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					                                          HEART OF DIXIE
                                           HORSE LOVERS
                                         CLUB NEWSLETTER
Vol. 13, Issue 1, June 15, 2010                                  For the meeting, we were also joined by guests
Editor:, 478-451-7999                     Wayne and Kim Self and their adult children, and
                                                                 by Dawn, Amber, and Christian Willis. The
                                                                 minutes and treasurer’s reports for May were
Highlights of June 12 Ride,                                      approved. Members talked about rides they had
                                                                 been to recently and about upcoming club events.
Meeting, and Potluck
                                                                 After dinner we were treated to a feast of grilled
It was a hot day topping out at 97 degrees. But                  pork chops, ham, chili, autumn salad, homemade
what a great day for swimming with your horse in                 potato salad, veggie casserole, watermelon,
the cool waters of the Ocmulgee River! Nine riders,              blackberry cobbler, and icebox lemon pie. The food
shown below, rode out at 10 a.m.                                 just keeps getting better. Don’t miss the next

                                                                 Upcoming Events

                                                                     7/10/10: HODHLC Regular Meeting, Trail
                                                                     Ride, Potluck Dinner. At Trotters Ridge. Free
                                                                     parking. Ride out with group at 10 a.m., or come
                                                                     whenever and ride as you please. Meeting at 5
                                                                     p.m., dinner immediately after. For information,
                                                                     contact Pratt Stanley at 478-214-2126.
                                                                     7/31/10: FLOAT TRIP. Join Pratt Stanley for a
                                                                     float trip down the Ocmulgee River from Wise
                                                                     Creek to Ocmulgee Bluff. This is not an
                                                                     HODHLC-sponsored event. Meet at Pratt’s
                                                                     Saddle Horse Campground on Smith Mill Rd. at
At the swimming hole, from left to right, Pratt Stanley, Selby       10:30 a.m. with your tube and a PFD. Free
Stanley, Randy Brown, guests Yvonne and Kay Lynn from                parking. For more info, call Pratt at 478-214-2126.
Zebulon, Carol Collins, Alice Farrar, and Susan Wolthuis. In         8/3/10: Regular meeting of the club at Golden
the foreground, Copper, our Aussie trail guide. Photo by             Coral on Presidential Parkway. Meeting at 7:30.
Robert Collins.                                                      Come early to eat and enjoy fellowship with our
From Trotters Ridge we rode north to Falls Creek,                    8/12-8/15/10: Weekend camping and trail
then took the trail to the right back up the forest                  ride at Jake’s/Bull Mountain near
boundary line, and back to the swimming hole for                     Dahlonega,GA. For more information, contact
one more drink before heading back to Trotters                       Alice Farrar at 478-451-7999.
Ridge for lunch. Later, Kneff Shultz joined us for a                 8/21/10: Trail ride, lunch, pond fishing at
trip to the swimming hole with our horses for a                      Alice and Charles Farrar’s farm, Wind in the
refreshing swim before the meeting. We found Kim                     Pines, in Gray. Ride out at 10 a.m. For more
and Jeff Tilley there ahead of us.                                   information, call Alice at 478-451-7999.
Bald eagle sighting on the                                 discovered through reports or discovery during
                                                           survey flights.
Ocmulgee River Trails by Alice Farrar
                                                           “We return to the known sites, investigate
While fishing on the Ocmulgee River recently,              promising reports, and look for new nests in
HODHLC member Robert Collins and his son,                  good habitat along the way,” Ozier said. Ozier
Keith, were dazzled by the sighting of a bald eagle        is still waiting for a final number this year after
above the river. Robert’s encounter inspired me to         the last round of nest checks in March.
research the presence of bald eagles in Georgia. I
learned that there have been sightings in north            “I suspect the number of known nests this year
Macon, the Ocmulgee River, Lake Sinclair, Lake             to be 115-120. There were 114 two years ago,
Oconee, and throughout Georgia.                            112 last season, and only 49 10 years ago,” he
                                                           said. Over his 20 years of surveys he has seen
                          This bald eagle was
                                                           Georgia’s bald eagles soar from fewer than 10
                          photographed soaring
                          over a farm pond in
                                                           pairs to the current numbers. A recent flight
                          Louisville, Georgia.             along Georgia’s coast confirmed 41 occupied
                                                           territories this year, compared with 39 last
                          Reed Bingham State Park          year.
                          in Norman Park, GA, a
                          few miles off I-75 near          Bald eagles are no longer on the federal
                          Moultrie, is an excellent        endangered species list because populations
                          place to view nesting bald       have recovered throughout the nation, with the
                          eagles. The rangers will         exception of the desert Southwest. Georgia still
                          give you a guided tour.          lists the species as “threatened.” Ozier said
                          Contact the park at 229-
                                                           that conservation of bald eagles and other rare
                          896-3551. Overnight
                          camping is available.
                                                           species and habitats gets no state funding. The
                                                           Nongame Conservation Section has to raise
                                                           funds through license plate sales, a state
The information below is taken from a 3/22/09              income tax checkoff, and its annual Weekend
article by Curtis Compton in the Atlanta Journal           for Wildlife fund-raiser.
and Constitution
                                                           ABOUT BALD EAGLES
For a while in the 1970s, it looked like the only
place Georgians might spot a bald eagle was                    Adults can weigh 14 pounds, with 8-foot
in an Audubon book. The majestic birds were                    wingspans.
near extinction in the continental United States,              Eagles mate for life. They normally use the
and for several years there were no signs of                   same nest, adding to it each year.
nesting in the state. DDT contamination was                    Pairs lay one to three eggs by December. The
believed to be the cause of their dwindling                    young fledge in 3 months and are on their own in
numbers. A ban on the pesticide in 1973                        about 4.
helped to put the bald eagle on the comeback                   Bald eagles live up to 25 years in the wild.
trail.                                                         Fish are a staple. Eagles also eat turtles, snakes,
                                                               rabbits, waterfowl, and other small animals.
Jim Ozier, a program manager with the
Georgia Wildlife Resources Division Nongame                NOTE: Georgians who see a bald eagle nest, or
Conservation Section, began surveying nests                two or more eagles together, can contact the
in 1988 and has data back to 1978 when                     Georgia Wildlife Resources Division Nongame
nesting activity was discovered again.                     Conservation Section office in Forsyth, 478-994-
Locations of all known nests are kept, and new             1438. They want your information!
locations are added to the list as they are

Thank you for your 2010-11                          Horseman's Swap Shop
Membership Renewal!
                                                    Sadly having to sell 11 year old Reg.
Robert and Carol Collins, Macon                     TWH gelding. Beautiful, large, black horse.
Alice and Charles Farrar, Gray                      Gentle but spirited! Comes with custom made Dakota
Nick and Debbie Gadd, Gray                          black saddle with red suede seat & matching tack.
Dorinda and David Hennings, Macon                   $2,800. Call Rhonda @ 478-960-1010.
Michael and Susan Hilton, Warner Robins
Don and Jenny King, Gray                            Flashy leopard appaloosa for sale:
Janet Logan, Hawkinsville                           15 years old, 15 hands, beautiful mover, beautiful
Katie Maddox, Gray                                  mover, nice trail horse, will make nice English
Judith Malone, Warner Robins                        horse. Very spirited. Not suitable for beginning
Bill Shimer, Juliette                               riders. Asking $1,500. Contact Janelle Calhoun at
Kneff Shultz, Knoxville                             478-986-0355.
Mary Sikes, Macon
Pratt Stanley and Beverly Stanley, Lizella
Bruce and Celia Tamker, Byron                       PRICE REDUCED to $1.1 M! Horse
Jerry and Connie Thomas, Macon                      lover’s Dream Home and Land for Sale:
Kim and Jeff Tilley, Roberta                        20 acres with one of the best homes and land in
Amber Willis, Macon                                 Macon; all less than 3 miles from I-475! Please go to
                                           for more information, or call
                                                    Rhonda at 478-960-1010.
Just a reminder, if your name is listed here,
your membership is due for renewal….
                                                    Saddle Horse Campground : Now open at
Anderson, Robert & Shelby                           2560 Smith Mill Rd. across from the Ocmulgee
Babbitt, Ken                                        Bluff Equestrian Trailhead. Camping/parking fees
Baldwin, Janis and Wayne                            are $10.00 per night or $150.00 per year. Come ride
Barrientes, Louie                                   the Oconee National Forest River Trail System. For
Bellflower, Angie
Brown, Clarissa
                                                    more information, call Pratt Stanley at 478-973-
Brown, Randy                                        9909.
Calhoun, Janelle
Coley, Victoria                                     Equus Club Boarding Stable: Full board,
Dees, Cliff
Dees, Mattison                                      12 x 12 stalls, feed, hay 2x daily, worming program,
Dunne, Aimee                                        pasture turnout, hot and cold wash rack, clean
Evans, Michael and Kaye                             restroom, access to National Forest. Call Mary
Harrelson, Jessica                                  West at (478) 986-4796.
Hencely, Janet
Hilton, Debbi
Kilburn, Bob and Pat
Lewis, Christy and Colby
Morton, Janet
Neal, Bill
Palmonari, John
Pierce, Joe and Evelyn
Newsome, Wayne and Susan
Rankin, Blaine
Shepard, Roy                                        Wanted! Your newsletter articles!
Spears, Jeff
                                                    We’d like to publish your contribution! The cutoff for
Thigpen, Rhonda
Thompson, Rose                                      articles each month is the 10th. Please send them to
Timberlake, Ansley                                  Alice Farrar at or 227 Old
West, Mary                                          Fortville Rd., Gray, GA 31032. Thank you!
Heart of Dixie Horse Lovers Club Membership Form (Membership runs June 1 through May 31)
Check the type of membership you’re applying for:
   Family: $25.00; you, spouse, and children under 18
   Single Membership: $15.00; anyone 18 years or older
   Youth Membership: $5.00; parents are non-members

I and/ or my family want to become members of the Heart of Dixie Horse Lovers Club. . Enclosed are my membership dues
of $_________________

Your Name: _____________________________________                      Spouse’s Name: ______________________________
Address: _____________________________________________City: ________________ State: ___ Zip:___________
Email : _______________________________________Phone H:___________________C:_________________
Children’s names and ages: _________________________________________________________________________
Horses owned, number and type: ______________________________________________________________________
Interests: _______________________________________________________________
Under Georgia law an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a
participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 4 of the
official code of Georgia annotated.

Non-Member Parents must sign for Youth Members
Name: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________
Name: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________

Check to indicate your permission to list the above data in the club directory: Yes ___ No ____ if “yes”, does this include:
Phone number: Yes ___ No ___; Email Address: Yes ___ No ___ (This directory goes out to our members only.) May
we send you the newsletter via email? Yes ___ No, I want a hard copy ___

Mail to: HODHLC, P.O. Box 28102, Macon, GA 31221

A. Farrar, Newsletter Editor
227 Old Fortville Rd.
Gray, GA 31032


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