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					                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bronx Regional High School

                                                                                                           U.S. history/Govt. 2
Teacher: Mark Whitworth

 Month                     Content                                         Skills                                     Strategies                                Assessment                              Resources/Technology
September   A. US Geography                              A. Identify regions and resources found        A. Oral presentations                      A. Identify regions and resources found      A. Smart Board/Lap Tops/Computers
2008        Natural Resources
            Geographical Features
            Economic advantages of...                                                                           Cooperative learning              Describe advantages and disadvantages of
            States & regions, Capitols, And Major            1.   Describe advantages and                       Peer teaching                     US geographical feature.                             Atlas
            Cities                                                                                                                                 Identify states, capitols, major cities.         
                                                                  disadvantages of US                           WEB search                                                                              Text The Americans
                                                                  geographical feature.                                                            Multiple choice and identification exam
                                                             2.   Identify states, capitols, major                                                 Characteristics of various US regions.
                                                                  cities. characteristics of various                                               Computer search for various geographical
                                                                  US regions.                                                                      features and sources of natural resources.
                                                             3.    Computer search for various
                                                                  geographical features and                                                        View regions and locations of various
                                                                  sources of natural resources.                                                    geographical features through internet
                                                             4.   View regions and locations of                                                    research and presented on a Smart Board
                                                                  various resources.
                                                             5.   Smart board power point
                                                                                                                                                   B. Computer research? Power Point
            B. US Expansion of                                                                                                                     Presentation                                 B. Smart Board/Computers
            Influence/Imperialism (Late 1800s to early                                                  B. Cooperative learning

                    Connecting US international         B. Computer research? Power Point              Observing simularities of the Nineteenth           Reading and note-taking along
                     involvement today to its roots.     Presentation                                   Century US foreign presence and                     the 5 w's guideline
                    Early expansion--Alaska, Japan,                                                    contemporary policies of today.                    Smart Board and computer
                     Hawaii                                  1.   Reading and note-taking                                                                   technology
                    Spanish-American War                    2.    Oral presentations.                                                                     Multiple choice and
                    Significance of the Monroe              3.   Smart Board and computer                                                                  identification exam
                     Doctrine                                     technology                                                                               . Presentation and evaluation of
                    Theodore Roosevelt/ Big Stick           4.   Critical thinking                                                                         basic computer skills.
                                                             5.   Viewing "American in the
                     Policy/ Roosevelt Corollary to                                                                                                         Evaluata Research (5Ws)
                     the Monroe Doctrine                          Twentieth Century"
                                                                                                                                                            essay writing/ Thematic esssay
                    Latin America/Panama Canal              6.     Essay writing utilizing class
                                                                                                                                                            on each students topic of study
                    China/Open Door Policy                       notes, texts, and internet research
                                                                                                                                                            Critique of verbal presentation
                                                                  on Expansion Topics.
                                                             7.    Evaluate Research (5Ws)
                                                                  essay writing/ Thematic essay on
            C. The Progressive Era (Early 1900s)                  each students topic of study
                                                                                                                                                                                                C. Text CD Source/ Essay/ The Americans
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1 of 12
Whitworth                                                      U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                          Bronx Regional High School

 Month                     Content                                          Skills                                     Strategies                                    Assessment                          Resources/Technology
                                                                   Critique of Verbal presentation                                                     C.Essay Test based on teacher generated
                                                                                                         C. Presentation of contemporary               notes on the Progressive Era. (essay
                   Contemporary social, political        C. Connection of contemporary issues and       adolescent issues and encouraging             rubric)
                    and economic issues affecting         issues of the Progressive era                  students to devise solutions.
                   Identification of social, political       1.   Identification of injustices during                                                         Multiple choice question exam
                    and economic issues of the late                this period in society, industry,             Viewing video footage from the               In-classroom
                    nineteenth century                             and govenment.                                 times of the Progressive eRa.                 research/Progressive Vocabulary
                   Civil rights movement during the          2.   Identify important historical                 Comparing and contrasting basic              Homework--TR Reading on his
                    Progressive era--The Niagara                   figures & legislation of this                  beliefs of Booker T. Washington               terminology of "Muckraker."
                    Movement                                       period                                         and WEB DuBois.                              Open-note/book exam reviewing
                   Theodore Roosevelt's Square               3.   Recognize the importance of                                                                  WW1 and the Twenties
                    Deal                                           Progressive legislation today.
                   Progressives--"muckrakers"                4.   Compare/contrast the beliefs of
                                                                   WEB DuBois and Booker T.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    D. Supplement Readings/ The American
                                                                                                                                                                                                    resource guide

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Smart Board-Video
                                                                                                         D, Viewing excerpts from "Alls Quiet on
                                                          D. Ability to identify the significance of     the Western Front"                             D. In-class guided question assignment
            D.The Great War/ World War 1                  economic factors in international affairs.                                                   requiring a deeper look at class notes and

                   Global Causes                             1.   Relate assizes of WW1 to
                   Alliances                                      contemporary US involvement in                                                              Read , examine and discuss
                   US Involvement (Pre-entry and                  Iraq                                                                                         Woodrow Wilson's post war
                    entry)                                    2.   Recognition of international                                                                 diplomacy.
                   Fourteen Points and League of                  origins of peace-keeping                                                                    Reading supplementary sources
                    Nations                                        organizations.                                                                               on US involvement in WW1.
                   New military technology--                 3.   Familiarize students with
                    Weapon/trench warfare                          policies of isolationism and and
                                                              4.   Read and comprehend the major
                                                                   occurrences during and after
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2 of 12
Whitworth                                                     U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                        Bronx Regional High School

 Month                      Content                                        Skills                                     Strategies                                 Assessment                          Resources/Technology
October     E. Third Parties--Populist Party,            E.Identify the importance and significance    E. Review notes and general reading on       E. Assessing responses to guided         E. The Americans
2008        Progressive Party, People Party, Green       of third parties.                             the Populist Party.                          questions and class discussion.
                                                             1.   Recognize the importance of
                                                                  third parties to US politics and             Through class discussions point
                    Byron Jennings                               government.                                   out the significance o major                Regents formatted esam--
                    Theodore Roosevelt                      2.   Evaluate the importance f third               parties meeting some of third                Multiple Choice and Essay
                    Ralph Nader                                  parties in today's political arena            party ideas--secret ballot,
                                                                                                                graduated income tax, direct
                                                                                                                eletion of Senate...
                                                                                                               Supplementary reading w/ guide
                                                                                                               Discuss the importance of
                                                         F. Describe the events of the 1920s                    political third parties today.
                                                                                                                                                                                             F. Smart Board
            F. The Twenties                                                                                                                                                                  United streaming video on the Prohibition
                                                                                                       F. Discussion of class notes                 F. Essay rubric                          Era
                                                             1.   Connect prohibition with issue of
                    Prohibition                                  the legalization of marijuana
                    Harlem Renaissance                      2.   Summarize the events of the                  View documnetary on Al Capone               Regent formatted exam
                    The Scopes Trial                             twenties                                      and the Prohibition Era                     Note-taking class assignemnt
                                                             3.   Essay writing                            
                    Economic pospertity/Henry                                                                  Secondary reading on Al Capone               rubric
                     Ford/Model T                                                                               and essay writing assignment
                    Speakeasies                                                                                utilizing reading as a resource.
                    Flappers
                    Organized crime
                    Increased controls on
                                                                                                                                                                                             G. Ed Vidoe- the Great Depression
                    Nineteenth Amendment
                                                         G. Connect challenges of the people today
                                                         with those of the Great Depression--
                                                         poverty, employment, etc.                     G. Intorduction to the topic by presenting
            G. The Great Depression-(GD)                                                                                                            G. Supplementary reading on Hardships            Texrt:The Americans
                                                                                                       ghroups of economic problems facin the
                                                                                                       US in the begining of the Depression.        Of the Depression.                               Supplemental handouts on the
                                                             1.   Identify major legislation to aid                                                                                                   Great Depression
                    Black Tuesday                                citizens druing the GD
                    Herbert Hoover                          2.   Recognize the importance and                 Present notes on problems of the
                    New Deal, RRRs, national                     connection of FDR to the                      faced during the Depression and             Standard multiple choice exam
                     improvements, SS, FDIC, etc.                 presidents who follow.                        FDR's solutions.                             G(coupled with WW2)
                    Court packing                                                                             Text research on vocab from the
                    FDR's legacy, U                                                                            Depression.
                    ltimate factor that brought it ot                                                         View excerpts from the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3 of 12
Whitworth                                                 U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                   Bronx Regional High School

 Month                        Content                                 Skills                                  Strategies                                 Assessment                          Resources/Technology
                     an end--beginning of WW2..                                                          Depression on Edu Video.

                                                                                                                                                                                     H. Smart Board

                                                     H. Identify caues and depth of WW2                                                                                                      Lap Top
                                                                                                 H. General Notes spanning primary                                                           United Streaming video
                                                                                                 aspects of the war.                                                                         Excerpt from Saving Private
            H. World War 2:                              1.   Regonize cause of US entry into                                              H. Slide rubric for printout.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Ryan--Invasion of Normandy
                                                              the war
                                                         2.   Summarize overall course of the           Internet/text resesarch on
                    Cause of...,( Imperialism,               war and turnning points--                  primary topics of the war                 Standard multiple choice exam
                     Nationalism, etc.)                       Normandy, Battle of the Pacific           Power Point printouts and some             w/ DBQ essay.
                    Theatres of War;                    3.   Anallyze change of the                     presentations, if possible.               Review of guided questions for
                                                              international balance of power                                                        supplemental readings.
                    Allid Powers and Axis                                                              Supplemental readings:
                                                              and the emergence of the Cold
                     PowersLend-Lease Bill;                                                              Dictaroshipw, US Homefront,
                    US Entry into War:                                                                 View segment of "Pearl Harbor"
                    Post War develpoments---Early
                     Cold War, UN

November    I. The Holcaust                          I. Identify economic issues and prejudice   I Read and discuss class notes            I. Guided questions on notes and          I. Film Schindlers List
2008                                                 against the Jewish people in Europe.        Reading primary sources--"Hanukkah in     documents
                    Causes                          -Comprehend the horrors of the Holocaust    Auschwitz" & "Nuremberg Questions"
                    Historical plight of the Jews
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4 of 12
Whitworth                                                    U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                         Bronx Regional High School

 Month                      Content                                       Skills                                      Strategies                                 Assessment                            Resources/Technology
                    Ghettos                                                                                                                                Essay discussing the Holocaust            Primary sources(letters from
                    Death/Concentration camps--                                                                                                             utilizing class notes and                  Auschwitz, letter from US justice
                     Aushwitz, Belzek, Chelmno,             1.   Identify the dangers of                       View; segments of the film                   documents--Standard class essay            who served on the trial @
                     Majdanek, Sobibor,Treblinka,                unchecked power.                               "Schindler's List"                           rubric                                     Nuremberg)
                     Dachau, Kraco                          2.   Familiarize students with the                 Discuss various stages of the the           Midterm Exam: 50 multiple
                    Oskar Schindler                             significance first international               Jews plight in Kraco.                        choice questions and a thematic           Class notes
                    Nurmberg Trials                             tribunal                                                                                    essay discussing the effect of
                    War crime trials in Japan              3.   ID primary crimes                                                                           WW2 on African Americans and
                    Establishment of Israel                                                                                                                 women--cumulative exam
                                                                                                                                                             covering all content from Sept.

            J. Origins and implications of the Cold
            War in the US and Europe.
                                                                                                       J.Class notes and discussion
                                                        J. Political and cultural impact of the fear                                                J. Guided Questions on readings
                                                        of Communism and the Soviet Union after
                    Marshall Plan                                                                             Reading the "Cold War
                                                        WW2                                                                                                                                    J. Text/The Americans
                    Truman's Doctrine                                                                          Conflicts"
                                                                                                               Text based discussion on the                Crossword solutions
                    NATO
                                                                                                                Cold War.                                                                              Smart Board
                    Warsaw Pact                            1.    Analyze and identify US
                    Berlin Wall                                                                               Partner research on text based
                                                                 establishment of capitalism in                 crossword addressing the early
                    Red scare                                                                                                                                                                 HBO Film "Truman"
                                                                 Europe after WW2.                              stages of the Cold war.
                    Loyalty Review Board                   2.   Describe major players in Europe              Viewing of the segment
                    Alger Hiss and the Rosenberg's              after WW2.                                     addressing the early stages the
                    McCarthyism                                                                                CW of: the HBO movie

            K. The Cold War Spreads to Asia--Korean
            War                                                                                                                                     K. Guided Questions on readings
                                                                                                                                                                                               K. Handout and guided Questions
                                                        K. Summarize the establishment of the          K. Discuss class notes.
                                                        Iron Curtain in Europe.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Smart Board
                    Causes of the Korean War                                                                                                               Crossword solutions
                                                                                                               Readings on the spread of the                                                          Documentary
                    38th Parallel                                                                              Cold War ro Europe.
                    China & the war                        1.   Identify Communist goal of
                                                                                                               Read excerpts of the Communist
                    Douglas MacArthur & Harry                   spreading Communism
                     Truman conflicts                            throughout the world.
                    Results of the War and effect on       2.   Explain & describe Soviet and
                     US diplomacy today                          US starts in Korea after WW2
                                                            3.   Build the case for US
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5 of 12
Whitworth                                                 U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                        Bronx Regional High School

 Month                     Content                                    Skills                                    Strategies                                    Assessment                        Resources/Technology
                                                              engagement into Korea after the
                                                              invasion                                                                          L. Response to guided questions
                                                         4.   Explain results and impact on the                                                 supplementing the Cause of ...and The   L. Skill builder Practice: Primary and
                                                              US today                            L. Review and discuss class notes             Cold War.                               Secondary Sources
            L. New Lifestyles of the 1950s
                                                     L. Describe the importance of the GI Bill
                                                     to education, the society and economy.               Utilize texts to complete                                                             Blackboard Jungle
                    GI Bill                                                                               crossword puzzle addressing the
                    Srong post-war economy                                                                1950s
                    Suburbs-Levittown                   1.   Identify results of the GI Bill             Read Time Magazine article June
                    Bedroom Communities                 2.   Recognize and explore the                    18, 1956 discussing the impact of
                    Interstate system                        segregated and urban American                Rock n Roll.
                    Baby Boomers                                                                         View segment of "Blackboard
                                                                                                           Jungle"==fictional depiction of
                                                                                                           urban America in the 1950s.
            M. The Cold War intensifies                                                                                                         M. Power Point Rubric M. Smart Board/
                                                                                                                                                Lap Tops/ The Americans
                                                                                                                                                                                        M. Smart Board/ Lap Tops/ The
                                                                                                  M. Guided Questions on Notes                                                          Americans
                    Bay of Pigs
                                                     M. Recognize the escalation of ecvents
                    Berlin Airlift
                                                     during the early Cold War
                    U2 Incident
                    The Space Race                                                                       View documentary_ United
                                                         1.   Interpret rising tensions in Cold            Streaming
                                                              War to changes in the American              WEB Research and Power Point
                                                              public and educational pursuits.             Presentation
            N.The Kennedy Years                          2.   Connect current relations with
                                                              Cuba to events during this
                    The election (Nixon v JFK)               period.
                    The Great Society                                                                                                          N. Video
                    Civil Rights                                                                 N. Guided Questions on class notes--          Smart Board
                                                                                                                                                                                        N. Video
                    Cuban Missile Crisis            N. I Identify the importance of media to                                                                                           Smart Board
                    Escalation of the Vietnam War   the election                                         View documentary on
                                                                                                           assassination of JFK
                                                         1.   Identify JFKs vision for Civil
                                                              Rights, domestic policies and               Interview grandparent/parent on
                                                              foreign policies                             the JFK years
                                                         2.   Define the Great Society

                                                                                                                                                N.Multiple Choice/ essay exam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 6 of 12
Whitworth                                                  U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                       Bronx Regional High School

 Month                     Content                                      Skills                                     Strategies                                 Assessment                              Resources/Technology
                                                                                                                                                         HW Reading and Questions
                                                                                                                                                         Essay on the Great Society

December    O Civil Rights Movement 1950s and         O. Identify major players, legal               O. Discuss the important developments in    O. Guide reading questions addressed to      O.Primary Sources: Letter from Birmning
2008        1960s                                     developments and organizations that led to     the Civil Rights movement that occurred     King's Letter From Birmingham Jail in his    ham Jail; Oath to join King's movement.
                                                      the increased Civil rights activities of the   in the 1950s and 1960s.                     response to Birmingham clergymen.
                   Jackie Robinson                   1950s and 1960s.                                                                                                                                Reading: Jackie Robinson's
                   Brown V Board of Ed,                                                                                                                                                               Signing to the Brookly Dodgers.
                   Little Rock; Rev.                                                                                                                                                                 Film: Mississippi Burning
                   Martin Luther King, Jr./Letters       1.   Interpret and trace the                       Read and utilize primary sources           Essay writing assignment based              "Eyes on the Prize"--
                    from Birmingham Jail                       importnace of socioeconomic                    depicting Jackie Robinson's                 on essay rubric addressing movie             Documentary
                    Rosa Parks/. Montgomer Bus                change and the media in America                breaking the color barrier in               Mississippi Burning or thematic             Class Notes--Civil Rights 1950s;
                    Boycot                                     after WW2 to the Civil Rirgts                  baseball.                                   essay based on the leaders of the            Civil Rights in 1960s; Important
                   Freedom Rides, March on                    Movement                                      Discuss the importance of                   movement in the 1960s based on               Leaders ing the 1960s.
                    Washington                            2.   Analyze primary sources form                   Robinson to the growth of the               class notes.                                Handouts: The Crusade in Civik
                   King Assassination
                                                               various sides involved in the                  Civil Rights mvmt.                         Completion of atlas project                  Rgihts movement & Canges in
                   Malcolm X, Black Power
                                                               movement.                                     Read excerpts from Brown v the              (small groups)                               the Movement----Black Power
                                                          3.   Recognize the importance of                    Topeka Board of Education.                 Multiple Choice exam & DBQ or
                                                               Supreme Court decisions and                   Discuss the importance of the               Thematic essay
                                                               Congressional laws to the                      Supreme Court's decision in
                                                               progress of the movement.                      regards to the enforcement of
                                                          4.   Become familiarized with the                   integration in states not
                                                               organizational skills of King and              complying--Little Rock.
                                                               the Southern Chrisitan                        Review and discuss the
                                                               organization                                   emergence of Revernd Martin
                                                          5.   Analyze the impact of every day                Luther King Jr. at the
                                                               citizen in historty--Rosa Parks.               Montgomery Bus Boycott.
                                                          6.   Recognize the importance of                   Discuss the importance of Rosa
                                                               young peole to the Civil Rights                Parks & other everyday
                                                               Mvmt.--Birmingham                              Americans importance to history.
                                                          7.   Recognize the importance of the               View segments of documentary
                                                               media and outside pressures to
                                                                                                              "Eyes on the Prize" to that
                                                               domestic issues--Birmingham
                                                                                                              follows events of the Civil
                                                               protests and violence towards
                                                                                                              Rights movement.
                                                               teen protesters.
                                                                                                             Listen to/view tje "I Have a
                                                          8.   Recognition of international
                                                                                                              Dream Speech"
                                                               perception of US hypcrocy in its
                                                                                                             Utilize atlas project to note
                                                               views of Communism and the
                                                               treatment of African Americans                 differnt types of protest and
                                                                                                              locations of protest in the US
                                                               marching for Civil Rights in
                                                                                                              during the Civil Rights
                                                               Birmingham and other southern
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7 of 12
Whitworth                                                     U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                       Bronx Regional High School

 Month                     Content                                        Skills                                     Strategies                                  Assessment                             Resources/Technology
                                                                  cities.                                      movemnt.
                                                             9.   Demonstrate knowledge of
                                                                  where and how protest
                                                                  movements developed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                P. Ed Video--Vietnam

                                                         P. Compare and contrast the War in Iraq to                                                 P. Multiple Choice standard exam
                    P. Vietnam War and Protest           the Vietnam War                                                                                                                                View pxs and websight on the
                    History of struggle Vietnam with                                                                                                                                                     Kent State Shooting Tragedy
                    France and later thee US.                                                                                                               Homework assignments                       View excerpts from the film
                                                                                                      P.Discuss the controversies of the Iraq                addressing class notes.                     Woodstock
                                                             1.   Recognize the change in the         War and relate them to Vietneam War                   Read and discuss original flyers           Time permitting students may
                   Ho Chi Minh                                                                                                                              on Woodstock                                view excerpts from or the entire
                                                                  American public's view of the
                   Gulf of Tonkin Resolution                     American government                                                                       Essay on the changes of middle              film " Born of the Fourth Of
                   LBJ/ escalation of                       2.   Connect the effect of war's                                                                America and Prt. Kovac after                July"
                    troops/resignation                            negative affect on social                   View and discuss Ed Video film                viewing the movie "Born on the             Text;The Americans
                   1968 election                                 programs                                      on the Vietnam War and have                  Fourth of July"
                   Nixon & Vietnamization                   3.   Analyze US policy towards                    students take film's quiz at the
                   Ho Chiu Minh Trail                            commuinsm and the factors that               middle and end--discuss
                   Tet Offensive                                 change                                       answwers and the Vietnam War.
                   Mai Lai Massacre                         4.   Recognize the differnce between             Read The Americans addressing
                   Kent State Shooting Tragedy                   Kent State and the Virginia Tech             the American publicschange in
                   Collge protests--Woodstock                    Tragedy in 2007.                             attitude towards the war and the                                                 Q. Resources Text :The Americans
                   Legacy of the war                                                                          difficulty of the the US troops in   Q. Essay rubric on HW assignment notes--    Chapter 31 Supplementary readings--SEE
                                                                                                               Vietnam                              Topic--Strides in Civil Rights during the   STRATEGIES
                                                         Q. Recognize the importance of models to                                                   1970s.
            Q. More rights 1970s                         success--Civil Rights Movement.                                                                                                        Ed Video

                   Improtance of the successful                                                      Q. View & discuss Ed Video-                           Completion and grading of
                    infrasructure o f the Civil Rights       1.   Identify major events, groups,      documentary on 70s.                                    Guided Questions of readings
                    to other groups in the 70s.                   and legislation that led to                                                               Note taking observations from
                   Women's Gains and losses--                    additonal rights and benefits for                                                          video
                    Equal Opportunity Act; Roe v                  Americans.
                    Wade; near ratification of the           2.   Recognize opposing view points-             Read and discuss"Women's Fight
                    ERA.                                          -Affirmative Action v white                  for Equality" &"An Era Of social
                   Civil Rights--Affirmative                     middle America/ Onieda Nation                Change"
                    Action; Regents of the                        v local landowners
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        8 of 12
Whitworth                                                    U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                       Bronx Regional High School

 Month                      Content                                       Skills                                    Strategies                                  Assessment                             Resources/Technology
                     University of California (1979)        3.   Recognize the power of
                    Latinos' --Cesar Chavez &                   numbers--Chavez.
                     United Farm Workers
                    Native Amercians--"Red                                                                                                                                                    R. Supplemetal articlesSEE:
                     :Power"; AIM; Onieda County v                                                                                                                                             STRATEGIES
                     Onieda Indian Nation.

                                                                                                                                                  R. Grade guided questions on readings                Ed video
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Class notes
            R. Nixon--Distrust of a Nation              R. Recognition of human's tendency to do
                                                        "good" and "bad".                                                                                 Oral discussion Nixon's
                                                                                                                                                           attempted defiance of Supreme
            Nixon's accomplishments--China, ending                                                                                                         Court rulings in regards to Civil
                                                                                                      R. Read and discuss notes                            Rights.
            the VietnamWar, fight on drugs,
            negotiationwith the Soviet Union &              1.   Identify: Nixons                                                                         Multiple Choice exam w/ Civil
            SALT.                                                accomplishments and                                                                       Rights DBQ
                                                                 weaknesses                                   Read supplemental articles "A              Observation note-taking on
                                                            2.   Analyze Nixon's defiance of                   Time of Confusion" and                      Video
                    Failures:Degfiance of Supreme                                                             "Watergate: Nixon's Downfall."
                                                                 Civil Right rulings                                                                                                           S. Ed Video
                     Court desegregation rulings,
                     opposed bussing and Swann v                                                                                                                                               Text;
                     Meckenburg, BOE.
                    Watergate Affair and                                                                                                                                                              The Americans
                     Resignation                                                                                                                                                                       Supplemental readings: "The
                                                                                                                                                  S. Evaluate students replies to                       Ford and Carter Years"
                                                                                                                                                  supplemental readings
                                                        S. Identify the challenges faced by Ford in
            S. Ford and Carter
                                                        a disgruntled nation
                                                                                                      S. Read and discuss class notes
                                                                                                                                                          Essay Rubric on the Carter
            Ford holds the nation together                                                                                                                 Presidency utilizingclass notes
                                                            1.   Analyze the pardon controversy
                                                            2.   Recognize the signifigance of a              View Ed Video on Ford's                     and observations from Ed Video
                    Distrust of the public                      narrow loss by Ford to carter in              &Carter's adminstration and its
                    Ford continue talks w/ China and            the 1976                                      challenges
                     the Soviets                            3.   Connect pressidetial difficulties            Read and discuss "The Ford and
                    Ford pardons Nixon                          of GW Bush to those of Jimmy                  Carter Years"
                    Ford loses a close election                 Carter                                       Discuss class notes
                                                            4.   Familiarize the signifigance of
                                                                 Carter strides in the Middle East,
            Carter                                               esp. the Camp David accords.
                                                            5.   Connect the 2001 invasion of
                                                                 Afganistan by the US to the
                    Camp David Accords
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Whitworth                                               U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                    Bronx Regional High School

 Month                     Content                                  Skills                                   Strategies                                Assessment                              Resources/Technology
                    Boycotting of the Moscow          6.   Recognize the impact of
                     Olympics                               boycotting the first Olympics in
                    Iran Hostage Crisis                    the Soviet Union==during the
                    Downward Spiraling economy             Cold War.
                                                       7.   Famialrize the impact of the Iran
                                                            Hostage Crisis and other
                                                            developments in the Middle

January     T. Conservatives Gain Power--The New   T. Recognize the publics desire for change   T. View and discuss Ed Video on Reagan    T. Evaluate responses to questions and       T. Ed Video
2009        right-The Reagan and Bush Years                                                     years                                     observations of Ed Video on this period.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Text: The Americans
                    Ending the Cold War                                                               Read the and                              Quiz on Power point                         Readings: Teh Conservative
                    increased deficit                                                                  discuss "Conservative Years"              Assessing quiz                               Policies of the Reagan and Bush
                    Reagan's popularity                                                               Discuss conservative policies                                                           administrations
                    Arms race                                                                          under Reagan and Bush                                                                  Power Point and Smart Board
                    Problemsin Latin America                                                          Power Point presentaion on both
                                                                                                        president including visuals.

                                                                                                                                                                                       U. Summary Notes
                                                                                                U.. Read and discuss summarization of     U. Evaluate answers of questions--Value
                                                   U. Recognize important events associated                                               ao assignment will be 1/2 an exam grade.
            U. Reviewing the Presidents from the                                                these Presidents and major issues and
                                                   with each president.
            1960s to 1990s                                                                      accomplishments

                    JFK                               1.   Familarize the chronology of the
                                                                                                       Complete thorough compilation
                    LBJ                                    presidetns and their
                                                                                                        of Guided Questions.
                    Nixon                                  accomplishments.
                    Ford                              2.   Identify the positives and
                    Carter                                 negatives of the different
                     Reagan                                administrations and duration of
                    Bush                                   the Cold War
                    Clinton
                    GW Bush

                                                                                                                                          V. Power point rubric on presentations and   V. Smart board
                                                                                                                                          content of the document.
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Whitworth                                                     U.S. history/Govt. 2                                                       Bronx Regional High School

 Month                      Content                                       Skills                                     Strategies                                 Assessment                        Resources/Technology
                                                                                                      V. Research topics in small groups and
            V. Recent History & Contemporary                                                          create a Power Point presentation.
            Issues                                       V. Familiarize studnets with issues facing                                                                                               Lap top computers
                                                         the US today and in the future.                                                                  Final Exam covering the
                                                                                                              Oral presentation                           semester
                    Persian Gulf War                                                                         Compile class notes on
                    Clinton's Impeachment                   1.   Identify various outlooks and                presentations
                    Geirge W. Bush                               solutions for issues                        Research topics utilizing the
                    Colin Powell & Condoleeza Rice                                                            internet
                    9/11/01
                    Afganastan and the Iraq War
                    Social Security
                    Environmental Issues
                    Abortion & Gay Marriage
                    Change in Employment trends                                                                                                   W. Results on Final and Regent Exams
                                                                                                                                                                                          W.. Smartboard/lap tops
            W. Major Proojects/exams                     W. Regnet formatted 2 day exam covering      W. Internet investigation of footnoting             Essay Rubric
                                                         the major points of study.                   (Purdue university)

                    Regent and final exam review            1.   DBQ profienciency                        Interactive
                    Test-taking strategies                  2.   footnoting and works cited                   quizes
                    DBQ essay writing etchnique                  profieciency                                Edusolution .com--interactive
                     review                                  3.   Test-taking strategies                       quizes
                    Comprehensive review of the
                     semester includes a DBQ Essay
                    Term Research paper
                    Major term paper techniques/
                     research note-taking/outlininng

February    Please Note: For the most part, techniques
2009        utilized on the first semester will be
            utilized for the second.. There may be
            some modifications and addition
            depending on the make-up of classes.
March       Please Note: For the most part, techniques
2009        utilized on the first semester will be
            utilized for the second.. There may be
            some modifications and addition
            depending on the make-up of classes.
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Whitworth                                                  U.S. history/Govt. 2                Bronx Regional High School

 Month                       Content                                 Skills       Strategies                          Assessment   Resources/Technology
April 2009   Please Note: For the most part, techniques
             utilized on the first semester will be
             utilized for the second.. There may be
             some modifications and addition
             depending on the make-up of classes.
May 2009     Please see first semester--same course and,
             for the most part, similart lessons.
June 2009    Please Note: For the most part, techniques
             utilized on the first semester will be
             utilized for the second.. There may be
             some modifications and additions
             depending on the make-up of classes.
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