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									FlexBenefits Enrollment onikWeb "Cheat Sheet"
Netscape Security
Once you have togged in using your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, you may get a message box that states, in part: 'Any information you
submit is insecure and could be observed by a third party while in transit" This is a standard warning built into the Netscape browser and
cannot be deleted. It is Netscape's disclaimer when information is sent over the World Wide Web. However, in the case of this applica
tion, the information has been secured.
     • Click on the "Don't Show Again" button. This will prevent this message from appearing each time you connect to the
       FlexBenefits server.
     • If you want to know more about the security methods used with this application, press on the Security Information navigation link
       at the bottom of the initial page.

Navigation Links
Navigation links are the underlined words that appear at the bottom of each section. You can move to specific parts of the document by
clicking on these underlined words or phrases.

Back Button
The Back button is part of Netscape. It's the square button in the top left-hand corner of your browser. You can use this button to get back
to where you just were. By clicking this button several times, you will be brought through the same path you just took, only backwards.

Direct Server Interface
Each time you make a change by clicking a button within this application, wait for the screen to completely refresh. You are directly inter
facing with the server and changing your data online.

If you get the message Transfer Interrupted!, you're too quick for Netscape. You'll have to quit out of Netscape, launch Netscape again,
and login again. T avoid this, watch the left-hand side of the scroll bar along the bottom of your browser. Netscape will specify where it is
in the process of data transfer. When it's all done and ready for your next command, you'll see the status "Document: Done."

How Is This Application Structured?
As you're working through the enrollment pages, it may help you to understand the basic structure of our application.

There is a server located in San Diego that's connected by a secure phone line to Apple's intranet. This server holds the Flex recordkeeping
system. The enrollment application is housed on Apple's intranet.

When you first log in, you are looking at one long document, called the Summary document, split into several sections. Each time you
leave the Summary document to make changes or view your options, you are brought to a separate document attached to the Summary
document. That's why each action is confirmed and the screen refreshed. Your data is being updated right then.

More Tips & Tricks
You will have the opportunity to review more tips & tricks when you log in to FlexBenefits Enrollment on the Web.

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