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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 9 | SEPTEMBER 2010 | Zachary Thompson, Director |

DCHHS teamwork on display
                                         BY THE NUMBERS
                                         This year, Dallas County
COMMUNITY EVENTS                         parents had opportunities
                                         to get their children
   As the first day of school            immunized at the special
neared, Dallas County Health and         clinics held by DCHHS.
Human Services made the neces-
sary preparations to hold multiple       JULY 17 AT ANTIOCH FMBC
back-to-school immunization clin-        203 children vaccinated
ics for the public.                      589 vaccines administered
   Flyers were created and distrib-
uted. Signs were posted. Schools         AUG. 5 AT FAIR PARK
and daycares helped spread the           150 children vaccinated
word, along with the media.              404 vaccines administered
   Before school let out in the
spring, DCHHS spent time prepar-         AUG. 7 AT DESOTO ISD
ing for back-to-school immuniza-         278 children vaccinated
tions.                                   670 vaccines administered            DCHHS Immunization clerk Eloy Garcia helps one of the first
   When it came time to execute                                               clients at the department’s booth at the Mayor’s Back-to-
the plans on the days DCHHS had          AUG. 14 AT DCHHS                     School Fair on Aug. 5.
a special clinic scheduled, the staff    214 children vaccinated
found that teamwork across divi-         632 vaccines administered
sions within the department made
for a sucessful event.
   “When we’re focused on a spe-        had access to patient shot records,
cific goal and plan for a targeted      thanks to the Internet access.
outcome, we usually find a way to          These clinics also called on the
make it happen,” said DCHHS Di-         expertise of staff members who
rector Zachary Thompson. “Our           have been trained to set up make-
staff works tirelessly on planning      shift clinics.
and carrying out events such as our        Helping in the effort to carry
special clinics.”                       the complex plans to completion
   Because the special clinics were     were multiple divisions, including
planned at off-site locations not       the Preparedness staff, IT, Dallas
typically meant for providing med-      County Security, Housing and En-
ical services, DCHHS maximized          vironmental Health staffs, in addi-
the response to the demand of high      tion to the Immunization staff.
volume crowds by incorporating             More than 1,000 schoolchildren
the use of laptops and the Inter-       were immunized and more than
net. This allowed for a thorough        2,000 vaccines were administered      DCHHS’ Immunization nursing staff reviews the vaccination
and accurate experience for the cli-    at the special clinics this summer    records of several children while they wait with their families
ent. In most cases, staff members       by DCHHS.                             to receive their shots at the final free DCHHS clinic on Aug. 14.
                                       DALLAS COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES

 Zachary Thompson
                                       DCHHS launches enhanced website
 Message from the director …
More access to
information and                        NAVIGATION                                                               EDUCATION                                                                 TIME-SAVING FEATURES
services our goal
   Many of us have a lot on our        Comprehensive toolbar                                                    Public health                                                             Electronic mosquito complaint form
plates these days. Time is valuable
and our lives are often very hectic,     When deciding how to revamp the site for ease of use, the first           An important aspect of public health is educating the community.         We know that if you had a choice of calling or e-mailing DCHHS,
with multiple priorities begging       thing that came to mind was navigation.                                     Public health encompasses topics that can be complex and difficult     you’d probably prefer sending a quick message. That’s why we’ve
for our attention.                       You’ll notice that the site no longer has the main menu items on       to understand. Our new site takes this into account.                      incorporated an electronic mosquito complaint form on our new site.
   So, when it comes time to turn      the left side of the web page. A horizontal toolbar, which has a more       You’ll find information about contagious diseases such as Methin-        The short form takes less than a few minutes to fill out. You also
to government agencies for ser-
vices, we want the experience to         condensed and organized structure, has taken its place. DCHHS          cillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or Cryptosporidiosis        have the option of being notified of the eventual investigation results.
be thorough, but also                     offers a range of services, many of which weren’t readily promoted    (crypto). Immediately below the description of the illness, you’ll also   The mosquito abatement team will get the message quickly and you
prompt and easy.                          under the old format                                                                                          find a section that tells you     save yourself the time of placing a call (unless you want to).
   In designing                            of the website.                                                                                              “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
our website, we

decided to focus                              The toolbar brings                                                                                        ABOUT …” that disease. It
                                            them front and                                                                                              gets straight to the heart        User-friendly calendars

on two things:
efficiency and user-                         center under two                                                                                           of your concerns about the
friendliness.                                                                                                                                                                                The new site not only posts the most up-to-date information, but
                                              menu options: Cli-                                                                                        illness: Is it contagious? How    it helps you plan for future events with the addition of calendars.
   We sorted the
content to find the                           ent Services and                                                                                          is it diagnosed? What is the      Two important sections of the new site where this feature has been
most relevant topics                           Clinical Services.                                                                                       treatment?                        added are the Public Health Advisory Committee meetings page and
and positioned them                     This new arrangement
more prominently. We                                                                                                                                                                      the STD Clinics page.
                                       helps you find the correct                                                                                                                            Now, you’ll be able to mark your calendar for the next PHAC
updated other features, as well.
   We restructured our site by         Web page with ease and                                                                                           Informational material
                                                                                                                                                                                          meeting. Find out the latest in local public health from PHAC, a
simplifying the organization of the    speed.                                                                                                             The Web isn’t the only place    group which is made up of
   Our staff knows that our site is                                                                                                                     that people find information      members and representa-            COMMUNITY AWARENESS
a vital asset to the community.                                                                                                                         about their public health         tives from municipal health
   The audience that uses our site
                                       Topic buttons                                                                                                                                                                                Public Health
                                                                                                                                                        concerns. Sometimes the           departments within the
is not limited to employees or Dal-      The incorporation of                                                                                           information comes to you!         county.                                   Advisory Committee
las County residents.
   Information that we post on our     topic-specific buttons                                                                                           It could be in the form of a         Additionally, a calendar
site is read by partnering agen-       on our new homepage                                                                                              poster at the doctor’s office,    details where the mobile
cies as well, at the state level and   promotes other impor-                                                                                            a flyer at a community center     medical unit will be on any given day. This is an added feature to our
around the country.                    tant information to the                                                  or a bill insert that arrives in the mail.                                site that will be beneficial for anyone searching for access to free
   Simply, our site is the world’s
window into our department and         forefront.                                                                 Educational materials produced by DCHHS have been used by               STD testing in Dallas County.
the services we provide for the cit-     Basic information such as DCHHS’ telephone directory or Im-            schools, daycares, nursing homes, churches, hospitals and other enti-
izens of Dallas County.                munization clinic locations is now at your fingertips. Additionally,     ties in our community. You’ll find posters, flyers, brochures and more
   It’s both an educational tool       residents will find a button for the free county prescription discount   on our new site that help educate the public on a variety of topics,
and a vital resource for communi-
ty outreach.                           card and energy assistance.                                              including: heat-related illnesses, flu, West Nile Virus and more.
   We hope you enjoy the changes
to the site and find it much more
useful.                                                                   DCHHS invites you to take a spin around our new site! Bookmark us, too!
      PREPAREDNESS UPDATE                                                      SEPTEMBER 2010 | Dallas County Health and Human Services

DCHHS, DeSoto ISD partner again
    Dallas County Health and Hu-                                                                                         ISD’s student population was giv-
man Services and DeSoto Inde-                                                                                            en free backpacks and school sup-
pendent School District joined                                                                                           plies as well. The event’s part-
forces again this year for the dis-                                                                                      ners included DeSoto Rotary, area
trict’s back-to-school event held                                                                                        churches, organizations and busi-
Aug. 7.                                                                                                                  nesses in addition to DCHHS.
    DCHHS offered free vaccina-                                                                                             “This is the most organized and
tions for DeSoto ISD schoolchil-                                                                                         well planned back-to-school fair
dren. 278 students were immu-                                                                                            we attend and we are proud to part-
nized and about 670 vaccines were                                                                                        ner with DeSoto ISD to adminis-
administered.                                                                                                            ter free immunizations,” Thomp-
    The fair was held at the DeSo-                                                                                       son said.
to Freshman Campus for current                                                                                              DeSoto ISD Nursing Coordina-
and incoming DeSoto ISD stu-                                                                                             tor Rhonda Dalfonso said the part-
dents only.                                                                                                              nership with DCHHS is excellent.
    DCHHS Director Zacha-                                                                                                   “We were a very synchronized
ry Thompson was interested in                                                                                            working machine,” Dalfonso said.
partnering with the school dis-                                                                                          “We worked very well together
trict again after the success of last                                                                                    and we supported each other.”
year’s back-to-school event and                                                                                             She said the partnership is bene-
the 2009 H1N1 school-based vac-                                                                                          ficial for everyone involved.
cination clinics held at DeSoto            From left: DCHHS Director Zachary Thompson, DeSoto ISD                           Dallas County Commissioner
schools.                                   Nursing Coordinator Rhonda Dalfonso and Dallas County                         John Wiley Price spent part of his
    “DCHHS is glad to be able to           Commissioner John Wiley Price.                                                Saturday at the clinic as well.
provide these much-needed servic-                                                                                           “I support DCHHS and DeSo-
es to the students of DeSoto ISD,”         al opportunity to get their child the      Hundreds of families lined up as   to ISD in their efforts to ready our
Thompson said. “Events such as             vaccinations they need for the start    early as 6:45 a.m.                    schoolchildren for the beginning of
this one give parents an addition-         of school.”                                Almost a quarter of DeSoto         another school year,” Price said.

                    Safe families, healthy lives.
Dallas County Health and Human Services
Public Health Preparedness and Response Division
2377 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207

Zachary Thompson, Director

Dr. Steve Wilson, Medical Director

Public Health Preparedness Update
is published monthly by
Dallas County Health and Human Services.

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contact DCHHS Public Information
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