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					                 THE HUD-NUT NEWS

               Dedicated to Preserving the Great Cars Built by Hudson
     Volume 38, Issue 11                                                November 2009

                     OLE DOES IT AGAIN !!!!!!

For the fifth year in a row a great time was had by all who attended the Hudson Grill meet hosted
by Ole and Janet Arneson. Despite cool weather, rain and windy conditions Hud-Nuts enjoyed
friendship, good food and geart cars.

UP COMING EVENTS - Details Inside
        Ocrober 31st: Halloween Party at Cliffbreakers
        November 1st: Tormohlen’s Thanksgiving Feast
        December 12th: Christmas Party at Cliffbreakers
                                                  Now we’ re looking forward to a Hudson
Steve and I are back from swimming with           road trip to the Riverboat Maxson for
the fishes, sea turtles, marine iguana,           Sunday Brunch on October 25th and the
penguins, sea lions and occasional shark in       following Sunday, November 1st is Paul and
the Galapagos Islands having totally enjoyed      Betty Tormohlen’ s Thanksgiving feast.
this adventure of a lifetime.                     You’ ll see my notice elsewhere that
                                                  Cliffbreakers is having a Halloween Party
We’ ve heard from a number of sources that        the night before that meet with a room rate
although Ole’ s Plover Meet at the Hudson         of just $59.99 so you might want to consider
Grill was cold and wet, those attending           a stay there to have a short drive to Freeport.
enjoyed the day and Terry even came away          Whatever your plans remember life’ s a
a little bit richer.                              highway--enjoy the ride!!

While we missed that meet, we hit the             Cheri
ground running this past weekend to get in
some Hudson time. Saturday we went to the
Hunnert Car Pile Up in Morris. The Pile Up
is for hot rodders who build their cars and
drive them. Last year there were over 1200        HALLOWEEN
pre 1964 hot rods and customs that met the        HAPPENINGS AT
strict conditions for entry. This year there      CLIFFBREAKERS
were so many more that the State Police
ended up shutting down admission. We saw          I received a notice
Hank Richter and his 46 pickup, Harry             from Cliffbreakers in
Houghton’ s ‘ 47 coupe and Al Weinrich and        Rockford, IL (regional
his Hudillac. There were 4 other HET’ s that      meet host hotel) that they are having a
we saw including Orrin Holen who had              Halloween party on Saturday evening
driven his 50 Commodore with its Ford             October 31st at 8 pm. It is a costumes
police engine from North Dakota for the           optional event; but there will be prizes for
event. While many of the cars left me             the best costume. There is no cover, a great
asking “why?”, I’ ve got to say there was no      band and wonderful prizes according to their
lack of originality or diversity.                 notice and rooms are available for $59.99.
                                                  Since Paul and Betty are hosting are
Sunday we returned to Morris for the Lyons        Thanksgiving Dinner meet on Sunday,
Car Show. While this show had some of the         November 1st in Freeport which is just a
same cars from Saturday it also had its fill of   hop, skip and jump away (about 30 miles
Corvettes, GTO’ s, Chevelles and a number         down route 20), maybe some of you would
of more traditional “oldies but goodies” plus     be interested in joining in their festivities. If
one extraordinary Graham-Paige.            We     so, call the hotel at 815-282-3033 to make
parked next to Glenn Eisenhamer who had           your reservations.
left his Hudson at home and driven a 40
Cadillac, and just three cars away from Don       Cheri
Finley’ s beautiful 54 Hudson. Again we
saw Hank Richter and Al Weinrich also Al
Sikora and Harry’ s car but not Harry.

      1 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
A cold and rainy day brought out 29 die-   August 21 -22 or August 27-29 were
hard Hudnuts and a total of 8 cars. Even   discussed.
the weather could not dampen our fun.
He had a wonderful lunch, games and        There was a 50-50 drawing with 3 lucky
prizes.                                    winners.
A short business meeting was called to     1 place to Terry Johannes
order by our vice-president Peggy           nd
Martinez, as Cheri Holz was on             2 place to Doug Novak
vacation.                                  3 to Delores Witte

First order of business was a discussion   Hudson Grill donated t-shirts and hats
about the possibly of getting a railroad   for a drawing. All received hats.
car to take our Hudson’s to Spokane for
the national in Aug. 2010. Several         1 place Dick Laakaniemi
members are checking into the costs         nd
involved.                                  2 place to Delores Witte
                                           3 place to Greg Johnson
Rob is looking for anyone who has any
information or access to 1/18 scale        The t-shirt drawing.
model Hudson's. To be used in making        st
centerpieces for our regional meet.        1 place to Harriet Dzimiela
                                           2 to Doug Seals
Reminders for coming events;
                                           Last but certainly not least is our thanks
The Riverboat Maxim trip is on Oct.25,     to Ole and Janet for another great meet.
2009 in Oregon, IL. Cost of $26.00 per     Well done!!!
person for buffet, tax and tip. Contact
Cheri by Oct. 17 . Phone 1-815-475-        By Vi Ferry

Tormohlen’ s        12th       Annual
Thanksgiving Feast is on Sunday Nov.
1, 2009 in Freeport, IL. RSVP by Oct.
27th by calling 1-815-232-5543. Cost is
$12.00 per person.

Information was sent to Janet and Ole
Arneson regarding a proposed regional
meet in at the Wisconsin Dells. Jack and
Jill Capelle would host. The Kalahari
Resort would be a great place. The
resort has an indoor water park,
convention center and a large parking
lot for perfect for the swap meet. There
are also many area attractions. Dates of

     2 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
October Meet: Pictures from Plover, Wis.

3 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
October Meet: Pictures from Plover, Wis.

4 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
FROM JOHN O’HALLORAN                         Jr. were photographed by an old gas
                                             pump. The senior Raleigh formerly
Hi Terry. Here are a few photos for the      owned a '35 Terraplane that went down
Hud-Nut. I won't be doing a “Here and        to Clyde Donelson in Marion, who has
There” column this month as I'm              since resold it.
leaving on an AACA Fall Tour to
Quincy tomorrow. I installed a rebuilt       Our next photo is the '53 Hornet
fuel pump on the new Hornet today and        convertible that I mentioned in previous
replaced the neoprene gas lines under        issues, the one that was driven in
the hood with metal. The car fired right     Detroit area Jet Teacup parades.
up, but there were a couple of fittings      Because these cars are so rare, and
leak so I'll be busy in the morning.         this one was the right color and from
                                             the geographic area, I'm going to say
This first photo of a 1936 Hudson            it's the same one owned and restored
sedan was taken in downtown                  by our own Russell Maas.
Chicago, somewhere on Jackson Blvd.
at the R.G. Lydy parking lot.

                                             I hauled back a load of Hudson parts
                                             from Kelly O'Brien's place near Alma
Friday, October 9 Chicago Tribune ran        Center, Wisconsin. There were a
an article about bootleg cigarettes          couple of Terraplane pieces in there,
being sold in the city without tax           including a spare tire nut that I'm
stamps. Generally I'm in favor of            saving for your '35 Hudson. Kelly still
anything to circumvent ridiculous taxes,     has my '35 Terraplane sedan, but it's
but in the body of the article, legitimate   parked outside and is pretty rough. I
cigarette sellers Raleigh and Jim Kean,      offered to take it back but he's not
of Kean Brothers gas stations were           ready to let it go yet. The internals in
interviewed. Raleigh and Jim are             the engine were all brand new, new old
former HET and Chicago-Milwaukee             stock in the 1970s, including a cam and
members. Raleigh and his son Raleigh         crank from AI Saffrahn, and new

     5 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
pistons that we had cam ground as             years. This LaSalle Street show was
original. I imagine the guts are still        well attended by premium cars,
pretty good, as the car doesn't have but
a couple thousand miles since the

The girl on the Terraplane hood
ornament is having way too much fun.
I'll bet there's a story here, but I doubt
we can print it in a family publication. I
bid on the original image on e-bay, but
it topped at $37, too rich for my blood.
This snapshot is a pirate copy off the
web .

                                              including a 1927 Cadillac and an L29
                                              Cord. Voting for people's choice, we
                                              marked the ballot for car #1 , a 1952
                                              Hornet Hollywood owned by Aurora-ite
                                              Bob Novack. Bob and Ihis son Bob Jr.
                                              didn't take the award; it went to a brand
                                              X. But Bob mentioned that when he
                                              was a kid, he worked in this building
                                              ,parked behind my Dodge. It was a
                                              Kaiser-Frazer dealership at the time.
                                              Reading the historical Automobile Row
                                              placard on the plate glass window
                                              reveals that this, the Coats Building,
                                              was a Hudson dealership in 1911! It is
                                              listed in Sue Dodd's book.

                                              To the right is a group of snapshots we
                                              pulled out of the January 1954 issue of
                                              the      Hudson       Company       'Service
                                              Merchandiser' magazine. Is this custom
                                              still in existence? It's not Gus's Purple
                                              Pumpkin, nor is it the car that was
If you look in the lower left corner of the   owned by his brother. Where is it now? I
next snapshot, you'll see my '64 Polara       think the original dealership building is
in downtown Aurora, on laSalle Street.        still standing, but I haven't driven by this
Rob and I attended a show hosted by           year to check. The Roto-Wallman
our friend Rick Korthauer, who formerly       dealership on West Grand Avenue, just
hosted the Orphan Car Picnic at his           east of Harlem later became Twin Buick.
riverside ranch in Aurora for many            I don't know what became of Wallman,

      6 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
but there is a Roto Lincoln-Mercury in       Albright on October 9. The following
the Chicago area.                            day, we lost former HET Club president
                                             Janet Kale. Well, you can't go to heaven

I'm enclosing a copy of a November           if you don't die first. and I suspect Janet
1953 letter from W.S. Milton, the            and Bill are playing pinochle with the
Hudson Company Director of Service, to       angels right now, and Rich is looking
Hudson dealer Dale Huey of Fairmount.        over their shoulders.
West Virginia, explaining the policy on
7X engines. $2.45 an hour. Can you           Terry, good luck with your hernia, we'll
believe that? And I guess I didn't realize   see you in Freeport. John O'H
the 7X was available as an option on the
Super Wasp, or that you could have it
installed at the factory.

You know that bad news travels in
threes. We lost our founding father Rich     Al Sikora found this Hudson dealer in
Ness recently; now we learn of the           Brunswick Indiana while traveling the
passing of California HET member Bill        Hudson highway. Al reports that the
                                             dealership has been closed for some
     7 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
                                          Sorry, that's not your co-editor but
                                          maybe I could get a job here after I
                                          retire from the newsletter position!
                                          Thanks to John Vanlier for this

years but three step-downs can be seen

John Vanlier and a project convertible
he bought from co-editor John             EMISSIONS TESTING EXPERT -Fall'
O’Halloran around 1981. John O. sold      Car Care Center, 8259 S. Cicero, Ave.,
this car to John V. so he could buy a     Chicago, Is now helping drivers pass
pickup truck. Whatever became of this     their vehicle emissions tests. Thanks to
convertible?                              a new high-tech scanner, owner Terry
                                          Johannes, pictured looking at the
                                          scanner, can determine if a driver's car
                                          will pass the emissions test. Johannes
                                          just completed his third seminar on
                                          vehicle emissions. The scanner will
                                          read a vehicle's computer and
                                          determine what is wrong with it, and
                                          the scanner 6an also read previous
                                          problems to make sure those matters
                                          are now working properly.

     8 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
     CHRISTMAS PARTY AT                                          your room reservations call 815-283-
     CLIFFBREAKERS                                               3033 and tell them you are with the
                                                                 Hudson Club Christmas Party. While
     Yes, it really is time to                                   you’re calling get your room for the
     start thinking Christmas!!                                  regional--June 9-13th, 2010.

     The Chicago/Milwaukee Hudson Club                           Our holiday dinner menu offers a choice
     Christmas party will be on Saturday,                        of:
     December 12th from 2-5 pm at
     Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort at 700 W.                    Santa Stuffed Chicken – Boneless
     Riverside Blvd. in Rockford, IL. The                        breast of chicken stuffed with apple
     cost is $27 per person and includes a                       almond sage bread dressing finished
     choice of one of three entrees, tax and                     with a chardonnay cream sauce.
     tip. All entrees are served with a mixed
     green dinner salad, chef’s potato and                       Broiled grouper – Pan broiled filet
     fresh vegetable, rolls and butter, chef’s                   perfectly seasoned with a lemon-pepper
     ice cream, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and                    butter.
                                                                 Filet Mignon – Petite cut from the heart
     Cliffbreakers will also be the host hotel                   of the tenderloin.
     for our 2010 Central Regional Meet.
     Plan to attend and see this beautiful                       To reserve for the Christmas party and
     hotel and restaurant complex for                            banquet please fill out the form below
     yourself. Rooms are also available at                       and return it and your check in payment
     the rate of $69.99, if you want to stay                     to: Cheri Holz, 13270 McKanna Rd.,
     and unwind after the party. To make                         Minooka, Il 60447
                                          Christmas Party Reservation

Santa Stuffed Chicken ($27.00 Per Plate)

#:                          Total:

Broiled Grouper ($27.00 Per Plate)

#:                          Total:

Filet Mignon ($27.00 Per Plate)

#:                          Total:


                   Grand Total:

          9 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
   Tormohlen’s 12th Annual Thanksgiving Feast

O      n Sunday November 1st and for
       the 12th year in a row Paul and
       Betty Tormohlen are inviting the
                                            Make checks payable to: Chicago-
                                            Milwaukee HET
Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter members
to enjoy a pre Thanksgiving feast as        Send to: Paul Tormohlen / 1800 Ihm
well as some tire kicking conversation.     Blvd. / Freeport IL. 61032
As in past years, dinner will be served
by the Beltline Cafe and the cost is $12
per person.

Please make your reservations by
sending a check to Paul NO LATER
THAN OCTOBER 27th. If you have any
questions call Paul at (815-232-5543).

Paul is having the legendary turkey
dinner with all the trimmings and famous
pie. We are hoping for a great turnout
and lots of Hudson’s . The meeting starts
at 10:00am with the meal served at                Thanksgiving Feast 2008
noon. There will be a business meeting
after we eat. See map for directions.

    10 THE HUD-NUT NEWS – November 2009
 President:                    VP/Meeting Director:                   Treasurer:
 Cheri Holz                    Peggy Martinez                         Doug Novak
 13270 McKanna Road            5220 W 139th Street                    324 Illinois Street
 Minooka IL. 60477             Crestwood, IL. 60445                   Glen Ellyn, IL. 60137
 815-475-7158                  708-560-1660                 

 Secretary:                    Technical Advisor:
 Vi Ferry                      Gus Souza
 18401 Millennium Drive        OS 621 Prince Crossing
 Tinley Park, IL. 60477        West Chicago, IL. 60185
 708-532-1441                  630-231-7764

The Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter is a chapter of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, Inc., a non-profit
organization dedicated to preserving and enjoying the great cars built by Hudson. The Chicago-
Milwaukee Chapter dues are $15 annually, payable in January. National HET membership is also required
of the Chicago-Milwaukee chapter members.

Dues payment for both the Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter and National club should be sent to the
treasurer of the chapter.

 Terry Johannes, Editor
 5118 N Idlewild Ave
 Milwaukee, WI. 53217


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