May 2011 - RM of Strathcona by liuqingyan


									                    THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF STRATHCONA

           The Regular Meeting of the Council of The Rural Municipality of Strathcona was held
           May 11, 2011 in Council Chambers. Reeve Schram presiding. Councillors McEachern,
           Wilton, Myers and Cline present.

           THAT the Minutes of the April 11, 2011 Regular Meeting and the April 13, 2011 Special
           Meeting, be adopted as circulated.

122/2011   MCEACHERN / CLINE
           THAT the Agenda be adopted with noted additions.

           The Senior Belmont Water Utility Operator met with Council to discuss matters
           pertaining to the Belmont Utility.

           Brett Morton of Brandt Tractor Ltd. met with Council.

123/2011   MYERS / WILTON
           THAT resolutions B33/2011 to B46/2011, be approved and adopted on behalf of the
           L.U.D. of Belmont.

           Robert Wanless met with Council to discuss an issue relating to Strathcona Memorial

           Dean Carlson met with Council to discuss issues relating to a proposed subdivision
           within the Municipality.

           Jim Stevenson of Westcon Equipment and Rentals Ltd. met with Council.

124/2011   MYERS / CLINE
           THAT the application, as submitted by Blair and Judy Foote, to install a boat dock at the
           South end of Pelican Lake for 2011, be approved subject to compliance with
           recommendations as provided by the Pleasant Valley Cottage Owners Association.


125/2011   WILTON / CLINE
           THAT the Fire Chief, Dennis Pryke, be and is hereby authorized to attend the Manitoba
           Association of Fire Chiefs Conference, to be held in Brandon, Mb. June 9th to 11th, 2011.

           AND THAT the municipality pay actual traveling and living expenses, as per By-Law
           No. 26, 2010.

           Council reviewed the Public Water System Annual Audit for the Strathcona Memorial
           Park Water Treatment Plant.

           Council reviewed correspondence from Mrs. P. Fisher and requested the Chief Administrative
           Officer to respond.

126/2011   MYERS / WILTON
           THAT the following changes be made to the Municipal Insurance Program:

           Belmont Skating and Curling Rink – building to be insured at $300,000;
           Hilton United Church – building coverage to be removed;
           All Mobile Municipal Equipment insured at a “Replacement Value” be changed to
           “Depreciated Value”.
           AND THAT the Chief Administrative Officer be, and is hereby authorized, to sign and
           return the Statement of Locations / Items Insured.

127/2011   CLINE / MCEACHERN
           THAT the Municipal Dust Suppressant requirement, for 2011, be ordered from Fort
           Distributors Ltd. at a cost of twenty-six ($0.26) cents per litre.

128/2011   MYERS / CLINE
           THAT the Members of Council and the C.A.O. be, and are hereby authorized to attend
           the AMM June District Meeting on June 15, 2011, at Tilston, Mb.

           AND THAT traveling, living expense and compensation be paid in accordance with
           By-Law No. 26, 2010.

129/2011   MCEACHERN / CLINE
           THAT Councillor Myers be, and is hereby authorized to attend the Assiniboine
           Municipal Health Committee meeting on May 16, 2011, at Rivers, Mb.

           AND THAT traveling, living expense and compensation be paid in accordance with
           By-Law No. 26, 2010.

130/2011   WILTON / MYERS
           THAT the quotation, to replace ten (10) tires on the L9000 Gravel Tractor and Trailer, as
           provided by Denray Tire Ltd., in the amount of three thousand four hundred and fourty
           one ($3,441.72) dollars and seventy two cents, be approved by the Council of the Rural
           Municipality of Strathcona.

131/2011   MCEACHERN / CLINE
           THAT a request be forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation,
           that the size of the existing culverts running under Highway No. 253 at Pleasant Valley,
           be increased to better accommodate the outflow from the Pelican Lake outflow structure
           and so prevent water back-ups and pooling issues currently affecting Municipal

           Reeve Schram reported on current matters concerning the municipality.

           Councillor McEachern reported on the following meetings recently attended:
           Pelican Lake Fish Enhancement Committee, Southwest Regional Development
           Committee and Prairie Lakes Recreation District.

           Council reviewed correspondence from

                 AMM
                 Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation (2)
                 Minister of Local Government
                 Tourism Westman

132/2011   WILTON / CLINE
           THAT the accounts, in the amount of $204,644.52, being cheque No. 20110244 to cheque
           No. 20110357 be approved.
133/2011   MYERS / WILTON
           THAT this meeting be adjourned.


                                             Chief Administrative Officer.

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