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					         James F. Delaney Elementary
          A TEA “Recognized” School

                        Mrs. Martinez-Principal
                   Mr. Dickinson-Assistant Principal
                     Laurel Hambrecht-Counselor
                            203 Cloverlane
                        Kennedale, Tx. 76060
                    Phone Number (817)563-8400

This handbook is intended to provide you with useful information to help make your child
successful this year. Detailed school procedures may vary on each campus. If you have
 any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or the campus principal.
         Welcome to James F. Delaney Elementary
       The Faculty and Staff are proud to announce that this is a
                   TEA Title I Exemplary School.

You will receive a copy of the Student Code of Conduct and as well s
the Delaney Procedural Handbbook.

This addition to the Handbook is provided for you with information
that is specific to our campus.
Please keep it handy for information.

School Hours Pre-K                                 *Students must
Morning Session 7:45 –10:45                        be accompanied
Tardy 8:00                                         to the office by
Afternoon Session 12:00-3:00
Tardy 12:06
                                                   an adult when
School Hours K-4
The first bell rings at 8:00am.                    *Students must
Tardy bell rings at 8:06am.
Classes begin 8:10
                                                   return to school
Dismissal time for grades K-4 is at 3:00pm.        with a note after
                                                   an absence.
Early Dismissal Days
September 30th              November 11th
           December 16
February 17th        April 13th               May 31st

School Holidays
Labor Day-September 5             Fall Break-November 23-25
Winter Break-December 19-30       MLK Day-January 16    Presidents Day-February 20
Spring Break-March 12-16          Good Friday-April 6   Memorial Day-May 28

Progress Report Dates
September 14, October 26, November 30, January 25, March 21, May 9

Report Card Dates
October 5, November 16, January 4, February 22, April 18, May 31
Delaney Elementary Cafeteria Policy
James F. Delaney Elementary School has a closed lunchroom policy for visitors.
However, to accommodate parents, relatives, and interested citizens who want to eat in
our cafeteria, Delaney Elementary designates one day every month for guests to come
eat with students. A separate area will be designated for visitors.
Dates: October 28th, November 18th, December 14th, January 27th, February
24th, March 30th, April 20th, and May 25th.

Exceptions: Out of state relatives are welcome to come and eat with the students as
long as the Elementary School is given 1 day’s notice. Parents may at any time come
and take their student out to lunch by checking them out through the office or they may
bring lunch and have a picnic on the tables provided on the playground.
All students are expected to eat lunch. If for some reason a student is not to
eat lunch, please notify the student’s teacher in writing.
    Kennedale ISD participates in the Federal Lunch Program. If you feel that your
      child may qualify, please call for a lunch form to be completed and returned to the
      Administrative building.

Student Lunches
      All students will receive a lunch card. Advance payment decreases the chance that
      your child will lose his/her lunch money. Kennedale’s Web Store, RevTrak may be
      used to check your child’s account, or to add funds by debit or credit card. Please
      allow 24 hours for money to post to the account. The website is Students are not allowed to call home for lunches or
      money. We expect all students to eat lunch. If you do not require your child to eat
      lunch, you must send written notice to the office. Free and reduced price lunches
      are available. Applications for the lunch program are available in the school office.

Classroom Visitation
      1. Classroom observations by parents should be scheduled and should not exceed
      20 minutes.
      2. Observations can be scheduled as often as once every other week.
      3. Parents should not interact with any student during the visit.
      4. Food or drink should not be brought in the classroom.
      5. Conversations with the students during class time are not appropriate.
      6. The teacher should not share any information about students with parents.
      7. Parents should sit in an area designated by the teacher so that the parent can
      observe the class and not attract the attention of the students.
      8. Classroom observations are not appropriate times to have a conference. If
      specific information is needed from the teacher parents should schedule a
      conference with the teacher.
      9. Instructional time is valuable and parent/teacher discussions should not take
      place during observations.

Registration Information
It is very important that the office be notified when you have any changes in your child’s
registration information. This information includes changes in: phone numbers,
addresses, emergency contact persons, and persons listed on the temporary release
section of the registration information. Your child will only be released to persons listed
on his/her registration card.

Student Withdrawal
If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from school, please give us at least a one
day notice. Only a parent or legal guardian may withdraw a student from
school. A certain amount of paperwork is involved and in order to check your child out
properly, it does take time. A parent must come to the office to sign a withdrawal form,
check to see if the student is clear of outstanding fees, and that all books are returned.

Students have full responsibility for textbooks issued to them. Textbooks which are lost
or damaged must be paid for before any school records can be released to students,
parents, or other schools. Students are required to keep textbooks covered at all times.

Money Matters
When it is necessary to send money to school, please enclose it in a marked envelope.
If possible, please send a check or correct change. Teachers will not be responsible for
keeping up with the student’s money.

All information needed for students, due to routine matters, such as rides to and from
school, house key deliveries, meeting places, etc. must be made prior to arrival at
Only in cases of emergency should messages be called or faxed to school for
students. Any changes in student’s routine schedules (rides home, etc.) must
be made in writing to the student’s teacher.

Visitor’s Pass
For the Safety of our Students and Faculty:
Any person entering Delaney Elementary during school hours will sign in on the
computer with the main office. You will be expected to give the reason for the visit and
receive a visitor’s sticker which is to be worn while in the building.

Morning Drop off Times - For All Students Grades K thru 4
Students should not be brought to school before 7:45am unless they are eating
breakfast or riding the bus.
              Breakfast time is 7:20 to 7:50am.
              Faculty hours are either 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. or 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
                   Please DO NOT bring your student before
                   7:45 a.m. unless they are eating breakfast.

Student Insurance
Texas public schools do not carry accident and/or liability insurance on students enrolled
in public schools. This is in accordance with Texas Education Code
21.906. Student insurance is ordered by a private, licensed agent who represents a
reputable company and who has received school board approval. Various options and
prices are available. This is an optional program for the student and the
parent/guardian. The cost of the insurance is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
Complete information on the insurance will be sent home during the first few weeks of

Lost and Found Lockers
Please make sure that the student’s name is placed in all belongings. Any item that is
found will be placed in the Lost and Found Lockers. If your child has an item missing,
please have them check in their classroom and then in the Lost and Found Lockers.
Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Field Trips
When field trips are taken they will be a part of the instructional program. Field trips will
be well planned and only those trips which are an extension of classroom activities will
be taken. No child is permitted to go on a field trip away from the school campus
without the written permission from the child’s parents or legal guardian. Chaperones
must have a background check before attending field trip. Background check forms are
available online on the Delaney Website under the registration tab.

Bad Weather Information
For altered schedules or possible closing of school during inclement weather, please
listen to the following stations:
                     WBAP, WFAA, KERA, KPLX, or KXAS Channel 5

In order to ensure the safety of the children during an emergency, we participate in several
types of emergency drills. These are to prepare our students for fires, inclement weather, and
other situations where safety is a concern. These drills are practiced randomly throughout the
year. We take great care to keep a calm atmosphere at all times during these drills. If your
child should ask you questions at home, please assure them that school is a very safe place and
remind your child to always follow directions quickly during these drills.

School Bus
The bus driver has the same authority over the child while on the bus as the classroom teacher
has while the child is at school. The bus driver is in complete charge of his/her bus and its
passengers and is charged with the responsibility of maintaining discipline.
Parents should encourage their children to behave and sit down at all times while riding the bus.
School Bus Riders’ Rules and Regulations
   A. Prior to loading:
          1. Be on time at the designated school bus stop – keep the bus on schedule.
          2. Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
          3. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before entering.
          4. Don’t move towards the bus at the school loading zone until the bus is at a
             complete stop.
          5. Be careful in approaching bus stops.
           6. Students are not allowed to transport sharp, pointed, breakable, or other
              dangerous objects on the bus.
    B. While on the bus:
           1. Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times.
           2. Assist in keeping the bus safe and clean at all times.
           3. Refrain from loud talking and laughter or unnecessary confusion that diverts the
              driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.
           4. Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your home.
           5. Leave no books, lunches, or other articles on the bus.
           6. Keep books, packages, coats, and all other objects out of the aisle.
           7. Help look after the safety of small children.
           8. Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.
           9. Bus riders are not permitted to leave their seat while the bus is in motion.
           10.Absolute quiet when approaching railroad crossing stops.
           11.In case of road emergency, children are to remain in the bus.
    C. After leaving the bus:
           1. If you must cross the road, get in front of the bus so that you can see the driver
              and wait until the driver tells you it is safe to cross.
           2. Help look after the safety and comfort of all children.
           3. Be alert to the danger signal from the driver.
Serious or habitual infraction of these rules and regulations may result in the suspension of bus
riding privileges, ranging from a week to a school year.

Transportation of Students/Leaving Campus
If your student needs to go home any other way than the way he/she normally goes
home, they will need a note signed by that parent each time explaining the change.
Example: If the student rides the bus normally – he/she will always be put on the bus
unless a signed note is sent noting the change. Please make sure your child knows how
he/she is to go home each day before he/she comes to school.
      Parents must be present in the office before a child is called to leave the classroom.
       Students will not be called to the office to wait, due to the loss of instructional time.

Early Dismissal of Students
Students may not be picked up in the front office after 2:30 p.m. for any
reason. If your child has an appointment, you will need to make sure that you sign
them out at the office no later than 2:30 p.m. We will not dismiss students from the
front office for any reason after 2:30. Students will be dismissed to be a bus/daycare
rider, car rider, or as a walker.

Attendance Regulations
       The following regulations were established by the 74th Legislature in the summer
       of 1995:
       A. S.B.25. 092-a A student may not be given credit for a class unless the student
              in attendance for at least 90% of the days the class is offered.
       B.    S.B. 25.092-b An attendance committee shall be established on each
          campus in
             order to hear petitions for class credit by students who are in attendance
             fewer than the number of days required in S.B. 1
   C.    S.B. 25.092-d If a student is denied credit by the attendance committee,
            guardian may appeal the decision to the Board of Trustees
   D.    S.B. 25.087-b A school district shall excuse a child from attending school for
         purpose of observing religious holy days, including traveling for that
         before the absence if the parent/guardian submits a written request prior to
   E.    S.B. 25.087-b-2 A school district shall excuse a student for a temporary
         resulting from health care professional appointments if he/she begins
         classes or returns to school on the day of the appointment. Verification of
         the doctor’s visit must be submitted to the office the day of the appointment
         or the following day.

   Documentation of Absences
   A.  S.B. 25.0087.1 Excused medical absences if the student commences or ends
       the day at school and brings a medical note to school upon return. A medical
       excuse must be on file in the office for a student to be excused from
       PE/recess for more than 1 day.
   B.  When returning to school after an absence, a student must bring a note
       signed by the parent, which describes the reason for the absence. If a note
       is not provided to the school the day the student returns, the absence will be
       recorded as unexcused. If the reason given for any absence is suspect,
       medical verification may be required. If medical verification of the absence
       is not provided, the absence will be recorded as unexcused. When a
       student’s absence for personal illness exceeds 4 consecutive days, the
       student or parent shall present a statement from a physician or health clinic
       verifying the illness or other condition requiring the student’s extended
       absence from school (FEC Local). For additional information refer to the
       KISD Conduct Handbook.
   C.  S.B. 25.087.1 Considers absences for illness, family death or emergency, or
       natural disaster as excused, and the bill further reads, “a written note from
       the legal guardian must accompany the student upon his/her return.” If a
       note is not received upon the student’s return to school, the student’s
       absence will be considered unexcused. Students shall be given a reasonable
       time to make up work missed due to an absence. For the purpose of this
       subsection we shall define “reasonable time” as - the number of days absent
       is equal to the number of days the student has to make up the work for
       100% credit (i.e. 2 days absent=2 days to make up work).
   D.  Parents are asked to call the school office by 9:00 a.m. the day of the
       student’s absence. If a parent/guardian does not call the office to inform
       them of the student’s absence, the attendance clerk will call your home or
       business to verify the absence. This morning call does not replace the need
       for a parent and/or doctor’s note upon the student’s return to school.
      E.     If a child is absent from school for two consecutive days, a parent may
             request the child’s assignments. Please contact the teacher by 9:00 a.m.
             and the assignments will be ready for pick-up at 3:15 p.m. the same day.

Students arriving late or leaving early will be counted tardy for the day. Consistent with
District Policy, 5 tardies will equal 1 absence. If your child has an appointment and has
to arrive late or leave early, then please send a medical note to the attendance office so
that the tardy can be removed from their attendance record.

Students will not be eligible for perfect attendance if they have a significant number of
tardies that would equal an absence.

Delaney will have Tardy Parties at the end of each six weeks to celebrate those students
who have no tardies. Arriving late or leaving early will equate to a tardy. There will be
no exceptions for any tardy unless it has been excused due to the parent or guardian
providing a medical note to explain the tardy. No handwritten note will excuse a

Report Cards
Report cards with each student’s grades or performance and absences in each class or subject
are issued to parents at least once every 6 weeks.
At the end of the first three weeks of a grading period parents will be given a written
unsatisfactory progress report if their child’s performance in any course (in English language
arts, mathematics, science, or social studies) is near or below 70, or is below the expected level
of performance.

Questions about grade calculation should first be discussed with the teacher; if the question is
not resolved, the student or parent may request a conference with the principal in accordance
with FNG(LOCAL).
The report card or unsatisfactory progress report will state whether tutorials are required for a
student who receives a grade lower than 70 in a class or subject.
Report cards and unsatisfactory progress reports must be signed by the parent and should be
returned to the school within 3 days.

Specials grades (Art, Music, PE) and Conduct
These subjects will be graded on an E, S, N, or U scale. A student who receives an E or S in
these subjects will be eligible for A or B Honor roll depending on their grades in their academic
courses. A grade of N or U in these subjects will mean that the student will not be
eligible for A or B Honor roll.

Honor Roll
A Honor Roll= students working on grade level and making no grade below a 90
B Honor Roll= students working on grade level and making no grade level below an 80
Academic Achievement Card- Students working below grade level with no grades below
90- A or 80-B
Grading Policy
Please see teacher for the grade level grading policy.

Homework Policy
Teacher will assign homework to students in the Delaney Elementary School to reinforce skills
and information already learned in class, not to exceed 45 minutes total from all subjects. The
homework is to prepare students for upcoming classes and to teach independence, self-discipline
and responsibility.

The parents are to be informed of the days to expect homework by the classroom teacher. We
ask that parents establish homework as top priority for our children. Parents need to provide a
quiet environment to work, establish a daily homework time, and provide positive support when
homework is completed.

         J. F. Delaney will service students using the Inclusive School Model. An
         inclusive school is one where EVERYONE belongs, where the needs of all
         members are met, and where people care about and support each other.
         There are several important components to an inclusive school. Special
         education in an inclusive school is a SERVICE, not a location. Students must
         meet placement criteria in order to receive special education services.
         1. Learning Disabilities
             Inclusion at Delaney Elementary School means that students with learning
             disabilities will receive the support they need to be successful WITHIN the
             general education classroom as often as possible. This support might come
             from special and general educators, instructional assistants, the counselor,
             and peer assistants. The teachers will make sure the student’s curriculum
             and environment is appropriately modified.

         2. Speech Therapy
            A speech therapist is available for students assessed with articulation/oral
            language difficulties.

         3. Counseling
            J. F. Delaney has the services of a certified school counselor who is
            available to aid or assist in any kind of situation that interferes with a
            student’s academic success. This service includes: referral services to
            community agencies, individual and group counseling for students having
            academic, behavior, and/or attendance problems. Students who are being
            treated by other mental health professionals outside of school will not
            qualify for on-campus counseling. Our school counselor is not equipped to
            handle intensive individual counseling in the school setting. If your child is
            in need of intensive therapy, you will be advised to seek this support from
            an outside source.
         4. Gifted and Talented Education / Challenge Lab
            Delaney has a full-time G/T instructor to serve the educational needs of the
            academically gifted students. Qualifying students leave their homeroom
            classroom and meet with the G/T teacher for a designated time each week.
            The Challenge Lab is available to all students who may need enrichment or
            higher level thinking activities and have shown mastery of classroom

         5. Dual Language Program
            Delaney has a Dual Language Program in grades K-3rd. Students who meet
            the criteria will be provided services through this program. All grade levels
            have ESL teachers qualified to service ESL students in their classrooms.

         6. Section 504 Program
            Delaney will provide support and accommodations to students who meet the
            criteria of having a handicap or medical diagnosis that substantially limits
            one or more life activities. The school counselor is the 504 coordinator at
            this campus.

In accordance with Senate Bill 474 which states, “Elementary schools may not serve or provide
access for students to Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value(FMNV) at any time anywhere on school
premises during the school day.” Also, a school day is defined as running from the start of
breakfast until the last bell of the day; therefore, that means that FMNV will be permitted during
after school activities only. With this piece of legislation, we will no longer be allowed to
serve any kind of food item for birthday celebrations. What we suggest is that if you
would like to provide something to celebrate your child’s birthday that you put together goodie
bags with pencils, stickers, erasers, etc… Please send a bag for each student in the class, and
the teachers can pass those out to students at the end of the day.

PTA parties are the only events that allow us to serve food items to students. We are only
allowed 3 parties per year, and they must be held at the end of the school day. Items sent for
the parties must be store-bought items only. No homemade cakes, cookies, etc… Delaney PTA
will have a Fall Party on October 28th, a Winter Party on December 15th, and the End of Year
Party on May 30th. Parties begin at 1:45 p.m.

Birthday Invitations
If you would like for teachers to hand out birthday invitations, please send enough to give one to
each student within the classroom. If you would only like to invite certain children, then we ask
that you and your child distribute those outside of the school day and not on school premises.

Arranging Conferences
If you need to discuss your child’s work with a teacher, please plan to do so at a time other than
during the student’s workday. The teachers’ conference period are scheduled during the day. If
there is a need for a conference, please send a note by your child to his teacher or call the
school secretary to leave a message for the teacher to call to make an appointment.

All volunteers and field trip chaperones must have approved background checks on file.
Forms will be sent home at the beginning of each year. No background checks will be
accepted after September 30, 2011 for the first semester and February 3, 2011. If
you think there is any possibility that you or someone in your family might want to
attend an event as a chaperone, please turn in your application for background check by
the above dates.

No Toys
No toys of any type are allowed at school. If students bring toys to school, they will be
taken up by the teacher and will only be returned to the parent.

Please obey the individuals directing traffic in the morning and afternoons. They are
doing so for safety of the students. We want everyone to be safe on arrival and
dismissal for school.

Parent Portal
You may check on your child/s grades through the Parent Portal and keep track of lunch
money through Nutrikids.

Spirit Day:
Students will be allowed to wear jeans on Fridays with spirit shirts. If they
have not had any of the following:
    Tardy any day of the week- this should be marked on calendar
    Cafeteria issues of misbehavior marked on calendar
    Office referral
Check your child’s calendar for information! If a student wears jeans on a day
that they are not qualified to wear denim, you will be called and they will have
lost their option to wear denim the next Friday.

We understand that not everyone is able to purchase a spirit shirt
or wants to purchase one. Therefore, if your child is going to wear
jeans on Fridays, then he or she must have on a spirit shirt, or a
green, black, or white polo shirt. No other t-shirt is permitted
except for a spirit shirt. The spirit shirt can be from other
Kennedale schools, but needs to be a Wildcat shirt of some kind.
Also, there is to be no cheerleading uniforms or football
jerseys worn on Fridays. Fridays are not free dress days.
Please adhere to our request, so we do not have to call you in
regards to your child’s attire.
Please check our website:
               James F. Delaney Elementary Parent Involvement Policy and Program

Delaney Elementary has developed a parent involvement policy centered around five critical parent
involvement strategies which are to provide a variety of activities that encourage parents to participate at
school, to support and engage in learning activities with children at school and at home, to provide
training to staff to strengthen the home/school partnerships, to communicate frequently with parents, and
to provide life-long learning opportunities for parents.

The Delaney Elementary School will involve parents in the joint development of the Title I plan and the
process of school review and improvement.

An adequate number of parents will work collaboratively with the Delaney Site-Based School committee in
an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program.

Annually the school will convene a meeting to which all parents of participating students are invited to
inform the parents of the school’s participation in the Title I program and of the parents’ right to be
involved. Delaney will do this through Meet the Teacher Night, parent/child activities, PTA meetings and
events and Open House Night.

Delaney Elementary parents will work with faculty and staff as a team to improve student achievement
and will be provided timely information about available programs through regular communication on our
school website, monthly newsletters, PTA website and meetings, and the school marquee.

Parents will be provided with the school performance profiles and assistance with interpreting their child’s
individual assessment results through parent/teacher conferences and information sent home with
summary of assessment data.

Teachers will be given the opportunity to be involved in staff development to provide parents with a
description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of assessment used to
measure student progress, and the proficient levels students are expected to meet. This data will be
shared in parent conferences and school-distributed information. Teachers will also participate in diversity
and differentiation training through workshops or book studies in order to get a better understand of
parents and students and their experiences that they bring to the classroom and learn the best way to
meet the child’s individual learning style.

Parents will be provided with opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions, share
experiences with other parents, and to participate in decisions relating to the education of their children
through the Site-Based Committee meetings or PTA general meetings.

Parents will receive a timely response to their suggestions from the teachers and staff of Delaney

The school will coordinate, provide technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist parents in
actively participating in the planning and implementing of a parent involvement program. This can be
done during PTA general meetings or opportunities that are provided for parents to utilize the Parents’
Library to strengthen their ability to work with the children in cooperation with educators to improve
student performance.

Parents will jointly conduct an evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement
policy and revise as necessary. This will be done through Site-Based meetings with committee members
              Póliza de Participación de Padres y Programa de la Escuela Primaria James F. Delaney

La Escuela Primaria Delaney ha desarrollado una póliza de participación de padres centrada en torno a
cinco estrategias críticas de participación de padres que proporcionarán una variedad de actividades para
motivar a los padres a participar en la escuela, para apoyar y participar en actividades de aprendizaje con
los estudiantes en la escuela y en el hogar, para proporcionar entrenamiento al personal, para reforzar la
asociación entre la escuela y el hogar, para comunicar frecuentemente con los padres y para proporcionar
oportunidades de aprendizaje que duran toda una vida.

La Escuela Primaria Delaney implicará a los padres en el desarrollo conjunto del plan de Título I y en el
proceso de revisión escolar y mejora.

Un número adecuado de padres trabajarán colaborativamente con el Comité de Decisiones Escolares del
Plantel de manera organizada, continua y oportuna en la planeación, revisión y mejora del programa
Título I.

Anualmente la escuela convocará una reunión a la cual todos los padres de los estudiantes participantes
estarán invitados para informarles de la participación de la escuela en el programa Título I y sobre el
derecho de los padres a participar. La escuela Delaney hará esto por medio de la Noche de Conocer a los
Maestros, actividades de padres e hijos, reuniones y eventos de PTA y Noche de Visitar a la Escuela.

Los padres de la escuela primaria Delaney trabajarán con la facultad y el personal como un equipo para
mejorar el rendimiento de los estudiantes y se les proporcionará información oportuna sobre programas
disponibles por medio de comunicación regular en nuestro sitio de Internet, boletines mensuales, sitio de
Internet y reuniones de PTA y por el cartelón de anuncios.

Se proporcionará a los padres los perfiles de rendimiento escolar y la asistencia para interpretar los
resultados individuales de evaluación de sus hijos por medio de conferencias entre padres y maestros e
información enviada a casa con un resumen de los datos de la evaluación.

Se proporcionará la oportunidad a los maestros de participar en talleres para proporcionar a los padres
con una descripción y explicación del currículo de uso en la escuela, las formas de asesoramiento para
medir el progreso estudiantil y los niveles de competencia que se espera que los estudiantes logren. Estos
datos se compartirán durante conferencias de padres y maestros y por medio de información distribuida
por la escuela. Los maestros también participarán en entrenamiento de diversidad y diferenciación por
medio de talleres o estudios de libros para poder tener un mejor entendimiento de los padres y
estudiantes y sus experiencias que traen al salón de clase y para aprender la mejor manera de cumplir
con el estilo de aprendizaje individual de cada estudiante.

Se proporcionará a los padres oportunidades para reuniones regulares para formular sugerencias,
compartir experiencias con otros padres y para participar en decisiones relacionadas con la educación de
sus hijos por medio de juntas del Comité de Decisiones Escolares del Plantel o por medio del las reuniones
generales de PTA.

Los padres recibirán con tiempo adecuado respuestas a sus sugerencias por los maestros y el personal de
la escuela primaria Delaney.

La escuela coordinará y proporcionará asistencia técnica y cualquier otro apoyo necesario para asistir a los
padres en participar activamente en planear e implementar un programa de participación de padres. Esto
se puede lograr durante las reuniones generales de PTA o por oportunidades dadas a los padres para
utilizar la Biblioteca de Padres para fortalecer su habilidad de trabajar con los estudiantes en cooperación
con los educadores para mejorar el rendimiento estudiantil.

Los padres llevarán a cabo en forma conjunta, una evaluación del contenido y de la efectividad de la póliza
de participación de padres y podrán revisarla conforme sea necesario. Esto se efectuará por medio de las
juntas del Comité de Decisiones Escolares del Plantel con los miembros del comité presente.

**For your child’s registration to be completed, this form must be returned to
your child’s teacher by September 1st.**

If this acknowledgement form has not been received by September 2nd or 1 week after
your child’s enrollment in the school, we shall assume that you agree with and accept
the policies and rules stated.

We have read and understand the responsibilities outlined in the J.F. Delaney Campus
Handbook. We also understand that _________________ (student) shall be held
accountable for the student dress code as outlined in the Campus Handbook at school,
school-sponsored, and school related activities, including school-sponsored travel, and
for any school-related misconduct, regardless of time or location. We understand that
any student who violates the guidelines outlined within shall be subject to disciplinary

                  Parent/Legal Guardian Signature       Date

                  _________________           _________________________
                  Student’s Signature                         Date

                                TEA Recognized Title I Campus

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