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As Guest arrive do Satin Hands Satin Lips and Makeup Remover


									• As Guest arrive do Satin Hands, Satin Lips, and Makeup
• Welcome, Introduction of self, Hostess, and Guests. Thank
  you! HOSTESS PRESENTATION. You too can have your
  choice just for treating a couple of friends to a pampering
  session. Be thinking of someone you think deserves some
• There are 3 ways you can help me out tonight:
  1. I would love the opportunity to be your independent
  beauty consultant. All I ask is that you try our products and
  if you like them, then I would be thrilled to be your
  consultant. I’m not interested in just a one-time sale. My
  business is your 100% satisfaction and building a business

  2. The highest compliment you can pay me is at your follow
  up facial to invite me to treat 2-3 of your friends to a
  pampering session.

  3. I am currently looking for Sharp women like you that I
  think would be good doing what I do and I would really value
  your opinion. You might know someone that would be
  perfect and would forever be grateful to you. I do have a
  wonderful reward for you opinion. Ask me when we are
  through and I’ll give you more information on how you can

• Being here is my pleasure, anytime I get to introduce or re-
introduce someone to Mary Kay I truly feel honored because I
believe our products are the best on the market at any price! In
fact independent surveys give Mary Kay the title “Best Selling
Brand facial kin Care/Color Cosmetics” in the US.
• Mary Kay’s mission is to enrich lives. I would like to share
with you why I love Mary Kay. In the very beginning, 25 years
ago, it was the products. I feel in love with everything. And now
Mary Kay’s line just keeps getting better and better. Then I was
offered the opportunity to offer others these wonderful products
and a chance to earn some cash at the same time plus being
rewarded with fun and exciting prizes along the way. I have
earned 4 career cars through Mary Kay Plus many, many other
rewards. Right now I am looking forward to earning… (Show a
prize from the Star Consultant Flyer.)
• I would like to ask you 4 quick questions. All you need to do
is write a “yes or No” on the back of your profile card.
1. Are you 100% happy with your life/ job right now?
2. Do you have all the flexibility you need? (days off for sick
 children, special performances at their school, shopping with a
 friend, etc)
3. Are you paid for and appreciated what you’re worth and what
 you contribute or are you building someone else’s dream?
4. If you continue doing what you’re doing and you give it your
 all for the next 5 years, could you drastically change your
 financial situation?
• If you wrote NO to any of those questions, just watch me to
see if you could learn to do what I do. “Mary Kay says that at
every Skin Care Party, there’s at least one person who would be
great doing what I do, so who do you think it might be here?”
So watch me and see if this is something you might be
interested in. Okay let’s get started

• Today we are going to experience the “Five Minute Dash Out
the door Makeover”. Who has ever had to run unplanned out the
door and didn’t really have time to put on your face? Or had a
friend call only to say they would be arriving in 5 minutes before
you had any opportunity to fix yourself up? Or maybe you
workout in a gym and don’t have time to re-due your face. Well,
today we are going to show you how you can meet those or
other challenges with Mary Kay.
I will give you some information on the products we will be
using and then I will time you to see how close to 5 minutes we
can do this “Dash out the door” Makeover. When we get
together for your follow up facial, you can experience other
color products plus color tips and techniques. It will be so must

• Mary Kay is all about skin care and for many years it included
the 5 essential steps to properly taking care of your skin:
1. Cleanse – to take the impurities and makeup off your face
2. Exfoliate– to remove dead surface cells that dull the skin
3. Freshen – to tome the skin and refine pores
4. Moisturize – to hydrate for soft, smooth skin
5. Protect – from the sun and environmental damage

• Just think you can get all these benefits from just 2 products
you can use in a dash. First the Mary Kay cleansing cloths. With
these cloths you can revive your skin anywhere, anytime! These
cloths cleanse, exfoliate and tone in one easy step with the
exclusive, botanical – enriched formula that gently remove dirt,
oil and makeup. Leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. They
are perfect for carrying in a bag, briefcase or tote. They’re
formulated for dry to oily skin types. Just add a little water.
Then follow with just a tint of Moisture with Mary Kay’s Tinted
Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20. This lightweight tinted
Moisturizer give you three fabulous benefits in one – sheer
color, oil-free moisturization and UVA/UVB protection.
Recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation.
• Next is that natural but accenting your beauty color look
starting with Mary Kay’s Signature Eyesicles Eye color. It is a
soft, cream– to-powder formula that’s waterproof and long
lasting. Apply with the sponge tip applicator or use your finger.
We will follow that with Ultimate mascara. Ultimate mascara has
an exclusive formula that creates long lashes with up to five
times the volume.
• Next, We will dust MK signature Bronze Highlighting Powder
on the face and cheekbone for a bronze glow with golden
highlights. It’s great for all skin tones! Today we will use a
cotton ball to apply. But you will love using a brush at home.
• To finish, we will add MK Signature NouriShine Lip Gloss. It’s
totally saturated with moisturizers and conditioners so lips feel
amazingly soft and supple, and never feel sticky. At your check
up facial you will be able to try different colors. All of Mary Kay
colors are wonderful. Then you are Done! Now Get ready and

• This is our dash out the Door look! Wasn’t that easy and
quick? How does your skin feel? Turn to your friend and share
what you like best about this natural look? Let’s take a look
again at what we just did. Let’s take time to mark in our books
what we just used to achieve this awesome look. First turn to
page 11. Circle the cleansing cloths and notice they are only 15
for a package of 30. Then turn to page 16 and circle the Tinted
Moisturizer. It has a fabulous price of only 18. Now let’s turn to
page 25 where you will find the Bronze Highlighting Powder with
compact and brush for only 29. And at the tip of the page let’s
circle the Ultimate Mascara with comes in 2 shades at the
reasonable price of 15. And finally on page 27 the Amazing
NouriShine Lip Gloss for 13. You can get everything you need to
look great before dashing out the door for just 100. Plus, this
free gift (while supplies last), the travel-sized Mary Kay Beauty
Fix Kit. And the best thing of all you don’t have to wait, you
can take it home with you now. Isn’t that exciting? (Share
forms of payment available)
• Name game or something similar.
• I want to take a minute to encourage you to look through
the Look Book and check out the other fabulous products
including the highly effective TW Targeted-Action Line Reducer.
Proven to deliver immediate and lasting benefits to smooth
lines and wrinkles. Also check out the Anti=aging products.
When we get together at you follow up appointment, you will
have the opportunity to try several other products and different
colors. I personally can’t wait to get your opinion of the
Ultimate Miracle Set or the Cellu-Shape Contouring System
found on page 12 & 13 at you follow up!
• Okay, how many of you have heard about the game “Deal or
NO Deal”? Let’s play Mary Kay “Deal or NO Deal”?
• Thank everyone, hostess, and start individual closings.

                  CON SULA NT ION

1. Did you have a good time?
2. How does your skin feel, doesn’t it feel great?

3. Do you have any questions?

4. What would you like to take home with you?

5. What would you like to learn at your Follow-up Appointment
 that we didn’t do tonight? (Set the appointment, turn it into a
 SCC with guests from her referrals on the profile card and do
 preliminary coaching.)

6. Remember earlier when I said I was looking for sharp people
 to do what I do? Have you ever thought about having a
 business of your own? This is a brand new DVD on Mary Kay. I
 would really value your opinion. Is there any reason why you
 couldn’t give me your opinion by watching it and then I will
 check back with you to see what you thought.

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