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									KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               3:00 AM     Matchbox 20                                  21485
                                                    5:15   Who                                          03036
                                                  12:51    Strokes, The                                 54436
                                                      24   Jem                                          53262
                                                      45   Shinedown                                    54440
                                                     911   Wyclef Jean & Mary J. Blige                  08752
                                                   1973    James Blunt                                  53532
                                                   1979    Smashing Pumpkins                            16669
                                                   1982    Randy Travis                                 50608
                                                   1983    Neon Trees                                   55534
                                                   1999    Prince                                       15377
                                                   24/7    Artful Dodger & Mel Blatt                    04559
                                                   24/7    Kevon Edmonds                                08655
                                                      #1   Nelly                                        08861
                                             #9 Dream      John Lennon                                  51616
                                                   123     Gloria Estefan                               16452
                                                1 Thing    Amerie                                       05866
                                1-2-3-4 Sumpin' New        Coolio                                       03326
                                                 1,2,3,4   Feist                                        54893
                                                 1,2,3,4   Plain White T's                              52908
                                          10 Out Of 10     Louchie Lou                                  05009
                                    10 Seconds Down        Sugar Ray                                    20451
                                             100 Years     Five For Fighting                            53156
                                          16th Avenue      Lacy J Dalton                                08086
                                           18 And Life     Skid Row                                     53807
                                               19-1999     Gorillaz                                     09722
                            19th Nervous Breakdown         Rolling Stones, The                          16770
                                           2 Become 1      Jewel                                        53159
                                           2 Become 1      Spice Girls                                  21414
                                                2 Faced    Louise                                       04441
                                               2 Hearts    Kylie Minogue                                53566
                                                 2 Step    Dj Unk                                       54848
                                     20 Good Reasons       Thirsty Merc                                 53494
                                     20th Century Boy      T Rex                                        54244
                                     20th Century Fox      Doors                                        17661
                                         21 Questions      50 Cent                                      10593
                                    21st Century Girls     21st Century Girls                           04201
                                   24 Hours At A Time      Marshall Tucker Band                         50410
                                 24 Hours From Tulsa       Gene Pitney                                  01582
                                   24 Hours From You       Next Of Kin                                  04153
                                                    24's   T.I.                                         05355
                                      2468 Motorway        Tom Robinson Band                            03800
                                          25 Or 6 To 4     Chicago                                      21659
                                              26 Cents     Wilkinsons, The                              08033
                                             29 Nights     Danni Leigh                                  23715
                                              29 Palms     Robert Plant                                 55206
                                  3 Dressed Up As A 9      Trooper                                      50718
                                               3 Libras    Perfect Circle, A                            09595
                            30,000 Pounds Of Banana        Harry Chapin                                 53975
                                            32 Flavors     Alana Davis                                  01601
                                           37 Stitches     Drowning Pool                                55503
                                                  4 Ever   Lil Mo & Fabolous                            05341
                                                  4 Ever   Veronicas                                    53306
                                     4 In The Morning      Gwen Stefani                                 54859
                                             4 Minutes     Avant                                        55104
                                             4 Minutes     Madonna & Justin Timber                      53586
                             4 Seasons Of Loneliness       Boyz II Men                                  04960
                             40 Kinds Of Sadness (no       Ryan Cabrera                                 53278
                                           455 Rocket      Kathy Mattea                                 21938
                                              48 Crash     Suzi Quatro                                  03788
                                            4th Of July    Shooter Jennings                             52323
                                        5 Days In May      Blue Rodeo                                   50726

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                             5-4-3-2-1     Manfred Mann                                 03510
                                               5-6-7-8     Steps                                        03985
                                       50 Mission Cap      Tragically Hip                               50768
                        50 Ways To Leave Your Lover        Paul Simon                                   53758
                                                 50/50     Lemar                                        04878
                         500 Miles Away From Home          Bobby Bare                                   22187
                                                 6 8 12    Brian McKnight                               20555
                               6th Avenue Heartache        Wallflowers, The                             16912
                                                7 Days     Craig David                                  09804
                                               7 Ways      Abs                                          04859
                                                 74-75     Connells, The                                03264
                                           80's Ladies     K. T. Oslin                                  00704
                                     800 Pound Jesus       Sawyer Brown                                 07018
                              867-5309 Jenny Jenny         Tommy Tutone                                 50359
                           88 Lines About 44 Women         Nails                                        51930
                                    8th Of November        Big & Rich                                   52449
                                   8th World Wonder        Kimberley Locke                              53171
                                                 9 To 5    Dolly Parton                                 20797
                                      99 Luftballoons      Nena                                         10727
                                         99 Problems       Jay-Z                                        12613
                                          99.9% Sure       Brian McComas                                52039
                                    A-tisket, A-tasket     Ella Fitzgerald                              31431
                                            A.d.i.d.a.s.   Killer Mike & Big Boi                        10389
                                               Abacab      Phil Collins                                 50566
                                                    Abc    Jackson 5                                    21669
                                       Abide With Me       (Standards / Traditional)                    16172
                                              About Us     Brooke Hogan & Paul Wa                       55137
                                      About You Now        Miranda Cosgrove                             55467
                                             Above All     Michael W. Smith                             10098
                                         Abracadabra       Steve Miller Band                            13107
                                Absence Of The Heart       Deana Carter                                 01715
                                  Absolute Beginners       David Bowie                                  51249
                          Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)     Nine Days                                    09563
                                       Absolutely Not      Deborah Cox                                  44094
                                           Abusadora       (Spanish Traditional)                        02345
                                           Acariciame      (Spanish Traditional)                        02354
                                 Accidentally In Love      Counting Crows                               53209
                                      Ace In The Hole      George Strait                                10740
                                                   Aces    Suzy Bogguss                                 22408
                                            Aces High      Iron Maiden                                  55343
                                         Achilles Heel     Toploader                                    04410
                                   Achy Breaky Heart       Billy Ray Cyrus                              20847
                                   Achy Breaky Song        (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                   15919
                                            Acquiesce      Oasis                                        06136
                                   Across The Nation       Union Underground,                           09944
                                     Across The River      Bruce Hornsby                                17519
                                 Across The Universe       Fiona Apple                                  20392
                                            Act A Fool     Ludacris                                     10653
                                   Act Like You Know       Fat Larry's Band                             03488
                                         Act Naturally     Beatles, The                                 10742
                                         Act Naturally     Buck Owens                                   20743
                                         Act Naturally     Buck Owens & Ringo Starr                     08221
                                               Adalida     George Strait                                09092
                                         Adam's Song       Blink 182                                    17274
                                 Addam's Family, The       (TV Theme)                                   00259
                                              Addicted     Amy Winehouse                                52883
                                              Addicted     Enrique Iglesias                             53150
                                              Addicted     Lit                                          44066
                                    Addicted To Bass       Puretone                                     04626
                                    Addicted To Love       Robert Palmer                                21082
                                             Addictive     Truth Hurts & Rakim                          09951
                                 Address In The Stars      Caitlyn & Will                               52847

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Adelaide's Lament       Guys & Dolls                                01283
                                                      Adia    Sarah McLachlan                             51795
                                                     Adios    (Spanish Traditional)                       02328
                                             Adios Amigo      Dolly Parton                                04165
                                             Adios Amigo      Jim Reeves                                  23225
                                               Adrenaline     Gavin Rossdale                              10032
                                                   Adriana    Headstrong                                  09845
                                          Adventure, The      Angels & Airwaves                           54746
                                                    Aerials   System Of A Down                            09958
                                                Aeroplane     Red Hot Chili Peppers                       14617
                                              Affirmation     Savage Garden                               20631
                                                     Africa   Toto                                        21814
                                              After A Kiss    Pam Tillis                                  06997
                                                  After All   Al Jarreau                                  03032
                                                  After All   Brett James                                 52037
                                                  After All   Cher & Peter Cetera                         51596
                                              After Hours     Bluetones                                   04650
                                        After Loving You      Elvis Presley                               15929
                                                  After Me    Saliva                                      44070
                                           After Midnight     Eric Clapton                                20460
                                 After The Glitter Fades      Stevie Nicks                                51363
                              After The Love Has Gone         Steps                                       04615
                                          After the Lovin'    Engelbert Humperdinck                       55558
                                  After The Music Fades       (Gospel) Shaun Groves                       10159
                             After The Rain Has Fallen        Sting                                       08786
                                      After You've Gone       (Standards / Traditional)                   10746
                                      After You've Gone       Frank Sinatra                               08579
                                                Afterglow     INXS                                        53374
                                                Aftermath     R.E.M.                                      05663
                                       Afternoon Delight      Starland Vocal Band                         10747
                        Afternoons And Coffee Spoons          Crash Test Dummies                          00473
                                                   Agadoo     Black Lace                                  03166
                                                     Again    Faith Evans                                 54986
                                                     Again    Janet Jackson                               17481
                                                     Again    Lenny Kravitz                               09603
                                        Again And Again       Jewel                                       53392
                                         Against All Odds     Mariah Carey                                03011
                                         Against All Odds     Phil Collins                                50550
                                       Against The Grain      Garth Brooks                                10748
                                       Against The Wind       Bob Seger                                   50458
                                       Against The Wind       Brooks & Dunn                               07009
                                           Ah, My Hawaii      Danny Couch                                 00819
                                           Ahab The Arab      Ray Stevens                                 17350
                                    Ahead By A Century        Tragically Hip                              50767
                                            Ain't Back Yet    Kenny Chesney                               55376
                                     Ain't Coming Home        Silvertide                                  54531
                                     Ain't Enough Roses       Lisa Brokop                                 23713
                               Ain't Even Done With Th        John Cougar Mellencamp                      53946
                                       Ain't Going Down       Garth Brooks                                51656
                                      Ain't Gon' Beg You      Fantasia                                    55040
                            Ain't Gonna Bump No More          Joe Tex                                     03843
                       Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues        Robin Ford                                  02957
                                Ain't Got Nothin' On Us       John Michael Montgomery                     21888
                   Ain't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got L       Michael Bolton                              05951
                                     Ain't Had No Lovin'      Connie Smith                                21173
                                            Ain't It Funny    Jennifer Lopez                              09802
                                            Ain't It Funny    Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule                    09923
                                            Ain't It Heavy    Melissa Etheridge                           20603
                             Ain't Love A Lot Like That       George Jones                                24211
                                        Ain't Misbehavin'     Tommy Blume                                 03447
                       Ain't No Mountain High Enough          (Duet) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell          17450
                       Ain't No Mountain High Enough          Diana Ross                                  21018

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KARAOKE                                                   Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Ain't No Other Man        Christina Aguilera                            53397
                               Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now         McFadden & Whitehead                          01502
                                        Ain't No Sunshine       Bill Withers                                  51476
                         Ain't No Trick (it Takes Magic)        Lee Greenwood                                 22603
                                             Ain't No Way       (Duet) Patti Labelle & Mary J. Blige          55034
                          Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady          Helen Reddy                                   08360
                 Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)            Four Tops                                     21717
                                              Ain't Nobody      Chaka Khan                                    03085
               Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me             Collin Raye                                   08000
                                Ain't Nobody's Business         Jimmy Witherspoon                             01475
                               Ain't Nothin' But A Cloud        Roger Springer Band                           23853
                                 Ain't Nothing 'bout You        Brooks & Dunn                                 07940
                        Ain't Nothing But A House Part          Showstoppers, The                             03698
                                   Ain't Nothing Like The       Vince Gill                                    54309
                             Ain't Nothing Like The Real        (Duet) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell            13869
                      Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing         Vince Gill & Gladys Knight                    08209
                                      Ain't That A Shame        Fats Domino                                   50927
                                 Ain't That Just The Way        Lutricia McNeal                               04965
                                    Ain't That Lonely Yet       Dwight Yoakam                                 22435
                              Ain't That Lovin' You Baby        Elvis Presley                                 08317
                                       Ain't That Peculiar      Marvin Gaye                                   10752
                                  Ain't Too Proud To Beg        Temptations, The                              14238
                                  Ain't Too Proud To Beg        TLC                                           20528
                             Ain't Wastin' Time No More         Allman Brothers                               54065
                               Ain't What It Used To Be         Megan Mullins                                 52433
                                           Air Force Ones       Nelly & Kyjuan                                10259
                                                Air Hostess     Busted                                        04907
                                   Air That I Breath, The       Simply Red                                    16581
                                       Air That I Breathe       Hollies                                       50163
                                                     Airport    Motors, The                                   03614
                                                    Al Di La    Jerry Vale                                    01333
                                         Ala-freakin-baba       Trace Adkins                                  55373
                                                    Alabam      Cowboy Copas                                  22341
                                             Alabama Clay       Garth Brooks                                  15685
                                            Alabama Song        Allison Moorer                                23647
                                            Alabama Song        Doors                                         50547
                        Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?          (Gospel)                                      23140
                                            Albert Flasher      Guess Who                                     51830
                                              Albuquerque       Sons Of The Desert                            23844
                                                     Alcohol    Barenaked Ladies                              51567
                                                     Alcohol    Brad Paisley                                  52318
                              Alexander's Ragtme Band           (Standards / Traditional)                     10753
                                                        Alfie   Cilla Black                                   03677
                                                        Alfie   Dionne Warwick                                10754
                                                        Alfie   Jack Jones                                    00697
                                                        Alfie   Lily Allen                                    53478
                                                        Alfie   Vanessa Williams                              06054
                                                       Alibis   Tracy Lawrence                                10755
                                                        Alice   Avril Lavigne                                 55223
                                       Alice's Restaurant       Arlo Guthrie                                  01266
                                                    Alimony     (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                    02940
                                                      Alison    Elvis Costello                                50311
                                                       Alive    Jennifer Lopez                                09932
                                                       Alive    P.O.D.                                        09701
                                                       Alive    Pearl Jam                                     51509
                                                       Alive    S Club 7                                      04716
                                        Alive And Kicking       Simple Minds                                  15122
                                            All About Soul      Billy Joel                                    17662
                                            All Alone Am I      Brenda Lee                                    21355
                                                  All Along     Blessid Union Of Souls                        20508
                              All Along The Watchtower          Jimi Hendrix                                  50238
                                         All American Girl      Carrie Underwood                              52636

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          All American Girl      Melissa Etheridge                                   51790
                                               All Apologies     Nirvana                                             20640
                                         All Around My Hat       Steeleye Span                                       03617
                                     All Around The World        Lisa Stansfield                                     10756
                                                  All At Once    Bonnie Raitt                                        00409
                                                  All At Once    Whitney Houston                                     20642
                                                    All At Sea   Jamie Cullum                                        05501
                                        All Because Of You       Marques Houston & Young Rome                        55011
                                        All Because Of You       U2                                                  54596
                                       All Bout The Money        Meja                                                04090
                                                All By Myself    Celine Dion                                         17769
                                                All By Myself    Eric Carmen                                         10757
                                                All Cried Out    Allure                                              04955
                                                All Cried Out    Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam                                10758
                                   All Downhill From Here        New Found Glory                                     54499
                                             All Eyez On Me      Monica                                              10011
                                              All Falls Down     Kanye West & Sylee                                  05403
                                                 All Fired Up    Pat Benatar                                         51775
                                                 All For Love    Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart & Sting                   05947
                                                  All For You    Janet Jackson                                       08792
                                                  All For You    Sister Hazel                                        16956
                                            All Good Things      Nelly Furtado                                       53446
                                         All Hail The Power      (Gospel)                                            23142
                                            All Hallow's Eve     Type O Negative                                     53713
                                              All Hooked Up      All Saints                                          04476
                                            All I Ask Of You     (Broadway Musical) Phantom Of The Opera             50914
                                            All I Ask Of You     Barbra Streisand                                    08536
                        All I Can Be (is A Sweet Memory)         Collin Raye                                         22386
                                                                 (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Richard Gere & Renee
                                             All I Care About    Zelwegger
                                               All I Cried Out   (Duet) Allure & 1 1 2                               17009
                                     All I Ever Need Is You      Cher                                                48764
                                     All I Ever Need Is You      Dottie West & Kenny                                 23280
                                     All I Ever Need Is You      Sonny & Cher                                        51609
                                                    All I Have   Jennifer Lopez & LL Cool J                          53048
                                    All I Have To Do Is Dre      Everly Brothers                                     50814
                                          All I Have To Give     Backstreet Boys                                     08871
                             All I Have To Offer You Is Me       Charley Pride                                       22222
                                                    All I Know   Field Mob                                           05348
                                                    All I Need   Fat Joe                                             05331
                                                    All I Need   Temptations, The                                    10759
                                         All I Need To Know      Kenny Chesney                                       22092
                                            All I Really Want    Lincoln Brewster                                    10219
                                    All I Really Want To Do      Byrds, The                                          02668
                                              All I Wanna Do     Amy Studt                                           04887
                                              All I Wanna Do     Danni Minogue                                       03952
                                              All I Wanna Do     Heart                                               51297
                                              All I Wanna Do     Sheryl Crowe                                        20322
                    All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You           Heart                                               18026
                                  All I Want For Christmas       Spike Jones                                         53878
                                  All I Want For Christmas       Vince & Valiants Vance                              53876
        All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth           (Christmas)                                         21537
                          All I Want For Christmas Is You        Mariah Carey                                        09780
                          All I Want For Christmas Is You        Vince Vance & The Valiants                          21589
                                         All I Want Is A Life    Tim McGraw                                          15381
                                   All I Want Is Everything      Mindy McCready                                      08200
                                           All I Want Is You     911                                                 04028
                                            All I Want To Do     Sugarland                                           52684
                                          All In Love Is Fair    Barbra Streisand                                    50098
                                          All In Love Is Fair    Stevie Wonder                                       14690
                                           All In The Family     (TV Theme)                                          15868
                                    All In The Suit That Yo      Stone Temple Pilots                                 54445

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          All In Your Mind       Mariah Carey                                        20357
                            All Is Fair In Love And War          Ronnie Milsap                                       09435
                                              All Jacked Up      Gretchen Wilson                                     52347
                                           All Jokes Aside       Hank Williams Jr.                                   24349
                                         All Lit Up In Love      David Lee Murphy                                    21972
                                               All Mixed Up      311                                                 14627
                                            All My Dreams        Chad Austin                                         24223
                                  All My Ex's Live In Tex        George Strait                                       51422
                                       All My Friends Say        Luke Bryan                                          52534
                                                  All My Life    (Duet) Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville               08224
                                                  All My Life    Foo Fighters                                        10065
                                                  All My Life    Jim Witter                                          23729
                                                  All My Life    K-CI & Jojo                                         13650
                                              All My Loving      Beatles, The                                        10762
                All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over             Hank Williams Jr.                                   20802
                                             All Night Long      Faith Evans                                         10763
                                             All Night Long      Joe Walsh                                           55306
                                             All Night Long      Keith Sweat                                         08892
                                             All Night Long      Lionel Richie                                       54089
                                             All Night Long      Montgomery Gentry                                   22793
                                     All Nite (don't Stop)       Janet Jackson                                       12535
                                                   All Of Me     (Standards / Traditional)                           10764
                                                   All Of Me     Billie Holiday                                      15756
                                                   All Of Me     Willie Nelson                                       51278
                                           All Of My Heart       Abc                                                 03643
                                             All Or Nothing      Cher                                                08653
                                             All Or Nothing      O Town                                              08814
                                     All Or Nothing At All       Harry James Orc                                     01343
                                           All Out Of Love       Air Supply                                          10765
                                           All Out Of Love       H & Claire                                          04724
                              All Over But The Shoutin'          Shenandoah                                          06714
                                                All Over Me      Blake Shelton                                       08027
                                      All Over The World         Electric Light Orchestra                            53001
                     All Revved Up With No Place to Go           Meat Loaf                                           55321
                                              All Right Now      Free                                                50355
                                                      All Rise   Blue                                                04555
                                          All She Wants Is       Duran Duran                                         20695
                                             All She Wrote       Default                                             05482
                                               All Shook Up      Elvis Presley                                       50817
                                                      All Star   Smash Mouth                                         08922
                                         All Summer Long         Kid Rock                                            55157
                                        All That I Can Say       Mary J. Blige                                       20538
                                           All That I Need       Boyzone                                             04013
                                          All That I've Got      Used                                                54583
                                               All That Jazz     (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Catherine Zeta Jones   51493
                              All That Matters Anymore           Lee Roy Parnell                                     01615
                                      All That She Wants         Ace Of Base                                         10768
                                             All That's Left     Thrice                                              54422
                                                 All The Fun     Paul Overstreet                                     24759
                               All The Gold In California        Larry Gatlin                                        08408
                           All The Good Ones Are Gone            Pam Tillis                                          21946
                             All The Love In The World           Corrs, The                                          06343
                             All The Love In The World           Dionne Warwick                                      03647
                                All The Man That I Need          Whitney Houston                                     20644
                                    All The Reasons Why          Highway 101                                         09302
                                     All The Small Things        Blink 182                                           17234
                                 All The Things She Said         T.A.T.U.                                            53055
                                                All The Way      Barbra Streisand                                    08530
                                                All The Way      Billie Holiday                                      15754
                                                All The Way      Frank Sinatra                                       08575
                                    All The Young Dudes          Mott The Hoople                                     10771
                                 All These Things That I         Killers                                             54655

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        All These Years      Sawyer Brown                                08507
                                 All Things Considered       Yankee Grey                                 08184
                                           All This Time     Michelle Mcmanus                            04886
                                              All We Are     Matt Nathanson                              55480
                    All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down         Mavericks                                   06711
                                  All You Good People        McNamara & McNamara                         03977
                                  All You Need Is Love       Beatles, The                                10772
                                           All You Want      Dido                                        04606
                                        All You Wanted       Michelle Branch                             17408
                                        Allegheny Moon       Patti Page                                  13324
                                               Allentown     Billy Joel                                  53941
                                               Alley Oop     Dante & The Everg                           21288
                                            Allison Road     Gin Blossoms                                00646
                                         Alma Con Alma       (Spanish Traditional)                       02356
                                                   Almaz     Randy Crawford                              03649
                                 Almost Doesn't Count        Brandy                                      08909
                                 Almost Doesn't Count        Mark Wills                                  07845
                                       Almost Goodbye        Mark Chesnutt                               09164
                                           Almost Home       Craig Morgan                                52041
                                           Almost Home       Mary Chapin Carpenter                       08148
                                         Almost Honest       Josh Kelley                                 53369
                            Almost Like Being In Love        (Movie Soundtrack)                          10773
                            Almost Like Being In Love        Frank Sinatra                               01910
                                       Almost Over You       Lila McCann                                 23459
                                       Almost Over You       Sheena Easton                               05986
                                       Almost Paradise       (Duet) Ann Wilson & Mike Reno               21815
                                       Almost Paradise       Kenny Loggins                               01528
                                         Almost Perfect      Ingram Hill                                 53269
                                     Almost Persuaded        David Houston                               22244
                                           Almost There      Andy Williams                               03755
                                                    Alone    Bee Gees                                    16935
                                                    Alone    Heart                                       51302
                                                    Alone    Monty Holmes                                23617
                               Alone Again (naturally)       Gilbert O'sullivan                          01187
                                          Alone I Break      Korn                                        54343
                                        Alone With You       Faron Young                                 22536
                                     Along Came Jones        Coasters                                    00625
                                     Along Came Jones        Ray Stevens                                 03000
                                     Along Comes Mary        Association                                 10407
                                           Already Gone      Sugarland                                   52734
                                                   Alright   Janet Jackson                               17522
                                                   Alright   Supergrass                                  03959
                                           Alright By Me     Darius Rucker                               52860
                                                  Always     Atlantic Starr                              50959
                                                  Always     Blink 182                                   05661
                                                  Always     Bon Jovi                                    54334
                                                  Always     Erasure                                     02669
                                                  Always     Patsy Cline                                 09076
                                                  Always     Saliva                                      10135
                                      Always A Woman         Larry Stewart                               01372
                                   Always And Forever        Heatwave                                    21632
                                   Always And Forever        Luther Vandross                             16887
                                    Always Be My Baby        Mariah Carey                                21391
                     Always Come Back To Your Love           Samantha Mumba                              04493
                             Always Have, Always Will        Ace Of Base                                 04121
                             Always Have, Always Will        Shenandoah                                  06712
                                   Always In My Heart        Tevin Campbell                              10778
                       Always Late (with Your Kisses)        Dwight Yoakam                               22302
                       Always Late (with Your Kisses)        Lefty Frizzell                              22245
                              Always Never The Same          George Strait                               23763
                                   Always On My Mind         Elvis Presley                               55249
                                   Always On My Mind         Pet Shop Boys, The                          03562

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                  Always On My Mind      Willie Nelson                               51275
                                 Always On Your Side     (Duet) Sheryl Crow & Sting                  53370
                             Always Something There      Naked Eyes                                  50366
                     Always Something There To Remi      Helen Shapiro                               03445
                               Always The Love Song      Eli Young Band                              52770
                                 Always Wanting You      Merle Haggard                               50640
                                         Always Was      Aaron Tippin                                07090
                                          Always Will    Wynonna Judd                                06924
                                           Alyssa Lies   Jason Michael Carroll                       52497
                                            Am I Blue    (Movie Soundtrack)                          10780
                                            Am I Blue    George Strait                               48422
                                            Am I Blue    Linda Ronstadt                              08603
                                     Am I Losing You     Jim Reeves                                  23226
                                   Am I The Only One     Dixie Chicks                                51537
                                  Am I The Same Girl     Swing Out Sister                            14675
                                            Am Radio     Everclear                                   09596
                                            Am To Pm     Christina Milian                            08846
                                           Amada Mia     (Spanish Traditional)                       02357
                                              Amanda     Boston                                      00450
                                              Amanda     Don Williams                                22194
                                Amanrillo By Morning     George Strait                               10781
                                          Amarantine     Enya                                        53345
                                         Amarillo Sky    Jason Aldean                                52474
                                              Amazed     Lonestar                                    08147
                                              Amazin'    LL Cool J & Kandice                         05346
                                             Amazing     George Michael                              53197
                                             Amazing     Josh Kelley                                 53087
                                             Amazing     Madonna                                     51349
                                             Amazing     Seal                                        54902
                                      Amazing Grace      (Gospel)                                    08521
                                      Amazing Grace      Aretha Franklin                             51375
                                      Amazing Grace      Elvis Presley                               22857
                                      Amazing Grace      Maverick's Choir                            00515
                                               Amber     311                                         09884
                                   Amen Kind Of Love     Daryle Singletary                           21902
                                              America    Neil Diamond                                10102
                                              America    Razorlight                                  54777
                                              America    Simon & Garfunkel                           14952
                               America The Beautiful     (Standards / Traditional)                   23201
                               America The Beautiful     Elvis Presley                               01594
                                      American Baby      Dave Matthews Band                          54631
                                 American Bandstand      (TV Theme)                                  15869
                                       American Boy      Estelle & Kanye West                        53587
                                      American Child     Phil Vassar                                 09913
                                        American Girl    Tom Petty                                   14897
                                     American Honey      Lady Antebellum                             55363
                         American Honkey Tonk Band       Garth Brooks                                51655
                                      American Idiot     Green Day                                   54524
                                       American Life     Madonna                                     53082
                                      American Made      Oak Ridge Boys, The                         10784
                                        American Pie     Don Mclean                                  50961
                                        American Pie     Madonna                                     51337
                                     American Radio      Carolina Rain                               52730
                             American Saturday Night     Brad Paisley                                55346
                                    American Soldier     Toby Keith                                  52122
                                    American Trilogy     Elvis Presley                               23213
                                      American Tune      Eva Cassidy                                 52974
                                    American Woman       Guess Who                                   51829
                                    American Woman       Lenny Kravitz                               09729
                                           Americana     Moe Bandy                                   23214
                                          Americanos     Holly Johnson                               03395
                                                 Amie    Pure Prairie League                         50312

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
               Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)     Jose Carreras & Sarah Brightman                 07740
                                       Amish Paradise     (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                      01168
                                              Amnesia     Blake & Brian                                   23509
                                              Amnesia     Chumbawamba                                     17050
                                              Amnesia     Fabulous Thunderbirds                           01146
                                Among My Souvenirs        Connie Francis                                  22550
                                Among My Souvenirs        Marty Robbins                                   14482
                                  Among The Missing       (Duet) Michael McDonald & Kathy Mattea          08127
                                           Amor Amor      Julio Iglesias                                  00086
                                           Amsterdam      Guster                                          05075
                                   An End Has A Start     Editors                                         54882
                            An Englishman In New Yo       Sting                                           54180
                                     An Innocent Man      Billy Joel                                      51934
                          An Man Ain't Made Of Stone      Randy Travis                                    08190
                         An Old Fashioned Love Song       Three Dog Night                                 10788
                                 An Old Pair Of Shoes     Randy Travis                                    16366
                                               Analyse    Cranberries, The                                08850
                                  Anarchy In The UK.      Sex Pistols                                     53748
                                                Anchor    Cave In                                         54395
                   Anchor To The Power Of The Cross       Hoppers, The                                    22983
                                      Anchors Aweigh      (Standards / Traditional)                       23210
                              And I Am Telling You I'     Jennifer Hudson                                 53479
                                        And I Love Her    Beatles, The                                    10790
                                   And I Love You So      Andy Williams                                   02138
                                   And I Love You So      Don Mclean                                      53963
                                   And I Love You So      Perry Como                                      10791
                               And If Venice Is Sinkin    Spirit Of The West                              51912
                                    And It Stoned Me      Van Morrison                                    50528
                                          And She Was     Talking Heads                                   17772
                                        And So It Goes    Billy Joel                                      10793
                                              And Still   Reba McEntire                                   15463
                                 And The Angels Sing      Benny Goodman                                   01342
                              And The Cradle Will Roc     Van Halen                                       51720
                            And The Crowd Goes Wild       Mark Wills                                      53655
                    And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind       Neil Diamond                                    10164
                                       And When I Die     Blood, Sweat & Tears                            10794
                                   And You Baby You       Highway 101                                     09316
                                                 Angel    Aerosmith                                       51734
                                                 Angel    Amanda Perez                                    10391
                                                 Angel    Lionel Richie                                   08795
                                                 Angel    Sarah McLachlan                                 20316
                                                 Angel    Shaggy                                          08773
                                                 Angel    Simply Red                                      01298
                                                 Angel    Westlife                                        04613
                                           Angel Baby     Rosie & The Originals                           00058
                                           Angel Band     Carl Story                                      23038
                                             Angel Boy    Tim McGraw                                      07104
                                            Angel Eyes    (Standards / Traditional)                       02825
                                            Angel Eyes    Bryan Ferry                                     04259
                                            Angel Eyes    Jeff Healey Band                                50167
                                            Angel Eyes    Wet Wet Wet                                     03394
                                            Angel Face    Glitter Band                                    03539
                                         Angel Fingers    Wizard                                          03234
                Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground      Willie Nelson                                   21181
                             Angel From Montgomery        Bonnie Raitt                                    00379
                                    Angel In Disguise     Brandy                                          08878
                                     Angel In My Eyes     John Michael Montgomery                         23366
                                      Angel Of Harlem     U2                                              53705
                                         Angel Of Mine    Eternal                                         03966
                                         Angel Of Mine    Monica                                          10796
                                        Angel Of Music    (Broadway Musical) Phantom Of The Opera         16141
                                Angel Of The Morning      Juice Newton                                    51413

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KARAOKE                                         Song List by SONG TITLE
                               Angel Of The Morning     Merilee Rush                                02052
                               Angel On My Shoulder     Gareth Gates                                54857
                               Angel On My Shoulder     Natalie Cole                                08760
                                            Angel St.   M People                                    04022
                                  Angel Standing By     Jewel                                       53694
                                         Angel's Eye    Aerosmith                                   09607
                                       Angela Jones     Michael Cox                                 03654
                                             Angelia    Richard Marx                                17524
                                    Angelitos Negros    (Spanish Traditional)                       02358
                                              Angels    Amy Grant                                   23051
                                              Angels    Jessica Simpson                             53202
                                              Angels    Robbie Williams                             53683
                                   Angels (acoustic)    Robbie Williams                             54169
                                   Angels Among Us      Alabama                                     07724
                                     Angels Don't Fly   James Prosser                               23831
                                   Angels In Waiting    Tammy Cochran                               07973
                                     Angels Like Her    Trent Tomlinson                             55348
                      Angels We Have Heard On High      (Christmas)                                 09753
                           Angels Working Overtime      Deana Carter                                08145
                                   Angels Would Fall    Melissa Etheridge                           51784
                                        Anger Rising    Jerry Cantrell                              09939
                                  Angry All The Time    Tim McGraw                                  07991
                                              Animal    Def Leppard                                 38796
                                              Animal    Pearl Jam                                   51523
                                   Animal Song, The     Mya                                         08896
                                   Animal Song, The     Savage Garden                               21426
                                             Animals    Nickelback                                  52936
                                        Annie's Song    John Denver                                 10798
                                   Anniversary Song     (Standards / Traditional)                   09747
                                   Anniversary Song     Dinah Shore                                 10799
                                   Anniversary Song     Rosemary Clooney                            16284
                           Another Brick In The Wall    Pink Floyd                                  51333
                                        Another Day     Lemar                                       04903
                                        Another Day     Whigfield                                   02272
                                Another Day Goes By     Dakota Moon                                 06124
                            Another Day In Paradise     Phil Collins                                50551
                            Another Day On Paradise     Brandy & Ray J.                             44097
                               Another Dumb Blonde      Hoku                                        08678
                   Another Good Reason Not To Drink     Alan Jackson                                23782
                               Another Nine Minutes     Yankee Grey                                 07804
                            Another One Bites The D     Queen                                       54035
                          Another One Rides The Bus     (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                  02939
                                 Another Perfect Day    American Hi-Fi                              09691
                            Another Postcard (chimp     Barenaked Ladies                            53130
                       Another Rock & Roll Christmas    (Christmas) Gary Glitter                    03195
                             Another Sad Love Song      Toni Braxton                                20689
                             Another Saturday Night     Cat Stevens                                 00199
                             Another Saturday Night     Jimmy Buffett                               17633
                                        Another Side    Sawyer Brown                                23455
                                 Another Side Of You    Joe Nichols                                 52563
            Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong        BJ Thomas                                   10802
                         Another Time Another Place     Engelbert Humperdinck                       06059
                                         Another Try    Josh Turner                                 52682
                                         Another Try    Josh Turner & Trisha Yearwood               52649
                                 Another Way To Die     Disturbed                                   55416
                                        Another You     David Kersh                                 21933
                                        Another You     John Rich                                   52800
                            Another You, Another Me     (Duet) Brady Seals                          05111
                                          Answer Me     Frankie Laine                               03422
                                 Answer Me My Love      Nat King Cole                               10803
                                  Answer The Phone      Sugar Ray                                   08867
                                           Ant Music    Adam Ant                                    03865

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KARAOKE                                       Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               Anthem    Good Charlotte                           54356
                            Anthem Of Our Dying Day      Story Of The Year                        54501
                                          Anthem, The    Good Charlotte                           10315
                                          Anticipation   Carly Simon                              38846
                                        Ants Marching    Dave Matthews Band                       01044
                                         Any Day Now     Elvis Presley                            01137
                                         Any Day Now     Ronnie Milsap                            10789
                                      Any Man Of Mine    Shania Twain                             51572
                                        Any One Of Us    Gareth Gates                             04678
                                      Any Other Night    Sharissa                                 09864
                                 Any Place Is Paradise   Elvis Presley                            08318
                                  Any Time, Any Place    Janet Jackson                            20339
                                 Any Way You Want It     Journey                                  51749
                                Any Way You Want Me      Elvis Presley                            08238
                                              Anymore    Travis Tritt                             09284
                                         Anyone At All   Carole King                              06148
                                          Anyone Else    Collin Raye                              08108
                             Anyone Who Had A Heart      Cilla Black                              03357
                             Anyone Who Had A Heart      Dionne Warwick                           01545
                                              Anything   Calling, The                             52223
                                              Anything   Culture Beat                             03060
                                              Anything   Jaheim & Next                            09895
                                              Anything   Swv                                      10804
                                              Anything   Third Eye Blind                          20467
                             Anything And Everything     Martina McBride                          24933
                                   Anything But Down     Savage Garden                            08891
                                   Anything But Down     Sheryl Crowe                             10805
                                    Anything But Mine    Kenny Chesney                            52277
                                Anything but Ordinary    Avril Lavigne                            55537
                                    Anything For Love    James House                              02712
                                     Anything For You    Gloria Estefan                           16459
                               Anything For Your Love    Eric Clapton                             50278
                                        Anything Goes    Frank Sinatra                            01437
                                        Anything Goes    Randy Houser                             52692
                                  Anything Is Possible   Will Young                               04643
                  Anything's Better Than Feelin' The B   Martina McBride                          24258
                                   Anything's Possible   Jonny Lang                               53423
                                               Anytime   Brian McKnight                           21522
                                               Anytime   Eddy Arnold                              09781
                                               Anytime   Patsy Cline                              09081
                                               Anytime   Swv                                      05958
                           Anytime You Need A Friend     Mariah Carey                             20359
                                               Anyway    Martina McBride                          52511
                          Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere       Who                                      10807
                                    Anywhere For You     Backstreet Boys                          09464
                                          Anywhere Is    Enya                                     03269
                                             Aphrodite   Kylie Minogue                            55412
                                             Applejack   Dolly Parton                             21995
                                            April Love   Pat Boone                                21201
                                                Apt #9   Tammy Wynette                            08336
                                             Aqualung    Jethro Tull                              10809
                        Aquarius, Let The Sunshine In    5th Dimension, The                       10810
                             Are The Good Times Real     Merle Haggard                            50108
                               Are We In Trouble Now     Randy Travis                             06769
                                  Are You Experienced    Jimi Hendrix                             10812
                                Are You Going My Way     Lenny Kravitz                            50264
                            Are You Gonna Be My Girl     Jet                                      54427
                                  Are You Happy Baby     Dottie West                              14418
                                   Are You Happy Now     Michelle Branch                          53096
                            Are You Lonesome Tonigh      Elvis Presley                            50810
                 Are You Lovin' Me Like I'm Lovin' You   Ronnie Milsap                            09438
                             Are You Ready For Love?     Elton John                               55286

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        Are You Ready?      Creed                                          53732
                                       Are You Sincere      Elvis Presley                                  01114
                               Are You Still Having Fun     Eagle Eye Cherry                               04412
                              Are You That Somebody?        Aaliyah                                        21412
                                        Are You There?      Oleander                                       09635
                         Are You Washed In The Blood        (Gospel / Southern)                            22901
                         Are You Washed In The Blood        (Gospel)                                       23107
                              Are Your Eyes Still Blue?     Shane McNally                                  08187
                                             Area Codes     Ludacris & Nate Dogg                           09795
                                           Arizona Rain     3 Of Hearts                                    07992
                                               Arlington    Trace Adkins                                   52332
                                        Armageddon It       Def Leppard                                    53767
                               Arms Around The World        Louise                                         03967
                                           Arms Of Love     Amy Grant                                      23074
                                  Around The Way Girl       LL Cool J                                      01245
                                     Around The World       Aqua                                           04396
                                     Around The World       Atc                                            08797
                                     Around The World       East 17                                        03114
                                     Around The World       Red Hot Chili Peppers                          20504
                                     Around The World       Ronnie Hilton                                  03436
                                     Art Of Losing, The     American Hi-Fi                                 10317
                                                       As   (Duet) Mary J. Blige & George Michael          04152
                                   As Any Fool Can See      Tracy Lawrence                                 00670
                                As Good As I Once Was       Toby Keith                                     52327
                                             As I Lay Me    Sophie B. Hawkins                              16620
                                                    As If   Sara Evans                                     52579
                  As If We Never Had To Say Goodbye         Barbra Streisand                               00404
                              As Long As He Needs Me        (Movie Soundtrack)                             10815
                              As Long As He Needs Me        Oliver                                         16142
                              As Long As He Needs Me        Shirley Bassey                                 03670
                         As Long As You Belong To Me        Holly Dunn                                     00092
                                 As Long As You Follow      Stevie Nicks                                   51357
                               As Long As You Love Me       Backstreet Boys                                21397
                                As She's Walking Away       Zac Brown Band & Alan Jackson                  55240
                     As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone         (Duet) Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty            22257
                                         As Tears Go By     Rolling Stones, The                            50585
                                       As Time Goes By      Carly Simon                                    01007
                                       As Time Goes By      J. Durante                                     48419
                                       As Time Goes By      Jimmy Durante                                  51017
                                       As Time Goes By      Perry Como                                     51257
                                       As Time Goes By      Tony Bennett                                   16460
                                                As Usual    Brenda Lee                                     03667
                                          Ashes By Now      Lee Ann Womack                                 22785
                                          Ashes Of Love     Desert Rose Band                               08496
                                        Ashes To Ashes      David Bowie                                    51254
                                        Ask The Lonely      Journey                                        51757
                                       Askin' Too Much      Tamara Walker                                  24318
                                           Ass Like That    Eminem                                         55018
                                      Asshole (explicit)    Dennis Leary                                   53979
                                              Astounded     Tantric                                        09679
                                                   At 17    Janis Ian                                      50492
                           At A Medium Pace (explicit)      Adam Sandler                                   53978
                                                  At Last   Etta James                                     51449
                                                  At Last   Eva Cassidy                                    53011
                                                  At Last   Glenn Miller Orchestra                         00853
                                     At Long Last Love      Frank Sinatra                                  01441
                                  At My Most Beautiful      R.E.M.                                         04172
                                          At Or With Me     Jack Johnson                                   55424
                                           At Seventeen     Janis Ian                                      31023
                                      At The Beginning      Donna Lewis & Richard Marx                     06065
                                             At The Club    Drifters                                       03725
                                            At The Cross    (Gospel / Southern)                            22887

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           At The Cross     (Gospel)                                   16131
                                At The End Of The Day       Kellie Coffey                              10046
                                             At The Hop     Danny & The Juniors                        21215
                                           At The Stars     Better Than Ezra                           06143
                            At The Stars Better Than        Garbage                                    08893
                                       At This Moment       Billy Vera                                 50850
                                           Atmosphere       Russ Abbot                                 03176
                                                 Atomic     Blondie                                    04242
                                            Atomic Dog      George Clinton                             13776
                                                Attitude    Wynonna Judd                               52374
                                                Auberge     Chris Rea                                  04418
                                             Auctioneer     Leroy Van Dyke                             22347
                                       Auld Lang Syne       (Christmas/New Years)                      09754
                                       Auld Lang Syne       Boxcar Willie                              52878
                                                  Austin    Blake Shelton                              53645
                                        Authority Song      John Cougar Mellencamp                     53959
                                        Autobiography       Ashlee Simpson                             05732
                                              Automatic     Pointer Sisters                            51370
                                              Automatic     Sarah Whatmore                             04755
                                       Automatic High       S Club Juniors                             04679
                                     Autumn Almanac         Kinks, The                                 03607
                                     Autumn Goodbye         Britney Spears                             06322
                                       Autumn Leaves        (Standards / Traditional)                  21203
                                       Autumn Leaves        Eva Cassidy                                53009
                                          Autumn song       Manic Street Preachers                     54866
                                      Avenging Angels       Space                                      03988
                                        Away From Me        Puddle Of Mudd                             54444
                                  Away From The Sun         3 Doors Down                               53168
                                    Away In A Manger        (Christmas)                                09755
                                    Away In A Manger        Tony Orlando & Dawn                        21539
                                 Away In The Manger         (Christmas)                                16029
                                         Awesome God        Rich Mullins                               16132
                                  Awful, Beautiful Life     Darryl Worley                              52203
                                                 Awnaw      Nappy Roots                                09922
                                   Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosie       Modern Romance                             03282
                                            B Boy Baby      Mutya Buena & Amy Winehouse                54929
                                               B-i-n-g-o    (Standards / Traditional)                  08621
                                          B. J. The D. J.   Stonewall Jackson                          22344
                                 Baa Baa Black Sheep        (Standards / Traditional)                  08634
                                           Baba O'Riley     Who                                        54111
                                                   Babe     Styx                                       21075
                                                   Babe     Take That                                  03084
                                                   Baby     Ashanti                                    10013
                                                   Baby     Blake Shelton                              51993
                                                   Baby     Brandy                                     20542
                                                   Baby     Fabolous                                   05686
                         Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right        Mark Nesler                                23730
                                             Baby Baby      Amy Grant                                  00015
                                       Baby Baby Baby       Joss Stone                                 53578
                                       Baby Baby Baby       TLC                                        20530
                                  Baby Baby Don't Cry       Smokey Robinson                            10821
                                              Baby Blue     George Strait                              09406
                                               Baby Boy     Beyonce & Sean Paul                        06585
                                               Baby Boy     Big Brovaz                                 04824
                                  Baby Can I Hold You       Boyzone                                    03979
                                      Baby Come Back        Pato Banton                                02297
                                      Baby Come Back        Player                                     15445
                                               Baby Doll    Pat Green                                  52303
                        Baby Don't Change Your Mind         Gladys Knight & The Pips                   03844
                                         Baby Don't Go      Sonny & Cher                               51601
                  Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow        Vonda Shepard & Emily Saliers              09730
                                              Baby Face     Bobby Darin                                01912

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                             Baby Girl   Sugarland                                   52205
                                        Baby Got Back    Sir Mix-a-lot                               10822
                                         Baby Hold On    Eddie Money                                 14227
                                    Baby I Don't Care    Buddy Holly                                 51305
                                    Baby I Don't Care    Elvis Presley                               55254
                                      Baby I Love You    Aretha Franklin                             14208
                                      Baby I Love You    Ramones, The                                04160
                      Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird      Will To Power                               03062
                             Baby I Need Your Loving     Four Tops                                   10480
                                        Baby I'm Back    Baby Bash & Akon                            55008
                                    Baby I'm In Love     Thalia                                      05081
                               Baby It's Cold Outside    (Duet) Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews           04345
                               Baby It's Cold Outside    Dean Martin                                 06272
                                         Baby It's You   Jojo                                        54556
                                         Baby It's You   Shirelles                                   06456
                                Baby Let's Play House    Elvis Presley                               00735
                                Baby Likes To Rock It    Tractors, The                               51082
                                            Baby Love    Nicole Scherzinger &              53541
                                            Baby Love    Supremes, The                               20955
                            Baby Mama (vocals On Ri      Fantasia                                    54981
                                            Baby Now     Lauren Waterworth                           04670
                                 Baby One More Time      Britney Spears                              20386
                                       Baby Step Back    Gordon Lightfoot                            51877
                           Baby We're Really In Love     Hank Williams Sr.                           23246
                            Baby What A Big Surprise     Chicago                                     55302
                              Baby You're A Rich Man     Beatles, The                                00498
                       Baby You've Got What It Takes     Brook Benton                                06457
                                   Baby, Come To Me      (Duet) Patti Austin & James Ingram          17723
                       Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me      Mac Davis                                   10824
                               Baby, I Love Your Way     Big Mountain                                10825
                               Baby, I Love Your Way     Peter Frampton                              15214
                             Baby, I Need Your Lovin     Johnny Rivers                               50165
                                Baby, I'm Missing You    Highway 101                                 09303
                                      Baby, I'm Yours    Barbara Lewis                               50127
                                      Baby, I'm Yours    Peter & Gordon                              10823
                                Baby, I'm-a Want You     Bread                                       10826
                                Baby, I'm-a Want You     Wayne Newton                                01590
                      Baby, Now That I've Found You      Alison Krauss & Union Station               22617
                                Baby, Please Don't Go    Aerosmith                                   51723
                        Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On     Mel McDaniel                                22482
                               Baby's Got My Number      South 65                                    01858
                      Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye      George Strait                               09094
                                              Babylon    David Gray                                  09604
                                       Babylon Sisters   Steely Dan                                  54101
                                         Bachata Rosa    (Spanish Traditional)                       02308
                                          Back 2 Good    Matchbox 20                                 20453
                                       Back And Forth    Unified Tribe                               55124
                                          Back At One    Brian McKnight                              08951
                                          Back At One    Mark Wills                                  07783
                                 Back Before The War     Reba McEntire                               24327
                                       Back Door Man     Doors                                       50535
                                        Back For Good    Take That                                   17525
                                            Back Here    Bbmak                                       08702
                                 Back In Baby's Arms     Patsy Cline                                 09075
                                         Back In Black   AC/DC                                       50227
                              Back In My Arms Again      Diana Ross & The Supremes                   10829
                              Back In My Arms Again      Supremes, The                               14902
                               Back In The Day (puff)    Erykah Badu                                 45218
                                  Back In The Saddle     Aerosmith                                   51738
                                  Back In The Saddle     Matraca Berg                                22236
                            Back In The Saddle Again     Gene Autry                                  10830
                                 Back In The U.S.S.R.    Beatles, The                                50790

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KARAOKE                                         Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Back In The UK     Scooter                                        03222
                            Back In Your Arms Again      Lorrie Morgan                                  06713
                                      Back Of Da Club    Mashonda                                       54989
                            Back Of The Bottom Draw      Chely Wright                                   52159
                               Back On My Feet Again     Michael Bolton                                 00411
                             Back On The Chain Gang      Pretenders, The                                14309
                                       Back Stabbers     O'Jays, The                                    50128
                                    Back Street Affair   Webb Pierce                                    22533
                                           Back Then     Mike Jones                                     55032
                                       Back To Basics    Christina Aguilera                             53439
                                        Back To Black    Amy Winehouse                                  52882
                                   Back To December      Taylor Swift                                   55238
                                         Back To Life    Soul 2 Soul                                    10833
                         Back To The Barrooms Again      Merle Haggard                                  10834
                                   Back To The Hotel     N2 Deep                                        10835
                                 Back Together Again     (Duet) Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway          03885
                                          Back When      Tim McGraw                                     12475
                             Back When I Knew It All     Montgomery Gentry                              52680
                              Back Where We Belong       Ricky Skaggs                                   06715
                            Backseat Of A Greyhound      Sara Evans                                     52033
                                   Backside Of Thirty    John Conlee                                    22559
                                         Backstrokin'    Fatback Band                                   03506
                                            Backtight    Jaheim                                         44875
                                                   Bad   Michael Jackson                                10836
                                                   Bad   U2                                             54002
                                           Bad Apple     David Wilcox                                   51813
                                       Bad Babysitter    Princess Superstar                             04633
                                             Bad Boy     Shae Jones                                     04985
                           Bad Boy This Bad Boy That     Bad Boy's Da Band                              54952
                                            Bad Boys     Inner Circle                                   00369
                                            Bad Boys     Wham!                                          03929
                              Bad Case Of Loving You     Robert Palmer                                  55315
                                        Bad Company      Bad Company                                    50229
                                             Bad Day     Daniel Powter                                  53299
                                             Bad Day     Fuel                                           09672
                                             Bad Day     R.E.M.                                         05263
                               Bad Day To Let You Go     Bryan White                                    23482
                                  Bad Dog No Biscuit     Daron Norwood                                  02697
                                          Bad For Me     Danielle Peck                                  52582
                                            Bad Girls    Donna Summer                                   10839
                                      Bad Goodbye, A     (Duet) Clint Black & Wynonna Judd              22056
                                      Bad Goodbye, A     Wynona Judd & Clint Black                      14594
                                        Bad Little Boy   Ray Stevens                                    24510
                                            Bad Luck     Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes                 50085
                                          Bad Magick     Godsmack                                       05149
                                             Bad Man     R. Kelly                                       03020
                                        Bad Medicine     Bon Jovi                                       21118
                                     Bad Moon Rising     Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)             10841
                                         Bad Old Man     Baby Bird                                      04031
                                      Bad Reputation     David Wilcox                                   51814
                                            Bad Time     Grand Funk Railroad                            53769
                                          Bad Timing     Blue Rodeo                                     50732
                                     Bad To The Bone     George Thorogood                               00350
                                      Bad Touch, The     Bloodhound Gang                                08708
                                Bad, Bad Leroy Brown     Jim Croce                                      50660
                                          Bada Boom      B2k & Fabolous                                 05391
                                                 Badd    Ying Yang Twins & Mike                         55050
                                            Badlands     Bruce Springsteen                              05937
                                            Bag It Up    Geri Halliwell                                 04379
                                        Bag Of Tricks    Isle Of Q                                      09621
                                             Baggage     Mary J. Blige                                  53480
                                            Bailamos     Enrique Iglesias                               08934

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           Baker Street     Gerry Rafferty                             51969
                                         Ball And Chain     Paul Overstreet                            10843
                                      Ball Of Confusion     Temptations, The                           10844
                                                Ball, The   James Otto                                 10052
                             Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde       Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames             03519
                            Ballad Of Chasey Lain, The      Bloodhound Gang                            03018
                                  Ballad Of Dwight Fry      Alice Cooper                               54280
                          Ballad Of Gilligan's Isle, The    (TV Theme)                                 10845
                            Ballad Of Lucy Jordan, The      Marianne Faithfull                         04258
                      Ballad Of The Green Berets, The       (Standards / Traditional)                  23216
                      Ballad Of The Green Berets, The       SSgt. Barry Sadler                         15679
                                  Ballad Of Tom Jones       Space & Cerys Of Ca                        04006
                                          Ballroom Blitz    Sweet                                      10846
                                               Bamboleo     Gypsy Kings                                00083
                                    Banana Boat Song        Harry Belafonte                            50811
                                    Banana Splits, The      Dickies, The                               03776
                                           Band Of Gold     Freda Payne                                01208
                                     Band On The Run        Paul McCartney & Wings                     21735
                                     Band On The Run        Paul McCartney With U2                     10849
                                               Bandages     Hot Hot Heat                               54394
                                       Bang And Blame       R.E.M.                                     06458
                                              Bang Bang     Cher                                       51605
                                Bang The Drum All Day       Todd Rundgren                              01449
                                     Bang, Bang, Bang       Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     23499
                              Banks Of Newfoundland         (Newfie Karaoke)                           51470
                                    Banks Of The Ohio       Olivia Newton John                         04308
                                            Banner Man      Blue Mink                                  03720
                             Banner Of The Cross, The       (Gospel)                                   23088
                                    Bar Room Buddies        Merle Haggard                              50636
                                               Barbados     Typically Tropical                         04213
                                           Barbara Ann      Beach Boys, The                            10851
                               Barbed Wire And Roses        Pinmonkey                                  09965
                                   Barefoot And Crazy       Jack Ingram                                52842
                                 Barefoot In The Grass      Sonya Isaacs                               24490
                                             Barefootin'    Robert Parker                              08473
                                      Barely Breathing      Duncan Sheik                               16713
                                              Barenaked     Jennifer Love-Hewitt                       10026
                                                 Bargain    Who                                        54112
                                     Bark At The Moon       Bark At The Moon                           54019
                                     Bark At The Moon       Ozzy Osbourne                              53718
                                                 Barlight   Charlie Robinson                           23723
                                              Barracuda     Heart                                      55305
                                        Barrel Of A Gun     Depeche Mode                               54221
                                       Bartender Blues      George Jones                               09364
                                    Basics Of Life, The     (Gospel) 4 Him                             23061
                                            Basket Case     Green Day                                  50212
                                              Basketball    Lil Bow Wow                                06597
                                         Bat Out Of Hell    Meat Loaf                                  00276
                                              Bathwater     No Doubt                                   06309
                             Battle Hymn Of Love, The       Kathy Mattea                               22419
                         Battle Hymn Of The Republic        (Standards / Traditional)                  07760
                           Battle Of Kookamonga, The        Homer & Jethro                             15918
                                              Bawitdaba     Kid Rock                                   55324
                                              Bay Bay, A    Hurricane Chris                            53514
                                     Be Alone No More       Another Level                              04004
                    Be Careful Cuidado Con Micorazon        Ricky Martin                               09510
                                                 Be Easy    Young Hot Rod & Mary J. Blige              53455
                                  Be Good To Yourself       Journey                                    51747
                                            Be Like That    3 Doors Down                               09674
                                                 Be Mine    Robyn                                      54920
                                             Be My Baby     Ronettes                                   15998
                                   Be My Baby Tonight       John Michael Montgomery                    20869

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Be My Love      Jerry Vale                                  01636
                                           Be My Lover      Alice Cooper                                54277
                                           Be My Lover      La Bouche                                   01380
                                       Be My Yoko Ono       Barenaked Ladies                            51568
                                       Be Still My Heart    Postal Service                              53256
                                           Be That Way      Martina McBride                             22587
                                             Be The Girl    Aslyn                                       05773
                                           Be With You      Atomic Kitten                               04737
                                           Be With You      Enrique Iglesias                            08688
                                        Be Without You      Mary J. Blige                               55067
                      Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy        Tams                                        21157
                                            Be Yourself     Audioslave                                  54623
                                          Be-bop-a-lula     Buddy Holly                                 21227
                                          Be-bop-a-lula     Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps                 10859
                                            Beach Baby      First Class                                 17291
                            Beaches Of Cheyenne, The        Garth Brooks                                51681
                                       Beast Of Burden      Rolling Stones, The                         50595
                                          Beat Goes On      Britney Spears                              25118
                                     Beat Goes On, The      (Duet) Sonny & Cher                         51599
                                     Beat Goes On, The      Britney Spears                              20388
                                                  Beat It   Michael Jackson                             10854
                                      Beat On The Brat      Ramones, The                                54104
                                           Beatiful Boy     Celine Dion                                 52241
                                           Beatin' It In    Neal McCoy                                  20283
                                                Beautiful   (Gospel) Sarah Sadler                       44456
                                                Beautiful   Carole King                                 10855
                                                Beautiful   Christina Aguilera                          53037
                                                Beautiful   Gordon Lightfoot                            51879
                                                Beautiful   Moby                                        53253
                                                Beautiful   Sarah Sadler                                10161
                                                Beautiful   Snoop Dogg & Pharrell                       10658
                                Beautiful (non Vocals)      Avion                                       53273
                                          Beautiful Day     3 Colours Red                               04126
                                          Beautiful Day     U2                                          20634
                                     Beautiful Dreamer      (Standards / Traditional)                   10856
                                         Beautiful Girls    Sean Kingston                               54867
                                         Beautiful Girls    Van Halen                                   51713
                                     Beautiful Goodbye      Jennifer Hanson                             07132
                                  Beautiful In My Eyes      Joshua Kadison                              00375
                                        Beautiful Inside    Louise                                      04463
                                          Beautiful Liar    Beyonce & Shakira                           54830
                                        Beautiful Life, A   Ace Of Base                                 02276
                                        Beautiful Life, A   Stanley Brothers                            23037
                                         Beautiful Love     Afters, The                                 53380
                                         Beautiful Mess     Diamond Rio                                 10689
                                        Beautiful Music     Barry Manilow                               10627
                                       Beautiful People     Kevin Sharp                                 02751
                                         Beautiful Soul     Jesse McCartney                             52259
                           Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem      Judds, The                                  52874
                                     Beautiful Stranger     Madonna                                     51338
                                      Beautiful Sunday      Daniel Boone                                50331
                                          Beautiful U R     Javier                                      12832
                                Beauty And The Beast        (Duet) Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson           50906
                                Beauty And The Beast        Stevie Nicks                                51365
                             Beauty Is Only Skin Deep       Temptations, The                            10858
                                    Beauty On The Fire      Natalie Imbruglia                           06375
                               Beauty School Drop Out       (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                   53604
                 Beauty's In The Eye Of The Beerholde       Chuck Wagon & The Wheels                    24411
                                         Because He Is      Perfect Heart                               23015
                                      Because He Lives      Gaither Trio                                16133
                                      Because He Lives      Gaithers                                    22932
                                    Because I Got High      Afroman                                     08836

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   Because I Love You     Mariah Carey                                   38449
                                   Because I Love You     Stevie B                                       10860
                                      Because Of Love     Janet Jackson                                  16793
                                       Because Of You     (Duet) Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson          52568
                                       Because Of You     98 Degrees                                     21413
                                       Because Of You     Kelly Clarkson                                 53311
                                       Because Of You     Nickelback                                     54541
                                       Because Of You     Tony Bennett                                   10861
                                    Because The Night     10,000 Maniacs                                 00321
                                    Because The Night     Patti Smith                                    54138
                                 Because We Want To       Billie Piper                                   04041
                                     Because You Live     Jesse McCartney                                53338
                                Because You Love Me       Celine Dion                                    50875
                                Because You Love Me       Jo Dee Messina                                 07778
                                                   Bed    J. Holiday                                     53537
                                         Bed Of Roses     Bon Jovi                                       17635
                                         Bed Of Roses     Tanya Tucker                                   09377
                                   Bed That You Made      Whitney Duncan                                 52801
                           Bed You Made For Me, The       Highway 101                                    09310
                                     Beds Are Burning     Midnight Oil                                   15247
                                   Beechwood 4-5789       Marvelettes, The                               14903
                                Been Caught Stealing      Jane's Addiction                               54135
                                  Been Down So Long       Doors                                          02856
                                           Been There     (Duet) Clint Black & Steve Wariner             15852
                                           Been There     Clint Black                                    07808
                                      Been To Canaan      Carole King                                    06128
                                                  Beep    Pussycat Dolls, The                            53354
                                            Beep Beep     Playmates                                      16350
                                      Beer And Bones      John Michael Montgomery                        00412
                                     Beer Barrel Polka    (Standards / Traditional)                      10862
                               Beer Drinkers And Hell     ZZ Top                                         50286
                                   Beer For My Horses     (Duet) Toby Keith & Willie Nelson              52044
                                       Beer In Mexico     Kenny Chesney                                  52518
                                              Beer Man    Treat Willmon                                  12761
                                              Beer Man    Trent Willmon                                  52162
                                              Beer Run    (Duet) George Jones & Garth Brooks             08029
                                            Beer Thirty   Brooks & Dunn                                  07788
                                                Before    Pet Shop Boys, The                             03331
                                     Before He Cheats     Carrie Underwood                               52411
                                  Before He Kissed Me     Lisa Brokop                                    01096
                                 Before I Knew Better     Brad Martin                                    09837
                       Before The Next Teardrop Falls     Freddy Fender                                  22657
                        Before We Ever Said Goodbye       Deana Carter                                   05115
                                 Before You Kill Us All   Randy Travis                                   15592
                                  Before You Love Me      Alsou                                          04534
                                     Before Your Love     Kelly Clarkson                                 53054
                                       Begging To You     Marty Robbins                                  50628
                                    Begin The Beguine     (Standards / Traditional)                      10863
                                    Begin The Beguine     Ann Margret                                    01334
                               Beginning Of The Twist     Futureheads                                    53580
                                            Beginnings    Chicago                                        50104
                              Behind A Painted Smile      Isley Brothers                                 03705
                                     Behind Blue Eyes     Limp Bizkit                                    05087
                                     Behind Blue Eyes     Who                                            51228
                                 Behind Closed Doors      Charlie Rich                                   20768
                                   Behind The Groove      Teena Marie                                    03489
                                    Behind Those Eyes     3 Doors Down                                   54627
                           Behold The Master Cometh       Kingsmen                                       22985
                                Bei Mir Bist Du Schon     Andrews Sisters                                51091
                                  Bei Mir Eist Du Shon    Kim Carnes                                     48513
                                            Being Free    Mark Mosley                                    07750
                                              Being Me    Mark Mosley                                    10101

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Being Nobody      Richard X & Liberty                                04767
                                          Belfast Child    Simple Minds                                       03898
                                                  Belief   John Mayer                                         54841
                                                Believe    Amy Grant                                          53340
                                                Believe    Brooks & Dunn                                      52382
                                                Believe    Cher                                               51591
                                                Believe    Josh Groban                                        52266
                                                Believe    Lenny Kravitz                                      20493
                                        Believe In Life    Eric Clapton                                       06337
                             Believe Me Baby (I Lied)      Trisha Yearwood                                    50394
                                              Believers    Joe Nichols                                        52840
                                    Bell Bottom Blues      Derek & The Dominos                                15082
                                    Bell Bottom Blues      Eric Clapton                                       10867
                                                   Bella   Ricky Martin                                       02904
                                          Bella Donna      Stevie Nicks                                       51364
                                            Bella Italia   Engelbert Humperdinck                              04405
                                         Belleau Wood      Garth Brooks                                       01597
                                       Belongs To You      Emerson Drive                                      52787
                                            Bemadette      Four Tops                                          10868
                                                Bend It    Dave Dee Dozy Braky                                03814
                               Bend It Until It Breaks     John Anderson                                      00671
                                   Bend Me, Shape Me       Amen Corner                                        03469
                                   Bend Me, Shape Me       American Breed                                     08446
                                    Bennie & The Jets      Elton John                                         53842
                                                   Bent    Matchbox 20                                        09557
                                         Best Day, The     George Strait                                      09405
                               Best Days Of Your Life      Kellie Pickler                                     52779
                                           Best Friend     50 Cent                                            55092
                                           Best Friend     Brandy                                             20541
                                           Best Friend     Toni Braxton                                       06041
                                       Best I Ever Had     Vertical Horizon                                   08780
                                  Best Is Yet To Come      Brady Seals                                        23850
                                  Best Is Yet To Come      Hinder                                             55506
                                  Best Is Yet To Come      Tony Bennett                                       01644
                              Best Mistake I Ever Mad      Kevin Fowler                                       52742
                                  Best Of Both Worlds      Darryl Worley                                      55370
                                  Best Of Both Worlds      Hannah Montana                                     53402
                                    Best Of Intentions     Travis Tritt                                       07875
                                      Best Of Me, The      Bryan Adams                                        02994
                                      Best Of My Love      Brooks & Dunn                                      09046
                                      Best Of My Love      Eagles                                             53623
                                      Best Of My Love      Emotions                                           06052
                                      Best Of My Love      Mary J. Blige                                      54589
                                         Best Of Times     La Cage Aux Folles                                 38365
                                           Best Of You     Foo Fighters                                       54632
               Best That You Can Do (Arthur's Theme)       (Movie Soundtrack) Arthur - Christopher Cross      10814
                                     Best Things, The      Filter                                             09559
                              Best Years Of Our Lives      Baha Men                                           06332
                                                   Beth    Kiss                                               50181
                                     Bette Davis Eyes      Kim Carnes                                         53762
                                                 Better    Tom Baxter                                         53568
                                  Better As A Memory       Kenny Chesney                                      52668
                                Better Be Good To Me       Tina Turner                                        10872
                                Better Best Forgotten      Steps                                              04150
                                Better Class Of Losers     Randy Travis                                       09317
                                            Better Day     Ocean Colour Scene                                 03978
                                           Better Days     Citizen King                                       08932
                                           Better Days     Goo Goo Dolls                                      53327
                                   Better Get To Livin'    Dolly Parton                                       52614
                                        Better In Time     Leona Lewis                                        53583
                                            Better Life    Keith Urban                                        52349
                               Better Love Next Time       Dr. Hook                                           53735

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                Better Love Next Time       Merle Haggard                             22218
                                             Better Man     Clint Black                               20857
                                             Better Man     Pearl Jam                                 51517
                                             Better Man     Robbie Williams                           54163
                                          Better Man, A     Warren Brothers                           08105
                                 Better Man, Better Off     Tracy Lawrence                            21934
                                             Better Now     Collective Soul                           54611
                                       Better Off Alone     Alice Deejay                              08701
                                         Better Off Blue    Pam Tillis                                07062
                                  Better Than A Biscuit     John Berry                                23585
                             Better Than It Used To Be      Rhett Akins                               23445
                                        Better Than Me      Hinder                                    53523
                                  Better Than Revenge       Taylor Swift                              55233
                           Better The Devil You Know        Kylie Minogue                             04141
                           Better The Devil You Know        Steps                                     04347
                                   Better Things To Do      Terri Clark                               21978
                          Better Your Heart Than Mine       Trisha Yearwood                           06080
                                Bettin' Forever On You      Tony Toliver                              01235
                               Betty Lou's Getting Out      Bob Seger                                 50470
                               Betty's Got A Bass Boat      Pam Tillis                                06786
                      Between An Old Memory And Me          Travis Tritt                              00712
                            Between Now And Forever         Bryan White                               15382
                              Between Raising Hell An       Big & Rich                                52601
                           Between The Devil And Me         Alan Jackson                              01554
                           Between The Two Of Them          Tanya Tucker                              13708
                                            Beulah Land     (Gospel / Southern)                       22872
                                Beverly Hillbillies, The    (TV Theme)                                15877
                                            Beverly Hills   Weezer                                    54625
                                    Beware Of The Dog       Jamelia                                   54803
                                              Bewitched     Toni Harper                               06138
                    Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered        Linda Ronstadt                            08598
                                  Beyond The Grey Sky       311                                       05267
                                        Beyond the Sea      Bobby Darin                               55564
                                                      Bfd   Kathy Mattea                              22776
                                            Bicycle Race    Queen                                     54031
                                           Big Bad John     Jimmy Dean                                20741
                                          Big Black Man     Full Monty, The                           07744
                                          Big Blue Note     Toby Keith                                52364
                                           Big Boss Man     Charlie Rich                              23254
                                           Big Boss Man     Jimmy Reed                                01104
                                             Big Brother    Stevie Wonder                             14679
                                                 Big City   Merle Haggard                             22008
                                                 Big Deal   LeAnn Rimes                               22705
                                                Big Girls   Mika                                      53522
                                     Big Girls Don't Cry    Fergie                                    53505
                                     Big Girls Don't Cry    Four Seasons, The                         21371
                                   Big Hunk O' Love, A      Elvis Presley                             08267
                                            Big In Japan    Alphaville                                03246
                                                 Big Iron   Marty Robbins                             50617
                                             Big League     Tom Cochrane                              51841
                                                Big Love    Fleetwood Mac                             51355
                                                Big Love    k.d. lang                                 24643
                                                Big Love    Tracy Byrd                                24015
                                            Big Machine     Goo Goo Dolls                             10023
                                                 Big Man    Four Preps, The                           03420
                                             Big Mistake    Natalie Imbruglia                         06099
                                           Big Ol' Truck    Toby Keith                                15465
                                           Big One, The     George Strait                             09417
                                             Big Revival    John Anderson                             22822
                                               Big Seven    Judge Dread                               04163
                                                Big Shot    Billy Joel                                55312
                                                 Big Star   Kenny Chesney                             52014

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KARAOKE                                                 Song List by SONG TITLE
                                    Big Ten Inch Record         Aerosmith                                   51735
                                       Big Things Poppin'       T.I.                                        53515
                                                   Big Time     Big & Rich                                  05877
                                                   Big Time     Trace Adkins                                01657
                                           Big Yellow Taxi      Amy Grant                                   51945
                                           Big Yellow Taxi      Counting Crows                              53061
                                           Big Yellow Taxi      Joni Mitchell                               10876
                                          Bigger Than Big       Super Mal & Luciana                         54868
                                   Bigger Than My Body          John Mayer                                  53123
                               Bigger Than The Beatles          Joe Diffe                                   01028
                                      Biggest Part Of Me        Ambrosia                                    53026
                                               Biker Chick      Jo Dee Messina                              52584
              Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home            Patsy Cline                                 09082
                                                 Billie Jean    Michael Jackson                             21868
                                    Billion Dollar Babies       Alice Cooper                                54274
                                                 Billionaire    Travis McCot & Bruno Mars                   55409
                                   Billy Don't Be A Hero        Bo Donaldson & Heyw                         21748
                                   Billy Don't Be A Hero        Paper Lace                                  03373
                                                     Billy S.   Skye Sweetnam                               53094
                                              Billy The Kid     Billy Dean                                  22404
                                  Billy's Got His Beer Go       Neal McCoy                                  52337
                                           Bils, Bills, Bills   Destiny's Child                             08926
                                                      Bimbo     Jim Reeves                                  23228
                            Bing Bang (time To Dance)           Lazy Town                                   54806
                                         Bing Bang Boom         Highway 101                                 09304
                                           Bird Song, The       Meredith Edwards                            38312
                                              Birds & Bees      Jewel Akins                                 12171
                                              Birmingham        Amanda Marshall                             01302
                                 Birth Of The Blues, The        Sammy Davis Jr.                             01312
                                                   Birthday     Beatles, The                                10878
                                               Biscuit City     Gordon Lightfoot                            51955
                                                       Bitch    Meredith Brooks                             16919
                                             Bitch Is Back      Elton John                                  51149
                                              Bitter End, A     Deryl Dodd                                  08077
                                              Bitter Green      Gordon Lightfoot                            51876
                                Bitter Sweet Symphony           Verve, The                                  17061
                                           Bittersweet Me       R.E.M.                                      16699
                                   Bizarre Love Triangle        New Order                                   01377
                                                       Black    Pearl Jam                                   51520
                                         Black And White        Three Dog Night                             55313
                                             Black Balloon      Goo Goo Dolls                               09727
                                        Black Berry Wine        Gordon Lightfoot                            51956
                                           Black Butterfly      Denise Williams                             14830
                                                  Black Cat     Janet Jackson                               20103
                                              Black Coffee      All Saints                                  04459
                                     Black Coffee In Bed        Squeeze                                     53887
                                                 Black Dog      Led Zeppelin                                13116
                                           Black Eyed Boy       Texas                                       03955
                                              Black Friday      Steely Dan                                  51632
                         Black Horse & The Cherry Tree          K.T. Tunstall                               53373
                                            Black Is Black      Los Bravos                                  10607
                                     Black Magic Woman          Santana                                     10880
                                               Black Night      Deep Purple                                 03275
                                           Black Or White       Michael Jackson                             10881
                      Black Suits Comin' (nod Ya Head)          Will Smith & Tra-Knox                       09953
                                              Black Velvet      Alannah Myles                               50908
                                              Black Velvet      Robin Lee                                   51393
                                          Black Velveteen       Lenny Kravitz                               04283
                                              Black Water       Doobie Brothers                             50903
                                          Blackberry Way        Move, The                                   03597
                                                   Blackout     Hed Planet Earth                            10380
                                                   Blackout     Planet Earth                                54368

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                    Blame    Collective Soul                               20470
                                      Blame It On Mama       Jenkins, The                                  52171
                                 Blame It On My Youth        (Standards / Traditional)                     02836
                                      Blame It On Texas      Mark Chesnutt                                 09163
                               Blame It On The Boogie        Clock                                         04118
                           Blame It On The Bosa Nova         Eydie Gorme                                   20135
                                   Blame It On The Sun       Stevie Wonder                                 50133
                        Blame It On The Weatherman           B'witched                                     01876
                               Blame It On Your Heart        Patty Loveless                                51166
                                               Blame, The    Highway 101                                   09311
                                Blanket On The Ground        Billie Jo Spears                              21984
                                           Blaze Of Glory    Bon Jovi                                      10885
                                           Bleed Like Me     Garbage                                       54644
                                           Bleeding Love     Leona Lewis                                   53588
                                Bless The Broken Road        Rascal Flatts                                 52249
                                                  Blessed    Christina Aguilera                            17237
                                                  Blessed    Martina McBride                               08024
                             Blessed Are The Believers       Anne Murray                                   09009
                                      Blessed Assurance      (Gospel)                                      23113
                                      Blessed Assurance      (Standards / Traditional)                     22886
                                  Blessed Be The Name        (Gospel)                                      16175
                                  Blessed Hayride, The       Black Label Society                           05255
                                                     Blind   Lifehouse                                     53346
                             Blinded (when I See You)        Third Eye Blind                               53097
                                     Blinded By The Sun      Seahorses, The                                03962
                                                     Blink   Rosie Ribbons                                 04714
                                          Blink Of An Eye    Ricochet                                      01555
                                           Blitzkrieg Bop    Ramones, The                                  53744
                                             Block Buster    Sweet                                         03139
                              Blood Covered It All, The      Greenes, The                                  23024
                               Blood Is Still There, The     Kevin Spencer Family                          22999
                            Blood Red And Goin' Down         Tanya Tucker                                  14134
                                     Blood Red Summer        Coheed & Cambria                              54582
                 Blood Will Never Lose It's Power, The       Downings                                      22881
                                   Blossom In The Dust       Mallory Hope                                  55387
                                    Blow At High Dough       Tragically Hip                                50763
                                              Blow It Out    Ludacris                                      45500
                              Blow Me (you Hardly Eve        Red Peters                                    51919
                                    Blowin' In The Wild      Peter, Paul & Mary                            10886
                                   Blowin' In The Wind       Bob Dylan                                     51885
                                           Blowin' Me Up     JC Chasez                                     53056
                                                      Blue   LeAnn Rimes                                   20896
                                        Blue (da Ba Dee)     Eiffel 65                                     20659
                                             Blue (remix)    Perfect Circle, A                             05502
                                           Blue & Yellow     Used                                          05238
                                               Blue Angel    Roy Orbison                                   52940
                                              Blue Bayou     Linda Ronstadt                                50885
                                                 Blue Boy    Jim Reeves                                    23227
                                          Blue Christmas     (Christmas)                                   07714
                                          Blue Christmas     Elvis Presley                                 21565
                                          Blue Christmas     Mickey Gilley                                 52870
                                          Blue Christmas     Sheryl Crowe                                  54041
                                           Blue Clear Sky    George Strait                                 53624
                                       Blue Collar Dollar    Jeff Foxworthy                                24400
                                       Blue Collar Dollar    Jeff Foxworthy & Bill Engvall                 22764
                                          Blue Eyes Blue     Eric Clapton                                  06218
                         Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain        Roger Whittaker                               08990
                                    Blue For No Reason       Bonnie Raitt                                  20329
                                              Blue Hawaii    Elvis Presley                                 10887
                                         Blue Jean Blues     Jeff Healey Band                              02962
                                         Blue Jean Blues     ZZ Top                                        50413
                                               Blue Jeans    Silvertide                                    54622

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Blue Jeans     Yasmeen & Ghostface                             05313
                             Blue Jeans And A Rosary       Kid Rock                                        52811
                                    Blue Kentucky Girl     Emmylou Harris                                  09350
                                    Blue Kentucky Girl     Loretta Lynn                                    22230
                                        Blue Memories      Patty Loveless                                  09218
                                          Blue Monday      Collective Soul                                 08897
                                          Blue Monday      Fats Domino                                     21243
                                          Blue Monday      Orgy                                            43108
                                           Blue Money      Van Morrison                                    50534
                                             Blue Moon     Marcels, The                                    10889
                                             Blue Moon     Mel Torme                                       02989
                                             Blue Moon     Steve Holly                                     07857
                               Blue Moon Of Kentucky       Bill Monroe                                     22163
                               Blue Moon Of Kentucky       Elvis Presley                                   51132
                               Blue Moon Of Kentucky       Patsy Cline                                     09539
                               Blue Morning, Blue Day      Foreigner                                       38493
                                         Blue On Black     Kenny Wayne Shepherd                            17087
                                          Blue On Blue     Bobby Vinton                                    02178
                              Blue Orchid - The White      White Stripes                                   54630
                                    Blue Side Of Town      Patty Loveless                                  09219
                                             Blue Skies    Willie Nelson                                   51281
                                               Blue Sky    Emily West & Keith                              55381
                                     Blue Suede Shoes      Elvis Presley                                   08240
                                            Blue Velvet    Bobby Vinton                                    08430
                                         Blueberry Hill    Elvis Presley                                   08283
                                         Blueberry Hill    Fats Domino                                     21250
                                       Bluer Than Blue     Michael Johnson                                 14339
                        Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain      Elvis Presley                                   15955
                                    Blues In The Night     Dinah Shore                                     10893
                                        Blues Man, The     Alan Jackson                                    07812
                            Bluest Eyes In Texas, The      Restless Heart                                  22285
                                                 Blurry    Puddle Of Mudd                                  09716
                                            Bo Diddley     Bo Diddley                                      16143
                                            Bo Diddley     Buddy Holly                                     51307
                                 Boat That I Row, The      Lulu                                            03825
                                            Bobbie Sue     Oak Ridge Boys, The                             22040
                                           Bobby Jean      Bruce Springsteen                               14968
                                      Bobby With An I      Phil Vassar                                     52862
                                           Bobby's Girl    Marcie Blane                                    10404
                                           Bobby's Girl    Susan Mugum                                     03548
                                           Bodhisattva     Steely Dan                                      51646
                                           Body & Soul     (Standards / Traditional)                       02831
                                           Body & Soul     Anita Baker                                     10894
                                              Body Talk    Imagination                                     03569
                                   Bohemian Like You       Dandy Warhols, The                              09585
                                  Bohemian Rhapsody        Queen                                           54023
                                                  Boiler   Limp Bizkit                                     09693
                                           Bomb Diggy      Another Level                                   04286
                                             Bombshell     Powerman 5000                                   09694
                                  Bonaparte's Retreat      Kay Starr                                       08454
                                                 Bones     Killers                                         53443
                                        Bonnie & Clyde     Beyonce & Jay-Z                                 44501
                                    Bonnie & Clyde, 03     Beyonce & Jay-Z                                 10197
                                         Bony Maronie      Larry Williams                                  00624
                                                    Boo    Bless'd                                         04721
                                          Boogie 2nite     Booty Luv                                       54801
                                          Boogie Down      Eddie Kendricks                                 10897
                                          Boogie Fever     Sylvers, The                                    10898
                                      Boogie Man, The      Clint Black                                     05456
                                         Boogie Nights     Heatwave                                        13784
                           Boogie On Reggae Woman          Stevie Wonder                                   10899
                                   Boogie Oogie Oogie      Taste Of Honey                                  10900

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Boogie Ride     David Wilcox                                51815
                            Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy         Andrews Sisters                             51127
                            Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy         Bette Midler                                13460
                          Boogie Woogie Santa Claus         Patti Page                                  24230
                                           Book Of Love     Monotones                                   16113
                                                   Boom     Jolie & The Wanted                          22827
                                                   Boom     P.O.D.                                      09940
                                            Boom Boom       John Lee Hooker                             15540
                                     Boom Boom Boom         John Lee Hooker                             01471
                                     Boom Boom Boom         Outhere Brothers, The                       03180
                              Boom Boom Boom Boom           Vengaboys, The                              06211
                                       Boom Boom Pow        Black Eyed Peas                             52900
                               Boom Shake The Room          Fresh Prince                                03341
                                              Boondocks     Little Big Town                             52334
                                  Boot Scootin' Boogie      Brooks & Dunn                               09047
                                              Bootie Call   All Saints                                  04055
                                                Boots On    Randy Houser                                52793
                                        Boots Or Hearts     Tragically Hip                              50764
                                            Bootylicious    Destiny's Child                             08818
                                                     Bop    Dan Seals                                   20826
                                          Bop Bop Baby      Westlife                                    55194
                                              Borderline    Madonna                                     10903
                                         Born A Woman       Sandy Posey                                 08457
                                             Born Again     Starsailor                                  04857
                                           Born Country     Alabama                                     00095
                                               Born Free    (Movie Soundtrack)                          10904
                                               Born Free    Andy Williams                               51268
                                               Born Free    Roger Williams                              15566
                                  Born In A High Wind       T. G. Sheppard                              24805
                                     Born In The U S A      Bruce Springsteen                           54297
                                    Born On The Bayou       Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)          08432
                                             Born Slippy    Underworld                                  03412
                                       Born To Be Alive     Patrick Hernandez                           50372
                                        Born To Be Blue     Judds, The                                  22328
                                   Born To Be My Baby       Bon Jovi                                    10905
                                        Born To Be Wild     Steppenwolf                                 50962
                                         Born To Boogie     Hank Williams Jr.                           51079
                                             Born To Fly    Sara Evans                                  22779
                                     Born To Hand Jive      (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                   53603
                                           Born To Lose     Ray Charles                                 50702
                                      Born To Love You      Mark Collie                                 22448
                             Born To Make You Happy         Britney Spears                              04343
                                            Born To Run     Bruce Springsteen                           54301
                                          Born Too Late     Poni Tails                                  01157
                                          Born Too Slow     Crystal Method, The                         54453
                                Born Under A Bad Sign       Cream                                       10908
                                      Bossa Nova Baby       Elvis Presley                               01108
                                                  Boston    Augustana                                   53453
                                        Both Sides Now      Judy Collins                                10909
                               Both Sides Of The River      (Gospel / Southern)                         22902
                                                  Bother    Stone Sour                                  10066
                              Bottle Let Me Down, The       Merle Haggard                               22209
                                    Bottom Of A Bottle      Smile Empty Soul                            54391
                                             Bottoms Up     Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj                    55231
                                               Boulevard    Jackson Browne                              14888
                         Boulevard Of Broken Dreams         Green Day                                   54544
                                                 Bounce     Cab                                         55468
                                                 Bounce     Sarah Connor                                53178
                 Bouncing Off The Ceiling (upside Dow       A*teens                                     20683
                                        Boundless Love      Cathedrals, The                             22917
                                     Bouquet Of Roses       Eddy Arnold                                 09782
                                                Box, The    Randy Travis                                09330

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KARAOKE                                         Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                 Boxer    Simon & Garfunkel                         53865
                                            Boxer Beat    Jo Boxers                                 03927
                              Boy From New York City      Ad Libs                                   51446
                              Boy From New York City      Manhattan Transfer                        10910
                                   Boy Inside The Man     Tom Cochrane                              51849
                                      Boy Is Mine, The    Brandy & Monica                           21419
                                           Boy Like Me    Jessica Harp                              52827
                                       Boy Like You, A    Trick Pony                                52047
                                    Boy Named Sue, A      Johnny Cash                               20753
                                           Boy Oh Boy     Wilkinsons, The                           08140
                                      Boy With A Beat     Trooper                                   50717
                                             Boyfriend    Ashlee Simpson                            46125
                                                  Boys    Britney Spears                            17459
                                     Boys And Me, The     Sawyer Brown                              15171
                                  Boys Are Back In To     Bus Boys                                  54255
                          Boys Are Back In Town, The      Patty Loveless                            08016
                          Boys Are Back In Town, The      Thin Lizzy                                16115
                                              Boys Cry    Eden Kane                                 03448
                                        Boys In Bright    Trooper                                   50714
                                     Boys In The Hood     Dynamite Hack                             03014
                                      Boys Of Summer      Ataris, The                               54400
                                      Boys Of Summer      Dj Sammy                                  04760
                                      Boys Of Summer      Don Henley                                04057
                                    Boys Will Be Boys     Backstreet Boys                           09458
                             Brady Bunch Theme, The       (TV Theme)                                10911
                                         Braid My Hair    Mario                                     10080
                                         Braid My Hair    Randy Owens                               52651
                                        Brain Damage      Pink Floyd                                51324
                                            Brainstorm    Arctic Monkeys                            53490
                                       Brand New Day      Sting                                     54184
                                 Brand New Girlfriend     Steve Holly                               52445
                                       Brand New Key      Melanie                                   21679
                                       Brand New Man      Brooks & Dunn                             09048
                                          Branded Man     Merle Haggard                             22189
                                                Brandy    Looking Glass                             50939
                                       Brass In Pocket    Pretenders, The                           06460
                                                 Brazil   Frank Sinatra                             10914
                                     Bread And Butter     Newbeats                                  00867
                                     Break Down Here      Julie Roberts                             52158
                                   Break In The Storm     Great Divide, The                         23672
                                           Break It Off   Rihanna & Sean Paul                       53469
                                Break It To Me Gently     Juice Newton                              20810
                              Break It To Them Gently     Burton Cummings                           51825
                                              Break Me    Jewel                                     10712
                                    Break On Through      Doors                                     50536
                                         Break The Ice    Britney Spears                            55162
                                Break Ups 2 Make Ups      Method Man                                10915
                                     Break Your Heart     Natalie Merchant                          06115
                                     Break Your Heart     Taio Cruz & Ludacris                      55228
                                            Breakaway     Kelly Clarkson                            53222
                                            Breakdown     Bob Seger                                 50465
                                            Breakdown     Mariah Carey                              20586
                                            Breakdown     Tantric                                   09633
                                            Breakdown     Tom Petty                                 14890
                                Breakfast At Tiffany's    Deep Blue Somethin                        38605
                                 Breakfast In America     Supertramp                                52993
                                      Breakfast In Bed    (Duet) UB40 & Chrissie Hynde              03570
                             Breakfast In Birmingham      David Lee Murphy                          01414
                                               Breakin'   Music, The                                05615
                      Breakin' Down The Walls Of Hea      Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon            03702
                                        Breaking Point    Keri Hilson                               55421
                                  Breaking The Chains     Dokken                                    55344

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                               Breaking Up Is Hard To      Neil Sedaka                                 51046
                                               Breakout    Foo Fighters                                09558
                                             Breakthru     Queen                                       03925
                                   Breakup Song, The       Greg Kihn Band                              50168
                                                 Breath    Breaking Benjamin                           54938
                                                 Breath    Pearl Jam                                   51516
                                                Breathe    (Gospel) Rebecca St. James                  44450
                                                Breathe    Blu Cantrell                                05310
                                                Breathe    Fabolous                                    54968
                                                Breathe    Faith Hill                                  07771
                                                Breathe    Greenwheel                                  10070
                                                Breathe    Melissa Etheridge                           51787
                                                Breathe    Michelle Branch                             53128
                                                Breathe    Nickelback                                  09583
                                                Breathe    Pink Floyd                                  51334
                                                Breathe    Prodigy, The                                03633
                                                Breathe    Rebecca St. James                           10155
                                                Breathe    Seven Channels                              09696
                                      Breathe (2 A.m.)     Anna Nalick                                 05772
                                        Breathe Again      Toni Braxton                                10917
                                          Breathe Easy     Blue                                        04909
                                Breathe In Breath Out      Rachel Stevens                              04919
                                  Breathe Your Name        Sixpence None The Richer                    53033
                                              Breathing    Lifehouse                                   08868
                                             Breathless    Corrs, The                                  08748
                                             Breathless    Jerry Lee Lewis                             23271
                                             Breathless    River Road                                  24363
                                             Breathless    Shayne Ward                                 54903
                   Brethren, We Have Met To Worship        (Gospel)                                    23128
                             Brian Wilson -( Original)     Barenaked Ladies                            51569
                        Brian Wilson -(2000 Version)       Barenaked Ladies                            51557
                                                   Brick   Bens Folds Five                             01608
                                           Brick House     Commodores                                  50471
                                       Brickyard Road      Johnny Van Zant                             54078
                                         Bridal Chorus     (Wedding Songs - Instrumental)              09750
                                                   Bride   Trick Pony                                  52194
                             Bridge Over Troubled Wa       Eva Cassidy                                 53008
                          Bridge Over Troubled Water       Elvis Presley                               04270
                          Bridge Over Troubled Water       LeAnn Rimes                                 23468
                          Bridge Over Troubled Water       Simon & Garfunkel                           13143
                                     Bridging The Gap      Nas                                         05622
                                            Bright Eyes    Art Garfunkel                               06642
                                          Bright Lights    Matchbox 20                                 53121
                              Bright Side Of The Road      Van Morrison                                50519
                          Brighter Than The Sunshine       Aqualung                                    53368
                                      Brillian Disguise    Bruce Springsteen                           16743
                                         Bring 'em Out     T.I.                                        54972
                                      Bring Him Home       (Broadway Musical) Les Miserables           16144
                                      Bring It All Back    S Club 7                                    04225
                                     Bring It All To Me    Blaque                                      17233
                                     Bring It All To Me    Blaque & 'N Sync                            08656
                                            Bring It On    Keith Harling                               24242
                                     Bring It On Home      Little Big Town                             52415
                              Bring It On Home To Me       Commitments                                 54153
                              Bring It On Home To Me       Eddie Floyd                                 03547
                              Bring It On Home To Me       Mickey Gilley                               09534
                                     Bring It To Jesus     (Gospel)                                    22963
                                Bring Me Some Water        Melissa Etheridge                           51791
                                      Bring Me To Life     Evanescence                                 51488
                                    Bring On The Rain      (Duet) Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw          08005
                                    Bring On The Rain      Jo Dee Messina                              07050
                          Bringin' On The Heartbreak       Def Leppard                                 15173

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                             Bringing In The Sheaves       (Gospel)                                        23161
                     Bringing On Back The Good Time        Love Affair                                     03813
                                             Broadway      Goo Goo Dolls                                   08698
                                                Broken     Lifehouse                                       55439
                                                Broken     Lindsey Haun                                    52493
                                                Broken     Seether & Amy Lee                               53220
                                         Broken Arrow      Rod Stewart                                     51940
                                  Broken Boy Soldier       Raconteurs                                      54789
                                         Broken Down       Sevendust                                       54468
                                  Broken Hearted Me        Anne Murray                                     09010
                                         Broken Home       Papa Roach                                      09610
                                     Broken Promises       Element Eighty                                  05274
                                          Broken Road      Melodie Crittenden                              06915
                                       Broken Silence      So Solid Crew                                   04830
                                        Broken Stones      Paul Weller                                     04367
                                          Broken Wing      Martina McBride                                 15620
                                       Broken Wing, A      Martina McBride                                 22032
                                         Broken Wings      Alter Bridge                                    45823
                                         Broken Wings      Mr. Mister                                      10918
                                       Brokenhearted       Brandy                                          20328
                                    Brokenheartsville      Joe Nichols                                     51995
                                      Brooklyn Roads       Neil Diamond                                    10103
                                                Brother    Ms Dynamite                                     04751
                                     Brother Jukebox       Mark Chesnutt                                   22330
                                         Brother Louie     Hot Chocolate                                   03366
                                         Brother Louie     Stories                                         21725
                              Brother Love's Travelin      Neil Diamond                                    50414
                                        Brotherly Love     Keith Whitley Feat. Earl Thomas Conely          08223
                                               Brothers    Dean Brody                                      52795
                                    Brothers In Arms       Dire Straits                                    55183
                                  Brown Derby Jump         Cherry Poppin' Daddies                          06123
                          Brown Eyed Handsome Man          Buddy Holly                                     51312
                                          Brown Sugar      Rolling Stones, The                             50594
                                      Brown-eyed Girl      Everclear                                       09669
                                      Brown-eyed Girl      Van Morrison                                    50524
                                                Bruised    Bens                                            54469
                                           Bubba Hyde      Diamond Rio                                     09060
                             Bubba Shot The Jukebox        Mark Chesnutt                                   20872
                                          Bubblegoose      Jean Wyclef (south Park)                        54291
                                          Bubblegoose      Wyclef Jean                                     02901
                                            Bubbletoes     Jack Johnson                                    53043
                                                 Bubbly    Colbie Caillat                                  54904
                                          Buck Rogers      Feeder                                          04501
                           Buck These Haggard Blues        Big House                                       24429
                                              Buckaroo     Lee Ann Womack                                  22279
                                                 Bucket    Kings Of Leon                                   54603
                                         Bud The Spud      Stompin' Tom Conners                            50706
                                           Buddy Holly     Weezer                                          15047
                                          Buffalo Girls    (Standards / Traditional)                       10922
                                        Buffalo Soldier    Bob Marley                                      02048
                                             Bug A Boo     Destiny's Child                                 04993
                                              Bug, The     Mary Chapin Carpenter                           09030
                                               Bugman      Blur                                            04198
                                                  Bugs     Hepburn                                         04252
                               Build Me Up Buttercup       Foundations, The                                10616
                                     Building A Home       Shenandoah                                      20306
                                   Building A Mystery      Mariah Carey                                    13368
                                   Building A Mystery      Sarah McLachlan                                 20318
                                     Building Bridges      Brooks & Dunn                                   52448
                                  Bullet With A Name       Nonpoint                                        54708
                          Bullet With Butterfly Wings      Smashing Pumpkins                               10924
                                                 Bullets   Creed                                           09842

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           Bullitproof    Pacifier                                     54351
                                      Bump 'n' Grind      R. Kelly                                     20482
                                  Bump, Bump, Bump        B2k & P. Diddy                               10321
                                 Bumper Of My S.u.v.      Chely Wright                                 52272
                                    Bundle Of Nerves      Ken Mellons                                  23657
                                Bungle In The Jungle      Jethro Tull                                  50182
                                   Burbujas De Amor       (Spanish Traditional)                        02324
                                   Burgers And Fries      Charley Pride                                22552
                                  Buried Myself Alive     Used                                         54364
                                                  Burn    Jo Dee Messina                               22796
                                                  Burn    Usher                                        12750
                              Burn Down The Mission       Elton John                                   54097
                          Burn Down The Trailer Park      Billy Ray Cyrus                              07064
                                       Burn Me Down       Marty Stuart                                 22427
                                     Burn One Down        Clint Black                                  09268
                                      Burn The Witch      Queens Of The Stone Age                      54690
                        Burnin' The Roadhouse Down        Garth Brooks                                 51686
                        Burnin' The Roadhouse Down        Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks                 23552
                                       Burning Bright     Shinedown                                    54563
                            Burning Down The House        Talking Heads                                10925
                            Burning Down The House        Tom Jones & The Cardigans                    04310
                                  Burning In The Sun      Blue Merle                                   05673
                                Burning Like A Flame      Dokken                                       53804
                                        Burning Love      Elvis Presley                                08268
                                             Bus Stop     Hollies                                      10928
                                         Bust A Move      Young MC                                     50891
                                               Busted     John Conlee                                  22658
                                               Busted     Patty Loveless                               55351
                                 Busy Being Fabulous      Eagles                                       52647
                                            Busy Man      Billy Ray Cyrus                              08073
                            But For The Grace Of God      Keith Urban                                  22787
                                   But I Do Love You      LeAnn Rimes                                  07948
                                             But I Will   Faith Hill                                   09139
                                      But It's Alright    Huey Lewis & The News                        16818
                                      But Not For Me      Linda Ronstadt                               08600
                                    But She Loves Me      Roger Whittaker                              08997
                                           Butterflies    Michael Jackson                              08865
                                           Butterflies    Natalie Imbruglia                            06382
                                           Butterflies    Saving Jane                                  55507
                                             Butterfly    Andy Williams                                03316
                                             Butterfly    Crazy Town                                   09634
                                             Butterfly    Madonna                                      13369
                                             Butterfly    Mariah Carey                                 21142
                                     Butterfly Kisses     Bob Carlisle                                 50870
                                     Butterfly Kisses     Jeff Carson                                  02722
                                     Butterfly Kisses     Rayborn Brothers                             20916
                                              Buttons     Pussycat Dolls & Snoop                       55119
                                       Buy Me A Rose      Kenny Rogers                                 22736
                              Buzz, Buzz (vibrator So     Bob & Tom Band                               53980
                                            By And By     Elvis Presley                                22858
                                           By My Side     (Duet) Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall           53634
                                         By The Book      Michael Peterson                             08084
                        By The Time I Get To Phoenix      Glen Campbell                                22262
                       By The Time This Night Is Over     Peabo Bryson & Kenny G                       00227
                                          By The Way      Red Hot Chili Peppers                        09954
                                         By Your Side     Sade                                         08777
                                              Bye Bye     Jo Dee Messina                               22161
                                        Bye Bye Baby      Bay City Rollers                             03837
                                   Bye Bye Blackbird      Joe Cocker                                   01447
                                        Bye, Bye, Bye     'N Sync                                      08674
                                       Bye, Bye, Love     Everly Brothers                              51197
                                       Bye, Bye, Love     Ray Charles                                  50703

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                C C Rider     Elvis Presley                                       08269
                                         C C Waterback        (Duet) Merle Haggard & George Jones                 50634
                                     C. O. U. N. T. R. Y.     Joe Diffe                                           01077
                                             C'est La Vie     B'witched                                           08884
                                             C'est La Vie     Bob Seger                                           53860
                                                    C'mon     Mario                                               05053
                                       C'mon 'n Ride It       Quad City Dj's                                      50245
                                           C'mon C'mon        Sheryl Crowe                                        06488
                                           C'mon C'mon        Von Blondies                                        54504
                                      C'mon Everybody         Eddie Cochran                                       10980
                                          C'mon People        Richard Ashcroft                                    04442
                                     Ca Plane Pour Moi        Plastic Bertrand                                    03903
                                                       Cab    Train                                               53349
                                               Cab Driver     Mills Brothers, The                                 50338
                                                  Cabaret     (Movie Soundtrack) Cabaret - Liza Minnelli          51157
                               Cactus In A Coffee Can         Jerry Kilgore                                       24445
                                       Cadillac On 22's       David Banner                                        05370
                                           Cadillac Style     Sammy Kershaw                                       22149
                                          Cadillac Tears      Kevin Denney                                        09968
                                   Cafe On The Corner         Sawyer Brown                                        15362
                                         Caissons Song        (Standards / Traditional)                           23209
                                             Cajun Moon       Ricky Skaggs                                        50656
                                           Calendar Girl      Neil Sedaka                                         10934
                                      Cali Panchangero        (Spanish Traditional)                               02334
                               California 2005 (the O.        Phantom Planet                                      53342
                                         California Blue      Roy Orbison                                         52951
                                    California Dreamin'       Mamas & The Papas                                   50934
                                         California Girls     Beach Boys, The                                     50929
                                         California Girls     Gretchen Wilson                                     52452
                                         California Love      Tupac                                               01249
                                         Californication      Red Hot Chili Peppers                               09577
                                                       Call   Matt Kennon                                         55349
                                       Call And Answer        Barenaked Ladies                                    51564
                                                   Call Me    Blondie                                             53828
                                           Call Me Crazy      Ricky Van Shelton                                   24862
                                 Call Me Irresponsible        (Standards / Traditional)                           10938
                                 Call Me Irresponsible        Frank Sinatra                                       00699
                                    Call Me The Breeze        Lynyrd Skynyrd                                      20399
                             Call Me When You're Sob          Evanescence                                         53418
                                              Call My Job     Albert King                                         02963
                                          Call My Name        Prince                                              12540
                                             Call Of Wild     Aaron Tippin                                        24531
                                    Call Off The Search       Katie Melua                                         04908
                                               Call On Me     Janet Jackson & Nelly                               55132
                                            Call The Man      Celine Dion                                         06082
                                                 Call, The    Backstreet Boys                                     08779
                                                 Call, The    Little Texas                                        06887
                                   Callin' Baton Rouge        Garth Brooks                                        51657
                                                   Calling    Geri Halliwell                                      04579
                                      Calling All Angels      Train                                               53093
                                        Calling All Girls     Atl                                                 44839
                        Calling All Occupants Of Inter        Carpenters                                          03594
                                             Calling Elvis    Dire Straits                                        55185
                                          Camden Town         Suggs                                               03181
                                            Camera One        Josh Joplin Group                                   09632
                                                 Can Can      Bad Manners                                         03944
                             Can I Come Over Tonight          Steve Wariner                                       23735
                                   Can I Count On You         Martina McBride                                     08504
                               Can I Get Your Number          No Authority                                        05003
                               Can I Have It Like That        Pharrell                                            55049
                                  Can I Stay With You         Karyn White                                         02691
                                 Can I Take You Home          Jamie Foxx                                          55095

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                 Can I Touch You There     Michael Bolton                                 05882
                       Can I Trust You With My Heart       Travis Tritt                                   09285
                                            Can The Can    Suzi Quatro                                    03230
                                        Can This Be Real   Vanessa Williams                               06050
                                                 Can We    Swv                                            06022
                                           Can We Fix It   Bob The Builder                                04487
                                            Can We Talk    Tevin Campbell                                 10940
                       Can You Feel The Love Tonight       Elton John                                     04384
                                  Can You Hear Me Now      Lil' Kim & Missy Elliot                        05364
                                  Can You Hear Me Now      Sawyer Brown                                   02767
                 Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You        Ashley Gearing                                 45267
                             Can You Please Crawl Out      Bob Dylan                                      51890
                                 Can You Read My Mind      Maureen McGovern                               17664
                               Can You Stand The Rain      New Edition                                    14837
                                   Can't Be Really Gone    Tim McGraw                                     06716
                            Can't Be With You Tonight      Judi Boucher                                   03383
                                           Can't Behave    Courtney Jaye                                  53282
                                           Can't Behave    Danielle Peck                                  52812
                                           Can't Believe   Faith Evans                                    09797
                                     Can't Buy Me Love     Beatles, The                                   10944
                                 Can't Catch Tomorrow      Lostprophets                                   53452
                                     Can't Cry Anymore     Sheryl Crowe                                   20321
                              Can't Even Get The Blues     Reba McEntire                                  09441
                             Can't Fight The Moonlight     LeAnn Rimes                                    22790
                                Can't Fight This Feeling   REO Speedwagon                                 21855
                               Can't Find My Way Back      Blind Faith                                    50020
                                         Can't Get Along   Hard-fi                                        54905
                             Can't Get By Without You      Real Thing, The                                03118
                                       Can't Get Enough    Patty Loveless                                 08101
                              Can't Get Enough Of You      Barry White                                    50917
                        Can't Get Enough Of You Baby       Smash Mouth                                    17100
                       Can't Get Enough Of Your Love       Bad Company                                    10946
                                       Can't Get It Back   Mis-teeq                                       04812
                                  Can't Get It Out Of My   Electric Light Orchestra                       55308
                                     Can't Get Nowhere     Tractors, The                                  20309
                         Can't Get Used To Losing You      Andy Williams                                  10947
                        Can't Get You Out Of My Head       Kylie Minogue                                  10240
                               Can't Give You Anything     Stylistics, The                                03794
                                    Can't Help But Wait    Trey Songz                                     54911
                         Can't Help Calling Your Name      Jason Sellers                                  24368
                                 Can't Help Falling In L   Elvis Presley                                  50826
                             Can't Help Falling In Love    Andy Williams                                  03595
                             Can't Help Falling In Love    UB40                                           21497
                                    Can't Hold Us Down     Christina Aguilera                             06684
                        Can't Keep A Good Man Down         Alabama                                        09202
                            Can't Keep This Feeling In     Cliff Richard                                  04117
                                            Can't Let Go   Mariah Carey                                   20361
                               Can't Make You Love Me      Britney Spears                                 17367
                                           Can't Nobody    Kelly Rowland                                  10390
                     Can't Nobody Love You Like I Do       Wynonna Judd                                   07818
                                            Can't Repeat   Offspring, The                                 54642
                               Can't Smile Without You     Barry Manilow                                  51089
                                    Can't Speak French     Girls Aloud                                    54930
                                Can't Stand Losing You     Police                                         54179
                            Can't Stay Away From You       Gloria Estefan                                 13813
                                              Can't Stop   Red Hot Chili Peppers                          54359
                                  Can't Stop Loving You    Joe Firstman                                   05496
                                  Can't Stop Loving You    Phil Collins                                   17498
                                  Can't Stop Loving You    Tom Jones                                      06047
                                   Can't Stop The Music    Village People                                 04338
                       Can't Stop Thinkin' About That      Ricochet                                       23655
                     Can't Stop This Thing We Started      Bryan Adams                                    06443

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                Can't Take My Eyes Off     Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons             50815
                        Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You      Lauryn Hill                                  21512
               Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)       Mariah Carey                                 20559
                                       Can't Turn Back     Speedway                                     04902
                                             Can't Wait    Avant                                        05867
                          Can't You Hear My Heartbeat      Herman's Hermits                             10950
                                         Can't You See     Marshall Tucker Band                         50307
                                Canadian Railroad Trio     Gordon Lightfoot                             51881
                                                Candida    Tony Orlando & Dawn                          16473
                                   Candle In The Wind      Elton John                                   50852
                             Candle In The Wind 1997       Elton John                                   16977
                                                  Candy    Ash                                          04572
                                                  Candy    Mandy Moore                                  08641
                                                  Candy    Snoop Dogg                                   54831
                               Candy Everybody Wants       10,000 Maniacs                               10942
                                          Candy Kisses     George Morgan                                22185
                                             Candy Man     Aqua                                         04001
                                             Candy Man     Brian Poole & The                            03748
                                             Candy Man     Christina Aguilera                           53415
                                             Candy Man     Roy Orbison                                  21328
                                             Candy Man     Sammy Davis Jr.                              16286
                                            Candy Shop     50 Cent                                      05637
                                            Cannonball     Damien Rice                                  05096
                                           Captain Jack    Billy Joel                                   53973
                                          Captive Heart    Selena                                       06209
                                              Car Wash     Rose Royce                                   10951
                                               Cara Mia    David Whitfield                              03736
                                              Cara Mira    Jay & The Americans                          51194
                                                Caramel    City High                                    08859
                                                Caravan    Van Morrison                                 15224
                                     Carefree Highway      Gordon Lightfoot                             50361
                                                 Careful   Guster                                       05280
                            Careful What You Wish For      Ricky Lynn Gregg                             24958
                                      Careless Whisper     Wham!                                        50861
               Caribbean Queen (no More Love On The        Billy Ocean                                  21830
                                                 Carlene   Phil Vassar                                  07821
                                              Carnation    Liam Gallagher & Steve Cradock               04301
                                                Carnival   Natalie Merchant                             16622
                                                   Carol   Rolling Stones, The                          10954
                                     Carol Of The Bells    (Christmas)                                  21538
                                   Carolina In My Mind     James Taylor                                 53020
                                         Carolina Moon     Connie Francis                               03686
                                                Caroline   Status Quo                                   03082
                                                Carolyn    Merle Haggard                                50639
                                          Carried Away     George Strait                                06754
                                               Carry Me    Stampeders                                   50772
                                               Carry On    Pat Green                                    08018
                            Carry On My Wayward Son        Kansas                                       50013
                              Carrying Your Love With      George Strait                                51100
                                       Cartoon Heroes      Aqua                                         04382
                  Case Of The Ex (whatcha Gonna Do)        Mya                                          20681
                                           Casey Jones     Grateful Dead                                13616
                                          Cash Machine     Hard-fi                                      54712
                                    Castles In The Sky     Ian Van Dahl & Mar                           04563
                                     Cat Scratch Fever     Ted Nugent                                   50183
                                    Cat's In The Cradle    Harry Chapin                                 50968
                                    Cat's In The Cradle    Ricky Skaggs                                 15433
                                   Catch A Falling Star    Andy Williams                                02142
                                   Catch A Falling Star    Perry Como                                   51258
                                 Catch Me - I'm Falling    Pretty Poison                                10958
                                       Catch The Wind      Donovan                                      03684
                                              Catch You    Sophie Ellis-Bextor                          53470

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                     Catch Your Wave       Click Five                                          53344
                              Cater 2 U (non Vocals)       Destiny's Child                                     54992
                                         Cathy's Clown     Everly Brothers                                     08488
                                         Cathy's Clown     Reba McEntire                                       09442
                                             Cattle Call   Eddy Arnold                                         09783
                                  Caught In A Dream        Tesla                                               05297
                                    Caught In A Mosh       Anthrax                                             48119
                               Caught In The Middle        A1                                                  04617
                                  Caught In The Rain       Revis                                               54381
                                   Caught In The Sun       Course Of Nature                                    09844
                                    Caught Out There       Kellis                                              04361
                                            Caught Up      Usher                                               54559
                                            Caught Up      Usher & Ludacris                                    05628
                           Caught Up In The Rapture        Anita Baker                                         02135
                                    Caught Up In You       38 Special                                          23195
                               Causing A Commotion         Madonna                                             17529
                                                 Cecilia   Simon & Garfunkel                                   53859
                                           Celebration     Kool & The Gang                                     50946
                                              Celebrity    'N Sync                                             17400
                                              Celebrity    Brad Paisley                                        52050
                                     Cell Block Tango      (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Catherine Zeta Jones   51496
                             Cell Block Tango (he Ha       Queen Latifah, Lil' Kim                             51506
                                            Centerfold     J. Geils Band                                       10962
                                      Certain Smile, A     Johnny Mathis                                       31414
                                      Ch-check It Out      Beastie Boys, The                                   12660
                                         Cha-cha Slide     Mr. C The Slide Man                                 20722
                                 Chacarron Macarron        El Chombo                                           53457
                                                  Chain    Tantric                                             54502
                                           Chain Gang      Sam Cooke                                           16145
                                      Chain Hang Low       Jibbs                                               55148
                                        Chain Of Fools     (Duet) Clint Black & Pointer Sisters                16909
                                        Chain Of Fools     Aretha Franklin                                     51451
                                   Chain Of Love, The      Clay Walker                                         07822
                                       Chain Reaction      Diana Ross                                          03575
                                       Chain Reaction      Steps                                               04577
                                       Chained To You      Savage Garden                                       06323
                                                Chains     Beatles, The                                        10964
                                                Chains     Patty Loveless                                      09220
                                                Chains     Tina Arena                                          16623
                                        Chains Of Love     Mickey Gilley                                       09537
                                             Chair, The    George Strait                                       09102
                                     Champagne High        Sister Hazel                                        09609
                                     Champagne Jam         Atlanta Rhythm Section                              01405
                              Champagne Supernova          Oasis                                               16667
                                   Champion Of Love        Cathedrals, The                                     22903
                                                Chance     Julie Roberts                                       52252
                                             Chance, A     Kenny Chesney                                       22072
                                          Chances Are      Bob Seger & Martina McBride                         01668
                                          Chances Are      Johnny Mathis                                       50332
                                               Change      Lisa Stansfield                                     03037
                                               Change      Sons Of The Desert                                  24371
                                               Change      Taylor Swift                                        52731
                                               Change      Tears For Fears                                     53897
                                       Change Clothes      Jay-Z                                               45147
                                            Change Me      Ruben Studdard                                      55136
                                      Change My Mind       John Berry                                          21892
                                     Change Of Heart       Judds, The                                          22497
                                   Change The World        Eric Clapton                                        21524
                                   Change The World        P.O.D.                                              54471
                       Change Would Do You Good, A         Sheryl Crowe                                        09503
                                   Change Your Mind        Sister Hazel                                        08717
                                          Change, The      Garth Brooks                                        53637

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                 Changes    (Duet) Kelly Osbourne                         04867
                                                 Changes    Black Sabbath                                 51688
                                                 Changes    David Bowie                                   51242
                                                 Changes    Gordon Lightfoot                              51957
              Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude      Jimmy Buffett                                 00268
                                  Changing The Image        (Gospel / Southern)                           22948
                                    Changingman, The        Paul Weller                                   04288
                                     Chanson D'amour        Manhattan Transfer                            03125
                                              Chant No. 1   Spandau Ballet                                03564
                                          Chantilly Lace    Big Bopper                                    51095
                                         Chapel Of Love     Dixie Cups                                    13439
                                                  Chariot   Gavin Degraw                                  53259
                                          Charlie Brown     Coasters                                      21223
                                           Charm Attack     Leona Naes                                    04998
                                               Charmaine    Bachelors, The                                03471
                                         Charmless Man      Blur                                          03413
                                             Chasin' Amy    Brett James                                   10697
                                            Chasin' Girls   Rodney Atkins                                 55350
                           Chasin' That Neon Rainbow        Alan Jackson                                  09129
                           Chasin' That Neon Reindeer       (Christmas) Reddmann                          24229
                           Chasin' That Neon Reindeer       Reddmann                                      21615
                                            Chasing Cars    Snow Patrol                                   53403
                                   Chasing Pavements        Adele                                         55443
                                         Chattahoochee      Alan Jackson                                  09128
                               Chattanooga Choo Choo        Glenn Miller Orchestra                        01346
                         Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy        Red Foley                                     13925
                                              Cheap Love    Juice Newton                                  00705
                                      Cheap Seats, The      Alabama                                       09213
                                     Cheap Sunglasses       ZZ Top                                        13911
                                         Cheap Whiskey      Martina McBride                               00024
                                  Cheaper To Keep Her       Kevin Fowler                                  52803
                                                 Cheatin'   Sara Evans                                    52385
                                 Cheatin' On Her Heart      Jeff Carson                                   23431
                       Cheatin' Song, A (i Wanna Hear       Anita Cochran & Co                            05490
                                            Check It Out    (Duet) & Nicki Minaj                55519
                                             Check On It    Beyonce                                       49011
                                             Check On It    Beyonce & Slim Thug                           55065
                                       Check Yes Or No      George Strait                                 51114
                                         Checkin' It Out    Lil' Chris                                    53442
                                        Cheek To Cheek      Ella Fitzgerald                               00043
                                      Cheeka Bow Bow        Vengaboys, The                                04452
                                            Cheeky Song     Cheeky Girls                                  04732
                                                   Cheers   (TV Theme)                                    15870
                             Cheeseburger In Paradise       Jimmy Buffett                                 53751
                           Chemicals Between Us, The        Bush                                          14132
                                                  Cherish   Association                                   10968
                                                  Cherish   Kool & The Gang                               21860
                                                  Cherish   Madonna                                       51348
                                      Cherokee Boogie       Br5-49                                        01304
                                      Cherokee Maiden       Asleep At The Wheel                           22771
                                            Cherry Bomb     John Cougar Mellencamp                        53948
                                        Cherry Hill Park    Billy Joe Royal                               08476
                                               Cherry Pie   Warrant                                       15177
                                          Cherry, Cherry    Neil Diamond                                  50415
                                             Chest Fever    Band, The                                     51859
                                               Chevy Van    Sammy Jones                                   50184
                                           Chewy Chewy      Ohio Express, The                             02656
                                                  Chicago   Frank Sinatra                                 51033
                                   Chicken Dance, The       (Standards / Traditional)                     15527
                                           Chicken Fried    Zac Brown Band                                52708
                                            Chicks Dig It   Chris Cagle                                   52074
                                               Chihuahua    Dj Bobo                                       06641

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                      Child    Mark Owens                                  03632
                                          Child Is Born, A     (Christmas)                                 02839
                                                Childhood      Michael Jackson                             16624
                                Children Go Where I Se         Natalie Merchant                            54036
                        Children Go Where I Send Thee          (Gospel / Southern)                         22918
                             Children Of The Revolution        T Rex                                       54246
                                     Children Will Listen      Barbra Streisand                            06258
                                               Chill Factor    Merle Haggard                               50114
                                    Chill Of An Early Fall     George Strait                               07145
                                                     Chillin   Modjo                                       04509
                                                China Girl     David Bowie                                 51252
                                              China Grove      Doobie Brothers                             21732
                                     China In Your Hand        T'pau                                       03092
                                    Chipmunk Song, The         (Standards / Traditional)                   21580
                                                Chiquitita     Abba                                        17106
                             Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep         Middle Of The Road                          03281
                                                Chocolate      Snow Patrol                                 54620
                                   Chocolate Salty Balls       Chef (South Park)                           54288
                                                   Choices     George Jones                                22687
                                            Choppa Style       Choppa                                      05330
                            Christ Receiveth Sinful Men        (Gospel)                                    23109
                         Christ The Lord Is Risen Today        (Gospel)                                    23174
                    Christ Was Born On Christmas Day           (Christmas)                                 21540
                                                Christmas      (Christmas)                                 16188
                              Christmas At Ground Zero         (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                  53880
                                Christmas At Our House         Barbara Mandrell                            07704
                                         Christmas Blues       Canned Heat                                 24500
                                      Christmas Carol, A       Skip Ewing                                  24519
                                      Christmas Carol, A       Tom Lehrer                                  53875
                                        Christmas Guest        Reba McEntire                               52877
                                   Christmas Guest, The        Reba McEntire                               21594
                                      Christmas In Dixie       Alabama                                     07725
                            Christmas In My Hometown           Travis Tritt                                21618
                                     Christmas Letter, A       Reba McEntire                               21625
                 Christmas Like Mama Used To Make It           Tracy Byrd                                  24515
                  Christmas Long Ago (jingle Jingle), A        Echelons                                    24501
                                        Christmas Shoes        Newsong                                     54046
                                    Christmas Song, The        (Christmas)                                 10972
                                    Christmas Song, The        Nat King Cole                               21567
                                    Christmas Song, The        Trisha Yearwood                             09778
              Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)         (Christmas) Darkness, The                   04880
                                Christmas Time Is Here         Peanuts Gang                                15500
                             Christmas Time's A Comin'         (Christmas) Jerry                           24237
                             Christmas Time's A Comin'         Jerry Reed                                  21581
                            Christmas To Remember, A           Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton                 21596
                                 Christmas Without You         Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton                 21591
                                    Christmas Wrapping         (Christmas) Waitresses                      06274
                                                   Chrome      Trace Adkins                                51984
                                   Chrome-plated Heart         Melissa Etheridge                           51782
                                       Chuck E's In Love       Rickie Lee Jones                            15327
                                               Chug-a-lug      Roger Miller                                17703
               Church A Courtroom & Then Goodbye, A            Patsy Cline                                 01526
                             Church Of The Poison Mind         Culture Club                                03926
                           Church On Cumberland, The           Shenandoah                                  08511
                                          Cincinnati Ohio      Connie Smith                                22176
                                   Cinderella Rockafella       Esther & Abi of Ari                         03467
                                      Cindy Incidentally       Fares, The                                  03273
                                           Cinnamon Girl       Neil Young                                  51935
                                        Circle Of Friends      David Ball                                  01140
                                            Circle Of Life     Elton John                                  16825
                                           Circle Of Steel     Gordon Lightfoot                            51952
                                         Circle The Drain      Katy Perry                                  55403

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KARAOKE                                                 Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                  Cisco Kid     War                                                 10973
                                           Citizen Soldier      3 Doors Down                                        55470
                                                         City   Natalie Imbruglia                                   06169
                                                City Lights     Mickey Gilley                                       09522
                                     City Of New Orleans        Arlo Guthrie                                        50322
                                                        Clair   Gilbert O'sullivan                                  03785
                                                 Clambake       Elvis Presley                                       06612
                                                 Clap Back      Ja Rule                                             54947
                                  Clap For The Wolfman          (Duet) Guess Who                                    51839
                                  Clap For The Wolfman          Guess Who                                           51832
                                      Clapping Song, The        Belle Stars, The                                    03888
                                                     Clarity    John Mayer                                          53166
                                                       Class    (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Catherine Zeta Jones   51503
                                Class Reunion (that Use         Lonestar                                            52284
                    Class Reunion (That Use To Be Us)           Onestar                                             05840
                                                     Classic    Adrian Gurvitz                                      03577
                                                 Claudette      Dwight Yoakam                                       01504
                                        Clean Up Woman          Betty Wright                                        14905
                                  Cleanin' Out My Closet        Eminem                                              10019
                               Cleaning This Gun (come          Rodney Atkins                                       52616
                                               Clementine       (Standards / Traditional)                           10974
                           Cleopatra - Queen Of Denial          Pam Tillis                                          22434
                                          Cleopatra's Cat       Spin Doctors, The                                   00474
                                            Clever Trevor       Ian Drury & The Blockheads                          03949
                                         Click Click Boom       Saliva                                              09704
                                                      Climb     Miley Cyrus                                         52891
                                   Climb Every Mountain         (Movie Soundtrack) Sound Of Music                   13804
                                      Climbing The Walls        Stir                                                09588
                                                   Clincher     Chevelle                                            54602
                             Clinging To A Saving Hand          LeAnn Rimes                                         23467
                       Clint Eastwood (ed Case Remix)           Gorillaz                                            09680
                                                     Clocks     Coldplay                                            53060
                                                       Close    Rascal Flatts                                       55382
                                Close Enough To Perfect         Alabama                                             09203
                                  Close My Eyes Forever         Black Sabbath                                       48854
                                  Close My Eyes Forever         Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford                           51699
                                            Close To Thee       (Gospel)                                            23132
                                             Close To You       Carpenters                                          21024
                                             Close To You       Maxi Priest                                         10977
                                                      Closer    Jo Dee Messina                                      24488
                                                      Closer    Susan Ashton                                        24260
                                                      Closer    Travis                                              53488
                                         Closer (Explicit)      Nine Inch Nails                                     50287
                                Closer I Get To You, The        (Duet) Luther Vandross With Beyonce                 12536
                                Closer I Get To You, The        Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway                      16990
                                        Closer To Heaven        Mila Mason                                          23439
                                             Closer To Me       5ive                                                04595
                                      Closer To The Bone        Louis Prima                                         06122
                                      Closer To The Edge        Thirty Seconds To Mars                              55411
                                            Closer To You       Thalia                                              53177
                                     Closer You Get, The        Alabama                                             22131
                                             Closing Time       Semisonic                                           17083
                                                    Closure     Chevelle                                            54424
                                               Clothes Off      Gym Class Heroes                                    53530
                                                Cloud Nine      Temptations, The                                    10979
                                               Cloud No. 9      Bryan Adams                                         04231
                                               Clown, The       Conway Twitty                                       23249
                                          Clumsy (vocal)        Fergie                                              53550
                                                      Co-co     Sweet                                               03370
                                  Coal Miner's Daughter         Loretta Lynn                                        08369
                                            Coast Is Clear      Scotty Emerick                                      52153
                                            Coast Is Clear      Tracy Lawrence                                      23361

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                 Coat Of Many Colors      (Duet) Shania Twain & Alison Krause          52129
                                 Coat Of Many Colors      Dolly Parton                                 21981
                                    Coca Cola Cowboy      Mel Tillis                                   23287
                                               Cocaine    Eric Clapton                                 50169
                                               Cochise    Audioslave                                   10188
                                         Coco Jamboo      Mr. President                                04954
                                        Coconut Song      Harry Nilsson                                16676
                                           Coffee & TV    Blur                                         04220
                                                   Cold   Crossfade                                    54491
                                                   Cold   Evans Blue                                   54706
                                         Cold & Empty     Kid Rock                                     05092
                                               Cold Air   Natalie Imbruglia                            06384
                                           Cold As Ice    Foreigner                                    50507
                                              Cold Beer   Colt Ford & Jamey J                          55385
                              Cold Beer And A Fishin'     Trent Willmon                                52725
                                  Cold Coffee Morning     Jon Randall                                  23748
                                      Cold Day In Hell    Gary Moore                                   02978
                                      Cold Day In July    Dixie Chicks                                 51539
                                       Cold Hard Bitch    Jet                                          54480
                                 Cold Hard Truth, The     George Jones                                 22707
                                  Cold One Comin' On      Montgomery Gentry                            08007
                                              Cold Shot   Stevie Ray Vaughn                            50043
                                     Cold Sweat, Pt. 1    James Brown                                  14938
                                          Cold Turkey     John Lennon                                  51623
                                      Cold, Cold Heart    Hank Williams Sr.                            09109
                                                Collide   Howie Day                                    52242
                                            Color Blind   Darius Danesh                                04683
                                    Color Of Love, The    Boyz II Men                                  09952
                                Color Of My Love, The     Celine Dion                                  16976
                                                 Colors   Crossfade                                    54638
                                   Colors Of The Wind     Vanessa Williams                             50496
                                   Colour Everywhere      Dian Diaz                                    53377
                                      Colour My World     Chicago                                      53785
                                   Combine Harvester      Wurtzels, The                                03774
                                             Combo #5     Tai Mai Shu                                  04992
                                                  Come    Transmatic                                   44052
                               Come & Get Your Love       Real McCoy, The                              02701
                                Come & Stay With Me       Marianne Faithfull                           03750
                                   Come & Talk To Me      Jodeci                                       14845
                               Come A Little Bit Close    Jay & The Americans                          50940
                                 Come A Little Closer     Dierks Bentley                               52348
                                 Come A Little Closer     Lila McCann                                  53646
                             Come And Get Your Love       Real McCoy, The                              21520
                             Come And Get Your Love       Redbone                                      53849
                                     Come As You Are      Nirvana                                      20636
                                 Come Away With Me        Norah Jones                                  53057
                                            Come Back     Jessica Garlick                              55200
                                            Come Back     Kyu Sakamoto                                 04665
                                   Come Back Darling      UB40                                         04095
                                      Come Back Song      Darius Rucker                                55239
                                    Come Back To Bed      John Mayer                                   05498
                                     Come Back To Me      Vanessa Hudgens                              53432
                                Come Blow Your Horn       Frank Sinatra                                00692
                                          Come Clean      Hilary Duff                                  53167
                                    Come Close To Me      (Duet) Common & Mary J. Blige                10262
                                    Come Cryin' To Me     Lonestar                                     22461
                                        Come Dancing      Kinks, The                                   50362
                                    Come Fly With Me      Frank Sinatra                                51176
                                    Come Fly With Me      Michael Buble                                55274
                                     Come Go With Me      Del-Vikings                                  13724
                                     Come Go With Me      Expose'                                      14485
                                     Come Home Soon       Shedaisy                                     52192

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KARAOKE                                        Song List by SONG TITLE
                            Come In Out Of The Pain     Doug Stone                                 16309
                                 Come Into My World     Kylie Minogue                              53047
                             Come Let's Worship Him     Sandi Patti                                23070
                                         Come Monday    Jimmy Buffett                              00265
                                   Come Next Monday     K. T. Oslin                                21922
                                       Come On Down     TLC                                        20598
                                      Come On Eileen    Dexy's Midnight Runners                    50494
                                 Come On Get Higher     Mathew Nathanson                           55452
                    Come On In (The Whiskey Is Fine)    Mark Chesnutt                              52767
                                        Come On Over    Christina Aguilera                         08718
                                        Come On Over    Jessica Simpson                            52698
                                        Come On Over    Kym Marsh                                  04805
                                        Come On Over    Shania Twain                               51588
                                  Come On Over Baby     Christina Aguilera                         17236
                                  Come On Over Here     Toni Braxton                               06043
                          Come On Over To My Place      Manfred Mann                               03622
                                           Come On Up   Rascals                                    50139
                                   Come On, Come In     Velvet Revolver                            54658
                                    Come On, Let's Go   Richie Valens                              21240
                                   Come Out And Play    Offspring, The                             15051
                                         Come Outside   (Duet) Mike Sarne & Wendy Richard          03710
                                            Come Over   Aaliyah                                    45259
                                            Come Over   Jennifer Lopez                             06351
                           Come Rain Or Come Shine      (Movie Soundtrack)                         10985
                           Come Rain Or Come Shine      Billie Holiday                             01727
                           Come Rain Or Come Shine      Frank Sinatra                              08590
                                      Come Sail Away    Eric Cartman (South Park)                  54283
                                      Come Sail Away    Styx                                       55310
                             Come Saturday Morning      Sandpipers, The                            10986
                                  Come See About Me     Supremes, The                              20960
                                     Come September     Natalie Imbruglia                          06383
                                    Come Softly To Me   Fleetwoods                                 16476
                                 Come Take My Hand      2 Brothers On 4th                          02283
                                     Come Thou Fount    (Gospel)                                   23124
                                          Come To Bed   Gretchen Wilson                            52506
                                           Come To Me   P Diddy & Scherzinger,                     54785
                                 Come To My Window      Melissa Etheridge                          51779
                                       Come Together    Beatles, The                               10989
                                         Come Undone    Duran Duran                                03393
                                         Come Undone    Robbie Williams                            04780
                               Come With Me Tonight     Bob Schneider                              05497
                   Come, Now Is The Time To Worship     (Gospel) Vineyard                          10224
                                            Comedown    Bush                                       15058
                                      Comedy Tonight    Funny Thing Happened                       07735
                                   Comfortably Numb     Pink Floyd                                 51326
                        Comin' From Where I'm From      Anthony Hamilton                           05381
                       Comin' In And Out Of Your Life   Barbra Streisand                           00426
                                  Comin' To Your City   Big & Rich                                 46108
                                       Coming Around    Travis                                     04425
                                Coming Around Again     Carly Simon                                00785
                                Coming Back For You     Keith Harling                              23574
                                 Coming Back To Life    Pink Floyd                                 51321
                                   Coming Home Now      Boyzone                                    03625
                             Coming Out Of The Dark     Gloria Estefan                             17780
                                  Coming To America     Neil Diamond                               23212
                                        Coming Undun    Korn                                       54727
                                            Coming Up   Paul McCartney & Wings                     10990
                              Coming Up Short Again     Perfect Stranger                           24376
                                          Commitment    LeAnn Rimes                                22278
                                         Common Man     John Conlee                                22662
                                      Common People     Pulp                                       03261
                                             Como Fue   (Spanish Traditional)                      02303

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Como Rien     (Spanish Traditional)                              02346
                                Compadre Pedro Juan       (Spanish Traditional)                              02344
                                       Company Time       Linda Davis                                        00365
                                             Complete     Jaimeson                                           04819
                                           Completely     Diamond Rio                                        05439
                                           Completely     Michael Bolton                                     10991
                                          Complicated     Avril Lavigne                                      55540
                                          Complicated     Carolyn Dawn Johnson                               07962
                                         Comprendelo      (Spanish Traditional)                              02333
                                             Conceited    Ma Remy                                            55087
                                      Concrete & Clay     Unit Four Plus Two                                 03449
                                      Concrete Angels     Martina McBride                                    52004
                                            Confessin'    Frank Field                                        03470
                             Confessions Of A Broken      Lindsay Lohan                                      53337
                                   Confessions Part Ii    Usher                                              12679
                                      Confidence Man      Jeff Healey Band                                   50400
                                                Conga     Miami Sound Machine                                17035
                                      Congratulations     Cliff Richard                                      03817
                              Connected At The Heart      Ricochet                                           23460
                                      Connection, The     Phish                                              05431
                                     Consider Yourself    (Movie Soundtrack)                                 10992
                                     Consider Yourself    Oliver                                             16146
                                     Constant Craving     k.d. lang                                          22614
                                     Constantly Cross     Canadian Ragweed                                   02819
                                             Consumer     Stompin' Tom Conners                               50712
                                               Contact    Edwin Starr                                        03849
                                               Control    Janet Jackson                                      10993
                                               Control    Puddle Of Mudd                                     09688
                                        Control Myself    Ll Cool J & Jennifer Lopez                         55101
                                               Convoy     C. W. McCall                                       21987
                                            Cookie Jar    Gym Class Heroes                                   55441
                                                   Cool   Gwen Stefani                                       53290
                                          Cool Change     Little River Band                                  51979
                                              Cool Jerk   Capitols                                           50126
                                     Cool To Be A Fool    Joe Nichols                                        52106
                                           Cool Water     Sons Of The Pioneer                                10994
                                           Cool Water     Tammy Graham                                       23337
                                        Cop That S**t     Timbaland & Magoo                                  05361
                                          Copacabana      Barry Manilow                                      51055
                                     Copperhead Road      Steve Earle                                        16688
                                            Copperline    James Taylor                                       16106
                                              Corn Fed    Shannon Brown                                      52405
                                  Corner Of The Earth     Jamiroquai                                         04677
                                    Corner Of The Sky     (Broadway Musical) Pippin                          03031
                                    Corner Of The Sky     Pippin                                             17665
                               Cornfields Or Cadillacs    Farmers Daughter                                   50736
                                  Corrido De Cananea      (Spanish Traditional)                              02368
                                      Corrine, Corrina    Joe Turner                                         13743
                                       Cotton Eye Joe     Rednex                                             16615
                                         Cotton Fields    (Standards / Traditional)                          10996
                                         Cotton Jenny     Anne Murray                                        09005
                                         Cotton Jenny     Gordon Lightfoot                                   51864
                                         Could Be You     Gary Allan                                         05116
                                  Could I Be Your Girl    Jann Arden                                         50737
                              Could I Have this Dance     Anne Murray                                        55563
                       Could I Have This Kiss Forever     (Duet) Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias          08713
                       Could I Have This Kiss Forever     Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston                 06254
                               Could It Be Any Harder     Calling, The                                       10063
                       Could It Be I'm Falling In Love    Spinners, The                                      10998
                                   Could This Be Love     Jennifer Lopez                                     01985
                                  Could This Be Magic     Dubs                                               06700
                                  Could You Be Loved      Bob Marley                                         00678

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Could've Been      Tiffany                                     10999
                                     Could've Been Me       Billy Ray Cyrus                             22415
                                           Coulda Been      Kimberley Locke                             53265
                                  Couldn't Get It Right     Climax Blues Band                           14702
                              Couldn't Last A Moment        Collin Raye                                 07815
                                            Count Me In     Deana Carter                                21935
                                            Count Me In     Gary Lewis & The Playboys                   00916
                                           Count On Me      Whitney Houston                             21478
                                 Count Your Blessings       (Standards / Traditional)                   22888
                                 Count Your Blessings       Bing Crosby                                 02993
                                    Counting Blue Cars      Dishwalla                                   16660
                                    Counting The Days       Collective Soul                             54550
                                       Country 'til I Die   John Anderson                               06880
                                 Country Ain't Country      Travis Tritt                                52027
                                            Country Boy     Alan Jackson                                52744
                                            Country Boy     Ricky Skaggs                                50649
                  Country Boy (you Got Your Feet In L.      Glen Campbell                               22335
                           Country Boy Can Survive, A       Chad Brock                                  07796
                           Country Boy Can Survive, A       Hank Williams Jr.                           21959
                                      Country Bumpkin       Cal Smith                                   22007
                         Country By The Grace Of God        Chris Cagle                                 09916
                                           Country Club     Travis Tritt                                09286
                              Country Comes To Town         Toby Keith                                  07855
                                         Country Crazy      Little Texas                                06717
                                            Country Girl    DF Dub                                      10383
                                          Country Girls     Becky Hobbs                                 23576
                                        Country House       Blur                                        03400
                                  Country In My Genes       Loretta Lynn                                22780
                                              Country Is    Tom T. Hall                                 24818
                                          Country Road      James Taylor                                11001
                                         Country Roads      Hermes House Band                           04587
                                     Country Rock Star      Marcel                                      09964
                                           Country Star     Pat Green                                   52832
                                Country State Of Mind       Hank Williams Jr.                           22142
                                        Country Strong      Gwenyth Paltrow                             55236
                                     Country Sunshine       Dottie West                                 22534
                                         Country Thang      John Michael Montgomery                     52023
                                             County Fair    Chris Ledoux                                24358
                                                Courage     Tragically Hip                              50766
                  Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue        Toby Keith                                  09967
                                               Cover Me     Bruce Springsteen                           16763
                                Cover Of The Rolling S      Dr. Hook                                    53740
                                   Cover You In Kisses      John Michael Montgomery                     08049
                                Coward Of The County        Kenny Rogers                                22015
                                                Cowboy      Kid Rock                                    14119
                                          Cowboy Band       Billy Dean                                  06836
                                          Cowboy Beat       Bellamy Brothers                            00727
                                       Cowboy Cadillac      Confederate Railroad                        23743
                                       Cowboy Cadillac      Garth Brooks                                01574
                                    Cowboy In Me, The       Tim McGraw                                  09809
                                          Cowboy Love       John Michael Montgomery                     01027
                             Cowboy Rides Away, The         George Strait                               09103
                               Cowboy Take Me Away          Dixie Chicks                                51540
                                 Cowboy's Sweetheart        LeAnn Rimes                                 22036
                     Cowboy's Work Is Never Done, A         Cher                                        48747
                           Cowboy's Work Is Never, A        Sonny & Cher                                51592
                                     Cowboys & Kisses       Anastacia                                   04512
                                    Cowboys Don't Cry       Eddy Raven                                  24976
                                      Cowboys Like Us       George Strait                               53652
                                    Cowgirls Don't Cry      Brooks & Dunn                               52758
                                        Coz I Love You      Slade                                       04193
                                Cracker Jack Diamond        Marty Raybon                                24331

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KARAOKE                                         Song List by SONG TITLE
                                       Cracklin'' Rosie   Neil Diamond                              50416
                                        Cradle Of Love    Billy Idol                                11004
                                            Crank That    Soulja Boy Tell Em                        53551
                                                  Crash   Gwen Stefani                              53363
                                       Crash And Burn     Savage Garden                             08682
                                     Crash Boom Bang      Roxette                                   02695
                                   Crash Here Tonight     Toby Keith                                52479
                                         Crash Into Me    Dave Matthews Band                        21477
                                Crashed The Wedding       Busted                                    04851
                                      Crashin' A Party    Lumidee                                   05082
                                              Crawling    Linkin Park                               09657
                                Crawling In The Dark      Hoobastank                                09721
                                                Crazier   Taylor Swift                              52851
                                                  Crazy   Alanis Morissette                         53335
                                                  Crazy   Britney Spears                            20390
                                                  Crazy   Gnarls Barkley                            54747
                                                  Crazy   Javier                                    10657
                                                  Crazy   K-CI & Jojo                               20720
                                                  Crazy   LeAnn Rimes                               04344
                                                  Crazy   Patsy Cline                               09071
                                                  Crazy   Seal                                      03038
                                                  Crazy   Willie Nelson                             51284
                                 Crazy 'bout You Baby     Billy Ray Cyrus                           02749
                                           Crazy Arms     Linda Ronstadt                            08976
                                           Crazy Arms     Patsy Cline                               09540
                                           Crazy Arms     Ray Price                                 13507
                                            Crazy Beat    Blur                                      54380
                                            Crazy Bitch   Buckcherry                                51914
                                            Crazy Days    Adam Gregory                              52672
                                    Crazy Ex-girlfriend   Miranda Lambert                           52524
                                    Crazy For This Girl   Evan & Jaron                              20623
                                         Crazy For You    'N Sync                                   20441
                                         Crazy For You    Madonna                                   50957
                                  Crazy For Your Love     Exile                                     08498
                                     Crazy He Calls Me    Ella Fitzgerald                           02991
                                           Crazy Heart    Hank Williams Sr.                         23244
                                          Crazy Horses    Osmonds, The                              03233
                                         Crazy In Love    Beyonce                                   06556
                                         Crazy In Love    Beyonce & Jay-Z                           10650
                                         Crazy In Love    Conway Twitty                             08376
                                         Crazy In Love    Nicol Sponberg                            53383
                            Crazy Kind Of Love Thing      Kinleys, The                              23768
                                Crazy Little Thing Call   Michael Buble                             51483
                                Crazy Little Thing Call   Queen                                     50855
                        Crazy Little Thing Called Love    Dwight Yoakam                             22690
                        Crazy Little Thing Called Love    Sharie Bardo                              08789
                                            Crazy Love    Brian McKnight                            20609
                                            Crazy Love    Van Morrison                              15274
                                          Crazy Nights    Kiss                                      03116
                                         Crazy On You     Heart                                     51295
                                           Crazy Train    Black Sabbath                             48852
                                           Crazy Train    Ozzy Osbourne                             53808
                                                 Cream    Prince                                    14177
                              Creatures (for A While)     311                                       05243
                                                  Creep   Radiohead                                 15057
                                                  Creep   TLC                                       16885
                          Creeps (get On The Dance)       Freaks                                    54883
                                               Criminal   Fiona Apple                               20391
                                   Crimson And Clover     Joan Jett                                 00754
                                   Crimson And Clover     Tommy James & The Shondelles              11008
                                        Crocodile Rock    Elton John                                11009
                                       Crocodile Shoes    Jimmy Nail                                03102

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        Crocodile Tears     Lee Roy Parnell                                   22360
                                         Crooked Teeth      Death Cab For Cutie                               54721
                            Cross Has Won Again, The        Kingsmen                                          22930
                                Cross My Broken Heart       Suzy Bogguss                                      24156
                                         Cross My Mind      Jill Scott                                        55014
                                       Cross The Room       Monica                                            20371
                                    Cross-town Traffic      Jimi Hendrix                                      50016
                                               Crossfire    Brandon Flowers                                   55413
                                               Crossfire    Stevie Ray Vaughn                                 01100
                                            Crossroads      Blazin Squad                                      04707
                                         Cruel Summer       Ace Of Base                                       01684
                                         Cruel Summer       Bananarama                                        55314
                                      Cruel To Be Kind      Nick Lowe                                         50274
                                                 Cruisin'   Huey Lewis & Gwenyth Paltrow                      20635
                                                 Cruisin'   Smokey Robinson                                   11010
                                       Crumblin' Down       John Cougar Mellencamp                            53952
                                                   Crush    Dave Archuleta                                    55448
                                                   Crush    Dave Matthews Band                                20428
                                                   Crush    Jennifer Paige                                    11011
                                                   Crush    Lila McCann                                       23860
                                                   Crush    Mandy Moore                                       08849
                                          Crush On You      Daniel O'Donnell                                  54784
                                          Crush On You      Jets, The                                         14322
                                         Crush Tonight      Fat Joe & Ginuwine                                05319
                                                      Cry   Alex Parks                                        04899
                                                      Cry   Crystal Gayle                                     22495
                                                      Cry   Faith Hill                                        10083
                                                      Cry   Johnnie Ray                                       01160
                                                      Cry   Kelly Clarkson                                    55396
                                                      Cry   Kym Marsh                                         04772
                                                      Cry   Mandy Moore                                       17410
                                                      Cry   Rihanna                                           52898
                                                      Cry   Timi Yuro                                         08472
                     Cry (you Can Change The World)         Michael Jackson                                   04604
                                               Cry Baby     Janis Joplin                                      01497
                          Cry Baby/Piece Of My Heart        Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone                    53274
                                            Cry For You     Jodeci                                            05949
                                            Cry For You     September                                         55437
                                Cry From The Blood, A       Freemans, The                                     23023
                                        Cry Like A Baby     Box Tops                                          01200
                                        Cry Like A Baby     Kasey Chambers                                    24920
                                  Cry Like A Rainstorm      Linda Ronstadt                                    08975
                                        Cry Little Sister   (Movie Soundtrack) Lost Boys - Gerald McMann      55219
                                         Cry Me A River     Julie London                                      11015
                                         Cry Me A River     Justin Timberlake                                 53046
                                         Cry Me A River     Meri Wilson                                       03644
                     Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road        Martina McBride                                   22619
                                                Cry Wolf    Victoria Shaw                                     00465
                                           Cry, Cry, Cry    Highway 101                                       09305
                                                Crybaby     Mariah Carey                                      08711
                                       Cryin Game, The      Sara Evans                                        08040
                                                   Cryin'   Aerosmith                                         51739
                                           Cryin' Game      Sara Evans                                        06943
                                                  Crying    Don Mclean                                        21775
                                                  Crying    Roy Orbison                                       52948
                           Crying At The Discotheque        Alcazar                                           04612
                                     Crying Game, The       Boy George                                        11017
                                     Crying Game, The       Dave Berry                                        03312
                            Crying Holy Unto The Lord       Bill Monroe                                       23036
                                  Crying In The Chapel      Elvis Presley                                     08298
                                    Crying In The Rain      Everly Brothers                                   03318
                             Crying My Heart Out Over       Ricky Skaggs                                      50647

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          Crying Time      Lorrie Morgan                                   22454
                                          Crying Time      Ray Charles                                     11019
                                           Crystal Ball    Styx                                            53906
                             Crystal Blue Persuasion       Tommy James & The Shondelles                    10416
                                  Crystal Chandeliers      Charley Pride                                   04370
                                          Crystal Ship     Doors                                           17046
                               Cuando Caliente El Sol      Vikki Carr                                      00084
                            Cuando Vuela A Tu Lado         Luis Miguel                                     02330
                                                 Cucala    (Spanish Traditional)                           02341
                                 Cucurucucu Paloma         Julio Iglesias                                  00087
                                               Cuddley     Toy Rochford                                    03897
                                   Cult Of Personality     Living Color                                    11021
                                 Cum Hear The Band         April Wine                                      50749
                              Cum On Feel The Noize        Quiet Riot                                      53809
                                     Cumberland Gap        Lonnie Donegan                                  03320
                                         Cumbersome        Seven Mary Three                                51960
                          Cumbia De La Media Noche         (Spanish Traditional)                           02331
                                      Cup Of Life, The     Ricky Martin                                    20414
                                                  Cupid    Johnny Nash                                     03690
                                                  Cupid    Sam Cooke                                       13753
                                   Cupid's Chokehold       Gym Class Heroes & Patrick Stump                54821
                                    Curbside Prophet       Jason Mraz                                      53213
                                         Cut The Cake      Average White Band                              01838
                                              Cutie Pie    One Way                                         13786
                                      Cuts Both Ways       Gloria Estefan                                  17531
                                     Cuts Like A Knife     Bryan Adams                                     15338
                                          Cuts You Up      Peter Murphy                                    55205
                                          D. I. S. C. O.   Ottawan                                         03169
                                          D.i.v.o.r.c.e.   Tammy Wynette                                   51402
                           D'you Know What I Mean          Oasis                                           54132
                                             Da Da Da      Trio                                            04956
                                      Da Doo Ron Ron       Crystals                                        15975
                                    Daddy And Home         Tanya Tucker                                    09378
                              Daddy Can You See Me         Anita Cochran                                   23310
                                           Daddy Cool      Boney M                                         02273
                       Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast        Wayne Newton                                    01585
                                          Daddy Frank      Merle Haggard                                   22211
                   Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind       Confederate Railroad                            08494
                                    Daddy Sang Bass        Johnny Cash                                     11023
                          Daddy Won't Sell The Farm        Montgomery Gentry                               22733
                               Daddy's Come Around         Paul Overstreet                                 11024
                                       Daddy's Hands       Holly Dunn                                      11025
                                        Daddy's Home       Shep & The Limelites                            00358
                                    Daddy's Little Girl    Al Martino                                      00887
                                    Daddy's Little Girl    Kippi Brannon                                   01413
                                       Daddy's Money       Ricochet                                        50390
                                            Daisy Jane     America                                         06164
                                                 Dallas    Alan Jackson                                    22402
                                             Damaged       TLC                                             10519
                                               Dammit      Blink 182                                       04963
                                       Dammit, Janet       Rocky Horror Picture Show                       54212
                       Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover        Sophie B. Hawkins                               17597
                                           Damn Right      Terri Clark                                     52414
                       Damn Right I've Got The Blues       Buddy Guy                                       01795
                                                 Damn!     Youngbloodz Feat. Lil Jon                       44838
                                                 Dance     Twister Alley                                   08513
                                 Dance Dance Dance         Chic                                            03848
                                         Dance Desire      Haywire                                         50781
                                 Dance Floor Anthem        Good Charlotte                                  53516
                                         Dance For Me      Mary J. Blige & Common & the Jimmy Jam          09924
                                         Dance For Me      Sisqo                                           04541
                                      Dance Hall Days      Wang Chung                                      51977

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   Dance In The Boat      Kinleys, The                                23510
                                   Dance Little Sister    Terrence Trent D'Arby                       03396
                                         Dance Naked      John Cougar Mellencamp                      17047
                               Dance The Night Away       Mavericks                                   06935
                               Dance The Night Away       Van Halen                                   51712
                                  Dance To The Music      Sly & The Family Stone                      10410
                                        Dance Tonight     Paul McCartney                              54858
                                       Dance With Me      112                                         09860
                                       Dance With Me      Debelah Morgan                              20627
                                       Dance With Me      Jennifer Lopez                              06353
                 Dance With Me (just One More Time)       Johnny Rodriguez                            22567
                                Dance With My Father      Kellie Coffey                               52183
                                Dance With My Father      Luther Vandross                             06553
                Dance With The One That Brought You       Shania Twain                                08969
                                         Dance With U     Lemar                                       04831
                                         Dance, Dance     Fall Out Boy                                54692
                                            Dance, The    Garth Brooks                                51649
                             Dance: Ten, Looks: Three     A Chorus Line                               01286
                                          Dancin' Fool    Guess Who                                   51835
                            Dancin' In The Key Of Life    Steve Arrington                             03499
                             Dancin' In The Moonlight     King Harvest                                50329
                          Dancin' Your Memory Away        Charly McClain                              22503
                  Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard      Alabama                                     01488
                                    Dancing In Circles    Love & Theft                                55364
                                 Dancing In The Dark      Bruce Springsteen                           54304
                            Dancing In The Moonlight      Toploader                                   04470
                               Dancing In The Streets     (Duet) David Bowie & Mick Jagger            03089
                               Dancing In The Streets     Martha & The Vandellas                      50930
                        Dancing On A Saturday Night       Barry Blue                                  04420
                                       Dancing Queen      Abba                                        11029
                                 Dancing With Myself      Billy Idol                                  11030
                                              Dang Me     Roger Miller                                17704
                                                Danger    Erykah Badu                                 44878
                                          Danger Zone     Kenny Loggins                               11031
                                            Dangerous     Roxette                                     11032
                                 Dangerously In Love      Beyonce                                     12605
                                       Dani California    Red Hot Chili Peppers                       54731
                                                 Daniel   Elton John                                  11033
                                         Danke Shoen      Wayne Newton                                02080
                                            Danny Boy     (Standards / Traditional)                   11034
                                            Danny Boy     Elvis Presley                               01591
                                            Danny Boy     Eva Cassidy                                 52989
                                         Danny's Song     Anne Murray                                 22250
                                         Danny's Song     Kenny Loggins                               50313
                                               Dare Me    Junior Jack & Shena                         54822
                                               Dare Me    Pointer Sisters                             51371
                                       Dare To Dream      Jo Dee Messina                              09915
                                    Dare You To Move      Switchfoot                                  54483
                               Dark End Of The Street     Commitments                                 54144
                                      Dark Eyed Molly     Eva Cassidy                                 52973
                                          Dark Hollow     Bill Monroe                                 22165
                                            Dark Horse    Amanda Marshall                             50776
                                            Dark Horse    Mila Mason                                  06817
                                             Dark Lady    Cher                                        51600
                                                Darlin'   Backstreet Boys                             20408
                                         Darling Nikki    Foo Fighters                                05266
                                               Datz Me    Youngbloodz & Young                         05693
                                              Daughter    Pearl Jam                                   51512
                                Daughter Of Darkness      Tom Jones                                   01646
                              Daughter Rosie O'grady      (Irish Traditional)                         45167
                                             Daughters    John Mayer                                  53236
                                           Day & Night    Billie Piper                                04411

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          Day & Night    Isyss & Jadakiss                            09950
                                        Day After Day    Badfinger                                   51970
                                           Day By Day    Doug & The Slugs                            51909
                                           Day By Day    Frank Sinatra                               00698
                               Day I Fall In Love, The   Dolly Parton & James Ingram                 00328
                                    Day In The Life, A   Beatles, The                                10729
                                      Day In, Day Out    David Kersh                                 21970
                              Day That She Left Tulsa    Wade Hayes                                  23403
                        Day That The Rains Came, The     Jane Morgan                                 03426
                                           Day Tripper   Beatles, The                                11036
                        Day We Caught The Train, The     Ocean Colour Scene                          03414
                                    Day-O Beetlejuice    Harry Belafonte                             00193
                                             Daybreak    Barry Manilow                               07766
                        Daydream (what A Day For A)      Lovin' Spoonful                             02666
                                   Daydream Believer     Monkees                                     50932
                                          Daydreamin'    Lupe Fiasco                                 54782
                                          Daydreamin'    Tatyana Ali                                 04108
                                         Daydreaming     Cam'ron                                     05327
                       Daydreams About Night Things      Ronnie Milsap                               09424
                                      Daylight Fading    Counting Crows                              06004
                                         Daylight Katy   Gordon Lightfoot                            51875
                                                  Days   Kirsty McCall                               03165
                                           Days Go By    Dirty Vegas                                 09928
                                           Days Go By    Keith Urban                                 52190
                                       Days In Avalon    Richard Marx                                08759
                                        Days Like This   Rachel Proctor                              52080
                                     Days Of America     Blackhawk                                   09814
                                    Days Of Our Lives    James Otto                                  53679
                                    Days Of The Week     Stone Temple Pilots                         09670
                                     Days Of Thunder     Brooks & Dunn                               02735
                                Days Of Wine & Roses     (Movie Soundtrack)                          11038
                             Days Of Wine And Roses      Andy Williams                               51270
                                           Daysleeper    R.E.M.                                      06135
                                    Dazed & Confused     Led Zeppelin                                02968
                             De Do Do Do, De Da Da D     Police                                      53916
                                    De Punta A Punta     (Spanish Traditional)                       02326
                                         Deacon Blues    Steely Dan                                  51640
                                      Dead And Gone      T.I. & Justin Timberlake                    52892
                                          Dead Babies    Alice Cooper                                54281
                                         Dead Flowers    Miranda Lambert                             52853
                          Dead From The Waist Down       Catatonia                                   04169
                    Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground     White Stripes                               10033
                                Dead Ringer For Love     Meat Loaf                                   03070
                                            Dear Diary   Britney Spears                              17369
                                            Dear Heart   Elton John                                  17782
                                            Dear Heart   Tom Jones                                   02137
                                             Dear John   Hank Williams Sr.                           23242
                                  Dear John Letter, A    Jean Shepard                                22517
                                              Dear Lie   TLC                                         20596
                                           Dear Mama     2pac                                        11040
                                              Dear Me    Lorrie Morgan                               09194
                                     Dear Mr. Fantasy    Traffic                                     50062
                                   Dear Mr. President    Pink                                        54869
                                    Dear Old Donegal     (Irish Traditional)                         45165
                                       Dear Prudence     Beatles, The                                05915
                                    Death Of A Clown     Dave Davies                                 03810
                       Decade Under The Influence, A     Taking Back Sunday                          54528
                                             December    Collective Soul                             15055
                                        December '63     Four Seasons, The                           50998
                                        December '63     Frankie Valli                               50862
                    December 1963 (oh What A Night)      Four Seasons, The                           21755
                                        Deck Of Cards    Wink Martindale                             04128

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        Deck The Halls     (Christmas)                                    09758
                                        Deck The Halls     Nat King Cole                                  15894
                       Dedicated Follower Of Fashion       Kinks, The                                     03311
                               Dedicated To The One I      Shirelles                                      51101
                        Dedicated To The One I Love        Mamas & The Papas                              10485
                                     Deep Deep Down        Hepburn                                        04364
                                            Deep Down      Pam Tillis                                     06718
                         Deep In The Heart Of Texas        (Standards / Traditional)                      11043
                                           Deep Inside     (Duet) Mary J. Blige & George Michael          04990
                                           Deep Inside     Mary J. Blige                                  08668
                                   Deep Inside Of You      Third Eye Blind                                20630
                                   Deeper And Deeper       Madonna                                        17856
                                        Deeper Love, A     Aretha Franklin                                03243
                                Deeper Shade Of Blue       Steps                                          04381
                              Deeper Than The Holler       Randy Travis                                   09318
                                 Deeper Underground        Jamiroquai                                     04054
                                          Deeply Dippy     Right Said Fred                                03064
                                              Defy You     Offspring, The                                 09818
                                                Deja Vu    Beyonce & Jay-Z                                55128
                                                 Delilah   Tom Jones                                      55567
                                                 Delirio   (Spanish Traditional)                          02310
                                           Deliverance     Bubba Sparxxx                                  05083
                                           Delta Dawn      Helen Reddy                                    11045
                                           Delta Dawn      Tanya Tucker                                   51103
                                             Delta Lady    Joe Cocker                                     03520
                                     Demon Speeding        Rob Zombie                                     05183
                                     Denial Twist, The     White Stripes                                  54703
                                                  Denis    Blondie                                        03247
                                                 Denise    Randy & The Rainbows                           15073
                              Denney, Kevin - Year At      Kevin Denney                                   52135
                                                Dentist    Little Shop Of Horrors                         54207
                                                  Deny     Default                                        05164
                                        Der Kommissar      After The Fire                                 14035
                                           Desert Rose     Sting                                          54182
                                    Design For Life, A     Manic Street Preachers                         03627
                                                 Desire    U2                                             20490
                                             Desperado     Alice Cooper                                   54272
                                             Desperado     Clint Black                                    09269
                                             Desperado     Eagles                                         53608
                                             Desperado     Linda Ronstadt                                 08977
                           Desperate But Not Serious       Adam Ant                                       48027
                                           Desperately     George Strait                                  52141
                                Destination Anywhere       Commitments                                    54145
                                 Destination Unknown       Missing Persons                                53886
                                 Destination Unknown       Victor Sanz                                    24863
                                                Destiny    Jim Brickman                                   01852
                         Detachable P#n#s (explicit)       King Missile                                   53981
                                            Detroit City   Bobby Bare                                     22511
                                            Detroit City   Tom Jones                                      06049
                                       Devil Gate Drive    Suzi Quatro                                    03135
                                     Devil In Disguise     Elvis Presley                                  11048
                       Devil In The Wishing Well, The      Five For Fighting                              30379
                                 Devil In Wishing Well     Five For Fighting                              53230
                                           Devil Inside    INXS                                           53715
                                  Devil Went Down To       Charlie Daniels Band                           50800
                        Devil With The Blue Dress On       Mitch Ryder                                    20964
                                          Devil Woman      Cliff Richard                                  51015
                                          Devil Woman      Marty Robbins                                  50615
                                       Devoted To You      Everly Brothers                                21311
                                          Diamond Girl     Seals & Croft                                  11049
                                  Diamond In Da Ruff       Jaheim                                         05388
                                 Diamond In The Back       Ludacris                                       12606

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Diamonds & Guns         Transplants, The                               05202
                                  Diamonds And Pearls         Prince                                         21503
                           Diamonds Are A Girls Best F        Marilyn Monroe                                 13566
                               Diamonds On The Inside         Ben Harper                                     05077
                                                     Diana    Paul Anka                                      11050
                                                     Diane    Bachelors, The                                 03765
                                                     Diary    Alicia Keys Ft Tony! Toni! Tone!               45499
                                                     Diary    Bread                                          06193
                                            Diary Of Jane     Breaking Benjamin                              54750
                         Did I Shave My Legs For This?        Deana Carter                                   22074
                                          Did It For Love     Sawyer Brown                                   24787
                             Did She Mention My Name          Gordon Lightfoot                               51862
                                             Did You Ever     (Duet) Nancy Sinatra                           03342
                                 Did Your Mother Come         (Irish Traditional)                            45177
                 Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way         K. T. Oslin                                    24648
                                                   Didn't I   Rachel Proctor                                 52132
                   Didn't I Blow Your Mind (this Time)        Delfonics                                      01960
                                                Didn't We     Frank Sinatra                                  50995
                          Didn't We Almost Have It All        Whitney Houston                                20340
                                        Die Another Day       Madonna                                        53028
                                  Die Of A Broken Heart       Carolyn Dawn Johnson                           52187
                                Die With Your Boots On        Toby Keith                                     07021
                                              Differences     Ginuwine                                       09790
                                        Different Beat, A     Boyzone                                        03639
                                         Different Breed      Carter's Chord                                 52743
                                     Different Corner, A      George Michael                                 03650
                                          Different Drum      Linda Ronstadt                                 11051
                                  Different Kind Of Pain      Cold                                           54702
                                       Different Strokes      (TV Theme)                                     15788
                                         Different World      (TV Theme)                                     15794
                                         Different World      Bucky Covington                                52530
                                                    Dig In    Lenny Kravitz                                  09705
                                         Dig Two Graves       Randy Travis                                   52727
                                          Diggin' On You      TLC                                            20595
                                       Diggin' Up Bones       Randy Travis                                   51416
                                              Digital Bath    Deftones                                       09640
                                                   Dignity    Deacon Blue                                    04272
                                                 Dilemma      Nelly                                          10010
                                      Dim All The Lights      Donna Summer                                   11053
                                                    Dime?     (Spanish Traditional)                          02301
                      Ding Dong Daddy Of The D-car Li         Cherry Poppin' Daddies                         02869
                                               Dip It Low     Christina Milian                               45501
                                                     Dirrty   Christina Aguilera                             10057
                                 Dirt Off Your Shoulder       Jay-Z                                          54958
                                           Dirt Road, The     Sawyer Brown                                   08509
                                Dirty Deeds Done Dirt C       AC/DC                                          53726
                                                 Dirty Girl   Terri Clark                                    52553
                                           Dirty Laundry      Don Henley                                     50196
                                       Dirty Little Secret    All-American Rejects                           45968
                                        Dirty Little Thing    Velvet Revolver                                54598
                                                Dirty Love    Frank Zappa                                    50025
                                             Dirty Picture    Taio Cruz & Kesha                              55414
                                               Dirty Polka    Dirty Polka Band                               51925
                                              Dirty Water     Made In London                                 04413
                                              Dirty Water     Standells                                      05898
                                         Dirty White Boy      Foreigner                                      50517
                                               Dirty Work     Steely Dan                                     51644
                                Disappear (pop Remix)         Hoobastank                                     52225
                                               Disco 2000     Pulp                                           03216
                                              Disco Down      Shed Seven                                     04219
                                               Disco Duck     Rick Dees                                      17293
                                            Disco Inferno     50 Cent                                        05629

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           Disco Inferno    Trammps                                    06368
                                              Disco Lady    Johnnie Taylor                             11054
             Disco Medley - I Will Survive/Funky Town       Selena                                     06208
                              Disco Nights (rock Freak      GQ                                         50370
                               Disconnected (out Of To      Trapt                                      54661
                                                 Disease    Matchbox 20                                53030
                                              Disillusion   Badly Drawn Boy                            04492
                                               Dissident    Pearl Jam                                  51514
                                           Distance, The    Evan & Jaron                               09803
                                          Distant Drums     Jim Reeves                                 23229
                                               Disturbia    Rihanna                                    55428
                                                    Dixie   (Standards / Traditional)                  11056
                                           Dixie Chicken    Garth Brooks                               16351
                                           Dixie Chicken    Little Feat                                11057
                                          Dixie Lullabye    Pat Green                                  52537
                                       Dixie On My Mind     Hank Williams Jr.                          13840
                                    Dixie Rose Deluxe's     Treat Willmon                              45587
                                    Dixie Rose Deluxe's     Trent Willmon                              52206
                                       Dixieland Delight    Alabama                                    22038
                                                    Dizzy   Goo Goo Dolls                              20430
                                                    Dizzy   Tommy Roe                                  08367
                                                       Dj   H & Claire                                 55201
                                DJ Got Us Falling In Lo     Usher & Pitbull                            55394
                                    DJ Play A Love Song     Jamie Foxx & Twista                        55109
                                             Do For Love    2pac & Eric Will Will                      01942
                                                     Do I   Luke Bryan                                 52850
                              Do I Have To Cry For You      Nick Carter                                53051
                                 Do I Love You Enough       Ricochet                                   24367
                                   Do I Make You Proud      Taylor Hicks                               53400
                                                    Do It   Nelly Furtado                              54884
                              Do It 'til You're Satisfied   BT Express                                 11060
                                             Do It Again    Steely Dan                                 51634
                                          Do It For Love    Hall & Oates                               06410
                                              Do It To It   Cherish & Sean Paul                        55125
                                             Do It To Me    Lionel Richie                              17784
                                              Do It Well    Jennifer Lopez                             54894
                                    Do It With Madonna      Arnolds                                    53090
                                    Do It With Madonna      Androids, The                              10509
                                                   Do Me    Bell Biv Devoe                             11061
                                           Do Me Wrong      Melanie Blatt                              04829
                             Do Right Woman Do Right        Commitments                                54149
                       Do Right Woman, Do Right Man         Aretha Franklin                            11062
                        Do That To Me One More Time         Captain & Tennille                         21770
                                               Do That...   Baby & P. Diddy                            10328
                                         Do The Bearcat     David Wilcox                               51810
                                           Do The Conga     Black Lace                                 03284
                                         Do The Lollipop    Tweenies                                   04561
                               Do Wah Diddy (explicit)      2 Live Crew                                53986
                                        Do What You Do      Martina McBride                            24930
                                 Do What You Gotta Do       Garth Brooks                               51678
                                                   Do Ya    K. T. Oslin                                22023
                                  Do Ya Think I'm Sexy      Rod Stewart                                13910
                         Do You Believe In Loneliness       Marc Anthony                               06430
                               Do You Believe In Magic      Lovin' Spoonful                            11065
                                  Do You Call My Name       Ra                                         54370
                             Do You Hear What I Hear?       (Christmas)                                21532
                             Do You Hear What I Hear?       (Christmas) Whitney Houston                07723
                             Do You Hear What I Hear?       Anne Murray                                16032
                             Do You Hear What I Hear?       Vanessa Williams                           54043
                         Do You Know (what It Takes)        Robyn                                      16954
                            Do You Know How It Feels        McKameys, The                              22841
                    Do You Know The Way To San Jose         Dionne Warwick                             20927

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                    Do You Love As Good As You Look        Bellamy Brothers                            22659
                                       Do You Love Me      Brian Poole & The                           03259
                                       Do You Love Me      Contours                                    00303
                                          Do You Love?     Natalie Imbruglia                           06377
                                 Do You Really Like It     Dj Pied Piper                               04539
                       Do You Really Want To Hurt Me       Culture Club                                21816
                                    Do You Remember        Phil Collins                                50552
                                 Do You Right Tonight      Eddie Rabbitt                               23268
                                         Do You Sleep?     Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories                    51808
                                            Do You Still   East 17                                     03220
                       Do You Still Want To Buy Me Th      Lorrie Morgan                               05443
                                 Do You Wanna Dance        Barry Blue                                  04421
                         Do You Wanna Go To Heaven         T. G. Sheppard                              24806
                              Do You Wanna Hold Me?        Bow Wow Wow                                 53894
                 Do You Wanna Make Something Of It         Jo Dee Messina                              21905
                              Do You Want Fries With       Tim McGraw                                  52330
                                       Do You Want To      Franz Ferdinand                             54670
                                Do You Want To Dance       Bobby Freeman                               01151
                       Do You Want To Know A Secret        Beatles, The                                11067
                       Do You Want To Know A Secret        Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas               03596
                            Do You Want To Touch Me        Gary Glitter                                03224
                                               Do-re-mi    (Movie Soundtrack)                          11092
                                                    DOA    Foo Fighters                                54669
                                                     Doa   Loverboy                                    51898
                                      Dock Of The Bay      Otis Redding                                50828
                                          Doctor Doctor    Thompson Twins                              16854
                                           Doctor Jones    Aqua                                        03990
                                        Doctor My Eyes     Jackson Browne                              50353
                                            Doctor Time    Rick Trevino                                15637
                                       Doctor's Orders     Carol Douglas                               06369
               Does Anybody Really Know What Time I        Chicago                                     01446
                Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind       George Strait                               09095
                      Does He Have To Bear The Cross       (Gospel)                                    22939
                                     Does He Love You      (Duet) Reba McEntire & Linda Davis          51383
                       Does My Ring Burn Your Finger       Lee Ann Womack                              08030
                        Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger      Charley Pride                               22242
               Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You       Toby Keith                                  15390
                Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flav       Lonnie Donegan                              21331
                              Does Your Mother Know        Abba                                        01955
                                 Doesn't Really Matter     Janet Jackson                               20585
                                    Doesn't Remind Me      Audioslave                                  45981
                                    Dog Days Are Over      Florence & The Machine                      55510
                                Doggie In The Window       Patti Page                                  11068
                                                Doing It   Liberty X                                   04619
                              Doing It All For My Baby     Huey Lewis & The News                       17534
                                         Doing It Right    Powder Blues                                51904
                                       Doing Too Much      Paula Deanda & Baby Bash                    55134
                                     Dollar Wine Dance     (Standards / Traditional)                   01226
                                             Dollar, The   Jamey Johnson                               52381
                                     Dolphin's Cry, The    Live                                        08644
                              Domestic Light And Cold      Dierks Bentley                              52338
                                                Domino     Van Morrison                                50530
                                        Domino Theory      Steve Wariner                               24153
                                           Don Quixote     Gordon Lightfoot                            51878
                                                  Don't    Billy Currington                            52699
                                                  Don't    Elvis Presley                               08242
                                                  Don't    Jewel                                       53691
                               Don't Waste Your Time       Kelly Clarkson                              54932
                            Don't Ask Me How I Know        Bobby Pinson                                52297
                                     Don't Ask Me Why      Billy Joel                                  53937
                                         Don't Be Cruel    Cheap Trick                                 11069
                                         Don't Be Cruel    Elvis Presley                               50816

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Don't Be Cruel    Judds, The                                       51412
                                        Don't Be Stupid    Shania Twain                                     51585
                     Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand      Tanya Tucker                                     09380
                                            Don't Blink    Kenny Chesney                                    52598
                                           Don't Bother    Shakira                                          53334
                                  Don't Break My Heart     UB40                                             03651
                              Don't Break My Heart Ag      Pat Green                                        52229
                 Don't Break The Heart That Loves You      Connie Francis                                   22548
                                       Don't Bring Lulu    Dorothy Previne                                  03660
                                  Don't Bring Me Down      Animals, The                                     01251
                                  Don't Bring Me Down      Electric Light Orchestra                         14502
                                     Don't Call Me Baby    Madison Avenue                                   04414
                                              Don't Cha    Pussycat Dolls                                   55001
                                          Don't Change     Musiq Soulchild                                  05309
                             Don't Cheat In Our Home       Ricky Skaggs                                     50658
                                 Don't Close Your Eyes     Keith Whitley                                    51420
                     Don't Come Around Here No More        Tom Petty                                        14892
                              Don't Come Cryin' To Me      Vince Gill                                       54307
                          Don't Come Home A Drinkin'       Loretta Lynn                                     08372
                                               Don't Cry   Seal                                             01039
                                       Don't Cry Daddy     Elvis Presley                                    11071
                               Don't Cry For Me Argent     Madonna                                          50501
                                          Don't Cry Joni   (Duet) Conway Twitty & Joni Lee Jenkins          06855
                                          Don't Cry Joni   Conway Twitty                                    22537
                                    Don't Cry Out Loud     Melissa Manchester                               51125
                                 Don't Do Me Like That     Tom Petty                                        21769
                                  Don't Do Me No Good      Gretchen Wilson                                  52701
                                 Don't Dream It's Over     Crowded House                                    50356
                                 Don't Dream It's Over     Sixpence None The Richer                         05059
                                   Don't Ever Touch Me     Dionne Farris                                    02705
                    Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer      Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes                        11072
                                 Don't Fear The Reaper     Blue Oyster Cult                                 11073
                                     Don't Fence Me In     Bing Crosby                                      50345
                                     Don't Fence Me In     Lari White                                       15388
                                     Don't Fence Me In     Pete Seeger                                      01262
                                 Don't Forget About Us     Mariah Carey                                     55053
                    Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)        Glass Tiger                                      15316
                            Don't Forget To Remembe        Carrie Underwood                                 52420
                              Don't Get Above Your Ra      Ricky Skaggs                                     50659
                            Don't Get Around Much An       Nat King Cole                                    51190
                      Don't Get Around Much Anymore        Duke Ellington                                   01341
                      Don't Get Around Much Anymore        Willie Nelson                                    08614
                                  Don't Get Me Started     Rhett Akins                                      53631
                                   Don't Get Me Wrong      Pretenders, The                                  53833
                                Don't Give Me Your Life    Alex Party                                       03103
                                          Don't Give Up    Chicane & Bryan Ada                              04380
                                          Don't Give Up    Shannon & Natalie Noll                           53492
                                Don't Give Us A Reason     Hank Williams Jr.                                23237
                                                Don't Go   Yazoo                                            03576
                                Don't Go (girls And Boy    Fefe Dobson                                      53206
                                         Don't Go Away     Oasis                                            04957
                                    Don't Go Away Mad      Motley Crue                                      54013
                           Don't Go Breakin' My Heart      Elton John & Kiki Dee                            50960
                        Don't Go Knocking On My Door       Britney Spears                                   17362
                                           Don't Go Out    Tanya Tucker & T. Graham Brown                   08225
                                   Don't Happen Twice      Kenny Chesney                                    22804
                               Don't It Make My Brown      Crystal Gayle                                    51184
                                Don't It Make You Feel     Headpins                                         50735
                            Don't Keep Me Hangin' On       Sonny James                                      21176
                                      Don't Know Much      (Duet) Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville            08204
                             Don't Know What You Got       Cinderella                                       15180
                                       Don't Know Why      Norah Jones                                      55299

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Don't Laugh At Me     Mark Wills                                  08042
                                      Don't Leave Home      Dido                                        53205
                                         Don't Leave Me     Blackstreet                                 16922
                               Don't Leave Me This Way      Communards, The                             04274
                               Don't Leave Me This Way      Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes              03797
                               Don't Leave Me This Way      Thelma Houston                              06053
                                            Don't Let Go    David Sneddon                               04784
                                     Don't Let Go (love)    En Vogue                                    16709
                                       Don't Let Him Go     REO Speedwagon                              53903
                                 Don't Let It Go To Your    Fefe Dobson                                 53312
                                 Don't Let Me Be Lonely     James Taylor                                50273
                        Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood       Animals, The                                11076
                        Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood       Santa Esmeralda                             15810
                     Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know       Britney Spears                              17361
                                Don't Let Me Cross Over     Carl & Pearl Butler                         21172
                                     Don't Let Me Down      Kortney Kayle                               20305
                                     Don't Let Me Down      Sisters Wade                                24262
                                     Don't Let Me Down      Will Young                                  04739
                                    Don't Let Me Get Me     Pink                                        55203
                                 Don't Let Our Love Star    Vince Gill                                  54310
                    Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying      Gerry & The Pacemakers                      11077
                               Don't Let The Sun Go Do      Elton John                                  50952
                     Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me        (Duet) George Michael & Elton John          17725
                                                Don't Lie   Black Eyed Peas                             55055
                                                Don't Lie   Trace Adkins                                22710
                                Don't Listen To The Rad     Vines                                       54736
                                 Don't Look Any Further     M People                                    03149
                              Don't Look Back In Anger      Oasis                                       16668
                     Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine        Tracy Byrd                                  23296
                                          Don't Make Me     Blake Shelton                               52510
                                     Don't Make Me Beg      Steve Holly                                 07800
             Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love         George Strait                               22789
                                    Don't Make Me Over      Dionne Warwick                              01541
                                            Don't Matter    Akon                                        53471
                                    Don't Mean Nothing      Richard Marx                                15342
                                    Don't Mess With Bill    Marvelettes, The                            11079
                               Don't Mess With My Man       Nivea & Brian & Brandon Casey               10040
                          Don't Need The Sun To Shine       Gabrielle                                   04591
                                      Don't Need You To     Samantha Mumba                              17389
                                             Don't Panic    Coldplay                                    04443
                                Don't Pay The Ferryman      Chris De Burgh                              54134
                                   Don't Play That Song     Aretha Franklin                             11080
                                   Don't Pull Your Love     Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds              21676
                               Don't Rain On My Parade      Barbra Streisand                            08537
                                Don't Rock The Jukebox      Alan Jackson                                09130
                                     Don't Say Goodbye      Paulina Rubio                               09929
                             Don't Say No, Just Say Yes     Avant                                       10039
                                       Don't Say Nuthin     Roots                                       45506
                                      Don't Shed A Tear     Paul Carrack                                11083
                                  Don't Shoot Me Santa      Killers                                     54912
                            Don't Sit Under The Apple T     Andrews Sisters                             13581
                                            Don't Speak     No Doubt                                    16698
                            Don't Stand So Close To Me      Police                                      21780
                             Don't Stay Away Too Long       Peters & Lee                                03838
                                              Don't Stop    Fleetwood Mac                               11084
                                              Don't Stop    Rolling Stones, The                         10072
                                              Don't Stop    Wade Hayes                                  24834
                         Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough     Michael Jackson                             11085
                                    Don't Stop (96 Mix)     Outhere Brothers, The                       03406
                                     Don't Stop Believin    Journey                                     51748
                          Don't Stop Breaking My Heart      (Duet) Ty Herndon & Tanya Tucker            05445
                                     Don't Stop Dancing     Creed                                       53044

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Don't Stop Movin'    Livin' Joy                                   03409
                                      Don't Stop Movin'    S Club 7                                     55291
                                  Don't Stop The Music     Rihanna                                      54885
                          Don't Take Away My Heaven        Aaron Neville                                11086
                           Don't Take Away The Music       Tavares                                      03365
                      Don't Take Her She's All I've Got    Tracy Byrd                                   21931
                                    Don't Take It Away     Conway Twitty                                22549
                                    Don't Take The Girl    Tim McGraw                                   21975
                       Don't Take Your Guns To Town        Johnny Cash                                  23260
                                          Don't Tell Her   Jeff Dugan                                   22673
                                       Don't Tell Mama     Cabaret                                      15825
                                          Don't Tell Me    Avril Lavigne                                12812
                                          Don't Tell Me    Lee Ann Womack                               07777
                                          Don't Tell Me    Madonna                                      51336
                                Don't Tell Me It's Love    Marc Anthony                                 06431
                              Don't Tell Me What To Do     Pam Tillis                                   22071
                            Don't Tell Me You're Sorry     S Club 8                                     04879
                               Don't Think I Can't Love    Jake Owen                                    52736
                                   Don't Think I'm Not     Kandi                                        20682
                                Don't Think Twice, It's    Eric Clapton                                 50250
                        Don't Think Twice, It's Alright    (Duet) Eric Clapton & Bob Dylan              48628
                                   Don't Toss Us Away      Patty Loveless                               09221
                                        Don't Touch Me     Jeannie Seely                                22232
                           Don't Treat Me Like A Child     Helen Shapiro                                03549
                                         Don't Trust Me    3oh!3                                        55463
                                     Don't Turn Around     Ace Of Base                                  00576
                              Don't Turn Off The Lights    Enrique Iglesias                             09979
                                             Don't Wait    Dashboard Confessional                       54754
                              Don't Wanna Fall In Love     Jane Child                                   50490
                               Don't Wanna Let You Go      5ive                                         04351
                                Don't Wanna Lose You       Gloria Estefan                               14643
                                Don't Wanna Lose You       Lionel Richie                                01133
                             Don't Wanna Think About       Simple Plan                                  53182
                                       Don't Wanna Try     Frankie J                                    10523
                               Don't Want To Be A Fool     Luther Vandross                              01321
                       Don't Want To Forgive Me Now        Wet Wet Wet                                  03161
                               Don't Want To Live With     Foreigner                                    50515
                         Don't Want To Lose You Now        Gloria Estefan                               00827
                                  Don't Waste My Time      Little Big Town                              09908
                               Don't Waste Your Heart      Dixie Chicks                                 51541
                                           Don't Worry     Appleton                                     04756
                                           Don't Worry     Chingy & Janet Jack                          05680
                                           Don't Worry     Marty Robbins                                50621
                             Don't Worry 'bout A Thing     Shedaisy                                     52291
                                 Don't Worry 'bout Me      Janie Fricke                                 22473
                                      Don't Worry Baby     Beach Boys, The                              11087
                                      Don't Worry Baby     Lorrie Morgan & Beach Boys                   05920
                                Don't Worry, Be Happy      Bobby McFerrin                               11088
                          Don't You - Forget About Me      Simple Minds                                 11089
                                         Don't You Care    Buckinghams                                  02651
                 Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurtin')     Ronnie Milsap                                09430
                                    Don't You Forget It    Glenn Lewis                                  09926
               Don't You Know What The Night Can Do        Steve Winwood                                02676
                              Don't You Know You're B      Kellie Pickler                               52691
                                      Don't You Think?     Natalie Imbruglia                            06170
                                 Don't You Wanna Feel      Rogue Traders                                53542
                                   Don't You Want Me?      (Duet) The Human League                      16810
                                   Don't You Want Me?      Human League                                 53854
                       Don't You Worry About A Thing       Stevie Wonder                                50142
                                                 Donna     10cc                                         03724
                                                 Donna     Richie Valens                                21236
                                               Doo Dah     Cartoons, The                                04199

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KARAOKE                                       Song List by SONG TITLE
                                    Doo Wah Diddy      Manfred Mann                                 50832
                              Doo Wop (That Thing)     Lauryn Hill                                  20366
                                          Dope Nose    Weezer                                       10716
                                           Doraville   Atlanta Rhythm Section                       54076
                                      Dos Arbolitos    (Spanish Traditional)                        02367
                                              Dosed    Red Hot Chili Peppers                        54404
                                  Double Dutch Bus     Frankie Smith                                13783
                                      Double Vision    3oh!3                                        55521
                                      Double Vision    Foreigner                                    50511
                              Double Wide Paradise     Toby Keith                                   06940
                                      Dove L'amore     Cher                                         04297
                                               Down    Blink 182                                    54507
                                               Down    Motograter                                   05252
                                               Down    Socialburn                                   54350
                                        Down & Out     Cam'ron & Kanye Wes                          05691
                                           Down 4 U    Irv Gotti                                    05307
                       Down At The Twist And Shout     Mary Chapin Carpenter                        09029
                                          Down Boy     Holly Valance                                04699
                                 Down By The River     Neil Young                                   50143
                             Down By The Riverside     (Standards / Traditional)                    11094
                            Down Came A Blackbird      Lila McCann                                  21963
                                        Down Down      Status Quo                                   03274
                                       Down For Me     Loon & Mario Winans                          05376
                                        Down Home      Alabama                                      22135
                                   Down In Flames      Blackhawk                                    00711
                            Down In Mississippi (up    Sugarland                                    52431
                                Down In Tennessee      Mark Chesnutt                                09166
                            Down In The Boondocks      Billy Joe Royal                              08447
                    Down Low (nobody Has To Know)      R. Kelly                                     20483
                                       Down On Me      Janis Joplin                                 06088
                                Down On My Knees       Trisha Yearwood                              09182
                               Down On The Corner      Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)           11095
                                 Down On The Farm      Tim McGraw                                   09144
                               Down On The Streets     Shakatak                                     03384
                                     Down So Long      Jewel                                        20315
                                    Down The Road      (Duet) Kenny Chesney & Mac McAnally          52775
                                     Down To Earth     Curiosity Killed The Cat                     03563
                          Down To My Last Cigarette    k.d. lang                                    22299
                          Down To My Last Teardrop     Tanya Tucker                                 09381
                                        Down Under     Men At Work                                  11096
                                  Downeaster Alexa     Billy Joel                                   54005
                                            Downfall   Trustcompany                                 09994
                                          Downtime     Jo Dee Messina                               53639
                                         Downtown      Petula Clark                                 08431
                           Downtown Came Uptown        David Wilcox                                 51811
                                   Downtown Train      Rod Stewart                                  00969
                                       Dr. Feelgood    Aretha Franklin                              01149
                                       Dr. Feelgood    Motley Crue                                  53806
                                            Dr. Love   Tina Charles                                 03799
                                  Draggin' The Line    Tommy James & The Shondelles                 50170
                                             Dragula   Rob Zombie                                   55328
                                    Drain The Blood    Distillers                                   05268
                                      Drama Queen      Lindsay Lohan                                05104
                                  Dreadlock Holiday    10cc                                         03126
                            Dream A Little Dream Of    Mamas & The Papas                            50269
                                       Dream Away      (Duet) Lisa Stansfield/Babyface              02689
                                        Dream Baby     Roy Orbison                                  52949
                                          Dream Big    Ryan Shupe & Rubber Ban                      52356
                                        Dream High     Doug Stone                                   13841
                                       Dream Lover     Bobby Darin                                  01911
                                       Dream Lover     Mariah Carey                                 21455
                                          Dream On     Aerosmith                                    51726

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                             Dream On     Depeche Mode                                     09666
                                       Dream Walkin'      Toby Keith                                       15709
                                       Dream Weaver       Gary Wright                                      16484
                              Dream Your Way To Me        Shannon Lawson                                   10048
                                           Dreamboat      Alma Cogan                                       03443
                                    Dreamboat Annie       Heart                                            53838
                                              Dreamer     BB & Q Band (Brookland, Bronx & Queens)          03504
                                              Dreamer     Black Sabbath                                    48859
                                              Dreamer     Livin' Joy                                       03178
                                              Dreamer     Ozzy Osbourne                                    51704
                                              Dreamer     Supertramp                                       52990
                                              Dreamin'    Johnny Burnett                                   03666
                                              Dreamin'    Rambler                                          24385
                                              Dreamin'    Vanessa Williams                                 50149
                                             Dreaming     M People                                         04148
                                     Dreaming Of Me       Depeche Mode                                     54225
                                    Dreaming Of You       Selena                                           20702
                       Dreaming With My Eyes Open         Clay Walker                                      11098
                                               Dreams     Corrs, The                                       04046
                                               Dreams     Cranberries                                      16812
                                               Dreams     Diana Degarmo                                    53218
                                               Dreams     Fleetwood Mac                                    50958
                                               Dreams     Gabrielle                                        03056
                                               Dreams     Molly Hatchet                                    50402
                                               Dreams     Van Halen                                        51709
                  Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife        Glen Campbell                                    23289
                               Dreams To Remember         Otis Redding                                     01788
                                         Dress You Up     Madonna                                          11099
                                            Drift & Die   Puddle Of Mudd                                   10721
                                            Drift Away    Dobie Gray                                       14329
                                            Drift Away    Uncle Kracker                                    53085
                                   Drift Off To Dream     Travis Tritt                                     09287
                            Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie     Michael Peterson                                 21962
                                         Drinkin' Bone    Tracy Byrd                                       52087
                             Drinkin' In My Sunday D      Susan Hayes                                      52402
                           Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye       Charlie Daniels Band                             01362
                          Drinkin' Wine Spo-de-o-de       Jerry Lee Lewis                                  05933
                                Drinking Champagne        George Strait                                    09407
                                      Drinking In L.a.    Bran Van 3000                                    04250
                       Drinking My Baby Off My Mind       Eddie Rabbitt                                    22338
                                                  Drive   Cars                                             16723
                                                  Drive   Incubus                                          09617
                                                  Drive   Steve Wariner                                    06909
                              Drive (for Daddy Gene)      Alan Jackson                                     09835
                                    Drive In Saturday     David Bowie                                      51245
                                       Drive Me Crazy     Kevin Lyttle                                     05583
                                        Drive Me Wild     Sawyer Brown                                     08094
                                          Drive My Car    Beatles, The                                     00490
                                         Driven Under     Seether                                          05206
                                         Driver's Seat    Sniff n' the Tears                               55579
                                      Drives Me Crazy     Dolly Parton                                     52815
                                       Drivin' Me Wild    (Duet) Common & Lily Allen                       53543
                                 Drivin' My Life Away     Eddie Rabbitt                                    20792
                                 Drivin' My Life Away     Rhett Akins                                      15716
                                    Driving In My Car     Madness                                          03571
                                                  Drop    Boy Bros, The                                    03896
                                 Drop It Like It's Hot    Snoop Dogg & Pharrell                            54570
                           Drops Of Jupiter (tell Me)     Train                                            09647
                             Drown In My Own Tears        Ray Charles                                      50693
                 Drowned World / Substitute For Love      Madonna                                          20335
                                             Drowning     Backstreet Boys                                  08855
                                             Drowning     Crazy Town                                       54341

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                             Drowning In The Sea Of       Eva Cassidy                                  52968
                               Drugs Don't Work, The      Verve, The                                   03963
                                       Drugs Or Jesus     Tim McGraw                                   52288
                                    Drunker Than Me       Trent Tomlinson                              52383
                                            Dry Bones     (Gospel / Southern)                          41525
                                            Dry Bones     Cathedrals, The                              22973
                                          Duck & Run      3 Doors Down                                 09625
                                                  Dude    Beenie Man & Ms. Thing                       05488
                            Dude (Looks Like A Lady)      Aerosmith                                    51728
                                       Duffle Bag Boy     Playaz Circle & Lil Wayne                    54913
                                         Duke Of Earl     Gene Chandler                                21332
                                       Dumas Walker       Kentucky Headhunters                         08499
                                                 Dumb     Beautiful South, The                         04104
                                           Dumb Girls     Lucy Woodward                                53063
                                           Dumb Love      Sean Kingston                                55523
                                        Dungaree Doll     Eddie Fisher                                 01158
                                        Durham Town       Roger Whittaker                              08991
                                    Dust In The Wind      Kansas                                       11102
                                  Dust On The Bottle      David Lee Murphy                             22065
                                         Dy Na Mi Tee     Ms Dynamite                                  04700
                                         Dy'er Ma'ker     Led Zeppelin                                 50200
                                            Dyna-mite     Mud                                          03829
                                             Dynamite     Taio Cruz                                    55391
                                      E-mail My Heart     Britney Spears                               17266
                                                 E-pro    Beck                                         05853
                                            Each Time     East 17                                      04106
                                                 Eagle    Waylon Jennings                              50118
                                Eagle When She Flies      Dolly Parton                                 16250
                                Early In The Morning      Buddy Holly                                  51317
                                Early In The Morning      Gap Band                                     53922
                                  Early Morning Rain      Gordon Lightfoot                             51871
                                         Early Winter     Gwen Stefani                                 54939
                                  Earrings Song, The      Gretchen Wilson                              52841
                                          Earth Angel     Penguins, The                                21219
                                           Earth Song     Michael Jackson                              20139
                                          Earthbound      Conner Reeves                                03984
                                          Earthbound      Rodney Crowell                               05444
                                Eastbound And Down        Jerry Reed                                   21988
                                                  Easy    Commodores                                   02058
                                                  Easy    Sugababes                                    53458
                                 Easy Come, Easy Go       George Strait                                09408
                                          Easy Comes      Thornley                                     54540
                                  Easy For Me To Say      (Duet) Clint Black & Lisa Hartman            08015
                                  Easy From Now On        Terri Clark                                  24874
                                           Easy Livin'    Uriah Heep                                   53017
                                           Easy Lover     Phil Collins                                 50553
                                          Easy Loving     Freddie Hart                                 22356
                                    Easy Makin' Love      Keith Harling                                24401
                                         Easy Tonight     Five For Fighting                            10715
                                                 Eat It   (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                   00386
                                              Ebb Tide    Righteous Brothers                           11106
                                     Ebony And Ivory      Paul McCartney                               11105
                                                  Echo    Trapt                                        54476
                                                Eclipse   Pink Floyd                                   51327
                                  Edge Of Seventeen       Stevie Nicks                                 14492
                                Eensy Weensy Spider       (Standards / Traditional)                    08620
                                  Eight Days A Week       Beatles, The                                 50784
                                     Eight Easy Steps     Alanis Morissette                            53238
                                              Eighteen    Alice Cooper                                 54254
                            Eighteen Wheels And A D       Kathy Mattea                                 51389
                                           El Africano    (Spanish Traditional)                        02342
                                            El Capitan    Opm                                          04620

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                  El Negrito De Eatey      (Spanish Traditional)                       02343
                                                El Paso    Marty Robbins                               50622
                                           El Paso City    Marty Robbins                               50626
                                               El Raton    (Spanish Traditional)                       02347
                                                El Reloj   (Spanish Traditional)                       02306
                                            El Shaddai     Amy Grant                                   35655
                                   El Sol Que Tu Eres      (Spanish Traditional)                       02375
                                        El Toro Relajo     (Spanish Traditional)                       02364
                                               El Triste   (Spanish Traditional)                       02319
                   Elderly Woman Behind The Counter        Pearl Jam                                   51521
                              Eleanor Put Your Boots       Franz Ferdinand                             54775
                                        Eleanor Rigby      Beatles, The                                11110
                                                Elected    Alice Cooper                                54016
                                      Electric Avenue      Eddie Grant                                 00675
                                         Electric Slide    Marcia Griffiths                            08229
                                      Electrical Storm     U2                                          10068
                                    Elegantly Wasted       INXS                                        01463
                                               Elevator    Flo Rida & Timberland                       54940
                                           Eli's Comin'    Three Dog Night                             05903
                                              Elisabeth    Billy Gilman                                02752
                                                  Eloise   Damned, The                                 03375
                                     Elusive Butterfly     Bob Lond                                    11112
                                     Elusive Butterfly     Val Doonican                                03472
                                                  Elvira   Oak Ridge Boys, The                         51425
                                      Elvis Ain't Dead     Scouting For Girls                          53577
                                       Elvis And Andy      Confederate Railroad                        22620
                                    Embraceable You        Frank Sinatra                               08576
                                    Embraceable You        Nat King Cole                               16487
                                               Emotion     Destiny's Child                             08848
                                               Emotion     Samantha Sang                               11113
                                             Emotional     Diana Degarmo                               53246
                                        Emotional Girl     Terri Clark                                 51932
                                    Emotional Rescue       Rolling Stones, The                         50597
                             Emotional Rollercoaster       Vivian Green                                10388
                                              Emotions     Brenda Lee                                  21305
                                              Emotions     Mariah Carey                                02144
                                                 Empire    Queensryche                                 55333
                           Emptiest Arm In The World       Merle Haggard                               11114
                                        Empty Garden       Elton John                                  51962
                                        En Bancarrota      (Spanish Traditional)                       02353
                                 En Mi Viejo San Juan      (Spanish Traditional)                       02304
                                         Encadenados       (Spanish Traditional)                       02352
                                                 Encore    Cheryl Lynn                                 03487
                                                    End    Doors                                       50549
                                      End Of The Line      Honeyz, The                                 04105
                                     End Of The Road       Boyz II Men                                 21491
                               End Of The World, The       Allison Paige                               24416
                               End Of The World, The       Cure                                        54508
                                         End Of World      Skeeter Davis                               51406
                                         Endless Love      Diana Ross & Lionel                         11116
                                         Endless Love      Lionel Richie & Diana Ross                  50947
                                                 Enemy     Sevendust                                   05257
                                                    Enid   Barenaked Ladies                            51565
                                    Enjoy The Silence      Depeche Mode                                54080
                                        Enola Gay '98      Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark           04088
                                         Enough Cryin      Mary J. Blige                               55105
                                        Enough Of Me       Melissa Etheridge                           51792
                                   Enough Os Enough        April Wine                                  50743
                                               Enter In    Steve Green                                 23052
                                      Enter Sandman        Metallica                                   54053
                                     Entertainer, The      Billy Joel                                  11117
                                            Entourage      Omarion                                     55138

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                Epiphany     Staind                                        09941
                                           Erase/rewind      Cardigans, The                                04168
                                                  Eres Tu    Eydie Gorme                                   00085
                                                    Ernie    Bryan Hill                                    03768
                                               Erotic City   Prince                                        50472
                                                  Erotica    Madonna                                       51341
                                                Escapade     Janet Jackson                                 21381
                                                  Escape     Enrique Iglesias                              55202
                            Escape - Pina Colada Song        Rupert Holmes                                 11118
                                      Especially For You     Jason & Kylie                                 20122
                                           Eternal Flame     Atomic Kitten                                 04564
                                           Eternal Flame     Bangles                                       00847
                                            Eternal Love     P J & Duncan                                  03111
                                                 Eternity    Orion                                         04551
                                         Eton Rifles, The    Jam                                           04144
                                     Eugene You Genius       Bryan White                                   00613
                                     Eve Of Destruction      Barry McGuire                                 10406
                                    Even A Fool Can See      Peter Cetera                                  06444
                      Even Better Than The Real Thing        U2                                            53711
                                               Even Flow     Pearl Jam                                     51508
                          Even God Must Get The Blues        Jo Dee Messina                                09830
                                      Even If It's Wrong     Br5-49                                        01351
                        Even If My Heart Would Break         Kenny G & Aaron Neville                       05960
                                               Even Now      Barry Manilow                                 00422
                         Even The Bad Times Are Good         Tremeloes, The                                03599
                                              Even Then      John Michael Montgomery                       05119
                                              Eventually     Pink                                          44095
                                     Ever Fallen In Love     Buzzcocks, The                                03907
                                          Ever The Same      Rob Thomas                                    53348
                                               Evergreen     Barbra Streisand                              12646
                                               Evergreen     Fit's All About                               09738
                                               Evergreen     Will Young                                    04632
                                        Everlasting Love     Gloria Estefan                                11121
                                        Everlasting Love     Howard Jones                                  15302
                                        Everlasting Love     Love Affair                                   03346
                                        Everlasting, The     Manic Street Preachers                        04107
                                                Everlong     Foo Fighters                                  14626
                                Every Beat Of My Heart       Gladys Knight & The Pips                      08444
                                    Every Breath I Take      Gene Pitney                                   10549
                                Every Breath You Take        Police                                        54172
                                Every Cowboy's Dream         Rhett Akins                                   06800
                                        Every Day Hurts      Sad Cafe                                      54139
                              Every Day Is Exactly The       Nine Inch Nails                               54709
                             Every Fool Has A Rainbow        Merle Haggard                                 09238
                                Every Friday Afternoon       Craig Morgan                                  52093
                                        Every Heartbeat      Amy Grant                                     00008
                       Every Light In The House Is On        Trace Adkins                                  21885
                                       Every Little Thing    Carlene Carter                                21976
                                       Every Little Thing    Jamie O'Neal                                  02804
                                 Every Little Thing She      Police                                        54177
                                    Every Little Whisper     Steve Wariner                                 08080
                                       Every Little Word     Hal Ketchum                                   02711
                                 Every Man For Himself       Neal McCoy                                    24479
                                   Every Mile A Memory       Dierks Bentley                                52459
                                          Every Morning      Sugar Ray                                     08870
                                   Every Now And Then        Garth Brooks                                  09033
                                 Every Once In A While       Blackhawk                                     15584
                                       Every Other Time      Lfo (Lyte Funkie Ones)                        08838
                                  Every Other Weekend        (Duet) Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney          52661
                                             Every River     Brooks & Dunn                                 07128
                        Every Road Leads Back To You         Bette Midler                                  11123
                               Every Rose Has A Thorn        Poison                                        50399

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Every Second    Collin Raye                                  22420
                                           Every Time    A1                                           04325
                                           Every Time    Britney Spears                               53194
                                           Every Time    Janet Jackson                                04116
                                           Every Time    Pam Tillis                                   23609
                           Every Time I Close My Eyes    Babyface                                     16714
                           Every Time I Close My Eyes    Backstreet Boys                              09459
                              Every Time I Get Around    David Lee Murphy                             53629
                               Every Time I Hear Your    Keith Anderson                               52400
                          Every Time I Turn Back In L    L.t.d.                                       13781
                                   Every Time It Rains   Ace Of Base                                  04155
                          Every Which Way But Loose      Eddie Rabbitt                                22017
                                            Everybody    Hear'say                                     04585
                                            Everybody    Keith Urban                                  52599
                       Everybody (backstreet's Back)     Backstreet Boys                              20407
                                       Everybody Cries   Liberty X                                    04881
                     Everybody Dance (the Horn Song      Barbara Tucker                               04063
                                    Everybody Doesn't    Amanda                                       08807
                                     Everybody Get Up    5ive                                         04081
                             Everybody Has The Blues     Merle Haggard                                50107
                         Everybody Have Fun Tonight      Wang Chung                                   11125
                                      Everybody Hurts    R.E.M.                                       20445
                                     Everybody Knows     Dixie Chicks                                 52442
                         Everybody Loves Me But You      Brenda Lee                                   21346
                          Everybody Loves Somebody       Dean Martin                                  50883
                          Everybody Needs Somebody       Blues Brothers                               03066
                             Everybody Plays The Fool    Main Ingredient, The                         21711
                    Everybody Wants (something The       Shannon Lawson                               05130
                            Everybody Wants To Go T      Kenny Chesney                                52728
                  Everybody Wants To Rule The World      Tears For Fears                              16851
                                Everybody's Changing     Keane                                        53294
                               Everybody's Everything    Santana                                      53970
                                      Everybody's Fool   Evanescence                                  53185
                                      Everybody's Free   Baz Luhrmann                                 04982
                       Everybody's Free (to Feel Good    Rozalla                                      03065
                Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)     Collective Soul                              08900
                Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime       Sons Of The Desert                           07043
                        Everybody's Somebody's Fool      Connie Francis                               21289
                                   Everybody's Talkin'   Harry Nilsson                                00508
                                   Everybody's Talkin'   Nilsson                                      11128
                                             Everyday    Buddy Holly                                  51315
                                             Everyday    Dave Matthews Band                           09806
                                             Everyday    Phil Collins                                 50554
                                             Everyday    Rascal Flatts                                52679
                                             Everyday    Stevie Nicks                                 08816
                                     Everyday America    Sugarland                                    52569
                                         Everyday Girl   Roxie Dean                                   02813
                           Everyday I Have The Blues     B.B. King                                    01103
                                  Everyday I Love You    Boyzone                                      04323
                         Everyday Is A Winding Road      Sheryl Crowe                                 09502
                                      Everyday People    Sly & The Family Stone                       11130
                                             Everyone    Socialburn                                   54403
                                      Everyone Knows     Trisha Yearwood                              51119
                                 Everyone's A Winner     Hot Chocolate                                11122
                        Everyone's Gone To The Moon      John King                                    01619
                        Everyone's Gone To The Moon      Jonathan King                                06087
                                            Everything   Alanis Morissette                            12734
                                            Everything   Fefe Dobson                                  04921
                                            Everything   Jessica Andrews                              52782
                                            Everything   Jody Watley                                  00250
                                            Everything   Mary J. Blige                                20536
                                            Everything   Michael Buble                                55269

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KARAOKE                                                 Song List by SONG TITLE
                                              Everything    Stereo Fuse                                     53045
                                 Everything About You       Ugly Kid Joe                                    50036
                                       Everything Burns     Ben & Anastacia Moody                           53313
                                    Everything Changes      Kathy Troccoli                                  03140
                                    Everything Changes      Staind                                          54728
                                     Everything Counts      Depeche Mode                                    54224
                                        Everything Goes     Natalie Imbruglia                               06379
                            Everything Happens To Me        (Standards / Traditional)                       02841
                       Everything I Do, I Do It For You     Bryan Adams                                     16489
                       Everything I Do, I Do It For You     Richard Marx                                    02145
                                      Everything I Love     Alan Jackson                                    06808
                                       Everything I Own     'N Sync                                         20438
                                       Everything I Own     Bread                                           17019
                                       Everything I Own     Ken Boothe                                      04211
                             Everything Is Average No       Kaiser Chiefs                                   54842
                                Everything Is Beautiful     Ray Stevens                                     20757
                                  Everything Is Broken      Bob Dylan                                       51891
                              Everything Is Everything      Lauryn Hill                                     09724
                                      Everything Is Fine    Josh Turner                                     52735
                                    Everything Must Go      Manic Street Preachers                          03410
                                 Everything She Wants       Wham!                                           21857
                             Everything That Glitters (i    Dan Seals                                       13837
                                       Everything To Me     Liz Phair                                       53320
                                       Everything To Me     Monica                                          55227
                                     Everything You Do      Marc Anthony                                    06427
                                  Everything You Need       Madison Avenue                                  04490
                                  Everything You Want       Vertical Horizon                                08671
                                 Everything's Changed       Lonestar                                        09551
                        Everything's Coming Up Roses        Ethel Merman                                    01068
                        Everything's Coming Up Roses        Gypsy                                           16147
                         Everything's Gonna Be Alright      Sweetbox                                        04073
                                         Everytime I Cry    Terri Clark                                     08110
                Everytime I Hear That Mellow Saxopho        Brian Setzer Orchestra                          01701
                              Everytime Tha Beat Drop       Monica & Dem Franchize                          55151
                           Everytime Two Fools Collide      Kenny Rogers                                    22058
                                   Everytime We Touch       Cascada                                         53343
                               Everytime You Go Again       Brian McKnight                                  54990
                               Everytime You Go Away        Brian McKnight                                  05681
                               Everytime You Go Away        Paul Young                                      21859
                               Everytime You Need Me        Fragma                                          04504
                 Everytime You Touch Me (I Get High)        Charlie Rich                                    23255
                                             Everywhere     Michelle Branch                                 08831
                                             Everywhere     Tim McGraw                                      20287
                                        Everywhere I Go     Shawn Mullins                                   08741
                                                     Evil   Howlin Wolf                                     01472
                                      Evil On Your Mind     Jan Howard                                      22529
                                               Evil Ways    Santana                                         17327
                                             Evil Woman     Electric Light Orchestra                        52996
                                               Ex-factor    Faith Hill                                      08877
                                               Ex-factor    Lauryn Hill                                     20365
                                     Except For Monday      Lorrie Morgan                                   09195
                        Excerpt From A Teenage Opera        Keith West                                      03513
                                                  Exhale    Whitney Houston                                 21145
                                        Express Yourself    Madonna                                         54130
                            Expressway To Your Heart        Blues Brothers                                  17787
                            Expressway To Your Heart        Soul Survivors                                  11136
                                           Extraordinary    Better Than Ezra                                06342
                                           Extraordinary    Liz Phair                                       53157
                                           Extravaganza     Jamie Foxx & Kanye West                         55052
                                          Extreme Ways      Moby                                            10064
                                          Eye In The Sky    Alan Parsons Project                            11137
                                        Eye Of The Tiger    Survivor                                        17538

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Eyes Like Yours       Shakira                                     06432
                                                   F-troop     (TV Theme)                                  06259
                                                   F.u.r.b.    Frankee                                     05102
                                                 F**k You      Cee Lo Green                                55520
                                        F##k Me Pumps          Amy Winehouse                               52881
                            Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad Song)          Otis Redding                                14939
                                            Face To Face       (Gospel)                                    23104
                                            Face To Face       Alabama                                     11138
                              Fact Is, The (i Need You         Jill Scott                                  55130
                                                       Fade    Staind                                      09698
                                   Fade Like A Shadow          K.T. Tunstall                               55410
                                                     Faded     Cascada                                     55449
                                                     Faded     Soul Decision                               08720
                                              Faded Love       Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys              11139
                                              Faded Love       Patsy Cline                                 09078
                                  Fading Like A Flower         Roxette                                     17571
                                 Failure's Not Flatterin       New Found Glory                             54532
                                     Fairest Lord Jesus        (Gospel)                                    23131
                                    Fairies Wear Boots         Black Sabbath                               48847
                                Fairytale Of New York          Pogues, The                                 04127
                                                      Faith    George Michael                              11140
                             Faith In Me, Faith In You         Doug Stone                                  16208
                                             Faith In You      Steve Wariner                               07840
                                     Faith Of The Heart        Rod Stewart                                 06146
                                     Faith Of The Heart        Susan Ashton                                23719
                                                Faithfully     John Berry                                  02724
                                                Faithfully     Journey                                     51746
                                                Faithfully     Peter Cetera                                05906
                                                 Faithless     Injected                                    09846
                                                       Fake    Simply Red                                  06643
                                                        Fall   Clay Walker                                 52558
                                         Fall Back Down        Rancid                                      54420
                                                Fall Down      Toad The Wet Sprocket                       05952
                                             Fall For You      Secondhand Serenade                         55429
                                         Fall From Grace       Amanda Marshall                             01416
                                              Fall In Love     Kenny Chesney                               44072
                                             Fall Into Me      Emerson Drive                               09989
                                          Fall Into Sleep      Mudvayne                                    54710
                                               Fall On Me      R.E.M.                                      54082
                                           Fall Reaching       Chris Ward                                  01230
                                           Fall To Pieces      Avril Lavigne                               53281
                                           Fall To Pieces      Velvet Revolver                             54527
                                                     Fallen    Mya                                         54950
                                                     Fallen    Sarah McLachlan                             53131
                                             Fallen Angel      Poison                                      54008
                                                     Fallin'   Alicia Keys                                 08827
                                             Fallin' Again     Alabama                                     11141
                                          Fallin' In Love      Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds              53793
                                          Fallin' In Love      La Bouche                                   04941
                            Fallin' Never Felt So Good         Mark Chesnutt                               01987
                                                    Falling    Staind                                      54682
                                            Falling Apart      Matt Nathanson                              55498
                                  Falling In Love Again        Eagle Eye Cherry                            06172
                                  Falling In Love Again        Marlene Dietrich                            04307
                                        Falling Into You       Celine Dion                                 06039
                                        Falling Into You       Whiskey Falls                               52632
                                               Falls Apart     Sugar Ray                                   08669
                                              Falls On Me      Fuel                                        54417
                                                      Fame     Antonia                                     03076
                                                      Fame     David Bowie                                 13920
                                                      Fame     Irene Cara                                  50955
                                     Fame And Fortune          Elvis Presley                               00990

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          Familiar Realm      Cky                                        54649
                                                    Family    LeAnn Rimes                                52726
                                             Family Affair    Mary J. Blige                              08834
                                             Family Affair    Sly & The Family Stone                     11143
                                          Family Portrait     Pink                                       53032
                                        Family Tradition      Hank Williams Jr.                          51423
                                              Family Tree     Darryl Worley                              51992
                                    Famous Final Scene        Bob Seger                                  50466
                              Famous In A Small Town          Miranda Lambert                            52544
                               Famous Last Words Of A         George Strait                              50983
                                                   Fanatic    Felony                                     53888
                                                   Fanatic    Vivian Green                               10652
                                                     Fancy    Reba McEntire                              51394
                                                  Fantasy     Appleton                                   04695
                                                  Fantasy     Mariah Carey                               50281
                                                 Far Away     12 Stones                                  12529
                                                 Far Away     Nickelback                                 52939
                                               Far Behind     Candlebox                                  15050
                                           Far From Over      (Movie Soundtrack)                         11144
                                    Fare Thee Well Love       Rankin Family                              50752
                                          Farewell Party      Gene Watson                                22560
                               Farewell To Nova Scotia        (Standards / Traditional)                  51913
                                     Farmer In The Dell       (Standards / Traditional)                  08633
                                Farmers Daughter, The         Merle Haggard                              09250
                                                   Farther    Outspoken                                  54361
                                            Farther Along     (Gospel / Southern)                        22904
                                            Farther Along     Elvis Presley                              22859
                                               Fascinated     Company B                                  50380
                                              Fascination     Nat King Cole                              11145
                                                  Fashion     David Bowie                                54243
                                              Fast As You     Dwight Yoakam                              11146
                                                  Fast Car    Tracy Chapman                              50304
                                Fast Cars And Freedom         Rascal Flatts                              52308
                                         Fast Food Song       Fast Food Rockers                          04791
                Faster Horses (the Cowboy And The Po          Tom T. Hall                                24819
                                                        Fat   (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                 02938
                                     Fat Bottomed Girls       Queen                                      54022
                                                    Fat Lip   Sum 41                                     09677
                                                    Father    LL Cool J                                  01941
                                   Father And Daughter        Paul Simon                                 06489
                                            Father Figure     George Michael                             11147
                                          Father Of Mine      Everclear                                  01747
                                             Fathers Eyes     Amy Grant                                  23053
                                   Favor House Atlantic       Coheed & Cambria                           54539
                                 Favorite State Of Mind       Josh Gracin                                52421
                                    Fear Of Being Alone       Reba McEntire                              06790
                                                  Fearless    Taylor Swift                               52791
                                                Feed Jake     Pirates Of The Mississippi                 15605
                                                  Feed Me     Little Shop Of Horrors                     54206
                                  Feed My Frankenstein        Alice Cooper                               54275
                                                Feedback      Janet Jackson                              54941
                                                      Feel    Matchbox 20                                54414
                                                      Feel    Robbie Williams                            55284
                                           Feel Good Inc      Gorillaz & De La Soul                      53285
                                         Feel Good Time       Pink                                       53104
                                         Feel Good Time       Pink &                           10636
                                                    Feel It   Tamperer & Maya                            04017
                                             Feel It Again    Honeymoon Suite                            50780
                                               Feel It Boy    Beenie Man & Janet Jackson                 10022
               Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home          Etta James                                 01148
                                   Feel Like Makin' Love      Bad Company                                53757
                                   Feel Like Makin' Love      Pauline Henry                              03141

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                 Feel Like Makin' Love       Philip Claypool                              00945
                                 Feel Like Makin' Love       Roberta Flack                                11149
                                Feel Like Making Love        Ned Gerblansky (South Park)                  54289
                                   Feel My Way To You        Restless Heart                               52208
                                          Feel So Numb       Rob Zombie                                   05153
                                          Feel That Fire     Dierks Bentley                               52763
                                  Feel The Need In Me        Detroit Emeralds                             03543
                               Feel Your Love Tonight        Van Halen                                    51722
                                         Feelin' Alright     Joe Cocker                                   50092
                                    Feelin' Like That, A     Gary Allan                                   52499
                                            Feelin' Love     Paula Cole                                   20385
                                    Feelin' Mighty Fine      (Gospel / Southern)                          22951
                                        Feelin' So Good      Jennifer Lopez                               08686
                                Feelin' The Same Way         Norah Jones                                  10527
                          Feelin' Way Too Damn Good          Nickelback                                   54493
                                           Feeling Good      Michael Buble                                55277
                                           Feeling Good      Muse                                         04616
                                                 Feelings    (Duet) Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty          22258
                                                 Feelings    Morris Albert                                11150
               Feels Good (Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing)        Naughty By Nature                            10704
                             Feels Just Like It Should       Pat Green                                    52454
                                         Feels Like Fire     Santana & Dido                               53058
                                     Feels Like Heaven       (Duet) Peter Cetera & Chaka Khan             00210
                                       Feels Like Home       LeAnn Rimes                                  06126
                                        Feels Like Love      Vince Gill                                   07852
                                 Feels Like The First Ti     Foreigner                                    50518
                                       Feels Like Today      Rascal Flatts                                52191
                                     Feels Like Tonight      Daughtry                                     53590
                                         Feels So Good       Mel B                                        04508
                                         Feels So Right      Alabama                                      51428
                                         Feels So Right      Eagle Eye Cherry                             06361
                                           Feliz Navidad     (Christmas)                                  00166
                                           Feliz Navidad     (Standards / Traditional)                    16180
                                           Feliz Navidad     Jose Feliciano                               21604
                               Fell In Love With A Boy       Joss Stone                                   53184
                               Fell In Love With A Girl      White Stripes                                10717
                                            Fergalicious     Fergie                                       53433
                                               Fernando      Abba                                         01959
                              Ferry 'cross The Mersey        Gerry & The Pacemakers                       11151
                                                    Fever    Elvis Presley                                38363
                                                    Fever    Eva Cassidy                                  52980
                                                    Fever    Madonna                                      16903
                                                    Fever    Michael Buble                                51482
                                                    Fever    Peggy Lee                                    20967
                                              Fever, The     Garth Brooks                                 51677
                          Few Good Things Remain, A          Kathy Mattea                                 00701
                                      Few Questions, A       Clay Walker                                  52064
                                    Few Short Years, A       Ty Herndon                                   02772
                                                 Fez, The    Steely Dan                                   51645
                           Fiction (dreams In Digital)       Orgy                                         09593
                                         Fiddlers Green      (Newfie Karaoke)                             51469
                                                  Fidelity   Regina Spektor                               54823
                                          Fields Of Gold     Eva Cassidy                                  53012
                                          Fields Of Gold     Sting                                        54178
                                          Fields Of Gray     Bruce Hornsby                                00171
                                                  Fifteen    Taylor Swift                                 52824
                                     Fifteen Years Ago       Conway Twitty                                08383
                                                   Figaro    Brotherhood Of Man                           03801
                               Fight For Your Right To       Beastie Boys, The                            50252
                                       Fight Like A Girl     Bomshel                                      52830
                                                  Fighter    Christina Aguilera                           53074
                              Fightin' Side Of Me, The       Merle Haggard                                22208

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KARAOKE                                                   Song List by SONG TITLE
                                             Figure It Out      Lil' Chris                                    53472
                                        Figured You Out         Nickelback                                    52927
                                             Filipino Baby      Ernest Tubb                                   24605
                                          Fill It Up Again      Indigo Girls                                  05428
                                                  Fill Me In    Craig David                                   08820
                                                Fill My Cup     Paul Coleman Trio                             10343
                                                  Final Cut     Pink Floyd                                    51331
                                                      Finally   Ce Ce Peniston                                16117
                                            Finally Found       Honeyz, The                                   04080
                                            Finally Home        (Gospel) MercyMe                              55496
                                               Find A Way       Dwele                                         54953
                                     Find Myself In You         Brian McKnight                                55090
                            Find Out Who Your Friend            Tracy Lawrence                                52519
                                            Find The Real       After Bridge                                  54585
                                            Find The Real       Alter Bridge                                  05785
                                          Find Your Love        Drake                                         55401
                               Find Your Way (back In           Kem                                           55054
                                   Finders Are Keepers          Hank Williams Jr.                             09124
                          Finding My Way Back Home              Lee Ann Womack                                52483
                                                Fine Again      Seether                                       10031
                                                  Fine Line     Little Big Town                               52685
                                        Fine Romance, A         Ella Fitzgerald                               01777
                                   Fine State Of Affairs        Burton Cummings                               51828
                                       Finer Things, The        Steve Winwood                                 15250
                                           Finest Dreams        Richard X                                     04822
                                    Finger Of Suspicion         Dickie Valentine                              03745
                               Finish What We Started           Diamond Rio                                   00814
                                Finish What Ya Started          Van Halen                                     51706
                                                         Fins   Jimmy Buffett                                 15369
                                                         Fire   Jimi Hendrix                                  50152
                                                         Fire   Joe Budden                                    05356
                                                         Fire   Ohio                                          01839
                                                         Fire   Ohio Players                                  17189
                                                         Fire   Pointer Sisters                               51368
                                      Fire Water Burn (         Bloodhound Gang                               53977
                                            Fire & Smoke        Earl Thomas Conley                            22660
                                              Fire And Ice      Pat Benatar                                   51765
                                            Fire And Rain       James Taylor                                  21671
                                              Fire Brigade      Move, The                                     03521
                                               Fire Escape      Fastball                                      06117
                                 Fire I Can't Put Out, A        George Strait                                 09091
                                       Fire In The Night        Alabama                                       22297
                                                  Fire Lake     Bob Seger                                     50462
                                  Fire On The Mountain          Marshall Tucker Band                          23192
                                               Firecracker      Josh Turner                                   52586
                                               Firecracker      Lisa Loeb                                     20380
                                            Fireman, The        George Strait                                 09104
                                                  Fireproof     Pillar                                        54384
                                                Firestarter     Prodigy, The                                  03623
                                                        First   Lindsay Lohan                                 53283
                              First Cut Is The Deepest          Sheryl Crowe                                  53137
                                                 First Date     Blink 182                                     09848
                                                 First Date     Danko Jones                                   54757
                                                 First Love     Goapele                                       55078
                                                 First Love     Seals & Crofts                                05896
                                     First Man In Space         Philip Oakey & The All Seeing I               04267
                                         First Night, The       Monica                                        20368
                                          First Noel, The       Elvis Presley                                 01513
                                          First Noel, The       Helen Cornelius                               21533
                               First Of The Gang To Di          Morrissey                                     53224
                              First Of The Gang To Die          Morrissey                                     12594
                                               First Straw      311                                           05493

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KARAOKE                                                    Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           First Taste, The      Fiona Apple                                   20393
                       First Time Ever I Saw Your Face           Celine Dion                                   04397
                       First Time Ever I Saw Your Face           Roberta Flack                                 21702
                       First Time Ever I Saw Your Face           Thelma Houston                                16491
                              First Time For Everything          Little Texas                                  22405
                                           First Time, The       Surface                                       17558
                                           Fish Ain't Bitin'     David Lee Murphy                              00667
                                      Fishin' In The Dark        Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                        21986
                                                    Fist City    Loretta Lynn                                  14144
                                     Fit But You Know It         Streets, The                                  04925
                                Five Colours In Her Hair         McFly                                         04916
                              Five Feet High And Rising          Johnny Cash                                   22565
                                              Five Minutes       Lorrie Morgan                                 09187
                                          Five More Hours        Gabe Dixon Band                               55462
                                       Five O'clock World        Hal Ketchum                                   22428
                                               Five To One       Doors                                         14959
                                                     Fix You     Coldplay                                      53289
                                              Fixing A Hole      Beatles, The                                  03007
                                                        Flake    Jack Johnson                                  15025
                                                        Flake    Jack Jordon                                   09882
                                               Flamboyant        Pet Shop Boys, The                            04915
                                                Flame, The       Cheap Trick                                   14433
                                                Flash Light      Parliament                                    13787
                                                Flashdance       Irene Cara                                    50890
                        Flashdance...oh What A Feeling           Irene Cara                                    21111
                                     Flavor Of The Weak          American Hi-Fi                                09639
                                      Flies On The Butter        Judds, The                                    52147
                                          Flintstones, The       (TV Theme)                                    15879
                                        Flip Flop Summer         Kenny Chesney                                 52581
                                               Flip Reverse      Blazin Squad                                  04858
                                    Flirtin' With Disaster       Molly Hatchet                                 01402
                                                   Float On      Floaters, The                                 03845
                                                   Float On      Modest Mouse                                  54489
                                                      Floetic    Floetry                                       10137
                                                  Floorfiller    A*teens                                       06595
                                                    Flowers      Sweet Female Attitude                         03026
                                     Flowers In The Rain         Move, The                                     03508
                                Flowers In The Window            Travis                                        04636
                                    Flowers On The Wall          Eric Heatherly                                22753
                                    Flowers On The Wall          Statler Brothers                              11158
                                 Fluorescent Adolescent          Arctic Monkeys                                54914
                                                         Flux    Bloc Party                                    53559
                                                           Fly   Hilary Duff                                   53243
                                                           Fly   Pinmonkey                                     02782
                                                           Fly   Sugar Ray                                     16984
                                    Fly (the Angel Song)         Wilkinsons, The                               08076
                                               Fly At Night      Chilliwack                                    50756
                                                   Fly Away      Ffh                                           10346
                                                   Fly Away      Lenny Kravitz                                 21492
                 Fly Away From Here (graduation Day)             Dropline                                      09977
                                                       Fly By    Blue                                          04637
                              Fly By Night/in The Mood           Rush                                          02946
                                     Fly From The Inside         Shine Dawn                                    54383
                                     Fly From The Inside         Shinedown                                     10513
                                            Fly Like A Bird      Mariah Carey                                  55096
                                         Fly Like An Eagle       Seal                                          16696
                                         Fly Like An Eagle       Steve Miller Band                             53779
                                     Fly Me To The Moon          Frank Sinatra                                 01642
                              Fly On The Wings Of Love           Xtm & Dj Chucky & Annia                       04804
                                                       Flying    Chris Isaak                                   06150
                                   Flying Without Wings          Ruben Studdard                                53101
                                   Flying Without Wings          Westlife                                      04299

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   FM (No Static At All)     Steely Dan                                      51643
                           Fog On The Tyne (revisited)       Gazza & Lindisfarne                             03937
                                           Folding Stairs    Biffy Clyro                                     53519
                                               Follow Me     John Denver                                     07762
                                               Follow Me     Uncle Kracker                                   09644
                                         Follow Through      Gavin Degraw                                    53323
                                       Follow You Down       Gin Blossoms                                    01132
                           Follow Your Daughter Home         Guess Who                                       51838
                                   Followed The Waves        Auf Der Maur                                    12675
                                   Folsom Prison Blues       Johnny Cash                                     20750
                                                      Fool   Shakira                                         06434
                                              Fool Again     Westlife                                        04350
                                  Fool Hearted Memory        George Strait                                   09097
                                  Fool If You Think It's     Chris Rea                                       52967
                                            Fool No More     S Club 8                                        04797
                                       Fool Number One       Brenda Lee                                      21340
                                   Fool On The Hill, The     Beatles, The                                    11162
                                       Fool Such As I, A     Elvis Presley                                   08252
                                     Fool, I'm A Woman       Sara Evans                                      08144
                                                Fool, The    Lee Ann Womack                                  21967
                                              Fool's Gold    Lee Greenwood                                   24667
                                      Fool's Progress, A     Clint Daniels                                   01686
                        Fooled Around And Fell In Love       Elvin Bishop                                    20397
                                                  Foolish    Ashanti                                         09863
                                          Foolish Games      Jewel                                           53693
                                           Foolish Heart     Journey                                         51751
                                           Foolish Heart     Steve Perry                                     21849
                                            Foolish Pride    Travis Tritt                                    09288
                                               Footloose     Kenny Loggins                                   21821
                                Footprints In The Snow       Mac Wiseman                                     22170
                                     Footsteps Of Jesus      (Gospel)                                        23133
                                For Whom The Bell Toll       Metallica                                       54052
                                           For A Change      Neal McCoy                                      22639
                                       For A Little While    Tim McGraw                                      08063
                                             For All Time    Soluna                                          09981
                                        For All We Know      Carpenters                                      05991
                                    For Crying Out Loud      Anita Cochran                                   23856
                                    For Crying Out Loud      Meat Loaf                                       55319
                                       For God So Loved      Brian Free & Assurance                          23013
                           For He's A Jolly Good Fellow      (Standards / Traditional)                       15505
                                              For Herself    Reba McEntire                                   06748
                              For Lack Of Better Words       Restless Heart                                  23615
                                              For Lovers     Wolfman & Pete Dohe                             04932
             For Lovin' Me / Did She Mention My Name         Gordon Lightfoot                                48180
                                   For My Broken Heart       Reba McEntire                                   09153
                                        For My Wedding       Don Henley                                      22810
                                    For Once In My Life      Frank Sinatra                                   08581
                                    For Once In My Life      Michael Buble                                   55278
                                    For Once In My Life      Stevie Wonder                                   11165
                                    For Once In My Life      Vikki Carr                                      00048
                                                 For Real    Amel Larrieux                                   12538
                            For Reasons I've Forgotten       Trisha Yearwood                                 09186
                                 For Reasons Unknown         Killers                                         54849
                              For Sentimental Reasons        Nat King Cole                                   11166
                                      For The First Time     Kenny Chesney                                   22813
                                      For The First Time     Kenny Loggins                                   50920
                                      For The First Time     Script, The                                     55407
                      For The Girl Who Has Everything        'N Sync                                         20440
                                    For The Good Times       Perry Como                                      04309
                                    For the Good Times       Ray Price                                       55562
                                           For The Heart     Elvis Presley                                   01677
                                          For The Lonely     Cher                                            04638

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      For These Times       Martina McBride                             52623
                               For Those Tears I Died       Children Of The Light                       17639
                                  For What It's Worth       Buffalo Springfield                         11168
                                                 For You    Calling, The                                53080
                                                 For You    James Otto                                  52696
                                                 For You    Kenny Lattimore                             16924
                                                 For You    Staind                                      14873
                                          For You I Will    Aaron Tippin                                08060
                                          For You I Will    Monica                                      16492
                               For You I Will (confide      Teddy Geiger                                53367
                              For Your Entertainment        Adam Lambert                                55404
                                   For Your Eyes Only       Sheena Easton                               21862
                                          For Your Love     Ed Townsend                                 06436
                                          For Your Love     Yardbirds, The                              11170
                                  Fore She Was Mama         Clay Walker                                 52501
                                                 Forever    Kid Rock                                    09719
                                                 Forever    Mariah Carey                                05930
                                                 Forever    Vertical Horizon                            53321
                                     Forever & Always       Taylor Swift                                52911
                                         Forever & Ever     Silk                                        03857
                                 Forever & Ever Amen        Travis Tritt                                48294
                             Forever And Ever, Amen         Randy Travis                                09320
                              Forever And For Always        Shania Twain                                51577
                                        Forever As One      Vengaboys, The                              04480
                                     Forever Everyday       Lee Ann Womack                              51996
                                Forever In Blue Jeans       Neil Diamond                                50417
                                           Forever Love     Reba McEntire                               08031
                                   Forever Loving You       John Rich                                   53647
                                            Forever Man     Eric Clapton                                20463
                        Forever More (i'll Be The One)      (Duet) John Tesh With James Ingram          06155
                                     Forever Together       Randy Travis                                15351
                                Forever Works For Me        Neal McCoy                                  07825
                              Forever, For Always, Fo       Lalah Hathaway                              54576
                               Forever's A Far As I Go      Alabama                                     09204
                                        Forget About It     Alison Krauss & Union Station               22699
                                         Forget Domani      Frank Sinatra                               06162
                                          Forget Me Not     Eden Kane                                   03661
                                        Forget Me Nots      Patrice Rushen                              50375
                                 Forget To Remember         Mudvayne                                    54663
                                                 Forgive    Rebecca Lynn Howard                         09914
                                                Forgiven    Alanis Morissette                           02873
                                            Forgiveness     Victoria Shaw                               06765
                                             Forthenight    Musiq Soulchild                             54951
                                               Fortunate    Maxwell                                     08913
                                          Fortunate Son     Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)          11172
                                         Fortune Faded      Red Hot Chili Peppers                       54443
                                      Forty Hour Week       Alabama                                     09205
                                           Found A Cure     Ultra Nate                                  04016
                                 Found Out About You        Gin Blossoms                                11173
                                       Found That Soul      Manic Street Preachers                      04517
                                      Four Leaf Clover      Abra Moore                                  15618
                                 Four Minute Warning        Mark Owens                                  04825
                                              Four Walls    Jim Reeves                                  21124
                                     Four Wheel Drive       Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)              50689
                                     Four Wheel Drive       John Michael Montgomery                     02806
                                  Fourteen Carat Mind       Gene Watson                                 22661
                                 Fourteen Minutes Old       Doug Stone                                  22324
                                       Fox On The Run       Country Gentlemen                           20776
                                       Fox On The Run       Sweet                                       51980
                                       Fox On The Run       Tom T. Hall                                 22553
                                               Foxy Lady    Jimi Hendrix                                50001
                                                  Fragile   Sting                                       54181

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                  Framed     Coasters                                    00621
                          Frankfurt Special - G.i. Blues     Elvis Presley                               01881
                                                  Frankie    Sister Sledge                               03875
                                   Frankie And Johnnie       Elvis Presley                               00988
                                    Frankie And Johnny       (Standards / Traditional)                   11175
                                                   Frantic   Jamie O'Neal                                09901
                                                 Fraulein    Bobby Helms                                 08412
                                           Freak Like Me     Sugababes                                   04654
                                                Freak Me     Another Level                               04052
                                                Freak Me     Silk                                        16878
                                       Freak On A Leash      Korn                                        55323
                                Freakin' At The Freaker      Dr. Hook                                    51943
                                            Freaking Out     Adema                                       09961
                                              Freaky Girl    Shaggy                                      06333
                                         Freddy My Love      (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                   53597
                                                      Free   Denise Williams                             03842
                                                      Free   Dona Frankenreiter                          05426
                                                      Free   Jack Ingram                                 55389
                                                      Free   Lashell Griffin                             45503
                                                      Free   Mya                                         08781
                                                      Free   Powerman 5000                               54382
                                                      Free   Vast                                        27450
                              Free And Easy (down The        Dierks Bentley                              52572
                                                Free Bird    Lynyrd Skynyrd                              23196
                                              Free Fallin'   Tom Petty                                   21462
                                                  Free Me    Emma Bunton                                 04792
                                                Free Ride    Edgar Winter                                11176
                                                Free Ride    Edgar Winter Group                          38489
                                          Free To Decide     Cranberries                                 16689
                                           Free Yourself     Fantasia                                    54988
                                                Freechild    Must                                        10036
                                                 Freedom     Michell Gayle                               03158
                                                 Freedom     Robbie Williams                             53686
                                                 Freedom     Wynonna Judd                                08133
                                             Freedom 90      George Michael                              11177
                                            Freek-a-leek     Petey Pablo                                 05399
                                                   Freeze    LL Cool J & Lyfe Jennings                   55113
                                                   Freeze    Pay The Girl                                53062
                                           Freeze Frame      J. Geils Band                               53770
                              French Kissin' In The Usa      Debbie Harry                                03572
                                                  Frenesi    Linda Ronstadt                              17938
                                            Fresh Prince     (TV Theme)                                  15787
                                          Freshmen, The      Verve Pipe                                  16951
                                                    Friday   Daniel Bedingfield                          04848
                                             Friday Night    Darkness                                    04870
                                             Friday Night    Young Gunz                                  05415
                                      Friday Night Blues     John Conlee                                 22572
                                Friday Night Stampede        Western Flyer                               00876
                                     Friend Of The Devil     Grateful Dead                               50305
                                   Friendly Beasts, The      (Christmas)                                 07715
                                    Friendly Persuasion      Pat Boone                                   03437
                                                  Friends    Bette Midler                                06037
                                                  Friends    Bette Milder                                38470
                                                  Friends    John Michael Montgomery                     23989
                                                  Friends    Michael W. Smith                            16134
                                     Friends And Family      Trik Turner                                 44067
                  Friends Don't Drive Friends To Drink       Deryl Dodd                                  01305
                                 Friends In Low Places       Garth Brooks                                51647
                           Friends In Low Places(Live)       Garth Brooks                                51687
                           Friends Never Say Goodbye         Elton John                                  08742
                                Friends Will Be Friends      Queen                                       03376
                                        From A Distance      Bette Midler                                51133

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                               From A Jack To A King       Elvis Presley                              01112
                               From A Jack To A King       Ricky Van Shelton                          22318
                                From Here To Eternity      Michael Peterson                           22035
                                      From Me To You       Beatles, The                               15487
                          From My Head To My Heart         Evan & Jaron                               09660
                           From Rush Hour With Love        Republica                                  04070
                                  From The Beginning       Emerson, Lake & Palmer                     50231
                 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart        Britney Spears                             08675
                        From The Depths Of My Heart        Issacs, The                                22842
                                       From The Heart      Another Level                              04205
                                  From The Inside Out      Linda Davis                                23747
                                From The Underworld        Herd, The                                  03511
                                From This Moment On        (Duet) Shania Twain                        51574
                                From This Moment On        Frank Sinatra                              01435
                                  From Where I Stand       Suzy Bogguss                               23671
                              From Where I'm Sitting       Gary Allan                                 01430
                                     From Your Knees       Matt King                                  23804
                                                Frontin'   Pharrell & Jay Z                           05354
                                 Frosty The Snowman        (Christmas)                                21534
                                 Frosty The Snowman        Gene Autry                                 11180
                                                 Frozen    Madonna                                    21498
                            Fruitcake Makes Me Puke        Bill Engvall                               24514
                                             Fruitcakes    Jimmy Buffett                              05961
                                                    Fuel   Metallica                                  54055
                                        Full Force Gale    Van Morrison                               50527
                                              Full Moon    Brandy                                     09919
                                             Fully Alive   Flyleaf                                    54753
                                      Fun In Acapulco      Elvis Presley                              01680
                                Fun Of Your Love, The      Jennifer Day                               22739
                                         Fun, Fun, Fun     Beach Boys, The                            50847
                                  Funeral For A Friend     Elton John                                 50408
                                         Funk #49.cdg      James Gang                                 11182
                                 Funking For Jamaica       Tom Browne                                 03490
                                      Funky Broadway       Wilson Pickett                             11183
                                    Funky Cold Medina      Tone Loc                                   11184
                                            Funky Dory     Rachel Stevens                             04861
                                         Funky Moped       Jasper Carrott                             03773
                                            Funkytown      Lipps Inc.                                 50369
                                            Funny Face     Donna Fargo                                08401
                                          Funny Honey      Chicago                                    06212
                                          Funny Honey      Renee Zellwegger, John C. Riley            51494
                              Funny How Love Can Be        Ivy League                                 03450
                         Funny How Time Slips Away         (Duet) Lyle Lovett & Al Green              11186
                         Funny How Time Slips Away         Jimmy Elledge                              21367
                         Funny How Time Slips Away         Willie Nelson                              51277
                                                Futures    Jimmy Eat World                            54640
                                                  Ga Ga    Melanie C.                                 04279
                                                 Gabriel   Suzy K                                     53173
                                             Galveston     Glen Campbell                              21983
                                               Gambler     Kenny Rogers                               00997
                                         Gambler, The      Kenny Rogers                               51427
                                         Game Of Love      Santana & Michelle Branch                  53029
                                         Game Of Love      Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders            11189
                                            Game Over      Lil' Flip                                  05408
                                             Game, The     Disturbed                                  05159
                                    Games People Play      Inner Circle                               03334
                              Games People Play, The       Joe South                                  00768
                                  Games We Play, The       Andreas Johnson                            04375
                                        Gangsta Lovin'     Eve & Alicia Keys                          10044
                                   Gangsta's Paradise      Coolio                                     50242
                                 Gangsters And Thugs       Transplants, The                           54646
                                                 Garden    Vern Gosdin                                24831

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          Garden Party    Ricky Nelson                                 50787
                            Gary Shandling Show, The      (TV Theme)                                   15795
                                               Gay Bar    Electric 6                                   04796
                                              Gee Whiz    Carla Thomas                                 21326
                                  Gee, Officer Krupke!    West Side Story                              01285
                                         Gemini Dream     Moody Blues                                  53701
                                General Hand grenade      Trooper                                      50719
                                 Generation Landslide     Alice Cooper                                 54270
                                        Generation Sex    Divine Comedy                                04086
                                      Genie In A Bottle   Christina Aguilera                           08930
                                                  Geno    Dexy's Midnight Runners                      03209
                                    Gentle On My Mind     Glen Campbell                                23288
                                    Genuine Rednecks      David Lee Murphy                             01373
                                                Georgia   Carolyn Dawn Johnson                         07898
                                  Georgia On My Mind      Michael Bolton                               17504
                                  Georgia On My Mind      Willie Nelson                                08608
                                          Georgia Rain    Trisha Yearwood                              52320
                                            Georgy Girl   Seekers, The                                 11193
                                Germ Free Adolescent      X-ray Specs                                  03901
                                              Get A Job   Silhouettes, The                             21234
                                          Get A Leg Up    John Cougar Mellencamp                       53958
                                   Get Along With You     Kellis                                       04444
                                              Get Back    Beatles, The                                 11194
                                              Get Back    Ludacris                                     54590
                                              Get Busy    Sean Paul                                    10524
                                             Get Closer   Seals & Croft                                11195
                                             Get Down     Gene Chandler                                03850
                                             Get Down     Gilbert O'sullivan                           03786
                    Get Down (you're The One For Me)      Backstreet Boys                              09465
                                 Get Down Get With It     Slade                                        55213
                                        Get Down On It    Kool & The Gang                              13779
                                     Get Down Tonight     K.C. & The Sunshine Band                     21751
                         Get Drunk And Be Somebody        Toby Keith                                   52397
                                               Get Free   Vines                                        09959
                                             Get Happy    Frank Sinatra                                01440
                                              Get Here    Oleta Adams                                  17790
                                  Get Here If You Can     Oleta Adams                                  889
                                     Get In Line - Duet   (Duet) Barenaked Ladies                      51562
                                     Get In Line - Solo   Barenaked Ladies                             51570
                                              Get It On   T Rex                                        54245
                                     Get It On Tonight    Montell Jordan                               01930
                                         Get It Poppin'   Fat Joe & Nelly                              55013
                                               Get Low    Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz                 45145
                        Get Me To The Church On Time      My Fair Lady                                 16091
                                       Get My Drink On    Toby Keith                                   52619
                                         Get No Better    Cassidy & Mashonda                           05413
                                  Get Off Of My Cloud     Rolling Stones, The                          50589
                                             Get On Up    Jodeci                                       05883
                                      Get On Your Feet    Gloria Estefan                               16766
                                     Get Outta My Life    Rebel Meets Rebel                            54744
                                     Get Outta My Way     Carolina Rain                                52456
                                            Get Over It   Eagles                                       53620
                                          Get Over You    Sophie Ellis-Bextor                          04668
                                     Get Over Yourself    Eden's Crush                                 08791
                                     Get Over Yourself    Shedaisy                                     09902
                                             Get Ready    Rare Earth                                   14936
                                             Get Ready    Temptations, The                             01970
                                              Get Right   Jennifer Lopez                               53244
                                            Get Stoned    Hinder                                       54704
                                 Get The Party Started    Pink                                         08856
                                        Get This Money    R. Kelly & Jay-Z                             09920
                                             Get To Me    Train                                        53304

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Get Together Big Mountain                                     01042
                                            Get Together Madonna                                          53401
                                            Get Together Youngbloods, The                                 15557
                                                   Get Up Beverly Knight                                  04601
                                                   Get Up Ciara & Chamillionaire                          55133
                                                   Get Up Nate Dogg & Eve                                 10325
                                            Get Up On It Keith Sweat                                      16875
                                            Get Up On It Keith Sweat & Kut Klose                          00651
                                       Get Up Stand Up Peter Tosh                                         00679
                             Get What You Got Comin Towne Van Zandt                                       09651
                                                 Getaway Becky Baeling                                    05067
                                                 Getaway Earshot                                          10722
                                            Getaway Car Jenkins, The                                      52238
                                           Getcha Some Toby Keith                                         08050
                                     Gettin' In The Way Jill Scott                                        20709
                                         Gettin' In Tune Who                                              50236
                                            Gettin' There Terri Clark                                     07985
                              Gettin' You Home (the B Chris Young                                         52825
                           Getting Better All The Time Beatles, The                                       00500
                                         Getting Enough Lil' Chris                                        54811
                                  Getting In The Mood Brian Setzer Orchestra                              06275
                                    Getting Jiggy Wit It Will Smith                                       01940
                   Getting Ready To Leave This World (Standards / Traditional)                            22952
                                  Getting To Know You King & I                                            51174
                                            Ghetto Child Detroit Spinners                                 03728
                                      Ghetto Superstar Pras Michel                                        01945
                                           Ghost Of You My Chemical Romance                               54680
                                  Ghost Of You And Me Bbmak                                               08805
                              Ghost Riders In The Sky Johnny Cash                                         14271
                              Ghost Riders In The Sky Outlaws, The                                        54072
                              Ghost Riders In The Sky Vaughn Monroe                                       11197
                                           Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr.                                    11198
                                 Giddy Up A Ding Dong Freddy Bell & The                                   03424
                                                      Gift Collin Raye                                    23397
                                                      Gift Seether                                        54730
                                         Gimme A Break (TV Theme)                                         06179
                                        Gimme Dat Ding Pipkins, The                                       03713
          Gimme Gimme Gimme (a Man After Midnight) Abba                                                   06108
                           Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Crazy Elephant                                         50324
                                  Gimme Hope Joanna Eddy Grant                                            04179
                                      Gimme Little Sign Brenton Wood, The                                 11199
                            Gimme Some Lovin' (play Spencer Davis Group                                   51478
                                     Gimme Some More Busta Rhymes                                         11200
                                       Gimme The Light Sean Paul                                          10264
                                    Gimme Three Steps Lynyrd Skynyrd                                      53759
                            Gimme You Money Please Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)                         50682
                                     Ginny Come Lately Brian Hyland                                       03550
                                                      Girl Beck                                           45965
                                                      Girl Paul Wall                                      55093
                                       Girl (non Vocals) Destiny's Child                                  54999
                           Girl All The Bad Guys Want Bowling For Soup                                    10071
                                        Girl Don't Come Sandie Shaw                                       03682
                                     Girl From Ipanema Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz                        01587
                                     Girl From Ipanema Frank Sinatra                                      08582
                                     Girl I'm A Bad Boy Fat Joe & P Diddy                                 05362
                                       Girl In The Moon Darius                                            04798
                                       Girl Is Mine, The (Duet) Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney          11201
                                       Girl Is Mine, The Michael Jackson                                  11201
                                           Girl Like That Matchbox 20                                     20454
                                         Girl Like You, A Edwyn Collins                                   04937
                                         Girl Like You, A Hal Ketchum                                     23598
                                          Girl Next Door Julie Roberts                                    52462

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KARAOKE                                                    Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Girl Next Door      Saving Jane                                    53297
                                     Girl On The Billboard      Del Reeves                                     22188
                                                  Girl On Tv    Lfo (Lyte Funkie Ones)                         08647
                                                   Girl Talk    TLC                                            10266
                                                 Girl Thang     Tammy Wynette & Wynonna Judd                   08220
                                                 Girl Thang     Wynonna Judd                                   31560
                                                 Girl Tonite    Twista & Trey Songz                            55048
                                              Girl Watcher      O'Kaysions                                     10411
                                 Girl, You'll Be A Woman        Neil Diamond                                   50418
                                     Girl's Gone Wild The       Travis Tritt                                   52175
             Girl's Gotta Do (what A Girl's Gotta Do), A        Mindy McCready                                 51140
                                           Girl's Night Out     Alda                                           04119
                                           Girl's Night Out     Judds, The                                     20816
                                            Girl's Not Grey     Afi                                            05216
                                                   Girlfight    Brooke Valentine &                             05688
                                                  Girlfriend    'N Sync                                        09851
                                                  Girlfriend    (Duet) 'N Sync & Nelly                         55196
                                                  Girlfriend    Avril Lavigne                                  54832
                                                  Girlfriend    Avril Lavigne & Lil Mam                        53570
                                                  Girlfriend    Billie Piper                                   04091
                                                  Girlfriend    Matthew Sweet                                  54090
                                                  Girlfriend    B2k                                            10456
                                                        Girls   Calvin Harris                                  54850
                                                        Girls   Moments & What Naut                            03734
                                               Girls & Boys     Blur                                           03109
                          Girls All Get Prettier At Closin'     Mickey Gilley                                  09523
                                            Girls And Boys      Good Charlotte                                 53124
                                Girls Got It Goin' On, The      Rick Ferrell                                   24969
                            Girls Just Want To Have Fun         Cyndi Lauper                                   11203
                                              Girls Lie Too     Terri Clark                                    52172
                                    Girls Of Summer, The        Neal McCoy                                     09731
                                              Girls On Film     Duran Duran                                    53891
                                   Girls Who Play Guitars       Maximo Park                                    53524
                                        Girls With Guitars      Wynonna Judd                                   12948
                                          Girls, Girls, Girls   Motley Crue                                    01498
                                                        Give    Dishwalla                                      04948
                                           Give A Little Bit    Goo Goo Dolls                                  52222
                                           Give A Little Bit    Supertramp                                     52991
                                         Give A Little Love     Judds, The                                     22292
                                        Give A Little More      Maroon 5                                       55525
                               Give Him A Great Big Kiss        Shangri-Las                                    06033
                                              Give It Away      George Strait                                  52466
                                              Give It Away      Red Hot Chili Peppers                          20500
                                              Give It Time      Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)                 50684
                                             Give It To Me      J. Geils Band                                  50027
                                       Give It To Me Baby       Rick James                                     14678
                                                 Give It Up     K.C. & The Sunshine Band                       50473
                                                 Give It Up     Midtown                                        54512
                                 Give It Up Or Let Me Go        Dixie Chicks                                   51536
                                          Give It Up To Me      Sean Paul                                      55122
                                     Give Me A Little Love      (Irish Traditional) Daniel O'Donnell           04032
                                         Give Me A Minute       21 Demands                                     53489
                                        Give Me A Reason        Corrs, The                                     04502
                                        Give Me A Reason        Marc Anthony                                   06426
                               Give Me A Ring Sometime          Lisa Brokop                                    00639
                                   Give Me Forever (i Do)       John Tesh With James Ingram                    06083
                        Give Me Just A Little More Time         Chairmen Of The Board                          11205
                   Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)           98 Degrees                                     08729
                                             Give Me Love       George Harrison                                15229
                               Give Me One More Chance          Exile                                          22306
                                     Give Me One Reason         Tracy Chapman                                  51044
                                    Give Me Some Wheels         Suzy Bogguss                                   06759

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Give Me The Night     George Benson                                 01008
                                      Give Me The Night     Randy Crawford                                03976
                                         Give Me Wings      Michael Johnson                               11206
                                            Give Me You     Mary J. Blige                                 20573
                                 Give My Heart To You       Billy Ray Cyrus                               08146
                                     Give Myself To You     Train                                         53389
                                  Give Peace A Chance       John Lennon                                   51618
                                            Given To Fly    Pearl Jam                                     04968
                                          Gives You Hell    All-American Rejects                          55459
                    Giving Him Something He Can Feel        En Vogue                                      16493
                                               Giving In    Adema                                         09692
                                              Glamorous     Fergie & Ludacris                             54814
                                           Glamour Boy      Guess Who                                     51834
                                  Glass Of Champagne        Sailor                                        03231
                                                   Gloria   Laura Branigan                                21797
                                                   Gloria   Shadows Of Knight                             05899
                                                   Gloria   Van Morrison                                  50520
                                              Glorified G   Pearl Jam                                     51519
                                                Glorious    Andreas Johnson                               04356
                                                Glorious    Natalie Imbruglia                             53534
                                              Glory Days    Bruce Springsteen                             54299
                                           Glory Of Love    Bette Midler                                  11209
                                           Glory Of Love    Peter Cetera                                  16969
                                     Glory Of Love, The     Five Keys                                     06704
                                              Glory Road    (Gospel / Southern)                           22889
                                     Glory To His Name      (Gospel)                                      23123
                                                    Glow    Alien Ant Farm                                54430
                                               Glycerine    Bush                                          54084
                                                  Go Ask    Hoppers, The                                  23019
                                                Go Away     Lorrie Morgan                                 21964
                                     Go Away Little Girl    Happenings                                    15684
                                     Go Away Little Girl    Steven Lawrence                               16494
                                                 Go Back    Chalee Tennison                               07920
                                            Go Be Young     Edwin McCain                                  01924
                                                  Go D.J.   Lil Wayne                                     54592
                                                Go Deep     Janet Jackson                                 04977
                                          Go For A Soda     Kim Mitchell                                  50758
                                           Go Let It Out    Oasis                                         06238
                                 Go Now ? Simply Red        Simply Red                                    55487
                                                   Go On    George Strait                                 07874
                       Go Rest High On That Mountain        Vince Gill                                    22646
                            Go Tell It On The Mountain      Mahalia Jackson                               09756
                            Go Tell It On The Mountain      Tony Orlando & Dawn                           21535
                                        Go The Distance     Michael Bolton                                06016
                                             Go To Sleep    Radiohead                                     54429
                                                Go West     Pet Shop Boys, The                            20136
                               Go Wild In The Country       Bow Wow Wow                                   03873
                                      Go With The Flow      Queens Of The Stone Age                       05219
                                           Go-go Round      Gordon Lightfoot                              51867
                                                      Go!   Common                                        55015
                                                      Go!   Hanson                                        54931
                                                      Go!   Pearl Jam                                     51510
                                    God And God Alone       Steve Green                                   23063
                                 God Answers Prayers        Karen Peck & New River                        22843
                                     God Bless America      Celine Dion                                   08852
                                    God Bless The Child     Billie Holiday                                00462
                                    God Bless The Child     Eva Cassidy                                   52972
                                    God Bless The Child     Shania Twain                                  51433
                                     God Bless The USA      Lee Greenwood                                 07749
                                     God Blessed Texas      Little Texas                                  08501
                             God Don't Make Mistakes        Jamie O'Neal                                  52554
                                       God Gave Me You      Bryan White                                   07780

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                         God Gave Rock & Roll To You       Kiss                                         02859
                                        God Is A Bullet    Concrete Blonde                              54081
                                            God Is A DJ    Pink                                         06664
                                            God Is Able    Talleys, The                                 22844
                                           God Is Good     Dietrich Evans                               54553
                                     God Must Be Busy      Brooks & Dunn                                52622
                  God Must Have Spent A Little More Ti     'N Sync                                      21425
        God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You      Alabama                                      22688
        God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You      Alabama With 'N Sync                         06984
                                        God Never Fails    (Gospel)                                     16182
                                 God On The Mountain       McKameys, The                                22905
                                         God Only Cries    Diamond Rio                                  52435
                                       God Only Knows      Beach Boys, The                              11212
                             God Put A Smile Upon Yo       Coldplay                                     54431
                             God Really Must Love Me       Craig Morgan                                 52792
                        God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen        (Christmas)                                  09759
                        God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen        Mickey Gilley                                21536
                                  God Save The Queen       Sex Pistols                                  04676
                   God Will Make This Trial A Blessing     McKameys, The                                22845
                            God, Family, And Country       Craig Morgan                                 44056
                                 God's Country, U.S.A.     Marcus Hummon                                01097
                              God's Got A Bigger Plan      Rio Grand                                    52771
                                      God's Own Drunk      Jimmy Buffett                                01367
                                  God's Promised Land      Wilburns, The                                22965
                                              God's Will   Martina McBride                              52275
                           Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)         Dixie Chicks                                 52069
                                 Goes Good With Beer       John Michael Montgomery                      52209
                                              Goin' Back   Dusty Springfield                            03676
                             Goin' Crazy (non Vocals)      Natalie Cole                                 54994
                                            Goin' Down     Melanie C.                                   04263
                                       Goin' Goin' Gone    Kathy Mattea                                 22293
                                       Goin' Goin' Gone    Thrasher Shiver                              01237
                                 Goin' Out Of My Head      Little Anthony & The Imperials               11213
                                      Goin' Out Tonight    Mary Chapin Carpenter                        09025
                              Goin' Through The Big D      Mark Chesnutt                                22094
                        Goin' Under Getting Over You       Brooks & Dunn                                07802
                              Goin' Up To The Country      Canned Heat                                  50064
                                           Going Home      Gaithers                                     22919
                                        Going Nowhere      Wynonna Judd                                 07864
                                     Going On Later On     Mark Chesnutt                                55357
                                           Going Under     Evanescence                                  54408
                                   Going Underground       Jam                                          03186
                              Going Where The Lonely       Merle Haggard                                50111
                                                    Gold   Prince                                       03214
                                                    Gold   Spandau Ballet                               03210
                                            Gold Digger    Jamie Foxx & Kanye West                      55037
                                            Gold Digger    Kanye West                                   46161
                                     Gold Dust Woman       Fleetwood Mac                                51351
                                               Gold Lion   Yeah Yeah Yeahs                              54720
                                                 Golden    Jill Scott                                   12533
                                         Golden Brown      Stranglers, The                              03206
                                            Golden Ring    (Duet) George Jones & Tammy Wynette          08340
                                              Goldfinger   Shirley Bassey                               10482
                                                   Gone    'N Sync                                      08854
                                                   Gone    Ferlin Husky                                 22518
                                                   Gone    Montgomery Gentry                            52268
                                    Gone 'til November     Wyclef Jean                                  04034
                               Gone As A Girl Can Get      George Strait                                09409
                                             Gone Away     Cold                                         05166
                                          Gone Be Fine     Monica                                       20369
                                          Gone Country     Alan Jackson                                 09131
                                             Gone Crazy    Alan Jackson                                 08107

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KARAOKE                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                 Gone Out Of My Mind     Doug Stone                                  23533
                                         Gone Too Far    Eddie Rabbitt                               23265
                       Gonna Be Some Changes Made        Bruce Hornsby                               05506
                                     Gonna Get A Life    Mark Chesnutt                               13769
                    Gonna Get Along Without You Now      Viola Wills                                 03619
                              Gonna Make You A Star      David Essex                                 03620
                              Gonna Make You Sweat       C & C Music Factory                         00478
                                        Good As Gone     Little Big Town                             52492
                               Good As I Was To You      Lorrie Morgan                               21932
                                  Good Day Sunshine      Beatles, The                                00501
                                  Good Day To Run, A     Darryl Worley                               22795
                                      Good Directions    Billy Currington                            52498
                                        Good Enough      Dodgy                                       03418
                                        Good Enough      Sarah McLachlan                             06461
                                         Good For Me     Bob Seger                                   50469
                                          Good Friend    Nine Days                                   10025
                             Good Friend And A Glass     LeAnn Rimes                                 52664
                                     Good Girls Don't    Knack, The                                  15347
                                Good Golly Miss Molly    Little Richard                              08386
                                        Good Heart, A    Feargal Sharkey                             03245
                             Good Hearted Woman, A       Waylon Jennings                             20778
                             Good Hearted Woman, A       Willie Nelson                               51285
                                 Good Idea Tomorrow      Deryl Dodd                                  23731
                                        Good Is Good     Sheryl Crowe                                53307
                                             Good Life   Bruce Robison                               24187
                                             Good Life   Kanye West & T-Pain                         53560
                                       Good Life, The    Tony Bennett                                00630
                                     Good Little Girls   Blue Country                                53671
                                    Good Lord Willing    Little Big Town                             52781
                           Good Lovin Makes It Right     Tammy Wynette                               08348
                                          Good Lovin'    Rascals                                     11215
                                          Good Lovin'    Turtles, The                                03008
                                    Good Luck Charm      Elvis Presley                               16055
                                    Good Luck Charm      Jagged Edge                                 55106
                              Good Man (feeling Bad)     Tom Cochrane                                51848
                                         Good Man, A     Emerson Drive                               52444
                              Good Morning Beautiful     Steve Holly                                 07998
                             Good Morning Heartache      (Standards / Traditional)                   02828
                             Good Morning Heartache      Billie Holiday                              01086
                              Good Morning Starshine     Oliver                                      11216
                              Good Morning Sunshine      Aqua                                        04122
                                        Good Ol' Boys    Dukes Of Hazard                             15791
                             Good Ol' Fashioned Love     Tracy Byrd                                  06883
                               Good Ole Boys Like Me     Don Williams                                23258
                                       Good Ole Days     Phil Vassar                                 52346
                                         Good People     Jack Johnson                                54126
                                       Good Riddance     Green Day                                   53750
                                   Good Ride Cowboy      Garth Brooks                                52377
                            Good Run Of Bad Luck, A      Clint Black                                 15595
                                           Good Souls    Starsailor                                  44068
                                            Good Stuff   Kellis                                      04431
                                      Good Stuff, The    Kenny Chesney                               09917
                                           Good Thing    Eternal                                     03327
                                           Good Thing    Fine Young Cannibals                        50185
                                           Good Thing    Paul Revere & The Raiders                   11217
                                           Good Time     Alan Jackson                                52670
                                   Good Time Charlie     Albert King                                 02956
                    Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues    Elvis Presley                               15864
                                          Good Times     (TV Theme)                                  15792
                                          Good Times     Anita Cochran                               01988
                                          Good Times     Chic                                        11218
                                          Good Times     Edie Brickell                               02675

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                          Good Times     Styles                                       05311
                                          Good Times     Tom Cochrane                                 51845
                            Good Times Gonna Come        Aqualung                                     04728
                                     Good Times Roll     Cars                                         12993
                                         Good Timin'     Jimmy Jones                                  11219
                                          Good To Go     Jeffrey Steele                               02771
                                     Good Vibrations     Beach Boys, The                              11220
                                     Good Vibrations     Marky Mark                                   17929
                   Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A     Tracy Byrd                                   07957
                   Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A     Tracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt                   22839
                          Good Year For The Roses, A     Elvis Costello                               03870
                          Good Year For The Roses, A     George Jones                                 09363
                                             Goodbye     Kristina Debarge                             55499
                                             Goodbye     Martina McBride                              24935
                                             Goodbye     Natalie Imbruglia                            06378
                                             Goodbye     Pretenders, The                              06028
                                             Goodbye     Spice Girls                                  21422
                                Goodbye Cruel World      James Darren                                 00913
                                        Goodbye Earl     Dixie Chicks                                 51542
                             Goodbye For Now (radio      P.O.D.                                       54688
                    Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go       Wade Hayes                                   24402
                                       Goodbye Mr. A     Hoosiers                                     53544
                                   Goodbye My Lover      James Blunt                                  53372
                               Goodbye On A Bad Day      Shannon Lawson                               09836
                                  Goodbye Says It All    Blackhawk                                    15576
                                    Goodbye Stranger     Supertramp                                   52994
                                       Goodbye Time      Blake Shelton                                52290
                                Goodbye To Romance       Black Sabbath                                48851
                                Goodbye To Romance       Ozzy Osbourne                                51696
                                     Goodbye To You      Michelle Branch                              10020
                                     Goodbye To You      Scandal                                      53869
                          Goodbye Yellow Brick Road      Elton John                                   11221
                               Goodness Gracious Me      (Duet) Pete Sellers                          03707
                                           Goodnight     Suzy Bogguss                                 23876
                                       Goodnight Girl    Wet Wet Wet                                  03042
                                Goodnight Goodnight      Hot Hot Heat                                 54617
                                     Goodnight Irene     Weavers, The                                 21204
                                  Goodnight My Love      Jessie Belvin                                50334
                                  Goodnight My Love      Paul Anka                                    15771
                                    Goodnight Saigon     Billy Joel                                   53998
                               Goodnight Sweetheart      David Kersh                                  21913
                               Goodnight Sweetheart      Spaniels                                     50931
                                        Goody Goody      Frank Sinatra                                15983
                                        Goody Goody      Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers                51080
                                    Goody Two Shoes      Adam Ant                                     00893
                                         Gossip Folks    Missy Elliott                                10326
                                    Got A Little Crazy   Kenny Chesney                                52714
                            Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!   Elvis Presley                                01111
                                       Got It Twisted    Mobb Deep                                    05436
                             Got My Mind Set On You      George Harrison                              50186
                                 Got My Mojo Workin'     Muddy Waters                                 01473
                                      Got The Feelin'    5ive                                         04040
                                         Got The Life    Korn                                         55330
                                       Got To Be Real    Cheryl Lynn                                  06291
                          Got To Get You Into My Life    Beatles, The                                 15490
                          Got To Get You Into My Life    Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers            03803
                          Got To Get You Into My Life    Earth, Wind & Fire                           11222
                               Got To Have Your Love     Liberty X                                    04696
                                         Gotham City     R. Kelly                                     20481
                                           Gots Ta Be    B2k                                          10701
                                  Gotta Be Somebody      Bucky Covington                              55371
                                  Gotta Be Somebody      Nickelback                                   52929

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                 Gotta Get Thru This      Daniel Bedingfield                                10002
                             Gotta Get Up From Here       Ellie Lawson                                      53252
                                            Gotta Go      Trey Songz                                        55068
                               Gotta Go Gotta Leave       Vivian Green                                      55024
                                       Gotta Tell You     Samantha Mumba                                    08746
                                                Grace     Martins, The                                      23003
                                                Grace     Simon Webbe                                       54906
                                     Grace And Glory      Phil Cross & Poet                                 23010
                                          Graduation      Vitamin C                                         20552
                                  Grand Illusion, The     Styx                                              53907
                           Grand Theft Auto (where        Fall Out Boy                                      53308
                                     Grand Tour, The      George Jones                                      09371
                                             Grandad      Clive Dunn                                        03712
                 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer       (Christmas)                                       08548
                 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer       (Christmas) Elmo                                  24228
                 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer       Elmo & Patsy                                      21599
                                             Grandpa      Judds, The                                        09337
                                 Grandpa Told Me So       Kenny Chesney                                     22103
                                      Grapefruit Diet     (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                        02942
                                     Grapevine Fires      Death Cab For Cutie                               55495
                                        Grass Is Blue     Norah Jones                                       53154
                                        Grass Is Blue     Orah Jones                                        45126
                                               Grease     Frankie Valli                                     11224
                                    Grease Megamix        (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                         04944
                                   Greased Lightning      (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                         53598
                                   Great Balls Of Fire    Jerry Lee Lewis                                   50839
                                  Great Beyond, The       R.E.M.                                            08662
                                         Great Divide     Scott Stapp                                       54683
                                        Great Escape      England Supporters                                04030
                            Great Light Of The World      Bebo Norman                                       10285
                               Great Pretender, The       Platters                                          21222
                                       Greater Is He      Janna Long                                        10282
                        Greatest American Hero, The       (TV Theme)                                        15880
                                                          (Duet) (Christmas/Duet) Kenny Rogers & Dolly
                              Greatest Gift Of All, The   Parton
                              Greatest Gift Of All, The   Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton                       21587
                               Greatest Love Of All Ti    Whitney Houston                                   50851
                     Greatest Love You'll Never Know      Lutricia McNeal                                   04123
                     Greatest Man I Never Knew, The       Reba McEntire                                     22121
                                        Greatest, The     Kenny Rogers                                      22686
                                          Green Acres     (TV Theme)                                        15797
                                 Green Dolphin Street     Julie London                                      02837
                                           Green Door     Frankie Vaughan                                   03423
                                     Green Eyed Lady      Sugarloaf                                         50327
                         Green Green Grass Of Home        Porter Wagoner                                    17791
                         Green Green Grass Of Home        Tom Jones                                         11231
                       Green Leaves Of Summer, The        Brothers Four, The                                10405
                                          Green Light     Beyonce                                           53535
                                      Green Pastures      Ricky Skaggs                                      23045
                                          Green River     Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)                08489
                                   Green Tambourine       Lemon Pipers, The                                 11230
                                          Greenfields     Brothers Four, The                                10476
                                        Greensleeves      (Standards / Traditional)                         11233
                                              Grenade     Bruno Mars                                        55235
                                                 Grillz   Nelly & Paul Wall, Ali                            55073
                                                 Grind    David Wilcox                                      51812
                                    Gritenme Piedras      (Spanish Traditional)                             02369
                               Groove Is In The Heart     Dee-lite                                          50080
                        Groove Jet (if This Ain't Love    Spiller                                           04453
                                     Groove Machine       Marvin & Tamera                                   04248
                                              Groovin'    Rascals                                           10486
                                              Groovin'    Young Rascals                                     13849

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   Groovy Kind Of Love      Phil Collins                               50555
                                Groovy Kind Of Love, A      Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders            03444
                              Groovy Little Summer So       James Otto                                 55388
                       Ground Beneath Her Feet, The         U2                                         01946
                                           Grow For Me      Little Shop Of Horrors                     54203
                                     Grow Old With Me       Mary Chapin Carpenter                      51440
                                 Grow Young With You        (Duet) Coley McCabe & Andy Griggs          07830
                                        Growing On Me       Darkness                                   54495
                                         Growing Pains      (TV Theme)                                 06181
                                          Grown & Sexy      Babyface                                   48976
                                  Grown Men Don't Cry       Tim McGraw                                 22840
                                         Guantanamera       Sandpipers, The                            11235
                                                Guarded     Disturbed                                  54654
                                       Guardian Angels      Judds, The                                 01013
                                          Gudbuy Tjane      Slade                                      03225
                  Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry       Frank Sinatra & Carly Simon                06406
                                            Guess What      Syleena Johnson                            10323
                                                   Guilty   (Duet) Barbra Streisand                    08539
                                                   Guilty   Blue                                       04837
                                                   Guilty   Warren Brothers                            22455
                                              Guinevere     Eli Young Band                             55380
                                             Guitar Man     Elvis Presley                              01163
                                        Guitar Man, The     Bread                                      15226
                                  Guitars And Cadillacs     Dwight Yoakam                              20825
                                               Guitarzan    Ray Stevens                                17349
                                  Gunpowder And Lead        Miranda Lambert                            52644
                                       Guns Guns Guns       Burton Cummings                            51827
                                            Guy Like Me     Pat Green                                  05124
                               Guys Do It All The Time      Mindy McCready                             51099
                              Gypsies, Tramps And Thi       Cher                                       51604
                                                   Gypsy    Fleetwood Mac                              17573
                                       Gypsy Cried, The     Lou Christie                               00592
                             Gypsy Woman (la Da Dee)        Crystal Waters                             03938
                                 Ha Ha Said The Clown       Manfred Mann                               03812
                                                Hail Hail   Pearl Jam                                  51518
                                                     Hair   Cowsills, The                              11237
                                        Hair Of The Dog     Nazareth                                   50024
                                            Half A Heart    H & Claire                                 04694
                                    Half A Heart Tattoo     Jennifer Hanson                            53656
                                             Half A Man     Anthony Smith                              10396
                                           Half As Much     Hank Williams Sr.                          09111
                                           Half As Much     Patsy Cline                                09542
                                              Half Breed    Cher                                       51602
                                              Half Crazy    Musiq Soulchild                            09865
                                            Half Enough     Lorrie Morgan                              09198
                                           Half The Man     Clint Black                                13674
                                           Half The Way     Crystal Gayle                              23256
                                        Half Way Down       Patty Loveless                             09222
                            Halfway Around The World        A*teens                                    04594
                                   Halfway To Paradise      Billy Fury                                 03252
                                   Halfway To Paradise      Bobby Vinton                               10412
                                             Halfway Up     Clint Black                                05110
                                      Hallelujah Chorus     (Gospel)                                   15503
                                  Hallelujah I Love Her     Ray Charles                                50692
                                     Hallelujah Square      Sego's                                     22906
                                 Hallelujah, I Love Him     Eva Cassidy                                52971
                                                    Halo    Beyonce                                    52896
                                 Hammer To The Heart        Tamperer & Maya                            04360
                                    Hand In My Pocket       Alanis Morissette                          01031
                                               Hand Jive    Johnny Otis Show                           21281
                                           Hand Of Fate     Sons Of The Desert                         02729
                                   Hand On Your Heart       Kylie Minogue                              04142

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      Hand That Feeds     Nine Inch Nails                              54624
                    Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The       Glen Campbell & Steve Wariner                08213
                                 Handbags & Gladrags      Stereophonics                                04576
                                      Handful Of Water    Chalee Tennison                              24182
                              Handprints On The Wall      Kenny Rogers                                 52124
                                                 Hands    Jewel                                        11238
                                          Hands Clean     Alanis Morissette                            44050
                                          Hands Down      Dashboard Confessional                       54421
                             Hands Of A Working Man       Ty Herndon                                   08100
                                  Hands Off The Wheel     Oleander                                     05211
                                           Hands Open     Snow Patrol                                  54748
                       Hands That Built America, The      U2                                           04757
                                      Hands To Heaven     Breathe                                      13979
                                              Hands Up    Lloyd Banks                                  55150
                                              Hands Up    Ottawan                                      03171
                                              Hands Up    TLC                                          10385
                                            Handy Man     James Taylor                                 00270
                                               Hang On    Smash Mouth                                  53162
                               Hang On In There Baby      Johnny Bristol                               03732
                                       Hang On Sloopy     McCoys, The                                  51031
                                       Hang On To This    Days Of The New                              05143
                                Hang On To Your Love      Sade                                         50090
                                        Hangin' Around    Counting Crows                               08658
                                             Hangin' In   Tanya Tucker                                 09382
                                   Hangin' On A String    Loose Ends                                   03484
                                 Hanging By A Moment      Lifehouse                                    09608
                                           Hanging On     Cheyenne Kimball                             53395
                                          Hanky Panky     Madonna                                      17591
                                          Hanky Panky     Shondells                                    00055
                                          Hanky Panky     Tommy James & The Shondelles                 16313
                                        Happening, The    Supremes, The                                11242
                                 Happens All The Time     Cold                                         54664
                  Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa, The     Donna Fargo                                  20766
                                     Happily Ever After   Case                                         08923
                           Happiness Is A Warm Gun        Beatles, The                                 50078
                                                 Happy    Ashanti                                      09948
                                    Happy Anniversary     Little River Band                            53774
                                        Happy Birthday    (Standards / Traditional)                    15504
                     Happy Birthday Dear Heartache        Barbara Mandrell                             22204
                       Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen       Neil Sedaka                                  11244
                                Happy Birthday to You     (Standards / Traditional)                    55572
                       Happy Birthday To You (vocal)      (Standards / Traditional)                    04232
                      Happy Christmas (War Is Over)       American Idol                                04873
                      Happy Christmas (War Is Over)       John Lennon                                  51630
                          Happy Days Are Here Again       Barbra Streisand                             08534
                                             Happy Girl   Martina McBride                              22284
                         Happy Happy Birthday Baby        Tune Weavers                                 16290
                                        Happy Holidays    (Christmas)                                  21572
                                        Happy Holidays    Andy Williams                                06273
                                  Happy Holidays Y'all    Robert Earl Keen                             24511
                                            Happy Jack    Who                                          11246
                       Happy Just To Dance With You       Beatles, The                                 05913
                                       Happy New Year     (Christmas) Abba                             03200
                                            Happy Talk    (Movie Soundtrack) South Pacific             07739
                                       Happy Together     Sharie Bardo                                 08762
                                       Happy Together     Turtles, The                                 08351
                                          Happy Trails    Roy Rogers                                   22247
                                       Happy With You     Samantha Cole                                01523
                                         Harbor Lights    Platters                                     06097
                                        Hard As A Rock    AC/DC                                        53721
                                     Hard Call To Make    Michael J. Harter                            02773
                                Hard Candy Christmas      Dolly Parton                                 07726

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KARAOKE                                            Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   Hard Day's Night, A    Beatles, The                                 10731
                                  Hard Habit To Break     Chicago                                      17176
                                 Hard Headed Woman        Elvis Presley                                08244
                                       Hard Knock Life    Dr. Evil                                     04689
                     Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)      Jay-Z                                        01943
                                   Hard Lovin' Woman      Mark Collie                                  22098
                                    Hard Luck Woman       Garth Brooks                                 06851
                                    Hard Luck Woman       Kiss                                         21122
                                             Hard Road    Shore, The                                   05633
                      Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart      Randy Travis                                 09321
                            Hard Times (no One Know       Ray Charles                                  50696
                     Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To B      (Duet) Brad Paisley                          02745
             Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To Be A Wife      Brad Paisley & Ch                            24879
                                   Hard To Be Humble      Mac Davis                                    50021
                                       Hard To Handle     Black Crowes                                 50218
                                       Hard To Handle     Commitments                                  54143
                                       Hard To Handle     Otis Redding                                 03704
                                           Hard To Say    Dan Fogelberg                                55170
                                           Hard To Say    Sawyer Brown                                 06850
                                Hard To Say I'm Sorry     Az Yet Featuring Peter Cetera                01465
                                Hard To Say I'm Sorry     Chicago                                      16717
                         Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over    Cathedrals, The                              23032
                                             Hard Way     Faith Hill                                   23765
                                        Hard Way, The     Clint Black                                  09278
                                        Hard Way, The     Mary Chapin Carpenter                        09022
                                    Hard Working Man      Brooks & Dunn                                09049
                                      Harden My Heart     Quarterflash                                 00274
                                          Harder Cards    Kenny Rogers                                 02760
                                    Harder To Breathe     Maroon 5                                     53107
                            Hardest Button To Button      White Stripes                                54426
                                           Hardest Part   Coldplay                                     53407
                                    Hardest Thing, The    98 Degrees                                   08904
                         Hark! The Herald Angels Sing     (Christmas)                                  09760
                         Hark! The Herald Angels Sing     Marty Robbins                                21541
                                        Harlem Shuffle    Bob & Earl                                   03699
                                        Harlem Shuffle    Rolling Stones, The                          50586
                                              Harmony     Elton John                                   50235
                                  Harper Valley P.T.A.    Jeanie C. Riley                              08403
                                              Harrigan    (Irish Traditional)                          50433
                                Harvest For The World     Christians, The                              03642
                                         Harvest Moon     Neil Young                                   50097
                                             Hash Pipe    Weezer                                       09662
                                     Hasn't Hit Me Yet    Blue Rodeo                                   50728
                               Hate (I Don't Really Do    Plain White T's                              54907
                                               Hate Me    Blue October                                 54724
                                 Hate That I Love You     Rihanna                                      55263
                            Hate To Say I Told You So     Hives                                        09957
                                      Hats Off To Larry   Del Shannon                                  21362
                                        Haunted Heart     Sammy Kershaw                                13736
                                           Hava Nagila    (Standards / Traditional)                    08234
                                  Have A Drink On Me      AC/DC                                        53725
                                          Have A Heart    Bonnie Raitt                                 06036
                                 Have A Little Faith In   Mandy Moore                                  53134
                                      Have A Nice Day     Bon Jovi                                     53347
                                     Have Faith In God    (Gospel)                                     23085
                                      Have I The Right    Honeycombs, The                              03310
                                Have I Told You Lately    Rod Stewart                                  51039
                                Have I Told You Lately    Van Morrison                                 50523
               Have I Told You Lately That I Love You     Roger Whittaker                              08995
                                            Have Mercy    Judds, The                                   20829
                                 Have Thine Own Way       (Gospel)                                     23143
                          Have You Ever Been In Love      Celine Dion                                  06540

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                           Have You Ever Been Lonely       Ernest Tubb                                   22235
                           Have You Ever Been Lonely       Patsy Cline                                   09086
                          Have You Ever Been Mellow        Olivia Newton John                            11257
                       Have You Ever Loved A Woman         Derek & The Dominos                           02959
                       Have You Ever Loved A Woman         Eric Clapton                                  02930
                 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman        Bryan Adams                                   06462
                         Have You Ever Seen The Rain       Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)            08387
                                        Have You Ever?     Brandy                                        20324
                                        Have You Ever?     S Club 7                                      04578
                                  Have You Forgotten?      Darryl Worley                                 52030
                                        Have You Heard     Duprees                                       00154
                             Have You Met Miss Jones       Robbie Williams                               54161
                                    Have You Seen Her      Chi-lites                                     01844
                             Have You Seen Me Lately       Counting Crows                                20646
                        Have Yourself A Merry Little C     (Christmas) Johnnie Mathis                    03199
                    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ    Pretenders, The                               15892
                  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christm     Crystal Gayle                                 21542
                Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas     (Christmas)                                   08550
                Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas     Judy Garland                                  11258
                                    Haven Of Rest, The     (Gospel)                                      23096
                        Haven't Got Time For The Pain      Carly Simon                                   08355
                                          Havin' A Party   Southside Johnny                              50297
                                         Having A Party    Sam Cooke                                     31581
                              Hawaiian Wedding Song        Don Ho                                        00143
                              Hawaiian Wedding Song        Elvis Presley                                 08270
                                         Hay Unos Ojos     (Spanish Traditional)                         02365
                                                 Hazard    Richard Marx                                  17605
                      He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother      Hollies                                       11259
                                He Ain't Worth Missing     Toby Keith                                    16401
                                     He Called Me Baby     Patsy Cline                                   00688
                                  He Can Only Hold Her     Amy Winehouse                                 52884
                                  He Could Be The One      Josie Cotton                                  53899
                                  He Didn't Have To Be     Brad Paisley                                  08194
                                      He Drank Tequila     (Duet) Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw          20236
                                 He Gets That From Me      Reba McEntire                                 52211
                                                   He Is   Heather Headley                               10077
                            He Keeps Me In One Piece       Julie Reeves                                  23810
                                  He Keeps Me Singing      (Gospel)                                      23164
                           He Left A Lot To Be Desired     Ricochet                                      01479
                          He Looked Beyond My Fault        Dottie Rambo                                  22933
                            He Loves Her All The Way       Tammy Wynette                                 08349
                                           He Loves Me     (Gospel / Southern)                           22873
                                         He Loves U Not    D:ream                                        08750
                             He Oughta Know That By        Lee Ann Womack                                52317
                                           He Proposed     Kelly Price                                   05349
                            He Rides The Wild Horses       Chris Ledoux                                  24892
                         He Still Rolls The Stone Away     Spencers, The                                 22988
                         He Stopped Loving Her Today       George Jones                                  08341
                                         He Talks To Me    Lorrie Morgan                                 09189
                              He Thinks He'll Keep He      Mary Chapin Carpenter                         51397
                                  He Thinks I Still Care   Anne Murray                                   09011
                                         He Touched Me     Elvis Presley                                 22860
                                         He Touched Me     Gaither Trio                                  16438
                                   He Walked On Water      Randy Travis                                  09322
                                He Wasn't Man Enough       Toni Braxton                                  08700
                                              He Weight    Band, The                                     51850
                             He Will Break Your Heart      Jerry Butler                                  21303
                                    He Will, She Knows     Kenny Rogers                                  22777
                            He'd Never Seen Julie Cry      Jo Dee Messina                                06857
                                       He'll Have To Go    Jim Reeves                                    22006
                          He'll Shine His Light On You     Michele Pillar                                23054
                                    He's A Good Ol' Boy    Cheryl Wright                                 00615

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      He's A Heartache      Janie Fricke                                 00718
                He's A Heartache (looking For A Place       Janie Fricke                                 20814
                                            He's A Rebel    Crystals, The                                51459
                                    He's Alive And Well     Monitors, The                                22920
                                  He's Funny That Way       Billie Holiday                               01092
                            He's Got The Whole World        Laurie London                                11288
                He's Got The Whole World In His Hand        (Gospel)                                     08516
               He's Got The Whole World In His Hands        Statler Brothers                             38832
                                           He's Got You     Brooks & Dunn                                22076
                                           He's In Town     Rockin' Berries, The                         03451
                                            He's So Fine    Chiffons                                     16497
                                            He's So Fine    Chiffons                                     10545
                                             He's So Shy    Pointer Sisters                              21782
                              He's Still On The Throne      Gold City                                    23009
                                   He's Still Passing By    Primitive Quartet                            23008
                                          He's Still Real   (Gospel / Southern)                          22934
                             He's The Greatest Dancer       Sister Sledge                                01383
                                      Head Around You       Offspring, The                               54481
                                            Head Games      Foreigner                                    50508
                                      Head On Collision     New Found Glory                              54347
                                        Head Over Feet      Alanis Morissette                            50739
                                       Head Over Heels      Blue Rodeo                                   50731
                                       Head Over Heels      Tears For Fears                              14030
                                            Head To Toe     Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam                         14321
                     Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes        (Standards / Traditional)                    08624
                               Headache Tomorrow, A         Mickey Gilley                                09532
                                Headed For The Future       Neil Diamond                                 10167
                                     Headful Of Ghosts      Bush                                         09820
                             Headlines [friendship Ne       Spice Girls                                  53553
                                Heads Carolina, Tails C     Jo Dee Messina                               50392
                                            Headsprung      LL Cool J & Timbaland                        12463
                                             Headstrong     Adriana                                      05165
                                        Heal The World      Michael Jackson                              17575
                                         Heard 'em Say      Kanye West                                   55063
                                    Heard It All Before     Sunshine Anderson                            08793
                                         Heart And Soul     (Standards / Traditional)                    11262
                                         Heart And Soul     Huey Lewis & The News                        53993
                      Heart And Soul - By Huey Lewis        Huey Lewis & The News                        11261
                                Heart Breaker (living L     Led Zeppelin                                 50488
                                        Heart Go Boom       Apollo 440                                   04318
                                          Heart Hold On     Buffalo Club, The                            02728
                                       Heart In A Cage      Strokes, The                                 54714
                         Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, The      Reba McEntire                                09453
                                Heart Like A Hurricane      Larry Stewart                                16975
                                 Heart Never Lies, The      McFly                                        54895
                                         Heart Of Glass     Blondie                                      11263
                                          Heart Of Gold     Neil Young                                   16002
                                         Heart Of Stone     Cher                                         17730
                                         Heart Of Stone     Dave Stewart                                 03142
                                    Heart Of The Night      Poco                                         53921
                                   Heart On My Sleeve       Gallagher & Lyle                             04436
                                       Heart Over Mind      Lorrie Morgan                                15659
                                     Heart Shaped Box       Nirvana                                      20638
                                 Heart Shaped Glasses       Marilyn Manson                               53506
                             Heart That Knows You, A        Twila Paris                                  23055
                                         Heart To Heart     John Denver                                  09516
                                          Heart Trouble     Martina McBride                              06874
                                  Heart Won't Lie, The      (Duet) Reba McEntire & Vince Gill            08216
                                              Heartache     Suzy Bogguss                                 24158
                                     Heartache Tonight      Eagles                                       53618
                           Heartaches By The Number         Ray Price                                    22179
                                               Heartbeat    Buddy Holly                                  51319

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KARAOKE                                           Song List by SONG TITLE
                                             Heartbeat    Steps                                         04109
                            Heartbeats (accelerating)     Linda Ronstadt                                05987
                                        Heartbreak Hill   Emmylou Harris                                09351
                                     Heartbreak Hotel     (Duet) Whitney Houston & Faith Evans          08873
                                     Heartbreak Hotel     Elvis Presley                                 50841
                                     Heartbreak Hotel     Whitney Houston                               21507
                Heartbreak Hotel/hound Dog/ All Shoo      Elvis Presley                                 01975
                                     Heartbreak Town      Dixie Chicks                                  51543
                                    Heartbreak U.S.A.     Kitty Wells                                   22522
                                         Heartbreaker     (Duet) Mariah Carey & Jay-Z                   08950
                                         Heartbreaker     Dionne Warwick                                05905
                                         Heartbreaker     Mariah Carey                                  06215
                                         Heartbreaker     Pat Benatar                                   51769
                                           Heartbroke     Ricky Skaggs                                  50646
                                Heartbroke Every Day      Lonestar                                      01313
                                          Heartbroken     T2 & Jodie Aysha                              53561
                                             Heartland    George Strait                                 09410
                                             Heartless    Kanye West                                    55473
                                             Heartlight   Neil Diamond                                  10106
                                Hearts Are Gonna Roll     Hal Ketchum                                   22112
                                            Hearts Fall   Edwin McCain                                  06338
                                       Heat Is On, The    Glenn Frey                                    11269
                                            Heat It Up    Bubba Sparxxx                                 55120
                                    Heat Of The Night     Aqua                                          04056
                                            Heat Wave     Linda Ronstadt                                08981
                                            Heat Wave     Martha & The Vandellas                        20970
                                        Heather's Wall    Ty Herndon                                    44059
                                               Heaven     Bryan Adams                                   16720
                                               Heaven     DJ Sammy & Yanou                              05041
                                               Heaven     Live                                          53125
                                               Heaven     Los Lonely Boys                               53210
                                               Heaven     Mary Mary                                     55026
                                               Heaven     Nu Flavor                                     01611
                                               Heaven     Seldom Scene                                  23046
                                               Heaven     Warrant                                       38665
                                        Heaven Bound      Shana Petrone                                 23551
                                      Heaven Can Wait     Meat Loaf                                     00346
                               Heaven Can't Be Found      Hank Williams Jr.                             09121
                                 Heaven For Everyone      Queen                                         03403
                                       Heaven Help Me     Wynonna Judd                                  52098
                           Heaven Is A Place On Earth     Belinda Carlisle                              11270
                              Heaven Must Be Missing      Tavares                                       45182
                                  Heaven Only Knows       Emmylou Harris                                09352
                             Heaven, Heartache And T      Trisha Yearwood                               52593
                            Heaven's Just A Sin Away      Kendalls, The                                 22018
                                      Heaven's On Fire    Kiss                                          54007
                                 Heaven's What I Feel     Gloria Estefan                                01983
                                    Heavenly Sunlight     (Gospel)                                      23112
                                                 Heavy    Collective Soul                               01782
                                                 Heavy    Faith Evans                                   08889
                                           Heavy Fuel     Dire Straits                                  55186
                                          Heavy Liftin'   Blake Shelton                                 02800
                                         Heavy Things     Phish                                         09566
                                       Heel Over Head     Puddle Of Mudd                                54470
                                                Helena    My Chemical Romance                           54619
                                 Hell Bent For Leather    Judas Priest                                  55345
                                    Hell On The Heart     Eric Church                                   55352
                                             Hell Song    Sum 41                                        54373
                                             Hell Yeah    Ginuwine & Baby                               10386
                                             Hell Yeah    Montgomery Gentry                             52084
                                            Hella Good    No Doubt                                      10707
                                                  Hello   Lionel Richie                                 21826

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                    Hello   Poe                                            16712
                                            Hello Again     Neil Diamond                                   50419
                                           Hello Darlin'    Conway Twitty                                  08368
                                             Hello Dolly    Louis Armstrong                                55573
                                               Hello God    Dolly Parton                                   51999
                                         Hello Goodbye      Beatles, The                                   11274
                           Hello Hello I'm Back Again       Gary Glitter                                   03787
                                           Hello Hooray     Alice Cooper                                   54279
                                      Hello In Heaven       Freemans, The                                  22978
                                        Hello L. O. V. E    John Michael Montgomery                        22678
                                        Hello Little Girl   Fourmost                                       03694
                             Hello Lonely (walk Away        Theory Of A Deadman                            53301
                                  Hello Mr. Heartache       Dixie Chicks                                   51544
                                          Hello Muddah      Alan Sherman                                   00387
                                         Hello Stranger     Barbara Lewis                                  50135
                              Hello Tomorrow (adidas        Squeak E Clean & Karen O.                      53279
                                            Hello Walls     Faron Young                                    16212
                                            Hello World     Lady Antebellum                                55244
                                   Hello Young Lovers       Frank Sinatra                                  08583
                                   Hello Young Lovers       Paul Anka                                      06166
                                            Hello, Dolly    (Movie Soundtrack)                             11275
                                            Hello, Dolly    Hello Dolly                                    00129
                                            Hello, Dolly    Louie Armstrong                                20971
                                     Hello, I Love You      Doors                                          50537
                                          Hello, It's Me    Todd Rundgren                                  11276
                                       Hello, Mary Lou      Ricky Nelson                                   50936
                                 Hello, This Is Joannie     Paul Evans                                     55207
                                               Hellraiser   Sweet                                          03130
                                              Hells Bells   AC/DC                                          53723
                                                Help Me     Joni Mitchell                                  50314
                                      Help Me Hold On       Travis Tritt                                   50606
                            Help Me Make It Through         Martina McBride                                52406
                      Help Me Make It Through The Ni        Gladys Knight & The Pips                       04354
                   Help Me Make It Through The Night        Kris Kristofferson                             02146
                   Help Me Make It Through The Night        Sammi Smith                                    20763
                                      Help Me Rhonda        Beach Boys, The                                08427
                                  Help Me Understand        Trace Adkins                                   09900
                               Help Pour Out The Rain       Buddy Jewell                                   52061
                               Help Pour Out The Rain       Kenny Chesney                                  44743
                                       Help Somebody        Towne Van Zandt                                52310
                                         Help The Aged      Pulp                                           03975
                                          Help Yourself     Tom Jones                                      06057
                                                    Help!   Beatles, The                                   11278
                             Helping Me Get Over You        (Duet) Travis Tritt & Lari White               06863
                                Helplessly, Hopelessly      Jessica Andrews                                07976
                                         Helter Skelter     Beatles, The                                   53716
                                         Helter Skelter     Pat Benatar                                    51761
                           Hemorrhage (in My Hands)         Fuel                                           09590
                                   Henry The Viii I Am      Herman's Hermits                               16671
                                                     Her    Aaron Tippin                                   08173
                                                Her Man     Gary Allan                                     21901
                                               Her Strut    Bob Seger                                      50463
                                  Here (in Your Arms)       Hellogoodbye                                   53468
                                            Here & Now      Steps                                          04529
                                             Here 4 One     Blazin Squad                                   04890
                                         Here And Now       Luther Vandross                                21639
                        Here Come Those Tears Again         Jackson Browne                                 00949
                                 Here Comes Goodbye         Rascal Flatts                                  52805
                                 Here Comes My Baby         Dottie West                                    22229
                                 Here Comes My Baby         Mavericks                                      22724
                                 Here Comes My Baby         Tremeloes, The                                 03808
                             Here Comes Santa Claus         Country Christmas                              21543

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KARAOKE                                                 Song List by SONG TITLE
                             Here Comes Santa Claus       Elvis Presley                                     08299
                             Here Comes Santa Claus       Gene Autry                                        17697
                                 Here Comes Summer        Terry Keller                                      03427
             Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again      Fortunes                                          21675
                          Here Comes The Hotstepper       Ina Kamoze                                        16872
                          Here Comes The Hotstepper       Ini Kamoze                                        00647
                                Here Comes The Night      Van Morrison                                      50529
                                 Here Comes The Rain      Mavericks                                         50387
                                 Here Comes The Sun       Beatles, The                                      15442
                                    Here For The Party    Gretchen Wilson                                   52185
                                         Here For You     Firehouse                                         02706
                                             Here I Am    Bryan Adams                                       10004
                                             Here I Am    Explosion                                         54548
                                             Here I Am    Patty Loveless                                    13610
                                             Here I Am    UB40                                              17795
                                       Here I Go Again    Hollies                                           03512
                                       Here I Go Again    Lorrie Morgan                                     23874
                                       Here I Go Again    Whitesnake                                        14434
                                     Here In My Heart     Chicago                                           06013
                              Here In The Real World      Alan Jackson                                      09132
                                         Here Is Gone     Goo Goo Dolls                                     09893
                                 Here It Comes Again      Melanie C.                                        04752
                                   Here It Goes Again     Ok Go                                             53424
                                      Here They Come      (Gospel)                                          23190
                                          Here To Stay    Korn                                              09937
                                          Here We Are     Gloria Estefan                                    16500
                                           Here We Go     'N Sync                                           20439
                                           Here We Go     Trina & Kelly Rowland                             55060
                                    Here We Go Again      Ray Charles & Nora Jones                          05641
                                         Here With Me     (Gospel) MercyMe                                  53200
                                         Here With Me     Dido                                              08732
                                     Here Without You     3 Doors Down                                      45245
                                Here You Come Again       Dolly Parton                                      22013
                         Here, There And Everywhere       Beatles, The                                      11285
                         Here, There And Everywhere       Celine Dion                                       20323
                                      Here's A Quarter    Travis Tritt                                      50121
                                     Here's Some Love     Tanya Tucker                                      50602
                                Here's That Rainy Day     (Standards / Traditional)                         02834
                                       Here's The Deal    Jeff Carson                                       23329
                                  Here's To The Night     Eve 6                                             08806
                         Here's Where The Story Ends      Tin Tin Out                                       04012
                    Here's Your Sign (get The Picture)    Bill Engvall & Travis Tritt                       21930
                           Here's Your Sign Christmas     Jeff Foxworthy                                    24509
                                Hernando's Hideaway       Pajama Game                                       01584
                                                  Hero    Chad Kroeger & Jose                               09936
                                                  Hero    Enrique Iglesias                                  08847
                                                  Hero    Mariah Carey                                      21162
                                                  Hero    Nickelback                                        52933
                                      Hero Of The Day     Metallica                                         54063
                                                Heroes    David Bowie                                       54237
                                                Heroes    Paul Overstreet                                   24757
                                                Heroes    Wallflowers, The                                  17081
                                   Heroes And Friends     Randy Travis                                      09323
                                                 Heros    Shinedown                                         54758
                                                   Hey    Julio Iglesias                                    00088
                         Hey Baby (drop It To The Fl..    Pitbull Feat T-pain                               55529
                                        Hey Bartender     Blues Brothers                                    50285
                                              Hey Bitty   Nitty                                             05643
                                            Hey Bobby     K. T. Oslin                                       22314
                                        Hey Cinderella    Suzy Bogguss                                      00323
                                             Hey Dude     Kula Shaker                                       03629
                                               Hey Girl   Billy Joel                                        17003

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                             Hey Girl Don't Bother Me        Tams                                       03703
                      Hey Girls.. This Is Earl.. I Didn't    Earl Paul Craft                            20298
                         Hey Hey, We're The Monkees          Monkees                                    00861
                                    Hey Jealous Lover        Frank Sinatra                              00694
                                          Hey Jealousy       Gin Blossoms                               14628
                                                 Hey Joe     Jimi Hendrix                               11289
                                               Hey Jude      Beatles, The                               50922
                  Hey Leonardo (she Likes Me For Me)         Blessid Union Of Souls                     08925
                                         Hey Little Girl     Del Shannon                                03514
                                         Hey Little Girl     Syndicate Of Sound                         50079
                                               Hey Love      Stevie Wonder                              14680
                                             Hey Mama        Black Eyed Peas                            53481
                  Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)        Backstreet Boys                            09466
                                          Hey Nineteen       Steely Dan                                 51633
                                               Hey Now       Tantric                                    54456
                 Hey Now (girls Just Wanna Have Fun)         Triple Image                               06593
                                         Hey Now Now         Swirl 360                                  17109
                                          Hey Pachuco        Royal Crown Revue                          2868
                                               Hey Papi      Alex Cartana                               04935
                                              Hey Paula      Paul & Paula                               53784
                                             Hey Pretty      Poe                                        38328
                                       Hey Rock & Roll       Showaddywaddy                              03839
                                        Hey Sexy Lady        Shaggy                                     04715
                                        Hey Sexy Lady        Shaggy & Brian & Tony Gold                 10081
                                           Hey Stephen       Taylor Swift                               52913
                                             Hey There       Johnnie Ray                                03439
                                     Hey There Delilah       Plain White T's                            51947
                                 Hey There Lonely Boy        Ruby & The Romantics                       00914
                                 Hey There Lonely Girl       Dells & More                               06703
                                 Hey There Lonely Girl       Eddie Holman                               11293
                                         Hey Whatever        Westlife                                   04834
                                                 Hey Ya!     Outkast                                    54949
                                                Hey You      311                                        55502
                                                Hey You      Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)             50687
                                                Hey You      Pink Floyd                                 51328
                                      Hey, Big Spender       Shirley Bassey                             04406
                                      Hey, Big Spender       Sweet Charity                              51117
                                     Hey, Good Lookin'       Hank Williams Jr.                          00996
                                     Hey, Good Lookin'       Hank Williams Sr.                          09112
                                     Hey, Good Lookin'       Jimmy Buffett                              45508
                                     Hey, Good Lookin'       Jimmy Buffett & Clint Black                52181
                                    Hey, Mr. President       Warren Brothers                            52048
                                             Hey! Baby       Bruce Channel                              21339
                                             Hey! Baby       Dj Otzi                                    04582
                                             Hey! Baby       Marty Stuart                               24736
                                             Hey! Baby       No Doubt                                   09799
                                             Hey! Baby       Ted Nugent                                 50023
                                            Hi Ho Silver     Jim Diamond                                03878
                                    Hi Ho Silver Lining      Jeff Beck                                  03122
                                            Hi-lili, Hi-lo   Alan Price Set                             03804
                                               Hi, Hi, Hi    Paul McCartney & Wings                     11294
                                              Hicktown       Jason Aldean                               52316
                                        Hidden Agenda        Craig David                                53069
                                          Hidden Away        Josh Groban                                55426
                                                     High    James Blunt                                53393
                                       High Class Baby       Cliff Richard                              04337
                                   High Cost Of Living       Jamey Johnson                              52823
                                            High Cotton      Alabama                                    22133
                                             High Heels      Kellie Pickerred                           52494
                                            High Hopes       Frank Sinatra                              51077
                           High Low And In Between           Mark Wills                                 24719
                           High Maintenance Woman            Toby Keith                                 52536

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               High Noon      Frankie Laine                              04403
                                           High On Love       Patty Loveless                             06937
                                            High On You       Survivor                                   38666
                                    High Powered Love         Emmylou Harris                             09353
                             High School Confidential         Rough Trade                                50738
                                              High Sierra     Linda Ronstadt                             08980
                                    High Tech Redneck         George Jones                               09365
                                   High Time We Went          Joe Cocker                                 11296
                                                   Higher     Creed                                      53729
                                                   Higher     Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue                  55532
                                        Higher & Higher       Jackie Wilson                              10613
                                        Higher & Higher       Rita Coolidge                              11297
                                         Higher Ground        (Gospel)                                   23147
                                         Higher Ground        (Standards / Traditional)                  16183
                                         Higher Ground        Barbra Streisand                           01581
                                         Higher Ground        Stevie Wonder                              11298
                                             Higher Love      Steve Winwood                              15343
                                          Highly Strung       Spandau Ballet                             04339
                                       Highway 20 Ride        Zac Brown Band                             55360
                                     Highway 40 Blues         Ricky Skaggs                               50648
                                      Highway Robbery         Tanya Tucker                               09383
                                       Highway To Hell        AC/DC                                      53717
                                           Highwayman         Highwaymen                                 11300
                                                Hillbillies   Hot Apple Pie                              52312
                                           Hillbilly Bone     Blake Shelton                              55365
                                         Hillbilly Deluxe     Brooks & Dunn                              52502
                                             Hillbilly Rap    Neal McCoy                                 01199
                                           Hillbilly Rock     Marty Stuart                               22357
                            Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll     Woolpackers                                03635
                                          Hillbilly Shoes     Montgomery Gentry                          22671
                                                       Him    Rupert Holmes                              53927
                                            Hindu Times       Oasis                                      04649
                                        Hip Hop Hooray        Naughty By Nature                          01379
                                         Hip Hop Police       Chamillionaire & Slick                     54896
                                      Hip To Be Square        Huey Lewis & The News                      11301
                                              Hipocracia      (Spanish Traditional)                      02351
                                    Hippy Hippy Shake         Georgia Satellites                         38612
                                          Hips Don't Lie      Shakira & Wyclef Jean                      55103
                                      His Hand In Mine        Carroll Roberson                           23018
                                      His Hand In Mine        Elvis Presley                              22861
                                       His Latest Flame       Elvis Presley                              15440
                                    His Way With Thee         (Gospel)                                   23114
                                        Hit 'em Up Style      Blu Cantrell                               08826
                                                Hit Me Up     Gia Farrell                                53473
                              Hit Me With Your Best S         Pat Benatar                                51764
                       Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick          Ian Drury & The Blockheads                 03183
                                              Hit Or Miss     New Found Glory                            09642
                                                  Hit That    Offspring, The                             54454
                                      Hit That Jive Jack      Diana Krall                                06120
                                       Hit The Freeway        Toni Braxton                               10143
                                       Hit The Freeway        Toni Braxton & Loon                        44438
                                     Hit The Road Jack        Ray Charles                                50699
                             Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle O          Jimmy Buffett                              53883
                              Ho! Ho! Ho! Who'd Be A          Elton John                                 53885
                                            Hockey Song       Stompin' Tom Conners                       50709
                                     Hokey Cokey, The         Black Lace                                 03172
                                            Hokey Pokey       (Standards / Traditional)                  08230
                                            Hokey Pokey       Ray Anthony                                17508
                                  Hold Back The Night         Trammps                                    03790
                                 Hold Back The Water          Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)             50681
                                                  Hold Me     PJ Proby                                   03303
                                                  Hold Me     Savage Garden                              06278

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               Hold Me     Stevie Nicks                                   51356
                                         Hold Me Close     David Essex                                    03540
                                          Hold Me Now      Thompson Twins                                 53790
                                         Hold Me Tight     Johnny Nash                                    03822
                       Hold Me Till The Mornin' Comes      Paul Anka                                      15772
                              Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss     Johnny Mathis                                  50986
                           Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me     Gloria Estefan                                 03083
                           Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me     Mel Carter                                     16372
                                   Hold My Body Tight      East 17                                        03162
                                         Hold My Hand      Hootie & The Blowfish                          20434
                                               Hold On     Dwele & Kanye West                             12686
                                               Hold On     En Vogue                                       03236
                                               Hold On     Good Charlotte                                 54463
                                               Hold On     K.T. Tunstall                                  53533
                                               Hold On     Santana                                        06285
                                               Hold On     Sarah McLachlan                                02694
                                               Hold On     Wilson Phillips                                11304
                                     Hold On My Heart      Genesis                                        00410
                                         Hold On Tight     Electric Light Orchestra                       53000
                                        Hold On To Me      John Michael Montgomery                        22489
                                   Hold On To My Love      Jimmy Ruffin                                   03884
                               Hold On To The Nights       Richard Marx                                   16855
                                  Hold On, I'm Comin'      Sam & Dave                                     11305
                                         Hold The Line     Toto                                           15444
                                             Hold Tight    Dave Dee Dozy Braky                            03605
                                                Holdin'    Diamond Rio                                    21910
                                  Holdin' A Good Hand      Lee Greenwood                                  22502
                                        Holdin' Heaven     Tracy Byrd                                     15168
                             Holdin' On To Something       Jeff Carson                                    01078
                              Holding Back The Years       Simply Red                                     11306
                                   Holding On For You      Liberty X                                      04734
                              Holding Out For A Hero       Bonnie Tyler                                   11307
                                          Hole Hearted     Extreme                                        11308
                                       Hole In My Head     Dixie Chicks                                   51545
                                      Hole In My Heart     Blackhawk                                      22027
                                       Hole In My Shoe     Traffic                                        03693
                                   Hole In The Ground      Bernard Cribbens                               03708
                                      Hole In The Head     Sugababes                                      53196
                                     Hole In The World     Eagles                                         53109
                                              Hole, The    Randy Travis                                   06939
                        Holes In The Floor Of Heaven       Steve Wariner                                  15717
                                             Holidae In    Chingy & Ludacris & Sno                        54954
                                                Holiday    Bee Gees                                       11309
                                                Holiday    Green Day                                      54614
                                                Holiday    Mad'house                                      04722
                                                Holiday    Madonna                                        54083
                                   Holiday In My Head      Smash Mouth                                    06364
                                         Hollaback Girl    Gwen Stefani                                   53268
                                                  Holler   Spice Girls                                    04461
                                           Hollow, The     Perfect Circle, A                              09636
                                             Holly Holy    Neil Diamond                                   50420
                                 Holly Jolly Christmas     Burle Ives                                     21568
                                             Hollywood     Madonna                                        53102
                                             Hollywood     Michael Buble                                  55415
                                       Hollywood Bitch     Stone Temple Pilots                            05148
                                     Hollywood Nights      Bob Seger                                      50460
                                                   Holy    Nichole Nordeman                               10218
                               Holy Bible Book Divine      (Gospel)                                       23137
                                              Holy Cow     Lee Dorsey                                     03826
                                    Holy Is Your Name      (Gospel) Caedmon's Call                        10158
                                            Holy Water     Big & Rich                                     05724
                                       Holy, Holy, Holy    (Gospel)                                       23079

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                              Home     Alan Jackson                                     15434
                                              Home     Blake Shelton                                    52655
                                              Home     Chris Daughtry                                   53482
                                              Home     Depeche Mode                                     54223
                                              Home     Goo Goo Dolls                                    55512
                                              Home     Michael Buble                                    55268
                                              Home     Simply Red                                       06668
                                       Home (vocal)    Westlife                                         53554
                      Home Ain't Where His Heart Is    Shania Twain                                     08961
                                    Home For A Rest    Spirit Of The West                               51910
                             Home For The Holidays     (Christmas)                                      21545
                              Home From The Forest     Gordon Lightfoot                                 51953
                   Home In My Heart (north Carolina)   Claudia Church                                   23798
                                Home On The Range      (Standards / Traditional)                        11311
                                  Home Sweet Home      Carrie Underwood                                 52835
                                  Home Sweet Home      Motley Crue                                      50150
                                       Home To You     John Michael Montgomery                          22700
                                         Homely Girl   Chi-lites                                        03730
                                         Homely Girl   UB40                                             04162
                                          Hometown     Bruce Springsteen                                16760
                                      Hometown Boy     Restless Heart                                   01016
                             Hometown Honeymoon        Alabama                                          00242
                                   Homeward Bound      Simon & Garfunkel                                13859
                                       Homewrecker     Gretchen Wilson                                  52292
                                            Honestly   Billy Joel                                       53943
                                            Honestly   Cartel                                           53427
                                            Honestly   LeAnn Rimes                                      06813
                                            Honestly   Zwan                                             54345
                             Honesty ( Write Me A Li   Rodney Atkins                                    52073
                                              Honey    Bobby Goldsboro                                  02152
                                              Honey    Mariah Carey                                     21494
                            Honey (open That Door)     Ricky Skaggs                                     50645
                                           Honey Do    Mike Walker                                      38315
                                        Honey Don't    Carl Perkins                                     11314
                                         Honey I Do    Danni Leigh                                      07839
                                    Honey I'm Home     Shania Twain                                     51580
                                   Honey To The Bee    Billie Piper                                     04174
                     Honey You Don't Know My Mind      Jimmy Martin                                     22166
                                         Honeycomb     Jimmie Rodgers                                   11315
                                   Honeysuckle Rose    (Standards / Traditional)                        11316
                                 Honeysuckle Sweet     Jessi Alexander                                  05457
                                 Hong Kong Gardens     Siouxsie & The Bans                              03902
                            Honk If You Honky Tonk     George Strait                                    52138
                                          Honky Cat    Elton John                                       00923
                                Honky Tonk America     Sammy Kershaw                                    06942
                                 Honky Tonk Angels     Kitty Wells                                      16215
                                Honky Tonk Attitude    Joe Diffe                                        22148
                                    Honky Tonk Baby    Highway 101                                      09306
                                    Honky Tonk Baby    Ricochet                                         23565
                           Honky Tonk Badonkadonk      Trace Adkins                                     52369
                                   Honky Tonk Blues    Hank Williams Sr.                                22197
                                   Honky Tonk Blues    Pirates Of The Mississippi                       16264
                                  Honky Tonk Crowd     Rick Trevino                                     06842
                                   Honky Tonk Heart    Highway 101                                      09307
                                   Honky Tonk Moon     Randy Travis                                     09324
                        Honky Tonk Myself To Death     George Jones                                     09366
                                   Honky Tonk Song     George Jones                                     06781
                                  Honky Tonk Songs     Dolly Parton                                     06949
                              Honky Tonk Superman      Aaron Tippin                                     15575
                                   Honky Tonk Truth    Brooks & Dunn                                    22031
                                       Honky Tonk U    Toby Keith                                       52287
                                Honky Tonk Woman       Rolling Stones, The                              50593

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        Honky Tonkin'     Hank Williams Sr.                             21950
                       Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best      (Duet) Marty Stuart & Travis Tritt            21917
                                       Honkytonkville     George Strait                                 52116
                                                 Hooch    Everything                                    01739
                                Hoochie Coochie Man       Muddy Waters                                  01105
                                                  Hook    Blues Traveller                               38607
                                           Hook Me Up     Veronicas                                     54897
                                 Hooked On A Feeling      BJ Thomas                                     11318
                                 Hooked On A Feeling      Blue Swede                                    21746
                               Hooray For Hollywood       Hollywood Hotel                               15973
                                      Hooray, Hooray      Cheeky Girls                                  04806
                                                  Hope    Twista                                        54967
                                                  Hope    Twista & Faith Evan                           05679
                           Hope You're Feeling Better     Santana                                       06289
                                Hopechest Song, The       Stephanie Bentley                             01409
                                            Hopelessly    Rick Astley                                   17640
                           Hopelessly Devoted To You      Olivia Newton John                            11319
                                    Hopelessly Yours      Lee Greenwood/ Suzy                           08215
                                Horizon Has Been De       Jack Johnson                                  54386
                                                 Horny    Mousse T. Vs Hot N' Juicy                     04038
                                     Horse To Mexico      Trini Triggs                                  01771
                              Horse With No Name, A       America                                       21707
                                          Hot & Typsy     Lyric                                         05339
                                             Hot & Wet    Ludacris                                      05373
                                              Hot 2nite   New Edition                                   54577
                                          Hot Blooded     Foreigner                                     50506
                                 Hot Child In The City    Nick Gilder                                   11320
                                             Hot Damn     Clipse                                        05347
                                           Hot Diggity    Perry Como                                    51256
                                      Hot For Teacher     Van Halen                                     51708
                         Hot Fun In The Summertime        Sly & The Family Stone                        11321
                                           Hot In Here    Nelly                                         09945
                                       Hot In The City    Billy Idol                                    53995
                                          Hot Like Fire   Aaliyah                                       01603
                                              Hot Love    T Rex                                         54248
                                             Hot Mama     Trace Adkins                                  52102
                              Hot Patootie - Bless My     Meat Loaf                                     55318
                             Hot Potooie-bless My So      Rocky Horror Picture Show                     54213
                                      Hot Rod Lincoln     Commander Cody                                50352
                                              Hot Stuff   Donna Summer                                  11322
                                         Hot, Hot, Hot    Arrows, The                                   03173
                                         Hot, Hot, Hot    Avril Lavigne                                 54915
                                         Hot, Hot, Hot    Buster Poindexter                             02002
                                                  Hotel   Cassidy & R. Kelly                            05398
                                      Hotel California    Eagles                                        53609
                                            Hotel Song    Regina Spektor                                54851
                                            Hound Dog     Elvis Presley                                 08246
                                 House I Live In, The     Frank Sinatra                                 06371
                                     House Is Rockin'     Stevie Ray Vaughn                             38622
                                      House Of Cards      Mary Chapin Carpenter                         09024
                                         House Of Fun     Madness                                       03211
                                       House Of Love      (Duet) Amy Grant & Vince Gill                 16891
                                       House Of Love      Amy Grant                                     11325
                                        House Of Pain     Faster Pussycat                               54011
                             House Of The Rising Sun      Animals, The                                  50783
                                House That Jack Built     Aretha Franklin                               51380
                           House That Jack Built, The     Alan Price Set                                03821
                           House With No Curtains, A      Alan Jackson                                  01598
                                  Household Of Faith      Steve Green                                   23062
                                               Houston    Gatlin Brothers                               06827
           Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer To You)      Larry Gatlin                                  22664
                                    Houston Solution      Ronnie Milsap                                 09429

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KARAOKE                                        Song List by SONG TITLE
                           How 'bout Them Cowgirls     George Strait                               52606
                                        How 'bout Us   Campaign                                    03889
                                How 'bout You Don't    Lost Trailers                               52772
                        How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye     Tracy Lawrence                              23298
                                     How About That    Adam Faith                                  03655
                                      How About You    Eric Church                                 52418
                                      How About You    Frank Sinatra                               51019
                                      How About You    Staind                                      54449
                               How About Your Heart    (Gospel)                                    23176
                                      How Am I Doin'   Dierks Bentley                              52188
                           How Am I Supposed To Li     Michael Bolton                              50909
              How Am I Supposed To Live Without You    Laura Branigan                              21800
                                         How Bizarre   Omc                                         06001
                                           How Blue    Reba McEntire                               22120
                                   How Can I Be Sure   David Cassidy                               03372
                                   How Can I Be Sure   Rascals                                     01323
                            How Can I Ease The Pain    Lisa Fisher                                 14827
                                    How Can I Forget   Sonja Isaacs                                24901
                     How Can I Help You Say Goodbye    Patty Loveless                              09223
                                      How Can I Live   Ill Nino                                    05250
                               How Can I Unlove You    Lynn Anderson                               22265
                              How Can We Be Lovers     Michael Bolton                              17734
                   How Can You Mend A Broken Heart     Al Green                                    51477
                   How Can You Mend A Broken Heart     Bee Gees                                    21683
                   How Can You Mend A Broken Heart     Michael Buble                               51486
                         How Come You Don't Call Me    Alicia Keys                                 09877
                               How Come, How Long      Babyface                                    04952
                                    How Cool Is That   Andy Griggs                                 07994
                  How Could An Angel Break My Heart    Toni Braxton                                06042
                  How Could An Angel Break My Heart    Toni Braxton & Kenny G                      01564
                                      How Could You    Maria                                       46018
                         How Could You (non Vocals)    Mario                                       54995
                             How Deep Is The Ocean     Ella Fitzgerald                             01349
                             How Deep Is The Ocean     Frank Sinatra                               05977
                                How Deep Is The Sea    McKameys, The                               22980
                            How Deep Is Your Love?     Bee Gees                                    21169
                            How Deep Is Your Love?     Take That                                   20121
                                    How Do I Breathe   Mario                                       53507
                                       How Do I Deal   Jennifer Love-Hewitt                        17139
                                 How Do I Get There    Deana Carter                                21971
                                     How Do I Let Go   Lisa Brokop                                 01665
                                       How Do I Live   LeAnn Rimes                                 16504
                                       How Do I Live   Trisha Yearwood                             50876
                                   How Do I Love Her   Steven Curtis Chapman                       53126
                                  How Do I Make You    Linda Ronstadt                              53832
                How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christ   Randy Travis                                21590
                            How Do You Fall In Love    Alabama                                     08045
                           How Do You Get That Lon     Blaine Larsen                               52270
                  How Do You Keep The Music Playing    Frank Sinatra                               15703
                  How Do You Keep The Music Playing    James Ingram & Patti Austin                 01194
                           How Do You Like Me Now      Toby Keith                                  07790
                                    How Do You Love    Collective Soul                             54717
                          How Do You Sleep At Night    Wade Hayes                                  23563
                                  How Do You Sleep?    Jesse McCartney                             55465
                        How Do You Talk To An Angel    Heights                                     00741
                                 How Do You Want It    Tupac                                       01239
                    How Do You Want Me To Love You     Corrs, The                                  04047
                                   How Does It Feel?   Anita Baker                                 05795
                                    How Does It Look   Steven Curtis Chapman                       10348
                          How Excellent Is Thy Name    Sandi Patti                                 23050
                                             How Far   Martina McBride                             52167
                              How Firm A Foundation    (Gospel)                                    23129

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KARAOKE                                         Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   How Forever Feels    Kenny Chesney                               22609
                                  How Great Thou Art    (Gospel)                                    15969
                                  How Great Thou Art    Elvis Presley                               08300
                                           How I Feel   Martina McBride                             52560
                                     How Insensitive    Frank Sinatra                               02852
                                            How Long    Ace                                         14696
                                            How Long    Bryan White                                 07054
                                            How Long    Eagles                                      52600
                                      How Long Gone     Brooks & Dunn                               08044
                      How Long's A Tear Take To Dry     Beautiful South, The                        04158
                                 How Love Should Be     Tyler Hilton                                53288
                           How Majestic Is Thy Name     Sandi Patti                                 23064
                           How Many Licks? (explicit)   L'il Kim & Sisqo                            53988
                           How Many Rivers To Cross     Luba                                        51902
                                     How Many Ways      Toni Braxton                                16873
                     How Much Is That Doggie In The     Uta Roza                                    03739
              How Much Is That Doggie In The Window     (Standards / Traditional)                   08632
                                    How Still My Love   Stevie Nicks                                51358
                How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You)    James Taylor                                00272
                         How Sweet It Is To Be Loved    Marvin Gaye                                 14237
                                         How To Deal    Frankie J                                   55017
                                How To Make A Stand     Sheryl Crowe                                09500
                                  How To Save A Life    Fray, The                                   53382
                                 How To Touch A Girl    Jojo                                        54815
                                 How Was I To Know      Reba McEntire                               06805
                        How We Do (vocals On Right)     Game, The & 50 Cent                         54982
                                     How Will I Know    Whitney Houston                             21134
                           How You Ever Gonna Know      Garth Brooks                                51674
                        How You Gonna Act Like That     Tyrese                                      10589
                             How You Live (turn Up T    Point Of Grace                              52675
                                 How You Remind Me      Nickelback                                  52934
                       How Your Love Makes Me Feel      Diamond Rio                                 01487
                         How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica     Tracy Byrd                                  05129
                                How's It Going To Be    Third Eye Blind                             21529
                             How's Your Whole...fami    Red Peters                                  51921
                                 Howlin' At The Moon    Hank Williams Sr.                           23243
                                     Hully Gully Baby   Olympics                                    08233
                                               Human    Human League                                11331
                                               Human    Killers                                     55479
                                       Human Beings     Seal                                        01736
                                       Human Nature     Michael Jackson                             11332
                                        Human Touch     Bruce Springsteen                           54302
                       Hummers In Heaven (explicit)     Barry Martin                                53990
                                      Hump De Bump      Red Hot Chili Peppers                       54839
                                     Humpin' Around     Bobby Brown                                 03336
                                             Hung Up    Madonna                                     53330
                                       Hunger Strike    Pearl Jam                                   51513
                                       Hunger Strike    Temple Of The Dog                           55216
                                         Hunger, The    Steve Holly                                 14536
                                               Hungry   Dave Navarro                                09711
                                         Hungry Eyes    Dirty Dancing                               01532
                                         Hungry Eyes    Eric Carmen                                 16968
                                        Hungry Heart    Bruce Springsteen                           54298
                                Hungry Like The Wolf    Duran Duran                                 00524
                                               Hunter   Dido                                        08832
                                    Hurdy Gurdy Man     Donovan                                     11334
                                            Hurricane   Athlete                                     54881
                                            Hurricane   Bob Dylan                                   51889
                                            Hurricane   Natalie Imbruglia                           06380
                                      Hurry Sundown     Martina McBride & The Ride                  16402
                                     Hurry Up & Wait    Stereophonics                               04302
                                      Hurry Up Harry    Sham 69                                     03908

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KARAOKE                                               Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                       Hurt    Christina Aguilera                         53429
                                                       Hurt    Elvis Presley                              08271
                                                       Hurt    Johnny Cash                                54376
                                                       Hurt    Timi Yuro                                  08434
                                                    Hurt Me    LeAnn Rimes                                50385
                                              Hurt Me Bad      Patty Loveless                             07146
                                 Hurtin's All Over, The        Connie Smith                               21174
                                    Hurting Each Other         Carpenters                                 11335
                                           Hurts So Good       John Cougar Mellencamp                     53951
                                  Husbands And Wives           Brooks & Dunn                              08062
                                                       Hush    Deep Purple                                11336
                                                 Hypnotize     System Of A Down                           54693
                                  Hypnotize The Moon           Clay Walker                                01037
                                                Hypnotized     Fleetwood Mac                              02857
                                                Hypnotized     Piles & Akon                               53571
                                     Hypnotizin' Boogie        David Wilcox                               51818
                                                   Hysteria    Def Leppard                                38791
                            Hysteria (I Want It Now)           Muse                                       54578
                                 I Ain't Goin' Nowhere         Martina McBride                            24932
                                             I Ain't Never     Mel Tillis                                 23283
                                             I Ain't Never     Webb Pierce                                23281
                                          I Ain't The One      Lynyrd Skynyrd                             03002
                                I Almost Lost My Mind          Pat Boone                                  21205
                                              I Already Do     Chely Wright                               22256
                             I Always Liked That Best          Cyndi Thomson                              08028
                                                       I Am    (Gospel) Ginny Owens                       44452
                                                       I Am    Ginny Owens                                10157
                                                       I Am    Suggs                                      04071
                                                       I Am    Train                                      09569
                                        I Am A Christian       Greenes, The                               22977
                                  I Am A Cider Drinker         Wurtzels, The                              03767
                                           I Am A Pilgrim      Merle Travis                               23047
                                              I Am A Rock      Simon & Garfunkel                          14951
                                    I Am A Simple Man          Ricky Van Shelton                          11338
                                             I Am Blessed      Eternal                                    03270
                         I Am In Love With The World           Chickenshed Theatre                        03986
                                      I Am Made Of You         Ricky Martin                               09506
                                                 I Am Mine     Pearl Jam                                  54327
                                       I Am Not My Hair        India Arie                                 55074
                                           I Am Resolved       (Gospel)                                   23103
                                       I Am So Ordinary        Paula Cole                                 20384
                                           I Am That Man       Brooks & Dunn                              21881
                                     I Am The Highway          Audioslave                                 44865
                                        I Am The Walrus        Beatles, The                               53966
                                    I Am Thine, O' Lord        (Gospel)                                   23086
                                       I Am What I Said        Neil Diamond                               50421
                                          I Am Who I Am        Holly Dunn                                 00780
                                             I Am Woman        Helen Reddy                                21026
                                             I Beg Of You      Elvis Presley                              08253
                                     I Begin To Wonder         Danni Minogue                              04766
                                                   I Believe   (Christmas) Robson & Jerome                03187
                                                   I Believe   (Standards / Traditional)                  16135
                                                   I Believe   Blessid Union Of Souls                     16627
                                                   I Believe   Diamond Rio                                51998
                                                   I Believe   Elvis Presley                              08301
                                                   I Believe   Fantasia                                   12612
                                                   I Believe   Fantasia Barrino                           05483
                                                   I Believe   Joe Cocker                                 03143
                                                   I Believe   LeAnn Rimes                                23466
                                                   I Believe   Stephen Gately                             04450
                            I Believe ( When I Fall In         Stevie Wonder                              14685
                                     I Believe I Can Fly       R. Kelly                                   50873

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                  I Believe In A Thing Ca        Darkness                                            54455
                                   I Believe In Christmas        Tweenies                                            04603
                           I Believe In Happy Endings            Neil Diamond                                        10108
                                           I Believe In Love     Dixie Chicks                                        15949
                                         I Believe In Music      Mac Davis                                           11340
                                I Believe In Santa Claus         Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton                         21582
                      I Believe In The Man In The Sky            Elvis Presley                                       22968
                                            I Believe In You     Don Williams                                        22276
                                I Believe In You And Me          Four Tops                                           00888
                                I Believe In You And Me          Whitney Houston                                     51059
                                             I Belong To Me      Jessica Simpson                                     53426
                                            I Belong To You      Lenny Kravitz                                       08681
                                I Bet You Look Good On           Arctic Monkeys                                      54729
                 I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy              (Gospel / Southern)                                 22921
                                    I Brake For Brunettes        Rhett Akins                                         16216
                                              I Break Things     Erika Jo                                            52322
                                            I Breathe Again      Adam Rickitt                                        04235
                           I Breathe In, I Breathe Out           Chris Cagle                                         08014
                                                I Call It Love   Lionel Richie                                       55142
                                           I Call Your Name      Beatles, The                                        11342
                                           I Call Your Name      Mamas & The Papas                                   06463
                                                         I Can   Nas                                                 10525
                                 I Can Dream About You           Dan Hartman                                         21828
                                           I Can Hear Music      Kathy Troccoli                                      05924
                                                   I Can Help    Billy Swan                                          21749
                                             I Can Love You      Mary J. Blige                                       16957
                                    I Can Love You Better        Dixie Chicks                                        51535
                              I Can Love You Like That           All 4 One                                           21380
                              I Can Love You Like That           John Michael Montgomery                             38555
                                   I Can Make You A Man          Rocky Horror Picture Show                           54214
                                       I Can Only Imagine        (Gospel) MercyMe                                    53098
                                       I Can Only Imagine        Jeff Carson                                         07182
                                       I Can See Arkansas        Anne Murray                                         09013
                                   I Can See Clearly Now         Jimmy Cliff                                         21164
                                   I Can See Clearly Now         Johnny Nash                                         21701
                                        I Can See For Miles      Who                                                 54114
                                      I Can See You Smile        Gloria Estefan                                      01984
                              I Can Sleep When I Am D            Jason Michael Carroll                               52666
                                        I Can Still Feel You     Collin Raye                                         08041
                             I Can Still Make Cheyenne           George Strait                                       06775
                     I Can Tell By The Way You Dance             Vern Gosdin                                         24830
                                   I Can't Be Your Friend        Rushlow                                             52081
                                       I Can't Break Down        Sinead Quinn                                        04762
                                    I Can't Control Myself       Troggs                                              03806
                                                I Can't Dance    Genesis                                             50268
                                              I Can't Deny It    Rod Stewart                                         08783
                                        I Can't Do It Alone      (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Catherine Zeta Jones   51500
                               I Can't Do That Anymore           Faith Hill                                          21893
                            I Can't Even Get The Blues           Reba McEntire                                       16218
                                          I Can't Even Walk      (Gospel / Southern)                                 22908
                                              I Can't Explain    Who                                                 54115
                                 I Can't Get Next To You         Annie Lennox                                        00959
                                 I Can't Get Next To You         Temptations, The                                    11346
                            I Can't Get No Satisfaction          Britney Spears                                      17363
                            I Can't Get No Satisfaction          Rolling Stones, The                                 50588
                                      I Can't Get Over You       Brooks & Dunn                                       08097
                       I Can't Give You Anything But L           Rosemary Clooney                                    02992
                                        I Can't Go For That      Hall & Oates                                        53773
                           I Can't Go For That (no Can           Daryl Hall & John Oates                             14429
                                  I Can't Hear The Music         Loretta Lynn                                        22838
                  I Can't Help It If I Still In Love With        Hank Williams Sr.                                   21951
                              I Can't Help It If I'm Still       Linda Ronstadt                                      08974

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KARAOKE                                                    Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         I Can't Help Myself       Four Tops                                   00511
                                     I Can't Help You Now          Bonnie Raitt                                09931
                                     I Can't Let Maggie Go         Honeybus                                    03522
                                            I Can't Lie To Me      Clay Davidson                               07902
                               I Can't Make You Love Me            Bonnie Raitt                                16508
                             I Can't Reach Her Anymore             Sammy Kershaw                               00341
                                            I Can't Read You       Daniel Bedingfield                          04773
                                                 I Can't Sleep     Clay Walker                                 52127
                                              I Can't Stand It     Eric Clapton                                21781
                                   I Can't Stand The Rain          Commitments                                 54146
                                  I Can't Stay Mad At You          Skeeter Davis                               14212
                                  I Can't Stop Loving You          Kem                                         54978
                                  I Can't Stop Loving You          Ray Charles                                 50701
                               I Can't Take You Anymore            Toby Keith & Scotty Emerick                 44889
                                I Can't Take You Anywhe            Emerick Scotty & Toby                       52109
                             I Can't Take You Anywhere             Scotty Emerick                              07199
                                      I Can't Tell You Why         Eagles                                      53612
                                         I Can't Unlove You        Kenny Rogers                                52393
                                                     I Care 4 U    Aaliyah                                     05314
                                        I Changed My Mind          Keyshia Cole                                12468
                                             I Close My Eyes       Shivaree                                    05675
                       I Close My Eyes & Count To Ten              Dusty Springfield                           03466
                                     I Concentrate On You          Joannie Sommers                             01732
                             I Could Be So Good For You            Dennis Waterman                             03578
                                        I Could Fall In Love       Selena                                      20701
                         I Could Have Danced All Night             (Movie Soundtrack) My Fair Lady             13799
                           I Could Love A Man Like That            Anita Cochran                               01454
                                I Could Not Ask For More           Edwin McCain                                08929
                                I Could Not Ask For More           Sara Evans                                  20234
                     I Could Only Whisper Your Name                Harry Connick Jr.                           16125
                                      I Could Write A Book         Harry Connick Jr.                           02846
                         I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried           Rodney Crowell                              11348
                                       I Count The Minutes         Ricky Martin                                09509
                                                I Cried A Tear     Laverne Baker                               01543
                                            I Cross My Heart       George Strait                               09098
                                                           I Cry   Tammy Cochran                               08025
                                             I Cry Real Tears      Eternal                                     04374
                                                    I Dare You     Shinedown                                   54705
                                                        I Did It   Dave Matthews Band                          09629
                              I Did What I Did For Maria           Tony Christie                               03369
                      I Didn't Know My Own Strength                Lorrie Morgan                               15462
                          I Didn't Mean To Turn You On             Robert Palmer                               11349
                                I Dig Rock And Roll Music          Peter, Paul & Mary                          06194
                                                  I Disappear      Metallica                                   54054
                                                            I Do   J. Geils Band                               53994
                                                            I Do   Lisa Loeb                                   51799
                                                            I Do   Paul Brandt                                 21645
                                                            I Do   Toya                                        08821
                                         I Do (cherish You)        98 Degrees                                  08941
                                         I Do (cherish You)        Mark Wills                                  22237
                        I Do (wanna Get Close To You)              3lw                                         05043
                                           I Do Not Hook Up        Kelly Clarkson                              52901
                                                      I Do Now     Jessica Andrews                             24439
                                                         I Don't   Danielle Peck                               52376
                             I Don't Believe In Goodbye            Sawyer Brown                                24783
                                        I Don't Believe You        Pink                                        52893
                                   I Don't Call Him Daddy          Doug Supernaw                               22437
                                                  I Don't Care     Ricky Skaggs                                50651
                 I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore               Mavericks                                   06802
                         I Don't Even Know Your Name               Alan Jackson                                22045
                                I Don't Feel Like Dancing          Scissor Sisters                             53422
                                    I Don't Feel Like Lovin        Gretchen Wilson                             52379

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KARAOKE                                                     Song List by SONG TITLE
                         I Don't Feel That Way Anymore             Danni Leigh                                        24442
                                         I Don't Give A F***       Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz                       05328
                                     I Don't Have Anything         Vast                                               08788
                                    I Don't Have The Heart         James Ingram                                       00013
                    I Don't Have To Be Me ('til Monday)            Steve Azar                                         09905
                                  I Don't Have To Wonder           Garth Brooks                                       24388
                                                  I Don't Know     Black Sabbath                                      48844
                                                  I Don't Know     Hank Williams III                                  20304
                                                  I Don't Know     Lostprophets                                       54562
                                                  I Don't Know     Ozzy Osbourne                                      51689
                       I Don't Know A Thing About Love             Conway Twitty                                      22480
                          I Don't Know How To Love Him             (Movie Soundtrack) Jesus Christ Superstar          00191
                                 I Don't Know What She S           Blaine Larsen                                      52471
                               I Don't Know Why But I Do           Clarence "frogman" Henry                           01175
                                      I Don't Like Mondays         Boomtown Rats                                      53895
                                             I Don't Love You      My Chemical Romance                                54833
                                    I Don't Love You Like T        Jypsi                                              52643
                                         I Don't Need A Man        Pussycat Dolls                                     54773
                           I Don't Need You To Tell Me I'          Samantha Mumba                                     05028
                         I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair           George Jones                                       09367
                       I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners           Rebecca Lynn Howard                                24458
                       I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners           Trisha Yearwood                                    09984
                                         I Don't Think I Will      James Bonamy                                       01141
                                                I Don't Wanna      Aaliyah                                            04472
                                  I Don't Wanna Be A Star          Corona                                             20118
                                           I Don't Wanna Cry       Mariah Carey                                       20358
                                        I Don't Wanna Fight        Tina Turner                                        17642
                                        I Don't Wanna Fight        Westlife                                           04394
                I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like Th               Elton John                                         11351
                     I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight              Lfo (Lyte Funkie Ones)                             08693
                                       I Don't Wanna Know          Mario Winans & Enya & P. D                         12830
                                       I Don't Wanna Know          New Found Glory                                    54567
                 I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love              Chicago                                            11352
                                      I Don't Want A Lover         Texas                                              04287
                                              I Don't Want To      Ashley Monroe & Ronnie                             52500
                                              I Don't Want To      Toni Braxton                                       05940
                                          I Don't Want To Be       Gavin Degraw                                       52226
                            I Don't Want To Be A Memory            Exile                                              22298
                                         I Don't Want To Go        Avalon                                             10345
                            I Don't Want To Live Without           Foreigner                                          13981
                                    I Don't Want To Miss A         Aerosmith                                          51732
                             I Don't Want To Miss A Thing          Mark Chesnutt                                      22606
                                      I Don't Want To Wait         Paula Cole                                         20381
                                   I Don't Want You To Go          Carolyn Dawn Johnson                               44055
                                   I Don't Want Your Love          Duran Duran                                        20696
             I Dream Of Jeannie With Light Brown Hair              (Standards / Traditional)                          11354
                                        I Dreamed A Dream          (Broadway Musical) Les Miserables                  50993
                                      I Dreamed Last Night         Moody Blues                                        53702
                                                 I Drink Alone     George Thorogood                                   50357
                                        I Drive Myself Crazy       'N Sync                                            08907
                                             I Drove All Night     Celine Dion                                        53066
                                             I Drove All Night     Roy Orbison                                        52943
                                      I Drove Her To Dallas        Tyler England                                      24915
                                         I Enjoy Being A Girl      Flower Drum Song                                   07742
                                         I Enjoy Being A Girl      Pat Suzuki                                         13800
                                               I Fall To Pieces    Aaron Neville & Trish                              08210
                                               I Fall To Pieces    Patsy Cline                                        09074
                                   I Farted On Santa's Lap         Little Stinkers                                    24506
                                                     I Feel Fine   Beatles, The                                       11356
                                                I Feel For You     Chaka Khan                                         01224
                                   I Feel Like Traveling On        (Gospel / Southern)                                22940
                                                   I Feel Lucky    Mary Chapin Carpenter                              51386

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               I Feel Pretty     West Side Story                                16149
                                                    I Feel So    Box Car Racer                                  09955
                                   I Feel The Earth Move         Carole King                                    50491
                                              I Fell In Love     Carlene Carter                                 22111
                        I Fell In Love Again Last Night          Forester Sisters                               14413
                                  I Fell In Love With The        Che'nellie & Cham                              53562
                                      I Fell In The Water        John Anderson                                  13771
                               I Finally Found Someone           (Duet) Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams          16702
                               I Finally Found Someone           Barbra Streisand                               08540
                                  I Forgot To Remember           Elvis Presley                                  08254
                                        I Fought The Law         Bobby Fuller Four, The                         01204
                                        I Fought The Law         Green Day                                      53175
                                           I Found Forever       Fighting Instinct                              54733
                                             I Found Lovin'      Fatback Band                                   03486
                                     I Found Out (vocal)         Pigeon Detectives, The                         53555
                                        I Found Someone          Cher                                           51606
                                        I Found Sunshine         Chi-lites                                      08478
                                                I Found You      Axwell                                         54878
                                 I Get A Kick Out Of You         Frank Sinatra                                  01439
                    I Get Along Without You Very Well            Linda Ronstadt                                 08602
                                               I Get Around      Beach Boys, The                                11361
                                                I Get Lonely     Janet Jackson                                  21516
                                                   I Get Lost    Eric Clapton                                   01901
                             I Get The Sweetest Feeling          Jackie Wilson                                  03100
                                                 I Get Weak      Belinda Carlisle                               14487
                                          I Give, You Take       Maria                                          05079
                                                   I Go Back     Kenny Chesney                                  52174
                                                   I Go Blind    Hootie & The Blowfish                          05929
                                                  I Go Crazy     Paul Davis                                     16721
                                         I Go To Extremes        Billy Joel                                     11362
                                             I Got A Feelin'     Billy Currington                               52165
                                            I Got A Feeling      Billy Currington                               07238
                                                 I Got A Girl    Lou Bega                                       04320
                                            I Got A Woman        Ray Charles                                    11363
                                                      I Got Id   Pearl Jam                                      51525
                                                      I Got It   Jagged Edge                                    09875
                                                I Got It Bad     Matraca Berg                                   22380
                                 I Got It From My Mama                                       53545
                                            I Got It Honest      Aaron Tippin                                   13760
                                                  I Got More     Cole Deggs & The Lones                         52529
                                             I Got My Baby       Faith Hill                                     24290
                                              I Got Rhythm       Happenings                                     11364
                                I Got Something To Say           Reef                                           04154
                                                 I Got Stung     Elvis Presley                                  08255
                           I Got The Feelin' (oh No No)          Neil Diamond                                   05966
                                            I Got The Hoss       Mel Tillis                                     23285
                                      I Got Up And Went          Steeles, The                                   22974
                                                   I Got You     Craig Morgan                                   52403
                                                   I Got You     Split Enz                                      53890
                                 I Got You (I Feel Good)         James Brown                                    50187
                                            I Got You Babe       (Duet) UB40 & Chrissie Hynde                   03391
                                            I Got You Babe       Cher                                           48758
                                            I Got You Babe       Sonny & Cher                                   51603
                                                     I Gotcha    Lupe Fiasco                                    54799
                                       I Gotta Get To You        George Strait                                  55377
                       I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues           Lena Horne                                     01087
                                   I Guess I Showed Her          Robert Cray                                    01145
                   I Guess That's Why They Call It The           Elton John                                     11367
                          I Guess You Had To Be There            Lorrie Morgan                                  09197
                                        I Hate Everything        George Strait                                  06631
                          I Hate Myself For Loving You           Joan Jett                                      53870
                                           I Have A Dream        Westlife                                       04330

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KARAOKE                                                   Song List by SONG TITLE
                     I Have A Love/one Hand One Heart              Barbra Streisand                           06260
                                                 I Have Nothing    Whitney Houston                            21523
                                         I Have To Surrender       Ty Herndon                                 23372
                    I Haven't Played This Song In Years            Neil Diamond                               10170
                                           I Hear A Symphony       Supremes, The                              11369
                                          I Hear You Knockin'      Dave Edmunds                               03027
                                          I Hear You Knockin'      Gale Storm                                 11370
                                         I Hear You Knocking       Wynonna Judd                               52855
                                     I Heard It Through The        Marvin Gaye                                51122
                     I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day            (Christmas)                                16034
                     I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day            Larry Gatlin                               21608
                                         I Honestly Love You       Olivia Newton John                         21032
                                             I Hope You Dance      Lee Ann Womack                             22752
                                            I Hope You Find It     Miley Cyrus                                55226
                                          I Just Call You Mine     Martina McBride                            52839
                          I Just Called To Say I Love You          Stevie Wonder                              16895
                                  I Just Came Back From A          Darryl Worley                              52495
                                   I Just Can't Help Belivin'      Elvis Presley                              08284
                              I Just Can't Stop Loving You         Michael Jackson                            11372
                        I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight           Cutting Crew                               16846
                        I Just Don't Know What To Do W             Dusty Springfield                          03551
             I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself              White Stripes                              54478
                                   I Just Fall In Love Again       Anne Murray                                09014
                                     I Just Wanna Be Loved         Culture Club                               04101
                                        I Just Wanna Be Mad        Terri Clark                                10084
                                 I Just Wanna Be With You          'N Sync                                    20443
                                             I Just Wanna Live     Good Charlotte                             52264
                                     I Just Want To Be Your        Andy Gibb                                  53795
                                   I Just Want To Celebrate        Rare Earth                                 50099
                          I Just Want To Dance With You            George Strait                              15719
                             I Just Want To Make Love To           Etta James                                 14836
                               I Just Wanted You To Know           Mark Chesnutt                              09168
                                          I Keep Coming Back       Josh Gracin                                52503
                                                 I Keep Looking    Sara Evans                                 09903
                                          I Knew I Loved You       Daryle Singletary                          01998
                                          I Knew I Loved You       Savage Garden                              21451
                                              I Knew The Bride     Nick Lowe                                  54252
                                 I Knew You Were Waiting           Aretha Franklin                            51373
                                                         I Know    Dionne Farris                              11376
                                                         I Know    Sunday                                     20680
                   I Know (you Don't Love Me No More)              Barbara George                             21375
                                          I Know A Heartache       Jo Dee Messina                             09831
                                                 I Know A Little   Lynyrd Skynyrd                             03006
                                     I Know A Man Who Can          Cathedrals, The                            22953
                                                 I Know A Place    Petula Clark                               06446
                                          I Know Him So Well       (Broadway Musical) Chess                   03917
                                          I Know Him So Well       Steps                                      04602
                                        I Know How He Feels        Reba McEntire                              09158
                              I Know How The River Feels           Diamond Rio                                08128
                              I Know How The River Feels           McAlyster                                  24916
                                      I Know I'm Losing You        Rod Stewart                                50164
                                      I Know I'm Losing You        Temptations, The                           11377
                                                I Know My Love     Chieftains & The Corrs                     04185
                                                    I Know One     Garth Brooks                               15686
                                 I Know She Still Loves Me         George Strait                              06719
                                     I Know What You Want          Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey                10654
                                   I Know Where I'm Going          Judds, The                                 22106
                                        I Know Where It's At       All Saints                                 04964
                            I Know Who Holds Tomorrow              LeAnn Rimes                                23465
                                        I Know You By Heart        Eva Cassidy                                52982
                                            I Know You See It      Yung Joc                                   55144
                                  I Know You Want Me (cal          Pitbull                                    55490

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KARAOKE                                                      Song List by SONG TITLE
                                   I Lay My Love On You           Westlife                                       04500
                              I Learned From The Best             Whitney Houston                                08684
                                   I Left My Heart in San         Tony Bennett                                   55560
                      I Left My Heart In San Francisco            Tony Bennett                                   20968
                               I Left Something Turned            Trace Adkins                                   51093
                                                I Let Her Lie     Daryle Singletary                              22647
                                                  I Like Beer     Tom T. Hall                                    15528
                                            I Like Dreamin'       Kenny Nolan                                    50037
                                                      I Like It   Gerry & The Pacemakers                         03258
                                        I Like It, I Love It      Tim McGraw                                     09142
                                         I Like To Move It        Real 2 Real                                    03101
                                        I Live For The Day        Lindsay Lohan                                  53360
                                             I Lock To Rock       April Wine                                     50745
                                               I Look At You      George Strait                                  23759
                                                      I Lost It   Kenny Chesney                                  22782
                                                        I Love    Tom T. Hall                                    21999
                                     I Love A Rainy Night         Eddie Rabbitt                                  20796
                                  I Love College ? Asher          Asher Roth                                     55481
                                  I Love It When We Do            Ronan Keating                                  04691
                                           I Love My Chick        Busta Rhymes &                       55111
                                              I Love My Life      Jamie O'Neal                                   52392
                                                 I Love Paris     Frank Sinatra                                  08584
                                     I Love Rock And Roll         Joan Jett                                      51130
                                           I Love The Dead        Alice Cooper                                   54268
                                      I Love The Nightlife        Alicia Bridges                                 00304
                              I Love The Way That You             John Michael Montgomery                        51196
                          I Love The Way You Love Me              Boyzone                                        04102
                                             I Love This Bar      Toby Keith                                     52096
                                          I Love This Song        Marcel                                         52718
                                          I Love To Boogie        T Rex                                          50262
                                             I Love To Love       Tina Charles                                   03533
                                I Love To Tell The Story          (Gospel)                                       23162
                                                   I Love You     Climax Blues Band                              16941
                                                   I Love You     Faith Evans                                    14929
                                                   I Love You     Martina McBride                                08181
                         I Love You A Thousand Ways               Lefty Frizzell                                 24684
                                      I Love You Because          Ernest Tubb                                    22231
                                      I Love You Because          Jim Reeves                                     03344
                                      I Love You Because          Roger Whittaker                                08993
                  I Love You For Sentimental Reasons              Linda Ronstadt                                 08604
                              I Love You Love Me Love             Gary Glitter                                   03131
                          I Love You So Much It Hurts             Patsy Cline                                    09079
                                    I Love You This Much          Jimmy Wayne                                    52099
                                          I Love You Truly        Al Martino                                     50343
                                        I Love Your Smile         Shanice                                        17594
                                          I Loved Her First       Heartland                                      52465
                                  I Loved You Yesterday           Lyle Lovett                                    22496
                                                    I Luv You     Young Jeezy                                    54808
                           I Made It Through The Rain             Barry Manilow                                  06231
                                I May Hate Myself In Th           Lee Ann Womack                                 52251
                           I Meant Every Word He Said             Ricky Van Shelton                              06464
                                                   I Meant To     Brad Cotter                                    52189
                                                         I Melt   Rascal Flatts                                  52075
                                            I Melt With You       Modern English                                 50171
                                                  I Met A Girl    Wheatus                                        05427
                                 I Met Him On A Sunday            Shirelles                                      11382
                          I Might Even Quit Lovin' You            Mark Chesnutt                                  23487
                                          I Miss My Friend        Darryl Worley                                  07113
                                                   I Miss You     Blink 182                                      54472
                                                   I Miss You     Haddaway                                       03059
                                                   I Miss You     Klymax                                         01546
                                        I Miss You A Little       John Michael Montgomery                        21942

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                   I Move On     (Movie Soundtrack) Chicago - Catherine Zeta Jones   51505
                                  I Must Have Been Crazy         Matraca Berg                                        22387
                                     I Need A Girl (part 2)      Puff Daddy & Ginuwine                               05308
                                 I Need A Girl (part One)        P. Diddy & Usher                                    10699
                                             I Need A Lover      Pat Benatar                                         51772
                                               I Need A Man      Foxy Brown Ft Letter M                              44879
                                         I Need A Vacation       Rebecca Lynn Howard                                 52113
                                                 I Need Love     'N Sync                                             20442
                                         I Need Something        Newton Faulkner                                     54942
                                  I Need Thee Every Hour         (Gospel)                                            23126
                                           I Need To Know        Marc Anthony                                        08953
                                                  I Need You     LeAnn Rimes                                         22761
                                                  I Need You     Marc Anthony                                        09852
                                                  I Need You     Tim McGraw & Faith Hill                             52547
                                                  I Need You     Trisha Yearwood                                     06819
                                 I Need You All The Time         Blackhawk                                           22755
                                  I Need You More Today          Bishops, The                                        22846
                             I Need Your Lovin' Tonight          Elvis Presley                                       00124
                                                  I Never Cry    Alice Cooper                                        54273
                                I Never Loved A Man The          Aretha Franklin                                     51381
                             I Never Loved You Anyway            Cars                                                03994
                       I Never Promised You A Garden             Martina McBride                                     52357
                 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden              Lynn Anderson                                       11926
                                    I Never Said Goodbye         Engelbert Humperdinck                               06044
                          I Only Get This Way With You           Rick Trevino                                        01434
                               I Only Have Eyes For You          Art Garfunkel                                       11383
                               I Only Have Eyes For You          Flamingos                                           00857
                              I Only Wanna Be With You           Dusty Springfield                                   10610
                            I Only Want To Be With You           Samantha Fox                                        11384
                        I Only Want You For Christmas            Alan Jackson                                        07727
                                  I Overlooked An Orchid         Lefty Frizzell                                      24685
                                  I Overlooked An Orchid         Mickey Gilley                                       09520
                                                        I Pray   Amanda Perez                                        12668
                                              I Pray For You     John Rich                                           22775
                                      I Put A Spell On You       Animals, The                                        11385
                                      I Put A Spell On You       Santana                                             04474
                                                        I Quit   Hepburn                                             04204
                                      I Ran (so Far Away)        A Flock Of Seagulls                                 14027
                           I Really Don't Want To Know           Elvis Presley                                       08285
                                 I Recall A Gyspy Woman          Don Williams                                        03097
                                          I Remember You         Frank Field                                         03291
                                          I Remember You         Jimmy Dorsey                                        11386
                                               I Run For Life    Melissa Etheridge                                   53329
                                                I Run To You     Lady Antebellum                                     52806
                                             I Said A Prayer     Pam Tillis                                          08039
                           I Said I Loved You But I Lied         Michael Bolton                                      17669
                                                 I Sang Dixie    Dwight Yoakam                                       22287
                                I Saved The World Today          Eurythmics, The                                     04282
                                          I Saw God Today        George Strait                                       52657
                               I Saw Her Standing There          Beatles, The                                        50975
                              I Saw Him Standing There           Tiffany                                             11388
                    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus              (Christmas)                                         08551
                    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus              Jimmy Boyd                                          21576
                                            I Saw The Light      (Gospel)                                            08517
                                            I Saw The Light      Hal Ketchum                                         23479
                                            I Saw The Light      Todd Rundgren                                       50237
                                            I Saw The Light      Wynonna Judd                                        51396
                                       I Say A Little Prayer     Aretha Franklin                                     51376
                                       I Say A Little Prayer     Diana King                                          06021
                                   I Second That Emotion         Smokey Robinson                                     01656
                                                I See It Now     Tracy Lawrence                                      00658
                                                     I See Me    Travis Tritt                                        52298

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                              I See You Baby       Amanda Groove                             03022
                                         I Shall Be Released       Bob Dylan                                 51894
                                             I Shall Be There      B'witched                                 04328
                                           I Shot The Sheriff      Eric Clapton                              51027
                                       I Should Be Sleeping        Emerson Drive                             09811
                                                 I Should Be...    Dru Hill                                  10205
                                                 I Should Care     Jimmy Dorsey Or                           01348
                                 I Should Have Been True           Mavericks                                 22624
                                    I Should Have Cheated          Keyshia Cole                              55044
                              I Should Have Know Better            Beatles, The                              11392
                                          I Should've Known        Melodie Crittenden                        06932
                                I Should've Known Better           Jim Diamond                               04159
                                                 I Showed Her      O Town                                    05057
                         I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages             Kingsmen                                  23012
                                                I Start My Day     Kirk Talley                               23016
                                             I Started A Joke      Bee Gees                                  08353
                                                 I Still Believe   Mariah Carey                              08883
            I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For             U2                                        20488
                                              I Still Love You     702                                       10520
                                       I Still Miss Someone        Martina McBride                           52412
                                               I Still Miss You    Keith Anderson                            52654
                                I Sure Can Smell The Rain          Blackhawk                                 01017
                                                        I Swear    All 4 One                                 00403
                                                        I Swear    John Michael Montgomery                   20892
                                                        I Swear    Marc Anthony                              06429
                            I Take A Lot Of Pride In Wh..          Merle Haggard                             50631
                                                I Take It Back     Sandy Posey                               08492
                                          I Take My Chances        Mary Chapin Carpenter                     09019
                                                   I Thank You     Sam & Dave                                01121
                           I Think About It All The Time           John Berry                                22648
                                           I Think About You       Collin Raye                               21896
                                          I Think I Love You       Kaci                                      04622
                                          I Think I Love You       Partridge Family                          50928
                            I Think I Love You Too Much            Jeff Healey Band                          11396
                                        I Think I'll Just Stay     Merle Haggard                             50112
                                  I Think I'm A Clone Now          (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                15916
                           I Think I'm In Love With You            Jessica Simpson                           08714
                                               I Think Of You      Merseybeats, The                          03610
                                  I Think The World Needs          Terri Clark                               52236
                                 I Think We're Alone Now           Tiffany                                   03894
                                 I Think We're Alone Now           Tommy James & The Shondelles              15727
                                   I Think You're Beautiful        Amy Dalley                                02814
                                   I Think You're Beautiful        Shane Minor                               21656
                                     I Thought It Was Over         Feeling                                   54921
                                      I Thought It Was You         Doug Stone                                22370
                                   I Threw Away The Rose           Merle Haggard                             09240
                                                 I Told You So     Carrie Underwood                          52797
                                                 I Told You So     Keith Urban                               52557
                                                 I Told You So     Randy Travis                              09325
                   I Took The Torch Out Of His Old Flam            Linda Davis                               24219
                                               I Touch Myself      Divynyls                                  51920
                                                         I Tried   Bone Thugs-n-Harmony &                    54852
                                                           I Try   Macy Gray                                 51798
                                I Try To Think About Elvis         Patty Loveless                            09225
                                                 I Turn To You     Christina Aguilera                        08692
                                                 I Turn To You     Melanie C.                                04430
                                                  I Understand     Smokie Norful                             55006
                                                 I Useta Lover     Saw Doctors                               53563
                                                  I Walk Alone     Marty Robbins                             50623
                                              I Walk The Line      Johnny Cash                               22545
                              I Wandered By A Brookside            Eva Cassidy                               52983
                                         I Wanna Be Around         Tony Bennett                              50002

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 KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                              I Wanna Be Bad     Willa Ford                                   08825
                                           I Wanna Be Down       Brandy                                       20543
                                           I Wanna Be Hippy      Technohead                                   03330
                                           I Wanna Be Loved      Eric Benet                                   55043
                                I Wanna Be Loved By You          Helen Kane                                   13572
                                             I Wanna Be Rich     Calloway                                     17539
                                       I Wanna Be Sedated        Ramones, The                                 53824
                                       I Wanna Be That Girl      Wilkinsons, The                              22821
                                           I Wanna Be There      Blessid Union Of Souls                       20505
                                      I Wanna Be With You        Backstreet Boys                              09460
                                      I Wanna Be With You        Mandy Moore                                  08707
                                      I Wanna Be With You        Raspberries                                  16108
                                   I Wanna Be Your Lover         Prince                                       00950
                                             I Wanna Believe     Patty Loveless                               05469
                                        I Wanna Break Free       Queen                                        51946
                                 I Wanna Dance Wit Choo          Disco Tex & The Sex                          03789
                         I Wanna Dance With Somebody             Whitney Houston                              11401
                                            I Wanna Do It All    Terri Clark                                  52094
                                       I Wanna Fall In Love      Lila McCann                                  22037
                                 I Wanna Feel Something          Trace Adkins                                 52551
                           I Wanna Feel That Way Again           Tracy Byrd                                   08048
                                 I Wanna Have Some Fun           Samantha Fox                                 16686
                                 I Wanna Have Your Baby          Natasha Bedingfield                          54834
                                                I Wanna Know     Joe                                          08710
                                          I Wanna Love You       Akon & Snoop Dogg                            54800
                              I Wanna Love You Forever           Jessica Simpson                              08640
                                    I Wanna Make You Cry         Jeff Bates                                   52166
                                 I Wanna Remember This           Linda Davis                                  23535
                               I Wanna Take Care Of You          Billy Dean                                   24561
                                   I Wanna Talk About Me         Toby Keith                                   08004
                                          I Wanna Thank Ya       Angie Stone & Snoop Dogg                     12608
                             I Wanna Wake Up With You            Boris Gardiner                               20125
                                            I Want A Cowboy      Katrina Elam                                 52304
                                I Want A Hippopotamus F          Gayla Peevey                                 53877
                   I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas           Joanie Bartels                               17307
                                                 I Want A Man    Lace                                         24184
                                         I Want A New Duck       (Parody) Weird Al Yankovic                   02943
                                                 I Want Candy    Aaron Carter                                 05014
                                                 I Want Candy    Bow Wow Wow                                  14087
                                                   I Want Love   Elton John                                   06346
                                      I Want My Baby Back        Mark Chesnutt                                05122
                                        I Want My Life Back      Bucky Covington                              52845
                                    I Want My Money Back         Sammy Kershaw                                52022
                                             I Want That Man     Debbie Harry                                 04226
                                      I Want To Be Wanted        Brenda Lee                                   21284
                           I Want To Be Your Everything          Keith Urban                                  07022
                                   I Want To Be Your Man         Roger                                        11402
                                      I Want To Come Over        Melissa Etheridge                            51780
                               I Want To Hold Your Hand          Beatles, The                                 21049

I Want To Know (Everything There Is To Know About You)           Mark Wills
                          I Want To Know What Love Is            Rappers Against Racism                       01939
                I Want To Know You Before We Make Lo             Conway Twitty                                23248
                                          I Want To Live         Josh Gracin                                  52163
                                          I Want To Live         Spacehog                                     09650
                                    I Want To Stay Here          (Duet) Steve & Eydie Gorme                   03759
                                I Want To Take You High          Sly & The Family Stone                       50122
                           I Want To Wake Up With You            Boris Gardiner                               03385
                              I Want To Walk You Home            Fats Domino                                  21269
                                     I Want To With You          David Ball                                   23870
                                             I Want You          Bob Dylan                                    51888
                                             I Want You          Janet Jackson                                12827

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KARAOKE                                                    Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                  I Want You     Savage Garden                                 21402
                                                  I Want You     Thalia & Fat Joe                              05069
                                           I Want You Back       'N Sync                                       21404
                                           I Want You Back       Cleopatra                                     04072
                                           I Want You Back       Jackson 5                                     21662
                                           I Want You Back       Melanie C. & Missy                            04084
                                            I Want You Bad       Charlie Robison                               53648
                 I Want You Bad (and That Ain't Good)            Collin Raye                                   16332
                                   I Want You For Myself         Another Level                                 04134
                                           I Want You Love       Transvision Vamp                              04416
                                 I Want You To Need Me           Celine Dion                                   08715
                                 I Want You To Want Me           Cheap Trick                                   11404
                                 I Want You To Want Me           Dwight Yoakam                                 07084
                   I Want You, I Need You, I Love You            Elvis Presley                                 08247
                                         I Want Your Love        Chic                                          01832
                                           I Want Your Sex       George Michael                                11406
                                                        I Was    Neal McCoy                                    08125
                                        I Was Blown Away         Pam Tillis                                    06494
                                I Was Born To Love You           Freddie Mercury                               03378
                          I Was Country When Country             Barbara Mandrell                              13254
               I Was Country When Country Wasn't Co              Barbara Mandrell                              20801
                            I Was Glad When They Said            (Gospel)                                      23171
                                I Was Made To Love Her           Stevie Wonder                                 11408
                             I Was Over You Last Night           Lesley Mcdaniel                               24224
                                             I Was The One       Elvis Presley                                 08248
                                I Wasn't Built To Get Up         Supernaturals, The                            04065
                                          I Wear Your Love       Lisa Angelle                                  23877
                                      I Who Have Nothing         Shirley Bassey                                03473
                                      I Who Have Nothing         Tom Jones                                     20007
                                                        I Will   Jimmy Wayne                                   52753
                                  I Will Always Love You         (Duet) Dolly Parton & Vince Gill              16618
                                  I Will Always Love You         Dolly Parton                                  21992
                                  I Will Always Love You         Whitney Houston                               50943
                                                     I Will Be   Leona Lewis                                   55482
                                                     I Will Be   Lila McCann                                   01918
                                   I Will Be Here For You        Michael W. Smith                              16126
                                             I Will Be There     Britney Spears                                20389
                                 I Will Be There For You         Jessica Andrews                               10679
                                     I Will Be Your Friend       Amy Grant                                     06118
                                I Will Be Your Girlfriend        Dub Star                                      03997
                                     I Will Buy You A Life       Everclear                                     06106
                                       I Will Come To You        Hanson                                        20697
                                          I Will Follow Him      Peggy March                                   10544
                                            I Will Get There     Boyz II Men                                   08876
                                          I Will Love Again      Lara Fabian                                   08716
                                             I Will Love You     Lisa Angelle                                  07945
                                    I Will Play A Rapsody        Burton Cummings                               51826
                                    I Will Remember You          Amy Grant                                     17449
                                    I Will Remember You          Sarah McLachlan                               08919
                        I Will Sing The Wondrous Story           (Gospel)                                      23163
                                                 I Will Stand    Kenny Chesney                                 08057
                                               I Will Survive    Chantay Savage                                51108
                                               I Will Survive    Enrique Iglesias                              17434
                                               I Will Survive    Gloria Gaynor                                 50849
                              I Will Talk And Hollywood          Robbie Williams                               54170
                                                 I Will... But   Shedaisy                                      07805
                                                       I Wish    Jo Dee Messina                                52089
                                                       I Wish    R. Kelly                                      20721
                       I Wish I Could Have Been There            John Anderson                                 22109
                            I Wish I Didn't Love You So          (Movie Soundtrack)                            11411
                     I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams           Conway Twitty                                 08379
                                            I Wish I Wasn't      Heather Headley                               10592

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KARAOKE                                                       Song List by SONG TITLE
                I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday                 (Christmas) Wizzard                            03188
                                        I Wish It Would Rain          Perfect Heart                                  22847
                                        I Wish It Would Rain          Temptations, The                               11412
                                               I Wish You Love        Nancy Wilson                                   01088
                                               I Wish You Well        Tom Cochrane                                   51847
                                      I Wish You Were Here            Incubus                                        09697
                                             I Wish You'd Stay        Brad Paisley                                   10050
                                           I Won't Back Down          Tom Petty                                      38829
                                          I Won't Change You          Sophie Ellis-Bextor                            04892
                                                 I Won't Dance        Frank Sinatra                                  01436
                                           I Won't Forget You         Jim Reeves                                     03474
                                          I Won't Go On & On          Colt Prather                                   05449
                        I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On                Nick Kershaw                                   03179
                                       I Won't Let You Down           PhD                                            03584
                                                     I Won't Lie      Shannon Brown                                  23654
                                        I Won't Say Goodbye           Katrina Elam                                   05473
                                          I Won't Send Roses          Howard Keel                                    04368
                                       I Won't Stand In Line          Reba McEntire                                  06889
                      I Won't Take Less Than Your Love                Tanya Tucker & Paul Overstreet                 08217
                                                        I Wonder      Kellie Pickler                                 52535
                            I Wonder Do You Think Of Me               Keith Whitley                                  22313
                                                 I Wonder Why         Dion & The Belmonts                            15066
                                                          I Would     Jolie & The Wanted                             20297
                                                          I Would     Phil Vassar                                    52700
                                                    I Would Cry       Amy Dalley                                     05645
                           I Would've Loved You Anyway                Trisha Yearwood                                07958
                                         I Wouldn't Be A Man          Billy Dean                                     06795
                            I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio             Stereophonics                                  04249
                                   I Wouldn't Change You I            Ricky Skaggs                                   50652
                      I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The               Ronnie Milsap                                  09425
                                 I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie           Tractors, The                                  23745
                  I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't               Don Williams                                   22563
                                   I Wouldn't Want To Lose            April Wine                                     50750
                                            I Write The Songs         Barry Manilow                                  07767
                                      I You Ever Did Believe          Stevie Nicks                                   06130
                                                       I-95 Song      August & The Spur Of Th                        51918
                                     I, Yi, Yi , Yi ( I Like You      Carmen Miranda                                 13574
                                                           I. O. U.   Lee Greenwood                                  22477
                           I'd Be Better Off In A Pine Box            Doug Stone                                     22327
                                                    I'd Be Lying      Chris Cagle                                    52156
                                               I'd Do Anything        Oliver                                         16150
                                  I'd Do Anything For Love            Meat Loaf                                      55316
                                     I'd Fall In Love Tonight         Roger Whittaker                                08996
                            I'd Give My Right Nut To Save             Ray Driscoll                                   05118
                                                 I'd Lie For You      Meat Loaf                                      55317
                                                      I'd Like To     Corrine Bailey Rae                             54819
                          I'd Like To Have That One Back              George Strait                                  09411
                          I'd Like To Teach The World To              No Way Sis                                     03640
                    I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing               New Seekers, The                               11416
                 I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You                Hank Williams Jr.                              24348
                                 I'd Love To Lay You Down             Conway Twitty                                  08370
                               I'd Love You All Over Again            Alan Jackson                                   09133
                                  I'd Love You To Want Me             Lobo                                           15235
                               I'd Never Find Another You             Billy Fury                                     03254
                                                      I'd Rather      Luther Vandross                                10078
                            I'd Rather Leave While I'm In             Rita Coolidge                                  03096
                                          I'd Rather Miss You         Little Texas                                   22450
                                     I'd Rather Ride Around           Reba McEntire                                  51136
                        I'd Rather Ride Around With You               Reba McEntire                                  21948
                                 I'd Really Like To See You           England Dan & John Ford Coley                  14332
                                I'd Really Love To See You            (Duet) England Dan & John Ford Coley           17023
                     I'd Really Love To See You Tonight               England Dan & John Ford Coley                  11417

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KARAOKE                                                          Song List by SONG TITLE
                                  I'll Always Be Right There             Bryan Adams                                 01415
                                        I'll Always Come Back            K. T. Oslin                                 22288
                                           I'll Always Love You          Taylor Dayne                                13814
                                                               I'll Be   Edwin McCain                                17075
                                                               I'll Be   Reba McEntire                               22754
                                        I'll Be A Freak For You          Royale Delite                               03505
                                                     I'll Be Around      Sawyer Brown                                53663
                                                     I'll Be Around      Spinners, The                               21705
                                                  I'll Be Doggone        Marvin Gaye                                 11433
                                             I'll Be Good To You         Brothers Johnson                            50144
                                            I'll Be Here A While         311                                         09712
                                       I'll Be Home For Christ           Elvis Presley                               52866
                                 I'll Be Home For Christmas              (Christmas)                                 13491
                                 I'll Be Home For Christmas              Amy Grant                                   07728
                                 I'll Be Home For Christmas              Carpenters                                  17760
                                 I'll Be Home For Christmas              Suzy Bogguss                                21619
                                           I'll Be Leaving Alone         Charley Pride                               22571
                                              I'll Be Missing You        Puff Daddy & Faith                          21417
                             I'll Be Right Here Loving You               Randy Travis                                24470
                                               I'll Be Seeing You        (Standards / Traditional)                   51102
                                               I'll Be Seeing You        Frank Sinatra                               08571
                                               I'll Be Seeing You        Reminiscing Series                          48524
                                                       I'll Be There     (Duet) Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz           51182
                                                       I'll Be There     Jackson 5                                   21667
                                                       I'll Be There     Mariah Carey                                20360
                                                       I'll Be There     Tuesdays, The                               04973
                                           I'll Be There For You         Rembrandts                                  50275
                                 I'll Be With You In Apple B             Andrews Sisters                             13573
                                    I'll Be Your Baby Tonight            Anne Murray                                 09007
                                        I'll Be Your Everything          Youngstown                                  08945
                                           I'll Be Yours Tonight         Robert Palmer                               03392
                I'll Break The Law Of Gravity Someday                    Gordon Jensen                               22935
                                  I'll Come Back As Another              Tanya Tucker                                50614
                                                     I'll Cover You      (Movie Soundtrack) Rent                     15818
                                                      I'll Die Tryin'    Lonestar                                    52396
                                      I'll Do It All Over Again          Crystal Gayle                               23257
                                                       I'll Fly Away     (Gospel / Southern)                         22909
                                                       I'll Fly Away     (Standards / Traditional)                   08515
                                                    I'll Fly For You     Spandau Ballet                              04385
                    I'll Fly With You (l'amour Toujours)                 Gigi D'agostino                             08839
                                                 I'll Get Over You       Crystal Gayle                               22337
                            I'll Give All Of My Love To You              Keith Sweat                                 11436
                                                       I'll Go Crazy     Andy Griggs                                 08179
                                             I'll Go Steppin' Too        Flatt & Scruggs                             22171
                                        I'll Have To Say I Love          Jim Croce                                   50662
                                    I'll Hold You In My Heart            Eddy Arnold                                 09784
                                                 I'll Just Hold On       Blake Shelton                               52820
                              I'll Just Stay Here And Drink              Merle Haggard                               09241
                                        I'll Leave This World L          Ricky Van Shelton                           51421
                                         I'll Make Love To You           Boyz II Men                                 20421
                                I'll Never Break Your Heart              Backstreet Boys                             21415
                               I'll Never Fall In Love Again             Bobby Gentry                                03458
                               I'll Never Fall In Love Again             Dionne Warwick                              10487
                               I'll Never Fall In Love Again             Elvis Presley                               01294
                      I'll Never Fall In Love Again - By T               Tom Jones                                   11438
                                 I'll Never Forgive My Heart             Brooks & Dunn                               09050
                     I'll Never Get Out Of This World Ali                Hank Williams Sr.                           23245
                                       I'll Never Get Over You           Expose'                                     11440
                                       I'll Never Get Over You           Johnny Kidd & The Pirates                   03656
                           I'll Never Pass This Way Again                Tracy Lawrence                              23639
                                         I'll Never Smile Again          Frank Sinatra                               08570
                                                    I'll Never Stop      'N Sync                                     04439

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KARAOKE                                                     Song List by SONG TITLE
                                               I'll Remember         Madonna                                    16729
                                        I'll Remember You            Don Ho                                     00821
                                           I'll Stand By You         Carrie Underwood                           52566
                                           I'll Stand By You         Pretenders, The                            16822
                                   I'll Still Be Loving You          Restless Heart                             22294
                                  I'll Still Love You More           Trisha Yearwood                            08156
                                                    I'll Survive     B.B. King                                  01789
                                     I'll Take Care Of You           Dixie Chicks                               51534
                             I'll Take Love Over Money               Aaron Tippin                               02763
                                  I'll Take That As A Yes            Phil Vassar                                52274
                                              I'll Take Today        Gary Allan                                 23650
                              I'll Take You Home Again               (Irish Traditional)                        50434
                                        I'll Take You There          Staple Singers, The                        21699
                           I'll Think Of A Reason Later              Lee Ann Womack                             08091
                                 I'll Think Of Something             Mark Chesnutt                              09169
                                                          I'll Try   Alan Jackson                               21899
                                            I'll Wait For You        Joe Nichols                                52480
                                            I'll Wait For You        Vikki Carr                                 00051
                                                        I'll Walk    Bucky Covington                            52669
                                               I'm A Believer        Monkees                                    13846
                                               I'm A Believer        Neil Diamond                               10109
                                               I'm A Believer        Reeves & Mortimer                          03159
                                               I'm A Believer        Smash Mouth                                08823
                 I'm A Better Man (for Having Loved Y                Engelbert Humperdinck                      06250
                                                     I'm A Boy       Pete Townshend                             11442
                                                I'm A Cowboy         Bill Engvall                               23633
                                       I'm A Gamblin' Man            Lonnie Donegan                             03433
                            I'm A King Bee - Backdoor                Slim Harpo                                 51208
                      I'm A King Bee / Back Door Man                 Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush               50251
                                        I'm A Little Teapot          (Standards / Traditional)                  08635
                                           I'm A Lonely Jew          South Park                                 53874
                               I'm A Lonesome Fugitive               Merle Haggard                              09242
                                                     I'm A Nut       Roger Miller                               06311
                                       I'm A Ramblin' Man            Waylon Jennings                            16221
                                                 I'm A Rocker        Bruce Springsteen                          14970
                                                   I'm A Saint       Mark Chesnutt                              52255
                                             I'm A Slave 4 U         Britney Spears                             08857
                                               I'm A Survivor        Reba McEntire                              07999
                               I'm About To Come Alive               David Nail                                 52673
                                                       I'm Alive     Celine Dion                                09975
                                                       I'm Alive     Hollies                                    03302
                                                       I'm Alive     Neil Diamond                               10171
                                          I'm All About You          Aaron Carter                               05039
                                                 I'm All Yours       Rachael Lampa                              10095
                                         I'm Already Taken           Steve Wariner                              08176
                                         I'm Already There           Lonestar                                   53638
                                                    I'm Alright      Jo Dee Messina                             08034
                        I'm Always Chasing Rainbows                  Gypsy                                      16151
                               I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide               ZZ Top                                     50255
                       I'm Beginning To See The Light                Natalie Cole                               6160
                                                   I'm Broken        Pantera                                    55340
                                         I'm Coming Home             Cinderella                                 50088
                                         I'm Coming Home             Tom Jones                                  03456
                                                I'm Diggin' It       Alecia Elliott                             22717
                                          I'm Every Woman            Chaka Khan                                 14906
                                          I'm Every Woman            Whitney Houston                            20344
                                             I'm Feeling You         Santana & Michelle Branch                  53328
                                                        I'm Free     Who                                        54116
                                   I'm From The Country              Tracy Byrd                                 20908
                    I'm Getting Sentimental Over You                 (Standards / Traditional)                  11444
                               I'm Getting Used To You               Selena                                     20705
                                                       I'm Glad      Jennifer Lopez                             10522

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                           I'm Goin' Down       Bruce Springsteen                            05942
                                 I'm Going To Be Strong         Gene Pitney                                  03766
                                                    I'm Gone    Cyndi Thomson                                10696
                                     I'm Gone, I'm Going        Lesley Roy                                   55444
                             I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)           Proclaimers, The                             17645
                                    I'm Gonna Be Alright        Jennifer Lopez                               10463
                               I'm Gonna Be Somebody            Travis Tritt                                 09291
                                   I'm Gonna Follow You         Pat Benatar                                  15012
                                 I'm Gonna Hire A Wino          David Frizzell                               22505
                          I'm Gonna Love You Anyway             Trace Adkins                                 24482
                      I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little          Barry White                                  15804
                         I'm Gonna Make You Love Me             Diana Ross & The Supremes                    11446
                                      I'm Gonna Miss Her        Brad Paisley                                 09841
                I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write M            Frank Sinatra                                01442
                                    I'm Gonna Take That         Reba McEntire                                52090
                I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta             (Movie Soundtrack) South Pacific             01287
                                                    I'm Good    Blaque                                       05377
                                  I'm Holdin' On To Love        Shania Twain                                 51590
                                                   I'm Horny    Hot 'n Juicy (South Park)                    54290
                                                       I'm In   Kinleys, The                                 07910
                           I'm In A Hurry (and Don't K          Alabama                                      14044
                                             I'm In Heaven      Jason Nevins & Holly James                   04820
                                        I'm In Love Again       Fats Domino                                  15130
                                I'm In Love With A Marr         Mark Chesnutt                                52028
                                    I'm In Love With Her        Sawyer Brown                                 09733
                                    I'm In Love With You        Billy Dean                                   53677
                                          I'm In The Mood       John Lee Hooker                              01791
                         I'm In The Mood For Dancing            Nolans, The                                  03574
                             I'm In The Mood For Love           Nat King Cole                                11448
                              I'm Into Something Good           Herman's Hermits                             11449
                                 I'm Just A Country Boy         Don Williams                                 22274
                                             I'm Just A Girl    Deana Carter                                 52066
                                   I'm Just A Singer In A       Moody Blues                                  55301
                                                 I'm Just Me    Charley Pride                                14609
                        I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight          Toby Keith                                   07971
                                         I'm Leavin' It All     Dale & Grace                                 08468
                                           I'm Leavin' You      Engelbert Humperdinck                        06045
                                                 I'm Leaving    Aaron Tippin                                 08113
                                                 I'm Leaving    Lodger                                       04018
                      I'm Left, Your Right, She's Gone          Elvis Presley                                08256
                                            I'm Like A Bird     Nelly Furtado                                08758
                             I'm Living In Canaan Now           Hinsons, The                                 22922
                                                I'm Lovin' It   Justin Timberlake                            04877
                                        I'm Mandy Fly Me        10cc                                         03613
                                           I'm Missing You      Diana Ross                                   17579
                                           I'm Missing You      Kenny Rogers                                 52068
                                              I'm Movin' On     Rascal Flatts                                08026
                                             I'm Moving On      Hank Snow                                    22531
                                    I'm My Own Grandpa          Ray Stevens                                  17348
                             I'm N Luv (wit A Stripper)         T-Pain & Mike Jones                          55084
                          I'm No Stranger To The Rain           Keith Whitley                                22022
                      I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman           Britney Spears                               17422
                                          I'm Not Breakin'      Steve Holly                                  10087
                                 I'm Not Built That Way         Billy Dean                                   24562
                                     I'm Not Going Down         Jo Dee Messina                               52395
                                        I'm Not Gonna Do        Mark & Jamie Wills                           09816
                                           I'm Not In Love      10cc                                         11450
                                                I'm Not Lisa    Jessi Colter                                 22141
                                     I'm Not Missing You        Stacie Orrico                                53414
                                 I'm Not Ok (I Promise)         My Chemical Romance                          5707
                                             I'm Not Ready      Sheryl Crowe                                 08898
                             I'm Not Running Anymore            John Cougar Mellencamp                       53947

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                               I'm Not Sayin'/ribbon O        Gordon Lightfoot                             51874
               I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore           Bryan White                                  21876
                           I'm Not That Easy To Forget        Lorrie Morgan                                23483
                                I'm Not That Lonely Yet       Reba McEntire                                09448
                                         I'm Not The Girl     Rachel Farris                                53078
                                      I'm Old Fashioned       (Standards / Traditional)                    02824
                                            I'm On A Boat     Lonely Island & T Pain                       55497
                                               I'm On Fire    Bruce Springsteen                            16761
                                               I'm On Fire    Dwight Twilley Band                          01393
                               I'm On The Outside (loo        Little Anthony & The Imperials               50082
                                          I'm One Of You      Hank Williams Jr.                            52095
                                             I'm Over You     Keith Whitley                                22358
                                             I'm Over You     Martine McCutcheon                           04475
                                                 I'm Ready    Cherie                                       53195
                                                 I'm Ready    Tevin Campbell                               11451
                                                   I'm Real   Jennifer Lopez                               17353
                                           I'm Really Hot     Missy Elliott                                12826
                                           I'm Right Here     Samantha Mumba                               04706
                                                I'm Scared    Burton Cummings                              51820
                                             I'm Sensitive    Jewel                                        53692
                                           I'm So Excited     Pointer Sisters                              51366
                                               I'm So Glad    Cream                                        50065
                       I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Cryin        Toby Keith & Sting                           05114
                                         I'm So Into You      Swv                                          16726
                          I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry         BJ Thomas                                    13349
                          I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry         Elvis Presley                                16056
                          I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry         Hank Williams Sr.                            21952
                                             I'm So Proud     Todd Rundgren                                50134
                                               I'm So Sick    Flyleaf                                      54707
                                                  I'm Sorry   Brenda Lee                                   20131
                                                  I'm Sorry   John Denver                                  14273
                                                  I'm Sorry   Platters                                     06095
                       I'm Standing On The Solid Rock         (Gospel / Southern)                          22910
                                           I'm Still A Guy    Brad Paisley                                 52659
                                             I'm Still Here   John Rzeznik                                 53035
                                             I'm Still Here   Vertical Horizon                             54416
                             I'm Still In Love With You       New Edition                                  16758
                             I'm Still In Love With You       Sean Paul & Sasha                            54956
                                       I'm Still Standing     Elton John                                   00919
                    I'm Stupid (Don't Worry 'bout Me)         Prime Sth                                    09675
                                  I'm Taking The Wheel        Shedaisy                                     52389
                                    I'm Telling You Now       Freddie & The Dream                          11453
                                    I'm Telling You Now       Freddie & The Dreamers                       14654
                                   I'm That Kind Of Girl      Patty Loveless                               09227
                                              I'm The One     Gerry & The Pacemakers                       03601
                                       I'm The Only One       Melissa Etheridge                            51783
                              I'm The Urban Spaceman          Bonzo Doo Doo Dah B                          03715
                                             I'm Too Sexy     Right Said Fred                              53018
                                                 I'm Tryin'   Trace Adkins                                 07988
                    I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap          Reno & Smiley                                23034
                                               I'm Walkin'    Fats Domino                                  21235
                               I'm Walking Behind You         Eddie Fisher                                 03740
                                      I'm With The Band       Little Big Town                              52603
                                             I'm with You     Avril Lavigne                                55551
                                          I'm Your Angel      (Duet) Celine Dion & R. Kelly                06133
                                          I'm Your Angel      Celine Dion                                  21482
                                 I'm Your Baby Tonight        Whitney Houston                              20643
                                        I'm Your Captain      Grand Funk Railroad                          50155
                                            I'm Your Man      All 4 One                                    02714
                                            I'm Your Man      George Michael                               03386
                                            I'm Your Man      Shane Richie                                 04874
                                                 I'm Yours    Linda Davis                                  08104

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KARAOKE                                                      Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      I've Been Everywhere          Hank Snow                                    22241
                                                I've Been High      R.E.M.                                       04544
                                  I've Been In Love Before          Cutting Crew                                 02660
                                   I've Been Lonely Too Lo          Rascals                                      50094
                         I've Been Loving You Too Long              Otis Redding                                 16507
                           I've Been Thinking About You             London Beat                                  21508
                    I've Been Working On The Railroad               (Standards / Traditional)                    11495
                      I've Come To Expect It From You               George Strait                                09413
                         I've Cried My Last Tear For You            Ricky Van Shelton                            11496
                           I've Done Enough Dyin' Today             Larry Gatlin                                 22541
                             I've Forgotten How You Feel            Sonya Isaacs                                 07809
                                     I've Found A New Way           (Gospel)                                     23173
                                   I've Got A Crush On You          Linda Ronstadt                               17624
                                           I've Got A Feeling       (Gospel / Southern)                          22937
                            I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling          Ain't Misbehavin'                            00192
                  I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts               (Standards / Traditional)                    11497
                                              I've Got A Name       Jim Croce                                    50664
                       I've Got A Thing About You Baby              Elvis Presley                                08319
                              I've Got A Tiger By The Tail          Buck Owens                                   22527
                                           I've Got A Woman         Ray Charles                                  50691
                                         I've Got Confidence        Elvis Presley                                01767
                          I've Got Dreams To Remember               Otis Redding                                 06173
                                    I've Got Friends That D         Tim McGraw                                   52432
                                   I've Got Love On My Min          Natalie Cole                                 53855
                   I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm                 Ella Fitzgerald                              01776
                                     I've Got Soul (and I'm         James Brown                                  50161
                                  I've Got That Old Feeling         Alison Krauss & Union Station                22616
                                  I've Got The Music In Me          Kiki Dee                                     00277
                         I've Got The World On A String             Frank Sinatra                                08578
                         I've Got The World On A String             Frank Sinatra & Liza Minelli                 00447
                                                   I've Got This    Mavericks                                    04078
                                 I've Got to See You Again          Norah Jones                                  55547
                        I've Got To Use My Imagination              Gladys Knight & The Pips                     50130
                                                   I've Got You     Marc Anthony                                 06422
                                                   I've Got You     Martine McCutcheon                           04246
                              I've Got You Under My Skin            Frank Sinatra                                08572
                                             I've Gotta Be Me       Sammy Davis Jr.                              51052
                       I've Gotta Get A Message To You              Bee Gees                                     06077
                                I've Loved And Lost Again           Patsy Cline                                  01525
                                     I've Never Been To Me          Charlene                                     11502
                               I've Thought Of Everything           Daryle Singletary                            24917
                                                         Ice Box    Omarion                                      53467
                                                      Ice Cream     Sarah McLachlan                              17217
                                                Ice Cream Man       Van Halen                                    51707
                                                   Ice Ice Baby     Vanilla Ice                                  01243
                                                    Icky Thump      White Stripes                                54853
                                                    Ideal World     Christians, The                              03397
                                                               If   Bread                                        09739
                                                               If   Janet Jackson                                20338
                                                               If   Perry Como                                   51260
                                                               If   Telly Savalas                                03593
                                            If A Man Answers        Toby Keith                                   08124
                                                If Anyone Falls     Stevie Nicks                                 51360
                                         If Bubba Can Dance         Shenandoah                                   08512
                                If Ever I Would Leave You           (Movie Soundtrack)                           11419
                                   If Every Day Was Like C          Elvis Presley                                52872
                                             If God Made You        Five For Fighting                            53258
                                       If He Hung The Moon          Kirk Talley                                  22979
                                 If He Walked Into My Life          Mame                                         38367
                                  If Heartaches Had Wings           Rhonda Vincent                               05442
                                                      If Heaven     Andy Griggs                                  05765
                                             If I Ain't Got You     Alicia Keys                                  12897

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KARAOKE                                                      Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            If I Ain't Got You       Marty Stuart                                      06763
                                            If I Ain't Got You       Trisha Yearwood                                   06853
                                                         If I Am     Nine Days                                         09605
                                               If I Can Dream        Elvis Presley                                     08272
                                         If I Can't Have You         Yvonne Elliman                                    11420
                                 If I Could Bottle This Up           Paul Overstreet                                   24760
                                                  If I Could Go      Angie Martinez                                    10461
                                  If I Could Make A Living           Clay Walker                                       22637
                   If I Could Only Whisper Your Name                 Harry Connick Jr.                                 00745
                             If I Could Only Win Your Lo             Emmylou Harris                                    14148
                          If I Could Only Win Your Love              Emmylou Harris                                    09354
                   If I Could Turn Back Hands Of Time                R. Kelly                                          21439
                                    If I Could Turn Back Ti          Cher                                              51593
                                               If I Didn't Care      Platters                                          06096
                                       If I Didn't Have You          Randy Travis                                      50610
                                          If I Die Tomorrow          Motley Crue                                       54601
                                                If I Die Young       Band Perry, The                                   55246
                                 If I Don't Stay The Night           Mindy McCready                                    06896
                                    If I Ever Lose My Faith          Sting                                             54176
                                      If I Fall You're Going         Dixie Chicks                                      51546
                                                         If I Fell   Beatles, The                                      14008
                                        If I Had $1,000,000          Barenaked Ladies                                  51555
                                         If I Had A Hammer           Peter, Paul & Mary                                11422
                                         If I Had A Hammer           Trini Lopez                                       03455
                     If I Had A Nickel (one Thin Dime)               Redmon & Vale                                     23779
                            If I Had Any Pride Left At All           John Berry                                        01024
                                                  If I Had Eyes      Jack Johnson                                      54922
                                               If I Had Wings        Vanessa Williams                                  06055
                                                   If I Had You      Adam Lambert                                      55397
                                                   If I Had You      Alabama                                           09206
                                                  If I Know Me       George Strait                                     09412
                                               If I Let You Go       Westlife                                          04251
                                                  If I Lost You      Travis Tritt                                      08068
                                                If I Loved You       (Broadway Musical) Carousel                       03068
                                 If I Never See Your Face            Maroon 5 & Rihanna                                55154
                                 If I Never See Your Face            Rihanna                                           55264
                              If I Never Stop Loving You             David Kersh                                       23433
                                          If I Only Had Time         Joan Rowles                                       03764
                                               If I Only Knew        Tom Jones                                         06048
                    If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body               Bellamy Brothers                                  22561
                                    If I Should Fall Behind          Faith Hill                                        24296
                                           If I Told You That        (Duet) Whitney Houston & George Michael           03012
                                               If I Wanted To        Melissa Etheridge                                 51793
                                   If I Was A Drinkin' Man           Neal McCoy                                        00825
                                             If I Was A River        Tina Arena                                        06152
                                  If I Was Your Girlfriend           Nicole Wray                                       12467
                                     If I Was Your Woman             Alicia Keys                                       55069
                                              If I Were A Boy        Beyonce                                           55455
                                     If I Were A Carpenter           Bobby Darin                                       00907
                                      If I Were A Rich Man           Fiddler On The Roof                               00128
                                                 If I Were You       Collin Raye                                       16224
                                                 If I Were You       Hoobastank                                        54725
                                                 If I Were You       Terri Clark                                       51938
                                    If I Were Your Woman             Gladys Knight & The Pips                          11424
                                        If I'd Been The One          38 Special                                        01399
                                          If I'm Not In Love         Faith Hill                                        24291
                                          If I'm Not In Love         Kathy Troccoli                                    05990
                      If It Ain't Love (let's Leave It Alo           Connie Smith                                      22201
                                     If It Don't Come Easy           Tanya Tucker                                      09384
                                       If It Don't Take Two          Shania Twain                                      06810
                                               If It Isn't Love      New Edition                                       11425
                                              If It Makes You        Bodeans, The                                      05499

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KARAOKE                                                      Song List by SONG TITLE
                                      If It Makes You Happy          Sheryl Crowe                                16754
                    If It Weren't For Country Music (i'd             Clinton Gregory                             22368
                                                If Jesus Said It     (Gospel)                                    23183
                                     If Loving You Is Wrong          Luther Ingram                               50129
                 If Loving You Is Wrong (i Don't Want                Barbara Mandrell                            20294
                              If My Friends Could See Me             Sweet Charity                               13790
                        If My Friends Could See Me Now               Sweet Charity                               07738
                                 If My Heart Had Windows             Patty Loveless                              09226
                                      If My Heart Had Wings          Faith Hill                                  07926
                                    If Nobody Believed In Y          Joe Nichols                                 52178
                                                      If Not You     Jo Dee Messina                              24494
                                                          If Only    Hanson                                      20565
                                                          If Only    K.T. Tunstall                               53582
                                                 If Only I Could     Sydney Youngblood                           03877
                                             If Only You Knew        Patti Labelle                               14826
                                If Paradise Is Half As Nice          Amen Corner                                 03518
                                             If She Only Knew        98 Degrees                                  06227
                                             If She Only Knew        Kevin Sharp                                 23557
                                 If She Were Any Other W             Buddy Jewell                                52285
                                  If Something Should Hap            Darryl Worley                               52299
                                         If That Ain't Country       Anthony Smith                               09909
                                               If That Were Me       Melanie C.                                  04479
                                       If That's Ok With You         Shayne Ward                                 53546
                                          If The Devil Danced        Joe Diffe                                   11426
                                      If The Good Die Young          Tracy Lawrence                              15573
                         If The Jukebox Took Teardrops               Danni Leigh                                 22458
                 If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Sid                Elvis Presley                               22967
                           If There Ain't, There Outta Be            Marty Stuart                                53665
                           If There Had Been No Calvary              New Hinsons, The                            23031
                                 If There Hadn't Been You            Billy Dean                                  22410
                                             If There's No God       Greater Vision                              22992
                                                     If This Is It   Huey Lewis & The News                       11427
                                    If Today Was Your Last           Nickelback                                  52928
                               If Tomorrow Never Comes               Garth Brooks                                51653
                               If Tomorrow Never Comes               Joose                                       01468
                               If Tomorrow Never Comes               Ronan Keating                               55191
                                If We Fall In Love Tonight           Rod Stewart                                 16704
                                  If We Make It Through D            Merle Haggard                               50109
                                   If We Never Meet Again            Elvis Presley                               22869
                 If We're Not Back In Love By Monday                 Merle Haggard                               22217
                                            If You (lovin' Me)       Fat Boy Slim                                08894
                                            If You Ain't Lovin'      Faron Young                                 01000
                                            If You Ain't Lovin'      George Strait                               09099
                                          If You Asked Me To         Celine Dion                                 17801
                          If You Buy This Record (your L             Tamperer & Maya                             04094
                                                If You C Jordon      Something Corporate                         09883
                         If You Came Back From Heaven                Lorrie Morgan                               09200
                                                      If You Can     Tammy Cochran                               07843
                             If You Can Do Anything Else             George Strait                               07942
                  If You Can't Be Good (be Good At It)               Neal McCoy                                  23395
                                  If You Change Your Mind            Rosanne Cash                                11430
                                            If You Come Back         Blue                                        04580
                                           If You Come To Me         Atomic Kitten                               04852
                                       If You Could Only See         Tonic                                       16961
                          If You Could Only See Me Now               T. Graham Brown                             24811
                                   If You Could Read My Mi           Gordon Lightfoot                            51861
                               If You Could Read My Mind             Stars On 54                                 17112
                         If You Don't Know Me By Know                Simply Red                                  08491
                           If You Don't Know Me By Now               Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes              11431
                                        If You Don't Love Me         Phil Stacey                                 52650
                           If You Ever Change Your Mind              Crystal Gayle                               22573
                  If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again              Clay Walker                                 07989

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KARAOKE                                                    Song List by SONG TITLE
                                       If You Ever Leave Me        Barbra Streisand                               24247
                                       If You Ever Leave Me        Vince Gill & Barbra Streisand                  08201
                                   If You Ever Stop Loving         Montgomery Gentry                              52151
                                                      If You Go    Jon Secada                                     05959
                                      If You Got The Money         Jamie T                                        54793
                                  If You Gotta Go, Go Now          Manfred Mann                                   03687
                         If You Gotta Make A Fool Of So            Freddie & The Dream                            03257
                                         If You Had My Love        Jennifer Lopez                                 08916
                                If You Know What I Mean            Neil Diamond                                   17469
                                                  If You Leave     Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark              53896
                                       If You Leave Me Now         Chicago                                        16680
                                           If You Let Me Stay      Terrence Trent D'Arby                          03891
                            If You Love Me (let Me Know            Olivia Newton John                             13885
                                     If You Love Somebody          Kevin Sharp                                    22029
                                If You Love Somebody Se            Sting                                          54183
                                              If You Loved Me      Tracy Lawrence                                 01034
                                      If You Really Love Me        Stevie Wonder                                  50056
                         If You See Him, If You See Her            (Duet) Reba McEntire & Brooks & Dunn           15715
                         If You See Him, If You See Her            Brooks & Dunn                                  22282
                                             If You Seek Amy       Britney Spears                                 52902
                                                   If You Sleep    Tal Bachman                                    06219
                                 If You Talk In Your Sleep         Elvis Presley                                  08320
               If You Think You Know How To Love Me                Smokie                                         03227
                       If You Think You've Got Trouble             Trick Pony                                     22818
                                         If You Tolerate This      Manic Street Preachers                         04060
                                   If You Wanna Be Happy           Jimmy Soul                                     08398
                           If You Wanna Get To Heaven              Ozark Mountain                                 01395
                             If You Want To Be Good Girl           Backstreet Boys                                09467
                                            If You Were Mine       Marcos Hernandez                               53317
                                    If You're Getting Down         5ive                                           04238
                                   If You're Going Though          Rodney Atkins                                  52401
                                                If You're Gone     Matchbox 20                                    09600
                 If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (do It R              Vern Gosdin                                    24828
                          If You're Gonna Play In Texas            Alabama                                        22107
                If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Craw               Sammy Kershaw                                  00778
                      If You're Happy And You Know It              (Standards / Traditional)                      08617
                                     If You're Not In It For       Shania Twain                                   51578
                                      If You're Not The One        Daniel Bedingfield                             53065
                                     If You're Reading This        Tim McGraw                                     52567
                                  If You've Got The Money          Willie Nelson                                  51286
                  If You've Got The Money, Honey, I've             Lefty Frizzell                                 20727
                       If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight            Tanya Tucker                                   09385
                                                        Ignition   R. Kelly                                       10198
                                                         Iko Iko   Belle Stars, The                               53776
                                                         Iko Iko   Dixie Cups                                     17470
                                                         Iko Iko   Rainman                                        00807
                                               Image Of A Girl     Safaris                                        06386
                                    Image Of The Invisible         Thrice                                         54686
                                             Imaginary Lover       Atlanta Rhythm Section                         00894
                                                       Imagine     Eva Cassidy                                    52979
                                                       Imagine     John Lennon                                    51617
                                                       Imagine     Perfect Circle, A                              54546
                                         Imagine If You Will       Perry Sisters, The                             22848
                                                 Imagine That      Diamond Rio                                    23401
                                                 Imagine That      Next                                           10263
                                             Imitation Of Life     R.E.M.                                         08815
                                                   Immortality     (Duet) Celine Dion & Bee Gees                  04049
                                           Impossible Dream        Elvis Presley                                  48424
                                   Impossible Dream, The           Elvis Presley Live                             23232
                                   Impossible Dream, The           Man Of La Mancha                               11456
                                              Impossible, The      Joe Nichols                                    10692
                              Impression That I Get, The           Mighty Mighty Bosstones                        16965

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                     Impressive Instant        Madonna                                         04610
                                                    Imprint    Doubledrive                                     54397
                                        In A Big Country       Big Country                                     11457
                                          In A Heartbeat       Steve Wariner                                   23705
                                         In A Little While     Uncle Kracker                                   10061
                                           In A Real Love      Phil Vassar                                     52182
                                      In A Week Or Two         Diamond Rio                                     09061
                                                In America     Charlie Daniels Band                            23215
                                       In Another World        Joe Diffe                                       07996
                                       In Another's Eyes       (Duet) Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood           51672
                                     In Between Dances         Pam Tillis                                      15461
                                                   In Bloom    Nirvana                                         20639
                                   In Care Of The Blues        Patsy Cline                                     09089
                                                   In Christ   Big Daddy Weave                                 10279
                                                 In Da Club    50 Cent                                         10384
                                                In Demand      Texas                                           04460
                                                 In Dreams     Roy Orbison                                     52942
                                           In For The Kill     La Roux                                         55533
                                          In God's Hands       Nelly Furtado                                   54860
                                        In Heavens Eyes        Sandi Patti                                     23065
                                      In Lonesome Dove         Garth Brooks                                    09393
                                    In My Arms Instead         Randy Rogers Band                               52786
                             In My Bed (so So Def Mix)         Dru Hill                                        01602
                                 In My Daughter's Eyes         Martina McBride                                 52120
                                           In My Dreams        Dokken                                          15175
                                           In My Dreams        Rick Trevino                                    53664
                In My Father's House Are Many Mansio           Elvis Presley                                   08304
                                               In My Head      Queens Of The Stone Age                         54647
                                                  In My Life   (Broadway Musical) Les Miserables               16449
                                                  In My Life   Beatles, The                                    11458
                                                  In My Life   Bette Midler                                    00429
                                                  In My Life   Juvenile & Mannie Fresh                         54964
                                                In My Mind     Heather Headley                                 55058
                                          In My Next Life      Terri Clark                                     52630
                                               In My Place     Coldplay                                        09996
                                             In My Pocket      Mandy Moore                                     08813
                                                In Pictures    Alabama                                         06720
                                    In Some Small Way          Celine Dion                                     53270
                                       In Terms Of Love        Shedaisy                                        52450
                                      In The Air Tonight       Phil Collins                                    50556
                                       In The Army Now         Status Quo                                      03586
                                              In The Ayer      Flo Rida &                            55430
                                              In The Deep      Bird York                                       53371
                                                In The End     Linkin Park                                     09700
                                           In The Garden       (Gospel / Southern)                             22875
                                           In The Garden       (Standards / Traditional)                       16439
                                           In The Garden       Elvis Presley                                   22864
                                            In The Ghetto      Elvis Presley                                   11459
                      In The House Of Stone And Light          Martin Page                                     11460
                                  In The Jailhouse Now         Webb Pierce                                     22004
                                        In The Meantime        Spacehog                                        16664
                                            In The Middle      Sugababes                                       04910
                            In The Middle Of An Island         Tony Bennett                                    00631
                             In The Middle Of Nowhere          Dusty Springfield                               03749
                                  In The Midnight Hour         Commitments                                     54152
                                  In The Midnight Hour         Wilson Pickett                                  08390
                                In The Misty Moonlight         Jerry Wallace                                   22507
                                   In The Name Of Love         Redmon & Vale                                   24321
                                              In The Navy      Village People                                  15964
                                             In The Pines      Bill Monroe                                     22164
                                               In The Rain     Dramatics                                       14682
                                            In The Rough       Anna Nalick                                     53336

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                             In The Shape Of A Heart         Jackson Browne                              14957
                           In The Shelter Of His Arms        (Gospel)                                    23179
                                In The Still Of The Nig      Five Satins                                 50836
                                  In The Summertime          Mungo Jerry                                 14699
                              In The Sweet By And By         (Standards / Traditional)                   16187
                               In The Wee Small Hour         Carly Simon                                 00313
               In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning         June Christy                                51112
                                      In The Year 2525       Zager & Evans                               11463
                                          In These Arms      Bon Jovi                                    04334
                                            In This Diary    Ataris, The                                 54379
                                              In This Life   Chantal Kreviazuk                           06505
                                              In This Life   Collin Raye                                 22070
                                              In This Life   Delta Goodrem                               53547
                                             In Too Deep     Sum 41                                      09710
                                         In Walked Love      Expose'                                     05936
                                            In Your Eyes     Kylie Minogue                               04623
                                            In Your Eyes     Peter Gabriel                               15239
                                          In Your Letter     REO Speedwagon                              53913
                                           In Your Room      Bangles                                     14320
                                           In Your Room      Depeche Mode                                54230
                                       In't No Sunshine      Eva Cassidy                                 53006
                               Incense & Peppermints         Strawberry Alarm Clark                      11464
                                        Incidentals, The     Alisha's Attic                              04085
                                              Incomplete     Sisqo                                       08726
                                               Incredible    Darius                                      04764
                                    Independance Day         Martina McBride                             51434
                          Independent Women Part 1           Destiny's Child                             08738
                                             Indian Flute    Timbaland & Magoo                           45216
                                          Indian Outlaw      Tim McGraw                                  22600
                                   Indian Reservation        Paul Revere & The Raiders                   21687
                                   Indian Reservation        Raiders                                     11465
                                     Indiana Wants Me        R. Dean Taylor                              03861
                                    Indigo Swing, The        Indigo Swing                                02871
                                              Infatuation    Christina Aguilera                          06644
                                                   Inhale    Stone Sour                                  54377
                                             Innamorata      Dean Martin                                 00700
                        Inner City Blues (make Me W          Marvin Gaye                                 14684
                                              Innervision    System Of A Down                            54344
                                               Innocence     Avril Lavigne                               54879
                                               Innocence     Harlequin                                   51899
                                                Innocent     Fuel                                        20256
                                                Innocent     Our Lady Peace                              05178
                                  Innocent Bystander         Billy Dean                                  23676
                                          Innocent Eyes      Delta Goodrem                               04849
                                           Innocent Man      Sherrie Austin                              23570
                                              Inolvidable    Luis Miguel                                 01075
                                               Insatiable    Darren Hayes                                09856
                                              Insensitive    Jann Arden                                  01083
                                             Inseparable     Natalie Cole                                16513
                                                   Inside    Stiltskin                                   04209
                                   Inside Of My Guitar       Bellamy Brothers                            17022
                                           Inside Of You     Hoobastank                                  54745
                                               Inside Out    Bryan Adams                                 04241
                                               Inside Out    Culture Beat                                20126
                                               Inside Out    Eve 6                                       17130
                                               Inside Out    Gordon Jensen                               22911
                                               Inside Out    Odyssey                                     03887
                                               Inside Out    Trisha Yearwood                             09812
                                               Inside Out    Vonray                                      53059
                                  Inside Your Heaven         Bo Bice                                     53302
                                  Inside Your Heaven         Carrie Underwood                            52344
                                                Insomnia     Faithless                                   03638

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KARAOKE                                                   Song List by SONG TITLE
                                        Inspiration Lady       Gordon Lightfoot                               51860
                                           Instant Karma       John Lennon                                    51619
                                                   Instead     Stacie Orrico                                  53160
                                             Intergalactic     Beastie Boys, The                              54086
                                International Harvester        Craig Morgan                                   52609
                                   Interstate Love Song        Stone Temple Pilots                            50486
                                             Intervention      Arcade Fire                                    54870
                                       Into His Presence       (Gospel / Southern)                            22923
                                Into Oblivion (reunion)        Funeral For A Friend                           53496
                             Into The Great Wide Open          Tom Petty                                      20458
                                           Into The Night      Benny Mardones                                 50282
                                           Into The Night      Santana & Chad Kroeger                         54886
                                          Into The Valley      Skids, The                                     03909
                                           Into The West       Annie Lennox                                   06617
                                                  Into You     Fabolous Ft Tamia                              44834
                                                  Intuition    Jewel                                          53092
                                                  Intuition    Natalie Imbruglia                              06168
                                                Invincible     5ive                                           04449
                                                Invincible     Crossfade                                      54759
                                                Invincible     Pat Benatar                                    51774
                                                  Invisible    Alison Moyet                                   03380
                                                  Invisible    Ashlee Simpson                                 53399
                                                  Invisible    Clay Aiken                                     53139
                                                  Invisible    D-side                                         04811
                                            Invisible Man      98 Degrees                                     20605
                                          Invisible Touch      Genesis                                        14351
                                          Invisible Touch      Phil Collins                                   50561
                                Invitation To The Blues        Ray Price                                      13583
                                                        Iris   Goo Goo Dolls                                  21406
                             Irish Blood, English Heart        Morrissey                                      05430
                                            Irish Molly O'     (Irish Traditional)                            45175
                                         Irish Rover, The      (Irish Traditional) Dubliners, The             04143
                              Irish Washerwoman, The           (Irish Traditional)                            50435
                                                  Iron Man     Black Sabbath                                  53799
                                          Iron, Lion, Zion     Bob Marley                                     03050
                                                     Ironic    Alanis Morissette                              01085
                                               Irresistible    Corrs, The                                     04464
                                               Irresistible    Jessica Simpson                                08812
                      Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone           Charley Pride                                  22178
                                      Is It Any Wonder?        Keane                                          53405
                                       Is It Cold In Here      Joe Diffe                                      22372
                                                 Is It Love    Mr. Mister                                     02653
                                            Is It Love Yet     Deborah Allen                                  23712
                                 Is It Love You're After       Rose Royce                                     03882
                                            Is It My Body      Alice Cooper                                   50294
                           Is It Raining At Your House         Vern Gosdin                                    24832
                                       Is It Really Over?      Jim Reeves                                     23230
                                           Is It Still Over    Randy Travis                                   09326
                                Is She Really Going Out        Joe Jackson                                    53863
                   Is She Really Going Out With Him?           Sugar Ray                                      06552
                                    Is That All There Is?      Peggy Lee                                      10619
                                Is There Life Out There        Reba McEntire                                  51431
                   Is There Something I Should Know            Duran Duran                                    00530
                                              Is This Love     Alison Moyet                                   03566
                                              Is This Love     Bob Marley                                     11468
                            Is This The Land Of Beulah         (Standards / Traditional)                      22954
                           Is This The Way To Amirillo         Tony Christie                                  03719
                                                Island Girl    Elton John                                     00920
                                       Island In The Sun       Weezer                                         09681
                                       Island Of Dreams        Springfields, The                              03662
                                 Islands In The Stream         Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton                    22054
                                                  Isn't She    Carolina Rain                                  52526

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KARAOKE                                                   Song List by SONG TITLE
                                            Isn't She Lovely      Stevie Wonder                                         11470
                                     Isn't That Everything        Danielle Peck                                         52515
                           Istanbul, Not Constantinople           They Might Be Giants                                  16673
                                  It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy        Janie Fricke                                          22593
                                    It Ain't Easy Being Me        Chris Knight                                          23642
                                            It Ain't Me Babe      Bob Dylan                                             51893
                                            It Ain't Me Babe      Turtles, The                                          08439
                                            It Ain't My Fault     Silkk The Shocker                                     11471
                                           It Ain't No Crime      Joe Nichols                                           52642
                                              It Ain't Nothin'    Keith Whitley                                         22319
                             It Ain't Over ('Til It's Over)       Lenny Kravitz                                         20494
                           It Ain't What You Do It's The          Funboy Three & Bana                                   03585
                         It Came Upon A Midnight Clear            (Christmas)                                           09761
                         It Came Upon A Midnight Clear            Con Hunley                                            21544
                                 It Could Happen To You           Frank Sinatra                                         02838
                        It Doesn't Have To Be That Way            Blow Monkeys, The                                     03568
                                It Doesn't Matter Anymo           Buddy Holly                                           51303
                              It Doesn't Matter Anymore           Linda Ronstadt                                        08983
                      It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You            McHayes                                               02796
                                        It Don't Come Easy        Ringo Starr                                           51972
                                                 It Don't Hurt    Sheryl Crowe                                          09498
                                     It Don't Matter To Me        Bread                                                 21661
                                    It Don't Mean A Thing         Big Time Operator                                     01695
                                 It Dont Mean A Thing If          Eva Cassidy                                           52975
                                             It Ends Tonight      All-American Rejects                                  53431
                                            It Feels So Good      Sonique                                               08676
                                           It Had to Be You       Harry Connick                                         55570
                                           It Had To Be You       Harry Connick Jr.                                     16003
                                                   It Hurts Me    Elvis Presley                                         01116
                                              It Is No Secret     (Standards / Traditional)                             08525
                     It Is No Secret (what God Can Do)            Elvis Presley                                         22865
                                  It Is Well With My Soul         (Gospel)                                              23095
                                                      It Is You   Newsboys                                              10340
                                    It Just Comes Natural         George Strait                                         52487
                            It Keeps Right On A' Hurtin'          Johnny Tillotson                                      01122
                    It Looks Like I'll Never Fall In Love         Tom Jones                                             01778
                                           It Matters To Me       Faith Hill                                            50395
                              It Might As Well Be Spring          (Movie Soundtrack)                                    11473
                                             It Might Be You      (Movie Soundtrack) Tootsie - Stephen Bishop           00782
                                             It Might Be You      Stephen Bishop                                        16682
                                              It Must Be Him      Vikki Carr                                            17895
                                             It Must Be Love      Alan Jackson                                          22766
                                             It Must Be Love      Don Williams                                          22554
                                             It Must Be Love      Madness                                               03080
                                             It Must Be Love      Ty Herndon                                            08053
                                 It Must Have Been Love           Roxette                                               11475
                 It Never Rains In Southern California            Albert Hammond                                        14301
                 It Never Rains In Southern California            Trent Summar & The New Row Mob                        22832
                                It Only Hurts When I Cry          Dwight Yoakam                                         22391
                                  It Only Takes A Minute          Tavares                                               11476
                                         It Sure Is Monday        Mark Chesnutt                                         22147
                   It Takes A Little Rain (to Make Love           Oak Ridge Boys, The                                   24745
                                               It Takes More      Lady Dynamite                                         04673
                                                It Takes Two      Rob Base                                              50374
                         It Takes Two - By Marvin Gaye            Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston                              11477
                                   It Turns Me Inside Out         Lee Greenwood                                         22469
                                                         It Was   Chely Wright                                          07779
                                It Was A Very Good Year           Frank Sinatra                                         08591
                                It Was A Very Good Year           Robbie Williams                                       54157
                              It Was Almost Like A Song           Ronnie Milsap                                         21985
              It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk An                Kitty Wells                                           20729
                                        It Wasn't His Child       Trisha Yearwood                                       07710

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KARAOKE                                                     Song List by SONG TITLE
                                                   It Wasn't Me     Shaggy & Ricardo "rikrok" Ducent            20670
                                                   It Will Be Me    Faith Hill                                  24289
  It Will Have To Do (until The Real Thing Comes Along)             Billie Holiday                              06141
                                             It Won't Be Long       Beatles, The                                05912
                                                It Won't Be Me      Tanya Tucker                                09386
                                       It Won't Be Over You         Steve Wariner                               06834
                   It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without             (Christmas)                                 08552
                   It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without             Elvis Presley                               21609
                                                        It Works    Alabama                                     06721
                                              It Would Be You       Gary Allan                                  23454
                         It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings             Mark Chesnutt                               22649
                                  It'll Be Worth It After All       Spencers, The                               22849
                                                  It'll Go Away     Kevin Denney                                51997
                                   It's A Beautiful Morning         Rascals                                     10413
                                       It's A Beautiful Thing       Ocean Colour Scene                          04008
                                       It's A Beautiful Thing       Paul Brandt                                 24196
                               It's A Cowboy Lovin' Night           Tanya Tucker                                09387
                                               It's A Girl Thing    Jesse Lee                                   52857
                                   It's A Great Day For The         (Irish Traditional)                         45170
                                              It's A Heartache      Trick Pony                                  52296
                                          It's A Little To Late     Tanya Tucker                                09388
                                        It's A Little Too Late      Mark Chesnutt                               01290
                                             It's A Love Thing      Keith Urban                                 07789
                                             It's A Love Thing      Whispers, The                               03086
                                                  It's A Miracle    Exile                                       16154
                                                 It's A Mistake     Men At Work                                 53898
                                                 It's A Mystery     Toyah                                       03942
                               It's A Small World After All         (Standards / Traditional)                   08618
                                                     It's A Wrap    Mary J. Blige                               05437
                                               It's About Time      Julie Reeves                                08129
                                               It's About Time      Lillix                                      53088
                       It's All About You (not About Me)            Tracie Spencer                              08938
                                           It's All Been Done       Barenaked Ladies                            51554
                         It's All Coming Back To Me Now             (Duet) Meat Loaf & Marion Raven             53438
                         It's All Coming Back To Me Now             Celine Dion                                 21152
                               It's All How You Look At It          Tracy Lawrence                              06637
                                        It's All In The Game        Tommy Edwards                               51054
                                       It's All In The Movies       Merle Haggard                               22214
                                        It's All In Your Head       Diamond Rio                                 21882
                                             It's All Over Now      Rolling Stones, The                         50151
                                    It's All The Same To Me         Billy Ray Cyrus                             21973
                                            It's All Your Fault     Claudia Church                              24217
                                                     It's Alright   (Gospel) Third Day                          10156
                                                     It's Alright   Impressions                                 14241
                                          It's Alright To Be A      Alan Jackson                                09815
                                         It's Alright With Me       Frank Sinatra                               51126
                                          It's Alright, It's Ok     Leah Andreone                               04946
                                     It's Always Something          Joe Diffe                                   22748
                                     It's Been A Great After        Merle Haggard                               50113
                                            It's Been A While       Staind                                      09652
                                 It's Been So Long Darling          Ernest Tubb                                 22238
                                  It's Been You Right Dow           Gerry Rafferty                              50154
                        It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like           Bing Crosby                                 07729
             It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas            (Christmas)                                 21552
                                      It's Different For Girls      Joe Jackson                                 03864
                             It's Five O'clock Somewhere            Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett                52070
                                  It's Four In The Morning          Faron Young                                 21980
                                       It's Getting Better All      Brooks & Dunn                               52273
                                             It's Gonna Be Me       'N Sync                                     08703
                                       It's Good News Week          Hedge Hoppers Anony                         03685
                                           It's Good To Be Us       Bucky Covington                             52625
                                    It's Hard To Be Humble          Mac Davis                                   22270

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KARAOKE                                                     Song List by SONG TITLE
                                It's Hard To Say Goodbye           (Duet) Celine Dion & Paul Anka                     08205
                                It's Hard To Say Goodbye           Silk                                               08890
                                              It's Impossible      Andy Williams                                      02160
                                              It's Impossible      Perry Como                                         51261
                                               It's In His Kiss    Betty Everett                                      02075
                               It's In The Way You Use It          Eric Clapton                                       53991
                                It's Just A Matter Of Time         Brook Benton                                       06293
                                It's Just A Matter Of Time         Randy Travis                                       50601
                                          It's Just That Way       Alan Jackson                                       55367
                                                       It's Late   Ricky Nelson                                       21238
                                                 It's Like That    Run Dmc                                            04011
                                      It's Like That (vocals       Mariah Carey                                       54977
                                      It's Lonely Out There        Pam Tillis                                         06756
                                                         It's Me   K-CI & Jojo                                        10202
                                                    It's My Life   Animals, The                                       11485
                                                    It's My Life   Bon Jovi                                           09571
                                                    It's My Life   Dr. Alban                                          03340
                                                    It's My Life   No Doubt                                           53145
                                                 It's My Party     Dave Stewart & Gaski                               03869
                                                 It's My Party     Lesley Gore                                        50923
                                                  It's My Time     Martina McBride                                    07921
                                                  It's My Turn     Diana Ross                                         00460
                                                  It's No Good     Depeche Mode                                       54222
                                              It's Not A Song      Amy Grant                                          23076
                                     It's Not For Me To Say        Johnny Mathis                                      50341
                           It's Not Love But It's Not Bad          Merle Haggard                                      22216
                                                 It's Not Over     (Duet) Mark Chesnutt/Alison Krause/Vince Gill      02731
                                                 It's Not Over     Chris Daughtry                                     53474
                              It's Not Right But It's Okay         Whitney Houston                                    20348
                                             It's Not Unusual      Tom Jones                                          51049
                                          It's Now Or Never        Elvis Presley                                      50831
                                             It's Oh So Quiet      Bjork                                              03217
                                                         It's Ok   Atomic Kitten                                      55190
                                         It's Ok (one Blood)       Game, The                                          54788
                                    It's Only A Paper Moon         Nat King Cole                                      51173
                                                It's Only Love     Mary Chapin Carpenter                              23677
                                                It's Only Love     Monte Warden                                       23833
                                     It's Only Make Believe        Conway Twitty                                      20781
                                     It's Only Make Believe        Elvis Presley                                      16093
                                     It's Only Make Believe        Glen Campbell                                      11489
                                     It's Only Over For You        Tanya Tucker                                       09389
                                       It's Only Rock & Roll       Rolling Stones, The                                50584
                                                   It's Only Us    Robbie Williams                                    04296
                                                       It's Over   Elvis Presley                                      55256
                                                       It's Over   Level 42                                           03919
                                                       It's Over   Roy Orbison                                        52945
                                          It's Raining Again       Supertramp                                         52995
                                             It's Raining Men      Geri Halliwell                                     04519
                                             It's Raining Men      Two Tons O' Fun                                    11490
                                             It's Raining Men      Weather Girls                                      50916
                                   It's Raining On Prom Ni         (Movie Soundtrack) Grease                          53602
                                                   It's So Easy    Linda Ronstadt                                     08985
             It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday              Boyz II Men                                        20419
                                     It's Still Rock And Roll      Billy Joel                                         53938
                                          It's Still The Cross     Gold City                                          23027
                                It's The End Of The World          R.E.M.                                             53923
                   It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The             Andy Williams                                      21570
                                   It's The Same Old Song          Four Tops                                          01962
                                    It's The Things You Do         5ive                                               04156
                                         It's Time To Get Up       Michael Combs                                      22972
                                                  It's Too Late    Carole King                                        21028
                                                  It's Too Late    Gloria Estefan                                     05989

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KARAOKE                                                  Song List by SONG TITLE
                                  It's Too Late To Worry       Jo Dee Messina                                52463
                                                   It's True   Backstreet Boys                               05002
                                            It's What I Do     Billy Dean                                    06722
                                                    It's You   Urban Mystic                                  55072
                                             It's Your Call    Reba McEntire                                 16355
                                            It's Your Love     She Moves                                     04971
                                            It's Your Love     Tim McGraw & Faith Hill                       50996
                                            It's Your Song     Garth Brooks                                  51684
                                           It's Your Thing     Isley Brothers                                11494
                                                  Itch, The    Vitamin C                                     20676
                                            Itchycoo Park      M People                                      03218
                                               Its America     Rodney Atkins                                 52783
                               Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie        Bombalurina                                   03170
                 Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka          Brian Hyland                                  21231
                                              Jack & Diane     John Cougar Mellencamp                        53957
                                                Jackie Blue    Ozark Mountain                                01401
                                                    Jackson    Johnny Cash & June Cart                       51939
                                     Jackson, Mississippi      Kid Rock                                      54486
                                           Jacob's Ladder      Mark Wills                                    15453
                                                       Jaded   Aerosmith                                     51729
                                                      Jai Ho   Pussycat Dolls                                52904
                                           Jailhouse Rock      Elvis Presley                                 50937
                                             Jake The Peg      Rolf Harris                                   03780
                             Jambalaya (on The Bayou)          Hank Williams Sr.                             20730
                                               James Dean      Eagles                                        53622
                              James Dean (i Wanna Kno          Daniel Bedingfield                            53050
                                            Jamie's Cryin'     Van Halen                                     51718
                                                   Jammin'     Bob Marley                                    00676
                                               Jammin' Me      Tom Petty                                     14953
                                                        Jane   Barenaked Ladies                              51559
                                Janie Baker's Love Slave       Shenandoah                                    16376
                                        Janie's Got A Gun      Aerosmith                                     51736
                                                      Janine   Trooper                                       50720
                                                    January    Pilot                                         03535
                                            Jealous Again      Black Crowes                                  50291
                                             Jealous Bone      Patty Loveless                                09228
                                              Jealous Girls    Gossip                                        53525
                                               Jealous Guy     John Lennon                                   51628
                                               Jealous Guy     Roxy Music                                    03248
                                              Jealous Mind     Alvin Stardust                                03836
                                                   Jealousy    Billy Fury                                    03295
                                                   Jealousy    Natalie Merchant                              01166
                                                Jean Genie     David Bowie                                   54242
                                        Jeepers Creepers       Children's Song                               11504
                                                   Jeepster    T Rex                                         11505
                                          Jefferson's, The     (TV Theme)                                    15881
                                         Jennifer Juniper      Donovan                                       03819
                                  Jenny From The Block         Jennifer Lopez, Jadakiss & Styles             10141
                                                Jenny Says     Cowboy Mouth                                  16914
                                              Jenny, Jenny     Little Richard                                08471
                                                  Jeopardy     Greg Kihn Band                                50475
                               Jeremiah Peabody's Pills        Ray Stevens                                   16675
                                                     Jeremy    Pearl Jam                                     51515
                                                        Jerk   Kim Stockwood                                 04942
                                                 Jerusalem     Fat Les 2000                                  04437
                                                  Jesamine     Casuals, The                                  03523
                                                     Jessico   Kentucky Headhunters                          24959
                                                      Jessie   Joshua Kadison                                16884
                                           Jessie Hold On      B'witched                                     04280
                                               Jessie's Girl   Rick Springfield                              21778
                                         Jesus And Mama        Confederate Railroad                          22429
                                   Jesus Came Out Alive        Brian Free & Assurance                        23022

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KARAOKE                                                Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Jesus Found Me         Hinsons, The                               22924
                                    Jesus He Knows Me           Genesis                                    17626
                                    Jesus He Knows Me           Phil Collins                               50559
                                          Jesus Is Calling      (Gospel)                                   23087
                                   Jesus Is Just Alright        Doobie Brothers                            50162
                                             Jesus Is Life      (Gospel) Steven Curtis Chapman             44455
                                             Jesus Is Life      Steven Curtis Chapman                      10160
                                          Jesus Loves Me        (Gospel)                                   08528
                       Jesus Loves The Little Children          (Gospel)                                   23172
                                         Jesus Paid It All      (Gospel)                                   23144
                                              Jesus Saves       (Gospel)                                   23082
                                         Jesus To A Child       George Michael                             02300
                                              Jesus Walks       Kanye West                                 12682
                             Jesus Was A Country Boy            Clay Walker                                52204
                                Jesus, Take The Wheel           Carrie Underwood                           52378
                     Jesus! The Very Thought Of Thee            (Gospel)                                   23138
                                                          Jet   Paul McCartney & Wings                     53972
                                                Jet Airliner    Steve Miller Band                          38490
                                                    Jezebel     Chely Wright                               14984
                                                Jilted John     Jilted John                                03775
                                                 Jim Dandy      Black Oak Arkansas                         08459
                                                 Jim Dandy      Laverne Baker                              14833
                                              Jimmy Mack        Martha & The Vandellas                     50125
                              Jimmy's Got A Girlfriend          Wilkinsons, The                            22737
                                         Jingle Bell Rock       (Christmas) Randy Travis                   02685
                                         Jingle Bell Rock       Bobby Helms                                52868
                                               Jingle Bells     (Christmas)                                08553
                                               Jingle Bells     (Christmas) Jennifer Wilson                21530
                                               Jingle Bells     BJ Thomas                                  52869
                                           Jive After Five      Carl Perkins                               01699
                                               Jive Talkin'     Bee Gees                                   11510
                                              Jive Talking      Bee Gees                                   17298
                                                     Joanna     Kool & The Gang                            03390
                                                        Joey    Concrete Blonde                            53836
                                      John Deere Green          Joe Diffe                                  22443
                                    John Deere Tractor          Judds, The                                 09340
                                     John Roland Wood           Deryl Dodd                                 23829
                                    John The Revelator          (Gospel / Southern)                        22912
                           John Wayne Walking Away              Lari White                                 23778
                                            Johnny Angel        Shelley Fabares                            50822
                                        Johnny B. Goode         Chuck Berry                                51193
                                        Johnny B. Goode         Elvis Presley                              08287
                                             Johnny Cash        Jason Aldean                               52528
                                 Johnny Remember Me             John Leyton                                03260
                                               Joining You      Alanis Morissette                          04137
                                                       Joker    Steve Miller Band                          53868
                                                      Jolene    Dolly Parton                               22195
                                                      Jolene    Sherrie Austin                             24939
                               Jolly Old Saint Nicholas         (Christmas)                                08554
                                  Jolly Old St. Nicholas        Con Hunley                                 52865
                                               Jonah Days       Gordon Jensen                              22925
                                              Jose Cuervo       Shelly West                                51400
                                                       Josie    Steely Dan                                 51642
                              Journey To The Center O           Ted Nugent & The Ambo                      50100
                                                Joy & Pain      Maze                                       03495
                                             Joy And Pain       Amanda E Hendrix                           45257
                           Joy Comes In The Morning             Gaithers                                   22971
                                     Joy In The Journey         Gordon Jensen                              22942
                                       Joy To The World         (Christmas)                                09762
                                       Joy To The World         Mickey Gilley                              21548
                                       Joy To The World         Three Dog Night                            50987
                                                    Joyride     Jennifer Hanson                            52595

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                                         Judy Blue Eyes      Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young                 01496
                                       Judy In Disguise      John Fred & His Playboy Band                 11518
                                    Judy's Turn To Cry       Lesley Gore                                  14206
                                                Juicebox     Strokes, The                                 54678
                                          Juke Box Jive      Rubettes, The                                03853
                                          Jukebox Hero       Foreigner                                    50505
                                   Jukebox In My Mind        Alabama                                      09208
                                        Jukebox Junkie       Ken Mellons                                  22066
                      Jukebox With A Country Song, A         Doug Stone                                   21919
                                                     Julia   Chris Rea                                    52966
                                                     Julia   Conway Twitty                                23247
                                               Julia Says    Wet Wet Wet                                  03110
                                                    Juliet   Four Pennies, The                            03301
                                                    Jump     Girls Aloud                                  04853
                                                    Jump     Kris Kross                                   21166
                                                    Jump     Madonna                                      53434
                                                    Jump     Van Halen                                    51711
                                             Jump Down       B'witched                                    04377
                                     Jump For My Love        Pointer Sisters                              51369
                                        Jump In My Car       David Hasselhoff                             54780
                                      Jump In The Line       Harry Belafonte                              08450
                                      Jump Jive & Wail       Brian Setzer Orchestra                       02087
                                                Jump Off     Lil Kim Ft Mr Cheek                          45258
                                         Jump Then Fall      Taylor Swift                                 55347
                                         Jump They Say       David Bowie                                  51255
                                                 Jumper      Third Eye Blind                              20464
                                                  Jumpin     Liberty X                                    04842
                                    Jumpin' Jack Flash       Rolling Stones, The                          50592
                                      Jumpin', Jumpin'       Destiny's Child                              08706
                                             Jungle Love     Steve Miller Band                            00449
                                          Junior's Farm      Paul McCartney & Wings                       11520
                                                      Just   (Duet) Mark Ronson & Alex Grenwald           53581
                                    Just A Closer Walk       (Gospel / Southern)                          22876
                         Just A Closer Walk With Thee        (Gospel)                                     08519
                                           Just A Dream      Carrie Underwood                             52707
                                           Just A Dream      Jimmy Clanton                                00912
                                           Just A Dream      Nelly                                        55408
                                    Just A Friend 2002       Mario                                        09949
                                           Just A Gigalo     David Lee Roth                               53756
                                            Just a Gigilo    David Lee Roth                               55566
                                              Just A Girl    No Doubt                                     16659
                                            Just A Lil Bit   50 Cent                                      46034
                                             Just A Little   Beau Brummels, The                           02665
                                             Just A Little   Liberty X                                    55193
                                        Just A Little Bit    Mutya Buena                                  53548
                                     Just A Little Lovin'    Eddy Arnold                                  09785
                          Just A Little Talk With Jesus      (Gospel / Southern)                          22877
                                     Just A Little While     Janet Jackson                                05097
                               Just A Song About Ping        Operator Please                              53526
                             Just A Step From Heaven         Eternal                                      03244
                                        Just An Illusion     Imagination                                  03212
                                      Just Another Day       John Cougar Mellencamp                       16750
                                      Just Another Day       Jon Secada                                   00018
                         Just Another Day In Paradise        Bertie Higgins                               16094
                         Just Another Day In Paradise        Phil Vassar                                  07862
                               Just Another Heartache        Chely Wright                                 15676
                         Just Another Woman In Love          Anne Murray                                  22652
                                            Just As I Am     (Gospel)                                     23119
                                             Just Ask Me     Elvis Presley                                08321
                                Just Be A Man About It       Toni Braxton                                 08722
                                           Just Because      Anita Baker                                  00849
                                           Just Because      Jane's Addition                              54399

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KARAOKE                                              Song List by SONG TITLE
                         Just Because She Lives There         Chalee Tennison                            07792
                             Just Between You And Me          April Wine                                 50742
                             Just Between You And Me          Kinleys, The                               22159
                                Just Came Here To Chill       Isley Brothers                             55117
                                  Just Can't Get Enough       Depeche Mode                               54220
                                           Just Can't Last    Natalie Merchant                           08869
                  Just Don't Wait Around Til She's Lea        David Lee Murphy                           22084
                         Just Don't Want To Be Lonely         Main Ingredient, The                       03034
                                         Just For Tonight     Vanessa Williams                           00005
                                               Just Friends   Amy Winehouse                              52885
                                               Just Friends   Musiq Soulchild                            20724
                                       Just Good Ol' Boys     Moe Bandy & Joe Stamply                    14263
                                             Just Got Paid    Johnny Kemp                                50373
                                 Just Got Started Lovin'      James Otto                                 52638
                                              Just Hold On    Toploader                                  04458
                                              Just In Case    Forester Sisters                           11521
                                              Just In Time    Tony Bennett                               00900
                            Just Knowing You Love Me          Jimmy Wayne & Whitney Duncan               55384
                                 Just Let Me Be In Love       Tracy Byrd                                 08003
                                           Just Like A Pill   Pink                                       09976
                                     Just Like A Redneck      Shannon Lawson                             05476
                                      Just Like A Woman       Bob Dylan                                  17672
                                      Just Like A Woman       Manfred Mann                               03805
                                           Just Like Eddie    Heinz                                      03515
                                  Just Like Jesse James       Cher                                       51607
                                            Just Like Love    Brad Martin                                02779
                                              Just Like Me    Paul Revere & The Raiders                  11523
                                   Just Like That (ballad     Amber                                      53351
                        Just Like That (ballad Version)       Amber                                      49056
                                  Just Like The Weather       Suzy Bogguss                               16403
                                             Just Like You    Three Days Grace                           54492
                                Just Like, Starting Over      John Lennon                                51620
                                              Just Looking    Stereophonics                              04173
                                               Just Lose It   Eminem                                     54572
                         Just Might (make Me Belleve)         Sugarland                                  52368
                               Just Might Have Her Rad        Trent Tomlinson                            52555
                                    Just My Imagination       Temptations, The                           21691
                                                 Just Once    James Ingram                               50854
                                            Just One Look     Hollies                                    03300
                                            Just One Look     Linda Ronstadt                             16155
                                   Just One Of The Boys       Michelle Poe                               05467
                              Just One Of Those Things        Frank Sinatra                              05982
                                            Just One Time     Connie Smith                               22568
                  Just Out Of Reach (of My Two Open)          Patsy Cline                                09547
                                           Just Push Play     Aerosmith                                  09663
                                        Just Say Goodbye      Ricky Van Shelton                          23699
                                              Just Say Yes    Highway 101                                09301
                                        Just So You Know      Holly Palmer                               53135
                                      Just Take My Heart      Mr. Big                                    01320
                           Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello       Elvis Presley                              08322
                                              Just The Girl   Click Five                                 53303
                                      Just The Two Of Us      Grover Washington                          21790
                                      Just The Two Of Us      Will Smith                                 01944
                                  Just The Way You Are        Billy Joel                                 53944
                                  Just The Way You Are        Bruno Mars                                 55405
                               Just The Way You Like It       S.O.S. Band, The                           11526
               Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me          (Duet) Tim McGraw & Faith Hill             22332
               Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me          Faith Hill                                 23888
                                  Just To See You Smile       Tim McGraw                                 15616
                              Just Walking In The Rain        Johnny Steele                              03314
                                           Just What I Do     Trick Pony                                 09832
                                     Just What I Needed       Cars                                       15086

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KARAOKE                                             Song List by SONG TITLE
                              Just What The Doctor Or       Ted Nugent                                  50044
                        Just When I Needed You Most         Dolly Parton                                06792
                                    Justified & Ancient     Klf & Tammy Wynette                         03046
                                        Justify My Love     Madonna                                     51340
                                    Juxtaposed To You       Super Furry Animals                         04560
                                                Ka-ching    Shania Twain                                04774
                                             Kansas City    Wilbert Harrison                            08481
                                        Karaoke Queen       Catatonia                                   04200
                                                  Karma     Alicia Keys                                 54569
                                                  Karma     Diffuser                                    09630
                                                  Karma     Jessica Andrews                             09838
                                                  Karma     Lloyd Banks                                 54588
                                     Karma Chameleon        Culture Club                                53772
                                            Karma Killer    Robbie Williams                             04206
                                                Karn Evil   Emerson, Lake & Palmer                      50210
                                                 Kashmir    Led Zeppelin                                51214
                                           Kathy's Song     Eva Cassidy                                 53004
                               Katie Wants A Fast One       Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks                07889
                                                 Kawliga    Hank Williams Sr.                           20731
                                                Kayleigh    Marillion                                   03117
                                        Keep A Knockin      Little Richard                              08361
                                            Keep Fishin'    Weezer                                      09995
                                       Keep Holding On      Avril Lavigne                               53456
                           Keep It Between The Lines        Ricky Van Shelton                           14269
                                      Keep It Together      Madonna                                     17598
                                      Keep Me A Secret      Ainsley                                     04758
                                  Keep Me Hangin' On        Kim Wilde                                   00348
                                                 Keep On    Bruce Chanel                                03816
                           Keep On Chasin' Rainbows         Roger Whittaker                             08998
                                      Keep On Dancing       Gentrys, The                                11528
                                   Keep On Loving You       REO Speedwagon                              11529
                                        Keep On Movin'      5ive                                        04311
                                       Keep On Rockin'      Confederate Railroad                        23610
                                      Keep On Running       Spencer Davis Group                         03307
                                        Keep On Smilin'     Wet Willie                                  21744
                                      Keep On Truckin'      Eddie Kendricks                             11530
                                       Keep On Walkin'      Mike Reid                                   22409
                               Keep Playing That Rock       Edgar Winter                                50141
                                        Keep Searching      Del Shannon                                 03688
                                      Keep The Change       Holly Williams                              52809
                                 Keep The Fire Burnin'      REO Speedwagon                              53915
                                           Keep Walkin'     (Gospel)                                    23182
                             Keep Your Hands To Your        Georgia Satellites                          50900
                                   Keep Yourself Alive      Queen                                       54034
                             Keeper Of The Stars, The       Tracy Byrd                                  20895
                                      Keepin' The Faith     Billy Joel                                  21837
                                              Keepin' Up    Alabama                                     08088
                                  Keeping Your Kisses       Kris Tyler                                  01431
                                     Keg In The Closet      Kenny Chesney                               52324
                                Kelsey ? Metro Station      Metro Station                               55488
                                          Kenny's Dead      Master P (south Park)                       54292