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                                       of H E A L T H F I R S T
                                                     Licensed to serve since 1985

Q U A R T E R LY   NEWSLETTER   |   ISSUE   1   |   SUMMER         2010
    Table of Contents
                                                      8                                                        of H E A L T H F I R S T
                                                                                                                          Licensed to serve since 1985

                                                                                                                    EDITORIAL BOARD
                                                                                                                         R. Roy Wright
                                                                                                              President, Hospice of Health First
                                                                                                                      Roberta VanDusen
                                                                                                                       Executive Director
                                                                                                                      Valerie Kenworthy

                                4                                                                             HOSPICE OF HEALTH FIRST
                                                                                                               Home-Based Hospice Program
                                                                                                                Adult Bereavement Program
                                                                                                                      Volunteer Services

                                                                                   3    Letter from the         William Childs Hospice House
                                                                                        Executive Director
                                                                                                                       Bright Star Center
                                                                                                                     for Grieving Children
                                                                                   4    A Mindful Summer                   & Families
                                                                                                                 Hounds of Hospice Program
                                                                                   5    Annual Benefit Ball
                                                                                                              OUR MISSION
                                                                                   6    Accessing Hospice     Founded in 1978 through the
                                                                                        Services              grassroots efforts of members
                                                                                                              throughout the Brevard community,

                                                                                                              Hospice of Health First exists in
                                                                                   7    Keep on Giving
                                                                                                              the hope and belief that we can
                                                                                                              create a supportive environment
                                                                                                              in which a person who has a life-
                                                                                                              threatening illness is treated with
                                                                                   8    Arts in Medicine      respect, and therefore prepared for
                                                                                                              a dignified death. As a not-for-profit
                                                                                        Showcase              organization, we’re committed to
                                                                                                              providing outstanding quality, value,
                                                                                   10   Folks in the News
                                                                                                              and service to all who need hospice
                                                                                                              care, regardless of ability to pay.
                                                                                                              Hospice Connections is published
                                                                                   11   Teen Volunteers
                                                                                                              quarterly by Hospice of Health First,
                                                                                                              a non-profit, community-based
                                                                                                              organization, providing physical,
                                                                                                              emotional, social, and spiritual
                                                                                   12   Community Outreach    care for end-of-life patients
                                                                                                              and their families.

                                                                                   14   Remembering Our
                                                                                        Loved Ones
                                                                                                              FEATURED ON THE COVER:
                                                                                                              Hospice Aide Raymonde Adras
                                                                                   16   Advance Directives    and Patient Helen Leonhardt
2   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
dear friends,           As summer arrives, Hospice
                        of Health First hopes
                         f H l h Fi h
                        that 2010 has had a
                        positive beginning for
                        you. We sincerely value
                        the relationship Hospice
 Roberta VanDusen       has with each of you. We hope that
                        our new quarterly newsletter, Hospice
 Connections, will foster vital communication and facilitate a
 two-way/mutual community partnership that is ongoing. We also
 hope this publication will help you stay connected not only to what
 we’re doing in the community but to important changes in
 Hospice programs.

 Hospice of Health First is promoting better communication by streamlining our
 information flow to the community. We’re also integrating our two current publications
 — Volunteer Newsletter and Bereavement Monthly Program Schedule — to create this new quarterly
 newsletter, Hospice Connections. This updated format gives Hospice of Health First a wonderful opportunity
 to share details about our services and future events with each of you. Our hope is that this will result in better
 understanding by everyone — patients, caregivers, survivors, volunteers, and the community at large — of how the
 Hospice of Health First team works together to deliver consistent quality and compassionate end-of-life care.

 Each issue will include highlights of Hospice events, as well as community outreach programs and services provided
 through Hospice of Health First. A list of donors from the past quarter will be encluded as well as the names of loved
 ones whose memory is honored by these gifts. Additionally, we’re excited to present articles written by members of the
 Hospice of Health First team covering a variety of topics designed to educate and inspire the community at large on
 Hospice care and services.

 Our desire is for this new format to foster a lasting connection with Hospice of Health First and serve as a reminder
 of the important endeavors each of us fulfills for those we serve. Once you look through this inaugural issue of
 Hospice Connections, please feel free to email me with your comments, suggestions, and ideas for future issues.


                              Roberta VanDusen
                              Executive Director, Hospice of Health First

                                                                           w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   3
        a Mindful Summer                      Summer is here. Everyone seems to be headed somewhere, even if only to Disney World for a b break
                                              f     the ti              ath tha       ki      ap      l a d t pl a d app iat th
                                              from th routine. What if rather than seeking escape, we learned to explore and appreciate the places
                                              we’re planted right now?
                                      Mindfulness is an ancient practice which has its roots in Buddhism. It requires no tools or special
                                      training. You don’t have to sign up for a class or set aside time to practice. Mindfulness is about fully
                                      comprehending the world around you and inside of you in this very moment. As you read this article,
                                      for instance, you might notice the feel of the paper in your hand. You might pause to be aware of the
           Chaplain Alicia Spring     room in which you’re sitting—the sounds, the smells. Is the dishwasher running? What’s going on
                                      inside of you? Are you tired today or surprisingly energetic? Can you feel your heart beating? Take a
              deep breath, hold it, and then slowly release it. Think about how your breath moves oxygen throughout your body, the stuff
              of life. Wiggle your toes. Amazing, huh?
               Thich Nhat Hanh, a world-renowned Vietnamese Zen Buddhist, teaches the importance of being alive in the present
               moment. He points out that we generally live in the past or else in the future. We postpone being alive for some distant
               time—when we get the job we want, when the kids are grown, when we retire, when we buy that boat or timeshare. What
               are you waiting for? When do you plan to start living? One of the great lessons of loss is that time is something we can never
               get back. It is the gift of the moment. It is ours right now and it is the only time about which we can be certain.
               Give mindfulness a try using these simple suggestions.
               Mindful Walking. Zen Buddhists actually use this as a meditation technique, but you can try it anytime, anywhere—the
               beach, the mall, or in your yard. Take off your shoes, stand still for a moment, and feel how connected you are to the earth.
               You are truly grounded; centered. Begin to walk intentionally, rolling each foot in front of you from heel to toe. Pay attention
               to the movement of the body: the feet, the legs, the swing of your arms. Let the simple sensation of touching the earth rise up
               through your being. All of it sends one message: you are alive!
               Mindful Sleep. How many of us lie awake for hours each night, replaying the day, counting our regrets, or making a list of
               what we plan to accomplish tomorrow? The result is a tortured mind and an exhausted body. Refuse those thoughts. Lie in
               bed and command your attention to the present moment—what you are feeling, hearing, smelling right now. Concentrate
               on your breathing. What will soon follow is relaxation, and then, welcome sleep!
               Anything can be a practice in mindfulness: driving (turn off the radio and tune in to the world passing by), eating (take
               time to smell and taste the food), praying (in the Christian tradition, this is called “centering prayer”), gardening, even
               cooking! Whether or not your summer plans include traveling to some exotic destination, you have at your fingertips the
               most wondrous adventure of all right now: life. Be mindful of it.

4   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
Proceeds from Annual Benefit Ball
   generate donations
for new Bright Star home
The Clemente Center at Florida Institute of Technology       Koppler. “Each artist wrote a short paragraph about
was recently transformed into a Parisian walkway where       participating in the art project.”
hundreds of guests convened for the 28th Health              One 14-year-old teen described her art by writing “My
First Foundation Annual Benefit Ball. Proceeds from           painting to me was like a path. Everything started
this year’s event were collected to fund a permanent         dead and dry and slowly grew. There was a time when
home for the Bright Star Center for Grieving Children        everything became worse. Then things slowly got better
& Families, a program of Hospice of Health First. The        with the flower buds representing the hope for a good
Bright Star Center is currently located in leased space in   future. I had a lot of fun doing something I love with
downtown Melbourne.                                          people who understood how I felt. I am so happy that
Donated monies from this event will help to provide a        I had this opportunity to learn new techniques when
new location for the Bright Star Center − 5,400 square       painting. It gave me a way to express my feelings.”
feet in the Babcock Center located at 3661 Babcock           Founded in 1992, the Bright Star Center assists both
Street in Melbourne. The space will be updated and           children and their families following the death of a
remodeled to include an art room, kitchen, game room,        loved one. For these children, the road can be filled
hurricane room, parents room, and expanded parking.          with a silent pain that others may not understand or be
“Having this new home will enable our program to             able to address in the same way as the adult grieving
serve more children and families who will benefit from        process. Bright Star’s services include regular workshops,
grief support,” said Bright Star Program Administrator       as well as the bi-annual Camp Bright Star, a full-day
Cynthia Koppler.                                             event designed to help grieving children through
As part of this year’s thematic presentation of              fun-filled activities. Bright Star staff members have also
“Springtime in Paris: A Stroll Down the Champs               assisted with grief support in local public schools. The
Elysees,” artwork created by six of Bright Star’s teens      program receives no federal, state, or local government
was on display. Assisted by artists from the Brevard         support, insurance, or
Cultural Alliance, each teen artist was asked to depict      third-party reimbursements.
his/her grief experience on a large canvas. The art has      Families contribute
been on display in several locations, including all Health   as they are able,
First hospitals, the Williams Childs Hospice House, and      but no child is ever
the Health First Corporate offices.                           turned away from
                                                             this program.
“Illustrating their grief through visual art was very
rewarding for the teens who participated,” said

                                                                                     w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   5
        accessing Hospice Services
    By Grace Logue, Manager,                                       clini
                                                                   clinical team at each facility, making sure       As quickly as you can pick up the phone
    William Childs Hospice House                                   stro
                                                                   strong communications and sharing of infor-       and call your physician, you can request a
                                                                   mation about these patients takes place.          hospice referral. Without substantial cost
    Caring for
                                                                                                                     or delay, you can count on excellent care at
    patients and                                                   In some circumstances, certain ALF patients
                                                                                                                     the end of life. Hospice of Health First will
    families at the                                                who are hospice appropriate require higher
                                                                                                                     schedule an appointment with you the same
    end of life is                                                 care needs and cannot be treated within the
                                                                                                                     day. With good care, your loved one can live
    the finest of                                                   ALF setting. Hospice of Health First can work
                                                                                                                     comfortably and meaningfully right up to
    fine arts. One                                                  with those families to help transition the
                                                                                                                     the end.
    major obstacle                                                 patients to another more suitable location
    to being able to                                               for hospice care. In Florida, the regulations     If you would like to contact Hospice of
    obtain hospice’s                                               explicitly recognize the role of hospice in       Health First directly and discuss our services,
    exemplary                                                      supporting residents who otherwise would          you can call us at 321-952-0494. If you
                                    Grace Logue
    services is                                                    no longer qualify for assisted living because     would like to take a virtual tour of the
    having the knowledge needed to access
                     l d        d d                                of their higher care needs.                       William Childs Hospice House, visit
    hospice care. Unlike other fine arts, the art                                                            and click on
    of hospice should not be out of reach for                                                                        Outpatient Services/Hospice. Hospice of
    anyone who wishes our care and support.                           S TA NDALONE HOSPI CE                          Health First services are available to all
    Early access of hospice resources can signifi-                         HOUSE OR HOME                              Brevard County residents who are termi-
    cantly decrease stressors and the percep-                                HOSPI CE                                nally ill, regardless of their ability to pay or
    tion of burden, especially for patients and                                                                      whether their place of residence is a nursing
                                                                   Hospice of Health First also provides hospice
    caregivers who do not have extended family                                                                       home, assisted living facility, or home.
                                                                   services in our standalone William Childs
    to assist them through this journey.
                                                                   Hospice House or in a patient’s or caregiver’s
    Referrals for hospice services come from                       own home. The Williams
    many sources, including patients and                           Childs Hospice House
    families who feel they can benefit from the                     is a 16-bed facility that
    compassionate, skilled care and support                        simulates a home-like
    services. Admission to hospice occurs easily                   environment for both the
    once the patient, family, and physician all                    patient and their family.
    agree that the patient’s disease or illness                    Once a physician makes a
    cannot be medically controlled, and there is                   referral, and an assessment
    a life expectancy of six months or less. The                   is conducted, a patient can
    need for hospice services is clear when the                    be transferred from his/
    patient decides that disease symptoms (pain,                   her current location to the
    anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath, etc.)                    House. The House has its
    will not control their lives.                                  own Medical Director, as
                                                                   well as an interdisciplinary
                                                                   team to facilitate the plan
        N U RS I N G H OME S AND                                   of care.
           A S S I S T E D L IV IN G
                                                                   Our greatest number of
                FA CI L I T IE S                                   hospice patients receives
    Our hospice services are offered in a variety                  hospice care in their homes.
    of settings, including nursing homes (NH)                      Access is simple. Physi-
    and assisted living facilities (ALF). Hospice of               cians can make a referral
    Health First has relationships and contractual                 to Hospice of Health First
    agreements with more than 25 facilities                        home hospice care. Once
    throughout Brevard where our hospice                           the assessment is complet-
    team works collaboratively with the medical                    ed, our hospice team can
    directors and administrative personnel.                        begin their visits to the
    Patients who meet the medical criteria                         patient’s home. A patient
    mentioned above can transition to hospice                      or family member can also
    services while remaining in these facilities.                  request a physician referral
                                                                                                  Peggy Wakefield, RN for Hospice of Health First, takes Valeda
    Our hospice nurses make visits to these                        to Hospice of Health First     Kaegi outside to enjoy the scenery during one of her weekly
    locations, providing hospice care to these                     – they do have a choice in     visits. Valeda was a hospice patient at LaCasa Senior Assisted
    specific patients. We work closely with the                     their hospice provider.        Living in Merritt Island.

6   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
                                                                                                                         Doris Collins

Hospice Nurse
                    cherishes her ‘part ’
                   in Scottish patient’s life
“When I received the package of tea and           ‘guardian angel.’ “Thank you for caring.”               role is to be the family educator, helping
shortbreads from Mr. Parr’s daughter, Eleanor,”                                                           them understand and anticipate changes
                                                  Eighty-eight-year-old James Parr was a
said Doris Collins, RN Case Manager for                                                                   in the patient. I translate that it is OK if the
                                                  hospice patient in the Locked Garden
Hospice of Health First, “I was reminded of                                                               patient doesn’t want to eat, but in a gentle
                                                  Alzheimer’s Unit until he passed in April.
what a Scottish gentleman Mr. Parr was from                                                               way. I help family members bridge the gap
                                                  In addition to the dementia he suffered,
the first time I met him until the day he died.”                                                           between their loved one’s illness and his/her
                                                  he also had underlying respiratory and
Doris remembers how Eleanor and Mr. Parr                                                                  declining mental and physical changes.”
                                                  cardiac conditions. “Through all his medical
shared tea and shortbreads, a Scottish tradi-     distress,” said Doris, “he always greeted me            “I am blessed and privileged to do what
tion they enjoyed together every afternoon.       with a smile and a kind disposition.”                   I do,” said Doris, when talking about her
“I wanted to send these to you because                                                                    hospice role. “When I can make a patient or
                                                  “As a hospice nurse, I become like a
you were a big part of his [Mr. Parr’s] life,”                                                            caregiver smile, or shed a ray of sunshine on
                                                  member of the patient’s family,” explains
Eleanor Keogh wrote in a thank-you note to                                                                a dark situation, it makes me happy too.”
                                                  Doris. “In Mr. Parr’s case, I admitted him,
Doris. Eleanor described Doris as the family’s    and I was there when he died. Part of my

Memorial and Tribute Gifts Keep on Giving
Memorial or Tribute gifts to Hospice of Health First is a special way      plishments. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate a special
to remember and honor friends or loved ones, while enhancing               occasion, such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday,
end-of-life care services in our community.                                and support the Hospice mission at the same time.
Donors and their families may choose to direct their charitable            Gifts may be sent to Hospice of Health First in care of
contributions as unrestricted to be used “where the need is greatest”      The Health First Foundation. The Foundation will promptly
or they may specify Hospice Patient Care, the William Childs Hospice       and tactfully acknowledge your gift and send a notification letter
House or Hospice Bright Star – a special place for grieving children.      to the person or family honored by your thoughtfulness.
For example, a recent surviving spouse asked friends                                                                          Making a memorial or tribute
and family to memorialize his beloved wife with gifts                                                                         gift is easy. Simply mail your gift
to Hospice of Health First. He commented that the                                                                             for Hospice of Health First to
hospice physicians, nurses, social workers, home health                                                                       the Foundation office at 1350
aides and other hospice support personnel “provided                                                                           S. Hickory St., Melbourne, FL
excellent and compassionate care” for his wife during                                                                         32901 or visit the Health First
her final days.                                                                                                                Foundation website at www.
                                                                                                                     and click on the
While less customary, Commemorative or Tribute
                                                                                                                              “Foundation/Giving” tab.
Giving honors people and programs for current accom-
                                                                                        w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   7
    Arts in Medicine Showcase
    moves to
                                         The Avenue® Viera
                                                                                                                    in Medicine

                                                                              M            ore than 500 guests attended the Hospice of Health
                                                                                   First 2nd annual Arts in Medicine Showcase on April
                                                                                   10 at The Avenue® Viera. The fun-filled, family-oriented
                                                                                   event highlighted a variety of artistic disciplines that are
                                                                                   incorporated in the hospice programs, including live musical
                                                                                   performances, caricature art, hands-on crafts, massage
                                                                                   therapy, visits with pet therapy dogs, and much more.
                                                                                   “This venue has provided our hospice program an excellent
                                                                                   opportunity to help educate the public about the breadth
                                                                                   and depth of our services,” said Arts in Medicine Showcase
                                                                                   Coordinator Valerie Kenworthy. “We want our community
8   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
to know that by integrating the disciplines of art into
our programs, we have made the hospice experience much
more uplifting and compassionate for our patients and
their families.”
Plans are underway for next year’s 3rd Annual Arts in
Medicine Showcase to be held next spring. “Not only is this
an excellent venue for the public to learn about the many
ways Hospice of Health First uses the arts in our programs,”
said Kenworthy, “the event provided a day of camaraderie
for our volunteers and staff members who are able to share
their areas of interest and expertise with one another.”
                                                               w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   9
                                                               FOLKS IN THE NEWS

                                     Dr. Graff                                Dr. Seelman           Dr. Scheinbart                   Dr. Campbell

                                                                            Paula Ludwig             Valrie Johnson

        M E D I C A L DIR E C T OR                                Medicine by The American Board of Hospice            STAR PERFORM E R
                                                                  and Palliative Medicine.
               CH A N G E S                                                                                           OF THE YEAR NAM E D
   Hospice of Health First is proud to have                                DI RECTOR MARKS                        Martha Arango, a Housekeeping Assistant II
   some of the most talented Oncology special-                                                                    at the William Childs Hospice House, was
                                                                               20 YEARS
   ists in the community serving as Medical                                                                       recently named the Community Health Services
   Directors for our program. Dr. Kenneth                         Director of Nursing Paula Ludwig was            (CHS) Star Performer of the Year by President
   S. Graff, who has been with our program                        honored for 20 years of service with Health     of Hospice of Health First and CHS, R. Roy
   since 1988, recently announced that he is                      First. Paula, at what was then called Holmes    Wright. Martha has served in that role since
   stepping down from this role. He has been                      Regional Hospice, Paula became the nursing      the opening of the Hospice House in 2004.
   sharing the responsibility with Dr. Robert C.                  supervisor in 1995. Prior to that she was an
                                                                                                                  Martha’s role touches every aspect of the
   Seelman, who helped found our program in                       RN Case Manager who had a caseload of
                                                                                                                  Hospice House, including helping aides,
   1978 and has served as Medical Director for                    AIDS patients. In March 1995 Paula became
                                                                                                                  delivering meal trays, assisting in the kitchen,
   the past 32 years. Dr. Lee S. Scheinbart will                  a Certified Register Nurse Hospice (CRNH).
                                                                                                                  sorting linen, answering phones, greeting
   fill the vacancy created with Dr. Graff’s depar-                In those 20 years, we have experienced
                                                                                                                  visitors, and keeping the facility spotless.
   ture, and will work closely with Dr. Seelman                   Paula getting married, and having two chil-
                                                                                                                  Martha’s contributions are vital in provid-
   directing the efforts of our hospice program.                  dren now ages 13 and 11. Many of us have
                                                                                                                  ing an outstanding environment where our
                                                                  been touched by Paula, and we congratulate
   A native of Ohio, Dr. Scheinbart is Board-                                                                     patients can experience a dignified death.
                                                                  her service.
   certified in both Internal Medicine and                                                                         Congratulations, Martha!
   Oncology. “I’m looking forward to working
   with the Hospice of Health First team as we
                                                                          S PI RI T OF HOSPI CE
   collaborate together in helping patients and                                   WI NNER
   their families face end-of-life issues in the                  More than 120 volunteers attended the
   most compassionate manner possible,” said                      “Hidden Treasure” Breakfast to honor these
   Dr. Scheinbart.                                                men and women for the valuable service
   Thank you for your service to our hospice pro-                 they provide. Valrie Johnson, a patient care
   gram, Drs. Graff, Seelman, and Scheinbart!                     volunteer, was awarded the prestigious Spirit
                                                                  of Hospice award. This recognition is given
   Dr. John Campbell, Family Medicine                             annually to a volunteer who exemplifies the
   physician, serves as Medical Director for the                  Hospice mission and is committed to patient
   William Childs Hospice House. He is one                        care. Valrie, who has been a volunteer since
   of only three Brevard physicians to have                       2003, has donated nearly 1000 hours to the
   earned certification in Hospice and Palliative                  Hospice program.                                Martha Arango with R. Roy Wright
                                                                                                                  Martha Arango with R Roy Wright
                                                                                                                  M rth rango
                                                                                                                      ha           h            ht

10 |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
Intergenerational activities offer mutual
                     life lessons
Teen volunteers are an important part of the Hospice of Health         Some teens are introduced to the Hospice program when they
First program. Young men and women between the ages of 13              suffer the loss of a loved one and attend the Bright Star Center
and 18 are encouraged to participate. Some teens enter the             for Grieving Children & Families. As they progress through their
Hospice program as volunteers through the Teens Linking Lives          grief journey and become teens, they develop friendships and enjoy
or TL2 group. These teens attend hospice training prior to             continuing their participation in the program as a volunteer.
becoming a TL2 member. “Teens provide a youthful, energetic            If you know a teen who may be interested in becoming a
perspective to hospice patients and caregivers,” said Danielle         volunteer, contact Danielle Armstrong at 321-952-0424.
Armstrong, Teen Volunteer Coordinator for TL2. “It’s also                                                         d
                                                                       If you know of a child who has experienced the
important for teens to develop respect and understanding for           loss of a loved one, encourage their parent
older members of our community. By interacting through the             or guardian to contact the Bright Star
various activities, such as making crafts to pass out at nursing       Center at 321-733-7672.
homes, all ages of individuals reap the rewards.”

What began as a pilot project to help grieving teens with their own
emotional renewal has turned into a full-scale program that has
helped hundreds of individuals in Brevard to keep their pets. The
Bright Star Center for Grieving Children & Families, a program of
Hospice of Health First, assists in the healing of grieving children
and their families following the death of a loved one. Bright Star
Center Program Administrator Cynthia Koppler wanted to create an
activity for the Bright Star Center teen group that would allow them
to help others as they struggle with their own personal losses.
Named Bright Paws Pet Food Bank, this project was created in
March 2009 to provide donated pet food to residents strug-
gling to buy food for their pets. On the second Saturday of each
month, Bright Star teens volunteer their time to register recipients
and distribute dozens of bags of pet food to individuals who
need financial help to keep their pets.

TL 2 teens visit seniors on Mother’s Day
                                                                             To help dozens of senior women celebrate Mother’s Day,
                                                                             the TL2 teens participated in an afternoon tea hosted at
                                                                             Hibiscus Court in Melbourne. The teens came before the
                                                                             event and helped to decorate the tables with floral center-
                                                                             pieces and china settings. They assisted many of the Hibiscus
                                                                             Court residents from their rooms to the dining hall where
                                                                             the event was held. The teens also served a variety of teas,
                                                                             cookies, and petit fours.
                                                                             “Our residents thoroughly enjoyed having the teens be a
                                                                             part of the Mother’s Day celebration,” said Regina Anderson,
                                                                             Resident Programming Director. “It always puts a smile on our
                                                                             residents’ faces when they get to interact with young people.”
                                                                             TL2 volunteers participate in a variety of activities throughout
                                                                             the year, including holiday pet photos, jewelry creation and
                                                                             sales, Arts in Medicine Showcase, and much more.

                                                                                  w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   11
   Community Outreach                                                             Connections

         Memory Walk                                                               Pet Food Donating
         Hospice of Health First staff and volunteers partnered                    Fifteen months ago, the Bright Star Center for Grieving
         with the community and the Central Florida Alzheimer’s                    Children & Families, a program of Hospice of Health
         Association to raise funds and awareness for                              First, founded the Bright Paws Pet Food Bank (See
         Alzheimer’s Disease. Hospice Aides were an integral part                  story on page 11). Bright Paws Pet Food Bank provides
         of the fundraiser and enjoyed the walk and festivities on                 donated food to more than one hundred individuals
         a beautiful March morning at the Space Coast Stadium.                     each month who are financially struggling to keep
                                                                                   their pets.
         Memory Walk is the nation’s largest event to raise
                                                                                   To date, the Bright Paws Pet Food Bank has given out
         awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and
                                                                                   more than 30,000 pounds of donated food, helping
         research — and it calls on people of all ages to take
                                                                                   more than 500 people. The project is sustained
         action in the fight. Year-round, our participants are
                                                                                   completely by financial and resource donations from
         leaders in the effort to defeat this devastating disease.
                                                                                   individuals, schools, and corporations (including local
                                                                                   businesses, grocery/pet food stores and pet food
                                                                                   manufacturers). Monetary and pet food donations are
                                                                                   always needed to sustain this need by pet owners.
                                                                                   If you are interested in donating to the Bright Paws Pet
                                                                                   Food Bank, please contact the Bright Star Center for
                                                                                   Grieving Children & Families at 321-733-7672.

12 |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
Hounds of Hospice                                           Bright Star Camp
Hounds of Hospice is a program of Hospice of Health         The Bright Star Center for Grieving Children & Families
First. Studies have proven that trained dogs can provide    is a program that benefits children and their families
comfort, love, and companionship for both hospice           following the loss of a loved one. Biweekly support
patients and their caregivers. The sights of a dog and      is offered in the Bright Star Center, which includes
the touch of their fur brings peace and joy to those        sessions for both children and their parents and/or
patients who once owned pets. Therapy dogs can help         guardians.
combat loneliness by providing a visit that a patient can   For children unable to attend Bright Star on a regular
look forward to.                                            basis, Camp Bright Star is offered two times per year.
Hospice of Health First believes in the therapeutic         This day-long Saturday event is designed for children
benefits of dog therapy. Its Hounds of Hospice program,      ages 5 to 12. Through a variety of activities, led by
created in 2005, now includes more than 10 dogs and         Hospice of Health First’s and the Bright Star Center’s
handlers who are part of the Hospice team.                  bereavement specialists, registered nurses, and volun-
                                                            teers, children can share their feelings, recognize their
If you have a dog that you consider well-suited for
                                                            loss, and begin to heal.
hospice visits, contact Shelia Felock at 321-952-0494
for an interview regarding the program.                     The next Camp Bright Star will be held Saturday,
                                                            October 23, 2010.

                                                                            w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   13
       remembering our loved ones
   IN MEMORY OF                                    Clarence Brown                           William Cox                          Joanne Gerber
                                                       Ms. Carolyn M. Corey                   Mr. and Mrs. George F.               Mr. and Mrs. Robert G.
   Benjamine Adams                                     Ms. Jeannette B. Oliva                  Harrington                           Adamovich
       James K. and Lucy C. Brown                      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oliva             Arthur L. Crosswell                  Bridget Giblin
       Ms. Mary K. Cypher                              Providence Permanent                   Mr. Ernest E. Walters, Jr.           Ms. Charlotte Mercer
   Doris Ahler                                           Firemen’s Relief Association         Mr. and Mrs. R. Roy Wright         Dolores Jean Giles
       Ms. Diane S. Taylor                             Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Sharp          Mary Helen Dewey                       Ms. Ruth Deckert
   Carla D. Allen                                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Szylin
                                                                                              Mr. Gregg Barkley                    Ms. Deborah Fry
       Ms. Jo Ann Maddox                               Ms. Gayle Davis
                                                                                              Mrs. Ellen J. Freytag                Ms. Pauline K. Jacobson
   Dorothy Ilene Pruitt                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard De Petrillo
                                                                                              Ms. Peggy Martin                     Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mohrman
     Babcock                                       Helen Brown                                Ms. Sarah Ann Ricca                  Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Rathbun
       Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Babcock                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kelley         Mr. Richard G. Schultheis          Donald J. Gill
       Ms. Janet Lacey                             David G. Brunk                           Phil Di Domenico                       Ms. Nanci A. Hayward
   Elizabeth Bacher-Roller                             Mr. Joseph L. Adams                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Howard       Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Babbitt
       Ms. Mary Faith Messenger                        Ms. Dawn M. Witte                                                           Ms. Rita K. Blair
                                                       Ms. Karen McGee                      Rhonda Dozier
   Eugene M. Baer                                                                             Mr. Robert Schnepf                   Mr. Kyle Ryan
       Mrs. Carol Goldenblank                      Marie L. Bush                                                                   Ms. Ann L. Sisler
                                                       Ms. Barbara J. Bush                  Lloyd A. Bud Emerson
       Ms. Jane H. Zager                                                                      Ms. Cathy Baker                    James E. Goldrick
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bush
   Ruth Dion Balle                                                                            Ms. Betty S. Cobb                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Weber
                                                       Ms. Beth A. Gabriel
       Brevard County Medical Society, Inc.
                                                       Ms. Eleanor A. Rousseau                Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crone              Gladys Green
   Charles Belt                                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Jarvis          Mr. Johnny B. Elam                   Ms. Jo Anne D. Kelly
       Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fugate                   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. McVay          Mrs. Janell S. Emerson               Ms. Rosemarie Sommer
   Carl Benson                                                                                Mr. James B. Kennedy               Lena Imogene Hamlett
                                                   Edwin J. Callahan                          Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Leonard
       Ms. Florence Hume                               Mrs. Maria C. Callahan                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Finney
       Mr. Donald Robertson                                                                   Mr. William L. McCarty             Richard B. Harris
                                                   Arthur B. Chabot                           Ms. Emma Meisner
       Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shoffner                   Ms. Judy Guilla                                                             Mrs. Joan Harris
                                                                                              Ms. Jessie J. Monfredo
   Stanely Bernagozzi                                  Ms. Joan F. Luker                      Mr. Duane C. Raeburn               James T. Harrison
       Ms. Marjorie E. Doyle                           Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bedwell          Mr. Richard L. Ransome               Ms. Mildred M. Cordle
   Gus Besserer                                        Mrs. Rita E. Chabot                    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Seib                Ms. Trudy C. Cordle
       Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daron, Sr.                Mr. and Mrs. John Colletto             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shank            Ms. Laureen A. Grdinich
       Mr. Jeffrey Kehoe                               Mrs. Pauline M. DeWitt                 Mr. Wayne Sheffield                Joan Herzstein
       Mr. and Mrs. Bert McIver                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ferrantelli      Ms. Christine M. Short               Ms. Lynn Schriver-Mickley
   Warren Clyde Bland                                  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fongeallaz     Mr. and Mrs. David E. Woronecki    Grace Elizabeth Hollen
       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Breseman                Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gulla                                                  Holden
                                                                                            Bruce W. Farney
       Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Castro                   Mrs. Doris Hall                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S.
                                                       Ms. Toni G. Holcomb                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lassy
       Mr. Daniel D. Clausner                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C.                Hollenbeck
       Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Cummins                     Ms. Karen J. Lavoie
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. George McGarrity           Hanley, Sr.                       Robert Holmes
       E & J Gallo Winery                                                                     Mr. Rodolfo A. Santamaria            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bilinsky
       Walter and Nancy Floyd                          Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Nelson
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Ollier          Patricia Ferrara                       Mr. and Mrs. David W. Holmes
       Mr. Ryan K. Gallo                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coleman         Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Rappole
       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hearne                   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Present
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Sedlak         Ms. Carolyn S. Kiehl               Dale L. Hundt
       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs                                                            Ms. Janina C. Singleton
       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kidd                        Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M.                                                    Mrs. Martha E. Hundt
                                                        Swerdlow                              Ms. Teresa M. Potrzebowski         Maryan Hunt
       Mr. and Mrs. Roman J. Kownacki
       Ms. Ruth Madison                            Bobby Smoker Clark                       Betty Louise Ford                      Ms. Claudia Lawrence
       Mr. Daniel Plunkett                             Mr. Michael D. Fingerle                Ms. Brigitte Guilfoyle               Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lowder
       Ms. Catherine B. Scheuren                       Mr. Lowell A. Ringel                   Ms. Olga E. Hamrick                Julie Anne Arbogast Illsley
       Mr. Gregory Allen Smith                         Ms. Patricia M. Wickerham              Mr. and Mrs. Edward L.               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J.
       Mr. and Mrs. Todd Whiteside                 Lois Clautice                               MacDonald                            Holland
                                                       Ms. Judy E. Tarte                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Smaha         Mr. C. H. Maxwell
   Evelyn Bozica                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Stirtzinger
       Mr. James Bell                              Gary F. Cloutier                                                              Joseph Innis
                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Taylor
   Joan Bradley                                        Ms. Nancy Garcia                                                            Mrs. Carol Innis
                                                       Mr. Clifford H. Lamson               Milton Bill Foster                     Ms. Annette M. Winterich
       Ms. Sharleen J. Sudbury                                                                Mrs. Madeline A. Foster
       Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hoover                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taranovich                                             Howard G. Irwin
                                                   Robert J. Connors
                                                                                              Ms. Carole Carlson
       Mr. Jeffrey R. Branchick, Jr.                                                                                               Ms. Sheila M. Rodgers
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Foradori         Ms. Joanne Mace
   Charles Broughton                                                                          Mrs. Edith W. Meister              Kathy L. Jaren
       Mr. Clay V. Brittain                            Mr. and Mrs. John E. Keenan                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William V. Barber, Jr.
                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leister             Mr. and Mrs. Ken Redfern
       Lindsey Irby                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sammons        Ms. Louise R. Evans
       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Broughton                  Mr. and Mrs. William G. Myers                                               Mr. and Mrs. Less Jones
                                                       Ms. Edna N. Keenan                   Allen P. Fretz
                                                                                              Ms. Brenda R. Trist                Carson Granville Jenkins
                                                       Mr. Ronald E. Royse
                                                                                                                                   Ms. Darlene Koenig
                                                                                            Betty Gardocki
                                                                                              Ms. Carol D. Simon
14 |   S U M M E R 2 010     |   w w w. He a lt h-Fi r s t . o r g / Ho s p i c e
— February 1 to April 30, 2010
  Richard E. Jones                      Margaret Meissner                      Emma Ridley                                        Sheila D. Somerville
    Mr. H. Sidney Meltzer                 Ms. Joan V. Dalie                      Ms. Pamela C. Bierce                                Ms. Judy C. Kuhn
    Ms. Lynn Schriver-Mickley             Mr. Lawrence B. Juran                  Ms. Beverly Gillespie Moore                      Brian F. Southard
    Ms. Debra Benton                    Shirlene Morrow                        Francis Romeo                                         Ms. Kathi Hadler
  Ann Kenny                               Ms. Helen J. Feducia                   Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick H.                            Mrs. Stephanie M. Torres
    Mr. Robert Kenny                      Ms. Helen P. Hope                       McFarlane                                       Bert Squires
  Kevin King                              Mr. Harry D. Johnson                   Ms. Rosa Dempsey                                    Mr. Kevin L. Squires
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Richard           Richard J. Nation                      Elizabeth Rothenberger                             Kenneth L. Stiles
     Bartman                              Mrs. Linda K. Nation                   Mr. and Mrs. Anton Hueter                           Ms. Shena Scott, MBA, FACMPE
    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Griffin             Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thompson        Thomas Rubas                                          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fabritiis
    Ms. Diane L. Coleman                Leonard Jack Newsome                     Ms. Donna Rubas                                     Mr. and Mrs. Byron H. Taylor
  Robert B. Kirsch                        Ms. Carol A. Girimonti               Ronald J. Rybicki                                  Magdalena Sweitnicki
    Ms. Vivian Kays                     Anthony Nicosia                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Agne                           Mr. and Mrs. Fabian Swietnicki
    Ms. Cynthia L. Simmons                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. La Porta       Ms. Joan Cammareta                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Swietnicki
    Ms. Mary L Motter                   Mary B. O’Boyle                          Mr. David W. Collette                            Kathy Talamantes
  Edith Frances Klein                     Ms. Genelle Massingill                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donnelly                     Mr. and Mrs. Ted Witkowski
    Ms. Nancy Engle                       Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Storm            Ms. Marcia A. Golik                              Jack W. Tomlinson
  Elzabeth M. Kovach                    John W. O’Brien                          Ms. Iva Faye Gollihugh                              Ms. Betty Chapman
    Mr. Rick Anderson                     Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Shepherd          Mr. Stephen H. Hodson                               Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daron, Sr.
  Vincent George Krupp                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Hoffman                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Dye
                                        Jospeh P. O’Connell                      Mr. Jim Cavanaugh
    Mr. and Mrs. Gil Deschaaf             Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Bobrick                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Kruse
                                                                                 Ms. Linda Jackson                                   Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Lovette, Jr.
  Norma Kuehn                             Ms. Emily L. Bopp                      Ms. Jennifer Lara
    Ms. Ruth E. Bemis                   John O’Halloran                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H.
                                                                                 Mr. George P. Mair                                    Scheffler
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L.                Ms. Jean M. McDonald                   Ms. Blanche B. Miller
     Kuehn, Jr.                           Dr. and Mrs. Patrick S. O’Halloran                                                         Valjean Corporation
                                                                                 Mr. Leonard J. Pugh, Jr.                            Ms. Carol A. Rathmann
  Raymond C. Kull                       Virginia Parenti                         Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Richiedei
    Ms. Caroline R. Humphrey                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Hale
                                          Ms. Dorothy King                       Mr. Charles R. Rieben
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Humphrey                                                Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Rieben                  Anita Tyler
                                        Patrick C. Pellizze                                                                          Grace Bible Sanctuary
    Ms. Leah Pires                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levesque           Mr. and Mrs. Donald
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W Rogers                                                 R. Satterlee                                       Ms. Heather Lewis
                                          Ms. Patsy Immediate                                                                        Dr. and Mrs. George W. Mitchell
    Ms. Joan L. Sullivan                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Setter
                                        Virginia Penick                                                                              R&J Advertising Agency, Inc.
  Lillian Langdon                         R. F. & Mary Ann Gibbs
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lloyd                                                     W. Whittington                                     Mr. and Mrs. William Stevens
                                        Shirley Peoples                          Mr. and Mrs. Donald                              Raymond H. Van Hassel
  Donna M. Lee                            Anonymous
    Ms. Sally J. Batchkoff                                                        A. Dunkling                                        Ms. Kathleen W. Bartolo
                                        Frederick C. Peterson, Sr.               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Inkawhich                        Ms. Marguerite Bersch
  Anna Leonard
    Mr. Ben Leonard
                                          Mr. Donald P. Campo                    Ms. Darlene K. Pals                              Alexander Walker
                                          Ms. Judy Rosner                        Ms. Joni F. Shechet                                 Mr. Myrna R. Danielson
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Mann           Ms. Jean L. Harvey                     Ms. Gloria W. Wolak                              Roger Wallace
  Audrey Linde                            Mr. John R. Stem                       Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ballard
    Ms. Patricia A. Farrele                                                                                                          Mrs. Gertrude V. Nicosia
                                          Ms. Marilyn E. Massey                Roy Schallenberg
  Harold Low                              Ms. Carolyn L. Workman                 Monteen A. Pillag
    Mr. William DeMalia                 Lon C. Piotrowski                                                                         IN HONOR OF
                                                                               Clark Herbert Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Low            Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lynn Anders                                                            Donna Outly
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Queller
    Ms. Jessie Kochersberger              Jerry & Pamela Crane                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Snyder
    Ms. Diane I. Gibbs                                                         Ricky T. Shannon
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B.
  Peggy Lundin                               Cunningham
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hand, Jr.         Robinette
    Mr. David Bond
                                          Ms. Vicki T. McCartha                Thomas A. Shealy
  Audrey Lucille Malone
    Mr. James V. Anderson                 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Porter         Ms. Ann F. Butler                               __________
                                          Mr. Robert B. Sampson                  Mrs. Mary Jane Everett                          Deceased Patient
    Ms. Sharon A. Matters
    Mr. and Mrs. Norris O. Thompson       Mr. James S. Tharpe                  Cecillie Garriques                                    Name of Donor
    Mr. Thomas Waldrop                    Mr. and Mrs. Everett Tindall           Sheppard
                                          Mr. and Mrs. David E. Crooker          Mr. and Mrs. Frank O.                           Health First will not provide any
  Stanley Marvel                          Mr. G. F. Gibbons, Jr.                  Garriques, Jr.                                 personal information regarding
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Baxter, Jr.
    Ms. Susanne M. Baxter               Floyd D. Quinn                         Carroll J. Shubert                                donors listed above to any outside
    Ms. Jeannie Marvel                    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Anson             Ms. Julie Stevens                               party without the sole consent from
                                        Edna E. Ratliff                        Karen S. Silvester                                individuals listed. We apologize for
  Emilia C. Matthews                                                                                                             any omissions or typographical errors
    Mrs. Katey V. Selchan                 Mr. Jerry R. Ratliff                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Curley
                                                                                                                                 that may appear. If you have any
  Helen B. McDermott                    Nancy Riccardi                         Fred Smith                                        questions regarding this listing, please
    Brighton Unit #80 Auxiliary           Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Riccardi        Ms. Cheryl Sleiman                              contact Hospice of Health First at
  William C. McKegg                     Grace A. Rice                                                                            321-952-0494.
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sharber         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Ortone
                                                                                             w w w. H e a lt h - F i r s t . o r g / H o s p i c e   |   S U M M E R 2 010   |   15
                                                                                                                      Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                            Hospice                                                                       PAID
                                         of H E A L T H F I R S T                                                       Melbourne, FL
 John H. Thistle IV, Chairman                                                                                          Permit No. 379
                                                  Licensed to serve since 1985
Patricia D. Pruitt, Vice Chairman
                                              1900 Dairy Road
      Robin M. Petersen, Esq.,                Melbourne, FL 32904
      R. Roy Wright, President
         Edward A. Andre
 Stephen D. Batch or, emeritus
                                              Or Current Resident
        Michael C. Brownlie
 Rev. Robert M. Bruckart, PhD
       John K. Campbell, MD
          Madeline Childs
           Marge Knopf
     Michael D. Means, ex officio
        Leonor G. Zies, MD

           HOSPICE OF
          HEALTH FIRST
         1900 Dairy Road
        Melbourne, FL 32904

         P: 321.952.0494
         F: 321.952.0382

 200 South Courtenay Parkway
    Merritt Island, FL 32952
        321.868.8308                     Dying and death                                   healthcare decisions for you in case you’re
                                         are universal reali-                              unable to speak for yourself.
                                         ties, but these taboo
     BRIGHT STAR CENTER                  subjects are not often                            How can I prepare my advance directive?
        FOR GRIEVING                     talked about with                                 You can fill out a Living Will and medical
     CHILDREN & FAMILIES                 family members. It is                             Power of Attorney form without a lawyer. The
                                         imperative to discuss                             National Hospice and Palliative Care Organiza-
     300 E. New Haven Avenue
                                         end-of-life wishes                                tion, Hospice of Health First, local hospitals,
       Melbourne, FL 32901               with family and                                   public health departments, state bar associa-
           321.733.7672                  physicians. The best                              tions, and state aging offices provide state-
                                         time to discuss views       Joanna Kaevats, MSW   specific forms and instructions.
                                         about end-of-life care
        WILLIAM CHILDS                   is before a life-threatening illness has been     It’s very important that you use advance direc-
        HOSPICE HOUSE                    diagnosed, or a crisis happens.                   tive forms specifically created for your state..
                                                                                           Read the forms carefully and make sure you
       381 Medplex Parkway               Why do I need advance directives?                 follow legal requirements determined by your
        Palm Bay, FL 32907               “Advance directives” are legal documents that     state. You may need to have a witness’s signa-
          321.434.8400                   allow you to plan and make your own end-of        ture and have the forms notarized.
                                         life wishes known in the event that you’re        Keep your completed advance directive in an
                                         unable to communicate. Advance directives         easily accessible place and give photocopies to             consist of (1) a Living Will, and (2) a medical   your primary medical Power of Attorney and                (healthcare) Power of Attorney.                   your secondary, alternate agent, as well as
                                         A Living Will describes your wishes regard-       family and physicians. Remember this document
                                         ing medical care. With a medical Power of         stays in effect unless you cancel it or decide to
                    10-003-HHF-O062310   Attorney you can appoint a person to make         complete a new one with changes.


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