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This agreement is made between the Charterer and the Charter Yacht owner with Douglass LD, Inc.
T/A acting on the owner’s behalf,
 1.       Status of the Parties. The Owner of the charter yacht certifies that he/she has full authority
and the right to appoint a representative of LGC to act as his/her representative in all matters relating
to this agreement and that he/she has granted LGC authorization to sign this Agreement and perform
any and all related services concerning this agreement on his/her behalf. The parties agree that this
Agreement is between the Charterer and the Owner of the charter yacht and any disputes or claims
that may arise regarding this Agreement shall be limited to the Charterer and the Owner.
2.        Competence. The Charterer warrants the accuracy of the sailing resume submitted to LGC.
The Charterer further warrants that he/she is experienced and competent in the handling and
operation of craft of the same general type and size chartered and is capable of assuming the
responsibilities of Captain in respect to crew control, practical knowledge of seamanship, piloting, and
Rules of the Road. The Charterer shall not delegate any of these duties to any person not equally
qualified and in any case retains sole responsibility for the yacht during the charter contract period.
3.        Delivery. The Owner agrees to deliver the yacht fully commissioned and in proper working
order, outfitted as a yacht of her size, type, and accommodations should be, with full equipment
inclusive of that required by law and fully furnished per an inventory listing available upon request.
The yacht should be seaworthy, clean, in good condition throughout, and ready for service. Should it
be impossible for the Owner to make delivery as stipulated through causes beyond his or her control,
and should such delivery not be made within twenty-four hours thereafter, and should LGC be unable
to provide a mutually satisfactory substitute yacht, then this Agreement may be canceled by the
Charterer and any money paid in advance shall be returned to him or her in full. This is the sole
recourse in this event and the parties agree that no other recourse or reimbursements are due should
said delivery not be possible. The Charterer certifies that he/she, or his/her qualified agent or
surveyor will examine the yacht before departure and will be satisfied that the yacht is seaworthy, and
properly outfitted for a yacht of her size and accommodations. A detailed inventory of equipment and
supplies will be furnished by the Owner to the Charterer at the time of delivery, and the Charterer
agrees and acknowledges by acceptance of delivery that such inventory is correct and that he/she has
inspected the yacht and has found no missing equipment or defects which were ascertainable by due
diligence. Any missing equipment shall be noted on the inventory sheet and the adjusted list shall be
presented to LGC prior to departure. If an inventory list with adjustments is not presented to LGC
then it shall be assumed that all of the standard inventory items per the inventory list are aboard.
4.         Insurance. The yacht is fully insured under a standard yacht policy subject to a deductible,
against fire, marine and collision risks and with protection and indemnification for any and all loss or
damage up to at least $1,000,000 that may occur to or be caused by the yacht during the charter
period. In case of any accident or disaster, the Charterer shall give LGC prompt notice and cooperate
fully with the Owner and insurer with regard to any loss and in full compliance with any and all U.S.
Coast Guard incidence reporting requirements. Should a loss occur through an act of the Charterer,
the standard yacht policy may not apply and the Charterer may remain liable for the full amount of
the loss. When the Security Deposit applies to an insured loss, each accident shall be treated separately
but a sequence of damages arising from the same accident shall be treated as one claim. The Charterer
is liable for any damage incurred during the course of the charter, toward which the Security Deposit
will be applied.
5.        Accidents. The Charterer bears the risk of any loss or suit resulting from his/her act or
default. The Owner agrees that should the yacht after delivery, sustain a breakdown of machinery, or
be disabled or damaged by fire, grounding, collision, or other cause so as to prevent the use of the
vessel by the Charterer for a period of not less than twenty-four hours at a time, the same not being
brought about by an act or default of the Charterer, the Owner shall make a pro rata return of hire to
the Charter for such period in excess of said twenty-four hours the yacht shall be disabled or unfit for
6.       Skin-diving/Swimming/Yacht Racing. The Owner and the insurance underwriters of the
yacht accept no responsibility or liability for accidents, injuries or death from these or related activities
whether or not equipment for these uses is provided aboard the yacht.
7.        Security Deposit/Security Damage Waiver. A charterer must leave a security deposit for
a charter vessel upon boarding vessel:
         (1) Charterers will be required to provide a security deposit equal to the chartered vessel’s
insurance deductible.
The Charterer is required to leave a security deposit by credit card authorization or certified check
before the charter commencement. Upon completion of charter, the security deposit will be refunded
in full, less the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of any lost or damaged items. An additional
refundable security deposit of $500 is required if an optional dinghy and outboard is selected. It is
further understood that the Charterer remains liable for the full amount of any damages resulting
from negligence or breach of contract. Furthermore, the charterer agrees to pay for damage in excess
of the stipulated security fee/deposit paid up to any amount not covered by insurance within fourteen
days of notification. This amount shall be applied for the repair of any damage or loss, including
marina damages or fees caused by the Charterer and not covered by insurance. In the event that said
damages cause the postponement or cancellation of any scheduled subsequent charters, the Charterer
agrees to compensate LetsGoCruising for all lost revenues during the time that said vessel is under
repairs. LGC will make every attempt to move a scheduled charter to another boat in the LGC fleet
in case of such event. The full security deposit or balance of deposit shall be refunded within 72
hours of the conclusion of charter. If there is a loss or other dispute, the deposit shall be held by LGC
until the dispute is resolved and then will be distributed according to the settlement between the
parties involved. The charterer hereby acknowledges that he or she is 100% responsible for any costs
of damage or repair not previously noted at the time of checkout during the period of time of the
bareboat charter agreement.
8.        Running Expenses. The Charterer agrees to accept the yacht delivered as herein provided
and to pay all running expenses during the term of the charter. These include, but are not limited to,
fuel, water, deck, engine and other consumable stores, piloting, port charges, pump out charges, and
provisions/supplies for the Charterer and guests.
9.        Bareboat Charter. This charter shall be at all times construed as a bareboat charter and
pursuant thereto, the Charterer shall keep the yacht in good repair and will surrender the yacht at the
termination of the charter free and clear of all indebtedness, liens or other charges of any type
whatsoever. Further it is agreed and understood that the Charterer assumes all responsibility for
injury, death, property damage or other claim of any nature that may arise during the period of the
charter or at any time when the vessel is in the custody and under the control of the Charterer, except
for claims covered by insurance as per Sections 4 and 7. The Charterer further agrees to indemnify the
Owner and LGC against any claims that may arise as aforementioned. The Charterer has full authority
and responsibility regarding the operation of the yacht for the term of the charter. The Charterer is to
be responsible for the safe navigation of the yacht and is to be full judge on whether it is reasonable
or prudent to operate at any given time having regard to the state of weather and the surrounding
10.       Liens/Repairs. The Charterer agrees to be responsible for, and to replace or make good,
any injury to the yacht, her equipment, or furnishings, caused by himself or herself, or his/her guests,
and agrees to be responsible for any loss or damage to the hull, machinery, equipment, tackle,
furniture, or the like caused during the term of the charter except as may be covered by insurance or
Security Damage Waiver for the yacht. The Charterer, his/her agent and employees have no right or
power to permit or suffer the creation of any maritime liens against the yacht, with the exception of
crew wages and salvage. The Charterer agrees to indemnify the Owner and LGC for any charges or
losses in connections therewith, including reasonable attorney’s fees for any period of time up until
they are discovered. It is hereby agreed that this liability may extend beyond the termination of this
Agreement. The Charterer is fully responsible for the consequence of any unauthorized repairs.
11.      Restricted Use. The Charterer agrees to restrict his/her cruising area to the Chesapeake
Bay, and not to extend the charter south beyond Norfolk or north into the C & D Canal. The
Charterer agrees that the yacht shall be employed exclusively as a pleasure vessel for the sole and
proper use of himself/herself and his/her guests, during the term of the charter, and shall not
transport merchandise, nor carry passengers for hire, nor engage in any trade, nor in any way violate
the laws of the United States, or any other government within whose jurisdiction the yacht may be at
any time, and shall comply with the law in all other respects. The yacht is to be at anchor, mooring, or
dock one hour prior to sunset and until one hour after sunrise. Night sailing is prohibited.
12.       Charterer’s Authority over Crew. It is mutually agreed that full authority regarding the
operation and management of the yacht is hereby transferred to the Charterer. In the event, however,
that the Charterer wishes to utilize the services of a captain furnished by the Owner or by the
Charterer, it is agreed that said captain and/or crewmembers are agents and employees of the
Charterer and not the Owner or LGC. In the event that US Coast Guard or other local regulations
require the Owner exclusively to provide a captain and/or crew, the Owner agrees to provide a
captain who is competent in coastal piloting, ocean navigation, and running of the yacht, subject to
the limitations of this charter party. The captain shall receive orders from the charterer as to ports to
be called into and the general course of the voyage, but the captain shall be responsible for the safe
navigation of the vessel, and the true Charterer shall abide by his judgment as to sailing, weather,
anchorages, and related pertinent matters.
13.      Non-Assignments. The Charterer agrees not to assign this Agreement or sub-charter the
yacht without the consent of the Owner in writing.
14.      Radio/Telephone. It is agreed that the radio and/or telephone will be used only by adults
and in accordance with the Federal Communication regulations.
15.       Pets/Passengers/Zero Tolerance. The parties agree that no pets are permitted aboard the
vessel at any time, that the number of passengers sleeping aboard shall not exceed the number of
berths and that no illegal substances of any type or quantity are permitted aboard the yacht during the
term of this Agreement.
16.       Weather. The Owner and LGC assume no responsibility for weather conditions that may
arise or occur during the term of this Agreement and or during the period of charter. All rates and
agreements shall continue in full force and effect. While weather conditions shall not offer any
exceptions to delivery or redelivery of the yacht, it is the Charterer’s responsibility to follow safe
practices regarding cruising in adverse weather and accept any penalties that may occur as a result of a
decision not to travel during inclement weather. In the event redelivery is delayed due to adverse
weather, LGC will make every effort to assist the Charterer at the Charterer’s sole risk and expense.
LGC reserves the right to recall the yacht due to an approaching named hurricane or tropical storm in
the operating area. In the event of such occurrence, a prorated credit will be applied toward the
charterer’s next charter.
17.       Redelivery. The Charterer agrees to redeliver the yacht, her equipment and furnishings, free
and clear of any indebtedness at the expiration of the charter to the Owner at the point of original
delivery, or such other location as agreed in writing. The yacht should be redelivered in a clean and
tidy state. Should it be impossible for the Charterer to make redelivery of the yacht as stipulated, he
or she shall pay a pro rated, daily rate for the time that such redelivery is delayed past LGC operating
hours. It is agreed by the Charterer that if the said yacht is not returned to LGC by the specified
check-in time the Charterer shall be charged at the rate of $100 per hour or any increment thereof. It
is further agreed by the Charterer that if the said yacht is not returned to LGC with a full fuel tank, an
empty holding tank or in a clean and tidy manner, the Charterer shall be charged $100 plus the actual
cost to refuel, pump out, and cleaning of the yacht. It is further agreed by the Charterer that if she/he
fails to pump the holding tank and maintain it properly (i.e., improper use and disposal of items other
than supplied toilet tissue), and /or pump the tank and consequently it overflows into the
compartments in which it is located, the charterer shall be charged $100 to clear blockage and/or
clean up the over-flow.
18.      Cancellation Policy. It is hereby agreed between the parties that:
         (a)       If the Charterer is not present or is not ready to accept delivery of the yacht for
         whatever reason at the time specified in this Agreement, or should the Charterer have not
         paid the charter fee or security deposit or any part of either by the date designated, then the
         charterer forfeits his full charter fee.
         (b)       If the Charterer unilaterally shortens the time of the charter period, then the
         charterer forfeits the remainder of the total charter fee.
         (c)      If the Charterer breaches any term or condition contained herein, then the owner
         or LGC shall have the right to take possession of the yacht, terminate the charter, and retain
         all monies paid to the Owner without prejudice. All cancellations by the Charterer must be
         given to LGC in writing. Cancellations are subject to the following charges, are non-
         refundable and will not be held as credit towards future charters:
         For Cancellations 60 or more days prior to the charter start date: $150
         For Cancellations 31-59 days prior to the charter start date: 50% of the charter fee
         For Cancellations 30 days or less, the entire invoice amount shall be non-refundable
         (d) CHARTER PROTECTION PLAN: The Charterer has the option of purchasing a
         Charter Protection Plan (CPP) for an amount equal to 6% of the total charter fee. This will
         allow the Charterer to cancel, interrupt, or postpone the charter with a $100.00 change fee;
         the remaining credit balance will be applied to a future reservation. Under no circumstances
         will a cash refund be issued. The CPP allows the Charterer to postpone and reschedule for
         unexpected events such as illness; death in the family; jury duty; job loss or if a named
         tropical storm/ hurricane warning is issued. Inclement weather during the charter (other
         than a named tropical storm/ hurricane warning) does not qualify for CPP credit. Without
         CPP, charter payments made to Lets Go Cruising shall be forfeited in accordance with
         Paragraph 18 (Cancellation Policy), for failure to proceed with the charter as scheduled. The
         CPP covers the charter fees only, and does not reimburse the Charterer for any additional
         travel or lodging expenses incurred. This policy will remain in effect for a full 12 months
         from the date of original charter commencement.

19.       Damaged or Lost Equipment or Damage to the Yacht. LGC personnel shall make a
reasonable inspection of the yacht at the end of the charter, and shall ask the charterer if any
undiscovered damage or loss has occurred. If the charterer answers negatively, but such damage or
loss is subsequently determined and reasonably deduced to have occurred during the charter, then the
charterer shall be held liable the same as if the damage had been discovered upon redelivery. (this
does not include a manufacturer defect)
20.       Disputes. In the event of any dispute, controversy or claim regarding this Agreement, any
action taken, or claim made, shall be in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and interpreted by the laws
of the State of Maryland.
This agreement and any attachments shall constitute the entire Agreement between LGC and the
Charterer, including but not limited to their heirs, executors, administrators, or assignees. This
agreement supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and understandings of any nature between
LGC and the Charterer and may not be changed or modified or added to, or as may be set forth in a
subsequent written addendum signed by both parties. The parties agree and expressly stipulate that
this Agreement shall survive the termination of any completed charter, and shall not be merged in or
otherwise affected by the subsequent agreements with other parties except as expressly stated herein.
DATE _______________                                            DATE _______________
Charterer                                                       LCG Accepting for Owner
                               DEFINITION OF A BAREBOAT CHARTER

         As you plan your bareboat charter, which we hope will be a safe and pleasurable one, we want to
         make you are aware of the US Coast Guard rules and regulations governing a bareboat charter

         The boat you will charter is designated as a recreational vessel. In a bareboat charter agreement,
         as interpreted by the US Coast Guard, there are rights, responsibilities and risks assumed by the
         Charterer throughout the term of the charter. As agent for the owner of the charter boat, it is our
         duty to inform you of those rights, responsibilities and risks. Our primary concern is for the safety
         of you and your guests.

         During the term of your bareboat charter, you will assume all of the rights, responsibilities and
         risks, as if you were the owner of the vessel. and/or the owner of the charter
         vessel cannot place any restrictions on the arrangement once the Charter Agreement has been
         signed and accepted by both parties. For that reason, we will confirm your competency (or that of
         your hired captain) prior to our signing of the Charter Agreement. During the term of the charter,
         you are fully responsible for the vessel and its contents. We will take a security deposit, and any
         loss or damages that occur during the term of the charter will be your responsibility and will be
         deducted from that Security Deposit.

         During the term of your contract, the vessel is to be operated for pleasure only. The charter boats
         in our fleet are not commercial or inspected vessels; they are privately owned pleasure vessels.
         Therefore they are precluded from carrying more than 12 passengers at one time, none of which
         may be “passengers for hire”. Each is documented or registered with the appropriate authorities
         and is equipped with Coast Guard-approved safety equipment for a yacht of its size in accordance
         with the Coast Guard regulations for recreational vessels. Before your charter begins, you will be
         shown the location and operation of all safety equipment on the boat.

         Our Charter Agreement is enclosed for your review. We will sign the original, and it will become
         effective, once we have confirmed your competency (or that of your hired captain) in handling the
         vessel. In the event that you require a captain, it is your responsibility to hire one. We can
         provide a list of licensed captains should you need one.

I hereby certify that I have read this document and understand its intent and meaning. Should I need
further clarification, I take full responsibility for ascertaining any further clarification that I feel necessary
prior to entering into this Bareboat Charter Agreement. I further understand that prior to signing the
Bareboat Charter Agreement, LGC has the right to fully review my qualifications, and should require a captain for all or any portion of the charter period, then it is my
responsibility to hire a mutually acceptable captain at my expense. will in no way be
liable for lost time or charges associated with the need for a captain as a result of my lack of competency.

_____________________________/_________________________                           _____________________
              Signature                      Print Name                                           Date
           Credit Card Authorization Form

Please accept this document with my signature below as my
authorization for:

   Charter Fee $______________________________________
   Additional payment $________________________________
   Security deposit $___________________________________
   Damage $__________________________________________
   Other $____________________________________________

   Visa           MasterCard                Amex              

Card number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Exp. _ _/_ _

Security code _ _ _ _ ( 3 digits on back of card next to signature for
MC/Visa; 4 digits for AMEX on front)

Charter Date _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ Charter Boat

Billing address of Credit Card:
Card Holder Signature
Printed Name
                             LetsGoCruising Crew Manifest
 Charterer: Please complete all information so we have it in the event of an emergency.
Skipper __________________________________________Phone _________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
First Mate __________________________________________Phone ______________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______
Crew __________________________________________Phone ___________________
Email _______________________Address ____________________________________
City______________________ State ______Zip____________ Age ______Sex ______

Primary non-participating contact in case of an
Relationship ____________________ Phone _________________________
                            (Add more on back if necessary)
                                           Skipper’s Resume
Charterer’s Name: ____________________________
Booking Number: _____________________________
Charter Date: _________________________________

Sailing aboard a LetsGoCruising bareboat charter yacht requires experience and practical
knowledge. In order to ensure that you and your crew have a safe and comfortable vacation, we
expect you to have had reasonably similar experience aboard a yacht of comparable size. It is
certainly helpful if you have completed recognized boating courses or earned ‘bareboat
certification’, but is not required. We are interested in assessing your actual sailing experience as

Please complete and return this resume along with your Charter Agreement and Crew Manifest
within 10 days. We’ll review the resume well before your charter is scheduled, and will call you
if we have any questions or if we need additional information. You will also be given a thorough
checkout aboard your yacht when you arrive at the Chesapeake base. We reserve the right to
place a skipper aboard, at your expense, if it is deemed necessary after your check out sail.

1. Have you chartered with us previously? Yes / No or with
______________________________________________________________Charter Company
Boat/Type/Size _______________________ Location __________________ Date___________
Boat/Type/Size _______________________ Location __________________ Date ___________
Boat/Type/Size _______________________ Location __________________ Date ___________

2. Do you currently own a boat? Yes / No
Current Boat/Type/Size ___________________________ Years Owned____________________
Previous Boat/Type/Size __________________________ Years Owned____________________
Previous Boat/Type/Size __________________________ Years Owned ____________________

3. How long have you been sailing? ________How many days do you sail per year?_________
In the past 2 years? ____________Where do you do most of your sailing?_________________

4. On what types of boats have you gained the majority of your experience as a skipper?

5. Do you have good working knowledge of the following? Please check:
        _____ Nautical Charts       _____ Visual Fixes             _____ VHF Radio
        _____ Plotting Courses      _____ Dead Reckoning           _____ Autopilot
        _____ Steering by Compass   _____ GPS                      _____ Rules of the Road

6. Please indicate the number of times you have performed the following maneuvers while in
        _____ Anchored a boat over 30’ in length        _____ Picked up a mooring
        _____ Docked alongside                          _____ Driven in and out of a slip

7. Please describe any long-distance sailing experience:
______________________________________________ _____________________________
                               Signature                                                Date
                        FLOAT PLAN – Proposed Itinerary
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Mail address:    PO Box 4995
                 Annapolis MD 21403

Fax:              410.263.2134
                                               APPROVED CAPTAINS

 Captain                             Phone                                 Email
Roy Adler                         443-416-4769           
Andy Batchelor                    410-474-6685           
Jeff Bittner                      410-507-9334           
Tony Carey                        443-336-6964           
Rob Cohen                         410-255-0511           
Samantha Ficksman                 757-641-6844           
Lisa Batchelor Frailey            410-474-7844           
Peter MacIntosh                   443-254-1346           
Jim Nixon                         252-249-3777           
Chris Staley                      410-610-2328           
Camille Vickers                   802-233-5872           
Mike Walker                       443-534-2651           

    •     Captains’ fees are typically $250-300/day + meals and gratuities
    •     Captains wishing to be added to this list – please call 410-263-5263

                                        RECOMMENDED PROVISIONERS
In Annapolis:

    •     Kathy Anton of the Well-Stocked Galley. Located in Annapolis, a full service food provisioning company
          delivering directly to your charter boat. Featuring gourmet items, children’s packages and Nautical Gift Baskets.
          Contact Kathy at 410-216-9546,, or

    •     Harbour Deli. Whether it is a cup of coffee in the morning, or subs and salads to take with you, our local deli
          can take care of you. Provisioning packages available. Located onsite, in the Chart House parking lot. Contact
          the Harbour Deli at 410-263-5276.

    •     Grog and Gruel Provisioning. The best in custom packaged gourmet meals specially selected, prepared and
          packaged for yachts. Onsite in Annapolis, or delivered by FedEx to your departure port. Call Grog and Gruel at
          800-720-9485 or 610-883-0645, or see

In Solomons Island:

    •     Woodburns Gourmet Market. Located in Solomons Town Center, Woodburns offers a wide selection of the
          finest fresh and packaged foods and beverages – whether for a single meal or an entire cruise. Contact
          Woodburns at 410-326-9361; they offer grocery packing/delivery services, or they can drive you and your
          groceries back to your boat!

    •     Four Winds Café. Fabulous box lunches and prepared meals, on the charter dock at Calvert Marina. Contact
          Cheryl at 410-394-6373 or

    •     Grog and Gruel Provisioning. See listing above, Grog and Gruel will deliver to Solomons. Call 800-720-9485
          or 610-883-0645, or see
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                                        Directions to Let’s Go Cruising:
                                    222 Severn Avenue, Annapolis MD 21403
From Baltimore:
Take I-97 South to Route 50 EAST toward Annapolis and the Bay Bridge. Follow Directions below.

From Washington DC:
Take Route 495 to Route 50 East toward Annapolis and the Bay Bridge. Follow Directions below.

From Bay Bridge:
Take Route 50 West from bridge toward Annapolis. Follow Directions below.

Continue to:
Exit 22 for Aris T. Allen/ MD 665. Follow Aris T. Allen straight onto Forrest Drive, past Safeway food store on your right,
to the second traffic light. Turn Left onto Hilltop Rd, which becomes Tyler Avenue. At 3rd light, turn left onto Bay Ridge
Ave and follow as it curves to the right (Eastport Shopping Plaza is on your right). Turn left at traffic light onto 6th street.
Then right at the light onto Severn Ave. Make a left onto 2nd Street and make your way to the end of the road. You will
see the Charthouse Restaurant on the pier in front of you. Make a left and find the first available parking spot. We are
on the water side of the large office building in a little building beside the docks. You Can’t Miss Us!

                                          Directions to Let’s Go Cruising:
                                                  Solomons Island
                                         255 Alexander Lane, P.O. Box 441
                                               Solomons, MD 20688

 From Washington, D.C. - Take State Route 4 east from the Washington Beltway to State Route 2-4 south to

 From Baltimore - Take I-97 south, follow signs to Annapolis / BayBridge / Rt 50 E. After joining Rt 50 E, exit
 immediately for Aris T. Allen Boulevard exit (Route 665), then follow signs for Solomons Island, Route 2 South. Go
 south on Route 2, following signs for Prince Frederick. Route 2 will join with Route 4 - make a left from Route 2 onto
 Route 2-4 south. Follow Route 2-4 south/east to Solomons.

 From Richmond - Take U.S. route 301 north into Maryland, then State Route 234 east to State Route 5, south on
 State Route 5 passing Leonardtown, left on State Route 4 across the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge (lower
 Patuxent River Bridge). Take first right exit off the bridge to Solomons Island Road South.

 Once at Solomons: follow Solomons Island Road South (Calvert Marine Museum on your left, field and Patuxent
 River on your right) towards the island. Watch for the sign on your right for Solomons Yachting Center (SYC) – make
 immediate left onto Alexander Lane. Follow the road back and right, behind the white/teal church, pass through the
 gates for SYC. yachts are on D dock; the office is upstairs in the SYC office building, at the fuel
 pier. Look for the flags and logo - we’ll see you there!

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