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					                          3-The Necessity of Regeneration-BH Clendennen
                                The Pathway To An Overcoming Life

We've been dealing with why you must be born again. In these ecumenical times when everything has
become the gospel. Men and women believe just because they go to church an hour on Sunday morning all
is well. You have the psychological, you have big name television preachers denying the Messiahship of the
Lord Jesus Christ. Others nothing but a little psychological message that God saw something good in you is
the reason He saved you. That man lied to you because there's none good but God. In the fall man lost that
God and that's what this message is about. Our last lesson we dealt there must be a birth of God's Son in an
individual if that individual is going to be saved from hell. This lesson, the Necessity of Regeneration.

    Gal 4:19 My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,

In the fall, the soul lost the birth of the Son of God. By this loss that soul became a dark, wrathful self
tormenting root of fire. In that darkened condition, the soul was shut up in four hellish elements of
selfishness, envy, pride and anger. That is the makeup of every human without God. That is the elements he
moves in. In this fallen state, the soul can't take one step or exert one motion but in and according to these
four elements. Whenever the flesh, the soul, is allowed to exert itself it's always through one or all of these
elements. The only remedy is to have this nature changed. This cannot be done by religion. Your
righteousness is filthy rags in the sight of God. To be born again from above is the only way that nature can
be changed. The new birth takes place in the spirit of man. Sanctification is bringing the soul into
submission to the spiritual man. That's the progressiveness of sanctification. For these four elements,
selfishness, envy, pride and wrath are hell and eternal death not without, but death and hell springing up
from within us in the forms and essence of our fallen nature because that is what man became in the fall.
They are serpents within us and constitute that gnawing worm that the Bible says never dies. Because this
serpent is within us, by the fall, those demonic things come rising up in the form and essence of our fallen
nature, so our Redeemer must be equally within us if we are to be saved. The Word of God teaches us only
the promised seed of the woman, that is the eternal Word of God can bruise the head of the serpent, or kill
this life of that serpent within us. Therefore the Word of God, the Son of God must have His dwelling in the
very essence of our nature because the serpent is there.

We must understand that knowing about a thing is not the same thing as possessing it. We have millions of
people who have went to Sunday School for years. They know about Christ, but they do not know Christ.
There is a difference. Bible Schools are turning out preachers by the thousands that know about this life but
do not know this life. I don't know if you are familiar with Aesop's fables or not but that is the first time in
history when a man attempted to use a lower form of life to teach a higher form of life. That's a parable of
what has happened to the church. You have men in the pulpit preaching a Gospel they've never
experienced. They themselves have never been born again, so you have a lower form of life trying to teach a
higher form of life and the result is predictable. You have the same sins in the church that is in the world.
Mere head knowledge about this great salvation genders to pride and only feeds the serpent.

A new life or nature must rise from this seed in us, making it clear that regeneration or the new birth is and
can be nothing else but the recovery of the life of the Son of God in that fallen soul. You see that is what
Adam lost, was the life of the Son of God. Redemption means to be brought back, back to where? Back to
where that life is our life. That is what the Scripture means by the necessity of our being born again, that is
born from above of the Spirit of the Living God. Hence we see very clearly the meaning of all those
passages of Scripture where we are said to be in Christ and Christ is in us, that we must put on Christ, that
He must be formed in us. He is our life, we must eat His flesh, drink His blood, He is our atonement. His
blood cleanses us from all sin, that we have life from Him and as the branches we have our life from the
vine. He is our justification, righteousness, and we can do nothing apart from Him. We can't be saved
without that Christ birthed in us. All these Scriptures have a wonderful harmony and plainness in them.
They fill the mind with the most excellent and solid truths as soon as it's known that regeneration is an
absolute necessity. Regeneration signifies the progressive recovering of the birth of the Son of God in a
man. We were created to contain the Creator. That's what was lost in that fall. Until there is a rebirth of that
Son in a human, no matter how religious, or how much you go to church, or practice religion, until that Son
is reborn in your soul, you can't and will not be saved.

What could be, what more rather, could a thoughtful, serious man or woman wish for but to have a new
heart, new spirit free from the hellish self-tormenting elements of selfishness, pride, envy and anger,
govern our lives in every thought, every moment? Man's own experience has shown him that nothing
human can do this for him. Nothing human can take away this root of evil that came in with the fall of
Adam. That it is unnatural for man to think for God alone can deliver him is demonstrated by the fact that
man is often tempted to accuse God for making him like he is. Therefore, to have the Son of God come from
heaven to redeem him by the birth of His own nature in him must be a way of salvation highly suited to the
senses of man. Man finds his evil is deeply rooted in his own nature and can only be removed by being
replaced by the life of another.

Paul said for me to live is Christ. A more wicked man, maybe the first terrorist, but meeting Christ on that
road, being born from above, that life of Christ replaced that life and a more vigilant, God fearing, God
loving, church loving man never walked this earth. Therefore, an inward Savior, a Savior that is God
Himself, through the birth of His own life in fallen man is the only possible redemption. Has that happened
to you? We're about to meet this God, I'm here to tell you. We're the final generation. The collapse of the
monetary systems of this world is calling for that Anti Christ right now. We're moving into the darkest time
a world ever knew. But God said if we'll overcome, He'll keep us from that temptation that will try the whole
world. To overcome is to overcome yourself and this world and the only way is the nature of God within us
and our learning to live by that nature. When this great salvation is presented properly it must make every
sober man ready and willing to receive it. When you understand there is no other way, there cannot be any
other way. What was lost must be what saves us. It was the loss of this life that man become the beast he is.
Oh, what we see and read! Men murdering, plundering, killing their own children, men having incest with
their own families tells you the beastiality of the man in the fall. The only thing that can save him is that
beastial demonic life being replaced by the life of God.

There's a preaching among us that God was so full of wrath against fallen man that nothing but the blood of
His Son could satisfy the vengeance of God. Now, some have gone to such lengths of wickedness as to teach
that God has reprobated and rejected a great part of the race of Adam to an inevitable damnation, that He's
chosen some and rejected others. This is a terrible indictment against the divine nature and a reproach
against His great loving goodness. For God is love, all love so that nothing but love can come from this God.
Nothing but love can come from this great God. The Christian religion is nothing else but an open, full
manifestation of the great love of God toward every human on this planet. As the light of the sun has only
one object toward every thing that can receive it, so God has only one common nature of goodness toward
all created nature. God so loved man when his fall was foreseen, that He chose him to salvation in Jesus
Christ before the foundation of the world. Can you think of anything greater than that? The love of God
when man was actually fallen, God was so without wrath toward him, so full of love for him, that He sent
His only Son into the world to redeem that man from that fall. When man fell he awakened in himself a
self-tormenting fire which could never be relieved by the natural p0wer of any creature. Nothing could do
that. Then the Son of God by a love greater than that which created the world became man and God gave
His blood and life that through His life man could be quickened into life. That is the love of God toward

What has been shown of the nature of regeneration shows us that it is a mistake to believe that regeneration
is only a moral change of our tempers and desires. If you ever heard a preacher, hear me now. Tempers and
desires are the fruit of the newborn nature, not the nature itself. Fruit and flowers are entirely distinct and
different from the root of the tree. Good tempers and desires are as distinct from and come after that nature
which is to produce in them its fruits. If good tempers and desires rightly purified could be brought forth in
us without a change first made in the root, or the nature, then surely you and I could expect grapes of
thorns and figs of thistles. If the tree must be made good before it can bring forth good fruit, we can then
with absolute certainty say our nature first must be made good. It's root, stock, regenerated again before it
bring forth the fruit of righteousness.
                Psa 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:

You see, angels are represented to us as flames of love. Every flame must have a hidden fire for its root. It's
from this hidden fire it has its subsistence. So the spiritual flaming, angelic order must have a spiritual fire
concealed under it. Suppose that in an angel this flame of love was extinguished and there remained only
that inward root of spiritual fire. Further, let us suppose this spiritual fire that has lost its flame of love and
cannot cease to be and cannot by any effort of its own rekindle itself in the flame of love. All that can be
produced in its own effort tends to selfishness, envy, pride and anger. Can it be said of such a state of a
being that it's only lost a moral disposition? No, it's lost that nature which alone the good desires and
tempers proceed. Let us further suppose that God by a miracle of love entered into that fiery root or
essence of this fallen angel and by a new birth made it again one more time regeneration, a flaming love.
Could it be said it gained nothing by this new birth but a new moral disposition? No. He gained a new
nature from which alone a Godly character can flow. Make a tree good and the fruit will be good. That's
God's message to us through the ages.

Now in representing the new birth as signifying only a change in moral behavior is not only false, but
destroys the foundation of our redemption. This is what you have today. This is evident from the fact it
hides and suppresses the real nature of our fallen state and true greatness and mercy of God in His
redemption. This more than anything else is the cause that even among people who live exemplary lives
religion is only a superficial thing that has no real depth in them. They've never understood the true depth
of Christianity. Nor have they understood in how deep a manner their nature is concerned in it. A heathen
may say moving into a different neighborhood, or marrying into a family, or becoming acquainted with
such a man, he has a great change in his moral behavior. When church members are told this is the true
and only meaning of their new birth in Christ. When they're told you are moving in a new neighborhood,
changing environment, becoming a little better, amen, that this is the new birth, namely a change in their
moral behavior, it's no wonder they live all their lives strangers to true humility and penance and are never
truly converted to God. If men are led to believe that to be born from God above signifies no more than
superficial changes in his moral nature, it naturally leads them to take everything said of God and Christ in
mysteries of their redemption in a sense as much below the expression as this of the new birth.

The whole nature of Christian religion stands upon two great pillars. Namely, the greatness of our fall and
the greatness of our redemption. In the full and true knowledge of these truths lie all the reasons of a deep
humility, penitence, and self denial. Until once again these two great truths have awakened and opened our
minds for the full reception of divine light, all reformation and pretense to repentance is a dead and
superficial thing. A mere garment of hypocrisy to hide us from ourselves and others. Oh, how that prevails
in our time, with the world church, the ecumenical. With all this preaching now we are seeing the new pope
as trying to make all religions one. That will be the Anti Christ's world church. If you are not a part of this
bridal company that is where you are going to wind up. But there must be that birth from above. That
birth, new creation, secured by the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, must be filled with the Holy
Spirit of God and learn to live by that life if the fruit of the kingdom of God is going to come out of that life.
Nothing else will produce it. This is the key to everything. You must be born again. That's not just joining a
church and going once a week. It is coming to a place with God where old things pass away and all things
become new. You emerge with a different thought about life, a different love for the things that are pure and
holy. Has that been so with you? Have you been born again? Do you know Christ personally, absolutely and
have a desire for great spiritual things and a walk with God? If not, you're lost. May God help you to repent
today. Bow your knees and ask God's forgiveness. Ask Christ to forgive and invite Him to come and live in
you, and confess Him to be who He is. And, in the name of Jesus you'll find peace.

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