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The official Airfix Club Magazine              Issue 16
In this Issue...


CROMWELL IV                                                   TANK
MEMBERS’ PHOTOS                     MODEL PAINT
& LETTERS P12/13                    RUINED CHURCH - P8/9
                                                                             Welcome to the summer edition of the Airfix Club
                                                                             magazine. As you will see from our Diary Dates
                                                                             column in this issue, the Airfix team are appearing
                                                                             with the Roadshow at a number of venues up and
Contents                                                                     down the UK.
                                                                             Do come along if you are in the area. There is a lot
2011 Roadshow Events
                                                                             going on, both for adults and younger enthusiasts –
& New Releases ......... 3
                                                                             and an opportunity to browse through a wealth of
The Cromwell Tank. 4 - 5                                                     Airfix souvenir merchandise. Most of all, you can meet
The Cromwell Tank                                                            the Airfix team and have a chat about your hobby, have

Model Build ........... 6 - 7                                                your queries answered and any problems solved.
Construct Your Own
Airfix Buildings....... 8 - 9
                                                                             We look forward to meeting you!
Bedford Truck
Model Build ........10 - 11
Members’ Photos..... 12                Hornby backs...
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Dry Brush Technique                   Launched on TV
                                      26th June
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                                        Hornby Hobbies Limited, owner of some of the world’s best known toy and hobby brands,
                                        such as Scalextric, Airfix, Corgi and Hornby model railways, has just announced a brand
                                        new character licence, expanded its portfolio by acquiring master toy rights for new
                                        pre-school brand, ‘Olly The Little White Van’.
                                                                             Olly The Little White Van is a ground breaking, highly creative 3D CGI animated
 Consultant Editor:
 Susan Pownell.                                                              TV series for pre-school children.
 Design & Production:                                                        In the new TV series, Olly is voiced by double BAFTA award winning and
 DSP Limited.                                                                much loved children’s presenter, Justin Fletcher MBE, who is best known for
 Membership Organiser:                                                       his appearances on Cbeebies. Olly is a helpful and playful character who gets
 Sarah Woodhouse.                                                            involved in some fascinating adventures, together with his many friends in
 2011 Subscription Fees:                                                     Bumpton town. Olly The Little White Van made his debut on UK TV screens
 UK POSTAL Version £24.99.                                                   on 26th June on ITV1 and CiTV.
 UK DOWNLOADABLE Version £15.99.
 EU DOWNLOADABLE Version £19.49.                                             Hornby will also be producing a full range of incredible
 Rest of the World DOWNLOADABLE
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Buildings and Accessories                            Military Vehicles & Dioramas                           Starter Sets - Small
A50131 London Icons.          1:12                    A02338 Cromwell Cruiser Tank. 1:76                    A55101 Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk. 1:72
A75008 European Brewery Ruin. 1:76                   Space                                                  Starter Sets - Medium
Figures                                               A10170 Space Shuttle.                   1:144         A55200 ‘E’Type Jaguar.                           1:32
A01763 WWII British Infantry, Northern                                                                      A55201 Triumph Herald.                           1:32
Europe.                         1:72
                                                      A02026 Angel Interceptor.               1:72          Starter Sets - Large
Military and Civil Aircraft                                                                                 A55301 Panavia Tornado F3.                       1:72
A02019 Arado Ar196.            1:72
                                                                                                            A55300 BAe Harrier GR9.
                                                      A20440 1930 4.5 litre Bentley.          1:12
A01003 Curtiss P40-B. New Tool 1:72                                                                         New Tool                                         1:72

                                                                                           The Airfix Roadshow is appearing
                                                                    at many key events between now and the end of 2011,
                                    so for updates and more information, visit the Airfix website at
13-14th August: RAF Harrowbeer, Devon. The weekend event marks
the 70th Anniversary of the opening of the RAF Harrowbeer, including
the history of its vital role during WWII.
For more information on the fantastic visiting displays, go to the website
18-19th August: The Bournemouth Air Festival, Bournemouth Town
Centre, Dorset.
4-5th September: Duxford Air Show at the IWM, Duxford. CB22 4QR.
10-11th September: Battle of Britain Weekend at RAF Hendon, Grahame
Park Way, London NW9 5LL.
16th October: Duxford Autumn Show at the IWM, Duxford, CB22 4QR.
22nd October: Yeovilton Model Show at the Fleet Air Arm Museum,
RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset. BA22 8HT.
3-6th November: Crafts for Christmas Show at the NEC Birmingham.
                                                                                                      10% CLUB
B40 1NT.
12-13th November: Scale Model World at the Telford International Centre,
Telford, TF3 4JH.
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 The 2011 Airfix range of 1:76 scale Military Vehicles
 sees the introduction of the brand new Cromwell
 Mk.IV Cruiser Tank, as used by the British Army in
                                                                                                  Several leading British companies were involved in the overall construction of the Cromwell
                                                                                                  tank, including LMS Railway, Morris Motors, English Electric, as well as the Birmingham
                                                                                                  Railway Carriage and Wagon Company. It first saw action in June 1944, as the tank that
                                                                                                  equipped the reconnaissance regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps. Serving predominantly
                                                                                                  in North-West Europe and built to carry a crew of five – Commander, gunner, loader, driver
 Europe between 1944 and 1945.                                                                    and front gunner - it proved its superior speed of up to 40 mph, adept manoeuvrability and
 With two kit options, under model number A02338, you can choose to decorate                      reliability more than a match for the sluggish, heavy German tanks.
 it as used by the 5th Royal Horse Artillery, 7th Armoured Division or as it served               The Cromwell Tank, named after the English Civil War leader, Oliver Cromwell, was designed
 with the 11th Armoured Division. Along with its ‘relation’- the Centaur Tank, the                by Leyland – then known as the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company.
 Cromwell proved to be the fastest cruiser tank fielded by the British Army in WWII.              Manufactured by the Nuffield Organisation, the number produced was just over 4000.
 The Cromwell was the first in the British arsenal to combine a dual-purpose gun, high            Its main dual-purpose gun comprised one OQF (Ordnance Quick Firing) 75mm weapon,
 speed and reasonable armour (3 inches/76mm), all in one vehicle.                                 with a secondary armament of 2 x 7.92mm Breda machine guns.
 The Cromwell and Centaur were the result of further development and future                       The Cromwell tank was used to fully equip the 7th Armoured Division – one of the kit options
 replacement of the Crusader tank. The military leaders of the day had laid down the              with the new Airfix release. Although the Cromwell was very reliable, with great speed and
 required specifications for the new tank, which they hoped would be ready for service            manoeuvrability, it was the Sherman tank that remained the most common tank in the British
 in 1942. The requirements included a QF 6 pounder gun, which was badly needed.                   and Allied armoured units. However, the speed of the Cromwell proved very useful as the
 However, the main problem that delayed production was the engine. The Nuffield-                  main tank used by the reconnaissance regiments of the British Army, including service with
 built Liberty engine proved unsuitable and so a new engine was designed as a tank                the Allied units of the 1st Polish Armoured Division and the Czech Armoured Brigade.
 power plant.
                                                                                                  There are several surviving Cromwell tanks at museums both at home and abroad, some in
 The Meteor engine was based on the powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, famous                    full running condition, including an example on show at the Cobbaton Combat Collection of
 for its use on the legendary Spitfire aircraft. At trial stage, the engine, with almost          military vehicles in North Devon.The Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset also has a well-
 600hp, proved more than satisfactory. However, because manufacturing capacity                    preserved Cromwell Mk IV on display.
 was already committed to other major components for the Allied needs, the Rover
                                                                                                  If you are travelling on the A1065 in Norfolk, you
 Car Company eventually undertook the job of producing the Meteor. Even they had
                                                                                                  will find a Cromwell IV mounted on a plinth in
 difficulty making extra provision on their production lines to fit the Meteor in to their
                                                                                                  Thetford Forest. Overseas, you will also see
 manufacturing schedule. Eventually, the Meteor engine became available in January
                                                                                                  examples in The Royal Australian Armoured
 1943, at which point production of the A27M Cromwell tank was able to commence.
                                                                                                  Corps Army Tank Museum, in the Czech
 The frame was riveted at first, though later models were of welded construction.The              Republic, Israel and the Netherlands, to name
 next stage was to bolt the armour plate to the frame.The caterpillar tracks were initially       but a few.
 14 inches wide but later versions extended to 15½ inches. Another modification to the
 exhaust was necessary to direct fumes away from the fighting compartment, which
 proved a problem only discovered when the tanks were lined up in preparation for an
 advance attack.

Power: Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 petrol engine,
       it had a fuel capacity of 110 gallons and an
       operational range of 170 miles (270km) on
       roads and 80 miles cross-country.
Weight: 27.6 tons (28 tonnes).                  Height: 8ft 2in (2.49m).
Length: 20ft 10in (6.35m).                      Width: 9ft 6½” (2.908m).


IVTANK                A02338                          1:76 SCALE

...It proved to be the fastest cruiser tank fielded by the British
                                                   Army in WWII.

                                        MODEL BUILD

                                                                  ith the
                                                  taking care w
                              om   the runners -                     ks.
                e removed fr                         moulded trac
 Major par ts ar               ls an d single piece                  bled
                 s, road whee                       ar tially assem
 drive sprocket               nding  . Lower hull p
                 ned up by sa                             be difficult to
 Par ts are clea                          eas that will
                 nting car ried out on ar
  and some pai
  reach when tr
                  acks assemb
                                                                            1:76 SCALE

      STAGE 2...TURR
                                    ET & UPPER HU
                                                                    LL                            AL DE                       TAILS
                                                                                STAGE 5...THE FIN

Once comple
           ted, the turret
                           and the upper
                                         hull ready for
                                                        painting.                                                                          rab)
                                                                                                                             159 (Khaki D
                                                                                                              details using                      dark
                                                                                  Dry brushing
                                                                                                   of raised                     by a wash of
                                                                                                    some 34 (w   hite), followed
                                                                                  lightened with                                                   eric
                                                                                                                                  als, only a gen
  STAGE 3...THE TRACKS                                                             green/brown
                                                                                                   a pre release
                                                                                                                  kit without dec
                                                                                                                                    detail paintin
                                                                                                                                                   g of
                                                                                   Due to being                    llo wed by final
                                                                                                   as applied, fo          hine guns an
                                                                                                                                        d tools.
                                                                                    Allied star w          ch as the mac
                                                                                                     ls su
                                                                                    external detai

  Tracks are carefully sanded to remove moulding seam. Painted Chocolate
  (98) followed by a dark wash of black which enhances the detail, finished
  off by light drybrushing with Gunmetal (53) on the exposed track and teeth.


  Lower hull construction completed taking care that the drive sprocket teeth
  are engaged with the track properly. Basic painting of major sub assemblies
  in 159 (Khaki Drab)

                                                                                                                                                  1:76 SCALE

                 EFFEC                               T
S TAGE 1...STONE                                                                                 STAGE 2...STON
                                                                                                                                       E EFFECT

                                                                                           To accentuate
                                                                                                           the raised de
                                                                                          complimenta                      tailing use th
                                                                                                        ry highlight co                   e "Dry Br ushi
                                                                      Grey) for the       and for the ro                 lours. For the                  ng" method
                                                       st - 64 (Light                                    of tiles 64 (L                 external ston               using
                                    ch  are applied fir          ) for the entra
                                                                                nce                                     ight Grey).                   ework 147 (L
                     urs of the chur               es, 34 (White
                                                                                                                                                                   ight Grey)
       The base colo               for the roof til
                       (Sea Grey)
       stone walls, 27

STAGE 3...STONE EFFECT                                                                          STAGE 4...STONE EFFECT

                                                                                                A wash of highly thinned very dark grey paint is applied over the stonework
                                                                                                and roof tiles to bring out the recessed detailing cast into the stonework.The
                                                                                                wash can take the form of thinned enamel or acrylic colours or as used here
                                                                                                watercolours. Before the wash is fully dry, use a lint free cloth dampened with
The decorative stonework on the church is painted 121 (Pale Stone) and any                      the appropriate thinner, and using a downwards motion wipe the surface of the
"tidying up" of the base colours is carried out.                                                stonework - this will remove some of the excess wash further enhancing the
                                                                                                textured surface. Finally paint the windows 85 (Satin Black) and touch up the
                                                                                                paintwork as required.
                     NE E                                            FFECT
 STAG E 1...SAND STO                                                                                            STAGE 2...SAN
                                                                                                                                                       D STONE EFFEC

                                                                                          r the stone
                                                                        (Khaki Drill) fo
                                               are ap  plied first - 72            e stonework
                                                                                                   and     A wash of high
                            s of the church                       and decorativ                                               ly thinned very
        Th e base colour               r the w   indow arches                  fect individual stones      roof tiles to br
                                                                                                                           ing out the re
                                                                                                                                              dark brown pa
                                                                                                                                                                int is applied
                        ale Stone) fo                        "patchwork" ef                                                               cessed detailin                      over the ston
        walls, 121 (P                       es.To create a                           83 (Ochre), 84       take the form                                    g cast into the                   ework and
             (Tank Grey)   for the roof til         l "stone" co   lours such as              e).         Before the w
                                                                                                                           of thinned en
                                                                                                                                          amel or acrylic                    stonework.Th
                           random in ad
                                            ditiona                            (Middle Ston                              ash is fully dr                     colours or as                 e wash can
         are painted at                                      k Stone), 225            nts of white,
                                                                                                                                         y, use a lint fre                    used here wat
                                          llow), 187 (Dar                   all amou
                                                                                                         thinner, and us                                   e cloth dampe                     ercolours.
                         94 (Brown Ye                     s by adding sm
                                                                                                                            ing a downw                                     ned with the
          (Mid Stone),                 n stone colour                            n also be pick
                                                                                                  ed     will remove so
                                                                                                                           me of the exce
                                                                                                                                          ards motion w
                                                                                                                                                           ipe the surfac                 appropriate
          Alternativel y mix your ow             lour. Individu al roof tiles ca                         windows can                       ss wash furthe                   e of the stonew
                                              co                                                                                                             r enhancing th                 ork - this
                           k to your base                                                                                 be painted 85                                       e textured su
           yellow or blac                    rk grey.
                                                                                                                                          (Satin Black)
                                                                                                                                                         at this stage.                    rface.The
                           g shades of da
           put in differin


To accentuate the raised detailing use the "Dry Brushing" method using complimentary
highlight colours. For the external stonework 121 (Pale Stone) and for the roof tiles
64 (Light Grey). Final detail painting such as 98 (Chocolate) for the wooden door
can then be carried out to finish off the model.                                                                                        9
Bedford were one of the War Department’s main
                                                    MODEL CONVERSION                          The detailing around the trailer and load box can be added from plastic strip, as is the
                                                                                              chassis framework underneath. The tie-down hooks along the trailer sides are only
suppliers throughout World War Two, and not only                                              small but are quite noticeable. The Evergreen range of styrene mouldings includes a
because of their wide range of well known trucks.                                             very fine ‘L’ shaped angle strip. As you can see from the photos, if you slice across this
                                                                                              at tiny intervals, you will create suitably shaped parts for your tie-down clamps.
Bedford also built more than 5,000 Churchill tanks, as well as parts for over 5               The underside of the trailer makes use of parts from the unused QLT in the kit. The axle
million jerricans and 750,000 steel helmets. But it was for their sturdy, reliable and        is reworked and added to the rear springs and rear wheels. A spare wheel is fitted on
popular trucks that they are best recognised and particularly the ubiquitous QL.              the underside and a framework constructed from 0.5mm plastic rod. Mudflaps from
Development of the QL began just days after the outbreak of war and a few months              the QLD are used around the trailer wheels and another pair from the QLT are fitted
later the prototypes were ready for testing. Although the British Army lost a huge            towards the front of the trailer to protect the rear wheels of the tractor unit. Small
amount of vehicles as a result of the Dunkirk evacuations, it did effectively clear           detailing such as the mudguard supports and the rear step framework are made from
out a real clutter of dated and unreliable pre-war designs.This left the way clear            plastic strip.The original fuel tank and spare wheel from the QLD are discarded, and         a
for new standardised versions to be built and by February 1941, production of the             the 1-ton load box fitted on the chassis tight against the back of the cab. The two fuel
Bedford QL was in full flow. The truck quickly found favour with both drivers and             tanks from the QLT and the two stowage boxes are fitted to the underside of the load
mechanics and by the end of the war, over 52,000 QL’s had rolled off the production           box. The QLC had a higher payload but the same engine as all the QL range and as
line.The recent Airfix release offers a pair of Bedford QL’s – the standard general           such petrol consumption was higher.
service vehicle (QLD), and the troop carrier (QLT). There were a variety of other             Finally, the trailer tilt framework was made from 0.75mm brass rod. Make a former to
types produced, including the Bofors Gun Tractor, Radio and Command bodies,                   the correct shape from 30 thou plastic card and then sandwich it between two larger
a tipper body, firetruck and various special bodies, all of which are possible                scraps.This will then make it easy to bend the arched frames all to the right profile
conversions from this useful kit.                                                             before adding the lengths along the top. If you wish, a cover can be added from tissue
One of the more unusual is the QLC 4 x 4-2 articulated load carrier. This designation         hardened with white glue, although the ‘open’ feel does have a certain pleasant look.
was the Army’s way of describing a 4-wheel drive truck with a fixed 2-wheeled                 As an RAF vehicle, the colour scheme was overall RAF vehicle blue and the ‘grubby’
trailer. It was a strange configuration, with a small 1-ton dropsied load area on the         weathering was depicted to highlight how little TLC these workhorses often had. If
truck chassis, and the other 5-ton payload on the trailer. They found themselves              you are opting for the army version, then the tilt cover was almost always used and
used with many army units, as well as the RAF, and even the Royal Navy.                       the colour scheme would have generally been the black and green ‘Mickey Mouse’
Constructing the model was not such a difficult task, as the main parts that need             camouflage.
making are the trailer body and the 1-ton load carrier box on the tractor unit – both         Sadly, despite over 1000 being produced, there don’t appear to be any surviving
of which are nice flat sides and square angles. Most other parts can be pillaged              examples to see. So it seems a model is now the only way you will appreciate just
from the kit.                                                                                 how fine this vehicle looked.
Start by building the basic QLD cab and chassis from the kit – but change the
cab roof for the one without the hip-ring from the QLT. The coupling unit for
the trailer is a fairly simple ball and socket arrangement, as the trailer was
permanently coupled to the truck. This coupler sits directly over the rear
axle, for maximum strength and balance.
The trailer body and the 1-ton load box are both constructed of wood
planked styrene sheet. For strength, make the floor first using 30 thou
styrene sheet with the planked card on top.Then add the inner sides and
ends and finally the outer sides and ends.This laminating will make it
strong and help eliminate warping over time.

                                                                                                                      The plaster base is from the Landmark
                                                                                                                  Models range –

AN ARTICULATED                                                                           10
The detailing                                                    The tie-down hooks along the trailer sides are only small
               around the tr
added from p                  ailer and loa                      but are quite noticeable...
              lastic strip...              d box can be

                                                                 Construct a
                                                          from                   former to be
                                           se of parts                                        nd the arche
                 e of the tra iler makes u                       right profile
                                                                               .                           d fram   es all at the
    The undersid
                  T in the kit...
    th e unused QL

                   Useful Contacts: Scale Plans of this and other Bedford QLD variants are available in the
                   Geoff Lacey series - send an A4 SAE to - 315a South Lane, New Maldon, Surrey KT3 5RR.

     BEDFORD TRUCK                                                 11
                                  A big thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of yourselves and your
                                  Airfix projects for publication in Issue 15. As we promised – there was a
                                  prize for what we considered to be the best entry. And the winner is
                                  Mark Chadbourne, Member 500355 from Staffordshire.
                                  Congratulations, Mark. We are sending you an example of the A06102

members’ photos                   Supermarine Seafire Mk XVIIC, with the compliments of the Airfix team.
                                  Enjoy your model!

                                                                                       Tara & David K
                                                                                                            itson 599106

                                                                   Louis Carabott

                   Bill Wilder
  In the memory of
  by Josh Briody

 William                                                                                          Mick Daley 597765

                                          Members’ Le
                                         In the last iss
                                                         ue, we as
                                                                     ked you to sha
                                         tell us about yo                             re your model
                                                           ur ‘hints and ti                             making experie
                                        for new models                      ps’, as well as le                           nces,
                                                            and your views                     ing us know yo
                                                                             on all things A                     ur requests
                                       as we had a gre                                          irfix. We are ve
                                                           at response.                                          ry pleased
                                      Ed: If you wou
                                                       ld like to write
                                     for our Picture                     to us on any to
                                                        Gallery, you ca                     pics, or send in
                                                                          n email us at c                     your photos
                                    The Airfix Club                                 
                                                     Magazine, Horn                                            or write to
                                   C T9 4JX, UK.                       by Hobbies Ltd
                                                   If sending ima                        ., Westwood C
                                                                     ges, please en                       ross, Margate
                                  scanned prints                                     sure they are o                     .
                                                    , in focus and h                                    riginals, not
                                 for the best ove                     igh resolution.
                                                    rall contributi                    And – we are o
                                                                      on, so we look                     ffering a prize
                                                                                      forward to hea
                                                                                                         ring from you.
UK Military Support Set Limited Edition: Airfix Land Rover Hard Top & Trailer,        Land Rover options: A. Royal Air Force Police during early 1980’s         Bedford options: A. Royal Air Force Wiering, Cambridgeshire during early 1990’s
Bedford MK Tactical Aircraft Refueller and 6 Model Alliance Decal options.                               B. Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue 1967                                B. Royal Air Force Gűtersloh, Germany during late 1980’s
                                                                                                         C. Royal Navy during mid 1970’s                                        C. Royal Navy during 1980’s

Exclusive Club Kit Model Builds...   See the aached order form for full details on how to buy these great model kits!

Harrier GR7 and Harrier FA2 (A82010) The Harrier GR7 was operated by No.20(R) Squadron, Royal                              BAE Systems Hawk T.1A. This limited edition kit contains one Airfix Hawk T.1 kit with two unusual decal options.
Air Force from Ahmed al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait as part of “Operation Telic”- the allied invasion of Iraq in                Hawk T.Mk.1 XX307, No.208 (R) Squdron, Royal Air Force Valley, 2009
2003.                                                                                                                      This aircraft was specially painted for the 2009 display season to mark the 90th anniversary of the Royal
The Harrier FA2 was specifically painted up to mark the disbandment of No.800 naval air Squadron                            Air Force Benevolent Fund.
based at Yeovilton on March 31st 2004. The Aircraft was known as “Satan 1” within the squadron.                            Hawk T.Mk.1 XX184 "Spithawk", Royal Air Force Valley, May 2008
                                                                                                                           This livery was specially painted for the 70th anniversary of 19(F) Sqn's equipping with the Spitfire.                                                                                                                  

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                                           9   january/
                                   issue 21

                                                                                                Issue Eighty One                                          April 2011 - May 2011

                                                                                                                                               .<9 C::=7=5@ A5;5N=B9 C: H<9

                                                 The official Airfix Club Magazine    Issue 15                                             Hornby Collectors Club
                                                In this Issue...
                                                 THE BAe HARRIER

                                                                                                 PLUS...           13
                                                                                           THE SINKING OF
                                                                              Applying Humbrol paint using the...

                                                                              Dry Brush Method
                                                                               In this issue of our magazine, I demonstrate how to apply the simple yet effective dry
                                                                               brush method to a newly constructed Airfix model. If applied correctly, the dry brush
                                                                               method can achieve some very effective results which in my opinion are almost as good

technique                                                                      as those achieved with an airbrush, but with the
                                                                               added benefit of minimising the fuss and mess.

                                                                                                                                    Time spent dry brushing with a complimenting
                                                                                                                                    colour yeilds good results and can be very

                                                                              e staples
                                                                  Top Tip...Us

                                                                                                                   ic 86
                                                                                                       brol Acr yl               Having dry brushed the entire model using Humbrol Enamel 113 Rust, a contrasting colour
                                                                                            sing Hum                    s
                                                                        ed to th e sprue u                 tailing item          was also required for additional realism. I used a sparing amount of Humbrol Enamel 83 Ochre
   1                                             model w   hilst attach            to
                                                                                                  rious de
                                                                                      pick out va tip is to connect              which was also applied by using the dry brush technique, but this time with an almost completely
                                      complete                          was used                  top
                          spray the                          Gunmetal                   tracks, a                 with the
                                                 Acrylic 53                   catapilar               sier to fit                dry brush, lightly picking out additional details where required.
            st ep was to                Humbrol                   ecting the               ble and ea
  The first             mpl  etely dry,             . When conn                more dura
            e. Once co                   hine guns                  tracks are              bly.
  Light Oliv                  d the mac                  g so, the                el assem
                    tracks an                le. By doin               of the whe
   such  as spare           ing a  small stap              at the top
                together us                        placed
   the tracks                           n they are
                           visible whe
                 coming in
    staples be

 2         Pick out details on your model before                                                                             5       The finishing to
           you commence dry brushing.                                                                                                                uches.
Once the component parts had been painted and the model had been fully assembled, Humbrol                                   For the finishing
                                                                                                                                               touches, I used
                                                                                                                           technique. For                       Humbrol Matt
Acrylic 53 Gunmetal was used to pick out additional details such as spades, hatch hinges etc.                                               this instance the                   Enamel 28 Ca
                                                                                                                          tank appear we                      br ush was vir tua                 mouflage Grey
Humbrol Acrylic 53 Gunmetal was also used to paint both caterpillar tracks as a base colour in                                               athered and fad                    lly dr y, as my                  applied using
                                                                                                                                                              ed by the sun.                      objective was                 the dr y br ush
preparation for additional dry brush weathering using Humbrol Matt Enamel 113 Rust.                                      applied, a fix co                                    With all the pa                   to make certain
                                                                                                                                            at was applied                                      inting and weath                 areas of the
                                                                                                                         protect my finish                  using Humbro                                         ering complete
                                                                                                                                             ed model.                    l DecalFix and
                                                                                                                                                                                            finally a coat of                     and decals
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Humbrol Satin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Varish applied

 3         Now for the dry brushing!

  The secret is to apply paint with a virtually dry
  brush and build up by layers...always err on the
  side of does pay off!

Having loaded a brush with Humbrol Matt Enamel 113 Rust, I wiped the brush on tissue until the
brush was almost completely dry. With hardly any pressure, I pulled the brush across the raised
areas of the model leaving the smallest amount of paint on the model until the desired weathering
effect had been achieved. Any excess paint was quickly removed by wiping with a tissue.

The Heritage Motor Centre
    welcomes Airfix Club Members with a

  Special Discount Offer
The Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire                                             The Heritage Motor Centre is host to a wide range of vehicle-related events throughout
                                                                                                2011, all of which are listed on the website. Two of the exhibitions that will be of
is home to the world’s largest collection of historic                                           particular interest to Airfix Club members this autumn are:
British cars.
                                                                                                22nd - 30th Oct 2011 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Opened in 1993, following help from the Rover Group,                                            Week, including Autumn Half Term activities for visitors
the Collection had originally comprised over 200                                                with families.
examples of vehicles that had been part of British                                              Enjoy the Ladybird Big Book of Motor Cars Exhibition with its nostalgic collection
Leyland – and subsequently Rover, under the auspices                                            of illustrations from the books, set amongst many of the vehicles which feature in
                                                                                                them. The day presents a fabulous opportunity to recapture your childhood, and
of the British Motor Heritage Trust. The new venue at                                           perhaps share it with your children or grandchildren. There will also be a children's
Gaydon facilitated many more exhibits to be put on show.                                        Ladybird play area with books and activities to enjoy.

Following the break up of the Rover Group in the year 2000, the Trust decided that
                                                                                                23rd October - Large Model Aircraft Show
it should expand its remit to all of the British motor industry, not just those that had        This annual indoor show has over 100 Large Scale Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft
been part of British Leyland.                                                                   on display, plus demonstrations and aircraft simulators. Normal Museum prices
                                                                                                apply with discounted rates for LMA & BMFA members.
As a result, today the car collection is nearly 300 strong, enabling the visitor to
follow comprehensively the evolution of the British motor car from 1896 through to
                                                                                                The Heritage Motor Centre is situated on Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire.
the new Millennium. In some instances, you can also sit behind the wheel and
                                                                                                CV35 0BJ. Telephone: 01926 641188.
experience motoring over the century.
                                                                                                It is open to the public daily from 10 am to 5 pm, except 24-26th December.
As an ongoing project, the Trust also works closely with the heritage arms of Britain’s
major car concerns, including Ford, Jaguar and Vauxhall, to bring some of their                 For full details of exhibitions, what to see and lots more, visit the website at:
historic vehicles to the museum for visitors to enjoy.                                

        One lucky adult competition winner will have a great time constructing our prize this
        time. We have an example of the A50060 Western Front Set in 1:76 scale to give
        away which, when complete, is a model replica of a typical trench layout found on the
        Western Front of Northern Europe during the Great War. The set includes 2 x A01315
        WWI ‘Male’ Tanks, 1 x A02337 WWI ‘Female’ Tank, A01726 WWI German Infantry
        collection and A01727 WWI British Infantry collection, together with all the paints,
        brushes and glue to complete the diorama.
        To enter, we’d like your answer to the following question:
        What is the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ tanks?
        Is it (a) their armaments (b) their respective size or (c) their speed?

        Put your answer on an email addressed to or send us a postcard. In either case,
        please give your name, address and your membership number. If posting your entry, please send it to
        Airfix Issue 16 Competition, PO Box 25, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK. LE13 1ZG. Closing date for
        entries is 26th August 2011.

        We invite our junior members, aged 14 or under, to compete for another great prize –
        an example of the A50009 Battle Front Set in 1:76 scale. It comes with a Sherman
        and Tiger Tank, British Paratroops and German Infantry, as well as a Forward
        Command Post and a base to set everything out on. The set also includes the paints,
        glue and brushes to complete your diorama. To enter, all we want you to do is answer
        both the following Airfix related questions correctly:
        1. Which country introduced the Sherman tank? Was it (a) Britain (b) the USA or
        (c) Australia
        2. If you see a vehicle described with the letters LWB, what does the abbreviation
        stand for?
        Put your answers on an email addressed to or send us a postcard. In either case,
        please give your name, address, age (you must be 14 or under) and your membership number. If posting
        your entry, please send it to Airfix Issue 16 Junior Competition, PO Box 25, Melton Mowbray,
        Leicestershire, UK. LE13 1ZG. Closing date for entries is 26th August 2011.

                                      Rules of entry for both competitions                                                                            Competition Results
        1. The winner of the adult competition will be the first   3. The results of the both competitions will be announced       The winner of our adult competition in Issue 15 is Chris Bromley,
        drawn from the all-correct answers on the closing date     in issue 17 and the winners notified by post.                   Member 597022 from Staffordshire Well done. Your prize, comprising
        of 26th August 2011. The winner of the junior              4. The competitions are not open to employees of Hornby         the A50120 Sink the Bismarck Set and A04050 Harrier GR9 model,
        competition must be aged 14 years or under and will        Hobbies Ltd., their agents or families.                         is on its way.
        be the first drawn from the all-correct entries received   5. No correspondence to be entered into in conjunction          The answers to the competition questions were:
        by the closing date of 26th August 2011.                   with the competitions.                                          1. HMS Suffolk and HMS Norfolk. 2. A Fairey Swordfish.
        2. The competition is limited to one entry per current     6. No cash equivalent is available.                             3. HMS Ark Royal. 4. RAF Wittering.
        member of the Airfix Club. Duplicate entries will be                                                                       The winner of the junior competition is Mstr Paul Lamberton, member
                                                                   7. The Airfix Club accepts no responsibility for entries lost
        disregarded.                                                                                                               503058, aged 11 and from Norwich, receiving an example of the
                                                                   or damaged in the post or defaced or altered in any way.
                                                                   8. The judges’ decision is final.                               A50129 VC set and the A04050 Harrier GR9. Congratulations, to you
                                                                                                                                   too. And the model we asked you to identify was the A06102
                                                                                                                                   Supermarine Seafire MK XVIIC, one of the newly tooled Airfix models
                                                                                                                                   coming into the range this year, which features on Page 30 of the
                                                                                                                                   2011 Airfix catalogue.

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