; Contribution to the welfare of society 3.1 Contribution to the
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Contribution to the welfare of society 3.1 Contribution to the

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									                                                                                                                                              3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                     3.1 Contribution to the economy and job creation

                                                                     As part of the ”la Caixa” commitment to                          activities, and generates a direct
                                                                     responsibility, the institution contributes                      positive impact on the economy and
                                                                     to social progress through its financial                         employment.

                                                                      Economic value generated, distributed and
                                                                      retained by the ”la Caixa” Group                                                         2007                2008
                                                                      (Sums in thousand EUR)

                                                                      Economic value generated                                                             6,752,489            7,005,351

                                                                      Ordinary margin                                                                      6,255,527            6,981,336

                                                                      Sales minus cost of sales                                                                57,674               26,478

                                                                      Other operating products                                                               439,288                 -2,463

                                                                      Economic value distributed                                                           3,572,503            3,821,399

                                                                      Other general administration expenses (except taxes)                                   826,148              902,454
Contribution to the welfare of society                                plus other operating charges

3.1 Contribution to the economy and job creation                      Personnel costs                                                                      1,970,515            2,112,575
3.2 Investment by ”la Caixa” in Obra Social - Welfare Projects
3.3 Business Alliance for Child Vaccination                           Tax on profits plus taxes included in other general                                    138,680                45,369
3.4 Innovation in financial services                                  administration expenses
3.5 Customer, employee and supplier satisfaction                      Income attributed to minority interest                                                 137,160              261,001
3.6 Commitment to the environment
3.7 A great place to work                                             Allocation to the Welfare Projects                                                     500,000              500,000
3.8 Organisational participation and transfer of knowledge
                                                                      Economic value retained                                                              3,179,986            3,183,952

                                                                     Nota 1: data obtained from annual consolidated accounts for the ”la Caixa” Group corresponding to financial year 2008.
                                                                     Nota 2: in 2008 the Bank of Spain Circular 6/2008 became effective introducing several changes in the format used for
                                                                     profit and loss, income statement accounts of financial institutions. The comparative information from the 2007 financial
                                                                     year presented in Indicator EC 1 has been adapted to the new profit and loss account format and consequently, does not
                                                                     directly correspond to the data presented in last year’s report.

                                                                           Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008       83
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                    3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                             Objectives 2007                               Initiatives 2008                                           Challenges 2009-2010

                                   Direct and indirect       • To establish ”la Caixa” as the top          • 1330 new positions in the branch                         • To continue to bring HR policy in line
                                   impact on job               financial institution for job creation in     network together with recruitment                          with the new economic context.
                                   creation                    Spain.                                        arising from the acquisition of Morgan

                                   Equality of               • To maintain the institution’s position as   • No significant changes in this area.                     • No significant previsions in this
                                   opportunity,                the preferred employer among young                                                                       regard.
                                   impact on young             people wishing to work in financial
                                   people and                  services.
                                   regions                   • To continue creating quality employment
                                                               in areas of low population density.

                                   Job creation              • To gradually increase the number of         • The Incorpora Programme has given                        • To continue to reinforce the Incorpora
                                   through the                 companies participating in the Incorpora      employment to 5,959 people.                                Programme of the Welfare Projects,
                                   Incorpora                   Programme, as well as increasing the        • First edition of the Incorpora awards                      along with MicroBank and those
                                   Programme of the            total number of beneficiaries.                with 177 nominations.                                      entrepreneurial initiatives that favour
                                   Welfare Projects          • To enable MicroBank to provide more                                                                      integration of people into the labour
                                   of ”la Caixa”,              funding and offer more subsidies for                                                                     market.
                                   through MicroBank           entrepreneurs, without neglecting the
                                   and entrepreneurs           steady demand for project financing.

                                                           Obviously, any initiatives implemented          Spanish economic input-output                              In 2008, ”la Caixa” directly contributed
                                                           by ”la Caixa” also have a knock-on              table, 35 Euro in every 100 Euro                           to 0.42% of Spanish GDP, and directly
                                                           social impact, as they necessitate              of economic value added by the                             or indirectly created employment for
                                                           suppliers who in turn require other             financial services sector is indirectly                    in excess of 6000 people, through the
                                                           companies leading, in short, to a               attributable to ”la Caixa”.                                activities of the occupational integration
                                                           significant contribution to the growth                                                                     programmes of the Welfare Projects.
                                                           of the economy. Overall, the effect is          If both direct and indirect impact
                                                           a major value generating sequence,              are combined, the institution’s
                                                           with a considerable bearing on the              contribution to Spanish GDP is
                                                           GDP. According to data from the                 0.56%.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   84                                                       Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   85
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Direct and indirect impact on job creation                                                                                                                   Similarly, the acquisition of the Private
                                                                                                  IN thE yEar 2007 MOrE thaN 1000
                                                                                                                                                             Banking division of Morgan Stanley
                                                                                                  NEW Staff aND IN 2008, DESPItE thE
                                                                                                                                                             increased the number of those
  Starting point: ”la Caixa” has always understood the link between quality job                   DOWNturN IN thE SPaNISh ECONOMy,
                                                                                                                                                             employed in this area. 400 employees
  creation and the organisational growth.                                                         thErE WaS SIMIlar GrOWth IN tErMS
                                                                                                                                                             were reallocated, 70% of whom
                                                                                                  Of NEW Staff rECruItED
                                                                                                                                                             are devoted to the Private Banking
  Where we are: The strength of growth in ”la Caixa” activities has seen the                                                                                 business.
  organisation become the leading Spanish financial institution in terms of job
  creation over the past 10 years.                                                                                                                           Apart from reallocations to these new
                                                                                                  Furthermore, the number of people                          business branches, the number of new
  Where we want to get to: To continue to ensure quality job creation.                            employed by ”la Caixa” continues to                        contracts was 1,239.
                                                                                                  grow. More than 1000 people were
                                                                                                  recruited in the year 2007, and during                     In addition to the growth in staff
                                                                                                  2008, despite the economic downturn,                       numbers, ”la Caixa” implemented
                                                                                                  this number continued to similarly                         additional measures specifically aimed
                                                                                                  grow, consolidating the organisations                      at assisting groups who often encounter
                                                                                                  position as the foremost organisational                    difficulties entering the labour force, at
                                                                                                  employer in Spain in terms of                              the end of 2008 an agreement between
                                                                                                  continuous quality job creation.                           ”la Caixa” and the Generalitat de
                                                                                                  Last year, ”la Caixa” opened 68                            Catalunya seeks to recruit people who
                                                                                                  enterprise banking business centres                        have been victims of abuse or violence
                                                                                                  employing 650 people, 14% of whom                          and who, as a result, are at the risk of
                                                                                                  were new recruits.                                         exclusion from the job market.

                                                                                                  “I chose ”la Caixa” because of its caring image
                                                                                                  and because, even for those friends and
                                                                                                  relatives who work for other organisations, it
                                                                                                  is seen as a leading and prestigous institution
Job creation is one of the drivers                         financial sector. The institution is
                                                                                                  as well and being of the top savings banks in
of economic growth, leading to                             increasing its presence in Spain
improved social well-being. With                           and growing internationally in
5,530 outlets, the ”la Caixa” branch                       countries such as Romania and
                                                                                                  Sofía Sánchez Borras, employee, branch
network is the largest in the Spanish                      Poland.
                                                                                                  5921- Xàtiva-Baixada del Carme

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   86                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   87
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Equal opportunities, impact on young people and regional                                             Job creation through the Welfare Projects, Incorpora Programme
                                                                                                     of ”la Caixa”, through MicroBank and entrepreneurs

  Starting point: The regional expansion of ”la Caixa” has continually created
  quality employment throughout Spain, boosting the labour market and                                  Starting point: In recent years, ”la Caixa” has undertaken many initiatives
  underpining the recruitment of young people.                                                         aimed at promoting occupational integration for groups at risk of social
  Where we are: ”la Caixa” has created 15,300 jobs over the past 10 years.
                                                                                                       Where we are: ”la Caixa” contributes to job creation in Spain through
  Where we want to get to: To continue to pair organisational growth with the                          MicroBank, the Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa” and EmprendedorXXI.
  provision of quality job opportunities throughout Spain and in countries where
  the ”la Caixa” is expanding.                                                                         Where we want to get to: To continue strengthening the social fabric of Spain
                                                                                                       by offering quality employment opportunities to individuals at risk of social
                                                                                                       exclusion and through support for entrepreneurs.
Apart from the job creation figures                        As well as providing a comprehensive
themselves, ”la Caixa” endeavours                          array of employment options to a          Incorpora Programme for                                    immigrants, the long-term unemployed,
to provide opportunities to a broad                        broad range of individual skill sets,     Occupational Integration                                   and women who have been victims of
range of professional profiles,                            ”la Caixa” collaborates on initiatives    Occupational Integration is one of                         domestic violence.
regardless of gender, or whether                           to advance occupational integration.      the objectives of the Welfare Projects
the person may have a disability.                          In 2008, ”la Caixa” in conjunction        of ”la Caixa”, and this is of particular                   Since it was set up it has enabled the
In accordance with its equal                               with Infoempleo.com published El          importance in the current challenging                      occupational integration of almost
opportunities policy, all persons are                      Arte de Buscar Empleo (The Art of         economic climate. Addressing the fact                      10,000 people in over 3,700 companies
afforded the opportunity to build                          Finding Work), a guide to the essential   that employment is a decisive factor in                    that support the Incorpora Programme.
stable careers with excellent future                       knowledge and skills required to find     the fight against social exclusion, the
prospects.                                                 employment in a global job market.        Incorpora Programme is designed for
                                                                                                     those individuals, who find themselves
Across the employee spectrum,                              The first edition of this guide had a     potentially at risk of falling into the trap
young people are of particular                             circulation of 12,000 copies.             of social marginalization.
importance. Many are university
graduates seeking a reliable start to                                                                The objective is to champion, within the
their professional careers.                                                                          Spanish business community, a social
                                                                                                     corporate responsibility programme
The equality criteria also apply                           aS WEll aS PrOvIDING Equal
                                                                                                     that promotes occupational integration
regardless of regional distribution;                       OPPOrtuNItIES fOr SOlID, qualIty
                                                                                                     of specific sectors of the population:
”la Caixa” has branches in small                           EMPlOyMENt tO all rIGht aCrOSS
                                                                                                     persons with physical, intellectual or
community settlements all across                           SPaIN, ”la CaIxa” aCtIvEly
                                                                                                     sensory disabilities, young people who
Spain thus helping to generate                             PartICIPatES IN OCCuPatIONal
                                                                                                     have experienced difficulty attaining
quality employment in many sparsely                        INtEGratION INItIatIvES
                                                                                                     their first job, persons over the age
populated areas.                                                                                     of 45 who lack work experience,

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   88                                                 Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   89
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                              3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                      MicroBank                                                  The backing provided by ”la Caixa” for
  first Edition of the Incorpora awards                                                               MicroBank, the community bank of                           entrepreneurs is also demonstrated by
  In recognition of those companies that participate in the programme and                             ”la Caixa”, undertakes an important                        the EmprendedorXXI Initiative, which
  voluntarily incorporate social concerns within their company’s business strategy,                   role in fostering productive activity and                  sets out to identify the most recent
  the Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa” celebrated the first edition of the Incorpora                    job creation. On one hand, through                         and innovative start up companies
  Awards in 2008.                                                                                     approving microcredits to individuals                      with the greatest growth potential in
  From a total of 177 candidates, the winning companies were MAPFRE Quavitae,                         with limited access to the financial                       the different autonomous regions in
  Campsa, Hotel Palmeras and Tilseco. Furthermore, the Jugdes highlighted a                           market, MicroBank is contributing                          Spain, and bestows on them the much
  further 14 initiatives that promoted occupational integration of individuals at risk                to promoting self-employment and                           needed recognition that assists in
  of social exclusion by giving them special mention.                                                 financial inclusiveness. On the other                      advancing their process of growth and
  The 1st edition of the Awards was held within the framework of the Congreso                         hand, financing business projects                          development.
  Incorpora, which included several conferences and round table discussions                           that create and consolidate micro
  that gave first-hand knowledge of corporate social responsibility programmes                        entrepreneurship fosters productive
  and occupational integration practises for large organisations. During the event                    activity and generates employment.
  social responsibility was also considered from                                                      In short, the microcredits provided by
  the perspective of small to medium sized                                                            the organisation represent a significant
  enterprises, as well as the principal challenges                                                    stimulus for job creation, which
  facing those responsible for integrating                                                            translates to a substantial contribution
  individuals and the strategies they adopt when                                                      towards wealth creation and social
  approaching the business community.                                                                 unity.

                                                                                                      Understanding that the degree
                                                                                                      of a country’s development is
                                                           Sharing the goal of occupational           measured, in part, by the quality of its
                                                           integration of individuals in difficult    entrepreneurial initiatives, ”la Caixa”
WaS SEt uP It haS ENaBlED thE
                                                           situations, ”la Caixa” offers assistance   offers its strong support to those who
                                                           to encourage occupational integration      seek to start up or initiate credible
alMOSt 10,000 PEOPlE IN OvEr
                                                           of unemployed women who have been          business projects. This support
3,700 COMPaNIES that SuPPOrt
                                                           victims of violence. Along with seven      guarantees that no entrepreneur with
thE INItIatIvE
                                                           other companies, the organisation has      a viable self-employment project is
                                                           signed a cooperative agreement with        prevented from pursuing his or her
                                                           the Catalan Government Ministry of         goals for lack of funding. Typically,
                                                           Labour, and has made a commitment          these projects become sound financial
                                                           to hire a minimum of 6 women from this     enterprises, and therefore, a source
                                                           group in 2009. Overall, the agreement      of employment. To date, this initiative
                                                           will directly benefit more than 30         has successfully led to the creation of
                                                           unemployed women                           over 600 jobs.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   90                                                  Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   91
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                               3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.2 Investment by ”la Caixa” in Welfare Projects

                                                           Objectives 2007                               Initiatives 2008                                       Challenges 2009-2010

                                   Contribution            • Continue increasing the resources           • The Welfare Projects had a budget of • Continue focusing attention on social actions
                                   of ”la Caixa” to          available to Welfare Projects, with the       EUR 500 million in 2008, this accounts that provide opportunity for people of all
                                   Welfare Projects          aim of promoting projects of social and       for 25% of the recurring profits of       ages and backgrounds.
                                                             cultural value.                               ”la Caixa”.
                                                           • Develop new initiatives that contribute     • Increase budgetary allocation earmarked
                                                             to preventing marginalization of              for social action initiatives currently
                                                             individuals, whether for economic or          representing 63.94% of funds allocated.
                                                             social reasons.                             • Initiatives focused on fighting poverty
                                                                                                           and social exclusion, through
                                                                                                           programmes such as CaixaProinfancia,
                                                                                                           Integración laboral “Incorpora”, and
                                                                                                           conservation of natural areas, social
                                                                                                           integration and grants for inmates in the
                                                                                                           prison system.
                                                                                                         • Inauguration, in the Spanish capital, of
                                                                                                           the CaixaForum Madrid, headquarters
                                                                                                           of the Welfare Projects.
                                                                                                         • International cooperation through the
                                                                                                           provision of disaster relief and support
                                                                                                           for victims of armed conflict.
                                                                                                         • Infant Vaccination Programme in
                                                                                                           conjunction with GAVI Alliance.

                                   Impact of the           • Work towards eradicating child poverty,     • The CaixaProinfancia Programme has • At a time of economic uncertainty and despite
                                   social and                which currently affects approximately         already provided assistance to 81,137 increasing unemployment figures, intensify
                                   environmental             14% of children living in Spain.              children, with an overall investment     efforts to fight child poverty especially among
                                   programmes              • Develop new formulae and                      totalling in excess of EUR 49 million,   certain social groups.
                                   of the Welfare            programmes that work towards the              which represents approximately         • Signing new agreements with associations to
                                   Projects                  prevention of exclusion of certain social     200,000 interventions.                   channel aid from CaixaProinfancia, and provide
                                                             groups.                                     • Thanks to the Incorpora Programme, financial assistance to children at risk of exclusion.
                                                           • Raise social awareness in regard to           over 5,900 people have entered the • Continue contributing towards programmes
                                                             respect for the environment.                  job market.                              aimed at fostering occupational integration
                                                                                                                                                    of individuals at risk of exclusion through the
                                                                                                                                                    Incorpora Programme as well as programmes
                                                                                                                                                    such as Conservación de Parques Naturales
                                                                                                                                                    (Conservation of Natural Parks).

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   92                                                      Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   93
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Contribution of ”la Caixa” to Welfare Projects
                                                                                                           aid for victims of natural disasters and armed conflict
                                                                                                           Natural disasters and extreme situations resulting from armed conflicts are
  Starting point: Welfare Projects is the social and community arm of ”la Caixa”                           just two of the areas that concern the Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa”. These
  and the instrument through which the organisation has consistently contributed                           situations generally require urgent action and frequently require substantial
  to social development since it was founded over 100 years ago.                                           economic support. After the initial causal event, many of these issues reoccur
                                                                                                           with time and worsen, and in the longer-term pose the risk of neglect. ”la Caixa”
  Where we are: With a contribution of 25% of recurring profits, a figure which                            makes special efforts to ensure that people don’t forget these calamities,
  translated into a total of EUR 500 million in 2008, the projects have sponsored                          through campaigns to raise awareness and also directly through financial aid.
  social, educational, cultural and environmental initiatives aimed at addressing
  the needs of our society.                                                                                In 2008, Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa” donated one million dollars to the
                                                                                                           rebuilding efforts in the Sichuan province in China, which was seriously
  Where we want to get to: ”la Caixa” strives to meet social requirements                                  damaged by a sequence of earthquakes. This donation goes toward restoring
  and contribute further still to social wellbeing, if possible, in an economic                            basic health services through hospital construction. In fact, the relationship with
  environment charachterized by reduced growth and in which the emerging social                            the Chinese economy is steadily developing; ”la Caixa” now has a local office
  requirements are more manifest than ever.                                                                in Beijing and is currently making final preparation to another in Shanghai.
                                                                                                           Furthermore, through Criteria CaixaCorp, ”la Caixa” has a 9.3% shareholding
                                                                                                           in The Bank of East Asia, the fifth largest bank in terms of assets and the
Through Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa”                     important milestones of 2008 was the            largest local independent bank in Hong Kong.
currently allocates 25% of its recurring                   inauguration, in the Spanish capital, of the
profits to social initiatives. In 2008,                    CaixaForum Madrid, the headquarters             Moreover in 2008, Welfare Projects carried out a campaign to raise awareness
the budget for Welfare Projects was                        of Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa”. This         and financial aid for projects providing access to drinking water in three African
increased to EUR 500 million, further                      facility is a centre dedicated to essential     countries and has also contributed to improvements in living conditions in
demonstrating that it the leading private                  action campaigns on the cultural and            refugee centres in several countries.
Spanish foundation in terms of resource                    social concerns of the ”la Caixa” Welfare
allocation to social and community                         Projects, a philosophy shared by the            Last year, resources were similarly allocated to helping victims of cyclone
actions.                                                   other centres located in Barcelona,             Nargis (Myanmar), along with relief provided to Peruvian earthquake victims,
                                                           Palma, Lleida and Tarragona.                    and aid to tsunami victims in Indonesia.
Its goal is to provide opportunities for
individuals, regardless of their age or                    The initiatives sponsored by the Welfare
circumstances. In keeping with this                        Projects are not only implemented in
goal, in 2008 Welfare Projects of                          Spain, but also in other deprived areas
”la Caixa” allocated more than 60%                         around the world. The governing aim is
                                                                                                          IN 2008, thE BuDGEt fOr WElfarE                           thrOuGhOut 2008, thE “INCOrPOra”
of its overall budget to social and care                   to benefit social, cultural, educational
                                                                                                          PrOJECtS rOSE tO Eur 500 MIllION,                         OCCuPatIONal INtEGratION
provision projects especially those                        and environmental projects, as well as
                                                                                                          MakING It thE fOrEMOSt PrIvatE                            PrOGraMME Of thE WElfarE PrOJECtS
focused on eradicating poverty and                         providing community assistance in the
                                                                                                          SPaNISh fOuNDatION IN tErMS Of                            Of ”la CaIxa” aSSIStED MOrE thaN
protecting socially disadvantaged                          aftermath of events such as natural
                                                                                                          rESOurCES allOCatED tO SOCIally                           5,900 PEOPlE at rISk Of SOCIal
groups within our society. From a                          disasters or in regions affected by armed
                                                                                                          rESPONSIBlE aCtION                                        ExCluSION IN fINDING EMPlOyMENt
cultural standpoint, one of the most                       conflicts.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   94                                                     Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   95
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                        progress has being seen in the drug                        Projects of ”la Caixa” also champions
                                                                                                        prevention programme that treats young                     other causes, such as natural habitat
                                                                                                        people and families. These relatively                      conservation, campaigns to raise
                                                                                                        new programmes add to a catalogue                          awareness regarding important cultural
                                                                                                        that includes volunteering, assisting                      and scientific matters, and a programme
                                                                                                        the elderly, the CiberCaixa hospital                       that jointly promotes academic
                                                                                                        initiatives, International Cooperative                     excellence and equal opportunities, by
                                                                                                        programmes, and initiatives that provide                   means of study scholarships.
                                                                                                        care to dependant persons.

                                                                                                        At the same time, the child immunisation
                                                                                                        programme which Welfare Projects
                                                                                                        develops in collaboration with GAVI
                                                                                                        Alliance is recognised as an outstanding
                                                                                                        initiative. This represents the first global
                                                                                                        alliance to provide immunisation as
                                                                                                        part of the global struggle against infant
                                                                                                        mortality. Moreover, Welfare Projects
                                                                                                        of ”la Caixa” also participates in a
                                                                                                        programme providing psycho-social care
                                                                                                        for the terminally ill and their families.

                                                                                                        Together with these programmes of
Several social action programmes                                                                        a marked social character, Welfare
                                                       ONE Of thE MOSt IMPOrtaNt
stand out in 2008, specifically those
                                                       MIlEStONES Of 2008 WaS thE
that provided assistance to social
                                                       INauGuratION, IN thE SPaNISh CaPItal,
groups facing specific challenges
                                                       Of thE CaIxafOruM MaDrID, thE                      More scholarships for social rehabilitation of ex-prisoners
such as the disabled, young people,
                                                       hEaDquartErS Of WElfarE PrOJECtS                   In keeping with its commitment to equal opportunities, ”la Caixa”, through
immigrants and ex-prisoners. Among
                                                       Of ”la CaIxa”                                      Welfare Projects, undertakes initiatives for the prison population. This year,
these programmes, one of the most
                                                                                                          ”la Caixa” awarded 952 vocational training grants to prisoners, contributing an
noteworthy is the Incorpora Programme
                                                                                                          average of EUR 4,757 per award.
for occupational integration. The primary                  Furthermore, in 2008 Welfare Projects          The programme was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior
aim of this programme is the provision                     continued the activities initiated in 2007     and the Generalitat de Catalunya and offers prisoners the chance to receive
of occupational opportunities for groups                   under the CaixaProinfancia Programme,          vocational training thereby proving an increased likelihood of stability in their
at risk of marginalization such as those                   assisting families with small children         personal and professional circumstances once they are released.
aforementioned, and other similarly                        who find themselves in danger of social        Of those participating in the 2007-2008 training programme, 93% of prisoners
disadvantaged groups like the long-term                    marginalization. Several educational           who received grants successfully completed their training and 28% subsequently
unemployed, female victims of violence or                  centre initiatives continue such as the        found employment thanks to the programme.
unskilled persons over 45 years of age.                    CiberCaixa Escolares play groups, and

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   96                                                    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   97
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Impact of social and environmental programmes of Welfare Projects

  Starting point: The main focus of the activities of Welfare Projects is to
  effect positive social change and wellbeing. To do this it promotes social and
  environmental programmes with the shared objective of casuing improvements
  in sustainability and in people’s overall quality of life.

  Where we are: Programmes like Incorpora, CaixaProinfancia and Corporate
  Volunteer Programme of ”la Caixa” are clear examples of initiatives that have
  positive social impact. The programmes that focus on conserving natural and
  marine reserves sponsor the preservation of our important natural resources.

  Where we want to get to: ”la Caixa” strives to promote social and
  environmental activities without neglecting cultural activities, with the objective
  of contributing to social development and individual wellbeing.                       Incorpora Programme for Occupational                       in the job search process, but also
                                                                                        Integration                                                support integration within the new work
                                                                                        The aim of the programme is to assist                      environment and, once the person is
                                                                                        groups at risk of social marginalization                   working, carry out adaptation reviews
                                                                                        in accessing the job market, thereby                       and follow-up activities.
                                                                                        facilitating their social integration.
                                                                                        The intended beneficiaries of this                         The job opportunities available to these
                                                                                        programme are groups such as the                           groups are thereby increased, while
                                                                                        mentally ill, young persons without                        at the same time the companies and
                                                                                        previous work experience, individuals                      business community get to collaborate
                                                                                        who suffer from physical, intellectual or                  in the process of occupational
                                                                                        sensory disabilities, unskilled persons                    integration through a close working
                                                                                        over the age of 45, immigrants, the                        relationship with the ”la Caixa” branch
                                                                                        long-term unemployed and women who                         network. As a result, in 2008, over
                                                                                        have been victims of domestic violence.                    5,900 people found employment thanks
                                                                                                                                                   to the programme.
                                                                                        The programme uses a network of
                                                                                        intermediaries comprised of 297 expert                     Programme to eliminate child
                                                                                        integration professionals, who act in                      poverty
                                                                                        collaboration with social institutions                     An estimated 14% of children in
                                                                                        affiliated with the programme, as                          Spain live in poverty. In a drive to end
                                                                                        intermediaries between potential                           this situation, ”la Caixa” set up the
                                                                                        employers and participating groups.                        CaixaProinfancia programme in 2007,
                                                                                        These professionals initially assist                       instigating a fund to provide economic

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   98                                    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   99
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                            3. Contribution to the welfare of society

aid to households with children under                   clothing, orthopaedics, summer camps       Corporate volunteer Programme                               Out of this programme have grown
the age of 16 who are at risk of social                 and children’s camps, educational          The socially responsible concerns of                        a total of 45 voluntary associations
exclusion. In 2008, the programme                       psychology, together with care and         employees at ”la Caixa” have an outlet                      across Spain with representation in
assisted 81,137 boys and girls.                         assistance during early childhood.         through the Institution’s volunteer                         each of the different regions. The
                                                                                                   programme. The Corporate Volunteer                          scope of their activity is principally
Welfare Projects allocated over EUR                     The assistance provided by the             Programme has facilitated the setting                       related to the following:
49 million to the programme, which                      CaixaProinfancia programme                 up of a number of ”la Caixa” volunteer                      • Assisting people in need.
represents 198,822 aid interventions.                   is dispensed through welfare               associations comprised of employees                         • Leisure activities for people at risk
45% of those receiving financial                        institutions across Spain which            and retired ”la Caixa” professionals and                      of social marginalization.
assistance from the programme are                       utilize their networks to ensure the       their families. Through sponsorship                         • Educational integration initiatives.
single parent families, generally single                most beneficial use of the resources       by the Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa”,                      • Collaboration with community
mothers with children in their care. One                available. Currently, there are a total    these voluntary associations undertake                        bodies.
outstanding fact is that in the second                  of 30 collaborative agreements with        beneficial social activities.                               • Environmental protection activities.
half of 2008, aid targeting children                    organisations from all over Spain. Given                                                               • Christmas campaigns.
increased by 33%. This initiative                       the fact that these organisations often    In fostering and promoting these kinds                      • CooperantesCaixa: International
provides children with a guarantee                      necessitate the support of other bodies,   of voluntary initiatives, the organisation                    volunteer programme.
of social and educational support,                      the overall number of association          also makes available the financial                          • Management support for
providing an allowance for school                       benefiting is probably closer to 200.      resources required to fund voluntary                          community organisations.
                                                                                                   activities and supplies consultancy and
                                                                                                   training. ”la Caixa” supports flexible                      Each association freely determines
                                                                                                   working conditions for those employees                      the type and scope of activities they
                                                                                                   who undertake volunteer work and                            wish to undertake and organisations
                                                                                                   also participates in the organisational                     with whom they wish to collaborate.
                                                                                                   structure of a number of associations                       In this way there are a wide range
                                                                                                   thus ensuring volunteers have several                       of options available to volunteer
                                                                                                   community or humanitarian options to                        participants and activities that
                                                                                                   choose from.                                                address the social issues and
                                                                                                                                                               concerns of each region.

                                                                                                                                                               In 2008, there were 2,538 registered
                                                                                                                                                               members among the 45 voluntary
                                                                                                                                                               associations of ”la Caixa”, 2,109
                                                                                                                                                               of whom were active employees of
                                                                                                                                                               the ”la Caixa” Group, the remaining
                                                                                                                                                               members were retired workers,
                                                                                                   IN 2008, thE CaIxaPrOINfaNCIa
                                                                                                                                                               friends and family. Members
                                                                                                   PrOGraMME aSSIStED 81,137 BOyS
                                                                                                                                                               undertook 980 voluntary activities
                                                                                                   aND GIrlS thrOuGh thE allOCatION
                                                                                                                                                               with a total of 23,480 volunteer
                                                                                                   Of IN ExCESS Of Eur 49 MIllION

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   100                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   101
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                               3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Employee Social Programme
                                                            The volunteer employees of                Corporate volunteer Programme                                                                      2008
During 2008, the Corporate
                                                            ”la Caixa”, whether actively
Responsibility Department set up                                                                     Overall number of existing voluntary associations                                                      45
                                                            employment or retired, undertake
the Employee Social Programme
                                                            many joint activities, such as in this
in which all employees of the                                                                        Number of volunteer employees                                                                      2,109
                                                            case taking a trip to the Biopark Zoo
Institution can participate by
                                                            in Valencia with children at risk of     Volunteers who are currently employed                                                                90%
financing humanitarian projects with
                                                            social exclusion.
a donation from as little as 1 Euro
a month. By the end of 2008, 506                                                                     Retired volunteers                                                                                   10%
employees had opted to take part                                                                     Overall number of volunteers                                                                       2,538
in the programme and had donated
a total of EUR 44,000 benefiting                                                                     Overall number of joint actions undertaken                                                            980
three separate causes, the Incorpora
programme, from the Social                                                                           Participation of volunteers in aforementioned joint actions                                       23,480
Integration Area of The ”la Caixa”
Foundation; the GAVI Alliance,
devoted to the fight against infant                                                                                                                              • Expert Research.
                                                                                                     DurING 2008, OvEr 500 EMPlOyEES
mortality in underprivileged countries                                                                                                                           • Environmental action.
                                                        thE COrPOratE vOluNtEEr                      Of thE INStItutION tOOk Part IN
through vaccination programmes                                                                       thE EMPlOyEE SOCIal PrOGraMME
                                                        PrOGraMME haS ENaBlED thE                                                                                Taken together, the discrete activities
for children under the age of 5,                                                                     fINaNCING SEvEral huMaNItarIaN
                                                        EStaBlIShMENt Of vOluNtary                                                                               seek a more ambitious objective:
and finally, the Fundación MCCH                                                                      PrOJECtS By MakING DONatIONS
                                                        aSSOCIatIONS IN ”la CaIxa” IN thE                                                                        that of raising public awareness and
devoted to providing training for                                                                    frOM thEIr SalarIES
                                                        DIffErENt rEGIONS arOuND SPaIN, IN                                                                       effecting a cultural shift in attitude. The
entrepreneurial women in Ecuador, a
                                                        WhICh aCtIvE aND rEtIrED EMPlOyEES                                                                       programmes undertaken by ”la Caixa”
programme run by the International
                                                        PartICIPatE tOGEthEr WIth thEIr                                                                          are encompassed within the framework
Cooperation Area of The ”la Caixa”
                                                        frIENDS aND faMIlIES                         Environmental programmes                                    of these diverse objectives.
                                                                                                     Taking a leadership role in social
                                                                                                     and environmental issues, ”la Caixa”                        the ”la Caixa” Marine programme
                                                                                                     sponsors an Environmental Programme                         This programme, developed in
                                                                                                     that concentrates attention on issues/                      cooperation with the Foundation for the
                                                                                                     causes such as biodiversity; protection                     Conservation and Recovery of Marine
                                                                                                     of endangered species and conservation                      Life, aims to contribute to the preservation
                                                                                                     of ecosystems and fragile natural marine                    of marine ecosystems located along
                                                                                                     and land habitats, and waste prevention                     the Spanish coastline. To achieve this,
                                                                                                     and minimising waste production. The                        the programme sets out three areas of
                                                                                                     programme adopts a three pronged                            action, environmental education, rescue
                                                                                                     approach to achieving its mandate:                          and restoration of endangered marine
                                                                                                     • Spreading knowledge and raising                           life, and research into the current state of
                                                                                                       public awareness.                                         marine ecosystems.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   102                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   103
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                     3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                            Programme for social re-integration                         immigrants, female victims of violence
DurING thE COurSE Of ItS 10,000
                                                            through conservation of natural                             or any other group deemed suitable for
NautICal MIlE vOyaGE, thE IBErO
                                                            parks                                                       selection.
                                                            This programme was set up in
                                                            2005 and brings together two of the                         Although the initiative grew out of
                                                            Objectives set by Welfare Projects of                       an agreement with the Barcelona
thE hazarDS faCING Our MarINE
                                                            ”la Caixa”: on the one hand, it                             Council, Welfare Projects is currently
                                                            contributes to preservation of natural                      undertaking projects in nature reserves
                                                            reserves located across the Iberian                         and parks across every autonomous
The programme consists of three                             peninsula and islands. At the same                          region in Spain.
separate projects:                                          time, it promotes social re-integration of
• The Vell Marí route: focused on the                       individuals at risk of marginalization.
  preservation of biodiversity of our
  seas through rescue operations                            The programme has ambitious aims
  and research concerning                                   and strives to preserve woodland
  endangered species and marine                             habitats, increase fire prevention
  ecosystems. It also encompasses                           measures, safeguard open spaces,
  educational initiatives.                                  conserve waterways and riverbanks,
• The Íbero route: the Íbero is a                           restore neglected areas and improve
  vessel with a crew of 10 scientific                       access and signposting.
  experts who work at maintaining
  the quality of marine ecosystems.                         In order to do all this, Welfare Projects
• Submarine acoustic map of the                                                                                         WElfarE PrOJECtS Of ”la CaIxa”
                                                            of ”la Caixa” prioritises providing job
  Spanish coast: the Laboratory of                                                                                      GIvES PrIOrIty tO PrOvIDING JOB
                                                            opportunities for groups at risk of, or
  Bioacoustic Applications (LAB for                                                                                     OPPOrtuNItIES fOr MarGINalIzED
                                                            already affected by, social exclusion,
  its Spanish acronym), aboard the                                                                                      GrOuPS Or thOSE MOSt at rISk Of
                                                            ostensibly by employing ex-prisoners,
  scientific vessels of the ”la Caixa”                                                                                  SOCIal ExCluSION
                                                            recovered drug addicts, unemployed
  Marine programme, has compiled
  the first acoustic map of the sea
                                                             Investment of Welfare Projects of ”la Caixa”
  around the Peninsula and has also                                                                       2006                                 2007          2008
                                                             (in EUR million)
  carried out a study into the effect of
  noise pollution on cetaceans which                         Social programmes                                                 160             256            297
  inhabit coastal waters. The study
  also serves as an excellent tool                           Educational programmes                                              19              23          32.6
  for raising public awareness about
  the current status of noise pollution                      Cultural programmes                                                 66              59          70.9
  along the coast and its effects on
  marine ecosystems.                                         Environmental and scientific programmes                             58              61            64

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   104       Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   105
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                               3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.3 Business alliance for Child vaccination
                                                                                                      developing countries. In fact, it is                        in developing countries. Moreover,
                                                                                                      estimated that of the 9.7 million                           it is a ground-breaking European
                                                                                                      children under five who die every                           initiative a represents and a significant
                                                                                                      year, 2.5 million deaths are the result                     step toward accomplishing Goal 4
                                                                                                      of diseases which could have been                           of the United Nations Millennium
                                                                                                      prevented with adequate vaccines.                           Development Goals (MDGs): to reduce
                                                                                                                                                                  by two thirds the under-five mortality
                                                                                                      In 2008, ”la Caixa” assumed a                               rate by 2015.
                                                                                                      pro-active role in this international
                                                                                                      initiative, by signing a collaborative
                                                                                                      agreement with the GAVI Global
                                                                                                      Alliance to coordinate a Spanish
                                                                                                      business alliance that work towards
                                                                                                                                                                  thE allIaNCE IS a GrOuND-BrEakING
                                                                                                      reducing infant mortality through the
                                                                                                                                                                  EurOPEaN INItIatIvE aND rEPrESENtS
                                                                                                      provision of adequate vaccination.
                                                                                                                                                                  a SIGNIfICaNt StEP tOWarD
Increasingly high infant mortality                       subsequently developed to become             The alliance of Spanish business
                                                                                                                                                                  aCCOMPlIShING GOal 4 Of thE uNItED
rates are the scourge of the poorest                     one of the most ambitious child health       leaders, headed by ”la Caixa”, has
                                                                                                                                                                  NatIONS MIllENNIuM DEvElOPMENt
countries around the world but one                       initiatives. The founding principle of the   consequently become the principal
                                                                                                                                                                  GOalS (MDGS): tO rEDuCE By tWO
which vaccination programmes                             organisation was to facilitate access to     global coalition, between public and
                                                                                                                                                                  thIrDS thE uNDEr-fIvE MOrtalIty
can directly counter. In 2000, the                       new vaccines and reduce, to whatever         private sectors, working together in the
                                                                                                                                                                  ratE By 2015
GAVI Alliance was set up and has                         extent possible, child mortality in          fight to reduce infant mortality rates

                                                         Objectives 2007                              Initiatives 2008                                            Challenges 2009-2010

                                   Business              • Drawing on experience from various         • Agreement signed with the GAVI                            • To reduce infant mortality
                                   alliance for            international aid programmes, the            International Alliance to spearhead                         rates in developing countries,
                                   Child vaccination       need for an ambitious collaborative          a Spanish business alliance that                            in accordance with Goal 4 of
                                                           project was proposed to address              contributes to reducing infant mortality                    the United Nations Millennium
                                                           infant mortality among those living in       through the provision of adequate                           Development Goals (MDGs)
                                                           developing countries.                        vaccination.                                                and, by 2015, meet targets of
                                                                                                      • Donation of EUR 4 million from                              a reduction by two thirds in the
                                                                                                        ”la Caixa” to address the cause.                            mortality rate among under-5s.
                                                                                                                                                                  • To double the amount already
                                                                                                                                                                    donated by ”la Caixa”, to reach
                                                                                                                                                                    EUR 8 million.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008    106                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   107
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Through this agreement, ”la Caixa”                                                                reasserting the social commitment
                                                        ”la CaIxa” INvEStED Eur 4
is conducting an important public                                                                 of ”la Caixa”
                                                        MIllION, MakING It a StratEGIC
awareness campaign highlighting the                                                               The leadership shown by ”la Caixa”
                                                        COllaBOratOr WIth thE GavI
issue. ”la Caixa” also facilitates Spanish                                                        in coordinating this alliance in Spain
                                                        allIaNCE aND thE lEaDING PrIvatE
businesses to wishing to donate to                                                                reasserts the organisations commitment
                                                        PartNEr IN EurOPE
the GAVI Alliance by making donation                                                              to actively participate in the fight
channels available across our extensive                                                           against conditions of extreme poverty
branch network. Welfare Projects                        The GAVI Alliance is an especially        in developing countries across Africa,
of ”la Caixa”, undertake monitoring                     important initiative if we bear in mind   Asia and Latin America. In turn, the
of donations. Furthermore, the                          the fact that, since its foundation in    Chairperson of the Vaccine Fund
Organisation allocated EUR 4 million                    2000, it has prevented an accumulative    Board, Graça Machel, in publicly
to the cause, making it a strategic                     3 million deaths. The alliance includes   recognising this involvement, singled                       thE COllaBOratION aGrEEMENt
collaborator and the leading private                    governments of countries from the         out ”la Caixa” as a prestigious and                         BEtWEEN ”la CaIxa” aND thE GavI
partner in Europe. For the period 2009-                 industrialised and developing worlds,     socially committed organisation.                            GlOBal allIaNCE, “IS a MaGNIfICENt
2010, ”la Caixa” intends to increase this               organizations like the WHO, UNICEF,                                                                   ExaMPlE Of lEaDErShIP IN BuSINESS
figure.                                                 and the World Bank Group. Other           In practise, the agreement provides                         aND SOCIal rESPONSIBIlIty”. Graça
                                                        members include representatives           Spanish companies, wishing to increase                      MaChEl, ChaIrPErSON Of thE GavI
                                                        of vaccine development industries         their activities that benefit social causes                 vaCCINE fuND BOarD
                                                        in industrialised and developing          with access to resources through
                                                        countries, research and technical         internationally prestigious organisations,
fOr thE yEar 2009, ”la CaIxa” PlaNS                                                               such as the GAVI Alliance. Since the                        In addition to the agreement with
                                                        institutes, numerous non-governmental
tO DOuBlE thIS fIGurE tO aChIEvE a                                                                initiation of the project in April 2008, up                 the GAVI Alliance, the International
                                                        organizations and the Bill and Melinda
tOtal Of Eur 8 MIllION                                                                            to year-end, the business alliance led                      Cooperation Programme of Welfare
                                                        Gates Foundation.
                                                                                                  by ”la Caixa” boasted the collaboration                     Projects of ”la Caixa” has collaborated
                                                                                                  of 93 companies from all across Spain,                      on over 371 projects in 58 countries,
                                                                                                  with donations of EUR 266,250. The                          donating in excess of EUR 44 million.
“We are a real estate agents with social concerns. Our                                            companies receive a distinctive sign to
decision to join the business alliance was motivated by                                           display and a diploma to certify their
the social nature of the initiative, the involvement of                                           commitment to the health initiative.
”la Caixa” and the direct application of resources                                                As well as channelling business
in order to eliminate one of the principal causes                                                 contributions, ”la Caixa” has facilitated
of child mortality through preventative action. An                                                donations from its own employees.
initiative like the business alliance is an opportunity
for companies like ours to act on our commitment to                                               As of December 31, 2008, donations
                                                                                                                                                              SINCE thE PrOJECt WaS aNNOuNCED,
responsible social action.”                                                                       received from private individuals
                                                                                                                                                              thE BuSINESS allIaNCE haS MaNaGED
                                                                                                  amounted to EUR 11,975, bringing
                                                                                                                                                              tO attraCt 93 COMPaNIES frOM all
José Luis Galindo, Manager of Veganarcea, S.A.,                                                   the total amount donated to the GAVI
                                                                                                                                                              OvEr SPaIN
customers of branch 0334 - Montgat                                                                Alliance project to EUR 278,225.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   108                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   109
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                       3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.4 Innovation in financial services

                                                        Objectives 2007                            Initiatives 2008                                             Challenges 2009-2010

                                   New                  • Introduce new improvements in            • Introduction of SNC: Monitoring of activity in • Continue to introduce innovations
                                   developments           IT applications to streamline our          business channels.                               that improve the relationship with
                                   and applications       relationship with customers and          • A ground-breaking video call service to make     our customers, providing them with
                                                          provide added value through time and       customer banking and other transactions more technological solutions to meet their
                                                          money-saving measures designed to          efficient and accessible.                        current and future needs.
                                                          ultimately benefit all our customers.    • Building commences on the new DPCs (Data • Develop IT systems and
                                                                                                     Processing Centres).                             architecture capable of supporting
                                                                                                   • Strategic agreement with IBM.                    the continued growth of ”la Caixa”
                                                                                                   • Personalised portal for iPhone and iPod users. for years to come.
                                                                                                   • Enhancements to the ”la Caixa” website to
                                                                                                     improve interactivity and usability.
                                                                                                   • New applications have been made available
                                                                                                     through the office terminal TF7, including the
                                                                                                     capacity to make calls or send text messages.
                                                                                                     The terminal is now available in every branch.
                                                                                                   • Digitise documents in GDS-CUSA and new
                                                                                                     IT applications for performing follow-up of
                                                                                                     customer files

                                   Security and         • Maintain and improve security in line    • Introduce elements regarding confidence                   • Continue to reinforce a secure
                                   transparency           with industry standards as appropriate     in, and information about security in Línea                 environment that safeguards
                                                          to a leading financial services            Abierta.                                                    customers’ confidential data,
                                                          institution, exceeding minimum legal     • Improvement made in the Cassiopea security                  combating any IT security risks.
                                                          requirements.                              project.                                                  • Continue to fight against money
                                                                                                                                                                 laundering to safeguard the stability
                                                                                                                                                                 of the financial system particularly
                                                                                                                                                                 during the current period of
                                                                                                                                                                 economic uncertainty.
                                                                                                                                                               • Integrate the Cassiopea project with
                                                                                                                                                                 the Centre for Fraud Control
                                                                                                                                                               • Training new groups of employees
                                                                                                                                                                 in data security and protection.
                                                                                                                                                               • Progressive introduction of new
                                                                                                                                                                 enhancements and guarantees in
                                                                                                                                                                 the CaixaProtect service.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   110                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   111
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                   3. Contribution to the welfare of society

New developments and applications                                                                         SNC: Strategic monitoring by                                will achieve energy savings, increase
                                                                                                          channel                                                     its data processing capacity, security
                                                                                                          To support the continual growth in                          strength, and sustainability, key pillars
  Starting point: Innovation has always been an important component in the                                transactions performed by customers                         supporting the continued expansion of
  character of ”la Caixa”. Our innovative approach enables us to transform ideas into                     through the ATMs and Línea Abierta,                         ”la Caixa”. The construction of these
  value for our customers so that we can continue to provide service excellence.                          ”la Caixa” provides employees with                          DPCs entails an investment of EUR 200
                                                                                                          an innovative tool known as SNC                             million and is due to be completed by
  Where we are: Investment in technology and innovation has been translated                               (Seguimiento de Negocio de Canales)                         December 2012.
  into a range of projects that share the goal of improving security in banking                           or (Monitoring business channels). This
  transactions, and promoting accessibility to services and customer advisory                             easy to use application is available via                    Ground-breaking video call service
  information.                                                                                            the Intranet and provides employees                         In order to meet customers real needs,
                                                                                                          with access to information regarding the                    last year, ”la Caixa” bolstered the
  Where we want to get to: Continue to maintain our leadership role in innovation,                        percentage of transactions customers                        range of services available via mobile
  delivering new and improved services founded on our technological capabilities                          perform through these channels. In this                     communication channels with the
  and our strong team of professional staff.                                                              way, each branch can determine the                          addition of a ground-breaking service
                                                                                                          degree to which they can focus on other                     enabling banking transactions to be
                                                                                                          activities, such as advising customers                      conducted by video calls. The service
As a leading financial institution,                     with IBM. The aim of the agreement                and thereby providing them with added                       allows customers to carry out the same
”la Caixa” is committed to offering its                 is to generate value for customers,               value.                                                      transactions as they would using a
customers a progressively more efficient                employees and society in general, thanks                                                                      conventional ATM, with the exception
and attentive service. In technological                 to technological innovations delivered by         DPCs: Platforms for growth                                  of cash withdrawals, but instead by
terms, this commitment translates into                  the new IT architecture that ”la Caixa”           In 2008 work began on building two                          using a third generation mobile phone
a continuous endeavour to develop                       is currently developing. As a result of           new DPC (Data Processing Centres).                          (3G). Thanks to this innovation,
innovative technologies which, directly or              this collaboration, the Institution will          Thanks to these centres, the Institution                    customers can also access a list of their
indirectly, contribute to achieving greater             improve efficiencies in the day-to-day
usability and security. The Strategic Plan              management of technological resources
2007-2010 identified and outlined the                   thereby enabling the Institution to focus all
main technological challenges facing the                its attention on the priorities outlined in the
organisation over this three-year period.               Strategic Plan 2007-2010.
As a result, in 2008 ”la Caixa” Invested a
total of EUR 103.838 million in technology,             The IBM technology partnership prioritises
from which EUR 6.99 million in R+D+i.                   sustainability, one of the corner stones
The result has been the initiation of a                 of business development at ”la Caixa”.
large number of IT projects of which the                To achieve this, we will develop efficient
following are particularly noteworthy:                  business application systems, improve
                                                        the IT infrastructure and reduce energy
Strategic agreement with IBM                            consumption and consumables, all of
In 2008, ”la Caixa” signed an                           which will yield significant reductions in IT
infrastructure expansion contract                       associated costs.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   112                                                     Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   113
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                         3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                Personalized portal for iPhone and                          yet more progress in this area. This
“Our goal is to offer customers a simple way                                                    iPod                                                        new measure increases the level of
of operating and one which is accessible via                                                    In 2008, with the goal of maintaining                       security for Internet browsing and
the entire range of communication channels                                                      its leadership position as a provider                       protects work stations from viruses,
available, we believe that in the not too distant                                               of financial services through mobile                        trojans and infection from other forms of
future, mobile phones will be one of the most                                                   phones,”la Caixa” became the first                          malicious code. This guarantees of an
popular channels for consulting and carrying out                                                institution to create a personalized                        IT infrastructure that is invulnerable to
financial transactions, and as a result we are                                                  portal for the Apple iPhone and iPod                        fraudulent installations, data capturing
striving to improve CaixaMóvil usability.”                                                      touch, which includes the entire                            or unwarranted and unauthorized
                                                                                                range of services currently available                       access.
David Urbano Martín, Manager of mobile                                                          in Línea Abierta, the Institution’s on-
phone section of e-laCaixa.                                                                     line banking service, and ServiCaixa.                       SMS activation of banking cards
                                                                                                Furthermore, the service includes                           A new operating procedure for
                                                                                                access to the ”la Caixa” portal and                         activating customers banking cards
most frequently used transactions in                    from their customers, improving the     there are plans underway for a second                       through mobile phone SMS service has
Línea Abierta. Among other services                     quality of the service provided. This   phase development that includes new                         been introduced, thereby improving
available, they can also check account                  technological improvement represents    functions that take advantage of the                        access and providing an additional
balances, control credit limits, and view               the meeting of a challenge outlined     touch screen interface: branch and                          alternative channel to the range
credit card transactions.                               in the Strategic Plan 2007-2010, and    ATM finder, Bolsa Abierta, LKXA, etc.                       currently existing.
                                                        the technology has now been widely
The system is similar to the one used                   implemented across the entire branch    Second layer antivirus protection
by ATMs. Customers who dial the                         network.                                Information security is a priority for
service see a range of numbered                                                                 ”la Caixa”, and as such it has been
options available on their screens and                  New multi-device modular range for      developing customised security                              IN 2008 ”la CaIxa” BECaME thE
they select the appropriate option by                   mobile phones                           systems for many years, constantly                          fIrSt fINaNCIal INStItutION tO uSE
pressing the corresponding keys on                      Another technological improvement       updating and adding new features.                           a PErSONalIzED POrtal fOr thE
their mobile phones.                                    introduced in 2008 was the multi-       In 2008, the implementation of a                            aPPlE IPhONE aND IPOD tOuCh
                                                        device modular range, a system which    second layer antivirus security meant
Cost reduction with voIP                                adapts the technological interface
One of the most remarkable                              according to the kind of mobile phone
technological projects of recent years                  connecting to it, whether it is WML
is the implementation of VoIP systems.                  or HTML. In this way, the computer
The system incorporates voice and data                  language used by ”la Caixa” to
traffic thereby generating substantial                  establish a mobile phone connection
reduction in phone costs which in turn                  with customers will be compatible at
benefits customers. The arrival of VoIP                 all times and consequently, customers
has also brought with it the Virtual                    will be able to avail of an increased
Telephone Exchange, which allows                        number of help tools from their very
employees to receive calls directly                     own handset.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   114                                           Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   115
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                    3. Contribution to the welfare of society

  a friendlier, more interactive website                                                    thE SNC tOOl (MONItOrING BuSINESS                          thE vIDEO Call SErvICE, a
  In 2008, ”la Caixa” went to great efforts to improve its corporate website with the aim   vIa ChaNNElS) IS EaSy tO uSE vIa                           PIONEErING INItIatIvE IN thE SECtOr,
  of increasing interaction between the Institution and its customers and to emphasise      thE INtraNEt. It PrOvIDES                                  allOWS CuStOMErS tO aCCESS
  its vocation as a service provider. With these recent innovations, ”la Caixa” moves       INfOrMatION rEGarDING thE                                  thEIr MOSt rEGular traNSaCtIONS
  one step closer to the Web 2.0 conceptual goal. In specific terms, three initiatives      PErCENtaGE Of traNSaCtIONS                                 IN líNEa aBIErta, SuCh aS BalaNCE
  were set in motion:                                                                       CuStOMErS PErfOrM thrOuGh                                  ChECkING aND vIEWING aCCOuNt
  EcoCaixa: a portal where information is provided about the activities the Institution     líNEa aBIErta aND atMS                                     StatEMENtS
  is involved in to improve environmental conservation efforts, activities customers can
  undertake and also those which can be carried out jointly. The portal allows users
  to subscribe to personalized information service via correspondence and already
  has over 1,250,000 customer subscriptions. One of the options available from this
  service is the ability to request that paper correspondence is no longer sent by post.

  real solutions: Real solutions: an interactive space where video plays an important
  role in demonstrating the benefits of many products and services available from
  ”la Caixa” in areas such as banking cards, mobile phones or Internet. The website
  hosts first-hand accounts of several case studies in which the usefulness of some
  of the Institution’s new products and services are demonstrated resolving particular

  Personalized ‘línea abierta’: with this service the user can choose the design and
  layout of the graphic interface they prefer when viewing or consulting their financial
  information in Línea Abierta. The service offers the possibility of changing the header
  and menus by selecting different colours (blue, green, purple, orange) or a seasonal
  motif (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   116                                      Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   117
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                              3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Security and transparency                                                                            importance of providing essential                           The outcome of all this effort is that the
                                                                                                     training for security personnel, which                      number of robberies per 100 branches
                                                                                                     includes instruction in respecting                          of ”la Caixa” was the lowest for the
  Starting point: The technological commitment of ”la Caixa” to heighten security and                human rights in the course of carrying                      entire sector at just 1.2 in 2008 and also
  improve transparency with customers has been an ongoing effort for many decades.                   out ones specific duties. Consequently,                     in 2007.
  As an example of this, the Institution began the computerisation process in 1963 and               all security personnel undergo a
  in 1979 installed its first ATM terminals.                                                         compulsory Security Personnel
                                                                                                                                                                 thE SECurIty MEaSurES aDOPtED
                                                                                                     Training Course. This course may be
  Where we are: The evolution of new technologies in the financial sector has                                                                                    By ”la CaIxa” havE MaDE thE
                                                                                                     further supplemented by other training
  presented financial institutions with many challenges when it comes to guaranteeing                                                                            INStItutION’S BraNChES SOME Of thE
                                                                                                     initiatives. Other employees also
  the security of transactions. ”la Caixa” is very aware of these challenges and one of                                                                          MOSt SECurE IN thE ENtIrE SPaNISh
                                                                                                     receive instruction in matters relating to
  the financial institutions which devotes more resources to the issue.                                                                                          BaNkING SECtOr. ONCE aGaIN thIS
                                                                                                     security and safety in the event of an
                                                                                                                                                                 yEar, ”la CaIxa” IS thE fINaNCIal
                                                                                                     emergency situation. This, in particular,
  Where we want to get to: Continue to strengthen this commitment to innovation in                                                                               INStItutION WIth thE lOWESt
                                                                                                     applies to employees who have been
  order to improve security and service for our customers.                                                                                                       NuMBEr Of rOBBErIES PEr BraNCh
                                                                                                     nominated to take charge in the event
                                                                                                                                                                 IN thE ENtIrE SECtOr
                                                                                                     of an emergency.

Security                                                With this as its key principle, ”la Caixa”
Security is one of the cornerstones                     ensures that all its branches are
on which the stability of a financial                   fully prepared to minimize the risk of                                                                            2006          2007          2008
institute rests. Adopting a leadership                  theft or robbery, and in many cases
                                                                                                      Nº of security personnel who have completed
role, ”la Caixa” has always been ardent                 these measures far exceed the legal
                                                                                                      the Security Personnel training Course or
in guaranteeing the greatest levels                     requirements. Security measures
                                                                                                      similar courses which cover human rights                            109           112            121
of security in customers’ transactions                  are especially important if the branch
                                                                                                      elements relevant to their professional
and ensuring safety and security in the                 is located in an area where the
employee workplace.                                     risk is considered to be particularly
                                                        high. Examples of standard security
                                                                                                      Overall number of robberies per 100 branches                         1.4           1.2            1,2
Moreover, in the current economic                       measures in ”la Caixa” branches
                                                                                                      of ”la Caixa”.
climate characterized by                                include the following:
competitiveness and globalisation,
                                                                                                      Overall number of robberies per 100 branches                         1.5           1.4            1.5
technological development implies                       • Digital video recording equipment.
                                                                                                      of the principal banks and savings banks.
creating business models capable                        • Separate security access point.
of adapting to the ever changing                        • Automatic cash dispensing and
                                                                                                      Percentage of branches with digital video                          55%           59%          76,3%
technological channels. For this                          recycling machines or individual
reason, safeguarding business data,                       security controls via metal detectors.
our customers and the employees who
                                                                                                      Percentage of branches with automatic cash                        100%          100%          100%
work for ”la Caixa” is not only a legal                 In addition to these measures, the
                                                                                                      dispensing / recycling machines
requirement but also a moral obligation.                Institution is acutely aware of the

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   118                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   119
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                        purchases, cash withdrawals, credit
”la CaIxa” IS aCutEly aWarE Of thE
                                                        card use or transfers made from
                                                        either Línea Abierta or ATMs.
                                                        Over this past year, ”la Caixa”
huMaN rIGhtS WhEN CarryING Out
                                                        introduced several new elements
                                                        which raise customer awareness
                                                        and communicate to them a greater
                                                        degree of information about the
Protection against fraud                                Institution’s security policy. For
Fraud prevention is a priority at                       example, the size of the ‘padlock’
”la Caixa” in terms of security in                      icon when accessing Línea Abierta
customer transactions. Within this                      has been increased and the ‘Secure
field, two projects in particular were                  server sign-in’ was introduced. Also
significantly revised and improved in                   a specific section devoted to security
2008: the CaixaProtect and Cassiopea                    has been added, the ISO 27001:2005
projects.                                               security standard was published
                                                        online, with links to a special security
Project CaixaProtect                                    information page.                          Project Cassiopea
                                                                                                                                                               ”la CaIxa” IS CurrENtly WOrkING
This free service is ground-breaking                                                               Another security project initiated in
                                                                                                                                                               ON a PIlOt PrOGraMME tO
in Spain. It has been in operation                      CaixaProtect covers one reported           2007 for monitoring and tracking global
                                                                                                                                                               IMPrOvE atM SECurIty. thE
since 2006 and guarantees protection                    theft, loss or fraud for each twelve       fraudulent activity. It enables advance
                                                                                                                                                               BIOMEtrIC SECurIty PrOGraMME
against all class of fraudulent                         month period, with a maximum cover         detection of fraudulent credit card
                                                                                                                                                               IS CallED ‘PalMSECurE’,
transaction that are not performed                      of EUR 10,000. ”la Caixa” checks           transactions regardless of channel
                                                                                                                                                               aND ENaBlES SCaNNING aND
by the titleholder. The CaixaProtect                    cases of customer identity theft and       and blocks the card in the event that it
                                                                                                                                                               authENtICatION Of thE PattErN
service activates a series of mobile                    fraudulent transactions and verifies       has been stolen. In 2007, the service
                                                                                                                                                               Of vEINS ON EaCh INDIvIDual’S
phone alerts for transactions where                     whether the lost or stolen card            was implemented for Línea Abierta
                                                                                                                                                               PalM. thE SyStEM OvErCOMES
the amount is high, whether from                        reported has in effect been used.          and retail outlets. In 2008, functional
                                                                                                                                                               IMPErfECtIONS ENCOuNtErED IN
                                                                                                   improvements were introduced in
                                                                                                                                                               PrEvIOuS BIOMEtrIC SyStEMS,
                                                                                                   applications in order to enhance
                                                                                                                                                               SuCh aS fINGErPrINtING aND IrIS
                                                                                                   usability and accessibility based on
                                                                                                   users’ feedback and suggestions.
                                                                                                   Furthermore, an alert system was
                                                                                                   activated to deal with ‘hot cards’ –those
                                                                                                   suspected of fraud–.It is anticipated that
                                                                                                   next year Cassiopea will integrate with
                                                                                                   the Fraud Management Centre, and
                                                                                                   that all available information of fraud
                                                                                                   from various channels will be pooled.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   120                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   121
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                              3. Contribution to the welfare of society

transparency                                            During 2008, there were 26 employees        respecting privacy and                                      Furthermore, ”la Caixa” maintains
As part of its commitment to                            working in the prevention of money          confidential data                                           a register of all files that contain
honesty and legislative compliance,                     laundering area (one more than the          ”la Caixa” employs strict control                           personal data with the General
”la Caixa” is proactive when it comes                   previous year), and 9 people whose          measures in the use of every                                Registry of Data Protection and
to transparency an attitude which is                    exclusive task is focused on this           customer’s data as well as ensure                           also has a mandatory security
expressed through several initiatives:                  activity.                                   that their privacy is respected. Apart                      document which must be
                                                                                                    from enforcing rigorous adherence                           completed by all staff members
Money laundering Prevention and                         Specialized training                        to legal requirements, the Institution                      with access to sensitive personal
anti-corruption Policy                                  In order to raise awareness and             has implemented a series of internal                        data.
Money laundering affects financial                      provide staff with the required means       measures which guarantee the
systems globally causing damage to                      to respond to cases of evident illegality   utmost privacy in our relationship                          During 2008, ”la Caixa” was
the reputation of financial institutions                that constitute corruption and a criminal   with customers. To meet this                                fined on three occasions for
and weakening their relationship with                   act, all employees of the Regional          objective, training is provided for new                     non-compliance with regulations
intermediaries, regulators and the                      Network can, since 2000, access             employees and informative events                            governing customer privacy
general public.                                         a course in prevention of money             and specialised training are organised                      incurring EUR 96,101.21 in total
                                                        laundering through the corporate            for the entire staff.                                       fines.
The Spanish Law 19/93 pursuant                          Intranet site. In 2008, all 23,500
to Movement of Capital and Money                        employees of the commercial network
Laundering Prevention Measures                          received on-site training.
establishes that any party subject
to these requirements must have a                       transactions detected and
clear and explicit policy regarding                     investigated
the conditions for accepting and                        In 2008, the Prevention of Money
recognising customers. These policies                   Laundering Task Force (UOPBC as
assist in safeguarding the reputation                   per the Spanish acronym) investigated
of financial institutions and the integrity             a total of 867 suspect transactions,
of banking systems, by reducing the                     and identified 65 cases thanks to the
probability that they become vehicles                   ”la Caixa” early warning system. 105
for or victims of financial crime.                      of these transactions were referred to
                                                        the Bank of Spain’s Executive Service.
In answer to this, ”la Caixa” has
adopted specific measures to                            thE INStItutION haS rEGularly
enable customers’ identification and                    PartICIPatED IN INtErNatIONal
recognition including, establishing                     INItIatIvES fOCuSED ON MONItOrING
internal control systems, training                      MONEy lauNDErING, PrOvIDING
and provision for employees in                          WhatEvEr rESOurCES arE rEquIrED
these compulsory requirements and                       IN COOPEratION WIth thE COMPEtENt
cooperating to the maximum degree                       authOrItIES
with the authorities.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   122                                               Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   123
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                 3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Ethics and advertising Information                      In the 2008 financial year, ”la Caixa”
                                                                                                        the Institution in the media
transparency                                            received one fine for non-compliance in
One of the most solid commitments                       regard to advertising material or product       Press conferences                         • 4 business press conferences
”la Caixa” has made in its dealings                     information for EUR 3,000.                                                                • 19 corporate / institutional press                       23
with customers concerns advertising,                                                                                                                conferences
which must be clear and transparent.                    the relationship with the media
Strict adherence to legislation in force                As would be expected of a leading               Press releases                            • 35 business press releases
and its own internal code means                         financial institution, the relationship                                                   • 45 corporate / institutional press                       80
that the publicity information is never                 between ”la Caixa” and the media is                                                         releases
ambiguous, false or misleading. In fact,                grounded in transparency of information
”la Caixa” is a member of the Spanish                   and credibility. The institution has a          Interviews                                • 20 interviews with management
Advertising Self-regulation Organization                communications department whose                                                           • 7 interviews with regional management                    28
(AUTOCONTROL as per the Spanish                         responsibility it is to maintain an open                                                  • 1 interview with other manager
acronym), whose principles are based                    and personal relationship with members
on veracity, honesty, legality, and loyalty             of the press. This department is in
in all matters of advertising.                          charge of preparing press releases and                                           Chairs                                    18
                                                        when appropriate, organising press
                                                        conferences. In 2008, the department
                                                        issued 80 press releases and held 23
                                                        press conferences.
                                                        In order to facilitate their work, ”la Caixa”
                                                        has a specific section accessible
                                                        only to journalists on the website
                                                        (www.prensacaixa.com). Here they can
”la CaIxa” IS NEvEr aMBIGuOuS,
                                                        access the latest press release, as well as
                                                        figures, data and an image gallery.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   124                                                 Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008       125
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.5 Customer, employee and supplier satisfaction

                                                        Objectives 2007                             Initiatives 2008                                            Challenges 2009-2010

                               Customer                 • Reduce the number of customer             • New customer satisfaction                                 • Maintain or improve the level of
                               satisfaction               complaints, in line with complaint          questionnaire focusing on advice and                        customer satisfaction despite the
                                                          related objectives set out in the           personalized care.                                          current uncertain economic situation.
                                                          Strategic Plan 2007-2010.                 • Reduce average response time for                          • Reduce number of complaints
                                                                                                      dealing with complaints from 7 to 5                         received by Customer Care as in
                                                                                                      days for letters and from 3 to 2 days                       accordance with objectives of the
                                                                                                      for calls.                                                  Strategic Plan 2007-2010.
                                                                                                    • Creation of the quality department in

                               Internal customer        • Through the use of internal               • 63% of branch employees participated                      • Continue to improve internal customer
                               satisfaction               satisfaction surveys, identify concerns     in the internal supplier satisfaction                       satisfaction levels.
                                                          and seek to improve the work                surveys.
                                                          environment for employees and             • On average branches awarded
                                                          collaborators of ”la Caixa”.                internal suppliers a 7 out of 10 score.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   126                                               Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   127
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                               3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Internal and external customer satisfaction

  Starting point: The pedigree of ”la Caixa” is founded on customer service
  excellence and professionality.

  Where we are: At ”la Caixa”, customers opinions are valued as a means to
  help us improve the level of customer satisfaction. We gather these opinions
  using a comprehensive range of tools and communication channels thereby
  ensuring we receive feedback from customers first-hand and learn of their
  experiences and requirements while meeting their service needs.

  Where we want to get to: ”la Caixa” strives to continually improve service
  quality in order to strengthen the relatioship with its customers.

Customer satisfaction, regardless of                    conducted to gather their assessments
whether the client is a corporate body or               of ”la Caixa” and the financial products
private individual, is the primary objective            and services we offer. At the same
of ”la Caixa”, and the core focus of its                time, customers are encouraged
efforts and attention. At a time of great               to share their needs, concerns and
economic flux, where the predominant                    complaints.                                  These surveys are the greatest                              platform on the Intranet and locate the
feeling is one of uncertainty and where                                                              means by which we assess the                                application they require.
the competition has become much                         Assessments are benchmarked                  development over time of those factors
greater, it is fundamentally important                  against the Personal Service Index           of key importance to the customers’                         listening to customers’ opinions
to have a clear strategy for retaining                  (PSI), an indicator that enables service     relationship with the Institution.                          At ”la Caixa” every complaint or comment
customer loyalty. The Institutions strategy             improvements to be implemented.                                                                          is welcomed and seen as an opportunity
is to continue to demand more of itself                 Apart from this indicator, ”la Caixa” also   Improving quality                                           for improving customer satisfaction with
and develop new approaches focused                      performs a follow up survey to gauge         On the understanding that training is one                   our services. Complaints are thus subject
on achieving service excellence, and to                 corporate customer satisfaction.             of the corner stones of any successful                      to constant management by the most
meet and exceed customer satisfaction                                                                organization, ”la Caixa” initiated its                      appropriately qualified member of staff,
within an environment of trust, openness                In fact, in 2008 an additional customer      programme for improving service quality.                    from the moment they are received to the
and efficiency.                                         satisfaction questionnaire was               The programme known as COR (Result                          moment they have been addressed; this
                                                        introduced, one that focusing principally    Oriented Quality), is one designed to                       is achieved within the shortest possible
quality Indicators                                      on customer care and advisory                assist employees in achieving greater                       timeframe.
Customer feedback is one of the most                    issues. Also, the new statistical model      efficiencies when addressing day-to-day
important tools in striving for service                 demonstrates significant improvements        operational issues while strengthening                      The Institution’s efficient management
excellence. To this effect, regular                     and design enhancements to the               the employees’ commercial know-how.                         in this area is also reflected by the Bank
qualitative and quantitive surveys are                  previous model.                              Employees can access the Virtaula                           of Spain’s Complaints Report, which

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   128                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   129
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                    3. Contribution to the welfare of society

identifies ”la Caixa” as the financial                      In addition to the aforementioned        Individual customer average satisfaction ratings
institution with the least number of                        internal channels, customers of
complaints received in proportion to its                    ”la Caixa” may also take their           INDIvIDual CuStOMEr avEraGE                                       COrPOratE CuStOMEr avEraGE
volume of business.                                         complaint to the Catalan Saving          SatISfaCtION ratING                                               SatISfaCtION ratING
                                                            Banks Customer Ombudsman,
The ”la Caixa” Customer Care Centre                         a service that the Institution                    8.6                  8.6
provides clients with several channels                      voluntarily supports and encourages                                                            8.5
for open and efficient communication                        customers, as appropriate, to use.                                                                                                            8.3
of complaints or comments. Channels                         Compliance with a determination
available include, a dedicated e-mail                       from the Ombudsman is a mandatory
address, the freephone Customer Care                        requirement for the savings banks but
                                                                                                               06                   07                     08                 06            07            08
number (900 32 32 32), or indeed a letter                   not for the customer, thereby making
addressed to the President of ”la Caixa”                    the Ombudsman a valuable tool for
                                                                                                     atMS ENClOSurE SatISfaCtION                                       atMS SatISfaCtION ratING
(a service available at any branch). The                    customers and an excellent way for       ratING
Customer Care Centre received 19,362                        ”la Caixa” to further demonstrate
complaints in 2008.                                         its dedication to service and                                                                                                   8.7           8.7
                                                            transparency.                                                                                                    8.5
It is noteworthy that ”la Caixa” pledges
to resolve written complaints within 7                      In 2008, a total of 926 complaints                7.9                    8
days and within 4 days if the complaint                     were received by the Customer
is made by telephone. In 2008, the                          Ombudsman, of which 201 were
average response times were: 2 days                         resolved in favour of the claimant and             06                   07                     08                 06            07            08
for telephone complaints and 5.7 days                       404 in favour of the Institution. The
for written complaints demonstrating the                    remaining complaints were deemed         líNEa aBIErta SatISfaCtION ratING                                 CuStOMEr SatISfaCtION.
Institution’s complete compliance with this                 inappropriate or remain pending                                                                            DIStrIButION By % ratING
commitment.                                                 resolution.                                                            8.6

                                                                                                                                                                             24.39%                 44.6%

                                                                                                               06                   07                     08



                                                                                                                                                                           Ratings up to 6          Ratings from 8 to 9
                                                                                                     Overall number of surveys carried out: 247,919                        Ratings from 6 to 8      Ratings above 9

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   130                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008         131
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                                     3. Contribution to the welfare of society

avEraGE SatISfaCtION ratING                                          avEraGE SatISfaCtION ratING
                                                                                                                              average complaint response in days
rESult - ChaNNElS- (SCalE 0 - 10)                                    rESult - BraNChES- (SCalE 0 - 10)
     8.7                                                 8.7                                                                  Complaints by letter                                                                             5.7
                                                                                                                              Complaints by telephone                                                                             2
                                                                                                                              Complaints by e-mail                                                                                0

    atMs                    atMs                         línea                           Branches
                          enclosure                     abierta                                                               Customer Care Service and Customer Ombudsman of ”la Caixa”                                       926
                                                                                                                              Settled in favour of ”la Caixa”                                                                  404
                                                                                                                              Settled in favour of customer                                                                    201
                                                                                                                              Improper                                                                                         101
                                                                                                                              Customer withdraw complaint                                                                       33
CuStOMEr SuGGEStIONS aND                                             COMPlaINtS Or ClaIMS rECEIvED PEr
COMPlaINtS                                                           CatEGOry                                                 Pending resolution
                                                        19,362                                                                                                                                                                 186
                                                                                                 858 (4.4%)
                                                                                                        804 (4.2%)            Referred to CCS                                                                                     1
                                                                                                            1,288 (6.7%)
                                                                                     (14%)                     706 (3.7%)
                              4,494                                                                                          IN 2008 aN aDDItIONal CuStOMEr                              aCCOrDING tO thE BaNk Of SPaIN,
                                                                             2,910                                           SatISfaCtION quEStIONNaIrE WaS                              ”la CaIxa” IS thE fINaNCIal
                                                                             (15%)                                           INtrODuCED, fOCuSING MaINly ON                              INStItutION WIth thE lEaSt NuMBEr Of
     160                                                                                                 3,821               CuStOMEr CarE aND aDvISOry                                  COMPlaINtS rECEIvED IN PrOPOrtION
Congratulatory           Comments or             Complaints or                                                               ISSuES                                                      tO ItS vOluME Of BuSINESS
                         suggestions              grievances
                                                                                             (16.8%)                         “In my opinion, the main strength of ”la Caixa” is
PEr ChaNNEl                                                                                                                  the service it offers, which is excellent, both for my
              8,086                                                                                                          business and for my personal finances. On top of
                                                                           Mortgages                   ATMs
                          7,133                                                                                              that, I really value their efficiency and capacity to
                                                                           Customer care               Branch facilities
                                                                                                                             provide soloutions and offer new products.”
                                                                           Banking card operation      Savings, demand and
    4,143                                                                  Operations                  deposit accounts
                                                                                                                             Mr. Francisco José Martínez Quesada,
                                                                                                                             customer, Manager of INTERSPORT,
                                                                     Complaints or claims received per                       branch 2471-Gran Vía Colón (Granada).
   By letter           By telephone                    By e-mail     category: 19,362

     Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008               132                                                           Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   133
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                            3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Internal customer satisfaction                          Employees are requested to rate            3.6 Commitment to the environment
Before a branch can achieve, maintain                   the different aspects of their work
and exceed the excellent level of                       environment, considering up to 62
service ”la Caixa” offers its customers, it             different service aspects. This outcome    ”la Caixa” takes its commitment to the                      regularly reviewed and revised by its
must initially achieve the greatest level               is then used to compile an overall         environment seriously and shares this                       Head Offices and across the Catalonia
of satisfaction with the service provided               assessment rating for the general          commitment with employees, customers,                       regional branch network. The second
by internal suppliers.                                  satisfaction of employees at ”la Caixa”.   suppliers and society in general by                         noteworthy initiative is the commitment
                                                        In 2008, the average rating derived from   means of its business-wide integrated                       to adherence to the United Nations
To fulfil this particular objective, the                the surveys was 7 out of a possible 10.    environmental management policy. The                        Environment Programme for the financial
entire branch network completes                                                                    policy governs all projects, services and                   sector. In addition, ”la Caixa” provides
quarterly satisfaction surveys.                         The different employee surveys             products, including those of the Welfare                    support and financing for environmental
                                                        ”la Caixa” performs are part of a          Projects.                                                   protection enterprises and organizes
These surveys have a high response                      wider initiative and include similar and                                                               awareness raising activities among its
rate and in 2008, the percentage rate of                complimentary strategies, such as          This commitment reaches much deeper                         stakeholders. Furthermore, the Institution
participation was 63% of all branches.                  the corporate Intranet site. This tool     than the existing legal framework.                          organizes several activities focused on
Following these surveys, new proposals                  gives employees access to essential        ”la Caixa” has developed a global                           the promotion and conservation of nature
and suggestions for improvements to                     information resources, and provides        environmental management system                             through its Welfare Projects. Finally, in
the employee work environment are                       a means to capture suggestions or          and uses it to perform audits (internal,                    2007,”la Caixa” adopted the principles of
presented.                                              complaints.                                external and EMAS, Eco-Management                           the financial industry benchmark known
                                                                                                   and Audit Scheme). This system is                           as The Equator Principles.

 Branch network satisfaction survey

 Average branch response rate                                                             63%

 Overall number of suggestions for improvement received                                  1,436

 Average branch satisfaction rating with services received                                    7
 (on a scale of 0 - 10)

IN 2008, 63% Of thE ENtIrE BraNCh
NEtWOrk tOOk Part IN thE SurvEyS
tO ratE thEIr SatISfaCtION WIth

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   134                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   135
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Environmental management, a commitment of ”la Caixa”                                                For a successive year, sustainability and
                                                                                                                                                                thE ENvIrONMENtal MaNaGEMENt
                                                                                                    the environment are central to employee
                                                                                                                                                                SyStEM at ”la CaIxa” IS CErtIfIED
                                                                                                    training programmes.
                                                                                                                                                                aCCOrDING tO ISO 14001 aND
  Starting point: By adopting The Equator Principles in 2007 and integrating
                                                                                                                                                                EurOPEaN rEGulatION 761/2001
  these initiatives into its financial activity, ”la Caixa” redoubles its environmental             In 2008, Virtaula (a virtual training centre)
                                                                                                                                                                (EMaS), BOth Of WhICh WErE
  commitment.                                                                                       again organized an environmental
                                                                                                                                                                rENEWED IN 2008
                                                                                                    awareness training course especially
  Where we are: ”la Caixa” has extended its environmental management policy                         designed for new members of staff.
  to encompass all its stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and                            Furthermore, 1,973 workers attended the
  society.                                                                                          “ISO 14001 Environmental Management                         SOME Of thE OthEr INItIatIvES that
                                                                                                    System” course, which represents a                          rECEIvED POSItIvE rECOGNItION frOM
  Where we want to get to: Become a benchmark Institution in terms of policies                      total of 29,685 man-hours. At e-la Caixa,                   CuStOMErS aND EMPlOyEES INCluDE,
  to reduce any negative impact of financial activity on the environment.                           a subsidiary company, 66 workers                            rEDuCING thE vOluME Of PrINtED
                                                                                                    received training on Environmental                          DOCuMENtS aND, thE INCluSION Of
                                                                                                    Awareness, with a total amount of 53                        ECOlOGICal INfOrMatION IN all
                                                                                                    training hours.                                             E-MaIlS aND ON atM SCrEENS
Environmental policy at ”la Caixa” is
                                                            The environmental management
the responsibility of the Environment                                                               Finally, it is also worth pointing out
                                                            activities of ”la Caixa” are in
Committee, whose objective is to                                                                    the reductions achieved last year in
                                                            accordance with the principles                                                                       ‘Green’ suggestions box
ensure that all financial activity and                                                              consumption of paper, energy, and in
                                                            established under:                                                                                   One of the most successful concepts
support processes meet environmental                                                                other consumables, made possible
                                                            • The environmental management                                                                       since its introduction has been the
friendliness criteria, and to promote                                                               through active employee participation.
                                                              and audit scheme, ISO 14001 and                                                                    ideas and suggestions box. Here
and encourage the participation of                                                                  74 proposals for improvements in energy
                                                              European Regulation 761/2001                                                                       employees can express and share
every member of the ”la Caixa” team                                                                 efficiency and paper-based recycling
                                                              (EMAS).                                                                                            their environmental viewpoints.
in achieving the environmental policy                                                               were received from the corporate
                                                            • The United Nations Environment                                                                     Following an Environmental
objectives.                                                                                         network. Some of the other initiatives
                                                              Programme for the financial sector.                                                                Committee review, the most
                                                            • The Equator Principles, adopted by    that received positive recognition                           appropriate proposals are selected
Environmental policy at ”la Caixa” is                                                               from customers and employees
                                                              the Institution in 2007.                                                                           for implementation. In 2008,
founded on European and international                                                               include, reducing the volume of printed                      ”la Caixa” employees suggested
regulatory framework specifications                                                                 documents and, the inclusion of                              74 environmental initiatives.
that guarantee quality in environmental                 Furthermore, in 2006 the organization       ecological information in all e-mails and
management policy. Since 2003, the                      secured Ecolabel, an environmental          on ATM screens.
ISO 14001 international standard and                    quality standard for its Catalan branch
the European Regulation 761/2001                        network as a vehicle for ensuring
(EMAS) drive environmental regulatory                   our environmental commitments are           74 PrOPOSalS fOr IMPrOvEMENtS IN
compliance at ”la Caixa”.                               adopted in all branches.                    ENErGy EffICIENCy aND PaPEr-BaSED
                                                                                                    rECyClING WErE rECEIvED frOM
                                                                                                    EMPlOyEES thrOuGh thE COrPOratE

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   136                                               Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   137
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                      3. Contribution to the welfare of society

The Institution pledges to, year-                                                            identifying application systems and                         Paper
                                                        a SuBSIDIary Of ”la CaIxa”,
on-year, and to whatever extent                                                              usage-patterns that can be made                             Paper is the product that generates the
                                                        vIvIENDa aSEquIBlE uNDErtakES
is possible, reduce adverse                                                                  more energy-efficient or operate on a                       most significant volumes of waste at
                                                        all ItS CONStruCtION
environmental impact. Optimising the                                                         lower level of energy consumption.                          ”la Caixa” facilities. In 2006 ”la Caixa”
                                                        PrOJECtS IN aCCOrDaNCE WIth
use of consumable resources in all                                                                                                                       introduced an ambitious policy to
                                                        SuStaINaBIlIty CrItErIa. IN 2008,
of the Institution’s facilities was a key                                                    ”la Caixa” has subsequently                                 reduce paper consumption and strives
                                                        thE COMPaNy IMPlEMENtED
challenge in 2008.                                                                           introduced new lighting procedures                          at all levels to avoid printing documents
                                                        INNOvatIvE ENvIrONMENtal aND
                                                                                             and implemented energy saving                               unless otherwise essential.
                                                        ENErGy-EffICIENt PraCtICES IN
One of the objectives earmarked for                                                          configurations in key systems.
                                                        CONStruCtING a SuStaINaBlE
2009 is that of reducing CO² emissions                                                       These measures have reduced                                 Thanks to the use of recycled paper for
                                                        hOuSING DEvElOPMENt PrOJECt IN
by 11,000 tons: effect a 10% reduction                                                       lighting usage in areas infrequently                        documents like business cards, folders,
                                                        GIrONa. thE lEarNINGS frOM thE
in paper consumption, increase the                                                           used by personnel, such as toilets,                         files, etc., application of the policy has
                                                        PrOJECt arE NOW INCOrPOratED
amount of recycled paper used from                                                           archives and basement areas. In                             meant that now 60% of all paper used is
                                                        INtO all BuIlDING DEvElOPMENtS
64% to 90%, and reduce electricity                                                           2008, the Committee introduced                              recycled. The Environment Committee
                                                        INItIatED SINCE quartEr tWO Of
consumption by 12%.                                                                          several simple measures, such as                            implemented other basic paper saving
                                                        2008. thE SuStaINaBIlIty CrItErIa
                                                                                             nightly shut-downs of non-operational                       techniques, namely promoting the
                                                        aSSurE thE aPPlICatION Of ECO-
Branches and building projects                                                               hardware (monitors, printers,                               use of double-sided printing and
                                                        EffICIENt aND SuStaINaBlE DESIGNS.
Following a Life-Cycle Assessment                                                            calculators, etc.) and, largely due to                      recommending the choice of draft quality
                                                        thESE CrItErIa MEEt aND ExCEED
(LCA) of its branches, ”la Caixa” was                                                        employee cooperation, these have                            printing rather than normal. Furthermore,
                                                        thE BaSIC lEGal COMPlIaNCE lEvElS
able to identify areas of improvement                                                        yielded substantial energy efficiency                       the provision of recycled paper in all
                                                        Of thE ECO-EffICIENCy DECrEE aND
related to the construction materials                                                        improvements.                                               branches as the first printing option has
                                                        PrOMOtE thE aDvaNCEMENtS IN thE
and components used. The                                                                                                                                 been crucial to meeting the objective:
                                                        uSE Of BuIlDING MatErIalS WIth
implementation of these improvements                                                         Diesel Oil                                                  that 60% of paper used originates from
                                                        SuStaINaBIlIty CrEDENtIalS
has significantly reduced building-                                                          Diesel oil is only used by emergency                        recycled sources.
related environmental impact and                                                             energy-generating equipment. In
generated significant construction and                                                       2008, consumption was limited to                             Principal measures introduced in
maintenance cost savings.                                                                    49.5 hours of essential maintenance                          2008:
                                                                                             checks and 9 hours as a result of
As part of the project to functionally                                                       power surges and power cuts.                                 • Reduced the illumination of outdoor
adapt branches in line with the                                                                                                                             branch signs from 24 to 7 hours.
new development model, a total of                                                            Water                                                        • Reduced time elapsed before
100 branches have been refitted to                                                           A year after the introduction of water                         monitors automatically switch to
minimise their environmental impact.                                                         conservation measures such as                                  energy-saving mode from 60 to 15
                                                                                             reducing pressure and capacity of                              minutes.
Electric power                                                                               water supplied by automatic taps and                         • Advisory stickers on all thermostats
A comprehensive review and analysis                                                          replacing decorative fountains with                            recommending optimal
of energy consumption by IT systems                                                          green areas, ”la Caixa” continues to                           temperature settings: 20° C in
and lighting facilities, has been                                                            invest in determining how to further                           winter and 25° C in summer.
undertaken with the objective of                                                             ameliorate water conversation.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   138                                        Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   139
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                3. Contribution to the welfare of society

 Indicators of direct environmental impact                                        2006****                 2007****                      2008
 Electric power (GJ) Conversion factor: GJ per kwh: 0.0036.
 Source: GrI technical Protocols

 Total electricity consumption                                                   90,701.90                95,132.7                   760.914 *

 Total electricity consumption per employee                                           55.17                     57.83                  29.20 *

 % electricity cost savings                                                          +6.2%                     +4.8%                    -49%*

 fuel-oil (GJ) Conversion factor: GJ per gallon fuel-oil (3.78 litres): 0.138.
 Source: GrI technical Protocols

 Total diesel-oil consumption                                                         3,023                     6,770                 5,503 **

 Total diesel-oil consumption per employee                                               2.02                     4.54                  3.47**

 CO² (t) Conversion factor: gr of CO² per kwh. average emission factor for
 Spanish electric power sector (2008)

 Emissions CO² per fuel-oil consumption (t)                                               224                       501               407.22*

 Emissions CO² per electricity consumption (t)                                        9,837                   10,398             73,112.94*

 Total tons CO²                                                                     10,060                    10,889             73,520.16*

 Water (m3)

 Total water consumption                                                            75,036                    76,036                 75,808***
                                                                                                                                                      * Data for ”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies
 Water consumption per employee                                                       45.64                     46.56                 37.88***          (e-la Caixa, Sumasa, Silk, Vivienda Asequible,
                                                                                                                                                        Servihabitat, Caixa Capital Risc, PromoCaixa,
 Variation in water consumption                                                       +33.6                    +1.3%                     -18%           GDS-Cusa and MicroBank).
                                                                                                                                                     ** Data for ”la Caixa” Head Office.
 Paper (kg)                                                                                                                                         *** Data for ”la Caixa” Head Office, Caixa Capital Risc,
                                                                                                                                                        Silk, Sumasa and Servihabitat
                                                                                                                                                   **** In reference to the Electric Power and Water,
 Total paper consumption                                                          120,912                   115,868              1,992.412*             the table includes data for ”la Caixa” Head Office
                                                                                                                                                        and Sumasa. The Paper data of 2006 refers to
 Paper consumption per employee                                                       72.45                     65.38                  76.46*           ”la Caixa” Head Office, Sumasa and Vivienda
                                                                                                                                                        Asequible and the data of 2007 refers to ”la Caixa”
 Percentage recycled paper of total consumption                                         42%                       40%                   64%*            Head Office, Sumasa, Vivienda Asequible and

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   140                          Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008           141
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                                 3. Contribution to the welfare of society

 Indirect energy consumption. Breakdown analysis by primary energy type                                                         Project Paperless
 consumed (GJ)                                                                                                                  In 2008, ”la Caixa” completed the core project of their ‘Paperless campaign’.
 Conversion factor: GJ per kwh: 0.0036. Source: GrI technical Protocols                                                         Started in 2007, the aim of the project was to provide every branch of ”la Caixa”
                                                                                                                                with a multi-function printer which, besides printing, also performs photocopying,
                                                                              2006             2007*             2008*
                                                                                                                                fax, and high capacity scanning operations. This measure has substantially
 Biomass                                                                     2,092             2,194           17,579           reduced paper use by replacing paper documents kept on file with information in
                                                                                                                                digital format.
 Coal                                                                    117,330           123,092           986,120
                                                                                                                                Most significant saving measures implemented at ”la Caixa”
 Natural gas                                                                 4,172             4,377           35,067
                                                                                                                                • In 2008 the volume of printed communications was reduced by over 58 million
 hydraulic                                                                 13,782            14,459          115,832               items due to the replacement of traditional postal delivery with electronic
                                                                                                                                   document transmission means such as e-mail.
 Nuclear                                                                 111,175           116,634           934,385            • ‘Document bundling’ introduced for postal delivery items. The new (Recibo Único)
                                                                                                                                   system ensures multiple items, statements and/or documents etc., are posted
 Oil                                                                       24,683            25,895          207,454               collectively rather than individually.
                                                                                                                                • ‘Digital capture of contracts, documents, signatures, etc., this has also simplified
 Wind                                                                        1,721             1,806           14,466
                                                                                                                                   the archival, consultation and transmission processes.
 * Nota: In 2007 data is given for the ”la Caixa” Headquarters and Sumasa.                                                      • ‘Installation of electronic panels in the branches across Spain, to reduce the
** Nota: Unlike previous years, in 2008 data is provided for “la Caixa” and its subsidiaries.                                      requirement for printed brochures.
 Waste collected subject to regulatory specifications                                                                           • ‘Christmas greetings sent online.
                                                                                                                                • ‘If users request a particular item, which is available in a recycled version, priority
                                                                             2006*             2007*             2008*             is given to delivery of the recycled article.
 total toner cartridges (units)                                              3,986             4,054             4,546

 total chemical product containers (kg)                                         647               682               351
                                                                                                                                action taken by Sumasa in 2008:
 total fluorescent tubes (kg)                                                   720               820               998         • All paper used in printing operations is recycled.
                                                                                                                                • An increase in the volume of business cards printed using recycled materials.
 total paper and cardboard (kg)                                                 N/D               N/D        184,038            • PVC casings have been replaced with less environmentally contaminating
                                                                                                                                  materials, such as polypropylene.
 total batteries (kg)                                                           360               312               574         • Reduction in the number of hours signs at head office and branches are
 total plastic (kg)                                                        51,380                 N/D            1,842
                                                                                                                                • Automated shut down of computers and other equipment.
 * Data from ”la Caixa” Headquarters.                                                                                           • Minimise use of lighting at head office and branches outside working hours.
** For the total number of toner cartridges, data is given for ”la Caixa” Headquarters, Caixa Capital Risc, e-la Caixa,
   PromoCaixa, Sumasa and Servihabitat. The figure for chemical product containers and batteries is comprised of data
   for ”la Caixa” Headquarters. Data for fluorescent tubes is from ”la Caixa” Headquarters and e-la Caixa. The overall figure
                                                                                                                                Challenges facing Sumasa in 2009:
   for paper and cardboard is comprised of data for ”la Caixa” Headquarters, Caixa Capital Risc, e-la Caixa, GDS-Cusa,          • To reduce the number of bank booklet models in use: from 30 to 7.
   PromoCaixa, Sumasa, Servihabitat and Vivienda Asequible. The figure for plastic is comprised of data for ”la Caixa”          • Single universal cover design for chequebooks.
   Headquarters and e-la Caixa.

       Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008       142                                                                  Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   143
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                              3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                        Waste management
IN all OPEratIONS ”la CaIxa”
                                                        At ”la Caixa”, an internal regulatory          “One of our regular customers made a
                                                        system ensures optimal waste                   comment one day about how they would like
                                                        management, in compliance with legal           to be able to see their account balance on the
                                                        requirements. Although the volume of           ATM screen while performing a transaction
                                                        waste is insignificant in comparison           without actually having to print out a receipt. I
                                                        with other industry sectors, the debris,       thought the idea was a great way to save on
                                                        plastic fragments, glass or disused office     paper while doing our bit for the environment,
”la Caixa” and its subsidiary                           furniture are all sent for recycling. All      so I made a suggestion and it was adopted”.
companies have extended their                           waste containing hazardous materials
commitment to the environment to                        like, batteries, fluorescent tubes, chemical   Rafael Morey Gelabert, GSF branch
include all subsidiaries. Sumasa is                     product containers or packaging are            representative 2429-Sa Coma.
an example of an industry-leading                       recycled through special bins and
companiy, who, in direct collaboration                  collected on a regular basis by authorised
with ”la Caixa”, has implemented                        waste management companies.                    Emissions                                   figure for CO² emissions was 73,520.16
a series of measures designed to                        Employees at Head Office also participate      Again this year, ”la Caixa” follows the     tons, 73,112.94 of which correspond
reduce the environmental impact of                      in waste management by using the Puntos        Kyoto Protocol guidelines in undertaking    to emissions from electric power
their activities.                                       Verdes waste drop-off stations.                commitments to reduce CO² emissions.        consumption and a further 407.22
                                                                                                       Emissions are a result of day-to-day        arising from diesel fuel oil consumed. In
                                                                                                       operations, air-conditioning, heating       2008, ”la Caixa” consolidated initiatives
                                                                                                       premises, travel, and running turbines and  it introduced in 2007, and that have
                                                                                                       generators in emergency situations.         reduced the level of atmospheric
                                                                                                                                                   emissions. In 2008, there was a 24%
                                                                                                       Since 2007, ”la Caixa” has reduced          reduction in the figure for kilometres
                                                                                                       the volume of atmospheric emissions         travelled by employees (19.4 million
                                                                                                       through a range of initiatives that target  in 2008), thanks to internal promotion
                                                                                                       the aforementioned operational causes.      of alternative travelling methods. The
                                                                                                       These initiatives were further consolidated reduction in the number of corporate trips
                                                                                                       in 2008. A diminution in corporate travel   has enabled a reduction of 2,473.5 tons
                                                                                                       correlated to a reduction of 755 tons of    of CO² emissions, in other words, 755
                                                                                                       CO² emissions. In 2008, corporate travel    tons less than the previous financial year.
                                                                                                       dropped to 19.4 million kilometres, a 24%
                                                                                                       reduction on 2007 largely due to choosing       Sustainable travel
                                                                                                       alternative communication options.              In 2008, ”la Caixa” prepared a
                                                                                                                                                                   mobility survey for Head Office
                                                                                                       In 2008, ”la Caixa” consolidated                            employees to learn about travel
                                                                                                       initiatives it introduced in 2007, and that                 distribution, commuting habits, and
                                                                                                       have reduced the level of atmospheric                       types of transport.
                                                                                                       emissions. Throughout 2008, the total

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   144                                                  Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   145
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                          3. Contribution to the welfare of society

requirements for suppliers                                                                       SuPPlIErS arE OBlIGED tO aDOPt thE
                                                                                                                                                             In 2005, the Institution became a
                                                                                                                                                             signatory of the United Nations Global
                                                                                                 ENvIrONMENtal PrINCIPlES DEfINED
                                                                                                                                                             Compact, and has extended the scope
                                                                                                 IN thE ”la CaIxa” ENvIrONMENtal
  Starting point: To promote our commitment to sustainable development                                                                                       of this commitment to include suppliers.
  among our suppliers and partners in the value-added of financial activity.                                                                                 In 2007, GDS-CUSA, PromoCaixa and
                                                                                                                                                             Sumasa introduced a supply contract
  Where we are: ”la Caixa” has implemented a comprehensive waste                                                                                             clause requesting that all suppliers
  management policy through coherent procedures. All our suppliers adopt                                                                                     present any sustainability certifications
  these environmental requirements and incorporate them into their respective                                                                                they hold.
  environmental policies. In tandem, ”la Caixa” has defined a purchasing policy                  In 2008, ”la Caixa” received 620,320
  that ensures transparency and the strictest compliance with the established                    invoices accounting for purchased                           PromoCaixa, in particular requires that
  legal framework.                                                                               goods and services to the value of EUR                      all new and existing suppliers include
                                                                                                 1,512.77 million. 90% of invoices were                      an Environmental Protection clause
  Where we want to get to: Raise sustainability awareness among suppliers                        paid within the agreed 60-day payment                       together with a clause affirming their
  through renewed agreements and foster knowledge sharing.                                       timeframe. With 285 strategic suppliers,                    adherence to the United Nations Global
                                                                                                 the top five suppliers were paid a                          Compact. One action in particular
                                                                                                 combined total of EUR 235.38 million.                       stands out as an example of both
                                                                                                                                                             responsible purchasing and support for
                                                                                                 In PromoCaixa, all contracts for                            fair trade. Sumasa purchased 190 tons
                                                                                                 amounts in excess of EUR 30,000                             of sweets made using Fair Trade sugar.
                                                                                                 must include an RFQ (Request
Suppliers are a key part of the value-                  Several departments are involved         For Quotation) and be submitted
added at ”la Caixa” and as such, have                   in managing purchasing, like             to Purchasing Approval. If the
a bearing on the environment and                        legal services and the responsible       invoice is above EUR 60,000, then                           thE INStItutION ClEarly
must also accept responsibility for any                 management of the contracting            they are subject first to a tender                          DEMONStratED ItS WIll tO COMBat
environmental impact. The consistent                    departments. For ”la Caixa” monitoring   process followed by submission to                           ENvIrONMENtal DaMaGE By aDOPtING
actions of suppliers in adhering to the                 and control of operational processes     Purchasing Approval. In 2008, Sumasa                        thE PrINCIPlES Of thE uNItED
”la Caixa” corporate environmental                      is essential as is ensuring supplier     established evaluation procedures with                      NatIONS GlOBal COMPaCt IN 2005. thIS
policy, is continually reinforced by the                compliance with health and safety        CaixaExchange for all service contracts                     COMMItMENt haS SuBSEquENtly BEEN
organization.                                           regulations.                             above EUR 3,000.                                            ExtENDED tO INCluDE all SuPPlIErS

A combination of transparency and                                                                The commitment undertaken to
shared-purpose are indispensable to the                                                          promote sustainable development
                                                                                                                                                             PrOMOCaIxa rEquIrES that all NEW
relationship that exist between ”la Caixa”                                                       must be coherent throughout the
                                                        fOr ”la CaIxa” MONItOrING aND                                                                        aND ExIStING SuPPlIErS INCluDE aN
and its partners. Consequently, all                                                              entire value-added chain of ”la Caixa”
                                                        CONtrOl Of OPEratIONal PrOCESSES                                                                     ENvIrONMENtal PrOtECtION ClauSE
interactions between ”la Caixa” and a                                                            activities. As a result, suppliers are
                                                        IS ESSENtIal aS IS ENSurING SuPPlIEr                                                                 tOGEthEr WIth a ClauSE affIrMING
supplier is managed and tracked using                                                            obliged to subscribe to the sustainability
                                                        COMPlIaNCE WIth hEalth aND SafEty                                                                    thEIr aDhErENCE tO thE uNItED
computerized programmes that pool                                                                practices defined in the environmental
                                                        rEGulatIONS                                                                                          NatIONS GlOBal COMPaCt
information on all transactions.                                                                 policy of the Institution.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   146                                            Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   147
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.7 a great place to work

The ”la Caixa” Group is one of the                      ”la Caixa”, which is an increase of       Distribution by gender                                                  2006            2007                2008
leading quality job creators in Spain.                  4.3% compared to 2007.
                                                        Staff growth has been concentrated        total number of males                                                13,296           13,560          13,996
The human resources of ”la Caixa” and                   in three areas. Firstly, 1,330 people
its subsidiary companies are comprised                  were newly recruited. Secondly,           % males                                                                    56               55              53.7
of 26,056 professionals, employed in                    Banca de Empresas (Corporate
teams at ”la Caixa”, Caixa Capital Risc,                Banking) represents the creation of       total number of females                                              10,361           11,165          12,060
e-la Caixa, GDS-CUSA, MicroBank,                        a new line of business, comprising
PromoCaixa, Servihabitat, Silk, Sumasa                  68 business centres and 650               % females                                                                  44               45              46.3
and Vivienda Asequible.                                 employees. This creation of this new     Nota 1: Includes employees of ”la Caixa”, Caixa Capital Risc, e-la Caixa, GDS-CUSA, MicroBank, Promocaixa,
                                                        division accounted for 14% of all new    Servihabitat, Silk, Sumasa and Vivienda Asequible.
Despite the economic downturn,                          positions created in ”la Caixa” last     The key to the excellent competitive                           and personally within the organisation.
the hire rate for new staff at the                      year. And, thirdly 400 professionals     position enjoyed by ”la Caixa” is its                          This has enabled the Institution to
organisation has continued to rise with                 joined the organisation as part of the   commitment to a solid, motivated and                           become the leading retail bank in Spain
a further 1,919 new employees. 1,730                    acquisition of the Private Banking       dynamic team of employees who are                              and the largest savings bank in the
new employees joined the ranks of                       division Morgan Stanley.                 encouraged to grow both professionally                         world.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   148                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008     149
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                          3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                        Objectives 2007                          Initiatives 2008                                            Challenges 2009-2010

                               Dialogue                 • Enhance internal communication.        • Deployment of the Employee /                              • Improve communication with
                                                                                                   Manager portal.                                             ”la Caixa” employees.
                                                                                                 • Completion of the Link-Caixa system.
                                                                                                 • Creation of an Intranet area for social
                                                                                                   initiatives and networking called
                                                                                                   Espacio Solidario.

                               Diversity                • Fulfil the measures of the Optima      • Review the Optima Programme and                           • Design and development of Internal
                                                          Programme.                               verify it complies with all its directives.                 Equality Plan.
                                                                                                 • Development of internal equality
                                                                                                   analysis system.

                               Work/life                • Signing of Equality and Work/Life      • Establishing measures to promote                          • Implementation of actions approved
                               balance                    Balance Protocols with trade unions.     work/life balance.                                          by Equality Plan and Work / Life
                                                                                                 • Creation of a commission to monitor                         Protocol.
                                                                                                   progress in work/life balance.

                               labour                   • Commitment to job creation,            • Review Code of Ethics.                   • Internal distribution of the Code of
                               integration                promotion, training, and skills        • 1,730 new employees joined the             Ethics.
                                                          development.                             company in 2008.                         • Enhance professional training and
                                                                                                 • Celebration of the 1000th edition of the development programmes for
                                                                                                   “Discover ”la Caixa” Programme”.           ”la Caixa” employees.
                                                                                                 • 6% increase in training investment
                                                                                                   compared to 2007.
                                                                                                 • 1,128 employees applied for entry
                                                                                                   to the Financial Services Manager

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   150                                            Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   151
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                     3. Contribution to the welfare of society

 Employees evolution of ”la Caixa”                                                          Dialogue
 and its subsidiary companies                               average seniority average age

”la Caixa”                                                         12                39      Starting point: The motivated and skilled team of professionals at ”la Caixa”
                                                                                             has been critical to the organisation achieving its excellent current competitive
Caixa Capital risc                                               2.39               32.4     position.

e-la Caixa                                                        4.3              37.25     Where we are: ”la Caixa” has opened a wide range of channels for dialogue
                                                                                             between the Institution and its employees. The ‘Great Place to Work Institute
GDS-Cusa                                                         5.09               33.7     Spain’ acknowledged the excellence of these communication channels and
                                                                                             positions ”la Caixa” among its top fifty employers.
MicroBank                                                        3.72               41.8

PromoCaixa                                                       2.74                36      Where we want to get to: Continue introducing fresh initiatives to meet
                                                                                             individual and specific needs of our employees, and endeavour to address
Servihabitat                                                        7                40      their professional and personal concerns and expectations.

Silk                                                             2.55               36.1
                                                                                            The provision of specific solutions                         Environment Survey’, the company
Sumasa                                                              6                40
                                                                                            to address employee requirements                            also conducts a ‘Work/Life Balance
vivienda asequible                                                1.8                33     is vital to create an optimal working                       Survey’, canvassing employee
                                                                                            environment and at the end of the day,                      opinion regarding their experiences in
                                                                                            indirectly benefits the customers of                        balancing professional commitments
 Contract type of ”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies          2006     2007    2008    ”la Caixa”. For another year running,                       and personal and family life. The
 total nº internships                                               N/D     N/D       28    ”la Caixa” provided employees                               findings of these surveys have sparked
                                                                                            with a wide variety of channels for                         policy improvements and, in 2008, the
 total nº employees on full-time or                              23,625 24,590 25,894       communication; these are used for                           implementation of new policies covering
 permanent contracts                                                                        distributing and receiving information.                     areas such as equality and Work/Life
 total nº employees on full-time or                              23,623 24,489 25,824
                                                                                            Employees can express their opinions,
 permanent contracts (full-time)
                                                                                            make suggestions, and communicate                           CanalCaixa
 total nº employees on full-time or                                     2   101       70    their needs and ideas via these different                   One of the ways that best demonstrate
 permanent contracts (part-time)                                                            channels:                                                   the importance of people at ”la Caixa”
                                                                                                                                                        is, also a resource for internal
 Employees on full-time or permanent                               99%      99%     99%     Surveys                                                     communication. The Canal Caixa
 contract                                                                                   ”la Caixa” carries out surveys among                        magazine published 7 issues last
                                                                                            employees in order to assess their                          year and had a distribution of around
 total nº employees on part-time contracts                           32     135      165
                                                                                            needs, concerns and ways in which                           200,900 copies. The magazine brings
 Employees on part-time contracts                                            1%       1%    we can develop our human resources                          the readership up to date on items of
                                                                                            policies. As well as the ‘Working                           employee interest and covers all the

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   152                                       Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   153
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                   human resource management
                                                                                                   applications were migrated to it, like                      Intranet space for Social
                                                                                                   the Link-Caixa system, which has                            responsibility and Cooperation
                                                                                                   enabled peer-to-peer communication                          The corporate Intranet service at
                                                                                                   for issues that do not necessarily                          ”la Caixa” recently made a social
                                                                                                   bear relation to work.                                      responsibility webspace available,
                                                                                                                                                               Espacio Solidario is a utility to inform
                                                                                                   Suggestions Box                                             employees about social responsibility
                                                                                                   Employees are the active driving                            initiatives and bring their attention to
                                                                                                   force behind innovation at ”la Caixa”.                      those that they can participate in. In
                                                                                                   Suggestions Box contributions                               collaboration with Welfare Projects,
                                                                                                   received amounted to 8,358                                  this space enables employees to
                                                                                                   proposals for improvements from                             keep up with all latest information
                                                                                                   3,729 different employees. Every                            regarding the outreach projects being
                                                                                                   day more than 30 employees submit                           developed. The Espacio Solidario is
                                                                                                   proposals and consequently service                          divided into three separate sections:
                                                                                                   reviews and improvements have                               Employee Social Responsibility
                                                                                                   been undertaken in banking services,                        and Participation, Corporate
                                                                                                   customer relationship management,                           Volunteering and Emergencies and
                                                                                                   and branch operating procedures                             Humanitarian Action. Employees
                                                                 2006        2007        2008      demonstrating the usefulness of this                        accessing the area can make a
                                                                                                   platform.                                                   voluntary donation of as little as
 total number of issues                                              9         10           7                                                                  one Euro, apply to participate in the
                                                                                                                                                               volunteer programme or provide
 total number of copies distributed                          260,000     270,000     200,900
                                                                                                                                                               assistance in situations that require
                                                                                                                                                               humanitarian relief.
latest initiatives, projects, campaigns                 with more than 77,590 consultations
and activities of the Welfare Projects.                 handlel, 62,500 of them in the same
                                                        initial call.
Call Center
The Call Centre provides employees                      Intranet and the Employee / Manager
with a channel, via Intranet, to access                 Portal
all financial and commercial information                One of the primary goals achieved in
and to speedily resolve any queries                     2008 has been the development of
they may have regarding their activities                the range of assistance and support
within the company.                                     options available to employees through
                                                        the corporate Intranet service. By the
In 2008, the phone service at the Call                  end of 2008, the Employee / Manager
Centre received more 140,000 calls,                     Portal was fully operational and several

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   154                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   155
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                        3. Contribution to the welfare of society


 Suggestions Box and forum for Participatory Innovation                              2008      Starting point: A cornerstone of ”la Caixa” human resource management
                                                                                               policy is the respect for diversity and the fostering of inclusiveness regardless
 total nº of employees who submitted suggestions for improvement                    3,729      of social grouping.
 total nº of suggestions for improvement submitted                                  8,358
                                                                                               Where we are: ”la Caixa” carried out an equality analysis in 2008 as the first
 total nº of suggestions actioned                                                   3,970      step towards the development of an equality plan in 2009

 total nº of suggestions planned                                                    1,033      Where we want to get to: Strengthening a human resources management
                                                                                               policy that meets employees’ requirements.
 total nº of suggestions under review                                                 951

 total nº of suggestions rejected                                                   2,404
                                                                                              Human Resources management at                               • Appoint female workers to positions
 turnaround time compliance level for all suggestions submitted by                   95%      ”la Caixa” is characterized by a                              where they are under-represented –.
 employees. (Expected - 45 days)                                                              responsible respect for diversity and                       • Guarantee job stability.
                                                                                              fosters equal opportunities while                           • Encourage promotion to executive
                                                                                              opposing any discrimination on the                            positions.
                                                                                              grounds of gender, age or disability.                       • Foster measures to facilitate work/life
Ideas like EcoCaixa (paper-saving
                                                        thE SuGGEStIONS BOx haS BECOME        Year after year, ”la Caixa” manages                           balance
measures available within the
                                                        ONE Of thE MOSt INfluENtIal           to meet the challenges presented by
ATM interface), the Cuenta Digital
                                                        EMPlOyEE rESOurCES; OvEr 30           its ambitious equality drive.                               Compliance with the existing legislation
Cero.com (a comprehensive
                                                        EMPlOyEE PrOPOSalS arE                                                                            is key to demonstrating commitment to
commission free service for payroll
                                                        SuBMIttED DaIly                       In fact, since 2006, ”la Caixa”                             improving equality in the workplace. As
administrators who use purely
                                                                                              has been a certified participant                            a further step ”la Caixa” carried out an
electronic banking interfaces) or
                                                                                              in the Spanish Ministry of Labour                           internal organisation-wide equality audit
the TPV•Hora de cierre service for
                                                                                              and Social Security sponsored                               this year. The findings will inform plans
retailers and restaurateurs (enable
                                                                                              Optima Programme, recognised                                to improve the way equality is promoted
these clients to set automatic closing
                                                        OvErall, a tOtal Of 8,358 IDEaS fOr   for its promotion of equality in the                        in 2009. During 2008, the growth in the
time for their POS terminals), all
                                                        IMPrOvEMENt havE BEEN rECEIvED        workplace. This certification is                            in the number of female employees at
began life as employee suggestions
                                                        frOM OvEr 3,729 EMPlOyEES vIa         reviewed annually and the 2008                              ”la Caixa” was achieved without any
and came from all across the
                                                        INtraNEt DurING thE yEar              audit confirmed that all selection,                         incidents of discrimination.
                                                                                              communication, training and
                                                                                              professional advancement processes                          It is noteworthy that the current payment
                                                                                              are in full compliance with the                             structure for all staff at ”la Caixa” and its
                                                                                              following directives:                                       subsidiaries is based on each employee’s
                                                                                              • Promote workplace balance                                 professional and performance levels,
                                                                                                between the sexes.                                        irrespective of gender.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   156                                         Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   157
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                  and Social Security (See references                         Committee, the Single Committee
 Objectives met in 2008:                                                                          above), ”la Caixa” adheres to reserving                     on Health and Safety and the
 • 46.3% of all employees at                                                                      2% of work roles for person with                            Commission for Training, among
   ”la Caixa” and its subsidiaries are                                                            disabilities through the direct current                     others.
   female.                                                                                        employment of 96 people, and by
 • 12.2% of managerial positions are                                                              way of contractual agreements with                          In 2008, five different trade union
   held by women.                                                                                 specialist employment centres to                            organisations were represented at
 • 55% of all new employees are                                                                   arrange supply of raw materials or                          some level on the committees. They
   female.                                                                                        provision of services, or alternatively                     are: CCOO (Comisiones Obreras),
 • A total of 502 people are of different                                                         through economic donations and                              SECPB (Sindicato de Employees
   nationalities other than Spanish.                                                              sponsorship acts.                                           de Cajas de Ahorros y Pensiones
                                                                                                                                                              Barcelona), UGT (Unión General
                                                                                                  In 2008, financial support allocated                        de Trabajadores), FEC (Federació
 Gender (”la Caixa”)                                                    2007            2008      to the development of occupational                          d’Estalvi de Catalunya) and SIB
                                                                                                  integration activities that create jobs                     (Sindicat Independent de Balears).
 total nº of management team who are male                                277             259
                                                                                                  for disabled persons increased to EUR                       Since the elections in 2006, the
 % of male employee members of management team                            89             87.8     4,002,000.                                                  trade unions have had employee
                                                                                                                                                              representation within the different
 total nº of management team who are female                               34              36      ”la Caixa” also promotes occupational                       governing bodies. There are 20 trade
                                                                                                  integration of disadvantaged                                union representatives on the General
 % of female employee members of management team                          11             12.2     groups who cannot easily enter the                          Assembly: 3 on the Board of Directors,
                                                                                                  conventional job market. In Catalonia,                      a further 3 on the Board of Trustees
                                                                                                  towards the end of 2008, an agreement                       of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, and 1 on
 Nationalities (”la Caixa”)                                             2007            2008      was signed with the Generalitat to                          each of the four Sub-Committees: the
                                                                                                  promote employment for victims of                           Executive Committee, The Social and
 Overall nº of employees of other nationalities                          465             481      abuse, who otherwise might have been                        Cultural Outreach Projects Committee,
                                                                                                  excluded from the job market.                               the Steering Committee, and the
 % of total employees on staff                                              2             1.9                                                                 Investment Committee.
                                                                                                  respecting collective rights
                                                                                                  In addition to Saving Banks Sector                          As a result of talks with trade unions,
Occupational integration of people                      integration of disabled persons (LISMI    Collective Agreement, ”la Caixa”                            several new agreements were signed
with disabilities                                       as per the acronym in Spanish).           champions agreements between                                in 2008 that provide for the following:
Royal Decree 364/2005, of April 8th,                                                              Management and the trade unions,                            • Protocol for prevention of and dealing
establishes a quota of 2% for disabled                  The Institution complies fully and        resulting in enhanced working                                 with incidents of sexual harassment
workers in companies with 50 or more                    legally and employees with disabilities   conditions for employees. The                                 in the workplace.
employees. These organisations are                      occupy at least 2% of positions in the    Institution also boasts a series of                         • Equality Protocol for unmarried
required by regulation to comply with                   company. By virtue of it’s commitment     collective bargaining committees, like                        couples.
the provisions of article 38.1 of Law                   to the declaration of exceptional cases   the Joint Committee on Careers and                          • Set up of a Monitoring Committee for
13/1982, of April 7th, regarding social                 of the Spanish Ministry of Labour         Salaries, the Pension Plan Control                            Work/Life Balance Protocol.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   158                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   159
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                 3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                        Work / life balance
  for a better Collective agreement:
  In April 2008, ”la Caixa” signed the Savings Banks Collective Agreement for the
  2007-2010 period, in line with the Strategic Plan 2007-2010. This will directly                        Starting point: Striking a balance between professional and personal life is an
  affect 24,000 employees who can benefit through a compliance-linked bonus                              important commitment for ”la Caixa” and annual improvements benefit employee
  scheme that delivers bonus payments based on recurring profits generated.                              well-being.
  The salary increases identified in this agreement will be delivered if 80% of
  the objectives are achieved, and if that rises above 120%, then the entire                             Where we are: ”la Caixa” has introduced a series of improvements in
  workforce receive an additional bonus payment. The same agreement provides                             employment conditions to positively benefit staff members’ and recognise the
  for training support with assistance for employees who undertake university                            importance of their personal lives under the auspices of the of the ‘Armonía’
  courses, post-graduate studies or language studies.                                                    project. Important changes have been introduced to improve the conditions key to
                                                                                                         achieving a successful work/life balance. Areas impacted include: Annual Leave,
 respecting collective rights in ”la Caixa”                                                              holidays, leave of absence, internal transfers, flexible working hours and the
                                                                                                         working timetable.
 freedom of association and collective bargaining                                              2008
 % of employees represented by independent trade unions or                                     100       Where we want to get to: Implementing new and innovative measures that
 who are covered under a collective agreement                                                            contribute to improving the work/live balance and staff well being. These types of
                                                                                                         initiative recognisably and positively affect employee performance and enhance
 Overall expense associated with fines or work-related complaints                            1,253       the employee’s capacity to provide higher quality service to customers.
 received (Eur Million)

 Nº of employees who participated in last trade union elections                              4,000
                                                                                                        Compatibility between family                                planned actions include developing
 Overall nº of trade union associations Works Committee                                             5   and working life and professional                           additional equality and work/life balance
                                                                                                        development is key to employee well-                        programmes, Redefining working
 Overall nº of trade union representatives in governing bodies                                     20   being at ”la Caixa”. Once again this                        timetables and time-management,
                                                                                                        year, the Institution and its subsidiaries                  annual leave, leave of absence and
 Minimum period of advance notice (days)                                                           15   have implemented projects and specific                      employee training programmes are
                                                                                                        initiatives to enable employees to strike                   just some of the areas under review
                                                                                                        a better balance between personal and                       in accordance with the Equality and
 Overall nº of trade union                                        Overall nº of sanctions or            working life.                                               Work/Life Balance Protocol. This new
 representatives electioned                                       work-related complaints received                                                                  framework of measures is of great
                                                                                                        In 2008, as a result of ‘Óptima’                            importance to ”la Caixa” employees. In
 ”la Caixa”                                           172         ”la Caixa”                 119        Programme and the ‘Armonía’ projects,                       support of this protocol, the Monitoring
                                                                                                        actions have been identified that                           Committee for Work/Family Balance
 e-la Caixa                                             1         PromoCaixa                   1        present several new challenges. The                         Protocol was set up in April 2008.
 GDS-CuSa                                               5

 Sumasa                                                 9

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008         160                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   161
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                      3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                            Measures for striking a balance between family and working life available
 Equality and Work/life Balance                                                             to employees
 Objectives:                                                                                Sections                                       Measures
 • to encourage appointment of female                                                       Working day                                   • Half hour flexibility for working day start-time.
   employees to executive positions.                                                                                                      • Reduction in working day between 1/8th and 1/2
 • to improve maternity and paternity                   rEDEfINItION Of WOrk Day                                                            to care for children under 12 years of age.
   leave conditions.                                    tIMEtaBlES, tIME MaNaGEMENt,                                                      • Reduced hours on Thursday afternoons to care
 • to introduce new conciliatory bi-                    lEavES Of aBSENCE aND traINING                                                      for children under 6.
   partisan measures to facilitate                      PrOGraMMES arE JuSt SOME Of thE
   internal transfers.                                  SuBJECtS that havE BEEN rEvIEWED    leave, holidays and                           • Short-term leave (up to one day) for emergencies,
 • to facilitate positive integration of                uNDEr thE EqualIty aND WOrk/        leave of absence                                unforeseen circumstances, personal matters, etc.
   more senior employees.                               lIfE BalaNCE PrOtOCOlS, a NEW                                                       Organised through branch.
 • to define a policy for covering leave                fraMEWOrk Of INItIatIvES Of GrEat                                                 • Unpaid leave of absence of up to 10 days for
   due to illness in accordance with the                rElEvaNCE tO thE MEMBErS Of Staff                                                   studies and serious family or personal matters
   ‘Armonía’ project.                                   at ”la CaIxa”                                                                     • Leave for marriage, childbirth, sickness, death
 • to establish a series of progressive                                                                                                     in the family or house moving, etc. have all been
   work/life balance training initiatives.                                                                                                  extended by three working days.
 • to standardise procedures for short-                                                                                                   • Option to take annual holidays over three discrete
   term leave of absence applications.                                                                                                      periods for work/life balance motives.
 • to improve efficiency in meetings.                                                                                                     • Leave of absence: improved and extended in the
                                                                                                                                            cases of caring for dependants, women who’ve
“Helping to strike a balance between family life and work                                                                                   been victims of violence, against, maintenance in
life as well as promoting the principle of equal opportunities                                                                              living arrangement, career breaks for participating
between men and women are just some of the challenges                                                                                       in programmes social responsibility, personal
facing the work/life balance protocol and the future equality                                                                               matters or studies.
plan we have set in motion. To this end we have extended                                                                                  • Maternity leave extended by 10 days.
leave of absence periods for maternity, paternity and leave                                                                               • Paternity leave extended by one day per year for
for mother’s breast feeding. Also, the conditions required to                                                                               the next four years.
qualify for leave of absence have been increased, transfers
are prioritized in accordance with established criteria,                                    transfers                                     • Priority given to applications for transfer
and learning seminars inform employees about all these                                                                                      received from employees caring for dependants,
matters. With these measures we hope to provide realistic                                                                                   experiencing pregnancy, breast-feeding, family
answers to personal, family and cultural situations for                                                                                     reunifications, sickness of employee or partner,
employees, as well as becoming a benchmark reference                                                                                        children and parents.
point for these types of initiatives in our industry”.                                                                                    • Preference given to transfer applications
                                                                                                                                            indicating personal reasons for employees with
Anna Quirós, Labour Relations Manager at ”la Caixa”                                                                                         more than three years service.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   162                                     Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008         163
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                 3. Contribution to the welfare of society

 Sections                                        Measures                                                      Work/life balance                                                   2006       2007       2008
 holding positions open                          • For leave of absence in order to care for                   Maternity / paternity leave (”la Caixa”)
                                                   dependants for up to a maximum of three years.
                                                                                                               Nº of days available for maternity leave                             N/D        N/D         122
 Senior teams                                    • For qualified cover of sick leave, training junior          (single birth)
                                                   employees, business unit support, etc.
                                                 • Drawing up plans for progressive retirement or              Nº of days available for maternity leave                             N/D        N/D         140
                                                   phased disengagement.                                       (multiple birth, two infants)

 leave                                           • Immediate cover for maternity leave, short-term             Nº of days available for paternity leave                             N/D        N/D          14
                                                   career breaks, or prolonged illness.
                                                                                                               Work schedule (”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies)
 Meetings and training                           • Improve efficiency of meetings.
                                                 • Training courses in equality, Work/Life balance,            Overall nº of full-time employees                                23,341      24,514 25,746
                                                   time management, work planning, etc.
                                                                                                               Overall nº of part-time employees                                    316        110         283
 Cases which receive                             • Maternity, paternity and those victims of bullying,
 special attention                                 discrimination or violence against women.                   Overall nº of employees on leave of absence                          N/D        N/D         541

 Joint committee                                 • Monitoring of Protocol implementation.
                                                 • Drawing up quantitative indicators.                         advantages and social benefits (thousand euros)
                                                 • Proposal of new measures.                                   (”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies)                                                 2008

                                                                                                               Overall investment by the company in services and social                              194,011
The efforts made by ”la Caixa” to embed a                      the third year running, the company got         benefits for employees
committed, fair and social human resource                      first place as employee’s first choice in the
management policy has obtained one                             MERCO ranking.                                  Contribution to pension plans                                                           87,451
of the most prestigious recognitions in
the international corporate environment.                       All these efforts by ”la Caixa” to strive       healthcare benefits (healthcare plans)                                                  10,763
In 2008, ”la Caixa” was chosen by the                          for equality and Work/Life balance are
Great Place to Work Institute as one of                        complemented by a policy of providing           Study / Educational assistance                                                          14,389
the top 50 companies to work for. In the                       advantages and social benefits such as
current edition, ”la Caixa” was fourth place                   insurance cover and bonuses, without            Others                                                                                   6,090
in the ranking of companies with more                          discriminating between full-time and part-
than 1,000 employees. Furthermore,                             time employees. In 2008, ”la Caixa” and         life or accident insurance cover                                                        26,080
the Institution was acknowledged as the                        its subsidiaries allocated more than EUR
company offering employees the fairest                         190 million to services and social benefits     Preferential conditions on financial products                                           49,237
deal. On top of international honours, for                     for workers.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008          164                                                  Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   165
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

health and Safety                                       In 2008, the number of working days         Occupational integration at ”la Caixa”
”la Caixa” and its subsidiaries are fully               lost to accidents in the workplace was
committed to maximal compliance with                    5,570, and other forms of sick leave
health and safety legislation.                          accounted for 214,698 days.                  Starting point: ”la Caixa” is one of the leading financial institutions in job
                                                                                                     creation, and career and skills development.
As a demonstration of this commitment,                  The ”la Caixa” subsidiaries, GDS-Cusa
”la Caixa” voluntarily undertakes                       and Sumasa have their own Health and         Where we are: ”la Caixa” has revolutionized the concept of occupational
several audits:                                         Safety Committees with representatives       integration through the creation of programmes focused exclusively on
• Regulatory Audit: under law, ”la Caixa”               from workers and management.                 orienting and guiding new employees, and informing them of our corporate
   submits its General Occupational Health                                                           values and ethical principles.
   and Safety System (SGPRL) to an                      The subsidiaries of ”la Caixa” contract
   external auditor at least once every four            an external hazard prevention service,       Where we want to get to: Continue to reinforce the relationship between the
   years, or additionally as required by                and all subsidiaries carry out health and    Institution and its employees, promoting career development from within the
   labour authorities.                                  safety training courses in accordance        internal employee ranks.
• Voluntary Audit: voluntarily, and apart               with the requirements of current
   from the regulatory audit, ”la Caixa”                regulations.
   submits its SGPRL to an annual control                                                           One of the objectives which distinguish                     and updated at the end of 2008. In
   and monitoring audit.                                                                            ”la Caixa” year-on-year is its dedication                   addition this year, the revised version
• OHSAS 18001 Audit: ”la Caixa” is                                                                  to safeguarding its position as                             of the Internal Code of Conduct
   certified for its SGPRL, in accordance                                                           market leader in job creation, career                       for the Stock Market (RIC), will
   with the requirements of the international                                                       advancement, and employee training.                         be introduced bringing significant
   specification OHSAS 18001:1999 which                                                             The occupational integration policy is                      changes to employee’s rights and
   certifies excellence in Occupational                                                             focused on creating a labour framework                      obligations.
   Health and Safety Systems.                                                                       where the employee identifies with the
                                                                                                    organisation and feels, valued, secure                      A new Intranet portal was launched
                                                                                                    and looked-after.                                           devoted to Regulatory Compliance
                                                                                                                                                                where employees can access all the
                                                                                                    ”la Caixa” Code of Ethics                                   information regarding regulations and
                                                                                                    Since 1998, all actions and processes                       codes of conduct for ”la Caixa” and
                                                                                                    arising from employees carrying out                         includes the Code of Ethics, the New
                                                                                                    their work duties are governed by                           Technologies Code, Internal Code of
                                                                                                    the Professional Code of Ethics and                         Conduct in for the Stock Market (RIC)
                                                                                                    General Principles of Performance in                        and the Circular on Development of
                                                                                                    ”la Caixa”. The code was reviewed                           RIC.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   166                                               Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   167
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                       3. Contribution to the welfare of society

recruitment                                                                                                   Welcome programme                                           organisation strives to reinforce and
During 2008, a total of 1,730 new                                    qualified young people                   From the very beginning of a new                            improve its competitive advantage.
employees joined the ranks of                                        ”la Caixa” gave 10 corporate             employees’ professional career, ”la Caixa”                  This commitment to training is one that
”la Caixa”. Equal opportunity is                                     presentations in Spanish universities    strives to ensure they appreciate and share                 consolidates development of our human
the guiding force in all recruitment                                 in 2008. The Institution’s reputation    the values and culture of the Organisation.                 assets and seeks to guarantee a better
procedures. In order to build a                                      as a quality job creating company is     The New Employees Welcome                                   service for our customers.
competent team of professionals,                                     the reason why they received 41,109      Programme is one esteemed by staff
employee selection tools are used to                                 curricula from young people interested   members and represents a best-practice                      Throughout the 2008 financial year,
guarantee equal opportunities, as well                               in joining the team. In response to      example of people management policy at                      ”la Caixa” operated several mechanisms
as determining suitability to corporate                              the demand, ”la Caixa” has once          ”la Caixa”. The programme stimulates and                    for employees to communicate training
responsibilities.                                                    again fostered employment among          excites new employees and provides a                        requirements and the feedback received
                                                                     young qualified people starting out,     method for coordinating specific highest-                   contributed to developing or refining the
                                                                     offering excellent opportunities to      level training.                                             following training initiatives:
                                                                     those interested in developing their                                                                 • Regulated/Institutional training.
                                                                     future professional careers within the   training                                                    • Occupation specific training plans.
                                                                     organisation. The profile of the ideal   Training is one of the most important                       • Bank management courses for the over
                                                                     candidate is a versatile, dynamic        assets that ”la Caixa” and its subsidiaries                   40s.
                                                                     young person with a university           use to better day-to-day operations.                        • Head Office Training Plan.
 Staff retention rate                                                qualification, aged between 21 and 27,   For a successive year, training is                          • On-line Training Portal Virtaula.
                                                      94.5 %
 (”la Caixa”)                                                        having some commercial experience.       the principle means by which the                            • Financial Services Manager courses
                                                                                                                                                                            open to all employees enrolled in the
                                                                                                                ‘Discover ”la Caixa”’ celebrates                            FSM Programme.
                                                                                                                its 1,000 session
                                                                                                                Since a group of employees from                           All employees who pursue career
                                                                                                                the regional network paid their first                     development through the second phase
                                                                                                                visit to Head Offices and toured its                      of the FSM Programme are eligible
 New staff members and net job creation                                                                         main business areas in 1986, over                         for inclusion in the Financial Services
 (”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies)                                                          2008        22,000 employees have taken part                          Manager course.
                                                                                                                in ‘Discover ”la Caixa”’ sessions.
 Overall nº of new recruits                                                                        1,919        After 22 years in operation, the                          In total, in 2008, ”la Caixa” allocated
                                                                                                                initiative has exceeded its original                      over EUR 15 million to training, 6%
 Overall nº of new male recruits                                                                     868        mission and has given rise to fresh                       more than the pervious year, alongside
                                                                                                                proposals enabling the Institution to                     which funding for training from the State
 % new male recruits                                                                                   45       build stronger ties with employees                        Foundation for Occupational Training
                                                                                                                and vice-versa: ‘Discover Head                            (FEFE), contributed in excess of EUR 3
 Overall nº of new female recruits                                                                 1,051        Office’ and ‘Discover the Network’                        million.
                                                                                                                are the two latest programmes to
 % new female recruits                                                                                 55       have been introduced.                                     An active participant who is keen to
                                                                                                                                                                          learn. These traits best define the

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008            168                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   169
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                          3. Contribution to the welfare of society

nature of a member of the professional                  Professional Development
                                                                                                   training                                                             ”la Caixa” ”la Caixa” and
team at ”la Caixa”: 88% of staff have                   During the 2008 financial year, the                                                                                         its subsidiary
participated in some form of training                   ”la Caixa” team enhanced the                                                                                                   companies
course, the total training hours provided               employee developmental methodology         total investment in employee training                                    15,088              15,675
exceeds 634,296, with classroom-based                   that enables it to identify and develop    (Thousand euro)
training accounting for 465,408 hours,                  individual skill sets and match these to
the remaining 168,891 hours being on-                   specific professional profiles.            total employee training subsidies received                                3,066               3,071
line or remote access training courses.                                                            (Thousand euro)
Additionally, 486 staff have worked as                  In order to grow the potential of each
in-house trainers, supplementing on-                    team and maximise performance              Number of training actions
site training and remote access based                   based on effort, ”la Caixa”
learning, by voluntarily taking on the role             undertook to gradually rollout this        Total nº of employees that received training                             22,348              22,552
of mentor or “buddy” who partner new                    skills development initiative across
employees through knowledge-transfer                    remaining departments.                     Total nº of hours training                                             634,296             639,945
                                                        The Financial Services Manager             Total nº of hours - classroom-based instruction                        465,408             470,847
Apart form the Welcome and                              Programme (GSF as per the Spanish
mentoring programmes; all new                           acronym) admitted 1,128 employees          Total nº of hours - remote or on-line training                         168,891             169,098
recruits have an Integration and                        this year, bringing the total number of
Professional development Plan.                          those who have participated to 3,914       Total nº of employees who participated as                                    486                 487
This one-year training programme                        by year-end. In 2009, the programme        in-house trainers
comprises classroom-based and e-                        will be revised and updated.
learning courses delivered by banking,
economics and finance experts. Also, in                 To streamline and facilitate               Internal promotion (”la Caixa” and its subsidiary companies)                                   2008
conjunction with an assigned mentor, a                  access to these new programme
plan is developed to provide additional                 parameters, this year saw the initial      total nº of employees promoted internally                                                     5,350
instruction in specialised areas of                     implementation phases of both
financial services including: taxation,                 an abilities-based management              % of total staff                                                                                  20
e-banking, and insurance. Another                       programme and a skills development
training initiative of note is the Security,            management initiative. In addition,        total nº of male employees promoted internally                                                2,295
Money Laundering and Health and                         the responsibilities allocated to the
Safety course, which has been the                       Regional Network human resource            % of male employees promoted internally                                                           43
subject of excellent feedback from the                  teams have been enhanced to
2,911 employees who participated.                       further enable decentralised staff         total nº of female employees promoted internally                                              3,055
                                                        management. It is anticipated that in
It is interesting to note that Sumasa                   2009, employees at ”la Caixa”              % of female employees promoted internally                                                       57%
have developed a training plan based                    Head Office will participate in a
on a newly created on-line platform.                    ‘career-to-date’ scheme.                                                                              average staff turnover rate          0.26%

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   170                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   171
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                                            3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                        Capital                                                        vivienda                                                                    GDS-
                                                      ”la Caixa”         risc         e-la Caixa        Silk    MicroBank              asequible               Servihabitat     PromoCaixa      Sumasa             CuSa

 % bonus payments                                        5.3%             20%            14%            10%                8%                      N/D               18.7%          19.6%               6%            9.5%
 over total salary

 % of employees whose
 bonuses are regulated
 based on collective                                    100%             100%           100%           100%           100%                      100%                 100%            100%            100%            100%

 % of employees with                                    100%             100%           100%           100%           100%                      100%                 100%            100%            100%            100%

 total nº of employees
 subject to bonus
 payments based on                                      100%              87%           100%           100%             67%                  93.75%                  91.1%            75%              36%              9%
 achieving group and
 individual objectives

recognising merits                                                 well as its subsidiaries exceeds both the                                                                    all aCtIONS aND PrOCESSES arISING
In addition to the fixed salary, an                                minimum legal requirements, as well as                                                                       frOM EMPlOyEES CarryING Out thEIr
objectives-based bonus scheme rewards                              those outlined by collective agreement.                                                                      WOrk DutIES arE GOvErNED By thE
those meeting certain general and/or                               In fact, basic salary is regulated by the                                                                    PrOfESSIONal CODE Of EthICS aND
individual objectives. The scheme                                  salary tables established under collective                                                                   GENEral PrINCIPlES Of PErfOrMaNCE
was designed to promote a culture of                               agreement and far exceeds minimum                                                                            IN ”la CaIxa”
teamwork, and acknowledges individual                              legal basic wage.
                                                                                                                fOr a SuCCESSIvE yEar, traINING IS
achievements within the context of the
                                                                                                                thE PrINCIPlE MEaNS By WhICh thE
performance-based results of the joint
                                                                                                                OrGaNISatION StrIvES tO rEINfOrCE                               DurING thE 2008 fINaNCIal yEar,
project team. In 2008, bonus schemes                               thE NEW EMPlOyEES WElCOME                    aND IMPrOvE ItS COMPEtItIvE                                     thE ”la CaIxa” tEaM ENhaNCED
accounted for 5.3% of the total payroll in                         PrOGraMME IS ONE EStEEMED By                 aDvaNtaGE. thIS COMMItMENt tO                                   thE EMPlOyEE DEvElOPMENtal
”la Caixa”.                                                        Staff MEMBErS aND rEPrESENtS                 traINING IS ONE that CONSOlIDatES                               MEthODOlOGy that ENaBlES It tO
                                                                   a BESt-PraCtICE ExaMPlE Of thE               DEvElOPMENt Of Our huMaN aSSEtS                                 IDENtIfy aND DEvElOP INDIvIDual
In line with objectives to support                                 PEOPlE MaNaGEMENt POlICy at                  aND SEEkS tO GuaraNtEE a BEttEr                                 SkIll SEtS aND MatCh thESE tO
professional development of its staff, the                         ”la CaIxa”                                   SErvICE fOr Our CuStOMErS                                       SPECIfIC PrOfESSIONal PrOfIlES
minimum wage for staff at ”la Caixa” as

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008             172                                                Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008        173
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

3.8 Organisational participation & transfer of knowledge

                                                        Objectives 2007                           Initiatives 2008                                            Challenges 2009-2010

                               Partnerships with        • Have a greater tole in the United       • No significant changes in this area.                      • Promote and encourage accountability
                               organisations              Nations Global Compact to promote                                                                     and share the values of the United
                                                          ethical and responsible business                                                                      Nations Global Compact with all
                                                          practises.                                                                                            ”la Caixa” suppliers.
                                                                                                                                                              • Strengthen inter-organisational
                                                                                                                                                                cooperation, and reinforce the bonds
                                                                                                                                                                between ”la Caixa” and the most
                                                                                                                                                                disadvantaged sectors of society.

                               Sponsorship              • Enhance brand presence through          • Sponsored a wider range of cultural,                      • Maintain sponsorship of sporting and
                                                          sponsorship, especially sporting          sporting and social activities.                             cultural events, and enhance presence
                                                          activities and events for children.                                                                   in customer-specific activities.

                               research                 • Increase the number of social and       • 22 publications issued by the                             • Promote new studies in corporate
                               Department                 economic research studies produced        Research Department and 2 Social                            social responsibility through
                               &                          by the organisation. Promote research     Studies Published by the Welfare                            collaboration with the business
                               Social Studies by          and knowledge transfer through the        Projects.                                                   community and entrepreneurs.
                               Welfare Projects           ”la Caixa” Economy and Society                                                                      • Publish an increasing number of
                                                          Chair and the ”la Caixa” Corporate                                                                    studies and reports and confirm the
                                                          Social Responsibility and Corporate                                                                   organisation as a leader in the field
                                                          Governance Chair.                                                                                     of social and economic research and

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   174                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   175
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                            3. Contribution to the welfare of society

Partnerships with organisations                                                                    commitments of the compact, and                             Pursuant to the principles of the
                                                                                                   upholds the following core values and                       compact, ”la Caixa” publishes an
                                                                                                   principles of conduct:                                      annual Progress Report. Additionally,
  Starting point: Since its foundation, “la Caixa has had a long standing tradition of             • Respect and protect human rights                          via its website, the organisation
  partnerships with public and private bodies at both national and international levels.             internationally                                           regularly publishes current news and
                                                                                                   • Ensure that none of its companies are                     progress updates concerning corporate
  Where we are: Since 2005 ”la Caixa” has been a leading participant in the                          complicit in human rights abuses.                         responsibility initiatives.
  United Nations Global Compact championing corporate social responsibility.                       • Uphold the freedom of association
  In 2008 ”la Caixa” widely sponsored cultural, sporting and social activities, as well              and the recognition of the right to
  as producing important socio-economic research publications from its Research                      collective bargaining.
  Department and its Welfare Projects.                                                             • Eliminate all forms of forced and
                                                                                                     compulsory labour.
  Where we want to get to: Continue to build and reinforce collaborative                           • Abolish child labour.
  relationships with those organisations whose activities embody the shared values                 • Support the elimination of
  of our customers and represent the interests of the community.                                     discrimination in employment and
                                                                                                   • Adopt a preventative approach to
Apart from those in the financial sector,               As well as the aforementioned,               environmental challenges.
”la Caixa” also partners with various                   ”la Caixa” also closely collaborates       • Undertake initiatives to promote
associations and community bodies.                      with several other prestigious               greater environmental responsibility.
These include state institutions like                   organisations such as Fomento              • Encourage the development and
the Spanish Confederation of Savings                    del Trabajo, the Consejo España-             sharing of environmentally friendly
Banks (CECA) and the Association                        Estados Unidos, The Conference               technologies.
for Progress and Management (APD).                      Board, Barcelona Centro Financiero         • Work against all forms of corruption,
Other partnerships fostered with                        Europeo, El Club de Excelencia en            including extortion and bribery.
associations representing regional or                   Sostenibilidad, Sociedad Económica
local interests include the Barcelona                   Barcelonesa de Amigos del País and         Beyond the internal organization,
Chamber of Commerce, the San Isidro                     the Ateneo Barcelonés.                     ”la Caixa” seeks to embed these
Catalan Agricultural Institute, the                                                                principles of social responsibility
Foundation for Stock Exchange and                       the united Nations Global Compact          and sustainability in suppliers and
Financial Studies (Valencia) and the                    In 2005, ”la Caixa” joined the United      guarantee that these values are
Board of Trustees of The School of                      Nations Global Compact, which              upheld at every stage in the product
                                                                                                                                                               IN 2007 ”la CaIxa” INtrODuCED aN
Industrial Organization - EOI (Madrid).                 strives for ethical and sustainable        and service lifecycle. To this ends,
                                                                                                                                                               aDDItIONal ClauSE tO all SuPPlIEr
Finally, ”la Caixa” also partners                       practices in corporate business culture.   ”la Caixa” introduced in 2007, an
                                                                                                                                                               CONtraCtS aSCrIBING COMPulSOry
with organisations whose scope is                       Sharing a belief in the importance of      additional clause to all supplier
                                                                                                                                                               COMPlIaNCE WIth thE PrINCIPlES Of
international such as the United Nations                social responsibility in business, ”la     contracts ascribing compulsory
                                                                                                                                                               thE GlOBal COMPaCt
Global Compact.                                         Caixa” has adopted the international       compliance with the Principles of
                                                                                                   the Global Compact.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   176                                              Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   177
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                               3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                                                                                  sense engages ”la Caixa” directly
  Social responsibility, a key factor                                                                 IN 2008 thE OrGaNISatION SIGNED                             in driving social and community
  Besides championing the principles                                                                  a fIvE-yEar aGrEEMENt WIth thE                              development.
  of the United Nations Global                                                                        fuNDaCIó ParC DE rECErCa Of thE
  Compact, ”la Caixa” has supported                                                                   uaB COMMIttING tO INvEStMENt IN                             During 2008, ”la Caixa” invested more
  the Club de la Excelencia en                                                                        rESEarCh aND DEvElOPMENt aND tO                             than EUR 22.5 million in sponsorship,
  Sostenibilidad since 2004. This                                                                     furthEr PrOMOtING thE INtEGratION                           benefiting 116 different cultural,
  was a groundbreaking initiative in                                                                  Of StuDENtS WIth DISaBIlItIES                               sporting, and other community and
  corporate sustainable development.                                                                                                                              social causes.
  The tenets of this organisation                                                                     Sponsorship
  include embedding a sustainable                                                                     ”la Caixa” sponsorship of cultural and                      Department of research and Social
  developmental approach in                                                                           sporting events is an essential strategic                   Studies of Welfare Projects
  corporate culture and the promotion                                                                 element representing an important                           Through the Research Department
  of excellence in, sustainable                         Collaborations with universities              means of brand association and a                            and the Welfare Projects, ”la Caixa”
  development, environmental and                        ”la Caixa” is an active supporter of third-   tool for cultivating a strong positive                      endeavours to spread learning and
  social progress activities.                           level educational institutions. In 2008,      image in the public consciousness.                          understanding through a wide range
                                                        as well as renewing annual partnerships       More than simply being a publicity                          of publications and activities. Through
                                                        with several Spanish universities,            exercise, sponsorship represents our                        these, ”la Caixa” renews its commitment
                                                        an agreement to work together was             commitment to promoting cultural and                        to cultural development and the growth
                                                        undertaken with the Fundació Parc de          sporting activities, and in a broader                       our society year after year.
                                                        Recerca of the Universidad Autónoma
                                                        de Barcelona (UAB). Over a 5-year
                                                        period, the goal is to foster technological
                                                        research and innovation and target
  The commitment to social                              further academic integration of students
  responsibility of ”la Caixa” does not                 at risk of social exclusion. Investment
  stop there, ”la Caixa” also upholds                   in this second objective will improve
  the ideals of the European Alliance                   university campus accessibility and
  on Corporate Social Responsibility                    facilities for persons with disabilities.
  with backing from the European                        Also, in continued recognition of the
  Commission. This group’s objective                    spirit of achievement, ”la Caixa” will
  is to raise awareness and improve                     extend its support for university pre-
  knowledge sharing among                               doctoral scholarships. ”la Caixa” is
  participating stakeholders.                           represented on the Board of Trustees
                                                        of the Fundació Parc de Recerca UAB,
                                                        an organisation that safeguards the
                                                        drive, administration and operation of a
                                                        research centre devoted to development
                                                        and knowledge.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   178                                                 Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   179
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                             3. Contribution to the welfare of society

”la Caixa” research Department                              Monthly report. Published by            Spanish regional Communities                                Spain: Economic yearbo. Annual report
Publications                                                economists at the Research              Series. This series began in 2007                           providing socio-economic statistical
The shared objective of these                               Department, the report monthly          with a volume devoted to Galicia                            analysis on an urban community basis.
publications is to promote knowledge                        summaries the economic situation        and continued in 2008 with the                              The report is designed to appeal to a
and understanding of socio-economic                         and the status of national and          Balearic Islands. The publications                          wide range of interest groups: companies,
realities, and to provoke questions                         international financial markets.        provide a strategic economic                                professionals and private individuals. The
and reflection that consequently lead                       Published in Catalan, Spanish and       examination of the different                                Yearbook is available in database format
to positive societal development.                           English, the report focuses attention   autonomous regions in Spain.                                on the Research Department website.
”la Caixa” directly stimulates                              on adjacent euro-zone economies.
public debate and the exchange of                                                                   ”la Caixa” Economic                                         Besides these, ”la Caixa” also publishes
ideas through these publications.                           Economic Studies Series. A              Documents. A series of papers by                            reports and studies exclusively in
The most important studies and                              series of essays by subject matter      Research Department economists                              English, such as the ”la Caixa” Economic
reports published by the Research                           experts on the economy and              that provide in-depth analysis                              Papers and ”la Caixa” Working Papers,
Department are available in                                 business management practices.          on subjects of national and                                 produced for the scientific and academic
electronic format from the department                       35 editions have been published         international economic interest and                         domain. The working papers are only
website: (www.laCaixa.es/research)                          since 1994.                             importance.                                                 available on-line in electronic format.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   180                                               Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   181
3. Contribution to the welfare of society                                                                                                                           3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                                                                  Social studies by the                                       Set up at the end of 2005, the Chair
  Multimedia resources for                                                                        Welfare Projects                                            held several conferences in 2008,
  journalists                                                                                     The ”la Caixa” Social Studies                               four of which were given within the
  The communications department                                                                   Series, provokes opinion through its                        framework of the cycle “Exterior
  of the Welfare Projects of                                                                      publications examining key social                           projection of Spain” (in Madrid).
  ”la Caixa” is responsible for making                                                            issues. These scrupulous and objective                      Other noteworthy conferences
  all publications, communications,                                                               reports loose none of their impact                          examined globalisation, sustainable
  and press releases regarding                                                                    despite being widely available.                             development, community values and
  social, cultural, educational,                                                                                                                              public behaviour, the intellectual in
  environmental and scientific                                                                    To date, 25 reports have been                               modern day society, and the Europe
  matters, available to the media.                                                                published, 2 of them in the year 2008,                      at the crossroads.
                                                                                                  addressing critical social concerns and
  A noteworthy new feature this year                                                              issues such as immigration, elderly                         The Chair also facilitates a series of
  are multimedia press releases and,                                                              care, and affordable housing. Each                          Master Classes held over several
  complete with video clips, these are                                                            report places the most pressing social                      sessions and awards attendees a
  available to all journalists through                                                            issues squarely in the public area.                         certificate or diploma. In this way the
  the press room of the Welfare                                                                                                                               Chair avails of the opportunity to offer
  Projects of “la Caixa.                                                                                                                                      systematic developments in relevant
                                                                                                                                                              cultural issues, in both the humanistic
                                                                                                                                                              and scientific fields. In 2008, five
                                                                                                                                                              Master Classes were held in Madrid,
                                                                                                                                                              chaired by renowned intellectuals and
                                                                                                                                                              covering issues such as immigration,
In 2008, the Research Department                            benchmarking Spain using                                                                          Spanish landscape and territory, and
of ”la Caixa” published new public                          international marketplace indices.                                                                the labyrinths of power.
interest studies. An example is the                         Another study published in the same   the ”la Caixa” Economy and
Economic Study that examines the                            series, “Time and Money: How much     Society Chair                                               The ”la Caixa” Economy and
social and personal consequences                            does commuting cost?”, ascribes       Apart from social studies publications,                     Society Chair has also published
of population aging.                                        a monetary cost to the time spent     the Research Department of ”la Caixa”                       a book titled, El tiempo que llega.
                                                            commuting to and from work.           organises conferences throughout                            Once miradas desde España (The
A significant addition to research                                                                Spain through the ”la Caixa” Economy                        time it takes. Eleven perspectives
issued under the ”la Caixa”                                 Another demonstration of our          and Society Chair. These events                             from Spain). The book essentially
‘Economic Documents Series’                                 commitment to sustainability was,     promote academic discussion and                             collates the entire lecture series
was also published last year.                               for the third successive year,        debate in an environment of intellectual                    that comprised Un horizonte para
The ‘Shedding Light on Spanish                              exclusively electronic publication    excellence that tables the matters                          España (An Horizon for Spain), which
external competitiveness’ report                            of the Spain: 2008 Economic           and issues of greatest importance to                        the Chair organized during the first
examines external competitiveness,                          Yearbook.                             society today.                                              semester of 2006.

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   182                                             Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   183
3. Contribution to the welfare of society

                                                        fOr thE thIrD yEar IN SuCCESSION,
                                                        ”la CaIxa” PrESENtED thE aNNual
                                                        ECONOMIC yEarBOOk ExCluSIvEly IN
                                                        ElECtrONIC fOrMat, IN IlluStratION
                                                        Of ItS COMMItMENt tO ECOlOGy aND
                                                        SuStaINaBlE rESPONSIBIlIty

                                                            The following is a summary of Chair
                                                            activities in 2008:
                                                            • Organised or sponsor activities like:
the ”la Caixa” Corporate Social                               - 1st Seminar on Corporate Social
responsibility and Corporate                                    Responsibility
Governance Chair                                              - 15th Internacional Symposium on
In 2005, in collaboration with the IESE                         Ethics, Business and Society.
business school, ”la Caixa” founded                         • Distributed a wide range of
‘The Corporate Social Responsibility                          publications including everything from
and Corporate Governance Chair’. This                         current affairs commentary, chapters

endeavours to provide in-depth analysis                       of books, research documents, and
of current financial market conditions                        articles from specialist publications.
and provoke ethical and socially                            • Prepared and published a series          Glossary
responsible action.                                           of pamphlets, the initial two issues
                                                              were devoted to Social responsibility
Furthermore, the Chair facilitates                            of SMEs and Alliances between
meetings between CEOs and                                     corporate enterprise and social &
Managing Directors of some of the                             community organisations.
most prestigious companies, and
hosts symposia of experts and
master classes with respected and
internationally renowned personalities.

thE ”la CaIxa” ECONOMy aND SOCIEty
Of INtEllECtual ExCEllENCE that
                                                            for further information, visit the
DEal WIth IMPOrtaNt MattErS aND
                                                            web of research Department:

    Corporate Responsibility Report ”la Caixa” 2008   184

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