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Jalal Fakhri Hamad
    GSM Implementation Manager / SACW manager
    Electrical Engineer / Director of Electrical Department

8 Years of Experience

Address        :
Faysaliya/5 - Tahliya street
Jeddah, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia

Mobile #        : (+966) 0500 1139 88
Work phone        : 02 6756899 Ext 29
Home phone       : 02 6748149
Email 1         :
Email 2           :ayham _

Personal Information :

Nationality 1                    Palestinian
Nationality 2                    Jordanian
Resident Of                      Saudi Arabia,
Birth Date                       01 / November / 1978
Gender                           Male
Marital Status                   Married
No of Dependences                3 Persons.
Driving License                  Saudi Arabia
Iqamah Status                    Transferable


Company                          Reference                          Mobile #
Al Roukn Consultant Office       Engr : Medhat Omar                 050 1549684
Al Najah National University     Palestine (Provided upon Request
Ericsson                         Mr. Iwan Van De Menrow / Area      056 4090 116


Professional Experience

December/ 2006 up to Now:       GSM PROJECT MANAGER / Western region
                                 Nour Communications / Ericsson Network Implement Services
                                 Industry : Communications
                                Job Role : Engineering

                                Controlling project budget/ invoicing / expenses / planning and schedule
                                Construct and implement, of GSM towers.
                                Supervising CW, EM .Site Acquisitions, LOS etc.
                                Preparing POs, Price Lists, Quotations, Implementation Plans.
                                Follow up site Implementation status and progress, teams’ distributions
                                Hand over Site to Operator.
                                Preparing , Electrical Designs
                                Maintain Database for warehouse , controlling incoming , outgoing , as
                                built quantities
                                Project Balance (55 millions SR) .

April/ 2004 -december/2006      Consultant Electrical Engineer
                                AL Roukn Consultant Office
                                Industry : Construction
                                Job Role : Engineering

                                * Prepare specifications for purchase of materials and equipment.
                                • Supervise and train project team members as necessary.
                                • Investigate and test vendors' and competitors' products.
                                • Prepare and study technical drawings, specifications of electrical
                                systems, and topographical maps to ensure that installation and
                                operations conform to standards and requirements.
                                * Designing supervising the projects of ministry of education.
                                * Reviewing contracting UPLs / Samples approval as per

November/2002 – February/2004   Electrical Engineer.
                                Palestinian Consolidating Company – Jericho.
                                Industry : manufactory
                                Job Role : Engineering

                                • Direct and coordinate Designing. Based on ABB technology
                                installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing
                                • Perform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing,
                                construction, and installation DC motors, AC Motors, control panels

                                • Inspect completed installations and observe operations, to ensure
                                conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with
                                operational and safety standards.
                                • Plan and implement research methodology and procedures to apply
                                principles of electrical theory
    Other Part Time Activities          Develop a database for (Imaret Asir) for Personal Weapons
                                        The end user software was to capture the face photo of person by camera
                                        of scanner and save it in the database , then produce his weapon license,
                                        Hold all information about persons and his weapon with advance search
                                        Develop large software to keep monitoring and records all incoming / out
                                        going material for NOUR Communications company ware house, also
                                        record all activities of projects.
                                        Develop a tool to calculate a the current Capacity and drop voltage of
                                        power transmission As per internationals codes

                                        Develop miscellaneous tools for programmers ,Engineers and

                                              * Voltage Drop calculations based on NEC 2000
                                              * LOS and Path Loss Software
                                              * Warehouse Controlling Materials software
                                        Programming language is Visual basic 6, SQLServer 2004

Education :       BC .in Electrical and Computer Engineering

University                                    Al Najah National University

Location                                      Naples., Palestine
Graduation Year                               2002
Degree                                        Very good
Graduation Project                            Developing a complete Registration system of the university
                                              Via internet and building a website for that issue by tools of
                                               SQLserver2004, ASP, HTML.

Skills :

Skill                                                          Level           Last used Date

Visual Basic , C++                                             Professional    Less than a Month

Database Developer, SQLserver, MS Access                       Professional    Less than a month

AutoCad2002, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash,                Very Good       3 Months
MS Project, Excel financials
PC Networking LANs, WANs, Cisco IOS                            Intermediate    1 Year

English Language ( Speaking and Writing )                      Very good       Daily Used

    Target Job :

    location            Saudi Arabia(preferred), USA, UAE, Palestine , Jordan
    Industry            Engineering , Constructions / GSM Fields/ consulting services
    Employment type     Employee
    Employment Status   Full time
    Career Level        Management / Director of Staff

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