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									                            Conference Registration Help:

Using downloadable form from BIAOH’s website:

1. Click on “registrant form” to download the fill-in PDF. Once you’ve made your selections,
save the document as a PDF. If you have trouble saving your document as a PDF, go to print
and select “PDF” under options for type of printer. This will also save your document as a PDF.

2. After the document is saved, send via email to

3. If you’re still having trouble saving the fill-in PDF, you do not have the correct Adobe
requirements. Print your document and fax it to: 614-481-7103.

Registering online through our event page:

1. Please fill out all fields when using the online registration page. Be sure to make a selection
under “order,” as your registration will not complete without choosing a day that you will be

2. Once you have made your conference selections, you will see three payment options: Credit
Card, Mail in Check/Money Order, and Scholarship Request. Please select one. Scholarship
and Check/Money will allow you to be registered at a later date (upon receiving payment (with
check or money order) or if scholarship is awarded). Whichever payment method is chosen,
please select “Yes” to complete your order.

3. If a credit card order was selected, you will be directed to Paypal’s website. You may
choose to use your Paypal account (if you have one and wish to do so) or you may simply click
the small “continue” button on the left side under “Don’t have a paypal account?” This will allow
you to pay with a credit card through Paypal’s website without having a Paypal account.

Still having trouble with your fill-in PDF document or online registration? Please contact
Nicole Kirch at 614-481-7100. If you have questions regarding scholarship requests,
please contact Larry Buhrow at 614-481-7100.

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