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Christopher Mckee


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									                                                              Christopher Mckee CV

                                                                 3 Rue Letort
                                                                 Paris 75018
                                                Tel: +33 (0) 1 77 18 89 27 or 06 13 72 39 90
                                                      E-mail: mckee704@hotmail.com
                                                  Date of Birth : 26 October 1985, Belfast
                                                               Nationality: Irish

Personal Qualities
                     Double graduate in English and French Laws with French, and a French law degree from the University of Paris.
                     EMT, fluent in French and with professional experience of legal translation from French to English.
                     Learning Italian as a third language.
                    Currently in full time employment, with occasional freelance work as a legal translator under the French auto-
           entrepreneur scheme (Including submitted translations for the SCAD website for the EU commission).


St Malachy’s College - Belfast, Northern Ireland

4 A grades in History, French, Biology and AS level English Literature

                                                       SEPTEMBER 2005 – JUNE 2009

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom- Degree in English and French Laws with French (2005-2009)
Université de Paris I La Sorbonne – Licence en Droit Français 2008

                     09/2007- 06/2008: Participation in an Erasmus study programme from September 2007 to September 2008.
                     09/2007- 09/2008: Licence in French law obtained in September 2008 (7 Matiéres principaux). Academic transcript
           available on request.
                      09/2005- 06/2009 : Degree LLB in English and French law with French Language. LLB obained in June 2009 / (2:1)
           grade, 68.5 average, academic transcripts available on request (7 Core modules studied, with French Language modules
           alongside, including final year advanced translation module). Academic reference available from DR Kate Marsh, Translation
           Module Coordinator at the University of Liverpool).

                                                         MAY 2010 – Present (CDI)

Legal translator for the legal and technical department CDI CADRE (EMT) - MAGELLAN NETWORK, PARIS - http://www.magellan-
network.com/ (language pair – French to English)

International HR networking group, providing legal and practical information for large multinational groups

                     Daily legal translation duties for the legal and technical department of the company, with direct responsibilities
           for managing the English language content online, including legal news, Health and Safety Alerts, the 34 Country and Research
           Guides, as well as responding to daily questions from members on the interactive forum.
                    Translation of information relating to the secondment of high level staff abroad by multinational companies, via the
           online Country Guides (social protection, taxation, immigration, living considerations, employment law) and research files
           (remuneration, international mobility, health and safety, international conventions and tax rates).
                    Responsible for the publishing of English language content on the website for the general management, including
           proofreading and editing responsibilities.
                     Exposure to International legal sources, as well as national and EU law, international journals and publications.

Selection of documents translated and proofread

                     International Mobility Guide (legal and financial implications for staff on secondment) 30,000 words.
                     European Health Insurance Card Guidebook - 6,000 words.
                     The impact of European Regulation 883/2004 on the coordination of social security systems- 20, 000 word summary.
                     International Immigration Guidebook – 40, 000 words.
                     Proofreading and editing of a research file on International Mobility (30,000 words).

                                                     OCTOBER 2009 – MAY 2010 (CDD)

16/10/09 – 29/04/2010 (CDD) - Claims Department- Chartis/AIG Europe – www.aig.com – European Regional HQ , La Défense, Paris
(language pairs – French to English)

                      Drafting , translation and research responsibilities for European HQ policy booklets from French to English, for
           distribution around continental European network of a large global Insurance firm.
                    Various documents translated including correcting documents as customer service guides, policy and procedures,
           monthly insurance reports, best practices, legal compliance and general reports.
                     Knowledge of recent financial legislation and legal developments, as well as different sectors of Insurance and


I am 25 years of age and a recent graduate, working full time in the Paris area. I am currently working as an in-house legal (French- English)
and have been studying Italian intensively for almost a year now with a view to translating from a third source language in the near future.
I also enjoy writing creatively in my spare time, although more as a side project than on a professional level.

In terms of my career objectives, my intention is to gain as much experience as possible over a large area of legal topics, especially any
legal content with a European or international aspect. As a young translator (25 years), I would like to improve my skills as much as
possible, and am fully focused on making a career in this field. I have studied the Law of the European Union in both English and French
degree programs and have practical experience of summarising the impact of recent EU regulations and directives in my current post, an
opportunity which has allowed me to gain valuable terminology and linguistic knowledge. More generally, my long-term career objective
would be to work in some capacity within a large European institution.

Recently, I have recently submitted translations for a Luxembourg outsourcing company for the EU Commission as a freelance translator.

I have also strong experience in financial, taxation, immigration and employment law areas, as well as general competencies derived from
working in large multinational companies in Paris.

My primary language pair is French to English, and I would consider my self to have excellent spoken and written skills in French. I am also
currently enrolled in a 2 year Italian Language class in Paris.

In my spare time, I am the acting captain for an expatriate football side (mixed French and English/Irish)who play in a Sunday league near
Vincennes in Paris, and with whom I train twice a week. I am also currently enrolled in an auto-école in the Véme arrondissement.

I have lived in Paris with my long-term girlfriend for almost 3 years now, in the 18th arrondissement.

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