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The Laguna Madre area includes South Padre Island, Port Isabel, and Laguna Vista. The entire Rio
Grande Valley is experiencing a fast growing Real Estate market. With miles of beautiful beach, the joys
of tropical weather, abundant shallow water and deep-water fishing and a growing worldwide reputation
as a haven for birding and eco-tourism, The Laguna Madre area is positioned for additional growth and
development in all sectors.
Trends on the Island have changed over the past 10 years from being a population under 2000 full time
residents and second home or vacationers from Texas and Mexico to fast becoming full time residents
and second homes to people from all over the United States, Mexico, and Europe. Laguna Vista (located
15 miles from the Island) has changed from a few permit residents and cactus fields to a fast growing
community with a fantastic golf course that satisfies the Laguna Madre Areas desire to tee one up.
Port Isabel has many channel front lots and homes for that person looking to venture into the Laguna
Madre Bay to catch a Redfish or deep-sea fishing in the Gulf for that record breaker.
Visitors from the East and West coast including Mexico and Europe are rapidly becoming property
owners in the Laguna Madre Area. Retired buyers seem to desire the golf community in Laguna Vista or
the many activities presented in Long Island Village, Port Isabel. Second home purchases still desire the
look and sound of the Gulf of Mexico with its peaceful white sand. Primary residents desires vary form
Island living to neighborhood communities.

The Laguna Madre area offers cozy studio condos, homes offering various square footage, a penthouse
with its 360-degree view of the Laguna Madre Area and anything in-between. Our home market prices
begin at $65,000 and continue upwards to over a million. Our market has experienced a 15-18% yearly
equity increase over the past five years. The market should continue to be strong because of the
affordable housing prices, low cost of living, introduction of baby boomers, and media discovery of the
If you have considered investing in Real Estate in the Laguna Madre Area –make your 1st call to me. I
promise to bring all my enthusiasm and energy to meet your needs.

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