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									2009 REALTORS® COnfEREnCE & EXpO
November 13-16, 2009 | San Diego, California

             Take the helm and surge
                  ahead to success
                         FIND OUT HOW INSIDE

          First time in San Diego!
Navigate your way to success
in a turbulent economy
In the rough waters of today’s economy, you have a choice
to sink or sail to success. The new ideas, networking and
motivation you gain by participating in the REALTORS                                   ®

Conference & Expo will put the wind in your sails and help
you chart a winning course!
                                                                                                Four terrific
                                                                                             reasons to get to
                                                                                             this year’s show:
The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) knows the economy has
                                         ®                                                 1 mOnEy-mAkIng STRATEgIES
affected you and your real estate business. That’s why the 2009 REALTORS           ®         The ideas, tools & contacts you
Conference & Expo is designed to directly address the challenges you are                     need in today’s turbulent economy.
facing while providing you with the programs you need to power through today’s
uncertain markets.                                                                         2 nETwORkIng!
                                                                                             You never know where the next
The REALTORS Conference & Expo delivers the tools, ideas and networking
                                                                                             great idea will come from—you’re
opportunities you need to Chart a Winning Course—all at a great value. It’s just             sure to meet hundreds of people
$300 until August 15 for members.                                                            who share the same passion
                                                                                             as you!
When time and money are limited—the REALTORS Conference & Expo is your
                                                                                           3 wORk And pLAy
best investment for personal and professional growth.                                        Soak up sun and fun—for the
    • Chart new routes – Take away fresh ideas and new trends in 150                         first time ever, the REALTORS®

      programs designed to give you the tools and knowledge for today’s                      Conference is in sunny San Diego.
      most critical issues.                                                                  Make it a working vacation and
                                                                                             bring the family.
    • Join the crew – Learn from some of the best in the business and
      expand your referrals as you network with 20,000 real estate professionals
                                                                                           4 wRITE IT Off
      from all over the world.
                                                                                             The REALTORS® Conference
    • get motivated – With the nation’s leading industry coaches, a high-energy              & Expo is tax deductible. (See your
      environment and the “can do” entrepreneurial spirit of REALTORS      ®
                                                                                             tax advisor for more information.)
      you’ll come home refreshed, re-energized and ready to make the next
      year your best ever!
    • Enjoy yourself – The sessions are intensive and so is the fun! Kick up
      your heels with mega-star Reba McEntire, dance the night away at the
      International Night Out or feast with friends in San Diego’s famous
      Gaslamp Quarter.

                     “   The value of the content presented at the
                         REALTORS Conference & Expo far outweighs

                         the cost to attend. It is the best real estate
                         conference with something for everyone.”
                         paula monthofer, REALTOR

                         RUSS LyOn SOThEby’S InTERnATIOnAL REALTy, fLAgSTAff, AZ

2                                    SAvE wITh ThE EARLy bIRd SpECIAL! SIgn Up by AUgUST 15.
Experience a conference setting
that excites the senses!
Chart your course to success this November 13-16, and enjoy the
amazing beauty of San Diego. With great dining and nightlife in the
Gaslamp Quarter, miles of beaches, a famous zoo and museums for
all ages and interests, it’s a great family destination to combine work
and pleasure.

The San Diego Convention Center and hotels are nestled on the
shores of San Diego Bay in a seaside resort setting like no other.
So close, you can soak up the sun and watch the sparkling ocean
waters during session breaks.

NAR has negotiated great discounted rates at a wide variety of
hotels within steps of the Convention Center and San Diego’s
famous Gaslamp Quarter. The Quarter, a 16-block area of beautifully-
restored nineteenth century buildings, is on the National Register
of Historic Places and is filled with shops and more than 70
restaurants and clubs.

Plus, NAR is planning optional tours for your whole family to
enjoy—so bring them along to San Diego. Make it a time for the
family to remember!

                                                                                                Explore the sights and sounds
                                                                                                of San Diego with the optional
                                                                                                tours for the whole family.

Discover the latest high-touch and high-tech   Take part in demonstrations of new products
products to help you improve efficiency and     and the latest methods to increase your
achieve greater success.                       profits and grow your business.

Join in on the excitement with live music      Turn your ideas into action as you try out
and complimentary mojitos at the Expo          new tools for your business.
Grand Opening.
                                                                                             Enjoy miles and miles of beautiful coastline views.

www.REALTOR.ORg/COnfEREnCE                              | 1-800-650-6893 (US & CAnAdA) | 1-847-996-5876 (InT’L)                                    3
Conference Highlights                                                                              Schedule
An Intense Industry Program for Brokers, Agents and                                               at a Glance
All Industry Specialties
More than 150 of the nation’s leading industry experts and trainers are developing          wEdnESdAy, nOvEmbER 11
programs with one purpose in mind—to give you the tips, tools and training you              All Day          Habitat For Humanity
                                                                                                             Volunteer Day
need to succeed in this new market environment. Session details will be available
at as they are developed throughout the year.                        ThURSdAy, nOvEmbER 12
                                                                                            All Day          Optional Spouse &
                                                                                                             Guest Tours (ticketed)
                REALTORS® give the Conference program high ratings!                         6:00pm-11:00pm       Inaugural Celebration
              Average score of 4.6 on a scale of 1-5 for the past four years.                                    (ticketed)

                                                                                            Conference program

Who should attend?
                                                                                            fRIdAy, nOvEmbER 13
                                                                                            All Day            Optional Spouse &
                                                                                                               Guest Tours (ticketed)

SALES AgEnTS New or experienced, the Conference can improve your productivity               8:30am-4:00pm        Conference Program

and increase market share. Develop your negotiating skills, learn about today’s financing   2:30pm-4:00pm        Entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                 Excellence Series with
options, find out how to expand your markets selling to immigrants and foreign                                   Daniel Shapiro
investors. Broaden your referral network.                                                   4:00pm-7:00pm        REALTORS Expo

                                                                                                                 Grand Opening
bROkERS And bROkER OwnERS Find out how to better position your office to
survive and thrive, recruit productive agents, and tailor sales meetings to the current     SATURdAy, nOvEmbER 14
                                                                                            All Day          Optional Spouse &
needs of your agents. Use Conference registration as a sales incentive! Join the most                        Guest Tours (ticketed)
successful people in the business.                                                          9:00am-3:30pm        Conference Program

bUyER REpRESEnTATIvES Conference programs give you a leg up working                         9:00am-10:30am       Entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                 Excellence Series with
with jittery buyers, and help you learn more about financing options, negotiating skills                         Paul Martinelli
and identifying contemporary buyer expectations.                                            9:00am-4:00pm        REALTORS Expo

COmmERCIAL Get practical insights on keeping space leased, financing, completing a          4:00pm-6:00pm        General Session with
                                                                                                                 Condoleezza Rice
project, economic forecasts, investor expectations and much more at the Conference.
                                                                                            7:00pm-midnight      International Night Out
IT pROfESSIOnALS Improve the infrastructure of your office with VOIP, Web-based                                  & Awards Ceremony
applications and productive use of social media for marketing and communications.
Shop the Expo for new ideas and products.                                                   SUndAy, nOvEmbER 15
                                                                                            All Day           Optional Spouse &
yOUng pROfESSIOnALS Technology, marketing, prospecting and networking: You’ll                                 Guest Tours (ticketed)

have plenty to do at this year’s conference! A young professional’s conference track will   7:30am-9:00am        Inspirational Program
                                                                                                                 with Liz Murray
be filled with sessions geared to helping you succeed in the business. Plus, don’t miss
                                                                                            9:00am-5:00pm        Conference Program
the Young Professionals Network’s annual event, which will connect you to other rising
                                                                                            10:00am-5:00pm       REALTORS Expo

stars in the business.
                                                                                            1:30pm-3:00pm        Entrepreneurial
InTERnATIOnAL/InvESTmEnT Industry speakers from around the world will present                                    Excellence Series with
                                                                                                                 Tara Hunt
tips and insights for successful cross-border transactions. Learn about properties
                                                                                            9:00pm-10:30pm       REALTORS Celebrity

around the globe and get tips on working with immigrants and investors around the                                Concert starring
world. Build a worldwide referral network.                                                                       Reba McEntire

                                                                                            mOndAy, nOvEmbER 16
                                                                                            All Day          Optional Spouse &
Continuing Education for License Renewal                                                                     Guest Tours (ticketed)
                                                                                            9:00am-3:15pm        Conference Program
Attendees may complete up to 9 hours of license renewal requirements. Single-state
                                                                                            9:00am-2:00pm        REALTORS Expo

or multi-state licensed, you will benefit from hearing about differences in consumer
                                                                                            2:15pm-3:15pm        Entrepreneurial
expectations across the country. Topics include:                                                                 Excellence Series with
    ■   Adapting your communication style to that of buyers and sellers from different                           Sugar Ray Leonard
        generations with Adorna Carroll                                                     post-Conference
    ■   Presenting and negotiating contracts with Lynn madison                              TUESdAy, nOvEmbER 17
                                                                                            All Day           Optional Spouse &
    ■   Alternative financing options with Oliver frascona                                                    Guest Tours (ticketed)
    ■   Using cost segregation to obtain tax relief with paul white

4                                                             EXpLORE ALL ThE gREAT ThIngS yOU CAn dO!
Special Events
               REALTORS Celebrity Concert
                                ®                                               Inaugural Celebration (ticketed)
                                                                                ThURSdAy, nOvEmbER 12 | 6:00pm-11:00pm
               starring Reba McEntire
               SUndAy, nOvEmbER 15 | 9:00pm-10:30pm                             Celebrate the installation of NAR’s 2010 Leadership
                                                                                and vicki Cox golder (Tucson, Arizona) as your
                 SpOnSOREd by:
                                                                                2010 President. Guests will enjoy a wonderful evening
                                                                                of dining and camaraderie at this annual gala event.

               Join us for the 2009 REALTORS Celebrity Concert

               starring superstar entertainer Reba mcEntire. This               REALTORS Inspirational Program

               memorable night of entertainment is included in your             SUndAy, nOvEmbER 15 | 7:30Am-9:00Am
               Full Conference Registration fee.                                (TICkETEd bREAkfAST AvAILAbLE AT 6:45Am-7:15Am)

               General Session
               SATURdAy, nOvEmbER 14 | 4:00pm-6:00pm                                 SpOnSOREd by:

                  SpOnSOREd by:

                                                                                Hear the inspiring story from Liz murray of her
                                                                                journey from homelessness to attending Harvard on a
                                                                                full scholarship. Her story is a real life tale of triumph
               Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will                  over adversity and the importance of dreaming big.
               give her perspectives on current world events at
               this year’s General Session. This Session will also
               feature an Industry Address by NAR’s 2009 President,                         International Night Out &
               Charles mcmillan (Dallas, Texas) and recognition of
               the 2009 REALTORS of the Year and Good Neighbor
                                                                                            Awards Ceremony (ticketed)
               Award winners.                                                               SATURdAy, nOvEmbER 14 | 7:00pm-mIdnIghT

                                                                                            Take part in a night of dining, dancing and
                                                                                            networking with 1,200 colleagues from
                                                                                            around the world at this can’t-be-missed
                                                                                            gala event.

Entrepreneurial Excellence Series
All EES programs are included in your Full Conference Registration.
               Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D.                                            Tara Hunt
               fRIdAy, nOvEmbER 13 | 2:30pm-4:00pm                              SUndAy, nOvEmbER 15 | 1:30pm-3:00pm
               Dealing with Emotions in Negotiation:                            Whuffie for Real Estate Professionals:
               Five Practical Tools                                             How Social Capital Sells
               Founder and director of the Harvard International                Social networking guru and author of The Whuffie
               Negotiation Initiative and co-author of Beyond                   Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build
               Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate. Shapiro is              Your Business, a guide to connecting with the online
               chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda                communities that matter to your business.
               Council on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

              Paul Martinelli                                                    Sugar Ray Leonard
              SATURdAy, nOvEmbER 14 | 9:00Am-10:30Am                             mOndAy, nOvEmbER 16 | 2:15pm-3:15pm

              Seven Levels of Decision Awareness                                 Chart a Winning Course
              International speaker, teacher and personal                        Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time winner of the
              development coach. As a successful entrepreneur,                   National Golden Glove title will share his insight on
              he started the highly successful multi-state,                      perseverance and the value of teamwork–two key
              full-service cleaning company, At Your Service, Inc.               traits that translate to skills you can use to close
                                                                                 successful real estate transactions.

www.REALTOR.ORg/COnfEREnCE                   | 1-800-650-6893 (US & CAnAdA) | 1-847-996-5876 (InT’L)                                     5
2009 REALTORS Expo

Cool tools and hot deals!
You’ll find new innovations at every turn in the massive
REALTORS Expo, the largest industry showroom in the nation

with 500 exhibiting companies featuring:
    ■   Sales and Marketing Products to get the listing                 Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Build Day
    ■   The latest Tech Tools for REALTORS on the go
                                               ®                        Wednesday, November 11 | 8:00am-3:00pm
    ■   Real estate software to increase your productivity              NAR is partnering with San Diego Habitat for Humanity to
                                                                        build our first “green” home, incorporating green building
    ■   Professional Development Services
                                                                        techniques into design and construction. $10 of each
    ■   Franchise and Referral Services                                 registration fee goes toward the Habitat for Humanity
    ■   Mortgage and Financial Services                                 sponsorship. You can volunteer to help build homes for
    ■   Home Protection & Warranty                                      deserving families in San
                                                                        Diego. Advance sign up
    ■   Office Products
                                                                        begins in August.
    ■   Real Estate Properties & Developer Referral Programs
    ■   Plus, thousands more products and services for the

        small business entrepreneur!

Expo Grand Opening                                 SpOnSOREd by:
                                                                                                      The wealth of information I found
Friday, November 13                                                                                   at the REALTORS Conference     ®

4:00pm–7:00pm                                                                                         & Expo gave me a leg up on
Enjoy a complimentary mojito at the                                                                   those who did not attend.”
exciting Grand Opening Party.
                                                                                                      david barber
                                                                                                      RE/mAX UnLImITEd, InC. AURORA, CO

International 2 Home         nd

& Resort Pavilion
featuring the SIMA USA Showcase
Distinguished properties in the U.S. and
around the world will be featured in this
Pavilion brought to you by NAR and SIMA, Europe’s
premier second home and resort expo. Learn about
investment and referral opportunities for you and your
clients while you network and develop friendships with
industry professionals from around the globe.

            Cash In & Win!
            Be one of five lucky Expo attendees to win
            $1,000 in cash just for visiting designated
                                                                     Find innovative real estate tools and share ideas with thousands of REALTORS and industry
                                                                     vendors at the Expo.
            exhibitors during the show!

    “     There were so many new technology
          items and things to help with our
          business. We loved going to the Expo
          and spent time there every day.”
                                                                     Network and connect with real estate           Discover new ways to increase
          bob & Jen Lapietro                                         professionals from around the world,           productivity and efficiency through
          SUn REALTy, nApLES, fL                                     including Asia, Europe and the Americas.       dynamic presentations on the Expo floor.

6                                                              yOU wOn’T wAnT TO mISS IT! REgISTER TOdAy.
Register today                                                                                                          Conference Hotels
Take advantage of low Conference fees and affordable
discounted hotel rates by making your plans now.
Register and book your hotel conveniently at

Conference & Expo Registration fees
                          Full Conference                             One Day                         Expo Only
                          Includes all non-ticketed        Includes all non-ticketed activities
                            Conference programs,      on day of choice plus unlimited Expo access    Unlimited access
                            Expo and REALTORS®               during show hours on all days.           ALL four days
                              Celebrity Concert.
                          Before 8/15    After 8/15   Nov. 13     Nov. 14      Nov. 15     Nov. 16
MEMBER            VALUE     $300          $330        $130        $130         $130        $130           $25
NON-INDUSTRY                $200          $230        $130        $130         $130        $130           $25
accompanying paid
member registration

NON-MEMBER                  $400          $430        $165        $165         $165        $165           $40

Get special savings on airfare and car rentals with:

Visit for details.

www.REALTOR.ORg/COnfEREnCE                                           | 1-800-650-6893 (US & CAnAdA) | 1-847-996-5876 (InT’L)                7
         Discover San Diego
NAR Optional and Guest Programs are a great way to see the sights of the city.
The REALTORS Conference & Expo is set to make a splash
                                                                         SEASIdE ESCApE
in San Diego for the first time ever. There’s so much to see and
do—you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

Explore San Diego’s natural beauty, magnificent bay and nearby
communities all while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Register your family and guests and they’ll receive four Fun Bucks
they can use toward the purchase of tours. It’s a great value.
                                                                         Set out for La Jolla—a celebrity hotspot known for its
Tour highlights include:                                                 spectacular beaches, ocean bluffs and boutique shopping.
                                                                         Stroll cobblestone streets in Old Town and explore unique
SmOOTh SAILIng AhEAd                                                     Mexican shops along the way.
                                     Cruise San Diego Bay and
                                     take in sights such as the          mUSEUmS gALORE
                                     Coronado Bay Bridge, U.S.                                                        Balboa Park includes
                                     Navy Fleet and Point Loma                                                        a wealth of museums
                                     Lighthouse. Or take a nature                                                     devoted to the history
                                     cruise to Coronado Islands                                                       of homo sapiens,
                                     and see dolphins, harbor                                                         African culture,
                                     seals, sea lions and sea birds.                                                  science, photography,
                                                                                                                      sports, model
                                                                                                                      railroads, as well as
                                                                                                                      the Veteran’s Memorial
                                                                                                                      Center, Japanese
pRIdE Of ThE OCEAnS                                                                                                   Friendship Garden
Welcome aboard the                                                                                                    and the House of
USS Midway! Take a                                                                                                    Pacific Relations.
tour of the massive Navy
aircraft carrier and learn                                               JEwELS Of ThE vInE
all about its dedicated                                                  Tour the Temecula Valley with its picturesque rolling hills. Sample
crew and inspiring history.                                              distinctive varietal wines, part of a winemaking tradition dating
                                                                         back more than 200 years.
wILd SAn dIEgO
                                                                         For more tour details, go to
Monkey around for an afternoon. With almost 4,000 animals,
San Diego Wild Animal Park is a must-see for all ages. Get up
close to all your favorites, including elephants, giraffes and zebras.

                                                                                                          for details and to register:
                                                                                                          US/Canada: 800-650-6893
                                                                                                          International: 847-996-5876
                                                                                                          Fax: 847-996-5401 or
                                                                                                               (US/Canada): 800-521-6017

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