
Rockin' Robin                       Bobby Day                          SC7508
Rockin' The Suburbs                 Ben Folds                          SC8726
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Judds                              CBEP452- 5
Rockin' Years                       Ricky Van Shelton & Dolly Parton   SC8128
Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie
                                    Johnny Rivers                      SC7526
Rocky Racoon                        Beatles                            MM6059
Rocky Top                           Osmand Brothers                    SYB1049
                                    Various                            SC7522
                                    Various                            SC8106
Rodeo                               Garth Brooks                       MM6019
Rodeo Song                          Gary Lee & Showdown                SC8117
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler            Alabama                            BS8317

                                                Page 76
                                           Sorted by Song

Roll To Me                        Del Amitri                         DK3094
                                  Del Amitri                         SD20
Roll With It                      Steve Winwood                      CBEP475- 5
                                  Steve Winwood                      SD3
Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms    Flatt & Scruggs                    CBEP451- 5
Rollover D.J.                     Jet                                PHM0410
Rose Garden                       Lynn Anderson                      SC7507
                                  Lynn Anderson                      SYB1049
Rose Tint My World Floor Show     Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)   SC8472
Rose, The                         Bette Midler                       SC7506
Roses                             Outkast                            PHM406
Roses Are Red (My Love)           Bobby Vinton                       SC7526
Round Here                        Counting Crows                     MM6057
Round Round                       Sugababes                          SF194
Row, Row, Row Your Boat           Children's                         SC7003
Rubberband Man, The               The Spinners                       SAVP31
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town Kenny Rogers                       SC7525
Ruby Tuesday                      Rolling Stones                     UKK3101
Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer     Christmas                          CB3
                                  Christmas                          CK3
Rumor Has It                      Reba Mcentire                      SC7552
Rumours                           Timex Social Club                  AH8021
Run                               George Strait                      CB105
Run Around Sue                    Dion & The Belmonts                SC7504
Run Away                          Shane McAnally                     CB20195
Run To You                        Whitney Houston                    MM6030
Run-Around                        Blues Traveler                     AH8010
Run-Around (Dance Remix)          Blues Traveler                     SYB1072
Runaway                           Bon Jovi                           AH8006
                                  Bon Jovi                           SGB5
                                  Del Shannon                        DK99
Runaway Train                     Roseanne Cash                      PCDG201
Running Bear                      Sonny James                        CBEP451- 6
Running On Faith                  Eric Clapton                       SGB20
Running Scared                    Roy Orbison                        SO205
Russian Cradle Song               Children's                         SC7004
Rythym Of My Heart                Rod Stewart                        SD15
Sad Songs (Say So Much)           Elton John                         SC8134
Safety Dance                      Men Without Hats                   MM6033
Saginaw Michigan                  Lefty Frizzell                     CBEP451- 5
Said I Loved You...But I Lied     Michael Bolton                     SC8113
Sailing                           Chistopher Cross                   DK3087
                                  Christopher Cross                  PCDG51
                                  Rod Stewart                        SO204
Saints Rock 'N Roll, The          Bill Haley & His Comets            PCDG303
Salty Dog                         Flatt & Scruggs                    CBEP451- 4
Salvation                         Cranberries                        PCDG45

                                              Page 77
                                             Sorted by Song

San Antonio Rose                    Bob Wills                    CBEP451- 1
Santa Baby                          Christmas                    MM6020
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town       Christmas                    CK3
                                    Freestyle Jazz               SGB3
Santa Looked Alot Like Daddy        Garth Brooks                 SD5
Santa Monica                        Everclear                    SC2057
Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup
                                    Alan Jackson                 SD5
Santeria                             Sublime                     SC8389
Sara                                 Starship                    CBEP475- 1
Sara Smile                           Hall & Oates                SGB5
                                     Hall & Oates                SYB1043
Satin Doll                           Various                     SGB1
Satin Sheets                         Jeanne Pruett               MM6088
Satisfaction                         Rolling Stones              UKK3103
Satisfied                            Richard Marx                CBEP475- 6
                                     Richard Marx                SGB5
Saturday Night                       The Bay City Rollers        SC7530
                                     Whigfield                   SD13
Save A Prayer                        Duran Duran                 MM6063
Save The Best For Last               Vanessa Williams            CB9
                                     Vanessa Williams            MM6001
                                     Vanessa Williams            SC7514
Save Tonight                         Eagle Eye Cherry            MMHP9
Save Up All Your Tears               Cher                        SGB10
Saved By Zero                        Fixx                        SC8427
Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud James Brown                 MM6279
Say You'll Be Mine                   Amy Grant                   SD10
Scar Tissue                          Red Hot Chili Peppers       THM9909
Scarborough Fair                     Simon & Garfunkel           DM101
Schism                               Tool                        SGB65
                                     Tool                        TT59
Science Fiction Double Feature       Rocky Horror Picture Show   SC8472
Science Fiction Double Feature-
                                     Rocky Horror Picture Show   SC8472
Scientist, The                       Coldplay                    SF198
Scotch And Soda                      Various                     SGB1
Scream                               Mindy McCready              THMC104
Screaming Infidelities               Dashboard Confessional      THM207
Sea Cruise                           Frankie Ford                MM6006
Sea Of Cowboy Hats                   Chely Wright                SD12
Sea Of Love                          Honeydrippers               MM6007
                                     Honeydrippers               SC7511
Seasons Change                       Expose                      CBEP475- 5
Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar)     Jean Shepard                CBEP451- 3
Second Wind                          Darryl Worley               PRID9075
Secret                               Madonna                     SD13

                                                Page 78
                                           Sorted by Song

Secret Agent Man                  Johnny Rivers                          SC7527
                                  TV Theme                               MM6031
Secret Of Life                    Faith Hill                             SGB17
Secretlovers                      Atlantic Starr                         MM6066
See You When I Get There          Lou Rawls                              SAVP38
Seen The Light                    Supergrass                             SF200
Selling The Drama                 Live                                   NT2050
Semi-Charmed Life (Dance Remix)   Third Eye Blind                        SYB1072
Sensitivity                       Ralph Tresvant                         DK99
Separate Lives                    Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin (Duet)   CBEP475- 1
Seperate Lives                    Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin (Duet)   SC7517
September Morn                    Neil Diamond                           BS9417
Serenade                          Steve Miller Band                      N107
Serenity                          Godsmack                               PHMR309
Set 'Em Up Joe                    Vern Gosdin                            CBEP452- 6
Set Me Free                       Velvet Revolver                        PHMR309
Seven                             David Bowie                            SGB45
Seven Bridges Road                Eagles                                 BS9017
Seven Days In The Sun             Feeder                                 SF178
Seven Seas                        Babyface                               PCDG50
Seven Year Ache                   Rosanne Cash                           CBEP452- 4
                                  Roseanne Cash                          MM6088
Seventy-Six Trombones             Music Man                              SC8127
Sex & Candy                       Marcy Playground                       SGB8
Sexy Sadie                        Beatles                                MM6059
Sha La La                         Manfred Mann                           PRIDLC2
Shadow Of Your Smile, The         Tony Bennett                           SC7505
Shake It Up                       Cars                                   SC8427
Shake The Sugar Tree              Pam Tillis                             MM6017
Shake Ya Tailfeather              Nelly, P Diddy, And Murphy Lee         PHM0309
Shake You Down                    Gregory Abbott                         CBEP475- 2
Shake Your Bon Bon                Ricky Martin                           SGB13
Shake, Rattle, & Roll             Bill Haley & His Comets                SC7527
Shakedown                         Bob Seger                              AH8020
                                  Bob Seger                              H5
                                  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band     CBEP475- 3
Shakin'                           Eddie Money                            AH8009
                                  Eddie Money                            SGB5
Shakin' All Over                  Guess Who                              SC7566
                                  Johnny Kid & The Pirates               SF38
Shame On The Moon                 Bob Seger                              AH8020
                                  Bob Seger                              H5
Shameless                         Garth Brooks                           MM6019
Shapes Of Things                  Yardbirds                              PRIDLC2
Sharp Dressed Man                 ZZ Top                                 SC7509
Sh-Boom                           Crewcuts                               CB45401
She                               Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach        SGB18

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                                             Sorted by Song

She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl         Alabama                  MM6101
She Believes In Me                   Kenny Rogers             SC7512
She Called Me Baby                   Charlie Rich             CBEP452- 1
She Can't Say I Didn't Cry           Rick Trevino             SD2
She Couldn't Change Me               Montgomery Gentry        PRID9075
She Dreams                           Mark Chesnutt            SD2
She Drives Me Crazy                  Fine Young Cannibals     CBEP475- 6
She Hates Me                         Puddle Of Mudd           CB30028
She Is His Only Need                 Wynonna Judd             PCDG201
She Misses Him                       Tim Rushlow              THMC104
She Only Smokes When She Drinks Joe Nichols                   TT205
She Thinks I Still Care              Geroge Jones             CBEP451- 4
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy         Kenny Chesney            SC8570
She Will Be Loved                    Maroon 5                 SC8883
She Works Hard For The Money         Donna Summer             PCDG52
She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain Children's                SC7007
Sherry                               Four Seasons             SC7508
She's All I Ever Had                 Ricky Martin             SGB13
                                     Ricky Martin             THM9911
She's Always A Woman To Me           Billy Joel               MMHP4
She's Always Right                   Clay Walker              THM9505
                                     Clay Walker              THM9905
She's Got It All                     Kenny Chesney            CBEP460- 6
She's Got You                        Patsy Cline              CBEP451- 4
                                     Patsy Cline              SC2002
                                     Patsy Cline              SC7515
She's In Love With The Boy           Trisha Yearwood          MM6017
She's Just An Old Love Turned
                                     Charley Pride            CBEP452- 2
She's More                           Andy Griggs              CB463
She's My Girl                        Billy Gillman            CB20291
                                     Billy Gilman             SC8705
She's Not Crying Anymore             Billy Ray Cyrus          DK3037
She's Not Just A Pretty Face         Shania Twain             SC8862
She's Not The Cheatin' Kind          Brooks & Dunn            SD4
She's On Fire                        Train                    TTM6
She's So High                        Tal Bachman              THM9910
Shine                                Collective Soul          NT2050
Shine On You Crazy Diamond           Pink Floyd               SGB66
Shiny Happy People                   R.E.M.                   SC8486
Shoop                                Salt-N-Pepa (Duet)       SC8111
Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss),
                                     Cher                     DK52
                                     Cher                     SC7506
                                     Cher                     SGB10
Shooting Star                        Bad Company              US1
Short Dick Man                       20 Fingers               SC8169

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                                              Sorted by Song

Short Shorts                         Royal Teens                     SC7504
Short Skirt, Long Jacket             Cake                            SGB65
Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go
                                     Gene Watson                     CBEP452- 3
Should I Stay                        Gabrielle                       SGB47
Should I Stay Or Should I Go         Clash                           LEG9
                                     The Clash                       SC7546
Should've Asked Her Faster           Ty England                      MM6101
Should've Been A Cowboy              Toby Keith                      CB453
Shout                                Otis Day & The Knights          SC8106
                                     Tears For Fears                 MM6063
Shout At The Devil                   Motley Crue                     LG114
Show And Tell                        Al Wilson                       MM6279
Show Me                              Cover Girls                     AH8021
Show Me Love                         Robin S.                        SC8486
Sick Things                          Alice Cooper                    SGB9
Sign, The                            Ace Of Base                     NT2050
                                     Ace Of Base                     PCDG45
                                     Ace Of Base                     SC7514
                                     Ace Of Base                     SO208
Signed Sealed Delivered              Blue Feat. Stevie Wonder        SF213
Silent Lucidity                      Queensryche                     PCDG45
Silent Night                         Christmas                       CK1
                                     Wilson Phillips                 SD5
Silent Night (Country)               Christmas                       CB7
Silver Bells                         Christmas                       CK3
Silver Wings                         Merle Haggard                   CBEP451- 6
Simple Life                          Carolyn Dawn Johnson            SC8862
Simple Man                           Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young   LEG43
Simultaneous                         Chef                            SGB12
Sin City                             Meredith Brooks                 SGB6
Sin Wagon                            Dixie Chicks                    SC8590
Since I Don't Have You               Guns 'N Roses                   LG114
Sing A Song Of Sixpence              Children's                      SC7003
Sing Me Back Home                    Merle Haggard                   SC8365
Singin' The Blues                    Marty Robbins                   CBEP451- 2
Singing The Blues                    Marty Robbins                   CB45102
Single White Female                  Chely Wright                    SC7596
                                     Chely Wright                    THM9907
Sister                               Nixons                          THM9606
Sister Christian                     Night Ranger                    SC8477
Sister Golden Hair                   America                         SC7509
Sit On My Face                       Adult Karaoke (Monty Python)    ADULT
Sittin' On Go                        Bryan White                     CBEP460- 6
Sittin' Up In My Room                Brandy                          PCDG44
Six Days On The Road                 Dave Dudley                     SC7552
Sixteen Candles                      Crests                          MON1003

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                                          Sorted by Song

Sixteen Going On Seventeen        Sound Of Music, The                  SC8127
Sixteen Tons                      Tennessee Ernie Ford                 SC7507
Sk8Er Boi                         Avril Lavigne                        CB30028
Skip To My Lou                    Children's                           SC7007
Sky Is Crying, The                Gary Moore                           US1
Sledgehammer                      Peter Gabriel                        BCI190
                                  Peter Gabriel                        CBEP475- 2
Sleep, Baby, Sleep                Children's                           SC7004
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed   Barbara Mandrell                     CBEP452- 2
                                  Barbara Mandrell                     SC7524
Sleigh Ride                       Christmas                            CK3
Slide                             Goo Goo Dolls                        MMHP7
                                  Goo Goo Dolls                        SGB6
                                  Goo Goo Dolls                        SYB1060
Slide Along Side                  Shifty                               PHM0410
Slip Slidin' Away                 Simon & Garfunkel                    DM101
                                  Simon & Garfunkel                    H5
Slow Hand                         Conway Twitty                        CBEP452- 4
Slow Me Down                      Shelby Lynne                         MM6101
Slow Poke                         Pee Wee King                         CBEP451- 1
Slowly                            Webb Pierce                          CBEP451- 2
Smackwater Jack                   Carole King                          PCDG49
Small Stuff                       Alabama                              SC8570
Small Town                        John Mellencamp                      UKK3126
Smells Like Nirvana               Weird Al Yankovic                    SC2267
Smells Like Teen Spirit           Nirvana                              SO207
Smile                             Lonestar                             CB20161
                                  Robert Downey, Jr.                   MM6005
                                  Vitamin C With Lady Saw              THM9911
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes           Platters                             SC7502
Smoke On The Water                Deep Purple                          DK3052
Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, That
                                  Tex Williams & His Western Caravan   CBEP451- 1
Smokey Joe's Cafe                 Robins                               MM6074
Smokin' In The Boys Room          Motley Crue                          LG114
Smoking Gun                       Robert Cray                          AH8006
Smoky Mountain Rain               Ronnie Milsap                        SC7516
Smooth                            Santana & Rob Thomas                 SGB30
                                  Santana & Rob Thomas                 THM9911
Smooth Criminal                   Alien Ant Farm                       SC8720
                                  Alien Ant Farm                       SF184
                                  Alien Ant Farm                       SGB65
Smooth Operator                   Sade                                 SC7511
Snowbird                          Anne Murray                          CB60077
So Close                          Hall & Oates                         SO209
So Emotional                      Whitney Houston                      CBEP475- 5
So Far Away                       Rod Stewart                          SYB1043

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                                           Sorted by Song

                                  Staind                    PHMR309
So Fresh, So Clean                Outkast                   SF178
So Good                           Destiny's Child           SGB45
So Help Me Girl                   Joe Diffie                SD12
So Much For Pretending            Bryan White               CBEP460- 2
So Pure                           Alanis Morissette         SGB30
Sold (The Grundy County Auction
                                  John Michael Montgomery   AH8016
                                  John Michael Montgomery   SD16
Soldier's Heart                   R. Kelly                  TU206
Some Beach                        Blake Shelton             CB60327
Some Enchanted Evening            Perry Como                SAVP6
                                  South Pacific             SC8127
Some Folks                        Alice Cooper              SGB9
Some Gave All                     Billy Ray Cyrus           MM6017
Some Guys Have All The Luck       Rod Stewart               PCDG44
                                  Rod Stewart               SO204
Some Kind Of Trouble              Tanya Tucker              NT1053
Some Kind Of Wonderful            Grand Funk Railroad       MM6036
                                  Huey Lewis & The News     MM6057
Somebody Lied                     Ricky Van Shelton         CBEP452- 6
Somebody Loves You                Crystal Gayle             CB6074
Somebody New                      Billy Ray Cyrus           DK3037
Somebody Save Me                  Cinderella                SC7565
Somebody Should Leave             Reba McEntire             CBEP452- 5
Somebody Slap Me                  John Anderson             CBEP460- 3
Somebody Told Me                  Killers                   PHR0410
Someday                           Mariah Carey              SO200
                                  Nickelback                SF209
                                  Sugar Ray                 MMHP10
Someday (You'll Want Me To Want
                                  Patsy Cline               MM6084
Someday We'll Look Back           Merle Haggard             CB60077
Someday, Someway                  Marshall Crenshaw         DK94
Someone To Call My Lover          Janet Jackson             PRID9076
Someone To Love                   Jon B. & Babyface         SD15
Someone You Used To Know          Collin Raye               THM9811
Something About The Way           Elton John                MMHP8
Something In The Way She Moves    James Taylor              PCDG43
Something Real                    Shana Petrone             SC8570
Something To Believe In           Poison                    SGB14
Something To Talk About           Bonnie Raitt              MM6001
                                  Bonnie Raitt              SC7514
Something To Think About          David Kersh               CB20057
Something's Always Wrong          Toad The Wet Sprocket     SD3
Sometimes                         Britney Spears            SGB11
                                  Britney Spears            THM9908

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                                              Sorted by Song

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough      Patty Smyth                            MM6001
Sometimes When We Touch               Dan Hill                               MM6033
                                      Dan Hill                               MMHP2
Somewhere In My Broken Heart          Billy Dean                             DK3042
Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The
                                      Shenandoah                             MM6080
Somewhere Other Than The Night        Garth Brooks                           MM6019
Somewhere Out There                   James Ingram                           SO209
                                      Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram (Duet)   SC7530
Somewhere That's Green                Little Shop Of Horrors                 SC2231
Song For The Life                     Alan Jackson                           SD14
Song Is You, The                      Freestyle Jazz                         SGB3
Song Of The South                     Alabama                                BS8317
Song Song Blue                        Neil Diamond                           BS9417
Songs About Rain                      Gary Allan                             SC8862
Sonnet                                Verve                                  ET7
Sorry I Ran All The Way Home          Impalas                                MM6074
Soul Man                              Blues Brothers                         SC7503
Sound Of Silence, The                 Simon & Garfunkel                      DM101
                                      Simon & Garfunkel                      H5
South Side                            Moby                                   SGB53
Southbound                            Sammy Kershaw                          SD8
Southern Grace                        Little Texas                           SD16
Southern Star                         Alabama                                BS8317
Space Between                         Dave Matthews Band                     SGB65
Space Oddity                          David Bowie                            AH8002
Space Truckin'                        Deep Purple                            AH2003
                                      Deep Purple                            SGB14
Spanish Eyes                          Al Martino                             AH8012
                                      Ricky Martin                           SGB13
Special                               Garbage                                SGB18
Spend My Life With You                Eric Benet Featuring Tamia (Duet)      THM9910
Spend The Night                       The Isley Brothers                     SAVP38
Spinning Around                       Kylie Minogue                          SF7
Spinning Wheel                        Blood, Sweat & Tears                   SC7572
Spirit In The Sky                     Norman Greenbaum                       PCDG52
Spirit Of A Boy, Wisdom Of A Man      Randy Travis                           CB20057
Splish Splash                         Bobby Darin                            DK51
Splish Splash (I Was Taking A Bath)   Bobby Darin                            DK3073
Spooky                                Classics IV                            MM6074
Squeeze Box                           The Who                                SC8169
Stairway To Heaven                    Led Zeppelin                           LEG115
Stake, The                            Steve Miller Band                      N107
Stand By Me                           Ben E. King                            SC7527
Stand By Your Man                     Tammy Wynette                          CB1
                                      Tammy Wynette                          SC7512
                                      Tammy Wynette                          SYB1049

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                                          Sorted by Song

Standin' Still                    Clark Family Experience           SC8705
Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye   John Berry                        SD14
Star Spangled Banner              Children's                        SC7005
                                  Various                           BCI186
                                  Various                           SC7528
Stardust                          Freestyle Jazz                    SGB3
Starmaker                         Kids From Fame                    SF842
Stars Over Texas                  Tracy Lawrence                    AH8016
                                  Tracy Lawrence                    CBEP460- 2
Start Me Up                       Rolling Stones                    UKK3101
Starting Over Again               Reba McEntire                     AH8016
State Of Mind                     Clint Black                       SO201
Stay                              Maurice Williams                  SC7513
Stay (I Missed You)               Lisa Loeb                         BCI204
                                  Lisa Loeb                         SO207
                                  Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories          MM6069
Stay The Same                     Joey McIntyre                     THM9905
Stay Together For The Kids        Blink 182                         SGB66
Stayin' Alive                     Bee Gees                          BS8717
                                  Bee Gees                          CB7
                                  Bee Gees                          MM6016
Stays In Mexico                   Toby Keith                        CB60327
Steal Away                        Robbie Dupree                     AH8002
Steal My Sunshine                 Len                               THM9911
Stealin'                          Uriah Heep                        SGB4
Steamroller                       James Taylor                      SC7523
Stella By Starlight               Various                           SGB2
Step Back In Time                 Kylie Minogue                     SF7
Step By Step                      Crests                            MM6149
                                  Eddie Rabbitt                     SC7552
Steppin' Out                      Tony Bennett                      MM6075
Still                             Bill Anderson                     CBEP451- 4
                                  Commodores                        SC7525
Still Doin' Time                  George Jones                      CBEP452- 3
                                  George Jones                      SC8365
Still Holding Out For You         SheDaisy                          PRID9075
Still The Same                    Bob Seger                         AH8020
                                  Bob Seger                         UKK3121
Still Waiting                     Sum 41                            SF200
Stir It Up                        Bob Marley                        SC8500
Stoned Soul Picnic                5th Dimension                     PCDG43
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around     Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty (Duet)   SC7523
Stop On A Dime                    Little Texas                      MM6077
                                  Little Texas                      SD2
Stop! In The Name Of Love         Supremes                          CB7
                                  Supremes                          SC7504
Storm Warning                     Bonnie Raitt                      MM6078

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                                     Sorted by Song

Straight Tequila             Trini Triggs                                CB20052
Straight Up                  Paula Abdul                                 SC7503
                             Paula Abdul                                 SGB58
Strange                      Patsy Cline                                 MM6084
Strange And Beautiful        Aqualung                                    SF198
Strange Currencies           R.E.M.                                      SD15
Stranger In My House         Tamia                                       TT34
Stranger In My Mirror        Randy Travis                                THM9505
                             Randy Travis                                THM9905
Strangers Again              Holly Dunn                                  MM6088
Stranglehold                 Ted Nugent                                  SGB66
Strawberry Wine              Deana Carter                                CB3
                             Deana Carter                                CB45012
                             Deana Carter                                SC7596
                             Deana Carter                                SYB1017
Stray Cat Strut              Stray Cats                                  SC8106
                             Stray Cats                                  SGB7
Streak, The                  Ray Stevens                                 SC8117
Streets Of Bakersfield       Dwight Yoakam                               SC7552
Stroke, The                  Billy Squier                                SC8169
Strokin'                     Clarence Carter                             MM6016
                             Clarence Carter                             SC8117
Strong Enough                Cher                                        SGB11
                             Cher                                        THM9908
Strong Enough To Bend        Tanya Tucker                                SC7510
Stronger                     Sugababes                                   SF198
                             Sugarbabes                                  TU206
Strut                        Sheena Easton                               MM6066
Stuck In The Middle Of Who   Adult Karaoke                               ADULT
Stuck In The Middle Of You   Steelers Wheel                              MM6058
Stuck On You                 Elvis Presley                               MM6014
                             Elvis Presley                               SC7521
Stuck With You               Huey Lewis & The News                       CBEP475- 2
Stupid                       Sarah McLachlan                             SD4404
Suck On My Cock              Adult Karaoke                               ADULT
Suddenly                     Billy Ocean                                 MM6055
Suddenly Last Summer         Motels                                      DK99
Suddenly Seymour             Little Shop Of Horrors                      SC2231
Suicide Blonde               INXS                                        SGB34
Suite Madame Blue            Styx                                        US1
Sultans Of Swing             Dire Straits                                DK52
                             Dire Straits                                SC7546
Summer Girls                 LFO                                         THM9910
Summer In Dixie              Confederate Railroad                        SD6
Summer In The City           Lovin' Spoonful                             DK52
Summer Nights                Adult Karaoke                               ADULT
                             John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (Duet)   BL1

                                         Page 86
                                          Sorted by Song

                                  Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta (Duet)   SC7519
Summer Wind                       Frank Sinatra                               SC7518
Summertime                        Various                                     SGB1
Summertime Blues                  Alan Jackson                                SD2
Sunday In New York                Bobby Darin                                 MM6184
Sundown                           Gordon Lightfoot                            AH8010
Sunglasses At Night               Corey Hart                                  AH8002
Sunny Came Home                   Shawn Colvin                                BCI204
                                  Shawn Colvin                                PCDG50
Sunrise                           Norah Jones                                 SD4404
Sunshine                          Jonathan Edwards                            MH16
Sunshine On My Shoulders          John Denver                                 DK3081
Sunspot Baby                      Bob Seger                                   US1
Super Heroes                      Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)            SC8472
Superman                          Five For Fighting                           SC8726
                                  Five For Fighting                           SGB66
Supermodel                        RuPaul                                      MM6021
Supicious Minds                   Elvis Presley                               SC7501
Suppertime                        Little Shop Of Horrors                      SC2231
Sure Love                         Hal Ketchum                                 MM6017
Surfin' USA                       Beach Boys                                  SC7502
Surrender                         Elvis Presley                               MM6014
Survivor                          Destiny's Child                             SGB53
Suspicious Minds                  Elvis Presley                               SC8154
                                  Gareth Gates                                SF197
Swalbr                            Cream                                       SGB20
Swanee River                      Children's                                  SC7007
Sweet Baby James                  James Taylor                                PCDG43
Sweet Caroline                    Neil Diamond                                BS9417
                                  Neil Diamond                                MMHP5
Sweet Child O' Mine               Guns 'N Roses                               LG114
Sweet City Woman                  Stampeders                                  MH16
Sweet Dream Baby                  Roy Orbison                                 SO205
Sweet Dreams                      La Bouche                                   SYB1051
                                  La Bouche                                   THM9605
                                  Patsy Cline                                 SC7515
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)   Eurythmics                                  SC7529
Sweet Georgia Brown               Freestyle Jazz                              SGB3
Sweet Home Alabama                Lynyrd Skynyrd                              CB5
                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd                              MMHP1
Sweet Lady                        Tyrese                                      THM9905
Sweet Summer                      Diamond Rio                                 SC8705
Sweet Surrender                   John Denver                                 PRID11
                                  Sarah McLachlan                             SGB8
Sweet Talkin' Woman               Electric Light Orchestra                    ZK1
Sweet Talking Guy                 Chiffons                                    MM6055
Sweet Transvestite                Rocky Horror Picture Show                   SC8472

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                                           Sorted by Song

Sweetest Days, The                 Vanessa Williams                                  MM6078
                                   Vanessa Williams                                  SD10
Sweetest Thing                     U2                                                CB40050
                                   U2                                                THM9904
Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)   Juice Newton                                      CBEP452- 4
Swing Low Sweet Chariot            Various                                           SC7528
Swingin'                           John Anderson                                     SC7524
Swinging Doors                     Merle Haggard                                     CBEP451- 6
                                   Merle Haggard                                     SC8365
Swinging On A Star                 Bing Crosby                                       DK75
Swingtown                          Steve Miller Band                                 N107
Switching To Glide                 Kinks                                             SGB5
Sword Of Damocles, The             Rocky Horror Picture Show                         SC8472
Tainted Love                       Soft Cell                                         DK52
Take A Bow                         Madonna                                           SD10
Take A Chance On Me                ABBA                                              BCI182
Take A Picture                     Filter                                            MTV8101
Take It Back                       Pink Floyd                                        SO208
                                   Reba McEntire                                     CB453
Take It Easy                       Eagles                                            BCI190
                                   Eagles                                            BS9017
Take It From Me                    Paul Brandt                                       SD37
Take It Like A Man                 Michelle Wright                                   PCDG217
Take It To The Limit               Eagles                                            BS9017
                                   Eagles                                            MM6032
Take Me                            Lari White                                        CB20057
                                   Lari White                                        THM9902
Take Me As I Am                    Faith Hill                                        SD4
Take Me Home, Country Roads        John Denver                                       SYB1049
Take Me Out To The Ball Game       Various                                           SC7528
                                   Blackstreet & Mya Featuring Ma$E & Blinky Blink
Take Me There                                                                        THM9904
Take Me To The River               Talking Heads                                     SC8477
Take Me To Your Heart              Rick Astley                                       PCDG52
Take My Breath Away                Berlin                                            CBEP475- 2
                                   Berlin                                            SC7546
                                   Jessica Simpson                                   PHM406
Take On Me                         A-Ha                                              DK99
                                   A-Ha                                              MM6066
Take That                          Lisa Brokop                                       SD9
Take The Long Way Home             Supertramp                                        SC8322
Take The Money And Run             Steve Miller Band                                 N107
Take Your Time (Do It Right)       SOS Band                                          MM6279
                                   SOS Band                                          SYB1040
Takes A Little Time                Amy Grant                                         SC8389
Takin' Care Of Business            Bachman Turner Overdrive                          MM6036
                                   Bachman Turner Overdrive                          SC7519

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                                       Sorted by Song

Taking Everything             Gerald Levert                           THM9904
Tales Of Brave Ulysses        Eric Clapton                            SGB20
Taliban Song, The             Toby Keith                              SC8862
Talk Back Trembling Lips      Ernest Ashworth                         CBEP451- 4
Talk Dirty To Me              Poison                                  SC7565
Talk To Me                    Babyface                                PCDG52
                              Stevie Nicks                            SC8477
Talking In Your Sleep         Romantics                               AH8002
                              Romantics                               SGB34
Tallahassee Lassie            Freddie Cannon                          MM6074
Tammy                         Debbie Reynolds                         CB7
Tangerine                     Frank Sinatra                           MM6075
Taps                          Children's                              SC7004
                              Children's                              SC7007
Taxi                          Harry Chapin                            SGB34
Tears Of A Clown              Smokey Robinson & The Miracles          AH8007
Tears On My Pillow            Kylie Minogue                           SF7
Teddy Bear                    Elvis Presley                           SC7501
                              Elvis Presley                           SC8154
Teddy Bear Song               Barbara Fairchild                       CBEP452- 1
Telephone Man                 Meri Wilson                             SC8117
Tell Her About It             Billy Joel                              SC8427
Tell Him                      Barbra Streisand & Celine Dion (Duet)   SF116
                              Celine Dion                             BS9317
Tell It Like It Is            Aaron Neville                           MM6055
Tell Laura I Love Her         Richie Valens                           SF38
Tell Me It's Real             KC & JoJo                               THM9909
Tell Me Something Good        Rufus                                   MM6279
Tell Me Where It Hurts        Kathy Troccoli                          MM6057
                              Kathy Troccoli                          SD1
Telletubies Say Eh-Oh         Telletubbies (Duet)                     SF116
Telling Stories               Tracy Chapman                           MM6297
Telluride                     Tim McGraw                              SC8705
Tempted                       Squeeze                                 MM6063
Ten In A Bed                  Children's                              SC7004
Ten Little Indians            Children's                              SC7002
Ten Thousand Angels           Mindy McCready                          CBEP460- 3
Tender Years                  George Jones                            SC8365
Tennessee River               Alabama                                 BS8317
                              Alabama                                 CBEP452- 3
Tennessee Waltz               Patti Page                              SC7505
                              Patti Page                              SYB1048
Tenth Avenue Freezeout        Bruce Springsteen                       US1
Texas Tornado                 Tracy Lawrence                          SD14
Texas When I Die              Tanya Tucker                            MM6088
Thank God Im A Country Boy    John Denver                             SC7552
Thank God I'm A Country Boy   John Denver                             DK2030

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                                                 Sorted by Song

Thank U                                 Alanis Morissette                      SGB8
                                        Alanis Morissette                      SYB1060
Thank You                               Boyz II Men                            SD13
                                        Dido                                   SGB53
Thanks For The Memories                 Bob Hope                               SC7505
                                        Frank Sinatra                          MM6005
That Don't Impress Me Much              Shania Twain                           BS9517
                                        Shania Twain                           CB90035
                                        Shania Twain                           SGB17
                                        Shania Twain                           SGB19
                                        Shania Twain                           SYB1017
                                        Shania Twain                           SYB1060
                                        Shania Twain                           THM9902
That Ol' Wind                           Garth Brooks                           MM6179
That Wasn't Me                          Martina McBride                        MM6077
That'll Be The Day                      Buddy Holly                            SC7504
That's A Woman                          Mark Wills                             SC8862
That's Another Song                     Bryan White                            MM6179
That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving
                                        Aaron Tippin                           CBEP460- 4
That's How I Got To Memphis             Deryl Dodd                             CBEP460- 6
That's How You Know                     Lari White                             SD14
That's Just Jesse                       Kevin Denney                           CB60229
That's Life                             Frank Sinatra                          SC7505
That's My Story                         Collin Raye                            CB45012
                                        Collin Raye                            SC7522
That's The Beat Of A Heart              Warren Brothers & Sara Evans           CB20181
                                        Warren Brothers & Sara Evans           CB463
That's The Way                          Jo Dee Messina                         CB20188
That's The Way I Like It                KC & The Sunshine Band                 SC7545
That's The Way It Is                    Celine Dion                            CB4
                                        Celine Dion                            SGB30
That's What Friends Are For             Dionne Warwick & Friends (Duet)        SC7529
That's What I Like About You            Trisha Yearwood                        PCDG201
                                        Trisha Yearwood                        SC7515
That's What Love Demands                Sonya Isaacs                           CB20194
That's What Love Is For                 Amy Grant                              MM6021
That's What Love Will Make You Do       Albert King                            NT1049
That's When I Love You                  Phil Vassar                            PHMC203
That's When You Came Along              Tara Lyn Hart                          CB20188
Then Came You                           Dionne Warwick & The Spinners (Duet)   PCDG49
Then He Kissed Me                       Crystals                               KH21
Then What                               Clay Walker                            CHM498
There Goes My Baby                      Trisha Yearwood                        CB8013
                                        Trisha Yearwood                        CHM798
There Goes My Everything                Jack Green                             CBEP451- 6
There Goes My Heart                     Mavericks                              MM6080

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                                              Sorted by Song

                                     Mavericks                  SD4
There Is No Arizona                  Jamie O'Neal               CB20197
There She Goes                       Sixpence None The Richer   SGB30
                                     Sixpence None The Richer   THM9911
There Stands The Glass               Webb Pierce                CBEP451- 2
There Will Never Be Another You      Various                    SGB2
There You Are                        Martina McBride            CB20188
                                     Martina McBride            CB463
                                     Martina McBride            SC8838
                                     Martina McBride            TT64
There You Go Again                   Kenny Rogers               THMC106
There You Have It                    Blackhawk                  CB20052
                                     Blackhawk                  THM9811
There You'll Be                      Faith Hill                 CB20292
                                     Faith Hill                 PRID9075
                                     Faith Hill                 SC8705
                                     Faith Hill                 TT34
There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You
                                     Billy Ocean                CBEP475- 2
There's A New Kid In Town            Trisha Yearwood            SD5
There's No Business Like Show
                                     Annie Get Your Gun         SC8127
There's Your Trouble                 Dixie Chicks               CBEP460- 6
                                     Dixie Chicks               CHM798
                                     Dixie Chicks               SGB15
                                     Dixie Chicks               SYB1017
These Are Times                      Drew Hill                  SGB6
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'     Nancy Sinatra              DK39
                                     Nancy Sinatra              SC7517
These Dreams                         Heart                      CBEP475- 1
                                     Heart                      MM6066
These Eyes                           Guess Who                  MH16
They're Playing Our Song             Neal McCoy                 CBEP460- 6
                                     Neal McCoy                 SD16
Things Can Only Get Better           D. Reem                    BL09
Things Change                        Tim McGraw                 PRID9044
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm        C & C Music Factory        DK99
Think It Over                        Allison Moore              CB20272
Think Twice                          Celine Dion                MM6069
                                     Eve 6                      PHMR309
Thinkin' About You                   Trisha Yearwood            SD12
Third Rate Romance                   Sammy Kershaw              MM6077
                                     Sammy Kershaw              SD4
Third Rock From The Sun              Joe Diffie                 CB20133
Thirty-Three                         Smashing Pumpkins          H2
                                     Smashing Pumpkins          PCDG49
This Ain't A Love Song               Bon Jovi                   SD15

                                                   Page 91
                                           Sorted by Song

This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof       Brian Setzer             SGB7
This Could Take All Night          Amanda Marshall          US1
This Far Gone                      Jennifer Hanson          TT205
This I Promise You                 N'Sync                   SGB47
This Is It                         Jim Reeves               CBEP451- 5
This Is Me                         Randy Travis             SD6
This Is Me Missing You             James House              MM6101
This Is Where I Came In            Bee Gees                 SF178
This Is Your Night (Dance Remix)   Amber                    SYB1072
This Kiss                          Faith Hill               CB2
                                   Faith Hill               SYB1017
This Land Is Your Land             Various                  BCI186
                                   Various                  SC7528
This Little Light Of Mine          Children's               SC7006
This Love                          LeAnn Rimes              SC8862
                                   Maroon 5                 THP404
This Masquerade                    George Benson            SC7525
This Nightlife                     Clint Black              SO201
This Old House                     Brian Setzer             SGB7
This Old Man                       Children's               SC7002
This Time                          Sawyer Brown             SD9
This Time Around                   Yankee Gray              CB20196
This Time The Dreams On Me         Various                  SGB2
This Used To Be My Playground      Madonna                  MM6001
This Woman & This Man              Clay Walker              SD12
This Year's Love                   David Gray               SF176
Thoia Thoing                       R. Kelly                 SF213
Those Were The Days                TV Theme                 PCDG51
Thou Swell                         Various                  SGB2
Three Blind Mice                   Children's               SC7002
Three Jolly Fisherman              Children's               SC7002
Three Little Kittens               Children's               SC7003
Three Steps To Heaven              Eddie Cochran            SF38
Three Times The Lady               Commodores               MMHP8
Three's Company                    TV Theme                 MM6031
Through The Eyes Of Love           Melissa Manchester       SC7529
Through The Years                  Kenny Rogers             LEG21
                                   Kenny Rogers             MM6037
                                   Kenny Rogers             MMHP3
                                   Kenny Rogers             PCDG217
                                   Kenny Rogers             SC7516
Thunder And Roses                  Pam Tillis               TT64
Thunder Rolls, The                 Garth Brooks             CB45012
                                   Garth Brooks             MM6019
                                   Garth Brooks             SC7596
Tic-Tac-Toe                        Kyper                    SC8117
Tide Is High, The                  Billie Piper             SF178

                                              Page 92
                                              Sorted by Song

                                     Blondie                                 SC7546
                                     Blondie                                 SGB58
Til A Tear Becomes A Rose            Keith Whitley & Lorrie Morgan           SC8128
Till I Get Over You                  Michelle Branch                         SD4404
Till I Hear It From You              Gin Blossoms                            CB40210
Till I Was Loved By You              Chely Wright                            MM6080
Till It Shines                       Bob Seger                               AH8020
                                     Bob Seger                               UKK3121
Till Santa's Gone                    Clint Black                             SO201
Till Then                            Mills Brothers                          AH8012
Till You Love Me                     Reba McEntire                           SD8
Time                                 Hootie & The Blowfish                   PCDG44
Time (Clock Of The Heart)            Culture Club                            SD17
Time In A Bottle                     Jim Croce                               SC7503
Time Marches On                      Tracy Lawrence                          CBEP460- 1
Time Warp, The                       Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)        SC8472
Tired Of Loving This Way             Collin Raye With Bobbie Eakes (Duet)    CB20193
To All The Girls I've Loved Before   Julio Iglesis & Willie Nelson (Duet)    CBEP452- 5
                                     Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias (Duet)   SC7507
                                     Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias (Duet)   SO209
To Be Loved By You                   Wynonna                                 CBEP460- 4
To Daddy                             Emmy Lou Harris                         PCDG201
To Love Somebody                     Bee Gees                                BS8717
To Love You More                     Celine Dion                             BS9317
To Make You Feel My Love             Garth Brooks                            CHM798
To Me                                Lee Greenwood & Barbara Mandrell        SC8128
To Sir With Love                     Lulu                                    SC7521
Together Again                       Buck Owens                              CBEP451- 5
                                     Janet Jackson                           SF116
                                     Janet Jackson                           SYB1051
Together Again (Dance Remix)         Janet Jackson                           SYB1041
Together Forever                     Rick Astley                             CBEP475- 5
Tom's Diner                          Suzanne Vega                            MM6066
Tonight I Celebrate My Love          Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack (Duet)     SO209
Tonight Is Right For Love (With
                                     Chef & Meatloaf (Duet)                  SGB12
Meredith Baxter-Birney)
Tonight Is The Night (Dance Remix)   Le Click                                SYB1041
Tonight The Heartache's On Me        Dixie Chicks                            SGB15
                                     Dixie Chicks                            THM9907
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight            Genesis                                 BCI190
Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be
                                     Rod Stewart                             MMHP7
                                     Rod Stewart                             SO204
Too Busy Being In Love               Doug Stone                              CB453
Too Close                            Next                                    SYB1012
Too Cold In The Winter               Cry Of Love                             NT2043
Too Far From Texas                   Dixie Chicks                            TT64
Too Marvelous For Words              Frank Sinatra                           MM6075

                                                 Page 93
                                           Sorted by Song

Too Much                           Elvis Presley                    SC7501
                                   Elvis Presley                    SC8154
Too Much Fun                       Daryl Singletary                 CBEP460- 3
Too Much Heaven                    Bee Gees                         PCDG51
Too Much Time On My Hands          Styx                             SC47562
Too Young                          Nat King Cole                    SAVP5
Tootsee Roll                       69 Boyz                          NT1049
Torn                               Natalie Imbruglia                BCI204
                                   Natalie Imbruglia                SGB11
Torn (Dance Remix)                 Natalie Imbruglia                SYB1041
Torn Between Two Lovers            Mary McGregor                    SGB58
Tortured, Tangled Hearts           Dixie Chicks                     SC8794
Tossing & Turning                  Bobby Lewis                      MM6006
Total Eclipse Of The Heart         Bonnie Tyler                     AH8002
                                   Bonnie Tyler                     SC7509
Touch A Touch A Touch Me           Rocky Horror Picture Show        SC8472
Touch Me                           Doors                            SC8169
                                   Doors                            UKK3102
Town Without Pity                  Gene Pitney                      MM6037
                                   Gene Pitney                      SO202
Toxic                              Britney Spears                   THP404
Tracks Of My Tears                 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles   SC7526
Tragedy                            Bee Gees                         PCDG49
Train Kept A Rollin'               Aerosmith                        SGB14
Trashy Women                       Confederate Railroad             SC7510
Travelin' Man                      Ricky Nelson                     SC7504
Treat Her Like A Lady              Cornelius Brothers               MM6279
Trolley Song, The                  Judy Garland                     PCDG303
Trouble                            Coldplay                         SF36
Trouble With The Truth, The        Patty Loveless                   SD37
Truck Drivin Man                   Dave Dudley                      CBEP451- 5
Truckin'                           Grateful Dead                    MM6058
True Colors                        Cyndi Lauper                     SC8477
                                   Phil Collins                     MMHP9
True Fine Love                     Steve Miller Band                N107
Truly                              Lionel Richie                    SC7529
Truly Madly Deeply                 Deep Blue Something              SGB6
                                   Savage Garden                    ET7
                                   Savage Garden                    MMHP2
Truly Madly Deeply (Dance Remix)   Savage Garden                    SYB1072
Try It On My Own                   Whitney Houston                  TU206
Tryin' To Get The Feelin' Again    Barry Manilow                    AH8004
Tubthumping                        Chumbawamba                      SGB8
Tucker's Town                      Hootie & The Blowfish            SC2057
Tuesday Afternoon                  Moody Blues                      SGB34
Tuff Enuff                         Fabulous Thunderbirds            CBEP475- 1
Tulsa Time                         Don Williams                     CBEP452- 3

                                              Page 94
                                           Sorted by Song

Tumbling Dice                      Rolling Stones           UKK3103
Tupelo Honey                       Van Morrison             SC8397
Turkey In The Straw                Children's               SC7005
Turn Off The Lights                Nelly Furtado            SC8720
                                   Nelly Furtado            SF178
                                   Nelly Furtado            TT34
                                   Teddy Pendergrass        SAVP38
Turn The Beat Around               Gloria Estefan           MM6078
                                   Gloria Estefan           SD3
                                   Vicki Sue Robinson       AH8021
                                   Vicki Sue Robinson       PRID1350
Turn The Page                      Bob Seger                AH8020
                                   Bob Seger                UKK3121
Tush                               ZZ Top                   SC8169
Twelfth Of Never, The              Johnny Mathis            AH8012
Twelve Days Of Christmas           Christmas                CK3
                                   Christmas                MM6020
Twenty-Six Cents                   Wilkinsons               SYB1017
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star       Children's               SC7001
                                   Children's               SC7004
Twist And Shout                    Beatles                  BL1
                                   Beatles                  MM6036
                                   Beatles                  SC7527
Twist, The                         Chubby Checker           CB5
                                   Chubby Checker           SC7527
                                   Chubby Checker           SC8106
Two Hearts                         Phil Collins             CBEP475- 6
Two Lovers                         Mary Wells               MM6055
Two More Bottles Of Wine           Emmylou Harris           CBEP452- 2
Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full
                                   Garth Brooks             MM6019
                                   Garth Brooks             PCDG201
Two People Fell In Love            Brad Paisley             CB20281
Two Princes                        Spin Doctors             SO207
Two Sparrows In A Hurricane        Tanya Tucker             SC7510
Two Teardrops                      Steve Wariner            THM9505
                                   Steve Wariner            THM9905
U Can't Touch This                 MC Hammer                AH8021
                                   MC Hammer                NT1049
U Remind Me                        Usher                    SGB65
Unanswered Prayers                 Garth Brooks             CB45012
                                   Garth Brooks             MM6019
Unbelievable                       EMF                      SC8486
                                   EMF                      SO208
Un-Break My Heart                  Toni Braxton             H2
Un-Break My Heart (Dance Remix)    Toni Braxton             SYB1041
Unbreakable                        Westlife                 SF197

                                              Page 95
                                            Sorted by Song

Unchain My Heart                    Joe Cocker                            SC7523
Unchained Melody                    LeAnn Rimes                           KB220
                                    Righteous Brothers                    MM6006
                                    Righteous Brothers                    SC7502
Unconditional                       Clay Davidson                         CB463
Under My Wheels                     Alice Cooper                          SGB9
Under The Boardwalk                 Drifters                              SC7527
Under The Bridge                    Red Hot Chili Peppers                 SO207
Underneath It All                   No Doubt                              SF197
Underneath It All (Radio Version)   No Doubt & Lady Saw (Duet)            SC8796
Underneath Your Clothes             Shakira                               SC8796
Understand Your Man                 Johnny Cash                           CBEP451- 5
Undone (The Sweater Song)           Weezer                                SC8638
Undun                               Who                                   DK99
Unforgettable                       Natalie Cole                          MM6001
Uninvited                           Alanis Morissette                     SGB6
Uninvited (Dance Remix)             Alanis Morissette                     SYB1072
Unleash The Dragon                  Sisquo                                SGB45
Unpretty                            TLC                                   SGB30
                                    TLC                                   THM9911
Unsent                              Alanis Morissette                     SGB6
Until I Fall Away                   Gin Blossoms                          CB40210
                                    Gin Blossoms                          MM6069
                                    Gin Blossoms                          SO207
Up All Night                        Slaughter                             SC7565
Up On Cripple Creek                 Band                                  SC8477
Up On The Roof                      Drifters                              SC7517
Up Where We Belong                  Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes (Duet)   SC7519
Upside Of Being Down, The           Catherine Britt                       CB60327
Upstairs Downtown                   Toby Keith                            SD8
Uptown                              Crystals                              DK54
Uptown Girl                         Westlife                              SF177
Us & Them                           Pink Floyd                            H9
Use Ta Be My Girl                   The O'Jays                            MM6279
Vagina                              Adult Karaoke                         ADULT
Valentine                           Martina McBride                       CHM498
                                    Martina McBride                       SYB1017
                                    Martina McBride & Jim Brickman        SC8838
Valerie                             Steve Winwood                         SD3
Valley Girl                         Frank Zappa & Moon Unit Zappa         SC7563
Vehicle                             Ides Of March                         SGB34
Venus                               Bananarama                            CBEP475- 2
Venus And Mars                      Joe Breezer                           SF184
Very Thought Of You, The            Natalie Cole                          MM6005
Vibin'                              Boyz II Men                           SD17
Victim Of Love                      Eagles                                BS9017
Vidalia                             Sammy Kershaw                         CBEP460- 5

                                                Page 96
                                        Sorted by Song

View To Kill, A                 Duran Duran                 CBEP475- 1
Vindicated                      Dashboard Confessional      SC8883
Virginia Plain                  Roxy Music                  AH8007
Virtual Insanity                Jamiroquai                  SC8389
Vision Of Love                  Mariah Carey                SO200
Visit, The                      Chad Brock                  CB20194
Viva Las Vegas                  Elvis Presley               MM6014
Vogue                           Madonna                     SC7546
Volcano                         Jimmy Buffett               MM6032
Wabash Cannonball, The          Roy Acuff                   SYB1048
Waiting In Vain                 Bob Marley                  SF833
Wake Up Little Susie            Everly Brothers             SC7504
Wake Up Wendy                   Elton John                  SGB12
Walk Idiot Walk                 Hives                       SC8883
Walk In The Sun                 Bruce Hornsby               SD20
Walk On By                      Leroy Van Dyke              CBEP451- 3
                                Leroy Van Dyke              PCDG217
Walk On The Wild Side           Lou Reed                    SC8169
Walk On Water                   Milk Inc                    SF197
Walk This Way                   Run DMC & Aerosmith         SC7529
Walkaway Joe                    Trisha Yearwood             PCDG217
Walkin' After Midnight          Patsy Cline                 SC7516
Walkin' Away                    Clint Black                 SO201
Walkin' On The Sun              Smash Mouth                 SC8389
Walkin' The Floor Over You      Ernest Tubb                 SYB1048
Walking Away                    Craig David                 TTM6
Walking In Memphis              Marc Cohn                   SC8397
Walking In The Rain             Ronettes                    DK51
Walking On Broken Glass         Annie Lennox                SC8486
Walking On Sunshine             Katrina And The Waves       AH8007
Wanderer, The                   Dion & Belmonts             DK52
                                Dion & The Belmonts         MM6007
                                Dion & The Belmonts         SC7525
Wannabe                         Spice Girls                 SYB1051
Wannabe (Dance Remix)           Spice Girls                 SYB1072
War Pigs                        Black Sabbath               AH8009
Wassail Song                    Children's                  SC7005
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights   Freddie Fender              CBEP452- 2
Watch Me                        Lorrie Morgan               SGB15
Watch This                      Clay Walker                 CBEP460- 5
Water Runs Dry                  Boyz II Men                 SD10
Waterfalls                      TLC                         AH8006
Waterloo                        ABBA                        SGB58
                                Stonewall Jackson           CBEP451- 3
Wave                            Freestyle Jazz              SGB3
Wave On Wave                    Pat Green                   TT205
Way It Is, The                  Bruce Hornsby & The Range   CBEP475- 2

                                           Page 97
                                          Sorted by Song

Way She Loves Me, The             Richard Marx                          MM6069
                                  Richard Marx                          SD1
Way That You Love, The            Vanessa Williams                      SD13
Way You Look Tonight, The         Various                               SGB1
Way You Make Me Feel, The         Michael Jackson                       CBEP475- 4
Wayward Wind, The                 Patsy Cline                           CB60050
We All Fall Down                  Blue Murder                           NT2050
We Are Family                     Sister Sledge                         MM6033
                                  Sister Sledge                         SC7519
                                  Sister Sledge                         SC8106
We Belong                         Pat Benatar                           SC8815
We Can't Love Like This Anymore   Alabama                               SD6
We Danced                         Brad Paisley                          CB20195
                                  Brad Paisley                          CB463
                                  Brad Paisley                          PRID9044
We Fit Together                   O-Town                                SC8726
We Gather Together                Children's                            SC7005
We Got The Beat                   Go-Go's                               SC7523
We Got Tonight                    Bob Seger                             MM6037
We Just Disagree                  Billy Dean                            SC8104
                                  Dave Mason                            AH8010
We Like To Party                  Vengaboys                             SGB18
                                  Vengaboys                             THM9905
We Shall Be Free                  Garth Brooks                          MM6017
We Tell Ourselves                 Clint Black                           SO201
We Will Rock You                  Queen                                 MM6058
We Wish You A Merry Christmas     Children's                            SC7005
                                  Christmas                             CK1
Weak                              SWV                                   SAVP38
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck     Elvis Presley                         SC7501
                                  Elvis Presley                         SC8154
Wee Willie Winkle                 Children's                            SC7004
Weed With Willie                  Toby Keith & Scotty Emerick (Duet)    SC8862
Welcome Back (Kotter)             TV Theme                              MM6031
Welcome To My Nightmare           Alice Cooper                          SGB9
Welcome To The Jungle             Guns 'N Roses                         LG114
We're An American Band            Grand Funk Railroad                   PCDG50
We're Going To Ibiza              Vengaboys                             SF142
We're Gonna Hold On               George Jones & Tammy Wynette (Duet)   SC8408
We're In The Money                42nd Street                           SC8127
We're Not Makin' Love Anymore     Barbra Streisand                      MM6037
Werewolves Of London              Warren Zevon                          MM6058
                                  Warren Zevon                          SC8397
West End Girls                    Pet Shop Boys                         CBEP475- 2
Western Movies                    Olympics                              MM6074
We've Got Tonight                 Bob Seger                             AH8020
                                  Bob Seger                             H5

                                             Page 98
                                            Sorted by Song

                                   Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton (Duet)    SC7515
What A Beautiful Day               Chris Cagle                            TT205
What A Difference A Day Makes      Dinah Washington                       MM6005
What A Difference You've Made In My
                                    Ronnie Milsap                         CBEP452- 3
What A Wonderful World              Louis Armstrong                       CB7
                                    Louis Armstrong                       SC7505
What About Us (Radio Version)       Brandy                                SC8796
What Child Is This                  Vanessa Williams                      SD5
What Did Delaware                   Children's                            SC7002
What Do You Know About Love         Dwight Yoakam                         THMC104
What Do You Say                     Reba McEntire                         CB10
What I Am                           Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians   PCDG52
What I Go To School For             Busted                                SF197
What I Got                          Sublime                               SC8448
What I Like About You               Romantics                             MM6036
                                    Romantics                             SC7530
                                    Romantics                             SC8106
What I Tell Myself                  Charlee Tennison                      CB20195
What If                             Creed                                 SC8587
What If It's Me                     Jennifer Day                          CB20188
What If She's An Angel              Tommy Shane Steiner                   CB60229
                                    Tommy Shane Steiner                   PHMC203
What Mattered Most                  Ty Herndon                            SD14
What Might Have Been                Little Texas                          SC8113
What My Heart Wants To Say          Gareth Gates                          SF200
What Part Of No                     Lorrie Morgan                         CB45012
                                    Lorrie Morgan                         SGB15
What She's Doing Now                Garth Brooks                          MM6019
What The Hell Happened To Me        Adam Sandler                          SGB12
What The World Needs                Wynonna Judd                          TT205
What The World Needs Now Is Love Jackie DeShannon                         DK2011
What They're Talking About          Rhett Atkins                          SD8
What Took You So Long               Emma Bunton                           SF178
What Was I Thinkin'                 Dierks Bently                         TT205
What You Need                       INXS                                  PRIDLC2
What'd You Come Here For            Trina & Tamara                        THM9907
Whatever I Fear                     Toad The Wet Sprocket                 PCDG51
Whatever We Imagine                 James Ingram                          SO209
Whatever You Say                    Martina McBride                       SGB17
                                    Martina McBride                       THM9505
                                    Martina McBride                       THM9905
What'll You Do About Me             Doug Supernaw                         SD11
Whats Forever For                   Michael Martin Murphy                 SC7552
What's He Doing In My World         Eddy Arnold                           CBEP451- 5
What's In It For Me                 John Berry                            SD4
What's My Age Again                 Blink 182                             SGB45

                                               Page 99
                                            Sorted by Song

What's The Frequency Kenneth       R.E.M.                            SD3
What's This Life For               Creed                             PHT9808
What's Up                          4 Non Blondes                     MM6030
                                   Four Non-Blondes                  SC7546
What's Your Flava                  Craig David                       SF198
Whatta Man                         Salt-N-Pepa Featuring En Vogue    SC8113
When                               Shania Twain                      CB90035
When A Man Loves A Woman           Michael Bolton                    MM6001
                                   Percy Sledge                      CB5
                                   Percy Sledge                      MMHP6
When A Woman Loves A Man           Lee Roy Parnell                   AH8016
When Can I See You                 Babyface                          MM6078
                                   Babyface                          SD1
When Doves Cry                     Prince                            CBEP475- 1
                                   Prince                            SC8427
When God Fearin' Women Get The
                                   Martina McBride                   SC8838
                                Martina McBride                      TT64
When I Close My Eyes            Shanice                              THM9907
When I Fall In Love             Celine Dion & Clive Griffin (Duet)   SC7530
When I Grow Up To Be A Man      Beach Boys                           SD17
When I Need You                 Leo Sayer                            MMHP8
                                Will Mellor                          ET7
When I Think About Angels       Jamie O'Neal                         CB20281
When I Think Of You             Janet Jackson                        CBEP475- 2
When I'm Gone                   3 Doors Down                         SC8793
When It's Over                  Sugar Ray                            TT59
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Children's                           SC7005
When Love Fades                 Toby Keith                           SC8570
When Love Finds You             Vince Gill                           SD8
When Love Starts Talking        Wynonna                              CBEP460- 6
When Mama Ain't Happy           Tracy Byrd                           THM9902
When My Ship Comes In           Clint Black                          CB453
                                Clint Black                          PCDG217
When She Cries                  Restless Heart                       PRID9044
                                Restless Heart                       SC7510
When Somebody Knows You That
                                Blake Shelton                        SD118
When Somebody Loves You         Alan Jackson                         THMC106
When Sunny Gets Blue            Freestyle Jazz                       SGB3
When The Night Comes            Joe Cocker                           SC8486
When The Thought Of You Catches
                                David Ball                           SD8
Up With Me
When We Make Love               Alabama                              CBEP452- 5
                                Alabama                              SC7510
When Will I Be Loved            Linda Ronstadt                       SC7529
When You Believe                Whitney Houston                      SGB8

                                              Page 100
                                           Sorted by Song

When You Got A Good Friend        Eric Clapton                             PHR0410
When You Lie Next To Me           Kellie Coffey                            CB60229
When You Say Nothing At All       Alison Krauss                            SD14
When You Talk About Love          Patti LaBelle                            SC8389
When You're Hot, Your Hot         Jerry Reed                               CB60077
When You're Smiling               Various                                  PCDG303
Whenever Forever Comes            Collin Raye & Dolly Parton               SC8128
Whenever You Come Around          Vince Gill                               PRID9044
Where Are You Now                 Clint Black                              SO201
Where Did Our Love Go             Supremes                                 SF18
Where Do Broken Hearts Go         Whitney Houston                          CBEP475- 5
Where Do You Go (Dance Remix)     No Mercy                                 SYB1041
Where Does It Hurt                Warren Brothers                          CB105
                                  Warren Brothers                          CB20291
Where Does My Heart Beat Now      Celine Dion                              BS9317
Where Has My Little Dog Gone      Children's                               SC7003
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone   Paula Cole                               PCDG50
                                  Paula Cole                               SGB8
                                  Paula Cole                               SYB1051
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
                                  Paula Cole                               SYB1041
(Dance Remix)
Where I Come From                 Alan Jackson                              CB20291
Where I Used To Have A Heart      Martina McBride                           SD12
Where My Girls At                                                       702 THM9909
Where The Boys Are                Connie Francis                            SC7508
Where The Streets Have No Name    U2                                        CB40050
                                  U2                                        SO208
Where Would You Be                Martina McBride                           SC8838
Where Your Road Leads             Trisha Yearwood                           THM9811
Where's The Love                  Hanson                                    SC8389
Where've You Been                 Kathy Mattea                              CB45301
Wherever She Is                   Ricky Van Shelton                         SD8
Wherever You Are                  Mark Chesnutt                             CB20057
Which Bridge To Cross             Vince Gill                                SD11
While My Guitar Gently Weeps      Beatles                                   MM6059
                                  Jeff Healy                                SGB66
While You Loved Me                Rascal Flatts                             CB20282
                                  Rascal Flatts                             CB60218
While You See A Chance            Steve Winwood                             SD3
Whip It                           Devo                                      DK99
                                  Devo                                      SC7511
Whiskey Girl                      Toby Keith                                SD118
Whiskey If You Were A Woman       Highway 101                               CBEP452- 6
Whiskey Lullaby                   Alison Krauss & Brad Paisley (Duet)       SD118
Whisper                           Evanescence                               TT217
White Christmas                   Bing Crosby                               DK3072
                                  Bing Crosby                               SD5

                                               Page 101
                                              Sorted by Song

                                     Christmas (Bing Crosby)   CB4
White Room                           Cream                     DK52
                                     Cream                     SC7531
White Sports Coat (And A Pink
                                     Marty Robbins             SC7512
Who Am I To You                      Coley McCabe              TT64
Who Cheatin' Who                     Alan Jackson              SD37
Who Did Swallow Jonah                Children's                SC7006
Who Let The Dogs Out                 Baha Men                  SGB47
Who Needs Pictures                   Brad Paisley              THM9907
Who Will Save Your Soul              Jewel                     CB40001
                                     Jewel                     THM9606
Who Wouldn't Want To Be              Keith Urban               TT205
Whoever's In New England             Reba McEntire             CBEP452- 6
                                     Reba McEntire             PCDG201
                                     Reba McEntire             SC7512
Whole Lotta Love                     Aaron Tippin              CB6159
Whole Lotta Rosie                    AC-DC                     SC8701
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On         Jerry Lee Lewis           SC7521
Who's Cheatin' Who                   Alan Jackson              CBEP460- 5
Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes         George Jones              SC8365
Who's Lonely Now                     Highway 101               MM6080
Who's Sorry Now                      Connie Francis            CB3
Who's That Girl                      Madonna                   CBEP475- 3
Who's That Man                       Toby Keith                SD2
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been
                                     Shania Twain              BS9517
                                     Shania Twain              CB90035
                                     Shania Twain              SC7596
                                     Shania Twain              SGB19
Why Baby Why                         George Jones              SC8365
Why Can't He Be You                  Patsy Cline               MM6084
Why Can't This Be Love               Van Halen                 SGB14
Why Didn't I Think Of That           Doug Stone                CB453
Why Didn't You Call Me               Macy Gray                 SGB45
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad       Eric Clapton              SGB20
Why Don't We Do It In The Road       Beatles                   MM6059
Why Don't We Get Drunk               Jimmy Buffett             MM6032
                                     Jimmy Buffett             SC8117
Why Don't Yo Love Me                 Hank Williams             CBEP451- 1
Why Don't You And I                  Santana And Alex Band     PHM0309
Why Have You Left The One You Left
                                     Crystal Gayle             PCDG201
Me For
Why Haven't I Heard From You         Reba McEntire             SC7522
Why Not Me                           The Judds                 CBEP452- 5
Why Should I Care                    Toni Braxton              PCDG52
Why Would I Say Goodbye              Brooks & Dunn             SD37

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                                             Sorted by Song

Wicked Game                          Chris Isaak                              SC7546
Wide Open Spaces                     Dixie Chicks                             SGB15
Wifey                                Next                                     SGB47
Wild And Untamed Thing               Rocky Horror Picture Show (Duet)         SC8472
Wild Angels                          Martina McBride                          SC8838
Wild Horses                          Garth Brooks                             PRID9044
                                     Rolling Stones                           UKK3101
Wild Mountain Honey                  Steve Miller Band                        BS6917
                                     Steve Miller Band                        N107
Wild Night                           John Mellencamp & Michelle Ndegeocello   MM6057
Wild Side Of Life                    Hank Thompson                            CBEP451- 1
Wild Thing                           Troggs                                   SC7521
Wild Wild Life                       Talking Heads                            AH8002
Wild Wild West                       Will Smith                               MMHP10
                                     Will Smith                               THM9908
Wild World                           Cat Stevens                              AH8010
Wild, Wild West                      Escape Club                              CBEP475- 5
Wild, Wild, West                     Escape Club                              DK52
Wildflower                           Skylark                                  H9
                                     Skylark                                  SGB5
Wildside                             Motley Crue                              LG114
Will You Be There (In The Morning)   Heart                                    SC8113
Will You Love Me Tomorrow            Shirelles                                MON1080
Will You Marry Me                    Alabama                                  PRID9075
Will You Still Love Me               Chicago                                  H9
Willie And The Hand Jive             Johnnie Otis                             MM6036
                                     Johnny Otis                              SC7525
Willing To Forgive                   Aretha Franklin                          MM6069
                                     Aretha Franklin                          PCDG50
                                     Aretha Franklin                          SD1
Wind Beneath My Wings                Bette Midler                             CB6
                                     Bette Midler                             SC7517
Window Up Above, The                 George Jones                             SC8365
                                     Wanda Jackson                            CBEP451- 3
Winds Of Change                      Scorpions                                AH8007
Wings Of A Dove                      Ferlin Husky                             CBEP451- 3
Winner Takes It All, The             ABBA                                     BCI182
Winter Time                          Steve Miller Band                        N107
Winter Wonderland                    Christmas                                CK3
Wise Man Built His House, The        Children's                               SC7006
Wish I Didn't Know Now               Toby Keith                               SD2
Wish You Were Here                   Billy Dean                               NT52
                                     Mark Wills                               THM9903
                                     Pink Floyd                               SGB66
Wishing On A Star                    Rose Royce                               SYB1040
Wishing Well                         Terrence Trent D'Arby                    CBEP475- 4
                                     Terrence Trent D'Arby                    SC8176

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                                             Sorted by Song

Witches Go Flying Along, The         Children's                                 SC7005
Witchy Woman                         Eagles                                     BS9017
With A Little Help From My Friends   Joe Cocker                                 SC7508
With A Little Luck                   Paul McCartney                             SC8427
With Arms Wide Open                  Creed                                      PHM6
                                     Creed                                      SGB47
With Or Without You                  U2                                         CB40050
                                     U2                                         CBEP475- 3
With The Lid Off                     Lucas                                      SO208
With You                             Lila McCann                                THM9505
                                     Lila McCann                                THM9905
Without You                          Mariah Carey                               SC8113
                                     Mariah Carey                               SO200
                                     Motley Crue                                LG114
Wives & Lovers                       Frank Sinatra                              SGB4
Woke Up This Morning (Theme From
                                 A3                                             MM6297
Wolverton Mountain               Claude King                                    CBEP451- 4
Woman In Me, The                 Shania Twain                                   BS9517
                                 Shania Twain                                   CB45012
                                 Shania Twain                                   CB90035
                                 Shania Twain                                   SGB19
Wonder Of You, The               Elvis Presley                                  SC7501
                                 Elvis Presley                                  SC8154
Wonderful Tonight                Eric Clapton                                   MM6037
                                 Eric Clapton                                   MMHP3
Wondering                        Webb Pierce                                    CBEP451- 2
Wonderwall                       Oasis                                          SC2057
Won't Get Fooled Again           The Who                                        PRIDLC2
Wooden Heart                     Elvis Presley                                  SF38
Wooly Bully                      Sam Sham & The Pharaohs                        MM6006
                                 Sam Sham & The Pharaohs                        SC7508
Words Get In The Way             Gloria Estefan                                 CBEP475- 1
Words Of Love                    Mamas & The Papas                              MM6033
Work It                          Missy Elliot                                   SF197
Workin' For The Weekend          Ken Mellons                                    SD14
                                 Loverboy                                       AH8006
Workin' Man's Blues              Diamond Rio, LeeRoy Parnell, & Steve Wariner   SD11
Working Man Blues                Merle Haggard                                  CBEP451- 6
World Looking In                 Morcheba                                       SF178
World Of Our Own                 Westlife                                       CB30028
Worst That Could Happen, The     Brooklyn Bridge                                MH16
Would You Be Happier             Corrs                                          SF184
Wrapped Around                   Brad Paisley                                   CB105
                                 Brad Paisley                                   PHM112
Wrapped Around Your Finger       Police                                         MM6063
Wrapped Up In You                Garth Brooks                                   CB105

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                                            Sorted by Song

Write This Down                    George Strait                         SGB17
Written In The Stars               Elton John & LeAnn Rimes (Duet)       SGB11
                                   Elton John & LeAnn Rimes (Duet)       THM9905
Wrong Place, Wrong Time            Mark Chesnutt                         CBEP460- 4
Wrong Side Of Memphis              Trisha Yearwood                       MM6017
Wurlitzer Prize, The               Waylon Jennings                       SC8365
Xanadu                             Olivia Newton-John                    MM6066
XXX's & OOO's (An American Girl)   Trisha Yearwood                       PCDG217
                                   Trisha Yearwood                       SD2
Y.M.C.A.                           Village People                        CB9
                                   Village People                        SC7511
                                   Village People                        SYB1040
Yakety Yak                         Coasters                              SC7508
Yankee Doodle                      Children's                            SC7007
Yankee Rose                        David Lee Roth                        SC7565
Year Of The Cat                    Al Stewart                            SD20
Yellow                             Coldplay                              SF36
Yellow Ledbetter                   Pearl Jam                             RSZ601
Yesterday                          Beatles                               SC7521
Yesterday Man                      Chris Andrews                         SF45
You                                Bonnie Raitt                          MM6069
                                   Jesse Powell                          THM9905
                                   Marshall Dyllon                       THMC106
You & I                            Celine Dion                           SC8883
                                   Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle         SC8128
You Ain't Much Fun                 Toby Keith                            CB45012
                                   Toby Keith                            SD14
You Ain't Woman Enough To Take
                                   Loretta Lynn                          CB3
My Man
You And I                          Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gayle (Duet)   SC7515
You And Me And The Bottle Makes
                                   Big Bad Voodoo Daddy                  SGB7
You And Only You                   John Berry                            MM6080
                                   John Berry                            SD6
You Are                            Atomic Kitten                         SF184
                                   Jimmy Wayne                           SD118
                                   John Michael Montgomery               CB463
You Are Alive                      Fragma                                SF178
You Are Everything                 The Stylistics                        SAVP31
You Are My Destiny                 Paul Anka                             SO202
You Are My Number One              Smash Mouth                           PHM0309
You Are My Sunshine                Bing Crosby                           SC7528
                                   Various                               DK96
You Are So Beautiful               Joe Cocker                            DK2019
                                   Joe Cocker                            SC7503
You Better Think Twice             Vince Gill                            SD16
You Better Wait                    Steve Perry                           MM6069

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                                             Sorted by Song

You Brought A New Kind Of Love      Frank Sinatra                             MM6075
You Can Call Me Al                  Simon & Garfunkel                         DM101
                                    Simon & Garfunkel                         H5
You Can Feel Bad                    Patty Loveless                            CBEP460- 2
You Can Sleep While I Drive         Trisha Yearwood                           SD16
You Can't Make A Heart Love
                                    George Strait                             SD11
You Can't Touch This                MC Hammer                                 AH8007
You Could Be Mine                   Guns 'N Roses                             LG114
You Don't Bring Me Flowers          Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond (Duet)    SC7519
                                    Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand (Duet)   SO209
You Don't Even Know Who I Am        Patty Loveless                            SD14
                                    Patty Loveless                            TT64
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Elvis Presley                               MMHP7
You Don't Know What Love Is         Various                                   SGB1
You Don't Mess Around With Jim      Jim Croce                                 SC8176
You Don't Miss Your Water           Craig David                               SF213
You Drive Me Crazy                  Britney Spears                            SGB30
You Got It                          Roy Orbison                               SO205
You Got What It Takes               Marv Johnson                              MM6055
You Gotta Be                        Des'ree                                   MM6078
                                    Des'ree                                   SD7
You Had Me From Hello               Kenny Chesney                             CB463
                                    Kenny Chesney                             THM9907
You Have The Right To Remain Silent Perfect Stranger                          SC8186
You Just Watch Me                   Tanya Tucker                              SD6
You Keep Me Hangin' On              Kim Wilde                                 CBEP475- 3
You Know Your Right                 Nirvana                                   SF198
You Learn                           Alanis Morissette                         SC8290
                                    Alanis Morissette                         THM9606
You Let Your Heart Go To Fast       Spin Doctors                              SD1
You Light Up My Life                Debbie Boone                              SC7506
You Look Good In My Shirt           Keith Urban                               CB60327
You Look So Good In Love            George Strait                             CBEP452- 5
You Make Lovin' Fun                 Fleetwood Mac                             SC8477
You Make Me Feel                    Sylvester                                 SYB1040
You Make Me Feel Brand New          Simply Red                                SF213
                                    The O'Jays                                SAVP31
You Make Me Wanna                   Usher                                     ET7
You May Be Right                    Billy Joel                                SC8427
You Move Me                         Garth Brooks                              CB20052
                                    Garth Brooks                              THM9811
You Must Have Been A Beautiful
                                    Bing Crosby                               PCDG303
                                    Bobby Darin                               HK22
You Need Me                         Mariah Carey                              SO200
You Needed Me                       Anne Murray                               SC7511

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                                             Sorted by Song

You Never Even Called Me By My
                                    David Allen Coe              CB6
                                    David Allen Coe              SC7515
You Oughta Know                     Alanis Morissette            AH8006
                                    Alanis Morissette            SYB1051
You Oughta Know (Dance Remix)       Alanis Morissette            SYB1041
You Promised Me The Moon (But I
                                    Adult karaoke (Red Peters)   ADULT
Prefer Uranus)
You Really Got Me                   Van Halen                    SGB14
You Rock My World                   Michael Jackson              SC8726
You Sang To Me                      Mark Anthony                 MM6297
You Shook Me All Night Long         AC-DC                        MM6036
You Should Be Dancing               Bee Gees                     BS8717
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This     Toby Keith                   CB105
You Stay With Me                    Ricky Martin                 SGB13
You Stepped Out Of A Dream          Various                      SGB2
You Still Take Me There             Collin Raye                  THMC106
You To Me Are Everything            Real Thing                   AH8007
You Took Advantage Of Me            Freestyle Jazz               SGB3
You Took Him Off My Hands           Patsy Cline                  MM6084
You Took The Words Right Out Of My
                                    Meatloaf                     SF13
You Turned The Tables On Me         Freestyle Jazz               SGB3
You Wear It Well                    Rod Stewart                  SO204
You Went Again                      Bee Gees                     BS8717
You Were Always On My Mind          Elvis Presley                MM6014
You Were Meant For Me               Jewel                        CB40001
You Were Mine                       Dixie Chicks                 SGB15
                                    Dixie Chicks                 SYB1017
                                    Dixie Chicks                 THM9902
You Win My Love                     Shania Twain                 BS9517
                                    Shania Twain                 CB90035
                                    Shania Twain                 CBEP460-1
You With Me                         Anita Cochran                CB20197
You Won't Be Lonely Now             Billy Ray Cyrus              CB20196
You Won't Ever Be Lonely            Andy Griggs                  THM9902
You'll Accomp'ny Me                 Bob Seger                    AH8020
                                    Bob Seger                    UKK3121
You'll Be In My Heart               Phil Collins                 SGB18
                                    Phil Collins                 THM9910
You'll Never Find Another Love Like
                                    Lou Rawls                    MMHP6
You'll Never Walk Alone             Carousel                     SC8127
                                    Eddy Howard                  MM6005
                                    Gerry & The Pacemakers       SF28
Young                               Kenny Chesney                CB60229
Young And Foolish                   Freestyle Jazz               SGB3

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                                             Sorted by Song

Young At Heart                       Frank Sinatra                               MM6075
Young Hearts Run Free                Candi Staton                                SYB1040
Young Love                           Judds                                       SC7552
Your Body Is A Wonderland            John Mayer                                  CB30028
Your Cheatin' Heart                  Elvis Presley                               PT2015
                                     Hank Williams                               CB9
                                     Hank Williams                               SC7512
                                     Hank Williams                               SYB1048
Your Everything                      Keith Urban                                 CB463
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad        Tammy Wynette                               CBEP451-6
Your Heart's In Good Hands           Al Green                                    PCDG51
Your Love Amazes Me                  John Berry                                  SC7596
Your Love Is A Miracle               Mark Chesnutt                               SC7552
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy        Sammy Hagar                                 SC8427
Your Loving Arms                     Billy Ray Martin                            SYB1051
                                     Billy Ray Martin                            THM9606
Your Momma Don't Dance               Loggins & Messina                           SC7529
Your Smiling Face                    James Taylor                                MM6032
Your Song                            Elton John                                  SC7519
You're 16                            Johnny Burnett                              MM6016
You're A God                         Vertical Horizon                            SGB47
You're Easy On The Eyes              Terri Clark                                 THM9811
You're Gonna Make Me Love
                                     DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince            SAVP38
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm
                                     Brooks & Dunn                               SD16
You're In My Heart                   Rod Stewart                                 MMHP10
                                     Rod Stewart                                 SC8427
                                     Rod Stewart                                 SO204
You're Lookin' At Country            Loretta Lynn                                CB90073
You're Making Me High                Toni Braxton                                PCDG49
You're My Mate                       Right Said Fred                             SF184
You're No Good                       Linda Ronstadt                              SC7581
You're Sixteen                       Ringo Starr                                 SC7523
You're So Square Baby I Don't Care   Elvis Presley                               SC7521
You're So Vain                       Carly Simon                                 SC7511
You're Still Here                    Faith Hill                                  TT205
You're Still The One                 Shania Twain                                BS9517
                                     Shania Twain                                CB90035
                                     Shania Twain                                CHM498
                                     Shania Twain                                SGB19
                                     Shania Twain                                SYB1017
You're Stronger Than Me              Patsy Cline                                 MM6084
You're The First, The Last, My
                                     Barry White                                 MM6279
You're The Inspiration               Chicago                                     BS7817
You're The One That I Want           Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta (Duet)   SC7506
You're The Only One                  Maria Mena                                  SC8883

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                                             Sorted by Song

You're The Reason God Made
                                    David Frizell & Shelly West           SC8128
                                    David Frizzell & Shelly West (Duet)   SC7516
You're Where I Belong               Trisha Yearwood                       SC8590
You've Got A Friend                 James Taylor                          SC7529
You've Got A Way                    Shania Twain                          SGB19
You've Got To Stand For Something   Aaron Tippin                          SC7552
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling     Righteous Brothers                    MM6037
                                    Righteous Brothers                    MMHP3
                                    Righteous Brothers                    SC7521
You've Never Been This Far Before   Conway Twitty                         CBEP452-1
You've Really Got A Hold On Me      Mickey Gilley                         CB90077
                                    Miracles                              MM6055
Zacchaeus                           Children's                            SC7006
Zephyr Song, The                    Red Hot Chili Peppers                 SF198
                                    Red Hot Chilli Peppers                SF198
Ziggy Stardust                      David Bowie                           SGB14
Zip Gun Bop                         Royal Crown Revue                     SGB7
Zoot Suit Riot                      Cherry Poppin' Daddys                 SGB7

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