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for Fa cial Reco nstr ucti on

         April 12, 2010
A gala benefiting
children and adults with
craniofacial differences

Monday, April 12, 2010

National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
317 East 34th Street, Room 901
New York, New York 10016
      Message from the President & Chairman                                                              Message from the Executive Director
      Dear Friends,                                                                                      Dear Friends,

      Welcome to the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction’s Cabaret for Medicine Benefit.        We'd like to imagine childhood as a kingdom without pain, humiliation or exclusion. It hurts to think of a
      Your participation this evening is vital to the success of the NFFR and the Institute of           child ashamed of their reflection, embarrassed by their speech, unable to participate in the commonplace
      Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center (IRPS), whose doctors give            activities of childhood, or isolated by hospitalizations or medical needs.A child with a facial difference, or
      so generously of their time and world class expertise. We are grateful for the kindness you        an adult with a disfigurement left by Cancer or physical trauma, can feel lonely and alone, judged and
      have shown to our patients and families.                                                           insecure.We are here tonight to celebrate the courage, resiliency and strength of our children, our young
                                                                                                         and older adults, and of our families whose lives were upturned at the birth of their child but whose
      We hope that you enjoy the performance this evening. We must extend a special thank you to
                                                                                                         vigilance, caretaking and love are boundless throughout the long years of reconstructive treatment.We
      our sensational talent and to our incredible Producer Carl Andress who along with John McDaniel
                                                                                                         are also here to celebrate the staff at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery whose only concern
      and Billy Stritch helped us to create the show.
                                                                                                         is the welfare of the patients - from prenatal counseling to bedside hand-holding - and the dedicated
      Truthfully we are honored to serve the NFFR as President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.    doctors who give so much of their time, their expertise and their heart to assure that every child,
      We are both excited to be able to work with the NFFR and the IRPS to ensure a brighter future      regardless of their condition or financial means, receives the finest care. Michele and I have both given
      for all in need of reconstructive facial surgery. As a Board of Trustees, we are working hard to   over ten years of our lives to this organization, because the team that the NFFR founded in 1951
      maximize the resources available to fund the needs of the NFFR and the IRPS. We have dedicated     continues to provide ever-improving treatment to children from every demographic and we feel
      the next few years to making a more public presence for the organization. We believe that the      nothing but pride for the work NFFR supports.
      miracles being performed at the IRPS are worthy of heightened visibility.
                                                                                                         The NFFR tonight presents the seventh in its Arts for Medicine series, highlighting the art form of cabaret.
      We also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our Gala Committee for planning a spectacular         We appreciate the generosity of our performers - Karen Akers, Jim Caruso, Barb Jungr, Linda Lavin, and
      evening. We wish to thank all of you, our friends, for your continuing support of the NFFR.        Billy Stritch - who are providing their highest and most personal gift, their talent, to benefit our patients.
      On behalf of all the trustees of the NFFR, we really appreciate your joining us tonight, and
                                                                                                         We are proud to honor Eileen and Arthur Newman for responding to the psychological and social needs
      we hope you have a wonderful time.
                                                                                                         of our patients at the Institute and their families.We are thrilled that our
                                                                                                         new NFFR space will soon allow us to expand the services of The
                                                                                                         Newman Family Support Center and we would like to thank the
                                                                                                         Newmans for standing behind our vision.Thank you so much,Art and
      Eileen Newman                                       John R. Gordon                                 Eileen.There are few people as generous or as compassionate as you.
      President                                           Chairman                                       We wish to thank our Benefit Committee members for their ideas, and
                                                                                                         their resolve to create a special evening, never losing sight of those we
                                                                                                         serve.They have given their skills, resources and their hearts to NFFR.
                                                                                                         We want to recognize and express our profound gratitude to our
                                                                                                         Benefit Chairs Anne and Steve McGuinness, and their Vice-Chairs
                                                                                                         Jennifer Bayer Michaels and Howard Michaels for their exhaustive
                                                                                                         efforts in planning this evening.

                                                                                                         On behalf of the trustees of the NFFR, we thank you for sharing your
                                                                                                         evening with us, and helping NFFR support the treatment, services, research and advocacy
                                                                                                         for children and adults with facial difference.Your presence here tonight will help improve so many lives.

                                                                                                         Whitney Burnett
                                                                                                         Executive Director

4   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                     CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE             5
      Message from the IRPS Director                                                                         Message from the Gala Chairs

      Greetings,                                                                                             Greetings,

      For over 50 years, the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction has been steadfast in its         We are so very thrilled to welcome you all this evening and thank
      support of the patients at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the NYU Langone          you for attending our seventh annual Arts for Medicine Benefit,
      Medical Center. Through economic downturns and medical insurance crises, we could always               Cabaret! Through the friendship of some of the world’s finest
      count on their help and have been able to continue the Institute commitment to accepting and           artists and their amazing talents, we have been able to introduce
      treating all patients with facial difference who come for help and rehabilitation.                     the entertainment community to the mission of the NFFR.With
                                                                                                             their wonderful collaboration we continue to reach out and
      As the Institute Director, I could also depend on the NFFR to sponsor new clinical and research
                                                                                                             inform a much broader audience… hoping always to increase awareness of who we are and all that we,
      initiatives. The NFFR and its supporters have always been critical members of the Institute team.
                                                                                                             together with the support of generous people like you, can achieve for our patients and their families.
      This joint effort has resulted not only in superior patient care but also in the development of new
      treatment techniques and innovative research breakthroughs.                                            It is an honor for us to chair this event as we have been directly touched by the work of the IRPS and the
                                                                                                             NFFR. Our son Stephen (now 20) has been a patient of the IRPS for 17 years. He was born with a variety
      How fortunate we have been to have the leadership provided by Eileen Newman -- it has allowed
                                                                                                             of head and facial abnormities, chief among them is no left outer ear and hemi-facial microsomia,
      us to move forward into the future with enthusiasm and confidence. All of us at the Institute send
                                                                                                             meaning a significant portion of his face is underdeveloped. He also has a significant speech and some
      a big thank you.
                                                                                                             intellectual impairments, but is a happy, hard working and well-rounded young man. In no small part
      Through the years the Institute has been fortunate to have an outstanding faculty, many of whom        due to the fact that he feels so much confidence and self-esteem due to how great he feels about how
      are internationally recognized and have written definitive texts in their fields. With the cooperation   he looks! This is of course, due to the beyond AMAZING quality of ALL aspects of care and treatment
      of a dedicated and talented staff, outstanding clinical teams have been developed and graduates of     he has received at the hands of our organization! Without their caring hands and hearts my son would
      our educational programs have gone on to join or lead teams in major hospitals around the world.       not be the wonderful man he was always destined to be.

      The core members of the team, however, remain the                                                      Needless to say at this point, we feel that Dr. McCarthy and the entire team are part of our family! They are so
      patients and their families. Their courage and                                                         dedicated to each and every one of their patients, infants to adults, giving them each the most highly person-
      determination continue to inspire all of us at the                                                     alized care imaginable throughout their lives! There is never a want or need overlooked when it comes to the
      Institute, the NFFR and its supporters.                                                                care of their families.We know this as we have witnessed this first hand, countless times over the last 17 years.

                                                                                                             We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Carl Andrews and John McDaniel and the entire creative team
                                                                                                             for another outstanding and original evening. Big thanks and applause to our benefit committee as well…
                                                                                                             especially Michele Golombuski, whose efforts are heartfelt and tireless and we could never do it without you!
      Joseph G. McCarthy, M.D.                                                                               We cannot ever repay NFFR/IRPS for how they have changed and enhanced Stephen’s life! We truly consider
      Director, Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
                                                                                                             this an honor, as I know of no other organization that is more devoted to its patients both newborn and
      Lawrence D. Bell Professor of Plastic Surgery
                                                                                                             adult! We hope that this evening will inspire you to continue your support of this noble cause.
      NYU School of Medicine
                                                                                                             Most of all though thanks to all of you, our generous and supportive donors! Truly know that your
                                                                                                             contributions tonight and throughout each year are what keeps our patients and their families full
                                                                                                             of hope and smiles…and there is NOTHING like a smile!!!

                                                                                                             Thank you very much!

                                                                                                             Warmest wishes,

                                                                                                             Anne McGuinness                                     Steve McGuinness

6   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                         CABARET            FOR       MEDICINE                7
      Dear Friends,

      We would like to express a special thank you to NFFR and the staff at the Institute.
      Upon learning that our daughter Reese would be born with a cleft, the Institute staff
      held our hands every step of the way and served as our guardian angels.

      For the first year of Reese’s life we relied heavily on Dr. Brecht, Dr. Cutting, Margy and
      the staff to guide us through all the necessary pre and post surgical intricacies. There
      could not be a more dedicated and loving team.

      We are so grateful to the entire team and for making a seemingly intolerable situation
      bearable and manageable for our family.
                                                                                                  Fifty-Nine years

                                                                                                  Changing Faces

                                                                                                  Transforming Lives

                                With much gratitude and appreciation,
                  Jennifer and Howard Michaels (and Reese)

8   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                               CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   9
                                                                                                            What is the National Foundation
                                                                                                            for Facial Reconstruction?
       Robert E. Bochat                  Joseph G. McCarthy, M.D.               Honorary Chairman
       Jeremiah M. Bogert                Eileen Newman                          J. Peter Hoguet
                                                                                                            The mission of the NFFR is clear – there are         specialized and personalized care at the Institute
       William S. Brady                  Phebe Miller Olcay
       Yoron Cohen                       Laura Posada                           Honorary Trustees           children and adults living in America who need       of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in NYU Langone
       Court Baldwin Cutting, M.D.       Bambi Putnam                           Brownlee O. Currey, Jr.     our help. Children and adults living with facial     Medical Center regardless of the severity or type
       Frederick M. Friedman             Daniel Rosenbloom                      Scott Greenstein            differences, a disfigurement of the face, whether     of condition, length of treatment, or financial
       Susan Friedman                    Jeffrey Sharp                          Bruce Morrow                congenital or acquired, can endure a lifetime of     resources of the family.
       Arlyn S. Gardner                  Mrs. H. Virgil Sherrill                Joan Scribner               humiliation, self-consciousness and social
                                                                                                                                                                 The NFFR was founded in 1951 to address the
       John R. Gordon                    Clare R. Thomas                        Mrs. Rawleigh Warner, Jr.   isolation, unless they receive long-term quality
       Jane M. Gould                     Roger Weber                                                                                                             medical and emotional trauma of facial wounds
                                                                                                            reconstruction and emotional support. Facial
       Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi       John C. Wohlstetter                                                                                                     on World War II soldiers. The NFFR assembled
                                                                                                            difference can include an extensive birthmark, or
       Alexes Hazen, M.D.                Barbara H. Zuckerberg                                                                                                   a small multidisciplinary craniofacial team that
                                                                                                            hemangioma; a cleft lip and/or palate; a missing
       Richard B. Jennings                                                                                                                                       has since evolved into the internationally
                                                                                                            outer and/or inner ear, an undersized jaw or a
                                                                                                                                                                 reputed Institute of Reconstructive Plastic
                                                                                                            paralyzed cheek. It can include widely-spaced,
                                                                                                                                                                 Surgery in NYU Langone Medical Center.
                                                                                                            slanted or bulging eyes, a misshapen head or a
       OFFICERS OF THE BOARD                                                                                grotesque facial swelling. It can impair hearing,
                                                                                                                                                                 NFFR’s support, along with the pro bono
                                                                                                                                                                 surgical services of its doctors for in-need
       President                         Barbara H. Zuckerberg                                              speech, breathing, sight or physical coordination.
                                                                                                                                                                 patients, allows this state-of-the-art facility to
       Eileen Newman                     Secretary                                                          It can prevent a child from laughing, smiling,
                                         Clare R. Thomas                                                                                                         welcome, and provide treatment to, all 2,000
       Chairman                                                                                             swimming, or crying and it can inflict debilitating
                                                                                                                                                                 children and young adults with facial anomalies
       John R. Gordon                    Treasurer                                                          pain. Or it can mean a combination of
                                                                                                                                                                 each year, sometimes for twenty or more
       Vice President                    Richard B. Jennings                                                malformations, constituting a specific
                                                                                                                                                                 surgeries that span an entire childhood.
       Yoron Cohen                                                                                          “syndrome”, many of which are rarely or never
       Frederick M. Friedman                                                                                seen by community physicians. But above all, it is   Currently the main focus of the NFFR is keeping
       Jane M. Gould                                                                                        a lifelong stigma that prevents a child and young    the doors to the IRPS open. Although the IRPS
       Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi                                                                          adult from finding a friend, being chosen for a       is a department within NYU Langone Medical
       Phebe Miller Olcay                                                                                   team, being asked to the prom, finding a job,         Center, it is not funded by NYU. The IRPS
       Roger S. Weber                                                                                       or from sharing an open, confident smile.             survives on philanthropy and the generosity of
                                                                                                                                                                 its physicians who donate their services for in-
                                                                                                            Unfortunately, with the growing number of
                                                                                                                                                                 need families. In addition to providing $2M in
                                                                                                            low income families, and the continued
                                                                                                                                                                 pro bono surgical time, our doctors donate the
                                                                                                            rejection of so many reconstructive procedures
       STAFF OF THE NFFR                                                                                    as “cosmetic” by insurance companies, quality
                                                                                                                                                                 minimal fees from Medicaid back to the Institute.
       Whitney Burnett                     Marcie S. Rubin, M.P.H., M.P.A.                                                                                       Ours are the only doctors in the hospital to do
                                                                                                            reconstruction is unaffordable and out of reach
       Executive Director                  Public Health Research Coordinator                                                                                    this. Out of respect for these doctors, NYU has
                                                                                                            for many families.
                                                                                                                                                                 reduced its hospital fees by 65% for “charity
       Michele B. Golombuski, M.S.         Lisa Signorelli                                                  The National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction    cases.” Simply said, without our donors and our
       Associate Executive Director        Accountant                                                       (NFFR) assures access to integrative, highly         doctors, the Institute would close.

       Andy Marturin
       Development Associate

10   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                   CABARET           FOR       MEDICINE            11
                                                                                      WHAT DOES THE IRPS DO?
                                                                                      The Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery provides   Cleft Lip & Palate is the most common facial
                                                                                      the finest comprehensive care for all children and          difference, appearing in three out of 800 births. The
                                                                                      adults with craniofacial difference regardless of their    Cleft Lip and Plate team is recognized internationally
                                                                                      financial means. Every patient that comes to the            as the leader in the field. Each week, the multi-
                                                                                      IRPS has the opportunity to meet with the entire           discipline team assembles at the Institute to see all
                                                                                      multidisciplinary team in a specific clinic where all of    new and follow up patients. Nasoalveolar molding,
                                                                                      the medical disciplines the patient needs are present.     a pre-surgical treatment pioneered at the Institute,
                                                                                      Some patients are seen in more than one clinic if          has revolutionized the care and outcomes for patients
                                                                                      several anomalies are present. Treatment areas are         with cleft lip and palate. This treatment continues
                                                                                      divided as follows:                                        to evolve and is now being taught to clinicians
                                                                                                                                                 internationally. An annual molding conference is
                                                                                      Craniofacial Anomalies is the largest clinic,
                                                                                                                                                 hosted at the IRPS and attracts clinicians from all
                                                                                      meeting every Monday morning for 3-4 hours. The
                                                                                                                                                 around the world. The animation video (virtual
                                                                                      Resident examines the patient first then presents his
                                                                                                                                                 surgery) on cleft lip/palate surgical rehabilitation
                                                                                      findings to the Team. Together the Team interviews,
                                                                                                                                                 has been developed by Dr. Court Cutting.
                                                                                      diagnoses and determines the course of action for
                                                                                      about twelve to fifteen patients each week, a third         Dental: The Dental Division of the IRPS includes
                                                                                      of whom are new. Patients present with any of              Surgical Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Prosthetic
                                                                                      70 craniofacial anomalies, many of which may               services. This group pioneered the postoperative
                                                                                      involve multiple distortions of the face. A Pediatric      management of the patients undergoing craniofacial
                                                                                      Neurosurgeon, ENT, Ophthalmologist, Orthodontist,          distraction and the technique of nasoalveolar molding
                                                                                      Plastic Surgeon and Psychosocial Team help decide          in babies with a cleft. The latter technique is taught
                                                                                      the timing and type of tests, referrals, x-rays and        around the world and is now considered the standard
                                                                                      procedures that are deemed appropriate. The Institute      of care. The devices required are molded and
                                                                                      has drawn patients from across the United States and       constructed onsite in the Dental Laboratories at the
                                                                                      around the world. The multidisciplinary clinical team      Institute. The reconstructive surgery affects dental
                                                                                      treats patients with severe facial deformity such          development, including cleft palate repair, mandibular
                                                                                      as craniofacial synostosis, craniofacial microsomia,       (jaw) distractions and mid-face distractions that
                                                                                      hyperteliorism and Treacher Collins. The Institute         actually change the position of the upper and/or lower
                                                                                      in recent years has drawn international recognition        jaw. Patients are seen weekly, monthly or for extensive
                                                                                      for its major contributions in the development of          inter-oral preparation prior to a surgical procedure.
                                                                                      craniofacial distraction. These new techniques have        The use of prosthetics can help when cancer, clefts
                                                                                      been taught by the Institute staff at separate courses     and accidents cause a facial deficit. Our team can
                                                                                      at the annual meeting of the American Society of           prosthetically reconstruct entire sections of the face,
                                                                                      Plastic Surgeons and at conferences around the world.      including the jaw, the ear, the eye and the cheek,
                                                                                      A virtual surgery program of craniofacial osteotomies      leaving a natural-looking area.A recent renovation
                                                                                      is currently being developed.                              of the unit at Tisch Hospital created additional space
                                                                                                                                                 for the growing clinical programs in this Division.

12   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                   CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE               13
                                                                                      Vascular Anomalies: The NYU Vascular                       Microsurgery: The Institute of Reconstructive
                                                                                      Malformations Center is one of the few referral            Plastic Surgery has played a major role in the
                                                                                      centers in Eastern United States for patients              development and refinement of microsurgical
                                                                                      with vascular anomalies with an established                techniques to the ultimate benefit of patients
                                                                                      multidisciplinary group of physicians and adjunct          worldwide. Microsurgery continues to develop at the
                                                                                      health care professionals. The patients followed in        Institute. Current applications involve the areas of
                                                                                      this program are of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic       craniofacial, hand, upper/lower extremity and breast
                                                                                      groups, with ages ranging from newborn to adult.           reconstruction. Specialized training is required to
                                                                                      Addressing the need for physicians to meet and             perform microsurgical operations. The IRPS currently
                                                                                      discuss controversial topics as well as disseminating      offers two microsurgical fellowships per year and
                                                                                      new information in vascular anomalies, Dr. Blei            these are extremely competitive positions. During the
                                                                                      initiated the Vascular Anomalies: Updates and              year, the trainee becomes experienced with clinical
                                                                                      Controversies meeting that is held biannually at the       microvascular transplantation, replantation surgery,
                                                                                      NYU Medical Center. The Rehabilitation Program for         surgery of the peripheral nerves, and generalized
                                                                                      Vascular Anomalies provides inpatient and outpatient       microsurgical reconstruction including facial
                                                                                      occupational physical therapy services for pediatric       microvascular free flap restoration.
                                                                                      and adult patients. Therapists at this center have
                                                                                                                                                 Hand Surgery: The Hand Program is an integral
                                                                                      training in decongestive lymphatic drainage therapy
                                                                                                                                                 component of the IRPS. In conjunction with the
                                                                                      for those patients having lymphatic malformations
                                                                                                                                                 Nerve Center, the Hand Surgery Service maintains
                                                                                      and/or lymphedema.
                                                                                                                                                 a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to
                                                                                      Microtia Conference is designed to care for                the diagnosis and care of hand, wrist, elbow and
                                                                                      patients with a partial or missing ear. In addition,       other injuries and diseases of the upper extremity.
                                                                                      care is provided to patients with ear deformities          The Service provides expertise in microvascular
                                                                                      related to tumor removal or trauma. The patients           replantation, transplanted toe to hand reconstruction,
                                                                                      with congenital deformities are usually children but       cancer reconstruction, microvascular free tissue
                                                                                      patients of all ages are evaluated. Patients who are       transfer, tumor resection, congenital deformities,
                                                                                      born without an external ear also lack an ear canal        hand fractures, trigger fingers, traumatic injuries,
                                                                                      and ear drum and are therefore deaf in the affected        brachial plexus injuries, and more.
                                                                                      ear. If both sides are involved, the patient requires a
                                                                                                                                                 Ophthalmic: The Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery clinic
                                                                                      hearing aid. Ear reconstruction procedures are usually
                                                                                                                                                 treats aesthetic and reconstructive problems of the
                                                                                      performed after 8 years of age and the missing ears
                                                                                                                                                 eyelids, tear ducts and orbits. Patients with congenital
                                                                                      are reconstructed by carving the patient’s rib cartilage
                                                                                                                                                 problems include malformations or absence of tear
                                                                                      into an ear framework and placing the framework
                                                                                                                                                 ducts, arrested development of the eyelids, or eyelid
                                                                                      beneath the skin on the side of the head. At a second
                                                                                                                                                 malposition. Acquired pathology includes eyelid or
                                                                                      stage the ear is elevated so the patient can wear
                                                                                                                                                 orbital tumors and involutional changes (aging
                                                                                      glasses. In patients with involvement of both ears,
                                                                                                                                                 or post traumatic). Commonly seen acquired eyelid
                                                                                      hearing can be restored either by reconstructing the
                                                                                                                                                 malpositons are due to Graves Disease (Thyroid
                                                                                      canal and ear drum or by use of a Bone Anchored
                                                                                                                                                 Ophthalmopathy) or acquired muscle weaknesses
                                                                                      Hearing Aid (BAHA).
                                                                                                                                                 (ptosis or drooping eyelids).
                                                                                      Airway Clinic: This clinic was established in
                                                                                      January 2009, to address respiratory, sleep and
                                                                                      swallowing issues for low income families.

14   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                   CABARET              FOR       MEDICINE               15
                                                                                      IRPS Treating patients
                                                                                      from infancy to adulthood
                                                                                      Serving all patients at every stage of development:         tracheotomy (breathing tube). This procedure will
                                                                                      The Institute provides care for every child until care is   likely be redone at age 17 or 18. Ear Tubes & BAHAs.
                                                                                      complete, but treatment length and course depends           If fluid is obstructing the ear canals and causing
                                                                                      on the severity and the type of the condition. Some         inflammation, ear tubes are inserted. Bone Anchored
                                                                                      patients come to the Institute as newborns and              Hearing Devices (BAHAs) may be surgically implanted
                                                                                      some come to correct poor primary care. Although            for a child with a hearing deficit so that speech is
                                                                                      countless services are not covered by insurance,            learned correctly and at the right time. Naso-alveolar
                                                                                      including prenatal counseling, psychological and            Molding (NAM): The Orthodontic and Plastic Surgeon
                                                                                      social intervention, BAHAs, NAM, ear reconstruction,        pioneered the naso-alveolar mold (NAM) for
                                                                                      laser, secondary repairs, and 3D CT scans, NFFR             newborns with Cleft Lip and/or Palate which pre-
                                                                                      promises that each and every child receives the same        surgically manipulates the sides of the mouth
                                                                                      services. Uninsured patients need hospital, housing,        together as it elevates the nose. NAM improves the
                                                                                      and all out-of-pocket costs covered by NFFR.                final surgical result and decreases the need for a
                                                                                                                                                  bone graft. Cleft Lip is repaired surgically at 3-6
                                                                                      What Care is Received Prenatally?                           months and the palate is repaired at 12-13 months.
                                                                                      Prenatal counseling: The Nurse Practitioner and the         Hemangioma & Vascular Interventions: Although
                                                                                      Speech Pathologist both conduct these two-hour              many hemangiomas disappear (involute) on their
                                                                                      sessions, the nurse focusing on the medical treatment       own, some persist and cause breathing, vision
                                                                                      for the various conditions and at-home management,          and feeding obstructions. Steroids, embolization
                                                                                      and the Speech Pathologist stressing feeding options,       or surgery may be used to decrease the swelling
                                                                                      the 6-8 week pre-surgical molding process which             or bleeding of the malformation. Laser is best done
                                                                                      comes before cleft repair, and speech development.          before 3 months for certain hemangiomas. Tests:
                                                                                      Networking: The Nurse Practitioner networks                 Hearing, genetic, breathing, swallowing, ophthalmic
                                                                                      prospective parents with families who have already          and sleeping tests may be indicated. Advocating:
                                                                                      undergone the treatment successfully and introduces         The Senior Social Worker advocates for parents for
                                                                                      them to the Institute team so that they will feel           entitlements and insurance (Medicaid and Child
                                                                                      comfortable in their surroundings when the baby is          Health Plus) and is able to converse fluently with
                                                                                      brought to them. Emotional Support: The psychologist        our Spanish-speaking population. Go-Between: The
                                                                                      may be called in to speak to the parents if the             Pediatric Nurse Practitioner brings up-to-date reports
                                                                                      diagnosis has caused them excessive distress.               from the Operating Room to the Waiting Room as
                                                                                      Perhaps one parent was born with the same                   surgeries progress. She takes all calls from worried
                                                                                      malformation and is traumatized by having to revisit        parents. Genetics: The genetic counselor speaks to
                                                                                      the memories of a negative experience. Perhaps a            families and allays their feelings of guilt. Genetic
                                                                                      parent had the condition but was so mildly affected,        testing is encouraged to discuss co-morbidities
                                                                                      that they were unaware they were carrying the gene.         (possible accompanying medical issues), and to
                                                                                      Resources: The Senior Social Worker helps the family        respond to issues regarding the predisposition of
                                                                                      navigate entitlements, admission and departure              future offspring. Speech Development: The Speech
                                                                                      from the hospital as well as Visa issues, housing,          Pathologist helps determine the timing of the cleft
                                                                                      transportation and resources.                               palate repair because scheduling depends largely
                                                                                      What Care is Received in Infancy?                           on the child’s speech development.
                                                                                      Craniovault Remodeling: A child born with                   What Care is Received in Early Childhood?
                                                                                      Craniosynostosis (the premature fusing of the skull),       Midface Distraction: The Rigid External Device (RED
                                                                                      will have this major procedure to reshape the skull,        Device) is surgically placed at age 4-5 to bring the
                                                                                      allowing the brain adequate space to grow.                  entire middle section of the face forward, provide
                                                                                      Mandibular Distraction: If the airway is obstructed,        proper eye covering, the meeting of the upper and
                                                                                      a jaw distraction may be necessary to avoid a

16   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                    CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE              17
                                                                                      lower jaw, and improve breathing and speech. This         psychologist may suggest behavioral and/or cognitive
                                                                                      device improves a child’s appearance dramatically         testing for the child at this age. She interprets for
                                                                                      and can be done at later ages as well. Hand Surgery:      parents the lengthy neuro-psychology reports and
                                                                                      Children with Aperts Syndrome are born with               may become the emotional lifeline to parents who
                                                                                      syndactyly (webbing or fusion of hands and feet). The     are struggling at work, in their marriage, or with their
                                                                                      hand surgeon separates fingers and can create a thumb      child. The Senior Social Worker continues to help
                                                                                      from the toe. Nerve Creation: A static sling uses a leg   parents find resources and navigate the healthcare
                                                                                      muscle to enliven the immobilized face of a child with    system, often intervening in foster care situations,
                                                                                      Mobius syndrome. Vascular Anomalies: Schlerotherapy       abuse cases, housing, legal and visa issues not
                                                                                      can harden a vascular anomaly and inhibit growth,         specific to our patient population.
                                                                                      while laser can lighten a deep red hemangioma.
                                                                                      A Nevus, a dark hairy patch, can be improved through      What Care is Received in Adolescence?
                                                                                      tissue expansion and excision and can be done at          Secondary Surgeries: Final major surgical repairs
                                                                                      any time. Orthodontics: Bone grafts replace bone          are done at this time if the child has reached full
                                                                                      in the gum if growth was inhibited by a cleft palate.     skeletal growth. Children with multiple anomalies
                                                                                      Psychological: Children first become aware that they       go through a surgery every few years during this
                                                                                      are different during this period. Other children may      period. Ear Reconstruction: The second stage of ear
                                                                                      make fun of their face, and strangers may stare and       reconstruction is done at this age. Orthodontics:
                                                                                      ask insensitive questions in their presence. The Social   Orthodontics continues with retainers, braces, bone
                                                                                      Worker discusses financial, practical and emotional        grafts and dental implants. Psychological: The
                                                                                      issues with parents including school entry, academic      teenage years are a very painful, sensitive time for
                                                                                      planning, educational needs, marriage conflicts and        a child that has to wait until his/her face is fully
                                                                                      sibling issues. The psychologist encourages parents       matured for final reconstruction. Children can
                                                                                      to speak to the school directly and may intervene         gain weight, refuse to attend school and become
                                                                                      personally on behalf of the child. She may work           increasingly isolated, uncommunicative and
                                                                                      privately with the child or find a counselor in the        depressed. Even if schoolmates have been inclusive in
                                                                                      family’s immediate area who can help the child            earlier years, they will noticeably separate themselves
                                                                                      through this period.                                      from a child with a facial difference as they concentrate
                                                                                                                                                more intently on their social lives. The Psychologist is
                                                                                      What Care is Received in Latency?                         able to differentiate normal “teen” behavior from
                                                                                      Ear Reconstruction: At age 9 or 10, children with         aberrant behavior that is likely the result of the child’s
                                                                                      partial or malformed ears can have Stage1 ear             facial difference. She may speak directly to the school
                                                                                      reconstruction. There is a huge change in a child         if the child is having difficulties emotionally or
                                                                                      when they no longer have to hide their deformed           academically or suggest ongoing local counseling,
                                                                                      ear. Prosthetics: Prosthetic eyes, ears and other parts   working closely with that counselor to explain that
                                                                                      of the face can be created at this age but must be        even though the child does not have a non life
                                                                                      redone every two years because of facial growth and       threatening disease, their lives are dramatically
                                                                                      wear on the device. Pharyngial Flap: At 8-10 years,       impacted nevertheless.
                                                                                      our cleft team orders a naso-endoscopy video to
                                                                                      ascertain if a pharyngeal flap (a flap at the back of       What Care is Received in Early Adulthood?
                                                                                      the throat to push against to create proper sounds)       Final Orthodontics: a last secondary surgery or major
                                                                                      is necessary or if additional speech therapy will         facial distraction is able to be scheduled. The face
                                                                                      suffice. Hemangioma & Vascular intervention:               must be fully developed before a final skeletal
                                                                                      Persistent anomalies may need numerous procedures,        reconstruction can be lasting. Psychological: The
                                                                                      can defy medical intervention and cause appearance        psychologist may step in to keep a young person
                                                                                      and functional problems. Orthodontic: Braces and          feeling positive about their future, the Social worker
                                                                                      palate expanders are used to remedy malocclusions         will help with job counseling and financial aid, and
                                                                                      (uneven bites). Complicated dental and orthodontic        the genetic counselor may be called in at this time
                                                                                      problems go hand-in-hand with almost all                  to talk to the teenager about his/her chances of
                                                                                      craniofacial malformations. Psychological: The            passing on the anomaly to his/her child.

18   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                  CABARET               FOR       MEDICINE                19
                                                                                      The Institute has the largest Plastic Surgery education program in the country. Residents who have
                                                                                      completed general surgery and are specializing in Plastic Surgery will rotate through a three-year program.
                                                                                      Comprehensive training is assured by rotations through five hospitals: Tisch Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, the
                                                                                      Veterans Administration Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear and the Burn Unit at New York Hospital. Each
                                                                                      year four new residents are selected. Residents obtain exposure to all aspects of plastic surgery including
                                                                                      craniofacial and microsurgery, hand surgery, craniofacial orthodontics and aesthetic surgery. The resident
                                                                                      performs approximately six-to-seven hundred surgical procedures in each year of training. Fellows go
                                                                                      through a one-year program, and receive in-depth training in the full spectrum of craniofacial surgery.
                                                                                      The fellowship is geared toward the acquisition of technical skills in craniofacial surgery and preoperative
                                                                                      planning. In addition to the emphasis on surgical expertise, the curriculum of the fellows is oriented toward
                                                                                      patient problems and development of judgment in establishing and carrying through complex treatment
                                                                                      programs. Fellows have teaching responsibilities, work closely with and act as consultants to the residents
                                                                                      on clinical services.

                                                                                      Through the efforts of the NFFR and the generosity of the Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation the
                                                                                      dedication of the Margaret Milbank Bogert Education Center took place in 2009. The Center, located in
                                                                                      Bellevue Hospital, now houses the John Marquis Converse Memorial Library, the Blair O. Rogers Rare Book
                                                                                      Collection, a microsurgical training skills laboratory, a central office for the Education Program, as well as
                                                                                      the only Plastic Surgery Virtual Surgery Education Center in the US.

                                                                                      The Virtual Surgery Research Laboratory, under the leadership of Dr. Court Cutting, is working
                                                                                      to develop a real-time finite-element surgical simulation that will train students in a safe real-time surgical

                                                                                      Virtual Surgery is a breakthrough teaching tool/education program, which in the near future is being built
                                                                                      into the curriculum of the Residency program. It allows new surgeons to train and perfect their skills through
                                                                                      hands-on computer technology before operating on a child’s face. This training will take place in the Bogert
                                                                                      Education Center. The Institute’s virtual surgery team is currently working on creating animated modules
                                                                                      in 3D platform of three procedures for Craniosynostosis (Craniovault Remodeling or CVR, Monobloc, and
                                                                                      LeFort III). Once the text questions have been created, the animations will be tutorials for students. Nine
                                                                                      such animations have been created.

                                                                                      Basic Science Laboratory is continuing its investigation into wound healing. They have recently
                                                                                      identified the potential beneficial effect of low-dose radiation and a cell growth cycle gene, which if blocked,
                                                                                      has improved wound healing remarkably, having strong clinical applicability. In 2009, Dr. Stephen Warren’s
                                                                                      lab discovered the stem cell mobilizing agent (AMD3100) that enhances the formation of bone, winning
                                                                                      a coveted award. This discovery will translate into clinical care for our patients by promoting bone growth
                                                                                      in the faces of children with skeletal malformations.

                                                                                      Orthodontic Research involves two Research Fellows who are proving the ability of Nasoalveolar
                                                                                      Molding (NAM) to decrease the need for secondary surgeries (bone grafts) and improve the surgical result.
                                                                                      They are also redesigning the RED device, which advances the entire midface so that it is less cumbersome.

20   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                   CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE           21
       Anne & Steve McGuinness

       Jennifer Bayer Michaels & Howard L. Michaels                                   To our Amazing Gala Committee,
       Honorary Committee

                                                                                        You have been there to guide
       Charles Busch
       Fiorenza Scholey Cohen
       Peter Flynn
                                                                                      this evening every step of the way.
       Julie Halston
       John McDaniel                                                                      You have given your skills,
                                                                                       resources and most importantly
       Elizabeth & Aidan Quinn
       Seth Rudetsky
       John Tartaglia
                                                                                          your hearts to the NFFR.
       Gala Committee
       Patti Aresty
       Rachel Aresty                                                                    The NFFR salutes you for all
                                                                                        your hard work and dedication.
       Susan Friedman
       Jane M. Gould
       Alexes Hazen, M.D.

                                                                                       Thank you and congratulations
       Michele Megaro
       Eileen Newman
       Paul B. Orenstein
       Douglas Steinbrech, M.D.
                                                                                            on an amazing evening!
       Jeffrey Sharp

                                                                                          Whitney, Michele & Andy
       Clare Thomas
       Barbara Zuckerberg

       Carl Andress

22   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                       CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   23
     Hi my name is Bari…
     My little sister Hannah and I were born with varying
     degrees of Treacher Collins Syndrome. I have had two
     surgeries and Hannah has had fifteen procedures at
     the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. The
     doctors tell us she will have at least ten more. Thanks
     to the Team at the IRPS we know everything will be okay.                          NFFR is proud to honor
     Please help the NFFR; without them the
     IRPS can’t treat kids like me and Hannah!

                                                                                       Eileen & Arthur

24    N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N               CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   25
                                                                                      The Newman Family Support Center
                         EILEEN & ARTHUR NEWMAN
                                                                                      The philosophy at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (IRPS) has always been that
                                                                                      excellent surgical outcomes alone are insufficient: that each individual needs to develop a healthy
                                                                                      self-image and the confidence to pursue a full and rewarding life. The IRPS has a distinguished
                                                                                      history of caring for the psychological and social needs of the patient and their families dating back
                                                                                      to the 1940’s with the late Professor Frances Cooke Macgregor. Professor Macgregor is widely
                                                                                      credited as being the first health professional to document the profound social and psychological
                                                                                      stresses encountered by the families and patients with facial difference.

                                                                                      Named The Newman Psychosocial Program in 2003 (today The Newman Family Support Center),
                                                                                      the Team works closely with the medical experts at the IRPS to ensure a coordinated effort
                                                                                      throughout the course of treatment and to help with any issues that may arise during the
                                                                                      surgical journey.

                                                                                      The treatment goal for a patient with a facial difference requires ongoing assessment of the
                                                                                      psychological needs of both the patients and the family as part of the comprehensive care they
                                                                                      receive at the IRPS. Patients and families are routinely referred to the Family Support program for
                                                                                      evaluation, guidance and counseling.

                                                                                      Members of the Team are available to discuss any concerns including but not limited to:
                                                                                        • the emotional adjustment to having a facial difference and its impact on the entire family
                                                                                        • parent – child relationship issues
                                                                                        • behavioral management skills
                                                                                        • teasing/ bullying
                    When our daughter gave birth to Leah who was born with a            • prenatal and genetic counseling
                    bilateral cleft lip and palate, we met with Dr. Court Cutting.
                                                                                        • managing public attitudes
                   From day one the IRPS began the process of transforming our
                      granddaughter into the beautiful 11 year old she is now.          • referrals for ongoing counseling and support groups, facilitate contact among families
                                                                                        • options for vocational training programs and employment issues
                     We were extremely impressed with all of the surgeons and           • how to access community and recreational services
                         healthcare professionals who make up the IRPS.                 • resources providing assistance such as entitlement and family relief programs

                         When we responded to an ad in New York Magazine              All families at the IRPS are encouraged to contact the members of the Family Support Team
                          seeking support for the dental unit of the IRPS,            at any times.
                                   we learned about the NFFR.

                           Eileen was subsequently asked to join the Board
                                   and here we are ten years later.

26   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                            CABARET           FOR      MEDICINE             27
                                                                                            Dear Mom & Dad,

                                                                                      We have great respect for your
                                                                                           genuine commitment
                                     We love you                                       to help ensure an institution
                           grandma and poppy!                                             that touched you could
                                                                                           touch so many others.

                                              Love,                                           All our love,
                            Leah, Alex and Sarah                                        Stephanie, Oliver & Dave

28   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                      CABARET       FOR   MEDICINE   29
                                                                                               Dear Eileen,
                                                                                      You are an amazing President
                                                                                        and under your leadership,
                                                                                       we will continue to thrive.
                                                                                      You are a constant source of
                                                                                       support and we are grateful
                                                                                       to be able to lean on you...

                                                                                                Dear Art,

                                 Thank you                                            Your loyal steadfast support
                           for always teaching us                                     of the NFFR is inspirational.
                      the meaning of sincere generosity,                              You are a silent partner in the
                             unconditional love,                                         success of the NFFR
                            and total acceptance.
                                                                                      and we are thankful for your
                             We love you dearly.
                                                                                         guidance and counsel...

                                 Allison, Cengiz,
                                                                                         We love you guys,
                              Zeki & Isabella Duman
                                                                                      All of us at the NFFR

30   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                     CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   31
       When The Newman Family Support Center
       Team Members were asked to share their
       thoughts about Eileen and Arthur Newman
       here is what they had to say:

       With the generous support of the Newman Family, we have been able to work with our
       patients and their families, providing emotional support, understanding, encouragement
       and advocacy to address their unique and complex needs; and to experience, in turn,
       the privilege of sharing in our patients’ journeys toward fulfilling and productive life –
       hopefully with a greater sense of self acceptance, love and inclusiveness.

       Aileen Blitz, PhD., Clinical Psychologist
                                                                                                   To our cabaret performers,
       Without the support of the Newman Family, I would not be able to tell a new family
       that they are in a center where we can provide truly comprehensive medical, surgical        We applaud you and
       and psychosocial team care…we are deeply grateful to them for their gifts.

       Patricia Chibbaro, R.N., Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
                                                                                                   are profoundly grateful
       Because of the generosity of the Newmans the IRPS has been able to expand speech-
       language pathology services to all of the teams in the IRPS. Pre-natal consultations        to you for sharing
       and community outreach significantly improve services for our patients and families.

       Shelley R. Cohen M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech & Language Pathologist
                                                                                                   your extraordinary
       Without the Newmans, our program to provide psychosocial support that strengthen
       and enable every individual treated by the IRPS to shine and grow, would very               talents with us!
       likely not exist.

       Dennis Sklenar, L.C.S.W., Clinical Social Worker

32   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                              CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   33
       Karen Akers                                                                                                     Jim Caruso
       Karen Akers is one of America's more arresting and       She appeared at The Martin Beck Theatre on             After a two-year international tour, Jim Caruso           singles charts at He was featured in
       successful concert and cabaret stars. She is the         Broadway as one of the original stars of the Tony                                                recently        a Tribute to Kander & Ebb, backed by the New York
                                        recipient of the        Award-winning musical “Grand Hotel” directed by                                                  made his        Pops at Carnegie Hall, and performed a Tribute to
                                        2005 NY Nightlife       Tommy Tune and made her debut on The Great                                                        Broadway       Hope & Crosby in an evening hosted by Michael
                                         Award for              White Way in the original production of “Nine” (also                                              debut          Feinstein at Zankel Hall. On the small screen, Jim
                                         “Outstanding           directed by Mr. Tune) for which she won a Theatre                                                 alongside      was seen co-starring with Kathie Lee Gifford on
                                         Female Cabaret         World Award, as well as a Tony Award nomination.                                                   Liza          Showtime Television in “Personal Assistant,” which
                                          Vocalist in a Major                                                                                                      Minnelli in   was written and directed by Charles Busch. He also
                                                                Ms. Aker's television appearances include “Cheers,”
                                          Engagement and                                                                                                            the smash    co-starred on the Nostalgia Network variety sit-com,
                                                                “The Tonight Show,” The Equalizer, “Hart to Hart,”
                                          the 2009                                                                                                                  hit Liza’s   “Café DuArt” for two seasons.
                                                                “The Merv Griffin Show" and the PBS specials
                                           “Legends                                                                                                                  At The
                                                                “Ellington – The Music Lives On” and “Ira Gershwin                                                               Caruso was the founding member of the nationally
                                           Award”. Ms.                                                                                                               Palace!,
                                                                At 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall.” In                                                                      acclaimed, award-winning jazz vocal and comedy
                                           Akers has                                                                                                                 singing,
                                                                addition, Ms. Akers had two of her own PBS                                                                       trio, Wiseguys. After performing in an all-star
                                            appeared in                                                                                                               dancing
                                                                television specials: “Presenting Karen Akers” and                                                                Inaugural extravaganza, they were invited to sing
                                            many prestigious                                                                                                          and
                                                                “Karen Akers: On Stage at Wolf Trap.” The latter is                                                              at President Clinton’s First State Dinner at the White
                                                                available on home video.                                                                                         House in an evening hosted by Lauren Bacall. The
                                             worldwide,                                                                              celebrating the music and arrangements
                                                                                                                                                                                 trio performed in concert at the Weill Recital Hall in
       including Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and         Her film roles include the femme fatale in Mike         of the late, great Kay Thompson and the Williams
                                                                                                                                                                                 Carnegie Hall, and in "the big room" with Rosemary
       New York’s premiere nightspots such as Café Carlyle,     Nichol’s “Heartburn” opposite Jack Nicholson and       Brothers. The show was honored with a 2009 Tony
       Rainbow & Stars, Le Jazz Au Bar, and now makes her       Meryl Streep, Woody Allen’s “The Purple Rose of        Award for Best Special Event and the recording is a
       Manhattan cabaret home at The Oak Room at The            Cairo,” and “Vibes.”                                   Grammy nominee. For his nightclub work, Caruso            As a writer, Jim has contributed to InStyle Magazine,
       Algonquin Hotel. She has taken her music to the                                                                 has won six MAC Awards and two BackStage                  Theatermania and InTheater Magazine He has
       south of France, London’s Pizza-on-the-Park, to          Ms. Akers CD’s include “If We Only Have Love,”         Magazine Bistro Awards for sold-out shows at              produced and booked television talk and
       Russia and to Barcelona’s Opera House.                   “Feels Like Home” “Live at Rainbow & Stars,”           Birdland, Arci’s Place, The Oak Room at the               entertainment programs like "Jim J. & Tammy Faye"
                                                                “Under Paris Skies,” “Just Imagine,” “Unchained        Algonquin Hotel, and The Russian Tea Room. He has         and "Fox After Breakfast," and was a Field Producer
       Her concert and cabaret performances are just a part     Melodies,” “In a Very Unusual Way,” “Presenting        also performed in runs at the Cinegrill and Gardenia      for E! Entertainment Television, working on
       of Ms. Akers multi-faceted career, which                 Karen Akers,” “Like It Was,” and, most recently,       in Los Angeles, The Vic Theater and Davenport’s in        "Celebrity Profiles" and covering the Tony Awards.
       encompasses theater, television, film and recordings.     “Simply Styne” (DRG Records).                          Chicago, Libby’s in Atlanta, the Colony Palm Beach        For the past seven years, he has hosted a weekly
                                                                                                                       Hotel in Florida and the Connaught Room in London.        Monday night showbiz bash called "Jim Caruso’s
                                                                                                                       Caruso guest-hosted "Broadway On Broadway                 Cast Party," which has brought him a New York
       DON REBIC                                                                                                       2000" in Times Square for a crowd of 100,000              Nightlife Award, MAC Award and the Sidney Meyer
                                   Don Rebic has been a         Don has been the Musical Director and pianist for      theater fans, hosted the 2000 MAC Awards at Town          Award. The weekly “Broadway at Birdland” series
                                   composer, musical            Karen Akers, Mary Cleere Haran, Peggy Lee, Leslie      Hall in Manhattan and co-hosted the 2003, 2004,           he produces has also been honored with a Nightlife
                                   director and Pianist for     Uggams, Barbara Cook, Maureen McGovern, Tovah          2005 and 2006 Drama Desk Award webcasts. His              Award. His series of weekly podcasts called “here!
                                    almost thirty years. He     Feldshuh and Morgana King.                             debut recording, "Caruso Live and In Person" was          on Broadway” was honored with a Summit Award.
                                    began his career as                                                                released on the LML Music label, and within two           Please visit or
                                                                Don was recently appointed as the Artistic Director    weeks, went to number one on both the album and  for more information.
                                    the Musical Director
                                                                of the Singers Forum, New York’s premier vocal
                                     for the 1977
                                                                academy and has served on the board of governors
                                     production of “Jesus
                                                                for the New York Television Academy.
                                      Christ Superstar” on
                                      Broadway. He              As a composer, Don has written music for an off-off
                     conducted the National Companies of        Broadway show, documentaries for HBO and a
       “Dancin,” “ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor           Christmas song performed by Michael Feinstein.
       Dreamcoat” and was the Associate Conductor of the
       North American tour of “The Kiss of the Spider           Don attended Oberlin College and has a
       Woman” staring Chita Rivera.                             performance degree from Indiana University.

34   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                                   CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE              35
       Barb Jungr                                                                                                        Linda Lavin
       Singer, performer and writer Barb Jungr was born        Backstage Award), critics have compared Jungr to          Broadway: The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife (Tony       Regional: Finishing the Picture, Collected Stories,
                                      and raised in the        Nina Simone and Peggy Lee, calling her "a British                                           nomination).         Doubt. Film: The Muppets Take Manhattan, See You
                                       northwest of            Edith Piaf." She recently completed her second                                               Broadway: The       in the Morning, I Want to Go Home, The Backup
                                       England. She moved      hugely successful sold-out engagement at the Café                                            New Century;        Plan (upcoming). TV: “Alice,” “Barney Miller,” “Room
                                       to London in the mid    Carlyle in New York City. Her latest album, ‘The Men                                          The Sisters        for Two,” “Conrad Bloom,” “The Sopranos,” “The
                                        1970’s and became      I Love’ featuring songs by Dylan, Cohen, Diamond,                                             Rosensweig; The    O.C.,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” TV Films:
                                        part of the early      Byrne and Eno and more is now available for on                                                 Diary of Anne     “The $5.20 an Hour Dream,” “A Matter of Life and
                                        alternative cabaret    Naim Label.                                                                                    Frank (Tony       Death,” “A Place to Call Home,” “Lena: My 100
                                         circuit, performing                                                                                                  nomination,       Children,” “Best Friends for Life,” “The Ring,”
                                                               Barb Jungr is not only a respected lyricist; she is a
                                         and recording with                                                                                                    Drama Desk       “Collected Stories,” “Another Woman’s Child,”
                                                               writer and songwriter for a number of productions
                                          the cult vocal                                                                                                       Award); Gypsy;   “The Sunset Gang” (producer). TV Specials: “Flour
                                                               and producers including The Birmingham Stage
                                          harmony group                                                                                                        Broadway         Babies” (producer/director), “Linda in Wonderland”
                                                               Company, Newbury Corn Exchange and others.
                                           The Three                                                                                                            Bound (Tony,    (2 Emmy Awards). Cabaret: Songs and Confessions
                                                               Currently under development is a children’s musical
                                           Courgettes after                                                                                   Drama Desk, Outer Critics         of a One-Time Waitress. National appearances
                                                               with The Little Angel Puppet Theatre and she is in a
                                            which she formed                                                             Circle, Helen Hayes awards); The Last of the Red Hot   include Birdland, The Metropolitan Room,
                                                               partnership with composer Jonathan Cooper and
                                            a 12 year song                                                               Lovers (Tony nomination); Cop Out; Story Theatre;      Wilmington Symphony, NC.
                                                               writing the book and lyrics celebrating the circus star
                                    writing, recording and                                                               Something Different; It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s
                                                               tiger tamer Mabel Stark. In addition to a                                                                        She and her husband Steve Bakunas are the
       musical partnership with the blues guitarist,                                                                     Superman; A Family Affair; Hollywood Arms. Off-
                                                               collaborative effort with physical theatre practitioner                                                          Creative Directors of the Red Barn Studio Theatre
       songwriter and singer Michael Parker.                                                                             Broadway: Cakewalk; Death Defying Acts (Obie); The
                                                               John Paul Zaccarini she is working on The Art Of                                                                 in Wilmington, North Carolina.
                                                                                                                         Comedy of Errors (Public); The Mad Show; Oh, Kay!
       Her acclaimed recordings and live performances have     Falling Gracefully supported by Newbury Corn
       brought her to the world stage and revealed her to      Exchange. In addition to all of those projects running
       be one of Europe's most exciting singers. With rave     concurrently she writes regularly for “The Singer.”
       reviews internationally and two New York awards
       (2008 Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret
                                                               Barb currently lives in London.                           Steve Bakunas
       Vocalist and Best International Artist 2003
                                                                                                                         A can do man, Steve learned to swing, when his         Enjoying a love, work, play, partnership, he’s also an
                                                                                                                                                          wife Linda Lavin,     actor, director, and designer at the Red Barn Studio,
                                                                                                                                                          developed her         a theater they started in Wilmington North Carolina.
       Charlie Giordano                                                                                                                                   cabaret act.

       Charlie Giordano (piano, keyboards and accordion)       Rush, Julie Andrews, Percy Sledge, Linda Eder, k.d.
                                      has played on            lang, Suzanne Vega, Roseanne Cash, Pat Benatar,
                                      numerous recordings,     Buster Poindexter, The Long Island Philharmonic, the
                                       Broadway and Off-       Boston Pops and Orpheus Orchestra. Shows include
                                       Broadway shows,         The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Johnny Carson,
                                       films and concerts.      The Arsenio Hall Show, the Grammy Awards, Sesame
                                        He has performed       Street and The Muppet Show. Films include Ed
                                        and/or recorded        Wood, Cradle Will Rock, The Red Violin, Rugrats in
                                        with Bruce             Paris, The Producers, and Everything is Illuminated.
                                         Springsteen, Sam      Broadway shows include Victor/Victoria and
                                         Moore, Odetta,        Wonderful Tennessee and Off-Broadway, The Spitfire
                                         Donovan, Joe          Grill, True Love, They Wrote That?, My Life With
                                          Cocker, Cyndi        Albertine and My Life as a Fairy Tale.
                 Lauper, Hall & Oates, Solomon Burke, Otis

36   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                                  CABARET             FOR       MEDICINE              37
       Billy Stritch                                                                                                                Christine Pedi
       Billy Stritch is one of the premier singer-pianists on         that Billy and Christine initially met, laying the            Christine Pedi’s “Great Dames” won the 2008 New          a Drama Desk nomination, an LA Ovation award and
                                       the New York and               groundwork for a happy and mutually rewarding                                                    York NightLife        lots of frequent flyer miles (Tokyo, Singapore, Australia
                                       national jazz and              musical collaboration. Their CD releases “Sunday In                                              Award, the            & London’s West End). She was most recently on
                                        cabaret scene. His            New York” and “In Your Dreams” are available on                                                  Backstage Bistro      Broadway in Eric Bogosians “Talk Radio” starring Liev
                                        most recent nightclub         Ghostlight Records. Billy is also a songwriter and                                                Award and received   Schrieber. (Coincidentally, you can hear her hosting
                                         act “Billy Stritch sings     arranger, and his composition “Does He Love You”                                                  a MAC nomination     the “Broadway Breakfast” daily on SIRIUS/XM radio).
                                         the Mel Tormé                was recorded by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis. The                                                as well as being     Her Broadway debut was in the revival of “Little Me”
                                         Songbook” earned             single reached the number one spot on the Billboard                                                named one of        starring Martin Short. Other stage credits include
                                          rave reviews from the       Country chart, winning a Grammy Award and selling                                                  the “Top Ten        “The A Train Plays”, “The 24 Hour Plays”, Edith
                                          New York music              over five million copies along the way. Billy has also                                               Memorable          Wharton’s “XINGU”, “Dalliance in Vienna” at the
                                           critics. Rex Reed of       written music for theater and for The Radio City                                                    Theatre            American Theatre of Actors, Fanny Brice, Audrey in
                                           The Observer called        Christmas Spectacular. He has arranged for many top                                                 Moments            “Little Shop”, “A Broadway Diva Christmas” and
                                            it “an eclectic and       performers and is a frequent collaborator with Liza                                                  of the Year” on   “Carlotta the Gypsy Cow” (don’t ask).
                                             thrilling set that is    Minnelli, having most recently overseen the music for                                
                                                                                                                                                                                             Guest appearances include “Showstoppers” at Avery
                                             guaranteed to sent       her smash five-week Broadway show “Liza’s at the               This year it returns to South Africa for the 3rd time
                                                                                                                                                                                             Fisher Hall, the “Broadway by the Year” series at
       you into orbit” while The New York Times called it “a          Palace” which won the 2009 Tony Award. Billy has              (Capetown) and will have a 4- week run in June at
                                                                                                                                                                                             Town Hall, the Algonquin, Sardi’s, Broadway Cares
       loving, carefully researched tribute from one singer           played and sung on numerous television shows                  London’s Jermyn Street Theatre in the heart of the
                                                                                                                                                                                             “Gypsy Of The Year” and “Easter Bonnet” benefits,
       to another.” He has recorded this music on a new CD            including “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”, “Oprah”,                West End. Show Business Weekly named her 2007s
                                                                                                                                                                                             the Queen Elizabeth 2 & the Queen Mary 2.
       entitled “Billy Stritch Sings Mel Tormé” which is              “The CBS Morning Show”, “The Today Show” and                  “Best Female Cabaret Performer”. Other cabaret
                                                                                                                                                                                             Christine performed with Marvin Hamlish & the
       available at his website or digitally         “Inside The Actor’s Studio”. He is the winner of the          work has earned her a MAC Award and several
                                                                                                                                                                                             Indianapolis Symphony as well as many other
       through iTunes. Billy has appeared in cabaret venues           Nashville Music City News Award, a BMI Song of the            nominations, as well as a guest spot on John McD’s
                                                                                                                                                                                             orchestras throughout the U.S. & Canada, and has
       across the nation as well as concert performances at           Year Award, and six awards from the Manhattan                 Cabaret Corner on the “Rosie O’Donnell Show”. She
                                                                                                                                                                                             sung for President and Mrs. Clinton (playing Hillary
       the London Palladium, NHK Hall in Tokyo and Rio de             Association of Clubs and Cabarets including Male              just finished a very festive run of “Christine Pedi’s
                                                                                                                                                                                             Clinton). “Sopranos” fans may recognize her as
       Janeiro’s Municipale Auditorium. In New York, he has           Vocalist of 2007 and Major Artist of 2009 with Klea           Holly Jolly Christmas Folly” at the Laurie Beechman
                                                                                                                                                                                             the dearly departed Mrs. Bobby Baccala (he loved
       performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and              Blackhurst. Other recordings include a CD of                  Theatre and hopes for a return engagement next
                                                                                                                                                                                             her so much he couldn’t defrost her ziti).
       originated the role of Oscar the rehearsal pianist in          Brazilian music entitled “Waters of March” and                season.
       the 2001 Broadway revival of “42nd Street” which               “Dreaming of a Song: The Music of Hoagy
                                                                                                                                    Her long association with the off-broadway satirical
       starred Christine Ebersole. It was in this production          Carmichael” with Klea Blackhurst.
                                                                                                                                    revue “Forbidden Broadway” has earned Christine

       Bassist Steve Doyle is an active part of the New York          The list of artists who request Steve’s services as a side-
                                     music scene performing           man include Christine Ebersole, Tony Desare, KT Sullivan,
                                     regularly at venues such as      Billy Stritch, Klea Blackhurst and Stephanie Block.
                                      the Algon-quin, Carlyle,        A recipient of numerous scholarships and awards Steve
                                      Feinstein’s, Town Hall, Joe’s   was awarded a scholarship from the Milt Hinton Scholar-
                                       Pub, Sweet Rhythm, the         ship Fund Competition sponsored by the International
                                       Metropolitan Room and          Society of Bassists and was selected as a semi-finalist in
                                       yes, Carnegie Hall. He is      the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Bass Competition.
                                        also invited to perform at
                                                                      Steve has one CD to date entitled Presence – it features
                                        Jazz festivals, concert and
                                                                      Chris Potter and Dave Stryker. His on-going steady book-
                                         club engagements across
                                                                      ings include Mondays at Birdland where he and Ted Firth
                                         the US and around the
                                                                      comprise the “Cast Party Symphony Orchestra” for Jim
       globe as both a leader and a sideman. His playing is
                                                                      Caruso’s Cast Party – a popular weekly soiree featuring
       rooted in the tradition of the great bassists and his
                                                                      an array New York's finest vocalists. Every Wednesday
       extensive study of jazz, Brazilian, Cuban, classical
                                                                      Steve plays piano and sings selections from the American
       and popular styles contribute to his versatility and
                                                                      Songbook at the age old 3 West 51st St. Club.

38   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                                                                               CABARET              FOR       MEDICINE               39
       For the NFFR, Carl has produced "Broadway for           Wonderful Life” (Shubert Theater - named one of
                                      Medicine I" and          TIME Magazine’s Best in Theater 2005); “Charles
                                       "Broadway for           Busch & Julie Halston: Together on Broadway”
                                       Medicine II."           (Music Box Theater); “The Cartells” (Drama Dept.);
                                       New York Directing      “Shanghai Moon” (Drama Dept., Bay Street Theater,
                                        credits include:       Theater for the New City); “The Tale of the Allergist’s
                                        “The Divine Sister”    Wife” (Paper Mill Playhouse; Coconut Grove
                                         (Theater for the      Playhouse; Royal Poinciana Playhouse); “Crush the
                                         New City); “Valley    Infamous Thing” (Coconut Grove Playhouse); “Rum
                                          of the Dolls” (The   & Coke” (Abingdon Theater Co.); “J.A.P. Chronicles –
                                          Actors Fund);        The Musical” (Perry Street Theater); “Queen
                                          “The Third Story”    Amarantha” (WPA Theater);
                                           (La Jolla           “Times Square Angel” (Theater for the New City);
                                           Playhouse, MCC      “It’s Not My Fault, It Was On Fire When I Got There”
                                            Theater); “Die!    (FringeNYC/Theater for the New City); Also, co-writer
                                            Mommie Die!”
                                (New World Stages); “A
                                                               and costar of the independent feature, “A Very
                                                               Serious Person” (Tribeca Film Festival).
                                                                                                                         To our

                                                                                                                         special friends
       Sherry Cohen (Stage Manager) is honored to be
                                     back with NFFR this
                                                               credits include “Chicago”, “Minnelli on Minnelli”,
                                                               “The Lion King”, “Miss Saigon”, “Cats”, “Marilyn”;
                                                                                                                         who made
                                      season. Currently        “An American Fable”, “Merlin”, “Peter Pan”, and
                                      the Stage Manger         “A Broadway Musical”. Los Angeles credits:
                                       for the Broadway
                                       Production of
                                                               “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats”. Special
                                                               thanks to Stage Manager Stephen Gruse for being
                                                                                                                         this event happen!
                                        “Mamma Mia!”,          part of the NFFR team again this year.
                                        other Broadway

40   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                                        CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   41
                               To our Gala Chairs
                                                                                                    To our Vice-Chairs

                    Anne & Steve McGuinness
                                                                                                Jennifer Bayer Michaels &

                      We pay tribute to you both                                                   Howard L. Michaels
                          for your tireless energy,
                            boundless enthusiasm                                           You have stepped up to support the
                         and AMAZING generosity                                        NFFR and we are grateful for your kindness.
                                 on behalf of the                                     We look forward to a long friendship with you.
                                      NFFR and IRPS.
                                                                                                   With many thanks,
                         With much admiration,
                                                                                             The Staff and Board of the NFFR
               The Staff and Board of the NFFR

42   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                             CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   43
                                                                                                   Carl Andress
                                    John McDaniel
                                                                                                   Our Producer
                                    & Billy Stritch

                                                                                       Words cannot describe how important you are
                                  Many thanks to you both for
                                                                                       to the NFFR and to the success of our bene ts.
                 working so hard to guarantee an amazing performance
                                   for our donors this evening.                         Once again, you helped us to dream big and
                                                                                      create a remarkable evening with amazing talent.
                         To McD – thank you for continuing                                    Year after year you introduce us
                                   to be such an amazing                                     to amazing people along the way.
                                      friend to the NFFR.
                                                                                               You are our champion
                           To Billy – we are honored to call
                                       you a new friend.
                                                                                               and we love you for it!

                                                                                                 Whitney, Michele, Andy &
                    We are so grateful to you both!!                                           the entire Bene t Committee
                                    from all of us at the NFFR

44   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                               CABARET    FOR   MEDICINE   45
                                                                                          ELIZA OSBORNe

                           Once again, you have created an
                                                                                      Thank you for donating
                   amazing atmosphere for our Cabaret event.                            your time to be this
                            Your use of flowers and candles                             evening’s auctioneer.
                          has created an amazing ambiance.
                                                                                      Your sotheby’s experience
                     We are grateful to have you on our side.
                                                                                           will no doubt
                      You have been a wonderful friend to us
                                                                                       make our live auction
                    and have had a hand in all of our success.
                                                                                       a spectacular success!

                                       THANK YOU!

46   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET    FOR   MEDICINE   47

       Kathlene Babros                                Carroll Music
       Alan Bennett                                   Fifth Avenue Digital
       Johnny Bergmann                                Flowers of the World
       Craig R. Beckerle                              Godiva Chocolatier
       Jody Braun                                     Graphic Technology
       Sara Cancellaro                                Max Curious Productions
       Sherry Cohen                                   New Horizon Graphic, Inc.
       Clifton Cloud                                  Posh Papers
       Zoe Genova                                     Project Design LLC
                                                                                      Thank you
       Felicia Gordon                                 Star Group Productions
       Kyla Grogan                                                                    to our
       Paul Guida                                     Photo Credit: Mary Spano
       Tony Grskovic                                                                  donors and friends
       Stephen Gruse
       Mark Hunsch
       Emily Leach
                                                                                      for your
       Rick Lombardo
       Stephen Long                                                                   continued generosity
       Ken McDonald
       Anne McGuinness                                                                and support!
       Jamie Niven
       Emily Parsons
       Mike Peterson
       Barbara Schenendorf
       Chris Soucey

48   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   49
                                    Art and Eileen,
                                                                                                     EILEEN AND ARTHUR

                             Congratulations from your
                                                                                            Your zest for life, stunning generosity and warm
                                partners at Blackstone.
                       Your generosity and commitment                                 embrace of everyone you meet, and the fundamental grace

                        to NFFR has been and continues                                     with which you live your lives are truly inspirational.

                                      to be incredible.                               You define the word leadership in the best sense of the word.
                           is is a well deserved honor.

                                                                                       Thank you for being the extraordinary individuals you are!
                               With admiration
                                  from us all,
                             Tim, Flip, Steve, Nick,
                               Stefan and Mike                                                    Kiendl and John Gordon

50   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                       CABARET      FOR    MEDICINE   51
                                                                                            To the doctors and staff at the
                                                                                                 Institute and NFFR,
                                                                                               we are so grateful for your
                                                                                           support, guidance and expertise.

                                    To the
                                                                                      You have made a huge difference in our lives
                      Doctors and Staff of the Institute
                    and the staff of the NFFR thank you                                      and the lives of so many others.
               for all that you have done and continue to do.
                        ere is nothing like a smile…
                          and you create thousands.                                               e Michaels Family
                                                                                           Jennifer, Howard, Reese, Alexandra
                  To Eileen and Art, you are an inspiration,
                      thank you for setting an example                                            David, Josh and Sam
                         for the rest of us to follow!!

                            e McGuinness Family

52   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                             CABARET      FOR   MEDICINE   53
                                 Congratulations to
                             Dr. Joseph McCarthy and
                        his distinguished associates & staff
                           for another stellar year at the
                    Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

                        By supporting the Institute,
              the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
                      underwrites much-needed care
                         for thousands of patients,
                       whose lives are thus enriched,
                          to the joy as well of their
                     families, friends and communities.

                                   John C. Wohlstetter

                          Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our
                                    GOLD DONORS
                        who helped make this event a success!

                                       Joseph Chetrit                                 Thanks to Dr. McCarthy
                           Dana and Michael Goldstein                                 and the entire IRPS staff
                                                                                           for enabling
                              Wendy and John Havens
                                                                                        our little children
                                   Ed and Helen Hintz
                                                                                          to go forward.
                              Joan and Charles Lazarus
                                Mona and Jerry Levine                                     Jane M. Gould

                             Victoria and Wilson Neely
                         Alison and Duncan Niederauer
                                          Paul Singer

56   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   57
                                 e Newman family
                                   wants to thank
                                      the NFFR
                                    the Institute
                                     for bringing
                                laughter to children…
                                                                                          Eileen and Arthur Newman
                                                                                               Sondra Neuschotz
                                                                                          Allison and Cengiz Duman
                                                                                      David Newman and Stephanie Lazar

58   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                       CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   59
                                                                                          WE WANT TO THANK EVERYONE AT THE
                                                                                      INSTITUTE OF RECONSTRUCTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY
                                                                                        FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR GODDAUGHTER

                                                                                                   REESE MICHAELS
                                Carlton Group


                             NFFR and the Institute

                          for the important work

                                            they do

                                    and recognizes

                Howard and Jennifer Michaels
                                                                                                “LOOK AT THAT PUNIM”
                                    for supporting

                                   this great cause.                                         LOVE AND BEST WISHES TO THE
                                                                                                   MICHAELS FAMILY
                                                                                              JEN, HOWARD, ALEX & REESE

                                                                                             AUNT JANET AND UNCLE DAVID

60   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                             CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   61
                          Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our                           A little bit of song
                                    SILVER DONORS                                       A little bit of dance
                        who helped make this event a success!
                                                                                        To help the NFFR give
                                                                                      So many a second chance
                               Bruce and Marjie Calvert
                              Milton and Shirley Cooper
                          The Cooper Family Foundation                                    Richard Baxter
                           Jennifer and Matthew Shefler                                Fiorenza and Ron Cohen

62   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET    FOR   MEDICINE   63
                                Our respect and admiration
                                  Eileen and Art Newman

                                   who have brought such
                           extraordinary insight and support
                                                to the
                  National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
                                             and to the
                               remarkable staff and doctors
                                       of the
                     Institute of Reconstruction Plastic Surgery.

                                  Clare and Jerry omas

                                                                                              e Faculty
                          Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our                                    of the
                                  BRONZE DONORS
                        who helped make this event a success!
                                                                                      Institute of Reconstructive
                                                                                            Plastic Surgery
                                  Arlyn and Ed Gardner                                            Salute
                                       Maggie Gilliam                                 Eileen and Arthur Newman
                                  Robin and Brad Klatt                                  for their commitment and
                                                                                        generosity to our patients.

66   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                        CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   67
                                     Eileen and Artie,

                     We are so happy to be celebrating
                                                                                           Eileen & Art,
                                    with you tonight!

                        Because of you, the NFFR holds                                  Thank you for all
                         a special place in out hearts!                                  you do to make
                                                                                         the world smile.
                            You are such an inspiration
                             to the world around you!
                                                                                      Dennis & Linda Cronin

                                    The Aresty Family

68   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                 CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   69
                                    Tony & Judy Evnin                                  to Eileen and Arthur

                                               salute                                     for helping to
                                                                                        make a difference
                                        Jerry Bogert
                                                                                      in the lives of so many
                                               for his
                                        excellent work                                    Arlyn and Ed

70   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   71
                              to the Staff of the NFFR                                         to all at
                                   on a job well done!                                        the NFFR

                                                                                      ANTOINETTE GUERRINI-MARALDI
                        Vivian & Michael Golombuski

72   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   73
                                       With Gratitude
                                    to the professionals                                 In Honor Of
                              at NFFR and e Institute                                 Eileen Newman –
                               who change people’s lives                              a great role model

                                      every single day.


74   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                  CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   75
                                    Congratulations to                                       We are pleased
                                                                                         to support our friends
                          Eileen and Arthur Newman

                                              for this                                Howard & Jennifer Michaels

                                  well deserved honor.                                on their outstanding efforts
                                                                                         on behalf of the NFFR.
                                   Giovanna & Dan
                                     Rosenbloom                                       David Werner & Joe Friedland

76   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                   CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   77
                                    With all best wishes to

                        Howard and Jennifer Michaels
                                                                                         In honor of
                       for their wonderful commitment to the                          Howard Michaels
                  National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction                       in appreciation for
                    and for helping those who might otherwise
                                                                                       all his hard work
                        never receive the gifts and the miracles
                            of modern medicine and science.                            Asher Zamir
                                                                                       Zamir Equities
                                  Bernard Goldberg

78   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N               CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   79
                                                                                                  IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THE
                     “WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE"                                                      NFFR & OUR FRIENDS

                                                                                             JENNIFER & HOWARD MICHAELS
                           – ancient Middle Eastern proverb

                                Eileen and Art Newman:
                                                                                                          AS IT HONORS
                     We Honor and Salute Your Boundless
                        Generosity and Dedication to Life,                                     EILEEN & ARTHUR NEWMAN
                            to Family, to Friends, to NFFR,                                THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO
                  and to the Patients and Families it Serves.                         ENHANCING THE LIVES OF ALL PATIENTS TREATED AT
                                                                                      THE INSTITUE OF RECONSTRUCTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY
                                                                                             AT NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER
                         Whitney and Michael MacLeod                                                              N

                                                                                             National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
                                                                                                        Cabaret for Medicine
                                                                                                           April 12, 2010

80   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                     CABARET      FOR     MEDICINE   81
                            We are proud
                            to honor the
                           special mission
                            of the NFFR

                         silvercrest asset management group LLC
                  1330 avenue of the americas • new york, new york 10019
                        (212) 649-0600 •

                                                                                               ank You Jane,
                                                                                                for all you do.

                                                                                               Jack & Kristin

                                                                                               The office of

                                                                                      Drs. Jamie Levine & Alexes Hazen


                                                                                          Eileen and Art Newman

                                                                                             and the NFFR for

                                                                                          their wonderful work!

84   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                       CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   85
                                                                                                      Eileen and Art,
                                  Best wishes for a
                                                                                            Congratulations on this honor.
                              successful evening!
                                                                                      Your commitment to the Institute and NFFR
                                                                                       touches the hearts of all who know you.
                                    Betsy Bartlett
                                                                                                  Ellen and Marc Lav

                                                                                                The generosity and dedication of
                   We honor two extraordinary people,                                     Eileen and Arthur Newman over the years
                                                                                           is testimony to their unwavering support
                         Eileen and Art Newman,
                                                                                          and the aims and aspirations of the NFFR.
                  for their generosity and commitment                                   Their actions have been an inspiration to us all
                                                                                              and have touched the lives of many.
                             to those in need.

                                                                                              Beverly and Marc Pilchman
                            Joyce and Jerry Bertner                                        are honored to join in this tribute
                                                                                         and recognition of Eileen and Arthur.

86   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                 CABARET     FOR   MEDICINE   87
                               Congratulations to
                             Eileen & Art Newman.
                                We applaud your                                         In Honor of
                           dedication and generosity,                                   Dr. Brecht
                       which have bene ted so many lives.
                                                                                      The Levine Family
                            Sheryl and Gary Kaplan

                                                                                            Congratulations Art & Eileen!
                                                                                                            All the best,
                                  John, Phebe, Margot                                                 Shervin & Mariam
                                  and Charlotte Olcay

                                are pleased to support
                                      the work of the
                                    NFFR and the IRPS

88   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N               CABARET    FOR   MEDICINE   89
                            We are honored to support the
                                                                                                        Vessper Wilde
                     National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction.                                      Interior Design Firm
              We are personally grateful for the Foundation’s inspiring work
                    and so proud of Jennifer and Howard Michaels                      Salutes Jennifer Bayer Michaels and Howard L. Michaels
                      for their dedication to this important cause.                             for their love and dedication to NFFR
                         Kimberly, Jonathan and Anya Berkowitz                                 

                       The Board of Directors, artists and staff of

                                                                                                FRIENDS OF THE NFFR

                             salute Fiorenza Scholey Cohen                                      Virginia and Peter Carry
                         for her passion and dedication to NFFR                                   Bobbe and Ben Evans
                                                                                                      Lisa Gugenheim
                                   In Honor of
                                                                                            Liz Hillman and Peter Anastos
                        JENNIFER & HOWARD MICHAELS
                         Your Acts of Chesed are Inspiring!                                         William S. Keating
                                 SHEILA LEVINE                                                    Joan and Bob Levine
                                                                                            Drs. Beth and Carl Lieberman
                                                                                                       Lauren Rutkin
                                                                                                    Francesca Vallone
                                                                                               RBC Wealth Management

90   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                                     CABARET   FOR   MEDICINE   91
                    To our Fabulous Volunteers,
                                                                                       The NFFR would like to thank
                                                                                      everyone for their contributions
                       Year after year you help to                                     and hard work that made this
                  make our events run smoothly.
                                                                                         Cabaret for Medicine gala
                                                                                          an unforgettable event.
                          We thank you for taking                                     In addition we are most grateful
                             the time to help make                                      to our friends and supporters
                                                                                       whose journal tribute came too
                            Cabaret for Medicine                                         late to appear in this book.
                                  a huge success!
                                                                                               Thank you!!
                          The Staff of the NFFR

                                                                                       This book was compiled as of March 29, 2010.

92   N AT I O N A L F O U N D AT I O N F O R FA C I A L R E C O N S T R U C T I O N                               CABARET    FOR      MEDICINE   93
         To our
    wonderful friends

Eileen and Arthur Newman

     who do so much
    for so many people

Dana and Michael Goldstein
          We salute
Eileen and Arthur Newman
for their continuing efforts
 and support of the NFFR.

Joan & Charles Lazarus

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