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					                           HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FRESNO COUNTY


               Coming Together For A Common Cause!
When generous businesses and caring                                                       In the spring of 2007, the Ayala family
individuals join together for a common                                                    of Fresno was selected to partner with
cause, they make beautiful music.                                                         Habitat for Humanity Fresno County to
County music star Reba McEntire is one                                                    build their home, making a lifelong
of those caring individuals. Her Key to                                                   dream come true. On August 24, the
the Heart concert series, sponsored by                                                    Ayala family, Habitat staff and
Whirlpool, came rolling into Fresno this                                                  volunteers attended Reba’s “Key to the
past summer. The mission of the tour                                                      Heart” tour, held at Chukchansi Park.
was to raise awareness and funds for
Habitat for Humanity!                                                                      The Chukchansi Gold Casino also
                                                                                           obtained an amazing Arlen Ness
In collaboration with Chukchansi Gold Casino, (who provided         motorcycle to be sold through an auction with the proceeds
the venue), Jeffrey Scott Advertising (fundraising), KISS           helping to offset the cost to build the Ayala family home.
Country (promotion), the McCaffrey Group (suspense), and of         Jeffrey Scott Advertising, Chukchansi Gold Casino’s ad
course Reba, (incredible talent), Fresno country music fans         agency, will promote the auction online. Naturally, with
enjoyed a night of amazing music with a message. Together           country music’s leading lady Reba McEntire in town, KISS
we can raise awareness of the affordable housing crisis and         Country was front and center with promotional support and
help eliminate substandard housing in the United States.            tickets for fans. Tony Miranda, Executive Director of
                                                                    Habitat for Humanity Fresno County, was given the
Reba’s passion for the cause of affordable housing led her to       opportunity to talk to KISS Country radio listeners. He
Habitat’s doorstep in the mid 1990s where she organized three       shared information with the listeners about Habitat and the
consecutive all-woman builds with Habitat for Humanity in           variety of opportunities for volunteer involvement.
Tennessee. Because of her commitment, in 1999, Whirlpool
asked Reba to team up with them and use her beautiful voice         In an amazing twist of fate, one of Fresno’s finest home
as a vehicle for bringing the issue of affordable housing and       builders, the McCaffrey Group, wanted a meaningful way to
the mission of Habitat for Humanity to the music-loving             give back to their community. They came to the concert in
public in America.                                                  support of Reba and Whirlpool, with a surprise for this
                                                                    affiliate - $10,000!
Whirlpool Corporation shares Habitat for Humanity's belief
that every family deserves a home, a safe place to put down         “Habitat for Humanity exists because the people believe in
roots and nurture a hopeful future. Since 1999, Whirlpool           what we do and how we do it. McCaffrey is a strong family
Corporation has contributed more than $34 million in                company in our community and as others see great
donations and cash to support Habitat's mission to eliminate        organizations such as theirs support our efforts, they
poverty housing.                                                    recognize the value we offer. I believe their efforts (the
                                                                    McCaffrey Group) illustrate why a belief in Habitat for
Currently, Whirlpool donates a range and an ENERGY-Star             Humanity is important,” stated Tony Miranda, Executive
qualified refrigerator to every new Habitat home built in North     Director of Habitat Fresno.
America and will support every new Habitat home globally by
2011. Beyond simply being one of Habitat's leading global           To learn more about the online auction for the Arlen Ness
corporate partners, thousands of their employees volunteer to       motorcycle, go to www.cmarket.com and enter a Fresno zip
pitch in every year Together, Reba and Whirlpool are a force        code. The auction is open until November 5th at 9 a.m.
for change as they inspire a nation of local communities to join
the cause to eliminate poverty housing. And the circle of
change begins.
                                 Coming Together for a Common Cause                             Inside this quarter’s newsletter:
                                                                              The Carrillo Family Unlocks House # 50
                                 Habitat Stikes It Rich – California Style    Warner Co. Jewelers Creates In-Kind Donors ~ page 2
  FALL, 2007                                                                    Voice of a Volunteer: Notes from New Orleans ~ page 3
                              Universal Design With Universal Appeal           Habitat Rolling
                                                                             ReStore isInternational’s Voice of a Volunteer ~ page 5
                                                                                                       Online Youth Programs
                                   HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FRESNO COUNTY
                            BUILDING HOMES, BUILDING HOPE
                               THE CARRILLO FAMILY OPENS THE DOOR TO HOUSE # 50

                               On Saturday August 25th, Habitat for Humanity Fresno
                               County dedicated their 50th home. In partnership with
                               Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Habitat and the Carrillo
                               family built the new three bedroom, two bathroom home
                               totaling 1212 sq. ft. Located in the Habitat for Humanity
                               Crossroads Subdivision in southwest Fresno, this house is the
                               second home sponsored and built by Thrivent Financial for

                              “This dedication marks an important milestone for Habitat
 Fresno,” said Tony Miranda, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Fresno
 County. “As we dedicate the 50th affordable Habitat home for the Carrillo family, it’s a
 good time to reflect on the generosity of the community, and organizations like Thrivent
 Financial for Lutherans. They have not only donated more than $185,000 to provide two
 families with an opportunity to own an affordable home, but also have donated over 50
 percent of the man power needed to build these homes, truly making this partnership
 something to remember.”

 Councilmember Cynthia Sterling spoke at the dedication, along with Anita Olvera, the
 project leader for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Mr. Carrillo addressed the audi-
 ence and gave great thanks for the support and kindness the volunteers have shown his
 family. The Carrillo family, like many other Habitat families, has a story to tell. Raul
 Carrillo and his wife Armida immigrated to the United States in 1979, seeking a better
 life. Mr. Carrillo is employed as a milker and Mrs. Carrillo works seasonally in a
 packing house. Currently they live in cramped, employer-provided housing at the dairy.
 When asked what the first thing they will do as they are presented the keys to their new
 home Raul stated, “Give thanks to God, and prepare our first meal in our new kitchen!”


                               Habitat for Humanity Fresno County has benefited in so many ways thanks to a wonderful
                               volunteer named Emily O’ Donnell. Emily has volunteered with us since 1998 and in July of
                               2007, we said goodbye. Her husband was accepted into the U.C. Davis Veterinarian School and
                               they have relocated to Sacramento.

                                Over the years, Emily did it all! She was an integral part of the Family Selection Committee and
                                so many of the families living in their Habitat homes have benefited from her wisdom and
                                compassion. She was a job site volunteer and performed just about every job necessary for
                                building a house, in the heat and the cold! She never hesitated to learn a new skill which is just
                                one of the things we loved about her. She was an SAF (a partner family liaison for Habitat) for
three families who all grew to love her as much as we do. She served on the hospitality committee and always had delicious
ideas for us. But, her dedication to Habitat was never ending! Emily worked for Beazer Homes and she had an idea that the
Beazer Homes subcontractors could donate supplies and labor to help build a Habitat home. That idea is now a reality and we
will break ground on this home in October of 2007.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for her commitment to the families, volunteers and staff of Habitat for
Humanity Fresno County. We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure but our hearts will always miss her.
                                    HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FRESNO COUNTY
                              BUILDING HOMES, BUILDING HOPE

The California Department of Housing and Community Development recently awarded Habitat for
Humanity Fresno County $180,000 to create affordable housing opportunities in Fresno County. This
funding was made available by the voter approved Proposition 46 in 2002. These awards were
distributed in 44 counties to provide housing opportunities for some 13,500 Californians. With these
funds, Habitat for Humanity Fresno County will partner with nine new families within the next 12
“Without the support of the California Department of Housing and Community
Development and the generosity of the people of California, our ability to add
additional affordable housing opportunities in Fresno County would face greater
challenges than it does now because of this profound partnership,” said Tony
Miranda, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Fresno County.
By the end of 2008, Habitat for Humanity Fresno County will have completed its
89-unit subdivision in Southwest Fresno. The subdivision, better known as the Crossroads, will house over 520 family
members. None of this would have been possible without the support of partners like the State of California, the City and
County of Fresno, the City of Clovis, our corporate sponsors, individual donors and volunteers.
Because of YOU, our mission is at work to provide decent and affordable housing to the people of Fresno County.

             WARNER CO. JEWELERS                                              UNIVERSAL DESIGN WITH
              CREATES MEMORIES                                                  UNIVERSAL APPEAL
Warner Co. Jewelers have been                                       Universal design incorporates home design features that
in the business of creating                                         make a home safe and comfortable for everyone, young or
memories and client relationships                                   old, whether they have a disability or not. It’s making a
in the Central Valley since 1880.                                   home for all ages.
Their new design studio, located
at the corner of Palm and                                           Because of recent partnerships with Lowe’s and the City of
Herndon Avenues, is home to an                                      Fresno—Housing and Community Development Division,
unparalleled display of exquisite                                   Habitat for Humanity Fresno County and the Her family
timepieces, jewelry and home furnishings. Yet,                      will break ground on this
the heart of their business is not the beautiful pieces             new design feature in the
themselves, but the opportunity to be a part of so many             Fall 2007. This design
special occasions in the lives of their clients.                    feature calls for wider
                                                                    corridors and doorways,
No where was this more evident, than on August 16, 2007,            lower kitchen counter tops,
when Warner Co. Jewelers hosted a reception to benefit              a level, no-step entryway,
Habitat for Humanity Fresno County. Everyone who                    and grab bars in the
attended the event was greeted as a treasured friend by their       bathrooms. These unique,
expert staff. From the delectable eats to the incredible treats,    universal features are of special significance and
each guest was encouraged to touch, feel and try on beautiful       importance for the Her family since Mrs. Her suffered a
pieces from the most exclusive designers.                           stroke last year. When the home is complete, Mrs. Her and
                                                                    her family can live safely and comfortably together in their
Ticket revenues and a portion of the evening’s sales directly       affordable and more accessible home.
benefited this affiliate. Habitat for Humanity would like to
thank Warner Co. Jewelers for their generous support and            Habitat for Humanity Fresno County is well aware of the
continuing partnership in the mission to build affordable           necessity of building homes that include universal design
housing in Fresno County.                                           features so that our homes truly welcome the greatest
                                                                    number of people in the community. Our commitment to
                                                                    universal design will extend beyond the Her family home.
                                                                    Future developments will include these same universal
                                                                    design features.
                               HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FRESNO COUNTY
                         BUILDING HOMES, BUILDING HOPE

ReStore has been a great success since its debut on July 7, 2007. Open every Saturday
from 8 AM to 2 PM, ReStore has earned $14,000 in sales to date. Combined with other
ReStore related efforts, we have now generated over $23,000 in ReStore activities!

These funds have allowed us to purchase our first Habitat Fresno delivery truck! Twenty
feet long with a lift gate, our “new” truck will start making pick-ups and deliveries to
ensure customer convenience. With the purchase of the truck under our tool belt, we are
moving forward to obtain two other necessary items—industrial shelving and a large
scale to weigh donations.

We are grateful to the community for its strong support of ReStore. Many local businesses have donated materials and we
are well stocked with caulking, sinks, toilets, doors and windows, and electrical and plumbing supplies. We even received a
large donation of inventory from a hardware store in Biola that recently closed its doors. With our amazing increase in
inventory, the City of Clovis has once again shown their dedication to Habitat and donated an additional 3,000 sq. ft. for
storage, directly behind the current store. ReStore’s total square footage is now more than 7,000 sq. ft.!

ReStore benefits not only Habitat for Humanity Fresno County, Habitat homeowners and volunteers, but also the Central
Valley environment and community at large. Caring donors who don’t want to see their useable supplies and materials end
up in landfills, and do-it-yourselfers who want to buy unique and inexpensive construction supplies and materials now have a
readily accessible source.

Searching for something meaningful to do on a Saturday? Consider volunteering at ReStore. Please call Joan Cook at
559-237-4102 for more information. The store is located at 3415 Clovis Ave., on the Northeast corner of Clovis and Dakota
at the north end of the old Winery building.

                                        For information on how to donate, call Habitat for Humanity
                                                     ReStore today at (559) 333-3101.

                                     VOICE OF A VOLUNTEER—JIM AVELLAR
                      I have always had an admiration for those in the construction field. I am what you may call a
                      “Weekend Warrior” - I love doing home improvement projects. I have been blessed with many
                      talents and abilities, and I want to use them to be a blessing to others and bring glory to God.

                      Due to circumstances in my past, I found myself homeless for a couple of years, so I can easily
                      relate to those people who don't have proper housing or a home, for that matter. It's great to be a
                      part of an organization that has a heart to help those who may not have the opportunity to own their
                      own home.
                      I was drawn to Habitat through my employer, Pelco, and the Charitable Volunteer Program they
                      provide. I thought this would be a perfect fit for me. I remember the first day when I called Joan at
                      the office to volunteer. She said I would get hooked and she was right. I am hooked!
                                        HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FRESNO COUNTY
                                      BUILDING HOMES, BUILDING HOPE

      Habitat Awarded Best Non-Profit!                                                Buckaroos for Habitat

                                                                             Many thanks to Sequoia
                                                                             Equipment, a Case
                                                                             Construction Equipment
                                                                             dealership in Fresno
                                                                             County, for their $1,000
                                                                             donation to Habitat for
                                                                             Humanity Fresno
  Union Bank of California and their local partners selected Habitat         County! The donation
  for Humanity Fresno County as the recipient of their 2007 Fresno           was made during the
  Salute to Small Business Award: Best Non-Profit Business. This             Sequoia Case Rodeo competition held on Saturday,
  annual competition recognizes small business leaders who have              September 15th. “We find it quite fitting, as we
  made important contributions to the community and the economy.             celebrate 14 years of business in the Fresno area, that
  Union Bank of California recognizes that the activities of small           we develop a partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  businesses keep our neighborhoods vibrant, supply valuable job             Fresno County. Their organization gives hope to our
  opportunities and deliver the goods and services that make our             community every day with no strings attached. We are
  lives a bit easier. Habitat was honored September 27th at a special        honored to be a part of the work they do,” said Dennis
  luncheon ceremony.                                                         Monahan, President of Sequoia Equipment.

                                                                             Sequoia Equipment’s donation will help fund the
                       On The Fence...                                       building of decent and affordable homes in Fresno
                                                                             County. “We are truly excited to partner with Sequoia
                                                                             Equipment,” said Tony Miranda, Executive Director
The Fence Company has been a long time supporter of Habitat for
                                                                             for Habitat for Humanity Fresno County. “Without the
Humanity Fresno County, generously donating all of the labor and
                                                                             support of companies like Sequoia Equipment and
materials needed to build the backyard                                       Dennis Monahan, Habitat would have a much harder
fences for every Habitat house. When                                         time in securing the needed funds to achieve the
Rick O'Daniel, site manager for Habitat                                      mission of building homes in Fresno County.”
Fresno calls The Fence Company, they
pull into the subdivision the next day with
a truckload of wood, hammers and a


Chuckchansi Gold Resort and            Kiss Country radio station        The McCaffrey Group           Whirlpool generously donates
Casino donated an Arlen Ness           promoted Reba McEntire’s          donated $10,000 to            an ENERGY-star refrigerator
Motorcycle that will be auctioned      August 24th concert and           Habitat for Humanity          and stove to each Habitat
off to help build one Habitat home.    provided airtime for Habitat to   Fresno County!                Fresno home.
                                       address Valley listeners.
                                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.
BUILDING HOMES, BUILDING HOPE                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                                          Permit No. 2359
                                                                                                            Fresno, CA

                                 2219 San Joaquin Avenue
                                 Fresno, California 93721

                                            Donate On-Line

                                           Before you start your next project,
                                                   check out ReStore!

         Bring this coupon to ReStore any Saturday between 8 am and 2 pm and receive 10% off your entire purchase.
    ReStore is located in the old Winery Building at the northeast corner of Clovis and Dakota Avenues at 3415 Clovis Avenue.
                                             Coupon expires on November 24, 2007.

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