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                      Blandy Field Lab
                 Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure

                Request for Proposals # 11-105

                     Competitive Negotiation

 Field Lab Project Code: 207-B1160-000, Work Order #: 1095448; PIMS #: P02668
        Peetwood Project Code: N/A, Work Order # 111275, PIMS #: P02696

                                 July 1, 2011
                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

      A.1 Project Description…………………………………………………………………                   3
      A.2 Project Schedule…………………………………………………………….……...                  4
      A.3 Other Requirements………………………………………………………………..                   4

      B.1   RFP Response………………………………………………………………………                      5
      B.2   Proposal Preparation……………………………………………………………….                6
      B.3   Specific Proposal Requirements……………………………………………………           6
      B.4   Optional Pre-Proposal Conference…………………………………………………          7
      B.5   Oral Presentation……………………………………………………………………                  7
      B.6   Communications……………………………………………………………………                     7
      B.7   University’s Point of Contact……………………………………………………....        8
      B.8   Notices……………………………………………………………………………...                      8
      B.9   Withdrawal of Proposal………………………………………….…………………               9

      C.1   General…………………………………………………………………………..…                      10
      C.2   Evaluation of Proposals…………………………………………………………....           10
      C.3   Award of Contract…………………………………………………………………                  11
      C.4   Firm as Contractor – Award of Contract.………………………………………….    11
      C.5   Notice of Award……………………………………………………………………                   11

      D.1   Technical Proposal Format…………………………………………………………             12
      D.2   Reference Contact Authorization Form…………………………………………….      15
      D.3   Price Proposal Form ………………………………………………………….…….              16
      D.4   Referenced / Linked Documents …………………………………………..……          19
            HECO-9, Contract Between University & Contractor
            HECO-7, General Conditions of the Construction Contract
            DGS-30-360, SWaM Business Enterprise Utilization
              Construction Documents (100% Drawings & Specifications)
      D.5   Blandy Field Lab Drawing List ….…………………………………………………         20
            Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure Drawing List…………………………………       21

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                          SECTION A - STATEMENT OF NEEDS


      Project Name:          University of Virginia
                             Blandy Field Lab and
                             Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure
                             Charlottesville, Virginia
                             Project Code: 207-B1160-000 (Field Lab)
                                               N/A         (Peetwood)

      Owner:                 The Commonwealth of Virginia and The Rector and Visitors of the
                             University of Virginia (University)

      A/E:                   Train and Partners Architects, Charlottesville, VA

      Location of Project:   Blandy Experimental Farm
                             400 Farm Lane
                             Boyce, VA


      The University seeks to retain a General Contractor to join our team to provide
      construction services for the University in accordance with the provisions of the
      University of Virginia Higher Education Capital Outlay Manual. The project construction
      documents will be 100% complete and the contract will be awarded on a Competitive
      Negotiation Contractor - Fixed Price basis.

      Blandy Experimental Farm has served as a biological and environmental sciences field
      station since 1927, with the mission to increase understanding of the natural world
      through research and education. Its 700 acres of fields, forest, and wetlands in rural
      Clarke County support the research of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty
      from the University of Virginia and other institutions. Blandy also hosts the State
      Arboretum of Virginia, a 170-acre collection of nearly 8,000 trees and shrubs that serve
      as the flagship of a robust environmental education outreach program. Blandy seeks a
      single contractor to construct a new facility and improve an existing facility in support of
      its educational mission at the Blandy Experimental Farm in Boyce, Virginia.

      Scope of Project:

      A new laboratory building will provide student and faculty researchers with modern
      facilities, enabling them to continue the program’s growth and prominence in the field.
      The Laboratory Building is the first step in creating a research precinct as part of the
      Blandy Master Plan. Part of the plan’s mission is to increase the prominence of the
      University’s research role by developing a research area, which will be to the east of the
      main entry road to the Arboretum.

      The Field Lab is a single story 4,258 gsf structure divided into two individual labs, a
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      large open shared lab, a fume hood room, two environmentally controlled rooms,
      processing space, and a conference room. The University would like the Field Lab
      completed in time for the summer 2012 research season. Adjacent facilities such as the
      temporary research lab housed in a nearby trailer, a maintenance barn, and an education
      building, will remain open through construction.

      Peetwood Pavilion is used as outdoor educational space for K-12 programs and
      occasionally for evening programs for adult education. Use of the space has been limited
      by gusting winds, rain, and cold. The siting of Peetwood Pavilion was chosen for its
      exceptional views of the arboretum to the west; its connectivity to the community garden
      and to the loop road is key. The Peetwood Pavilion project will enclose the pavilion to
      improve the use of the building and lengthen the season of use. The enclosure will consist
      primarily of the addition of aluminum frame garage doors in-filled with tempered glass.
      The Peetwood Pavilion is booked for use through mid-November, and the enclosure
      project work is to be performed between mid-November, 2011 and mid-March, 2012.

      The Drawings and Specifications take precedence over any discrepancies within this section A.1.


         Issue RFP                                                          7/1/2011
         Pre-Proposal Conference                                           7/13/2011
         RFI Submission Deadline                                           7/19/2011
         Proposals due to the University by COB                             8/1/2011
         Oral Presentations and Interviews                                  8/4/2011
         Notification of Intent to Award                                   8/11/2011
         Construction Start Date                                            9/1/2011

      Note: Close of Business (COB) is nominally 5:00 PM


      The University issues this RFP as part of the competitive negotiation procurement process
      as established by Section VII of the Exhibit “M” Management Agreement between the
      Commonwealth and the University “Policy Governing Capital Projects”, and the
      “University Procurement Rules” as contained in Section 4. and 7., Attachment 1, Rules
      Governing Procurement of Goods, Services, Insurance, and Construction. The UVA
      Higher Education Capital Outlay Manual (HECOM) sets forth the detailed policies and
      procedures to be followed by the University and Contractor in fulfilling their

      eVA Business-to-Government Vendor Registration. The eVA Internet electronic
      procurement solution, web site portal www.eVA.virginia.gov, streamlines and automates
      government purchasing activities in the Commonwealth. The eVA portal is the gateway
      for vendors to conduct business with state agencies and public bodies. All vendors
      desiring to provide goods and/or services to the Commonwealth shall participate in the
      eVA Internet e-procurement solution either through the eVA Basic Vendor Registration

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       Service or eVA Premium Vendor Registration Service. All Firms must register in eVA;
       failure to register will result in the bid/proposal being rejected.

       a. eVA Basic Vendor Registration Service: $25 Annual Registration Fee plus the
          appropriate order Transaction Fee specified below. eVA Basic Vendor Registration
          Service includes electronic order receipt, vendor catalog posting, on-line registration,
          electronic bidding, and the ability to research historical procurement data available in
          the eVA purchase transaction data warehouse.

       b. eVA Premium Vendor Registration Service: $25 Annual Registration Fee plus the
          appropriate order Transaction Fee specified below.             eVA Premium Vendor
          Registration Service includes all benefits of the eVA Basic Vendor Registration
          Service plus automatic email or fax notification of solicitations and amendments.

       eVA Business-to-Government Contracts and Orders. This contract may result in
       multiple purchase orders (i.e., one for each delivery requirement) with an eVA Vendor
       Transaction Fee assessed for each order as follows. DMBE-certified Small Businesses:
       1%, Capped at $500 per order. Businesses that are not DMBE-certified Small
       Businesses: 1%, Capped at $1,500 per order.



       To be considered for selection, Firms must submit a signed Technical Proposal and Price
       Proposal to Facilities Planning and Construction, Office of Contract Administration. The
       Technical Proposal (one (1) original and twelve (12) copies) and Price Proposal (one (1) original)
       shall be prepared as two separate packages, placed in separate sealed envelopes/packages
       identified and appropriately marked as "Technical Proposal" and "Price Proposal", and then both
       placed in one sealed submission envelope/package. The proposals must be returned by the
       date and time noted in A.2 Project Schedule and identified as follows:

Blandy Field Lab & Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure
RFP # 11-105

       From: Firm’s Name
             Virginia Contractor’s Registration Number and Date of Registration

       To:     George Cullen, VCCO, CPCM, VCO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPSM
               University of Virginia, Facilities Management
               FP&C, Office of Contract Administration
               1000 Ednam Center, Suite 100
               Charlottesville, VA 22903 (Overnight)
               P.O. Box 400892
               Charlottesville, VA 22904-4892 (U.S. Mail)

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      Proposals may be hand delivered to the above address by the date and time noted. The Firm
      should not place any other correspondence or other proposals in the envelope or package. The
      Firm shall make no other distribution of the proposal. The University will not accept telephonic,
      emailed, or faxed proposals.


      B.2.1 Firm Representative
      An authorized representative of the Firm shall sign the proposals.

      B.2.2 Completeness and Clarity
      Firms should prepare proposals simply, providing a straightforward, concise description of
      capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Firms should place emphasis on completeness
      and clarity of content so that the University may properly evaluate the Firm's ability to provide
      the required services. Firms should answer in full, without exception, all requests for items of
      information and questions. If copies of other documents will answer the question completely, the
      Firm may attach and clearly label the documents as to which question or item they apply. Failure
      to submit all information requested may result in the University requiring prompt submission of
      missing information and/or giving a lowered evaluation of the proposal. The University may
      reject proposals that are substantially incomplete or that lack key information.

      B.2.3 Proposal Organization -- Reference this RFP
      The Firm should number all pages of the Technical and Price proposals separately. The proposals
      should reference the corresponding section letter and paragraph number of this RFP where
      applicable. It is also helpful to repeat the text of the requirement as it appears in this RFP. If a
      response covers more than one page of this RFP, the Firm should repeat at the top of the next
      page the section letter and paragraph number. The proposal should contain a table of contents that
      cross-references these RFP requirements. Other information that may assist the University in
      evaluating the Firm’s proposal, which does not fall within any of the requirements of this RFP,
      should be inserted at an appropriate place or be attached at the end of the proposal and designated
      as additional material. Proposals that the Firm does not organize in this manner risk elimination
      from consideration or lowered evaluations, if the evaluators are unable to determine where the
      proposal specifically addresses the requirements.

      B.2.4 Single Volumes
      Where possible all materials submitted should be fully recyclable. The Technical Proposal
      should be collated on standard letter-sized paper and preferably clipped together without binding
      into a single volume. These single volumes should contain all documentation that the firm
      submits with the proposal. To conserve paper, double sided printing is strongly encouraged. The
      Price Proposal should be submitted in a separate envelope.

      B.2.5 Ownership of Information
      All data, materials, and documentation originated and prepared for the University pursuant to this
      RFP shall belong exclusively to the University.


      The University requires that the following items must be included to constitute a complete

      B.3.1   Technical Proposal

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      The Selection Committee will be looking for the proposal that presents the best plan to achieve a
      successful project. The information requested in the Technical Proposal Format represents the
      services, experience, and capabilities considered to be most important to manage and administer
      the Blandy Field Lab & Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure Projects. The University provides this
      format for the Firm to accurately respond to the technical evaluation factors listed in Section C -
      Evaluation and Award Criteria. The contents shall consist of:

             Completed and signed Technical Proposal, Attachment D.1.
             Completed and signed Reference Contact Authorization Form, Attachment D.2.

      B.3.2 Price Proposal
      The contents shall consist of:

             Completed and signed Price Proposal Form, Attachment D.3.
             A Bid Bond in the amount of 5% of the sealed Price Proposal on amounts of $1,000,000
              or more.
             A proposal that includes State sales tax in the base price. The Blandy Field Lab &
              Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure Projects are not exempt from State sales tax.


      The University will hold an optional pre-proposal conference and site visit at 11:00 A.M. local
      prevailing time on the date shown in section A.2 Project Schedule at the Parkfield Learning
      Center at Blandy Farm. The purpose of this conference is to allow potential Firms an opportunity
      to present questions and obtain clarification of any facet of this RFP. Technical and contracting
      personnel will be available to discuss the scope of services and respond to questions. To facilitate
      responses and to expedite the conference, the University requests interested firms to submit
      questions to the University’s Project Manager in writing to arrive no later than 4:00 P.M. two
      business days prior to the conference. Submission by email to ksm2g@virginia.edu is
      encouraged. Questions relating to this RFP should specify the section and paragraph number.

      While attendance at this conference will not be a prerequisite to submitting a proposal, the
      University strongly encourages Firms who intend to submit a proposal to attend. The University
      will issue any changes, clarifications, and answers to questions resulting from this conference in a
      written amendment to this RFP and provide them to all Firms who have been short-listed for


      The University may require Firms who submit a proposal in response to this RFP to give an oral
      presentation. This provides an opportunity for the Firm to clarify or elaborate on the proposal.
      This is primarily a fact-finding and explanation session. The University has scheduled these
      presentations on or around the date shown in section A.2 Project Schedule. The specific times
      and location will be announced later.


      B.6.1 Informal Communications
      Informal communications regarding this procurement shall cease from the date of issuance of this
      RFP until a binding contractual agreement exists with the selected Firm and the University has so
      notified all other Firms or when the University rejects all proposals. Informal communications
      shall include but not be limited to:

                                            Page 7 of 21
             Requests from the Firms to any department(s) at the University, with the exception of
              Facilities Management, for information, comments, etc.

      B.6.2 Formal Communications
      From the date of issuance of this RFP until a binding contractual agreement exists with the
      selected Firm and the University has so notified all other Firms, or when the University rejects all
      proposals, all communications between the University and the Firms will be formal, or as
      provided for in this RFP, or as requested by Facilities Management. Formal communications shall
      include but not be limited to:

             Requests for information or clarifications directed to University’s Project Manager
             Oral presentations
             Site visits
             Notification under B.8

      B.6.3 Any failure by an Firm to adhere to the provisions set forth in B.6.1 and B.6.2 above will
      result in the rejection of that Firm’s proposal.


      Resolution of discrepancies and ambiguities: All questions about the meaning or intent of the
      RFP documents shall be submitted to the University’s representative in writing. Address written
      inquiries to:

              Kate Meyer
              University of Virginia, Facilities Planning & Construction
              575 Alderman Road
              Charlottesville, VA 22904
              Phone: (434) 982-5748
              Fax: (434) 982-4628
              Email: ksm2g@virginia.edu


      The University and Contractor shall deem all written notices executed when hand delivered, when
      deposited with sufficient payment as overnight mail, or when faxed, and addressed to the other
      party as follows:

         If to the University: Donald E. Sundgren, CFO, University of Virginia Facilities
          Management, 575 Alderman Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903.
          U. S. Mail address is P.O. Box 400726, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4726.

         If to the Contractor: The person signing the Firm's proposal in response to the University's
          RFP, at the Firm's address indicated in its proposal, or to the Contractor’s designated
          representative at the Project site.

      Either party may designate in writing, a change in person or address for receipt of written notices
      within this State, subject to the other party's approval of the change.

                                            Page 8 of 21

      Since the provisions of Section 2.2-4330 of the Code of Virginia provide only for the withdrawal
      of bids during the competitive sealed bid process and since the Code of Virginia makes no
      provision for withdrawal of proposals during the competitive negotiation process, the following
      procedures are established for the withdrawal of a proposal during the competitive negotiation
      process due to errors in the Cost Proposal:

      B.9.1 A Firm may withdraw the entire proposal from consideration if a mistake was made, in
      the Firm’s good faith, and the mistake was a clerical mistake as opposed to a judgment mistake,
      and was actually due to an unintentional arithmetic error or an unintentional omission of a
      quantity of the work, labor or material, made directly in the compilation of the Cost Proposal. The
      mistake must be clearly shown by inspection of the original work papers, documents and
      materials actually used in the preparation of the proposal for which withdrawal is being sought.
      The Firm shall submit the original work papers, documents, and materials used in the preparation
      of the Price Proposal within 24 hours after the date and time fixed for the submission of
      proposals. The work papers shall be delivered by the Firm in person or by registered mail to the
      address used for the RFP response.

      B.9.2 The Firm shall have 24 hours from the time established for submission of proposals to
      provide, in writing, any claim of a mistake as defined herein and withdraw his entire proposal,
      both Price and Technical. Such mistake shall be proven only from the original work papers, docu-
      ments and materials delivered as required herein.

      B.9.3 No proposal may be withdrawn under this section when the result would be the awarding
      of the Contract to the same Firm for another proposal from the same Team or to any other Team
      in which the Firm claiming error is also a participant or in which the Firm claiming error has
      more than a 5% financial interest.

      B.9.4 No Firm or member of the offering team which has been permitted to withdraw a
      proposal shall for compensation, supply any material, labor or design services to, or perform any
      subcontract or other work agreement for the person or Firm to whom the Contract is awarded or
      otherwise benefit, directly or indirectly, from the performance of the project for which the
      withdrawn proposal was submitted.

      B.9.5 If the Committee denies the withdrawal of a proposal under the provisions of this section,
      it shall notify the Firm, in writing, stating the reasons for the Committee’s decision.

                                            Page 9 of 21


      Upon receipt of the Chief Facilities Officer’s approval the University will make award to the
      responsible Firm(s) whose proposal conforms to this RFP and is most advantageous to the
      University, based on the Technical and Price Proposal criteria listed below. The University will
      notify applicants of the results of the Firm selection process as it progresses and when the
      University intends to award the Contract.


      The University will evaluate proposals and select a Firm(s) whose proposal, conforming to the RFP,
      will be most advantageous to the University, cost or price and other factors considered. All Firms
      will be evaluated equally on the basis of the following evaluation factors:

      C.2.1   Evaluation of the Technical Proposal
              The Technical evaluation shall consist of the following evaluation factors:
                    - Firms’ Past Performance and Experience                                30%
                    - Key Personnel Experience and Qualifications                           30%
                    - Management Capability/Project Plan                                    25%
                    - SWaM Participation                                                    10%
                    - Value Management                                                       5%

              The highest technical proposal will be assigned a score of 50. Other scores will be
              arrived at by the following formula:
                        Score of proposal being evaluated       x 50 = Technical Score
                        Highest technical score evaluated

              The University may request the Firm to clarify portions of its Technical Proposal during
              the evaluation process.

              Rejection of Proposals: The University can reject a proposal as "technically
              unacceptable" without considering price.

      C.2.2   Evaluation of Price Proposal
              The price factor evaluation will be based on the Total Base Price including all sub-parts
              as submitted on the original Price Proposal Form received from the firm at the legally
              advertised and appointed date and time.

              The lowest Total Base Price proposal will be assigned a score of 50. Other scores will be
              arrived at by the following formula:
                        Lowest total base price proposal amount          x 50 = Price Score
                        Total base price of proposal being evaluated

      C.2.3   Total Score
              To determine the successful Firm, the total of the technical and cost scores will be added
              to arrive at a total score for each proposal. The technical and cost scores will each be
              weighed as 50% of the total score. As proposals become equal in technical merit, the
              evaluated Price becomes more important.

                                            Page 10 of 21

      The University will select one or more Firms that it deems to be fully qualified and best suited
      among those submitting proposals based on the evaluation criteria included in this RFP, including
      price. The University may then conduct negotiations with the Firm(s) so selected. The University
      shall consider price, but it need not be the sole determining factor in the award. After the
      University conducts negotiations with each Firm so selected, the University shall select the
      Firm(s) that, in its opinion, has made the best proposal, and shall issue a Notice(s) of Intent to
      Award. The University may cancel this RFP or reject proposals at any time before the award, and
      is not required to furnish a statement of the reason the University did not deem a particular
      proposal the most advantageous (Section 2.2-4354D, Code of Virginia). Should the University
      determine in writing and in its sole discretion that only one Firm is fully qualified, or that one
      Firm is clearly more highly qualified than the others under consideration, the University may
      negotiate a contract or award a contract without further negotiation and, with the consent of the
      Chief Facilities Officer (CFO), award it to that Firm. The award document will be the Contract in
      the form set out in Attachment D.4. incorporating by reference all the requirements, terms, and
      conditions of this RFP and the Firm's proposal as negotiated.

      The University intends to select a Firm(s) on the basis of proposals received in response to this
      Request for Proposal and any other information it obtains from other sources regarding the Firm.


      The award will be for a Firm as Contractor that provides a fixed price to complete all the work.
      The HECO-9 Form of contract will be used which references Form HECO-7, General Conditions
      of the Construction Contract.


      Public Notice of Award or announcement of the decision to award will be posted on the public
      and information board in the hallway inside the entrance to the University of Virginia, Facilities
      Management, Office of Contract Administration, 1000 Ednam Center, Suite 100, Charlottesville,

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                                  SECTION D -- ATTACHMENTS

                                    ATTACHMENT D.1
                               TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FORMAT


This part of the proposal is to be presented separately from the Price Proposal per the instructions in this

When attaching other documents add a reference number on the front page to indicate clearly the specific
item it is in reference to.

The University shall be entitled to contact every reference listed and each entity referenced in any
response to any question in this proposal. The Firm, by submitting this proposal, including the
"Reference Contact Authorization Form", expressly agrees that any information concerning the Firm in
possession of said entities and references, or any other entity, will be made available to the University if
requested. Note: The University may use other sources to verify past performance.

The Firm shall provide only accurate and complete information. The Firm hereby warrants that responses
contained herein are true, accurate, and complete. The Firm acknowledges that the University is relying
on the truth and accuracy of the responses. If it is later discovered that any material information given in
this proposal was false, it shall constitute grounds for immediate termination or rescission by the
University of any subsequent Contract between the University and the Firm.

This proposal, its completion by the Firm, and its use by the University shall not give rise to any liability
on the part of the University to the Firm or any third party or person.



        1.      Firm’s legal name.
        2.      Current address, telephone, and fax number.
        3.      Principal Office telephone and fax number if different from above.
        4.      Name, title, telephone and fax number, and email address of the Firm's authorized point
                of contact concerning this proposal.
        5.      Current President, Chief Executive Officer, or Managing Partner's address and phone
                number (if different from above) and length of time in current position.
        6.      Virginia Contractor’s Registration Number and Date of Registration.


Provide project specific information on a minimum of three projects handled in last 5 years of similar
size, complexity, and environment as this Project. Provide the following information:

        1.      Project name and location/address.
        2.      Size of project (square footage, stories, and/or other similar information).
        3.      Date complete.

                                              Page 12 of 21
        4.       A narrative which describes the project, it’s similarity to this Project and any key
                 personnel who are being proposed for this project in a similar role.
        5.       Any unique accomplishments and/or performance ratings or letters of commendation
                 from the Owner.
        6.       Owner’s contact (name, title, address and phone number).


The quality of the proposed personnel will be a major factor in awarding the Contract. It is critical that
the proposed personnel be of the highest caliber and have experience as similar to this type of work as
possible. Evidence that the proposed personnel have previously worked together as a team should be
submitted, if applicable. The importance of your proposed staff cannot be over-emphasized and with that
in mind please provide the following information on each of the key proposed personnel, Trade Partners,
and Consultants.

Provide a resume for each of the key personnel on this project that includes:

        1.   Name, title, proposed position.
        2.   Education -- Institution(s) attended, year of graduation, specialty/degree earned.
        3.   Licenses -- list current licenses by type and state.
        4.   Experience on similar projects.

Note: Key Personnel are considered to be: Project Manager, Superintendent, and the designated
representative having contractual authority to make day-to-day business decisions on behalf of the
Contractor if this individual is different from the Project Manager.


This section deals with the overall management strategy and proposed plan for this Project. The
University is interested in the Firm’s understanding of the project and its requirements, ability to meet the
project schedule, and ability/experience working in occupied facilities.

The Firm should present a management plan that includes but is not limited to:

        1. Demonstration of its understanding of the project requirements (i.e. services to be rendered).
        2. Ability and plan to meet the project schedule.
        3. Ability/experience working in an occupied facility. (Provide information on use of the site,
           access, staging/materials storage, coordination with existing operations and how you plan to
           minimize disruptions, control dust, security, refuse, etc.)
        4. A list of proposed Consultants and Trade Partners your organization will employ to carry
           out its functions as Contractor.

                                               Page 13 of 21

The firm is obligated to respond to this RFP’s terms and conditions without deviation in its base proposal.
In this section the firm may also submit any issues or items, and their associated value that it wants the
University to consider. These Value Management suggestions may apply to any aspect of the project,
including items of work, general requirements, and other terms and conditions.

As firms review the proposed project and begin preparing Technical and Price Proposals, any Value
Management ideas that are generated by this process are to be recorded, estimated (order of magnitude
value), and presented in the Technical Proposal and discussed in the oral presentation. Value Management
suggestions will be scored as part of the Technical Proposal. The firm shall explain the total work effort
(materials, man-hours etc.) for each Value Management item.


It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University of Virginia to contribute to the
establishment, preservation, and strengthening of minority-owned businesses (as defined by the Code of
Virginia, Section 2.2-4310), small businesses, and women-owned businesses, and to encourage their
participation in State procurement activities. Towards that end, the Commonwealth and the University
encourage contractors to provide for the participation of minority-owned businesses, small businesses,
and businesses owned by women through partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts, and other contractual

The University has a Small, Woman-owned, and Minority-owned (SWaM) firm overall participation
aspirational goal of 40% for procurement opportunities. Where it is practicable for any portion of the
awarded contracts to be subcontracted to other firms, the University encourages the use of SWaM firms.
Names of SWaM firms currently registered with and certified by the Virginia Department of Minority
Business Enterprises (DMBE) and desiring to work at the University may be obtained from Lorie Strother
(ljs8n@virginia.edu) in the Department of Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.

Describe your SWaM business participation plan for this project and submit additional SWaM
participation information as required to complete Attachment D.4, the Form DGS 30-360.

If the total amount of a contract with the University exceeds $100,000, the Contractor shall complete and
submit quarterly reports on forms provided by the Department of Procurement and Supplier Diversity
Services to document subcontractor and supplier expenditures to SWaM firms in connection with the

                                             Page 14 of 21
                                    ATTACHMENT D.2
                         (to be copied onto your business letterhead)

The undersigned hereby authorizes the University of Virginia to obtain, and the recipient of this form to
release, any information regarding our firm in relation to business and services we conducted with your

Dated at ______________________________ this _______ day of ______________ 2011

By:     __________________________________________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________________________

State of _________________

County/City of __________________

____________________________ being duly sworn deposes and says that this signature is authorization
for the above statement.

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                                       ATTACHMENT D.3
                                    PRICE PROPOSAL FORM
                                     One Copy in Separate Envelope

Date:           ______________

Project:        University of Virginia
                Blandy Field Lab & Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure
                Charlottesville, Virginia
                Project Code: 207-B1160-000 (Field Lab); N/A (Peetwood)

To:             George Cullen, VCCO, CPCM, VCO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPSM
                University of Virginia, Facilities Management
                FP&C, Office of Contract Administration
                1000 Ednam Center, Suite 100, Charlottesville, VA 22903
                P.O. Box 400892, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4892

From:           _______________________________

In compliance with and subject to your Request for Proposals and the documents therein specified, all of
which are incorporated herein by reference, the undersigned proposes to furnish all labor, equipment, and
materials, and perform all work necessary for construction of this project, in accordance with the Request
for Proposals # 11-105 for the consideration of the following amount:


Furnish all labor, material, equipment, supervision, insurance, taxes and bonds for work associated with
the Projects as indicated in this RFP. Amounts where indicated shall be shown in both words and figures.
In case of discrepancy, the amount shown in words will govern.

Part 1: Blandy Field Lab
TOTAL PRICE = ____________________________________________________________________

_______________________________ DOLLARS ($ ________________________________________).

Part 2: Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure
TOTAL PRICE = ____________________________________________________________________

_______________________________ DOLLARS ($ ____________________________________).

Total Parts 1 + 2 = TOTAL BASIC SERVICES PRICE_____________________________________

________________________________DOLLARS ($________________________________________).

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PROPOSAL GUARANTEE: Attached hereto is a proposal guarantee in the form of a ______________
in the amount of 5% (five percent) of the Total Base Price (Proposal Guarantee is required for Base Price
amounts of $1,000,000 or more.)

If notice of acceptance of this proposal is given to the undersigned within 90 days after the date of
opening of proposals, or any time thereafter before this proposal is withdrawn, the undersigned will
execute and deliver a contract in the prescribed form within 10 days after the contract has been presented
to him for signature. The required Payment and Performance Bonds shall be delivered to the University
along with the signed Contract for Base Price amounts of $1,000,000 or more.

IMMIGRATION REFORM AND CONTROL ACT OF 1986: The undersigned certifies that it does not
and will not during the performance of this Contract violate the provisions of the Federal Immigration
Reform and Control Act of 1986, which prohibits employment of illegal aliens.

DISQUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS: By signing this proposal, the undersigned certifies that
this firm/entity is not currently barred from bidding/proposing on contracts by any Agency of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, that this firm/entity is not a part of any firm or entity that is currently barred
from bidding/proposing on contracts by any Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, that the name
given below is the true and complete name of the firm/entity, and that the firm/entity is registered or
licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth of
Virginia and perform all work included in the scope of this RFP. In addition, the undersigned certifies that
the firm/entity for which they are signing has thoroughly reviewed all aspects of this RFP, and that all
information, data, and representations made by the undersigned and the firm/entity for whom they sign
are true, complete, and accurate, and that the entity for which they sign will, upon award of the contract,
execute and complete a contract with the University on the terms set forth herein, unless changed and
agreed to in writing by the University.

We have attached an explanation of any previous disbarment(s) and copies of notice(s) of

Either the undersigned or one of the following individuals, if any, is authorized to modify this proposal
prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals by writing the modification and signing their name on the
face of the proposal, on the envelope in which it is enclosed, on a separate document, or on a document
which is faxed to the University or by sending the University an email message:

Firm acknowledges receipt of the following Amendments (list):

The Total Basic Services Price will be used to score the Price portion of the proposal. The contract
award amount will be based on the Total Basic Services Price, any selected Additive Items, plus or minus
any negotiated Value Management items, as agreed upon by the University and the Contractor.

The Firm has relied upon the following public historical climatological records:
    Virginia State Climatological Office in Charlottesville, VA for Boyce, VA

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The undersigned understands that time is of the essence and agrees that the time for Substantial
Completion and Final Completion of the Projects shall be on or before these dates:

            Substantial Completion                                      5/30/2012 (Field Lab)
                                                                        3/15/2012 (Peetwood)
            Final Completion                                            6/30/2012 (Field Lab)
                                                                        4/15/2012 (Peetwood)

The Undersigned Firm is registered as a contractor under Title 54.1, Code of Virginia 1950, as amended,
and furnishes the following data:

Name of Firm: ______________________________________________

By: __________________________________            ________________________________
                 (typed name)                                 (signature)

Title: _________________________________ Telephone Number: ____________________

                                                   FAX Number: ________________________

For Partnership (Names of Partners): _______________________________________________ _

For Corporation (List State of Incorporation and date authorized to transact business in Virginia):

Contractor No: _________________________             FEIN: ____________________________

                                          (Affix Corporate Seal)

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                                   ATTACHMENT D.4
                            REFERENCED / LINKED DOCUMENTS

                                   HECO-9, Construction Contract

                                       Available at the site below,



                     HECO-7, General Conditions of the Construction Contract

                                       Available at the site below,

                   HECO-7 - General Conditions of the Construction Contract

                   Supplemental General Conditions – CM Construction Utilities

                                       Available at the site below,

                  Supplemental General Conditions - CM Construction Utilities


       Small, Women-Owned & Minority-Owned (SWaM) Business Enterprise Utilization

                                      Available at the site below,


               CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS (100% Drawings & Specifications)

Plans and Specifications may be reviewed at the University’s on-line plan room; go to
http://www.fm.virginia.edu/BuildUVA for directions to access the plan room. There is NO CHARGE to
visit the University’s on-line plan room.

The Construction Documents (100% Plans & Specifications) are available for purchase from T&N
Printing, 205 12th Street N.E., Charlottesville, VA 22902. Plans can be delivered to local Charlottesville
firms or sent via FedEx Ground that customarily delivers the next day (Monday – Friday) in Virginia. The
cost of printing and shipping is the Firm’s responsibility. Contact T&N Printing at 434-971-8976, fax
434-971-8552 or t-n@cstone.net for information.

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                                  ATTACHMENT D.5
                           Blandy Field Lab - List of Drawings

100% Construction Documents Drawing List

      Drawing #     Description                                      Date Issued

                    Cover Sheet                                      2/28/2011
      T1.01         Project Information                              2/28/2011
      C1            Civil Title Sheet and Notes                      2/28/2011
      C2            Civil Details                                    2/28/2011
      C3            Civil Existing Conditions and Site Plan          2/28/2011
      C4            Civil Grading and Utilities Plans                2/28/2011
      C5            Erosion and Sediment Details                     2/28/2011
      C6            Erosion and Sediment Plans                       2/28/2011
      C7            Erosion and Sediment Narrative                   2/28/2011
      C8            Septic Details                                   2/28/2011
      C9            Septic Plan                                      2/28/2011
      C10           Code Conformance                                 2/28/2011
      A1.00         Site Plan                                        2/28/2011
      A1.01         First Floor Plan                                 2/28/2011
      A1.02         First Floor Layout Plan                          2/28/2011
      A1.03         Lab Casement Plan                                2/28/2011
      A1.04         Roof Plan and Details                            2/28/2011
      A2.01         Exterior Elevations                              2/28/2011
      A2.02         Exterior Elevations                              2/28/2011
      A3.01         Building Sections                                2/28/2011
      A4.01         Interior Elevations                              2/28/2011
      A4.02         Interior Elevations                              2/28/2011
      A5.01         Door and Window Elevations                       2/28/2011
      A5.02         Window Details                                   2/28/2011
      A5.03         Door Details                                     2/28/2011
      A7.01         RCP                                              2/28/2011
      A8.01         Wall Sections                                    2/28/2011
      A8.02         Wall Sections                                    2/28/2011
      S1.01         Foundation Plan and Notes                        2/28/2011
      S2.01         Framing Plan and Notes                           2/28/2011
      S3.01         Foundation Sections, Details, and Notes          2/28/2011
      S4.01         Framing Sections, Details, and Notes             2/28/2011
      S4.02         Roof Truss Diagrams and Notes                    2/28/2011
      P0.0          Plumbing Legend, Schedules, and Details          2/28/2011
      P1.1          Plumbing Floor Plan (Water and Compressed Air)   2/28/2011
      P2.1          Floor Plan (Waste and Vent)                      2/28/2011
      M0.0          Mechanical Legend, Schedule, and Details         2/28/2011
      M0.1          Mechanical Details                               2/28/2011
      M0.2          Mechanical Airflow Schematic                     2/28/2011
      M1.1          Mechanical Floor Plan                            2/28/2011
      M3.1          Mechanical Controls                              2/28/2011
      E0.0          Electric Legend and Riser                        2/28/2011
      E0.1          Electric Panel and Schedules                     2/28/2011
      E1.1          Lighting Floor Plan                              2/28/2011
      E2.1          Power/Aux Floor Plan                             2/28/2011

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                                   Peetwood Pavilion Enclosure
                                        List of Drawings

100% Construction Documents Drawing List

        Drawing #       Description                                                     Date Issued

        T1.00           Cover Sheet                                                     2/28/2011
        T1.01           Project Information                                             2/28/2011
        CC1.01          Code Compliance Plan                                            2/28/2011
        D1.01           Demolition Drawings                                             2/28/2011
        D1.02           Demolition Elevation Drawings                                   2/28/2011
        A1.01           Plans                                                           2/28/2011
        A1.02           Site/Entry Plan                                                 2/28/2011
        A2.01           Elevations                                                      2/28/2011
        A2.02           Elevations                                                      2/28/2011
        A2.03           Elevation Detail and Window and Door Schedule                   2/28/2011
        A3.01           Building Section                                                2/28/2011
        A3.02           Building Section and Finishes Schedule                          2/28/2011
        A5.01           Wall Section                                                    2/28/2011
        A5.02           Wall Section                                                    2/28/2011
        A5.03           Wall Section                                                    2/28/2011
        A5.04           Wall Section                                                    2/28/2011
        A5.01           Plan Details                                                    2/28/2011
        S0.01           Structural General Notes                                        2/28/2011
        S1.01           Structural Framing Plan, Details, and Notes                     2/28/2011
        E1.01           Electrical Plan and Lighting Schedule                           2/28/2011

The documents contained in this RFP can be found at the web link below for the duration of the RFP and
selection process.


These documents are the property of the University and shall only be used for the preparation of the RFP

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