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HISTORY - Kyrenia Animal Rescue by wuxiangyu


									Anita asked me to email you this photo for the website, it's our committee, left to right
Anita Woods, Margaret Ray, Lynda Jorgensen, Karin Boss Janssen, Christine Oktekin, Jane
Knobel and Ann Bosley.

Forgot.................the photo gallery on 'Location' photo 7 needs to be Sandy and Delia not S and
D. Photo 11 needs to be Hussein and Metin not H and M.
And 13 needs to be 'One of the centres 'house cats' AKA Car Park Cat


Bet you thought you'd heard the last of me!!

We held a committee meeting and one or two suggestions were made. I think they are all valid so
would you please make them for us.

Tony has rewritten (condensed) the 'History' page but I will run it past Margaret before I send it on
to you, as she wrote it and may get upset if we just change it.

1. Can you please put the little map of how to find the shop, onto the 'Shop' page.
2. Can you remove the third passage from the end, that begins"our customer base".
3. Can you remove the question mark at the very end of the last passage.
4. Can you remove the 8th passage which begins "A special rail displays".

5. On the 'Rehoming' page, can you remove the whole of the last bit that starts "some quite ugly"
within the brackets, and replace it with (and some less beautiful)

6. On the 'Events' gallery, can you remove photograph 9 and move it to the 'How you can Help'
page on the Supermarket Begs and Charity Stall section.

7. On the 'Campaigns' page Can we have only Poisoning, Cat Feeding Areas, Dog Registration,
Passport for Pets, DEFRA'S comments and photo gallery and start a whole new section at the left
of the page, above 'Events' and entitled, 'Neutering' to include the myths and photographs of the
cats in a row. Maybe another photo gallery with all the photographs to do with cat catching. We
have shed loads of photo's if you would like any more. In fact I will send you one I took on

Claire, who puts the newsletter together tells me (when I asked her to forward the newsletter in a
web friendly format) that it is done in publisher and therefore can not go on the web. Means
nothing to me, but she says the next one will be put together in a way that you can use.

Oh yes, Lynda will get lots of 'Happy Endings' together for you, if we can have it so that it is a
photo with the animals name, and you click the photo to read the story? Good idea eh? That way
we can have lots more without taking up loads of room!!

For now..................that's all


Kyrenia Animal Rescue fundraisers, held their third Quiz Night with supper of the year
on Wednesday 6th September at LD’s Bar Karaoğlanoğlu.
Nine teams took part in the Quiz, which was won by The Edremit Bandits made up of
Shirley & Steve Thomas and Clive Dawkin, proving that it is quality and not quantity that
counts, when it comes to Quiz Night!
As with the last Quiz, the winning team beat their nearest rivals by a mere half a point.
1,062 YTL was raised after costs.

I did not 'proof read' the last instalment for Margaret, before I sent t on to you. Lynda has viewed it on the
site and pointed out one or two Margaretisisms. Can they be changed please? I will make my alterationsa in
the usual teachers red.


Hi Anita
I think I have finished – yippee!!! Am forwarding to you
‘How you can help’ and ‘Re-homing in Cyprus’.
Can you tell Andrew that in ‘How you can help’ Please
note that I have changed the order of the titles, changed
‘Supermarket Begs’ to ‘Supermarket Begs’ & ‘Charity
Stall’ and left off ‘The Ark’ (Lynda thinks we should leave
it out until its future has been decided?).
Still haven’t included – I don’t think – The list of KAR
merchandise. Any ideas where it could go????
Cannot see mentioned enough times our bank account
The electric has held out thank goodness. I am having a
break now and will run through the whole lot on the web
when I get to the office yarin!
Well done you lot!!

We try to find as many good new homes as possible, for some of the hundreds of
beautiful cats and dogs in our care. Unfortunately there are not enough good
homes available in this small country. Therefore homes have been sought in
Germany, France as well as the UK.
When a person visits the centre and finds the cat or dog that they would like to
give a home to, they are asked a number of questions to try to ascertain whether
they are the right person to own ******** the********animal and if their home would
be suitable. If the rescue centre staff decides that the homing should go ahead
then a homing form is completed and a 30ytl homing fee paid. The new owners
are given a copy of the form with the animal’s veterinary card stating the
treatment and vaccinations that the animal has received. They are also given
advice on feeding and caring for their new pet. All re-homed animals have been
neutered except the young puppies and kittens. The new owners are also
advised at what date to take their new pet for neutering for which payment will be
made by KAR.

A small group of friends that visit regularly from Germany have set up a scheme
where they take information and photographs, of some KAR animals of their
choice, back to Germany and find them new homes with families and friends.
After KAR complete all the necessary documentation they are sent to Germany
on accompanied flights. The costs of sending them is paid by the the person
homing the dog or cat *************. We have lots of beautiful photographs and
stories of KAR dogs and cats in Germany and our friends visit and telephone the
owners regularly. If you travel to Germany regularly and would like to help by
being a ‘flight attendant’, please contact the KAR office or Claudia 06165 912172
(for dogs) or Anja 02129 50734 (for cats).
Homing to the UK has become more difficult and expensive since North Cyprus
was taken out of the Passport for Pets Scheme. Anyone taking animals into the
UK now have the additional costs of six months quarantine. That has not stopped
some visitors ****** who have fallen in love with one of the animals at the centre,
having their chosen animal sent to join them in the u.k.. Many names *********
come to mind Withy and Christa, Duke (now called Arab), Sid, Tammy (now
called Honey) and of course Scruffy. All have done their time in quarantine. We
have received some wonderful stories about them, in their new homes, and
lovely photographs of animals relaxing on sofa’s, beds or rolling in lush green
grass – Some very lucky animals!

                             HOW YOU CAN HELP

We receive no government assistance for the work we do with the neglected,
injured and homeless animals of North Cyprus. We rely on people who give
generously of their time or money (sometimes both).
There are so many ways you can help the animals. Our list is endless. Whatever
you can give, large or small will be gratefully received and every bit of it will go to
help the animals of North Cyprus.

#   Donation
#   Sponsorship
#   Legacy
#   Membership
#   Charity Shop
#   Visit the Centre
#    Supermarket Beg & Charity Stall


Pay a donation into our bank account - Download Bank Acc Details here.
Donation of items gratefully received:-
Veterinary supplies: Wormers, Parasite treatments, Vitamins, Ear/eye cleaners
and treatments, Antibiotic tablets and creams.
Dog leads and collars. Towels, dog/cat beds, dog and cat carriers.
Items for re-sale at the shop or bazaars, stalls etc or anything that can raise
1st and 2nd class UK postage stamps.

SPONSORSHIP - Lynda is re-writting

LEGACY - No changes

MEMBERSHIP - Take off last paragraph – ‘You might want to consider adding a
subscription to our quarterly magazine: ‘The Ark’.

CHARITY SHOP – No changes


The Centre is open to visitors every day from 9am until 1pm.
Visit our Rescue Centre –
# Offer a home to one of the beautiful dogs or cats in our care.
# Walk some of the dogs in the shade of the Five Finger Mountain, they are all
eager for walkies.
# See the work that we do and enjoy getting to know the animals
# Choose an animal to Sponsor – click here to find out more!
# Bath or groom some of the animals
# Spend some time playing and socializing with the dogs and cats.
There is always so much to do and the animals enjoy a visit or two!
Is a very enjoyable experience for both you and the dogs. The walks take place
in the beautiful countryside of the Five Fingers Mountain range. We provide a
small map which gives you routes you can take which can be a short distance
along level ground or longer distance on tracks near the top of the mountain with
stunning views. Also tracks that lead to the nearby café! We provide an
information sheet with a few do’s and don’t’s! and make it a rule that no more
than two dogs per adult are taken at one time, the staff will help you choose dogs
suitable for you. Away from the centre the dogs can be let off their leads to enjoy
a good run around. Don’t worry they know their way back, and more importantly,
they know exactly when feeding times are! Some visitors find that one or more of
the ‘house’ dogs, will join them, even though they were not invited! One couple
went for a walk with four dogs and one of the terriers in compound A decided that
he wasn’t going to be left behind and opened two gates. The couple were joined
by another fifteen dogs with smiles on their faces and tails wagging like mad!
Many visitors come year after year to walk the dogs and say that it is highlight of
their holiday.


Our Supermarket ‘Begs’ take place outside Lemar Supermarket in Karaoglanoglu
and Karakum once a month, from 9am – 5pm. For date details or to offer help
with the begs please contact the office on 0533 8694098.
We hand out lealets in English, Turkish and German asking members of the
public to donate a can of cat or dog food, dry dog/cat food, pasta, biscuits, milk
etc. We also sell KAR mechandise, give out information about our work, events
etc and accept donations.
Volunteers staff the ‘Begs’ in pairs, each covering a two hour period. They are
enjoyable and a very direct way of helping the animals.

A regular Friday weekly charity stall can be found at the Pegasus Restaurant in
Karaoglanoglu. It is expertly manned by two volunteers. At the stall you can
purchase second-hand books, magazines, newspapers, lots of KAR
merchandise and up to date news and advise about what is going on! They also
accept donations. All to raise money for the animals.
Pay them a visit this Friday!
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Tricycle ID
Male black kitten approx 3 1/2 months, in foster care
recovering from front right leg amputation due to RTA.

Anne and reece at Pegasos in happier times

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Andrew this is Freda ID1251
Female Pointer Cross into centre 15/4/06
approx age 2 years

this is the last for today
I will try and send a few more in the next few days or so, seem to be overrun with Cyprus
will try and get some different types
many thanks and hope all that I have sent is ok
I will send on a few photo's for other areas of the site now
The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
DSC02367 Freda
Andrew , here are the other details you need
Toby Cat's ID is 848
called Toby Cat so as not to mix him up with Toby dog :)
the other photo's you have are

Smirf ID 210
 black and white Male cat
into centre 26/9/03 as a kitten
has dietry problems and is on a special diet.

Leonard kitten in foster care has skin problems.
approx 3 months old

Herbie ID 84
Male Cyprus Terrier
grey with black markings
into centre 11/9/01
approx age 6 yrs

Bunty ID 80
female white and fawn Cyprus Terrier
into centre 3/10/01
age approx 8 yrs

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
Bunty DSC02102
Andrew I am sending a few animals for the sponsor page
can you load them up with a the brief details I send
This is Toby, male tabby and white approx 4 years old,
ID no to come
thanks Lynda

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
C1 Toby DSC02038

Bisto ID 925
Male brownish black Cyprus Terrier
into centre 3/9/05 age unknown
approx 3 yrs

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
DSC02186 Bisto id 925

This is Toby I D no 700
Male White Cyprus Terrier
into centre 9/5/05
age not known approx 4 yrs

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
DSC02171 Toby ID 700

Animal, Charity, Cyprus, Kyrenia, Girne, Cats, Dogs, Pets
Sorry, keep meaning to mention. Can you change the contents list of the ARK please to: Charity
Shop Face lift, Whistle two years on, Rescue Centre working party, Scruffy's Big Adventure



I think Anita meant this email for you - not us! Too early for her!

Morning Andrew,

Yes, it's me again. her with the dodgy eyes.
I notice that the old office phone number has snuck into the section on the 'how you can help'
page which refers to the Begs. Can you replace it with the new one please, or better still, remove
it as the suggestion to phone is made at the end of the section.
       I shall be seeing Lynda later so will ask her about the animal sponsor photographs. Margaret is
       planning to email me the latest newsletter to send you.

       For the time being..............................that's all!!

       Enjoy the cool.


       Margaret has updated the 'Campaigns' page. "Does this woman ever stop?" I hear you say
       I can not talk her into cutting the 'Charity Shop' down. She does how ever want the little list
       (mugs etc) and my cook book cover (!!!) removing as they are no longer sold in the shop. It needs
       to go somewhere but at the moment we can't think where.

       I woud like to see a photo gallery on the 'Location' page, is that o.k? We sent some good ones
       taken at the centre of staff, animals etc. What do you think? Margaret agrees in case you were




       A neuter and return programme for dogs began early in 2004. This programme calls for stray and
       abandoned dogs to be taken from the streets, neutered, treated for worms and parasites. A
       coloured numbered tag is clipped to the dogs ear and the healthy animals are returned into the
       The on going cat neutering campaign sees that feral cats are trapped and taken to the vet to be
       neutered, once they have recovered from the operation they are returned to their previous habitat.
       All cats that have been neutered by KAR have a clipped left ear, an internationally recognised
       sign, making them easily identifiable and Preventing them from being caught a second time.
       All animals that are rescued by the centre are neutered as soon as they are old enough. If a puppy
       is re-homed before it is old enough to have the operation, KAR will pay for it to be neutered at a
       later date.

       MYTHS                                                          TRUTHS

       The statistics show that the rise in the number of cats and dogs neutered by KAR rises yearly:
                                      2002 - 255 dogs/cats
2003   - 402 dogs/cats
2004   - 482 dogs/cats
2005   - Over 500 dogs/cats

       We believe that neutering an animal is the most beneficial and humane way of controlling the
       population of unwanted dogs and cats.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue have always been very concerned about the indiscriminate use of poison
to control the population of stray dogs and feral cats.
One of the potentially lethal poisons being used is Lannate, an odourless and tasteless
organophosthate commonly used by beekeepers against hornets and also laid down by shepherds
against foxes, wild dogs and rats which sometimes otherwise shun food in which they smell rat
poison. Watermelom growers are also said to scatter it around their crops as protection against
The symptoms of Lannate poisoning are a sudden uneasiness seen in cats and dogs shortly after
the poison has been ingested. Increase in saliva secretion, dehydration, and pain in the stomach
area and weakness in pulse and blood circulation. The animal cannot control evacuation, the pupil
of the eye is constantly enlarged, there is difficulty in breathing because of the blocking of the
bronchus by fluids and most characteristically, the smell of garlic.
The availability and use of poisons is a very important issue and KAR have set up a campaign to
collect data on all known poisoning of dogs and cats in the Kyrenia area and to work on changing
the attitude of the local population and allerting government bodies to the dangers of the lack of
control of the use of insecticides and pestisides.


Restaurants, Hotels and Holiday Complexes are being encouraged to set up ‘Cat Feeding Areas’
where food and water can be put down for the cats in the area. This will help stop the cats
bothering the diners, jumping on tables or going into guests rooms. If they are being fed regularly
in the same area the cats will not be hungry and will not need to beg for food. It is also a place
that visitors can feed the cats without upsetting other members of the public who might not like
them. With the cats going to a regular place it makes it easier for the KAR cat catching team to be
able to collect them for neutering and any other treatment that they may need to keep them
healthy. Signs and advice are given to those participating in this worthwhile campaign and an
annual award is given to the Cat Friendly Restaurant /Holiday complex as a reward and an
incentive for them to continue the good work.


Meetings were held in August 2004 between the local authorities in Girne to try to encourage
them to set up a workable dog registration scheme. The dog owning public would be asked to
register all dogs with the local authority where they would be given a numbered registration tag
for the dog to wear attached to its collar. This would enable KAR to recognise which dogs on the
streets were not owned. In 2005 a number of dogs were registered and at the beginning of 2006
notices were sent out to inform all dog owners in the Girne area that registrations were due. They
were also informed that no dogs are allowed loose on the streets and must be kept on a lead in
public areas. Following the successful implementation of the scheme in the Girne area KAR held
meetings with other local authorities to encourage them to also set up a similar registration
scheme in their area in accordance with the local law.

Following the ruling announced by the European Commission that North Cyprus would not be
allowed to participate in the Pet Travel Scheme after 30th September 2004 and that all animals
travelling into the UK will be required to be licensed into quarantine for a period of six months,
KAR begun a campaign to protest against this unfair ruling.
DEFRA’s website quotes:-
‘That the reason why the UK could no longer accept these animals for entry under the Pet Travel
Scheme is political, not veterinary. The EU does not recognise the area of Cyprus to the north of
the buffer zone. We are therefore obliged to treat it as a non-qualifying third country. We do
appreciate the problems this causes some pet owners but we are unable to change the
requirements until the political situation has been resolved.’

Is it fair to include animals in politics?
KAR welcomes comments and letters to be sent in protest of this ruling to DEFRA and to the
European Union.

Up until Sept 04 many of our KAR cats and dogs were lucky to be finding new homes in
the UK, under the PFP scheme following this change in the ruling the numbers dropped
dramatically due to the many hundreds of pounds required to keep an animal in six
months quarantine!
Animals flying from the UK with Pet Passports are now unable to return to the UK
without doing 6 months in Quarantine!

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Lynda is wrong in her thoughts re. the cost of sponsoring. It is £30 and not as she thought, 30


On the 'how you can help' in the supermarket beg section the phone number needs changing to
the new number. As does the one at the bottom of the 'pets to and from Cyprus' page, (although I
think this is one of the pages Margaret has yet to update.)
Tony wondered if you could slip a photo or two into the 'Location' page, of the centre, mountain in
the background, etc etc.

Have emailed Alison, so I await her reply..........................


Sorry, me again,
I have just had another look at the site. It certainly is great. One or two little things though.

Location page. The wording between the photographs, can it be reset? At the moment it is a long
thin section.
Contact Us page. Can it be changed to say active members and co-opt members rather than
member as the title covers two names.
Is it possible to put more space between the office, centre and shop opening hours etc? I feel
they need to be separated more, for easy reading into to three definite sections.
Harry Endings. Is it possible to reset the wording below the photograph of Chloe and Pepsi?

Don't you just love dealing with a bunch of women..................picky picky picky!!


The login details for are as follows:

(For Frontpage access) username: kanimalrescue
password: arapkoy

I know I sent you these before, but they are the ones that Alison (sunnycyprus) sent me a couple
of days ago. I can't think she has changed them again!
 I will email her and let her know about the problems.

Below are a few alteration from Lynda. The general thought seems to be, hang fire on 'going live'
till it's a close to complete. We have been waiting months after all, so a few more days or weeks
won't matter.

Tony and I have reset the Membership Application Form as it looked a bit grim.It is attached. I do
agree with all her comments but not that it should go before the committee before it goes live.


Anita I notice re the membership form link needs to loose the left hand side
the sponsorship form has error up at the top which does appear when form is
printed out, b thing I have no idea why this happens!
One last thing I do not think the number of the shop or centre, should be given
out, especially the centre, as all contacts ought to go through the office, and
maybe that too could be mentioned?

Anita I have had a chance to look at the site and think Andrew has done an
excellent job.
I have read through some of the details on several of the links and there are a few
things I would change slightly before it goes out for real, I take it it will not go
out until we all (committee) give the OK?
I would like to change the letter every 3 months bit, we are not able to do this......
I would suggest "regular updates" (which could cover anything). Sponsorship is
now 30ytl (I think)
I think the fact that once a dog/cat is homed it is not our policy , for various
reasons, to reveal the home/address the animal went to, should be added.
I would like to change one other line slightly re taking one's sponsored dog for a
walk to read,last line, it and any of it's friends for walks
first line who each work at least one morning a week (because some do more).
 We are also open on Saturdays from 10 to 12.
also maybe fit in somewhere that some of the better quality items brought into
the shop are reserved for the dog show or Xmas bazaar!
where they would raise more cash than being sold in the shop.
I think the fact that a questionnaire is required to be answered re suitability
of animal for new owner might be added?
I think the left ear tipping bit also ought to mention that it is an internationally
recognised sign that the animal has been neutered.
How You Can Help
I think mention of the calendar should be removed!
(last two paragraphs) and change quarterly update on sponsor dogs to regular.
I think it is all very good, the above alterations are just my ideas, what do you
think? If it is to go out these are best all sorted before hand?
I will send a few photo's through to him today if I can
re dogs and cats for sponsorship and will let you know I have done so
love the little kit in the hammock, and the various other bits but not the cartoon
cat so much as it does not seem to fit.....all the rest being actual animals, again
just my comments.
Has Terry sorted what he promised?
It is looking good

----- Original Message -----
             username is kanimalrescue, password 9c7MCT3C. When opening the web it's still

             THE COMMITTEE

             Chairperson                   Margaret Ray
             Financial Secretary     Lynda Jorgensen
             Secretary                     Christine Oktekin
             Active Member                 Anita Woods
             Active Member                  Karin Bos Jansen
             Co-opt Member                  Jane Knoble
             Co-opt Member                 Ann Bosley


             Address:              Apt 2, ROB-SA 5, Sakir Cezayir Sok, Girne
                                 Rd next to Passport Rest. Follow to end on R.Side
             Postal Address:       PO Box 450, Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey

             Opening Hours:         Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

             Telephone No: +90 (0)533 8694098
             Emergency No:              0533 8631950


             RESCUE CENTRE

Address:              Besparmak Mountains, nr Arapkoy, East of Girne
Opening Hours:        Monday to Sunday 9am – 1pm


Address:              No12 Bozkirli Sokak, Girne. (Near Fire Station)

Opening Hours:        Monday to Friday 9am – 1pm
                      Saturdays         10am – 12oclock

Telephone:            +90 (0) 392 8152490

KYRENIA ANIMAL RESCUE was first established in 1997 by a small group of people who were
saddened to see so many stray animals on the streets and the conditions that some animals were kept in.
The volunteers set up a working committee and began with building a compound in the Karaoglanoglu area
in which to house and care for a few stray and abandoned dogs. Within a couple of years it became obvious
that a larger piece of land in a non residential area was needed. It was then that we were offered on lease,
land in the Besparmak Mountain from the Forestry Department. We built a kennel block, exercise
compounds and accommodation to house a caretaker and moved in May 1999.
In 1998 we became affiliated to the R.S.P.C.A. in UK and in January 2000 they very kindly agreed to fund
the purchase of a VW van. Also in 2000 we opened a small charity shop in Kyrenia to help raise much
needed funds.
In 2001 at the centre we built on a Cattery to accommodate up to 30 cats and a new kitchen block for
animal food preparation and storage.
In 2002 additional work included the building of a toilet for visitors, large exercise area for the dogs and
extension to the house for sick and recovering animals. Our Charity Shop moved to larger premises. We
signed an endorsement of the Universal Declaration for the Welfare of Animals. We sent animals to new
homes in UK under the Passport for Pets scheme and also to Germany
In 2003 we endevoured to introduce the Cat Feeding Area scheme to hotels and restaurants. Built four
additional dog compounds at the centre and a small exercise area for puppies. We also put forward
proposals to Parliament for changes in the updating of the Dog Law.
In 2004 we held talks and meetings with the mayor and local council regarding dog registration and a
neuter and return policy began. April 2004 Kyrenia Animal Rescue achieved Charity status. KAR also
changed from ‘Club’ to ‘Society’ and a new society logo was designed. In August two newly qualified vets
from the UK visited the centre for two weeks giving veterinary assistance and guidance on treating the
animals. A computer was installed at the centre complete with database for all the animals information,
medical records etc. In September North Cyprus was taken out of the Passport for Pets Scheme. Animals
continue to be sent under quarantine restrictions and a campaign was set up to fight for reinstatement.
In 2005 a third KAR van took to the roads after a very generous donation was given by a wonderful lady
who took a very keen interest in our work. Another very generous donation arrived at the port in
Famagusta of 1500kg of dry dog food from a company in Scotland UK which was followed by further
consignments every five weeks for a period of one year. Another group of vets and veterinary nurses arrive
from the UK to give much needed help and guidance. Meetings with the local council regarding dog
registration continued and in October they announced to the dog owning public that all dogs in the area are
to be registered. KAR began neutering dogs collected from the streets, putting a red numbered tag in their
ear and returning them into the community as part of the Neuter and Return campaign.
At the start of 2006 we move into new office premises and Internet facilities are generously donated by
Sunny Cyprus.

Our Objectives: ok

Our Activities:
Our Animal Rescue Centre high in the Besparmak Mountains provides refuge for over 200 dogs and cats.
We are constantly working to maintain and improve our facilities. We employ people to run the centre, to
care for the animals and in the office to manage the administration, give help and advice to the public and
deal with enquiries. The additional work is managed by volunteers which includes the collection of
animals, veterinary visits, grooming, manning the charity shop, running events to raise funds, education
visits, the list is endless.
We have an ongoing spaying programme and not only neuter and inoculate strays, but also the animals of
people who cannot afford the treatment themselves. We trap and neuter stray and feral cats and after a
recovery period, release them again. We collect dogs from the streets, neuter, worm and treat them for ticks
and fleas, they are accessed and after putting a numbered tag in their ear many are released again into the
New homes for the animals are found through advertising in the local press and visitors to the centre.
We run a helpline that handles calls reporting acts of cruelty, neglect or injury to animals, which we follow
up as quickly as possible.
All our funding comes from donations, animal sponsorship, legacies, our charity shop and money raising

Our Project
As the number of animals in our care increased, the need for further expansion of compounds and kennels
continues. The original kennel block desperately requires refurbishment, as does the small terrier
compound behind the reception – fondly known as the ‘Taxi’. An additional compound is required to house
the older doggy residents and an extra small block of kennels for the ‘walking wounded/recovering ops’.
Work also needs to be done to expand the cattery.
We plan to expand our education programme with visits to the local schools to give lessons on Animal
Care. As well as encouraging further groups of children and adults to visit the centre and handle some of
the animals.
We pledge to continue our on-going projects ie neutering, education, rehoming, cat feeding area, poisoning,
passport for pets, changes in law etc. As well as further communications with government departments and
ministers in helping to change attitudes towards the care and welfare of animals in the commumity.

Good Morning Andrew,

I have been chatting with Claire (she who last updated the dreaded web site!) and she tells me
that you need,
Login Kyrenia
and password NNQA62CR

Please let me know if they work, as she thinks SunnyCyprus may have changed them, as she
was unable to access the site when she last tried.

Margaret will be sending you the pages regarding the history etc of KAR.

Is it possible to loose the stuff about Anne and Reece? I will take photo's of the committee and
send to you. I have some ideas about navigation on the site. Hope you agree.

ABOUT KAR leading to History and What we are doing
HOW YOU CAN HELP leadıng to Fundraısıng at home, Members, Volunteers, Legacıes,
ANIMAL CARE with info re worming etc etc
RESCUE CENTRE, with maps for walks etc
FUNDRAISING leading to Reports on recent events and info on forthcoming events
CAMPAIGNS leading to Neuter and Return of dogs, Cats, and registration.

Some of these things are new, replacing some of the outdated pages.
Margaret and Lynda both want me to say WOW and Thanks for what you have done so far, we
are all thrilled!!!

                                                 HOME PAGE

Welcome to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Home Page

We have moved office! Please note our new address and telephone number! Details on Contact page.

A book of condolence has been placed in the office for anyone wishing to sign it in memory of Ann &
Reece Mahoney. KAR have set up a memorial fund in their names to fund a building at the Animal Rescue
Centre. A great deal of money needs to be collected. If you can help please mark your payment ‘Anne &
Reece Memorial Fund’.

To view the latest KAR Newsletter and received up to date news about our latest activities ……………….


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Contact office for date next Supermarket Beg..

KAR welcomes new members and volunteer workers who share our ideals. If you are unable to volunteer
your services, you can help us by sponsoring one of our animals, giving a donation or leaving a legacy. We
rely totally on people who give generously either of their money or their time. If you care for animals,
please help.
We have social activities and fundraising events throughout the year. Look out for adverts and posters or
contact our office for news of the next fundraising event.

New Web site launched!
We hope you find our web site interesting and informative
Please email………comments……..

KAR rely soley on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern Cyprus
Bank details etc………….

Hi Andrew,
The site is looking great, thank you.
Margaret asks if the logo on the home page can be facing the other way (?????)

As for events, our forth coming events that are a certainty at the moment are, Christmas bazaar
at the Pia Bella Hotel, Girne on Saturday December 9th at 10 a.m. Father Christmas, cake stall,
face painting, tombola, bric a brac, craft, books, KAR stall, Grand Christmas Draw, mulled wine
and mince pies, toys. Grand Christmas Draw tickets will be going on sale in October.

Annual Auction of Promises in Sept or Oct not sure yet as we plan our events usually only a
month or two in advance and don't do much in the hot weather.

The dog show is always the last Sunday in April. Lots of classes, a great day out etc etc.More
than 18 classes including novelty classes, best pure breed male, female, best cross breed
male, female Best street rescue dog, best KAR rescue dog(Mahoney trophy)
I don't want the page bogged down with too many past events so how about just the last four
events at any one time? I think you have photo's of these but let me know if you have not.

June. Quiz Night at LD's Bar Karalanoglu. Eight teams took part in the quiz which raised 767
YTL. A delicious supper was cooked and served by the KAR fundraising group. Quiche and
salads followed by lemon roulade with fresh strawberries. The winning team "Essex Boys" was
Bob Hodge, Anne Bobeston, Jim Gedis and Steve Juniper. (I have picture of winning team if you
want it)

May. Lunch at the Veranda, Karalanoglu. 573 YTL raised. Fantastic lunch of meze, salads, roast
meats and vegetarian dishes. This is an annual event as Yasar and his wife Anna make us feel
so welcome and serve such a wonderful lunch. Again I have photo's.

May. Dog show. Rescheduled because the census day.Unfortunately I no longer have my
newspaper article on the computer. I could have sent you that. I will see if I can get a copy from
else where to send. Again, you have photo's.

March. Elvis tribute night at the Stage. 797 YTL raised. Rob Ainsley came from the South of
Cyprus and performed free of charge for the night. Dawn Terry warmed up the audience with a
selection of pop and rock songs and Elvis performed till midnight auctioning off some of his
performances to the highest bidder to raise even more money for KAR The Bars resident band
took over at midnight, playing till dawn, so real value for money and a fabulous night . Look out
for more great nights out at the Stage in aid of KAR. You have photo's of Elvis.

Is it possible to do away with the photographs in 'charity shop' of the sweat shirts please and the
one of the shop front as the shop no longer sells the shirts and the shop front looks awful. There
may be some other shop photo's I can send. Can you also mention the following few extra bits in
the 'charity shop' space?

On sale at the Charity Shop and at the KAR Office:
New this year , Mugs, Pens, Pencils and Car Windscreen Sunshields.
KAR Cookery Book "Not Quite a Dog's Dinner"

The shop is now open Saturday 10 till 1
We no longer produce a calendar
There are no longer Saturday Specials but the shop has a 'special' rail of better quality clothes.
Can you also mention that the shop is constantly in need of donations. Books, clothing (in
particular men's) bric a brac and they will also take donations for the rescue centre, e.g. blankets,
newspapers old towels etc etc

Hope that's not too much gabble for you to sort through!!

Anita .

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