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									              Wine & Cheese by TCC’s July 2011 Wine Club

In recognition of Bastille Day, the French national holiday celebrated July 14th that honors the
“storming of the Bastille fortress-prison”, we are featuring two wines from Francois Dauvergne
& Jean-Francois Ranvier, two friends who came together to make wines and live their passion.
Their collaborative effort is known as Dauvergne Ranvier wines.

The two men don’t own a winery or vineyard, but together they were able to convince several
wine producers in the best territories of France to let them manage a portion of the vineyards.
This includes the entire wine making process; from consulting on the planting, overlooking the
vineyards, working with the producers to decide on harvesting to making and bottling the wine.

Currently there are 40 such properties who have partnered with Dauvergne Ranvier. 
Both Francois and Jean-Francois have their roots and previous experiences in large wineries
before they met and created their partnership. Francois Dauvergne grew up in Bordeaux. His
family had a winery in St. Polycarp, near Limoux, and he settled in the Rhone Valley to begin his
winemaking career. Jean-Francois Ranvier was interested in the culinary arts throughout his
youth. He received a degree in agricultural engineering and chose to branch out into winemaking.
He became lead wine laboratory consultant at a large winery in the Rhone Valley where he met
Francois Dauvergne, and, in 2004, they began their partnership.

Both men have a say in creating the blends and the “level of toast” that goes into making each
wine. (Level of toast refers to how dark the inside of the barrel becomes from fire-roasting
the staves and is part of the barrel making process. The darker the toast, the more intense the
oak flavor will influence the wine). But it’s Francois Dauvergne who manages the marketing and
business side of their venture and also “determines the flavor profile and market positioning of
each wine”.

In the following pages, there is some information regarding the wine club selections. First, you’ll
find a map* showing the regions where the wines were produced. Next, you will see a
description of each wine, some technical information on the wines, and food pairing suggestions.

As always, your feedback is encouraged. Please call us or stop by with your comments regarding
our selections.
                                          The Gang at TCC

                                   24104 W. Lockport Street Plainfield, IL 60544
                                                (815) 436-3499
       c     =AC
                                        # 52        SOUTHERN              I MERIDIONALE               RHONE VALLEY

                                          Rhone River         Coteaux du Trlcastin AC--6,300
      (c. 100,000 acres)
              or,                                             acres: (79% Grenache, 15% Syrah                      12001      I
        with an·, AC                                          and 5% Cinsault); 3.1 million gals.
                                                              (98% reds/roses).
     Villages (c. 19.500:
                                          ..                                       ....
      not all indicated)
      (for Specific ACs:
          see below)
                                                          . ' .. ·1·                                Rousset .•
                                                                Grignan   •
   VDQS: CdR grapes
   plus Gamay. 1.400
  acres / 845,000 gals .
                                                                                   Vinsobres .•
                                                                          • , Visan .•      •
                                                                                                                        Cotes du VentoU%
                                                                                                                         AC--19,2oo acres
                                                                                                                       (49% Grenache, 22%

                              Q                                                                                           Cartgnane, 130/0
                                                                                                                           Cinsault, 2.8%
                                                                                                                          8,2 million gals .
                                                                                                             • X         (97% reds/roses).
                                                                                                          . ....     I                       I
                                                                                                                       •    X = Mont Ventoux
                                                                                                                       :          (6,300   feet as!)

                                                                                                 •• CaQ1entr as

 Costi~res de Nimes
 AC--I0,300 acres
 (30% Grenache, 30%
 Cartgnane, 23%                                                                                    ...             f!p..!
 Syrah. 8% Cinsault);
 6.3 mlllion gallons
 (95% reds/roses) .                                  o                        10
                              •                      •                        •

          L                   N;mes

     SPECIFIC APPELLATIONS--the "crus" (acres)
    1. Rasteau (for Vin Doux Naturel--VDN: 86)
                                                    Ri ve r

                                                                                       Cotes du Luberon AC-- 9,800 a. (29% Grenache,
                                                                                       17% Syrah, 16% Ugni and 14% Cartgnane):
                                                                                       4.4 million g. (80% reds/roses).

    2. Gigondas (3.040J          •                                                 PRODUCTION •           VINEYARD LAND •
    3. Muscat-de-Beaumes-de-Venise       (VDN: 1.025)
    4. Vacqueyras (3.220)                                                           71 million gallons           c. 141.000
    5. Ch,Ueauneuf-du-Pape (7,790·)                                                     (94% red)             producing acres
    6. Urac (1.725)                                             cws
    7. Tavel (2,320)                                                                       MAJOR VARIETIES·
       (other surrounding appellations are listed
       in the body of the map ( I.e. COtes du Ventoux)                     Grenache nolr (54%). Syrah (15%), Cartgnane and
                                                                           Cinsault (10% each). Mourvedre and Clairette (3%
    • 80% Grenache (noir & blanc). 7% Syrah, 7%                           each). Grenache blanc (2%) & Counoise, Roussanne
    Mourvedre. 3% Cinsault and 3% others.                                              & Bourboulenc (1% each).

    VDN = Vin Doux Naturel                                                         • excluding    peripheral--boxed--AOCs.

The Regional Vin de Pays "Portes de Mediterranee" covers the entire area while another--"Comte Rhodaniens" --covers much of the
N part of this map. The zonal Vins de Pays --"Coteaux de I'Ardeche"" (18,160 acres) & "Comte de Grignan" (1,280)-- are, respectively,
W & E of the RhOne in the north: the "Principaute d'Orange" (550) lies just N of Avignon while the "Coteaux des Baronnies" (1,730) Is
to its NE. "Collines Rhodaniens" extends from the Northern RhOne (map # 50) to much of the northern portion of this map.
                               Dauvergne Ranvier
                   Côtes du Rhône Blanc Vin Gourmand

Type:                    White
Varietal composition:    50% Grenache, 30% Viognier, 20% Roussane
Vineyard Location:       Côtes du Rhône regions of Laudun & Saint Gervais
Vintage:                 2010
Country:                 France
Alcohol:                 13%
Age-ability:             Drink now or through 2012

Winemaking Philosophy and Vinification Details
The grapes for this wine are grown on the Laudun & Saint Gervais side of the Rhône
River where the land is sandy with clay soil.

These grapes are harvested in the early morning hours, sometimes starting as early as 2
am. After harvest the grapes are put through a pre-fermentation maceration at low
temperatures. Maceration is the process of wine making that extracts the flavor and
color from the skin, seeds, and stems of the grapes. This process is usually reserved
for red wines but is sometimes used for other varietals to enhance the resulting wine.

Tasting Notes
This white blend is bright yellow in color. The nose is very fresh and fruity with honey
aromas. On the palate, you’ll taste flavors of pear and peach with a rich textural mouth-
feel and a slightly spicy finish.

Pairing Suggestions
Pair this wine with tapas, pork, chicken, and cheeses like fresh Chevre and Benning. A
perfect accompaniment to our Roasted Chevre and Caprese Salad!

For this month’s cheese club selection, pair with Asiago d’Allevo DOP. The rich pear and
peach notes of the wine are a perfect complement to the fruity and nutty notes of the
                               Dauvergne Ranvier
                             Luberon Vin Gourmand

Type:                    Red
Varietal composition:    50% Grenache, 50% Syrah
Vineyard Location:       Bonnieux, Cucuron, & Lourmarin reqions
Vintage:                 2010
Country:                 France
Alcohol:                 13.5%
Age-ability:             Drink now or cellar for 3 years

Winemaking Philosophy and Vinification Details
The grapes for this red blend are grown on vines located at higher altitudes. This lends
to a good acidity level that in turn, adds balance to the wine.

A portion of the grapes are grown in Bonnieux and the remainder are from Cucuron and
Lourmarin areas. The grapes are harvested in the cooler early morning hours to
preserve their flavor.

Tasting Notes
This wine is a dark, ruby color and has aromas of fresh cherries and pomegranate. The
aromas follow through to the meaty palate with flavors of berry fruit, a slight black
pepper finish and balancing acidity.

Pairing Suggestions
A perfect match for your summer grill foods such as ribs or steak. This wine also
tastes great with pizza or cheeses like Pecorino Grand Cru, Hickory Smoked Gouda, and
aged cheddar. Try it with our Grown Up Mac N’ Cheese or Hummus plate.

For this month’s cheese selection, pair with the Pecorino Romano. The fresh berry fruit
of the wine are a tasty contrast to the sharp and pleasant saltiness of the cheese


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