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                                                                                                     Au t u m n E d i t i o n 2 0 0 9

                                                                           Commodore’s report From the Bridge
                                                          Well the summer cruising is over and       sounds familiar, will this mean that
                                                          time really is flying by.                  another couple will be tempted to
                                                          We have cruised to France and back to          Geoff and Pat left Auckland on
                                                          a lovely welcome at St Kats. The TMYC      their yacht “Duetto” 7 years ago. They
                                                          burgee has been flown along the South      sailed from New Zealand, via (among
                                                          Coast of England, the Channel Islands      many other places) Fiji, Sri Lanka, up
                                                          and the East Coast of England, as well     the east coast of Africa and through
                                                          as up the river Thames.                    the Suez Canal. They managed to pass
                                                              It was our first trip over the         Somalia without problems but fellow
                                                          Channel in High Time and only my           sailors passing 2 days later, were
                                                          second crossing ever!!! The boat and       attacked by pirates. Luckily the skipper
 Thames Motor Yacht Club is                               skipper were brilliant although the
                                                          seas coming back were not so pleasant.
                                                                                                     of one of the yachts was a soldier in
                                                                                                     the American army and fought back.
  always on the look-out for                              But we got back to Chatham and then        After one of the pirates’ dinghies was
                                                          came up to St Kats a couple of days        sunk, the pirates fled.
       new members                                        later as I had to go back to work for a        While in the Northern
                                                          day or two to pay the fuel bill!!!         Hemisphere, they have returned to
So whatever you want from a club, be it the social            But it was worth it, creaming          New Zealand each winter for 6
aspects, shared boating experiences, practical training   across the Channel with the sun            months. They are now in Northern
in boating, cruising across the channel or trips up and   blazing down, looking back at the          Spain and will cross the Atlantic in a
down river, come along and talk to us.                    white cliffs shrouded in mist. We          few months. Now that is an adventure.
                                                          spent 10 days in France watching the           Now back home, to work and watch
You don’t have to have a
boat to join, and children                                weather systems over the Channel           the suntan fade!!!!
are always welcome.                                       while sitting in the sunshine.
                                                              While wind-locked in Boulogne, we      With Supper Nights, Sailpast and
We have several categories                                got talking to other boaters and           other great Saturday night dinners to
of membership open to
                                                          evenings were spent drinking on other      enjoy, Kevin and I look forward to
those wishing to join the
Club: Full, Social, Overseas, Youth (18-23) and Family    boats. We became particularly friendly     seeing you at the Club or on the river
Member (under 18).                                        with a couple on a beautiful yacht         soon.
                                                          from Wolverstone and another couple
The TMYC is very much a family Club and children of       on a sturdy motor yacht from               Wishing you all good health and best
members are most welcome with many of today's
                                                          Auckland…                                  wishes
members themselves first introduced to the Club
through their parents.                                        Yes, a lovely couple who are sailing
                                                          round the world. Geoff is 75 and Pat is    Janet Connelly,                             Janet Connelly,
You can find out more about us and membership             72, both widowed and Pat went to           Commodore                                  Commodore 2009
details on our website                     school with Geoff’s late wife! This                                                     “High Time”
                                        Club regalia                                                                                          Hot From                                                                     in this issue
                                                                                                                                              the Press...
                        Club Gate Remote Controls are available from the office                                                                                                                                  Commodore’s Report From the Bridge .1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hot From the Press... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
 Club Ties                           £25             TMYC Baseball Caps (blue with red peak)                             £12
 Competition Ties                    £15             Club Cap Badge (Embroidered)                                        £22                                                                                     News From The Office
 Gent’s Lapel Badge                  £10             TMYC Black Blazer buttons                                                                                                                                   The Managing Committee . . . . . . . . . . . .4
 TMYC Cuff Links                     £20             - set of 8 large and 8 small buttons                              £10                                                                                       Noticeboard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                                                                                                                                              The summer cruises are now over and we move into the winter
 Lady’s Brooch                       £10             Sweatshirts (TMYC Logo)                                           £18
                                                                                                                                              months. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer with lots       “From the Office” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
 Lady’s Brooch Pin                   £10             Sweatshirts (Logo & boat name)                                  £23.50
                                                                                                                                              of cruising and adventures to tell.                                New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
 Lady’s Blue Cardigan                £45             Navy Fleece with Logo                                             £35
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Committee News
                                                                                                                                              The Commodore met a very interesting couple from New
 18” Burgee                          £25             Yard Ensign (Blue)                                                  £55                  Zealand when she was in France on her cruise. They left their      The Wine Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
 24” Burgee                          £25             Yard and a Quarter Ensign (Blue)                                    £65                  home seven years ago to sail around the World and you will         Ladies’ Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
 Past Commodore Burgee               £30             Yard and a Half Ensign (Blue)                                       £75                  find an interesting article on their European stretch. Other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Competitions and Cruising . . . . . . . . . . .7
                                                                                                                                              articles include a record of the Up-River cruise which was
                            Club Regalia order forms are available outside the office                                                         hosted by Mike and Gabby Chambers: an interesting report of        Social
                                                                                                                                              otters returning to the Thames, as well as various reports about   Midsummer Night’s Dream Dance . . . . .8
                                                                                                                                              the ATYC Bank Holiday weekend at Henley and a report on the
                      Club ties available in single motif and multi motif patterns                                                                                                                               Welcome Home Hog Roast . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                                                                                                                                              successful Junior Watermanship competition. May I thank all
                                                                                                                                              members who have contributed to this edition as well as the        Variety Club Children’s Day . . . . . . . . . . .9
                                                                                                                                              many photographers?                                                Cruising
                                               Contact Bill Amos
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs Walker’s Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
                                 Tel: 020 8979 2298, or e-mail:                                                             Now we start the run towards Christmas. Many interesting
                                                                                                                                              functions have been arranged including the Christmas Party         The elusive Otter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
                                                                                                                                              and the New Year party. Please support your Commodore as           The ATYC Weekend at Henley . . . . . . . .14
                                                                                                                                              well as the people who work extremely hard putting them on.        Hola from La Coruna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
                                                                                                                                              Can I remind members who wish to put a Christmas message in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Our East Coast Cruise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Q uarterL ines
                                                                                                                                              the next issue of QuarterLines to let me have them by e-mail by
                                                                                                                                              the end of November at the latest. (usual contribution of £10      Along the Wey with L’Amour . . . . . . . .26
                                                                                                                                              to the office please)                                              Competition

                                                                                                                                              As always I must remind you all to support our advertisers         The TMYC Junior Watermanship
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                                                           The Green,                                                                         new advertiser appears this addition offering help with your
                                                           Hampton Court Road,                                                                computers.                                                         A Brief History of the ATYC . . . . . . . . . . .15
                                                           East Molesey,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Forthcoming Events
                                                           Surrey                                                                             My thanks to Andrew Eustace who lays this all out so
 President                  Michael Shefras MBE            KT8 9BW                                                                            magnificently. Well, until the next issue when Christmas will be   Commodore’s Programme . . . . . . . . . . .28
                                                                                                                                              literally just around the corner. Hope you enjoy reading this.
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 Vice-Commodore             Maggie Davies
 Rear-Commodore             Andrew Bernstein
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                                                                         Printed by K&N Press Ltd. Hersham                                                                                                          Three members now not sure where
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 Pa g e 2                                                                                    QuarterLines Summer 2009                         QuarterLines Summer 2009                                                                            Pa g e 3
news From the Office                                                                                                                                                                                                      news from the Office

                              the Managing Committee                                                                                         new Members                                            “From the Office”
News from the managing committee meetings held in July and September..
                                                                                                                                 We welcome the following new members                       RYA Evening Classes

Club Steward Position                      now in process of agreeing details and     We are still awaiting Riverworks Ltd to    Robin Guest who has a Sealine F33 presently based on the
                                           taking up references prior to giving the   schedule the dredging of the               river Clyde, but who plans to move it to the Thames.       Enrolment has taken place for this Winter’s shore-based
Since the last edition when we             go-ahead. We are hoping to have the        downstream inside end of the                                                                          navigation classes. 25 people have enrolled in the Day
announced Tina Killeen’s appointment       work, which is expected to take about      moorings.                                  Dermot and Vicky O’Halloran who live in Surbiton and who   Skipper class but we did not have sufficient people
as temporary steward, we completed         six to eight weeks, completed before                                                  have a boat called Gemma.                                  interested in Yachtmaster to make that course viable. So
the interview schedule, including a last   the worst of Winter weather arrives.       Stock Check                                                                                           this year we are providing only one class but it is the largest
minute application from Tina and are                                                                                             Frances Sharpe has joined as a joint full member with      class we have had for some time!
pleased to inform you that we decided      On-going premises                          The annual stock check of bar contents     husband Terry – welcome Frances.
to offer the position to Tina subject to   maintenance                                and regalia, clothing and equipment
a satisfactory probationary period.                                                   was carried out on 2nd September.          We also welcome Brian Dare who lives in Hampton and who
                                           Courtesy of Neil Duke and Thames                                                      is planning to buy his first boat.
Club Officer Vacancies                     Wire the smoking shelter outside the       Lease loan repayments
                                           main clubhouse has been fitted with a                                                 Phil and Rachel Onslow have become full members having
Elsewhere in this edition there is an      new and stronger frame. The original       The final repayments have been made        acquired a Corvette 320 called Juno of Dart.
advertisement for the positions of         frame had collapsed under the weight       to those members who generously
Honorary Secretary and Assistant                                                      supported this scheme.                     We welcome back as full members Tim and Lynne Barfield                        Bill Amos,
                                           of rainwater collecting in the canvas
Secretary. I previously mentioned the      top.                                                                                  and Don and Linda Spence with Hannah and also welcome                         Honorary Secretary
need to find replacements in this                                                     Tommy Thomson’s legacy                     Ron Bailey who lives in Haslemere and joins as a social
column and would remind readers that       In accordance with government                                                         member.
any full member may offer their            regulations we have had an asbestos        The plan to increase the galley space in
services. Please call me or pop into the   survey carried out on the premises.        the riverside bar is progressing. John
office and discuss with me what the        The surveyor’s report is expected soon.    Harmer prepared sketch plans, which
positions entail.
                                           The handle on the riverside bar door
                                                                                      were approved at the September
                                                                                      Committee meeting. The project is
Clubhouse Survey                           has been replaced and additional fobs      now being costed and the Committee
Follow-on                                  for opening the main gates have been       will draw up a schedule of work for                                                                   Harry Wall
                                           acquired and have been programmed          approval. The work will also include
Based on the premises survey report,       by the locksmith. We asked recent ex-      the essential improvements identified                                                                 We have just heard that past member, Harry Wall, passed
work, some of it quite urgent, requires    members to return any fobs that they       by last year’s environmental health                                                                   away last week. Many members will remember Harry and
to be carried out on the main              still may have in their possession.        inspection.                                                                                           Vera who always brought a smile and fun to our Club.
clubhouse roof. (We already knew this                                                                                                                                                       Our condolences and best wishes are sent to his lovely wife,
because when it rains we have to place                                                                                                                                                      Vera.
buckets in strategic places).                                                                                                                                                               For funeral arrangements please contact the office.

Tony Burton and Bill Kane undertook
to search for suitable roofing
                                                                                                                                        Your Help is Wanted
                                                                                                                                                                                                Gwen Ghijben has kindly offered the mooring at
contractors, issue three of them with
                                                                                                                                   As announced earlier, retirements by                      the bottom of her garden in Hythe, Southampton to
our requirements specification and
                                                                                                                                   Bill Amos, Tim Braine and John Harmer means               any TMYC member who might be cruising on the
obtain quotations for the work. They
                                                                                                                                                                                             South Coast during 2009/2010. Please contact her to
liaised with the contractors and                                                                                                   there are management vacancies pending.
                                                                                                                                                                                             arrange your dates before visiting her.
compared and summarised the results                                                                                                Anyone interested in becoming the:                           This is a very generous offer and the Club thanks
for presentation to the Committee in                                                                                                        Hon Secretary,                                   you for your generosity.
                                                                                                                                            Asst. Hon, Secretary,
                                                                                                                                            Maintenance Officer,                                Gwen also sends her good wishes for Christmas
The Committee endorsed Tony’s and
                                                                                                                                   please contact the Club Office.                           and the New Year as she will be away from November
Bill’s recommendation and they are
                                                                                                                                                                                             until late January.

          Pa g e 4                                                                       QuarterLines Summer 2009                QuarterLines Summer 2009                                                                               Pa g e 5
Committee news                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Committee news

                                     the Wine Committee                                                                                                    Competitions and Cruising
Another financial year-ends                                                                                                     It seems the 2009 season and Janet’s cruising programme has                         greater and greater level’s of success
Time to reflect and move forward towards 2010                                                                                   rapidly come to an end. It only seems a few days ago I was                          culminating this year in achieving the
                                                                                                                                writing about the forthcoming boating season.                                       overall best boat in the ATYC
Commodore’s programme                       wonderful riverside setting.                                                                                                                                            competition and even earning enough
                                                                                      However we must now move on, gain        Cruises                                   probably most pertinent comment of         marks to be the third best team,
Since my last report plenty of              Banqueting                                those bookings and find new business                                               this article is that, as members of a      without another team boat.
successful in-house functions have                                                    ready for 2010.                          I was unable to support the Summer        boating club, all of us must take          Congratulations Tim and Ann…
taken place.                                Enquiry numbers have picked up but                                                 Cruise this year as the timing            ownership of the boating issues.               The single-handed competitions in
                                            people are still very cautious to         As always                                overlapped a deal I was trying to             I am assured that there has never      August have been well supported with
Midsummer Night’s Dream Dinner              commit.                                                                            complete and, as you are sure to have     been a tidal cruise that only involved     five entries and, the Couple’s Cup
Dance was held in excellent weather                                                   So, if you know of any friends or        noticed, I was successful in acquiring    the commodore’s boat with no other         proved to be great fun with a mix of
with a great menu and new band              There is a lot of competition out there   family who are proposing a major         Knot Arf (yes I do know what people       TMYC boats and I have known Up             serious boat handling. We do need to
Shirrazz.The music certainly got them       and venues with permanent in house        event, do please recommend TMYC.         think of the name). However, my first     River cruises in recent years to attract   look at the support we are getting at
dancing in the aisles. A Southern Style     catering and bar staff certainly have                                              cruise on her as my own, although still   10 and 15 boats with members joining       the events run on our moorings. There
BBQ followed with an excellent cuisine      the advantage particularly on small       We have a dedicated team who             C-Lion, was to meet the Summer            and departing the organised itinerary      was considerable laughter during the
from two new organisers Sam Harmer          number events. However the last few       perform well and so take great care to   Cruise on the return leg. This was a      at their pleasure. The primary concern     Couples tests run on our lawn but
and Nicola Davies who certainly             months have seen two weddings and a       please the client. People are            cruise I arranged over and above the      must be for the Club as single entity,     there was no audience to share it.
showed how to put on an event.              40th Wedding Anniversary with             appreciative when they come to TMYC      Commodore’s programme as her              to the total exclusion of internal
                                            numbers around 100 and this is very       and letters of thanks are a regular      planned trip to Deauville was not to      relationships.
In between cruises we had the Buddy         nice business to attain.                  occurrence,                              happen. The boats that joined me in                                                  Please let me know if there are any
Holly BBQ with great numbers and                                                                                               meeting High Time on her final leg        Competitions                               issues that I can take to our sub
superb food. The Hog Roast BBQ with         We now look forward to building up        Always we welcome your opinion, ideas    enjoyed a great few days in St. Kats                                                 committee on your behalf.
Dixieland Trad Jazz was well                for any Christmas events we can secure    and suggestions so please do let us      before escorting the Commodore            The levels of competition participation
supported, 75 people attended and           and 2010 is a year where we already       know about the services we offer to      home.                                     sadden some of us and we continue to
reintroduced The Speakeasy Jazzmen          have secured two Wedding bookings         you, the members.                            Here I must mention a very quick      organise four tidal competitions, both
to TMYC after many years absence. We        and I hope to achieve a lot more.                                                  thank you to Collette Le Van and her      navigational and handling and we also
shall look forward to seeing them                                                                                              friend Roger who organised drinks and     arrange our five non-tidal handling
again.                                      Bar Sales and Room Hire                                                            canapés aboard my boat for everyone       events.
                                                                                                                               on the cruise.                                Consider as an example, members
Our new Steward, Tina has introduced        End of a financial year is always time                                                 The Up River cruise was also          like Tim and Ann Brain who had
Saturday snacks at lunchtime into the       to reflect but our overall net bar take                                            lacking in participants with only four    boated for many years before joining a
Riverside bar and this has certainly        income is down on last year.                                                       boats. There was a great itinerary and    club. Since being numbered among us,
brought in many more members. Do                                                                                               lots to do with expert organisers.        they have participated in all aspects of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Andrew Bernstein
drop down and take advantage of this        From the Wine Committee figures I am                                                   As a “Motor Yacht Club” there are     the Club’s competitive events and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chairman, Competitions and
new idea and you can enjoy our great        pleasantly delighted to see that in-                                               obviously problems and issues we need     Brainwave’s name appears on many of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cruising Committee
facilities at the same time. Don’t forget   house bar sales with the initiatives                                               to explore and resolve so my first, and   our honours boards having achieved
although the bar shuts as normal the        mentioned above have improved in the
Riverside stays open as long as the         last few months-however the overall
Duty Officer takes responsibility for
any locking up. River bar Sunday
                                            figure is down. Hire bar income looks
                                            substantially healthier because we have
                                                                                                                                                                     Ladies’ Committee
lunches continue to be as popular as        had some very successful weddings,
ever and we see steady numbers              civil union and birthdays. The number                                              Well not too much to report in the way    refurbishments, Ru Aruga has nearly        approve it all and then we can get
attending especially when the sun           of events held has been lower with        Maggie Davies                            of Ladies’ Committee business, except     finalised the drawings and then myself     onwith the refurbishments.
shines and the world drifts by this         Room Hire income showing a drop.          Chair, Wine Committee                    we are busy preparing for Sail Past:      and Shirley Ferris ably assisted by           Obviously we will keep everyone
                                                                                                                               flowers to get ready and food to order    David Duncan-Skingle who have been         updated as we go along. Watch this
                                                                                                                               and prepare and hope that our             appointed to see it through, will then     space as they say.
                                                                                                                               Commodore has asked for lovely            get builders’ quotes and prices for
  Besides updating to attract new members, supporting the membership, and those looking for                     weather.                                  fitting out the galley and bar.            Yo Duke,
  training, we’ve also created specifically for those looking for a venue for their function.
                                                                                                                                   Our main discussions have been            It will then be presented to the       Secretary ,Ladies’ Committee
  Please take a look.
                                                                                                                               about the Riverside galley and bar        main Committee who will, we hope,

          Pa g e 6                                                                       QuarterLines Summer 2009              QuarterLines Summer 2009                                                                                 Pa g e 7

   Midsummer night’s Dream Dinner and Dance                                                                                                              Variety Club Children’s Day
   Saturday 27th June 2009                large screen. This was a more modern       a brief remedy to those stiff joints we   VThe eagerly anticipated Variety          event was also privileged to receive a         Of the 60 yrs the Variety Club has
                                          version of the original play. Perhaps      all seem to suffer.                       Club Children’s Day finally               performance by long time Variety Club      existed, the TMYC has supported their
The theme of this year’s                  fortunately the original soundtrack             The female vocalist swapped wigs     arrived on a warm summer’s day            supporter and Celebrity Chris Jarvis,      work for over 30 of those years. We are
Midsummer’s party was of course           was turned down and subtitles              half way through the evening that         on Saturday 20th June. Many               which put a smile on many faces. This      proud of this association and its days
taken from the Shakespearian              provided on the screen. During dinner      confused some elderly folk like myself    were disappointed that we                 was followed by a fantastic lunch at the   like these, which we realise, that from
play and we were invited to               music was played but it was noticeable     who thought that there were two of        unfortunately had to cancel last          main clubhouse where because we had        giving and sharing comes a genuine
attend dressed as a character             that few people could follow the           them!                                     year but in true TMYC spirit              so many people had to arrange several      and warm happiness, and the joyful
from that play.                           subtitles. It did however make an               What with the excellent food         were resolved to make this year a         large tables outside for some al fresco    memories of that day will shine on for
    Perhaps fortunately everybody         interesting backdrop to the dinner.        combined with good quality,               success.                                  dining!                                    many years to come.
elected for the alternative, which was        One of our team of chefs provided      reasonably priced wine, good musical          The event was organised and               The cruise itself was magnificent.         Thanks to Darren Parr and crew of
white tuxedos or striped blazers for      the food, which was excellent. There       accompaniment along with the              managed by Karen Shefras and Andrew       There was in the region of 300 people      the Tilbury Hope, St Johns Ambulance
the gentlemen, and the usual ball         was a choice of starter and main course    excellent company resulted in a very      Bernstein who despite busy personal       on the TMYC Flotilla and the River was     and the Police Cadets who provided
dresses for the ladies. Everybody         with a summer fruit pudding and an         satisfying evening and one that I, my     lives (congratulations to both of you!)   a wealth of activity. The Thames           valuable assistance to such a
looked well dressed and smart in their    excellent choice of cheese and coffee to   wife Linda and my two guests look         managed to organise one of the most       Salling Club had the Vintage Merlin        magnificent event.
own way and there were a variety of       follow.                                    forward to repeating shortly.             successful TMYC Variety Club days in      Open Regatta and the China Bowl-               Many Thanks to the numerous
colours both from the gentlemen and           The evening’s entertainment was a           Best wishes.                         the history of the TMYC.                  Thames A-Rater Regatta and there was       members who gave their support for
ladies.                                   new band called Shirraz. This is a trio                                                  The weather was glorious and I        a Fantastic Tudor River Pageant. This      this wonderful event and
    The event was organised by Paul       consisting of two musicians and a          Chris Turner                              believe we had a record number of         marked the 500th anniversary of King       congratulations again to Karen and
and Alex Walton who also provided a       female vocalist. The music was good                                                  guests from almost 20 different           Henry VIII’s coronation (24 June           Andrew for their integral contribution.
film of the play that was shown on the    and the dancing that followed provided                                               schools and groups for this truly         1509) with a magnificent Tudor river
                                                                                                                               wonderful day.                            pageant sailing from the Tower of          Thomas Connelly
                                                                                                                                   The deputy Major of Richmond          London along the river Thames to the
                                                                                                                               attended to show her support for such     king’s favourite surviving royal

                           Welcome Home Hog roast
                                                                                                                               a noble and worthy cause and the          residence, Hampton Court Palace.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photos from the Couples Cup
As we walked up the path towards the Clubhouse at              floor, to dance off the calories! The floor show was provided                                                                                                      Competition
the end of a beautiful sunny September day, we                 at great expense and beautifully rehearsed by that comic duo
were greeted by the sight of a large rotisserie                Braine 'n' Kane, aka Tim and Sally with encouragement and                                                                                                Left and below: Conway Star in
where the "hog" had been slowly cooking for some               interruptions from Shirley Ferris.                                                                                                                       action
                                                               This was a great way to welcome people back from their                                                                                                   Right: Judges Confering
    It set the taste buds working in anticipation and were not summer boating
to be disappointed.                                            and a big thank                                                                                                                                          Below Right: Brainwave capturing
    The Commodore welcomed everyone at the door, Peter         you to Maggie                                                                                                                                            the pile
and Lynne were in their usual place and the bar was buzzing. and company for
    Maggie gently told us off for taking 10 minutes to arrive organising
at our appointed places around the beautifully laid out        things so well.
tables, but eventually 76 people sat down to a feast!
    Barry Scarborough and his team had prepared a              Geoff Hearn
magnificent feast. The numerous salads made a great display
and along with the Roast pork, with great "crackling", we
were well satisfied. Baked apples and custard or fruit
cheesecakes and cream for pudding, with cheese and biscuits
and coffee followed -- I do not know how we all found room!
    It was good to welcome some of the new "navigation
class" members and hopefully they will join us again.
    During the meal the "Speakeasy Jazzmen" band played
bright music and this encouraged people onto the dance                                 Tim and Sally as “Braine and Kane”

          Pa g e 8                                                                       QuarterLines Autumn 2009              QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                 Pa g e 9

                                        Mrs Walker’s Diary
                                                                                                                                     only to get some exercise!        was the overall winner but       were on their way from the      without “out of hours
                                                                                                                                     Later Pat and Mary arrived        as Tim and Ann had already       Reading Music Festival to       power” and to our dismay
                                                                                                                                     on New Spirit.                    left, having work                the car parks and the railway   Whitchurch is one of them;
                                                                                                                                         Derek was soon fixing up      commitments to attend to,        station.                        so, although we made an
We, that is Brian and I, are     Director.                          above Bell Weir rather than      past and only one folding       a string of coloured lights       their medals were collected          Another thing we            early start it was well past
old friends of Mike and              All was well as we set off     to carry onto Windsor; a         chair was broken.               with the help of everyone.        by Andrew.                       couldn’t help but notice was    09.00 before we cleared the
Gaby and have cruised            on our cruise to the upper         wise decision.                       They don’t make chairs          These were to prove very          The overall team award       in all those hundreds of        lock.
together on many occasions,      reaches of the river.                  After a while Derek (Peco    like they used to!              useful when finding our way       was won by the team from         people moving along the             Our destination today
often on TMYC events; so             Unfortunately, the other       Prince) phoned to say that                                       back to our boats after the       Swan (Radcot) CC for the         towpath there was not one       was Days Lock where the
we were very pleased to be       two boats that should have         because of the delay they        Friday 28th August.             evening Hog Roast and             second year running.             policeman in sight.             moorings for our boats had
invited on the summer            left with us were delayed          had decided to moor at               An overcast start to the    following entertainment.              So much for the ‘big boat        A little further on we      been pre booked, With the
cruise.                          and would meet up with us          Laleham for the night.           day but the sun soon broke                                        theory’.                         entered “Plastic Bag Alley”,    exception of the hills around
    The very smart Briefing      later.                                                              through, although the wind      Sunday 30th August.                   The evening continued        so named by us because of       Goring the river is wide
Pack for Conway Star                 Arrival at Penton Hook         Thursday 27th August.            strength increased and              Competition Day dawned        with the Dinner Dance,           the number of plastic bags      from Mapledurham and
informed us that this was an     Lock signalled the end of “all         Following an uneventful      remained with us                and aboard Conway Star we         which as usual was well          blowing over the fence          runs in sweeping curves
“Up River Extravaganza” and      was well” as we were               cruise to Windsor in             throughout the day.             were all up at 06.00, no lie in   attended by over two             around the festival site and    through open farmland
included the itinerary: a two    informed by the lock keeper        reasonable weather our               We had moored up at         for us; an early breakfast        hundred and enjoyed by all;      into the river.                 almost as far as Wallingford
week cruise to Day’s Lock,       that a workman had severed         boats were all able to obtain    Cookham by 11.00, passing       then it was off to the 08.00      an excellent evening.                Just before we reached      where it becomes narrow
which would include the          a gas main while working on        a bank side mooring, thanks      very few boats on the move.     judges briefing for Mike,             A successful rally?          Reading Marine Services we      with many twists and turns,
ATYC Rally at Fawley             The Runneymede Hotel, and          to the effort of our Cruise          All our boats managed to    Gaby & Brian.                     Certainly; there was a good      came upon a temporary           through Benson and up to
Meadows during the August        that the river from Staines        Director.                        obtain a good bank side             This year there were only     number of boats attending,       footbridge across the river     Little Wittenham and Day’s
Bank Holiday – so, all the       was closed.                            The evening will best be     mooring, thanks again to        nine entries for the boat         but only nine competition        providing access to a huge      lock.
delights of the Rally, plus an       We cruised on to Staines       remembered for Gaby and          Mike’s continual appraisal of   handling competition.             entries.                         additional camping area for         This was the limit of our
evening at the Mill at           and moored up to await             Mike’s pre dinner                the situation.                      The two entrants from             But what does the future     festivalgoers.                  cruise up river and it was
Sonning and a lot of little      further instructions, and it       champagne reception aboard           Brainwave arrived later     TMYC being Brainwave and          hold?                                After passing through       here we were to stay for two
treats along the way, ending     was not long before Harbour        Conway Star; this started at     in the afternoon and Tim        K Ser A.                                                           Reading the reach above         days of rest and relaxation.
with a Gala Dinner on the        Lights and Avantage arrived        18.00 and finished at 23.00.     and Ann invited everyone            Throughout the morning        Monday 31st August.              Mapledurham Lock seemed             The mooring at Day’s
last evening.                    to join in the fun.                    This must surely be the      for drinks aboard their boat    several TMYC members                  Another early start and a    so remote and peaceful, and     Lock is an ideal place to have
    Mike, being Cruise               Mike kept in touch with        longest time on record for       that evening.                   arrived by car to support         grey one at that! The crews      to add to this the day was      a barbecue and this is what
Director assured us that we      the lock keeper at Bell Weir       pre dinner drinks! A great                                       their team.                       of both the boats moored         turning out be very hot         Janice and Roy had planned.
could expect fine late           and after a couple of hours        evening together but when        Saturday 29th August.               As far as I’m aware the       outside of Conway Star were      indeed.                             Unfortunately, the
summer weather,                  we were informed that the          Derek and Dorothy                    Conway Star cleared         competition went well and,        up at 8am preparing their            Our plan was to moor on     weather deteriorated and
temperatures not lower that      M25 had also been closed in        discovered that Brian and I      Cookham at 08.00 on a           apart from several boats,         boats to move so that we         the meadow at Pangbourne,       the wind increased in
22 degrees and that rain had     both directions.                   had been asked to write a        chilly but sunny morning,       including Mandy’s that were       could be away off upriver to     a place normally full; so as    strength but this did not
been banished from our               The old saying, “It’s an ill   piece on the cruise decided it   heading for Henley and the      unfortunate enough to get         continue the cruise.             we rounded the last bend it     spoil their plans.
cruising area for the whole      wind...” came to mind for          might be safer to change         ATYC Rally.                     their ropes around their              A stern departure was        was with great relief that we       We found shelter within
of the two weeks.                surely now maximum speed           their names to Fred and              We were directed to our     props, it was all over by         called for and great care was    could see that there were so    the trees and we all
    Mike said nothing about      would be called for, if only to    Jennifer! Many subjects          place on Fawley Meadows,        14.00.                            required to clear the bows of    many spaces that we could       proceeded to erect their
the wind.                        get the traffic moving again.      were discussed that evening      some boats having moorings          However, the diver in the     the two boats double banked      take our choice.                awning; this turned into a
                                     Maybe this was so, as we       from washing machines to         bank side, and others           shape of UTMYC                    behind us and to make sure           By the middle of the        competition to find out who
Wednesday 26th August.           were away after half an hour.      Parakeets and strange            alongside Yellow Rose and K     Commodore Clive Crocker           we did not run out into the      afternoon all our boats had     would be the first to
   Conway Star cleared her           We had all agreed that         droppings of black currant       Ser A, which had arrived        had a very busy time and          numerous rowers so intent,       arrived and were able to        discover how to piece
mooring at 10.00 sharp in        owing to the delay it would        coloured mess all over           earlier.                        was on the verge of               it seemed, to keep as close as   moor bank side.                 everything together without
glorious sunshine as             be preferable to moor at the       George’s boat.                       That afternoon most         hypothermia at one stage          possible to the moored               That evening there was      the instructions and, to add
predicted by our Cruise          overnight moorings just                The evening just flew        crews visited Henley town, if   according to one observer.        boats.                           another marathon ‘pre           a bit of excitement, to do so
                                                                                                                                         Before anyone realised it         Arriving at Caversham        dinner’ drinks aboard this      in what was now a gale force
                                                                                                                                     was 18.00 and time for the        Lock we came upon a              time aboard Avantage.           wind.
                                                                                                                                     judges debriefing.                column, stretching as far as                                         Eventually we succeeded
                                                                                                                                         I must say that this was      one could see, of what           Tuesday 1st September.          and even anchored the top
                                                                                                                                     very concise and                  appeared to be refugees             A sunny but windy            of the tent to adjacent posts.
                                                                                                                                     informative, quite one of the     trudging along the towpath.      morning.                            Despite the atrocious
                                                                                                                                     best I’ve attended.                   As we passed under              I believe that there are     conditions the evening was a
                                                                                                                                         Now for the important         Caversham Bridge it became       only three locks left on the    great success.
                                                                                                                                     part, the awards: Brainwave       obvious that these people        Thames below Oxford

          Pa g e 1 0                                                                          QuarterLines Autumn 2009               QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                    Pa g e 1 1

                                                                                                                                      the elusive Otter takes to the Lower thames
Wednesday 2nd                        But there was no need      space, much to our surprise;   Sunday 6th September.
September.                       for us to worry, he just       but mooring was made              A very lazy day and with      This article was published by the Environment Agency in       The return of the native comes just four months after
     A lazy morning until it     wanted to get an early start   somewhat difficult due to      Gaby resting her back while      their Riverviews magazine this summer. They have kindly       Environment Agency staff spent a day constructing two
was time to be off to lunch.     for the trip back to UTMYC;    the strength of the wind.      the rest of us had a leisurely   allowed it to be included in this QuarterLines.               otter holts as part of their Environment Leave. To help find
     Derek had agreed to use     maybe it was the thought of        After we had moored we     walk over the fields in                                                                        a suitable location for the otter holts, a detailed search was
his boat to ferry all of us to   having power and he would      heard that Peco Prince’s       pleasant sunny weather to                                                                      carried out by Debbie Cousins, the Environment Agency’s
the “Plough” at Long             be able to watch his TV,       engines were overheating;      the “Greyhound” at Eton                                                                        Conservation Officer, Chris Matcham, the Surrey Wildlife
Wittenham.                       which he had been deprived     but fortunately Derek          Wick for lunch.                                                                                Trust Otters and Rivers Project Officer, and Julie Cottrell,
     Having read a letter in a   of so far throughout the       managed to make it to the         That evening we were                                                                        the Team Leader for Waterways Operations.
recent edition of “Motor         cruise and, would you          mooring and was able to fix    invited aboard Harbour                                                                             “Until 40 years ago wild otters were found throughout
Boats Monthly” about a           believe it – having switched   the fault.                     Lights.                                                                                        Britain. By the early 1970s they had disappeared from the
member of the Chertsey           on he discovered that his          This would be the last                                                                                                    Thames region and could only be found in a handful of
Cruising club going aground      aerial would not work! By      evening we were all together   Monday 7th September.                                                                          English counties and in their strongholds in Scotland and
in the weir stream on their      the middle of the afternoon    so it was drinks aboard            Today both boats moved                                                                     Wales. Nationally, otters are beginning to make a steady
way to the “Plough” we were      we were all moored safely at   Avantage.                      down river and moored at                                                                       recovery, but progress is threatened by road deaths and a
very wary, but in true TMYC      UTMYC, and looking                                            Staines outside The Thames                                                                     loss of wild places where they can live undisturbed. It is
style navigated the stream       forward to the evening         Saturday 5th                   Hotel where we were to                                                                         fantastic to find that otters have found refuge on one of our
successfully and were soon       dinner and show at “The        September.                     attend the Gala dinner.                                                                        lock islands; it’s a clear indication that the population is
being made very welcome.         Mill at Sonning”; several         We said goodbye to              Mike, our Cruise Director                                                                  spreading”. Debbie Cousins commented.
     The wind increased          other members from TMYC        Avantage and Peco Prince as    was kept very busy making                                                                          The Surrey Wildlife Trust Otters and Rivers Project is
during our return to Day’s       and MTYC arrived by car,       they had to head back to       sure all was as it should be.                                                                  supported by the Environment Agency and aims to
Lock and no sooner had we        making it a very jolly table   their moorings ready for           The hotel staff were very                                                                  encourage otters back to Surrey rivers. This includes
all returned to our boats        at dinner.                     work on Monday.                helpful which made his job                                                                     providing these nocturnal creatures with safe places to stay
than the heavens opened up           We all thoroughly             This left Harbour Lights    easier.                                                                                        during daylight hours. These particular holts were built
and it did not stop until the    enjoyed the evening.           and Conway Star to moor at         Eighteen members sat                                                                       with a grant from The Waterways Trust to provide a
early hours of the morning,                                     Boveney Lock.                  down to a very pleasant                                                                        number of safe havens along the Lower Thames. The
putting pay to those of an       Friday 4th September.             Gaby took this              meal and the evening passed                                                                    Thames lock keepers play an important role in this, as their
energetic nature planning a          We were woken really       opportunity to do a bit of     very quickly.                                                                                  constant on-site presence means they can help to monitor
trek to the summit of            early in the morning by a      house work, but                    Now the cruise was                                                                         any otter activity in their area.
Wittenham Clumps                 local cockerel crowing, and    unfortunately put her back     almost at an end.                                                                                  These holts were made out of recycled plastic from a
                                 then later, fortunately much   out, although this is so           Brian and I were made so                                                                   special design by Chris Matcham, and so provide a long-
Thursday 3rd                     later, someone could be        easily done it is always a     welcome by all the members       Otter spraint (droppings) were recently found in the          lasting, environmentally-friendly home for one of the UK’s
September.                       heard practising on the        surprise and so                of TMYC and we would like        Thames lock island in Surrey, proving that this rare animal   best-loved animals.
    The time is 07.00, it is     drums! It again was a bright   inconvenient.                  to thank you all for making      has found its way back to the Lower Thames after many             Chris Matcham said “We hope that the work we are
fine but very windy, and         sunny morning if somewhat         In the evening Roy and      it all so enjoyable.             decades of absence. Being a top predator, the presence of     doing to improve the habitat and to create safe resting sites
George is looking through        chilly and very windy.         Janice joined us aboard                                         otters is proof of a healthy river environment, in terms of   will enable otters to re-colonise rivers where they have been
the window of our boat! To           The aim today was to       Conway Star for an evening     Elsie Walker,                    good water quality, availability of fish to eat and           absent for over forty years.”
see George up and about          moor at Marlow.                meal.                          on Conway Star                   sustainable habitats.
this early was unknown.              There was plenty of
                                                                                                    Photos: Gaby Chambers

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                                                                                                                                                                       a Brief History of the
the atYC Weekend at Henley                                                                                                                                       association of thames Yacht Clubs
The first weekend of the           papers, which, with the full    followed by the competition    moorings, sorry to be
upriver cruise was spent           English breakfast provided      results and presentations, a   leaving Henley but looking    Fifty-six years ago, three        founder Clubs to embrace        meetings for representatives   educate members and their
at Henley for the ATYC             by the caterers was a good      raffle, and excellent music    forward to the rest of what   Thames Cruiser Clubs, the         some fifty member Clubs,        of its member Clubs as well    children in the pleasures of
competition.                       start to the competition,       from Derek James that had      proved to be a wonderful      British Motor Club, The           stretching from Letchlade,      as an AGM. Two formal          boating, and especially how
    The small but                  particularly as, after a        everyone up dancing.           upriver cruise. (more on      Thames Motor Cruising             almost at the source of the     events are also held during    to behave safely and
enthusiastic core of upriver       dazzling start, the morning         After another hearty       that subject in a further     Club (now the Thames              river Thames, to the Estuary    the year: in February a        considerately on the water.
boats – Peco Prince, Harbour       became grey and misty with      breakfast in the marquee, on   article…Ed)                   Motor Yacht Club) and the         around Southend. A number       splendid Dinner and Dance,         Participating craft and
Lights and Avantage, led by        a distinct Autumnal, chill in   a day that was colder and                                    Upper Thames Motor Boat           of Clubs on the canal and       with some 200 members and      their crew, all from member
Mike and Gaby on Conway            the air.                        greyer than the previous, we   Irene Scott                   Club (now the Upper               river network around            guests attending, and during   Clubs, compete for the many
Star, met up with a strong             More TMYC members           gradually slipped our          Avantage                      Thames Motor Yacht Club),         London also came into           August Bank Holiday            trophies.
TMYC contingent who had            arrived by foot and wheel to                                                                 joined forces to campaign         membership.                     weekend the Annual Rally           The inexperienced
come to support the Club’s         cheer on Brainwave and K-                                                                    for the abolition of                  Over the years the          and Boat Handling              newcomer is especially
ATYC competition entrants,         Ser-A amongst a strong field       Some of wonderful boats that pass our Club...             individual lock charges by        Association has grown in        Competition which take         encouraged, and two cups
K-Ser-A and Brainwave.             of other clubs. Sadly and to                                                                 the Thames Conservancy.           stature. It has negotiated      place at a venue on the        are reserved for a skipper
    Henley sparkled in             everyone’s disappointment,                                                                   Thus the Association of           with the original Thames        Thames.                        and crew who have never
sunshine under blue skies          K-Ser-A who had shown                                                                        Thames Motor Boat Clubs           Conservatory and as regular         Over the years the ATYC    taken part in an ATYC
and we were able to spend          such promise caught a rope                                                                   (ATMBC) was born under            bodies changed with the         has developed a three-year     competition before.
the first afternoon sorting        around the props and had to                                                                  the Chairmanship of J R           Thames Water Authority,         pattern of excellent venues:       The whole competition is
out the moorings and               abort the competition –                                                                      “Nobby” Pearce. It was later      the National Rivers             Kingston-upon-Thames. the      made up of four or five
settling in and trekking           which left Brainwave to                                                                      to be named the Association       Authority, the Environment      West India Dock in the Port    practical tests. Each test has
across Fawley Meadows to           battle on for the Club.                                                                      of Thames Yacht Clubs             Agency, British Waterways       of London and this year at     two judges who are
stock up on vital necessities          After a relaxing                                                                         (ATYC).                           and the Port of London          Henley-on-Thames. These        experienced skippers
in the off-licence                 afternoon (well, not that                                                                        The aim of the                Authority.                      give the opportunity for all   themselves. They view the
department of Waitrose.            relaxing for the crew of                                                                     Association is to “promote            The Association is          member Clubs up and down       tests through the most
    Derek on Peco Prince           Avantage who had to bale                                                                     and to protect the interests      affiliated to the Royal         the Thames to participate in   critical eyes, watching for
rigged up some fairy lights        out water which had been                                                                     of the private boat owner”.       Yachting Association where,     a rally in their area.         not only a smart
alongside the TMYC                 running from the shower                                                                          “Nobby” Pearce remained       with its almost 900                 An important part of the   performance but for good
moorings which acted as a          straight into the bilges) we                                                                 at the helm for the               members, it plays an            Annual Rally is the Boat       and safe boat handling
welcoming beacon on the            were invited up to the                                                                       following, incredible, 34         independent yet valuable        Handling Competition,          techniques.
way back from the marquee          marquee for a de-briefing                                                                    years. He became a Thames         role, always acting on behalf   which is designed to
later that night – and             and it was with great pride                                                                  Conservator and was               of Thames yachtsmen on a        encourage safer and            The ATYC is a thriving
prevented several of us from       that TMYC learnt that Tim                                                                    awarded the OBE for his           National and International      competent use of motorised     community of Clubs, boat
falling in the little ditch that   and Ann on Brainwave had                                                                     services to the Thames.           level.                          craft from cruisers and        owners and families
can be quite tricky to spot in     won two cups for the Club –                                                                      In the following 9 years E        Today the Association of    narrow boats to dinghies.      enjoying the River Thames
the dark.                          the Mark One Thames                                                                          H “Henry” Fountain led the        Thames Yacht Clubs              ATYC does not lose sight of    to the full.
    On the Saturday evening        Trophy for coming first in                                                                   Association until he retired      continues to promote and        the need to encourage and
we enjoyed a Pimm’s                the individual awards, and                                                                   in 1991, when Mark Warner         protect the interests of the
reception followed by a hog        the City Livery Yacht Club                                                                   was elected to take his place.    members of the Clubs
roast in the marquee with a
résumé of the following
                                   Cup for coming third in the
                                   team awards.
                                                                                                                                Mark held the chair for
                                                                                                                                twelve years until his death
                                                                                                                                                                  forming the Association and
                                                                                                                                                                  strives constantly to                         Christmas
day’s programme. We were
all provided with useful
packs by MDL that included
                                       The fact that they had
                                   brought Brainwave up-river
                                   straight after their holiday
                                                                                                                                in May 2003. In October
                                                                                                                                2003 Colin Rennie was
                                                                                                                                elected as Chairman of ATYC
                                                                                                                                                                  safeguard and improve life
                                                                                                                                                                  on the Thames. It works
                                                                                                                                                                  with the River Thames
a souvenir programme,              on the east coast and had to                                                                 until his very recent death       Alliance and the River Users              I know it seems early to say this, but...
Richmond tide table and            return immediately after the                                                                 when Chris Turner was             Group, all of which share a          Please let the Editor have your message by mid-
free Motor Boat Monthly            competition made their                                                                       elected to the Chair and is       common love of the river,            November to appear in the Winter QuarterLines.
magazines.                         achievement even greater!                                                                    now the current Chairman.         and together represent all                        Pay £10 to the Hon. Sec.
    The next day we were               We returned to a packed                                                                      From its small                interests.
treated to a selection of          marquee later in the evening                                                                 beginnings, the Association           Each year the                           I know that some of you who do this,
complimentary Sunday               and had a wonderful meal,             Kevin practising his knots for the Couples Cup         grew from the original three      Association holds three open         gift the savings on cards and postage to a charity

           Pa g e 1 4                                                                      QuarterLines Autumn 2009             QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                  Pa g e 1 5
Cruising Log

Our Commodore gallantly sailed off during the summer to complete her sea cruise. She met a couple                                   stopped at were quite            but were genuinely               only one light on it and a       inside it was well sheltered. I
from New Zealand who left their home 7 years ago to sail around the world. Geoff is 75 and Pat 72.                                  interesting. We had a night      interested in where we have      series of yellow buoys that      found what I thought was a
This is their log and experience in the seas we are familiar with as TMYC cruisers.                                                 at Gouda, which of course is     been and what we were            were unlit. In the finish I      good place to tie up and
                                                                                                                                    renowned for its cheese. We      doing. They insisted that we     decided to go back a few         there were some fishermen

Hola from La Coruna
                                                                                                                                    also had a pleasant night at     share their BBQ and have a       miles and found another          offering to take our lines.
                                                                                                                                    a town called Alphen. We         drink with them. They            channel along the coast near         Unfortunately the
                                                                                                                                    tied to the bank at the South    stayed about half an hour I      Dunkirk. Because this            Harbour Master had other
                                                                                                                                    end of town and walked to        suppose and then another         channel was narrow and           ideas and came up on the
La Coruna is in North West       the wind was as usual right       concerned and said we will       trying to squeeze through       find a supermarket and an        man stopped who was              used by shipping traffic we      VHF in broken English
Spain and we have been here      in front of us.. This was nice    sort it in the morning. Next     this gap before the bridge      ATM. We needed diesel and        walking along the footpath.      had to hand steer all night.     instructing me the only
for 5 days now. The last         for a change and we had an        day the wind had dropped         closed again. Just to make it   they only take cash in           He was also very interested      Our Auto Helm wanders            place I was allowed to stop
month has been a very hard       enjoyable night at the free       and we were allocated a          really exciting there are red   Holland, which is a real pain.   and said he lived a few doors    around too much.                 was at the marina. “ Call
and busy month for us so it      visitors marina in the            proper berth, but just for       lights flashing and bells       Anyway we got our supplies       along the road and would we          In the morning the           them on channel 9”. When
is good to reach a               harbour there.                    the one night. After that we     ringing as people quietly       and returned to the boat.        like to come down and have       channel peters out and we        we got there there was a nice
destination where we don’t           The next morning we           had to leave because there       panic. I wasn’t looking         Shortly after arriving back a    a drink with him and meet        were back out into open          lady on the end of the pier
have to push ourselves any       woke to a cold and wet            was nowhere else there for       forward to our turn the         couple who lived in a high       his wife. They were sitting      water with a nice 2 knot         frantically waving us in and
more.                            morning with strong SW            us to go.                        following night but as it       rise apartment opposite          out in their garden so we        current behind us.               she and some very helpful
    As you know we wanted        winds but I was determined            As it turned out it wasn’t   happened there were only        arrived on their bikes and       had an enjoyable hour or so      Unfortunately the current        Brits. from a big launch took
to be across the Bay of          to get to Amsterdam that          a major problem because we       about 30 boats when we          had a long discussion about      with them. He had a              opposed the wind and in a        our lines. The British
Biscay by the middle of          day, so we took off out into      had had time to talk to          went through, but that was      how we had got there and         daughter living in NZ and        very short time things got       gentleman invited us back to
August because after that        the lock let us into the          others and find out the          bad enough. Once through        what we have been doing.         had lived for a number of        very rough. By 11 am we          their lovely motor yacht for
the weather can make             Markermeer which is sort of       alternatives. It was certainly   the first bridge there is a     They couldn’t believe we had     years in Russia. It was a busy   were stopped. The waves          drinks at 1800 hours. It was
crossing the Bay very            the inner Dyke and I              a very convenient marina as      string of bridges one after     come all this way in our boat    and interesting night.           were 3 meters high and           a nice welcome because we
difficult and risky. Because     presume is a back up to the       far as seeing the city, so we    the other and you have to       and they had biked over              We eventually got out        vertical. The boat just could    were feeling quite depressed.
of our late departure I          main Dyke should it ever be       made the best of our time        wait for each one so it takes   especially to talk to us. Not    into the North Sea on the        not rise over them and even          The forecast was not
reckoned that the only way       breached. It was a slow trip      there.                           about 2 hours to get to the     long after they had left a       21st July so you can see         with full throttle we were       good for three days so we
we would be able to do that      and the water was quite               The next part of our trip    other side of Amsterdam.        group of young people who        time was marching on. We         going nowhere. The wind          had a very enjoyable and
was just go as fast as we        rough but we arrived about        down the “standing mast          Once there you are on your      came past in what I would        on an outgoing tide with a       was only about 15 knots so       social time at Boulogne Sur
could and do as many             5 o’clock. Somebody had           route” involved going            own and can stop, if you can    describe as a party boat. It     15 knot NE wind. It felt         it was quite surprising. I       Mer. It is quite a big town
overnighters as the weather      suggested we go to the Six        through central Amsterdam        find a place, or keep going.    was just an old steel hull       great to get some sails up       tried to tack off but it was     with a big Carrefour
allowed. Unfortunately I         Haven Marina in                   in the middle of the night. It   We carried on until we          with an engine under a cover     and be sailing again. Two        too rough. We had a busy         supermarket less than a ten-
didn’t realise just how          Amsterdam because it is           is necessary to pass through     found a quiet tie up about      at one end and a table and       hours later the wind did a       shipping lane on one side        minute walk from the
difficult getting down           easy to find and next to the      a very busy 4-track railway      10 o’clock in the morning.      forms down the middle. Up        180 degree turn and it was       and foul ground on the           marina. It was nice getting
through the Straits of Dover     free ferry into Amsterdam         bridge that only opens for a         Getting from Amsterdam      the front was a covered          right on the nose again.         other.                           to a country that took credit
and the English Channel can      Central. Unfortunately the        few minutes once a day for       through to Vissengen via the    locker with a chilly bin             As you move down                 The only option was to       cards again and we were able
be.                              person who recommended it         boats moving in each             “standing mast route” where     inside to keep the beer cold     towards the Strait of Dover      find shelter and the nearest     to pick up a lot of local
    We reluctantly left Sneek    had not tried to get into it in   direction. This happens          you come out into the North     and in front of the engine       the channel becomes very         place I could find with an all   knowledge there. The British
in Northern Holland on the       the middle of their peak          about 2.30 in the morning.       Sea was actually quite slow     was a charcoal BBQ smoking       vague and shallow so I found     tide entrance was a French       people were a lot of fun and
11th July having completed       season with a twenty-ton          The boats pass through one       and difficult. The route goes   away merrily. There were         the best way, where possible,    town called Boulogne Sur         we made some good friends.
our trip to Helgoland and        boat and no bow thrusters.        bridge and then raft up in a     through a whole lot of big      two women and about 8            was to follow on along the       Mer about 10 miles back          They come there every year
got ourselves all legal.         We went around a sharp            sort of holding area till the    lakes joined together by        men on board and they all        edge of the shipping lane.       along the coast. It was a fast   for their annual holidays
Incidentally nobody stopped      dogleg to get into the            bridge opens. There is a         canals. The wind was SW all     waved and cheered as they        These lanes are very busy        rolly ride back but once         because they say the town
us all the way through           marina and then there was         small fee to pay to get into     the way and up to 30 knots      went past. About 10              and tend to wind all over
Holland and we probably          nowhere to go. I won’t go         this area but once in you can    at times so progress was        minutes later they came          place to get the deepest
would have got away with         into the details here but the     stay for up to 3 days so we      slow. On top of that there      back and waved again and         water.
not going, but I just wasn’t     wind was blowing and it was       were able to have another        are lots and lots of bridges    then we could see a                  We carried on through
prepared to take that risk.      a real nightmare. After           couple of days there doing       to get through and there        discussion on board as they      the night along the Belgium
We made our way down the         about an hour we finally got      more sightseeing.                were often long delays while    turned around and came           Coast and the only real
Princess Margaret Canal to       tied up along the back of the         I waited up the first        you wait for them to open.      over to us. They tied along      problem was when we nearly
the lock at Lemmer, which        fingers and against some          night we were there, to see      The rail bridges were           side and proceeded to ask        sailed right into the middle
brought us into the              poles. This successfully          the boats leaving. What a        particularly slow. A 20-mile    lots of questions about New      of a huge fish farm right on
Ijsselmeer. It was a nice sail   prevented five other boats        performance. The bridge          day was a good day and one      Zealand and where we had         dark. It went for miles and
across to Enkhuizen on the       from leaving but the              actually swings open and         day we only did 10 miles.       been. I would say they were      completely blocked my            Taken from the internet
Western Coast even though        Harbour Master didn’t seem        there were about 50 boats all    Some of the towns we            probably university students     planned route. There was

          Pa g e 1 6                                                                         QuarterLines Autumn 2009               QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                    Pa g e 1 7
                                                                                                                                                        Port of London - river thames
has the best shopping in         good sheltered fishing            front of the fire and T.V.       our belt. It paid off because                       notice to Mariners 17 of 2009
France. There were certainly     harbour just short of the              The following day was       by Sunday we were back to
some nice shops around.          Bay of Biscay if we could get     Thursday the 30th and the        20-knot plus SW winds
    Our real problem was         into it. It had a very tricky     forecast didn’t look too bad.    again. I had intended to
that the tides in that area      bar and entrance but              Still lots of fronts and         make landfall a little further
are around 10 meters. The        appeared to be well marked        depressions around but the       down the coast but decided
                                                                                                                                               SEARCH AND RESCUE RESPONSIBILITIES AND ARRANGEMENTS
prevailing wind is SW, which     with buoys and leading            winds were forecast to turn      rather than bash into seas                                FOR THE TIDAL THAMES
is the way we were heading,      lights so in we went. Pat         to the NW and light the next     any more we would spend
and we needed to move on         carefully watched out track       day, so I decided to give it a   our last night at sea with       Introduction
an out going tide which is       with a well blown up chart        go. So far, since we had left    eased sheets as we had all       This Notice serves to clarify and confirm for mariners, the Search & Rescue (SAR) co-ordination arrangements currently
against the S.W. The only        on the computer as I steered      Sneek, the only time the         these Westerly miles up our      in place in the Port of London.
way through really was to        the boat along the channel.       winds hadn’t been SW were        sleeve. We changed direction
                                                                                                                                     Thames Coastguard
move when the wind is            There were big swells and         the couple of hours when we      to port, eased sheets and
                                                                                                                                     Thames Coastguard based at Walton-on-the-Naze has responsibility for the initiation and co-ordination of all SAR
down. Also it is very shallow.   water boiling around all the      left Holland. It was quite       had a very nice smooth sail
                                                                                                                                     operations in the Thames Estuary to seaward of Holehaven Creek (Canvey Island).
    We left on the Sunday        rocks on either side. None of     unbelievable.                    into La Coruna, arriving
with a forecast for lighter      the fish farms shown on the            We left on the Friday at    here at 0900 on Monday           London Coastguard
winds on Monday. Initially it    chart were evident and the        midday with Southerly            morning. There is a brand        London Coastguard has responsibility for the initiation and coordination of all SAR operations on the River Thames up-
was very rough but we were       channel was very well             winds about 15 knots. It was     new marina again here with       river of Canvey Island.
able to make progress. By        marked.                           about 20 miles to get into       free Wi Fi. It has only been
the next morning the winds           When we arrived at the        the Bay and was initially        opened for two months. It is     RNLI Stations
were down and we were            harbour what a surprise to        rough again. Lots of currant     costing 20 Euro a night for      RNLI lifeboat stations are located at Teddington, Chiswick, Waterloo Pier (Tower), Gravesend, Southend-on-Sea,
through the Dover Strait. At     find a beautiful brand new        activity and strange water       us and as an opening special     Sheerness, Whitstable, Margate, Ramsgate, Burnham, Clacton, Walton-on-the-Naze and Harwich.
times we were motoring at 8      marina there with a big long      but after we got around the      if you stay for 2 nights you
and 9 knots and other times      visitors berth with room on       island and into the Bay          get the third one free.          VHF Communications and Alerts
                                                                                                                                     HM Coastguard maintains a continuous listening watch for distress or urgency calls on VHF Channel 16.
it was down to 1.5. Most of      it. We were made. The town        things settled down a little.    Although it is much warmer
                                                                                                                                     The Port of London Authority does not routinely maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 16 but has the ability to set
the time it was cold, raining,   was called L’Aber Wrac’h and           During the night the SW     now the weather still hasn’t
                                                                                                                                     watch on VHF Ch 16 if required.
and rough. We thought the        is really just a little fishing   wind strengthened and we         settled so we keep going
Red Sea was tough but this       town.                             had to do some big tacks         back to the office and asking    Any SAR alert on the tidal Thames should be raised via one of the following methods:
was far worse.                       Here is a bigger town         with reefed sails. It was        for another night and they       * “MAYDAY” or “PAN-PAN” or other call on Channel 16 or the appropriate London VTS port working frequency.
    We battled on for three      about a half hour walk away       again cold and raining so a      keep coming up with              * Dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguard
days and three nights. We        up the hill but we didn’t         most unpleasant night with       another deal. It is a nice old   * Distress alert on VHF DSC
could have had a break and       need anything so didn’t go        not much forward progress.       traditional Spanish City with
gone into the Channel            there. A staff member from             At daylight in the          a fort on the hill. They have    Should a distress or urgency call be transmitted on a port working frequency (Channels 14, 68 or 69) rather than VHF
Islands but I was keen to get    the marina came down and          morning the wind dropped         some wonderful old fully         Channel 16, this will be acknowledged by London VTS who will immediately notify HM Coastguard. Mariners may
it over with so we kept going    met us with a swipe machine       and turned to WNW. We had        restored little trams rattling   assume that, once a distress call has been acknowledged by London VTS, that the call will be passed to the appropriate
down through the English         so we didn’t even have to go      a great days sailing and were    around and the town has a        Coastguard centre.
Channel. At night there was      to the office to pay. It was      able to make our rum line at     nice safe feel about it.
                                                                                                                                     If the initial call is made on one of the port working frequencies, there is no requirement to repeat the call on VHF
ships everywhere so it was       24 Euro a night, which            good speed.                          It has been a real battle
                                                                                                                                     Channel 16. The casualty should maintain watch on the frequency on which the initial call is made unless directed to
all quite stressful.             included power, water, and             About a third of the way    getting here and as most of      change channels by London VTS or HM Coastguard.
    As we approached the         Wi Fi and although                across the depth goes from       you know Duetto is not a
Bay of Biscay I could see        expensive we were happy to        130 meters to 4000 meters        good windward boat. For the      If calling on VHF, mariners should be mindful of the greater likelihood of immediate local assistance being available
there was no way we could        pay it.                           and after that the big swells    next two and a half months       through the utilisation of a port working frequency particularly up-river of Crayfordness (Channel 14). For similar
carry on with the forecast           The next day was a            died off and the sea calmed      we are going to enjoy            reasons, HM Coastguard may also decide that the incident should continue to be coordinated on the port working
the way it was. We were          shocker. It rained and blew       a little. In the evening the     ourselves and only move          frequency, in which case other traffic not allocated to the incident should minimise transmissions or may be directed to
tired and needed shelter         all day and was real cold         wind came back to WSW but        when the wind is right. It is    another frequency.
again. There are not a lot of    with it. They are trying to       we were still able to make       amazing the different
places to hide along the         promote this town as a            reasonable progress              temperature here. It has         London VTS will continue to co-ordinate marine emergencies and major incidents other than SAR incidents and to mange
Brittany Coast. We could         tourist destination and there     although very tight on the       been cloudy and overcast         vessel traffic not involved in, or allocated to, a SAR incident.
have gone around the corner      were obviously lots of people     wind.                            since we got here but
to Brest but there is a strong   trying to enjoy Hobby Cat              All the experts say you     wonderfully warm.
                                                                                                                                     This Notice supersedes Section 4 of PLA Permanent Notice to Mariners P1 (2008) and the Section entitled “Search and
tidal race to go through and     sailing and sailboard sailing,    should push to keep out as                                        Rescue Responsibilities and Arrangements for the Tidal Thames” on page 14 of the PLA Tide tables, with immediate
I was not keen on going that     but in those conditions I         far West as you can so I         Geoff and Pat.                   effect.
far. After much study of the     think they would have been        concentrated in getting          S.V.Duetto
chart I reckoned there was a     much better at home in            some Westerly miles under

          Pa g e 1 8                                                                         QuarterLines Autumn 2009                QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                               Pa g e 1 9
Competition                                                                                                                                                                                    Competitions: Junior Watermanship

    the tMYC Junior Watermanship Competition
                                                                                                                             The safety of the children had been planned for and
                                                                                                                         there were numerous safety boats around but in this
                                                                                                                         instance they were not needed.                                        Competitors’ Viewpoint
4th July 2009                          Only a week before the event Maggie      Ann and Maggie as they tried to get          Other teams took more care and put up really good
                                       was desperately trying to raise the          the teams in order.                  times without having to swim.                                 We were very pleased to be       was good to have our
                                       number of entrants for the Junior            Ron, Nickie, Sam ( Samantha)             Kevin Connelly took the teams out on “High Time”. The     invited again this year to       pictures taken in a Ferrari
                                       Watermanship, at that time she only      and Phil prepared, cooked and            contestants, after some helpful instruction by Kevin’s son    TMYC’s Junior                    360 Spider!
                                       had around ten entries. I crossed my     served a lovely BBQ for the children,    Thomas, acted as crew. They coiled the lines, threw them      Watermanship Competition.            Maggie roped dad in as a
                                       fingers behind my back and               parents & grandparents.                  Thames style when mooring up and gained valuable              This has become an annual        judge, but he told us he
                                       volunteered my three grandsons,              Just as we were enjoying our         experience of practical rope work.                            event for us, which we enjoy     didn’t show favouritism and
                                       Robert, Daniel & David. The crossed      refreshments the rain started to fall.       Kevin’s & The Commodore’s boat was thankfully in one      very much. There is always a     actually marked us down –
                                       fingers must have worked because         And did it fall! Most of us crowded      piece at the end of the exercise. Having spoken to some of    barbecue, ice cream and          DAD!!!!
                                       their mum and dad agreed to bring        into the riverside bar to keep dry,      them I know that the children thoroughly enjoyed the          drinks for free, rather than         After a couple of hours
                                       them along.                              luckily half an hour later it had        experience.                                                   dad having a tab for us          of tests, the final results
 Ferrari competition attracting some
                                           Maggie’s efforts paid dividends:     passed and the sun broke through.            All too soon the contests were over and it was time for   behind the bar!                  were in and only one boy
                                       there were around 32 children, from      The weather stayed fine for the rest     Maggie and her team to work out the results. After lots of        The weather looked great     had fallen in – twice.
                                       around 4 years to fifteen years old      of the day. The sun shone and there      calculations it was time to announce the winners.             when we left Penton, so we       Fortunately it wasn’t us!
                                       there, on the day.                       was a gentle breeze to keep us cool.         The Mayor of Richmond, Celia Hodges and her husband       didn’t bother with coats,            We were warned not to
                                           The weather forecast was not so          Once the tests got under way         came along and helped present the children with their         just took our buoyancy aids.     come back to PHYC without
                                       good as might have been wished           there was something going on all         “Silver” I’m sure the Mayor had an enjoyable time, it was     Dad drove the car as we had      winning, so we have a medal
                                       (Murphy’s law at work) we’d had          over the lawn and along the              certainly good of her to give up her time attend.             to be back in the evening so     and a shield each to bring
                                       beautiful weather for the last couple    pontoons. Irene was testing rope             The smile on our Commodore’s face says it all. What a     could go by boat – maybe         home. These were presented
                                       of weeks and now that we really          throwing skills and Adrienne tying       wonderful day it had been. It was a relaxed and enjoyable     next year.                       to us by the Mayor, so we
                                       needed it, rain was forecast.            of knots. Geoff was on the pontoon       day, for the children, messing about in boats and generally       When we got there, the       are hoping the Queen will
                                           When Lynda and I arrived at          running a test of boat handling.         having a good time in the sunshine. What more could you       heavens opened, just as the      present any awards we win
                                       about 11am the club was a hive of        There was plenty to do and watch.        want? . Maggie and her helpers worked hard to make it a       Barbecue opened, so it was       next year!
                                       activity, with tests being set up on         One of the tests involved pulling    success and should be rightly proud of the result. My three   Brolleys and Burgers for a           The fun wasn’t quite
Safety Boats
                                       the pontoons and along the lawn.         a dinghy across between the              grand children can’t wait for the next occasion.              while. Maggie had said we        over though, as William and
                                       There were boat handling tests, rope     pontoons on a fixed rope, retrieving                                                                   were to start at 13:00 on the    Alex also got the Ferrari
                                       throwing, knot tying, brain teasers      the oars from the other side and         Grant Kinnaird                                                dot as the Mayor was             questions right. There prize
                                       in fact all sorts of ways in which to    rowing back. Two older lads knew                                                                       coming to present the prizes     was a drive out in it, with
                                       test the knowledge and enthusiasm        exactly how to do it, or so they         Photos:                                                       and everything had to go         owner Neil. We think the
                                       of the entrants, Neil Duke had           thought. Enthusiasm was not the          Grant Kinnaird and Mandy Want                                 like clockwork.                  smile Will had when he
                                       brought along his magnificent            key to success, and leaning far out                                                                        Not daring to disobey        returned was enjoyment and
                                       Ferrari and had set a quiz relating to   from a rubber dinghy to grab the                                                                       Maggie, the weather turned       not G-Forces!
                                       the famous marque. The two lucky         oars resulted in swift ducking for                                                                     sunny at 13:00 and we                Mum, Dad and all of us
                                       lads with the most correct answers       one.                                                                                                   started the competition.         would like to say a big
                                       were given the thrill of their lives         A ladder was quickly fetched and                                              Rope Throwing            There were 10 teams,         Thank You to TMYC for a
                                       with a ride in the gleaming super car.   the “swimmer” was helped to climb                                                 exercise             split into under 10’s and        really enjoyable day. We
                                           Children and parents surrounded      out.                                                                              and for real...      over 10’s, but somehow we        hope more PHYC children
                                                                                                                                                                                       all ended up in the over 10’s.   will go next time – it really
Dinghy Pulling and Rowing                                                                                                                                                              There were tests for First       is good fun.
                                                                                                                                                                                       aid, dinghy rowing,
                                                                                                                                                                                       anchoring, putting fenders       Edward and James
                                                                                                                                                                                       out on a big boat whilst it      Brownjohn, PHYC
                                                                                                                                                                                       was moving, shaving a
                                                                                                                                                                                       balloon, throwing a line,
                                                                                                                                                                                       tying knots, driving a
                                                                                                                                                                                       dinghy with an outboard,
                                                                                                                                                                                       memory test and a treasure
                                                                                                                                                                                       hunt. There was also a test
                                                                                                                                                                                       about Ferrari cars. We
                                                                                                                                                                                       weren’t sure what that has
                                        Ballon Shaving              Rescuing the hat                                                                                                   to do with boating but it

         Pa g e 2 0                                                                   QuarterLines Autumn 2009           QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                               Pa g e 2 1
Competitions: Junior Watermanship                                                                                       Boating

                                                       A great thank you to all         lollies, crisps, biscuits and
                                                       of the contestants for           drinks that you all managed     River Thames lock improvement
                                                       taking part.                     to consume.
The BBQ riverside
                                                       Once again a warm welcome             The organisation of this   programme           Winter 2009/10
                                                       to the Brownjohn family          event is time consuming and
                                                       from Penton Hook who             special thanks to Tim                                                                                                                 Issue one 7 August 2009
                                                       again were very successful       Barfield and his assistant
                                                       entrants and also to guests      Peter for not only setting up   Shifford                    4 January 2010 to 19 February 2010
                                                       brought by other members.        rearranging boat positions                                  Replacing the rubbing timbers on the lock walls
                                                           It was another great         but also managing to find all   Iffley                      2 November 2009 to 27 November 2009
Results                                                Junior Watermanship event        the dinghies we need,                                       New out of hours public power
                                                       and every participant took       outboards, oars, rope and
                                                                                                                        *Culham                     4 January 2010 to 26 February 2010
                                                       part with great gusto, did       then of course that awful bit
                                                                                                                                                    Widening the tail layby walkway
Age Group 10-16 years                                  extremely well and learnt a      putting everything back.                                    * Weekend passage with care by prior arrangement, call 01491 828459
1st Place and Winners of the Wilby Ondara Cup          lot. What a great idea it was         Also many thanks to Neil
    Thomas Dixon, Edward and James Brownjohn (PHYC)    to invite the Richmond           Duke for providing the          Clifton                     9 November 2009 to 11 December 2009
2nd Place                                              Mayoress to visit us and a       highlight of the day a chance                               New lock ram trench anchors
    Alex Musgrove and William Brownjohn (PHYC)         thrill for everyone to have      to see, examine and to the      Days                        9 December 2009 to 23 December 2009
3rd Place                                              her present the medals and       lucky winners of his Ferrari                                New lock ram trench anchors
    Benjamin Lodge, Daniel Whitcomb and David Lewsey   plaques.                         Competition a trip in his       Whitchurch                  11 January 2010 to 29 January 2010
4th Place                                                  A great thanks to all my     smart yellow version                                        New out of hours public power and hydraulic upgrade
    Daniel and Robert Lewsey                           helpers- too many to                  Wow said one of the
                                                       mention individually but as      winners a Ferrari fanatic‘      Blakes                      4 January 2010 to 19 February 2010
                                                                                                                                                    Refurbishing the head lock gate hollow quoins
Age Group Under 10’s                                   you know it involves judges,     the competition was good
1st Place and Winners of the Santana Cup               safety boats handlers,           but this is fab’.               Shiplake                    2 November 2009 to 26 February 2010
    Ella Reddick, Rory Kirk and Keira Killeen          exercise co-ordinators and                                                                   Replacing lock gates and lock chamber repairs
2nd Place                                              score sheet markers, boat        We shall look forward to you    Marlow                      2 November 2009 to 11 December 2009
    Nathan Baker, Cloe Calvin, Matthew and Jonathan    movers and Ron, Nicola and       all coming again next year.                                 Re-sheeting the lock gates and new out of hours public power
Gallagher                                              Phil for providing us all with
                                                                                                                        Bray                        2 November 2009 to 29 January 2010
3rd Place and winners of the Stuart- James Cup         the endless supply of            Maggie Davies, Vice
                                                                                                                                                    Replacing lock gates and lock chamber repairs
    Toby Copping, Killian Cruney and Rhiannon Haines   burgers, sausages, ice cream,    Commodore

                                                                                                                        We are also making improvements at 3 other lock sites. New facilities for boaters at Mapledurham Lock will include a
 The competitors and their medals with the                                                                              pump-out, a chemical toilet disposal facility, and a drinking water tap. We are also improving the short-stay moorings at
    Commodore Janet Connelly and the                                                                                    Abingdon Lock and the base moorings at Hurley Lock. The work is due to be complete by the end of September 2009.
          Mayor of Richmond                                                                                             These works will not affect you using the locks during the construction.

                                                                                                                        Out of hours public power
                                                                                                                        We are installing out of hours public power at the final three locks this year, this means all of our electro-hydraulic locks
                                                                                                                        will now have the facility for boaters to operate the lock using half power when the lock keeper is not available to help.
                                                                                                                        When using the out of hours public power please read the instructions displayed on the pedestals carefully. These
                                                                                                                        instructions can also be downloaded at

                                                                                                                        Keep up to date
                                                                                                                        We send our lock improvement programme to you as early as possible to help you plan your cruising over the winter.
                                                                                                                        However, this programme is subject to change - for the most up to date version, please see
                                                                                                               where you will also find the information displayed on a map.

                                                                                                                        You can get the latest river information before you go boating, call our Floodline on 0845 988 1188. When prompted
                                                                                                                        select option 1 followed by the quick dial number shown below.
                                                                                                                                 River conditions and strong stream 011131
                                                                                                                                 River works and lock closures 011132
                                                                                                                                 River events which impact navigation 011133

                                                                                                                        You can also view the current river conditions at where you can subscribe for email

          Pa g e 2 2                                                             QuarterLines Autumn 2009               QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                   Pa g e 2 3
Club Member’s Cruising

Our east Coast Cruise
                                                                                                                                 a friendly neighbour Peter       leaving. By the time we         ladybirds crawled up our legs   managed to avoid the thorns
                                                                                                                                 tried to mend the                decided to go it was 3½         whenever we stopped. Then       and nettles and get safely
                                                                                                                                 windscreen wiper (inevitably     hours after high water and      up another steep path to        back to Shotley, after a brief
                                                                                                                                 is was the one in front of the   we only just made it out of     Chelmondiston where             interlude taking shelter
The east coast- holiday         ringing the harbourmaster                                                                        helm that packed up!), in        the marina. Despite drizzle,    David’s bike got a puncture.    under a conveniently open
delight aboard New              at Ramsgate who reported                                                                         between spasmodic                a downpour outside              This was a good excuse to       garage door to escape a
Spirit (16th July to 1st        wind gusting to 35mph at                                                                         downpours.                       Harwich, an infestation of      stop at the Red Lion pub to     downpour!
August 2009)                    Ramsgate harbour -                                                                                                                hoverflies, and stopping to     mend it and have an
                                probably with heavier winds                                                                      Eventually we were able to       avoid being mown down by a      excellent lunch of steak and    Clad in all our thermals and
Thunder rolling, lightning      at North Foreland. We                                                                            take a spring tide at high-      huge passenger liner, we        real chips. A steep road led    with flame skies heralding
flashing, eyes peering into     therefore abandoned hopes                                                                        water to Bradwell following      made it safely to Shotley       down to the pretty harbour      the coming of dawn we set
the swirling waters for         of Ramsgate for the present.                                                                     new found friends Peter and      Point. By the afternoon the     at Pin Mill. After David left   off at 04:30 Friday from
debris in the high tide of a    As we turned round at Sea                                                                        Elaine on Lady Silvanna 3,       sun came out and our son        to go back to Birmingham        Shotley with lovely smooth
twilight July evening,          Reach One to go turn back                                                                        using the shortcut over the      David arrived. Shotley has      we made friends at the          seas, arriving at St Kats 5½
donning waterproofs for a       into the Medway we were hit                                                                      Buxey Sand which is okay         much less of a sociable feel    Shotley bar with a Dutch        hours later just as the lock
dash to the fly bridge to       by the full brunt of the                                                                         when you’re following            to it and unfortunately the     couple, Harry and Rose on       gates were opening! Several
lower the radar arch as we      south westerly wind and got                                                                      another boat which draws a       restaurant fell well short of   board Scheer, a very pretty     boats had come down from
approached Hammersmith          soaked as the spray blew                                                                         lot more than your own!          expectations. However on        Bermudan sloop.                 the Club and in the evening
Bridge – thus ended the first   over the flybridge.                                                                              Bradwell was again very          the Tuesday we had an                                           we all welcomed the
                                                                                      Pat and Mary Ryan
evening of New Spirit’s         Retreating hastily down                                                                          welcoming with the popular       enjoyable trip on the small     After two heavy showers on      Commodore back from
summer holiday as we then       below into the warmth and       folding bikes with us so we       time with Charles & Annie, a   Saturday night barbecue and      ferry from Shotley to           the Thursday morning we         Boulogne with refreshments
thankfully moored up at         dry of the lower helm we        made various trips to             couple of Kiwis, who were      Sunday dinner at the nearby      Harwich then Felixstowe. Be     cycled along the scenic route   on the pontoon. We enjoyed
Chelsea (despite the protests   headed for Chatham.             Gillingham (up a very steep       doing up their boat to take    Green Man. We had pleasant       warned however – the ferry      from Shotley to Harkstead       a couple of relaxing days
of the harbourmaster that       However they had a regatta,     hill), Chatham, Upchurch          down the French canals. We     cycle rides visiting the         stop at Felixstowe is on the    and Holbrook, overlooking       with walks around the City
he thought we were coming       were full up and their lock     and Lower Halstow                 enjoyed a meal with them       disused airfield, Bradwell       beach 2 miles walk from the     the River Stour. There were     to see the local markets (for
the day before and he was       had problems so we opted        (stopping at several pubs en      and swapped boating            power station and narrow         centre! We had a look           fields golden with wheat and    future reference however
having his dinner!).            for Gillingham Marina – a       route). Gillingham has an         reminiscences. Burnham has     coastal paths back to the        around Landguard Fort           barley contrasting with the     Petticoat Lane market is
                                new location for us. The        excellent Monday market           plenty to offer – a cinema,    marina – there is also a very    before our return from          green fields of potatoes and    closed on Saturdays!). At an
This year there had been        mooring was tricky, being       where we bought lots of           sports centre (but no          ancient church 4 miles away      Felixstowe – a rather wet       spinach, edged with scarlet     unusually civilised time of
question marks throughout       alongside to the pontoon        fruit.                            swimming pool), recreation     but we had seen this on a        affair as the water             poppies and mauve vetch,        the day we left St Kats on
the planning –could we get      end, but eventually we                                            ground, several pubs and       previous visit. Weather was      occasionally sprayed over       thistles and rosebay willow     the Sunday morning and
to France to join the           succeeded to hook up to the     Finally we were able to leave     restaurants,                   a mixture of sunshine and        the side and it was quite       herb. After lunch at the        had a pleasant trip back to
Commodore, or could we get      4 mooring posts.                Gillingham but again hopes        supermarkets/shops, a good     showers with strong winds.       choppy.                         Compasses in Holbrook we        Hampton Court for drinks at
to Holland or round the                                         of crossing the Channel (or       fish stall (Thursdays to                                                                        went to visit the marina at     the club and then back to
south coast? We didn’t know     We thoroughly enjoyed our       even getting to Ramsgate)         Saturdays) and chandleries.    Monday dawned wet and            On the Tuesday our son          Wolverstone on the River        our moorings at Shepperton.
at the time that we wouldn’t    stay at Gillingham Marina.      receded, as the wind was too      Again high winds kept us in    grey and it was very             David, Pat and I cycled over    Orwell and found a winding
be able to do any of these,     Folk in the bar were very       strong, so we took the easier     Burnham for 4 days but we      tempting to jump back into       to Churchend up very steep      narrow root-crossed             Perhaps we will make it
but we did have a delightful    hospitable and we made          option of Burnham on              enjoyed cycle rides to         bed. However the offshore        hills then via the bumpy        footpath to Pin Mill,           across the Channel next year
time all the same. Thus, just   friends with a couple Gerry     Crouch. Again we made             Creeksea Place and             winds were forecast as being     footpath to the shore of the    definitely not designed for     but I must say that it was
Pat and I headed off on a       and his wife Billie             friends in the local bar – this   Southminster while Pat and     low so we decided to risk        River Orwell, where             cyclists! However we            good to holiday in Essex,
Thursday evening down the       (affectionately known as the                                                                                                                                                                      and England has plenty to
Thames in New Spirit.           ‘cans’!). As the weather                                                                                                                                                                          offer. I did manage to take a
                                forecasts were for strong                                                                                                                                                                         more active role in
All started smoothly with       winds we were stuck there                                                                                                                                                                         navigation this time which
favourable wind and tide.       for 4 days but Billie & Gerry                                                                                                                                                                     made it more interesting so
London VTS had difficulty       took us for an excursion to                                                                                                                                                                       all David Boote’s and Neil
hearing us however as we        Upnor Castle. This was                                                                                                                                                                            Duke’s efforts on Day
approached the barrier and      followed by lunch at a local                                                                                                                                                                      Skipper and Yacht Master
it seemed there might be a      pub (good except for the                                                                                                                                                                          courses were definitely
problem with the new aerial     wasps) and they also gave us                                                                                                                                                                      worth it in the end!
that had been fitted. As we     lots of useful tips on local
headed into the estuary the     places of interest (they                                                                                                                                                                          Mary Ryan
wind suddenly picked up.        actually swim in parts of the
                                                                                    The ferry from Shotley                                                               Just a sunset...
Pat took the precaution of      Medway). We had our

          Pa g e 2 4                                                                       QuarterLines Autumn 2009              QuarterLines Autumn 2009                                                                                  Pa g e 2 5
Club Member’s Cruising

        along the Wey with
                                                                                                                                especially after passing Byfleet, with    for building the specially designed Wey     River Wey.
                                                                                                                                the river valley becoming unspoilt by     barges, and there is one on show there.

             L’amour                                                                                                             Just beyond Byfleet, we passed the
                                                                                                                                                                          We moored L’Amour for the night at
                                                                                                                                                                          Dapdune and returned home for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      David Fear

                                                                                                                                house where John Donne, the               night, courtesy of SW Trains. The next      PS Broom owners are not advised to
In 1651 an Act of Parliament was          and done a lot of                                                                     romantic poet lived from 1600-1604 –      day we arrived back for the trip up the     try this trip – 6ft 4” headroom at
passed to make the river Wey              rebuild and restoration                                                               “For whom the bell tolls – it tolls for   Godalming canal to the end of the           Broadford and not much more than 3ft
navigable from Guildford down to the      work since he retrieved                                                               thee…” was one of his most famous         Navigation. The river flows right           depth in places
Thames. The first of England’s            her from Totnes 2 years                                                               lines – later immortalised by Ernest      through the centre of Guildford,
waterways was working by 1653, and        ago.                                                                                  Hemingway.                                providing new perspectives on the
carried cargo until 1969. The cost was                                                                                                                                    town. The stretch up to Godalming is
way over budget, at £16,000 including     “Have you ever been up                                                                The Wey is an incredible slice of         very unspoilt and beautiful with views
wharves. In 1764, the extension to        the Wey?” I asked David                                                               England – it seemed impossible that       of the river valley and Guildford castle.
Godalming was achieved at a further       one summer evening –                       separated from the lock by the road        we could be only 20 miles from            We could not get past Farncombe Lock
cost of £7800. After a chequered          his negative reply led to our expedition   into Weybridge town. We met our first      London – especially when the creature     on this trip owing to a fallen tree, so
history of ownership, the Stevens         on the week of the August bank             reluctant paddle gears and realised        swimming across the river in front of     gave up and returned to Dapdune for
family managed and owned the Wey          holiday – our passage plan was             that physical effort was needed to         us turned out to be a 2ft long grass      the night.
waterway from 1840 until 1964, when       Weybridge to Godalming and back over       wind the locks on this river. We learnt    snake. They are very capable
they donated it to the National Trust.    a 3-day period. We bought a 7-day          later that grease is no longer used on     swimmers. We also discovered the          The next day skipper David was
The Godalming extension followed it                                                                                             large number of mills that were           summoned for domestic duties, so
in 1968, to complete a jewel for the             We were lulled into a false sense of security when the                         powered by the Wey in its agro-           friend Hilary signed on as a deckhand
benefit of the public.                        charming staff at Thames Lock opened the gates for us –                           industrial past. Almost every lock had    – and also brought some very good
                                              those were the last gates that we did not work ourselves!                         a mill nearby for grinding grain grown    sandwiches! We had another go at
A year ago my neighbour David                                                                                                   in the rich farmland that surrounds       reaching Godalming and succeeded!
Cherrett wandered into my garden to                                                                                             the river.                                The end of the navigation is a low
ask if he could moor his vintage motor    licence at the NT’s Thames Lock and        the cogs because it pollutes the water –                                             brick bridge with very small arches. We           John Donne’s house 1600
boat on my bank. This began my            were loaned 2 winding handles for the      so winding is hard work!                   As we approached Guildford and            dared not go further! So we returned
acquaintance with both him and            paddle sluices. We were lulled into a                                                 arrived at Dapdune wharf, we learned      to Dapdune, moored for the night and
L’Amour. She is 22 ft long with a beam    false sense of security when the           The sun had begun to shine as we           about the Gunpowder trade – a nearby      drove home.
of 8ft 3”, and built of African           charming staff at Thames Lock opened       cruised up to the picturesque Coxes        factory was a major supplier of
mahogany planks on oak and elm            the gates for us – those were the last     Lock with its “Go-Down flats”              gunpowder to the Royal Navy.              We rejoined L’Amour the next day and
framing. L’Amour was designed by a        gates that we did not work ourselves!      converted from the earlier flour mill      Experience found that it was safer to     headed back to Shepperton. Bank
Mr R Warington Smyth, built by                                                       and listened to a woman in a dressing      transport the gunpowder by water that     Holiday weekend made the journey
Falmouth Boat Builders and christened     We motored gently up the river to the      gown holding forth to her neighbours       to risk the roads. There was only one     slow owing to traffic through the locks,
a Sea Rover “suitable for the             Weybridge Town lock – within sight of      from her flat’s balcony. History does      case of a barge being blown to            but it was nowhere near as bad as on
enjoyment of estuaries and rivers”. She   the Church spire - and decided that the    not record what it was all about,          smithereens by its cargo. Dapdune is      the roads, we were told. We finally
was built in 1950 and exhibited at the    burgee mast must come off before           because it was coffee time on L’Amour.     less than a mile from the centre of       made landfall at Desborough Creek at
Festival of Britain in 1951. David has    proceeding under the bridge. The lock      We chugged up the river, gradually         Guildford, and is the National trust      18.00 hrs after a fascinating voyage
fitted a new Nanni Engine & gearbox       is unusual because the lay-by is           leaving traffic and towns behind,          waterway HQ. It was also the shipyard     back into the watery history of the             L’Amour at the End of the Nav

    Skipper David in Thames Lock                 L’Amour gets under Wey                   The Iron Bargee of Guildford               Unfriendly Signs at Manor Inn              The End of the Navigation                          Hilary keeps fit!

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Forthcoming events

Commodore’s Programme
                                                                        October to December 2009

October                                                            Sunday         8th     Connelly Café

   Saturday         3rd   Sail Past Briefing                       Saturday     14th      End of Season Ball
   Sunday           4th   Sail Past                                Friday       20th      Topkapi Supper Night
   Saturday        10th   St. Trinian’s Dinner & Dance             Saturday      21st     Club Night
   Sunday          11th   Connelly Café                            Sunday       22nd      Boating Clinic & Connelly Café
                                                                                                                                                 Mike Chambers
   Friday          16th   Around Big Ben Supper Night              Saturday     28th      Lady Astor Quiz Night                       Dip Mar Surv (YS) MCMI MABSE MIIMS
   Saturday        17th   Club Night                               Sunday       29th      Connelly Café                                                  * * *
                                                                                                                                         Qualified Independent Surveyor
   Sunday          18th   Connelly Café                        December                                                                    and Boat Safety Examiner
   Saturday        24th   Club Night                               Saturday       5th     Cabaret – Vice & Rears’ Evening
                                                                                                                                 All types of marine surveys undertaken using
   Sunday          25th   Connelly Café                            Sunday         6th     Connelly Café                                 ultra sonic and moisture meters
   Saturday        31st   Halloween Dinner & Dance                 Saturday     12th      Deck the Halls                                     Boat Safety Examinations
November                                                           Sunday       13th      Children’s Christmas party                  Tele: 01483729846 Mob: 07787550125
   Sunday           1st   Connelly Café                            Saturday     19th      Miracle on 34th Street                              email
                                                                                          Christmas Party                                                 * * *
   Friday           6th   Reach for the Sky Supper
                                                                                                                                   Member of the Association of Boat Safety Examiners
   Saturday         7th   Club Night                               Thursday      31st     New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance           Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying

 The full programme when available can
    be found online at the Club web site
                                                                                        RIVER BAR HOURS
                                                                             The building can remain open Saturday          Insurance Scheme for
                                                                             and Sunday afternoons, and be used after
                                                                             the bar has closed provided a responsible
                                                                             officer is present to lock up.
                                                                                                                            Thames Motor Yacht
                                 Remember this from the last Issue? Well
                                                                                                                            Club Members
                                 a few of you suggested some more                                                           Cheers Insurance Brokers in Hampton Hill offer special boat insurance terms for members
                                 appropriate captions...                                                                    of the TMYC through Lloyds Underwriters.
                                                                                                                            Boat insurance benefits:
                                 “Hello Mum – I’ve been”
                                                                                                                            G  Up to 25% No Claims Discount
                                 Sally Kane
                                                                                                                            G  All risks plain language wording
                                 “Hello Mum. The ExLax worked”                                                              G  Cruising on the non tidal waters on the UK
                                 Sally Kane                                                                                 G  Access to other inland navigational systems plus 30 days coastal use.
                                                                                                                            G  Third party liability limit £3,000,000
                                 “’Ello? Can I arrange a lift and a bottom                                                  G  Optional legal expenses cover
                                 scrape”                                                                                    G  Personal accident £10,000
                                                                                                                            G  Medical expenses £500
                                 “It seems I’m stuck on the loo. Can you
                                 help?”                                                                                     Cheers’ are celebrating 50 years in business and endeavor to provide competitive insurance
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                                 “Can you bring some loo paper?”                     just been presented with a framed
                                                                                     effigy from his many TMYC friends
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