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									APWU — PHOENIX METRO AREA LOCAL                                                                                                                AUGUST 2006

                          AIDED BY YOUR LOCAL’S TECHNOLOGY                                                                                        Mark Rowe, President

                          Your Local, Phoenix               members from LIUNA to join APWU. Technically, and legally, the term for
                          Metro APWU, has made              such an overture to membership in our Union to Mail Handlers is called
                          great efforts to utilize          "raiding”. Having opted out of the AFL-CIO, LIUNA and any of its
                          available advances in             subsidiaries, no longer have protection under the AFL-CIO bylaws (article 20)
                          technology to help your           which prohibits one AFL-CIO Union from raiding one another.
                          steward force help you.                  I don't much care for the terminology "raiding”, but that's what it’s
                          An example is the                 called. LIUNA and some Mail Handler officers will consider it a hostile
Steward Chat Forum.                                                                  takeover attempt by the APWU. The Mail Handler
This is an open forum                                                                membership will be inundated by their Union with
for stewards to share         Management would absolutely hate it! Mail              reasons why they should not sign authorization cards
problems, opinions,                                                                  for the APWU. The APWU will need to gather at least
                             Processing facilities all staffed with employees
and solutions. Through                                                               30% of Mail Handler member signatures to hold an
this venue, stewards            represented by one Union, imagine the                election for Mail Handlers to vote whether or not to join
also have free access to    potential strength we could show if we needed            the APWU. This will be no easy task. But, in
me, your Local’s                   to mobilize on issues affecting us.               accordance with the APWU National Constitution,
President.                                                                           which clearly states we believe in the principles of and
Additionally, I attempt                                                              shall strive for the formation of one Postal Union, we
to have Open Forum with stewards to discuss                 already have a decision made on what to do given this opportunity.
various issues.                                                   Recently in the Phoenix Mail Handler’s newsletter, some disparaging
       The following excerpted discussion on                remarks were made about the APWU perhaps to initiate the ‘us against them’
the APWU steward’s website bulletin board is                atmosphere within Mail Handler member ranks over jurisdictional assignments.
an example of using technology to advance                         We are all too aware of the fact that the Mail Handlers have been selected
communication between stewards. See the                     for most of the new positions created by technologically advanced mail
dialogue of sample posts on a recent topic,                 processing equipment being implemented such as APPS and the new Flat Sorter
                                                            machines. This same Mail Handler newsletter article, credits Mail Handler
Posted by (Mark) Rowe                                       Union efforts for the POSTAL SERVICES

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7-12-06 at 7:44am
      As you may already be aware, Labors
International Union of North America                           AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION
                                                               PHOENIX METRO AREA LOCAL #0093                                                         NONPROFIT
(LIUNA) the parent organization of the                                                                                                              ORGANIZATION
                                                               P.O. BOX 60190
National Postal Mail Handlers Union                            PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85082                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
(NPMHU) recently dropped out of the AFL-                       (602) 437-8173                                                                             PAID
CIO. The Mail Handlers are a small segment                                                                                                           PHOENIX, AZ
                                                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 438
of LIUNA as well as being the only Postal
division of LIUNA. Soon the APWU will have
an opportunity to invite the Mail Handler

!           NO AUGUST MEETING!
      There will be no August General
    Membership Meeting! Officers, Craft
    Directors, and many stewards will be
       attending our APWU National
    Convention. The September meeting
            will be held as usual.
2                                                                                                                             AUGUST 2006     HEATWAVE
                                                                  POTENTIAL MAIL HANDLER                                                              Continued from page 1

                                                                  DECISION to assign newly created positions to the Mail Handler craft.
                                                                            In fact, USPS assignment of jobs to Mail Handlers had absolutely nothing to do
                                                                  with any action on the part of either the APWU or the Mail Handlers Union. To call
   The official publication of the American
Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO: Phoenix Metro                      these assignments to the Mail Handler craft a Union victory is about the same as a
Area Local 3741 E. Atlanta, Phoenix, Arizona                      rooster who crows to take credit for the sun rising every morning.
85040.                                                                     Many reasons go into such decisions. However, it is likely the main reason is that
   In affiliation with the APWU National Postal
Press Association.                                                the USPS decided to assign the work to the Mail Handler craft because it is less costly
                                                                  for the USPS to assign work to a lower paid craft with fewer benefits, and a 13-year
                                                                  time span to reach its top step--instead of 9 years for APWU. Also, Mail Handlers
                                                                  allow a higher percentage of Casuals than the APWU. The truth is the APWU as the
                                                                  Largest Postal Union in the world, obtained for its members better pay and benefits
                                                                  compared to what LIUNA was able to get for their Mail Handler Craft. APWU has
                                                                  increased pay for our members $7,500 annually over the past 5 years. LIUNA can’t
                                                                  boast those numbers for the Mail Handlers.
                                                                           After our National Convention, there will be a window of opportunity period that
                                                                  the APWU can attempt to accomplish a successful raid.
                                                                           What a powerful and strategic opportunity this would provide for both Mail
                                                                  Handler employees and the APWU and its exclusively Postal Employee craft divisions.
    This publication is for the express purpose
of educating and informing members of                                       It is the opportunity of a lifetime and a giant leap toward our ultimate goal of
Phoenix Metro APWU.                                               one postal Union. United we Stand. A potent alliance with our Mail Handler co-
    Any member in good standing is permitted to                   workers would improve the bargaining clout for the workforce for both crafts.
submit articles for publication. Articles are                              We work for the same employer, for the most part side by side, and have many
included on a space available basis. Submis-
sions must include your name, signature and
                                                                                                                                             similar or shared duties.
address or pay location for verification.                         WORKING FOR GREATER STRENGTH                                               Additionally, as management
    The local reserves the right to edit all                                                                                                 has cut Mail Handler
submissions. Material containing slander or                                                                                                  positions, that work is
libel will not be accepted. Copy written material                                                                                            increasing falling to Clerks.
must be accompanied by permission to reprint
by the publisher.                                                                                                                            Most Clerks, MVS, and
    The deadline for all articles is the third                                                                                               Maintenance craft employees
Thursday of every month.                                                                                                                     are friends with Mail Handlers
    Opinions expressed are those of the writer                                                                                               as would be only natural for
and not necessarily those of Phoenix Metro
Area Local, its officers or the editor. All articles
                                                                                                                                             friendships to develop among
should be submitted to:                                                                                                                      co-workers who interact on a
                    HEATWAVE                                                                                                                 daily basis.
                   PO Box 60190                                                                                                                      So be aware that
                Phoenix, AZ 85082                                                                                                            LIUNA and some NPMHU
or e-mail the editor at:                                                                                              leaders are going to advise
                                                                  On 6-20-06 President Burrus brought together the National Directors of     their members against what
OFFICERS                                                          each APWU craft to discuss the possibility of embarking on a campaign
Mark Rowe ............................General President           to bring Mail Handler craft employees into the APWU. (Left to right, Clerk
                                                                                                                                             should be an obvious decision.
Sandra Halma ............................Vice President           Director James McCarthy, Maintenance Director, Steve Raymer, MVS           Mail Handler employees who
Mary Lou Pavoggi ....................Business Agent                                                                                          would NATURALLY realize
                                                                  Director Pritchard , William Burrus). The teleconference (shown above)
Bob McDonald....................Secretary-Treasurer
David Hernandez..........................................DIR      provided Burrus with feed back from Local Presidents across the country.
Johnny Abril ..................................Rep-at Large       Phoenix Metro President Mark Rowe was on assignment in DC and
                                                                  personally participated in this historic event and took this photograph.
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Joe Cuccinotto ................................Clerk Craft
                                                                                     Phoenix Metro Area Local APWU

Mike Isaacson ......................Maintenance Craft
Steve Auerbach ..................Motor Vehicle Craft

                                                                                             General Membership Meetings
Doug Grear ....................................Chairperson
                                                                                                    AUGUST – NO MEETING
Joyce Miguel ............................................Editor           September 20, 2006 – Wednesday at 8:30 am (stewards’ council after meeting)
Isaiah Braddock ......................Retirees Director
Roy Braunstein ....................Legislative Director                     October 21, 2006 – Saturday at 12:30 pm (stewards’ council after meeting)
Terrie Davis ......................Human Relations Dir                        November 15, 2006 – Wednesday at 7 pm (stewards’ council - 5 PM)
Sandra Clark ..................Human Relations Asst
Kwane Vedrene..................Health Plan Director                                              December 2006 – No Meeting
Martin Sanchez ................Community Services
Joe Zamenick ............Communication & Media
Freeman Stuart ......................Sergeant at Arms                                                    3741 E. Atlanta, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Danean Hammer ....................Sergeant at Arms
Terry Mattioli ..........................Sergeant at Arms                          • Certified Interpreters Provided • Members Only • Food Provided
Casey Outlaw ........................Sergeant at Arms
                                                                                    Join your fellow members — sharing in the decisions of your Local
        WEB Site:
HEATWAVE                  AUGUST 2006                                                                                                        3
THINGS      TO    WATCH OUT FOR                                                                            Sandra Halma, Executive Vice President

                      PTF                      whatsoever. Emergency assistance can           and/or class EEO action. In July of 2006
                                               save lives. Lack thereof can cost lives.       we submitted our affidavit and a hearing
                      CONVERSIONS              Tour 1 Safety Specialist Terry Mattern has     was set for August of 2006. The Union
                        Finally, after six     filed a direct appeal grievance to Step 2 on   has just been notified that the Agency will
                        years, we are          this matter. The Union is asking that a        now provide the documentation we have
                        beginning to see       replacement nurse be made available to         requested. The Union will review this
                        PTF’s converted. In    ensure that the Medical Unit is not closed     information to determine what percentage
                        May of 2006 we         in the future.                                 of our employees have been
                        saw four                                                              accommodated as opposed to the number
                        conversions. In                                                       may have been forced into disability
                        June of 2006 we        CONVEYOR BELTS – PIZZA OVENS                   retirements and whether there is a pattern?
saw five. Now we are looking for another             Two conveyor belts (in automation)
six conversions in August. Over two years      sometimes referred to as pizza ovens, have
ago our administration made PTF                been removed by management. There are          POSTAL PEOPLE/SHARED SERVICES
conversions a priority issue. Officers and     approximately 30 conveyor belts still in              Shared Services will eventually take
stewards put a lot of resources into finding   place that have not been removed. It is the    over all Personnel functions. The
ways to accomplish results. These              Union’s position that the removal of these     migration will take place in 3 phases. We
conversions took place only after 6,881        conveyor belts pose a grave safety and         will officially begin Phase I on August 28,
pages of clock rings were analyzed for         health issue for our employees. Again,         2006. Our local Personnel office will be
supportive documentation in our                Terry Mattern has filed a direct appeal        cut back to two individuals. These
maximization grievances. IT IS                 grievance to Step 2 on this matter and has     individuals will be there to answer phone
IMPORTANT FOR ALL PTF’S TO                     requested an OSHA ergonomic study,             requests and disseminate packets of
REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF                      comparing the usage of pie carts versus        information such as donated leave, regular
REMAINING IN A PAY STATUS AT ALL               conveyor belts. The Union is asking that       retirements, disability retirements,
TIMES! PTF’s, if you are offered, never go     the two belts that have been removed be        transfers, trades, reinstatements,
home early without submitting a leave slip.    returned and that the existing belts remain.   reassignments, etc. Job bidding will
Never take LWOP. We came close to                                                             continue as usual and will not be affected
                                                                                              until Phase III, which will take place in
several more conversions but not for the       APRONS     AND INSULATED       COOLERS         2007. Pre-retirement seminars will
fact that a few PTF’s went home early on              We believe that every person whose
LWOP which interrupted their six month                                                        continue but DVD’s are being developed
                                               name was on our waiting list, received an
time requirement. We will continue to                                                         to eventually replace these seminars.
                                               apron. If your name was on the waiting
monitor work hours until each and every        list and you did not receive your apron,
one of our PTF’s is converted. It is           please contact Sandra at 623-521-6039.         SHORT TERM ANNUAL LEAVE--
inhuman and unrealistic for management to      The Union is well into its budget year and     QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
believe they are getting the best work         has 250 additional aprons on order. This       Q: What is the appropriate notification of
ethic possible from employees who are          will be our final order. If you never          approval or disapproval of a short-term
dragging themselves into work night after      received your apron, please contact Sandra     annual leave request?
night working excessive overtime.              to have your name added to our last            A: An employee should submit in
                                               waiting list.                                  duplicate a completed 3971 to his/her
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW                                  Some of our employees are in            immediate supervisor, or acting supervisor.
ABOUT FMLA                                     uniform and would not be permitted to          The supervisor should take the necessary
      Many postal workers have a second        wear an apron. For those employees in          actions, within the required time frames
job. If you are on FMLA leave, consider        MVS, Maintenance and those who work at         and percentages allowed, and then give the
that you my be fired if you go to your         the window, we have on order those             signed duplicate back to the employee.
second job. Employees are being tracked        promised insulated coolers which are due       The mere verbal approval or denial does
and photographed, then terminated for this     to arrive the end of August.                   not constitute action taken on a leave
practice. The Union has had success in                                                        request.
returning employees who have been              THE RAC – UN-REASONABLE
terminated in some instances but it could      ACCOMMODATION COMMITTEE                        Q: If management does not take action or
take a couple of years off work before                                                        give the employee the Form 3971
                                                     In October of 2005, the Union
your grievance is arbitrated.                                                                 disapproving the request for leave, is the
                                               requested the names, crafts, and status (for
                                                                                              leave considered approved?
                                               the last 3 years) of all those who have
MEDICAL UNIT                                   been required to attend a RAC meeting.         A: Yes. If management has not met the
                                                                                              criteria for taking action within the
      Recently, the Medical Unit onT-1 at      Management failed to provide this
                                                                                              guidelines and deadlines set forth in the
the Plant was closed due to the night nurse    documentation. My oh my. Wonder why?
                                                                                              Submission of Short Annual Leave and no
being on vacation. On another occasion,        After several attempts, The Local filed a
                                                                                              3971 is given back to the employee
the Medical Unit door was locked while         National Labor Board charge for failure to
                                                                                              approving or disapproving the leave, then
the nurse sat on the other side of the door    provide this information. By October of
                                                                                              the leave is considered approved.
catching up on her paperwork! It is the        2006, the respondent was still refusing to

position of this Union that the Medical        provide the Union this relevant                                      continued on page 7
Unit should not be closed for any reason       information necessary to file a grievance
4                                                                                              AUGUST 2006         HEATWAVE
POTENTIAL MAIL HANDLER                                                                                                     Continued from page 2

the bargaining strength that could be          Discuss this issue and work together. Let’s     hold a position on the Arizona AFL-CIO
achieved to the benefit of all Postal          make History!                                   Executive Council so I get to hear about
workers may instead get caught up in                                                           these disputes, and make no doubt about it,
some non-unifying rhetoric.                    Reply: TDavis                                   Unions fight each other for members when
       I wonder if management would                                                            they are not bound by the AFL-CIO
prefer a successful APWU raid of the Mail      Rio Salado 7-16-06 at 10:37pm                   constitution. LIUNA is more likely to go
                                                    Is it possible for you to list the pros
Handler craft? I doubt it! Or do you think                                                     after the steelworkers or something of that
                                               and cons to this venture?
they might prefer both Union spend                                                             nature than APWU members. They should
dwindling recourses fighting each other                                                        figure that it would be too costly and not
and remain not at all united? Divide and       Response: Rowe 7-20-06, 5:50pm                  likely that APWU members would join
conquer comes to mind.                                Besides the obvious strength in          them. However if/when we go after the
       Let’s counter any negative message      numbers rational, "united we stand -            Mail Handlers LIUNA will fight us like
intended to divide our co-workers in the       divided we fall". The Mail Handlers would       hell. The APWU National Executive Board
Mail Handler craft from the common             belong to a Postal Union rather than a          is having a special meeting during the
sense benefits a united, larger, stronger      construction Union. They receive a              convention to discuss strategy with local
Union with Mail Handlers, Clerk,               national LIUNA tabloid and you have to          Presidents. I will advise you all after that
Maintenance and MVS craft employees.           get to around page 15 before they mention       meeting. What do you think? Is it a
United we Stand!                               anything about the Postal Service or Mail       worthwhile goal to spend time and money
       Make friends with Mail Handlers         Handler issues. Management would                on or do you think the Mail Handlers will
near you. You have a lot in common.            absolutely hate it! Mail Processing             reject us overwhelmingly?
                                               facilities all staffed with employees
                                               represented by one Union, imagine the           Reply: Gerhart 7-24-06 4:41 pm

!         FYI...
                                Terrie Davis
                                               potential strength we could show if we
                                               needed to mobilize on issues affecting us.
                                               The combination of the talents that the
                                               Mail Handler Union has with the talents of
                                                                                                      In the limited conversations I have
                                                                                               with Mail Handlers one thing is agreed
                                                                                               upon. They want to join us against
                                                                                               Management. The big question is will the
                                               APWU would enhance overall                      higher-ups in the Mail Handler Union be
 Remove excess weight ~ Did you                effectiveness for employees in all crafts.      willing to downgrade their positions?
 know that keeping unnecessary items in        The Mail Handler has a very talented and        Probably not, and therein lies the problem.
 your vehicle, especially heavy ones can       experienced Union leadership and                Too many leaders at the helm unwilling to
 save you up to six cents a gallon. Heavy      steward’s force. I don't want to debate the     give up their posts. Wouldn't the Mail
 items, especially an additional 100           issue with Mail Handler’s at this time,         Handler brass become Craft Directors
 pounds can reduce you MPG by up to 2%.        there will be National APWU information         instead of Presidents? and so on. I believe
                                               later, and there will be plenty of              that a lot of the guys on the floor may be
 Observe the speed limit ~ Gas                 information provided at the National            all for it. Did I hear it only takes a 40%
 mileage usually decreases rapidly at          Convention. I just want to lay some             vote by the mail handler membership to
 speeds above 60 mph. Each 5 mph               positive ground work at a grassroots level.     merge?
 you drive over 60 mph is like paying          Be and make friends with Mail Handler
 an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas.       employees to facilitate future objectives.
                                                                                               Reply: Rowe 7-25-06 1:30 pm
                                                                                                     It takes 30% of mail handlers, cross-
 Use the Recommended Grade of                  Reply: 7-20-06 From Erick at the                country to sign authorization cards. If we
 Motor Oil ~ Using the manufacture's           NVDDC                                           receive 30% of their signatures on the
 recommended grade of motor oil is                    If this is the case of being able to     authorization cards we will have an
 key. For example, using 10W-30                gain members for the APWU because they          election where all Mail Handler members
 motor oil in an engine designed to use        are no longer affiliated with the AFLCIO.       country wide will vote yes or no to joining
 5W-30 can lower your gas mileage by           What keeps the LIUNA affiliated Unions          the APWU.
 1-2%. Using 5W-30 in an engine                from going after the AFLCIO Unions and
 designed for 5W-20 can lower your gas         gaining members. This is truly a sad day                The APWU will continue to blaze
 mileage by 1-1.5%. Be sure that the           when Unions are cutting each others              new trails toward providing your stewards
 container says "energy conserving" and        throats. I guess the reality of survival of      with the tools to do a better job serving
 contains friction-reducing additives for      the fittest is finally here for Unions.          you. As your President, I will continue to
 best results.                                                                                  do my best to keep you informed of the
                                                                                                important issues that affect your livelihood.
 Keep your car properly tuned ~
                                               Reply: Rowe 7-24-06                                     As always I can be contacted via
                                                      We are not looking to cut throats. We     e-mail: and due
 By insuring that your car is properly
                                               believe or should believe that all employees     to several missing messages that have been
 tuned, you can improve your gas
                                               would be better off if the Mail Handlers         brought to my attention I now have a line
 mileage by an average of 4%. Making
                                               became APWU members. And yes the non-            with an answering machine directly to me
 sure faulty oxygen sensors are in good
                                               affiliated Unions usually start raiding after    so I can be sure to get back to you if you
 working order can improve your
                                               they drop out of the AFL-CIO. I have seen        leave a message. President Rowe office
 mileage by as much as 40%.
                                               no success in the several instances that this    phone # 602 437 0331.
                                               has been attempted in Arizona. I currently
HEATWAVE                    AUGUST 2006                                                                                                             5
A PIECE        OF   HISTORY – INTERVIEW                   WITH      BARBRA HANSEN, RETIREE                             Mary Lou Pavoggi, Business Agent

                         Barbra Hansen                   With her husband she started working               Barbara described postal pay in those
                         started working at       at the Long Island Division in Hicksville,         days, “Before the Walkout we made $1.27 _
                         the Post Office in       New York a Sectional Center Facility.              an hour, and a postal employee with a
                         West Chazy, New          Barbara stated, “In March of 1970, I was           spouse and 2 children qualified for welfare.
                         York as a substitute     working tour 1 and around midnight our             A lot of employees had 2 jobs. There was
                         part-time flexible in    Union Officers came in and said, “that’s it” –     no overtime pay. After the Walkout we
                         1968. She used to        we all walked off the job. Brooklyn, New           made $3.39 an hour.”
                         go down into town in     York was the first to walk out, then Long                 After the strike, Barbra worked for the
                         Plattsburg, and as the   Island, New Jersey, San Francisco and              first woman supervisor in Long Island and
                         PNN Central              Chicago. We all walked out and froze our           one of the first black supervisors, Gene
                         Railroad came            toosh off. After the 2nd or 3rd day, they          Dowling.
through town, she’d use a big harpoon type        called in the National Guard to work the                  When she was pregnant with her son
hook to get the canvas mail bag off the           mail. We saw Mo Biller and other officers          in 1971, she was fired and the Union got her
train, then she’d ride her bike back to the       amongst the ranks. Once we didn’t see the          job back for an illegal firing. In 1981,
Postmasters house, and they’d sort the mail       officers because the FBI was after them. The       management withheld her step increase after
on his porch. In the summer, Barbara              walkout lasted for 8 days. The government          having her last child because of too much
would get Mr. Mustard (a Palomino horse)          came down on the radio and television and          LWOP from her maternity leave – the
ready she’d ride him up Lyons Mountain to         threatened that they were going to pull their      Union got back all the loss of pay and her
put mail in the mailboxes along the road.         FCC licenses if they continued to report the       step increase.
Mr. Mustard knew where he was going;              strike. Then only the newspapers kept                     “We delivered mail in the morning
Barbara didn’t have to direct him.                everyone abreast of what was going on.”            and the afternoon.”

UNION ACTIVISM BRINGS REWARDS                                                                                         Steve Auerbach, MVS Craft Director

                                   mvs craft report
                         A lot of people have     protect the process as if nothing is done                Since we’re still in Summer I again
                         asked why would          then we would start seeing the beginning           want to remind everyone to drink a lot of
                         anyone want to be a      of a past practice. There are also a lot of        fluids as this summer seems to be
                         Steward or a Union       issues pursued that benefit the members.           heading into the record books as one heck
                         representative, and      Unfortunately most members only see a              of a hot one.
                         there is no simple       little of what is happening and don’t
                         nor single answer.       realize that a steward or Union Official           In Union Solidarity,
                         Over the years, I        puts in a lot of time if they want to do a
                         have been asked and      good job. Again the incentive is the good

                         have asked others        feeling knowing that you have done a
                         why would anyone
want to do it. For me, it’s a multiple of
                                                  positive action.
                                                          One of the problems I have found                         PICNIC
reasons. I believe in what Unions are all         from talking to others in the field of
about. It’s the joining of employees getting      representation is that there are times when          We will be participating in a
to make a better environment for everyone-        some people that have been represented
-being part of something that is attempting       don’t achieve what they have strived to get.             shared event picnic on
to make a better work place. Helping others       An example could be that the grievance is
for most people is rewarding, and yes there       denied all the way through the process or             September 4th (Labor Day),
is a great deal of satisfaction of knowing        the fact what they have perceived to be a              at Kiwanis park in Tempe,
that you are part of a positive action. I         grievance is in fact not one. Some of those
would prefer to be part of the process rather     then get angry at the Union or the                     AZ, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.
than sitting on the sidelines watching. I can     Representative. Hopefully everyone
only guess that it’s a strong part of my          realizes that it’s all part of life. As a parent    See the flyer elsewhere in this
character.                                        of four grown children, I have always               issue and watch for more info
       Some that may say the Union spends         explained to my kids that it’s not always
a lot of time helping those that may              fair, as it’s not designed to be fair. It was       or ask your
actually be guilty of what they have been         always explained that we live in a country
charged with. That may be true, that we do        that has rules and laws that have to be
represent people that are guilty. We do it        followed regardless if they like them or
for a few reasons such as we have to as           not. I’ve also always explained if you don’t
there is the responsibility of Duty of Fair       like the rules and laws then do something
Representation. Also, we will do it to            to change them. That’s the American Way.
6                                                                                                       AUGUST 2006            HEATWAVE
MEMBER SERVICES “CORNER”                                                                                              Terrie M. Davis, Human Relations Director

                          We would like to          assistance of any kind.                              E. Whaples, a clerk in P/L 351 from the
                          acknowledge our                  We also have a member that has                GMF, retired on June 30th, 2006 with over
                          members that are                               welcomed home their             17yrs of service, Sanford O. Culver, a
                          going through a                                      first child. We           tractor trailer operator from P/L 052, retired
                          tough time in their                                   would like to say        on June 30th , 2006 with over 13 yrs of
                          lives, due to the                                     congratulations          service, Michael E. Jones, a self serve tech
                          loss of a loved one.                                to member Matt             from P/L 034, retired on June 30th, 2006,
                          These members                            Dominguez for the birth of            Charlotte A. Meyer, a sales assoc from
                          are: Felipe               his first child (a baby girl). We want to            P/L 014, retired on June 23rd, 2006 and
(Skeeter) Mandurraga from P/L 207 from              say “Welcome” to our littlest union                  Ernest S. Pena, a clerk from the North
Rio Salado, lost his mother, Michael and            member.                                              East station, P/L 016, also retired on June
Benjamin Abril, also from P/L 207 from                     Our local would like to take a                30th , 2006 with over 34 yrs
Rio Salado, lost their sister. Joyce Miguel,        moment to recognize our members that are             of service. To you all we
T-3 GMF lost her brother. Bill Parker and           retiring from the Postal Service, as a               would like to say
Claire Patterson lost their son. We would           member of the APWU. These members are:               "congratulations" and
like to send our prayers and condolences to         Norma E. Burgett, a custodian in P/L 032,            much happiness form
you and your family. Please contact us at           from the Cactus Station,retired on June              many years
the APWU office if you need any                     30th, 2006 with over 23 yrs. of service, Sue         to come.

                                                 TOTAL DENTAL/UNIVEST NOTIFICATION
  The executive board has authorized the local to compensate any member who can substantiate their loss to this dental plan. The local has agreed to pay
       up to $70.00 to any member who submits a claim, and provides documentation. All claims must be submitted to Sec/Treasurer Bob McDonald
                     no later than September 1, 2006. Bob can be reached @ (602)437-8173 office or E-Mail to

DEALING WITH ABUSIVE TEMPORARY SUPERVISORS                                                                                                         Bob Tomkus
Recently at the GMF on Tour 3 the hostile work environment                       running around with radios.” He replied, “They are trained, why
just got a lot more hostile. There are temporary supervisors                     do you say they are untrained?” I said, “If they had been
(204b) who apparently believe it to be appropriate to be running                 trained, they would know how to talk to people. Coming to my
around the plant and screaming at the clerks. I could fill this                  machine and screaming at me things that I already know doesn’t
newsletter recounting many of these incidents, but will just                     accomplish anything. It would be more appropriate for her to
mention one that happened to me.                                                 ask “Is there a machine problem here? Are you getting a lot of
       I was working on the C row operating a Delivery Barcode                   jams? Do you need an E.T.?” I finished by saying, “Those are
Sorting Machine (DB) that was using the 852/853 sort plan. We                    the appropriate things that she should have asked.”
had some slick, barely machine- able mail to run. If you fed the                        This type of thing is happening far too often. This
machine with a handful of the mail at a time, the machine would                  screaming and threats to take employees into the office for a
sort it (this is what most supervisors will tell you to do rather                discussion are just attempts to bully and abuse the clerks. Here
than reject it as not machineable mail). I was running this mail                 is my advice to you: Don’t let them intimidate you. You are
when I got a jam near the front of the machine. My co-worker                     working and doing your job. If they approach you and scream
was sweeping the mail toward the other end of the machine, so I                  at you to work faster, all you have to say is “I’m doing the best
went to clear the jam. I was coming back to the feeder when a                    that I can.” At that point ask for a Union steward. Start to file
204b showed up at my machine. The 204b commenced to                              grievances over this abusive conduct. If your co-worker was
scream at me by saying “You need to keep this machine                            present during the incident, get a piece of paper, and
running!” I replied “I know.” This 204b continued the rant by                    immediately write down everything that was said. Ask your co-
saying, “We’ve got a lot of mail, you need to keep this ledge                    worker to sign a statement that he witnessed the incident.
loaded and running!” I again replied, “I know.” My response                             Our union is only as strong as we make it. If your co-
only served to make her even angrier. When she finally stopped                   worker asks you to sign a witness statement, don’t hesitate to do
to breathe and I could get a few words in, I told her that I had a               so. Someday you might need that person to sign a witness
jam and that was why the machine was off and that I had just                     statement for you. We need to support each other. The bottom
cleared the jam when she arrived at my machine. I then                           line and the thing to remember is, if you are doing your job,
commenced to load my ledge and start the machine. She turned                     they can’t discipline you. If management misrepresents the
and spoke with an expeditor. While she was still standing at my                  situation and attempts to discipline you, we all need to support
machine, it jammed again. I told her, “I’ve got another jam.”                    each other and clearly state the truth in these witness statements.
She replied “Robert, you keep smarting off and I’ll take you                     So have courage, be strong, and support your co-worker, just as
into the office for a discussion!” I replied “Go Ahead.” She                     you would want them to support you.
soon thereafter replaced me with another clerk on the machine.                          Bob Tomkus is an automation clerk on Tour 3 at the GMF
       I later complained to her MDO about her inappropriate                     and a Chief Warrant Officer in the Arizona Army National
behavior. I finished the discussion by stating to him, “You                      Guard and a former teacher.
know, it’s not my fault that you have untrained supervisors
HEATWAVE                   AUGUST 2006                                                                                                     7
MANAGEMENT MUST ADHERE TO FMLA GUIDELINES                                                                            Doug Grear, FMLA Specialist

This is the fifth in a series of informational articles about your              • A notice if you are required to submit to fitness-for-
rights and obligations under the Family Medical Leave Act.                        duty medical certification before being allowed to
Next months article will cover the most frequently asked                          return to work.
question about FMLA.                                                            • A notice about your restoration rights for the same or
                                                                                  an equivalent position.
      This article is about MANAGEMENT’S OBLIGATIONS:
                                                                             4. If you fulfill management’s written request for
       Management must post a notice in every postal facility                   documentation by submitting complete medical
that informs employees about their rights under FMLA. The                       certification of the covered condition that is signed by
form must remain posted at all times.                                           the health care provider, management may not request
                                                                                additional medical information. If management has
      Upon being made aware that your absence is due to an                      further questions, a health care provider representing
FMLA condition (yours or a family member’s), management                         the USPS may contact your provider only with your
must:                                                                           permission, and only to clarify or complete the
                                                                                documentation you previously submitted.
      1. Notify you whether you are eligible before you begin
         using FMLA leave. For example, you must have a                      5. If management questions the adequacy of your medical
         total of one year of employment with the Postal service                certification even though you have submitted a
         to be eligible for protection under the FMLA, and you                  complete certification, it is limited to referring you to a
         must have worked 1250 hours in the 12-month period                     USPS-designated physician for a second opinion. (No
         preceding your absence.                                                additional information may be required form you and
                                                                                your supervisor or manager may not contact your
      2. Provide you with a written notice of your rights and                   physician.
         obligations that describes in details all the rules for
         using FMLA leave (currently, Publication 71).                        You should follow all instructions from your supervisor
                                                                       and provide all the information requested. If management fails
      3. Provide you in writing:                                       to fulfill its obligations or violates your rights under FMLA, you
         • A list of management’s obligations and its specific         should contact your union representative or nearest Department
           expectations for you, including any request it makes        of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.
           to you for medical documentation and any                           Family and medical leave should not be abused.
           consequences to you for failure to meet these               Absences that do not qualify under the law should be covered
           obligations. If a supervisor simply notes “medical          by the normal USPS leave policy.
           documentation requests” on the Form 3971 you fill                  If you have any questions regarding this months article or
           and returns it to you, that satisfies management’s          need any question answered about previous articles please feel
           responsibility to notify you that you are required to       free to contact me anytime.
           provide medical documentation to prove you qualify
           for FMLA leave.                                                   GMF – 602-225-3499
         • A notice that the leave you claim will be counted                 Cell – 623-694-9237
           against your 12-week FMLA entitlement.                            E-mail –
           (Management may inform you about this orally, but it

           must confirm this to you in writing no later than the
           following payday.) Managemen may fulfill this
           obligation by simply noting that you are using FMLA                PHOENIX METRO WEBSITE
           leave on Form3971 and returning a copy to you.
         • A notice that the use of paid leave for the absence                   Be sure to visit our Local’s website at
           will be in accordance with current leave policies and    Our website, created
           the collective bargaining agreement.                              and maintained by Webmaster Joe Zamenick,
         • A notice of any requirement that you will need to                Chief Steward at West Valley, provides a wealth
           make premium payments to maintain health and other               of information, tools, pictures, forms and is just
           benefits, and the procedures for making such                               darned good. Visit it today!

THINGS       TO    WATCH OUT FOR                                                                                         Continued from page 3

Q: If an employee submits for non-choice leave less than 10 days before the date the leave is to commence, should the leave request be
automatically denied?
A: No. Management should establish no blanket policy to automatically deny choice leave requests that are not submitted at least 10
days in advance. If operationally feasible, the supervisor should approve the leave request.
8                                                                                      AUGUST 2006         HEATWAVE
I    M P O R TA N T           D   AT E S      OVERTIME, ABOLISHMENTS                   AND LEAVE         —
                                              THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES
AUGUST                                                                                                   Joe Cuccinotto, Clerk Craft Director
11 Payday
    Birthday - Alex Haley (writer)
                                                 clerk craft report
15 Heatwave articles due for September               Attention all clerks represented by the Phoenix LMOU. September 1, 2006 is
                                              the day to begin submitting annual leave requests for short term leave for the first
    Anniversary - Woodstock                   three weeks in December, the month of January, and the first two weeks in February.
25 Payday                                     The leave percentage for this period is five (5) percent in a section. Those requests
26 Women’s Equality Day                       for leave submitted between September 1st and September 15th will be acted upon
                                              by seniority and awarded by September 30th. Any submissions after September 15th
                                              will be acted upon on a first come first serve basis.

SEPTEMBER                                     NATIONAL CONVENTION
                                                    Our 18th Biennial APWU National Convention will be held in Philadelphia this
2     COLA takes effect (provided the July    year. The dates for the convention are Monday August 14th through Friday August
      CPI is released by Aug. 18)             18th. There are craft specific conferences held on the weekend prior to those dates as
                                              well as numerous workshops being held the Saturday afterwards. Many of your
 4 Labor Day                                  Local Officers, stewards as well as delegates will be unavailable to you during those
      Multi-Union Picnic - Come And Join Us   time periods. We will have stewards available to assist you with your grievances
                                              while we are away on business. This convention is of paramount importance as our
 8 Payday                                     National Officers will be entering into negotiations for a new collective bargaining
15 Heatwave Articles Due                      agreement with the USPS. We hope to get many resolutions passed so our National
                                              Officers will be better able to represent our wants and desires.
17-30 OTDL 4th Qtr. Sign Up
20 Membership Meeting 8:30 am, Wed,           ABOLISHMENTS
      (stewards council after meeting)               More job abolishments taking place at the West Valley DDC due to the loss of
                                              one of the SPBS several months ago. There are now three APPS machines up and
22 Native American Day                        running with only one SPBS remaining. How long will the final SPBS remain
      First Day of Autumn                     operational? It is safe to assume that it will be operational at least through the
                                              Christmas mailing season. There are still casual employees working in the manual
      Autumnal Equinox                        distribution areas and rest assured, your stewards have been filing grievances and we
22 Payday                                     are asking for manual bid positions at the WVLDC. We have also been filing
23 Rosh Hashanah (begins at sundown)          grievances on the Mail Handlers working in the spyder side by side with our clerks.
                                              We take the position that it is our work and always has been our work.
24 Ramadan
                                              CONGRATS     AND   THANKS     TO   T-3 NEW STEWARDS
                                                     The overtime issues on Tour 3 in automation continue. Our members are
                                              mandated on a sixth day as well as being made to work beyond eight (8) hours in a
OCTOBER                                       workday. The ODL is not being maximized up to twelve (12) hours on any given
 1     Yom Kippur                             day that there are mandates. Again, we have numerous grievances in the system and
                                              your stewards continue to document the overtime and send the figures to me so that I
 6     Payday                                 can add them to active grievances already in the system. The manual overtime
 9     Columbus Day                           grievances are also being filed and updated regularly. I would like to acknowledge
                                              the stewards on Tour 3 at the GMF. Most of them are relatively new and they had to
15     Heatwave Articles Due                  step up in somewhat difficult circumstances. I say thank you and keep up the good
21     Membership Meeting 12:30 pm, Sat.,     work. Our membership appreciates all that you do for them.
       (stewards council after meeting)
20     Payday                                  HELP YOUR FELLOW CRAFT WORKER —
31     Halloween                               DONATE LEAVE
                                               Mary Smith T-3 at the GMF, is off work due to an injury and surgery. Mary has
                                               exhausted her leave and is approved for donated annual leave. You may use PS
                                               Form 3970-D to request to donate a designated amount of your annual leave to
                                               Mary or to others who have been approved to accept donated leave. You may
                                               contact your Union Steward, your supervisor or personnel for more information.
 HEATWAVE                          AUGUST 2006                                                                                                             9
FMLA COORDINATOR SPEAKS                                        TO     STEWARD COUNCIL                                             Joyce Miguel, Former Steward

At the July Steward Council meeting, USPS FMLA Coordinator                              and surgery. His employer (not USPS) completed all his
spoke on FMLA issues. The purported objective would be to                               paperwork for him. Everything was approved without a hitch.
clear up various problems workers have trying to get FMLA                               And astonishing as it must sound, he did not even have a
approval and to help Stewards be more knowledgeable in                                  factfinding or get disciplined for getting injured.
helping members with FMLA. While the idea is noble, and I am                                   • The FMLA coordinator also repeatedly spoke against
sure the intent was good, and probably some questions got                               cookie cutter FMLA—referring to the forms and standard
honest answers, overall I couldn’t help questioning some of the                         answers our Local has developed in order to get our members’
coordinator’s explanations and responses to stewards’ questions.                        FMLA approved. For someone so intent on getting employee
       • The coordinator repeatedly stated how his objective                            FMLA approved, it seemed odd for him to speak against a
was to help the employee get approved FMLA. I find it                                   method that is clearly working, especially since FMLA notices
difficult to believe it could be so hard since he is the one who                        certainly use a cookie cutter form.
approves it.                                                                                   To paraphrase the Bard, someone doth protest too much,
       • Most of us do not even know anyone else working for                            methinks.
an employer other than USPS who even has to apply for
FMLA—nevermind jump through hoops and have repeated,

costly visits to the doctor.
       • Any of us who have dealt with doctors regarding our
own or members’ FMLA know just mentioning USPS to                                       NOT GETTING YOUR
healthcare providers elicits disparaging remark about USPS.
Most healthcare providers find USPS treatment of FMLA to be
unfair, disrespectful, punitive and foolish.                                            We have had some glitches with our mailing list in the last
       • My significant other recently had an off the job injury                        several months. We work with a mailer and occasionally
                                                                                        there are mixups on address changes. If you are not getting
                                                                                        your Heatwave, be sure the Local has your correct address
CONGRATULATIONS                                                                         and name. The Post Office does not share address and
                                                                                        name changes with the Union.

                                                                                        DENTAL AND VISION CARE ARE COMING!
                                                                                                                                 Brad Braddock, Retiree Director

                                                                                        OPM announced that it has awarded contracts to 10 companies
                                                                                        to provide Dental and Vision to Federal Employees and retirees.
                                                                                        OPM which oversees benefits for Federal Employees and
                                                                                        retirees selected Met Life, GEHA, United Concordia, ETHA,
                                                                                        GHI, Comp. Benefits & Triple-S for Dental and Vision
                                                                                        Coverage; and BCBS Vision and Specteara for Vision coverage.
                                                                                        Supplemental insurance will be voluntary and will not include
                                                                                        any subsidy from the Government. The Federal work force will
                                                                                        be leveraged in negotiations with contractors, but has not yet
Phoenix Metro Scholarship Winners for 2006 are pictured with Maurice Sadowsky for
                                                                                        negotiated benefits, rates or contract terms. Information will be
whom the Scholarship is named. From left Alyssa Conti, Maurice, Charika Leshay Curry,   available starting November 10, 2006 at the beginning of Open
and Karen Ho. Our fourth scholarship winner Vincent Fevola, was not able to be at the   Season for Federal Health Insurance.
meeting. Back row: Mark Rowe, Mary Lou Pavoggi, Bob McDonald and Johnny Abril.

HELP WANTED!!!                                                                                                                Bob McDonald, Secretary/Treasurer

In the past several months, our monthly edition of the HeatWave has been through several changes. The newsletter is a vital tool in
communicating with our members, however like most “good things” it does not come without a significant cost. To produce and
distribute the HeatWave, it costs approximately $30,000 per year. Our intent earlier this year was to allow a private company
“Newsguide” to produce the newsletter at “zero” cost to the local by allowing advertisements to pay the way. Unfortunately, this
arrangement did not work out. However, we did discover that many of our members did like the advertising.
       We are contemplating running our own advertisements, to do so, we need members with marketing and or graphic design
experience to assist in this endeavor. The local is willing to pay LWOP for these duties. If you have experience and want to assist please
contact Bob McDonald @ or call (602) 437-8173.
10                                                                                                   AUGUST 2006          HEATWAVE

                                     COPA DRAWING—
                                    YOUR CHANCE TO WIN BIG
                                 Two ways to win—buy enough tickets to get drawn for one of the great prizes, OR sell
                                enough tickets to win as a top seller. Either way, send the form along with your check for
                               the number of tickets you wish to purchase in to the office to get tickets to enter or to sell.
                              Call Bob McDonald at 602-437-8173 with questions. It’s your future.

                                  APWU COPA drawing at the October General membership Meeting
                                              Tickets $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00

                        Name: ________________________________________                           1st $500.00 Cash
                      Address: ________________________________________                          2nd $400.00 Home Depot
                     City, State Zip ______________________________________                      3rd $200.00 Cash
                    Tel #_____-_____-_____ Work Location___________________                      4th $100.00 Cash

              Separate contest for the top two people who sell the most tickets. 1st place seller $100.00 gift card
             Home Depot. 2nd place seller $50.00 gift card Home Depot. Make checks out to COPA, P.O Box 26447
            Phoenix AZ. 85068-6447
                         Sellers Name ____________________________________________


 President Mark Rowe addresses the membership at the
 July meeting. From left Steve Auerbach, Joe Cuccinotto, Sandra Halma,
 Mark Rowe, Mary Lou Pavoggi, Bob McDonald, Johnny Abril.
HEATWAVE          AUGUST 2006                                                                               11

                                                                          HOW  WOULD YOU FEEL
                                                                          IF YOUR CAR GOT
                                                                                                       Joyce Miguel
                 COME AND JOIN US …
                                                                          At a recent safety meeting at the
  IT’S PICNIC TIME!!                                                      GMF, the supervisor read a safety talk
                                                                          that asked how you would feel if you
                                                                          saved up for a whole year, bought a
                                                                          new car, stopped at the store on the
          WHERE:                  KIWANIS PARK IN TEMPE, AZ.
                                                                          way home and your brand new car
          WHEN:                   SEPTEMBER 4TH (LABOR DAY)               was stolen. The talk went on to say
          *TIME:                  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM                      that is how you should feel if you
                                                                          make an error at work such as put
                                                                          mail in the wrong place or use an
  This year is going to be something special. Our local has joined        incorrect label. These comments
  with the AFL-CIO and other supporting unions to participate in          elicited a great deal of laughter from
  a combined picnic on Labor Day. Our theme is “Working to                the crew. One can understand any
  Raise the Minimum Wage in Arizona”. I don’t know how                    company wishing to motivate its
                                                                          employees. But, please, insulting our
  many of us realize that the minimum wage has been set at                intelligence is not the way to do it.
  $5.15 an hour and has not been changed in the last ten years.
  For those of use that don’t work at that set wage, it’s difficult
  for us to fathom how it is to maintain a household and other
  unforeseen emergencies with that type of income. So we (as a            OKAY      ALL YOU
  union) will be supporting this issue at the picnic.
                                                                                GREAT COOKS !
  Also the picnic this year is FREE!! Yes free, so bring your
                                                                          Our COPA committee is still working
  spouse and family members so they can enjoy themselves                  on putting together a cookbook made
  together with us and our other union brothers and sisters. I            up of all the recipes submitted by our
  believe that the menu will be hamburgers and hotdogs with a             union members. We know many of
                                                                          you have delicious and terrific
  few extras sides. I will be sure to fill you in on those later. But I   recipes. This is your opportunity to
  do know that it will be an all you can eat affair.                      help out a great cause and to show off
                                                                          your culinary skill. Mail in recipes for
                                                                          your favorite concoctions to P.O. Box
  There will be lots of fun and games for the young and old alike.        26447, Phoenix, AZ 85068-6447 or
  There will be music and various other performers to entertain           fax to 602-437-2070.
  the adults, along with a few community speakers that will be
  running for public offices there to speak to our members on
  issues of concern.

  We would like for all of our members to come out, relax and
  enjoy themselves. We are really looking forward to seeing you

  * If there are any changes made from the above information, we will
  notify the membership as soon as possible.
12                                                  AUGUST 2006   HEATWAVE

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