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      For all display or commercial advertising                         AircrAft for SAle                                  AircrAft for SAle
      enquiries please contact Peter Harvey ceo
      +44 (0)1280 846786
      You can email your classified
      advertisement direct to the LAA
      at the following address:
      Deadline for booking and copy:
      17th of the month                                                                                                     PITTs sPecIAL s1s. Air Squadron trophy
                                                                                                                            winner 2006. Total time 90hrs airframe and
      If you would like to place an aircraft for sale advert please                                                         engine. Factory zero timed O-360 A1D,
      see details below:                                                                                                    Bendix fuel injection, Christen inverted oil,
                                                                                                                            Cross over exhaust, lightweight alternator
                                                                                                                            and starter, lightened ring gear, Hooker
      Up to 30 words: £6; 31-50 words: £12                                                                                  harness. Microair radio, Lowrance 2000
      Up to 50 words with a coloured photo: £45                                                                             Airmap gps. This aircraft comes with a new
                                                                          PIPeR cub J2. 1937 vintage. Low engine
                                                                                                                            permit, fully serviced spinner to tail wheel
      NON-MEMBERS’                                                        hours on C65, 418 SMOH, 1957 TT. New
                                                                                                                            and is in immaculate condition. OIRO
      ADVERTISEMENTS                                                      sealed struts. Metal prop, upgraded wheels
      Up to 30 words: £22; 31-50 words: £44                                                                                 £40K. Contact Ian Searson 07790 949 349
                                                                          with disc brakes. Generally good condi-
      Up to 50 words with a coloured photo: £60                                                                   
                                                                          tion. Radio and headsets. Permit to April
                                                                          2011 with renewal on purchase if required.
      For aircraft sales classified advertising please send using the
      form printed on the reverse of the Mailing Sheet, together with
                                                                          £18000 o.n.o. Tel: 01303 489219                 JoDeL D120 Engine 2400TT, 718 SMOH
      cheques and photographs if applicable, to:                                                                          starter & alternator. Airframe 3609TT. Good
                                                                                                                          panel, radio. Always hangared. Good condi-
      LAA classifieds, Turweston Aerodrome,                             JoDeL 1050m1 Sicile Record 2+2 (Robin type        tion. 85kts. 275kg useful load. % hours. Permit
      Nr brackley, Northants NN13 5YD                                   tailplane). CEA built 1963. TTSN 2895 TTSMO       till July. Google G-ASPF. £12,500 ono. Trevor
      Tel: 01280 846786 • Fax: 01280 846780                             980 Continental O-200 TT 883. Ratier (metal)      01829 720141, 07719 398831
      LAA Engineering advice to buyers:                                 propeller TT 726. Three fuel tanks 145lt. Seven
                                                                        hours endurance. Radio, intercom, VOR, DME,
                                                                        ADF, Transponder. Full instruments. Strobes,
      AIRcRAFT APPRoVeD? Members and readers                            navigation and landing lights. Exceptional
      should note that the inclusion of all advertisements in
      the commercial or classified sections of this magazine
                                                                        condition. £25,000. Photos and details 01548
      does not necessarily mean that the product or service             842057
      is approved by the LAA. In particular, aircraft types, or
      examples of types advertised, may not, for a variety of
      reasons, be of a type or standard that is eligible for the
                                                                        J3 PIPeR cub with O-200 engine recently
      issue of a LAA Permit to Fly. You should not assume               fitted. 18hrs on new engine after strip down
      that an aircraft type not currently on the LAA accepted           and new crank fitted. This aircraft was totally
      type list will eventually be accepted.                            refurbished in 2001. It was recovered and new
                                                                        4 point harnesses fitted. Wing tanks. £27.000.     PIPeR PA-12 suPeR cRuIseR. 1946
      ImPoRTeD AIRcRAFT? Due to unfavourable
                                                                        Tel-07738 718 382 for details.                     classic. TT A/F 3160, TT E 1570. Lycoming
      experiences, the purchase and import of completed                                                                    O-320 150hp. Cleveland Brakes. Permit
      homebuilt aircraft from abroad is especially
                                                                                                                           October 2011. £23,000 ono. Contact Gort
                                                                                                                           01664 454385
      TIme To buILD? When evaluating kits/designs,
      it should borne in mind that technical details,
      performance figures and handling characteristics are
      often quoted for a factory-produced aircraft flying                                                                 ZeNAIR ZoDIAc 601 HD. Easy to handle tail-
      under ideal conditions. It is wise, therefore, to seek                                                              dragger. Details and photos on www.AFORS.
      the opinion of existing builders and owners of the                                                                  com. Reduced to £16,000 and falling each
      type. You should also take your own skill and
                                                                                                                          month until sold. Please call 01244 671417
      circumstances into consideration when calculating
      build times. The manufacturer’s build time should be
      taken as a guide only.                                                                                              cessNA 120. Classic taildragger, permit
                                                                          1941 Luscombe 8A. 250 hrs since
                                                                                                                          aircraft. Engine Continental O-200, 920hrs.
      AmATeuR buILDING All LAA aircraft builders                          complete overhaul. Starts first blade. One
      and potential builders are reminded that in order to
                                                                                                                          Good condition. New permit. £18,000 Tel:
                                                                          owner last 20 years. Full history from new.
      qualify for a LAA Permit to Fly, homebuilt aircraft must                                                            07738718382
                                                                          Polished aluminium fuselage. Silver fabric
      be genuinely amateur built. For these purposes the
      CAA provide a definition of amateur built in their
                                                                          wings recovered 2002. Cambrai covers
      publication CAP 659, available from LAA. An extract                 for fuselage and wings. Full leather inte-      VAN’s RV6 kit ready for engine installation,
      from CAP 659 reads “The building and operation of the               rior. Intercom. Wired for Icom and Sky-         final assembly and fitting out. Includes 160hp
      aircraft will be solely for the education and recreation            force moving map. £16,500. Ian 07710            Lycoming, FWF, and instrumentation kits.
      of the amateur builder. This means that he would not                                                                Tel Jim 01313 324 658 or e-mail addison30@
      be permitted to commission someone else to build his
      aircraft”. An aircraft built outside the CAA’s definition
      could result in an expensive garden ornament.
                                                                        JoDeL D150 mAscAReT G-BHEZ, manufac-              TecNAm P92 ecHo. Group A. Metal high
                                                                        tured 1963 in Bernay. Rebuilt and recovered       wing. E&AF- 519 flying hours. Very economical
                                                                        following landing accident, completed in 2006.    Jabiru engine. Always hangared.Good panel
                                                                        Total A/F hours 2425, total engine 468 and 130    with Garmin GPS. Excellent condition. £27,000
                                                                        since top overhaul. Based in Yorkshire, VGC.      o.n.o. Details/photos: johnadamslewis@yahoo.                                                    £27950. Contact 07948 387 739            - 07876 533 018

                                                                                                                                march 2011 LIGHT AVIATION 63
Group flyinG                                          AircrAft ServiceS                                  AircrAft ServiceS

sHARe FoR sALe in WAG AERO Cuby.
£2,200. Well-run group based Gloucestershire
Airport. 100hp engine gives great short-field
performance. £85 per month, £59 per hour
wet. LAA Permit, well-maintained. Tel. 01267                                                                    Planeweighs
267516 or 07546 221176.
AA5 GRouP, Gamston. 1/4 shares so great                                                                    Aircraft weighing & technical services
availability in four seat tourer. A/F l900hrs, zero
time Lycoming O-320 l50hp engine. Details:                                                                  PIPER CLUB to BOEING 747 Tel:07976 802 107                                                                              Load/Trim sheet design
                                                                                                              CAA approval A1/8538/79
JoDeL 120A Paris-Nice. One fifth share in                                                                      Engineers throughout the UK
exceptionally friendly well-run syndicate. Han-
gared Oaksey Park. £70 per month, £60 per                                                                  Tel: +44 (0) 1792 310566 Fax: 310584
hour wet. TTAF 3350 TTE Continental C90                                                                           Mobile: 07798 662 939
1600. Wings recovered last year making her
the smartest 120 around. £3250. Mike 01179                                                                    email:
243961 or 07981 348359                                                                                         web:


RAF2000 GTX-se. New stab. TTAF/E only
177hrs. Permit June 2011. Microair radio, Sky-
force gps, OAT sensor, fleecy covers. Always
hangared with rotors supported. Built by pres-
ent owner 2002, all manuals, videos available.
Excellent condition. Genuine reason for sale,
hence £19,999.99. Fully enclosed 4-wheel
trailer available, plus rotor crane. 01747 812


  meRLIN sINGLe seAT GYRoPLANe.                             AIRcRAFT WeIGHING
  Rotax 912 powered, Dragon Wings rotor,                     Midlands based and will travel.
  Wunderlich pre-rotator, Arplast Ecoprop.              Using professional roll on/roll off weighing
  45 litres tank, three hours’ duration. LAA                scale pads and digital eqipment.
  Permit tp August 2011. Trailer. Single seat                     LAA INsPecToR
  gyro flying at its best. One of only four Mer-           See for more
  lins with Rotax 912 power in the country.                 information, or call Roy sears on
  Mike 07946 715333.                                        07976 602110 or 01543 432840.
                                                              Accepted by the LAA and BMAA               enGine overHAulS
trAininG                                              IAN seARsoN Aviation Services Ltd. Fabric-
                                                      work, paintwork and restorations. Air Squadron           Engine Overhauls /
                                                      Trophy Winner. Also tailwheel conversions,              Shock loads /Repairs
                                                      proficiency checks and renewals on Piper Cub.        Lycoming & Continental specialist’s with
                                                      Midlands based. Tel: 07790 949 349                            over 25 yrs experience
                                                                        Magneto and Carburettor Inspections/ repairs
                                                                                                                       and Overhaul’s
                                                      DesIGN AeRoDYNAmIcs, stress, and draw-
                                                                                                                   EASA or LAA release.
                                                      ings services. Modifications, complete light
                                                      aircraft projects, through: BCAR(s), EASA                   Dukeries Aviation Ltd
                                                      (CS23), EASA (CS-VLA). Reasonable rates,                         01909 481802
                                                      some initial consultation time. KSL Projects,          07545066199 / 07753252291 evenings
                                                      Email Tel: John 07769
                                                      695856                                             plAnS
                                                      LAA INsPecToR, East Anglia. Full workshop          WANTeD: bowers Fly Baby Plans. Please
        Please mention                                facilities available for everything from permit    contact Phil Pawsey, 01548 511 152, email:
                                                      work and inspections to full rebuilds and insur-
    Light Aviation magazine                           ance repairs in wood, metal, fabric and com-
       when responding                                posites. Quick turnaround, fixed prices. Come      NIPPeR mk3 PLANs. 1988. Unused. Includ-
                                                      and inspect our work! Tel: 01787 313533            ing Owner’s Handbook. £40. Email
         to advertising.                              (home) or 07876 444451(mobile)            Tel 07713 328122

64 LIGHT AVIATION march 2011
enGineS & enGine SpAreS                             pilot SupplieS                                      coverS



                                                      PuLsAR nose-wheel aircraft. Complete
                                                      and ready for Rotax 582 and paint. Com-
                                                      posite spars, electric trim. Everything
                                                      signed off. Can deliver. Located East Mid-
                                                      lands. £12,000. Ian 07710 132560.

                                                    sLINGsbY T31 Motor Tutor. Lovely vintage
                                                    looking aircraft not flown for four years. Fabric
                                                    and airframe all good. Engine needs attention.
                                                    Quik, cheap project. £1100. Tel: 07762 931590,
                                                    01793 612583
GIPsY mAJoR 1. Zero time. O/H July/09.
EASA Form 1 available (commercial use).             THAT mINI fighter plane! The Corby Starlet.
Magnetos, ignition harness and carb. included.      Structure complete. Signed off. Canopy, instru-
£16000. Tel:. 00353 872 343 401.                    ments fitted. Engine with Leburg ignition, part
                                                    installed. Parts include cowlings, wing fillets,
WANTeD. Serviceable crankshaft assembly             wheel spats. Bob Beard 01364 642000
for C90/O-200 engine. Tel: 07971 704380 Ely
Cambs.                                              AircrAft pArtS wAnted
LYcomING TIo-540-Ae2A. Premium over-                NsI subARu eNGINe and CAP140 propeller              weldinG ServiceS
haul by CSE with Form1. Complate ready for          wanted, parts or whole. Especially Transmis-
installation in Ultimate project aircraft. 350hp,
twin turbos and intercolers. Genuine reason
                                                    sion and Ignition parts to help keep two aircraft   BIB welding services lTd
                                                    flying. Details to David Hunter Tel 01666 503
for sale. £20,000. 01483 472566. Mob: 07531         330.                                                   CAA approved, in-house & mobile
333763.                                                                                                     Welding services, machining &
                                                    ALTImeTeR and ASI wanted for period Jodel             Training to meet all requirements.
sToP bAsHING! For sale due to arrival of new        D9 rebuild. Metric units preferred. Mirko Mat-       See
engine. Soft Start module for Rotax 912/914         tesini.
as received from Conair. In original packag-                                                                Tel +44 (0)1638 731871
ing. Never installed. £99. Details call 01647       AircrAft pArtS                                             Mob 07954 440432
                                                    GILL 25 bATTeRY. Only 1 year old hardly             propellerS
WANTeD LucAs sR4 magneto. Good ser-                 used perfect condition. The last one lasted me
viceable item please. Chris 07999 889201 or         10 years! Offers to Rod 07973752387 or rod@         useD mccAuLeY propeller. DCM 69/48. Of-
01904 413168                                                                        fers, Tel: 07947 326746

                                                                                                             march 2011 LIGHT AVIATION 65

                                               kit plAneS                   HAnGArAGe

productS And ServiceS

enGineerinG                                                                 HANGARAGe available for suitable aircraft
                                                                            at an LAA friendly airstrip in North Kent. Out-
                                                                            side parking also available. For further details
                                                                            please ring John on 07880 748064
      merlin engineers ltd
   CAA approved welding service (mobile)                                    HANGARAGe available Herts/Cambs border.
     Accident damage and restoration                                        Contact 01763 271267 for details.
 Tel/Fax: 01767 650824 Fax: 01767 650048
             M: 07899 943 937
                                                                             ICOM BATTERIES
                                                                            RECONDITIONED EXCHANGE POWERPACKS
    Why not check out                                                                • NimH 12V 1000mah upgrade...£39
                                                                                Price inclusive of VAT and return P&P
  the latest news on the                                                          All cells are brand new industrial grade
                                                                                    Delcom Nicads £28 • King KX99 £28
                                                                                       Phone, email or write for details
      LAA website?                                                                             Tel: 01352 757403
                                                                                        email:                                                           Lloyd Hughes, 29 Godre Mynydd, Gwernymynydd
                                                                                          Mold, Flintshire CH7 4AD

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66 LIGHT AVIATION march 2011

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