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									                 Card Personalization and Mailing Systems

Matica Americas is your source for complete card personalization and mailing systems. We are
Our Mission

committed to providing end-user and dealer/distributor customers with quality hardware,
software, service, parts, supplies and world-class customer support.

Matica Americas Overview                                          Our Offices

Matica Americas, located in Eden Prairie, MN, USA offers            6259 Bury Drive
                                                                    Eden Prairie, MN 55346
the complete range of Matica card personalization and               Phone:     952.229.8780
mailing systems and provides the same sales, service, parts,        Toll Free: 888.778.4492
supplies and customer support that have made Matica the             FAX:       952.224.5991
second largest worldwide producer of card issuing and
mailing systems.                                                  At A Glance

Matica Americas serves customers throughout the United            Card Personalization and
States, Canada and Latin America. With sales staff, systems       Mailing Systems for:
integrators, customer service, trained systems engineers
and technical support specialists located throughout the                  Debit
Americas we offer complete consultative sales with a focus                Credit

on your organization’s business needs. In addition, on-site               Membership

and depot service programs are available. We strive to                    Loyalty

provide a full service operation with a strong emphasis on                Retail

the “local” availability of equipment, software, parts,                   Insurance

supplies and technical support.                                           Government

                                                                          Service Bureaus

With over 19.4 billion cards manufactured globally in 2007                Corporate

and a forecast that this number will rise to 29.2 billion                 Healthcare

cards by 2010 there is a strong market in place for our card

personalization and mailing systems.

 6259 BURY DRIVE           EDEN PRAIRIE        MN     55346    WWW.MATICAAMERICAS.COM

 PHONE:    952.229.8780           TOLL FREE:      888.778.4492       FAX:    952.224.5991
Our Products

When high speed issuance is required, reliability and
Matica Central Issuance Systems

flexibility are the keys to success. Matica's Digicard
products meet and exceed these requirements. The
Digicard systems are completely modular, can print,
encode and emboss over 2000 card per hours and are
field upgradeable.

For service bureaus, financial institutions, advanced
Matica Mid-Range Systems

healthcare systems, large-scale retail loyalty programs
or telecommunication and telephone companies, a
centralized card issuance system is needed. Matica's
products provide mid to high level production volumes, precise
control of data management, multiple card types and, if desired, safe
and accurate card packaging.

Having a centralized card production system is only one piece
Matica Mailing Systems

of the puzzle. Matica provides the card sorting and
mailing systems that you need to get the card from
production to the ultimate user. These mailing systems
can be used as stand alone mailers or integrated into
any of the of the mid-range to high speed Matica card personalization systems.

Matica offers a variety of desktop systems to meet
Matica Desktop Card Personalization Systems

your needs quickly and securely.

When volume, cost and size are factors, Matica offers compact and reliable
embossing and thermal printing systems with the option of magnetic stripe
encoding and smart card personalization. These desktop solutions meet the
needs of medium and small service centers for instant issuance card projects.

Matica metal plate embossers are used all over the world
Matica Metal Plate Embossers

for a variety of industrial applications. With flexibility
in production and designs to meet the high productivity
requirements, Matica offers the right metal plate embossing
solution to satisfy your needs.

 6259 BURY DRIVE           EDEN PRAIRIE        MN     55346       WWW.MATICAAMERICAS.COM

 PHONE:    952.229.8780           TOLL FREE:      888.778.4492          FAX:     952.224.5991

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