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									            SEMINAR COMMITTEE

     Advisory:           Sukant K. Mohapatra
                         Sandip Dasverma

     Program Chair:      Smarak Bhuyan

      Publicity Chair:   Susanta Routroy

Track Coordinators:      Womens Forum
                            Leena Mishra
                            Mamata Misra
                            Annapurna Pandey
                            Jyotsna Mishra
                         Oriya Culture, & Literature
                            Sura Rath
                         Youth Forum
                             Reena Patro
                             Tapannita Padhi
                         Health and Wellness
                             Kailash sahoo
                         Orissa Development
                             Smarak Bhuyan
                                                                                   themselves and pursue their interest and hobbies, while swapping their roles
INTRODUCTION                                                                       from our culture to their peers. Our convention has been a family affair, and we
                                                                                   would like a great participation from the younger generation while balancing our
 “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than                   culture and their evolving taste. This discussion will be mainly focusing on
a great idea that inspires no one.” Mary Kay.                                      young Odiyas in America , and how do they see themselves in the Odiya/ India
The Seminars in OSA Dallas 2011 are exciting and inspiring, they are aimed at
translating ideas into reality; featuring topics pertinent to the present day      Our Youth seminars focus on several issues: first, we have a session in which
milieu. Speakers are erudite, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience        youth representatives from various professional disciplines and careers offer
in their respective area of excellence. Our constant effort is to provide a        mentorship to those setting their career goals. The speakers bring their “trench”
platform for panel discussion, experience sharing, brainstorming on ideas and      experience and advice for success. Second, a round-table discussion session
topics of practical usefulness and tangible value which will transcend beyond      focuses on independent decision-making by the youth in the face of both
the convention.                                                                    parental and peer pressure.
The 42 convention seminar is organized into five tracks, each with
distinguished speakers and delegates dealing with issues for the development
of Orissa and Oriya Communities.
                                                                                   Odiya Culture, Performing Arts & Literature
                                                                                   This track focuses on discussions of the richness of Odiya language and
                                                                                   literature, culture, and tradition. The theme for this track is “Mo Mati, Mo Srujani”
Orissa Development:                                                                (“My soil, My art”). Two distinguished Oriya writers discuss how the state has
This track features innovative initiatives under implementation, new ideas, and
                                                                                   enriched their creative imagination, and a third speaker discusses his work on
contributions by members of the Oriya community in Education, Industry and
Rural Development (NGO) leading to further development of Orissa. This             spreading the Odia language through dramatic performances in America,
discussion is inspired by a simple thought: how can Orissa benefit the most        For details on the various seminars please visit:
from the growing number of Oriyas who live and work abroad for job
Women’s Forum
This track offers brainstorming and/or inspiring sessions on transforming
                                                                                   Come; let’s share our views and ideas together to build
women's lives in Orissa and in the Diaspora. Through presentation,                   a better and brighter future for our community and
documentary film, storytelling with imaging, and interactive discussion,                                 motherland
participants will share, learn, and feel inspired to take action. Topics include
Mahila Shanti Sena -- empowering rural women in Odisha; Aparajita, a
documentary featuring three grassroot activists in Odisha: Tulsi munda,
Monorama Mohapatra, and Annapurna Maharana. Participants will also
examine hidden problems faced by some women in the Diaspora through an
illustrated story called Mayara Kahani, and through interactive peer discussion,
explore ways to help Odiya women in need.

Health and Wellness:
This track will feature discussions and demonstrations on health and wellness.
Several renowned Medical practitioners, clinical psychologists        will be
speaking about ways and means to deal with Emotional and mental health
problems mental issues. There will be discussions about problems arising from
excessive use of keyboards, old age, and chemicals in odiya food.

Youth Forum:
Our young adults are the ambassadors of our community. We have provided
enough opportunities to let them shape themselves build a perfect image for
                            PROGRAM                                             II. Nihar Samantara: “For an Entrepreneur in India –
                                                                                    Opportunities and Issues
           Day One: July 2, 2011 – Saturday                                          Abstract: Today with globalization and with the quality of higher
                                                                                education, a number of highly qualified young Turks are venturing in to business
                                                                                activities, though most of them do not belong to business families. This is a very
     Sponsored by : The Orissa Foundation (Devi                                  a positive sign. Some of them with their passion and hard work manage to
                and Sarojini Misra)                                             make it big and some of them die down due to many reasons. The reasons are
                                                                                unknown issues which are not expected but need to address when it comes on
                                                                                the way without deviating from the main objective. The market (the kind of
Session S1: Industrial Development in Odisha –                                  venture you are trying to get in to), the risk factors and most importantly, you got
Opportunities and Issues                                                        to have a solid, perfect and forward looking business plan…a plan which would
                                                                                help you to stay focused and analyze your growth as well. Means all the
                                                                                opportunity need to identify with challenge and its effect. For an entrepreneur,
Room: Colorado                                                                  the path to success is often seen as a combination of perfect business plan and
                                                                                a clear vision. And more over, another important factor that leads to a
Time:      2:00 - 4:00 PM                                                       successful business venture is a „funding‟. If I can term business plan as the
                                                                                brain for a venture, I can term fund as the heart. But, funding sometimes is a
                                                                                matter of concern. Above all, there should be a perfect entrepreneurial
Moderator: Dambaru Epili                                                        ecosystem, conducive to all sorts of start ups. In India, we need to have a
                                                                                regulated financial and infrastructural plan in place write new chapters on
Panelists:                                                                      entrepreneurship. And the most important thing straight from my heart which is
I.   Debadutta Das: “Partnership & Collaboration Between                        to me the key to success is “Think out of the box but have some vision. Put in
                                                                                our 100 percent with perfect people around you. Success will be no doubt yours
     US & Odisha - A Path Forward“.
                                                                                 About Speaker: Hard work and passion to go extra mile to achieve the goal
About Speaker: As the Co-Chair of the Washington State India Trade              mixed with apt entrepreneurial skill will always lead to a successful business
Relations Action Committee (WASITRAC), he organized the first US Business       venture. Nihar, hailing from a modest Oriya family is one of the pioneers in the
and Trade delegation to Orissa in November 2010 under the joint leadership of   field of aerospace and IT solutions. Under his guidance, Ignis, a boutique
Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott and Washington State Lt. Governor             technology solutions company is now scaling new heights. After graduating
Brad Owen. WASITRAC had a follow up trip to Orissa in March, 2011 with          from MIT, Anna University, Nihar joined Aeronautical Development Agency
BECKER ARCHITECTS for the developments of the integrated Shamuka                (ADA) which was the nodal company to develop Light Combat Aircraft under
Beach development project. The first Centennial Sister-Port relationship        DRDO. During his tenure in DRDO till 1994, he was a part of the structural
agreement between Port of Seattle and Dhamra Port in Orissa was also            design group specializing in composites design.
signed during this follow up trip.
                                                                                Nihar’s journey from a scientist to a successful businessman was not a rosy
In December 2009 Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire appointed him
                                                                                one. Before he set up Ignis, he was instrumental in setti9ng up of two other
as a Commissioner to the State Commission on Asian and Pacific American
                                                                                highly successful business ventures known as BFL Systems and Majoris, both
Affairs (CAPAA). He was also elected to be the Chair of the Economic
                                                                                were acquired by bigger players.
Development committee for CAPAA in the same year. Recently he has been
                                                                                He dared to stand up and tread a new path with new spirit that led to the setting
appointed to the CIBER (Center of International Business and Educational
                                                                                up of Ignis under the guidance of another industry stalwart BV Venkatesh
Research) Advisory Board of the Foster School of Business of the University
of Washington.As an active community leader Mr. Dash sits in the board for
the Asian Counseling Referral Service (ACRS), the Pluralism Advisory Board      III. Ramesh Chandra Majhi: “ Initiative by Govt. of Odisha to
for the Bellevue College and the Tateuchi Center.Currently he works for the          Make State Investor- Friendly”
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide as the Group Sales Manager and the
Service culture Trainer.                                                        About Speaker: Ramesh Chandra Majhi is the current IT minister of the Govt
                                                                                of Odisha.
IV. Sradhananda Mishra: “Entrepreneurship in North                               About Speaker:I completed my medical school at Louisiana State University
    America – Model that can be used in Odisha ”                                 School of Medicine and my residency in general surgery at the same hospital.
                                                                                 After completing additional training in liver/pancreatic surgery and
                                                                                 transplantation, I was in private practice in California. I am now practicing
Abstract: It is difficult to become an entrepreneur, let alone sustain oneself   trauma/critical care and general surgery in Alexandria, LA..
beyond one year, unless one has a strong desire to explore the unknown,
being oblivious to danger, and faith in oneself. And of course a healthy         II. Sangram Panda : “Inside story of a career in Law ”
tolerance for pain, insults, and some poverty. Success of course depends on
pure and simple perseverance and faith in people and courage to delegate.        About Speaker: Associate patent attorney at Oblon, Spivak, Mclelland, Maier,
                                                                                 and Nuestadt, L.L.P. (Intellectual property law firm in Alexandria, VA). Focus
About Speaker: Sradhananda Mishra is a Ravenhaw and Indian                       on patent cases related to wireless communications and digital signal
Institute of Science graduate, who came to Canada in 1969 for his                processing technologies. Patent cases include asserting and defending
post-graduate studies and stayed here since. He worked in Bell and               reexamination of patents before the United States Patent and Trademark Office
affiliated companies for over 11 years, before starting his own                  and preparation of invalidity and non-infringement opinions. Sangran went to
business CSDC Systems Inc. in 1989. In the past 21 years, he has
                                                                                 Franklin Pierce Law School.
built it into a leading software company providing enterprise solutions
to Governments all over the world. With 200 plus employees,
Sradhananda or Dan, as he is more popularly known, has grown                     III.   Barnali Dasverma: “Public Sector Consulting – How to work
CSDC from a one-man company. CSDC has four development centers                          with the Government”
in India, including one in Bhubaneswar, employing more than 50.                  Abstract: Barnali Dasverma will speak about her career path, sharing how
CSDC's US head office is in Fort Worth. Recently, he has started an              she became a management consultant serving the public sector after studying
Indian subsidiary named CSDC India Pvt. Ltd. with an Oriya - Dr. Ajay            Political Science, Cultural & Social Anthropology, and Sociology at Stanford
Pradhan as its President, in order to assist Indian Governments to               University. She will discuss how it is entirely possible to study what you love,
improve their governance through effective systems. He travels                   and then pursue a career that is intellectually stimulating and lucrative while still
extensively - mostly to US and India. While in India, he also works on           serving the public good.
his other business interests - Retirement Housing Development and                About Speaker: Barnali Dasverma is a manager with Treya Partners, a
Fisheries.                                                                       boutique management consulting firm that provides strategic sourcing and
                                                                                 spend management advisory services to private equity, mid-market, and state
                                                                                 government clients. Prior to joining Treya, Barnali spent five years as a public
Session S2: Youth Mentorship Round Table                                         sector consultant with Silver Oak Solutions. Barnali is active in the South Asian
                                                                                 community and currently serves as the Director of Programming for the San
                                                                                 Francisco chapter of Indus Women Leaders (IWL). In addition to being on the
Room: Rio Grande                                                                 IWL leadership team, Barnali has been active with South Asian American
                                                                                 Leaders of Tomorrow and recently served on its San Francisco "Be the Change"
Time:      2:00 - 3:00 PM                                                        Day of Service planning team. Barnali lives in San Francisco and enjoys
                                                                                 exploring new restaurants, theater, reading, Scuba diving, and international
Moderator: Ankita Patro                                                          travel. Barnali holds both a BA and MA from Stanford University.

                                                                                 IV. Ranjeeta Sarangi: “Finance and Management - What you
I.   Dr. Siddhartha Rath: “Opportunities in the Health Care                          need to know”
     Career - You can make a difference”                                         Abstract:. Why get an MBA? A bachelor‟s degree in finance, accounting, or a
Abstract: Medicine has been and perhaps continues to be considered a             similar area is the basic academic preparation, but a master‟s degree is
noble profession. However, the face of medicine has changed dramatically in      becoming increasingly more important. Employment will increase as the
the past 40 years, and especially in the past 15 years, since I was in medical   economy expands and this generates the need for workers with financial
school. The practice of medicine my mentors described is significantly           expertise.Nearly all firms, government agencies, and organizations have at least
different than the practice I describe to students and residents. The goals of   one financial manager to supervise the preparation of financial reports, guide
my talk are to outline the steps to take for those interested in becoming a      investment activities, execute capital financing and debt financing and financial
physician and also discuss the nature of medical practice today                  managers develop strategies to help the organization realize its long-term goals.
About Speaker: Ranjeeta Sarangi completed my MBA from Pepperdine                     For profit institutes and efforts cannot replace Government and non-profit efforts
University. While in California, Ishemanaged a medical office and I currently        because of a philosophical contradiction, between a business & an educational
serve as a Financial advisor for MetLife.
                                                                                     Business's goal is to maximize profit – i.e. give as little as possible & charge as
                                                                                     much as the market will bear.
Session S3: Youth Career Forum                                                       On the contrary, educational institutes should provide as much education as
                                                                                     possible for as little of money
Room: Rio Grande                                                                     About Speaker: Mr. Sandip Dasverma is an alumnus of National Institute of
                                                                                     Technology, Rourkela. He is very passionate about educational and other
Time:      3:00 - 4:00 PM                                                            development in his home state of Orissa and is an advisor for the seminar
                                                                                     Board of OSA.
Moderator: Ankita Patro
“Who decides my Career“: Moderated discussion
                                                                                       II.    Sukant K. Mohapatra: “Achieving academic excellence
This topic will address issues like pressure from parents to study a particular               and quality research in higher education- models used
subject or follow a particular path (and how the youth should deal with it),
                                                                                              by developing Asia Pacific Countries"
coping with being compared to a sibling or friend, getting into the dream
college, etc. “Pursuing my dreams “what‟s wrong with that? But will my               Abstract: The talk will focus on issues we face today in an effort to accomplish
parents accept it? This discussion will help our youth discuss pertinent             higher academic excellence and quality research in higher education in India in
problems they face while choosing their career. This will certainly help unleash     general with specific emphasis on situation in Odisha. Specifically the issues
a new way‟s to think about these challenges and perhaps new way„s to                 related to Ph.D programs, quality research and innovation in higher technical
                                                                                     education shall be discussed. Talk will also focus on specific approach and
circumvent them. This will be very lively, entertaining and engaging videos /
                                                                                     steps that may be taken in resolution of this critical issue which has far reaching
statements from a handful of parents coming to OSA (and whose kids may be            impact on nation and society as whole. Various approaches and methods taken
sitting in these forums) on what they want from their kids and what they think       by many developing countries in Asia Pacific region in resolution of this critical
of their achievements.                                                               issue shall be discussed as lesson learnt, for potential implementation in state
                                                                                     of Odisha.
Session S4: Education Seminar
                                                                                     About Speaker: Dr.Sukant Mohapatra has specialization in telecommunication
                                                                                     engineering and served in various leadership capacities in this industry sector.
Room: Colorado                                                                       Dr. Mohapatra is the founder chairman of National Institute of Science &
                                                                                     Technology (NIST), Berhampur, Orissa, which was established as first NRI
Time:      4:00 - 6:00 PM                                                            educational venture in the state of Odisha with an objective to provide academic
                                                                                     excellence and research at par with international universities.
Session Chair: Triloki Pandey
                                                                                      III.    Chitta Baral: “IIT Bhubaneswar a dream comes true:
Speakers:                                                                                     What Next?”
   I.    Sandip Dasverma: “Expanding student base in                                     Abstract: In this presentation I will discuss how we, even though we are
         Odisha in getting scholarships – RMTS, FFE Efforts”                             far from Orissa, can help Orissa. In particular, we can use our experience in
                                                                                         North America in pushing new ideas that will benefit Orissa. I will give a list
Abstract: In present day Odisha, private initiatives are many, but total                 of such ideas that many of us are currently pushing.
coverage is minimal. Through these the student feed for the institutes of
excellence being built in Odisha, are prepared.
                                                                                      IV.     Asit K. Pattnaik: “State of Life Science &
                                                                                              Biotechnology Education in Odisha - Challenges
Thus private initiatives can't replace massive Govt. effort required for universal            & Opportunities ”
quality primary and secondary education. They can only be done by well
                                                                                      Abstract: Since the advent of the recombinant DNA technology in the 70‟s,
administered Govt. programs.
                                                                                      the fields of Life Sciences and Biotechnology have experienced
                                                                                      unprecedented growth in research and education throughout the world. This
 has led to fundamental understanding of many biological processes and                    University Medical Center, University of Missouri, and Lahey Clinic in
 paved the way for design of therapeutics and vaccines for many diseases.                 Burlington, Massachusetts. Dr. Nayak's special areas of expertise
 While the advanced countries are benefiting from these technological
                                                                                          include: Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular Disease,
 advances, India and in particular, Odisha lag behind significantly. The
 seminar will address issues related to the opportunities for and the                     Endovascular Intervention ,Interventional trials and research.
 challenges faced by the Life Scientists and Biotechnologists in Odisha and               Dr. Nayak is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology, the
 discus possible ways to overcome the challenges                                          American College of Physicians and the Society of Cardiac
                                                                                          Angiography and Intervention and Society of Vascular medicine. He is
 About Speaker: B.S. (Physics Honors) from Ravenshaw College, Cuttack,
                                                                                          a Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine-Cardiology at
 Odisha; M.S. (Life Sciences) from J.N.U., Delhi; Ph.D. (Microbiology) from
                                                                                          Baylor               College                of             Medicine.
 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia; Post-doctoral fellowships form UCLA
 School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA and UAB              Medical        School,
 Birmingham, AL. Joined the faculty in the Department of Microbiology and
 Immunology at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL (1992-         II.   Dr. Rashmi Jaitly : “How do I know that I am getting
 2002); Currently, Professor of Virology in the School of Veterinary Medicine             old”
 and Biomedical Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2002-preent).
                                                                                          Points to be discussed:

Session S5: Health & Wellness – Seminar                                                       1.   How the body changes as we get older; Physiology of aging.
                                                                                              2.   How the mind changes when we get old?
                                                                                              3.   What can we do to age gracefully?
                                                                                              4.   Understanding of ADL(Activity of daily living)/IADL
Room: San Jacinto                                                                                  (Instrumental activity of daily living)
                                                                                              5.   What do we do about memory loss?
Time:     4:00 - 6:00 PM
Session Chair: Sarmita Mishra ( Ranu )                                                    About Speaker: Rashmi Jaitly, MD, is an assistant professor of
                                                                                          Medicine in the Geriatrics section at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr.
                                                                                          Jaitly completed her medical education at Calcutta National Medical
Speakers:                                                                                 College in West Bengal, India. Her extensive training includes an
 I.     Dr. Atasu Nayak: “Road to being heart healthy”                                    internship in internal medicine at Calcutta National Medical College
                                                                                          and an internal medicine internship at Lincoln Medical and Mental
        Points to be discussed:                                                           Health Center in New York City. Dr. Jaitly has also completed a
                                                                                          residency in psychiatry at Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi,
             1.   Why do you care about risk factors for heart disease?                   India, a residency in neurology at the Post Graduate Institute of
             2.   What is good for your heart?                                            Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India, a residency in
             3.   How do you know your blood pressure and diabetes are well               adult and child psychiatry at Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi
                  controlled?                                                             and a residency in internal medicine at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in
             4.   What happens when you loose weight? Are you going to live               Boston, Mass. Her medical experience also includes geriatrics and
                  longer?                                                                 wound care fellowships at Baylor College of Medicine. A board-certified
             5.   It is fun to smoke. Does it reduce your life span?                      physician, Dr. Jaitly specializes in wound care.

                                                                                   III.   Dr.Jyotshna    Mahapatra:               “Chemicals          in food:
        About Speaker: Atasu Nayak., MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI, FSVM is
        a board-certified specialist in Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease,
                                                                                          Reference to Odia food”
        Interventional       Cardiology,          Nuclear        cardiology,              Abstract: Chemicals in food is of great concern nowadays.There are
        Endovascular Intervention, Vascular Medicine and Echocardiography.                about 14000 chemicals in our food .The words FROM LAB TO
        Dr. Nayak earned his medical degree from Sriram Chandra Bhanja                    LUNCH has become true .Grocery shop asks do you need polished
        Medical College in Cuttack, India. He completed his internship and                dal ( lentils ) or unpolished dal in India ?What is polished or
        residency at the New York Medical College and Lincoln Medical &                   unpolished it is my shoe that needs to be polished not my food item
        Mental Health Center and a fellowship in Cardiology at Cornell
      .First let us see why food needs to be added with chemicals.Earlier        V.   P.K. Sahu : “ Key Board , Video games , Cell phone :
      days it was not required but why now ?                                          How does is impact your hand “
      Color                                                                           Abstract: Impact on hands.As the technology develops human hands
      Food coloring is any substance that is added to food or drink to                are being used more and more for pushing buttons on cell phones,
      change its color. Food coloring is used both in commercial food                 video games and keyboards. Presentation will include a short
      productionhemicals such as colour , and in domestic cooking. People             description of commonly occurring long term effects on hands as a
      associate certain colors with certain flavors, and the color of food can        result of the use of above devices. Some proposed recommendations
      influence the perceived flavor, in anything from candy to wine. For
                                                                                      to prevent injury will be discussed including stretching exercises, work
      this reason, food manufacturers add dyes to their products.
                                                                                      place modification and work habit modification.
      Flavor is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and is           About Speaker: P.K. Sahu Graduated in Bachelor of Occupational
      determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell. The                Therapy from NIRTAR. Master’s in Occupational Therapy from San
      flavor of the food, as such, can be altered with natural or artificial          Jose State University. Certified Hand Therapist for more than 10 years.
      flavorants, which affect these senses.                                          Worked at Hand Rehab and Surgery center, Bhubaneswar. Currently
                                                                                      working for Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas and has his own hand
      Food Additives                                                                  therapy clinic in Wylie TX
      Food additives are substances added to food for preserving flavors,
      or improving taste or appearance. These processes are as old as
      adding vinegar for pickling

      About Speaker: is currently working in Regional Institute of
      Education, Bhubaneswar - important wing of NCERT New Delhi as
      Associate Professor in Chemistry and is engaged in teaching as well
      as training of teachers at secondary and senior secondary level for
      the states of Odisha, West Bengal , Jharkhand , Bihar and North
      Eastern States of India . She has organised several workshops of
      NCERT ,New Delhi on Science Education /women Empowerment /
      Value or Peace Education for last 30 years. She has a good number
      of contributions in Chemistry as well as literature .She has published
      several books and has received a number of awards . She has lot of
      contributions to Oriya Literature being the joint secretary of Odisha
      Lekhika Sansad ( Odisha Writting Association ) for several years.

IV.   Dr. Swapnila Das: “Emotional and mental disorder,
      an overview

      About Speaker: Dr. Swapnila S. Das, Ph.D. practicing as a
      Licenced clinical psychologist in the state Arkansas since 2000. I
      received my Doctorate in National Institute of Mental Health and
      Neurosciences (NIMHANS). My area of interests are , Post traumatic
      stress disorder, anxiety related disorder, depression, OCD, Marital
      problems in adults and anxiety related disorder and behavior related
      disorder in children. In past decade many adult and children have
      improved and are living a productive and meaningful life.
           Day Two : July 03, 2011 - Sunday                                      About the women interviewed in the documentary:

Session S6: Women's empowerment in Odisha and the                                Annapurna Moharana
                                                                                 Since she was 13, she followed the Gandhian tradition of peaceful protest;
                                                                                 refusing to compromise with corruption or oppression, she marched along
Room: San Jacinto                                                                Gandhi and her own mother in India‟s freedom movement. She continued her
Time:      8:30 - 10:50 AM                                                       work in independent India on issues ranging from setting up a tribal residential
                                                                                 school for girls, sensitizing dacoits (members of robber bands) to pacifism, and
Session Chair : Mamata Misra                                                     resisting the 1975 emergency, to setting up a nursing training center that
                                                                                 recruits and trains young women in maternity services. Her dreams and
Speakers:                                                                        determination has not altered even at the age of 91.

I.    Sri Gopal Mohanty :”Mahila Santi Sena – Empowering                         Manorama Mohapatra
      Women in Rural Odisha “
Abstract: The objectives of Mahila Shanti Sena (MSS) are based on                Former editor of the oldest and still very popular newspaper, Samaj, Ms
                                                                                 Mohapatra has dedicated her life towards literature and grass root social
Gandhian principles and are more holistic than simple political or economic
                                                                                 activism in Orissa. She has been bestowed with various awards and honors for
empowerment. These objectives and the training process to achieve them will
                                                                                 her works. After retiring from her editorial job, she dedicates her life in bringing
be explained with photographs. The activities and impact of MSS since it
                                                                                 education to underprivileged children.
started in Odisha in 2005 will be discussed. The future plan to make MSS a
statewide movement that includes a three-day event at three different
locations to spread MSS message will be presented. The question of MSS
                                                                                 Tulsi Munda
sustainability will be examined.
                                                                                 Inspired by Vinoba Bhave's ideals, the illiterate Tulsi Munda opened a school
About Speaker: Sri Gopal Mohanty is an Emeritus Professor in the                 under a Mahua tree for children of tribal mine workers. Today she is known for
Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University. He is Vice-     her mission to spread literacy among the underprivileged and the tribal people
President (Rural Development) of MSS International, Canada and is with           through her schools and hostels across Orissa. She firmly believes the seed of
SEEDS (Sustainable Economic and Educational Development Society) since           education in the village would someday grow into a huge tree to provide shades
its inception. He regularly visits India helping to carry out SEEDS projects     of relief to the ill fated populace of the area that suffered from abject negligence
including MSS.                                                                   and lack of development. She was awarded Padma Shri in 2001 by the
                                                                                 Government of India.
II.    “Aparajita” The undefeated : A documentary by
                                                                                 About Speaker: Originally from Mexico City, filmmaker and media artist
      Yunuen Perez Vertti & Aswinee Rath
                                                                                 Yunuen Perez Vertti, is based in Houston and moves between Houston, Mexico
Abstract: Within the chaos of Indian society, there is a clear indication that   and India, her husband’s home. An independent filmmaker with a global vision,
women must be the force that holds society together. The same stands true for    Perez Vertti has done film production for many Houston organizations. Yunuen's
the grassroots development. The exploration started with a simple idea to        husband Aswinee, an IT professional, reflects his creativity as an executive
meet women who are active in social work and we encountered three women          producer for most of Yunuen's independent work. Sometimes his work is also
who have dedicated their life to bring enlightenment into the society. Through   extended to scriptwriting, production assistance, or baby-sitting kids of the
conversations, they ponder their thoughts about current society, their work,     artists. More details at
and where they think we are heading.
III.    Mayara Kahani (Maya’s Story)                                                “scientific” method was based on analyzing the triad la race (collective cultural
                                                                                    disposition), le milieu (the surrounding environment), and le moment (the spirit
A short dramatic sketch by participants
                                                                                    of the time, or Zeitgeist) to explain the literature of a nation. He believed the
                                                                                    interaction among the components of the triad gives rise to literary styles,
Abstract: In society, we play many roles in our personal and professional
                                                                                    genres, and schools. Our focus is “Mo Mati, Mo Srusti” (“My soil, My art”), and
lives, interacting with others in the process. A seemingly small act one
                                                                                    we have two major Odia writers Yashodhara Mishra and Paramita Tripathy who
chooses to do, not do, or do differently, may affect another‟s life. Maya‟s Story
                                                                                    have distinguished themselves as prominent authors in the vernacular
illustrates how each of us can enhance someone‟s sense or empowerment
                                                                                    language. Our third presenter Mr. Brajendra Panda has worked tirelessly to
through empathy and support, or reduce it by carelessness and blaming.
                                                                                    spread the Odia performing arts across the United States . We have asked our
                                                                                    authors today to reflect on how the land (Odisha) and the time they grew up
Maya‟s Story is an adaptation of “Blanketed by Blame” by the Asian Pacific
                                                                                    have contributed to their writing, or how their writing captures the ethos of their
Islander Institute on Domestic Violence and Ellen Pence of Praxis
                                                                                    life experiences. Dr. Panda will present the experience of his missionary service
                                                                                    to the Odia performing arts.

IV.     1-800-OSA-HELP : (Should there be a help-line for                           Speakers:
       Odiya women in the US?)
An interactive discussion by participants
                                                                                    I.    Paramita Satpathy Tripathy: “Mo Mati, Mo Shrusti:
                                                                                          Native Odia Tradition and the Individual Talent “
Abstract: Starting with sharing thoughts that Maya‟s Story raises,                  About Speaker: Paramita Satpathy Tripathy, daughter of two illustrious Oriya
participants will explore the nature of some of the most difficult problems Odiya   authors Nityananda and Prativa Satpathy, is a major figure in Orissa’s literary
(or Indian) women in North America are facing, how they are dealing with            scene.Author       of       story      collections     such        as Bibidha
                                                                                    aswopna (1997), Bhashakshara (2000), Birala        Rupaka (2003), Antaranga
these situations, and what resources are available to assist and empower
                                                                                    Chhala (2006), Apathacharini (Novel 2005), Door Ke Pahad (2007), Kurei
women/families. The need for a help-line for empowering Odiya                       Phula (2009), and Intimate Pretence (2010), she has received awards from the
women/families in need will also be explored.                                       Orissa Sahitya Akademi, the Bharatiya Bhasa Parishad , the Birla Foundation
                                                                                    and the G. Rath Foundation. Educated at the JNU, she currently serves as the
 Mamata Misra, the director of Mayara Kahani and facilitator of the interactive     Commissioner of Income Tax in Bhubaneswar.
discussion, is the former Director of SAHELI (Support, Assist, Heal, Empower,
Listen, and Inform) for Asian Families in Austin, Texas and the author of
                                                                                    II.   Dr.Yashodhara Mishra: “Odia Mati, Ma aau Sahitya “
Winter Blossoms and Other Poems, a book of poems about women’s lives and            About Speaker: Born and educated in Orissa, Dr.Yashodhara Mishra taught
feelings. Her experience includes peer counseling, legal advocacy, community        English in Madhya Pradesh. She is a well-known figure in Odia literature and
education, and building women’s organizations.                                      winner of major awards including the Sahitya Academy and Katha. Author of
                                                                                    story collections such as Janharati, and Rekhachitra and novels such
Session S7: Literature Seminar-Propagating Odia                                     as Istarupa, and Pakshijanma, she probes the human consciousness of her
                                                                                    characters, who are often torn between their social identities and their private
Language Worldwide                                                                  and psychic aspirations. She has been placed in anthologies representing the
                                                                                    best of Indian literature, such as ‘Body Maps: Stories of South Asian
Room: San Jacinto                                                                   Women (Kali/Zubaan), ‘The Other Woman’ (Harper Perennial) and ‘Best of the
                                                                                    Nineties’ (Katha). She has just been awarded a fellowship from the Indian
Time:       2:00 PM – 4:00 PM                                                       Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, to work on: „Festivals, Rituals and
                                                                                    Gender: Women of Orissa‟.
Session Chair: Sura Rath
                                                                                    III. Brajendra Panda: “Propagating Odia Performing Art in US
Seminar Theme:                                                                           – OSA Drama Festival”
Mo Mati, Mo Srusti (“My Soil, My Art): The French critic Hippolyte
Taine (1828-1893) asserted a hundred and fifty years ago that criticism should      Abstract : This presentation will focus on the OSA Regional Drama Festival.
                                                                                    The first set of festivals was held in 2009. After successfully completing two
be a neutral analysis that avoids moral and ideological judgments. His
years with a total of seven festivals, we are hoping for a further increase in      About Speaker : Lalu Mansinha has been a participant in many village level
their number during 2011. While offering the Odia drama enthusiasts a               community projects in India in Canada. As a founding member of SEEDS he
platform to showcase their talents and enjoy the performances by other              has worked on the Kalahandi-Bolangir Initiative, the very first SEEDS project.
groups, the festivals also provide opportunity for inter-chapter and regional       His most memorable community work was the village level projects in the region
socialization. In this presentation, I will discuss OSA Regional Drama              devastated by the supercyclone of 1999. Currently he is involved with the
Festivals? origin, goals, activities, and future plans.                             SEEDS project on Strengthening Odisha’s Cultural Infrastructure. In London,
                                                                                    Canada he is part of Kala Manjari, which presents India’s classical music and
About Speaker: Brajendra Panda is a Professor of Computer Science at the            dances, and the annual Festival of India.
University of Arkansas. He is one of the three National Coordinators of OSA's
Drama Festivals. He has acted in several dramas staged in Orissa and in             In his other life he is a geophysicist, at the University of Western Ontario,
many short plays in US. Brajendra had acted in and directed the comedy              London, Canada. He is the Director of the Ontario Maharashtra Goa Student
drama "Dhusaa bhaai Chaa Dokaana", performed by Arkansas drama team as              Exchange Program, on behalf of 17 Ontario universities, supported by the Govt.
its OSA convention debut in 2004, held here in Dallas, that also won the            of Ontario. He has close links with several IITs, including the new IIT
first prize in Pramod Patnaik Inter-chapter Drama Competition at that               Bhubaneswar, both in engineering and earth sciences. He is supervising 5 PhD
convention.                                                                         students from IIT-BBS, who visit for 6 months under the Canadian
                                                                                    Commonwealth Scholarship Program. His current research interests include
                                                                                    the periodic climate change about 100 million years ago, and inferring the
Session S8: NGO seminar                                                             geological information from spacecraft images.

Room: San Jacinto
                                                                                      II.   Ravi Kandikonda: “Improving Primary Education in
Time:      04:30 - 05:30 PM                                                                 Rural Odisha “
                                                                                    About Speaker : Ravi Kandikonda has been a volunteer with Asha for
                                                                                    Education for the past 8 years. He is currently the President of Asha. He
Session Chair: Digambar Mishra                                                      has been involved with stewarding two projects for the Dallas chapter
Speaker :                                                                           and involved in many day to day activities of the national organization.
                                                                                    He will be presenting a summary of projects that Asha supports in the
   I.    Lalu Mansingh: “Enabling Rural Development in                              Orissa region of India.
         Odisha – Lesson Learnt by SEEDS”
 Abstract: The Sustainable Economic and Education Development Society
(SEEDS) started in 1993 through extensive discussions over the ORNET on
persistent reports of starvation in Kalahandi and Bolangir. Without realising it,
we had become a part of the worldwide NGO movement. As we carried out
our first grassroots projects at the village level in Odisha, we discovered the
different world of the NGOs in Odisha, and in India. The NGO sector now
provides a distinct career path in social service and activism without taking a
vow of lifelong poverty. The NGO profession now is sufficiently profitable that
India has about 3.3 million NGOs, about one NGO for every 400 persons, the
largest number in the world. While it is easy to be cynical about the dedication
of the NGO sector, our personal experience has been that honest, inspired
dedicated people exist, and are making a difference to the future of Odisha.
Certainly in times of disasters, and they are so very frequent in Odisha, the
speed at which the NGOs deliver help to stricken regions, cannot be matched
by the government. Every citizen has the right to good governance, that
includes housing, nutrition, health, education, employment. With help from the
private and public sectors, and external donations, this goal is achievable by
the NGO sector in Odisha

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