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                                                                 wanted to study how to create more effective school organizations, and
                                                                 how to use policy to create conditions that would help teachers become
                                                                 more effective. This led her to the Graduate School of Education; and she
                                                                 graduated with a Ph.D. in Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evalu-
                                                                 ation (POME) in May 2007.
                                                                     Within POME, she found the faculty and peers to be accessible, en-
                                                                 gaging and influential. Now more than 2,000 miles away, Russell admits

                                                                 to moments of nostalgia when thinking about her time at GSE, particu-
                                                                 larly within her research group led by her faculty-advisor Judith Warren
                                                                 Little. Russell says that the weekly research group gave her an opportu-
                                                                 nity to receive critical review from peers, but also develop a community.

      Jennifer russell                                           After classes ended, the advising continued in informal settings, such as
                                                                 over drinks at nearby Triple Rock Brewery.

    Pittsburgh Steals her                                            Diverse research experiences at Berkeley, such as working with Assis-
                                                                 tant Professor Cynthia Coburn and at Policy Analysis for California Edu-
                                                                 cation (PACE), fueled Russell’s love for research. “When I first entered the
       Sitting in her office at the University of Pittsburgh,    program at Berkeley, I was not as passionate about research as I am now,”
       Associate Professor Jennifer Russell reminisces about     Russell explains. “Having opportunities for different research experi-
       where she would have been on a Friday afternoon           ences as a student helped me clarify my future goals. I realized I wanted
       just a couple of years ago.                               to be in a position that provided significant support for maintaining a
           In a lot of ways, life would not be that different.   research agenda.  ”
       She would still be conducting research, interacting           Following in Little’s footsteps has led Russell to connect shifts in
       with colleagues and unwinding after a long week of        policy with the real work that happens in schools. One of her multiple
       rigorous yet rewarding classes… only as a Berkeley        research strands is a continuation of her dissertation work, examin-
       Graduate School of Education student instead. To          ing how shifts in societal expectations, as well as policy, contributed to
       Russell, the parallel isn’t surprising. She credits       kindergarten’s shift from a developmental, play-based year to serious,
       those GSE days with preparing her for a position          academic instruction. Another strand focuses on the extent to which
       that she calls a “perfect match for my skills and         standards-based accountability policies influence the work of teachers
       interests” and one she “absolutely loves.  ”              and district leaders.
           Russell had previously taught for eight years as          Going full circle, Russell is now teaching future policy researchers
       a classroom instructor and teacher leader. Frus-          and supporting students in mentored research experiences. She strives
       trated by the slow pace of reform within schools, she     to create the type of rigorous, engaging and communal experience that
                                                                 she experienced in the GSE.
                                                                                                                            —Joseph Bui

                       AErA Annual Meeting new York reception
                                                                                                                   GSe Assistant Professor Cynthia
                                                                                                                   Coburn, left, and Rutgers
                                                                                                                   University Associate Professor
                                                                                                                   of education Beth Rubin (Ph.D.
                                                                                                                   ’01) reunite in new york.

                                                                                                                   BeAR Affair: Quantitative
                                                                                                                   Methods and evaluation students,
                                                                                                                   graduates and affiliates surround
                                                                                                                   BeAR Director Mark Wilson in
                                                                                                                   new york.
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…class notes
If you would like to submit a Class Note              Karen O’Connell, teaching credential                                     Regan McMahon, M.S.
please fill out the form at         ’64, serves as the State and Federal Grants                              ’76, dabbled in substitute
admin/communications/classnotes.html.                 Coordinator for the Mt. Healthy City Schools                             teaching before entering the
Class Notes for future issues must reach us by        in Cincinnati, Ohio.                                                     field of journalism, eventu-
October1, 2009.                                                                                                                ally becoming an editor at
                                                      Jacki Ruby, teaching credential ’65, is a
                                                                                                                               the San Francisco Chronicle in
                                                      retired East Bay elementary and middle school
                                                                                                          ‘84, where she currently serves as the Deputy
1940s                                                 teacher. She was a member of the Berkeley Fed-
                                                                                                          Books director, a book critic, features writer
Caroline Self, teaching credential ’42, stud-         eration of Teachers executive board for two de-
                                                                                                          and commentator. In ’07, McMahon published
ied Chinese brush painting for 30 years and           cades, and served as its president for six years.
                                                                                                          her first book, Revolution in the Bleachers: How Par-
taught art in the San Diego City Schools and          She was also on the executive board of the
                                                                                                          ents Can Take Back Family Life in a World Gone Crazy
                   at the San Diego Museum            California Federation of Teachers; president of
                                                                                                          Over Youth Sports.
                   of Art Children’s Program.         the Early Childhood/K–12 Counsel, represent-
                   With her daughter, she is the      ing 55,000 teachers; and acted as the legislative   Catherine Parrish, secondary teaching
                   author of Chinese Brush Paint-     director for the California Alliance for Retired    credential ’76, became a high school teacher
                   ing: A Hands-on Introduction       Americans until this year. Ruby was elected         and developed a curriculum with her students
                   to Traditional Art, a detailed,    to the Alameda County Board of Education in         called “Ending World Hunger,” along with a
                   step-by-step textbook for          ’02, where she serves as president, and is also a   network of clubs called “Youth Ending Hun-
                   teaching children the art          member of the Alameda Child Care Planning           ger” that spread throughout California. After
and background. She has a new contract to             Commission.                                         seven years of teaching, she joined a global NGO
write a similar and longer book for adults on                                                             focused on reducing the infant mortality rate.
                                                      Richard Rystrom, Ed.D. ’68, is serving a
the same subject.                                                                                         She now serves as an international consultant.
                                                      two-year term as a Peace Corps volunteer in
Betty Riley Perr y, M.A. ’48, is a retired            Kamyanets-Podilsky, Ukraine.                        Janine Collins, teaching credential ’77, is a
teacher and counselor of 37 years. Since 1985                                                             sales manager for Pearson’s digital curriculum
                                                      1970s                                               division. In her free time, she volunteers for
she has served in the Older Women’s League as                             Joseph Adwere-Boamah,
an advocate for senior and women’s issues at                                                              Democrats for America, Habitat for Humanity
                                                                          Ph.D. Higher Education ’70,
the Capitol in Sacramento. “It is fascinating                                                             and the Episcopal Church.
                                                                          is an assistant professor at
trying to work for fairness and justice,” says                            California’s Alliant Interna-   Charles Vella, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
Perry, 85. “This takes all of my earlier skills and                       tional University Graduate      ’77, has worked at Kaiser Permanente Medi-
then some.  ”                                                             School of Education. He         cal Center for more than 30 years, where he is
1950s                                                 retired as Assistant Superintendent of Plan-        currently director of the Neuropsychological
Justin (Rick) Bardellini, 1927–2007, Ph.D.            ning, Research and Policy Development for the       Services Department of Psychiatry. Vella had
’50, a mathematics teacher, district adminis-         Oakland Unified School District in 2000. He         previously served at Kaiser as the chief psy-
trator and superintendent, died on December           recently presented a paper on the social conse-     chologist and behavioral health manager.
20, 2007 at age 80. A resident of Moraga, Bardel-     quences of testing in West African countries at
                                                                                                                             Timothy White, Ph.D.
lini was a classroom mathematics teacher,             the Sixth Conference of the International Test
                                                                                                                             ’77, is the new chancellor
school district administrator in the Mt. Diablo       Commission in Liverpool.
                                                                                                                             of UC Riverside. He was
Unified School District and the Livermore Uni-        Frieda Winnick, B.A. and credential ’70, is                            previously president of
fied School District, and superintendent of the       a teacher in Marin, where she is the secretary                         the University of Idaho,
Fairfield Schools. Bardellini is survived by his      for the Marin Coalition and the program chair-                         and worked as a faculty
five children and nine grandchildren.                 person for the Marin chapter of the National        member in physiology, kinesiology and human
                                                      Women’s Political Caucus. During the summer,
1960s                                                                                                     biodynamics at the University of Michigan,
                                                      she managed a drama camp.                           UC Berkeley and Oregon State University,
                 Ronald Loos, M.A. Adminis-
                 trative Services Credential ’63,                                                         where he also served as provost and interim
                                                      Joan Kramer, elementary credential ’71, is in
                 is a retired educator. He previ-                                                         president.
                                                      charge of 50 school libraries as a Coordinating
                 ously served as vice principal       Field Librarian for Los Angeles Unified School      John Lee, Ed.D. Higher Education ’79, is the
                 of Mt. Diablo High School;           District’s Local District Six.                      president and founder of JBL Associates, a
district office administrator, San Ramon Valley                                                           consulting firm. Since 1985 the firm has grown
Unified School District; principal, Stone Valley      John Thelin, Ph.D. History of Education
                                                                                                          to 13 employees who are responsible for a wide
Middle School; and principal, at San Ramon’s          ’73, is a University of Kentucky professor. The
                                                                                                          range of projects, most in postsecondary edu-
Neil Armstrong School. Loos is currently the          National Education Association selected his
                                                                                                          cation. Currently, they are leading a project
president of the Diablo Vista Retired Teachers        article “Expectations and Reality in American
                                                                                                          called Community College Can for the U.S.
Association.                                          Higher Education” as the higher education
                                                                                                          Department of Education.
                                                      and democracy article of the year.

                                                                                                                                           Winter 2008            31
                      Sher yl Morgan, Ph.D.         John Martin, Ph.D. Counseling Psychol-
                      Higher Education ’79, has     ogy ’89, is a family and individual therapist in
                      launched a new interview      Redwood City, where he works to improve the                                  Jerome Gourdine,
                      series at    quality of life for those living on the peninsula,                           PLI ’01, was honored as
                      Upcoming interviews will      one family at a time.                                                        one of America’s “most
                      address sibling and friend                                                                                 collaborative” public
                                                                           Nancy Skinner, M.A.                                   school principals,
                      relations, family dynamics
                                                                           ’89, is the new assembly-                             receiving a $5,000 grant
   at holiday time and other topics. She lives in
                                                                           woman for the East Bay's         from MetLife. The Frick Middle School prin-
   Point Reyes Station.
                                                                           14th Assembly District.          cipal plans to use the grant for a program
   1980s                                                                   Skinner, an East Bay             that guarantees his students admission to
   Richard Silberg, multiple subjects cre-                                 Regional Park District           the Cal State system.
   dential ’80, M.A. Language and Literacy ’90,                            Board member and
   has spent 28 years teaching arts in Berkeley     former Berkeley City Council member, bested
   schools. He was awarded a fellowship which       a competitive field in the Democratic Primary
   provides funding for secondary art teachers to   on June 3 and ran unopposed in the general
   engage in a study related to their discipline.   election in November.                                2000s
   Silberg is currently working on an original                                                           Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, M.A. MUSE ’00, is
   theatre piece with his students.
                                                    1990s                                                executive director of the Telling Room, a non-
                                                    Debbie Schotanus, M.A. DTE ’93, spends               profit writing center that helps youth age 8–18
   Henr y Mitchell, Ph.D. Educational Psychol-      countless hours volunteering at the schools          develop their writing talents.
   ogy ’82, is an ordained minister in the Chris-   her three children attend in Calgary, Canada.
   tian Church (Disciples of Christ) and served                                                          Ming-Lun Ho, M.A. MACSME ’00, taught
                                                    Laurie Olsen, Ph.D. Social and Cultural              high school math and computer science
   as an assistant pastor at University Christian
                                                    Studies ’95, recently retired as executive direc-    for three and a half years before joining the
   Church in Berkeley before starting a Seniors
                                                    tor of California Tomorrow after 16 years.           mathematics faculty at Chabot College. He
   Ecumenical Ministry at Shell Ridge Commu-
   nity Church in Walnut Creek.                     Michael Cohen, Ph.D. Human Development               was recently elected president of the Academic
                                                    and Education ’98, is a neuropsychologist with       Senate at Chabot College.
   Sharon Gocke, Ph.D. Educational Adminis-
                                                    his own practice in Norwalk, CT where he re-         Jeff Rhode, M.A. ELLC ’00, is executive direc-
   tration ’83, has been awarded several research
                                                    sides with his wife and their three daughters.       tor of development for UC Berkeley’s College
   fellowships, including the National Endow-
   ment for the Humanities Fellowship and a         Theo Dawson, M.A. Human Develop-                     of Engineering, following six years in a similar
   Ford Foundation Fellowship. She teaches phi-     ment ’98, Ph.D. Human Development ’98, is            role at the Haas School of Business. He and his
   losophy and humanities at Napa Valley College    president of Developmental Testing Service, a        wife have two young children.
   and is also a practicing attorney.               company that is currently developing alterna-        Greta Vollmer, Ph.D. ELLC ’00, is an as-
                                                    tive approaches to conventional large-scale
   Karen Dyer, M.A., credential Educational                                                              sociate professor of Applied Linguistics in
                                                    testing. She retired from teaching in 2006 but       the English Department at Sonoma State
   Administration ’85, is Group Director, Educa-
                                                    has continued to publish research articles and       University. She was selected as a faculty expert
   tion and Nonprofit Sector, for the Center for
                                                    work with several doctoral students.                 for the Fulbright Senior Specialists project
   Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North
   Carolina. She also serves as president of the    Terr y Ratcliff, Ed.D. Higher Education ’98,         in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she offered
   National Staff Development Council.              is Dean of Continuing Studies at Whitworth           professional development in Teaching English
                                                    University, overseeing degree programs for           as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to secondary and
   Valerie Stone, credential BAWP ’85, is a                                                              tertiary teachers from throughout the country.
                                                    working adults and developing the university’s
   teacher who doubles as mom to three sons who
                                                    off-site and online programs.                        Michael Meyer, ARLLP ’01, chronicled his
   went to Stanford.
                                                    Mira-Lisa Katz, Ph.D. ELLC ’99, is an as-            experiences as a volunteer English teacher in
   Rodney Maack, M.A. credential ’87, has been                                                           China in a recently published book entitled
                                                    sociate professor in the English department
   teaching high school German and English                                                                              The Last Days of Old Beijing: Life in
                                                    at Sonoma State University. Since
   since 1994 in Portland, Oregon.                                                                                      the Vanishing Backstreets of a City
                                                    ’03, Katz has also been a member
   Sharon Sacks, credential/Social Studies ’87,     of the CSU Expository Reading                                       Transformed. He is on a book tour
   is a studio teacher in Los Angeles, providing    and Writing Curriculum Task                                         which has included appear-
   instruction for students within the entertain-   Force, helping to create a writing                                  ances on a number of television
   ment industry.                                   course now taught in one third of                                   programs including “The Today
                                                    public high schools in the state of                                 Show,” “CBS This Morning,” and
   James Chapman, teaching credential ’88,                                                                              “CNN. ”
   retired after teaching for more than 15 years
   and aspires to perform as a singer and guitar

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Beth Rubin, Ph.D. Social and Cultural Studies                                   Maisha Fischer, Ph.D.         Christopher Wu, Ph.D. EMST ’05, is the
’01, is an associate professor at Rutgers Univer-                               ELLC ’03, an assistant pro-   Director of Research and Strategy at the Public
sity and recently authored Civic Education For                                  fessor of Language, Liter-    Consulting Group, Inc., where he has worked
Diverse Citizens in Global Times: Rethinking Theory                             acy and Culture at Emory      since 2005 – the same year Wu finished writing
and Practice.                                                                   University is the author      his dissertation: “Thinking Through New
                                                                                of the just-published Black   Vocationalism: Examining Career Academy
Allyson Werner, M.A. credential DTE ’01,
                                                      Literate Lives: Historical and Contemporary Perspec-    Students’ Problem Solving and School Perfor-
is an admissions counselor at the California
                                                      tives, an innovative approach to understanding                 ”
                                                                                                              mance. He currently lives with his wife and
Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.
                                                      the complex and multi-dimensional perspec-              step-daughter in Albany, California.
She also serves as a mentor through the Big
                                                      tives of Black literate lives in the United States.
Brothers Big Sisters program.
                                                                                                                                 Lydia Liu, Ph.D. Quanti-
Pamela Paek, Ph.D. QME ’02, is a research             Julia Menard-Warwich, Ph.D. ’04, is a                                      tative Methods and Evalu-
associate at the Charles Dana Center at the           Berkeley Graduate Fellowship recipient. She                                ation ’06, is an associate
University of Texas, Austin where she focuses         writes about her experience in “Life and Lan-                              research scientist at Edu-
on researching and evaluating projects while          guage,” a “Grad Spotlight” feature on the UC                               cational Testing Service in
also building relationships and partner-              Berkeley’s Graduate Division website.                                      Princeton, New Jersey and
ships with researchers and practitioners to                                                                   is working with GSE Professor Marcia Linn.
improve teaching and learning in secondary
                                                                                                              Indigo Esmonde, Ph.D. Cognition and
Namita Jacob, Ph.D. JDPSE ’02, is a con-                                                                      Development ’06, is assistant professor in Math-
sultant in India and serves as the regional                                                                   matics Education, Ontario Institute for Studies
educational specialist in nearby nations, help-                                                               in Education at the University of Toronto.
ing to design and develop programs and create
training curriculums.                                                                                         Jacob Long, M.A. Athletes and Academic
                                                      Fred Brill, Ed.D. POME ’05, became superin-             Achievement ’07, is an assistant coach for the
Lance McCready, Ph.D. Social and Cultural             tendent of the Lafayette School District on Sep-        UC Santa Cruz men’s soccer team and has
Studies ’02, is an assistant professor of urban       tember 1. A former special education and high           coached many of the top youth programs in
education at the Ontario Institute for Studies        school English teacher, Brill spent 12 years in         Santa Cruz and Monterey County.
in Education of the University of Toronto.            the Lafayette School District; three as the as-
He received a Ford Foundation post-doctoral           sistant principal at Stanley Middle School and          Sarah Bruschi, M.A. MASCME ’07, is a
fellowship for the ’06-’07 academic year. He          nine as Stanley’s principal. In 2005, Brill served      researcher in the Research and Assessment
currently serves as chair for the Queer Studies       as a network executive in the Oakland Unified           Department of the Oakland Unified School
SIG of AERA.                                          School District while finishing his doctorate.          District.
Susan Graubard Archuletta, M.A. PLI
                                                      Kysa Nygreen, Ph.D. Social and Cultural                 Cliff Hong, M.A. PLI ’08, was named one of 20
’03, is an educator and musician who recently
                                                      Studies ’05, is an associate professor in the           emerging young leaders by Phi Delta Kappan
released her debut CD and album The New Age:
                                                      Education Department at UC Santa Cruz,                  for his leadership as a teacher at Edna Brewer
All Around on Raymond Dumont Records.
                                                      where she conducts research on civic identity           School in Oakland Unified.
Felicity Bensch, M.A. PLI ’03, is an instruc-         formation and civic engagement practices
                                                                                                              Maris Thompson, M.A. ’03, Ph.D. ’08, is an
tional specialist at Richmond’s DeJean Middle         among marginalized youth.
                                                                                                              assistant professor at CSU Chico’s College of
School and El Cerrito’s Portola Middle School.
                                                                                                              Education in the area of Literacy and Culture.
She formerly served as assistant principal at
Richmond’s Kennedy High School for four years.

  Karen Pezzetti, MUSE ’05, an 11th and 12th grade English
  teacher at the Youth Empowerment School (YES), was hon-
  ored as one of two Oakland Unified School District Teachers
  of the Year along with 14 other Alameda County teachers at
  an October 16 celebration at CSU East Bay. Pezzetti has been
  instrumental in helping her students apply to four-year col-
  leges in record numbers. She co-founded and facilitates an
  innovative leadership class, and she has invented a system
  for tracking her students’ progress through her courses’
  learning objectives that is greatly accelerating their learn-
  ing. She, along with the rest of the YES staff, is also working
  hard to help close the racial opportunity gap by bringing
  critical race theory into the classroom and practicing cul-
  turally relevant pedagogy.
                                                                                                                                            Winter 2008          33

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