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									                                   I was given t he opport unit y
                                    t o act ively part icipat e in a
                                     bid in Memphis, TN. I was
                                   part of a t eam whose job it
                                    was t o find a drywall con-
                                     t ract or, paint cont ract or,
                                      and flooring cont ract or.
                                   This was definit ely a learn-
                                    ing experience. I was given
                                       t he opport unit y t o see
                                    first hand how est imat ing
                                    is done and how each divi-
                                      sion comes t oget her t o
                                     come up w h a final est i-
                                              mat ed bid.

BSCI - Patten-Beers Constructors in Nashville, TN
  The work experience added
tremendously to my knowledge
  of design layout, readability
   vs. legibility, the printing
process, and the ever-expanding
world of digital production and
      its transfer into actual
         printed material.

    Engineering Media
    Services at Auburn
 I have learned so much more than I
had imagined I would and I’m getting
paid to do it. The staff is great and my
responsibilities are growing with each
   quarter. I am gaining real-world
 experience I can apply after college.

                    U.S. Army
                 Corps of Engineers
Improve your


I have been            I was able to sharpen my    I believe that this experience is
truly happy              Microsoft Excel skills   definitely providing me with the
with my co-op             this term. I gained     best knowledge and abilities for
experience.                 valuable project      any future I might wish to have
                        management skills and           with a business degree.
I feel that this              experience.
quarter has been
                                                                         I gained a lot
a wonderful
                                                                         of skills that
                                                                         will be
experience. You
                                                                         beneficial to
see firsthand how
                                                                         my future
life is in the “real

                                                              This experience has
    The entire term was a learning experience.                  taught me a lot.

             MNGT, FINC, AVMT, AERO, MECH and INSY
                   Delta-AirLines in Atlanta, GA
                            Overall, my co-op
                             experience has
                              been great -
                           I would recommend
                               it to anyone.

CHEN - UOP in Mobile, AL
  I worked side by side with
a project manager handling
        issues such as:
    submittals, contracts,
        change orders,
       purchase orders,
        close-outs, etc.

                Stewart & Perry Construction Co. in
                         Birmingham, AL
Co-op Graduates’
Starting Salary is

       My experience was
  enlightening and challenging.
  I enjoyed every moment of it
 and will cherish the experience
for the rest of my life. I not only
was able to see the administration
    side of my career but also
         the technical side
              as well.

         Southwire in
         Carrollton, GA
                                  I coordinated the
                              installation of two new
                                    systems to our
                               network. I researched
                             alternative backup power
                              supply technologies. I
                                 updated all of our
                             network synchronization

ELEC - ITC^DeltaCom in West Point, GA
NASA Langley
Research Center
job opportunities at
  graduation time.
                 Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL

My assignments this term taught me a lot about computer network security.
  Most importantly, the writing of scripts, showed me how much I enjoy
coding and has given me a much better idea of the type of job I want to get
                             after graduation.
                                  I have learned a
                                  great deal about
                                  networking and
                                   in general, and
                                 I continue to learn
                                   more everyday.

    ISMN/MIS - ITC^DeltaCom,
Interstate Fibernet in West Point, GA
                                 I was able to
                               work close with
                            superintendents. This
                             helped me to learn a
                               great deal about
                             communication and
                              solving problems.
                              This experience is
                            going to be priceless.

BSCI - The Robins & Morton Group in
          Birmingham, AL
                    I learned a lot about product design and
                   manufacture. My experience with Yamaha
                   and Product Testing was outstanding and I
                    would highly recommend it to someone
                    looking for challenging, hands-on work.

MECH - Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Company in
               Newnan, GA
National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University
                          I was challenged by the
                         assignments I was given. I
                          worked on projects which
                       required me to use engineering
                       knowledge from school. I have
                          been able to see practical
                        application of many theories.

ELEC - Alabama Power Company - Martin Dam
         ELEC - Space Power Institute at Auburn University

“My co-workers have made my learning and understanding of systems and processes a
priority so that I may take what I learn here and apply it not only to my school work, but
my future employment opportunities. As an employee at Space Power, I have learned
how to work not as an individual, but as a team, where ideas and input from the individual
is not only embraced, but required for the team to succeed in their goal.”
      This term introduced
     me to new ideas. I was
exposed to new ways of thinking
      and programs useful        MECH
  in collecting and organizing
data such as Excel and Viewdac. Research Institute in
                            Birmingham, AL
Gallet & Associates in Birmingham, AL

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