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                    The                 ANA News
                                      November 2010 - Volume 222

                                          November Presenting Artist - Photographer Don House
          INSIDE :
  November Program                1
                                         The presenting artist for the November 2010 ANA meeting will be
  Special Thanks                  1
                                       photographer Don House. When he is not out roaming the back roads,
  October in Review               2    you will find him working in his studio and darkroom in an isolated
  People’s Choice Show            2    corner of northwest Arkansas. His images are found in publications as
  2010 Art in the Park            2    diverse as The Wall Street Journal and Backpacker Magazine, and have
  Announcements                   3    been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the
  NWACCC Activities               4    country. His photographic credentials have included teacher, gallerist,
  News & Notes                    5    curator and author.
  Membership Info                 6
                                         Two collections of his work - Buffalo Creek Chronicles, and Not a
                                       Good Sign (December 2009) are available from Phoenix International

                                       For the ANA meeting, Don will focus especially on his book No Good
                                       Sign and the photography work in the book.

                                       Don House works with traditional film and darkroom techniques and
        November 18th, 2010
                                       each print is hand-made to archival standards. He says of his work;
      Arts Center of the Ozarks
            Upper Room                         I am first and foremost a black & white portrait photographer,
           Springdale, AR
          No Board Meeting                     and it shows. Even the landscapes, figure studies and abstracts
      General Meeting - 6:30 pm                that fill the catalogue of images from 20 years of work reveal the
                                               same effort, the same approach – an insistence on capturing the
Remember to send news of exhibi-               character, the essence, the life of the thing, the person, the place.
tions and awards to Jaquita Ball,, for announce-
ments on our Facebook page and                 I approach all subjects as I would a portrait, really, watching,
on the ANA web site!                           waiting, for the essence; striving to capture the character and
                                               personality and spirituality of a landscape, or a person, or a thing.
Our Thanks!... to
Fayetteville Harps on
Crossover Road, for                    Don House exhibits at The Fayetteville Underground and at M2 Gallery
the great cookies we                   in Little Rock. More information at
enjoy at our monthly

        *** ATTENTION ***
                                                                  SPECIAL THANKS
   At our monthly meetings at             I would like to extend a special thanks to the Arts Center of Ozarks,
    the ACO, members have
      permission to use the               Rogers Little Theater (RLT), Northwest Arkansas Community
    bathrooms, the hallway to             Creative Center (NWACCC), Nadine Baum Center/Walton Arts
       the second floor, the              Center, Colliers International Real Estate, and the City of
   upstairs meeting room and
  its attached kitchen. No one            Fayetteville/Wilson Park for generously letting us use their facilities for
    is to wander out of these             our activities! ---Jaquita Ball
   specific areas. Thank you!

                               November 2010 Meeting in Review - Brice Long
                                                      By Timothy Jones
   The November meeting was a change of pace for the ANA, as our presenting artist was musician and songwriter
   Brice Long. Hearing thoughts on the creative process from a different discipline can be a very helpful change of
   perspective, and that was certainly the case with Brice.
     He spoke of the challenges and rewards of professional songwriting in the very competitive atmosphere of
   Nashville, Tennessee, and told colorful tales of creative inspiration, struggle and his experiences working for and
   collaborating with other artists.
     Brice was raised in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a small town about an hour from Nashville, where he learned farm
   work, driving a tractor and often cultivating tobacco. He tried a career in rodeo for a bit, and then toured as an
   opening act for artists like Eddie Rabbit. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, he made the
   move to Nashville to pursue his music. Having family fairly close to Nashville, he said, gave him one real advantage
   over many other aspiring young talents; a good, homecooked meal was just a short drive away!
     He wrote his first hit song, Nothing On But The Radio (recorded by Gary Allan) very quickly - the first month! - after
   arriving in Nashville in 1993, while still in his early twenties. It did take a few years for the song to be recorded
   and released, but he knew it was a winner from the start. In 1997, he was offered a contract with Reba McEntire’s
   Starstruck Entertainment Company. Since then he has written hundreds of songs, alone and with others, and has
   had dozens of his songs recorded by prominent country artists like Randy Travis, Josh Turner and John Micheal
   Montgomery. In 2005, he signed with Columbia Records. He was especially pleased to announce the release in
   November of one of his songs, A Little Want To, on the new Reba McEntire album.
     Yes, those of you who missed the meeting will be disappointed to hear that Brice did sing a few of his songs for
   us, including Nothing On But The Radio and the haunting Different Things, accompanying himself on guitar. The
   obvious question is; how is it that Brice Long is not yet a household name in country music? His singing and
   playing are as stellar as his gift for crafting a memorable tune.
    In many ways, the experience of a musician and songwriter is different than that of a visual artist, but there are
   great similarities. Brice spoke from experience of the tension between following one’s gifts and the need to buy
   groceries. He noted that as a songwriter his mind is always alert and watching for those experiences and every-
   day phrases that might contain the seeds of a great song. As with any good visual artist, everything is grist for the
     We are very grateful to Brice Long for sharing his insights and gifts with us. Many thanks, Brice! The success of
   his visit makes one wonder whether other types of artists - dancers, actors, writers - might provide an interesting
   and fruitful supplement for our monthly meetings. Something to think about!

        ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL ART IN THE PARK                                           The 2010 People’s Choice Show
                                                                                     at the Northwest Arkansas Creative
  The 2010 Art in the Park, held annually at Fayetteville’s Wilson Park, was a       Center (Walton Arts Center) was a huge
successful event on a beautiful day. Thank you to the 20 artists who                 success and everyone seemed to enjoy
displayed and sold art, especially a big thank you to the people who worked          the variety of work exhibited. All who
at the business tent and the children's tent.                                        entered were exhibited. The People’s
   We had a crowd of people come by and several bought art (over $3,000              Choice Award was given to Stephanie
worth)! It turns out there is more art sold at this event than at the Regional       Lee with an oil titled Buster.
ANA Show and the Members Show each year.                                               Without the help of our members, there
  The Fayetteville Parks and Recreation, a co-sponsor of the event, provided         would not have been a show. Accepting
free hot dogs from about 11:00 a.m. 'till about noon. They had the park              and hanging paintings were: Helen
nicely mowed and some of the jogger’s trail had just been reworked. The              Hellweg, Mary Collins, Gloria Pendry,
                                                                                     and Laverine Nelson. John Dillingham
newspaper, TV stations and radio stations all provided free public
                                                                                     did a superb job of hanging the
announcements.                                                                       exhibition. Food came from: Gloria
         “Personally, I was amazed at all the help extended by ANA members           Pendry, Helen Hellweg, Karolyn Farrell,
to make this event happen. Overall, everything went very smoothly, although          Laverine Nelson and Rebecca Johnson.
we were all tired out by the end of the day. All I can say is I appreciate all the      If I have forgotten anyone, just know
people in ANA” --Victor Parkerson, Special Events Chair                              that I appreciate all that everyone did to
   (Editor’s and President’s note: And we thank you, Victor, for another             make the exhibit a success. - Rebecca A.
successful event!)                                                                   Johnson, Chairman
                                                                                 ANA Holiday Party at
   ANNUAL PLANNING MEETING OF THE ANA BOARD                                     Kathy Mayhue’s House!
    The Board of Directors of Artists of Northwest Arkansas will hold its      Program chairman Kathy Mayhue
         annual planning meeting and election of board members on:             invites all ANA members and guests for
                                                                               the 2010 ANA Holiday Party, Decem-
                       Saturday, November 20, 2010
                                                                               ber 2nd at 6:30 pm. If you like, bring a
                           9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                              small piece of original art for the Art
                           Nadine Baum Studios                                 Gift Swap (or a gift of art supplies - $10
      (also known as Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center)             or under ). RSVP via e-mail before
                         Spring Street, Fayetteville                           November 22nd -
     (corner of West Ave and Spring Street, one block south of Dickson         (small cash donation requested to help
                                   Street)                                     cover catering)
     This meeting is to be attended by current board members and the             Directions to 4097 Bridlewood Dr.
                     proposed slate of board members.                          in Fayetteville, AR. - From Fayetteville;
                                                                               1. Heading North on N College Ave
                                                                               2. Turn right at Joyce Blvd 2.3 mi
                                                                               3. Continue straight onto Co Rd 87/N
                           REMINDERS                                               Old Wire Rd 0.4 mi
                                                                               4. Turn left to stay on Co Rd 87/N Old
•There will not be a general meeting at ACO during the month of December.         Wire Rd 0.9 mi
                                                                               5. Take the 3rd right onto Co Rd 92/E
•The December meeting will be a holiday party at the home of Kathy                 Guy Terry Rd 2.0 mi
Mayhue, board member and Programs Chair, Dec. 2nd, 6:30 PM.                    6. Turn right at Bridlewood Dr
                                                                                    Destination on the right 0.3 mi
•Membership Show is in full swing at the Nadine Baum Studios! If you are an
exhibitor, you must pick up your artwork Saturday morning, November 20.              From Springdale exit at I540;
                                                                               1. Head east on W Sunset Ave 2.4 mi
•Rogers Little Theatre: Planning is underway for 2011 exhibitions in the       2. Turn right at S Thompson St 0.4 mi
Zephyr Blevins Gallery. Please submit your requests to exhibit along with 3    3. Keep left at the fork 0.2 mi
jpeg files of your art to Katherine Barnhart ( and/or Jaquita   4. Continue on W Robinson Ave 2.4 mi
Ball ( by November 15, if possible. 10% of any sales         5. Turn right at Butterfield Coach
benefit ANA.                                                                       Rd/Zion Rd
                                                                               Continue to follow Butterfield Coach
                                                                                   Rd 2.2 mi
                                                                               6. Turn left at Co Rd 92/E Guy Terry Rd
                                                                                   2.0 mi
    Should We Go Green With Our Newsletter?                                    7. Turn right at Bridlewood Dr
                                                                                    Destination on the right 0.3 mi
  The Board has been kicking around the idea of “going green” with
  the newsletter….which means sending it to your email address. We
  realize that some members do not have access to a computer in                OPEN STUDIO at NADINE BAUM - Open
  order to receive the newsletter electronically, so those people              Studio available on Friday mornings at
  would still receive a printed version. Please let us know how you            Nadine Baum Studio in Fayetteville.
                                                                               Model available for portrait painting or
  feel by NOVEMBER 17. You may send your comments to Tim
                                                                               drawing. Starts at 9:00am. Cost is $5 for
  Jones, newsletter editor, at or Jaquita
                                                                               studio and $5 for model. Come join us.
  Ball, president, at                                        Contact Mary Collins @ 466-7569 for
                                                                               more information

                                                                                 ARE YOUR DUES CURRENT??
     WANTED: YOUR SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS & REQUESTS                                  Member Dues help make possible
Do you have an idea or subject matter request for our meetings in 2011? A        many ANA programs and activi-
specific technique or medium you would like to see demonstrated? Is there        ties. Thanks for your support!
a business issue such as marketing, gallery representation or bookkeeping        Contact Gloria Pendry, W.C. 19,
you would to learn more about? Planning is now underway! Call Kathy              11896 Little Elm Road, Farming-
Mayhue or Jaquita Ball with your ideas.                                          ton, AR 72730
                                                        Fall 2010
                                                        Art Classes
Grout.                                                  for Children & Adults
                                  northwest             where art and people take form™
Enjoy                             arkansas
beautiful                         community             505 West Spring St. |    | 479.927-2491
                                  creative              Building Hours: M-W: 11-6 | Th & F: 11-9 | Sat: 11-4
mosaics...                  TM    center
created by you... in our                  fa ntastic new mosaic studio !
Our fall class series has begun, and lots of children and adults are busy expressing their creativity through so many
forms of visual arts, transforming imagination into healing craft and tangible works of art. We have highlighted a few
of our upcoming classes, but there are so many it was hard to choose!

Our new Mosaic Studio is a magical place. We have upcoming classes, Open Studio and even a Weekend Workshop!

We also have another session of After School Art Club starting October 25th for children 8-12 years old. Kids will experi-
ence many different art materials while using their imagination in 2- and 3-dimensional art projects. The class ends with
an art gallery reception for family and friends! Our web site has information about transportation from Washington
Elementary School, or you can call Susan at 200-0663.

Find out more about all of our classes at As always, we look forward to creating with you!

 Expressive Acrylic               Portrait Painting:                 Smiling Animals                My Room, My Favorite
       (Adult Class)              Oils in the Manner                   (Kids Clay Class)                  Things
                                                                                                      (Kids Class - Ages 8-12)
                                  of the Old Masters
 Acrylic paintings can be                                         Ages 5 - 8
intense or light. Ease of              (Adult Class)              This fall kids will learn basic   Create a handmade mail-
clean-up & fast drying times                                      sculpting skills in a creative    box to receive messages,
make this medium one of          Explore what makes a             environment.                      letters & private notes.
the most popular to work         successful portrait. Bring       In Smiling Animals we will        Make a personal dream
with. Instructor Sean            photos & a 16x20 stretched       focus on creating faces with      mobile.
Fitzgibbon will work with        canvas with smooth               giant smiles and big teeth!       Decorate your mirror, door,
beginners & intermediates        surface. Instructor Trena        And everybody gets to take        etc with your favorite
to give basic instruction in     Ward will take one of your       a spin on the pottery             sayings.
the use of acrylics, how to      photos home and sketch it        wheel!                            Design & paint a canvas rug.
start, organize the image        on your canvas so that you
and put on the finishing         can start painting with an 5 weeks                                 5 weeks
touches. Minimum supplies        accurate drawing. Minimum Oct 20 - Nov 17                          Oct 23 - Nov 20
required.                        supplies required.         Wednesdays, 4 - 5:30pm                  Saturdays, 10am - Noon

5 weeks:                         Session 1: Nov 9 - Dec 21,         Support for NWACCC is provided, in part, by the Arkansas
Nov 9 - Dec 7,                   Tuesdays 6-9pm Session 2:          Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas
                                 Nov 10 - Dec 22, Wednes-           Heritage, and the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as
Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm                                              kind patrons, businesses and individuals like yourself!
                                 days 10am - 1pm

  NWACCC is getting ready for our 3rd Holiday Bazaar on Saturday Dec 4 from 10 am to 4 pm. For a very unique gift
  that sets you apart you cannot miss this opportunity to shop for art made by local artists. There will be plenty of
  free activities for kids to make holiday art while parents check all the exciting items. All net proceeds to benefit our
  scholarship program. With your continued support, we together can make sure that every child in Northwest
  Arkansas has the opportunity to reap the benefits of visual arts education programs. ANA members are encour-
  aged to participate if they would like to sell their art. Our standard commission is 20% as done in previous events.

                                                                                   Poor Richard’s Art
                                                                                       116 S. First St. in
   We are still looking for some dedicated members to fill vacant                    Rogers Historic District
   positions. Those positions are:
                                                                                   November 2010 - Welcome
           Hospitality Chair: This person picks up the donated                  new artists, painter Pen Brady and
   cookies from Harp’s in Fayetteville, prepares the coffee prior to the        Clay Sculptor Sheila Richards. And
   Board meeting, may possibly need to bring cold drinks for some
                                                                                be sure to come by for the Poor
   meetings (but will be reimbursed), makes sure the room is set-up for
   meetings and returns the room to its original condition after the            Richard's Artist and Customer Holi-
   meeting. It is recommended that the Chair recruit two to three               day Party! Friday, November 19th,
   volunteers to serve on his/her committee to share the responsibilities.      6-8p.m. Enjoy Food, Drink and One-
                                                                                Night-Only Special Sales!
            Publicity Co-chair: This person will coordinate all
   publicity for ANA’s meetings and events, including writing news              Meet your favorite artists in a festive,
   release, sending notices to media outlets (broadcast, print and online),     family-friendly atmosphere. Mark
   maintaining the Facebook page, placing ads for the Regional                  your calendars and come join the
   Exhibition in national publications, placing notices in online “Call for     fun!
   Entries” websites, preparing invitations to events (postcard and
   eblasts), brochures as needed and other promotion as needed. It is
   recommended that the co-chairs form a publicity committee in order to              Oil Painter Johnny Ware
   share all the responsibilities.                                               is featured at the Julie Wait Gallery
                                                                                      through November 19th
          National Workshops Chair: Coordinate two annual
   workshops with instructors from outside the area. The summer
   workshop instructor also serves as the Regional Exhibition Judge. It is
                                                                                Exhibit Opportunity - Would you
   recommended this Chair recruit volunteers to assist with the duties.
                                                                                like to have a solo or joint exhibi-
           Regional Exhibition Co-Chair: Coordinates the                        tion at a well-traveled location in
   annual Seven State Regional Juried Exhibition of ANA. The Co-Chair           Rogers, AR.? If you are a dues
   will work closely with the Exhibition/ACO Co-Chair, Leslie Callison,         paying member of ANA, we have
   coordinating a committee of volunteers to carry out the responsibilities.    the place for you. The Rogers Little
                                                                                Theater (RLT, Real. Live. Theater.) in
           If you are interested in serving as the committee chair or as a      Rogers, Arkansas, has a gallery
   member of the committees listed, please notify Karolyn Farrell,              open to ANA members. Contact, or Jaquita Ball, as soon as              Jaquita      Ball     (479-530-8523,
   possible!                                                           or Katherine
                                                                                Barnhart ( if you
                                                                                are interested.

The current ANA exhibitor at the RLT gallery is Michael Zoller. Be             Fayetteville Underground Art
sure to drop by and view this exhibition (most pieces are for sale). The        is accepting exhibition proposals for
hours are Tuesday – Friday, 12noon to 5pm and Saturdays, 10:00am to             2011. Submit a minimum of 10 and a
2:00pm.                                                                         maximum of 20 images of your work
                                                                               completed within the last 2 years on a
                                                                                 CD. Include size, title, medium, and
  Ozark Folkways is hosting an exhibit and sale of ANA member                      price. Include resume with your
  Johnny Bowen’s landscape, seascape, and still life paintings during          education, exhibition history, website,
  the month of November. A reception will be held from 6-8 pm on                 and gallery representation. Mail to:
  Friday, November 5. OZARK FOLKWAYS is a non-profit organization
  dedicated to the preservation, instruction, & development of regional              Fayetteville Underground
                                                                                        One East Center St.
  arts & crafts. It is located on Scenic Highway 71 south of Winslow, one-             Fayetteville, AR 72701
  quarter mile south of the Crawford County line.
                                                                               CDs will not be returned. No email
                                                                               submissions accepted.
 Artists of Northwest Arkansas                                                            Prsrt Sd
 P.O. Box 3268                                                                            US Postage
 Fayetteville, AR 72702                                                                   PAID
                                                                                          Permit No 1
Return Service Requested

  Check out the ANA Web site:

          ANA Membership Form                                 ANA Welcomes New Members!
                                                       The purpose of the Artists of Northwest Arkansas is to
 Name: _________________________________               sponsor, encourage, assist and promote enjoyment
 Address:________________________________              and understanding of the visual arts in Northwest
 City:___________________________________              Arkansas.
                                                       The club meets at 7:00 pm the third Thursday of each
 Phone:_________________________________               month (except December) at Arts Center of the Ozarks,
 Email:__________________________________              214 S. Main St., Springdale, Arkansas.

 Membership:    Individual: $20    Family $25          The programs cover a variety of art-related subjects
                                                       and usually include a demonstrating artist. The club
 To help us get to know you, please tell us what       sponsors two shows for members yearly and one
                                                       juried regional competition each summer.
 you are most interested in:
 3-Dimensional        2-Dimensional                    Individual memberships are $20 per year and family
                                                       memberships are $25 per year.
 Watercolor           Oils
 Acrylic        Mixed Media         Collage            To join, please ll out the membership form at left, and
 Pastel         Drawing                                mail with a check payable to Artists of Northwest
                                                       Arkansas, to Gloria Pendry, W.C. 19, 11896 Little Elm
 Other__________________________________               Road, Farmington, AR 72730.
 Artists of Northwest Arkansas
 W.C. 19, 11896 Little Elm Road
                                                       Dedicated to promoting artists and ne art
                                                                in Northwest Arkansas
 Farmington, AR 72730

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