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February 2011
                               The Parent

Dates to Remember!
                               The Newsletter of Community Preschool                                        Volume VII Issue VII
Pizza Night
                    Feb 10    2010 Survey Highlights
Scrapbooking Night            Thank you to all the families who participated in our annual school survey. We appreciated all the
                 Feb 11       feedback you gave us to help make Community Preschool a caring and nurturing environment for
                              our children. We had some wonderful comments about our teachers and our special events and we
                              appreciate your positive responses. We also thank you for sharing your suggestions— many of
Valentines Day                which related to our snack policy and to the timeliness of our communication about school happen-
                    Feb 14    ings with the families. We have updated the website to reflect these suggestions and we also have
                              updated our snack list to offer more healthy varieties for snack time. An updated snack list is now
2010-11 Pre-Registration      available on our website and will be posted on our school bulletin board. Thank you, again, for
              Feb 15-27       participating and sharing your thoughts. If you have any other comments or concerns, please con-
                              tact the board president.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
   (No School)                S i s t e r S c h o o l i n M a l a wi
                 Feb 17, 18
                              Community Preschool is going to be a sister school to a preschool in Malawi, Africa. The children
                                              in the village have nothing. There is a building and little else other than a strong
                                              desire to create a place where these children, many of whom are orphans, can
                                              learn. This project is in the beginning stages and we will continue to collect any
                                              used crayons, coloring books, scissors, pencils, pen, etc. to begin the project.
                                              Ms. Maggie Chavula, the preschool teacher in Malawi, is excited that we have
                                              agreed to be American friends to these children. We will keep you informed of
                                              upcoming projects and plans to help Maggie and these children. We are excited
                                              to be a part of this wonderful project!

                              Gratitude Board
                              There are so many times we all would like to thank the members, staff and teachers of our pre-
                              school for all of the extra time, dedication and help to making our preschool successful. We feel it
                              is important to express this thanks and have decided to make part of our
                              Information board in the hallway a ’Gratitude’ board. If you would like
                              to post a ’thank you’ to teachers, parents, children or anyone else who
                              takes the extra time to create a positive environment in our school, feel
                              free to do so. We all make this school a wonderful place to be for our
                              children and for ourselves! With this in mind, we would like to give an
                              extra thanks to the Dallabetta family for always offering a helping hand
                              to fix broken toys and go the extra mile to help out in the classroom. You are appreciated! We
                              know there are many more of you, so thank you to everyone for you kindness!

                              P a re n t / Te a c h e r C o n f e re n c e s
                                               Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Thursday and Friday, February 17th
                                               and 18th. There will be NO SCHOOL either of those days. These confer-
                                               ences are for 3's and 4's classes only. 2's parents may request a conference at
                                               any time if there are questions or concerns. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the
                                               teacher’s doors. We try to maintain a schedule during those two days to pre-
                               vent waiting lines in the hallway. We appreciate punctuality and observance of the time length
                               of each conference. If you feel that you need more than the allotted time, please talk with your
                               teacher to schedule a longer conference.
                                 i G i v e f o r Va l e n t i n e s D a y
                                 Sending flowers and gifts this Valentine's Day? Buy online and support CPS through A
                                 portion of every dollar spent goes directly to helping our great school!
                                 It takes 3 easy steps:
                                                     1- find our cause (Community Preschool), 2- register and 3-SHOP!
                                                                              It's free to register!
                                          Over 800 stores participate, including Kohl's, 1800-FLOWERS, and more!

                                 3Q Committee Jobs
                                 Below is the list of 3rd Quarter (and ongoing)
                                 Committee Jobs. You will receive a detailed re-       Maintenance & Preparation Jobs
                                 minder in your child's cubby prior to the date of     Maintenance - Classroom Furniture
                                 your job. Please contact Summer Woodward by           Mrs. Martinez - Katie Guthrie & Nikki Schaefer
                                 emailing: for infor-          Mrs. Miller - Carrie Christianson & Nancy Gras-
                                 mation about committee assignments. If you need       mick
                                 to contact her via phone: 203.1363.                   Mrs. Abbott - Seth Merrill & Lynsey Weimer

                                 Cleaning Jobs                                         Maintenance - General Classroom
                                 Large Toys and Wooden Toys                            Mrs. Martinez - Emily Weakland
                                 Mrs. Martinez - Amber Stamper                         Mrs. Miller - Tahnee Wydra
                                 Mrs. Miller - Jennie Treat                            Mrs. Abbott - Amy Reynolds
                                 Mrs. Abbott - Amber Manes
                                                                                       Wood Toy Maintenance - Jane Dallabetta & Sarah
                                 Manipulative Toy Washing:                             Beek
                                 Mrs. Martinez - Robin Keen                            Bike Maintenance - Zach Anderson & Erin Regel-
                                 Mrs. Miller - Janna Firestone                         man
                                 Mrs. Abbott - Jessica Sarmast                         Teacher Prep Assistance (all classrooms) - Barb
                                                                                       Wintermute & Sabrina Hooverson
                                 General Dusting and Wiping Down:
                                 Mrs. Martinez - Jennifer Case                         Scrapbook Helpers
                                 Mrs. Miller - Melanie Rosen                           Mrs. Martinez - Lisa Johnson & Sybilla Fabrizio
                                 Mrs. Abbott - Suzy Hawbaker                           Mrs. Miller - Tracie Jenkins & Diane Belden
                                                                                       Mrs. Abbott - Cheri Fruits & Chrissie Hall
                                 Home Living Area Toys:                                Floater - Ann Schimke
                                 Mrs. Martinez - Lindsay Roman
                                 Mrs. Miller - Jessica Sava                            Library Job
                                 Mrs. Abbott - Katherine Williamson                    Library Bulletin Board - Ann Schimke

                                 General Disinfecting (all classrooms) - Katie         Following is the list of available committee jobs.
                                 Doyon                                                 If you still need to sign up for a required commit-
                                 Washing (play clothes, smocks, etc) - Joy Hansen      tee job, or if you would like to help with an addi-
                                 Washing (outdoor/winter wear) - Jan/Feb Q 3 is        tional one, please contact Summer Woodward by
                                 Robin Ramsey. March/April Q 3,4 is Elizabeth          emailing: . Tele-
                                 Johnson                                               phone: 203.1363

                                 Babysitting Jobs                                      Jobs Available:
                                 Feb Board Meeting (Friday, Feb 4th) - Amanda          Home Living Area Toys
                                 Landry, Kaurie Mihm, & Nicole Schroeder               Manipulative Toy Washing
                                 March Board Meeting (Tuesday, March 1st) - Zia
                                 Ziebell, Jennifer Jacobs, & Emily Straw
                                 Spring Registration (March 11th) - Amie Smith,
                                 Mahwish Subzwari, & Melissa Pape

                                 School Photos
                                 If you have any recent photos of our school happenings, we would love to share them on our website
                                 and/or in our school hallway! We are looking for photos that reflect all the activities, field trips and
                                 special events that happen at our school. If you would like to share them, you can upload them to our
                                 website or put them on a CD and place them in the Publicity box at school. It would be wonderful to
                                 see many of the wonderful things happening here at CPS! Thank you!
                             2 0 11 - 2 0 1 2 R e g i s t r a t i o n
                             All FAMILIES may pre-register beginning on Tuesday, February 15th at 8AM MST and will be able to pre-register through
                             February 27th 8PM. The priority groups of registering families are: Current, Alumni and New.

                             Spring Registration Day will be Friday, March 11th from 9-11. You will be assigned a time to come in if you pre-register. If you
                             DO NOT pre-register, you will still be able to register on Registration day, but you may only register after all pre-registered families
                             are registered. School tours for New families will be available on the 1/2 hour. *

                             *Please note: If you are not current with tuition or school fees or have missed an assigned Committee job so far, you will not be able to register on
                             Registration Day until you have remedied these fees with Danelle V. (treasurer) or Summer W. (committees). Thank you.

                             1. Your checkbook or cash for Registration fee, Supply fee and we will also have CPS merchandise available
                             2. Your required paperwork filled out with a transcribed immunization form if turning in current immunization record.

                                                                         More Details about the Registration Process:
                             To pre-register, you will visit the Community Preschool website and enter the requested information. The information you submit
                             will allow all correspondence prior to the day of registration to be done on-line. Once you submit your pre-registration form, you
                             will immediately receive a confirmation email that your pre-registration was received.

                             Your pre-registration submission and confirmation email places you chronologically on a list based on when you actually submitted
                             your form. Once the pre-registration period closes, the forms will be compiled according to priority groups and you will receive a
                             2nd email with your assigned registration time and number in line no later than Monday, March 7th.

                             You will then need to bring your assigned registration number to Spring Registration on Friday, March 11th, along with all your
                             required paperwork, Registration fee and yearly Supply fee. Registration will be open at 9AM.

                             When you arrive for your assigned Registration time, the process will be as follows:
                             1. Sign up for open classes or be placed on a waiting list
                                       •     A child may be enrolled in one class and then placed on a wait list for a second class if your first choice class is not available. Enrolling you child in
                                             more than one class is not an option. The possibility of having your child enrolled in your first choice class may be available if that particular class
                                             has openings the week before school starts. The child may then be added on a first-come, first-served basis from the wait list. If you have any ques-
                                             tions, please contact the board president.
                             3.   Sign up for a Committee job
                             4.   Pay the $50.00 Registration fee and $20 Supply fee. (fees per family, not per child)
                             5.   Drop of all required Registration forms to your class coordinator
                             6.   Final check of registration completeness (all forms delivered, payment made, class selected). A registration receipt will be given

                                  once registration is complete.
                                           *Please visit our website for a copy of the Registration FAQs and a copy of the 2011-12 Registration Packet *


                             Silent Auction
                             Our annual Silent Auction in late April is just around the corner! If you have a local business or if you are an artist and
                             would like to donate an item to our auction, please contact our Development Coordinator, Amanda A. We are looking
                             forward to a wonderful auction this year!


February Birthdays
Happy Birthday to the following students with birthdays in February!
2’s Classes                                 3’s Classes                                     4’s Classes

Avery Daily                         2/1       Bryson Smith                2/4               Bryson Smith                         2/4
                                              Marcello Trujillo                    2/12     Joshua Bellino                       2/9
                                              Milana Rowe                          2/27     Cameron Johnson                      2/11
                                                                                            Jake Glade                           2/22
                                                                                            Eryn Ecker                           2/27
                                                                                            Noa Stamper                          2/28

Announcing our new CPS Board Members!
  The current Board of Directors at Community Preschool is very proud to announce its new members for the 2011-12
                                                   school year:

                                                  Jennifer Jacobs: Vice President
                                                       Erika Pol: Treasurer

 Thank you so much for sharing your talents, time and commitment to our wonderful school! We look forward to work-
                                                 ing with you both! *

We would also like to say thank you to our departing members: Valerie Govea and Danelle VanGorkom who both have been
wonderful additions to the board of directors at our school. Thank you for everything!

* New board members will take their full position in late May.

 To keep with our focus on GETTING OUTDOORS, we thought we’d share some information about a few local hiking trails. Get-
 ting outside, even in the cold weather, keeps us healthy in all aspect of our lives! Plus, kids can run off some steam, learn about the
 winter season and can even keep a nature journal of their sights and findings fostering creativity, expression and writing skills!
 Make sure to dress your children (and yourselves!) warmly with proper gear! Nobody likes to be cold outside—focus on the fun!

 The Wild Loop: Devil’s Backbone Open Space is a very popular open space and the Wild Loop Trail is a great 2-mile loop that is
 perfect for kids and includes an interpretive brochure. Don’t forget your binoculars for birding!
 Coyote Ridge Trail is also another good one for kids as it is a mile to a cabin (also bathrooms) and has some interpretive signs
 about the natural habitat that surrounds the area. (NO DOGS on this trail)
 Foothills Nature Trail is another good family hike. The hike is a steady mile up to the top with interpretative signs along the way.
 The trail ends at the top with nice views and an overlook built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in
 the 1930s. They felt the knoll was a great place for ‘nature contemplation.’ It is! Check it out!

 To find out more information about these hikes and others, check out this website:
 “Local Hikes near Loveland and Fort Collins”:

 Also check out: “Larimer County Department of Natural Resources”:

 For winter recreation in Rocky Mountain National Park, check out:

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter season so far!

 " hose who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."
 ~ Rachel Carson

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